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What's So Special About the Jews? And Why the KJV Translators Refute KJV Only

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 10, 2017 4:41 pm

What's So Special About the Jews? And Why the KJV Translators Refute KJV Only

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 10, 2017 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/10/17.

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Yes it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday were you have a thoroughly blessed time today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown look looking to thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Have you heard what's happening in Israel with the prime minister and his wife, and a premise to Tanya Hossain to the nation. This is fake news and you're trying to take us down. Sounds familiar, doesn't it. Special guest on the talk to little later in the broadcast is written an amazing book about Jewish giftedness and world calling will also get a look at some scriptures in the Hebrew some very interesting verses that that are difficult then and give you some Hebrew insights and and I can't wait to do this. I got my notes here and cannot wait to get into this, the translators of the King James version.

The translators themselves put out a preface preface to the reader when it's 1011 pages long. It is not only printed in the front of King James Bible's and in fact it is very literate and it assumes a literate readership. It's making reference to history and events, people, places that most of us today aren't even familiar with its quoting Latin is if your average person could read and understand Latin there which was much more Latin literacy than than today, but the best argument against the King James only mentality is the argument put forward by the translators.

Yes, the translators themselves in the King James version, and some of that ties in with Jewish related subjects in translation so were get into that. It's gonna be some really excellent content and as always, your calls, 866-34-TRUTH but on Thursdays, as you know, they have to be Jewish related Israel related Hebrew related Judaism related Jewish background to the Scriptures related that we can even talk about Islam as that comes in because of the close relationship to Israel. So, 866-348-7884. Let me share something first. That quite a few people are upset with this is reported on the, the Anne Frank center is noting alarming parallels between Donald Trump and pre-Holocaust. Germany and it's saying look Donald Trump creates his own media. Hitler did that. He exploits youth at a rally he endorses police brutality. He demonizes people who believe look a little differently, he strips, vulnerable people, their families, jobs, and ability. 11. Police Congress should change its rules to give them more power friends. I don't care how much you dislike Donald Trump to make this comparison here is absolutely out rages to compare America today.

Donald Trump's leadership to Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler leading up to the Holocaust to me that is irresponsible. That is, beneath the dignity of the Anne Frank center is David French and said that's printed by someone who didn't fight in war and battle of so of the post did not actually mention Trump Hitler Germany or the Nazis. The group's executive director, said the comparison was intentional when the Stephen Goldstein 1930s Germany imposed a series of escalating steps of oppression including demonization discrimination and isolation of vulnerable communities that evoke what we are seeing today. The content of the comparison is just not to make the comparison would be a dereliction of our duty to assure never again to any people you're talking about Donald Trump who thus far has demonstrated that he is a far better friend to Israel then was Pres. Barack Obama will be right back on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly freight 784 for your Jewish related calls. Okay, let's dig into the Hebrew Scriptures. Let's look at a very interesting verse one that has troubled many your reader and it's one that boy. It seems seems not to make sense. Second Kings chapter 3 and focus on the Hebrew here. Second Kings chapter 3 Israel is fighting against Moab and the Moabites are besieged and it says verse 25 speak of the Israelites.

They destroyed the cities. Each man threw a stone on every good piece of land and filled it stopped up all the springs of water cut out all the good trees but to lift the stones of KRS intact. However, the slingers surrounded and attacked it. When the king of Moab so that the battle was too fierce for him.

He took with them 700 men who drew swords to break through the king of Edom that they could not. Then he took his eldest son who would've reigned in his place and offered him as a burnt offering upon the wall and there was great indignation against Israel. So they departed from him a return to their own land whom that's an odd first, the king offers up his eldest son as a sacrifice to with a big K motion, the God of Moab, presumably he offers him up as a burnt offering and there is great indignation against Israel.

Many of said the Hebrew word cat, Seth is primarily used for divine wrath.

God's wrath against Israel.

But why would God have been angry with Israel just doesn't seem to make sense great indignation, great anger that was the new King James great indignation against Israel. The HCS B says great wrath was on the Israelites, ESV, and there came great wrath against Israel and IV the fury against Israel was great and ET.

There was an outburst of divine anger against Israel NLT so there was great anger against Israel complete Jewish Bible such great anger care plan. Israel, that they left new Jewish version. A great wrath came upon Israel Septuagint great indignation as his withdrawal transit in the same way the question is what what exactly does it mean wealth. Someone sent in a question asking us about the same verse a few days ago and I have an assistant ego. All he is a Russian Israeli Jew fluent in Russian, Hebrew and English PhD in Old Testament studies and he answers email questions that assented to the ministry about Jewish related subjects and I'm copied on the email so I get to look at what's going in and out and scanned the responses many of them of the same questions over and again so the standard answers that are sent out the many fastening questions. One was about this verse and and I to have been troubled. I too have wondered about this.

I too have asked the question okay so what what are we to make of this, many scholars, commentators struggled with was it that Israel was putting Moab under such pressure that it caused the king of Moab to do something so extreme and when he did something so extreme that God was angry with Israel because of it could be but that would seem a little bit odd. Also us.

Some have said no, no, no, were miss reading it and this is a fascinating article came out some years ago by Prof. Bork, Marguerite, and he looked back at the ancient city of gar.

It this is north of Israel.

It would be in modern-day Syria today.

Inscriptions were discovered there in the late 1920s language hitherto not known cold Ugaritic was repressed in New York in Ugaritic and very very close to Hebron many ways and many fascinating parallels and in some of the ancient mythology of the of the Canaanites and that larger religious environment it's laid out there, and Prof. Marguerite and this was 1986 he wrote this article.

Scholars are aware of it. Some agree, some don't.

But I think it's a fascinating approach. There's a tablet from the city of gar.

It that says this if an enemy forces an enemy force attacks your city gates and aggressor your walls. You shall lift up your eyes to ball and pray all ball drive away the enemy force from our gates the aggressor from our walls. We shall sacrifice a bowl to the old ball of votive pledge. We shall fulfill a firstborn ball. We shall sacrifice a child we shall fulfill as pledge now is a little debate about some of the words there but it seems that there is the offering up of the firstborn that the that the king or the leader is going to actually do that 10th of our wealth, we shall tithe to you to the temple of Baal.

We shall go up in the foot pass of the house of ball we shall walk then shall ball hearken to our prayers. You shall drive the enemy force mitigates the aggressor from emotional words.

This was the kind of thing that was done in the ancient world that in an extreme moment to save the city theoretically to save thousands of other lives you would sacrifice your own child. This is one of the can contemptible practices of the Canaanites that the Israelites also engaged in we know, for example, Jeremiah 7 Jeremiah 19 this was a key reason that God brought judgment on Jerusalem. It was because of the sacrifice of children to to mullah to this this pagan underworld deity and in here king of Mesa sacrifices his eldest son and as a result now is it's it would seem to him that that his God, his deity answered his prayer because Israel departs but what the world we make of still great indignation was on Israel, and Marguerite argues this and several others have argued the same thing that the Hebrew word translated indignation is been the light of text easements, citing it cannot really be understood as indignation or anger of the Moabite National Guard Kim Walsh.

Obviously that's not what it's talking about the words and notes he claims the psychological breakdown or trauma that affected the Israelite forces will note when they beheld the sign of human sacrifice atop the walls of pure harassment, the order of the. The authors eagerly text apparently anticipated. This reaction of mass hysteria when he confidently predicted the withdrawal of the attacking force. Apparently it happened before elsewhere and could be counted on as a kind of conditional reflex that was really do this, you put a ball and as a result, the enemy is going to depart and Marguerite Sen. depart because they're so horrified that you go up on the wall and you sacrifice your oldest son of the and and everybody leaves so is that what indignation means so great indignation on Israel does not mean great wrath from God on Israel but rather the Israelites anger just different. Get this leave these people it's it's as good an explanation as anything. And maybe that happened to be which really in the Bible. To this I thought I was praying about the first to know the answer love for hate so.

Either way, it's in the Bible, and as it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday always like to give you Hebrew insights from the text. I thought now was as good a time as any little later in the broadcast limits about the meaning of Passover in the Scriptures didn't refer just to the first day when the passive loan with the lamb was sacrificed regenerative group applied to the entire seven day holiday where you would not eat unleavened bread so Passover and the feast of unleavened bread, did it apply to both and has a tie-in with a famous mistranslation in the King James Bible talk about that later in the broadcast we come back though one of look at Israel and what's happening there with Prime Minister Netanyahu with his wife Sarah talk about some other Israel related news Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia in conjunction with the hajj in the pilgrimage to Mecca hosting 1000 families of quote Palestinian martyrs was much as president company.

Good meeting in Saudi Arabia and some positive things seem to come out of it. Let's remember that the Saudi's still oppose the nation of Israel being in the land today do not have a peace treaty with them all right much more to come in your calls and questions to 3230 on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown Ron bargain on and have learned God not in there I cannot hang on design thoroughly Jewish Thursday music doesn't.

All right, we can say that out and we can fade that out when I come from re-changing as it now that their leaders Thursday with country day. We will the country related causal take a right, not sure what happened there but yes thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH that is the number to call. All right, Israel. Couple things related to Israel here. There is a really interesting article honest and asked the question.

Which country is missing from terror list on Australia's number one news site which country is missing from terror list on Australia's number one news site and let's see this is nine hours ago. This went up this week supporting terror attack in Paris involve the vehicle being driven at speed into soldiers and the wealthy Parisian suburb of Louisville level log. Sorry for my French north of the city center and so on, causing serious injuries.

This is prompted comparisons with other terror attacks around the world were vehicles have been used as weapons of and now it here. It's goes on to describe the following incidents so these are terror attacks and and the article says this is the latest in a disturbing trend of terrorists or otherwise disturb people driving their cars into crowds with the express purpose of killing innocent people. All right.

And now it lists the following incidents June 3 London Bridge April 8 Stockholm March 22 Westminster January 20 Melbourne so that's, England, Sweden, England, Australia, December 2016 Berlin so German July 2016. The steel day in Nice, France.

Another one France December 2000 14 April 2009 Dutch royal family. All right, so here are the incidents of terrorist attacks were someone drove a car intentionally into civilians or into soldiers rent to others is something missing there something conspicuous missing.

There have you noticed as the article states, as documented by Israel's Foreign Ministry Israel has suffered 60 vehicular terror attacks Remi attacks since the beginning of the wave of terror in September 2015. Not one like Melbourne or Berlin not to UK not even for like France, but 66 zero and Israel doesn't even on the list. Once not a single time, not once. Why well you know what I am and I can't tell you what it put on but I can surmise that when it's radical Muslims radical Palestinians attacking Israelis. That is only at terrorist attack.

Ms. Israel's bed.

Israel's evil occupying force, and so on. The post is ever right to do so. Exilic the candidate.

Whatever the lame excuses are. This is a perfect example of the biased reporting. This is a perfect example of the mixed reporting. I I've pointed out in years past that Israel is a good sympathy unless there are many many Jewish people kill 11 of Jewish people killed and I can have sympathy because somehow Israel's bad were Jewish people suffering.

They deserve it or Muslims. Israel have a right to do these kinds of things. It is absolutely out rages and it happens over and over and over again. All right, Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised in a rally yesterday will lead the nation for years. He lashed out at the media calling them. The thought police and thousands came out thousands of Likud party members to support Prime Minister Netanyahu and when he mentioned the media you got a lot of boom from the crowd. Now it is true that the Israeli media like the American. The American media leans heavily to the left. You do have some right wing news, but they lean heavily to the left. One of the leading publications in Israel, Ha'aretz one of the leading newspapers in the nation is often militantly anti-Israel or strongly anti-Israel are always taking up the leftists because over and over and over again, so he accused the left and the media being one of the same and and focused on an obsessive unprecedented witchhunt against me and my family seeking to overthrow the government. Their goal is to put inappropriate pressure on law enforcement with no connection to justice is a God forbid if you think differently from them. He said the fake news media repeated that if we don't withdraw from territories in our homeland. Israel will be isolated. We can abandon remember their cries, isolation isolation isolation so you have to understand that American Evangelical support for Prime Minister Netanyahu is greater than support within Israel for the prime minister. Yes, he supported but Israel is very divided. That's one and two.

There are many that don't like the expansionist views of premise and attend our think is to right wing respected with the economy. Whatever it is. So as much as you get standing ovation after standing ovation when he comes and speaks to Congress in America and is so respected by so many here in America, especially conservatives. It's much more divided and hostile within Israel, but there are allegations of scandals and talk of of charges against his wife were charges against him and for him. I would say this would be his parallel to the Russian collusion charges against Donald Trump. Just a distraction to try to take him down, see how you sort out.

Pray for God's best for the nation. Just as we pray for America.

Just as you pray for North Korea.

Your will be done in Israel for the euro will be done in the government and let me encourage you to step back and worship the Lord and calm your heart by taking on his perspective as God and King and Lord take on his perspective so that you can not be so moved and agitated. So, our hearts will be so shaken from pillar to post by the latest happenings here are the latest happening there instead.

We are at peace.

Worshiping a great and sovereign God while hearts are burdened for dying messed up world we are at peace in the midst of it. Hey friends, go to ask Dr. got a powerful testimony published today. The young man who sought to follow Jesus and practice homosexuality the same time wonderfully delivered wonderfully say we had a direct hand in that by God's grace. Check that out and stand with us today because together were making.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown in the beautiful singing Jewish believers in Israel. This is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael, thanks for joining us at 866-34-TRUTH that is the number to call up and grab a call or two before bring on a special guest. I will start with Maria in St. Mary's Georgia.

Thanks for calling line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you doing very well, thanks. I have a question and on in Psalm 85 Larry said that Dan has made Mandy a little bit lower than the angels or messengers or heavenly being in some translations and it was a couple to translate that faith a little bit lower than God and the Orthodox Jewish Bible fed a little little bit lower than Elohim, and so I know you we always knew it as a little bit lower than the heavenly beings or angels.

When I did look up the word angel. If I sang it correctly it is no lack meaning King like Malec Howell them how to do those two completely different words which were King's malice now. Okay, the word for Angel is my loss and it's a completely different route right and it has different letters is completed. There are 100% unrelated so my loss that it is either messenger or angel, and here in in Psalm 85 it says you've made him a little less than Elohim.

Now the Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation done by Jewish people. A couple hundred years before the time of Jesus. They translated with Angulo so you made him a little lower than the angels, and the target which was the ancient Jewish paraphrase translation that was used in the synagogues were Hebrew, wasn't spoken anymore. That also says Molokai which is angels so the oldest Jewish traditions understand the Senate you've moaned man a little lower than the angels, but Hebrew Elohim Hebrew Elohim can mean God is the one true God, exhuming God's as in false gods. It can sometimes mean angels and it can sometimes even mean an earthly judge is an appointed ruler.

So it's a matter of interpretation are the oldest Jewish traditions say angels and that's what's reflected in in the quotation of this in Hebrews. The second chapter, but you could argue that it's a you made him a little lower than God to me that the translation that captures this vast is the new Jewish publication Society translation which says you have made him little less than divine because divine probably speaks of God, but it could even be speaking of these divine beings select, it leaves it slightly ambiguous. There, but it's it's is a matter of debate.

If I was just reading it straight.

I didn't know anything. When I would see you've made him to frustrate him out mail him. You made him a little less than Elohim, I would think God that that would be the way I would strike me immediately by when you ask, okay, are we a little less than God is accurate or are we not, a little less exalted than the heavenly beings that was being said that, I don't see the, the most ancient traditions Jewish traditions understood this to mean heavenly beings angels and I think will maybe it means that for that wonderful but are we in a certain way higher than angels. You know it and are angels serving us some it's it's a matter of debate, but it comes from the potential different meanings of the Hebrew Elohim, and I think that the way it's rendered in the new JPS version you made him a little less than divine with something brilliant about that is God referring to angels text could easily go either way. All right, right back over the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us before we go back to your calls 866-34-TRUTH. I have been looking forward to this interview for some weeks now.

There is an absolutely fascinating book written by Jim Melnyk and it is on Jewish giftedness and world redemption. This came out a few months back from the obligate Jim on the air with us Jewish giftedness and world redemption before we get into the context of the book.

I want you to know who were talking to a gymnast, international coordinator of the Lausanne consultation on Jewish evangelism. He's retired from the computer security industry and US government check out his academic background ready for this is a master of arts in national security and strategic studies from the US Naval war College has a Master of arts in Russian studies from Harvard University and a batch of arts with honors in political science from Westminster College.

He's retired US Army reserve colonel, so a man was quite an interesting background has written naturally fascinating book Jim walking to the line of fire.

Thanks for joining us by.

Order a great director doing very well.

Jim all right in a nutshell, what is this book about what you talking about in terms of Jewish giftedness will I speak a MICRA beginning of how you know the Lord really put on my heart when I was pretty young to say that there were such quality in terms of excellent as a violinist so young violinist and I and part of the dog immediately before became a believer but the greatest violinist of the world were Jewish, but I will. That's interesting and fascinating and it just something that stuck in the back of my mind and over the years of his time is gone bye-bye Boston noted how so many Jewish people have risen. When the government given the opportunity they risen to the height of a prominent in so many fields and so I wrote the book really because while some people have noted this phenomenon and they've been written about it. Some Jewish authors of talk about it quietly, you know is in scholarly circles and a few jumped out of written about it. Nobody really has has put together from a spiritual perspective, and I really think that there is a spiritual dynamic to this and that God is part of God's blessing upon the Jewish people thought every percent of the corporate blessing typically see in on on Israel generating the Jewish people but II think it's something that needs to be noted and so my heart for many years to write the book arts let let's just throw out a few different things. Give me a random sampling of where Jews have been especially prominent men I can think of world changers for good or bad from it and Albert Einstein to Sigmund Freud to Karl Marx, all all Jewish and all having a massive impact on the 20th century. For better or worse, those big names that come to mind what other fields areas Nobel Prize just just give me a little sampling of what you get into in the book.

I look at that agreement combined by the court.

Here in and not perfect is not defined by acute you are effectively dominated the field with geniuses all over the place and Nobel prizes, but beyond that, in fame and other areas. For example in mathematics. The field prize which is further equivalent to the known Nobel for mathematics but there's a tremendous disproportionality against the Confederate of Jewish presence in various fields. One of the Mike I looked up at which you know some people can joke about actually. But as our Jewish comedian. Note that we have so many Jewish comedians and I thought about that a lot, as well as integrate Jewish writers, I realized that that that the Jewish people belief that in the field of comedy would be whether you in a comedy, ranging from all over the place in or from the Three Stooges to Jerry Seinfeld who everyone affect have. There's a is a a way that Jewish people have of looking at the human condition, even despite some of the greatest atrocities that we thing in human history member 11 thing I mention the book you know somebody that will and after Auschwitz, who can who can laugh and yet and yet Jewish comedians have been able to find a way to entertain us because they understand the human condition very well and may be and in a way that is sort of unique and so that's that's one area as well but I mean the fields of science, mathematics, music, the arts, just about excelled up tremendously and in the art itself in terms of really look back over the centuries, until more recently. Maybe that's because none ever had that and have access to the kind of the kind of opportunities that that others would've had but over over the last century or so Jewish art collectors are probably the most renowned known the world. There are many areas that I looked you know, at first I thought, what is there really a Jewish presence here, and as you start peeling back the onion if there's tremendous influence all over. So both for good and ill in the sense of you know we have great Jewish guys who were who were integrate with other being influential but they were radicals because Jewish people have also don't devote themselves to you know how to cook the queen along with the phrase know here in Hebrew a lot changing the world and in auditors people you'll see better the head of the heads of a lot of organizations that we that are completely anti-biblical Tripoli antithetical medical to interview with Christian values and even Jewish eunuch traditional Jewish values and yet through those movements there hoping to change the world, and I think that I can apply the dynamic. I think that God is implanted in many many Jewish people. Even though you know if if if they're not having come to faith a bit on the Lord of the going to use it for other purposes could be twisted can be perverted and on a different direction.

I think We sleep in a lot of a lot of causes around the world. Back in Jewish history when the Jewish community was more observant and also more persecuted and forced to be more the ghetto type environment.

The great energy would be put towards Tallman study studied rabbinic literature living out the laws within those communities. So a lot of Jewish giftedness would not be felt for the rest of the world as much in his as the walls of the ghetto service. He came down that open the door for Jewish giftedness to be expressed in many many ways as you said this this world change, recalling, I thought I'd studied this in some depth years back, looking at it you know from Adam Sandler to Jerry Springer to to Groucho Marx to Howard Stern is no other actor, a comedy line to know this world leader or that one or you mention of the top violinist here in the top pianist here. You start to look at think it would wait sums going on here at area. One of my friends a believing Christian man who went to them estimate your stargazing lover of Israel. He said Mike I love is your love. I love the Jewish people exhibit every case I fought in court over moral, social, cultural issues on the opposite side of me as a Jewish atheist lawyer and that guys passion that he thinks he's on the right side. So yes, something in the Jewish DNA did to be world changers and if you go in the right direction of the wrong direction.

And let's not forget that that Moses, the prophets, these are all people of Israel.

The apostles were Jews. The science of Jewish some in there. There's something going on here, but when I got your book I thought wow mean you have researched this 10 times more quotes anecdotes fascinating so people who are not looking at it in the supernatural way and we just got two minutes before the break. What explanations have they come up with because it is undeniably Jewish giftedness of influence is undeniable for good or bad. What explanations of folks come up with one of them and what you just mentioned that the intent of devotion. The Torah and to study the, to the centuries that that that has been inculcated in out with and within Jewish people. And that's true of an element of a lot of things, joked about in our Jewish mother in our Jewish guilt for not trying to please your parents and then there was the person by blind with the blind was a famous sociologist who is a Gentile, wrote about this too, and I think he was the one who came up with inner alienation or what most scholars have anyone that alienation is from a Gentile culture is one reason that has pushed Jews to try to excel in and Garfield you know that there are a lot of different explanations like that, but none of them really satisfied because you can look at other cultures and Asian cultures. For example, example others that are similar in some respects, in terms of parents are pushing their children to excel one incumbent to expel rewarding them and and none of them can can can hold a candle really to the disproportionality of of excellence and influence that the Jewish people have and the you know that unless it looked at. Even from even from a non-spiritual standpoint by guy like like George Gilder who wrote famous Reagan era economist wrote a book called Israel to which I would also conduct a mentor to your listeners that you look at it from an economic standpoint of how much the Jewish people but also now the state of Israel itself is devoting to breakthroughs in technology and all all over the place and the fact just in this.

This is video files video before you boycott Israel think twice pay six of yourself. All the technology coming out of Israel so that what's the answer. The book Jewish giftedness and will redemption give the world redemption partly come back on file with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and looking to Dawkins baffled by this, the high percentage of Jews with Nobel prizes going to Jewish virtual Library since the Nobel was first awarded 1901, approximately 193 of the 855 honorees have been Jewish so 22% of in Jewish it Jews make up less than all point to preset percentage of the global population.

Fascinating. A book that addresses this gives you the details.

Lots of research went into it Jim Melnick's new book Jewish giftedness and world redemption. So Jim your answer.

What why is this Jewish giftedness there. You mention something put our DNA to be world changes again for better or for worse hothouses tied with the whole concept of world redemption Mike what I want an agreement look at it we always talk about believers we talk about Israel being.

People being blessed and and take up with blessed erupted with Angel and Johnny Haldeman and that he was blessed. But if we look back with Scripture than Ishmael was blessed also but Jacob was blessed them, and going back to Abraham and Isaac. There are several theories of blessing through Scripture and one after another after another and and I think again it's a mystery, but I think it's wrapped up in the fact that God has tremendously blessed Israel. The Jewish people corporately and you know we can't we can explain it, we can understand it other than the fact that the that is that has been God's plan. Just as the elected Israel in the beginning and shows them to be a special people, nation of priests before him, and we as we look at the end times as we look at the and of the future of the world.

The Jewish people are's are front and center in that part of the problem. I'm going to end in no into the sense of anti-Semitism in the book and the fact that you know you fantasize anti-Semitism as it is from the devil demonic and from hate the same time. I think it's an underlying sense so many people in the world that you have it, the Jews have something special. Why is that Henry Fortier has a is anti-Semite, he couldn't. He couldn't explain it because that will must be some conspiracy and that's what you see among uptight; but the applicant. The protocol they are elders of vine where all they think because there's no rational explanation perspective that the supernatural explanation you absolutely, and again I made the same points both in terms of Jewish calling Jewish giftedness anti-Semitism, but that the research and your book was was brilliant and less question for you Jim you've got this very background you been in Army intelligence. You've got an advanced degree in Russian studies and you been a friend of the Jewish people involved in Jewish outreach for many years. How did your own background you get for internationally adopted children and your own background play into writing this book with what perspective did it did it add micro-beginning and I was a violinist that was that was part of an start with music, but I think my parents also in a race me to thoroughly respect to his people because I am Gentile but but also to to to cherish excellent and I think as by you know that I learned and grew and studied both of in the faith, but also in knowing and in areas of scholarship and learning in I just came to have such deep respect for for so much great achievement. You know that the Jewish people had all of the place and again to to stand back and wonder at that. I think that that's really the reaction are likely some of the binary action among the Monkman memo sent out either.

You know, hatred and animosity and suspicion and jealousy or wonder and amazement know how did this happen what info for me it was course the letter wonder and amazement to look at this and say this is an amazing thing. What hath God wrought wide. Why is this so and so that really sort of part of my Mike my journey in terms of trying to understand nothing and captured it our and what what the Lord done very important as we look at the future yeah Jim.

The book is well done, I will. I was enriched going through it Jewish giftedness and will redemption, but you Melnick keep up the great work and may we see the. The ultimate culmination of Jewish calling and welcoming back the Messiah back like I make a quick project to learn more Jewish open the website.

The talk more about it.

The Corsican order through messianic Jewish publishers or Amazon's welfare interest all right sounds wonderful Jewish God bless you Jim thank you my goblet. All right 866-34-TRUTH you not only try to grab a quick phone call Joel in Lake Isabella California walking to the line of fire by Dr. Dr. you will thank you. I got him three questions here little of your ministry. More out of 10 we got a few minutes before the hour is out. So give me one.

I know my question is if the angel of the Lord. Actually, God in the following stories written Abraham and Isaac. Abraham thought more Jacob wrestling with the angel of the Lord, and Katie's mom and dad gave me Gideon only tells us Manoah doesn't tell us the mom's name by the getting an angel of the Lord, you brought a firefight. And then Joshua and the angel were attacking Jericho right now. A couple of the Hebrew word therefore angel to the other will work. Yet that did you work for Angel is my loss and Moloch can also be the messenger but when there's any context whatsoever of a heavenly being recite that the right way to translate it is is angel that someone number two angels that occur in all of this, the instances that you mention. For example, with Gideon, it mentions the angel of the Lord or in Genesis 22 with Abraham sacrifice Isaac mentions the angel of the Lord, or with Manoah and and his wife for the birth of Samson mentions the angel of the Lord is the Exodus 3 angel of the Lord with Moses and the burning bush, but in Genesis 32 it says. Jacob wrestled a man which was a 12 tells us was an angel and Genesis 18 it says that Yahweh, the Lord appeared to Abraham and he sees three men and then later we see at the end of 18 beginning of 19 that Abraham has an extensive conversation with one of them who was Yahweh in the flesh and the other two gallants of Sodom and there identified as as messengers as angels there so not all the text or are the same and the ones that you mentioned and Joshua five.

It does us an angel that that will the specific emphasis is on the captain of the Lords host that Joshua sees a man and he then gets identified as the captain of the Lords host.

The question is, are there instances where it says the angel of the Lord and that Angel is the son of God in an angelic form that she's the one revealing revealing God directly to these people. You can argue for it because sometimes it goes immediately to first-person speech I II could be God speaking with an angel suggest as a team difficult appearing. Genesis 32 to make an argument for status is a similar phase base Joshua five you can make an argument. This can't be dogmatic to say, it's always Lord himself. Yes, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday were you have a thoroughly blessed time today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown right.

Are you ready are you ready I want you to your thinking hats in place because were getting get into some serious discussion about Bible translation today on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcasts will be directly related to Hebrew Bible and Jewish translation traditions. Others will be much broader and were going to look we are going to look at the preface to the King James version of the Bible by the King James translators themselves. I think you find absolutely fascinating. Any Jewish related question you have of any kind, but especially for ties in with Bible translation.

Give me a call 8663 for 87884 this is Michael Brown and we are going to have an enriching broadcasts of got that you got that hat thinking hat in place here right here is really go really go to acts chapter 12. Acts chapter 12. I took one hour on the broadcast. A couple of weeks ago to talk about strengths and weaknesses of the King James version and said that that I plan to do a series were different times of focus in on another translation or genre of translations paraphrases are dynamic translations with things like that and talk about strengths and weaknesses. So naturally, of course, private place we go to King James and its influence to this day.

So that's where we start to constrain strength, but weaknesses took calls and I mentioned examples of mistranslation's of the King James. No translation is perfect and I'm quite sure I have no doubt whatsoever specially having reread the preface of the King James Francis which I looked at him in many years.

I've no question whatsoever. But if those men were alive today take those same individuals same background same heart same training take those people put them as as Christian men today. They they absolutely would be working on a new translation there is no way under the sun that they would be telling you when music and games they would be the first to say we know that Hebrew better. Now we know the Greek better.

Now we have more manuscript evidence more archaeological finds the English-language is changed dramatically led us improve on the older translation and do something that would let's work on one of the modern translations get even better I know? No question whatsoever beyond any shadow of a doubt that the King James translators were alive today, they would not be King James only they would not be saying use the King James, I've no question about that whatsoever. All right, so one of the examples I gave a wrong translation and ask what was in acts chapter 12 verse three and it says this in the King James because he Herod saw it please the Jews. He proceeded further to take Peter also then were the days of unleavened bread.

He said what's wrong there nothing. Every so it's telling us it's the days of unleavened bread right and then it goes on to say this after arresting him. Verse four and I'm drinking James when he had apprehended him. He put them in prison, Peter into living to forecourt trillions of soldiers to keep them intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people that you and say Easter is the one time only in the King James where it says Easter it's mistranslation. It shouldn't say Easter and in fact the new King James and basically every English translation since that is said Passover, which is what the Greek says whatever that Greek word top Tosca. They are the Passover occurs in Greek is translated as Passover. In English the same in the King James except for this one verse now defenders of King James and thinking that there are no errors in the King James signaled they can explain why it says Easter there yesterday. The history and translation go back to Tyndale and so on. And in Hebrew. Okay you do that on the inside of the finest formative another start reading to you the words King James version translates to be amazed. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on early Jewish Thursday is the call with any Jewish related question any kind. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 so let's go back to the King James version of acts chapter 12 verse four, where he translates the Greek word for Passover. It translates that with Easter now elsewhere in the New Testament. It rightly translated it with Passover why they get it wrong there will the answer that's given a defense of the King James is that if you look in verse three. It tells us there in verse three, which reread right before that these events of of putting James Jacob to death and arresting Peter. This happened during the festival of unleavened bread. So Herod intended to bring Peter out for public trial after the Passover will hang on isn't the Passover just the first day the Passover is the eating of the Lamb and the celebration of the Passover sacrifice. The first day and then the rest of it seven days eating unleavened bread that something separate so the King James translators wanted to convey that there were talk about this larger season and not just that first day Passover because it's talk about after the festival of unleavened bread, what the first thing is this the Greek means Passover not Easter. That's the first thing it means Passover doesn't mean Easter and yes I know that William Tyndale used Easter for Passover consistently in the New Testament, but in the Old Testament didn't want to sound like writer met Easter in the Old Testament, so he came up with this term of Pascoe or Passover. There a right to space the taking, the Greek and in putting out literally from Greek into English so the same concept in the Old Testament was was Passover or Tosca, but in the New Testament became Easter it know what it Tyndale was wrong. It shouldn't of said Easter there either. It was anachronistic, it was out of white chronology.

It didn't belong there. Either way the King James rightly corrected it and said Passover Passover pastorate here. They got rising but but but they were trying to tell us that that was the whole festival which was Passover and unleavened bread. And that's what use different word I repeat, that's not what the Greek says number one and number two there was no reason to use a different word. We know from Jewish usage in the first century. Flavius Josephus writing a generation basically after the New Testament he explains. Passover is been in the Passover and the seven-day feast of unleavened bread, just the way Jews think with.

They were sober in the Passover, which includes the feast of unleavened bread.

That's how he used the language. Let's take a look.

Also in the Old Testament to see if it's ever used like that, let's let's go to the book of Ezekiel chapter 45 and let's take a look there all, let's go down to Ezekiel 45 and and again worked were talking about the Passover can it ever be used not just for the first day and the sacrificing of the Lamb. Can it be used for the wider holiday this take a look in Ezekiel 4521 now underrated for the King James all right in the first month in the 14th day of the month you shall have the Passover, a feast of seven days; unleavened bread shall be so even in the Old Testament that Passover could include the feast of unleavened bread eating unleavened bread for seven days so it was included in the concept of Passover in the King James. So once again no basis whatsoever for Easter and asked 12 for and again I have no question whatsoever as surely as understand Bible translations that if the King James translators were here today that that would be one of the first changes they would make and say no when you get rid of that. Of course it is Passover. So here, let's let's listen to with the King James translators said this is the preface to the King James version, you can get anywhere easily easily easily anywhere online to slick it up and you can read readable, and it used to be printed in that the beginning of King James Bible is not as commonly now in your average American today would have a hard time understanding a lot of their references in there that certainly were okay. I'm not that familiar with that quote or that person. Yeah so their time at the Septuagint was a Septuagint.

This was the translation of the Old Testament Hebrew Bible into Greek by Jewish scholars to 300 years before the time of Jesus and many times in the New Testament when the apostles are quoting the Bible is the writing in Greek right they are often quoting this Septuagint and sometimes a Septuagint varies from the Hebrew text.

We have either the Septuagint translators understood the text differently or they had a little bit different Hebrew manuscript to how we deal with that. I mean, the early church looked at the Septuagint, the Greek speaking churches. The Bible right and also contain the apocryphal books that you find in the Catholic Bible today, but they looked at the Septuagint translation is the Bible the word of God. But it wasn't a perfect translation sore the King James translators about this quote, it is certain that that translation was not so sound, and so perfect, but that it needed in many places correction and who would been so sufficiency for this work is the apostles or apostolic men. So it's in some places the apostles correct the Septuagint and and translate for themselves from Hebrew into Greek, yet it seemed good. The translator say to the Holy Ghost and to them to take that which they found the same being for the greatest portrait was sufficient rather than by making a new in that new world and Greenidge of the church to expose themselves to many exceptions and capitalizations as though they may translation to serve their own turn and therefore bring witness to themselves, their witness not to be regarded. This may be supposed to be some cause for the translation of the 70 minute Septuagint was allowed to pass recurrent. In other words, even though it was not a perfect translation.

The last thing the early church needed to do was circuit will go to make our own translation for the Greek speaking world because people so you're just making that to suit your own cause. So rather, this being the Bible, they had they used it even though it wasn't perfect.

They still considered it the word of God.

So King James only people sinless with your time at the word of God were holding our hands the word of God but your translations are purple these the King James translation perfect, but no translation is perfect, it still the word of God because the overall message it's conveying and everything is calling us to do a require of us is consistently expressed absolutely. They continue it for all that is the Egyptians who said to the prophet to be man and not God and their horses flesh and not spirit going for the prophet Isaiah, so it is evident an syndrome affirmative as much that the 70.

The translucent Septuagint were interpreters they were not prophets. They did many things well is learned men but yes-men. They stumbled and fell one wall through oversight.

Another wall through ignorance. They sometimes they may be noted to add to the original and sometimes to take from it which made the apostles to leave them many times it would stick to find their own wording when they left the Hebrew and deliver the sense thereof. According to the truth of the word as the Spirit gave them utterance. So they're saying the Septuagint translators were not prophets. They were meant and they made mistakes and yet the early church views this as the word of God. The Greek speaking church and she said where is that in the Bible they would quote even though it wasn't a perfect translation from the King James only person turns around and says you will you have a perfect filing had to say this is the word of God, all you were going to quibble about specific words in a debate about specific words and and King James was updated numerous times where words were added were to take away. King James on time at the King James you hold in your hand today is very different in many respects from the 1611 version not just the spelling but specific words that the changes have been made.

Many of them, but it's still the word of God.

What I mean that if you sit down and read it.

It is God speaking to. If you sit down and read a good English translation you are getting the truth about who God is about who Jesus is about how we are to live.

No major issue no major document is compromised.

That's a fact much about the message which is a radical paraphrase which is good and bad, much about the amplified Bible where you have an expansion a constant expansion of what the text is it's used if it can be good for study. If you know how to use it properly on time and if you read in the ESV if you mean the NASB of three new King James is reading the NIV if you and the tree of life version. If you read you are reading the word of God. And that's what the King James translators or say only to say more about this. What about the Catholic Church in the Bible. They said this day so unwilling are they to communicate the scriptures to the people's understanding of any sort that they are not ashamed to confess that we force them to translate it into English against their will. So was the King James coming out and other English versions before that coming out force the Catholic Church with their own translation because according to convince translators want people in their own life was going to stay right here the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast. You might say will what happened to the music. We've had a slight problem playing music clips today so you won't hear the music but it is the same thoroughly Jewish coast is the same thoroughly Jewish Thursday and we will take some of your thoroughly Jewish questions, 866-3487 84. Anything related to Hebrew language people of Israel, modern or ancient.

Anything related to Hebrew Bible, messianic prophecy Jewish background to New Testament things regarding Islam will take your questions later. 866-34-TRUTH so back to what we can learn from the King James version translators right if you haven't yet, watch my video on strengths and weaknesses of the King James which is getting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of comments.

Our YouTube channel is good*you Brown asked to do your and you'll see it in the digital library now again the issue of can we say something is the word of God.

If we don't have the original manuscripts will say the original Hebrew and Greek were given perfectly, but we don't have those we have copies of copies. We know that things were copied accurately and carefully, but still you have variations between the manuscripts and variations among translations. Can we say that this is the word of God the King James translucent yes you can say that about imperfect translation spheres with a set now to the latter terms of of objections that were being raised to them. That's a letter we answer that we do not deny they we affirm NFL that the very meanest, Trent not me. In terms of rezoning K that the least of them the very meanest translation of the Bible in English set forth by men of our profession. For we have seen none of there is of the whole Bible ship.

Speaking of Catholics and others contain us the word of God.

Nate is the word of God, can I shout this out friends. If you are King James only person the King James translators you saying even the weakest English translation of the Bible is still the word of God. That's what they said keep going as the King's speech which he uttered in parliament being translated into French, Dutch, Italian, Latin is still the King speech, though it be not interpreted by every translator with the light grace there peradventure so fitly for phrase nurser expressly for sense everywhere they go on some of the story of Ezra and the prophecy of Haggai may be gathered that the temple built by Zerubbabel after the return from Babylon was by no means to be compared to the former built by Solomon for that it remember the former wept when they consider the letter notwithstanding, might this letter either have been reported for sake by the Jews or profaned by the Greeks, the like. We are to think of translations the translation of the 70 dissented from the original in many places neither dented does it come near for purpose, purpose, security, gravity, majesty, yet which of the apostles did not did condemn it, condemn it, they they used it as is apparent and is St. Jerome and most learned men to confess which they would not of done or by the example of using it. So grace and commitment to the church if it'd been unworthy the appellation name of the word of God while the King James translators are smashing the King James only mentality that claims that modern English versions are of the devil, or modern English version should be used and only the King James abuse again if you love the King just prefer the King James great find. I still think you do better with a modern adaptation of it just for the English itself, but fine if that's your preferred Bible fine get into a dig into it, use it, enjoy it, learn, grow, but don't come up with this King James only nonsense it is nonsense and only nonsense. And if I offend you by saying that you need to be offended and come out of error and deception.

Yes the King James translators are saying the temple built by in the days of Haggai under Joshua in Zerubbabel was not the same as the temple of divorce.

Solomon it it was it was a poor replica of it so that some rejoicing was being built, but somebody remember the old temple that they wept.

Yet it was the temple and God wealth. There the Septuagint was far from perfect translation. And yet the apostles early church used as the word of God, the King's speech translated into Dutch or French is not going to be exactly right in every way. The way the king said it. And yet it's the King speech so the Bible aims translation is the word of God.

That's what they're saying as opposed to this nitpicky thing will the King James is this of his don't solution use the others while again the greatest reputation of King James only as him as the preface of the King James translators to be short they say origin early church leader second century and the whole Church of God for certain hundred years with another mind for they were so far the translators to the readers from treading seasoning.

They were so far from treading underfoot much more burning the translation of acquittal or a proselyte. He was a Greek translator that is when the turns view of Seneca's and Theodosia both Abby and-ites that is most vile heretics that they joined together with the Hebrew original and the translation of the 70 Septuagint, as happened before.

Signified out of the profanities and set the fourth open to be considered ovenproof by all. But we weary the alert as you do not know so much in trouble the learners in order ready okay. Say what in the what I don't understand any of the brick attempt. There were a number of ancient translations of the Hebrew Bible into Greek. First and foremost, the Septuagint of the Jewish scholars to the 300 years before the time of Jesus, but much of the Jewish community had problems with parts of the Septuagint and Tukwila oculus in Hebrew Tukwila was a proselyte to Judaism and he made his translation from the Hebrew into Greek and then there were others Theodosia and Ann Seneca's, who were heretics. They did not hold to the Orthodox messianic Christian faith. They were Abby unites they has some heretical beliefs and they made their translation and one of the King James translators saying that the early church origin. Some of the scholars they use these other translations, even though the people behind them were not Orthodox believers, and even though they deviated. Certainly they put the for the people to read.

They want they want concern about the specific niches they didn't burn them you got King James only people it's like a called burn the other Bibles burn the other translations.

One atrocity etiquette.

The King James translation sends other ancient Greek versions that were far from perfect. Been burn them know they learned from them.

So what about the goal of improving translations should it be done should you keep working improving translations.

Here's what they have to say and in fact got a break coming up. Let me pause here friends we get into lots of topics that you can, listen and relax and eyes closed and their livelier fun conversation or fun phone call. Sometimes we get into a little bit more depth. Always try to have substance for you, but sometimes a little more depth in terms of more teaching. This is one of these days will take the audio afterwards were not videotaping today and will put it up on YouTube and folks can get into it further interact with it. Further, there but if you're if if you want to go through this again. Remember, just download around the line of fire. If you haven't downloaded down below the line of fire today android Apple and then later tonight or tomorrow. Click on it. Listen to the archive will go through it again in the river.

You are listening to a broadcast live phone rent on the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So what can the King teach us about modern Bible versions the greatest reputation to the notion that the King James version is the only version that should be used in the English speaking world, that all of the versions are of the devil that all other versions are inferior, that all other versions should be trashed the renewal at age Bible versions.

Whatever other explanation you've had her accusation. You've heard the greatest reputation to that mentality is the translators preface the King James version translators themselves talking about Bible translation and the word of God this is Michael Brown that is thoroughly Jewish Thursday and as we dig into the Hebrew Scriptures often on through the Jewish Thursday seem to be a good day to do this as well. I will also take any Jewish related question you have of any kind, 86634. Truth is the number to call so let me let me tell you what the King James version translators said about improving translations because some said why you doing this you don't need another English translation. They said before we end this is a long preface, we must answer 1/3 cavil, third objection and objection of theirs against us so Catholic Church or of the critics come against them for altering and amending our translation. So off where and truly they deal hardly and strain zero so it's why you keep trying to improve your translations. If the King James translators were alive today, they would improve the King James version this question, there's absolutely no question about so for, to whom ever what is and was it imputed for a fall but sutures are wise to go over that which you done to amend it where he saw causes.

We can bring improvement you do it. St. Augustine was not afraid to exhort St. Jerome to Apollo Nadia for recantation the same. St. Augustine was not ashamed to retract it, we might say revoke many things that had passed him in the thieving glory that he see if his infirmities if we will be sons of the truth.

We must consider what it speaketh and trample upon her own credit yea and upon other men's to if either be anyway hindrance to it like whatever we can do to improve. Let's do it.

Emily made a mistake with technology and move forward. They say, but the difference in appearance between our translations and are often correcting of them is the thing that we are specially charged with C. Therefore, when they themselves be without fault. This way if it be to be counted a fall to correct and whether they be for men to throw stones at us surely as the apostle reason as to the Hebrews that if the former law and Testament had been sufficient.

There have been no need of the latter, so we may say that if the old vulgar meaning the old Latin translation old translations had been at all points allowable the small purpose of labor and charges bound to go on about framing of a new I know the English or as little old. Again, this is how they wrote communicated then. So what they're saying is look. The old translators improve their translations. We should do the same today. Yes, Bible translations should be improved. That's why within the King James itself from 1611 until today, there are many many many improvements that were made. Words added words take away I'm I'm just on the within the King James itself. Just within the King James only there that if you look from 6011 versions 170 version 1700.

You'll see improvements you will see changes you'll see these things. So again, no, no mystery here what so ever. And if they were alive today, they'd be looking to change, improve things.

And here just to be quick example. Oh let's see comparing the 1611 and the 1769 edition someone posted this.

Our YouTube discussion for video on strengths and weaknesses.

The King James. I mean your your your talk about and inward children are or not.

For print books or don't bring books for his Lord, her Lord, which is correct.

This translation improvements in the 1700s and 1800s and beyond within the King James, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right before I go to the phones to give you a couple more key principles of the King James translators because they worked on this over a period of years. Is it what do they make money for it. Some of them received excellent appointments in various ministry capacities or other places of service.

So, yes, they were compensated for their work. Some solely of modern Bible translators. They get paid for it first which you get paid compared to the time and effort you put in. You don't used to make money. That's the first thing.

Secondly, the King James translators were supported and in various ways benefited from the work that they did as the livers were there was Hargis doing work right so they talked about a checking engine translations checking the, the commentaries of various Christian and Jewish sources this and neither did we disdained to revise that which we had done to bring back to the anvil that which we had hammered so they would constantly go back and look at it think okay we need to make a change and that's why in subsequent generations workers those involved can James made improvements within the King James and that's happened many times in its history right and then they talk about what about words of uncertain meaning and end putting notes in the margins to say could be this coming doesn't that bring confusion. I need to know what the word says what is it this is the word about this word here there is is disputed in meaning. This is some prevention would have no variety of senses to be set in the margin less the authority of the Scriptures for the study of Concord controversies by the children. Certainty should somewhat be shaken but we hold her judgment not to be sound in this point said no, don't worry about that was you shake my faith, the authority of Scripture. No, just understand that the overall message is clear. That's what they go on to say, for through whatever things are necessary for the whatever things are necessary are manifest us and Chris Thompson. In other words, the things that we need to know are laid out clearly in the things that which are in dispute or the list of unclean animals in Israel when I exactly sure what some animals were. That is not an issue of life and faith. That's what they are saying and go they go on to explain that there may be many words in the Scriptures which we never found there, but once having either brother and our neighbor as the Hebrews speaks so that we cannot be hoping by conference of places. In other words, only occurs once, so we really don't know what will it find it one time and you can compare cages 10 times in the Hebrew Bible, so let's look and see what she was elsewhere just one time and that Latin term is The garment on the word spoken once once occurring word so homeboy I don't know what to make of that.

Okay only occurs one time. So what you do in such cases, he says again. They say there may be rare. Many rare names of certain birds.

These precious stones, etc., concerning which the humans themselves are so divided among themselves for judgment that they may seem to define this or that. Rather, because they would say something, and because they were sure of that which they said now in such a case does not a margin do well to admonish the reader to seek further and not to conclude or dogmatize upon this or that peremptorily say the King James translators to say we weren't sure the meaning of some of the words and neither are the Jewish people and pass them on and in data transit solicit something, but we are really not sure. So the best thing is to have a margin which may be means this maybe means that the King James translators. No episodes of the Bible that they didn't think that way they don't think that will just a moment more than will go to your calls. Another thing we think good to admonish the of gentle reader that we have not taught ourselves to an uniformity. I guess that would pronouncement a formula to an uniformity of pricing or to identity of words as some prevention would wish that we had done because they observed that some learned men somewhere been as exact as they could.

That way, in other words, we didn't always try to translate the exact same word the exact same way and we thought that would not be the best way to do it.

So there are some inconsistencies there. Sometimes it's good sometimes it's not. For example, in the King James translators translate doing a mess with the virtue that virtue went out of Jesus and heal people know it's power you can say healing power of your buds power does not mean virtue, so maybe they were doing for variation purposes, whatever, but it's is the wrong wrong translation and then they've they get into this. They have some Latin etc. various things are saying for as it is the fault of incredulity to doubt of those things that are evident so to determine if such things as the Spirit of God hath left even the judgment of judicious questionable can be no less than presumption, so the first thing they're saying is look we don't know what certain words mean, I went back to that section and then the second thing they're saying is that we did not translate every word the same way all the time.

Truly, that we might not vary from the sense of that which we translated before the word signify the same thing in both places the be some words that be not of the same sense of the work we were especially careful amid a conscience creditor duty, but that we should express the same notion of sin particular words.

For example, if we translate the Hebrew, Greek word once my purpose never to: intent or once were journeying, never traveling notes. If we transfer the word purpose though translate intent. The next time or turning down translated traveling or synced on translate suppose or pain, though, translate, ache or joy translate gladness and thus to miss the matter we thought to savor more of curiosity, the wisdom in that. Rather, it would be read scorning the atheists then bring profit to the Gavi reader. In other words we felt were to have some liberty in translating those people with mockups of every word had to be translated same way all the time for look at this. The King James translators for is the kingdom of God become words or syllables. Why should we be in bondage to them. If we may be free. Use one precisely when we may use another to fit the less fit as commodious so there synced up. Don't get hung up on every specific wire. The very thing that the King James only people to eye muscle text on the image is old. I hope register the intensivists the greatest reputation against King James only as him is the preface by the King James translators. They argue against it in spirit and really direct intent 866-34-TRUTH to the phones of its coat at Raleigh, North Carolina Cindy, welcome to the line of fire are wondering here Dr. Brown on your topic. I find it fast and not unusual all my grandfather was Yale University professor moment banking class I missed church historian languages beriberi well security language and style people translating the NIV and Barry are routine just like you're talking about when he is happy. Should we used clients you what it would take Buffalo because all the scholars had their own outlook on things. And of course the Bible is full of compromises you now and I was brought up with the whole that God there no matter what preparation and King James of course is wonderful but what you're talking about.

Very interesting.

I hope that people are enjoying as much as I am you yeah that's that's amazing. Your grandfather was a great Reformation scholar, a scholar and utilize their church historian sure so so famous in that right even though that was never my field.

He was famous enough that everybody knew his name. I did know translation background but yet when you say compromises you don't mean moral compromise just for Melissa to have to try to decide how you translated so the King James translators.

They were group of people, some focused on one part of the Bible someone another and then different ones review things so is that that's the way that's the way it works. To this day that you'll have a team of people.

Top scholars in the field and and for example I will. I was asked with the tree of life version to go through the the the New Testament letters and to be one of the readers, so there was a brilliant Greek scholar that translated and that gave the first one then there are other Greek scholars who looked at on the Greek scholar, but I know the material very well normally I'm I'm looking at it helping with an Old Testament translation, but then I go through it and then I would give him submit my criticisms to the panel which had theologians had Greek scholars of translators and and multiple PhD's all God loving words, loving people all holding to all of the fundamentals of the evangelical faith without compromise and we would then discuss it and come to an agreement now push back here no pushback here and then finally you pray.

Yes God for wisdom for guidance and you come to come to a decision and we come back on the other side of the break give you an example of how a simple Hebrew word like fed the sitting servant doesn't mean slave can bring all kinds of debates among translators and then give an example of how the ESV made a correction and I believe I played a role in something out. Translated that led to that correction will be right back error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so I watch the discussion online YouTube video we ESV Old Testament translators, brilliant scholars, people that know the Hebrew Bible very very well work and I think British and American discussing the translation of the Hebrew word evident this mean slave.

This means servant and they debated it back and forth and I'm listening, and afflicted. Great point for servant. Oh great point for slave yet but slave in English and American English.

That puts us back to slave trade. That's what we think we hear slave and it was not taught about the Hebrew Bible. If we say servant service means that an as it was a debate that was then discussed in the they pray. Okay.

And then they took a vote and the overall majority went 1 Particular Way and and as a result of that going that particular way.

They said they felt that was the Lord leaving them some This was done on a God-fearing way but but this is this is what happened. So let me give an example of something.

In Romans the 11th chapter Romans the 11th chapter, Paul is talking about Israel and God's purposes for Israel and when you get down to verse 26 all Israel will be saved with sectors that mean we discussed that many a time, then verse 28 says this about the people of Israel and first out let's see okay old.

Let's look at a few different translations.

King James is concerning the gospel. They are enemies for your six but is touching the election they are beloved for the father's six new King James consider the gospel their enemies for your sake, and selection there below for the sake of the fathers HCS be there enemies for your advantage, ESV, now says they are enemies as regards the gospel they are enemies for your sake and end that that's a good translation okay the NLT says, which is a paraphrase many of the people of Israel are now enemies of the good news.

This benefits you Gentiles, so the complete Jewish Bible reasonable different with respect to the good news they are hated for your sake. Now I'm just going to type something in here. I'm going to go to Bible Gateway Bible where you can find most all modern versions and ancient versions.

There as well.

Okay, so I'll get to type in Romans 1129 and let's see if I can find it in the revised standard version. Let's see what comes up here books I met Romans 1128 I settle 29 I meant 28. As regards the gospel they are enemies of God.

God sort as regards the gospel they are enemies of God, that old preacher thing received God's most correct for your sake. As regards selection there below for the sake of their forefathers. That is how it reads in the revised standard version. As regards the gospel are enemies of God. No doubt Paul didn't write enemies of God. He did not write enemies of God. Let's look at the new revised standard and see what they have for Romans chapter 11 verse 28. As regards the gospel they are enemies of God for your sake, and that they have a footnote saying the Greek lacks of guy that likes of God.

Don't put in the cassettes of the saying. As far as the enemy is for a gospel that their enemies there opposing it right there there opposing the message, they don't believe the message that there enemies of it, but are loved by God, because the father's events and their enemies of God here will the original ESV and I don't know where I find that right off the top of my head because I don't have it on my screen here, but the original ESV was much closer to that the original ESV I believe had enemies of God. I was in Hong Kong a few years ago and while I was there. I happen to be talking to one of the lead translators of brilliant Greek scholar.

He's been involved in the NIV he's been involved ESV every teacher of the Greek language in his father Greek. Greek scholars yet here we go.

Not sorry that was us was still the the NRS for the original ESV Romans 1128 said enemies of God or something to that effect a messianic Jewish friend of mine pointed that out to me.

I was in Hong Kong with two other scholars. One was teaching, I believe the pastoral epistles, the scholar, I'm referring to. I was teaching the book of Jeremiah and another was teaching homiletics and so we are all professors going over to Hong Kong to teach and train leaders from the mainland China who came over to Hong Kong really get visas or travel over to Hong Kong and we taught them intensively for week each one on our subject at different times of the day they would take different classes and we got to talking about this and I raised it to this gentleman who was one of the committee leaders with the ESV not allow that was the only one to raise it although that didn't come up another settings. But when I mentioned Lisa.

Oh yeah, that's one of the ones will be followed. The RSV we follow the revised standard version. There I said but it's wrong. It's the and any he made a note of it and then I noticed that in subsequent editions. It wasn't there now, if you've got an original ESV you got an old one, pull it out and check it out and see his overall it's a wonderful excellent translation, but if I have my story right here. I don't agree. Some of the NIV a believer time at the ESV's. If I have my story right here.

That is what happened. It was recognized as an error based on that error.

It was corrected in subsequent editions. That's what translators do and we put out a been involved in the TLV tree of life version and once it was initially out corrections were made. Improvements were made and even though it's very popular and circulating well now.

Hopefully they will come one more improvements will be made because it your human beings into the very best you can.

And yet it is the word of God. It is the word of God and a member, studying great depth to whatever extent we can get to the original languages wonderful. But if you lock me a room for the rest of my life with any good English version today or with King James and I read it and studied it for years and years and years and then sought to act on what IIII read when I got out of that room reading it, I would hold to all the fundamentals of the faith there might be your first year there that I misunderstood and translation here there that slightly misled me but all the fundamentals everything I need to know for life.

For God, and is for service of God would be clear and that's why you can say the Bible and holding my hand.

It is the word of God you can say it with confidence. All right friends I am at a time before to take your calls on a wide range of subjects from our you've got questions, we've got answers you get my emails. Do you know sign up today. Esther Gibran asked Casey R. sign-up will send free e-book less

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