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The Drive with Josh Graham - Movie Game with B-Daht & B-Hyphen

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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October 24, 2019 6:14 pm

The Drive with Josh Graham - Movie Game with B-Daht & B-Hyphen

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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October 24, 2019 6:14 pm

Host Josh Graham with Desmond Johnson. What are the proper expectations for UNC basketball this year? 102 Jamz Personality B-Daht and Heels Maven reporter Brant Wilkerson-New try their hands at the Movie Game vs Josh. A 20 game ACC Basketball Schedule? Charlotte Hornets Play by Play man John Focke stops by.

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The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
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The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham

This is the Drive with Josh Graham Podcast. Tune in to The Drive weekday afternoons three to seven on Sports Hub Triad. Triad.

Beat out from the three live crew hanging out in studio with us now. You. It's good to have you in here finally. Hey, thanks for having me Josh, man. You know I'm a fan, bro. Alright. You know I am a fan. I listen to you all the time. That's all I'm driving.

He's a fan of me right now, but there are some differences that we have here. See, someone told me last week. Is that it? Is that the difference? That is true. And you know, we often talk about when Aaron's especially on the other side of the glass, we say that there's a cultural divide between the law offices of Timothy D. Wellborn Studios, we're sitting in right now, and the control room, which Desmond's sitting in over there.

Okay. Yeah, sometimes we have to temper the call Cassidy a little bit. We have to kind of make sure we even it out a little bit here.

There's a balance of things that we need to have on the show. But no, I had someone tell me a few weeks ago that you are the unofficial mascot of Tar Heel basketball. Hands down, without a question, I am the biggest fan that never ever took one class at North Carolina University, North Carolina Chapel Hill. Absolutely. I don't have the debt, but I have the fanfare.

So note that he starts the show and we should probably clip that out. He's our biggest fan right now. Yeah. But I'm not a believer in UNC basketball right now.

What? Not this roster. You're tripping.

I'm not. I don't understand how anybody thinks that this team's going to contend for an ACC title at this moment with all the turnover that they have. Right. Like the only other times we've seen it were after the two national titles. The first two under Roy. You have 2006, which actually had a decent season with Frazier and all them boys. Tyler Hansbrough, his freshman season. Young Tyler.

Yeah. But then 2010, you know, you don't make the NCAA tournament and it's the Ware Twins and you're supposed to get excited about Marcus Ginyard and them boys. Nobody was ever excited about the Ware Twins. California players never do well in Tar Heel uniforms. This is a fact.

Ask Larry Drew, right? But neither one of those squads had this type of firepower coming back. Yes, we lost the top five scores in our program last year with Kenny and all those guys.

But the reality is with Cole Anthony coming in this year, he is a certified bucket is what we like to call it. This team is better than those other two. Much better.

I will give you that. It's reminiscent of the 2017 championship. It's the last time. It's the first time Roy has out recruited Coach K. Yeah, I think probably since 2012 when you had the class that featured J.P. Tokada had Joel James in it. But Marcus Page was in that class. Duke wasn't really recruiting heavy that particular year. But this year they get Cole Anthony. The sanctions scared everybody off, Josh. Everybody knows that. I understand that.

So that's a different deal. They out recruited Coach K this year. They needed to.

They needed to. Well, let's not get too far into last year. Duke has still a higher ranked class at the moment, yes? What, for next year?

I don't think so, actually. For next year, we're three. Yeah, Carolina's ranked number three right now. I think Duke's number one.

Let me go find out. I think Duke's number one right now, according to 24-7. But giving Roy the credit, again, he needed to have a big offseason. He landed Cole Anthony. He landed these younger players.

He landed the grad transfers. They're all coming together. And I like the group. But here's my big problem. You only have two reliable bigs. So it's Baycott and it's Brooks.

Right? Sterling Manley. Roy said that. He had surgery that we didn't know about. He can't run. He can't get down into his stance. And if it's not Sterling Manley giving you anything, then you're relying on Brandon Huffman and he just hasn't done it yet.

So that's my issue. I don't think I've ever seen a Roy Williams team that's only had two reliable bigs and won an ACC title. Yeah, so actually Josh is correct. The 2020 rankings. As of today, Duke is ranked number one with five commits. Kentucky's number two. Carolina's number three, although Duke has five commitments and Carolina only has four. They both have three five stars. Three five stars.

And then they added a four star this week. What was the kid's name? KJ? No, RJ Davis.

And yes, that's why you get paid the big bucks. One Josh, zero dot. But listen, I would like to say this. We have a lot of scoring power and we have experience. That's one of the big things about Roy Williams' team this year. Garrison Brooks as a junior. You got Brandon Robinson as a senior. That's good leadership at the guard and at the big position. Then you got Leaky Black, who only played 23 games last year. He's going to be sensational on the defensive end and offensive. He reminds me of Theo Pinson. And that team that won with Theo right there at the helm, you know what type of player that is. He gives it to you on both ends of the court.

So that's exactly what they need to do. Cole Anthony is the expert. He is. But what exactly you just described is what Roy Williams has to do with this team. Like if you're picking out a starting five for North Carolina, I see most people saying that you start both Baycott and Garrison Brooks, moving Brooks to the four and Baycott to the five. But if you only have two reliable bigs, you might be best suited doing what you did two years ago, running Theo as the stretch four and staggering the minutes of those two bigs in order to be successful. Because that team two years ago, well, they didn't win a national title like the year that preceded it and weren't a number one seed as this year's team was.

They were a number two playing in Charlotte and had a really good year. And you have two guys who can essentially play that Theo Pinson role. Leaky Black can rebound as a stretch four and Pierce, the same way, can do that same exact thing.

I think that's what they need to do. I think he's going to give us some buckets off that bench. And I'm really, again, Cole Anthony is the X Factor, man. Like I'm expecting great things from this Tar Heel team, man. And I definitely think we can definitely win the ACC, Josh. I am a little concerned, just no one with Roy's offenses. And I'm in the same boat as B dot. I'm a huge Carolina fan. You know that I feel like he does. It's weird.

It depends on the health of mainly because or someone. Walker Kessler, somebody the second big, because Roy likes to play with two bigs that like to run up and down. If you look at his championship teams, he's always had one main guy he goes through and then a secondary big guy that can run with him and can spell him.

Even in two thousand seventeen, it was what's the name Woods that was coming off the bench. So this year, who is that second guy? Manly's got, you know, busted knees, which he's had his entire career. Carolina.

I don't know who that second big man is. And I know Roy hates to play from the outside in. So that's my only concern. But I have trust in Roy whenever people have doubted Roy, he comes home with a regular season title. So exactly.

And that's the thing. That's the thing that I'm confident in and optimistic that Roy can get it together. I remember a time when he had PJ Harrison playing before you understand, like he went to the ACC Championship game. He's a mastermind with doing that. And that's the thing that I like about Roy, regardless of what his personnel is. He does. He is old fashioned in certain sets and he does like to run certain things, but he can adapt. And I'm appreciative of that.

All right. And also, I'm talking about the two bigs. You've got to get those guys motivated and ready to go. Be that as the unofficial mascot of UNC basketball, he's doing his part. You're doing your part in trying to motivate Garrison Brooks, we understand. Yeah, I am. And like Garrison, I've been telling him for the past two years, he's the tallest, most laying up in his big guy I've ever seen in my life.

Stop laying the ball up and dunk the ball. So this year was my very first time being at ACC Media Day. I got to meet Josh and it was great. I got to meet Joe. It was amazing.

Right. But I got the whoa challenge. Yeah, we did the challenge.

It was amazing. But I got to talk to Garrison and I made a bet with Garrison Brooks. I said, listen, for every time you do a layup in a game, Garrison, you have to go on your IG and you have to do push ups for those layups. For every time you dunk, I will do push ups and I'll put that on my IG. He agreed to it.

He doesn't want to do push ups. I'm expecting a lot more dunks this season. All right. I'm all about that. Yeah. I'm on my way to Instagram right now. Yeah.

Follow both of them. So me and B. Dot, we've been in a text chain with our good friend Chris Lee. Yeah.

WXII. We were both on the wake zone last week. And I get posed the question that I think Chris Lee was expecting a different answer from me. Hey, is Sage Surratt the best wide receiver in college football? And statistically, he's second in many categories. He's third in some categories. And he won ACC wide receiver of the week for the fourth time this season, second consecutive week. And I gave a flat no. He's not the greatest wide receiver right now in college football. He just isn't.

Okay. So I introduced you to a guy by the name of CeeDee Lamb. And I have been like emotionally attached to this gentleman ever since.

Carolina Panthers maybe should pick up a CeeDee Lamb. He's amazing. Right?

Right? He is amazing. I got this freshman kid. He's like a nephew to me. He plays for Walkertown in Winston. And he plays just like that. That same style. And I told him, look at CeeDee because you play just like him. His footwork. The way he just has a knack to get to the end zone.

Like it is amazing. I must I must digress. CeeDee might be the best wide receiver in college football. But it's not an insult to Sage Surratt because here's what's happened with you guys on TV and me on this radio show. If you say somebody isn't the best. If you say somebody is better than them. It's taken as you're saying this guy's bad or this guy's the worst. Me saying, hey, he'd be a finalist for the Blitnikov Award, which there's three guys across college football that go to that. Some say, Josh, you're the worst.

Hey, hey, hey. You are a Wake Forest hater, Josh Graham. That's what you are. Can we just go through all the Kawhi Leonard cuts that we have here?

Just burn them out real quick. All right. Let's go through the soundboard. I mean, there's something for every single scenario in here.

Like the next time that I make a prediction and have let's just say the best bets go 0-3 like they did last weekend. You could easily respond by saying this. Aha. Aha. Aha.

Aha. Yeah, last laugh. Do you like that laugh more than the OG, the original laugh? Yeah, the original. The original is tough to beat.

It's not even debatable because the original was so authentic and genuine of who he really is. He's a robot. The best part is what preceded that laugh. Give me the OG one more time. What he said before that was, and I quote, I'm a fun guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whenever you have to go on the record and state you're a fun guy, you are not a fun guy, Josh. Wait, I would like to say something, Josh, because you got away from it real fast being on the wake zone. Will you give me my props for keeping that game under 30 points like I told you? You did. You said that FSU and Wake Forest would be under 30 points, but I have to ask an honest question. What? Did you know of the weather?

No, I was guessing. I was super, but I was right, Josh. And again, in the CD versus Sage debate, man, like they're two totally different. CD versus Sage.

Let's start it right now. Like Sage is a big guy. He's 6'4", 220. And he is a possession wide receiver. He's almost like a Mari Cooper type joint where you got CD. He's a scatter. He's more like Tarik Hill.

He's like going to get to the box like he's a smaller guy. There are two different guys, two different weapons for your offense. It depends on what you need to fit your offensive scheme, bro.

Yeah. And Sage, to your point, he's a guy if you want. Yeah, he's not going to be in the backfield. You're not going to see him much in the slot. But if you're talking about a 50-50 ball, who's going to come down with it? Like, let's just put it this way. If it's Sage and CD Lamb going up for it, Sage is going to come down with the ball.

90% of the time. Possession receiver. Like the comparison I made, and some even took this as being a shot to Sage. I compared him to Hakeem Butler, who people didn't know from last year, but he was awesome at Iowa State. And also Josh Doxson. There's Redskins fans listening saying that. That's an insult because of how bad he's been in the pros, but he was an awesome college player at TCU.

That's who Sage reminds me of. They're still Redskins fans? They exist. Really? It's amazing. Are they still like wearing their clothes and their nails and stuff?

Like are they putting their flags on the cards? Okay, you know how it is. You've lived in North Carolina how long?

Oh yeah, my whole life pretty much. Right. There was a stretch, I would say probably before Cam Newton became Cam Newton, where you would have Redskins fans or football fans that had a Redskins jersey and a Panthers jersey in their closet. And they wait the first three weeks to see which one they're going to pull out.

Yeah. And it's always like an outdated jersey. It'd be like a Chris Cooley and a Steven Davis. Not Thomas Davis. Steven Davis and Chris Cooley in the closet.

You gotta figure out which one to bring out. My experiences with Redskins fans in the area are that they hate the Panthers. Because when the Panthers showed up 25 years ago, they took their 1 p.m. slot from here. As a kid, I grew up a Redskins fan because everyone around me was a Redskins fan until we got the Panthers. And they have not let that go.

They do not like the Panthers, Cam Newton, Steve Smith, any of it. Circle the date. December the 1st. Oh yeah. It's going to be in Charlotte. That's not much of a rivalry though. It would be cool if they were in the same division, but the NFC East has just been around so long. They'll never mess with the...

They're not going to mess with the NFC East. But that would be cool if the Redskins played the Panthers twice a year. Like, I mean, we'd make that drive. Oh yeah. Just make the drive to D.C.? Who wouldn't do that? Yeah, that'd be lit.

That'd be great. Like, I'm not driving to Atlanta. I'm just not doing it. It's too long of a drive. It's a little too long of a drive. It's pretty much the same drive. Is it farther than D.C.? It's pretty much the same drive. I thought it was like an hour less to get to D.C.

They're both like two Swisher Swedes. Can you say that on the show? I'm sorry. You can. Okay, this is my first time. We've said worse.

You're good. Do you have that phone caller? Do you have that phone caller just last week? We did the top 10 list. It was my top 10. I forget what I was listing off. We have fun with the top 10 list. So I opened myself up to people. I mean, I take it personally, these segments.

You know, it means so much to be on the radio. And this guy didn't really care for it whatsoever. And quite frankly, it hurt my feelings. And you can follow B. on Twitter. I'm not sure if I mentioned this.

At B. you can follow. This is what this caller had to say about my top 10 list. I'd rather drink turpentine and piss in a brush fire than hear another top 10 list. Thank you. It hurt my feelings. I think I heard that live. And I was like, do you know the redness on your neck to say pee in a brush fire? God!

I mean, you got a red tattoo on the back of your neck. It's my favorite phone caller we've ever had. That was amazing. You are listening to the WSGS Winston-Salem, WCOG Greensboro, WPC in Burlington, WMFR High Point. Their signals make it up.

Sports Hub Triad. Last week, somebody asked me, what is the purpose of the top 10 list? What is the purpose of the movie game? And I responded to that just to have a little bit of fun. OK, we'll get to what's happening in the top headlines in just a little bit. But for now, we're just going to have a little bit of fun right here.

B. in studio for the three live crew. Yup. I spoke a bit. It's alright. You know, from Heels-Baven.

B hyphen. Thank you. Hanging out.

He's on Twitter at Brant Heels-Baven. Let's get into the movie game. We have some very overdone, unnecessary imaging to get this thing started.

I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. It's time for some kind of movie game. All right, all right, all right. With Josh Graham and Darren Vaught. Show me the money. But no Darren Vaught today. We had Darren yesterday. That's all right, Josh. He's here in spirit. That was a great voice. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the movie game. I'm your host, Esmond Johnson, and we've got some gentlemen in the studio that will be attempting to take the throne from our current champion.

Introducing first, he is from the three live crew from 102 Jams. Please welcome B. Dot. Thank you. Thank you. A.K.A.

Hunglo Jenkins. Contestant number two, he is from Maven, Carolina, giving you all things Tar Heel. Brant, B. Dot. Excuse me. Brant Wilkerson New, A.K.A. B hyphen. I actually was thinking like a dumb ass.

Where is Maven, North Carolina? And then our returning champion with a record of three wins and zero losses to date. Josh Graham. Are you ready to play? Yeah, let's let's play the game. All right.

So here's what you do, fellas. Rotten Tomatoes has a score for these movies that I have picked out for you. Today's category is Des's favorite scary movie. You have to get the closest to the Rotten Tomatoes score. The player with the lowest combined score at the end of three rounds wins. If there are two contestants that are within 10 points of each other, we move on to the golden movie round and we declare a winner. Are you ready?

Ready. What's the first movie? The first movie, gentlemen. 2002's Scream 2. Scream 2?

The second one. That's one of your favorite movies? Scream 2? It's my favorite scary movie of all time. Scream 2? Yep.

That's strange. I don't even remember Scream 2. I remember Scream the original.

Yeah, me too. What is your favorite scary movie, by the way? Favorite scary movie will probably be the first.

No, no. What's Candyman? Yeah, Candyman. Candyman's scary. Do you like scary movies, Brant? Oh, yeah, I didn't like them as much until Lauren forced me to start watching them. I just thought they were dumb, but pretty good.

I like the new Halloween the most. Everybody got scores written down out of 100. Where are we starting? Let's start with VDOT. 89.

That was a very quick answer there. Yeah, 89. Brant.

The first one was bad, so I assume the second one was worse. 27. Brant with a 27.

And Josh. We're all over the map here. I'm going 53 because I don't think critics rate scary movies well. I don't know.

Okay, the Rotten Tomatoes score for Scream 2 was 82. What? Huh? What? Huh?

Wow. Let's roll, baby. 82% for Scream 2?

Let's roll, baby. I'm not going to stop dissing my favorite movie of all time. What are we talking about? Told you, man.

82%. You go back and check it out. For Scream 2. I don't even remember what the movie was about.

I know what it was about. What is the plot of Scream 2? Sydney goes to college.

They're at a college town. It's basically the same as Scream. Billy Loomis, the original murderer in the first one. His mom is the killer in the second one.

Kind of Ode to Friday the 13th, but in reverse. You'll get it. Go watch it. No, I'm not going to watch it.

It's fantastic. The second movie's what? Your second movie, gentlemen. 1999's The Blair Witch Project. Oh, man. This movie scared me so badly.

It did, bro. Oh, my gosh. This movie, Secret Window, The Exorcist, and Signs. Those are the ones that stick out among the ones that scared me big time. Yeah, with Mel Gibson, the M. Night Shyamalan movie. I was wigged out in a major way by that movie. Blair Witch just seemed so real, man.

Just with the way they were filming, with the handheld camera and everything. It was one of those first ones. The next one that was, I think, Snow on the Bluff, but that wasn't a scary movie. Oh, I remember Snow on the Bluff. You remember Snow on the Bluff? Yeah, I do. That's great.

Josh doesn't. I'm going to do Hood movies for this category. You should have done it.

I should have. Bring me back and do Hood movies, Brent. Oh, Brent, sorry. We're going to go to Brent. Let's go with 69.

Yeah, you will. Beat on. I went with 68. That's crazy.

That Price is Right tactic there. Yeah, I did, though. Read what I got written down.

And Josh. Is that 69? That is 69.

Oh, my gosh. That is crazy. Nice.

Dirty boys. The score for the Blair Witch project was 87. 87? Wow. So currently, right now, B Dot is in the lead.

Yes, I am. Brent is second and Josh is third. How's that? Because your first one was horrible. Oh, wait, I'm sorry.

It didn't update. Josh is second. Mine was second.

Brent is third. Okay. Sorry. My scoreboard had a little. All right.

How far am I off to try and force this golden movie? You are 21. No, 19 behind. 19 behind. B Dot is the leader. Won't catch me.

So I got to make it up by nine points. So I got to kind of guess something that's a little bit off the beaten path of this third. Won't catch me, bro.

What do you got? Their third movie is 1997's I Know What You Did Last Summer. This is a tough one. That was a very good movie. Gosh, I know what you did last summer. That was with the boats and all the killing. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yeah, she was gorgeous. That was 97. 97 was a good year, too. That's when I graduated high school. Great year. That was a great year. Great year for hip hop, too. It was.

No, no cap. I'm Michelle Pfeiffer. Wu Tang Forever came out that year. Legit. I listened to some good hip hop albums in 1997.

Listen here, fellas. I really like that Notorious B.I.G. Biggie died in 97. So I guess it wasn't a great year for hip hop, looking in hindsight, but have you heard of this Tupac Shakur? Yeah, he died like six months before the end of 96. Oh, well, maybe not in 97. Hey, hey, hey.

Okay, sorry. That's a good way to transition us out of that. We're gonna go with our leader, which is B.Dot. I'm gonna flip 97 and go 79. 79. 79 is my guess. Josh is currently in second.

Josh? 57%. I gotta make up ground here. Gotta make up nine points. He's been strategic. He's not even trying to guess it right.

And Brandt. 69. Brandt, what's on your mind? What is on your mind? I'm trying to win the game. I'm trying to win the game. I'm trying to win the game. Which game? You play to win the game.

You play to win the game. They were who we thought they were. We let them off the hook. Well, this is interesting, gentlemen.

The score for I Know What You Did Last Summer was 42. Wow. Yes!

And because of this. I lost? I think I just won. Josh took the lead.

Oh my God. However, B.Dot is only one point behind, which kicks off our golden movie round. This is the first time ever that we have two competitors between one point. I'm up by one point, which means we gotta be pretty tight on this last answer here. All right.

So although you are pulling up the rear, you are still allowed to compete and steal this game from Josh or B.Dot. It's gonna be real tough, but I got a feeling what I'm gonna guess. Gosh. You don't even know the movie.

The final movie, the golden movie that will determine today's winner of the movie game, 2017's Get Out. Oh man. Okay. All right.

All right. Now, this was like- Is this critic opinion evolved or what they initially thought? Good question. Rotten Tomatoes has two scores. It's the critic score, but I mean- They have the critic score and then they have the- Does it fluctuate though? Yeah.

It does fluctuate over time. Okay. Nevermind. I'm not gonna say anything else.

It's what I looked and saw today. Okay. Gosh. All right. All right.

Jeez. All right. We're going to let Brant go first because I have an idea of what score he's going to select.

All right. So Brant, you get to go first. Josh is trying to look on my paper, Dez. I already have it written down.

I swear to God. It's already written down. Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Let's put that out in there. I'm going to go with a 96. Ooh. 96. He flipped it.

It's a great film. B dot. 89.

And Josh. 94. What is it, Dez? What is it, Dez? What is it, Dez? Dez, give us the dang answer. Dez, man. Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hold on a second. Come on, Dez.

If you want to stall, play the kawaii sound. Yes. I was pulling it on the wrong spot. What was your score again, Josh? 94.

94. OK. Come on, Dez. The suspense is killing us here.

It was. Gosh. Well, this has never happened before.

What? What's the score? The score for 2017's Get Out is 98. Crap. So, but wait a minute. I was four off.

I win. Brant said 96. I know, but Brant was off by a million. This is what I'm saying.

This never happened before. Don't we erase the previous scores since we let the third place guy in? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, the third place has to catch all the way up? Yes. Yes. Oh, well, sucks to be you, Brant.

You're a winner. Yeah. Josh. Josh.

Graham. We did it. Once again.

I'd like. Amazing comeback. I'd like to thank my fans. Shut up, Josh. You don't have any fans. They hate you.

Josh. I'd like to thank my family. I'd like to thank my.

Shut up. I'd like to thank my cat, Winnie. Your cat? I would. I'd like to think why.

I would punt that cat. What about your girlfriend? I'd like to thank her too. She's leaving you, Josh.

Really supportive. You like me. You really like me. Nobody likes you, Josh. I freaking hate you, as a matter of fact. Brant, would you like to jump in on this? I strongly dislike you. There we go.

We've got full circle and the last hour would be done. I much prefer Hot Josh, also known as Darin. Darinbot is a hotter version to me. I acknowledge that and accept it. Yeah.

Is that Roy Williams' reaction to seeing Mac Brown on video tape dancing? Yeah. That is what that is. Is that what that was? That is it.

It didn't sound like that to me. On Twitter, at B.Dot. Yes, sir. Give them a follow. Listen to them.

And the three live crew in the morning on 102 Jam. Thanks for being in here, buddy. Thanks for having me, man. This was just as fun as I had dreamed. Last night I had a dream about this and it was just like that. Then I woke up all sticky. Had to take a shower.

It was ridiculous. Whoa. Anything else you care to add about your dream? Very hot and sweaty. Was it with Hot Josh or was it just with Mac? Hey, hey, hey. I'm out of there. Brant tells us about his surprise wedding that he dropped on his friends and family.

We'll be right back next. Brant Wilkerson knew we're officially less than two weeks away from the ACC basketball season tipping off. There's going to be a 20-game league schedule for the first time. ACC games tipping off the season. And I've seen so many people saying that they hate this new format, the new league schedule.

However, I'm not usually somebody who's in favor of adjusting something that doesn't seem to be broken. I love the 20-game schedule. I love playing conference games in November.

I'm all in on this. I'm excited about ACC basketball in a way I'm usually not because I'm lamenting the fact we already got football going on in pro in college, trying to work something new in. And the NBA is already going on. Baseball is just ending.

It all just seems very congested. But since the games are meaningful, I'm pro meaningful game. The only counter you can give me is that might leave less space for a marquee non-conference game.

They're not playing those games anyway. We're just taking one more UNC Cornell game off of the schedule. With all due respect to Cornell.

All due respect. All due respect to the Colorado State Rams. One less Colorado State Duke game. I'm cool with that because we already have the ACC Big Ten Challenge. You're not going to do away with these showcase games. Duke isn't going to be participating this year in the season opening tip-off package because they have the Champions Classic that they're playing with Kansas, Michigan State, and Kentucky on a rotation. But I don't get really what the argument legitimately is against playing basketball games of substance this early on.

It's great. I mean, there should be no argument from fans. I would see where coaches wouldn't like it at all. Coaches should probably hate it. I get that. But fans?

No, man. I think it's great that we actually are being asked to care about college basketball on the first night of the season. It had gotten a little bit better in recent years with the Champions Classic and that sort of thing. But really, that first week of college basketball has been awful for as long as I can remember it. It's just funny hearing purists say, you don't want to do away with tradition. You don't want to do away with the history of the ACC.

And they are the same people that say they long for the days of the Big Four Tournament. When were those games played? At the beginning.

Yeah, at the beginning of the season. Exactly. So, not to say that they're going to bring the Big Four Tournament back.

No, they're not going to do that. But they're meaningful basketball games early on. I'm more excited to watch Notre Dame, North Carolina than I am to watch Michigan State, Duke, or whatever this year's iteration of the Champions Classic is.

I'm more interested in that game because I know it's a conference game. Your thoughts are welcome on Twitter. If you're going to call in, you know the policy. Got to give me your go-to cookout order in order to get into the show.

That's the requirement we have here. Dr. Phil was confused about a couple of things. Des, just give me a quick snippet. Dr. Phil confused about some internet terminology. Like, VSCO girl. I don't know if that's VSCO girl or VSCO girl. Yeah.

Or skis, skis, skis. There you go. There's a lot of these things that we're all very confused about. And I think Dr. Phil is not alone by any means. Former Tulsa football standout, Dr. Phil. Let's go to Brent in Winston-Salem who asked something on Dr. Phil. Go right ahead, Brent.

Cookout tray, big double cheeseburger, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and lettuce with nuggets and Cajun fries with a huge sweet tea. Your thought on Dr. Phil. So, all right, so now what my daughter is a teenager and they call it VSCO girl. So they have, it's almost like a small fraternity. They run in packs almost. They run in packs.

I mean, I'm not lying. They run in packs. Okay, what do they look like?

What is it? So, for instance, most of them, they will wear like oversized t-shirts over shorts. So it almost looks like they're almost wearing a sleep shirt. They have those water bottles that they call hydro flasks. They will get on, you know, put stuff on those bottles. But, yeah, they basically just run in packs and then they do that.

They do that. And it's just all kinds of stuff. It's funny as crap to watch.

Thank you so much, Brent. Why are the VSCO girls and the community going after Dr. Phil? That's the part of this I don't understand. How could those worlds collide? Where does the Venn diagram fall between those type of girls, the ones that are teenagers on Instagram, and Dr. Phil being on the other side? How is there possibly overlap there? I feel like I should say that in Dr. Phil's voice. How is there possibly overlap?

You can't lose weight because you can't eat cake. The answer is that through Twitter anything is possible. Oh, I love the internet so much. My lovely wife got into a fight with Taylor Swift fans who threatened to kill her. Yeah. Really? What? She just tweeted one time about not liking a Taylor Swift song and the Swifties got after her for a good couple of days. Just one comment and someone said that they were going to kill her. I need to calm down.

Taylor Swift fans are kind of brutal, though, so I can see their anger. Speaking of Kawhi Leonard, we'll get into the NBA with John Fokie, the voice of the Hornets, in about 10 minutes. Brandt Wilkerson-New hanging out with us here. I think this is great for the ACC and the ACC network that you have the 20-game ACC schedule, obviously for content purposes, but Des is telling me he still doesn't have ACC in yet. This is going to make you do it, yes? If you're missing Tar Heel basketball games, like missing Tar Heel football, I said this all along. This network is going to be built on basketball. You knew it within five minutes of it launching.

The first things you see are Ralph Sampson and Kristen Laitner. What does that tell you? That this network is going to be built on basketball here and you're not necessarily going to get people roped in because they're missing one or two college football games that their team is playing in. College basketball, though, different story. It's going to highly upset me if they throw Duke Carolina on just ACC network.

That's going to be the straw that breaks the back. That'll never happen. I don't think it'll happen either, but if they do that... Because ESPN will fight them tooth and nail. This is the same ESPN that threw Duke Carolina on ESPN 2 the first year of it launching.

That benefited them, particularly themselves. Well, the ACC network success benefits ESPN ultimately, so I'm not going to say never. I'm not saying I expect it to happen. I'm not going to say it's never going to happen.

It just can't only be. I can see it being broadcast on the ACC network with their own talking heads and studio and all that stuff. But if they ever make it where it's just on the ACC network, that's when it's going to be people are going to be fighting in the street. So since there's not going to be the Raycon broadcast there, they're definitely going to do that. There's going to be a different broadcast. You're going to get Boozer sitting next to a former Tar Heel broadcasting that game, kind of like a players-only edition. I already can look into the future. That's what it's going to be. We need Theo Pinson with Zion watching that game.

Wow. If the ACC network flew Zion in to sit next to Pinson watching that game... Would he be the best one? Who's the most vocal Duke guy you can think of the past five or seven years? Who would be the guy you'd want to hear for two hours?

Five to seven years? Well, I know who's interesting on the air is Battier. Yeah, he's great. Or Reddick. Reddick's good. He's got a dry thing going on. Reddick is awesome on air.

Hmm. Yeah, Reddick's good. I really, I think Matt Jones is a sneaky, sneaky good interview. He was always really good. Zion's, I think Zion's the most personality out of that bunch, though.

And he's the biggest name. Like, I'll watch that broadcast. If Zion is on the broadcast, I'm probably watching that there. So I'm not going to say never on that. But do you like the 20 game schedule?

Absolutely. Why wouldn't you? Well, tradition and history and oh, there's fewer, fewer of these games here. Fewer of these marquee games.

Yeah, it's just like... Less opportunity for North Carolina to play UNC Wilmington. I know that hits close to home to you. I get it.

Oh, it's so sad. Right? Yeah. So Carolina is going to Gonzaga this year, and that's awesome.

But those games are so few and far between. Duke hasn't played a game like that in 20 years. No. When's the last time Duke booked a home and home?

I legitimately don't know the answer to that question. And I understand the point of that, because you don't play road games in the NCAA tournament. If that's what you want to argue, that's fine. But Carolina going to Gonzaga this year in December, that's going to be awesome. Awesome for fans, awesome for college basketball. Let's go to Michael Enelken, who wants in on Dr. Phil as well. Michael, start us off with Scott. Let's go.

Ah, yeah. Favorite cookout, Trey. Bacon cheeseburger with a side of Cajun spice and a Cajun chicken wrap and a huge tea. And I'm going to say this. I'm going to say this now, as you heard it before, and I'm going to say it again, by God.

I'd rather drink turpentine and piss in a brush fire than hear a Dr. Phil. Yeah! That's it. It's like the sequel to Scream. It's like a celebrity on the show at this point.

It's like Scream 2. He's become like a personality on the drive here. He's got a great voice, kind of like Ed Hardin. He snuck in there. I didn't know it was him. Can we get him back and just like see what kinds of things that wouldn't make him piss on a fire? Did you see a colleague with Ed Hardin?

I did. Who is one of our favorite people around here. Ed, he always has great stories. Every time we talk to Ed, we talk about fishing the same way we always talk about food with Jordan Rodriguez, the same way we talked about hip hop back when Marcel Louis Jock covered the Panthers. Now he covers the bills for ESPN. There hasn't been much reason for us to get hip hop updates from Marcel in that way. But Ed, it was always fishing.

So this story that he brought to the show was just tremendous. And I wonder if you have anything to add in context working around it. I finally hooked a carp. I'm trying to get rid of him one at a time. I've been shooting with my BB gun. But I finally hooked one with a grappling hook, dragged him to the shore, had him in my hands, and he wiggled one time and just about ripped my hand off and I lost it. But I think he's wounded.

And I know where he lives. Wait, you're shooting fish with BB guns? They're carp. They're not fish. They're invasive species.

They don't belong here. That pretty well covers it. I mean, that's the Ed Harden experience. He took a train to New York for the ACC tournament. We had to share a tiny hotel room. Thankfully, it had two beds, which I don't know how that would have gone. If not, there was like barely enough room to walk in there. But every night that I got back to the room, he'd just be sitting on his bed in like a robe with a glass of red wine.

We went out to a bar and just had some fun one of those nights. And yeah, I think Ed made me laugh harder than anyone's ever made me laugh this season so far when there was a particular member of the media that was doing something. And Ed just looks at me and goes, that's the dumbest person alive right there.

Very matter of factly. And then yells at them across the press box to sit down. Are you sure he didn't yell this at the guy? They don't belong here.

That could have been part of it. Brant, thanks for being here, buddy. That's Brant Wilkerson-Newt. Read his stuff. Heels Maven. You follow the Twitter handle.

I got that right. At Heels Maven, also follow Brant at Brant Heels Maven, an SI affiliate there. Sports Illustrated Heels Maven.

Traffic's going well. P.J. Washington had a big game last night in the Charlotte Hornets opener. When did we know he was capable of doing that? The voice of the Hornets, John Fokie, will join us and tell us next. I was really happy to hear this guy's voice in the air last night. He's the new radio voice of the Charlotte Hornets.

It's John Fokie spending time with us. It was his first regular season NBA broadcast, and the Hornets came up a winner against the Chicago Bulls, 126-125. The story of the game, a record performance by P.J.

Washington, the most points in a rookie debut in Hornets history with 27 points, 711 from three-point range. John, being around the team, when did you know P.J. was capable of doing what he did last night? I would say his first preseason game against Boston. We were out there to broadcast that game, and he stepped on the floor. He wasn't in the starting lineup at that time, but when he stepped on the floor, he did not look phased by anything.

And there was a great crowd on hand. I mean, it's the garden he's making his debut, albeit in a preseason game. But Jason Tatum was out there. Kemba Walker was out there. Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward. I mean, the full complement of starters for the Boston Celtics were available in that game.

And P.J. just looked so calm, cool, collected. He knocked down a couple of threes. I just really loved the way he went to the basket. He finished at the rim.

And at that moment, he did not look awed by anything. And you thought, hey, this kid's got an opportunity to be special. But it was the first preseason game. And then he followed it up in the second game and in the third. And for the preseason as a whole, he shot 50 percent from beyond the arc. And you really got to see the different layers that he could impact the game on the offense event. So, you know, that first game against Boston, you saw his demeanor and his maturity out there.

And then throughout the preseason, he showed off his skill set. And it was just absolutely, you know, a joy to watch last night the way he shot the ball, the way he impacted the game, and how the crowd got into it and got behind him as those shots started falling, really for the whole team. I mean, they hit a franchise record 23 three-pointers last night.

P.J. had seven of them. Devontae Graham, I think, hit six. And Marvin Williams came off the bench. He knocked down a bunch of them.

So that was a real, real fun night. I saw Rod Boone wrote the story for The Athletic that Nick Batum approached Coach James Borrego about keeping things the same. The three preseason games at the end, the young starting lineup started and it was the same starting five that went last night. In the opener, he encouraged Coach Borrego to go with that lineup, which meant he was going to come off the bench. And coming off the bench, he got injured with the finger.

And as was reported earlier today, he's out three to four weeks with the fracked finger. But why do you think J.B. ultimately decided to go with the young lineup? What does he like about it? Well, I think, number one, it's the continuity. And we saw those guys through the final three preseason games really develop a good rapport and good chemistry amongst that group.

And it gives you such versatility. I mean, you got P.J., who we just talked about, getting back the game in all those different ways offensively. Didn't talk about what he could do defensively. Miles Bridges at that three spot, he can guard fours, he can guard fives, he can switch off and guard point guards or shooting guards. And so all of a sudden you got two guys at that three-four spot that give you a lot of versatility on the defensive end. And then in the backcourt, Terry Rozier and Dwayne Bacon, those guys can attack and they can draw the defense. And they can kick it out and you can make the extra pass to set up Miles driving to the basket or P.J. on a catch-and-shoot three like we saw. Or running in transition, there were a number of transition dunks for Cody Deller. And so I just feel like that starting five had developed great chemistry through the preseason.

And we saw that on display last night as well. Jon Fokie's with us. It's the voice of the Charlotte Hornets on Twitter, at JWFokie, F-O-C-K-E.

The Hornets will be at home tomorrow night as they look to start 2-0 this season last night, beating Kobe White and the Bulls. Before we continue going down the Hornets train, a lot of people talking about Kobe White around here as well. He's one of our favorites that we liked following at North Carolina. I mean, when I watched him play for the first time, my reaction was similar to the reaction he had at the draft watch of Cam Johnson play.

Wow, bro. I mean, or at least watch of Cam Johnson go in the first round. Seventeen and seven, people were concerned whether or not he could distribute the ball as a point guard in the NBA. What did you see in, of course, a very small sample size from the rookie last night? Yeah, I thought he was impressive. I also liked the way the Hornets defense tried to run him off the line.

I mean, he had a great preseason. He averaged 19 points a game, shot 47% from beyond the arc. And so I thought their defense, and I mentioned this to Matt Carroll on the broadcast, that it seemed like Kobe was shooting more mid-range shots.

And that was surprising. And Matt said, that's because the defense is coming out, they know what he's capable of, and they're forcing him into those shots. So, you know, I thought Charlotte's defense did a good job against him.

I thought, you know, you mentioned the numbers, he ended up with a pretty solid game. And I read an article before that game last night, I don't remember who wrote it, it was someone from Chicago, but they described Kobe White as a one-man fast break. And when I think about what Chicago's mindset is, coming into this season, and kind of where their philosophy is and their point of emphasis, it's basically the same as Charlotte's, that, hey, we want to amp up the pace, we want to spread the ball out, we want to, you know, move it and look for three-point shots. And Kobe's skill set, I feel like, fits perfectly in that. And there were maybe one or two times last night, I remember one specifically, where he got that ball and took off, and it was like, wow, end to end, this kid could fly.

And, you know, as he develops more and more chemistry with his teammates, when he's flying up there, if those guys recognize that and runt, he's going to be able to set him up for threes because of his ability to put pressure on the rim with how quickly he can get out and go, and also with the shifting as to, you know, get into the paint. So I thought he was impressive, but I was also impressed with the way the Hornets defense forced him into some difficult mid-range shots, knowing how well he shot it during the preseason. Moving things back to the Hornets, the story of the game was P.J. Washington, but in addition to that, Devontae Graham might have been the second-best player on the floor coming off the bench, and he's another guy that Mitch Kupchak and James Borrego drafted because something, the Bobcats and the Hornets have never gotten right over the last 15 years, with the exception of Kimba taking to the first round. What was the draft? And aside from, again, that Kimba pick, you just go over the years, it's something they've really had a problem getting right, and you look at Miles Bridges, who you could argue is the best player on this team, the most noteworthy player, Devontae Graham having a big game last night, and P.J. Washington with those 27 points. How much do you think, how much more optimism do you think that brings into an organization to know that you have good talent evaluators to build through the draft? I think it's huge, but I also think it goes to kind of the next level of player development. I mean, you know, was Devontae Graham this player when they drafted him and, you know, brought him out last year?

No. He spent time in the G League. He worked with the coaching staff. I mean, he shot under 30 percent. I think he was around 28 percent from beyond the arc last season.

And he hit six of seven from deep last night, and he shot 40 percent during the preseason, and he's looking for that shot. So, you know, I think, number one, you're right about the talent evaluators, but the next step in that. And Devontae was a second-round pick as well.

And so it's very, you know, as the salary cap gets more and more complicated and you're always trying to find value in your picks, second-round picks are huge if you've got the ability to develop those players. Dwayne Bacon is a good example of that, too, right? Dwayne Bacon, a second-round pick. Absolutely.

And Dwayne ended up with 21 last night. And so, you know, I look at those guys as, hey, they're good picks. You know, like, obviously, you evaluated the talent.

You found guys that you think will fit. But then you've got to coach them up, and you've got to put them in a position to be successful. And I feel like the Hornets coaching staff last year, specifically with those two guys, worked with them. And we saw a huge leap out of those two guys. So I think it's, you know, it's beyond just drafting well.

It's drafting and developing. And I think those guys are a great example of how the Hornets were able to do that. How does expectation meet reality calling an NBA regular season game for the first time? You know, it actually wasn't my first regular season game. Back in Minnesota, I was with the Timberwolves for 12 years. And oddly enough, though, my first NBA game that I filled in for was against the Charlotte Bobcats back in the Emeka-Oka four days. So I remember that game specifically because I didn't find out that I was going to be calling it until right, you know, the night before, where our lead play-by-play guy, Alan Horton, is going to be in town tomorrow with the Wolves. He got sick, and all of a sudden they called me like seven o'clock at night, said, hey, tomorrow the Bobcats are yours. And I was like, oh, buddy.

And then Alan, you know, was dealing with, he had real bad flu. So I ended up going out to Sacramento and doing a game at old Arco Arena against the Kings. That was when Kevin Barton was on that team. And then from there we traveled down to L.A. and I called a game against the L.A. Clippers at Staples Center, a team featuring, I remember Corey McGatty was on that team. So that tells you, that ages me as far as when those games were called. But, you know, those were, that was my first kind of dip in the toe into NBA regular season waters. But it was fantastic last night to get my first during the regular season here at Charlotte. It was so fun to see that crowd.

There was over 15,000 people there, and how they got into it. And, you know, that fourth quarter, Chris Dunn was quoted after the game talking about how she was going to win. And I was like, oh, I'm going to win. I'm going to win. I'm going to win. I'm going to win. I'm going to win. I'm going to win.

I'm going to win. You know, that fourth quarter, Chris Dunn was quoted after the game talking about how Chicago couldn't hear themselves. And they were having trouble communicating because of how loud it got in there. There was just a great atmosphere, super fun game to call. And, you know, you can't ask for anything more in terms of an exciting game, a game that comes down to the wire, getting big performances from, you know, from big players, and having some great highlights to call. So it was a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's matchup with Minnesota as well.

Purposefully or not, Jon, you're getting acquainted to North Carolina because the two examples you brought up with the teams that are playing, the teams that you called back with the Wolves, Kevin Martin, Western Carolina great, Corey McGatty, Duke great. So good on you. Yeah, yeah. I can't, I wish I could tell you I planned it that way. You know, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, right, Josh?

Yeah, and to be both, that's a great thing as well. Jon, it's good to hear your voice and congratulations on the new gig and getting a regular season game with the Hornets underneath your belt. Have a good call tomorrow night.

Sounds good. Take care. Thank you. That's Jon Fokie on Twitter. You can shoot him a follow at JW Fokie, the new radio voice of the Charlotte Hornets. In my mind, last night, it should excite you if you're a Hornets fan.

It should infuriate you a little bit too, like just being bothered by little things because the source of excitement we discussed. P.J. Washington, he looks like a real player. Granted, you might say, oh, it's just been one game.

But as Jon noted, as we've noted, he's done this the entire preseason. And a rookie scoring record, it's nothing to sneeze at. You broke a mark set by Emeka Okafor who had a wonderful career. He's probably my favorite Bobcat of all time. Okafor is the guy for me.

I used to have an Okafor jersey. Even more than, uh, more than Wallace. More than Stephen Jackson. More than Brendan Wright. Raymond Felton.

Nope. Sean May. Emeka Okafor, the dude. But I mean, the Hornets are the best players they have right now. Devontae Graham development has been key. Big last night.

P.J. Washington, Miles Bridges. The Hornets, they can never get the draft right. It's always Noah Vonleh or Adam Morrison. Frank Kaminsky. Players that at best, okay, not great. And these guys, these are the best players the Hornets have drafted since Kimba Walker.

I believe that. The part that bothers me is Kimba probably should be on this roster. He wanted to be a Hornet. And the reason you couldn't afford it, you have awful contracts on the books that were put on the books before Borrego or Cupcheck arrived. $71 million sitting on the bench to start the game. Marvin Williams, who played last night. Michael K. Gilchrist, Bismack Biambo, both healthy scratches.

And Nick Petum didn't score, he played 11 minutes, broke his middle finger, he's out for the next few weeks. $71 million combined, sitting on your bench. Part of that could have paid for Kimba being here.

And then you'd have a real exciting story. Now it's just the long play, trying to play these young guys, hopefully get a great draft pick. And you should be very excited about that draft pick because as we just mentioned with Bridges and Graham, and with PJ Washington, it seems like Cupcheck and Borrego know what they're doing in evaluating talent. So if they're picking at the top, more than likely, they're going to get it right.

We may have been a little off in our expectations for the Hornets. I didn't realize it, I probably should have, but I went to go look at their roster and just to see the average age of the core of these guys that you're talking about. Dwayne Bacon's 24. Zellner's the oldest one, he's 27. Bridges is 21, Malik Monk is only 21 years old. It's crazy, even Terry Rozier is only 25.

I mean, it's nuts, Washington's 21. So they've got these guys that if they can keep them together and bring in, it's kind of like a Clippers situation where the Clippers were like, they had the talent to meet a star. What if Monk showed you to make you think he's good? Well, I don't know if he's good or not. He hasn't really had the opportunity to really show. If you're getting outperformed by Dwayne Bacon.

There you go again. I need to apologize to Dwayne Bacon for going in on him yesterday, but because he looked good, he hit the biggest shot of the game. He was playing well at the end of last year because he kept going back and forth from the swarm of the Hornets and eventually they couldn't keep sending them back. I'm going to stop being mean to Dwayne Bacon. You should, he's a quality player. Stop being mean.
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