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REShow: Jomboy - Hour 3

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June 28, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Jomboy - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 28, 2022 3:14 pm

Rich and the guys react to the bevy of suspensions handed down for the brawl between the Angels and Mariners including an interpreter getting disciplined for his role in the melee.

TJ reveals his G.O.A.T. players in franchise history for the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington franchise. 

Rich and the guys react to Freddie Freeman firing his agent and wonder if the former NL MVP regrets leaving the Atlanta Braves for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Jomboy and Rich breakdown the details of what happened during that wild Angels-Mariners brawl and says what concerns he has for his red-hot Yankees.

Rich wraps up the hour recapping the storied career of Mel Brooks on the comic legend’s 96th birthday, and reacts to the contract extension signed by Washington Commanders WR Terry McLaurin.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. What are we doing? Wink are going over toward the dugout and both benches are empty. 60 guys coming at it and there's just four umpires and now the umpires have their hands full trying to separate guys. The thing I don't understand is baseball allowing the bullpen guys to come running in.

Holy smokes we have a melee in the index circle. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show ESPN senior writer Brian Wintourst. Sports media personality John Boy.

Still to come. Your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844-204-rich-number to dial. John Boy will be joining us on this program in just a matter of moments here. One of the best in digital media and social media that is out there. You know he's branching John Boy media into more conventional media as well.

He's appearing on the Yes Network, home of his beloved New York Yankees as well. And his breakdowns are spectacular. And what I mean by breakdowns is he captures the video and kudos to baseball to let him to continue to do this.

Because they they could put a stop to this I think lickety split. Very stingy with rights. But they are letting him use all the videos out there to take you inside baseball in a manner that nobody's really ever done. Smart. On a granular level a lip reading level taking you inside the way that players talk and managers talk and managers think and players think. It is really remarkable. And the way he handled the Mariners Angels Brawl is his opus. It's 15 minutes long so you need to sit there and get some time.

I have it queued up. But basically we're now as baseball fans tuning in to see what's he gonna tell us. Like I'm watching it and I know we're not seeing the full story. We don't know the full story. And after the game you know the players and the managers are rarely going to give you the full story.

So the full story is what they're saying in real time and what the mics are picking up and what his lip reading skills are picking up. And what the full story is is Mike Trout got a ball sailed over his head on Saturday night. This was after he personally beat the crap out of the Mariners in Seattle in a four game set just last week. So these two teams don't like each other. There's a history and now they're playing each other over and over and over again in a in a condensed 10-day period.

And they're playing each other over and over again in a condensed 10-day period. And Trout gets a ball that sails over his head on Saturday night and the back and forth that's had that you see from the dugouts after that, Phil Nevin the interim manager there, you could see he's not very happy about it. As the Mariners celebrate their win he's staring at them on the field and sure enough the Sunday game happens and the Angels start an opener.

It's a guy who doesn't start games like ever. Andrew Wantz and he throws one that damn near hits Julio Rodriguez their stud kid and then they strike him out and then and the top of the second Wantz is out there and he hits Jesse Winker right in the hip. And that's when Winker doesn't go and charge them out he goes and he finds Nevin. And all holy heck breaks loose and the lip reading that John Boy conducts is so spot on there's no question based on the lip reading that Phil Nevin sent this kid out there to go hit the Mariners. There's no doubt about it and you know just look at the 15 minutes and you'll see it because included in the 15 minutes is Winker apparently talking to Wantz the pitcher. I'm assuming I'm pronouncing his name correctly could be Wantz my bad I don't know.

Never really heard of the guy until this all happened. Where Winker is responding to the pitcher had just hit him and this is in the middle of the fray and it's still pushing and shoving and hitting and throw downs happening. Where Winker says the words and it's properly lip-readed by John Boy, you had to hit me? And it looks like the pitcher's telling him yeah but John Boy telling him yeah but you know hey man my bad you could read the body language my bad uh but I had to hit you. You could see Winker go he had to hit me and he also went Winker found himself in the middle of the fray face to face with Nevin. And you could read the lips from Winker basically saying we didn't even hit your guy bought and hit trout sailed over his head which is you know I understand too close for comfort. So baseball acted yesterday and I think they were spot on Nevin got 10 games man. He got 10 games Winker got seven and then JP Crawford Anthony Rendon and the pitching coach Dom Chidi each got five games Rendon came out with a cast on his arm throwing down throwing hands with a cast at hand and arm. He's always got three games Julio Rodriguez got two Ryan Tapera who was you know the first one I think to joust with Winker he got three games Raizel Iglesias got two games I don't know he showed up did was he one of the guys that came in for these guys coming in from the pen they had to have been they had to have been out there in the pen. Had to. Which is again my point being keep those guys out of the fray you don't allow them to come out of the pen and the Angels bench coach got two games the catching coach Bill Hasselman got two games one game for the Angels and I've never seen this before this is a first I've never seen this before a two game suspension for the Angels interpreter Manny Del Campo so I guess again he improperly read body language and I guess whoever Del Campo is there to to translate is there can can you add a new interpreter for two games can there be an interpreter that you hire for just at the temp interpreter they're gonna have to or do you have to do without it I mean the penalty would be I guess the penalty you're you're not with your regular interpreter so the Angels lose a game maybe in the next couple of games because you know the person for whom English is not a first language didn't understand didn't comprende right it was mixed up in the trend lost in translation what if the translator was acting on behalf of the person he was translating for yeah like I'm gonna beat I'm gonna hate you maybe he was the person maybe he was translating in the middle of all that the person for whom English is not the first language was trying to tell somebody who only speaks English you suck that's what he's caught in the middle of all this trying to interpret the sucking and the expression of sucking I think we had to look could that be it is that why he interpreted me was he acting on his own god suspended you're supposed to let your mouth do the talking not your hands well not when you're a sign language damn he's also a bullpen catcher and apparently Otani was kept out of the fray because uh his interpreter was there to help him keep him out what the hell what do we do amazing simply wild so John boy's about to join us to discuss all of that again baseball keep the guys in the pen staying in the pen and again I'm assuming to para and Iglesias were in the pen even though they're late inning guys they're high leverage guys to use the phrase that's that's uh thrown out there in the 21st century when you talk about back end of the bullpen pitchers I'm assuming they were out there right wouldn't they be out there even if it's the second inning or do they hang in the in the dugout with their teammates in the second inning and then go out to the pen normally they hang out there right if you're a starter and you're not pitching that day you're in the dugout but if you're a reliever you're a reliever you're out the pen so they ran in I guess and got suspended case in point eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program all right tj are you uh you ready for this let's do this I mean you know much like in life we save the best for last right and that is the now eight show run of tj jefferson providing all of us his thoughts on who's the greatest player in the history of every franchise in the nfl we broke it down by division you saved the nfc east for last I did tj yes I need four names from you so I guess this is the nfc east mount rushmore right yeah yes one from the cowboys one from the eagles one from the giants one from washington you have the floor tj jefferson all right like I said we saved the best for last year guys and you know much like you know high school sports what they do to get your appetite up they give you the the jv to let the little fellas play and then the varsity comes out and that's that's what I decided to do here today have the varsity come out last two divisions in which tom brady has played it's just been called the junior varsity junior varsity division you know we have the most super bowl championships in this division whatever no big deal all right so we're going to start this off with the easiest one with all due respect to anyone who's donned a new york giant's helmet I had to put lawrence taylor in here as my goat that was easy that's as for the rest they were not so easy okay but I came up with this for the philadelphia eagles wow I love that brian darkins for the washington football team I went with darryl green okay and for the dallas cowboys this is going to cause a lot of discussion but he's the one the best I've ever seen and I'm going with emmett smith and I stayed up late night debating this because it was between lily stawback emmett and I went back and forth back and forth and then I decided to go to websites just to see who they had yeah a lot I'd say every website I went to is probably 60 40 starbuck but man you know when you talk about a guy the running back position is probably the most grueling position in football you have a guy who is the all-time leading rusher he has scored the most touchdowns by land he led a team the three super bowls he was the catalyst I mean emmett smith did it all and he is honestly one of the most disrespected greats in the history of sports because all you ever hear is about you know well he had a good team he had a good line and this that and the third emmett smith was doing this his whole life though guys he was the number one running back in high school he went to florida he rushed forward let me get this right 3900 yards and 36 touchdowns you know how many linemen he had that got drafted one one in three years then he comes to the cowboys rushes for three seasons about 3 000 yards with no pro bowl offensive linemen so that whole argument that emmett had the greatest line he did have a great line for about five years but the rest of the time the line was good it wasn't as great as everyone makes it out to be so because that happened at a time in my life I was in my early 20s getting to see this team who we all laugh about now about they haven't won in a long time but to me like that was my youth that was the greatest time of my life as a football fan and he was the reason so that's why I went with emmett and all due respect to roger starbuck I know he's a great and he very easily could have and maybe should have been put in here but for me I had to go with him you can only choose one and um when we were teasing this in the previous hour and I was teasing you saying two words blake jarwin well uh but I said that the one that I would choose is not old school enough for some people are you thinking bob lily I was talking I was talking about emmett oh okay but I was not old school not old school enough for some people emmett's not old school enough for some people even though it has been 30 years since he first shown up on the scene yeah but there are enough people and I totally get it the landry hat starback quarterback dallas cowboys of the john ficenda nfl films world that caused the cowboys to become and be named america's team that played in that stadium that emmett and troy and erv won all those games and championships in with the hole in the roof so god can watch his favorite team that was all arranged and created by that era of cowboys with dorset and pearson and lily and white and what have you oh guys who deserve no question but emmett is the all-time leading rusher in the national football league's history and ask anybody on the triplet teams about emmett and his worth and if you remember he held out he held out and what happened they were going to and then he came back and they won the super bowl there you go so i mean one more i'm with you i'm totally with you and i know what might be coming your way for saying that or mine having backed your play lawrence taylor's a no-brainer that's a no-brainer in respect you know they had brian dawkins and he is a personification of everything in philadelphia and the eagles and i totally get it i would have gone reggie white yeah it came down to reggie chuck bednarek and doc you could have gone that too could have been eric uh i had reggie white originally okay when i first made this list up last year i told you reggie white was a guy then reggie white six years that's enough time but i have friends who are eagles fans and i got hit up by some of them and they were like dawkins was the personification he was the heart he was the soul 13 years mcnabb mcnabb but it's the greatest eagle ever i don't know or straight nfc championship games gonna stop brian dawkins is part of all those teams yeah brian i mean and as a cowboys fan i hate the eagles and i hated brian dawkins because brian dawkins devastated us every single time he played like twice a year it's like you got to put up with brian dawkins isn't he the one who picked off farve in that uh in that playoff game that epic eagles packers playoff game that that once again got the eagles to uh he championship game there was a big play to be made he was in there fred x you didn't name fred x you didn't name freddie mitchell harold carr michael steve van buren also deserved to be named on the list and as far as the washington team i mean i don't think you could make a mistake with darrell green you could the other one art monk art monk was in because i had a i have a roommate my old roommate from pittsburgh yeah without spider he watches the show his big washington fan and his mom huge art monk fan so when i initially made the list it was art monk but i talked to him the other day and he said as a washington fan it was darrell green so i i went with his what he said but john wriggins um i actually almost put the hogs in here guys just to show love to that offensive line you can't just name you can't just name them but yeah but shout out to joe jacoby russ grim they were great joe theismann obviously for watching chris uh let me just tell you the giants real quick straight hand frank gifford harry carr sure phil simms and eli uh roosevelt brown and ye tittle went back a little bit but sam hoff sam but it's lawrence taylor is in that short discussion of the single greatest football player ever like yesterday people were arguing about the jim brown pick and with all due respect to auto gram or anyone else like jim brown man brown's on nfl's mount rushmore that was the lords taylor so you can't argue and also i know some people washington fans are going to say sammy bah and again i say this respectfully the nfl didn't integrate until 1946 therefore sammy bah played over half of his career he never played against anyone of color so i'm sorry but that nullifies it in my opinion you can yell at me in the comments if you want but it is what it is so that's just how i feel yeah sam hoff uh just to throw it out there um he created the position of the the spot and the linebacker that he played middle linebacker i mean he created it and essentially i mean and do you know who his defensive coordinator was do you know the coordinators on those giants teams tom landry was one tom landry was the guy who created the defense around sam hoff and you know the offensive coordinator was was his name was vince lombardi yeah i was just about to say imagine lombardi and landry were your coordinators and of course if there was sports talk radio back in the day they would call them say fireless coordinators obviously but really i mean landry and hoff created a style of defense together but recency definitely requires us to say lawrence taylor absolutely i mean the guy who had extracurricular activities before after maybe even during games and still well done tj thank you i would have thanked you guys for letting me do this man like i said i wrote this list last year and kind of sat on this what are you talking about well i mean you let me do this no no it's a team effort where we talk about it and we say the great idea best idea wins is our friend brian cranson said that but this has been fun man just kind of like and we disagree with half of them yeah that's always going to be i think the biggest one was the sam mills one especially when you go on aaron rogers for the packers telling bart star pound sand with your i would never tell pps of super bowls one and two all the championships that you had beforehand i would never tell bart star the pound sand maybe like that's what you did no i mean it's what you did essentially i mean i wouldn't look at it like that you know it shows aaron rogers is the packers right you know obviously like i said the sam mills one i went with my heart i thought that you know being a member of the original team coming up with their low with their motto keep pounding you know that receives some brushback and i'm okay with that okay jonas gray is the patriot was very controversial very controversial well look guys men like this would have been nice men lie women lie numbers don't lie that's why instead of joe namath get out of here man by the way the one that's just so sad like it's the jets is the jets one the oldest uh that's a good question jim brown jim brown yeah yeah yeah i mean i tried to show love it's like it's been 50 years to have a shot to knock him off the mountaintop and he ain't gonna do it neither franchise has done it well alan page we had him uh you know so he was back there as well deacon jones until kirk cousins wins the super bowl this the crazy thing is that the browns could go on some crazy run once all of this insanity settles right and still won't matter it's going to be jim brown yeah absolutely but if zack wilson wins a championship in new york or two two he wins too it's him it's him yeah will that happen shut up let's take a break i like zack i want him to do it yes why not yeah sure what says fellow says fellow jet fan bobby cannavale all right we will take a break here on the rich isin show the one and only john boy chopping it up on how he looked at the mariners angels brawl for all of us that's next back here on the rich isin show freddy freeman is gonna is changing agents hey and he's crying i mean he's his heart's in atlanta i mean that's that's fine and dandy and i totally get it but when it all came down to it if the didn't he wasn't he the one that eventually said make the deal with the dodgers that's where we're gonna go because he thought and if the money wasn't what it was supposed to be the years of the respect and you know communicated by the braves and he thought the representation was wrong but the great pick up the phone but the braves were saying they never heard back from freddy's agents so they realized it was time to move on and they made the deal for olson and then the deal for olson got done and freddy was like fine i guess we're going to the dodgers so that's the order of events i believe so so the fact that olson got acquired from oakland by the braves was in freddy freeman's mind this is what we're piecing together brought about because the representation of freeman indicated to atlanta that might be your best move to do it right brace felt like they were just waiting around waiting around we made our best offer we're waiting around all right well we're getting to the 11th hour we got to get a first baseman and for our and not just any first baseman a pretty damn good one basically a five-year younger version of freddy freeman they worked out for a while all i'm saying is that you know in every negotiation i've ever been a part of i'm in the driver's seat you know and my representative and i are constantly talking so we're on the same page right and i know like whatever move you're making not only is it at my behest but my representation tells me if we make this move here are the possible outcomes some of which you may not like talking truth to you have client truthful i know yeah hence the move wow joining us on the mercedes-benz vans phone line is a man who is all over baseball in a way that is so enjoyable and so enlightening for for all of us uh here on on on the program and anybody who's even a casual fan of the sport bill hater name checked him the other day when he was on the program um promoting the season finale of barry because he's a part owner of john boy media joining us is the creator and founder of john boy media fresh off a must-see 15-minute breakdown of the mariners angels brawl john boy here on the mercedes-benz vans phone line how are you john boy i'm doing very well yeah bill actually called this morning because uh he was he was enjoying the video he wanted to call and tell me uh that he liked it a lot well the video your video you're referring to uh is what we were talking about as well like the 15-minute opus uh you know this is that you put out uh breaking down the mariners and the angels uh brawl uh i i called it a work of art that should be put in cooperstown this is kind of like your this is kind of like your in a god of devita you know to kind of date myself with a with a uh a rock reference here so uh how long did that take you to put together that video around 15 hours if you don't count capturing the footage which uh you know it was a long brawl so you can't capture i can't capture it in faster time so it's an hour long then that means it's gonna take two hours to get the home and be away but i think i've narrowed it down to it's about an hour per minute so that was uh i stayed home canceled all my plans and worked on that from 8 a.m until like 6 p.m when it got uh posted well and some from the night before prepping well i mean your your breakdown of it if major league baseball has anybody like you in their front office to to decide on penalties and and and things of the nature uh discipline there's no question based on what you put out there that phil nevin sent his opener out there to throw at seattle mariners there's just no question about it right john boy i it seems very much like that's the case uh and you know i was talking about this i think it comes off pretty pretty bad uh phil's been very nice to us and he's with the yankees so we've chatted with him but i don't think it looks great i think if they were actually slighted you know like really wrong like when cc sabathia threw at the rays because he was he was they they threw at austin romine's head like you know maybe we're sitting here like well that's a that's a a move that's cool in defense but i don't think they were really wrong so it just kind of looks bad well i mean in the moment uh i think it kind of crystallizes everything not just that you lip read every syllable with the exception of of one line from phil nevin uh you you read it without a doubt this is what he was saying but you you you captured jesse winker apparently uh being uh met in in the mosh pit by andrew wants the guy who threw at his hip and it looks like wants told him i i didn't mean to you know i'm sorry but i had to do it because you had winker basically saying you had to do it like he said that to his face i couldn't believe that when i was watching your video john boy i know i've i've these pictures get put in tough spots because i don't we i mean i still used to the podcast where he was told he had to throw at a guy so he so he did and i know there was a case i did a breakdown last year where you know i heard from through some back channels that the pitcher like really didn't want to and that's why he missed him and sometimes that's why they missed the first time is because all right i'll brush him back and not hit him and then they go to the dugout and then they get told hey no you need to hit him you can't just miss him so he the body language of that picture looked very apologetic and in the wrong and then that's what it looked like winker was saying to him like you had to why and uh i don't know it's a really weird part of the sport don't well the weird part of the sport i think john boy is that baseball allows the people from the bullpen to join the fray you know to run 300 feet uh to come on in like to me that that's adding 20 more at least bodies to this melee that's going on and you know there was a view somebody from one of those luxury dugout suites that are below you know ground level in a way right behind home plate this was a serious mix-up that we had on the field that night you know you have people on the ground getting you know trampled on like inadvertently getting to be really injured and the duck the bullpen thing is is wild i mean it's a spectacle in and of itself it does nothing it's not really anything but entertainment but they could they could stop that easily they could also stop if you leave the dugout then you get a harsher penalty but i guess that would lead to more unfair fights if it's just yes matter versus nine guys and i fell for the umps man the umps couldn't do anything i mean there's just four guys with 40 other guys trying to stop 40 other guys it it was something else but i mean the fact that you caught you caught trout grabbing upton of the the mariners too former teammate his grab he grabbed him out of the fray and otani they were trying to keep him they were trying to keep him out there too that was amazing that was just amazing i think you know i think it was i don't want to be wrong but i believe it was his translator that was keeping him back and then another translator got suspended for the angels is that right is that right yeah i believe one of the names that got suspended was a translator which is yeah manny del campo so for two games they're gonna need something is there can you bring in a a backup translator or they're just gonna have to they're just gonna have to use uh hand signals i don't know you know i don't know what that means really i guess uh yeah i don't know what that means he can't he can't be in the dugout what is i mean so that really stinks for that player if they really rely on him he's just gonna be lost for two games and with the glacius getting uh two games did do we know did he get the two games for fighting or for throwing all the gum uh out on the field was that uh what it was was it a gum throwing situation i wonder that that was interesting to me because like everyone else i thought he was still mad at jesse winker and trying to antagonize and uh you know uh antagonize them but it was that footage by the japanese youtube channel where they had the shot of him getting told he was ejected and that was his reaction which i don't know how much better it makes him look but i think somewhat better that he was mad at the umps and not throwing things on his own field to to get the mariners because that was really confusing i was like what is this do why would why would this hurt the mariners you trashing your own field but he was throwing it at the umpire's direction that was that was like a little while i was editing and i was like oh okay i think that makes sense i don't think anyone else has figured that out there was rage about being told that he got ejected when he was playing peacemaker but for for or attempting to for for much of the for much of the fight so i mean this is unbelievable you know and when it all comes down to it john boy i i would like you if i can make a request can you eventually do a breakdown on the bullpen guys running into a fray and seeing who's the fastest and who's the slowest can you figure that one out oh i can tell you who the fastest is i can we can try and get some data but david robertson and twan is actually the first breakdown i ever made was from the 2017 brawl the yankees tigers and i simply for my own faith i wanted to find out what everybody did i was like i want to follow just gary sanchez to see what he did i want to follow just jacoby elsbury and see what he did and i i i got all the footage and i made it just for myself and then i realized that hey people might be interested in what i just found here you know like david robertson came out and and sprinted from the bullpen everyone had seen that but sunny gray came out and he instantly had a player in a body slam from the from the bullpen and those were the first as a first breakdown every first time i made a video where i'm talking over highlights and i say a breakdown and i'm doing it at my nine to five job and kind of whispering into the mic because i was at work so they're still on youtube but which job was it where were you working at the time in 2017 i was a video editor and videographer at a event company mostly weddings and corporate events and stuff like that so does somebody have a john boy breakdown of their wedding that they never knew actually existed somewhere is that what you're saying yeah i mean i that's what i a lot of times i talked over it i wonder uh you know if i ever could have made money just giving them a full commentary of the dance floor man otherwise it's working out for you i mean congratulations on the fact that people are now waiting for your review of something they see something on a baseball diamond and they're now like okay now now they're demanding it of you you know and you had to put out a video saying it's coming you know everybody that was a wild one i was like hey this is taking a while just hang with me and and then i always want to make sure i can try to highlight something that that is maybe went unnoticed or something so the moment i saw archy bradley fall over the rail that's when my eyes lit up and i was like okay that's at least that's one thing that i can can carry me into the next scene because i don't think anyone's pointed that out yet that was one of the breakdown points uh christopher is that chris uh was that archy bradley he fell as they were spilling out of the angels dugout he fell oh my gosh he's just tripped and fell that's a problem he was actually he was the first angel on the ground in that whole situation yeah you know no doubt he got the worst of it up until that point hey before i let you go uh the yankees just keep winning uh they have an insane number of comeback wins they have uh obviously an mvp candidate in judge the one thing that gives you pause about this team to uh what was it the the way that they almost got swept by the astros i mean what are your two cents on on the team that you watch i believe the most john boy i just i just think that uh good teams get better and they're really good right now and they're finding a lot of ways to win uh teams uh starting five rotation don't stay uh you know from start to finish so i think i think cashman and the yank have to do a lot of prep for the what-ifs where there's been years past where they didn't make moves at the deadline uh 2019 they were really good and then they lost delan betancis and domingo herman right after the deadline ended and that changed the outlook of the bullpen and the um rotation so i think that those lessons should be learned and there's going to be injuries and there's going to be people that don't have good second halves and there's no waiver wire now on the deadline so we gotta you know they gotta make as much replacements and reinforcements as they can because not everything's going to be this easy the whole way and so who's the second best team is it the metes who else who else is uh is up there in your estimation as we're entering uh july john boy and the al i think it's the astros uh for sure i think that they don't make that many mistakes they play good in every facet of the ball they're hitting can be will be better at times i think they're going to get better but in the nl i'm not sure the potters continue to impress me they're starting pitching is so good and that's the thing that will win you games especially in the postseason you have to have starters that can eat innings and go deep and they're getting that really well and then uh you know the yankees have to play the the blue jays are the red socks and a five game series i still think there's just a little fear factor of it's a five game series and those teams are good i think the yankees are better but just just those uh you know playoff cheaters of anything can happen well the yankees have a four game set in uh in fenway park coming up next week so we'll see how that one all plays out john boy thanks the time um and uh congrats on that on that monster vid everyone should seek it out on on the john boy media youtube page thanks for the time greatly appreciate it as always thank you very much you got it at john boy underscore on twitter a complete must follow at john boy media on instagram john boy right here on the rich eisen show and uh as always get your sunday started in the world of major league baseball right here on peacock with the spectacular sunday lead-off production it is a great watch from start to finish jason benetti making the play-by-play with uh guest analysts every single sunday one from each team that's on the screen from their local broadcast jack morris was the last time the tigers were on i don't know if he'll be part of the broadcast against the the tigers hosting the royals and it starts at 11 30 in the morning eastern time on peacock it's just a it's a blast to watch right here on on peacock and we're thrilled that you're watching us here on peacock every single day and also on serious xm channel 85 nbc sports audio we will take a break and uh it is the birthday of somebody who is so formative for me that i'm gonna take some time and give him his due and take some more of your phone calls as we finish up this tuesday program we're back here on a terrestrial radio show and uh for those who are just joining us with your ears on peacock and serious xm we were talking about uh you know spiders and things like that because there was a spider in studio and mike's afraid of spiders you said tj jefferson you had a friend nicknamed spy old roommate from pittsburgh was named spider okay and spider had a and he's probably listening right now tarantula he had a pet tarantula how could a tarantula be a pet how could a tarantula be a pet he kept him in a cage and then he'd take him out let him crawl on him and he no he's like you know he was into him but like do you do you walk your tarantula i i did see him with a leash on once i thought it was peculiar but i don't you know i don't know what happened i mean it's a tarantula can it can be tarantula emotionally attach hey you're asking me itself to a human once again in the same way that obviously spider mentally attached like i said you're asking me to a to a to a tarantula i had i had no real connection with the spider you guys got me you're itching yeah because now yeah i mean now i'm thinking tarantula i'm thinking spice like you've got arachnophobia 100 okay he's not joking there was a spider crawling on the floor how big was it it doesn't matter it was very small it was very small how big was it and i couldn't even a nickel no nick i i would have been afraid of it was the size of a nickel no all right i'm afraid of a spider the size of a nickel are you kidding me it was not even clear why this started when i was a kid i used to have water next to my bed okay i woke up one day and one night i was drinking and i was a little i was young and there was a spider in there and there was a spider in the bottom of the glass it had gone into the glass in the water and probably drowned itself but i almost drank the glass and it was it had a body you almost consumed a spot it was disgusting and i'm done that was it you're done so wait a second rich he the spider was dead doesn't matter so what were you afraid of there's other spots he could have consumed it he could have consumed it he could have been a dead spider in his system look i ain't trying to put anybody's business out there but mike i bet you've consumed a lot worse things than maybe like spider in the bottom of a cup you know there's a there's a myth it's not real but there's a myth that you eat about eight spiders a year while you're sleeping yeah that's what they say it's not real though who creates that myth that's why i wear a c-pap mask though the person the person who creates spider anon like what is that what story is that i never ate a spider but i did a racna arachnid on a worm from a bottle of tequila once i had the crickets at that mlb thing that was something else all right the crickets were good mike just let me know if we need to get uh an exterminator in here just to do we need to spray around your my head is on a swivel for spiders you have no idea so uh i i want to end the show by saying happy birthday to somebody who has given me so much joy yes truly my entire life i just turned 53 years old last friday happy 96th birthday to the one and only brilliant mel brooks yes indeed 96 years old i have known about mel brooks ever since i can remember because my parents were huge fans of a program that came on the air first in 1950 called your show of shows which was headlined by sid caesar imaging coca i knew about her growing up okay and for anybody who was wondering well what's your show of shows it's the precursor to saturday night live a comedy comedy variety sketch comedy show and the writer's room included mel brooks also neil simon oh wow also on this program was carl reiner who said it was the inspiration for the dick van dyke show about a writer's room and a comedy show and who and sid caesar was the the dick van dyke character and so i i knew of mel brooks and then i got to to take in what he was putting out into the world and it started with a tv show called get smart which was created by buck henry and mel brooks and this was in the era of all the bond films it was a total send-up on james bond maxwell smart don adams the uh actor played maxwell smart a bumbling uh spy and agent 86 and he had all the bells and whistles just like james bond did including a shoe phone which i bet you apple is working on right now and the cone of silence that would come down on the chief and him they would have a conversation in these plastic tubes it was hilarious and i remember the show open like it was yesterday because he went through different hallways and then down down a phone booth into and and so but i i i that was the show i essentially watched when i was sick and home from school on channel five in new york city and then i started to be old enough to start watching his movies the producers was his big big huge hit to start as a movie maker with zero mostel zero mostel and look at gene wilder there playing two guys making a uh scamming their way to create and taking all the money to fund a broadway musical that they intended to flop on the opening night they would take all the money that they put into the play it would flop and then they would keep all the proceeds and it was a a comedy that was based on this concept and the musical was called springtime for hitler it was a a a musical based on hitler okay in 1967 that came out 1974 what a year for mel brooks blazing saddles and young frankenstein i mean okay and again the gene wilder mel brooks connection blazing saddles obviously clean cleavon little as the sheriff harvey corman the brilliant harvey corman playing headley lamar not heady lamar headley lamar and then mel brooks played the governor william j lepette maine uh in in rock ridge and all of that um just the most foul comedy you could come up with young frankenstein where gene where gene wilder is dr frankenstein okay peter boyle playing frankenstein madeline khan in both of these films she was nominated for an oscar in blazing saddles playing lily von stup in that film but madeline khan in this film and young frankenstein where it was just a brilliant send-up of the great frankenstein story that was 1974 1977 i remember my parents took me to a movie theater in new jersey to see high anxiety i didn't get all the jokes because it was a send-up of all alfred hitchcock movies but chloris leachman playing the evil nurse diesel in the institute for the very very nervous that mel brooks's character was institutionalized in or he's trying to see what was going on in that institution that also uh harvey corman in this film uh and nurse diesel led me to my sports center line for anybody thrown out at third base or home plate those who are late do not get fruit cup those who retarded do not get um is from that film 1977 1981 mel's now in the 80s history of the world comes out that's my favorite and this one might be his bawdiest comedy of all uh he plays the french king um it's good to be the king because he treats anybody the way he wants to um he could go to the bathroom when he wants because it was somebody called a piss boy with a bucket okay dom de louise was terrific in this film and then space balls in 1987 might be more up your alley in your generation christopher the send up on star wars um you know john candy in this movie and bill pullman came on this program and said he had never seen star wars before getting this gig uh and rick moran is darth helmet um may the schwartz people and then also in between all that his relationship with carl reiner for half a century playing the 2000 year old man where he played an old jewish man and carl reiner interviewing him and then the 2013 version because he was bar mitzvahed the 2000 year old man my parents loved this stuff and passed it along to me and these signed autographed copies are truly some of my most cherished possessions happy birthday mel brooks keep us laughing sir for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho men's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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