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Build Back Worse?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 5, 2022 4:38 pm

Build Back Worse?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 5, 2022 4:38 pm

Who wins and who loses? 

Andy Ogles, Pattrick Morrisey, Rep Dusty Johnson, and Sean Reyes join the conversation!

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New galaxies he flipped for all these new tracks it might not like the best selfies of the part I just set my phone down and put it in flax mode and capture hands-free pics from multiple angles or capture training sessions for his followers.

I simply wave my hand to start recording video disease look for is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket good debater. Did you don't easy flip for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative, you are: 1747 time in reports the committee from Liberty University studios and it's been a week politically already earlier in the week we had the Kansas and Missouri Arkansas having battles Missouri. We saw Eric Schmidt the Atty. Gen. over there with another nomination in the battle of Eric's Donald Trump but chiming in with an endorsement of Eric with two candidates having the same first name, Eric Schmidt ended up getting the win and will face off to try and make sure the Missouri Senate race stays in Republican hands and then got down in Arizona. Cherry Lake finally gets the final bod that she's the winner in Arizona, Maricopa County Phoenix that screwed up the 2020 election has done no progress in getting any further along in being able to actually count votes in and get through an election process that other countries where they can literally hand count ballots they could do it in 24 hours.

Maricopa County can even get it done a few days and they had chaos they had confusion like we saw 2020. Despite all the denials with there was any election problems in Arizona that it didn't get stolen from Trump but do a big week there and then not in Tennessee where were broadcasting from in Memphis and he ogles Wednesday at Republican primary in the Tennessee fifth congressional district last night is that Republicans redrew that district in Tennessee. It's been a nine congressional district stayed for a while. Additionally, you had seven Republicans to Democrats in recent years well with redistricting Republicans redrew the lines and not Nashville dividing Nashville up adding some of the suburban counties to it and for the first time for the first time since Reconstruction.

The Civil War Republicans have an actual shot to pick up a national probably do that the new district is about a 12+ Republican district Donald Trump. By over a dozen points so it's a great opportunity for a pickup.

Republicans in double talk and he ogles later in this hour's take on the win and what comes next. Republicans need to pick up for five seats in the house to take the gavel from Nancy Pelosi and the and he ogles will carry that standard in the Nashville area for the Republican side, and that I hope the W picks up at Republican seat that is one of the other handful that are needed will also talk during the show with Patrick Morrissey. He's the Atty. Gen. for West Virginia. Talk about getting a gift Joe mansion order talk about build back better build back worse, who's actually the winners and losers in this Joe mansion is going to face likely Patrick Morrissey, the Atty. Gen., in West Virginia in two years when he run for reelection and and turning his back on West Virginia voters turns back on the coal industry taxpayers small business. Patrick Morrissey was just given a gift in order talk to him as the Atty. Gen. in West Virginia of what the impact of build back worse is on West Virginia how mansion is destroying everything, including the goodwill he had built up by blocking some of the Biden prospected the issues over the last year and 1/2. Patrick Morse is going to join us also talk about some of the issues that he's pursuing is an Atty. Gen. with the litigation to stop the Biden executive orders, and so far, Republican attorney generals have been very successful in doing that also will talk with the cards with Dusty Johnson from South Dakota later in the show.

US agriculture is selling out to China.

Not surprisingly, while Biden's giving them everything they want. Getting nothing in return for dropping the tariffs on China getting nothing in return. In the meantime there buying up huge swatches of agricultural property in the US where were going to be dependent not only on many of our products and manufactured goods, and coming from China, never to be up to having to depend on them for what we eat grown on our own soil. So what will talk with Dusty Johnson, Republican from South Dakota about that in the will also talk to Utah Atty. Gen. Sean Reyes about again why Atty. Gen.'s are so important. The Biden federal judges have now put the burden on Utah to work to start giving transgender surgeries under Medicaid will talk to Sean Reyes about that in the some of their battles on the border. Some of their battles on dealing with the illegal immigrants that are flowing across a link with like 2 million that of the flooded into the country that were aware of 3 tons of Sentinel. We would hear me off in the Seo it's you know 6000, 10,000 and 5000 pounds it's it's actually about 5 to 6 tons of fennel that have come across our border, while at the Biden administration continues to claim that the border is secure, but that but the biggest news of the last two days really comes from Kristin Kiersten Cinema from Arizona deciding to join Joe mansion in giving the Democrats giving Chuck Schumer the votes they need for their build back better scheme that again doesn't build back anything even even senators that are Democrats in favor of it are admitting that it raises taxes Chris Coons, Democrat, liberal admits that it will raise taxes even though Joe mansion is trying to explain this doesn't raise taxes on anybody less just a bunch of baloney and even Democrats are disagreeing with them.

You're the bottom line is, it will hurt small business.

It will hurt taxpayers it will, it will not do anything to deal with inflation is the Congressional Budget Office nonpartisan not owing to either party. The nonpartisan CBO says it will not even slow down inflation either immediately over the next two years and yet it's being called this inflation Buster by the Biden administration 200 economist 200 economist actually know what they're talking about.

Also point out that this is not going to achieve anything that were being promised by the Biden administration so so what's the theme song. When you have Democrats rushing in the past, something that claims to be intended to stop inflation to reduce the inflationary pressures 9.1% yield huge increase since Biden took office. What he explain it when all these Democrats are rushing to vote for something that doesn't do what it says doesn't mean what the words say so is it is a theme song maybe for the Democrats as their pushing build back worse.

This might work. Hello was so filled fall in love with this atrocious attempt to deceive the American people into thinking they're getting something for nothing was going to cost us about $754 million. Three quarters of a billion or greater were throwing money to Ukraine left and right is fastest is that the present condition some executive order and write a check or maybe 750,000,700 50 billion doesn't sound like that much.

But at the end of the day is coming out of our pockets is going to come out of the taxpayer's ability to compete both economically, locally and in the world, and yet Democrats are rushing to push that into into play. The worst thing about it is that who raises taxes three quarters of a billion.

When you're in a recession, who raises taxes, spends more money in an inflationary.

When when you know it's gonna be a disaster. What we know. The Democrats know better Republican national committee compiled this clip of different Democrats acknowledging that you don't do this in a recession and yet now they're doing it. The last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession when the economy is in decline.

You don't want to raise overall taxes. I don't think during time of recession, you mess with any of the taxes or increase any taxes. No one is going to want to raise taxes when we have a recession so they know better. They know better. That means there's an evil intent to what they are doing.

They are intentionally trying to cripple the American economy and what purpose is to strengthen the Chinese economy me after all. The Biden administration and the Biden family has made a ton of money off China is to help further their control over the American people made it fits that agenda you got Pfizer just reported making $10 billion last quarter, $10 billion with their vaccine. Not bad for a free vaccine $10 billion profit and one quarter so what is the purpose of what the Biden administration. The Democrats are doing are they are the intentionally breaking the economy we have to look at who wins and who loses a finger to see a lot of Democrats losing at the election box in the fall, but who wins or loses in the short term.

Follow the money. Look to the elites look to the big big taxpayers that are not going to get a tax increase.

This tax increase is going to hit the middle income that the people under 400 million. The Joe Biden absolutely promised would not see a tax increase under his administration. So the really rich wealthy elite that are basically putting money into the pockets of the Nancy Pelosi's in the Joe Biden's their winners in this the rest of us are losers will talk more about who wins and who loses.

And don't look a little bit at how Democrats continue to torture the language spin the words out of proportion. Your where women aren't women where recession in a recession and now where being pro-abortion Pro baby killer according to at least one Democrat candidate is actually being comforting and caring was more about that. This is the Todd start show on Steve Gill will be back with that in just a moment. My friend Mike Lindell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of your life even stop by simply creating the best lullaby created the dreams that she may look and feel great with me that even better night sleep for me, which is crucial for my busy schedule, I found a world-class cotton called visa is ultra soft and breathable but extremely beautiful might proceed with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty verse not usually public visa sheet you will never want to sleep on anything else. Come in a variety of sizes and Mike's latest incredible deal is the sale of the year for a limited time you get the Giza drinking receive a set as low as 4999 my and click on the radio listeners wear and use the promo code start by not only this amazing offer but also deep discounts of all my fellow products, including my fellow veteran, my public health that so much: 800-8395 06 my, the promo code start back in the garden show on Steve Gill filling in for Scott.

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Don't miss out. Do it today and that you start feeling better almost immediately. There we were talking the last half-hour or less 15 minutes about how the Democrats torture the language they twist the language they contort the language.

I'm reminded that the Mark Twain once said the difference in the right word and the almost right word is the difference in lightning and lightning bug I received is a big difference in the two words and Democrats are torturing words beyond all recognition to sell their ridiculous schemes. It was a woman they can't find that. But then all of a sudden there Pro woman when it serves their purposes unless it's a transgender woman competing in women's sports. Look, I played basketball at the University of Tennessee many years ago and then after my playing days and did I help work with coach Pat Summit and the women's team helped out work with the women's team is coaching the men's practice team against him. Nobody point out first of all, I was fortunate to have played for the men's team because I was not man enough to have played for Pat Summit, but I did get to work with her closely in the women's team, but there were distinctions between how men play basketball and women play basketball. We had limitations you couldn't jump, you couldn't. You try to block shots because that's not what the women's game was you've got the transgender athletes now former athletes that are like Caitlin Jenner. They're telling us that even they see the distinction in men and women competing with men trying to be pretending there women you if you look back at the Olympic records during Bruce Jenner's time as a man when he was a cast lead. He had 10 events. He wasn't the best in any of the events in the world in terms of athletes, but overall the tenant sports the 10 divisions that he played. The weather was track with it was Lehigh jumping with his pole vault. There were 10 sport activities that he did as a Dick athlete if he had competed in those individual sports as a woman instead of a man. He was set world records and almost all of them. His hundred meter time. For example, 1976 as Bruce Jenner would have been a second faster than the fastest woman sprinter in the world at that time.

So Bruce Jenner now Caitlin Jenner recognizes that men and women should not compete with the Democrats don't get that they're still trying to destroy women's athletics by putting men pretending to be women. In many cases not even having done any genetic surgery or any genital surgery due to change their physique and yet the walk around the locker rooms as guys surrounded by women. They had to request see anything wrong with that they can't define woman they can't define when these decisions can be made. You got some states now there wanting to force I got at the Pennsylvania is saying that the Department of Education, the kids can identify as transgender as young as three. They can't tie their shoelaces, they can identify all the colors but there don't identify as some gender distinct from what their genitalia says according the brilliant folks at the Pennsylvania Department of Education so the Democrats are big on on torturing and contorting language beyond all recognition and the latest to do this is Stacy Abrams who is running for governor down in Georgia. Fortunately, most of the polls are showing her lagging, but that you Republicans are still pretty split up in the wake of a tough primary. She's now saying that being pro-choice is part of her faith.

What Bible she's reading, but Stacy Abrams says according to her faith quote.

You protect the vulnerable and you wrap them in your love are your wrapping a dead baby after abortion is is to put it into a grave or to a cremated. There's no love being expressed but pro-choice is part of her faith. She also condemns the folks that are not protecting the vulnerable and not wrapping them in love is there, claiming that the pro-lifers are doing again torturing the language to destroy what words mean it's not pro-choice.

It's pro-death. It's Pro murder Stacy Abrams once again contorting and twisting the words beyond all recognition is you wrap them in a body bag lady. You wrap them in a body bag your killing an unborn child and you're arguing that that's part of your part of your faith now as if that's not bad enough, the Democrats are also torturing why anybody would question a Biden second term because he so articulate Mika gave us this little shred of Democrat prism. Do you think Pres. Bible should be running for reelection.

As I said in your mind what questions people are asking and he certainly minds and lots of people have no special insight. Obviously, Pres. is deciding with his family with his advisors. I'm not asking you what his family's debating. I just was surprised how hard it was for two members of Congress and talk about whether or not their president if they think he should run again as he decides to run again when we party will support present income and I personally think hard to be. I do think that their general is a lot of us want to see new places rise in the party snatches the presidency at the house so articulate.

You can't make this stuff up will talk more in a moment, and the ovals going to snap.

There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal. They can also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM Again, this is Todd start show from Liberty University Studios in Memphis Tennessee M Steve Gill filling in for Todd if you go to a twitter feed bill report by Mike you want send me a comment or a thought, and that was the continued talking about build back better. The impact on the state of West Virginia and the entire country of Patrick Morsi, the Atty. Gen. of West Virginia is going to join us at the top of the hour, but in the meantime a big winner in the Republican primary in Tennessee's fifth Congressional District redrawn to divide Nashville to give Republicans a chance to pick up the Nashville Davidson County district that has been in Democratic Party hands. Since the Civil War not know in some parts of the country people teach the Civil War as history here in the South.

We teach at his current events, and in the ovals winning a bitterly contested primary over Nashville is joining us now and I still think crazy anybody getting into the political arena. Your about half crazy anyway, but he's a crazy winter today and eager to have you with us like weird because I last night you should play that is you went on the stage and and while they did not. Thought I would talk to me a little bit about this.

This race was bitterly contested.

You had national super PACs out of Massachusetts spending $1 million to attack you and yet you ended up winning and I think was about a nine or 10 person primary by 12 points.

Getting about 38% of the vote. How did that happen you know the victory without words of your opponent your lot a great candidate will break bread 1 g, but the day you know the attack aggregates noise and distraction mingled people want English people who had real ideas a track record of getting things done and substance ruled the day that the Republicans need to pick up for five seats in the house to take the gavel from Nancy Pelosi to put down Republican speaker of the house and placed this is one that would be a flip the Democrats.

As I mentioned of control the seat for a long long time. Congressman Jim Cooper when they read read through the district decided not to run for reelection. It's about a 12 point plus Republican district down from curated by double digits. Do you see this is one that the national Republican Party that the national donors will now jump in. I know you're finding yourself with a lot of new friends having one last night that a lot of folks that are calling now wanting to donate that were kind of closing their checkbook a week ago. Do you think that that you can see more national impact on this race. Now that you've won the primary situation warranted wrap party. Keep in mind, you know, on paper +12 district congressional district never voted for Republican guard, or so I think the Democrats built the potential whimper them upset if you will, and that you have been forewarned that the attack after only going to continue and I've had no boats across the country. Reach out. Leashes reached out and you they're going to double down on this district a gimmick to pick up a Republican that only an extra speed that increases our margin or distort you been endorsed by the freedom caucus. I know that the Jim Jordan Scott Perry was the chairman of the freedom caucus. The Mark Meadows, who helped found it. He was Donald Trump's Chief of Staff that they've always and already they're all already helping. You've also been endorsed. We can one of the with the cooler endorsement trace Adkins. He doesn't get involved politically a lot, but but he stepped up. How did you trace involved about the year at the end, we felt that the race might be tightening a little bit eat out of the patient jumped and he said look, I know I need a fighter. We need more fighters like you are.

Congress and will be an honor to abortion so but your trach. I didn't really go back to direct you to reply with the mandate that Rafiki shut my community down well looked at it. It mom with two kids.

Good job with the essential small business owner nearly your saving your life on the line your business to the central and how dare to go. How dare the government tell you that you need to shut down and so I refuse to comply with any of that nonsense. And because of that trach that reached out just thank you Jester to say you want to go have dinner and we started connecting. We had a concert that first year of COBIT on the square, at over 35,000 people there. You know immediately about finding a solution look real good friend diagram. It but I was unwilling to just cower and hide under my desk to find a way through it and that was by trusting people to make good decisions for themselves and not relying on the government to run our mayor.

You. You felt the burden of unfunded federal mandates. Whether it's near the covert mandates or anything else is a member of Congress or to be able to push back more effectively against those absolutely yummy someone that executive role running back the growing county in the state of the both the residential and back in God's perspective. I was made like 11th in the country were number one met in order for investment for the state of the week have a lot of growing pains will be managed our way through it better than that you get all the mandate to push down from the federal government to the state and ultimately your county for me it's about you know run across the country up budget out of control and start cutting the budget match is not rhetoric but think that we have to do mean again we have inflation prorated government spending going into a recession, for reasons because of government spending. This government broke the economy firing on all cylinders.

Despite another tried it to show the last recession. This is about control for the Democrats if they want fight the fight to go to get there is a lot of talk about with the Republicans will pick up the necessary seeds to to retake the house the others estimates from I think run around the McDaniel, the chairman of the Republican national committee so she anticipates that that we could pick up four seats in the house on the Republican side as you talk to other candidates and and other leaders across the country with his Jim Jordan Perry and and others Ted Cruz in Texas. Is it your sense that that four would be the lobar would be a low number of the 30 3540 C recession deepened people become more more concerned just listed the typical black the general populace trust Republican with the economy more than the Democrats, and so if you're nearby. Administration you got panicked over inflation over gas prices because it does not bode well for you in just the next few months November to be a reckoning now that being said, we are going to win the house and Republican to go out to do their job there some higher expectation, but from the American people that the Republicans don't take control and start fixing this matter and move us forward into the next enter one or you're involved with. Again, the freedom caucus they've endorsed you Jim Jordan and others are are supportive. It's not just how many Republicans you elect to take the house it's the right kind of conservative Republicans that will fight that will will make a difference and I kind of go along and get along. The people are sick and tired of the Liz Cheney's of the world and maybe she'll get her comeuppance in the next week or two but do you see the right kind of Republicans winning primaries around the country. Obviously you're one of freedom caucus early aggressive recruiting candidates to run the numbers.

That's how I connected with them. They saw this as an opportunity to look at the field. I was clearly the one that most freedom caucus mold and so they set me down.

They interviewed me and clearly they very quickly endorsed make a jacket.

Opportunity here to steer the ship and get back on track and in it get dark matter whether your pocket congressman or just more of the protocol conservative congressman we have to fix things and economic not partisan, it just math and I think that got R Benoit the new contract with America. Next Congress know it's humbling to know that it order 2025 by Linda November, but that being said to be a part of this next contract with America you America back on track and we move for the Trump policymaking America is been her primary think you were 19 or so in the race.

Three major candidates. You, the former speaker of the house, a retired National Guard general millions of dollars spent against you and and about a million spin on your behalf. How do you feel that you got a decisive victory was 11 or 12% victory but a decisive number but how do you pull the people back together.

The candidates can say okay on for you, but pulling their workers their volunteers to get invested emotionally and financially in a candidate.

How you pull them back in. At this point what I think you know or saw a big shout went he called early in the evening. It was very gracious merely offered support and assistance. And now I think I speak a lot integrity. I just got to know I'm on the campaign trail as children are a delight just to get family. But I think it takes leadership and I think that what you see for me been very gracious in reaching out to the campaign, but let's focus on the real target here, let's let's fix this economy and with what Kurt did last night very quick to reach out and underappreciated appreciative him and I look forward to working together. One of the things you campaign as it matters who leads and when you were pushing back against the Biden covert mandates you lead strongly in another 17 or 18 County mayors across Tennessee followed it does matter who leads, but some is gotta step out. Yeah, that's what kept it annoyed that during covert and beyond very vocal.

You know where I stand on issues� I backed out of a fighter not for sale, and this primary really became, they battle of your more establishment Republican party versus the conservative wing that freedom caucus wing of the party and the people of the district gave their freedom caucus. The conservative wing of the party others down and we just went about three or 6.1 x 11.9 .9 version feel that that's somewhat unheard of but again, our campaign was built on back Murray County Mayor, Tennessee, and the winner of the Republican primary in Tennessee's discontent congressional district chance to put Nashville in the Republican column for the first time since Reconstruction. If you want to get involved. Find out more anywhere they find on the web.

I go to Andy or go to ogle your love to hear from you going to team we can take back this country, but all you thanks for being with us and I will talk with you again soon were in the liberty University studio Steve Gill filling in for Todd start and will be back in just months. Want to join us on the phone lines talk about congressional races around the country.

844-747-8868 is the number and will catch up with you in a moment we'll know someone who's not working. No, she'll trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full floor which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for boarding with conservative Dallas, Texas conference over in the liberty University euros if you want to join us on the phone lines 8 447-4788 number that's 844-747-8868 and is always go to website for mighty 990 and you can find out links to some of the stories that were talked about go online to twitter and got all that stuff linked up with coming up at the top of the alibi we were to talk to Patrick Morrissey. He's the Atty. Gen. for West Virginia is gotta talk about the impact of build back better or go back worse on West Virginia and how Joe mansion is basely sold out the state of West Virginia and destroying everything that Dell West Virginia depends on including coal and an energy and while small business and jobs and all the rest of it. I will talk with Patrick and just just a few minutes about the weight. When you think the Democrats can't go any lower. You had a Republican Congresswoman and two of her staffers Diana carrack earlier this week in an Indiana to AIDS and the driver who collided with them head on cross the line hit them head-on killed two aides and Congresswoman Jackie will or ski Republican from Indiana and Democrats are slamming the dead congresswoman in in her obituary making snide comments about her. Her conservative. The viewpoints about the fact that she voted against certifying Pres. Biden's victories in Arizona and Pennsylvania after the January 6 attacks on US capital account. What is wrong with these people again they they can't even show any any compassion with the death of not only Congresswoman but two young staffers that were were killed in the car practice crashes. This driver came across the center line and hit them. My get them head-on. Let's get your phone call startled about some of the congressional races Senate races and others across the country were talking a little bit early about Stacy Abramson and her belief that you comfort and care for babies by killing them.

You can't make this stuff up Joe in the Ellijay Georgia that listens on W DU when Joe good have you with us right so you got the best gray revenue great biker and pot stars as Bob like the best talkshow in the country. We got a big racing Georgia Herschel Walker. The-trophy winner and a great first is running for the Senate against very liberal Rafael Warnick and Warnick support our level mansion. Thank you got your man coming up attack that bill. It is a terrible bill for the American taxpayers and down in Georgia. I'm a graduate of Georgia Tech can be noted that I gave all my life and my daughter with Miss George but I am strongly endorsed by Georgia person the right Herschel Walker. I know you'll vote a lot better he would not vote for that terrible mansion built that Warnick will vote for. So I merge all my friends in Georgia to call everybody that I know and tell them to get behind Herschel Walker. We then we must get him elected, and we must stop this horrible terrible mansion tax bill.

You agree I agree with you hundred percent then and I'm a llama University Tennessee guy and I'm bound for Herschel hundred percent. I want him to run through Warnock the way he ran through Bill Bates when he was a freshman and took it into the end zone against the University of Tennessee ran over him like he wasn't even there. And we need Herschel to run it that way.

I've gotten to know Herschel a bit over the last year to an end. He is a godly man.

He's a strong guy and he will still represent the people Georgia heck of a lot better than that.

Then Warnock will and and Warnock has so you guys fight for down there.

I know that other folks in the W DU in territory know the right way to do it is gotta make sure your neighbors all turn out, and cast the votes. Joe, thanks for being on with us is going to Memphis on TWA M bill is reflecting on last nights of votes here in Memphis where a conservative strong district attorney got beat by progressive. Let's look at bail reform district attorney academic liberal progressive and and Memphis is been facing crime problems and unfortunately Bill I I think Memphis is headed down the path of the Detroit's and the Philadelphians in the in the LAs. If you want to have a crime-ridden city. They, the voters in that Memphis just has the right vote to get that done. Know that we are more like a house burned out, will you filament all that much more that make your unit all the way down. I yelled at the public to get out. No tell the people voted to local and it barely made you know if you have enough common the vote against Mulroy. I don't know if you would be a great where the progressive gold that DA believed whatever detail they get back in third, a think tank that matter to them if they go around that evening. You knew your car on the borrower to go while somebody help me if this is the third on the thing taken for granted the election of everything on our closing all gotta turn out and vote if you stay home you lose it's pretty clear that's unfortunate what happened in Memphis yesterday when we come back more the top drivers in switching same with progressive save over $700 on average in the savings and imagine what you could buy the savings from switching progressive 30 years ago to buy tickets to the championship game between the two teams that didn't exist 30 years ago llama big Alaska palm trees which is a team in the future so switch to progressive and save big because so savings can add up. In the interim company affiliates national annual average intrinsically new customer survey to see the progressive and clinically, potentially declaring University studio in Memphis Tennessee. Different things done conservative Bible thumping filling in for God. Dallas hanging out with a bunch of other good conservative try to shake things up and pursue policies that will make America great again and that he'll be back in on Monday. In the meantime will take you through the next couple of hours with Todd start show from here in Memphis and a friend of mine who really underscores that there are multiple battle fronts when it comes to fighting the liberals fighting the Democrats we hear so much about the presidential race in another couple years.

We hear so much about Senate races and and governors races but, in part because the Supreme Court rulings in Dobbs and other recent decisions are pushing more decisions and policies out of the courts out of the federal government's hands and back to the states means the statehouse races state Senate races County commission races school board races and Atty. Gen. races around the country are more important than ever you at the last that year and 1/2.

The pushback against Biden administration crazy schemes has come from lawsuits being filed by Republican Atty. Gen.'s across the country to about 3536 of them and they're really leading the fight against the destructive policies of the Biden administration and assuming and I think were assuming correctly.

Republicans take the Senate take the house in the midterm elections. It will be even more important that we have attorney generals with the knowledge that the courage and the ability to take on the Biden administration because the only way Biden will be able to impose his will on the American people is through executive orders and Atty. Gen.'s beauty will be the one being that fight against them in one of those was a longtime friend is Patrick Morrissey the West Virginia Atty. Gen. Patrick good have you with us all in your spot on.

I think that Atty. Gen. are playing a really important role against all that operate or not but like people like the next year got yeah it's it's interesting because you think of an attorney generals as being inattentive in these little silos representing their own citizens in their own states. And yet, as I've gotten to know you and other Republican Atty. Gen.'s of the last two years.

You guys are cooperating, filing joint lawsuits and briefs and really working together, it appears to be more closely than Republican Atty. Gen.'s have ever done and is really having an impact a lot of people, one party will in Washington DC the Democrats will light out that it and the House of Representatives important for Republican step up and try to work together to articulate their of work should be governed and what happened at the occupant with the light out, but as a practical matter with you that the path likely very cute. The only group of people that can step up that effectively block some of the agenda for what the law are the Republican Atty. Gen. and I think what you're seeing a lot about come together and we work well on a lot of the basically united by the principle that things need to be done lawfully in a matter with the Constitution and the court from the lower levels all the way up to the US the prerecorded largely been agreeing with what we've been doing on a wide variety of topics dealt I think the people corresponding and we need to keep it out because you brought in our country and we have to make sure that the ministration of bowel allowed the one while my Patrick Constitution small institution you have the procedure for the White House declaring that the DS Supreme Court decisions are unconstitutional. You got a White House it doesn't even understand the basics of constitutional law and then a press spokesman. The goes out there and and and pours out pure dribble book, and where got very little work back of the will blog is thought that the moratorium immediately after map the westward and yet BPA what we stop the capability lot have the bureaucrat power that never belong to light climate change policy. The carpet the border collie.

Most prominent people to look at that they are not following the rule of law into whatever you want to come across the border and we have math about the human trafficking, drug trafficking, and of court people all across the country were getting relocated so I think though when people walk and then we are doing multiple buildout a broader group of people that are out there that are tracking what the law try to get it done right. That's what a lot of the faith is all about. Patrick Morrissey, Atty. Gen. for West Virginia on our patriot mobile newsmaker life and again, now I'm a lawyer and even I can figure this one out when the Supreme Court rules on on gun rights.

For example, or on on that requirement, the County clerks.

Mary J people. It is enforced immediately.

They start throwing County clerks in jail who don't follow the Supreme Court rulings and yet when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Second Amendment rights.

You have these these states, the cities continued to ignore the constitutional rulings of the Supreme Court when you have a ruling on abortion. You got that local district attorney say they won't enforce the law, how can some laws and rulings of the Supreme Court be forced under the threat of jail immediately and then others just get ignored.

Well, look, I'm a big believer in supply any and your audience here at the Atty. Gen. that after Congress make the laws wrap your state legislature make blog that you enforce the law executive does not have the power to force whatever. Do I think you can argue with some limited debate enforcement discretion, but seeing more and more a lot of people who think that they can ignore the law and their court amount of the institutions of our country like the Supreme Court of the court that used to be followed by when you have a bike breaking other people think you can ignore that your ensuing release date.

We don't really care what that means that you will really undermine what we have in our country is a public when you lose.

That was back up to the court system without a book. I don't think it should be a checker history of the law, the old implied evenly and enforce for everyone and all the sorrows prosecutors who think that they can get away with a war document for what we don't like got another think coming. I think that is a growing amount of awareness nationally about these people during enforcement the law.

You don't like the law obviously locally in West Virginia a lot of attention on the Joe mansion's decision.

Sen. Manson's decision to go along with the build back better work. What appears to be billed back worse at a huge cost, and in particular cost West Virginia minutes it's going to continue the policies the Democrats have been clear in saying they want to destroy the coal industry while China is building more coal plants. While Europe's re-lighting their coal plants mansion is now signed on to basically destroy the economy of West Virginia parking and rapid fighting a thoughtful log by the court to try to get West Virginia and many other states across the country more time to adapt, and different and we know that our economy after all. Continue to be updated and modernized. We need a new tax code.

Look at what you in terms of the income tax that West Virginia need to go on that direction.

But right now we do have a lot of strong energy resources and coal, natural gas and oil and target those resources and content that within just a few years to meet 40% carbon emissions rate while nothing being done around the world with China is building hundreds of new coal-fired power plant India Germany are all growing in the movie in the opposite direction.

Wonder why do you a lot of old lender here in the US and then really consign West Virginia poverty because the even if you believe a lot of the ongoing policies that are out there.

The reality is that when you court date or many states across the country to move so rapidly pay the price.

The consumer not only at the gas pump, but ultimately through their power bill up that morning that a bill has been championed by a starter West Virginia actually will harm our economy. It really bad option would be Bert Paxton Creek proportionally affect all the big spending bill private placement nor the club it stopped.

I will continue to press and people should call Lynn if you're listening down to New York wherever your listening should call up to date on top. We don't need this right now more that the Bhopal Congressional Budget Office nonpartisan says this will not stem inflation.

It is a tax increase, while Joe mansion is arguing that it isn't that Chris Coons is a fellow Democrat Sen. acknowledges that it's a tax increase that Penta got a lot of friends Patrick Morrissey with us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line got a lot of friends and that West Virginia and their distraught over what Manson is doing, but they're also saying Patrick Morrissey run against mansion next next cycle while you're out with no I law very closely to him back in 2008. We walked by about three point in a very difficult political year and we work pretty heavily out that they have a lot of the national billionaire money come in so I adopted data talking about wanting profit. I will say though, it's really important that we have people in our state representing us to represent the value of our state and I'd be the first one I was working on a good thing Craig and I think we have to be, to stop the train to the filibuster or other policy.

Take good up the pressure. In this case it did not stand up the pressure. Terrible bill collector growing up and people need to know that no one can make a decision as to what I'll do sometime next year, but we put on a heck of a lot in the APs office when you state that the print court really try to help our state economy doing that and and out the fine girl, make the right call about what to do. Keep up the lands and I do think from political standpoint mansion he made out of giftwrapped it may just be a gift bag. This may be a gift to a Morrissey for U.S. Senate campaign next year, but that Patrick, great to be with you and and thanks for joining us and we'll talk again soon my friend yet. Thanks so much appreciated.

Thanks, Patrick Morrissey, Atty. Gen., West Virginia. This is the Todd start show from the liberty University studios. I'm Steve Gill filling in for Todd and will be right will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you close my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full 41 back and this is the Todd start show from the liberty University in Memphis Tennessee.

Gill filling in for Todd start the Todd Starnes Job be without Todd start down to Dallas coming to us live from the CPAP conferencing Todd good to have you with you on your shirt while you're sounding great show on the matter, all while I doubt it here.

Great, only that down and do it the delegate of the Greek word that I know he's a great guy. I wish we were listening to him as the press secretary for the president instead of what we currently have looked a walk would be an improvement over there that's an insult to rocks everywhere, but I was sort of funny. We actually have a number of caveman, but better counter or keypad and you can sort of tell everybody still in the zombielike state after what happened with the elected last night, and of those people who are not met but but they know I am several people come up there like oh my God, what happened to our doll but it is what it is one thing Todd did the Republicans stayed home and didn't get actively engaged in the in the race to take to keep a conservative strong district attorney and placed it to elect a conservative as County Mayor, but is not just the Republicans fault. You have a lot of independents and Democrats who should know better than to follow the lead of what we've seen in places like New York with with bail release with with defund the police and yet they've elected a guy that that is promoted the exact wrong policies and the problem that we are seeing all across the nation. Of course the posted camp and go on. Normally they don't have the sense God gave a goose, but even they understood how radicalized the journey was forced out. They were able to recall there are other. There are other district attorney, other city that are facing the same fate that we are facing in the area.

Steve, we've got to mobilize the Republican we've been talking about the month now we have to campaign micro 20 points behind and if we don't it to be very difficult in November to take back both the House and the woman when you look at the chaos that happened in in counting the votes getting the votes done in Memphis. We continue to see the chaos in Maricopa County with their election were Terry Lake was just announced. Finally, as the winter took three days you're seeing the same confusion, chaos, ineptitude, and and I think intent in trying to steal these elections. You are and where were going to see more of why that is so vitally important. This is an opportunity to have a great big national Rally and really propel us to the finish line and in November later on this afternoon. I'll be posting about an hours worth of annals of alternate date of starting off the afternoon interviewing the governor of Oklahoma and Kevin without a doubt the most polite governor and America were after that. Talking with Bob or America mobilizing Garrett to fight back against your school board to getting involved in the will portrays the and a little bit later after that I were to be talked about white bait matters to conservatives with our good buddy thought it might go but I know you don't course and I felt great NFL player Jack Brewer among some of the other source. Action-packed day. Feedback and it's great that the summary of our great listeners hear from all of the county bring a man fire them up and destined back to get the work done where they where they come from test units is in the trenches and again we see when when we don't turn out the other side wins at me.

I you and I Todd we we talk before you a lot of religious leader say well I'm just I'm a Christian now feel like I should be involved in politics well if we're not evil is if we are not the other side is so don't sit back and complain if you don't bill up your sleeves and get out there make a difference and that problem and that's a pretty difficult but very religious account. The only churches that were allowed to be mobilized or impacted churches that supported Democratic candidate. Many of the large mega churches were Incredibly conservative membership. Those churches have been neutralized.

Their upgrade to speak out because that on acute they want to be at Tobago rate offending people and spent a lot of these mega-churches are now going and that's a big problem for the country.

We gotta get churches back back on board the founders that would literally mobilize right from the pulpit in the march of the battlefield for freedom and we need some courageous pastors along that line again, Todd. Have fun in Dallas. You'll be back in the big seat on Monday I'll try to hold forth for another hour and 1/2 or so, and I will catch up again. Same great lot. Thanks for the opportunity is the Todd start.

So if you want to join us on the phone lines join us at 844-747-8868 talk more in a moment. I'm Steve Gill filling in for Todd start galaxy flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his father with my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket to get your galaxy flip for Mac. This is the Todd start showing Steve Gill filling in for Todd and our newsmakers calling on the mobile newsmaker line and now more than ever it's important for companies and organizations that share our values sacred, mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier that we share our beliefs, but they actually do something about it.

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Thank you.] How much does it annoy that the folks in North Dakota always claim there always on top of me does not really like hack you off bother me that much more and more I look at the code you the more and more added and the people in North Dakota are my friend list as it always is a little colder there during the winter.

Knowing the balmy times in South Dakota right right where the tropical Dakota and were very happy that Nancy Pelosi goes over to China and tweaks the whole controversy.

I understand it apparently was a conflict of understanding in her staff. She said she wanted to tie one on the next thing you know they booked her to Taiwan as it was a misunderstanding.

Yeah, I don't know exactly what going on. I don't think below substantial problem with American foreign policy. I just think goldplated weakness in the fact that nobody believed in American strength abroad that the real problem and frankly it's making the global essay. This is just an opportunity from China to focus in the eye because they know.

Again, like you said we got a weak president you Russia's planet Europe's planet we just had the summit of Americas and we could even have our strong allies in South America and Central America and Mexico. They will even show up. They don't respect this guy enough. I think it is a real problem and it just doesn't have to be this way. I'm and I'm not a rattler I'm on never been a believer in forever wars but I do believe in Ronald Reagan and I think when I weakness invites aggression.

I think strength is the best way to ensure peace. I just feel like your bite is more interested in being popular with foreign leaders that he is in keeping Americans safe and we look at the way they respond to Mounties, even achieving popularity other than those who want to see us fail and I think he's, I'm sure he's very popular in and not the ran and the and and probably enough places like Russia right now but I don't think he's achieving the popularity he seeks to seeks to gain obviously your pure involved heavily in agriculture, North Dakota, South Dakota, the whole Midwest is is that our breadbasket and yet China is buying up property left and right in the United States. I can go over to China without a Chinese partner and start manufacturing firm or or by property. Why do we allow it here when when we don't have reciprocity with these other countries.

Well, we shouldn't be allowing you to Franklin American have been asleep for too long, you know, we talked about Joe Biden and I just not just him. I think Americans in general are you are not aware of how much of Russia and China are seeking to undermine us every day. They are at. And you're right China is on the move, they have increased their purchases of corn add gland by a thousand percent in the last decade, but is not permanent. They also own 1300 agricultural crops that thing facilities were talking about $35 billion, with factories and you say that we should not do it. You're exactly right. I got bills that it would blacklist kind up on those kind of purchases all mention that I understand the global economy. I am not II know that there are times when countries foreign companies make investments in America that makes America stronger. And it's good for the American worker bought my belief and that kind of investment goes out the window.

We were talking China control over over and she go both ways and I think we learned during Tova did whether it was RPP masked advisors and gloves that we are solely dependent on so much coming from China.

They create the back the that the disastrous covert problem and then they profit to the tunes of billions of dollars by selling us the stuff to protect us from what what they had developed in the lab and then and then worse than that. They have the temerity to to steal our technology to steal our information technology just blatantly and then sell stuff back to us that we've created your robbing our companies robbing our consumers from a from the benefits of our of our creativity and never gonna reward them by cutting the tariffs and income given free reign again very well that this is another American are really paying enough attention. One out of every five large American companies claim that China sold their intellectual property or their trade beacon creek the last couple years by FBI director Ray has said that you just been blown away by how much espionage China is conducting against America, but he has said that the Chinese espionage is the single largest long-term grant to American military secrets and economic information we got to make sure that we are putting up the kind of defense that we need to have this Chinese intrusion. When we look at drugs. For example, I think Americans this is you point have been surprised at how much comes from China. So many of our pharmaceuticals come from there and then the illegal pharmaceuticals. The fennel that's been pouring into Mexico and then across the border, killing thousands and thousands of Americans and yet the other Biden administration is keeping the border open and keeping the flow of deadly narcotics into our country flowing like like the Rio Grande. A lot of policy issues. Things are more complicated than sometimes we realize that I'd hate it, but I kept my colleague to act like you can govern by bumper sticker slogan. It's almost never that easy, but the border is that we had a great letter Donald Trump he put in place to remain in Mexico policy and six weeks later, border crossings had dropped by 85%. It is that easy on a bill that would put back in a claim related Mexico policy.

It drives me crazy Joe Biden. I won't do it administratively.

It is that UTD people do not, by and large, Legitimate filing claim the way we are handling the crisis at the border is a disaster. I've been there and anybody within approximately the border understand what Biden is doing it at work seeing our border agents were punishing those that are trying to to handle the flow of legal and in criminal folks come across the border. We now know that you 50 more terrorist watch list identified individuals that we have.

You really know how many more than that. We know that that we've confiscated 5 tons or so of fennel.

We don't know how much more has gone in and and yet that's that's declared by some in the administration is a success for me. It is been really hard to talk to my colleagues on the left of the house date yet you think different prism that I do.

Comment that I and I think most Americans, it is a sovereign nation need to be able control your borders.

You cannot just let 1.6 million people a year walk across the border and then get resettled in this country with a court date three or four years down the road. I mean that that is that does not work in an when I hear about the workforce crisis in this country.

I feel the same way. We need to put back in the place more rigorous work requirement. Listen, if you're 27-year-old guy living in downtown Minneapolis. You can work, but you choose not to.

What are we doing what why are we giving you access the social safety net programs. I know we need those program but they should reward work and my colleagues and left the Bayview work as punishment rather than work as opportunity uses the New York and Washington DC just getting a little sample of the flood of illegals and the cost in terms of education in crime and in social services that there screaming at the hissy fit when when Texas in the border states have been experiencing it for a long time to make that little tasteful will help them get a grasp of reality terms with Jesse Johnson with us from South Dakota is is is on that are newsmakers lined the master will quickly is because turn to politics for a moment. Ronald Romney be chairman of the Republican national committee right around the McDaniel is predicting that the Republicans will only gain for house seats in the midterms. That's about 35 or 45 less than everybody else seems to see yeah I don't think that is very likely right now the only a three or 4 feet barge in the pickup work I would give the Republican control of the house, but I I am way more optimistic that a minute is true that in the recent weeks. Some of the polls that moved ever so slightly awake, Republican. We cannot spike the football. We are a long ways away from victory.

The reality is we need to continue to communicate in clear ice and coalition building the language why conservative values are the right thing to do for America we can all looking and not just dump all over Joe Biden. I think we need to have taken for what should happen with this country.

Over the course of the next decade and I am dedicated as I have ever been not taking that message board, and I don't know exactly how many Republican but I'm here to tell you a lot closer to 25 and it is for when you look at the climate.obviously that the anti-Biden impacted the inflation, the gas prices. All those things work well for Republican prospects. Do you think that Republicans need a contract with America type policy directive of where were going in order to really when the seeds that are out there to win. Well, I think we do. We have one, Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader now working with all 200 over the course of the last few months.

Not just try to write something up on the back of an applicant. But to really analyze hundreds of different pieces of conservative legislation to figure out how to make that together and a commitment to America and he has begun the rollout of this agenda you will see for the rollout and it is amazing how much optimism is contained in this plan, which again we have worked on together.

There is a lot of diversity of thought with the Republican cop one thing but you know is sometimes frustrating about being Republican conference is in Washington is that we don't work the exact same thing.

There can be a lot of different flavors are Republicans trying to make America work, but we have come together on this plan is going to unlock American energy is going to empower the American worker is going to make it clear that wisdom does not reside in Washington anywhere near the extent that it resides within American families, American businesses and American communities that the people of America give us a chance in November. We are going to put forth a bold and positive agenda that is ushering in a new renaissance for America and we see that wisdom resides in the balmy tropical portion of the Dakota, South Dakota where Congressman Jesse Jackson represents very well.

Have you ever send that keep up the great work. My friend that I will be back into my was more the Todd start so you jump on the phone lines you got some room on the lines at 844-747-8868. I'm Steve Gill filling in for Todd galaxies flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for start for Friday addition of time and show University studios. Todd is in Dallas Texas enjoying robbery in the conservative the enthusiasm of C packet was back in the saddle on Monday.

In the meantime, if you like to join us on our toll-free number is 844-747-8868. I'm Steve Gill you can find my twitter account at the Steve what the deal report on what is the deal report and of course if you like to join us on the phone lines jump on just get in a few hours ago, the US issue, the July jobs report noting that 528,000 jobs were added. Unemployment is down to 3.5%. Unfortunately, this just brings us back to the pre-coded employment level.

So we keep hearing from you by demonstration how they've created all these jobs is like no people just gone back to the work to the jobs you shut down with the coded mandates and some experts are pointing out that the middle and lower income citizens. Real wages have crashed the expenses of gone up in the were to really sing.

Is not job creation, but people have the take two jobs labor force participation didn't move a bit, stated 62% which is a sign that that some economists are saying indicates that the economy is not actually as strong as the figures indicated just means people were taken to jobs instead been able to do one job and earn enough to meet the higher gas bills and everything else that Joe Biden decided he would try to explain all this duty was like like Lucy Lozier got some explaining to do. This is Joe Biden's playing in it to us seven Nobel large and the economy.

Economists economics essay what you know it. It takes people 30 seconds or so to confusingly ramble like that Joe Biden can cut it down to seven seconds and confuse the heck out of you.

Sit seven economist economical ecclesiastical or whatever word start with the does have just have like a word salad to pick all that you words to talk one more time. You see, if you could decipher his nephew were in English class you having to literally diagram this sentence on the board. You'd quit you'd say I give up seven Nobel large economy. Economists economics essay and try to tell us this guy had an hour and 1/2 conversation with presidency of China is a three minute conversation that took an hour and 1/2 room to get the words out.

Let's go to Jeff in Gainesville and W.

Do you and Jeff you're on the Todd start so you talk about church you know whether it should get involved in politics and all that and leave the church should be involved in all manner of society. Issues like that without the church you have no moral compost at all and this was wrong of the nation when the when the church that back in. It won't end in the God of the Bible is not as back starts to rise up and take their spot back to live by will church is not the building. It's the people in the church to go out and then activate the directions of the Bible and again I think too many pastors you want.want the church to stop at the church door and they don't want any intrusion of society into their churches and that's a good thing we don't want to believe that the whole woke this into our churches, but that means the people in the pews got a get out the pulpits out of the pews and go out there and put that put their biblical actions in the four step thanks thanks for your comments yet. The other interesting thing of this whole church involvement is again if you don't go out there and get engaged, then you're just abdicating it to the other side and evil is real. Were seeing it in the policies its interest on meeting the other day that did pointed out that the reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed is the exact stuffer teaching in schools and promoting to our young people you got in the Pennsylvania there is now a federal effort of the state Department of Education is now trying to dictate the three-year-olds. Three-year-olds should be able to to define their sexuality to pick their gender at three you want to be a cowboy when I was three euros at the mean I should warn boots when I am wearing boots today that so okay, maybe I am a cowboy. I did pick up three and sticking to it on the bottom line is three-year-olds can't tie their shoes. They don't all the colors today really picked her genitalia or ignore their genitalia for the Todd start filling no chill. Trust me that used to be me. Then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you close my phone and using to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative little George and I live on Monday and tell you that every time you think that the present Biden can't embarrass us our country himself, his family even more and are not talking about videos on hunters laptop on work taking showers with his 12-year-old granddaughter or well all the other things that he does every time he speaks. It's a problem in and in. First of all it's it's not just his lack of syntax is lack of ability to basically communicate in full sentences. It's the policy he espouses as well. And every time he comes out goes off the cuff, which is why they have to make and run off the stage. Every time he gives a speech he can't explain what he saying because he just reading whatever put in front of him. Kind of like read the are you where is my seat dear Ms. just those kind of things it just display that this guy is completely mentally incompetent to hold the job and in the Democrats would be hanging on with their fingernails because they don't want Kabbalah to take the position and will move him aside and end up with her because they know that be an even worse disaster and there they're desperately trying to figure out how to make it to the next presidential election move Joe out and have somebody else carry the banner forward that be Kemal Harris and you look at their their bench and you got people to judge who isn't playing very well again you look at the transportation disasters under his regime. There aren't many options to look historically, Bill Clinton, who was a moderate president moderate Gov. he couldn't get the nomination in today's Democratic Party as you look around the country you you look at progressive's whack jobs AOC squad members that are winning and kind of moving forward the agenda of the far left wing. That's what were seeing with this build back better build back worse plan and then you get the president who told us a year ago that if you took the vaccine.

You would not get covered me was definitive. And yet, these double VAX double boosted any got coded again and then again and and doctors from the White House were trying to explain that well you know it were a little concerned that a second bout of covert could produce brain fog and present Biden brain fog.

That ship sailed a long time.

It was a whole flotilla of ships sailing with this presidents brain fog and I've I've said before that this is a guy who can eat all the ice cream he wants as fast as you want and never did brain freeze and and we shared an example in the last hour of just the incomprehensible things that he says and he's never done there's always more compassionate as soon as possible and I know most families are focused on just putting three meals on the table, tinkers occasion, paying the bills helping you do that is my job to present his job as well. Is anyone recognize he's the president that's my job is also the president's job.

The other guy is me.

Talk about a split personality. Filling two jobs. That's the problem with the new jobs report. Americans are having to have two jobs over the moonlight to pay for the expensive gas and groceries. Everything else that they're being forced to struggle with thanks to this administration's policies and he could fix it. He could fix it reopen the pipelines reopen America's energy development do leases that energy companies could depend on you, even if they said today you can go out you can drill you can go out and and produce more oil that wouldn't be very helpful because democracy oil industries inaccuracy energy industries go out and actually develop and spend capital to produce more oil more natural gas more energy resources if they know that they can turn the spigot off again, just like they didn't put us where we are is that Joe Biden told us that he couldn't control gas prices and now wants to claim credit when it goes down $0.50 but is still about 50 more than when he took office, everything.

This administration is done has been destructive to our citizenry destructive to our economy distracted our families and yet he's claiming that's his job. The only job this guy fulfills his nut job and at the end of the day. The sooner this nightmare can end the better, but we've got almost 3 more years to survive his lack of leadership. His lack of ability to communicate and then we have is press equity go out there and it's even more inane things, trying to claim that she's going to speak for the president when the president can't speak for himself and you barely articulate herself and in the recess of the problem is not just because your Joe Biden is not being successful in this administration is not being successful.

I don't have a strong president who was successful was making the US economy thrive, who was protecting our borders, making a successful making our cities and communities safer.

That would be great. I would sure that were there was a Democrat or Republican, but none of those things are happening in those things. Things are going to happen when you keep seeing administration, double down on things that don't work yet it's it's the media's complicity as well. Kids in cages under Pres. Trump bad kids in cages coming across the border under Pres. Trump under present Biden it's okay and will just ignore it. Pretend it's not happening anymore are coming across being shoved in the same cages being used and manipulated by the cartels using them as sex trafficking rather than actually trying to bring people to the American dream. When you look at these long lines of people coming into the country do not asylum-seekers there looking to get on the dole in the United States and never see New York seeing Washington DC get just a little taste of it for 5000 illegals being bussed into New York and Washington DC and their going hyperkinetic crazy over the cost of burden. The third interface when Texas and Arizona and New Mexico Nevada. Most of the rest of the country have been having to deal with the flood of illegals coming across the border, burning our schools burdening our hospitals and healthcare services burning our our crime system. The number of folks that come here and commit crimes. Many people repeat offenders are filling up our jail cells, and now New York and Washington DC are complaining if they could just just a little appetizer of what are other states been experiencing for a long time, and Joe Biden's job to make things better. And all he's doing is making them worse that one of my favorite members of the U.S. Senate is John Kennedy. This is a guy who it is. As huge education accomplishments is very accomplice.

Nearly you talk to that sort of corn pone I'm just I'm just here to to to talk country to you and and he's got a new ad out that says it best, and I think applies to Joe Biden.

Here's a new ad by John Kennedy running for election Senate in Louisiana people saying I am the right main shop. I just don't have time just being me. Never completely for all those Washington insiders feelings are. Here's go find yourself emotional because I'm not sure can always be yourself maybe is time for Joe Biden to stop being himself to be the easy solution. Maybe play a little John Rich ride a horse save a cowboy or ride a cowboy save a horse. Is there a try to figure out how to get a pony for the bed wetters is Sen. Kennedy says nobody sums it up like that. Be yourself unless you suck and now you got there. Kennedy actually is that his direction has bumper stickers that say that as well to go along with with his his new ad that's a cut as we need to see more from politicians straight, direct to the point, no confusion over what they're saying. And we don't get that from present Biden or his administration. The problem is when you're having to double talk double speak back up constantly and what you said and then change that the words change the language because you can't actually communicate your policies makes it a disaster. Okay, whether Republican or Democrat when you can't communicate clearly what you wanting to do so I don't work out very well that the problem for the Democrats and what Republicans is comes when Johnson pointed out in the last hour have to do is is put the pedal to the metal don't stop, don't think you got the when you have to go out there every day and and try to do better try to communicate to the American people. The differences in policies and in the issue is the Democrats have to lie about what they're doing to win Republicans just have to tell the truth, louder and better than Democrats can lie in this build back better program is is a prime example.

They're claiming it's an inflation reduction plan of the Congressional Budget Office, and 200 economists agree is I can reduce inflation at all but 9.1% and it will likely go up, we might've seen a brief respite in gas prices but that's because people stop driving because the prices got so high they came down temporarily. They're about to come back hi with a vengeance. That's good. If you will more, no pun intended fuel more of of the high gas prices we saw just a month ago now present will take credit for that and won't do anything to stop it because he is so craven in his willingness to genuflect and worship at the altar of climate change that no matter how much damage it does to Americans in our communities and our businesses.

That's his goal. That's his job as he sees gas prices going to go up.

Inflation is going to go up this $750 billion in spending is not going to reduce it a bit and that's with the concept of the experts are saying and calling it an inflationary reduction plan. It is along the same lines of being unable to define women being unable to admit that a recession. The recession, the way it's always been defined because they can't tell the truth, they have to lie faster than the Republicans can get the truth out will talk more about it in a moment.

I'm Steve Gill filling in for Todd start will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full floor which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for back in time*so my Gill filling in for Todd today. He'll be back on Monday doing his own mind today 447-4788 time in and I got to shower, bath time shall a guy I know that too much information for me to think about but but when you finish your shower or your bath you want to have a towel off the dozen feel like sandpaper grading on your skin and you love the fact that you get a new towel and they feel soft and filled ocean. In the feel good but then you get them home to absorb his wealth will Mike Lindell. Our friends at my pillow found out that around 2006 Telstra change forever.

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I don't think doing time of recession, you mess with any of the taxes are increasing taxes. No one is going to want to raise taxes when we have a recession and yet that's exactly what they're doing while denying they're doing Joe Manson claiming is not a tax increase. Get Sen. Coons a liberal Democrat Sen. yet is it is raising taxes and it will hurt and they know it will hurt but there's a line say it won't. That is not a tax increase that it's good to reduce inflation again.

I hate to use the L word you why.

Years ago my son Ryan is now in his 20s second season of survivor will generate a watching he was 545 at the time and came walking in and and and my wife said I know if this is appropriate for the boys to watch their young and Ryan piped up was okay this your mom. There's no N-word is like the N-word.

So yeah naked because the first year he had when Guy stripped naked and wander around the beach and Ryan that was the N-word. We are making progress with that's what so very young kids see is the N-word these days rather than the bad N-word.

So I hate to use even the neck in word and I don't like using the lie word but sometimes you got to use the right word in the right word with the Democrats are doing. By the way coming up in the next segment will go to talk with the Atty. Gen., Sean Reyes.

He is the Atty. Gen. in Utah and he's going to suck.

Talk of NY Atty. Gen.'s around the country are critical to stopping the Biden overreach that we talked earlier with Patrick Morsi, the Atty. Gen., in West Virginia, one of the reasons that I wanted to get Sean on his there's a lot of speculation that in two years he may take on one of those horrible rhinos. Liz Cheney may only have a week or so left being a congresswoman. Now she'll serve out her term Mitt Romney is another one that is doing everything anti-conservative despite his claims to be a conservative. He's so caught up like Liz Cheney in being anti-Trump that he can be pro-American sort of dog Sean Reyes who some people think should be the candidate against Mitt Romney in two years when the election cycle pushes that Mitt Romney back to the forefront. Liz Cheney, by the way is saying that she might run for president that we need a woman to be in charge because men have messed it up and I couldn't help but think that when you think of women that aren't messing it up to see me and Kemal Harris Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Gov. Hotel Hogle in New York Witmer in Michigan and Hillary Clinton who did such a bang up job running her campaign Cheney are desperate. She's even bringing her dad in the Wyoming into attack Trump to defend his daughter now mall for dads defending their sons and daughters. But Liz Cheney is in defensible and it's time for Dick Cheney to recognize that that dog won't hunt to use a good Southern phrase people know who she is.

She's going to lose and was in in Wyoming. They're trying to convince Democrats to crossover don't enough Democrats in Wyoming to save Liz Cheney's job and it will be good riddance as I think it will be one of the. The remaining few that voted and have led the way against Trump led the way against the reality of the January 6 to further their own destiny.

Liz Cheney, the clock is ticking and it's not a woman thing, pushing you to be president because we need a woman in charge is about as sexist as you can get but that's where Liz Cheney is having to delve into to try and save her. But as the people of West of Wyoming have figured her out every Lightfoot got Chicago Mayor. She's doing a bang up job.

She's a woman. Is it because she's a woman that makes her so good.

It turns out to get Hoagland in New York Witmer in Michigan know this is a pretty good examples. Liz might check them out. So if you can campaign for them or against them coming up.

Sean Reyes, the Atty. Gen. from Utah will join us I'm Steve Gill filling in for Todd start and will be right back will know someone who's not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy full for Todd start show Steve Hilliard filling in as 40 in Dallas that would be a site to step down in Dallas Texas Jesus feedback will be back with great stories, tales and hopefully and is he asking bounce back from a disastrous to Memphis election yesterday were the AG was defeated the conservative tough AG was defeated, and we've now in Memphis got a liberal progressive woke let's deal with bail reform AG step in a motel be back on Monday 20s right now is is one of my new good friends. Atty. Gen. Sean Reyes. He is from the great state of Utah and was out in Utah with the Sean Reyes a year ago about the same time. It's all good, heavy with us.

Great to be back. Feedback here, and I'm glad that you're filling it over there, care of the old buyer. He is yet is all we talked with him a bit earlier. He was hanging out with Hogan Killian and he's already having fun and embed her down there and and speak it up by the wave. Sean is the Atty. Gen. for the state of Utah, introduced us to 2 to 23 now the amazing golfer from Salt Lake City. I guy got a point outside the that when we met with you and in Sean and and and Tony out in Salt Lake a year ago, he'd only 11 PGA Tour is one like three cents. So what was the magic secret sauce. You shared with them since that time, I think it was meeting with next weekend we met you one technically LogiCal about family to me like a little brother and he's an amazing oriented family man and everybody on the tour love them and wanted to win more like 50 top five top 10 finishes and just wasn't quite fishing on some of those and I think probably more than anything. You don't gulp it incredible mental game and so much momentum and confidence, and one window gift another, and two weeks in a row now historic the first time back to back on the tour in three years I think about that was what you were there.

We had Glenn Beck. We are totally been out with a great time going on.

Yeah, he's fantastic. Thank you for bringing them up. She's the type of person who you know in the sports world. We see so many prima donnas and divas.

You know he gives credit to God and his family and the hardest working guy up to her. He's an amazing golfer but an even better person.

Based on the time we spent with him and when I when I seen sense and he's going to be in Memphis against for the FedEx cup next week, so I hope he will be in the territory you got up to come to town to get a chance. All you like. Could we would you know her out.

I'll be on the order in a couple of days down there with Congressman Knight in California and so if we could make it out good crisscrossing.

We were able to stop in 90 good Tony did well in the playoffs last year. Also one and so were were keeping our fingers crossed yet appreciate it public in Atty. Gen.'s conference out in the Colorado Springs unit a few weeks only architect in Europe. You guys will be out there right to revoke Hogan Gidley was just moderating our panel on voter integrity and no photo ID both free and fair elections of only what we talking about the owner one the things that I wanted to share with folks is that is how important the Atty. Gen.'s are that you we we hear so much. We focus on presidential elections and Senate governors elections and frankly some of your colleagues weathered said Derek Schmidt in Kansas or Eric the good Eric Smith who one in Missouri. The Senate primary Atty. Gen. is not just you making a difference in the politics of the state which are coming together and really leading the fight against the Biden administration and and if, as we expect and hope Republicans to control the House and Senate in the midterms.

This can put even more burden on the Atty. Gen.'s particular Republican Atty. Gen.'s to stop the executive orders that were going to be the only way Democrats can house their will on us and in you guys really cooperate with each other. People sometimes they go to see Atty. Gen. of Utah or Alabama or somewhere but you guys are working together closely and in concert to push back against these crazy Biden schemes very closely very appropriately.

Always on the panel, Jeff Landry, the great Atty. Gen. believe you share with Ken packed an incredible Atty. Gen. and we do when we marshal our resources were not as big as the federal government will we need to come together and ban together. We have terrific our solicitors Gen. are amazing mine in Utah. Melissa Holyoke is unbelievable superstar and all the state AG is stateless or general, our staff come together we really need that unity.

We need to uphold strength to push back. You said it well.

We filed a lawsuit in the first year of the Biden administration was a little quite like one a week to target rich environment. We didn't have to think too hard and just of the public understand what I just filing a lawsuit can be obstreperous work more filing everything, the place where the federal government to the executive branch is overstepping its constitutional bounds and authority. We did that in the Obama administration, but Pres. Biden has taken these executive orders next level and so we need to respond in kind and as you said we are job is to not only protect and uphold the Constitution depend laws are state topic but to push back and remind the federal commitment that you know what we created the federal government and the state that have a significant role to play the federal government every chance he gets. Will try to divest the states permit from their constitutional right know what it whether it elections. We were just talking about this on the stage a few months ago, HR one, HR 40 much better life election. While it's true everything is very patronizing view that the federal government knows better than everyone else.

What the states. One one-size-fits-all. Let us tell you how to do it because you're not responsible if you're not smart not good enough to do it on your own. And that's why we the people.

That's why average citizens get really upset and we need people to be able to push back and think it is. I've got such an array of really heroic state AG is on the Republican side to be able to fight that fight and remind the federal government that there such a thing. The 10th amendment Utah Atty. Gen. sunrays with us on the Todd start show honor patriot mobile newsmaker life. One example of how outrageous that the Biden administration is gone is a a lawsuit you've just joined with 21 other. I think Atty. Gen.'s where the feds are blocking funds from schools for school lunches that don't follow sexual orientation policy when they're literally taking children hostage threatening their meals to push their their bizarre radical agenda and and I must if we need more lawyers or or hostage negotiators with the Biden administration. At this point all your delicate Robert O'Brien back who is our administrative ministration are lead hostage negotiator for the United States. I totally get your meeting on that and here's the interesting thing no surprise to your listeners just what the headlines were in Salt Lake City. When we joined that with with other states regarding school lunches, so the headline from one of the Salt Lake Tribune editorial team. Utah Atty. Gen. wants to deprive transgender kids from getting school lunches. What that have nothing even close to what's going at the federal government but using the lever of school lunches to try to force the ground out of the policy which, if it's a good quality should come through the Congress and the democratic process, not an executive order and cramdown by the federal government. But again, the media portray that negative thinking wow is Republicans again just heartless but cool.

Try to take lunches away from transgender kids know love transgender kids, just like we love all of our kids we want to protect them all. But there is a proper way to do it. Separation of powers because that's what I think is important that we have state IDs to understand those things and are willing to stand up and take the slings and arrows of fake media and all the distortions misleading headline but yet if it's good if the daily grind of the daily fight.

But as I mentioned earlier, the target rich environment. There are so many areas on the border that's an area were state AG's recently we have only been down to the border in Texas and Arizona, California, working with the other side order. They know it's a national problem in your functional coming in lien of lethal doses. Jillian, that's just what we caught not to mention everything that that that's filled through human trafficking coming in estimated hundreds of millions of street value market value for human beings being sold for sex, forced labor, indentured servitude organ harvesting you never illegally got all of that in the hundreds of millions per week per week. According to customs border patrol agents that we work with down there and you also have games coming up. This is all cartel driven people who are coming across out of because we Republicans often get painted as being again cool heartless discriminatory or not there might be some bad apples in every party were not the great-grandson, the grandson, the son of immigrants that came to this country and help build this country make a stronger country we love immigrants in the best majority of people who are coming across are good people with good intentions and want a better life, but they're being exploited but being exploited by the cartels who know that there's an open borders policy there being victimized sold into human trafficking for stimulant drug or organized retail theft of $40-$80 billion criminal loss every year or box stores and other retail chains. What they do is they cut in jurisdictions where they know there are sorrows back DAs walk out with 5000, 10,000 $50,000 worth of stolen goods store. Because they know police officers won't come and respond not because the officers are bad. Not doing the job they know the DA won't prosecute the case. So why put themselves in harm's way. In the meantime we send a message to the world that sure you want to come across our border steel rate pillage all of that open game and it's horribly depressing and demoralizing for those brave men and women in uniform on the border, devastating communities all across the border. But here's the thing in his life in a state but it made every state in the United States, a border state because all of that stuff does not stop Arizona, California, comes into Utah comes in middle America East Coast West Coast up in the north and every state is doing opioid opioid epidemic.

Every state dealing with human trafficking that we need to talk about more mental reality and everything still organized mutual crime in the all of those things are coming across the border and stated you continue to pressure the administration to the administration stand up and defend state laws are trying to address this, but that's something else that I just wanted to highlight older chatting and I think that again. In addition to filing suit. Our winning suits. I want my buddies claims it is main form of exercise these days is shaking his head in disbelief at the hypocrisy of the left. You now have the New York mayor in DC Mayor who are complaining about a few thousand of these illegals being dumped in their community because of the College of healthcare in crime and in education and yet again, Utah, Texas, Arizona, have been sustaining it with millions coming across another just fine in getting up getting a little taste of America declared things were yeah short time ago and all interested one elder complaining your spot on a job now and now it's horrible when this question. A lot of folks are tossing your name around is a potential candidate for the U.S. Senate in a couple years when Mitt Romney faces reelection in Utah you ready to give us a scoop in the and announced today all well you know the only thing on the note thing is, I'm heading home that I might I might be upgraded on my light traveling too much on keeping all my options open.

I'm helping a lot of rent because right now we need to be laser focused on 2022 and regaining control in Congress and the Senate so whether it Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania Adam Locke salt out and about a shout out to Buddy. No, I like that. We got Eric Schmidt, my colleague who is running now in Missouri that the.euros superhero like lion pinky there in Montana. My goal in addition to putting your 80, 90 hours a week into my state and working my tail off board to protect you Congress to go out where I can on the weekend my time. My dad help my friend elected back out there. AFP I am the work that they're doing quality team right here. Not much that he slept with peacock. We need everybody we need all your listeners to really get urgent we need everybody to figure out ways they can jump. In addition, keep up the great work you give taught my best to true patriots, and God bless you John Ray is Atty. Gen. to talk. Great guy, great friend, great family man, my friend. I look forward to catching up with you again soon.

Have fun in Dallas like like Victor Binder will be back in a moment with more the Todd start someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full support which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy seafood for his star and shows filling in for Todd today appreciate great staffing of grace and filling that taking care of the manager had everything I need. Lights come on at the same time Mike comes out great work. The by the by the team here. I do want to want to talk just a moment about the Britney Greiner case because I know but got no eye text and comments about that and I think first of all there's no question that she's been used as a political pawn the Russian adjudication system for similar cases is is usually a five year sentence in a prison. Britney Greiner's bins sentenced to 9 1/2 years and will serve it in a goo log in in Russia that will be a repository of of abuse, mistreatment she's she's she's clearly being used to punish the US is a high profile prisoner everything again Russian. The did the same thing she did would not receive a similar sentence.

Now that she has been sentenced, the Russians are saying they will begin to discuss a prisoner swap. There's another American is being held on on suppose and spying charges, and I think that what you will see is perhaps not soon, but certainly perhaps it in the next months of a swap that will exchange and and and remove her from Russia. She's been there working and you're in basketball. She's a WNBA star here in the US she's been playing in in Russia. I think since 2014 and she should know better you.

She's claiming I was an accident I didn't know and she was taking a gram of cannabis into into Russia first audit underlines that if you're going to travel abroad know the rules of where you're going because our rules are compassion are legalization of marijuana and other drugs is not what's happening in the rest of the world and clearly not what they're doing in Russia.

She obviously made a big mistake. Whether it was a knowing and intentional effort to take something ended that she shouldn't have taken Hannah weather was clearly a mistake. It was just in her luggage. We have in this country plenty people to jump at the airport they got ammo or guns in their luggage and have simply forgot it was in their that may have been the case with her. It was the wrong time to make that mistake is US Russia relations have been at an all-time poor level. The problem is that negotiating her out exposes others that did may be traveling in Russia wanted to go to Russia to do business are we setting up a hostage situation where drugs could be planted on somebody in order for Russia to be able to again play the play the high-profile game you may be the Russia Ukraine conflict will end and we can get back to more normalized relationships get back to conversation because you don't need major supervisor superpowers fighting at a time when when global economies. Global fragility is putting all of us at risk.

I say the same thing with China.

Yet, we ought to be doing better. Rather than provoking China and perhaps creating World War III on on two fronts. But the ritzy Britney Greiner case is sad. It's tragic and that hopefully they can find a way to get her out of Russia where they will just make you listen to the national anthem a lot. Thanks again for tuning and I'm Steve Gill appreciate you eliciting today.

Todd will be back on Monday.

Have a great weekend galaxy for all these new tanks it might not like it. In fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. Training sessions for his father with my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly good debater to get your galaxy Z flip for

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