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REShow: Brian Windhorst - Hour 1

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August 18, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Brian Windhorst - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 18, 2022 3:13 pm

Rich reacts to the breaking news that Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson has agreed to a an 11-game suspension and a $5 Million fine for his off-field transgressions.

Rich weighs in on LeBron James signing a huge contract extension and ponders how much winning another title factored into his decision to stay with the Lakers. 

ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst tells Rich that LeBron didn’t put himself in the best position to win another ring by re-signing with the Lakers, if L.A. will be able to trade Russell Westbrook, why the Brooklyn Nets are loathe to trade Kevin Durant, and if the Knicks or Heat will ante up enough assets to trade for Donovan Mitchell.

Rich, Brockman and TJ talk Yankees, Red Sox and Mets to wrap up the hour.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Quarterback competition when we know we will know. Baker's gonna get the leg up bro. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Oh Matt Ruhl is your betting favorite for first coach fires. Is that right? Yeah.

Is there such a thing? Oh yeah. The Rich Eisen Show.

That's absurd. You have them stunned Chris. Today's guests ESPN senior writer Brian Wintourst, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, plus Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That is true. Can confirm and there I am. Hey everybody welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show right here on NBC Sports on Peacock. Future home of some Big 10 football that was announced today.

We'll get to that on this program. And also NBC Sports Audio Sirius XM Channel 85 Odyssey app. The Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio Network Coast to Coast. We say hello to you our podcast listeners. We're all over the map right here on the Rich Eisen Show and we are thrilled whenever you can join us here on the program. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. Christopher Brockman how are you over there sir?

I'm great Rich. What's up man? Mike Del Tufour you're here for all three hours today. All three hours but it's a one-day residency and then I'm no more.

Okay very good. But I'm here all day. Good to see you over there T.J. Jefferson. Like that candle. It's getting lit man.

Like the candle. How are you sir? I'm great.

Kenny Omega came back last night T.W. so I was right. Okay. How about them apples? Okay I had no idea.

I had no idea. I was busy following baseball again last night. Oh you're back.

Oh you're back. We'll talk about him. We'll talk about him. He was out last night right?

Wasn't he out? We have a lot going on. A lot going hell going on.

Lots going on in this world. We've got we've got a lot of breaking news that we're expecting. It appears the DeSean Watson suspension is going to be either expanded or settled. Apparently there's a report out there right now that a settlement is happening and that there's going to be according to which reports are you I got out there Christopher?

This has come down from Adam Schefter a couple minutes ago. They have reached a settlement. 11 game suspension for DeSean Watson. Settlement includes a fine of five million dollars that will go to charity deal not signed but it is agreed to.

Okay so they're doing the old long form contract. 11 games. We'll wait to get whatever confirmation there is before I will comment on it. He's slated to return week 13 against? The Texans.

The Houston Texans. Okay so let's see what that's all about. Apparently they are reaching a settlement and we're gonna like I said I'm gonna hold not that I don't trust Adam Schefter usually his word is is lock solid. Ian Rappaport has it as well.

Okay there we have it then let's get into it. 11 game suspension for DeSean Watson. So he will not be suspended for the full year. He will get a five million dollar fine for reprehensible behavior and I know anytime I have spoken about this from here I have heard it you're an NFL stooge you don't talk about NFL owners with the same gusto. NFL owners need to be held to account in a better fashion by my bosses.

That's a fact. They need to hold themselves to better account when they run afoul. But last I checked nobody did what DeSean Watson has done sliding into DM's 66 different masseuses behavior that the person who initially handed down a six game suspension to called some of the most egregious behavior the NFL has ever had to discipline. And all I will say is this I hope the guy seeks counseling. I hope he uses this 11 game suspension to find a better place for himself and deal with his clear issues that led to his behavior in Houston. Led to his behavior in Houston that caused his former team to settle a bunch of lawsuits that hadn't even been filed against him yet. And that when he comes back week 13 interestingly enough in Houston and as one thing that I will be keen to see is if there is a requirement for this counseling for him to seek in order for him to get reinstated after an 11 game suspension. This takes gives me no pleasure to say this because man did I just love this kid coming out of the draft in his first few years in Houston and the way that he comported himself otherwise in the community and outwardly is dream come true stuff face of franchise type stuff that caused this behavior when it first came out to be so shocking I didn't believe it. I thought here comes some lawyer down in Houston using his Instagram account to get our attention on this matter bunch of people coming out of the woodwork accusing Deshaun Watson of this behavior that I do not believe caused me to think that this was something that was happening to take advantage of Deshaun Watson and who he is in his community. That was my first reaction then I started reading then I started hearing then I started researching then I started listening and a lot of folks in Cleveland who are all in on Deshaun Watson and I understand because the Browns have never had somebody this talented at quarterback with all due respect to Baker Mayfield and everyone else who's played there before and I don't blame Browns fans for being excited or having somebody this talented at the quarterback position to get you excited but you got to read what this guy did and I've got to hear some serious contrition not that he apologizes for those he impacted.

Some serious contrition and I hope he gets the counseling because that sort of behavior you wouldn't accept from anyone in your family. You wouldn't accept that from anybody if you run a business from anybody that you've hired. You wouldn't want to accept that from anybody who you love.

You wouldn't accept it. It's unacceptable behavior and the NFL you know didn't double his suspension which is what I thought they would do but 11 games is 11 games and it's 12 weeks with a bye week and and part of the reason why I'm assuming they did this is because the new disciplinary function of the NFL they want it to look and feel legitimate in the eyes of the fans and the players association and I know there will be some people that think that Watson should never play again but the bottom line is the NFL is not the place that you look for for criminal adjudication that's the court system so if you're upset that Deshaun Watson still has a career go look at the people who didn't charge him criminally so based on everything that's in front of the NFL 11 games is a significant suspension it definitely if it matters to you in the football sense absolutely puts a crimp in the Browns Super Bowl hopes this year for any team and fans that think that they have them Jacoby Brissette for 11 games is going to be the guy unless they want to go out and get Jimmy Garoppolo but that's the football sense of it and the reality of it is the NFL had a player who wasn't criminally charged and they have a player in a justice system that they have set up a discipline system that they have set up that they want to have legitimate and I imagine the players association does as well and so week 13 in Houston of all places that's a one o'clock eastern game noon central I imagine it will be pegged there they're not going to have a national television audience discuss the behavior of a player whose behavior is reprehensible and vile has been and I hope like I said he seeks the counseling he needs because if you read what he has done if you read the depositions if you read the story in the New York Times if you've read Sue L Robinson's decision in suspending him for six games and why she she did then you will understand why I'm saying what I'm saying so I hope when he returns in week 13 he is a better person and that he can look at a camera now that the discipline is done and I'm assuming the one civil case that remains will be settled by then and everything else is in his rearview mirror in terms of his legal exposure that he can look at a camera and deliver a remorseful introspective and believable apology to all the fans who need to hear it in order to consider rooting for the Browns again and I know a lot of Browns fans I met them in Ohio just a few weeks ago who are very upset about this situation and don't understand the Browns fans who in the middle of all this are begging for his autograph there are some people who need to hear something from Deshaun Watson and I imagine he will deliver it hopefully after he comes back from a serious 11 like I don't want to see him using this time other than to get the help that it's apparent he needs so I've spent as many minutes to start this show as games he's been suspended what do you think 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich being the number to dial on the program so there's that there's that other news that's out there LeBron James has signed a two-year contract extension worth 97 million dollars and a 15 trade kicker all right meaning that he's he's going to be the highest earning player in NBA history over a half a billion dollars in guaranteed money in his career and he's not eligible for no trade clause because he agreed on an extension not a new deal thus the trade kicker he hasn't won out of here the question is is why did he do this why did he do this and I think the reason why he did this because there's a lot of people like how is he going to win a championship here with Anthony Davis and a new head coach and Russell Westbrook and his 47 million dollar contract and with an agent that he's parted ways with because the agent thought he should get out I mean the agent actually the agent thought he should stay he wants to get out I guess the agent thought he should do he should stay and and and and and and not be traded to a team where he'll just be some sort of salary cap um easing acquisition you know just trying to clear clear your books for the next year and he'll be on some team that has no shot to win the playoffs as opposed to buying into what Darvin Ham is saying and he fired his agent over that and it's just really weird stuff and it doesn't look certainly when you've got the Warriors in the division and the Suns in your division and the Memphis Grizzlies looking as they have and that's just three teams off the top of my head and the Nuggets are going to get healthier and the Mavericks always appear despite losing Brunson to have enough with Doncic around to maybe get past a Lakers team as it's currently constituted in the playoffs why would he do it and I'm thinking this and this is something I want to ask Brian Windhorst when he joins us in just seven minutes time is maybe just maybe LeBron likes living here yeah like we all do I mean maybe he likes living here cue the Joe Rogan I understand I like sunshine maybe he likes living here his family likes living here Bronnie's going through what he's going through getting trolled on by Skip Bayless for dunking with his right hand and you know and and and Bryce Rich don't forget about Bryce is coming right and and LeBron likes being around for their games right and everybody just likes living here and you can get paid 97 million dollars for staying in Los Angeles where your family likes right having a chance I mean you can't sit here and say the Lakers have no chance the Lakers you cannot sit here and say those words you remember when Magic did his I'm not gonna be here thing and there was a dumpster fire and he was going after Rob Palenka on first take and everyone thought this is a disaster LeBron arrived a couple months later and then they won the championship in the bubble honestly they went from a total dumpster fire this thing is totally a disarray they have no idea what the hell they're doing LeBron arrived in that situation and so you can't sit here and say they have no chance and get 97 million dollars to oh by the way break the all-time scoring record in a Lakers uniform passing Kareem in a Laker uniform which is what the Lakers love to do that's major and honestly and and so the issue with that scenario is it supposes that winning it all isn't LeBron's ultimate goal anymore and the answer to that is it's still the Lakers it's Anthony Davis and Darvin Ham may be cooking up something special that everyone is buying into right Austin Reeves could finish right you know I mean see I'm just one never knows so that's my opinion on that also the NCAA may be out of college football because the school presidents that talk about this sort of stuff got together and started saying maybe we start running things out of the college football playoffs for college football and the big 10 just announced a ridiculously lucrative new media deal with partners staying with Fox and FS1 adding CBS and NBC Sports to the equation where they're going to have windows in every single spot of your Saturday early games late afternoon games evening games why not they're in every single time zone and it's seven billion dollars pay that man his money and they don't have to pay players and so I wonder what Greg Sankey the commissioner of the SEC thinks about all of this and guess who's on our show today in hour two that gent Greg Sankey and Kyle Whittingham the head coach of Utah football will be here on this program as well he's still he's he's hanging in the way in the pack eight wow we're soon to be pack eight so um man there's lots going on today 844-204-rich is the number to dial on this program let's take a break so here what Brian Windhorst has to say on all these subjects in the NBA including Lebron's extension love hearing what he's got to say and that will happen coming up next back here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204-rich number to dial so much going on in the world of the NBA so that means we have to call up our favorite from the worldwide leader in sports he's got a terrific podcast called Brian Windhorst and the Hoop Collective everyone knows it's windy on the Mercedes-Benz van's phone line back again is Brian Windhorst how you doing Brian hi Rich how's it going well we're here in uh just down the street from from Lakers headquarters in El Segundo California I could I guess I heard a little whooping and hollering when I left and got on the 105 freeway yesterday's uh it was the Lebron contract maybe the imperial freeway for those for those scoring at home yes indeed that's correct the it's in the king right by the imperial freeway make heads or tails about what this contract means that Lebron James signed with the Lakers so I mean this is a little bit simplistic I agree but he he's given kind of a gift to the Lakers here um he didn't have to sign this now he he was eligible to sign this up until June 30th 2023 he could have signed it any time in there and you know there was some um we were waiting to see whether Lebron would use this contract uncertainty as any kind of leverage against the Lakers um because you know last spring I guess was the winter when the Lakers didn't make a move at the trade deadline didn't use draft picks to the in the future to sort of upgrade that team Lebron was clearly missed about it and here they are into the summer and they've got some draft picks that they haven't traded along with Russell Westbrook at least not yet and so the question was would Lebron hold on to that piece of paper and wait to see if he could do that and he elected not to and so naturally the first thing I did was check on this why does he do this now he doesn't need the money he doesn't you know need the stability he does want to be a Laker but there was no danger of him not being a Laker I don't think and so the answer was he just he trusts the Lakers he trusts them that they despite having this in their pocket that they will continue to to push to try to build a rebuild a championship team around him and you can take the aim at that you can say that might be a mistake but he has trusted the Lakers all along Rich after when he was in Cleveland he signed three contracts in four years he always kept the Cavs on a short leash since he's been to LA he's always signed the maximum distance contract he could at the time so he wants to be a Laker and he trusts them whether or not that ends up being prudent we'll have to wait and see so what tea leaves can you read that you think maybe has given LeBron more of a smart bet here to sign this what's maybe going on behind the scenes to give LeBron that confidence in the Lakers that you think he has what do you got for me on that well I think he's betting on the people still wanting to play for the Lakers and that was one of the things that happened way back in 2018 when he came to LA they didn't really have much on the roster at the time he basically was saying I believe people will want to come play in LA with me and he ended up being right within a year Anthony Davis forced his way there and it was the base of stem winning a championship so some of this is just a wager on the Laker brand I don't know what Jeannie Buss and Rob Polinka promised him or if they even told him anything about the draft picks that they have because they've got these two first round picks that they can trade 27 and 29 if I were LeBron I would have asked are you going to trade those picks in this next year I don't know whether that was asked but when they had the meeting about this extension which they had the first week of August whatever LeBron heard he liked it and I think made the decision then he was going to work out a contract I do think it's worth pointing out that he did leave you know this is you know being called a two-year contract it's really only a one-year contract Rich because he has a player option on that last year and the reason that that's relevant is that's when under the current rules his son Brony would be eligible to join the NBA now I have no idea whether or not he's going to be ready to join the NBA in two years I have no idea whether LeBron is going to follow through with his request and you know his desire to play with his son and whether he'd actually leave to go another team to do that but I think it's worth pointing out that he did leave that window open with the way he structured this contract. So that leads to my next question that may come across Brian Windhorst is sounding disrespectful to LeBron is it possible so now that I've had that caveat I could say anything I want I guess but is it possible that he just loves living out here that his family loves living out here yeah that he that whatever's going on with the Lakers is good enough that yeah he might not win it all but his brand is still as top-notch A-plus Sterling as it possibly can be he likes playing for the Lakers he likes some of the buzz if they win they win if they don't he's still coming out on top and Brony's right around the corner could that be possible? Yeah absolutely I mean I think this is a harsh way of putting it and if he was on this this call with us right now he would probably push back on this really hard he may even be able to have some good points on it but I'm not sure that winning it all is absolutely the number one thing for him right now I think being happy with his life is up there and certainly again you know wagering on the Lakers being able to attract talent it's not a bad bet and he's already cashed in on it so it's not irrational but you know signing this now is not the most efficient way of you know you know being on a championship contender and so you know the Lakers aren't there yet maybe in six months we'll look back at this and say boy he knew he knew that this was going to happen they were going to execute this certain trade and you know he'll look good but you could make the case that he is not maximizing his chance to win a championship by signing this contract now and I don't have a problem with it I mean as far as I'm concerned his legacy is long since set in stone and you know he's going to in the near future become the all-time scoring leader and he's going to do that in the Laker uniform and no matter what anybody thinks that's going to happen and he doesn't know anybody anything now he lives in a world where he's constantly compared to players who have more championships and you know people start counting on their fingers and counting the rings and that's just going to be the reality but the but his life he doesn't think he owes anybody anything doesn't have to prove anything and I think that had some effect on his decision to sign right now and is it possible that he's going to be the last one to wear number six and that might be something that's a new thing for him to to to think about I mean I don't know how many people are wearing number six right now now that that the league rightfully is hanging it up in the memory of Bill Russell and they announced that I mean that's got to mean I mean as long as we're talking about legacy plays play as long as you want in a spot where you love playing maybe you play with your son here right and and you're the last one Bill Russell wore six he's the last one to wear number six I mean that's got to mean something to the guy the whole thing yeah there's I think there's 22 or so guys who wear number six I don't know how many of them are going to switch or whatever in theory they're all allowed to wear it out they're grandfathered in but I remember I think it was when Lebron met Bill Russell I was there and I remember talking to Bill Russell about Lebron and you know I didn't know Bill Russell he was way before my time I didn't get to cover him or anything like that it was the only time I ever talked to Bill Russell but I remember the day that they met and I remember Bill um you know talking about how Lebron was 18 at the time and I can remember Bill Bill had this you know what I remember is this this laugh this very loud resounding laugh but anyway I remember him saying uh I was pretty good at 18 but I was not as good as this kid and he couldn't believe how Lebron was able to handle everything and so you know when he he switched to six not necessarily because of Bill Russell but because of his experience with the Olympics which was the first you know in in the Olympics back then you could only pick numbers one through fifteen um and so you had or maybe one through twelve actually so you had to pick one through twelve and um Kobe was able to pick eight because his you know that was part of the reason with uh you know he was he didn't have to switch his number so Lebron picked six um and is also partially an ode to Julius Erving who wore six too but obviously there's now going to be a connection between the two of them because of wearing number six and I think Lebron would love to do something that could get number six elevated to the rafters in LA I don't know if he's got enough time to do that um but uh you know he's gonna have his he's gonna have his number retired with two other franchises um the number it does mean something to him. Lebron James uh signing that contract and Brian Windhorst here on the Rich Eisen Show to talk about it so um moments ago you mentioned in relation to Lebron signing his contract his two-year contract extension that maybe he asked about those first round draft choices in 2027 and 2029 that the Lakers can trade do they have to trade both to get rid of Russell Westbrook or can they send just one for him and then keep the other for another player that they could get to win a championship with Lebron right now what are what's the strategy if the Lakers are willing to cough those up? Yeah it depends obviously on the deal I mean really Russell Westbrook you know in theory Rich they're gonna bring Russ into camp and they're gonna try a new um a new strategy with them in a new role and in theory that could work I don't believe it will work because I don't believe Russ is equipped to do what Darvin Ham is going to ask him to do I've seen stranger things so I'm not going to completely rule that out but if you look at Russ as a trade piece he is at the end of the day um a 47 million dollar expiring contract and so one of the things that the Lakers could do is they could they could make a deal with a team that's just looking to get off of salary looking to to shed salary may be willing to give up uh two or three decent players now you may say well what team is that well those teams may not a hundred percent be clear yet we may have to see how the season unfolds you know for example people pay attention to Donovan Mitchell in in Utah well if he gets traded at some point maybe it's before the season maybe it's in November um they still have other players on that roster that they may then want to trade and get salary cap space maybe the Lakers can be involved in that maybe there's another deal they've talked to Indiana about clearing their books off now would a trade to acquire you know a guy like uh uh Boyan Bogdanovich or Buddy Heald is that going to be a type of deal that you would throw multiple picks in that would change the Lakers whole outlook not necessarily I think what you're talking about is the Brooklyn Mets deal would they be willing to trade the two first round picks plus Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving and maybe even potentially uh because Kyrie makes so much less takes the more money back in that trade um maybe you get a player like Joe Harris or Seth Curry would that type of trade be worth setting two second round picks I would say maybe that it would be because you get Kyrie Irving you that is a a change in that would elevate your status and maybe give you a championship contending team that you're looking for the question is Brooklyn's got to want to do that deal uh Utah or Indiana's going to want to do that deal I'm not sure Brooklyn is in the mood right now to trade anybody um you know they're obviously they're taking calls on Kevin Durant but the the way that they're conducting the calls and what they're asking for for Durant it's not leading teams to believe that they're seriously interested in trading anybody maybe that'll change we know that it's going to be fluid so when LeBron signed his contract in 2018 he was doing so thinking that it was going to work out for the Lakers he ended up being right in the short term about that he signed this contract thinking it's all going to end up working out for the Lakers and I will say if you look at the history of their team most of the time it does um although these last couple years it hasn't gone so good all right last one for you Brian Winhorse you just touched on two very uh fluid as you pointed out situations in the NBA right now with Donovan Mitchell and Utah and the Knicks and then of course what's going on with the Nets let's take them one at a time what is the latest on the Nets what is going on in Brooklyn best you can tell me right now I I just rich I just don't think they want to trade Durant right now I I the what they're asking for from these teams um it's it's not you know the basis you know if I knock on your door instead I'd like to buy your house okay uh I will sell it to you for 37 million dollars you don't really want to sell your house right I mean I guess if I said oh I mean I haven't been your house maybe it's worth 37 million salute um but you know when you ask something like that you're not asking you're not actually interested in selling so these teams are kind of like well you're not interested in really negotiating Brooklyn so what are we doing here you know call us back when you're interested negotiating and so I think teams will stay in touch and and so whatever it comes down to is Durant you know where is Durant uh when it comes to training camp is he would he consider not reporting um he is asked to be traded he has not been traded he has asked for the coach to be fired if they want to keep him he has asked the general manager to be fired if they want to keep him they have not fired those guys and it sounds like they're not going to fire those guys so now do you you just take those losses just accept those no's and say okay well yeah I asked for something they said no I'll show up on the first day of school I hope everybody's summer was good is that what he does I mean he could um is there some negotiation that they can have between now and then not between other teams and on a trade but between Durant and the owner on something that could make Durant comfortable get into a place where he could come back I mean maybe yeah I could see that but you know my question is like the Nets think they've got a good team rich they think Ben Simmons is going to be healthy it's really going to help them they think that they're going to have Joe Harris and Seth Curry there's those guys never played a second together those are two of the best three-point shooters in the league they've got ideas about how they're going to play Ben Simmons maybe at center with four incredible shooters around him uh they went out and traded for Royce O'Neill in the off season one of the better perimeter defenders in the league they like think their team's going to be good they want to give it a chance and that's what they're that's the that's the position that they're taking right now they're not taking a position of wanting to rip this team apart so we'll see how Durant you know wants to to to dig in yeah I know I mean that but that's on paper you don't play the games on paper right you've got Durant saying I'm one out and if I'm staying in I want the coach and general manager out and who knows what he feels about Kyrie and vice versa and him being there and Ben Simmons did he really leave a chat a text chain with when the players are like hey can you help keep our season alive and and then he exits the chat like how if that's the case how in the world can you put it all back there leave that to Steve Nash when the one of the best players on planet earth in the history of this planet are saying I want him out how can you put Humpty Dumpty is broken right I don't know I don't know about any of that but I know that Kyrie Simmons and Durant have not played together I know that Curry and and Joe Harris have not played together if you're going to make the case that you think it could be very hard to stitch this together and make it work I would agree with that I think the Nets want to try whether or not Durant is willing to go along with that we'll see because right now I just don't think they're in the the zone to trade him and so I think we're you know and the the backdrop to all of this is if Durant doesn't I don't know what he's going to do I want to be clear I don't know where his head is is that on this but if he elects to not come to camp this is that is going to be going on at the same time that the NBA collective bargaining agreement negotiations are going on they're going on this fall they have a deadline in December where either side can opt out of the CBA their goal is to negotiate a new one before that deadline I believe it's in mid-December so that could be an interesting little situation also you're going to have if Durant doesn't come you're going to have Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons having to sit there and answer questions about it Ben Simmons sat out last year of training camp and Kyrie Irving um didn't wasn't around last year either and you're going to have a repeat of the Nets drama uh the you know in a different form it's going to be fascinating but if they can get them all on the court I do think it's worth looking at um but I I can't it's very difficult for me to predict how it's going to go I would just say right now um the more interesting negotiation that's happening is between Durant and the Nets as opposed to the Nets on the other teams who have interest in trading for him okay so then uh before I let you go let's hit on the uh the Donovan Mitchell Knicks scenario and I do believe while you give your answer we will put up the screen grab of your true detective type moment when you talked about the Jazz a few weeks ago on on your network go for it Brian yeah yeah I think that I was pretty sure then that the Jazz were going to trade Gilbert and Donovan Mitchell and I still stand by that and I also think they're gonna I don't know if they'll be able to execute it but I would suspect you would also see Boyan by Donovitch and Mike Conley traded at some point in the next six months and so they're going to go ahead and tear that all down um the thing about it is the price tag on Donovan Mitchell is so high there's only a couple of teams that can really get into the bidding and the Knicks lead it they they have the currency you know there's some other teams that have it too but I don't know if there's an alignment with where it would make sense for Donovan Mitchell um you know for example Donovan Mitchell I think would love to play in Miami I think though he would love to have them they don't have the dowry that the Knicks do so really well I well I wouldn't ever rule out you know something unexpected an unexpected team to get into it um I think really this is all a big giant negotiation how much can the Jazz extract from the Knicks for Donovan Mitchell and if this gets into the season what I here's what I'm going to find interesting what if the Knicks get off to a slow start um and you know even with their big expenditure on Jalen Brunson what if you know they're in you know ninth place or 12th place you know three weeks into the season does that change what they're willing to pay what happens if Donovan Mitchell is awesome I just was looking at highlights from him competing in a pro league in Miami last night he looked great what if he comes out uh and is averaging 35 points and the Jazz want a tank and he's winning them games you know what if the Jazz are like we got to get this guy out of here before we win games and we can't we can't get Victor Wimbayama one of the one of the games I have circled on my schedule November 15th okay so we're that's about a month into the season um Knicks at Jazz on TNT you can't say the folks at TNT weren't paying attention to this uh what happens if in that game you know Donovan Mitchell scores 48 points in front of all of the world the country and all the Knicks fans which he could easily do um there's a lot of variables that are going to trick you know potentially could happen early in the season but we all get back to what we started how much can the Jazz get out of the Knicks uh a team that can trade up to eight first round picks and has a number of young players that to me is is definitely worth watching Brian Windhorst you sir are the man and we did in fact have the photograph of you pointing to this guy up for most of that soliloquy and delivery I'll Venmo your number sir uh and look for my call in the future thanks again Brian Windhorst you are the best truly appreciate it right back at you at Windhorst ESPN I follow him a must follow Brian Windhorst here on the program all right we'll take a break during that conversation I could see out of the corner of my eye that Deshaun Watson just did in fact speak to the media and right now uh the general manager uh of the Cleveland Browns um the executive vice president football operations and GM Andrew Berry is talking flanked by the Haslems D and uh Jimmy Haslem the owner of the Browns so we'll get all of that if you will sound and sound bites turned around but more importantly we'll take this break and be back with you at 844-204-rich 844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show so the owners of the Browns and the general manager of the Browns are talking to the media right now and the body language doesn't look very good I'll be very honest with you right now is it better or worse than the uh a press conference that looked like a funeral body language looks dreadful right now we'll wait we'll wait to hear what they gotta say we'll wait to hear what they gotta say 844-204-rich being the number to dial here on the program so uh last night started following baseball again what a great feeling you know and I picked up the sport I picked up the sport bottom of the 10th inning last night yankee stadium you're back I'm back well Susie and the kids returned so the house is full again for the first time since late June wow late June yeah back so you know there's you know there's lots going on I needed to catch up on better call stall yeah which I did yeah and I have completed yeah and I have completed the journey of Saul Goodman and uh Jimmy McGill okay and so I've completed all that and in the middle I was getting updates and I wasn't looking good in the Bronx down four nothing four nothing the key number being the zero and the number of grounded into double plays with bases loaded I mean the yank to say they went from a 70 they went from 70 wins right to 0 for 70 it was rough it's crazy baseball is nutty like that rough stretch first team is 70 wins to me maybe the last team to 80 I don't know man it was it was really brutal and then um and then um slowly but surely they chip back and tie the game on a on a solo shot by Anthony Rizzo and then with Clay Holmes their lights out closer in the first half who couldn't record an out in the second half now on the disabled list which kind of reeks of like let's just give this guy a break yeah let's give him a rest you know I don't know yeah and you and you hear Aaron boots I think he'll be back after the 15 days because you're giving him a blow here lower back problems or whatever so let's hand things off to Chapman who's doing really well um you know what's you know what's the you know what equals here's a new equation are all this Chapman plus ghost runner equals can of gas you're putting you're putting a guy on second base just to start things off against Chapman oh my god so sure enough uh a basis clearing double happens it's now 7-4 and um but the Yankees get the ghost runner themselves and load the bases and Josh Donaldson with just two home runs in the Yankee stadium this year I mean how many Yankee fans and I'm one of them all year long have been just like okay I'm glad he plays a really good hot corner but is he going to start hitting or what and he hit a grand slam and the Yankees win at least he hit it to the shortest part of your stadium dude you don't have a thing to talk about with the pesky poll is barely outside of the batter's box for a left-handed hitter like literally joke it's I've never seen a foul pole directly behind first base like the one that's in Fenway Park and then and then the wall that Wade Boggs has flipped his wrist his entire career to play wall ball and made the hall of fame it's like okay so you don't have to you have to hit it 40 feet high the ball that the ball that Donaldson hit last night was an out in every ballpark you want to look that up before you actually talk that into a nationally televised and radio microphone do you know I don't I bet it wasn't that was barely went over the fence what are you talking about it went it went several rows into right field look bottom line is if you want to talk about uh uh stadiums and being band boxes and offensive helpful um facilities you don't have a leg to stand on pal the walls like the most jabroni thing ever what are you talking about 40 feet high it's incredibly how math works right trigonometry you understand geometry all left-handed hitters have to do in Fenway Park is just hook the ball 305 feet and it's a home run or just flick their wrists and hit a nice little lazy fly ball in the left field that would be a can of corn anywhere else that's so easy because that's so easy well if you wait boxes that's all that mattered at any rate i'm kidding it was a big win for the yankees and i'm following baseball again it's great i'm not i'm not gonna train again and guys now the blue jays coming how that by the way the men are back to back and it's like that okay it's like that it's like that i mean they lost the series by the way it doesn't baby right comes up i think i told brock from this yesterday i said watch him hit a home run and he's first at bat first game first at bat i love it it's family going crazy i do love there is no more likable team in baseball than the new york mats and it's a very big mouthful for me to say that i don't know that because i don't really pay attention to the other teams but did you see at a meeting in the mound the other day peter lonzo handed scratch-off tickets yeah what was that lottery tickets to buck showalter on the mound like a total bull durham moment at the major league level but kind of looked at him and looked at him like okay stuck him in his pocket i don't know what that was pete alonzo handed lottery tickets to buck showalter at a meeting of the mound in a major league baseball game during a pitching change vocal bach is home he's like a he's like a a swinging fire hydrant the american dream they swing hard and it just goes lindor has gone from thumbs down to thumbs up i love this team dude marte is outstanding hey jeff mcneal no man they are and then i have to do the dance mike dude do the dance and then their closer the way he comes out of the pen delightful somebody played narco might play narco for me so i could walk off into the commercial break i love that that's coming to yankee stadium soon too that'll be fun you guys gotta hold up your end of the subway series all right because i'm following baseball again rich eyes and big baseball yeah greg zanke's coming out what day is it this guy oh yeah hold on what day is it still trying to find this home run distance oh god just find out how long right he does research i got to find out how far right field is because it was a few rows brockman's like the word behind do you notice it takes him two more minutes to google things than anybody else can in this room do you know what you're talking about you know how hard it is to find this it's not it's so simple it's not an easy that's not easy you got it's so simple it's probably on the major league baseball website look up average wall it went 349 feet i think field of dreams is 308 what are you going i mean i just told you the answer 380 what how many feet 349 maybe the shortest home run of the year it only would have been a home run half the ballparks oh half not like just none of them it should if you hit a home run it should be a home run in every ballpark so you're not that's what home runs should be home runs should be home runs everywhere that's the beauty of baseball is it's different that's why it's called a ground rule a ground rule double okay that's what it's different when touchdowns are only touchdowns in two-thirds of the ball of the stadium is that the football the field's right i mean basketball aren't there some hockey hoskins can tell me there are some hockey arenas big like ranks bigger than others right olympic ice olympic ice is bigger wider longer no what i'm just saying yeah olympic ice so in the nhl the nba and the nfl it's an mls in soccer it just baseball's different the defense has the ball in baseball i mean do i have to walk you through all this and by the way you're the you're the you're the king of odds and numbers right okay so so basically it went from a home run in only one of 30 parks to a home run in one in 15 parks literally in the span of just two minutes isn't that amazing so it went it went from a home run only in your place to a home run in half the lead he's not interesting so it's more i mean i wouldn't change all the parts same measurements hyperbole hyperbole you know what that word is it's called facts facts your park sucks oh my god that's hyperbole that is not hyperbole that is a fact your park sucks okay okay this is my daily reminder to everyone just let me jump in here that pete alonzo should be mvp i mean i'm just gonna say it every day it's awesome mvp in the national league is in the mix too right who else is in the mix there whose team your closer is infinitely more valuable than pete oh no oh yeah by the way no no let me stop yeah dude pete alonzo should be the mvp of the uh of the national league i'm with you what for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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