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Who Is a Jew in God's Sight?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 28, 2017 4:30 pm

Who Is a Jew in God's Sight?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So who is a Jew in God's sight and is Israel really Israel today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown always delighted to be with you as we come to the end of this year. Amazing shaking 2017. It has been a weird open up the word and talk about some important issues today in Scripture will be taking your calls will be. We look at a lot of scriptural details and opening up some passages but I do want to talk about some news pertaining to Israel when Pres. Trump was campaigning to be the Republican candidate. I as you may remember really opposed his candidacy.

I had back. Sen. Ted Cruz. There were quite a few others. I would've much more readily seen run for president than Donald Trump.

So you know that I was a vocal critic. Even then, I wrote an article saying that he was on an anti-Semite and my friend Rabbi Shmuel. He also wrote an article saying that Donald Trump is not anti-Semite, and I don't think that rubbish really was in Donald Trump's camp in a positive way. At that point, all that to say I never believed the charges that he was an anti-Semite. The fact that he is stood so strongly with Israel has not surprise me. That's for two reasons. One, I believed he did have a heart for Israel. That was just my personal understanding and look after all his son-in-law's, Jared Kushner, his daughter Yvonne who converted to Judaism makes his grandchildren Jewish.

I read somewhere that all of his adult children were either married to or dating Jews just see that it don't know if it's accurate to this moment, but II and you figure you know, New York. The climate they're working with Jewish people, his life, I do. I just never thought he was an anti-Semite. So the fact he stood with Israel strongly hasn't surprised me, that's one thing.

Another thing is that he really has become a friend of evangelical Christians know he himself is not a model evangelical Christian, yet we continue to pray for him, but he is definitely become a friend of evangelical Christians and when you have VP Pentz was a strong evangelical and a strong supporter of Israel and you have others that are near him close to him that are strong supporters of Israel.

His actions don't surprise me at all.

I'm pleased with them. I'm glad to see them and also believe that while he wants to see a righteous solution for Palestinians.

I do believe that he does care about doing what's right. He has called them out on some hypocrisy and deception is also said you want our money than you gotta stop funding the families of terrorists you know you you go to jail for an act of outright terrorism. I'm not saying a case where the Palestinians are disputing this in their sender someone is really jail is not guilty on top of someone unknown blatant terrorists whose in Israeli jail that they get a supplement for the Palestinian Authority or the family does… Someone blows themselves up a suicide bomber kills innocent Israeli men, women and children, that person can now get a supplemental salary. Their family skews me get a supplement to seller from Housing Authority and United States assess the asthma stop. If you are money.

I'm pleased with all of that. Not surprised by any of it. So the most recent thing now is there is going to be a train stop that goes into a very close to the Western Wall obviously not right to it and there is further developments being done on it right now. It's a project for several years but the train train station is being named after Donald Trump yeah Israel is doing this that I look for all those who said Trump was an anti-Semite.

You are sure you have evidence he wasn't, and he is so just a little pause for thought there would you characterize some of their obviously things were going to differ there obviously approaches to policies and behavior in a different, but we just need to be careful before we label someone a certain way. I don't believe it was ever true of Donald Trump. It's certainly not true now and the nation of Israel with a very big thank you very significant way saying we want to put the name of this American president finally put into action. What other American presidents had said in words rightly come back. Romans the second chapter, who after all is a Jew, think outside file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends allow me to again starting on Monday will be having a new clock here on the line of fire with means more radio time and less breaks yes yes yes. So if you start listening at the top of the hour, writing to begin. If you listen and live Eastern standard Time, 3 o'clock in the afternoon. You'll hear first three minutes of news, there may be something else that a local shall decide spirit, basically three minutes of news and then will start right at 303 and then will have a long segment one break and another long segment, which is absolutely delightful and insane thing at the bottom of the hours will be a three minute break local programming news. Whatever it is and then again long segment break long segment so you get more radio time from us with less breaks. Starting January 1, the Civil War, you announced it just in case you two men right at the beginning to start the show. You used to doing that and instead your news. We haven't gone anywhere which is starting a little bit later to divide our time differently. All right Can we do a little scripture study here at and first let let me ask you a principal right if you agree with this principle.

If the Bible addresses something a certain truth say 500 times and 499 of those times. The meaning is clear and indisputable. And then one time.

The meaning is not as clear about the same particular subject. Do you then change the other 499 references and say all I guess were not clear on those or do you say will we know what the word is teaching on this. It's clear there's a? About this particular verse. I think we all agree that so we would read it now.

Let's go a little further if something was established as truth in the Hebrew Bible truths about God truths about Israel truths about sin truths about the atonement.

Choose about the Messiah. If those things were established in the Hebrew Scriptures in the Old Testament, which was the Bible of the first believers if it was established there can the New Testament come along and overthrows that I'm talking about truth about him on a particular law that may have existed for a certain purpose and now you're in a different setting real. For example, you have laws about speeding and and you you to my cars on the road speeding well now that you're in the desert riding camels.

It's going to be different because it is 70 miles an hour as I can apply to a camel Iraqi okay I have Rex on the road and stuff so different situation might require a different law, but if there is a truth about God established. For example, that God is holy is that now, to be changed in the New Testament.

Of course not, maybe well perhaps get deeper insights into the holiness of God. Sure, we may get deeper insights into the holiness of God. But will we have any notion whatsoever that that the. The truth is changed or that God is no longer holy off obviously not to suck you to be any type of contradiction that I think we agree we may get more insight. For example the world to calm the afterlife. We have more insight in the New Testament than in the old but it's not going to reverse the overthrow was written.

It may be true that many in the Old Testament didn't have a firm hope of eternal life or a firm knowledge of a future resurrection.

Although your still hints of that in some explicit verses about it in the Hebrew Bible, but certainly the Hebrew Scriptures do not deny a future resurrection and the New Testament comes long is all not all there will be one right so we agree on that right so if God clearly lays out promises to a people in the Hebrew Bible and defines that people is the New Testament now going to come along and change that if it does, by what authority is it doing it.

That would be a very valid reason for someone to say well I I question whether the New Testament is really Scripture. And that's why Jesus says he did not come to a polished of all the prophets, but to fulfill. So he didn't abolish blood sacrifices by same blood sacrifices no longer important. Instead, he said, I will offer myself as the ultimate sacrifice for sins, the death of the righteous atoning for the sins of the whole world. That's what he did the same way when when Paul says that love is the fulfillment of the law.

He's not saying will go ahead and commit adultery, go ahead and steal what he saying is if you walk in love toward your neighbor then you won't steal and you will commit adultery doesn't throw the other things out. He says here's a way that you can fulfill these just by walking in love and walking in the spirit so I say all that to address the question are Christians, Jews in God's sight are physical Jews no longer Jews in God's sight are Christians.

The true Jews and God cite the answer to these questions is simple.

No Christians are not the true Jews in God's sight and no there is not a different people identified as a Jew in the world and in the Hebrew Bible, certainly with the scattering around the world. Just as in Old Testament times. So to today. There is intermarriage and certainly you do not have a perfectly pure stock of physical lineage going back Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

You didn't have that one when the children of Israel came out of Egypt with a mixed multitude is part of their their their their their people in there with intermarriage. Those that married into the nation of Israel and continue to live among the people of Israel that the people like Ruth and Rahab, so we understand that yet. We can still argue that we can trace lineage of Jewish people. Today we can go back through the centuries back through history seaward this one came from this one. This group, etc. and in some cases you can trace with DNA, it's okay. Our origins are ultimately still in the ancient Middle East.

The sending back to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, were descending back to Moses and and and others of the people of Israel through the centuries say have about what about when Paul says in Romans true that he's not a Jew who is one outwardly, but a Jew who is one inwardly that this is my point. When you have hundreds of other verses speaking about Israel defining Israel. Speaking of the Jewish people to find the Jewish people, not just in the Hebrew Bible, but in the New Testament as well then you can't take this one verse, to throw all of that out you Civil War what is Paul saying their enrollments to their two possible ways of reading Romans to both of which are totally fair. But what I want to emphasize is the larger context.

All right, so in a in Romans the second chapter towards the end of the chapter. This is what Paul says is he's been exposing how Gentile and Jew alike are all under sin and all in the of redemption. He says this in verse 25 for circumcision is of value.

If you obey the law, but if you break the law, your circumcision becomes on circumcision. In terms of your spiritual state. You're just like someone among the either worshiping pagan nations. All right, it snowed no different. So for me so this is saying don't don't depend on the fact you're physically circumcised how you live. So if a man was uncircumcised, keeps the precepts of the law will not a circumcision be regarding the circumcision so it's got a look at this person spiritually a Gentile who keeps the law as as if it was a Jew who was circumcised. Then he was physically uncircumcised, but keeps the law will condemn you of the written code and circumcision but break the law so as not denying that juicers that once were circumcised is not denying the Jewish people as a people he is attacking Jewish hypocrisy here. Justice is attacking Gentile sin in other ways. In these opening chapters. This is this for no one is a Jew who was merely one outwardly, nor circumcision outward and physical, that word merely is added. This is in the ESV and said, in essence, and other translations to make the point, but a Jew is one inwardly and circumcision as a matter of the heart by the Spirit, not by the letter's praise is not from man but from God is a will there. Paul says it those who love Jesus, who follow him Gentile believers. They are true Jews. You could read it like that you could read it to say that Paul is saying that a Gentile who follows Jesus and and keeps God's commandments.

That person is the true Jew and the physical Jew who does not follow the Messiah keep God's commandments. That person is not a Jew at all.

Now you'll see in a moment that Paul is not denying the Jewish people, Jewish, but you could read it like that me and is making a polemical point right or you could read it where Paul is saying between two Jews that who's the real Jew one is only circumcised outwardly are the ones also circumcised, inwardly but but notice this.

Paul then continues this discussion in the very next verse which is chapter 3, verse one. Our Bibles what advantage then has the Jew, or what is the value circumcision much in every way. To begin with, the Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God, who is he talking about the physically circumcised Jewish people. That's always talking about the physically circumcised Jewish people and he's talking about them being entrusted with the oracles of God who this historic people to whom God gave his words, the Torah, the prophets, the writings, that's was talking.

He's not saying that Jews are no longer Jews the same spiritually speaking, who's who's a real Jew in God's sight was really circumcised, or the person keeps God's commandments.

That's the only point is making is that now he continues to speak about Jews as Jews, as he has before this and after all these people who deny Jesus as Messiah, the borrower they spiritually circumcised. They don't know they need other hard surfaces with the Old Testament prophet who remains a Jew in God's sight.

Look at this more state. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown all right.

I hope you have your Bibles out. If you're listening you're giving me your best year because we are simply asking the question when the New Testament speaks about Jews, of whom was it speak. I have met many lovers of Israel over the years, Christian lovers of Israel and they say to me with a great smile. You know I am a Jew as well.

I know what they mean. I smile at them. I appreciate their love for Israel and I know they mean in their hearts they are spiritual Jews and they feel that their part of the larger Jewish people and and and I understand that and it's sincere and and their expression of love for Israel is beautiful. I would still differ theologically. Yes, we have equal standing in the Messiah. Jew and Gentile in Jesus have equal standing. Paul's emphatic on that there is no Jew nor Gentile. There is no male or female.

There is no slave nor free, but can I ask you a question. Are there still men are there still women and other still distinctions between the two.

Yes and and doesn't Paul don't other authors of the New Testament right sometimes to man and give instructions to man, and sometimes to women. I give instructions to women.

Why, because there are still men in their storming, but in the Messiah. There's no male-female meaning we have the quality and status and standing in God. There is no ethnic barrier. There is no gender barrier. There is no racial barrier. There's no social barrier were there still slaves and still free people. Yes and Paul another's rights of the human structures the slaves they give instructions to slave masters because these categories still existed, but in the Messiah. There is complete equality. The same with Jew general is no Jew or Gentile.

Now there are still Jews and there are still Gentiles come on, what, why take that one thing is different than the Romano Israel is good no connection because there is no Georgette that's not what Paul saying not at all perish the thought.

Everything in the letter of Romans is saying the opposite to that, but in the Messiah.

There is equal status that will Jew is higher because we are the history and Gentiles. Laura no in Jesus we have an identical connection to God, we are equally sons and daughters equally branches of the vine equally members of the body equally present to God and spiritually speaking all believers. It seems from Paul's language in Philippians are part of the spiritual circumcision was those who have their hearts circumcised and and and have now come into that place of intimacy with God in receiving a new heart from him. But how about if we let Paul speak for himself. So what I'm going to do here is a really go to Romans the second chapter will will tell you it all go to Romans chapter 2, I will look at my Greek New Testament here and all my software. I will click on the word for Jew you dais and I will now see in Romans how Paul uses that Greek word paragraph right so let's just get down to Rome means scrolling down to is a lot of references to do a whole lot New Testament in every single one of them unambiguously. Aside from Romans 228 29 unambiguously refers to literal Jewish people. Yes, not spiritual believers only so Romans 116 was at, say, the gospel is the good news right.

It is the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek okay so is he talking about here. Julie restart about physical Jews correct.

Romans chapter 2 verse nine. This is what is coming.

There will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil, the Jew first and also the Greek. Who's that direct physical Jew and also verse 10 but glory and honor and peace for everyone does good, the Jew first and also the Greek verse 17. Now, if you call yourself a Jew, and rest of the law and boast about God as he talked about a physical Jew. Romans 31 which we just read before then what advantage has the Jew.

What is the value circumcision what you talk about whose he talking to a physical literal Jew physical literal circumcision.

Romans 39 what then are we choose any better off. Are we any better know not offer free choice at all, both Jews and Greeks under said whose he talking about physical, literal Jews.

Romans 329 is God the God of Jews only is he not the God of Gentiles also, yes, of Gentiles also whose he talked about physical, literal Jews, Romans 924. Even us who he is called, not from the Jews only, but also from the Gentiles, whose age I got physical literal Jews. Romans 1012 for there is no distinction between Jew and Greek for the same Lord is Lord of all the stone is riches on all who call him as he talked about physical, literal Jews, I could go through the rest of Paul's letters all the first Corinthians references a second Corinthians, Galatians, Colossians, first Thessalonians, and every single case, we speak about Jews whose he talked about physical, literal Jews is mind-boggling to me mind-boggling to me that people will take Paul's one argument.

Romans 229 where he is clearly not deny that Jews are Jews. He's either saying spiritually speaking, who's the real Jew in God's sight was the real circumcised one. The Gentile who keeps God's commandments keeps us to raw or the Jew who doesn't, at most, that's the point is making a similarly talked about Jews and he talked about Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews and Gentiles Jews.

Jews and Greeks, no question, no ambiguity. It's also possibly say no in between two Jews is the real Jew meaning spiritually who's the real Jew but he never, for a split second denies that Jews are Jews, and he reiterates emphatically without any ambiguity that the promises that God made to this physical group of people will remain because of God's love for the patriarchs, so who are the people who have been scattered in judgment around the world. Physical Jews were the people are been regathered back to the land in the mercy of God, physical Jews, who were the people who have received the promises of the Messiah among the Jewish people.

That's the Israel within Israel.

That's the remnant of Jews will believe it's only been the believers who have received the promises in their own lives through the generations.

The 7000 that Paul references who wouldn't bow the knee to Baal the remnant that existed in every generation, of which Paul is a part in his day, of which I am a part in our day. Okay, that is, that we understand that the recipients of the spiritual promises are the remnant, but the larger promises that God has given that no matter what happens, he will not destroy his people Israel that he will preserve us that he will scatter us and discipline us and that he will regather us in mercy and that ultimately he will turn our hearts. Seems that there will be a national Jewish turning to the Messiah.

All that remains the same simple revelation to Revelation. Three. People say they are Jews and are not the synagogue of Satan. First, it's possibly talking about people were Jews. There were not Jews in all of this claimed to be, like some of the cults and some of the groups claimed to be Jews and are not the synagogue of Satan or he speaking polemical.

He saying that you claim to be Jews.

But I maybe address this verse a million times early, but your living is Jews sure this a prophetic rebuke, but please, please, throw out once and for all that takes a spiritual point being made and then overthrows hundreds and hundreds unambiguous versus especially by the same author in the same. Please let us throw out that ridiculous method. Miss reputation for good number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Thanks for tuning in today Michael Brown so glad to be with you on the air. Hey, I am not taking calls today, but we are really digging into Scripture getting into some Jewish Scripture Israel Scripture related themes.

I think you will be helped and enriched by but before we get into that tomorrow and Saturday I'm scheduled to speak at a large conference in Kansas City, an annual conference called one thing where the maybe be out of the 15, 20,000 young people gathered together for several days of worship and intensive teaching and preaching. I've been asked to address some of the key cultural issues will be doing a track of Friday and Saturday afternoon gobbling in Kansas City.

They will have maybe 1500 young people in each. In each of the sessions one will be dealing with reaching out with compassion to those who identify as LGBT. The other will be dealing with why we must resist LGBT activism so so please pray I believe will really be able to have an impact on a lot of young people, but I saw a note that was sent to me from someone on YouTube. Somehow I got the message personally. Hi, can you please explain what you would ever attend the IHOP event international house of prayer event meeting in Kansas City with my fickle surely you are aware that this is a cult and most guests and hosts are false preachers teaching heresies one of them is associated with the Word of Faith movement and other claims to be a prophet speaking directly for God, please explain the video because this is confused a lot of people, including me.

God bless and protect you from this evil. Hey, I appreciate this person being sincere and asking me privately put boy is this based on extraordinary misinformation, mind-boggling misinformation and some wrong theology as well number one all of you who claim that Mike Bickel is a false prophet is hell bound judges do me a favor. Do me a favor, right, Mike is a dear man who loves the Lord and I gladly have my name associated with this laughing right and I spent enough hours with Mike and and been enough meetings with Mike and taught and preached from Mike enough and have enough people that I know of for years who have served their and IHOP in the school or in other capacities that that will say this quite plainly get all the books that my book was written has written a ton, so, so get them and reason cover to cover.

And please come back to me and tell me where where it is any anything related to cult everything relating to not being a true believer in those books. Okay. And then teaches her skin is teaching serious in the book of Romans and go through it beginning to end, and tell me where there is cultic teaching or false prophetic teaching right I don't agree with every point that IHOP teaches.

Notice I don't know anyone like my own leadership team.

We have difference in minor differences on certain points.

Okay that's to be expected to resorb this to Jillian temp.

I don't know every one of Mike's thesis on the at times, but I can say this is a sound. Jesus love the word base Bible believing that someone number two Kansas City. The fellowship there IHOP. The school ministry. It is not word of faith have they had some teachers in that may identify the right of faith capture do they teach word of faith doctrine. They are carnal prosperity, know they teach sacrificial living for the gospel okay and all teaching. Just create things by saying words, etc. so that that's another misconception. Do they believe that their profits today. Yes, of course, based on the testimony of of the New Testament. I believe that as well based on what I find to be the explicit testimony of the New Testament do they believe that prophets speak today with the same authority that Old Testament prophets did know they believe that a prophet can dictate God's will tune you have to submit to that, no, they believe in the ministry of New Testament prophets as I do based on what I see is the explicit testimony of Scripture.

That's why I believe in any case, thankfully, minority believe those things about our friends there by God's grace. Glad to be going to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

All right, I just want to assure that the friends I don't understand any of that in a defensive way I meet you after understand I'm with people who love the Lord and millions of people around the world are being touched by a powerful prayer movement and and now a growing missions movement and outreach on college campuses and and you look. You may be part of a local church and to get 20 people together once a week for one hour prayer meeting is is a big accomplishment. If you do it.

Hey, go for Goforth great do it. But bear in mind it's been what, 10 know over that 15 years plus longer 18 years, 24, seven, there have been numerous people worshiping and praying around the clock 24 seven in Kansas City in a birth other houses of prayer all around the world and and and what are they doing their crying out to God for the purification of the church. Their crying out to God that Jesus would be glorified. Their crying out for everything to fall into place for the return of the Lord. Their crying out for the salvation of nations and the salvation of the Jewish people. That's with her cry off and there worshiping around-the-clock patents that's not easily done. Try that.

Try to get that going in your church, you say well we only have a few hundred nor church. I tell you what, say what about about this if you have say a few thousand people.

Because that's what that's maybe what they have in Kansas City when the started for maybe a few thousand people get that get that going 24 seven. There is always worship a worship team playing worshiping the Lord, and there are always people praying and seeking the face of God, sometimes several hundred at a time. Just keep going with always a number of people 24 seven. Keep it going for. We keep going for a month to be gone for a year all they have done it for over 15 years. It could be even longer than that to me that something step back and say wow that's that's significant and what and what and what motivates it, love for the Lord, a belief in the power of prayer, a belief that recalled to cry out to him day and night of a belief that 24 seven. Worship is pleasing in God's sight and and was probably something that was done in the tabernacle, but David set up as well.

In any case. In any case, I I share these things not to defend my going to work with brothers, why would I defend that that I share that to help those who may be unfamiliar with some of my friends and who may think will why we are not of heard this and I've heard that all of heard incorrectly CAI but did Michael say that he present about the stages that take place or false. No, we said was when they had a time of outpouring of the Holy Spirit in in Kansas City and people being supernaturally touched that he thought a lot of the outward reaction from people is probably just emotional words, he wasn't saying every last thing that's happening here is a proof of the spirits working or sign the spirits on people because those people can be impressionable and do things. It leaves me very candy if you like 80%, but he never said the manifestations were proof of the spirit, or that this personally was shouting a little out of that was approved for the spring up there the whole thing is just give it time. Everything gets set in order if there's anything disruptive we deal with it. So here he ends up now getting quotas brought about a special terms bird services or caliphate and here's here's my situation because a lot of folks listen to me, and watch our videos and read read my articles and books that are not charismatic so I'm I'm reaching out whole audience that is saved no exposure otherwise to the charismatic movement, and you see the worst of a charismatic TV preacher think that's what were about a vessel or about our left a long time ago. Effect of a book coming out apical play with holy fire where I address a fresh abuses in the charismatic movement as an insider as ever address them in decades past and felt was important to do so again in a more comprehensive way than ever, but many of you relate to me because of my ministry. The Jewish people in Israel and you you really have no connection to the charismatic, which by the way in terms of church growth around the world far far far far far far far away for decades now the growth of the church worldwide with signs wonders and miracles believe in the power of the spirit today that far far far far far overshadows or the church growth all around the world to which the vast, vast, vast majority of people coming to faith around the world today are coming to faith in the expression that you would call charismatic or Pentecostal believe in the gifts, and power. The spirit for today believing it, speak in tongues today and these are people who are soundly being converted and loving Jesus loving the work and following the Lord all right so then many of them are new and many from the teaching of the siphon, but I talked about genuine conversion. Many of you relate to because the stand we take on social issues and you have no connection. The charismatic movement and in you seeing the weirdest of the wildest on YouTube and you think that's who we are. If that's who we are. I would be part of it and some stuff that I have been part of gets misrepresented so look you know me well enough to my teacher Scripture you know me well enough through hopefully integrity. You see, and witness my life. You know me well enough for outreach to the Jewish people for stand for righteousness of social issues through through our stands Scripture as best as we understand and uncompromising Stansel give me the benefit of the doubt. Then about being with other people and ministries and think movement and then ask yourself, could be that there's more to these others then I realize could that be. That's all I'm suggesting all right. I know it's early Jewish Thursday and on a tangent here, but who is Israel today or if when God looks at the world is looking for Israel.

Does he look at the state of Israel were not the silica Jewish people worldwide or not this look at the church or it does he look at the believing remnant within Israel. This is clear to me based on looking up every single reference to Israel in the Hebrew Bible, and then every single reference to Israel in the entire New Testament and I did this many years ago of done it since. In terms of rechecking every single reference to Israel in the New Testament and the conclusion is unavoidable Israel when it is just spoken of in general refers to the nation as a whole. It refers to all Jewish people as a whole. When Paul talks about the Israel that is within Israel when he says not all Israel is Israel. He's talking about the spiritual Israel, which is the remnant. This is speaking of Jewish believers. This is talk about the remnant. Within Israel that existed in the Old Testament and the remnant within Israel that exists to this day that's who it's talking about. But Paul is not talk about the New Testament is not calling the church as a whole, Israel. He never does that. Nor is Paul the gating the promises that God gave to the nation of Israel. So can I encourage you to do a little exercise I I've got my Greek concordance open and I and I single out the word Israel and I said let's see, every time it occurs in the New Testament so I start counting 1-234-567-8910 1112 1314 56 and 1718 1921, 22, two, 320 425-637-2820 9/30 great radio is that 3132 3334 through five and 67, 38, and 940-414-2444 536-1748 4950 5152 5354 5556 57 5859 6061 6263 6465 6667 6869 7071 7273 I'm I may have missed one word occurs twice in a verse, but between 70 and 75 times. Israel is used in the New Testament. All right, so obviously when we have in the Gospels.

It's it's same thing right talk about Israel's nation courting Micah 52. Speaking of Bethlehem part of of of Judah and how the Messiah will come to their and rule my people Israel and Matthew 220 that Josephus told, arise, take the young child and his mother and go to the land of Israel is leaving to go the way business was speak of the physical land. All right physical land of Israel. Matthew 221 and then the people of Israel.

Matthew 810 one when Jesus speaks the Roman centurion's servant, I haven't seen such great faith, even in Israel, and it goes on and on a Matthew 1524. He's calmed. He wasn't sent Jesus was a sense of to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. So we see over and over and over these references to physical Israel the land of Israel, the people of Israel speaking in particular the nation as a whole. So what then do we make of Matthew 1928 where Jesus tells his disciples to a city when the New World when the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel using the 12 tribes of Israel. This is referring to that in the renewal of the world and the millennial kingdom that his disciples will sit on 12 thrones ruling over the 12 tribes of Israel over physical Israel and the millennial is turned to the Messiah recognized Jesus as the son of the church is no such concept is talking about 12 tribes of Israel physical Israel. That's what's inhabitable to come. Yeah, that promise remains true in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

All right, so I hope you're following all I'm saying is based on Scripture. We have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of references to Israel in the Old Testament. It speaks of the nation as a whole speaks of the physical land of Israel, all right. And within that you always have a believing remnant and Paul refers to that is that the Israel within Israel or or the, the Israel of faith. Okay, the spiritual children, not just the natural children. But the natural children had promises.

God said he would preserve us, which he has God said he would scatter us, which he has God said he would discipline us, which he has God said he would destroy nations which mistreated us, which he has God said he would regather us when she has so so all these things pertaining to the physical people remain true God never change the definition of Israel ever and and there is no basis, no basis whatsoever to have an interpretive method that takes one verse making a spiritual point and now overthrows the plain sense of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other verses that is not how you read and interpret Scripture. So we go through Luke's gospel we go through Mark.

We go through John Beck. Let's look at the references were John references Jews many more times sometime speaking of Judeans, Jewish leaders, but here John 131. John the Mercer John the Baptist says I myself did not know him.

Meeting Jesus, but for this purpose I came baptizing with water that he might be revealed to Israel is not about physical nation. John 149 Nathaniel says to Jesus, Rabbi, you are the son of God. You sure you are the king of Israel, king of the Jewish people.

All right.

And then John 310 about Nicodemus you are Israel's teacher and an you don't understand these things and then John 1213 that that the the people welcome issue as he comes into Jerusalem and say Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord the King of Israel, so there is no ambiguity there that Israel means the nation Israel means the people. All right, just like what is called King of the Jews. There is no ambiguity in terms of who that was referring to. And then throughout the book of acts you'll see Israel, always with the same meaning. Acts 16. The disciples asked. We restore again the kingdom to Israel acts 236.

Let all the house of Israel know this God has made this Jesus whom you crucified, both Lord and Messiah skip down to acts 2820 were where Paul says this of for this reason, speaking to Elvis Israel.

Therefore, I've asked to see and speak with you because it is the hope it is because of the hope of Israel that I'm wearing this chain so in all these places he is referring to the physical nation of Israel.

The Jewish people and the promises given that in Romans 96 we been through this passage.

Many a time.

Paul says this is not as though the regattas fell for not rule her who are descended from Israel belong to Israel. In other words, there is a remnant within the nation who are the spiritual Israel, but then after that he uses Israel 123456789 more times and every time an observant Romans nine through 11. Every time he speaks about Israel's hold the nation as a whole and then he says to them that this is the promise that all Israel will be say speak about a future turning of the Jewish people. There shall come out of Zion to deliver and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob Jake up all is the church. The new Jacob no why because because Israel is not the church. Isn't it enough for us to be part of the body Messiah Jew and Gentile alike saved being part of the Messiah's body. Isn't that enough to have our sins forgiven. Why must gentiles become Jews or I must Jews be be forced to become Gentiles.

Why based on what so Paul first with instant 18 look at this reference here. He says look at physical Israel, though those who eat the sacrifices participate in the officer's written physical Israel promises were given to physical Israel to look at in the natural yeah there is a if you say is spiritual Israel that refers to Jewish believers. The Israel of God. Paul references in the in Galatians chapter 616 and Gentile believers in a part of the larger commonwealth of Israel, but our identity as being in Jesus. My primary identity more than being a Jew more than being a man. My primary identities being in him being in Messiah.

And that's what unites us and him were seated in heavenly places. And that's all that matters for eternity. What is what is Paul right in Philippians 3. Speaking of himself. He says I am of the stock of Israel. Philippians 35 I'm of the stock of Israel still refers physical.

Israel's physical Israel and Hebrews 8 speaks of the new covenant that God will make with Israel and Judah and Hebrews 11 speaks of the children of Israel speak about the children of Israel.

In Joseph's day. In Revelation 214 speaks of bail him who taught Belloc to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel. Revelation 7, 444,000 of the tribes of the children of Israel.

Revelation 2112 that the the the gates of the new Jerusalem will have the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel that's separate from the 12 apostles, whose names are on the foundations of the new Jerusalem. So Israel remains Israel. Israel outside of Jesus remains lost Israel outside of God remains lost. We understand that that's where my heart breaks to reach her Jewish people use a man you silica dispensationalism dispensationalism are right about Israel being Israel but I'm not a dispensational list. I haven't been a dispensational us for over 40 years doubling in the book that the Dr. Craig Keener, I gonna write on a lie would hopefully be a pretrip rapture and ends not to be divisive or to attack others. It's it's not one of those books is to give an edifying statement of what we believe without dissing the beliefs of of others and do our best to lay out Scripture in a practical way, but I have been a dispensational us for over 40 years. If I was a dispensationalism would be writing a book on why I don't believe in a pretrip rapture and I would hold to other aspects of dispensational eschatology all right so teams all dispensationalism that's there.

I'm not a dispensational us. Although dispensational us to have many things right. I'm not a Calvinist, but you better believe Calvin is have lots of things right that I agree within a firm and glory and along with them and celebrate the sovereignty of God. Although we may have different understandings of the fullness of how that works itself out that we have much much of tons more in common than we have not in common travel. I agree with the dispensational us and other key things I different with but what I'm holding to about Israel being Israel.

This is been held to by multitudes through church history, and and from what we can best tell the the disciples of the apostles. So the early church for the first few generations first few hundred years, perhaps believed in a millennial kingdom they would be what you call premillennialist from the best data we have the majority of those whose writings are preserved. To my understanding they were expecting a pre-millennial future. In other words, that Jesus would, and then establish a millennial kingdom with Israel at the center of it for thousand year.

I and you have leaders who are absolutely not dispensational us through the centuries back to the Puritans who hold to the exact same thing. I hope today and at others that need to be showcasing while saying the Jews would be regathered back to the land and unbelief come face to friends studying the word with me. Let us hold to write theology and back with you tomorrow

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