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2022 All-NFL Team (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 1, 2022 1:34 am

2022 All-NFL Team (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 1, 2022 1:34 am

CBS Sports All-NFL 2022 team l Calls on if Bill Belichick is a top 3 coach in the NFL l Serena Williams advances at the U.S. Open

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It is the Zach Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage could help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Well, Rocket can. So, hot take Kiki, you sent me this list earlier today and I just want to make sure I understood the list correctly. Since it was cut down day yesterday, CBS Sports earlier this morning issued who they think if they were making a roster would be the depth chart across what, 53 players?

Is that how this went about? Right, so you know a normal team of like three quarterbacks, four running backs, they assembled what would be the best possible roster of every single player in the NFL and made into one team. And they also did three coaches as well. So they did coaches on the depth chart too. So, let's go, we're not going to do every position. Like, I love offensive linemen and I know Maggie Gray is very controversial in the offensive line world, but I'm not going to sit here and break down who should be the two deep center and who should be the starting center in the NFL on this all 53 man roster depth chart for all NFL teams when you just consolidate it into one. I guess we'll also leave out, we could do defensive end outside linebackers. We don't need to do middle linebackers. Let's forget safeties for a little bit. But let's go interior lineman, the run stuffers. Oh, defensive tackles. Yeah, we just had one on. Aaron Donald.

So, I think we're good. Depth chart of one. Yeah, so give me some of the positions here and how CBS did go. Alright, so they had a quarterback and this is again, projections for 2022, not coming into the year, but how they will be playing and standing at the end of the year. A quarterback position, they had three.

Their three best quarterbacks this season will be Justin Herbert, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen. In that order. The only thing that didn't specify is the order. What do you mean?

Like that was like the collection. They didn't say like who's starting, who's like two and who's three. But if they listed Herbert Mahomes, Allen, isn't that saying Herbert's the best? Not necessarily. I listed, I just listed it.

Not annoyed. I just took names and assembled them. I didn't see anything where it was like a starter first string. It was just like a collection of who would be the six receivers, who would be the three quarterbacks.

Let's say misunderstood. I don't believe they had like starters and then bench players. OK, so they didn't give it as a depth. They just said who would be on the depth chart. They didn't list the order. Here are the three quarterbacks. Here are the six receivers. Here are like the 10 offensive linemen. You know, they did.

I'm looking at this right now. It says Justin Herbert, seven votes. Mahomes, six votes and Josh Allen, five.

I didn't take that as like a starter though, because some were tied. OK, so then if you have some tie, but they clearly have Justin Herbert as a starting quarterback here in this season. OK, because Herbert's at seven, Mahomes at six and then Allen's at five on this panel.

Yeah, that's crazy to me. I love Justin Herbert. I think the charge to win the AFC West this year. How don't you have Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in there? Rodgers just won back to back MVPs.

I know this is projecting how they're going to do this year and there's no Devante Adams. Aaron Rodgers is still going to have a great season and Tom Brady was just the best quarterback in football at the most passing yards and passing touchdowns. Tom Brady is still going to be a stud. I have a problem leaving out Brady and Rodgers on this list. What about Joe Burrow? He reached top three level. He elevates the franchise.

There's no doubt about it. He's a franchise quarterback. If I'm watching him on third down, I'm thinking he's making the big conversion. I think he could win many games in this league.

We saw what he did. Just this past season, his first two years as a starter, right now he's not top three. He is definitely, though, a top ten quarterback in this league.

There's no doubt about it. He's top eight for sure in this league, but this is just the three best. I have to have Brady and Rodgers on that list.

Just something to remember with Burrow, too. No ACL rehab like he was last year, so I got to see him to the Super Bowl. How about running back? They have three running backs. Jonathan Taylor.

He had seven votes. Christian McCaffrey. Three votes. Derek Henry.

Three votes. I think those are the three best running backs in football. My only concern, and you could argue, like, okay, maybe you want to consider Kamara. Maybe you want to consider Chubb. Dalvin Cook, too.

My only concern is the health of Christian McCaffrey, but if all those guys are healthy, those are the three best running backs in football right now. How many games do they go play? If I set the over on, let's say, 11 and a half.

It doesn't matter, right? If I was betting, I would just take the over. He's only played ten games the last two years.

You've got to think eventually. It's going to, no pun intended, break his way in a good way. I hope so for his sake, for Baker Mayfield's sake, for the Panthers' sake, that's for sure.

Receiver, as we know, is going to be very deep and very tough with so many good ones. CBS has Justin Jefferson. Eight votes.

Your guy. Jamar Chase. Eight votes.

Cooper Cupp. Eight votes. Devontae Adams. Seven votes.

Stephon Diggs. Four votes. And Tyreek Hill. Is there six receivers?

Four votes. I think the three best wide receivers in football in no order. Cooper Cupp, Devontae Adams, Justin Jefferson.

We don't really know who the panel was necessarily, all these guys, but it is interesting to me when you look at who were the highest vote getters here. How Chase, Jefferson, Cupp, all with eight. Adams with seven. I would think Adams has to be on the same level as Cupp and Jefferson and even Chase if you're going to throw Chase in there.

So that's compelling to me. You want to hear others that got votes of the wide receivers? Sure. To make this, and I guess they only took what, six? Six. A.J. Brown. Mike Evans. C.D. Lamb. Deebo Samuel.

Can you guess these two? Oh, I don't think it's going to be DK Metcalf because of the quarterback situation. It is not DK. Both are AFC wide receivers. Keenan Allen? Wow. That's, no.

No. It's another receiver Keenan Allen did not see. Oh, now once again, most underrated wide receiver in the league.

He's back, folks. Rashad Bateman? Rashad Bateman? Number one receiver. I'm just throwing, I'm just trying to, I'm thinking not talent wise. Can he actually play a full season first?

Opportunity wise. Oh, I know. Michael Bateman Jr.

Yes. My guy. And then this guy you've been critical of, you just think he's good, not great, not worth the money. I think he's exceptional.

Good, not great, not worth the money. And you've talked down this team a lot this last season. At receiver? Usually I talk down the... Just got pizayed too.

Just got pizayed? It's not Deebo because he's in the NFC. Just got paid. Not Hunter Renfro. Is it Hunter Renfro? Salt Machine?

Like actually... He got paid. How much did he make? I think 30?

30 for 3? No, I don't think this was a long term deal if memory serves me right, but he got paid. He was one of those guys that was waiting to see what he was going to get and he got a nice number. Amari Cooper?

Deontay Johnson. Oh, I actually forgot he got paid. Only a two year deal. I think it was like 38 million? Something like that? 36? 37?

Somewhere in that range. Okay, let's go next position. Tight end. How about tight end? We'll finish out the offense there. Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, George Kittle are the three tight ends CBS Sports will say will be the three best tight ends at the end of the season.

8 votes for Kelce, 7 for Andrews, 4 for Kittle. You know who I'm surprised didn't get in here? Darren Waller. And I know he's waiting his contract situation to get figured out. He just called in Drew Rosenhaus.

Got a new agent. And I got to think that they're going to find a way to get that deal done. I think Kyle Pitt's going to have a big year but not ready to say he's top three tight end of the league. It's just, who do you take out of that? I was just going to ask. Do you think Waller's in?

Who's coming out? Yeah, it's tough. I don't vehemently disagree with Kelce, Andrews or Kittle though. So, Waller's just definitely has to be under consideration.

Sometimes being the first left out, not the worst thing in the world. Alright, let's go to defense. Defense event outside linebacker. The guys who get paid to get after the quarterback. No Shocker, TJ Watt, Myles Garrett, Nick Bosa, Max Crosby, Cam Jordan, and Joey Bosa do round out the, what is that, 5?

Yeah, 6. 6 defensive ends on their all NFL team. And now, this is defensive end and outside linebacker to be clear. Not interior defensive lineman. Donald was on the defensive line on this list. That would be a terrible omission if CBS messed that up. Could you imagine? Yeah, that would just be terrible. Let's get Aaron Donald back on the phone.

Series of helmets at media members now. Defense events outside linebackers. Yeah, there's no glaring omission to me on this list. You could make a case for Von Miller, but Von Miller had trouble staying healthy last year.

I think, and he was great down the stretch. I think, by the way, Trey Hendrickson is a guy that if he goes has another monster year this year, that would be back to back to back seasons of double digit sacks. He's someone to keep an eye on though. But I have no problems with anyone on that list. Alright, how about secondary members? You have Jalen Ramsey. Just corners though.

Just corners, yes. J.C. Jackson, Trayvon Diggs, the interception man, Xavier Howard, Jair Alexander, and Patrick Sertan II. Yeah, I would say I don't have any problem with any of those guys that are on that list. And Ramsey got 7 votes, Jackson 5, Diggs 5, Xavier Howard 4, Jair Alexander 4, Patrick Sertan II 3.

I would say if he's healthy, and he's not going to start the year playing. Tredavious White, definitely someone. Denzel Ward's really good. Got paid. He has to play a little bit more, but AJ Terrell's going to be on this list soon.

And I'll give you one more. Now you can't put him on yet, but I think this guy's going to be a big time player. I'm a fan of J.C. Horn. I think J.C. Horn, of the Panthers, who played at South Carolina, he's going to be tremendous. And he got hurt early on in the season last year. I think it was a foot injury, nasty foot injury. I was watching him, and I don't usually freak out about training camp and these joint practices and all that nonsense.

Because I want to see it translate into game action. I'm watching J.C. Horn when I was at Patriots and Panthers joint practices. I was very impressed. Very impressed with J.C. Horn. Now, they did coaching here too, right? On CBS? Which is arguably the most controversial.

Yeah, go ahead. Three head coaches, obviously there's no offense coordinator, defense coordinator. The three head coaches they put on the roster. Andy Reid, Sean McVay, Mike Tomlin.

That's ridiculous. Again, projections, they're projecting the Chiefs, Rams, and Steelers. So I guess have those three, you know, those coaches do some of the best coaching jobs this season.

Yeah, but still, you would think part of this list too would be if you put that coach on any of the same team, then that coach should be better than someone that you left off. I get it's easy to slam dunk on Bill Belichick right now. Because they missed the playoffs and they make the playoffs. And this year it's not, there not been a playoff. People aren't picking them a lot to make the playoffs. Like I'm a Patriot fan, I'm not picking them to make the playoffs. How you don't have Belichick on this list is an absolute joke.

Just absolutely ridiculous. Well if you're not picking them to make the playoffs, why would he be on the list? Well, as I just said, if you put any of these coaches coaching the same team, like if you put Bill Belichick in Kansas City or Bill Belichick on the Rams, you're telling me you're taking Sean McVay or Andy Reid over Bill Belichick?

History wise, no. But also part of the head coaches, you know, coach of the team you got, right? And Bill Belichick coach circles around Sean McVay and Bill Belichick is coach circles around Andy Reid. He has, but this year, will he?

Not with the team that he has. But I'm definitely putting Belichick, you cannot tell me Belichick's not a top 3 coach in this league. But that's not what we're saying. That's not what this list is about. It's who the 3 best coaches at the end of this season.

To your point, I'll say this. If Belichick gets the Patriots to the playoffs, even if let's say they have 9 wins, right? They're 9-18, he gets to the playoffs. With Mac Jones and with the offensive weapons that are around him and the offensive coordinator position, it's a mess. That's an impressive coaching job.

It's not about just who the 3 best teams are, it's who the 3 best coaches at the end of the year for this season. It's all projection. So if you're projecting the Patriots against the playoffs, it's not like a lifetime achievement award. Okay, so then why is Mike Tomlin on the list then?

I don't know. I would agree. I would not predict the Steelers to make the playoffs.

I would agree with you. And the Patriots do play the Steelers. But, come on. And they write, Bill Belichick may be the best coach of all time, but he garnered just a single vote as his Patriots struggle to retain their dominance post Tom Brady. They just made the playoffs last year. But can't you look at what they're doing on the offense and have questions?

Yeah, I have questions. Right, so that's on him, right? Reid's creativity ensures Mahomes and the Chiefs are always among the AFC top contenders. McVeigh, at just 36, is already on his way to Hall of Fame resume with the Rams. And Tomlin, despite a recent lack of deep playoff runs, is so solid in his command to the Steelers locker room that Pittsburgh simply never bows out.

The never bows out part. I love Tomlin. Remember, PFF didn't put him in the top ten? I slammed him. Slammed him.

You think the Patriots are going to bow out this year? Come on. That's, that's, oh my God. You want to hear others receiving votes? You want to know who received the vote? Let's hear it. Dan Campbell and Lovey Smith.

What? So Belichick just garnered a single vote. And I can't imagine more than one person voted for Dan Campbell or Lovey Smith. So this dumb list has Belichick, Dan Campbell, Lovey Smith.

Same amount of votes, you would think. Come on, are you going to justify that? No, again, it's not about the record of the team where they are. It's like, you're coaching, what do you get out of your team? How much can you get out of your team?

I don't, Lovey Smith, you're not getting much. It has to be. All 32 NFL teams have finalized their initial 53-man roster for the 2022 season. Now it's time for us to finalize our own. In anticipation of the upcoming regular season kickoff, a handful of us at CBS Sports have identified our top players at every position going into this fall. Many of our choices are already superstars, but a few of them are still coming into their own, presenting the 2022 CBS preseason all NFL team, a 53-man lineup of our top projected talents for this season, complete with a three-pronged headed coaching slot to honor the best of the best on the sidelines. That's what the standard is on this.

Oh, you know who is a voter? Jeff Kerr. I like Jeff Kerr. I got to ask him how the heck is Belichick not top three.

Cody Benjamin, Chris Trapasso was on there too. Well, I guess I'll ask you. So if you're not picking the Patriots to make the playoffs, how can Bill Belichick be a top three head coach this year? Just this year? Because the guy is still a great coach. He like if I put him on Andy Reid's roster last year, I guarantee you and I like Andy Reid.

I guarantee you that Patrick Mahomes isn't choking the second half. I don't get why this is so difficult for you to understand here. You're telling me you're getting the most out of the roster, right? Okay. It's not just who has the best players. Let me ask you this. So then if you're on a bad team, then by that standard, you shouldn't be on this list?

No, no, it's the opposite. You should be on the list because it's not about who is it. That's why Sean McDermott's not on the list. In theory, the Bill should have the best record this year.

So why can't Belichick be on the list? Because they're saying this roster is right around the playoffs, right? They're a middle of the road roster, middle of the road team. You're saying they're not going to make the playoffs?

Yes. So how could he make the like if they're going to be around and miss the playoffs, how are you how are they going to how is he elevating his team? Okay, let me ask you this. Roster wise, how good of a roster do you think the Patriots have?

Middle of the road. It's okay. I've heard people say they've had a bottom five roster in the league this year on this network. Who's saying that?

I've heard Mraz said he said it. Okay. A guy you don't agree with for many things. Tell me where they're a lead at. Where are the Patriots a lead at going this season?

I don't think anywhere. So if they go nine and eight, which I think they will miss the playoffs. That's an incredible coaching job. I would agree. Okay, so that's why he should be in the top three on this list.

Okay, that's fair. The Steelers have a better roster than the Patriots who are entering this season and Tomlin's on this list. You're not giving any blame to the offensive coordinator if the offensive coordinator position blows up in his face. It was a dumb decision by him, but we still don't know how this is going to play out. Belichick may be calling the plays for all we know. I think it's going to be Matt Patricia, but it could be Belichick.

But we still don't know what's going to happen here. He hasn't given us anything. If you take a step back this year from the playoff team last year, is that on the coaching then? So this list, it's very ambiguous because you don't know what the standard is. The way that I read it was this is just the top 53 players in the league by position. You get a certain amount by position and then the best coaches in the league. There's no way and you look at any list, there's no way you could tell me Belichick's on the top three coach in this league. This is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports.

One exercise this CBS list, got a few questions about him. How does Belichick not make the top three for coaching? They put Andy Reid, Sean McVay, and Mike Tomlin.

Now there was I guess 12 voters that got a vote the way Jeff explained it to me. And for the Belichick explanation it said, Bill Belichick may be the best coach of all time, but he garnered just a single vote as his Patriots struggled to retain their dominance post Tom Brady. Reid's creativity ensures Mahomes and the Chiefs are always among the AFC top contenders. McVay at just 36 is already on his way to a Hall of Fame resume with the Rams.

And Tomlin, despite a recent lack of deep playoff runs, is so solid in his command of the Sears locker room that Pittsburgh simply never bows out. So they said Belichick may be the greatest coach of all time, but he garnered just a single vote. Others receiving votes, Sean McDermott, Kyle Shannon, Matt Lafleur, Bill Belichick, Nick Sirianni, Dan Campbell, Lovey Smith. So they put this list out there and they tell you it's Reid, McVay, Tomlin.

The first part of their explanation is why they didn't have Belichick, Hickey. Then they say Belichick only got one vote and also Dan Campbell, Lovey Smith got a vote. So I went to Jeff Kerr and upon further review, Jeff Kerr said to me, I was the one guy that voted for him. So Jeff Kerr is smart on this list.

He goes, I have no clue how Belichick still didn't make the top three. And I also don't know who voted for Dan Campbell. Now they do list all the voters here. So that would be Cody Benjamin, Brian Diardo, Jared Dubin, Kerr, Tyler Sullivan, Chris Chirpaso, Eric Kurnish and Joel Magaarsi. Those are some of the guys that participated in this. That's brutal. Leaving Belichick off the list is just absolutely brutal.

There's no other way around it. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Let's go to John and Charlotte next up on the show. 855-212-4CBS. John, go ahead. Look, I'm driving on the road.

I had to stop and find the number for your show. I couldn't remember it because Hot Tech, he's got me just flabbergasted that he can't understand. It just acknowledged that Belichick is still one of the top three coaches in the league. I mean, maybe he's not the greatest talent evaluator or GM anymore. But he's still one of the best coaches.

I like to use examples. We're running a race, the four of us, you, Hot Take, Kiki, and myself are running a race with Jimmy Johnson, seven-time NASCAR champion. We get to drive Nascar's and Jimmy Johnson's in a go-kart. Does that mean we're better drivers than Jimmy Johnson?

No, it does not. Just because Belichick has less of a team, he's still a great coach, the greatest of all time. Still top three in the NFL today. And not only that, John, everyone tells me Mac Jones sucks, or Mac Jones basically did nothing last year. Isn't that more of an argument to make why Belichick is still great, even though it's the common thing for everyone to just dump on Bill Belichick now? I mean, he's got a rookie quarterback that was not of the quality that he could... I mean, really, Cam Newton gave him a run for the money, and Cam Newton would be lucky to throw a football five yards nowadays. It's absurd to think that Belichick... They won seven games with Cam and a crappy roster. Belichick is still really good, and it's funny, the first year Brady was away, and thanks for the phone call, John, the first year Brady went to Tampa Bay, halfway through that season it was, oh, maybe Brady needed Belichick a little bit more. Patriots aren't that bad. And then Brady wins the Super Bowl, now it was all Tom Brady. Belichick just made the playoffs at 10-7 with a rookie quarterback and not a lot of great skill position players. But man, yeah, the guy's no longer a top three coach in the league. Come on, what are we doing here? Let's go to Chuck in Alabama next up on the Zach Gelb show.

Chuck, what do you say? He's not a top three coach in the league anymore. He's supposed to be a defensive mastermind, right?

He's supposed to be a defensive mastermind. Bill Belichick is known as the greatest NFL defensive coach. I watched a playoff game last year where the Buffalo Bills didn't even punt.

They didn't even think about punts. Okay, so who are your top three coaches in the NFL then, if you're not going to put Bill Belichick in? I would have McVeigh, Andy Reid, and Sean McDermott at this point. Sean McDermott. I like Sean McDermott a lot. I've been a big proponent of Sean McDermott. But if McDermott killed him in the playoff game, there is no doubt about that, Chuck, and appreciate the phone call. Belichick did beat McDermott one time last year. Now he lost two other times, so edge McDermott for that one season.

I get that. But McDermott not kicking that ball on the ground and squib kicking it. It's tough for me to say McDermott's now a top three coach.

I love McDermott. I thought the Eagles should have hired him when it was Doug Peterson. But to say that he's not going to be a top three coach. Like, Hickey, you don't think Belichick is a top three coach anymore in the NFL? Overall, dude, with this specific year, I would put, I think for me, I'm high in the Broncos. I think Nathaniel Hackett's going to get a lot of credit.

Nathaniel Hackett in the top three? The guy hasn't even coached the game yet. I think they're going to win the Super Bowl.

That's what I pick. So they win the Super Bowl. That's a lot on Russell Wilson. Nathaniel Hackett. That's a lot on Nathaniel Hackett. Also, Kyle Shannon, I think Trey Lance is going to be more good than bad. You're able to get the team to a playoffs with a quarterback that we truly have no idea is a wild card.

I'll give Kyle Shannon a lot of credit there. Andy Reid, if you're able to maintain... Did Kyle Shannon hand supposedly, according to Mike Lombardi, what Mack Jones over Trey Lance? That's what I heard from Mike Lombardi.

What does that have to do with anything? I'm just saying maybe Kyle Shannon believes in Belichick's quarterback more than the quarterback in San Francisco. Trey Lance throws like 40 touchdowns.

Do you think he's going to walk it and throw for 40 touchdowns? Well, I'm saying, if it happens, Kyle Shannon will have a lot of credit. I don't care if he wanted Mack Jones back then. So you're still saying, this doesn't make sense to me, you're still saying that Belichick's a top three coach, but this year he won't be. I didn't say that.

So what are you saying? I just said he's not a top three coach this year. He's not a top three coach. He's the best coach of all time. So then give me your top three.

I just did. Nathaniel Hackett, Kyle Shannon, Andy Reid. Nathaniel Hackett. This is a projection.

It's a projection. Nathaniel Hackett, Kyle Shannon, Andy Reid. Yes. No Sean McVay. How do you put Shannon in front of McVay? I think a part of it is just if you have a young quarterback and Trey Lance is a question mark and he has success. The 49ers will not be better than the Rams this year.

I didn't say they would. But if you make the playoffs with a quarterback who's a massive question, then I'm going to give Kyle Shannon the benefit over Sean McVay who has a better roster. So then why is Andy Reid in there?

Because you lose Tyre kill. There's a question about the offense. Last year they were bad. Nathaniel Hackett.

You know what? I now know what I'm rooting against this football season, Marco. I want to see the Broncos fail. I have no reason to root against the Broncos. I hope they fail this year. If he's telling me Nathaniel Hackett's going to be a top three coach in the league. What failed is his reasoning because none of that makes any sense.

They're my super role pick. Are you really trying to tell me if I'm right and the Broncos win the Super Bowl, we're not going to be giving Nathaniel Hackett credit? This thing is always not very good. Ry, going into the season, he asked you the three best coaches. You're projecting a guy who has not coached a game to win a Super Bowl and projected him to be a top three coach. And he's better than Belichick. Currently.

Marco. You're missing the key. No, no, no, no.

You're missing the key. This projection CBS Sports put out was all projections for 2022. Their entire rankings, including the head coaches, were based on 2022 projections. It's not currently right now.

It is not going into the season. It is at the end of 2022. Who will the best quarterbacks be? Which is why Justin Herbert is on this list and other quarterbacks at Tom Brady were not. Who are the best receivers? Who will be the best head coaches on 2022 alone?

I'm following the exercise. Can I just ask you this? If Bill Belichick was coaching the Broncos this year. Do you think Bill Belichick would do a better job than Nathaniel Hackett coaching the Broncos this year? Probably he's a great head coach.

Exactly. So, but he's not coaching the Broncos. That's a problem for Bill. And part of the issue is Bill's own moves have hurt the team. What moves specifically other than the Brady departure? The offensive coordinator debacle. Well, I haven't even seen that. I don't believe in this offensive coordinator situation, but we still haven't seen it played out yet.

Because you don't believe in it. That's saying you don't think it's going to work. I would agree. And if it works, okay.

I'm wrong. I'll put my hand up. But if it doesn't work, which I don't think it will, I don't think we're going to be sitting here and saying that's a great move.

Great, great, great idea. No, but if they go nine and eight this year, let's just say. Let's just say they go nine and eight. They coached up to the talent that they have. This is not a talented roster.

The best wide receiver is Devontae Parker. Yes, and that even speaks to more of what Belichick did a great job last year. Yeah, they sucked in the playoff game. But can you even remember like six players on that offense last year? Hunter Henry was like their best offensive player for a while.

And Damian Harris and Ramondre Stevenson, who Belichick brought in. I think, for me, you and I are going on who are the best coaches. I think Ryan is telling us who's going to win coach of the year.

That's basically what comes down. That's what this exercise is. Bill Belichick is the best coach in the NFL. But this exercise is more about who wins coach of the year is a different story. You keep on saying that's the point of this exercise.

I've read through this explanation. All 32 NFL teams have finalized their initial 53-man rosters for the 2022 season. Now it's time for us to finalize our own. In anticipation of the upcoming regular season kickoff, a handful of us at CBS Sports have identified our top players at every position going into this fall. Many of our choices are already superstars, but a few of them are still coming into their own. That's what the explanation of that list is, Marco.

And then read the last sentence. Presenting the 2022 CBS Sports preseason NFL All-NFL team a 53-man lineup of our top projected talents for this season, complete with a three-pronged headed coaching slot to honor the best of the best on the sidelines. Our projected talent.

2022. So it's ambiguous. Am I missing something here, Marco?

Am I nuts? I think we're looking at it in the broad scope. We're looking at who are the best teams, who are the best coaches, who's going to have the season that we anticipate. Ryan has taken this in a vacuum where it's literally nothing counts before, nothing will count after.

It's literally the one season. Yes, exactly right. And he's looking at just who will be... You'd say who's the best player in the NFL. He's just going to tell you who he thinks is going to win MVP. He doesn't care who the best player is. He's just going to give you the MVP winner. I don't know from what I listened in that definition if that exactly is what that means, but that's how you have taken it.

Perfect example. Quarterback is Justin Herbert. Is Justin Herbert right now the best quarterback in the NFL?

No. Agreed. But why is he the starting quarterback and why are they saying he's going to be the best quarterback in 2022?

Projected. Well, Ryan Harris was also on CBS Sports Radio the other week and said that he's better than Peyton Manning and he played with Peyton Manning. I think that's a bad example because a lot of people think Justin Herbert is the best quarterback in the NFL, which is nuts. Justin Herbert is just going number one by the players. Tom Brady is the best quarterback. Well, I don't want to go to the players. The players don't matter either because they're going to tell you stuff that guys who have been there for 25 years are going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Justin Herbert right now going to this year is the best quarterback. Some people will tell you that. I disagree, but some people tell you.

But time out. If you're saying you can't put Belichick on the list this year because the Patriots aren't going to make the playoffs, then you go to any position on this team. Can I say, all right, this player makes it, but his team's going to suck, so therefore he shouldn't be on the list. I don't get why you don't understand that. I think he's giving you the all-pro team, is what he's telling you.

Okay. That's what he's giving you. So it has nothing to do with anything else. He's giving you the all-pro players, who wins coach of the year, who wins MVP, who wins the Super Bowl. He's basically just giving you- No, it's projections.

They use the word projections. Whatever is in his- So then how do you determine that for coach, then? It's just who has the three best records in the league?

No. But it's like who- like, the Lions- I'll tell you how Dan Campbell got one vote. Dan Campbell got the same vote as Bill Belichick. If the Lions- if the Lions, let's say, go 7-10 this year.

Let's just say, go 7-10. That's a pretty damn good year for Detroit, right? Wouldn't you say? Yeah, but I don't think he would win coach of the year for that. If you tell him he won 10 games, yeah, you're right. He would win coach of the year. No, I'm not saying he would win coach of the year at 7 wins, but I'm saying Dan Campbell got one vote. He's not on the list, he's not in the top three of the starting lineup.

He got one specific vote. If you think the Lions are going to be way- like, 7-10 is way better right now than what the Lions are being projected as. That's a good coaching job by Dan Campbell for this year. Let's say Dan Campbell's a top five coach in the NFL. For this year, he got more talent out of the roster than that's there.

That's all. So then why can't Belichick still not be in the top three if, let's just say, they go 10-7 and miss out on the playoffs? This is not a talented roster this year.

I don't think they're going to go 10-7. There's your reasoning right there. He doesn't think. Anything that I don't think, and then there you go.

But isn't that what this is? Mr. underscore R. Benz on Twitter. I would jump over the desk at Ryan underscore Hickey 3 tonight if I were you.

Is the coach who wins the NBA title the best coach of the year? Come on, Hickey. I'm just- I'm just- I'm just giving you the information what the masses are saying on Twitter.

AKA one person that just tweeted me that was the first one. So am I really- am I like this dumb? Yes. Am I missing the exit? Will it stop? Let's get to latest CBS Sports Radio.

That's the perfect way to end it. Zach Gelb's show, CBS Sports Radio. I just saw a hilarious tweet during the break. So, Hickey, you know we were talking about Alex Leatherwood yesterday, how he got cut after only one year in the league and being a first round pick?

Yes. Now we got to give a new regime a new chance and a new opportunity. Ryan Polls, though, and Matt Eberfluss, they were the team that claimed Alex Leatherwood. Now, since this one wavers, in theory, another team could put in a claim and they could have missed out on him. Ian Rappaport said the Bears were the only team to put a claim in on Alex Leatherwood.

That's kind of bonkers. Not that the contract- what it would be for a rookie that went in the first round like seven, eight years ago. But that's nuts how the Bears end up being the only team to put a claim in for this guy. Is that a bad job by the rest of the NFL?

How so? Like this is a guy that it's I think $5.2 million he's owed for three more years plus a fifth year option. I get it did not work out in Vegas, but it's like he's still first round pick. I mean, $5.2 million, maybe I'm crazy. I feel like it's not a lot of money for someone who is a project, yes, and maybe could just be terrible. But I'd take the chance at least and say, you know, maybe I my system, my coaching can get the most out of them. Now, I would say, yeah, you're right.

And I do it like I forget who I saw today. But someone on Twitter said, I can't believe they took that contract. Oh, my God, it's not that much money in the grand scheme of things.

$5.2 million for three years. So when the Bears are the only team to do it, yeah, that gets my radar up that it's a bad move. Now, you could also say he was never deserving of being as early of a draft pick as where the Raiders did take him.

Fair, right. If it wasn't for the Raiders, he probably wouldn't be a first round pick. That's very true. But still, for a guy that some people thought was a back end, first rounder, second round pick. I guess it's not a terrible investment, especially when the Bears have no commitment to winning anyway. It's all about developing young players, so it fits into what they're kind of doing. Right. I mean, this is a low risk, high reward, right? For the Bears, maybe.

Who knows? You find a guard that could actually protect for Justin Fieldsman. Has he had any bad options in front of him right now? He lost 61 pressures last year. He did?

Alex Leatherwood. Not great. Yeah, that's rough. Not great. I feel bad for Justin Fields.

That is... It's great to say it, but doesn't that seem as if that's going to be a quarterback that's going to be on a new team in two, three years? Because we don't know what he is as a quarterback, but there's quarterbacks. We don't know what they are as a quarterback because you have changes in the coaching staff, changes in the front office, and you look at the talent around him.

What do you get excited over? David Montgomery and Darnell Mooney? Byron Pringle? Oh, there we go.

There we go. The fourth receiver in Kansas City saving the day. Cole Kamet's okay. I don't think I'm doing somersaults in the streets over Cole Kamet.

I would agree. Man, that team stinks. And to his debut, remember the debut against the Browns? Alex, you talk about running for your life.

He was literally running for his life. If we have to pick the five worst teams in the NFL this year, the Bears will definitely be one of those teams. Yes. Falcons, right?

Yeah. Falcons will be. Seahawks.

Oh, some pause. They're in the mix. They're in the mix.

They're in the hopper. So we got two guaranteed in the Bears and the Falcons. Yes. Jets.

Yeah. Jets. Giants. No. Jaguars. Close, but no. Um. Jaguars, yeah. Okay. So that's four. Texans. You know what? Yeah, it probably puts Seattle there in five. That's true.

At least Davis Mills gives you something. Now, I got to just update you on this. Serena won. She won the first set 7-6. Then she lost 6-2. Then responded back winning 6-2 against Contivate, who is the second-ranked player in this tournament. That's good.

I told you. I have around the 16 ticket. Who knows if Serena gets around the 16 if it falls in line with when Serena would be playing. Monday night of Labor Day featured men's and women's for that night. So I get to see the featured men's matchup on that Monday, featured women's matchup.

I don't know, I haven't done a deep dive in necessarily when she would play and when you get to the 16, but I would love to see Serena one more time. Let's go to Rich in Chicago next up on CBS Sports Radio. Rich, go ahead.

855-212-4CBS. Hey, how are you guys? Doing great, Rich. What do you got?

I got a lot of stuff for you. First thing is, I wasn't going to bring this up, but the reason they got Leatherwood is their offensive line is terrible. Well, yeah, the Bears, you have to start building up in some positive direction, but I just thought it was funny that the Bears were the only team that claimed him. Well, you know what?

Leatherwood is going to be better than anybody they got, so that's probably a good move by the Bears. Okay. That wasn't really what I wanted to talk about.

Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, it's kind of like if you really take a look around the league in terms of who's picking up who and what the overnumbers are for the season, the Bears are going to surprise a lot of people and I'll tell you why. How? They're trying to protect Justin Fields and it was really kind of funny because I live here and I've suffered. I'm not from here, so I'm not an homer and I'm not a real big Bear fan, but I got to tell you, they're going to feel killed if they don't get some offensive line. So how are they going to surprise people? You just said they're going to surprise people. How are they going to surprise people?

They're going to stay. They're bringing out an exhibition. They're bringing out an exhibition and I know it doesn't mean anything. Yeah, that means nothing.

I don't think it means anything either, but here's the deal. If they can pick up some, this is what's going on in Chicago Sports Talk Radio, about the over and under. You'll love this. The over and under for the Bears picking up guys off the free agent wire was five and everybody's going over. All right, Rich, I got to run. Sorry, I'm up against it. Appreciate the time. I don't really care for whatever the over under is on the waiver wire.

The Bears are going to be a horrible team this year. Jared, you call back tomorrow. Sorry I didn't get to you. That is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll be back tomorrow for a Thursday edition of our extravaganza and then Friday it will be on, but I'll be on TV radio side from 3 to 6 p.m. Eastern, 12 to 3 p.m. Pacific, as I'll be filling in for both Maggie Gray and Andrew Perloff. Coming up next on CBS Sports Radio and many of the same CBS Sports Radio affiliate series, XM Channel 158 and the free Odyssey app is the JR sport prefix extravaganza. Appreciate Aaron Donald for joining us today. You can check out that interesting interview on my Twitter page at Zach Gelb, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B or at CBS Sports Radio and you can always go to my Twitter bio and we link all of our segments that we do have. Congratulations to Serena, she's moving on. Mets get a nice little 2-1 win behind Jacob deGrom and Brandon Nimmo and the Trumpets were playing as they now split this series at one game apiece and we'll see what happens coming up tomorrow afternoon between the Mets and the Dodgers. Talk tomorrow 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific. That's Zach Gelb's show. We out. Thank you, Hickey. Bye-bye.
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