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REShow: Jimmy King - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 12, 2022 3:20 pm

REShow: Jimmy King - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 12, 2022 3:20 pm

Guest host Ben Lyons and the guys react to Baker Mayfield’s first press conference with the Carolina Panthers, then list their lists of Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks with Brockman throwing a VERY surprising name into the field. 

Former Michigan Wolverine and NBA shooting guard Jimmy King tells Ben why he’s unhappy seeing the rise in basketball shorts after he and his Fab Five brethren pioneered long, baggy shorts in the 90’s, and reveals why he and his Fab Five teammates will be connected for life and why they’ve had success in life at more than just basketball. 

Brockman reacts to the latest entries into the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby (Juan Soto, Pete Alonso and Kyle Schwarber) and debate if there should be a Skills Competition added to the ASG festivities.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The dude elevates people. The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Ben Lyons. This dude is a winner. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

But I do have a little substitute teacher vibes. But the idea that you guys are on it, you're focused, you're dialed in. Earlier on the show, Rams play-by-play announcer JB Long from Turner Sports, Rowe Parrish. Coming up, former NBA veteran and Fab Five member Jimmy King. And now, here's Ben Lyons. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show. Hour number three, about 20 minutes away from one-fifth of the Fab Five, Jimmy King joining the show. Imagine if Jimmy King could legally make some money back in 1992 playing for University of Michigan. A little NIL for the Fab Five.

Those guys would not have needed professional contracts. Unreal. Unreal. Yeah, I'm excited to catch up with my buddy Jimmy, my family member. He's in my family on Family Feud, Jimmy King. Excited to hear this Baker Mayfield sound from this press conference today down in Carolina. No longer part of the Cleveland Browns and their future plans. They bail on Baker.

They go to Sean Watson even if he never sets foot on the field. So if you're Baker Mayfield, you have to feel some type of way. You were the number one pick, you were the guy who brought him back to the playoffs, you won a playoff game. These are the Cleveland Browns we're talking about and you were able to put that joke of a franchise on your back. You broke the seal on that bar that had a, remember they had a keg that when the Browns finally win a game everybody gets a beer. You finally broke the seal on the Bud Light kegger down the road in Cleveland.

Like you did it. You did it Baker and this is how you're treated. So let's hear what Baker had to say and I haven't heard this sound yet.

I'll be curious if he has any animosity towards the Browns or if he feels some type of way. So here's Baker at his big Carolina Panthers press conference. You know I think you know that's why it was surprising for everybody. Pretty unexpected but you know if I'm focused on the past then I'm not doing my job and you know being a Carolina Panther now. So I'm like I said I'm grateful for my time there.

Yeah shocked. I'd say it was you know pretty much the only way to describe it but you roll with the punches and you got to move forward. You know this is a test of adversity and how I'm going to handle it and how I can move forward and be the best teammate possible with with our new home and I'm looking forward to it. Good quarterback talk there from Baker. Yeah strong quarterback.

I didn't really say much but that's okay. He's hot. He's tight. I would imagine he's hurt. I would imagine he's pretty upset. He's probably pretty hurt. That guy plays with a fire and he wanted to go to Cleveland and turn that turn that franchise around and win win games for them and he won a playoff game against the Steelers for the Browns. Like that's kind of amazing sentence in and of itself.

I think the biggest thing to come out of the press conference though guys, progressive commercials. Bye bye. All gone.

Yeah see ya. No more. No more.

No it definitely changes. Here's a question. He said he wanted to do one where he was packing up and leaving but it just didn't work out. Question for you guys. Okay are those commercials do they have a contract with Baker Mayfield or do they have a contract with the quarterback of the Browns? Oh I don't know. Because if they have a contract with the quarterback of the Browns that means that Deshaun jumps into these and starts doing these commercials or is this for Baker? Absolutely not.

I think these were Baker Mayfield's. Just a question. Somebody in the marketing meeting might raise their hand there. Hey this summer from the biggest global animated franchise in history of all time comes the origin story of how the world's greatest supervillain first met his iconic minions in Minions The Rise of Gru. Only in theaters now. I love minions. I speak minionese. I am a huge minion fan.

Gage loves minions. Hey we were tasked with the responsibility of coming up with a list of our top 10 quarterbacks heading into this NFL season. Yeah so this didn't come out of nowhere Ben. ESPN put out their list and of course you know like any list guys it's supposed to get people to talk and get people to pay attention and click and seek out their content and some people were left off and some people were on it that people shouldn't have so we looked at this list and said let's do our own. Let's do our own list. Let's do our own list. We don't need an ESPN list. Kick it off. Well what do we got?

You're a list. Top 10 QBs heading into this year NFL season. Top 10 quarterbacks heading into the 2022 NFL season. At number 10 he plays quarterback for my friend T.J. Jefferson's favorite football team. His name is Dak Prescott who I believe is currently shopping at Nordstrom's for gifts for his offensive linemen. At number nine he's on the team that I believe Rich Eisen thinks is going to the championship game.

That is the Las Vegas Raiders. I'm going Derek Carr at number nine. At number eight he was in the Super Bowl last year. Joe Cool, Joe Burrow. I love Russell Wilson in Denver.

I think it's going to be a challenge for the Broncos but Russ is going to cook and let Russ eat. Justin Herbert is the second best quarterback in SoFi because Matthew Stafford is going to have a career year leading the Rams to their second Super Bowl in as many years. Number four is Aaron Rodgers on the Mount Rushmore because if you look at the top four which I guarantee you will be the top four for these other two gentlemen here today. I put Rodgers fourth because to me he's the least reliable, least dependable. He lost the championship game at home to Tom Brady. I don't know what his vaccination status is.

I don't know what's going on with his emotional status. Aaron Rodgers is too much and I think it bleeds into the rest of the team and that's why they haven't gone back to the Super Bowl. So I go with Mahomes, Brady in front of Rodgers and the best quarterback in the NFL is Josh Allen. He's like a video game where you create a player and make all their attributes 99 just to see if you can run up all the stats. That's what Josh Allen is and I think the Bills are going to have a tremendous year because I am captain obvious.

This is a great list. Derek Carr maybe a little high. A little higher than nine. And Russell Wilson maybe a little high.

Maybe a little high for me either. So you left out. I left out. Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson which everyone was kind of putting a stink in about the ESPN list.

Yeah availability also a thing for me. Who else did you leave out? It's kind of it right. I mean Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins. Yeah Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins.

My man Jimmy G. I know he's super handsome. He took those Niners to the NFC West but he doesn't have a home right now and he's not gonna get any he's not moving he's not taking anybody off the list. No uh no Trey Lance.

No uh who else? The tough one was Lamar and and and obviously he's such a special talent and a former MVP and all those things and he probably should be on that list now that I look at it but um contract up in the air um availability issues getting hurt uh can I count on him moving forward and it's not a knock on his skill set he's got it but I don't know who I take off. All right let's get let's do my list because my list is just oh my god top 10 quarterbacks. Here we go. Heading into 2022 so for the 2022 season uh TJ number 10 you've heard of this guy he's awesome his name's Mac Jones.

We're talking about heading into the season okay who was the best rookie quarterback of 2021? Mac Jones. His name's Mac Jones. Have you seen some of uh the pictures that his girlfriend has been posting on Instagram? No I don't follow her.

I don't follow strange women on the internet. He's absolutely jacked. He's yoked all the reports out of nowhere. I think Mac Jones sleeper MVP. He's been working out at that gym right that gym that's like the gym the gym the off-season workout gym. Mac Jones sleeper MVP heading into 2022. I do have Lamar Jackson on my list. I think he's number nine. Like you said availability is important for Lamar.

Also motivation is important too. I think this guy wants to get paid a lot a lot of money. He deserves it. He was an MVP candidate.

He's won it already. He was an MVP candidate last year before he got injured. I think he's he's a really special player.

Not sure if it translates to playoff you know playoff success but he's really really good player in dynamic. I think he deserves to be in the top 10. I think Dak Prescott.

I said it yesterday. I think he's going to have a really good season as well. I really like Dak. He's in the best shape of his life. He also went to that gym and I think he deserves to be in the top 10. Aaron Rodgers deserves to be in on this list obviously because of how amazing he is. He's won back-to-back MVPs. He's got a new tattoo which is cool. I just don't know who his teammates are and so his talent can elevate everyone like we've seen T.J. throughout the years but I don't know he's a little bit older. He's 38, 39 and and I'm not sure who he's throwing the ball to but he obviously deserves to be on this list. So does Patrick Mahomes who's awesome but like you know kind of like with Aaron Rodgers I want to see how Mahomes looks without Tyreek Hill. Well it's his second act. Let's let's remix this and see if he can do with a whole new cast of characters.

Yeah exactly and so I'm interested to see what that looks like which is why I just have him a little bit a little bit lower. So much winning in his career though. I mean every game is a big game and it's just every year they're right there. One of them with special players and talents we've ever seen.

I mean I think he's probably going to be on Mount Rushmore when it's all said and done. Joe Burrow he's awesome. What he did last season speaks for itself. Another year removed from that ACL injury. He's going to be even better this year. Matthew Stafford won the Super Bowl last year. He led the league in touchdowns.

He's phenomenal as well. He's going to cut down in the interceptions. He's going to be even better this year. I think Justin Herbert might win MVP. It's either going to be between him and Josh Allen probably for MVP this season which is why those guys are two and three and no list can have a number one spot without Tom Brady on it.

So Tom Brady's number one heading into the year TJ. All right well I'm gonna make this quick. I don't really want to add too much because you guys have pretty much done a great job knocking this list out. So I'll quickly go at number ten. Mac Jones is number one for you.

Well that is where we differ. First and foremost I respect you so much for putting them on there and I may have respected you less than had you not. So you're lucky you did. But for me I got Derek Carr in at number ten on the list. I've got Dakota Rain Prescott my guy Dak at nine. Russell Wilson I have him at seven. I got Herbie Justin Herbert. Russell Wilson at eight.

I'm sorry. Justin Herbert at seven. Joe Burrow at six. I got Lamar Jackson at five.

I know people are you know questioning Lamar. He had one four interception game last year against Cleveland that was really bad but you take that away. I just have a real feeling that Lamar Jackson is going to ball out this year and I'm gonna stand with that.

I have him at number five and number four for the same reasons you guys listed. I have Mahomes. The talent is there. We just got to see how he works without Tyreek. Aaron Rodgers the same thing.

Aaron Rodgers makes throws guys that I've never seen another quarterback make quite frankly but you know we'll see how he does without Devontae. Then you got Josh Allen. He's just he's 2.0.

You know how they say things are 2.0. I think Josh Allen's 3.0. Arm is big. I think Josh Allen is going to have a huge huge year and he probably would have been number one save for the fact that Thomas Edward Brady should have been MVP last year in my opinion. He's losing Gronk. That's going to hurt but this isn't the Gronk of 10 years ago. I think this Gronk was more of a security blanket like Franklin's blanket with with peanuts. I think Mike Evans when Godwin comes back.

I think Tom Brady until he starts to decline which I think will probably happen around age 52. He's the man and that's why I've got him at number one on my quarterback list. Strong list fellas.

I think there's lots of debate here. We don't need the ESPN list. We got our own list. You know I don't have Lamar Jackson. You've got Mac Jones and you don't have the guy who just won a Super Bowl so we've all got something to talk about here. This is why we all make different lists.

Oh yeah that's true. No Matthew Stafford. You know what a Super Bowl doesn't catch into TJ's club. And you know what it was? I had um full disclosure. I had two lists. I had them on the one. I sent the one in and then didn't realize until the list popped up. So you think we need one more?

I guess this is what I was talking about before. On a top five list TJ has eight. No no it was I mean I wrote I wrote the list yesterday when we said we're going to make a list and then last night when I got home I sat down and was like oh from memory I'll rewrite this list out. I didn't realize I had Stafford in my original list and when I rewrote it there was Russell Wilson.

If TJ was Casey Case maybe America's top 80. I'm not but see I'm not adding anyone. I'm telling you I submitted the wrong 10. I'm not saying I went 11 guys. I don't know how much does it guys. The simple homework of make a list of your top 10 quarterbacks it turns into a whole thing.

It's not a thing. I had wrote it down and then I forgot forgot Matthew Stafford very simply. Are we going to keep this going? Should we do running backs? Let's do running backs tomorrow and wide receivers. Yeah yeah I think I think it'd be a challenge to come up with 10 running backs that we all think are worthy of being in the top 10.

I don't think Chris thinks that I don't. I think we can you know but yeah let's continue this on with the skill positions. Or we could take someone else's list Ben.

Would you rather? No no no I like doing our own list and then maybe what and then on Friday we can do top 10 teams like a Del Tufo list has like a funny journey shout out. We're not going to do top 10 inside line backers because that's we're not running backs tomorrow. Top 10 running backs tomorrow. Okay we'll do that. Heading into the season.

We'll do that you know I was joking with Del Tufo. I was on this trip to this wonderful trip to Tel Aviv. I just went on this incredible once in a lifetime trip. I got to go to the Holy Land to Israel and not only go to my friend's wedding which is incredible but then bop around the rest of the country. I went to Masada and the Dead Sea and I went down to the city of David and just all these incredible places.

Places in the north like Caesarea and to Nazareth and just really remarkable. I had a tour guide and this gentleman was taking us around he said oh this is where David came and this is where you know Jesus is going to come and this is where um Kim Kardashian's baby came and this is where Joseph and Mary said excuse me what we've been around for the whole day you're shouting out all these names from the Bible and the one person from modern times who gets a shout out is Kim for where she took her baby in Armeniaville or what are you talking about? It spoke to me of the power and the influence of of Kardashian around the world. Oh it's a little moment Del Tufo and I shared before the show started. We got Jimmy King, my family, that's right my family feud, brother, my man from the University of Michigan. I'm so excited to catch up with Jimmy King.

One fifth of the Fab Five. Can you imagine if there was NIL back then for those dudes? I was telling you before the show uh Leonard Fournette told us he would have made 10 million at LSU and that was just six years ago. I remember years ago before I even knew Jalen I said oh what were you were you taking care of in Michigan? He said well it was always cold and I always had a jacket so it kind of went wink wink but now you can do it formally and legally in a way to further your life and your career and I'll be very curious on Jimmy's perspective on all things NIL so we'll talk with one fifth of the Fab Five. My man Jimmy King coming up next it's Ben Lyons in for Rich.

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That's right rich radio head to slash rich radio for this special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses head to slash rich radio for growing businesses slash rich radio. Jimmy King coming up next Ben Lyons in for rich this is the Rich Eisen Show. The show rolls on on a Tuesday Ben Lyons here appreciate you rocking out with me on the Rich Eisen Show excited to be here with Del Tufo and Chris and TJ the whole gang my family you know I gotta be honest guys getting the the opportunity last summer to host this program which was originally supposed to be I think for two weeks and then turned into five or something um when you realized you could get me to keep working uh it was one of the great was one of the great thrills of my career honestly I needed it at a time in my life personally and professionally I had so much fun this is such a special group of guys you know a wonderful way to wake up and look at the world every day definitely on my personal highlight reel for sure as it should be appreciate you saying you've been working with the legendary Michael Del Tufo how could it not be I've got to do a lot of cool things Del Tufo working with him on the list sure um you know I got to cover the avatar premiere in London that was a big one I remember that I felt that felt big like I was touching a moment I remember I've covered the academy awards I was there the night the late uh Kobe Bryant won his Oscar so I've gotten to do some really cool fun things in this profession but I have to say top of the list when I sit here and really think about it being in Jimmy King's family with Jalen Rose's family on Family Feud as a kid who went to the University of Michigan because he idolized the Fab Five don't know how I convinced my parents that that was the path for my education because I love this basketball team I should go to this college but I didn't it was the best decision I ever made and then I got to be on Family Feud with Jalen Rose and Jimmy King and now Jimmy King joins this show how are you family what's going on my brother how you doing man I love I love hearing your voice man thank you so much for taking some time gonna see you in a few weeks out in Detroit I hope at the JRLA tournament what does it feel like to have Jalen Rose running a school in Detroit what does that feel like for you hey it's awesome it's just uh a testament to the young man Jalen has always been a very for thoughtful person and always looking to help someone else that I think that's his biggest attribute is that he's a caring giving um man and and he's always been that way uh since the first day I met him I stayed with him uh the summer prior a couple of weeks uh before our freshman year um because I just wanted to get acclimated you know to the to my surroundings you know get situated and Jalen opened up his home a testament to he and his family his mother may she rest in peace mom Rose and uh and again you know it it extended to where we were family members on Family Feud so it's just it's just his nature it's so cool when you when you hear that coming from you Jimmy because you look back at that team and it really felt like a team it still does today 20 years later now guys are one and done or two and done and they come in and they they all form a group and they all try to go to the NBA but it doesn't have that cohesion it doesn't feel like a moment in time when you look back and have some hindsight now what was it about the five of you guys coming together that was different you think than other situations where high profile prospects all try to link up and play at the next level well it's it's just different from the fact that you know we wanted to play college the error in which we came up you know we wanted to be in the one shiny moment we wanted to uh be in the NCAA you know kind of uh record books and lures of of uh the ones that came before us you know the greats all the greats Michael Jordan Kareem you know all those guys went to college so um you know only a few um NBA stars or legends skipped the college ranks but but particularly during our era that was one of our goals when the national championship was you know the University of Michigan or or Michigan or or school that we chose and hopefully go on to the to the next level but the separation that I think we had is that when we first got together um the cohesiveness was just it was unmatched it was natural it wasn't forced all of our personalities fit and each of us understood and and embraced our roles and I think that's what made us successful. Jimmy if you had a dollar for every time in your life a kid like me came up to you and said I had the baggy shorts I had the black socks I had the black shoes you'd be a multi-billionaire I would imagine. I literally just left the camp speaking to about 50 kids with uh my idol Spud Webb and uh uh and I did mention that because you know these these kids don't know they kind of look at me like you know who are you this old guy with gray hair but I'm like hey I used to play the game and then when I tell them you know about the fab five about uh Michigan about my teammates about the current coach um and Juwan Howard you know they they they they perked up and they they start to really you know uh hone in so uh I do tell them um that part of our legacy is the black socks and the baggy shorts um somewhat the aesthetics of the game and how you can um you know really emotionally express yourself is also part of our legacy so you know I'm I'm proud of that and yes if I had a dollar I would be rich. Jimmy hey what's up man this is TJ. Hey TJ. And there's a question I want to give to you that I've already talked to Jalen about this I talked to Juwan about this and I talked to Chris about this and I just want to bring it up to you it was about that fab five uniform man as someone who was back in college in those days I I'd liked Michigan I wasn't a huge Michigan fan and yet bro I had the gold jersey and shorts I had the white one you guys man when you started that style with the black socks and and his shoes and most importantly those long shorts you took a lot of you took a lot of slack from the media like they they were talking about the young brothers like they were hoods and this that and the third and you guys really like you know you you went to bat and you did that for the culture and it really changed everything but now recently man we have this thing where like the shorts are creeping back up the thigh man and we got these huge these hoochie daddy shorts as they're as they're called now and we're seeing a lot a lot of thigh meat we're seeing a lot of just a lot of things I don't want to see there Jimmy so I talked to the other guys now I want to talk to you how do you feel about the fact that the fab five's legacy was those baggy shorts and now they're just getting tight and creeping up the thigh now I hate it like I hate it to be honest with you I don't like it at all however however I understand that these kids today you know they have their own style uh they want to you know kind of do the same thing we did they want to separate themselves from the status quo and uh and stand out and it becomes a trend so honestly I might you know I'm I don't like it but I'm not mad at it because you know that that is them embracing um who they are and what they like um you know skinny jeans are in um you know looking at you could tell you could tell how many keys and and how much money someone has in their pocket that's what Jalen said Jalen said he went to a game and he saw a kid blow a layup at the end of the game and it's because his shorts were too tight so you know what they would say that and it's funny because I just again the camp I just left uh with the Texas Legends but one of the kids was talking to me trying to explain to me why he missed the layup and I said you there's no excuse you should never miss a layup and he said he tried to you know do a reverse and he was guarded and then I was like by who those tight shorts is who it was it was the tight shorts my guy you know and then you let a girl block your shot I love that you're out there at Camp Life Jimmy King joining the show Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show I know you guys do a Fab Five camp up up in Michigan and you know Camp Life has sort of stayed the same since probably you were a camper now you're you're a counselor the only thing that's changed is the kids play Fortnite now uh what do you enjoy about Camp Life I know you're always doing it every summer I love it I love it because I get to interact with the kids I get to learn um new perspectives you know and stay engaged with them um you know they're they're very inquisitive um and and and smart you know give them an opportunity hold a conversation with them and and you know you'll you'll find that these kids are very um uh in tune and and they pay attention to what's going on out here in the world so um it's just kind of rejuvenation for me um even though I may be physically tired mentally I gain a lot from being around the kids and uh after I recover after a couple of days it's also good physically so uh it works both ways no it's it's so rewarding I would I would suggest anybody out there has the opportunity to volunteer or coach at a basketball camp to do it Jimmy you'd be proud I coached a couple years back down in North Carolina at Kenny Smith's camp they gave all the teams a number uh we were number three but I changed that we were team Michigan and then I had one rule on my team if you want to play in the game tomorrow you got to take a shower today because the kids are 12 and they weren't bathing so you know we got it right and unfortunately sometimes you do have to be on them about their hygiene you have to wash your jerseys not just wash yourself wash your jerseys I remember one time uh this kid did not wash his shirt for the whole week and I was like why he was like I don't want to wash out this good sweat I'm like yeah I'm like yeah but the but the it's bad funk so you want to get rid of that it's amazing young people are amazing and that gets me back to the JRLA thing you know it's been so cool to see Jaylin step into this role it's been so great to go out there and support the school and to get to know the kids and the students and see them graduate and work it out in the city and do all these amazing things set the scene for the audience watching and listening of what JRLA weekend is like the big golf tournament every August oh it's great I've done it every year I think I believe this will be his 12th year uh so it starts off uh on Sunday evenings with a gala uh a light you know kind of uh um uh introduction to other golfers other celebrities donors uh a lot of the uh students who attend JRLA former students who all who attended JRLA are also there so it's a it's it's a lot of people from across the uh the country um yourself been coming in supporting Jaylin a lot of people from the New York Knicks Scott Perry who also is an extension of the University of Michigan family uh and New York Knicks um uh last year uh Anderson Hunt you know just a lot of different uh celebrities and and uh and people who come to support so it's a good time and it starts off uh Sunday evenings with a uh a gala and uh a dinner and then and then the next day Monday morning uh mid morning we start uh our round of golf and uh that obviously is just it's just as fun being out there hitting the link talking a lot of smack as you know and and and really just doing something great um as far as fundraising for his school that benefits the children now it's it's really a wonderful uh weekend because you feel like family there and the school's presence is felt throughout and um i look forward to it and i'm glad you'll be there again this year it's coming up all of a sudden in like six weeks so now jimmy speaking of family one of the great moments in the history of family feud i have one question for you jimmy what is it what does a man buy a woman a pair of a pair of bras what happened jimmy i'm never gonna let you live it down bro what happened now look look look look it's a family show right i wanted to say something else but my mind jumped to yeah that's what happens the mind will jump i knew my mom would be listening and i also knew my girl would be listening and then no joke she literally buys these like six hundred dollar bras bro so it's incredible i joke with jaylen's the only championship he ever won on family feud we got that money for the school that was big time hey but you know what though nobody talked about that clutch answer that i gave nope nobody remembers that we just remember the two bras merry-go-round only two people said merry-go-round there we go the question was name something that goes around and i said a merry-go-round and only two other people said it that was clutch nobody remembers that was clutch that was big time you know everybody remembers the buzzer beater nobody remembers that guy who comes in in the first half and goes on a 6-0 run jimmy you know um you know the game of basketball and being a part of the fab five one of the most iconic teams in the history of the sport i can only imagine the types of relationships you've made off of it or just the experiences you've had places in the world you've traveled we saw in the 30 for 30 on espn after your freshman year you guys all got to go to italy which is incredible footage and just when you talk about being a part of that team how has it stayed with your life how is it playing out in your life today a lot of memories you know a lot of friendships uh we'll you know we're we're we're family uh it will be linked for life you know whether we want to or not but um the beauty the beautiful thing about it that we're all to this day still connected um you know the the guys who were part of that team hold special places in my heart um i almost feel indebted to them because without them showing us how to you know embrace change and to incorporate you know kind of i guess situations that are favorable and and and making your best out of it i've learned a lot from that at an early age from those guys so that carries on throughout my life um and it's critical in a lot of moments when you know i feel like i i deserve something but then i look back at like you know um you know we all have to play our role we all have to you know do what's best in that moment and uh and keep pushing forward one of the and at the end of the day we'll you know hopefully again we'll be successful in whatever endeavor we're we're working on it's been so great to see how much success coach howard has had now it's got a nice ring to it huh what's it like for you to watch juan and these wolverines you know what's crazy about that is that at when we were there we used to joke about that we used to joke about like who would potentially be a coach or who would be uh potentially the coach at the unit at the university of michigan it was always juan it was never me or jaylen or chris ray was always juan so seeing that come to fruition and the success he had early you know coming in and he's going to have um you know it's a testament to to big newt as we call him um you know he's a hard worker nobody's going to outwork that guy um we see that in the recruiting rank so uh you know more power to him he has all of our support and uh continued success i mean when you're sitting around as college kids and you're talking about your future and you say yeah juan howard he's probably going to be a coach one day are you sitting around and saying jaylen's going to be a principal and chris weber is going to be a principal and chris weber is going to produce for nas like no absolutely not none of those things ever were talked about but again like i told the kids today at the camp you know don't ever settle for being good or or or don't let people kind of you know put you or paint you in a corner just because you do one thing good doesn't mean that's all you can do just because we're you know great basketball players or or uh a good baseball player or a good gridiron player doesn't mean that you can't be a philanthropist a businessman um a doctor a lawyer um you know something other than an athlete and uh so a testament to you know what jaylen does um and chris as far as his musical prowess and talent is is just a testament to uh the multiple talents that we all have and should be able to express and give an opportunity it's such a special group i look forward to seeing you at the event in a couple weeks you guys can do so much but not a golfer in the five i'm just gonna put it out there i'm waiting to see one of the fab five get up one summer and actually stripe this thing off the tee hopefully it'll be you this summer man i'm gonna go ahead do i i'm gonna go ahead and get back my practice in because when i was playing two three times a week i can stroke that thing i can knock it off the cover but it's too far in between lately but i'm gonna focus i'm i'ma for you ben i love it jaylen rose for jaylen rose for the jaguars for the kids do it for the kids jimmy you know me you know i'm gonna work hard at it i'm gonna be like steph curry yeah exactly the ball back in the hole hey jimmy real quick as you know ben is as well a 90s hip-hop fan here what what was the soundtrack of the fab five back in those days to get you hyped up for the games bro hey we have so many but if i if i would just say one in particular it would be the ghetto boys okay boys yeah oh let you you know what hank so that was that was pretty much um our mantra we would stand in the we would stand in the we would stand in the tunnels and you know how most teams be like you know win or team or defense or whatever right we would always say you know let your you know blank hang cashews so and so fish used to be on fire he used to hate that but eventually we got him to embrace it as well the greatest team ever it's the greatest team ever jimmy king shout out to scarface and willie d and rest in peace bushwood bushway hey jimmy thanks so much man for checking in i'll see you in a month i appreciate all right jimmy king joining the show i love it that's so great you know it's a texas thing right with him and ray and as part of the fab five they obviously they're so you know identify with detroit because of jaywin and chris and juan but those guys bringing texas to the team sounds like they took over the the boom box back then houston was the place took over the walkman on the team yeah it's it's just it's incredible like he said they're gonna forever be connected and you know like family you have spats and you have arguments but you get over it and you come together and you just continue to grow and go yeah i did a i did a top five a big ass grab bag a few weeks ago about top reunions i want to see having those fab five they get come back together like hopefully that because life is too short man and hopefully that beef gets squashed and we see them back together and life is crazy because 12 year old me is sitting there being like how do you know jimmy king like this i'm just a kid in a candy store all right we got celebrity birthdays coming up next ben lions in for rich this is the rich eisen show you guys know this show is amazing ben lions on the rich eisen show i've been hired and fired so much in my career that i've worked with everybody i've worked everywhere and on every show the fact that someone's in the control room listening to what i'm saying is incredible because we just had jimmy king on and i told the story of when asked on family feud what does a man buy a woman a pair of and jimmy said bras steve harvey milked it for about seven minutes of real time that they edited to about 10 seconds on the show who's ever working on this show was listening to that went into your archives found the steve harvey clip from the interview with rich where he talks exactly about that that would be michael hoskins that's amazing yeah emmy nominated mike wow that is the highest level of content in the house bill's mafia in the house so you said miami you like the miami look i like the miami and for the radio audience we were just looking at some footage of the guys down in miami super bowl weekend about two and a half years ago 2020 we went shopping tj and myself for a new look for me yeah miami mike miami mike that's yet to be worn yeah sam jackson called he wants his kangol back i don't think we're going back to miami that's his look kangals and kawai's not kangals and kawai's man we went i took mike to the fox hills mall and then we went shopping and we created miami mike and we should have recorded it i mean one of the great lines in crazy stupid love is when ryan gosling's taking steve correll shopping and he says be better than the gap we were as good as that i look at the sequin thing there was like a secret hug and cuckolded me and he literally i go tj what about this you're not ready for that he was he was so it was like a crushed velvet it was like there's levels and mike you know mike miami mike there was a level but he was a level or two below the crushed blue yeah yeah not that high i saw that movie never shopped at the gap again yeah done just stock price win the toilet stock price win the toilet until kanye west got involved and that went through the roof like just talked to the kanye um hey uh you know uh somebody who who has just retired but there's always going to be sort of a sense of well they might come back they might come back obviously rob gronkowski and he was asked the other day about coming back so this is the latest sound we have right here on the rich eisen show about gronk possibly coming back to play take a look drew rosenhouse mentioned if tom called you yeah it might be tough to say no what would be your response if that happens you know drew is number one football agent out there he loves anything that has to do with with the nfl and loves to see his players always be playing but uh no i would answer obviously you know i would obviously answer the greatest quarterback of all times and ask him how he's doing and tell him i'm doing good but i wouldn't go back to football now he's done i love where this interview is taking place like on a dock like a maritime ships you know or coming to town or something that's nice yeah so no no gronk no gronk sighting anytime soon and i'm okay with that i don't want to see you know as a gronk love the guy well basically love everything about him yeah you know um i don't want to see him keep coming back and no we need fast ten we need the expendables we need wwe we need the second chapter we need this second i mean gronk's only what 31 32 we need to see what what the rest of the 30s are going to look like new media outside of the nfl for gronk uh we got celebrity birthdays today we're famous people born on this day yeah what do we got i think we got some good stuff let's take a look um hey pat beverly hey pat oh gee pat bev you guys should get him to co-host for a week please no his by the way that picture looks like nick nolte's mugshot okay that's good shady mccoy with sean mccoy he's new media he's doing a good job making this media transition he's doing a great job doing a really nice job i like what i love shady mccoy shady mccoy you know back back in the day when i was a big eagles fan that was my dude i love lashawn mccoy who's better lashawn mccoy ricky waters sean mccoy oh that's a good question good question right right there question uh hollow very good for both very good for both those guys which is awesome um yeah who would you rather have shady mccoy god ricky waters ricky waters was nice super nice i remember a game he had in atlanta super bowl champ when you remember when football was on tnt it was like a year i think the football was on tnt ricky waters put on a show on tnt right mike i think it was sunday night sunday night football was on tnt yes and i believe ricky waters put on a show in a hot minute just want to put that out there one of the birthdays that we see i didn't even share a lad come on mike that's your generation angels and the beast brock lesnar that's an interesting dinner party right who sits who like curb who's this middle chair yeah i think it's kind of obvious who gets middle chair here guys that's right richard simmons no i think brock sits wherever brock wants to sit i know but in terms of driving the conversation the conversation going yeah we see the work that was in good morning football i would say shady if that were the case then shady would have the middle but it seems like everyone's just gonna want stories from richard simmons no did richard simmons have the best stories at the table out of that group you think so rob him i would say cheryl lad probably yeah okay all right hey there's a great story uh this guy in the boston celtics who hit a buzzer beater at summer league last night this guy matt ryan did you see this he was driving door dash like a year ago and now he's playing in the mba summer league and he's crying in the post game it's amazing i literally saw matt ryan trending last night and i was like oh did indianapolis cults quarterback matt ryan do something no i think that's super cool and it's a reminder that you know when you're watching uh no there's a summer league or preseason football which we're about to get into there are so many guys who are right on the edge of having their dreams come true and having to re-evaluate their life and go back to the drawing board there was a project i was working on for a long time with steve nash and it was about international basketball and i remember steve would say i'm steve nash like i obviously love basketball but if i had to go play in bulgaria and be away from my family and not make any money like i don't i don't know if i could do that and you know for a guy who's trying to make a an mba roster or even just trying to get a two-way deal you know to have a big night out in vegas and hit a half court track it means so much it just changes their life and the way it goes and it's just very cool so i'm happy for that dude matt ryan i'll be rooting for him yeah i mean a moment like that might get him on a g-league roster or something like that and then now you're just a stone's throw or an injury away from getting called up and getting a 10-day and maybe you have a run like max strews or something and suddenly you're on a roster or you get on the 12th man on a team and you win a title like scallabrini and now you're new media mogul and you have a morning radio show and your life goes even with jimmy like jimmy played 64 games in the mba didn't have a long mba career but he's part of something from being part of fab five now that he's able to take into business and to mentorship and leadership all this fun stuff so yeah i'm rooting for that guy to make a roster uh thanks for letting me hang out on the show let's do it again tomorrow let's do it again tomorrow more sports content radio hashtag yeah another day that flew by yeah i'll take uh i'll take some photos from my trip too i'll share them on i'll share them on my social i am ben lyons hit me up filling in all week here on the rich eisen show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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