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Updates from the Philippines, and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 25, 2017 4:01 pm

Updates from the Philippines, and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 25, 2017 4:01 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/25/17.

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

I've got some exciting updates from the Philippines and then your questions and our answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friends Michael Brown here in the Philippines so blessed to see what God is doing here and before we get your questions you've got questions.

We got answers. As always, and in fact I am going to be a playing of the best of Friday show for you in a little while, so will be taking wife calls today, but I trust you enjoy the broadcast. As always, but I want to give you right here at the beginning of the hour and and then at the half-hour mark I want to give you some highlights of what God is doing and encourage your heart because you know sons and daughters reproduction that that's where life is all about and those of you who been unable to have physical children may be poured into spiritual children and they've reproduced as well. It's just amazing and meeting these folks in the Philippines and some of the young people calling me grandpa because they have been raised up and disciple by our spiritual sons and daughters who are over here. Men, women and children are a team in the Philippines. We have about 50 people and they're just doing an amazing amazing work. Now that check this out folks that were trained in our ministry school in the states either when we were in Florida, or since the North Carolina they have now raised up schools in different parts of the world. So we have fire school of ministry in Concorde North Carolina.

We have a branch in inner-city branch in Chicago.

We have a branch in Holland.

We have a branch in Cameroon. The full-time and part-time. We have a branch here in the Philippines were opening a branch in a few weeks in Sicily and Italy. It's amazing to see in all of them are led by grads or grads for ministry school play a central role in the schools so here in the Philippines. They now finished two years of schooling and and they have now done internship so out for the Philippines. They've done internships in Vietnam. In Thailand in Japan and with other team members in the Philippines because is this cool or what not checked check this out. Our Africa school.

They have already sent out grads now to serve in other nations are starting to go out into other nations and African others going out planting churches and things it's it's just amazing to see. II meet one young lady and African lady. I know you one of our grads, a woman now in her 60s, has been serving in Tanzania Africa for years. She adopted an African girl raised her as her own daughter. Now that young woman is studying at our school of ministry here in the Philippines. It's amazing to see one of our grads is leaving the school here he hears the Lord say to him when days got with 56 kids. He hears the Lord say to him one day. Are you willing to adopt again. Are you willing to adopt a mother and her son says yes Lord the next day he gets contacted by the director of our school of ministry in Chicago and they have a mother and son that want to come over and serve in the Philippines, will he ticked him so it's it is just need to see the fruit the orphanages. They have the this school that the feeding needy children. The planting of churches much lasting fruit. The work of the gospel going on and and when I see you know, here's a spiritual side of the spiritual daughter this one out here and this would be raised up to go out, preach it this without reproducing.

It's just so wonderfully gratifying. And by the way the Filipino people are avid international reputation for being very sweet and having a real servant heart and that they they are more than any country I've been in. They love taking pictures and love self and get on home 63 is a pretty smile pops up getting swarmed. This would be smiles laughed it after every meeting. This could retake the retake self resist. It's very special and they love the Lord over the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown too much going us fire.

I'm here to answer your questions anything you been wondering about was the Bible say on this some doctrinal dispute.

Something came up in your church. You don't need to mention the church name or anything like that.

But to say hey this question came up from wondering about it. We can address moral issues cultural issues political issues spiritual issues 866-34-TRUTH Google phones. In one moment, check out my latest article and asked Dr. writes about the sovereignty of God in these elections.

What is God doing. Obviously, we will vote will cast our votes and in that sense, we will elect the president.

But God is at work as well with a Hillary Clinton presidency were Donald Trump print presidency mean, what would God be saying in that view that God raised up Donald Trump to defeat Republican candidates that could have defeated Hillary Clinton that Hillary Clinton will win its further judgment on the sleeping church in America. Questions are raised in the article also got a great new video where I interact with old Andy Griffith show and talk about the entitlement mentality. We've also got a video addressing the whole gender fluid gender unicorn picture gender mentality. It's an eye-opener. And another new video on could be sure that the New Testament is historically accurate and reliable, so check out latest videos latest to the phones we go Michael in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown my question involved the meaning of the Greek word here and how it should be read into that baloney vertebrae, gardening, departing departure, the particle departure at five by the first seven English Bible before 1611 for the word being falling away as translated in the King James version of the 11 and later translated to be in rebellion in modern English version.

Those who believe in a pretty pretrip rupture which I don't always use this chapter in Bertha's reference, I would appreciate your yeah absolutely there is virtually no linguistic evidence in any solid way that would interpret this in terms of a departure as in a rapture of apostasy, a the Greek word there consistently used for rebellion. For example, in Greek in the Septuagint Joshua 2222. It refers to rebellion. A second Chronicles 2919 the same way it refers thereto transgression.

Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 19 it refers to backsliding and there. There is no question in acts 2121. It refers to forsaking of the law and in second Thessalonians to three. It's deftly speaking of a rebellion so if you look at just a multitude of translations. King James falling away new King James falling away, HCS. B. Apostasy ESV rebellion NIV rebellion NET rebellion NLT great rebellion of the ancient Syriac translated with rebellion. So there there's really no question that that's what it means it's it's a real real weak argument to try to say that that Paul is saying look first. This rapture has to happen in the man of sin is going to be revealed. Why would even say the man of sin is gonna be revealed. Less people are happy to see it, so there will be an end time rebellion, apostasy, and in conjunction with that, the revealing of the antichrist and pulsing daunted by get you upset or worried that that you've missed the day of the Lord because these things have to happen first before that final day one.

Thank you, but the reason why people like Cliff and Bill Geneva Bible before I click and why that you were the departing of the reference in that you have to look at them, but my assumption would be that was just the old English way of referring to falling away or apostasy number number one note number number one Michael. They certainly didn't believe in a preacher rapture. We we know that for fact they never would've heard of the doctrine of the preacher rapture was absolutely not their theology but just like for example the King James second Timothy 215 study to show thyself approved unto God at work when the need is not to say rightly dividing the word of truth. Well study their in old English simply meant do your best.

Strive do your best. It was, not a mistranslation because the Greek says do you do your best to make your best effort to to be a workman that does need to be a shame, rightly handling the word of God but of the word study in an old English had the meaning also strive. Do your best.

So for example in first Thessalonians, with the convinces study to be quiet doesn't mean by a book that teaches you how to be quiet and study. That means, do your best study to show thyself approved unto God is his old English. That's why I see use of a modern translation as opposed to the conveyance because you don't know that the meaning of certain words is changed so people so I believe in studying the word. It's a study to shoot us of approved got no so study means means do your best. So my assumption would be if you look at the older English meaning of the words for departure there.

Talk about a departure from the faith.

Hence, apostasy, hate, thank you for the call. I appreciate it very questions 86634 I'll get a mark in North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. You: Dr. Michael Brown, Marco my name over the radio call you back received in the donations from the abutment. North Carolina was thin. I moved on and live initial load not just got back on the grid so I can listen to your broadcast live in is mostly what honor to speak to you just a marginal salute you have the a warrior for Christ who just wanted up product imitate and just try to learn from you. Just an amazing person you're apologetic. This is a real honor, short. I just want to say thank you for all you do and down his throat.

North Carolina will business are you not want to become a torchbearer again under the left of coverage. Long story but I just want to say I love you.brown Mark that's that is so kind of you to call and so encouraging to hear that.

I appreciate the warm words and glad to have you back on the grid and thanks for your solitary support made me the Lord shine brightly CIBA. Thank you for taking time to call it means a lot to me that you not bring you all right know. I saw shallots that had never heard of that in North Carolina is not not aware of the existence of their many places North Carolina and throughout America that I'm not aware of 866-34-TRUTH for truth before go back to the phones just so you can grasp the weight of what this Hamas operative excuse, just operative. It has allegedly done taking money from world vision taking money from world vision and funneling it to terror.

According to Israel's Shin Bet security service Mohammed of how lobbyists of the world vision employee but allegedly Hamas operative diverted around $7.2 million of world vision monies.

This is money.

Christians are giving to help children felt needy ones, poor starving, suffering people all right is world vision does that an exemplary way around the world that he diverted allegedly $7.2 million of world vision money to Hamas each year, which would be the equivalent of 60% of the charities total funding annual funding for gossip. So let's say there's about 11 million that was was being given to help needy people in Gaza every year. Allegedly, 7.2 million of it was followed to Hamas and according to the report, some one and 1/2 million dollars year was given in cash given in cash to Hamas combat units country statement issued by the Shin baked right friends before we go back to the phones. I saw a couple days. I mentioned this on the air. The other did I mention it again, Rush Limbaugh, the mighty Rush Limbaugh of talk radio fame. The most listen to talk radio host in America, with a massive listening audience. He has re-signed a contract to continue on his stations and the details were not disclosed, but he makes tens of millions of dollars a year beyond the radio and the stations pay for conservative talk radio obviously brings in the box through advertising and other things like that. I don't begrudge him that at all. You like him or not. He's great at what he does works hard at it. There's a massive difference though the troop we doing what rush that's all. And in many many ways. Of course, his audience is massive but we pay to be on the air.

He gets paid to be on the air. We have to raise money to be on the air and you know and some of the key stations we are in America like WMC, a WBA WEC. Some are great stations in Northeast we have to raise money from other parts of America to pay to be on the reader to serve you.

There why not do your part stand with us want to become a torchbearer as marker last caller said he was going to renew his commitment when I join our support team and hold our hands up. So not only can we continue on the stations will expand to many more go to asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Click on Sony join our support team today. Together will make a massive difference.

All around America file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for ask me about, by all means give me a call. Go to Hollywood, Florida. Isaac welcome back to want to fire Dr. Brown are you doing today very well thank you. I have heard from numerous Christian that the antichrist will be the expected Jewish Messiah. In other words, the traditional Christmas will appear to the Jewish people and be accepted, but he really is the antichrist. Have you heard this viewpoint and do you believe in yourself. I've heard it, I'll tell you why it has some plausibility, but I personally question it. Kate number number one. The Bible does not tell us a lot about this antimissile antichrist figure refers to images is that the man of sin. He is obviously epitomizes one doomed to destruction as the final vessel who is anti-God anti-Messiah, but in that spirit, first John two says the ready are many antichrist because they they also deny Jesus as the Messiah, but in terms of detail. Some point to the book of Daniel, the book of Revelation to try to decipher this. I'm just not sure we can decipher clearly so in favor of this view that the expected Jewish Messiah by Jewish tradition black to be the answer. Christ in favor of it would be that obviously Jews praying for longing for the coming of the Messiah and they believe he'll be someone here among us, and that he will have these exceptional qualities and little by little, were recognized by what he does while he must be the Messiah. He's taught the ways of the Lord. He's brought Israel into obedience to the Cheraw. He is defeating the enemies of Israel.

He's regathering the exiles he's rebuilt the temple surely this is the Messiah and could he then have sufficient charisma to deceive the whole world that this is possible. It's possible I just don't see that laid out in Scripture. II see Jerusalem coming under great attack at the end of the age is supposed to all of the world submitting to the leader in Jerusalem. I see great turmoil and calamity out of which God delivers our people and brings us to repentance, so I don't see other things that would line up in that regard, there is the theory that he would be European and allegedly, that would be supported by versus Daniel and Revelation and that again, the question would be why would the Muslim world follow him, or the Jewish will follow him ready.

There have to be some type of role calamity that he now appears as the one who solves the world's problems. More recently, the arguments that the arguments have been that he will be a Muslim because the Muslims are waiting for a musty redeemer figure of sorts and when he comes us. Some have suggested that he could then make some kind of deal he would make a deal with with Israel and with the Muslim world to say listen, rigorous surrendered dome of the rock in all ox, a mosque, you can tear them down and you can build your Temple and that's how there would then be the building of the third Temple. Otherwise, it's difficult to see how that would happen but to be perfectly candid, I Isaac, to me it's all speculation to me. As things get closer will become clearer and will know what we need to know when we need to know it to be dogmatic about any of this or to make any of these things issues of doctrine or issues that we divide over seems to me a very foolish, so an interesting discussion as you raise it yes an interesting discussion. Beyond that, I would just leave it there. Thank you, do I have one more quick question, yet don't go for okay I want Jews for Judaism video that they uploaded last night out enough you watched as well and the rabbi talked about how messianic Jews tend to, you know, of course, they reject or allotment, get same time they were kapok.

They wear the Kelly and most of those things are found in rabbinic literature anything out at the complete contradiction to know what they're talking about. How would you respond to that every Jew does that. In other words, there are aspects of the of oral law that are interpreted one way but wonder if you look at reform Jews with conservative Jews like Orthodox Jews look at ultra-Orthodox Jews. They all keep different customs and they keep them for different reasons.

So Jesus rejected some oral traditions but accepted others like you went to the synagogue so not all traditions are considered bad, but they're not considered binding.

That's that's the difference we don't see the oral law as binding as a traditional she would reformed you would say the commandments emotes written Scripture there for guidance, not for governance and conservative views somewhat in between a but you'll see, say, left-wing or Orthodox recall a modern Orthodox in their often clean-shaven and they don't have the past that I have side curls and then you see ultra-Orthodox Jews with long-sought curls and untrimmed beards and they would look at the others and say you know you're in violation here, so they're going to be disagreements but fundamentally the fundamental difference here is that messianic Jews do not see the oral traditions as binding. So if we find something to be of value are helpful. Many messianic Jews will follow the custom of burying deceased relative within 24 hours and then sitting Shiva, having seven days more.

They find that to be a good helpful tradition. Many will wear a keep because that identifies them in the eyes of others. As a Jew and helps then tell others you say, I'm still a Jew and built their worship and in the synagogue, they may have a Torah scroll in it, and etc. so there certain traditions that we feel fine with and we have no problem identifying with our people but we don't find the traditions to be binding for many reasons, especially when they contradict Scripture.

That's what she was taught. He said that you make void the word of God with your traditions in volume 5 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I lay out quite a few ways the traditions blatantly contradict the word. You even have a font of famous Talmudic account were God himself is overruled by the majority of rabbis because the Cheraw was no longer in heaven, and therefore, it's up to people to decide.

You can even overrule God's miraculous testimony and even his heavenly voice speaking. So we are consistent in that regard.

If we find a tradition useful, helpful, edifying. It's part of our life and culture as Jews fine if we finally tradition unhelpful. If we find it to distract from true spirituality.

If you find it to be contrary to a gospel message. Then we rejected and it's it's really that simple.

But the funny thing is, again, even within the different branches of Orthodox conservative reform Judaism. This can be picking and choosing of certain things for various reasons and ribs can have the reason for this is how how we work it out so very simple answer to that.

I would say thank you very much Dr. Brown. Have a great day. Are you are very welcome. God bless you. All right friends I will be taking calls for another 90 minutes so get on the phone now even if you can't listen on radio get on the phone 866-348-7884 and remember to check out the latest articles and videos on the aspect Brown website. Trust me, you, along with multiply hundreds of thousands of other bless and help and edify and strengthen together. We are all saved.

Again, these are her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown coming your way from the Philippines. I will not be taking live calls today were going to take you into previous broadcast RAM answering some fascinating questions from callers and responding to emails and things like that but I just wanted to talk to for a moment from the Philippines. Keep praying. We have a very intensive schedule in the days ahead. It it it gets really intense before we get to travel back home and we hope to to be broadcasting more from the Philippines, but please do pray I'm here with my dear friend Scott Vulcan were ministering in many many different settings with our team of grads here doing an amazing work.

Some of them have been here over 15 years and end many of them that were here that are here were dramatically touched and transformed in the browser revival. Some of them saved some of them deeply impacted. Some of them set free from bondage and different things are freshly empowered by the spirit and in that revival burst admissions movement burst admissions movement that is around the world very much fruit today.

You know, in the height of revival critics would say it's just emotionalism. Where's the fruit will now you've got over 20 years since it started. Some people been on the mission field almost that entire time getting touched early on revival and trained in our school serving in Mexico serving in Ukraine serving in India serving in Africa serving in the Middle East serving in close countries were we can't disclose where they are but lasting fruit friends. That's what we live for lasting fruit and now were seeing the children of the missionaries being raised up and they are becoming missionaries themselves as teenagers reaching out to the kids around them reaching out to schools sharing the gospel is about lasting fruit which about multi generational fruit.

I received an email from one of our grads. I can't say what country he ministers it it's a close country, but he is there with a colleague. Another grad from our school and they're both married, serving in a closed country. Remember, we have we have missionaries around the world so many different countries and some of them are dangerous. Some of them you have to do work underground, and they wanted me to know the 15 years they've been serving overseas that they don't like account numbers, but they just started to put things together and realized that they have personally baptized over 500 people that they lead to the Lord and baptized in this particular close country and not only that this is that's in addition to the thousands they were able to disciple believers and they've gone out of that other work that's in addition to the underground churches that they planted in his close nation and and I know I just I hear this and my heart rejoices because the Lord is so faithful, so I want to encourage you if you're in America. Most of you listening right on America, but many other countries. A lot of the problems in the world today in Americas.

We got some big problems to face right now my new book coming out next month, saving a sick America America's sick America is sick with the good news is God's moving his movie America is moving around the world as it was difficult close countries he's moving dramatically and here in the Philippines, so he was moving here far before missionaries got here and there. Find churches in the Philippines, many of them find churches and find service of the Lord and is our privilege for missionaries to serve alongside of these fine men and women of God that are here, but it's amazing to see when God uses you to impact someone's life and then they from there go out and impact of the lies and and before you know it is multiple generations and before you know it.

The fruit is such that you can't even keep track of it, friends. Jesus is Lord.

The gospel is spreading around the world. The light shining in the darkness that is not have the mentality of spiritual pessimism great spiritual optimism because our God is paying he is at work in the earth all right Q&A with back her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire needed for Edgewater. Marilyn can look into going to fire hi are you doing well. Thank you, sure whether to call or not. My question is if you need You warmly and there, I mean girl got a legal Alister 50 or wrong unit mailed over and over again. This certainly God's heart is to forgive. Jesus teaches us someone sins against us to forgive them even 707. The whole story of the prodigal son is there to tell us that the father is eagerly waiting for our repentance that he can welcome us back. So, without a doubt God desires our repentance. God calls us to repent is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. James Jacobs, the fifth chapter says if you see a brother that's turned away from the faith, you can bring them back. You save the soul from death and cover a multitude of sins earlier in that same chapter. If someone is sick, and the sickness is due to sin.

When the elders come and pray for them there healed of their sickness as a committed sins are forgiven.

So that is God's desire, there can be discipline and chastisement or sin can be costly in many ways but God's heart. God's desire is absolutely to forgive. Jesus paid for our sins.

That was the expression of God's love and if if I willingly choose to disobey him and refuse him and deny him as Lord and Sam to do what I'm going to do God won't stop me from committing spiritual suicide. But if I cry out to him for mercy recognize my sin and asked for his mercy. He will forgive and he will cleanse what what made you wonder What makes you wonder if you'd be inclined to do that. I just heard about you know like the LA Madden read the book but benign harbinger of me. I believe what the Lord's been trying to tell me I can dictate. I believe it doesn't require anything asking except to I may be paraphrasing. Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly right or right that's that's what he calls us if that's what he calls us to do a does require obedience, but because we fall short. He does forgive so he he calls us to walk worthy.

He calls us to turn away from sin and with his help perfect holiness in his sight calls us to deny ourselves and take up the cross, but he gives us the help to do it and where we fall short. He cleanses us, he forgives us and he doesn't condemn Jonathan Kohn's book about the harbinger is talk about signs of judgment on America as a nation and there there are there are consequences to our sin as a nation and there are times when God will bring judgment on the nation and there will be times when it's it's too late. We get to that point of no return of it aside as a nation but as individuals.

God desires our repentance. God helps us to repent. God is drawing us back and we need to do is is not fall into either extreme. One extreme says you're worthless you're hopeless you've messed up God's had it with you. Goodbye.

The other extreme, says hey don't worry about anything God doesn't care about your sin. Jesus really died for one leads to carnality, depression, hopelessness, the other carnality complacency the right understanding is that sin is ugly. Sin is destructive.

God calls us to walk in obedience. But he's quick to forgive his long-suffering is merciful. Look at it the same way if you had kids you tell your little kids to make sure to to make of their bed in the morning make their bed and brush their teeth and take out know the garbage.

Whatever their chores are and they forget to do it. You don't kick them out of the house.

You don't say you're no longer my child, you say okay I forgive you but if you keep doing that you look at your allowance this week will I forgive you.

I still love you just the same, but you have to be more responsible. God is going to deal with us the same way.

Also, can I appreciate the call. Thank you for 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Janet in Wilmington North Carolina you're on the line of fire around a corner? Called you before about the transgender bathroom thing, call, and I really love your ministry.

We thank you for what you're doing is why put that out there and also we've got no credit Yearbook collected here and try to read Brown not logically now. I have stated before, when I call them. I have an aircraft Jewish, and he starting to see. Now we don't observe any of the pagan holidays after elderly didn't like that all he got, due to an on labor out there has been in marry him and her spine is married to a Jewish woman and she said he cannot put that magnet on the door with our front door and back door without pre-hasn't been enough time to think about that later on that. All he could develop you question is perfectly fine to do it if he wants to is the reason you can't do without a rabbi. Note that your you are you are not. He's not trying to live as a rabbinic Jew and rabbinic authority and do everything exactly as the rabbis require.

It's perfectly fine for him to put it off. If he wants to. If it's meaningful if it gives them a thought about about reminding her of the law of God when he comes in and out of the house. That's fine a Christian can we observe those kind of tradition yet as long as you don't do it in a binding way it's perfectly fine and by the way, the reason that that rabbinic Jews put it up at an an an angle is because there was a debate should be straight up should be it. Which way should it be in because there is no solution to the debate they put up at them at an angle. The note just don't worry about it. Your your free you're not under rabbinic authority and nothing to worry about or think twice about okay, I thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate it all right.

Let's go back to the phones in Des Moines Iowa carry welcome to the line of fire. Hello how are you doing well.

Thank you very different questions.

You know you're probably familiar with some of the modern or more recent denomination. The other claim to have a profit, leading their denomination and I just wondered what your opinion is on them and are typically there are modern day prophet that did you is good like the Mormons they claim to be led by apostles and prophets were receiving the revelation about doctrine or just another charismatic or Pentecostal group that believe that they have no prophetic leadership like yeah like the Mormon Adventist or Jehovah witnesses in those those are those cults to the extent that the Seventh-day Adventist follow Ellen White rather than Scripture. That's our Jehovah's Witnesses don't think have prophets, Mormons do, I do believe that there are prophetic people in the body today that the gift of prophecy still operates, but it's not for doctrine, it's not for revealing foundations of Scripture. It's to edify and sent to guide and to encourage them to rebuke, but those that claim to be led by groups that are getting new revelation know this is new doctrinal revelation of the Holy Spirit is not speaking something beyond what the Bible speaks of that's dangerous and it's to be avoided wholeheartedly. Thanks your you're very welcome. All right, 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call a little blowing Iowa Lindsay, thanks for calling the line of fire around how are you doing well.

Thank you, thank you, I've never caught before but I hear radio shall I make that kind I know now know I like to get your aunt found that I grew up in the Lutheran Church are my grandparent church and now I knew he things that I know of that story and an I don't remember at the kind I expected him at night and I got into my teenage years and I started on living a different type of lifestyle and alcohol and I got really deep into my addiction. I would search for God, but now I realize that I had been cutting back and I do believe my using it. Drinking was brought and Mike if like once the second brace finish on the other side of hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into many many different ways join our team become a torturer asked Brown a SK

Click on donate.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling Gary, Jim, is Dr. Michael Brown. All right, let's get back Iowa right so Lindsay raised in the Lutheran home and then as you get older start to go the way of the world so that you okay now my alcohol lead cutting me out. And now I look at it. I think writing more that night on point number about 5 1/2 years ago in a 12 step program and started working for my fate again but I would create a blank I would stay a culture again or I didn't take it all about. Last year when I feel like I would reply no looking back and I did like to get your feedback. You may not. It kind of a silly question, but looking back I wondering what I didn't pay before any of that. When I was 13, for God and 13 Frankie and Art you think it happened when I feel like I was reborn and started taking it a lot more seriously right.

Obviously, on the one hand, it's speculation and it's all more speculation from me not being inside of your heart and mind over this time.

But let's say why it's not just abstract it's it's good to be able to know that you knew that you knew that it a certain point in time you pass from death to life, that a certain point in time God really became your father and you knew that you knew that your sins are forgiven us. Sometimes people who were raised in the faith, can't do that and that's great. In other words, far as I remember. They always love the Lord as far as I remember they were raised to believe they put their trust in the Lord and they didn't have a distinct born-again experience, but they want in the world and and they that's just the way that they grew up in the Lord, others as children see you when I was 10. That's when I prayed with my daddy and that's what I believe.

My sins were forgiven, but only God knows what was happening in your heart and for me when I came to faith in late 71 there was a time from November 12 to December 17, of God working deeply in my heart and becoming to know but December 17. Certainly the point of surrender, but it could have been a few weeks before that I was saved and just God taking me deeper but certainly not for November 12. I wasn't in your case, it's it seems to me as if the seeds were planted when you were a child, but they they had not really taken root yet, so that the foundations were being laid that the house was really not built yet and that's why you had to search rather than go back to the foundation that had been solidly built up. In other words, there are people who are in your situation, but they really did know the Lord is children and then they straight and the whole time straying. They kind of knew all right God's pulling me back. I'm doing the wrong thing and then when they said, Lord, I'm done with fighting. I'm done with writing. They surrendered, they went back to the face of their childhood, but it seemed that when you saw to do that you had to search and find it because it wasn't really there and subs.

Yeah. And the biggest thing is though to know that you know that you have the witness of the Spirit in your heart now and the proof of new life and in your heart. Now that's the biggest thing but again I just my speculation based on what you're saying you had the seeds planted when you were younger you didn't really come to the Lord until last year. The good news is you know him now yeah now I'm like and and a way of think that the case and I think would be the word you have done. I feel like I don't exactly know what I'm feeling. Anything get in the wired, neck pain at my life that in and I try to obey think that a character with anything before, but you have anything to add on trying to lead at think to find life. Yeah, I'd like to send you a free copy of my book go and sin no more, call to holiness that will further incentive that will layout with the word says about holiness that will show you how to live free from condemnation, and empowered by God's grace. So that's what I'd like to add because rather than take a minute or two. This way I can take a few hundred pages so entire dart stay right there. Betsy is going to get your your address and will send you a copy of go and sin no more.

As our gift and keep growing in grace and remembering the same love that safety was the love that keeps you all right for all of our friends listening in Charlotte North Carolina greater Charlotte, North Carolina. I got a new video, I encourage you to watch it does talk directly about what's happening in the Charlotte schools as during the summer break the school board enacted a radical bill complete violation of statewide HB two and they claim Woodson corresponds with other federal law, but it is a radical transgender activist Bill, how radical teachers can't refer to kids as boys and girls in the school. Yeah, that's how radical and if a 15-year-old boy says he identifies as a girl, then he can be part of the girl sports team or partaken of the girls activities and share the locker room and shower stall madness.

This is societal madness itself. The kids it's generally struggling but not impose societal madness on the whole and will will have Tammy Fitzgerald from North, Carolyn values coalition, join us on Monday to give us an update to talk about important school board meeting Monday night, but based on Supreme Court ruling that has put on hold. The lower court ruling say that a boy who identified as a growing Virginia school could use the girls room etc. by 53 decision, which is significant with the current makeup of the Supreme Court. Presumably it would have been 623 63 with with Justice Scalia being alive and with nine members of the Supreme Court, but because of that decision. They have said okay we are going to that the school board superintendent and Clark of Charlotte Mecklenburg schools said okay we put this on pause now because of the Supreme Court ruling will put this on pause so were knocking to go ahead with with all of the transgender activist Bill but there are parts know that there still going ahead with and that in the name of an anti-bullying to bistro in Australia openly said to stop dutifully with a strong push our agenda through reuse bullying as this is a Trojan horse to get our agenda and what we teach our kids be kind to everyone. Be nice to everyone.

If you see a kid picked on or marginalized. Reach out to that kid and show that kid. Love and fight him home fight them over for lunch one day we get to know my love on that kid is the call to consisted is that you center follicular love on them at the same time. Don't turn the world upside down comedy struggling child.

My bottom line today.

America needs the church to shine brightly. Otherwise America stay

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