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What's the future of College Football with conference expansion?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 3, 2022 2:55 pm

What's the future of College Football with conference expansion?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 3, 2022 2:55 pm

What's the future of college football after PAC-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff claimed that the Big 12 was trying to pick apart the conference? Chip Patterson of CBS Sports joined Adam Gold to discuss the changing landscape of college football, how conference realignment will impact the College Football Playoff, and if the CFP could expand.

Also, Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB turned 45, and Dennis Cox lists a variety of things that are younger than Tom Brady.

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Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. When I was a junior, I never thought about, you know, I'm going to go make millions of dollars on the DJ tour. You know, I talked about, man, I really want to win the Bay Hill event on a Parma event. I really want to win the Memorial like Tiger did. You know, I want to win majors. That's what I grew up wanting.

That's, you know, what I still want to say. The Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold. Dennis Cox on the ones and twos. That was Billy Horschel yesterday. I was thrilled that Billy was willing to do that. I promise that it wouldn't be that live would not be the thrust of the conversation. But it seemed like Billy wanted to go there earlier than I did.

Actually, that's not true. I just kind of I kind of exercise some restraint. But when we got there, Billy went all in. And I appreciate Billy Horschel's time. And I've always liked Billy Horschel.

It's amazing. He has not been part of a national team yet. But chances are he's going to be part of this President's Cup team.

We'll see what presidents what the President's Cup actually looks like. We have I have a lot of college football to talk about with Chip Patterson. My friend who joins us every Wednesday from CBS Sports dot com and the cover three podcast. How are you, sir?

You look bright and bushy tailed today. Yeah. August.

Right. I mean, you know, the football junkie in me. You flip the page and and all of a sudden people are more interested in you. So you can't help but bring the best energy because all of the time that I spend in June and July talking about all these things and breaking down, establishing all of the analysis that's going to help power the band that comes in August. It's it's like the calendar turns and people start knocking on the door.

So it's a it's a good time of year. All right, let's get a little football in. And before we get out of here, I will ask you about the lawsuit that has been filed against the PGA Tour by 11 players from the live series led by Phil Mickelson. But let me ask you this, because we just had the Pac 12 media days at the end of last week. So and George Klyavkov, who was part of the alliance that that absolutely monumentally unfortunate alliance between the Big Ten, ACC and the Pac 12.

Klyavkov didn't care about saying the quiet stuff out loud. He slammed the Big 12. Hey, look, I understand why the Big 12 is angry. Look at their schools.

Look at our schools. I actually think that Klyavkov was kind of right. But what do you make of the the absolutely open disdain for what the big what Klyavkov says the Big 12 was trying to do, which is raid his conference? Yeah, it sounds like deja vu from Bob Bowlsby talking about how ESPN and the SEC were colluding to try to pick apart his conference.

We had the exact same conversation one year ago, just for the different conference that found itself on life support. I do think that George Klyavkov is speaking with such confidence and speaking with such swagger under the impression that Oregon and Washington are going to be around for the new media rights deal, and that the four teams that have constantly been linked to the Big 12 for now at least appear to be taking what he thinks are going to be bigger checks from the Pac 12 than they would be able to go and get in the Big 12. And I generally think there was a lot of his sort of State of the Union address that didn't connect because George Klyavkov in the same, you know, 30 to 45 minutes, you know, discussed how he sounded very much like Jim Phillips, talking about the student athlete talking about the great academics talking about the culture and how we can't let football be know the dominant piece of college athletics, we need to take care of everyone, while at the same time, bragging about the television deals and thinking about how much better and more money and how money is driving everything that he is trying to tow both the.

Kevin Warren, it's all about our brand and corporate buzzwords while also trying to do the Jim Phillips. And so in the Alliance which you just referenced, he is really trying to be on both sides of this between the, the forward financially sound, the revenue driven model and also the ACC side of things at least from Jim Phillips, which is really trying to hold on to the collegiate model of old. Yeah, because the collegiate model is something that we mean, look, I've been saying that this is a bad idea for a long time the collegiate model is bad model. But the collegiate idea. I'm not talking about the model I'm not talking about we're here for good old State you. I'm talking about the idea that the college sports is a good thing and that we need to do what we can to preserve not the economic model of college sports but the fact that college sports exists in whatever form.

I think those are two different things. I'm not going to criticize. I didn't criticize Jim Phillips for talking about how college sports can do so many good things because I agree with it and it doesn't have to be entirely about money.

And I want to talk about money in a second. So I'm not I'm not critical over, over that, but I am curious your thoughts on economically speaking, would you rather be the Pac 12, or the big 12 right now. From my understanding, economically speaking, there is a slight edge for the Pac 12 number one just on the flat per school payout estimations from media rights industry sources and I'm getting this not I don't talk to the TV networks. You are a TV network, Mr CBS, I would rather be the content provider, then be be totally in on the executive programming side of this but from Dennis Dodd who does talk to people within the industry from other reporters who, who are in and have a good line on that. It sounds like even with USC and UCLA gone while the value is absolutely been stripped from what it could be life in the Pac 12 on a per school per year payout basis from the media rights deal does slightly edge Pac 12 ever big 12.

Now here's the second part. I think you've got so much less competition that when it comes to your relationship with the bigger media rights partners that you have, you're not going to be fighting for premium kickoff times in the same way that you would with the Pac 12, when you are living in the same time as the big 10 half of the SEC, and also still battling with Eastern time zones. That was one piece of George clear off cough statement that he continued to come back on where we in the Pac 12, or the premium place of athletics, west of the Rockies, and that's true.

There's no one else who is playing college sports at a high level with a large swath of the country. Now the counter is how much do they care about sports in those parts of the country versus how much they care about college football in a, you know, crazy place like the state of Texas, you know which way of course we are going to be having at the big 12, not just, you know, the remainder of Texas Tech at TCU but we're also activating Houston, as the Cougars are preparing for their arrival in the big 12, but I think it is number one, according to people within the industry and reports on such a slight monetary edge, but in terms of overall like economically, the lack of competition that you have regionally does seem significant. Yeah, but look, I don't know where the Pac 12 is going to go is ESPN going to buy is Fox going to buy is, are we talking about streaming services are we looking, you know, apples getting in really into it will Netflix, I mean there's Google has a lot of options in terms of streaming services but I keep looking at the fact that, for the most part, with, you know, a couple of exceptions right now, for the most part back 12 is in the Pacific time zone, and of the major conferences, they're well I guess the big 10 is now too, but they're the only one there. So I think the Pac 12 has an opportunity the big 12 is in direct competition with, you know, the other three major conferences. Other than the Pac 12 me and even if the Pac, the big 12 were to somehow convince Arizona and Arizona State to go which I'm not sure they will. It's, they're still basically competing with the SEC, and in the state of Texas, the two biggest fish in that pond is the Southeastern Conference.

They just, they just don't necessarily have a signature program. Yeah, the big 12 was able to land premium kickoff TV slots, only when they involved Oklahoma and Texas, you know, you can catch your Oklahoma State Baylor game on FS one at 330. Like, you can catch Kansas State, you'll say the end of the future let's play it out UCF in town, and it's going to be UCF and TCU what UCF and TCU that that is going to be deep on your cable package only chip gets that channel when you look for what that big 12 matchup is going to be, you will be live blogging it, it's, it is going to be so much easier for the Pac 12, if it does have an ESPN if it does have a fox to be all alone in that late time slot and so I eat and I know that the big 10 wants to be there Listen, Warren has not been shy to say we look forward to putting know our big 10 properties out there on the west coast trying to grow the big 10 brand, trying to get California, the state which produces more, more college graduates leave the state of California to go to another university than anywhere else in the entire country, some of that's a numbers game just because there's so many people out there. But that's what the big 10 is trying to tap into as the population is moving out of the Midwest, the big 10 wants exposure to place like California, they want to talk convince some of these California undergrads to come to their universities in the future. So, big 10 will be in that 1030 time slot and will provide some, some challenge to the Pac 12, but it's nothing like the big 12, which, as the SEC is going to have on ABC a 3.30pm Eastern Time kickoff.

I don't know what's going to happen with big noon Saturday but I assume that's only going to become more and more big 10 Yeah, as it was really only Oklahoma or Texas that would land them in that spot, and you just start to see all the real estate get gobbled up for those two first, those two to three major time windows. I, I think the Pac 12 is going to find itself being able to get a bigger draw better ratings than some of the big 12 at least the big 12 without Texas and Oklahoma. Do you think the potential is for some sort of arrangement between the ACC and the Pac 12 to put Pac 12 games on the ACC network within you just rebranded right you kill off the way that I understand it is the game plan is you would kill off the Pac 12 network you would hand over whatever infrastructure or whatever value there is to ESPN allow ESPN to maybe rebrand the ACC network so that it is this coast to coast college sports network, you end up adding a ton of inventory for that channel whatever it is just with the ACC, but then also you capitalize on the fact that the ACC network has national distribution, and you're able to get a lot more money per subscriber on the west coast than you are now because right now, the money that you are getting with this national distribution includes very small amounts for places where they're not ACC schools.

Now all of a sudden you've got the proximity to the Pacific Northwest, you've got some of those California schools. And that is to me, a chance to boost revenue in a way that should be able to help some of these ACC schools, and it's been suggested that the unequal revenue sharing conversation might be more tied to new revenue streams like the classic revenue stream in the stands, they're still going to split it evenly to try and still sink who buy around the fireplace, but instead if we generate new money that that new money might be dispersed in a way that will help the biggest brands who are trying to keep up with college athletics. I just can't, I can't think that doing something like that as an admission at the ACC isn't strong enough to do the network on their own. And look, that might just be the reality of the situation, and part of it is because, and I talked to David Hale about this Monday, just how important this year is for ACC football in this time that we're in of, the next change is coming probably sooner than most people think.

I think we're going to be stable unless Notre Dame moves. Again, unless somebody sees value in adding Oregon and Washington, I don't see anybody else really having value, everything else is really probably hurting the academic cause, the economic cause. To me it's just an admission that the ACC can't do it on their own. If that's the case, why not just add Oregon, Washington, Cal, and Stanford, and simply say, hey, this is our league now, we have planes, it doesn't matter where we are. I haven't felt that momentum because I think there's not, I don't think the whole ACC would be down for that.

I agree, I'm not for it. I think the university presidents and the schools, I don't think they would have the votes to just gobble up the Pac-12, call it one big conference and say this is our league. I think that taking a broadcast approach doesn't require the same kind of bylaws because then it's just a programming decision, then it's just a media decision. So the Pac-12's advantage is that they would then be able to maintain a relationship, have an inroads with ESPN, of course, which ACC has all of its media rights tied to, the ACC would then be able to get more per subscriber for the ACC network. And I've actually thought about it more in terms of the kind of makeup of the ACC and the Pac-12 and their universities, the ways that both of those conferences really value Olympic sports. And I've thought about the ACC network as a property, which really showcases the Olympic sports in a major way and relies on those Olympic sports to really not only drive programming, but be able to draw in interest from a lot of the fans that are very excited to see. National championship contending lacrosse teams, national championship contending baseball teams, and how important all that stuff is. And that's where I think that the Pac-12 and the ACC have that in common in a way that the big 12 and the SEC for sure do not. Big 10, it's sort of different sports, but the Pac-12 and the ACC, when you need to load up on some of those Olympic sports, you're going to be getting it at a championship level. And that is something that I think it creates an interest because it is a natural pairing for a channel that ultimately will be having not as many football games as it will showcasing the other Olympic sports. Looking forward to what's Southern Cal sailing in that where, what was her name from, Full House, where they got her daughter- Alright, when we come back, I want to ask you this question and then we'll fold it into, as we close, to what do you think of the lawsuit that Mickelson is leading against the PGA Tour?

Is it possible, and you and I are really not necessarily in favor of expanding the college football playoff, especially to the numbers they're talking, but is it possible that the sport needs it to save it from itself? We'll talk about that next. Adam Gold in studio with my man coach Pete DeRuder with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, let's say I have more than a million dollar balance in my 401k. Congratulations.

Thank you very much. How can that actually come back and bite me? Well, because, and this is a thing that we, it's a mirage.

You see mirages, I've ridden in the desert before, you see what's water ahead, but it's not there. Well, your financial mirage is thinking that that total balance in your 401k or your IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get ahold of it, two uncles, Uncle North Carolina and Uncle Sam. Both of them are going to do some damage to that balance, depending on what kind of other income you have, you could lose 40% of your value.

So if you're looking at a million dollar IRA, maybe it's only worth $600,000 to you. So how do we get around this? Well, you don't get around it because you end up in jail if you try to do that. But you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The tax train is coming, Adam. We need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of our financial accounts. And for the next 10 people, we'll do it at no cost or obligation, put together your very own tax and retirement plan.

800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. Expanding the college football playoff might actually be necessary to essentially save the sport from itself. Because narrowing the field of college football, I don't think is good for college football. Certainly good for those two conferences, the Big Ten and the SEC. But I'm not sure it's good for the sport as a whole, which is the second most popular sport in the United States. So what are your thoughts on a 12 or even as Gene Smith from Ohio State said, can't ignore the constant chatter of a 16 team playoff. Is that almost necessary to save the sport?

Yes. And I am thinking about save the sport from a position that is selfish and it's a position where we are able to include as many people as possible, as many universities as possible, as many fans as possible under the same umbrella. Because there will be a loss for the interest of a fan of the 85th best school in the 131 team FBS as it stands going into 2022. If they are removed from the subdivision entirely, or if there is a subdivision breakaway of just 55 to 60, 45 to 65, however many it ends up being, if we do go down that path, that there will be a loss where they just they won't care as much. The fact that you were in the same league just gives you that much more of a percentage of opportunity to be able to have access as an interested fan.

And I think that casting the widest net possible is great. And like I am against I was against college football playoff expansion with the idea that we were no, we were going to be losing a lot of a lot of what I thought was a really good way to determine a national champion. And I think that as we were introducing more games we're introducing more randomness and that we would no longer have college football as a sport where the national champion really was the best team in the sport right, the NCAA tournament does not produce the best college basketball team from throughout the season. It gives you the best team who got the right bounces throughout the six games of the NCAA tournament. I've also said on your program and elsewhere.

I mean, from a selfish standpoint, absolutely. Yeah, this at this point you add more games that's more live blogs that's more action shows like that is. And again, back to my wide net theory. If you cast a wider net and more fan bases are either a in the running for the playoff at the start of November and in the closing weeks, and if more fan bases be obviously are into the playoff they're going to be consuming more that playoff content, not just shutting off and shutting down their, their college football minds. I, I think that having college football be a sport that can be as wide ranging as possible and get the most amount of interest from the largest swath of eyeballs which of course, in perspective is one of your, your key factors here. You need to have a championship that is at that is big air quotes here if you're watching on WRL sports plus open right 231 teams, even if in practice from the time we've had at the college football playoff elections and the selection committee show it's not truly open to 131 teams to save college football to keep college football as wide ranging as possible casting the widest net for interest, then expansion of the college football playoff seems like that's the best way to do it.

So how do you weigh that because I agree, even though I'm fundamentally opposed to expanding a college football playoff and what Dabo Sweeney said prior to last year season at operation football in Charlotte was that man we're expanding the playoff there are 12 teams have a chance to win the college football playoff going into a college football playoff but that's not what we're doing here right we're just, we're just giving you an opportunity to play a game likely get your rear end beat. But you've at least played on that stage, much like we saw Cincinnati. I mean, they were sort of there. I mean they did the best they could, but that was the best that they had to offer.

And frankly, it was, we all knew what was happening. We all we all knew that there was no chance for them to win. Once we saw the first quarter play they just, they just didn't have the ability to get it across the line. They, they were, they kind of hung in there, so good, sort of like this thing happened to Michigan State the same thing happened to Washington question thing happened to a Clemson team that did not have to Sean Watson or Trevor Lawrence Kelly Bryant got out there for the Tigers playoff. And guess what, they weren't moving the ball either.

And so I, I am, I was under the same assumption. The other thing that demo said prior to last year was like, I, and I've seen this from being a college football playoff games and cultural playoff national championship games teams are beat up. Yeah, that's the 15th game of the season, and they are hurting you don't need to be playing that many games, I get it and the arguments like, well, it's only a few teams. Well, there's already playing too many games. These are we're already asking too much of these guys to what was only four teams that are going to be asked to play back at that's, that's a very weak argument for our own pleasure but again we're, we're, we're now looking at this from a, from trying to save the sport from itself. I'm not even sure that it's even possible. But, are you are you pro or against Greg Sankey's idea that there will be no automatic qualifiers. I am.

Hmm. I think for the, I like automatic qualifier see for the, if we want the best teams, I don't think we should have automatic qualifiers. But if we're trying to be it, make it inclusive and open, then you have to. I like automatic qualifiers for the interest that it generates around the conference championship games, and the fact that we would go into that first Saturday in December, or whenever it is we might have to adjust the calendar if we expand the playoff we would go into the conference championship games with real stakes, and real potential for chaos. I think that if it's no automatic qualifiers, those teams that are, you know, in the top six of a 12 team or in the top eight of a 16 team there, there would be much less drama, and we would only be looking at a few bubble spots and how about this conference championship games probably don't include the teams that are on the bubble conference championship games might include teams that are already set with their playoff future so the automatic qualifier aspect.

I think for what it would do in terms of again going back to the wide net. You can be at any university, and you can have the optimism of Clark Lee Vanderbilt. Look, good for in our division. We just need to get to our championship game. And if we win our championship game, then we can be in the college football playoff competing for a national championship, I know we're scrapping divisions place. SEC might do it as well.

But it's that same pitch where you just you start small, you say, all we need to do is get there and if we get there, doesn't matter what the selection committee thinks of us, doesn't matter what the selection committee thinks of our strength to schedule. If we can win that, then we've got an end to go compete for a national championship so I am in favor of automatic qualifiers. However, my understanding is that the automatic qualifiers is a, a big chip in the negotiations, and it is a chip that is likely to be dealt, and I don't know who ends up winning with that, but it's like people are in favor of it, people are not in favor of it, but nobody cares enough for that to be their non negotiable breaking point so that it is totally out of our hands, and it might come down to whether, like the big 10 might give up automatic qualifiers, so that it can get multiple media rights partners. And so the SEC would then get to get no automatic qualifiers, aka the SEC invitational, but then have to hand away some of the media rights away from ESPN and share with others.

Now let's, let's get to the other thing I wanted to get to before we have to let chip Patterson go we don't have very much time left at chip underscore Patterson, so I want to get this straight here. PGA Tour player leaves the PGA Tour joins arrival upstart golf tour, that is designed to severely damage the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour player or those players criticize the PGA Tour for restrictive practices, hiding money from players and ignoring member ideas. They cite playing less as motivation, and then go to play more right exit patch agreed, and now are suing the PGA Tour for a for an injunction to allow them to play in the tour championship in the, in the FedEx Cup playoffs. I mean, really, what do you think, I would think that Phil Mickelson whose name is tied to this the closest and by, I, I got Wall Street journaled, I got, you know, I hit the paywall here. I'm sorry. So did I but we understand what's going on, what's happening with it.

Thankfully we know what's happening. Yeah, I would think that Phil Mickelson would be a verse to things that involve the word I don't know, discovery. You know, I'm no attorney, but I would think that the live golf tour, and many of the powerful people who are supporting and involved with the live golf tour and might have other legal issues at hand. I would think that they wouldn't want to get involved in things like discovery.

It's surprising. And I'm curious to see whether this does proceed because as hate as hastily as things have been thrown together and again like I'm not, I'm not researching the live golf tour there. There is a very like real potential that they continue to adapt they continue to adjust they continue to attract talent, and they will be look up five years from now and we truly live in a world where professional golf has two competing tours, I think we will. I absolutely think we will, but it has been thrown together hastily. And I just, yeah, I wonder how buttoned up everything is and whether trying to pursue this. This litigation would would be problematic.

Well, I think it says, and this is where Jay Monahan was right weeks ago. Like, why do they need us like you did you went and did your thing. Why do they need us. So, they, they need the PGA Tour for official world golf rankings points. They need the PGA Tour for this amount of mean, maybe Taylor gooch didn't get a whole boatload of money to go play on the live series right i mean i really don't know, maybe Hudson Swafford didn't get a whole bunch of money to go play on the live series he was just going there for they know they cut him a nice check and, you know, he got some guaranteed money and there's no cut and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, but maybe these guys need the PGA Tour more than they let on at the beginning which maybe they should just throw themselves on the mercy of the tour but what do you think about this, because I don't know how it's going to rule I know there was an injunction to allow those guys playing the, the Irish Open on the DP World Tour, which was co sanctioned actually that wasn't co sanctioned but because the Scottish Open was, but they were allowed to play in that event because the DP World Tour had not banned anybody they're allowed to play in the Scottish Open, because the DP World Tour not banned players they just find players, because that was co sanctioned they tried to ban them that didn't work. But the what's what's going to happen here is that these players are, but do you think that they will, as Davis love said, Do you think the players might walk out. Could you imagine 146 PGA Tour players saying you know what, if they're playing.

We're not, do you see that possibility. No, because there are a lot of not all the bridges have been burned. There are PGA Tour stars PGA Tour golfers, there are like President's Cup, you know, there are President's Cup participants, there are people who are still tied to the PGA Tour and all the affiliations that are not going to be going to live golf who have some of their closest friends who jumped to live golf. And there's been support, you know, it hasn't all been Rory McIlroy, you know, it hasn't all been your boy. Billy Horschel gosh, it was so much fun for me yesterday to talk to Billy, you know, it hasn't all been flamethrowers from those who have stayed loyal to the PGA Tour there's been a lot of like, you know, they made their decision and right that I'm still friends with them. I still support them and wish them all the best of luck.

And so because there's just not total animosity across the board. I don't see a full 140 golfer walkout. If, if that is the case, that would be incredibly surprising to me because again, the bridges between competitors on the live or people who have been announced to go to join live golf. They still have some good relationships with people that are going to be a part of the FedEx Cup.

Max Homa will not be mad if Taylor gooch comes back to play the FedEx Cup. Those guys are tight chip Patterson, not as tight as you and I, but I appreciate your time always, sir. We'll talk to you next week.

Sounds good. Y'all be well chip Patterson is the best. All right, I we actually put six up on the board. It's all right. It happens. Now your halftime entertainment.

A lot of things are to get to today and halftime entertainment. All right, we got time. We got. Oh, yeah, there's there's definitely plenty of time. We're going to play place bets in a little bit. We haven't talked about it yet. It hasn't been mentioned on believe, but Campbell's leaving the Big South and is heading to the Colonial Athletic Association. Really?

Yep. See, you know, starting in 2023, we talk about this all the time, right? Whenever we talk about conference expansion, we almost always talk about the big big leagues like North Carolina and T. Skipped out of the me act. Yeah to join the Big South. How much money could that have been?

I don't know how much how much of a bump was that was like cost of living increase. Let's see Hampton, Monmouth and Stony Brook all joined the CAA in the last year. So Hampton Hampton. Yep. So Hampton went from the me act to the Big South. To the Colonial.

Yeah. I mean Hampton. An HBCU.

Yeah, actually, by the way, Stony Brook, I believe. That A&T might be actually leaving the Big South. Are they? I think they're actually going to the CAA as well. Look at that.

Potentially. Hey, by the way, you know, the Duke's Mayo Classic is Central and A&T. Yeah, the Aggie Eagle Classic in Charlotte. Nice. Gosh, that's awesome. Absolutely.

I'm jealous. Yeah, actually, it was announced back in February that A&T approved the recommendation by the university to join the CAA. So the CAA is also going to have A&T as well and also already features UNC Wilmington is also in the CAA.

Yes. Well, they've been in the CAA for a long, long time. So yeah, now you have three North Carolina-based schools going to the CAA. So there you go. So there's a time when they ran the CAA. Yeah.

Realignment, folks. Alright, a couple of movie and television news here. Disney Plus usually uses Wednesdays as their day to release new episodes of Marvel and Star Wars shows.

But they announced today that for She-Hulk, which was set to premiere on August 17th and Wednesday, She-Hulk. Okay. Yeah. That show is actually going to premiere on Thursday the 18th and episodes are going to come out on Thursdays.

So set your DVRs. She-Hulk? Yeah.

Okay. She's an attorney. I'm sure she is. She is.

She attorney. So this was something that came out yesterday from about Warner Brothers Discovery. So there was a film adaptation of the DC comic character Batgirl, which had already wrapped up production. So the film was going to feature Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. And they had already wrapped up principal photography. They were already in post-production. And it was set to premiere on HBO Max. It was supposed to be an HBO Max exclusive. Well, Warner Brothers Discovery decided to say, you know what? Not going to put it out there.

Just scrapped it. Okay. And the reason for it, not because the film was bad, apparently. Apparently the film, everything was fine. But one of the reasons why they're not going to do it is because they want to reshift their focus back on theater blockbusters as opposed to stuff that will go straight to HBO Max.

Okay. And they can use this because they won't make any money off of it. They can use it as a tax write off now. Ninety million dollars spent on this movie. Really? Ninety million dollars spent on this movie already wrapped up principal photography. You're already in post-production.

And you said, nah. That seems like a lot. It's like, why? It's just, it blows my mind. And this is one for people who enjoy superhero movies and want to see these properties released or just want to see these properties on a, okay, on big screen or on a streaming service. This is what frustrates people about DC Warner Brothers and their whole film line because they have zero direction and they do things like this. And apparently as well, they had already started, this is according to Variety. They had already started a follow-up to the animated movie Scoob, which came out in 2020. They're doing Scoob holiday hunt. Apparently that's on the chopping block.

Even though they gave us a sizzle reel back in December, that already spent forty million dollars. Just decided, you know what? Not going to do it.

It just, why? Why? Why spend all the time and money to do that stuff if you're just going to say, no, you've gone that far.

Do it. But hey, you know what? It's not my money. If you want to burn ninety million dollars, go for it. I, you know, honestly, I feel bad for the people that were actors, actresses, the production people. I feel really bad for those people who put a lot of time and effort into making a film and not to see it come to fruition.

That's, that's gotta be frustrating on their part. Do you still get an acting credit even though the film wasn't released? Yes, absolutely. Okay. Kevin Costner gets an acting credit for the big chill. Yeah. He was not in the big chill. Interesting. He might have been the dead body in the very, in the opening scene because they were at a funeral, right? He might have been a dead body, but Kevin Costner was actually in the big chill. Okay.

Good for him. I think it was Kevin. Don't, don't at me if you go to IMDB and it's not there. Do it. Okay. At me.

At him. Alright, last thing here. Tom Brady, as we mentioned earlier, turns forty-five years old today. So, USA Today's For The Win, their FTW website, put out a list of forty-five things that are very old yet still younger than Tom Brady. So, I'm just gonna roll through this list.

I'm just gonna roll through it. Very nice. Number one, Pac-Man. Number two, mobile phones. Number three, the Sony Walkman. Wait, this is younger than Tom Brady? Younger than Tom Brady. The Sony Walkman.

Sony Walkman came out after Tom Brady was born. Forty-five years old. I'm trying to do the math here.

Seventy, uh, seventy-seven? Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Okay. Sony Walkman.

The internet, obviously. Yes. ESPN is younger than Tom Brady. By two years.

By a couple years. MTV. Whoa. Yeah. Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Yeah. Diane Keaton's Oscar for Best Actress in Annie Hall. What a great movie that was. Chicken McNuggets are younger than Tom Brady.

That's phenomenal. The movie Grease. Uh-huh.

Reese's Pieces. The first Prime Time Super Bowl. Really? Yeah, the first Prime Time Super Bowl. Younger than Tom Brady.

How about that? The Muppets movie. Younger than Tom Brady. Garfield comics.

Younger than Tom Brady. My Little Pony. Cool Ranch Doritos. Gosh. That's Christian McCaffrey's favorite right there.

Cool Ranch Doritos. Vanna White's debut on Wheel of Fortune. Very nice. Transformers. Optimus Prime is younger than Tom Brady. Wow. Tom Hanks' entire career.

Younger than Tom Brady. I think, didn't it start with Bosom Buddies? Yeah. Right? It started with Bosom Buddies? Yep. Do you remember his co-star in that? No, I don't.

Peter Scolari. There you go. Okay.

Sorry, number 20 on this list. Both Top Gun movies. Air Jordan.

Fruit Punch Gatorade. The Dodge Ram. Dodge Ram trucks are younger than Tom Brady. Wow. The USA Today is younger than Tom Brady.

Yes, absolutely. Diet Coke. The Brat Pack.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Microwave Popcorn. Home Depot. Also, here's a funny one. Number 30 on the list. The Rise and Fall of Blockbuster Video.

This is fantastic. Macintosh Computers. The Empire Strikes Back. CNN. The whole network of CNN. Okay.

ACDC's Back in Black. The Reagan Administration. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar.

Younger than Tom Brady. Wow. Okay. Legalized Homebrewing.

Pink Floyd's The Wall. Oh, man. The invention of ciabatta bread.

The invention of a style of bread? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Fine.

Also, the game Tetris. Can I just say that ciabatta bread is overrated? That's fair. It's just too much. Okay.

It's just too much. All right. I roll through the last few here. The video game Tetris, which came out in the 1980s. Minivans.

I love minivans. Yeah. The We Are The World USA for Africa song. The TV show Cheers.

Okay. The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. And their final one, number 45, was the entire FTW staff.

So the entire FTW staff, younger than Tom Brady. Shouts to Caroline Darnay, our friend. Yes. Excellent.

Excellent work. Place your bets. Place your bets. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slice.

Okay, you can own it. I owe you this. I should have known the Mets were going to baby Jacob deGrom. He only pitched five innings in spite of the fact they only threw like 60 some odd pitches. And he didn't strike out eight. So I needed that to happen. Plus the Mets needed to win.

They didn't do that. I knew they wouldn't score for Jacob deGrom because they never do. So I won my under six and a half runs. Nationals win at 5-1. So I only lost 30.

Dennis Cox, start us off. I was plus 70 yesterday. Where are you? Look at you. Yeah, I had the draw on my soccer bet yesterday. Very nice.

But I missed my other two. Whatever. But hey, pluses plus. Shohei Otani, homer plus 380.

Even though he is pitching today, plus 380 on a homer. Shohei plus 380. Very nice. All right, we're going to start off basic. It all gets underway on Friday.

Right? We've got Arsenal and Crystal Palace on Friday. You're not walking alone? I am not.

No. Well, this is where we're going to start. So the Premier League starts Friday. Saturday, Liverpool's at Craven Cottage against Fulham to open up their campaign. Straight up Liverpool to win it all.

Top the table in the Premier League, plus 225. Give me the Reds. Okay, not walking alone. I'm going to go to the pitch as well. In about five minutes, we have a start between Dynamo Kiev and Sturm Grotz. Oh, yeah. Because why not?

Sure. Champions qualifying. Draw, plus 235. Stay with the draw. Keep staying with the draw.

Alright, one of my favorite things is winner without. So we kick out the top six. We kick out the top six. West Ham, the best club not in the traditional top six of the English Premier League that Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Man U, Man City and Liverpool.

So West Ham to be the best of the rest at plus 400. So basically this is the finish second? No, no.

Finish essentially seventh if the top six finishes one through six. Oh, okay. Gotcha. Okay. Okay.

But they could finish third if as long as they're the best not in that top six. Alright, I'll take your word for it. Alright, I'm going to go ahead and jump ahead for you because I want to give you one lacrosse bet.

Sure, of course you do. I'm going to jump ahead to Friday. Cannons play Redwoods. Give me the cannons on the money line plus 120. Oh man, I was going to do that.

So now I can't. We'll take the Redwoods. No, no, that's fine.

Our guy in the Kai Montgomery plays for him. Oh, go, go, Mackay. Alright. Alright, winner without the top two. Top two, of course, Liverpool and City. City will finish second. Give me Arsenal at plus 500 to be the next best club and I'm going to throw in a bonus one. Heng Minh Son to have the most goals in Premier League games this year at plus 1600.

Okay, we're going to go with the with Son. Some really long futures. I all of it. They're all futures bets. It's all about the end of the season.

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