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Three Special Interviews (from the Cosmos to the Church to Racial Reconciliation)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 15, 2017 5:41 pm

Three Special Interviews (from the Cosmos to the Church to Racial Reconciliation)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 15, 2017 5:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/15/17.

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Got to special interviews with two special leaders prepare to be blessed edified and encouraged stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, the cosmos, the universe, the God who created the universe. The trans dimensions of God or the trans dimensionality of God's words lose you, inspire you to talk in a moment to Dr. you Ross Christian astronomer, founder and president of reasons to believe and every one of you listening can get a copy of his book beyond the cosmos.

The trans dimensionality of God. A reader of the book was so deeply blessed and impacted by, he said that he would buy a free copy of the book for everyone who wanted to get one for limited time so you tell you how, in a moment know this is not: number 11 gets it, or raffle this every body's in a few minutes were to talk to Doc you Ross this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. The second half of this hour, speak with Bishop Joe Matera about his new book on 25 things that your pastor the entire member Joe Matera is a pastor as well. So is writing as a pastor will be talking with Joe as well. Bishop Matera but first let me talk to about God of the universe. I sent Nancy a video last night that a friend had sent me it's a popular video on YouTube but it put things together very nicely in what maybe seven or eight minutes about what we call the fine tuning of the universe. Okay, that's the second got it.

This Matera in the second hour got it all right so W could change the blurb to fix that. If I don't have it set up properly. Okay, got it.

So hang on hang out what what what I have wrong in my schedule here that I just tell everyone to then at the wrong time to listen to it to Dr. Ross.

Let's let's just take a look here. Note that we got that right.

Okay all clear. Forgive me for the confusion were clear were good to go. All right, I sent Nancy this short video last night that was sent to me about the fine-tuning of the universe and what's meant by that is that the universe operates on certain mathematical principles and if any one of these things was varied in the slightest degree the one of the specific things that was being spoken of whether it was the force of gravity or something else that intersects with law of physics was if if you took every second of time since the world was created and let's let's go back to an old earth creation sounds even longer with you believe and are okay and Every second every second that's ticked's are very billions and trillions can't really whatever seconds if if one so so make that now mathematical equation. If if one of those things just one second different. The universe could exist as we know it and and contain life anyway. Nancy mentioned to me that whenever she sees something in the universe just begins to weep. It gives her. This revelation of the greatness of God and the majesty of God is just something that touches her deeply that you Ross is one of those people that that has a great understanding of the universe as an astronomer with a PhD from the University of Toronto, but but as someone who loves and knows the Lord. It helps him to bring a perspective that a secular astronomer might astronomer might be missing so the book beyond the cosmos. The trans dimensionality of God is in its third edition we come back I'll tell you how you can get a free copy someone's gonna buy it you wanted. That's right, I'm holding my hand to an amazing book of Rieke. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown makes friends joining us and holding in my hand, third edition of Dr. you Ross is book beyond the cosmos.

The trans dimensionality of God the website to go to is and will tell you in a moment how you can get your free copy of beyond the cosmos. I was kinda blown away when we we got a note from the folks reasons to believe. We like to have Dr. Ross on a talk about the book. Always delighted to have him on another guest from reasons to believe when I heard what was going on. I had read it a couple times to see that it was real so tell you how, in a moment. Dr. Ross, welcome back to the line of fire how you doing well thank you thank you sir before you explain to us what the trans dimensionality of God is could you just give us it's a sink form, the concept of the universe being fine tuning that was just talking about that before you came on just in terms of from a believing viewpoint. What this says to you about Dr. universe buying. To make pop or "fine. To enable or make a living by. Discovery point. God behind the Bible also divine right of way to make possible the reduction of human being, wrote about that. My wife book improbable planet, how would you read through the creation part from the Bible Bible always bring doctrine of creation, the doctrine of redemption after word got talked about getting you work for redemption or create anything or tell a story about literally every universe.

Our galaxy are planetary for our planet. All history of white each item plays a critical role make it possible for redemption lawsuits. It's not just what we will hear about that.

Everything operates by precise laws that points to an intelligent designer. You're saying it points to intelligent Redeemer.

Intelligent Redeemer, perfect for humanity that laughed beyond the universe.

All right trans dimensionality if you could explain that to us nonscientists out there what you speaking of all the universe that we experience God or dementia like lightning time particle physics and cosmology Rick Burnett addition to like it for quite other dimension paid and then the creation of the universe demand for Thermo agent beyond universe got the capacity to move and operate the equipment to dimensions of time and space time. But the creator can create a fine dimension will both thought you forgot extra dimensional able to move and operate in a brief 11 point dimension client dimensional, and if you can create a defined event will then remove the will and in no way constrained by the prevention create okay so is this a sociological concept only, or is this something that scientists with understand terms of trans dimensionality by encrypted and theological meaning one chapter and beyond the call mode for a way out the latest buying coverage applicable universe and find dimension and after the creator beyond the point dimension correct theological application at the click of the back cover note of one theology book of the year. First, repeat and collect try to do it.

God is powerful. You establish must be one of the talent about doctrine white deponent Trinity Bible Canadian human free will and divine predestination in God's plan for eliminating evil and suffering and what evidence I will be like me got me without looking at the different holy book but undergird the world religion about everyone except the Bible God or dimensional box the Bible be only one present doctrine of God, that can't be lain only or they find dimension.

One thing I mentioned earlier in the book week human and not visualized, and dimension. We don't personally. And so being that the different holy book told me the nonbiblical book at the big picture being a benefit by being the limitation is a libation Bible tramp that of the Bible when I was bit by breaking the only book of all the ones that looked at possibly could be fire by being a transcendent thing you factor my coming to Christ while extraordinary and we talk previously about say the doctrine of the Trinity which which you get into you got numerous Scriptures and extra dimensionality in God's tri-unity that a lot of believers struggle how could.

How could what my belief about this be right.

The Acura kisses and I can't quite grasp it or how can 3B wanderer or the world mocks it, Islam and Judaism rejected your say that that's one of the proofs of its spiritual reality and that it's naturally incomprehensible and must be spiritually comprehended exactly right. My own mother become your Christian for 30 years Trinity of a mathematical impossibility by anyone. Let me interrupt her I would think you're right mathematically impossible for God praying to white with white pine, one finger and a God trend and vote find dimension Trinity is no longer a contradiction and the fact that the Bible and only the Bible teaches the doctrine of the Trinity evident the Bible comes from a transcendent being that created the universe.

I trans before I go any further with this interview Stokes have this contacting reasons to believe letting them know how reading beyond the cosmos was was literally life-changing for them of this. A friend of the ministry friend of reasons to believe he was so moved by the book that for a limited time. He wants to buy you my tongue to you, whoever is listening right now he wants to buy you a copy of the book to experience beyond the cosmos for yourself. So here's how you get right and this is only while supplies last. Of this is this is being given away the snow hi.

Go to you see an image of a microphone from under this radio interview. Click on the microphone and you'll have the instructions or this is not one of these things really get the first chapter have to spend the rest of them.

I get the book someone wants to bless you they were that impacted by the book so go to click on the image of the microphone to your friends immediately. To do this because this is limited time and you'll get a copy of beyond the cosmos through the generosity of a friend of reasons to believe. And of course one sure there explore the website you'll be amazed by all the relevant edifying resources by scientists and philosophers and theologians all who love the God of the word all right if we can do this in a couple of minutes before break, can you give us an example of the impact of adding or subtracting a dimension, for example) or group of apology to my locker weeks ago.

What bothers her about Christianity equipment and bumper crop will be picked up a nine hour your Christian claim that you people told them of every human being who ever lived about what the man dying on the cross was God dying on the cross. But God that created by dimension of the universe. He wasn't just offering for the nine hour demo fixed for nine hour.

Get access to the equipment to other dimensions of time and thought, later that diagram for the blog by death of what God can do. Start at three dimensions of time at where you couldn't just pick flowers of our time at 100 billion parallel line

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