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Feds Lied About Confiscating Trump’s Passport

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 16, 2022 3:16 pm

Feds Lied About Confiscating Trump’s Passport

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 16, 2022 3:16 pm

The federal government lied about confiscating President Trump’s passport and we’ve got the proof.

Clint McDonald, Rep. Debbie Lesko, Rep. Ronny Jackson, and Charles Thorngren join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers University studio in Memphis, Tennessee totaling since conservative commentary from God our broadcasting border to border, rooted in both. We have a terrific show for you and write down her telephone number is the way in today for Grace Baker see you guys kept her busy yesterday. She was she was out five minutes after the show she was napping. 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number or website is Dodge and all sorts of great material great stories for you to access their so a lot is unfolding a lot is developing and I'm I want to get right to the point, you know were all of this is going. I mean, we all know where this is going. We have this deep. I just this.

This feeling inside of us and is just it's overwhelming. It's impressive at times, but we know that they're going to try to figure out some way to indict Pres. Trump.

That's ultimately what this is all about. It's not about the national archives.

It's not about J6. It could've been about a parking ticket but it doesn't really matter. They're trying to find a way to indict the former president of the United States. That's what they're trying to do, and Pres. Trump knows this and that's why he came out a few days ago.

He did the interview with a with He also reached out through an intermediary to the Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland and said hey look, the country is on fire. Do you sense that you sense that the country is on fire because it's on fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, the country is burning and Pres. Trump I think has I think he has gauged the temperature of the country accurately and people are perfuming now. Say what you will and there's been a lot of stuff in the media, and they say well the greatest greatest domestic terror threat is white supremacy know it it's not and there's no proof to back that up.

Absolutely no proof, but they'll say that all of Trump supporters are the folks that are out there causing all of this may have an American. Why will say this, if they indict this president they will they will see may they will see true mayhem in America because I suspect if in fact they indict Pres. Trump. There's no way anybody is going to be able to stop the mag about. I don't think anybody's going and Pres. Trump understands is that's why he's going out there an easy he gave the interview with FOXNews and saying hey look, you know, somebody needs to turn down the temperature here. What can I do to help, and that's that was the message he conveyed to the Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland. I hope that the Atty. Gen. listens because people are arranging they are seething and they see exactly what the federal government is doing her any folks there it is based on what happened yesterday with the Justice Department. I am of the opinion that this entire thing is a farce and the only thing that needs to happen is for the Atty. Gen. to resign in shame very clear to me based on the behavior of the Justice Department that it is time for the Atty. Gen. to go but I'm not sure the Democrats are to let that happen and you wonder why you to tell you why, because if they do Trump wins. That's why Trump wins now yesterday be attorney the of the Justice Department came out and filed court papers and this is really a shocking escalation of where we are right now. So if you go back just a few days ago and this is got you cannot work with me here for a moment. So a few days ago when word of the warrant came out.

What did the Fed say the feds came out and they said well you know were willing to release this but it's really up to Donald Trump so the Pres. Trump has to be willing to to sign off on the release of the search warrants because everyone is wanting to see this, everybody. The mainstream media the conservative media. The X conservative media every Republican, every conservative we all want to see what the FBI was looking for and by the way, these are all these will be public.

Public records so present, so they said it's it's really up to Pres. Trump what they were trying to do is they were trying to goad Pres. Trump and in their minds they thought Trump would say no were not going to do that, but that's not what happened. Donald Trump said I don't have a problem with this.

Go ahead and release all of them release the affidavits release the search warrant release the receipts of the content that you guys confiscated. I don't have a problem with in the president's been saying that day after day after day since since the raid happened yesterday.

The Justice Department came out and by the way the mainstream media. There were going bonkers over the size of others the way Trump is going to release all that information. There's no way the present is going to put himself in a sort of jeopardy any did and then guess what happened yesterday. All of a sudden, the Justice Department, which is been all about transparency came out and said yeah you know what I we really thought about this and die you will think it's a good idea.

We we peel wheat we just really don't think that's a good idea.

Witness got it. Just forget about it when I when I get a really silly thing we need to really keep all of this private, we need to keep all of the secret why do you think they did that with reasons of why do you think the Justice Department all of a sudden slammed on the brakes and said you know what yet were not going down this path anymore. Why do you think they depend. Is it possible is it possible that the feds know their goose is cooked. Is it possible, just possible that the deep state understands they made some tactical mistakes here when you go back to 2016.

You see the deep state through the FBI and other government agencies trying trying to take out this president and it's almost been a laughable with the fake Faisal Warren said the in the phony dossiers on the allegations of the other golden showers in Russia and the hotel rooms with the Russian sidewalk. Sally's irony goes on and on and on. All of these allegations, the lawsuits and Trump wins all the time. Every single time.

It's sort of like if you remember the old school cartoon the roadrunner and Wiley Coyote Pres. Trump is the roadrunner. Everybody else, Wiley Coyote so Pres. Trump put the ball right back in the Atty. Gen.'s court and what they do.

They punted and they've asked the judge to keep the warrant private. I think the reason why is because they know this is a political witchhunt, and whatever's on that document will prove it's a political witchhunt that the rate had nothing to do with the national archives got nothing to do with Jay six. This has everything to do because we know by the way, from Benny Thompson, the chair of the G6 committee that there are no criminal charges coming out about against Pres. Trump. There are no so I believe that something else is going on here and that something else is there looking for something to indict this president because of thinking indict this president, he will not be able to run for the White House again. And these people are terrified their terrified of Donald Trump. You know why their terrified of Donald Trump because he delivered on his campaign promises he made promises to we the people he made promises to the macro world he made promises to the American First Community and he delivered all those promises. He also stood up to the military-industrial complex of this nation. The one that's continuing to send young men and young women into battle where we don't need to be in battle.

He also stood up to the mainstream media. And he showed the Republicans how to fight back against these little morons like little Jimmy Acosta over at CNN the most profane name a new scribe make road network judge Joe Brown think user we always appreciate your kind words and your opinion, that's what I think is going on here. They want to stop Donald Trump.

No matter the cost. How does this end well. The left thinks is going to end with his indictment, but quite frankly, if that happens, all bets are off and I think we have a Civil War in our hands and we cannot go down that path. It is a very dangerous path. Tucker Carlson was was a back he's been out for a while weighing in on this. Here's what he had to say cut number eight something unprecedented and something awful you can feel it. Even Donald Trump feels meeting for the first time in his life. Donald Trump seems sincerely interested in lowering the temperature, not just for his own sake but for the countries. He said that he never said anything like that maybe doesn't mean it, but what is said that, let's all calm down a little so the other day.

This is a good he's right is not good and not just for him.

All of us. This could get very bad very fast by people know that perfectly well they know what could happen if they continue down this path of using law enforcement to cling to power that they don't care because they're facing a repudiation from voters desperate and don't do anything but will cost pray they pull back before it's too late, and the question is will they do that. I don't think the Democrats will I think they're willing to I think the that the Democrats are willing to risk a Civil War to take out Trump but do you feel this sense of red. It's it's in their again I I am still hopeful but there's a sense of dread 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we got a great show for you folks are Congressman Ronnie Jenks is going to be here in just a little while will be checking with checking in with him of following the big primary battles it's doomed day dooms day for Liz Cheney really keep you updated on that as well as the big Alaska primary just a lot going on. This is the time structure are you looking for a movie that celebrates the gift of life will get ready for life.

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Mike Stern of it sharp pointed this out on his twitter feed he says, seizing Pres. Trump's passport is a big deal because it shows the warrant was overbroad and unlawful. The FBI outright stole whatever it wanted like Nazi goons will be curious of recording devices were planted yet we were raising those questions yesterday. We wanted to know what they planted what they left behind at Mara Lago so anyway it was the President of the United States came out and said hey folks, they stole my passports.

So then the Justice Department comes out and denies basic never happened.

We didn't do that well. These folks are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp over FBI headquarters because it turns out that they did in the trunk campaign actually had the receipts they've got the emails and one of the emails and I read this to you right now we have learned that the filter agents seized three passports belonging to Pres. Trump to expired and one being his active diplomatic passport. We are returning them and they will be ready for pickup at 2 PM today. I am traveling, but you can coordinate blah blah blah blah blah. So there you go. The FBI caught in yet another lie and wanted Nora O'Donnell the incorrect. The lady acre over it CBS. What did she do. She put out a statement claiming that Trump lied about when in fact he did not. Pres. Trump was the only person telling the truth. Once again the mainstream media caught in a lie and true. This day Nora O'Donnell 24 hours later it has yet to apologize or retract her fake news.

You say why does this better. It matters because they have been lying about Donald Trump from day one and it keeps adding up adding up adding up. And yesterday we talked about this with Laura Ingram from Fox News Channel saying people are exhausted. The mainstream media people like Nora O'Donnell.

They just want to wear you down because they know you don't have a high tolerance level for this kind of stuff.

So their thinking as well.

You know weekend is lie about the guy. Can we just make something up at all.

He likes to you as a toddler. He's attracted the Dolphins, Ila, is there something that we can just throw in. Maybe that'll stick and they been doing that for years now, five, six years they've been doing. Let's go to the phones here. Ross in Georgia W GUN hey Russ what's on your mind God you talk to you. Let it go about possibly pulling back.

Note yet.

Remember, the same party that I think the one didn't go back as the country to four years of living. Gail is the same party Jim Crow for uttered what your end and frankly I don't think are there. They want to, are capable of pulling back and build everything in their power.

Try to make it look like conservative Christian Americans are causing the problem. Went back to them concerning an and I tell you I will. I would be terrified if I didn't have faith in God because it knows what's going on and it's all headed in his direction, and much like Zinnia but time challenging times, but it is exciting times we live in no doubt about that. Ross and and I'm so I'm just glad Ribble talk about these things on on the radio. I do know him. We can still talk about a moment LOL at the yeah I imagine there's maidens of people out there who are refraining from posting their true opinion anywhere on the Internet for intern to get the outcome knocking on the door and that's a terrible place to be natural, it is but that's what they want you to.

That's what they want you to feel them. And that's the reason why the Democrats unleash the FBI almost moms and dads and I you I got more to say about that coming up after the break I was because there's a local angle to our gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868.

Do you feel like were heading towards a breakup for America to destroy the FBI to save America. Whatever happened to the Republican Party backing the blue. This is positive this is it who they were following a search warrant. Nuclear weapons. We don't know if there are weapons but if that is true, and they were just in the basement tomorrow I will. That's kind of a big deal. Well, certainly it will allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices and I still if you are on a fixed income. If you're older you love your political party you love how it sounds deeply, deeply concerned about the politicization of the FBI invites DOJ well, of course, the FBI director was appointed by Donald Trump, former president Carson came just out of curiosity, are you wearing Bermuda shorts right now so that's Steve Ducey Bermuda shorts.

I will understand that Steve Ducey from Fox and friends and I it's it's really disappointing to see to see Ducey going down this this path where he was once probably one of the more conservative people on Fox Fox news channel I died. I don't know what happened but he said there on the curvy couch. I do realize though that he is on the left side of the couch so maybe something happened to there was some sort of a of a psychological thing going on, but Tuesday is now in the antitrust camp and I suspect he's not going to be the only one there is there's a report out that the burdock brothers Locklin especially hates Trump and their privately behind-the-scenes, trying to figure out how to hurt him politically by using Fox News, but I'm curious I did. Every now and again we asked these questions.

I'm curious of any of you just decided you know what you really want to watch Fox news about what you watch if you're not watching Fox News. Where are you getting your news. How are you getting your news 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Laura Ingram yesterday or not a podcast and she was. She seemed incredibly dejected and saying that people are exhausted and maybe just maybe they it's time for somebody else to step in when you know what that's all well and good, but whoever it is. Let's just say it's Rhonda Santos they're going to do to Rhonda Santos what they did to Donald Trump.

That's gonna happen. It is matter who the Republican nominee is what's take a listen.

I think there and I think again I think people can conflate Trump with what with people's overall sense of of happiness that in the country.

The house has been a friend of mine for 25 years and I a nice boy, very open about this on my on my show, but we know we'll see whether that's what the country wants me. What a country country I think is so exhausted there exhausted by the battle of the constant battle that name. They may believe that. Well, maybe it's time to turn the page. If we can get someone who has all Trump's policies, but Trump right so the other concern now and I'm I don't have a good position on this one way or another, but the other problem is is that it's really not about Trump right this is about the views that Trump now brought to the fore for the Republican Party that they don't they don't like his views they don't like the fact that he called out the military for their failures that he wanted us to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan that he wanted to treat China and our trade relationship with China in a in a much Clement was smarter, but much different way than the globalists preferred and I certainly didn't like the fact that he saw those illegal immigrants back to Mexico that remain in Mexico. I hope that I hope that Laura Ingram is wrong here.

II hope that you guys are not exhausted. I hope that you are in this for the long fight. No one said this was good to be easy. By the way, so the campaign data coming out not look into it. It's not looking good in the Senate. I'll get to that in just a minute but I'm curious our are you energized are you fired up. Are you ready to go and vote in the midterm elections.

Are you ready to to throw your support behind Pres. Trump if he decides to run 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number and our website is Todd's there is a report out that the Republican senatorial campaign is pulling advertising dollars out of some key battleground states. Most importantly, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin know why are they doing that what they're doing that because the polling data is showing them that those could be losses for the Republicans and Southern they're taking that money putting it somewhere else, but Dr. Oz is turning out to be a pretty darn lousy candidate I told you so. America that's that's all last summer I miss anything about that but it's true. I tried to tell you. Okay, that's a second. I will say to you I promise. I want to rub it in but the point is we had some problems out there. We got some really bad candidates running and working to have to drag him across the finish line as best we can buffer the Senate Republicans to say well you know what were not.

And by the way, the, the dollars are what matters with the polls, yet their subjective, but the money is not an right now the Democrats as shocking as this is the Democrats are raising more money then the Republicans are, let's go to North Carolina. The talk station Jeff what's going on� You are asking where we get our news from so on April 6 one DirecTV quick carrying one American news network. I quick carrying them, and for five bucks a month. You can stream them on any device should you have also like to mention that they had this little app that you can put on your phone called oh a and audio which is three and you can listing all broadcasted over it over there.

There are just now with Internet used to be satellite, but now it's it's Internet. The one American news network and another one called RSP and right side broadcasting and they also did they cover all Trump row what you start to finish. They're not don't Live all day long, but you can go back and watch a lot of different news programs and Trump rallies and things like that.

Mary Dare available Baltimore available over the Roku I just posted to.

I don't know how that works.

That's where you went from Jeff. That's good Intel. I am familiar with all of those platforms and they do great work. I've appeared as a guest on several of those networks as well.

By the way Newsmax ladies and gentlemen has brought me on board and I'll be anchoring a lot of their shows when a holster on vacation so you'll be seeing more of me over on Newsmax TV, which I think is doing a great job Chris Ruddy assembling an incredible team. A lot of the conservatives who used to work at Fox now working over at Newsmax and the other making a go of it and and I'm excited to see that and that even shows like Greta you know Greta may not be on my kind of a conservative, but that's okay. She's fair. She's balanced and the people he that and so I know I don't have a problem with that.

Jeff appreciate the call and thank you for listing the Republican Senate campaign committee from the New York Times, they have/television ad reservations and three critical battleground states for the fall.

A likely sign of financial troubles headed in the peak of the 2022 midterm elections. The National Republican Senatorial committee has cut more than $5 million in Pennsylvania, including reservations of the Philadelphia media market reservations in Wisconsin and the Madison and Green Bay markets have been curtailed by more than $2 million and an Arizona all reservations for ads after September 30 have been cut in Phoenix and Tucson the states only two major media markets.

That's about $2 million as of midday Monday around $10 million has been canceled. These of the Republicans I'm telling folks I said again that my grace we need a jar so every time I say I told you so I can put a dollar and it will be buy me lunch soon.

This is unbelievable.

The states were ad reservations have been canceled or home to three of the nation's most competitive Senate contest. The Republicans are saying this is not a big deal know this is a big deal. And why can't they come out and say that if if the Republicans don't have enough money why don't they just come out and say we need more money. I like to know what they've done with the money that's Artie been contributed. What are they doing according to the Republicans.

They say they're just simply moving money around and there rebooking elsewhere, but they did not say where they were rebooking so something's going on here and there's one of the challenges is there is not a unified message and I know that all politics is local. But in this particular election cycle.

We need to have a unified message going into the midterms and I would like to suggest that message should be about crime either. Plenty of other things that we get there so many dumpster fires burning burning in America right now, but I think one of the biggest ones is crime its out-of-control people look to Memphis, Tennessee this morning, yet six people gunned down outside hospital for crying out loud, insane up 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number. May I tell you about life change TI love this delicious iced tea.

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Take on a more meaningful role here in Washington. Now, thanks to the leadership of Pres. Obama's today's FBI is deeply engaged in collective is laying here in our division.

I hate more than you do great job drawing and our apology setter is now second to none. As it was called Ramos. We were agreement rose those guys have to be on the ball 24 seven. Will somebody please get the stupid say something phone they they hung up, sir. Probably for the best.

Now where was I nevermind let let's take it from the top.

Join us next time you see us and we always have the page are great parity friend the Prince of parities Paul Shanklin used to hear his work all the time of the Rush Limbaugh show and were so glad that he has is hanging his hat with the Vuitton surge radio program these days are good to have you back a ladies and gentlemen, you have a full show today. A lot of important guests coming by including Congressman Ronnie Jackson he'll be here in the next hour of the program got in trouble at the whole foods Grace Baker utilized we got one of the neighborhood and I have a you I'm trying a little healthier and I wasn't really happy with the produce of the regular supermarket there so I thought you know I got into the whole foods of me that's what they're known for.

You know the high dollar lettuce and vegetables, all that kind of very nice store that it's it's a great store so I'm driving I'm I'm driving there in in the Cadillac and and I realize all well there is a parking spot up front.

Oh, I thought that star. I was very excited them it's a busy supermarket. A lot of you know a lot of people are our shopping and so I realize that well maybe it's your handicap. A lot of the stores have like 75 parking spots for the handicapped and noticed and nobody's nobody's ever parked there. So the rest of us have to you to walk a couple of quarter of a mild outdoor tear. They made us walk so anyway there wasn't a handicap of the signs are the all great. Why doesn't I pull right in and to go about my business and anyone I want to get out some time. I is just Kelly giving me the evil eye and he said you're panicking you're panicking and apace is there for electric tires, so there a charging port because I realized I'm turning around and looking, I realize holy crap everybody shopping here is abide bumper sticker and I like the only person without one know that he so left out. I know no I just felt like the I felt like the it wasn't the odd man out. I was the right man out there. You use that that you know you need to peg somewhere else that he talked with the with yeah it was idle or maybe had the flu. I will though he was nastily did have a mask on their ego so that could have minutes and hair plugs into the Masco get like in your mouth elect little particles or yellow hairball.

Thank you Grace. So anyway I buy one. I'm sorry what he was admitted earlier and I said I told you I said well I said I have a battery and my Cadillac by what you that's not what I'm talking about the need to discharge her phone so I was telling our friend Tim VanHorn about this.

You know, he holds the mortgage loan to WAN, but he so what I should've done is taken that it is a little fake hose thing that's actually the plug that you plug into your electric car. Sure, it looks like I get you again what is it with these. I just don't get it with the whole tree hugger community you know if they want they want the the plants to look like meat right so that's a plant burger know it's a bunch of plants shaped like meat and some plants are everything. To eat meat.

Don't eat meat. Why are you making your right you shaping your vegetables to look like the meat because they want to be part of the club that not eat the meat. I live my cauliflower leg know it's not a cauliflower leg if you want to.

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That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes or go to and click on the radio listener square universities through you in Memphis, Tennessee, and I still have my passport present.

I just load everything into a bag that you try to go mobile. In the event the FBI comes after us a hello everybody how are two of the big toe. Good to have you with us.

By the way, Pres. Trump once again proved right. The feds coming out yesterday said they said they did not take his passport Nora O'Donnell from CBS news actually went out there and spewed the propaganda coming from the Justice Department and then the Trump team God love they presented the evidence the emails from the feds who admitted they had taken the passport of the patriot mobile newsmaker line at such an honor to have with us are Congressman Ronnie Jackson, longtime White House physician now representing the good people that of the great state of Texas Congressman, hope you're doing good today. I can't think after great Congressman. I think a lot of people around this country are very angry. I don't present Trump's been speaking to that of what is your sense of the mood in America but not in my district and architected people are created they couldn't be any more angry right now to fit different dining people think that this trip so far over the line that you think this is the current therapy might be on my district talk about it. Currently, that we would expect the Soviet Union are coming.

You know this is crazy like that right now and I guess that I think that it can be hard to come back like this really is this the way over the top Congressman we been hearing a lot of concerns about the FBI and by the way this goes back generations.

I just decade, so that the FBI has a very nasty history of going after people in Europe. We all know what they did to Martin Luther King Jr. I wonder at what point do we do we reach that point in American history where we say enough is enough.

We got a dismantle this agency to be at this really could be getting your youth to the left get on TV and are talking about the rhetoric of the right to mention my tweet if you can't get out that you that the FBI has now become the enemy of the people and an understanding of the electronic Jackson and his tweet in fight violence that you think that's what they want if they think they want to know they want to label it that domestic characters are speaking out against them, but I get this, is that enough to carry on them because you think the weapon I think the FBI and the IRS and anything you think that they do have control over the executive office of the weapon out the need agency to come after regular American people are sick of it and this maybe might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

But we have to do something but we don't keep get more and more corrupt to get more and more of their people into think I can and will never get him back. It will always be under threat Betty that your thinking if you'll think I'm right about that. Look at the fact that they get authorized the funding 87,000 armed IRS take in with the good news. Politically, that the next two years and get them embedded all throughout the IRS before there's an opportunity for us to get a new president, 20, 24, but we do happened that I like the Republican bill still have control over that I can and this is the kind of stuff that we have to stop. Yeah, I think that I would rather right now not have an FBI and have the FBI that we have to say that I will say that there is a lot of hard-working FBI agent out there, there, on the lower levels that are doing the work that are patriotic, hard-working, law enforcement officers trying to do� But the leadership is corrupt. It is corrupted it can be gotta clean out and that may be that there are good and decent people within the FBI and I don't doubt that. But I will say this, Congressman. I think every person, every FBI agent who stepped foot on marl I go they need to be fired. I don't care who they are not great.

You only need you to unite it if you were if you run that don't you recoat it, that I would know what I got cold. I can't go this day I'm not doing that I will not cross that line, anybody should just up and you're not a joke that should've stood up and that you know that that I can't do that right and you're right, it's just there's there's just it's hard to back at the back. I felt out of the Pres. Trump. I think everybody understands were all of this is going Congressman, I mean that there they're moving us to a point where they're going to try and indict the president of the United States Donald Trump. I think that's where were going and I am very fearful of what's gonna happen. If that comes true. Why do people in my district right now are already on the border of that think that there so instead about it but you know this is done for two Reagan. It was done.

Number one make the American people think that Donald Trump is damage good and there's no way that you can consider him as a viable candidate. Look at the United States they're trying to undermine his ability to ever be credited again. That's number one number two they wanted everybody out there to look at what happened in faith you'll think we can come after you. You better think again. Look what we just did to the pharmacokinetic. This is a threat meant that threaten the American people and and and I'm not telling you this is not the Soviet Union. This is not communist China people in this country will not put up with something to happen to reach a breaking point, and they're going to be responsible for something it if they keep pushing this and and they get that figure out a way to make the right people are not going to forget about a Congressman Ronnie Jackson on the patriot mobile newsmaker line this afternoon.

Congressman the other big stories they're just they're just so many dumpster fires burning right now we, but we have to keep it to two here is the border. I mean you had a report over the weekend of over 2200 illegals coming across the border in one day. In one sector. Congressman, we cannot meet. We cannot sustain these numbers want to walk up and get themselves up to way more that across the border that we don't know about including carrots from the Middle East, where doesn't we have people on the Carol watchlist across the board on a regular basis. Now this is a powder keg that things are going to happen in this country because of the Biden administration and their policy on our southern border is a absolute national security issue in one think they wanted to find a ministration they know about it. They're ignoring it there encouraging it with their policy. This is intentional on their part and part of their overall plan to tear this country down to burn it to the ground and start over and and I like I can't tell you what a burden it is understated.

I mean we are paying kind of architected tax dollars to the federal government.

Government's job is not the state of Texas job to secure our border, our international border that is the job of the federal government and their failing miserably and as soon as we get the house back. The first thing I'm going to propose a bill that we reimbursed that effective for every penny they spent down on the border and the federal government's job.

In the meantime, we have to figure out how stocky it would mean we can work if we can glow in the firing of a long time now that this is intentional on the part of the bike ministration that it is destroying our country. I want you to reaction your take on the bus convoys. I think this was a stroke of genius political genius for the governor to do that and the reaction from the mayor of New York City and Washington DC. I'm in is laughable.

These people specially after their mount. The time about sanctuary and how they welcome immigrants into the community when you got your opportunity to keep up that you can keep walking. You can figure out what to do with the right, they don't understand we deal with in time that much a regular like that there complain about several hundred people showed up in New York City and we have thousands and thousands. The data cross in our order infected that we deal with on a daily basis. It it it it just unbelievable that that the local mayors any liberal governors are speaking out about Congressman today is the primary day in places like Wyoming want to take a want to take a guess of who's going to win that race today, but I think I could really relist Jenny because I think after today (he can forget about the people of Wyoming and start in all of her time trying to tear down Donald Trump but I forget you are you doing that so I think you can have a lot of free time in her hand that's that's a fair point.

There is there's a report out in the in the New York Times. They've noted that the Republican senatorial committee campaign is pulling some money from key races in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in Arizona.

How are things going out there for the Republicans heading into the midterms. What are you hearing really good right now to get the house back and think that if we get out what had a number we get. I hope you get a lot I think were doing really well in the house that I think they need to work. Honestly, I think that you have to step it up and I'm worried about that right in Pennsylvania right about the right Georgia. I think that you know we have to note that both candidates are really have to step it up as well have to start making a ton of money because there they're not right that's not a common got ready we Can we we we cannot afford to lose it.

We already have or not and get that right and get the fact that we have to get that I get this Georgia state and that Arizona obviously if we can get that that would be great, but I don't think things are going and how to start, but I think it's salvageable. I just think we have to stick around, turn it and regroup and that we have to approach it with the new think of it yet. Why do you think that is. Honestly, I don't know. I think you know I think the rate of different third grade just quite different than the original race for certain district and felt I'm not run right before and I know the more challenging I let it cost more money, but I think it our candidates. I think I'm getting out there just in have to have to run someone told me when I land I get no think that I dropped it like you stole it and remain an effort didn't have to do have to drop it like they still it don't take anything for granted like any assumption you with regard to that I don't care if you're celebrity you have a lot of name recognition.

None of that count. Just drop it like you stole it.

Embrace your inner bone loop in the general all right with you and I get in trouble with the will credit I go further down that analogy I Congressman critical thinker. We really appreciate the great work you're doing down about 13 congressional district, and thank you sir appreciate that yes or Congressman Ronnie Jackson good man right there and that there you have it.

There is on. I told you I did "race all right what is that like six dollars I owe you so far today Lisa took place and went right. I'll see what I can do so.

The congressman says hey look people house were good Senate not so good now. What's interesting is he raised he raised the issue down in Georgia with Herschel Walker going up against Rafael Warnock, who has raised an insane amount of money but Herschel Walker does have that name recognition. The question is, is that enough to push him over the finish line and give the Republicans a win and give them a Senate seat back and George, but if Ronnie Jackson mentioned Georgia in Pennsylvania, but the money is being pulled out of Wisconsin and also Arizona so that tells me that the Senate there. They're having some they're having some difficulties and I you heard is asked that you heard me as the congressman what you think it is what he thinks, causing that's why why the disconnect and he couldn't answer, and I'm curious I'm in a pose that question for you. Why is it that the Senate is in turmoil right now on the Republican side, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 I would.

I would just throw this out as a theory one were one word turtle will be right back was over Sue's most famous song so that's all right mama and it launched him into a phenomenal career.

Elvis Presley, the king of rock 'n' roll.

This is all this week got here in Memphis and that there are thousands of thousands of Elvis fans and grace.

One of the things that I get I guess it if you lived in New York City. This is the comparison if you live in New York City. There's a pretty good chance you have never been to the Statue of Liberty and if you are if you are been born and raised in Memphis is a pretty good chance you've never been to Graceland. I went one time it was about a year ago so live here over 20 years, not been is that what you well it's you and I hadn't been until we came back in and one of our staffers at the time was a huge Elvis fan was from Albania and that he is that we gotta go to Graceland. We had a go to Graceland so we went and it was a fascinating tour. I would recommend it for everybody.

It's a nice place. I like that I'm just not as big of an Elvis fanatic, so there were so many things alike. I don't think I appreciate this. So my dad pal around with Elvis, his family, he he and Elvis's cousins were all buddy buddies and they played music together.

My dad was by day just like Johnny Cash.

I think Johnny Cash was it Johnny or Elvis, I forget which one I was like her should work for electrical company, but any somebody called to correct real bad.

Anyway, my dad was electrician for an elevator company in the Memphis area and at nighttime. He and my mom. They met playing a USO show banker in Vietnam and they would go play the clubs and I remember as a baby that they would bring me along the others back in the late 1960s and they would put the little baby carriage thing behind the bar and the bartender was would babysit.

I guess all I'm landed there. I don't think that's legal nowadays probably not as it was, it was a yacht I had you know what I I will say this I had no side effects from that. But by the time I was five I could make a mean Baptist Martin contractor getting getting sort so anyway, but that dad dad and and his brother, my uncle Jerry. They everybody used to just go to Graceland. They would hang out. They all lived in that neighborhood at that time it was some not as developed commercially. So is this the big beautiful house and it was sort of in the country and that my dad has a great story. There's a great picture of my uncle with Elvis at the gate with all of the screaming girls and that's kind of the family.

The family legend, but the Elvis Presley died today.

That was the other date August 16, and I remember as I was in the front yard and the neighbor came running out screaming in our cul-de-sac and she was weeping and my mom came running out you so what happened, she says. Elvis died and the. The reaction from people I meet.

There was this visceral reaction. The sense of great loss all over America and just thousands of thousands of people to Jimmy Carter was president at the time and he released a statement of there's video footage of police officers standing at attention and saluting as the as the, the funeral home director showed up to pull Elvis out of Graceland just a terribly sad story.

He was a young guy and that your a lot of people it seemed that the Elvis movie have you seen the new Elvis movie. Now I haven't but I want to effort.

It's a good know it's mediocre it's good but it's not the kind of movie I enjoy.

I hope I get what they were trying to do the music is phenomenal. I got the soundtrack and it's that spectacular that the guy who plays Elvis is spot on. I did, I saw the clip, Tom Hanks, a house I unload what I will what he was trying to do out by the portrayal of Tom Parker is a little weird but anyway will open it up if you if you have a good Elvis memory all the story.

There are thousands of people here remembering Elvis Presley King of rock 'n' roll. By the way, one saying on the radio station that I owed PWA. Gotta take a break. Folks, 844-747-8868 this is the heart pacemaker: audible here. Here's the deal, folks.

It is a Elvis week here in Memphis, Tennessee and I were in a broader trivia question and if you get this grade. This is a tough question, we want to know Elvis one, but three Grammys we want to know what category did he Windows Grammys Elvis Presley three Grammys what category 844-747-8868 and I will hook you up with a Todds turns radio show prize package let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congresswoman Debbie Lesko from the great state of Arizona condors want to ask you are you are you a big Elvis fan back in the day I went to Graceland and that was really cool. A number of years ago, though he was certainly a great thinker and a great entertainer is so you did the whole Graceland tour. I dad I dad a number of years ago, but I went I went there and the whole thing guys playing their way to bury Graceland and yeah I went to Lisa Marie got the lease and how well their height. I would not have taken you for Graceland to lady that's pretty awesome I was. We were telling people you know that that Elvis really was a patriot and he was a big fan of Nixon and of course that great story of Elvis going to the White House because he wanted to be deputized as an honorary see.I think ancient government agent or something there and there I was sorry Congress.

It's all Elvis all the time here in Memphis this week.

Let's talk about what's happening in your state with the border crisis. We just had Congressman Ronnie Jackson on a few moments ago. He says things are looking really really bad in Texas. How are things in Arizona really really bad to everything that Biden administration is taken over it gotten worse and worth everything all day.

I got up the founder with my county.

Supervise their Jonathan line and humane area done at this morning and I wanted an update on the governor's executive order to try to finish at least one of the gap in the border fan with a double-decker shipping containers with razor wire on the top and though they gotten a lot of it down there trying to close the thousand foot gap there waiting on more shipping containers to completed he sent me a couple pictures but I have them because I know you know mainstream media here in Arizona try to help Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly writing, though they had reported that Mark Kelly convinced that Biden administration to close one of the border wall gap along the morale and damage in human and I asked this county improviser who's on the ground and you money that they been telling us that April. Nothing happened in that way governor do see the Arizona Gov. when I hadn't said we can't wait any longer. There's like a thousand people a day crossing just in this one area, but that thousand foot opening and it it it's unbelievable that you know everything in this Biden administration is just where antichrist is that everything a border crisis. The drug crisis because of the open borders and crying is price. Kathleen Crede I can think of one thing that gotten better under the Biden Tigers on the midterm elections coming up and that there is a report out there that the National Republican Senatorial committee is cutting millions of dollars in advertising funds in a number of states including Arizona, Congressman Jackson says he feels like the house is in good shape but he's concerned about the Senate and whether or not the Republicans are going to be able to take control what what about you well I read the same article and in article 8. Dad at least the national Republican study committee spokesperson that they just moving money around to make it so that it that they are not giving up on areas that out for sure and I really think we can win the U.S. Senate the Mark Kelly again has shown that he will vote with humor and Nancy Pelosi on this inflated tax and spending bill hiring eight $87 then new IRS agents to go after individual and he have to address that when he ran last time he didn't have a record grade. He wasn't in. He was an hour and after not that type of thing, but now he has a voting record in. He felt good, Biden, and you know Biden is very popular right now and so I really think that we can win this beat. I think Blake Masters can win this seat and I am certainly not giving up on winning the seat in the Arizona or elsewhere. I think everyone is all in. I talked to a group of people.

Republicans last night and they realize that our country is at a crossroads in everything at stake and everyone have to be hands on deck to get out the vote it out. The people to vote and vote Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko is on the patriot will please make a line representing Arizona's congressional district. Of course the big story consuming the new cycle this week, the FBI raid on Mara Longo and now understanding the feds do not want to have the search warrant released. You know they were early on Congress when they're like, well, it's up to tromp you know if he wants it really still have to fill have to say he wants it really so Pres. Trump comes out says I want released and now the feds are saying well. We really can't.

We really can't do that. What you think is going on here. Well, now I have to tell you that when I went to Congress I was na�ve and then I would on the judiciary committee during the first impeachment and it really opened my eyes to how there are bad actors in the FBI and Department of Justice and now when they do a raid on a former sitting president of the United States and very skeptical. I think we need the documentation released it puzzling to me that if things were so dire that national security was so dire that they waited all of this time to raid the president home in Marlow. I go to now like political witchhunt and ENL Tremont before the election. It if it was a one off and it just happened.

You know, maybe I would be as skeptical but going after tromp from before he was the president when he was a candidate for president, and there spying on lease how the FBI lawyer called to find an email and weakest in one thing after another. I am sorry I just don't trust them, and that's really sad. It is really bad that I can't even trust my own government is and we gotta fix it. We we just have to. That's why people have to get on the vote on election day Congress will just gotta do it. I absolutely agree with you because I am very concerned about our country think the reason that I do this job. I was concerned when I ran it out four years ago and now I'm even more concerned now I in my opinion the worst case scenario happened. We had a Democrat president by then a Democrat run candidate Democrat run house and looking at what they have done and what is it now 18, 19 months and they have been in office in our country there absolutely ruining our country and it's just mind blowing how they have done it and it goes from everything from gas prices and grocery prices going up to people homeless population that is booming because people can't afford to live anymore, it it didn't get dad state of affairs that going after his teaching them that if there if they feel like a boy in there girl they can be vanity what is going on. We have to stop Congresswoman Bergen have to leave it right there.

Always appreciate your great work in your great insight as Elvis would say, thank you, thank you very much, Gail I Congresswoman Debbie Lesko Elvis fan and a great American patriot folks. I gotta take a break your 844-747-8860 a trivia question on the table. Elvis is Grammys. What category did the king of rock 'n' roll when his Grammy seven 844-747-8868 this is the job search go in this Tennessee was our flagship station K WAN Lisa, how are you today I was in a better plan.

That means you're doing pretty good. All right, Lisa, working to try to win you a prize. Here is the question. And this is a tricky question of the king of rock 'n' roll Elvis Presley one Grammys three Grammys with what category did he Windows Grammys in what you know, it's amazing that it wasn't a Grammy and rock 'n' roll. It would actually Grammy and gulped it out okay yeah Lisa, you're right.

He will oppose Grammys or gospel and you know it's a lot of people may not realize this but Elvis was all of the moves the gyrations he learned that at the Pentecostal church is growing up in Mississippi and then it in Memphis, Tennessee.

Whatever here he worked he wasn't a Baptist, I can tell you that Baptist tried that we throw out a hip or something that would not be good that without the good will Lisa, congratulations were to put you on hold angry speakers going to pick up the phone and the working to send you a great price as a way of saying I think you and Doug congratulations for knowing the trivia question, I went to Gainesville Georgia Roberts on the line W GUN and Robert you got a great corrupt a weird Elvis story. Hope you're doing good. Robert tell us your story.

I'm doing well listen to you and W GUN enjoy what you do you 45 years ago, but it's hard to believe it was that long ago, but I worked as an AM/FM rock station in the Finger Lakes of New York State, the date Elvis died and we didn't have any Elvis songs boy I'll tell you people something work just mortified that we could feel like tribute songs. And one guy called up just as serious as a heart attack and threatened to what y'all better. No clear Elvis song I like we don't have any, and he was so angry I went on the radio and listen. We had one we would do it, don't shoot one more thing you need to know if you go to the Nixon library believe it's in Yorba Linda, California.

You can see the gun but Elvis gave the president Nixon on display Robert. They did a movie about that Kevin Spacey played Nixon and I for the guy who was the bad dude and Superman movie played Elvis, and I thought it was just a horrible portrayal. The movie itself was fascinating, and that the movie was fascinating enough that you could somewhat overlook the horrible performance of the Elvis character, but it but it's just I didn't realize that was actually a true story that you Elvis wanted to go and meet Nixon so he could become an agent on display. I've seen fascinating and in it took some coaxing you but you apparently after they sat down and spoke for a while, you know. Nixon said hey I like this. It is guys conservative like over exactly what a great story. I Robert appreciate that and thanks for the call. Thanks for the memory.

Maybe you got an Elvis memory you remember what you were doing when Elvis died a lot of people do.

My mom knew I mean I still remember that that moment when the neighbor came running out of the front lawn on Charleston Cove at Southaven, MS 84474 788 68 that's her toll-free telephone number so there is a bizarre story out of the University of Alabama and it's weird because it's from Alabama and it's happening in Alabama. It's weirder because there was a dude who identifies as a girl who was trying to become a sorority sister Dale why they sit in houses today and so you think it is mine Caesar Air Force core. My sure isn't she is a really cute everything is okay and my jewelry is from nine). It is something Yours truly so wish me love grace you got help me out with the league are small tedious day 00 that was some sort of a medical issue Air Force One the Nikes light ones. Everyone wears I like those shoes merely really comfortable. Anyway so so any soda, lemon scene. Is this like always out alone & yeah I've seen that Lulu is what is called I call it Lululemon lemon Lululemon so look God bless the. The biological girls of the University of Alabama because they're not having any of that. They said no thanks and I'm not sure I know the guy, and he still got his dude name and I iced I mean I just it's very confusing when you see the video euro. He's not. It was weird it was not a handsome woman he though he looked like he does is make up more often like his poor practice and it that I have yet he needs a little bit more makeup. I'm I'm just saying. Just say Madonna from the daily so anyway the guided making it any sororities I both thought it was interesting, but Donna this is from the daily wire Madonna boasted about how good her 16-year-old son David looks wearing women's clothing including her own.

David was adopted by the material girl from allowing the 2006 and in the past has been photographed wearing women's clothing. What is up with these women that are out there trying to get their sons to be women quote he can put on any outfit looks swag.

As you know what Madonna said over real name is Luis Cicerone. I had no idea she was on Jimmy Fallon show quote. It's really irritating. He wears my closer looks better in them that I do. He could even wear a dress and look much really, really, is that true really men who men who wear dresses look butch like I just toxic masculinity. I don't know about Milo about that some. Anyway, bizarre, bizarre culture war stories. Also, United Methodist, apparently a couple of the massive mega-churches tens of thousands of United Methodist are leaving the denomination over the LGBT issue and that's a big deal as well. I coming up really get into what Terry Lake had to say about Pres. Trump and Rhonda Santos grace I was at his head to Google so I did. I was talking up a filling anxiety for all the phones 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery is universities do you see his little torch. I could hear America but I wanted following development for tomorrow on today Pres. Trump said hey look, these Nazi thugs over the FBI.

My words these Nazi dogs over the FBI raided Mara Lago and they stole my three passport and of course right away. The Justice Department said that is not true.

We do not have your passports an insider at the Justice Department told CBS News. They don't have the passports well ladies and gentlemen, the new headline coming out just mere moments ago. The FBI is now returning the passports they talk during the raided Mara Lago once again exposing exposing for all the world to see the double standards and the fake news coming out of the nation's capital. So there you go. What a mess. What a mess. Welcome to the Todd's charge radio program. So glad to have you with us today 844-747-8868 is our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 now really beginning to the phones in just a moment allow you folks want to weigh in on Elvis today.

I love that. So you could do that but right now I've got a go to the the petri bubble newsmaker line very honored to have with us, the executive director of the border sheriffs's name is Clint McDonald and Clint were so happy to have you enjoy the show today. Clint, let's talk about the situation down there. I mean how desperate is it for a law enforcement trying to protect American citizens on our side of the border right now.

I record 33 from California to Brownsville have and share. Take a look at all protect lives and property.

Went to vote doing all and yet right now they're having to back up and and help the border crawl at every turn and spending the resources on the onslaught of people going to order that is that it couldn't be sure. In a real bad situation for 21 we have picked up along the border. Over 500 body immigrants who come from border and one too many.

Clint, we are hearing reports of what nearly 200,000 illegals in July that were either met at the border or maybe were able to escape into the interior of America just in July were talking about major city size groups of people coming into the country on a monthly basis.

And these are the ones we know about that. What protocol got away that we don't know the number of people and those people are the one there are three in contraband and you think it did not want to give up or get caught so what happened on 9/11. Nothing to what happened now. We've lit all of the people in our country and have know what they are, what you what's been your reaction when used you see that the mayor of New York City, a former cop by the way he was a member of the NYPD for a number of years and he is enraged that the governor of Texas is sending busloads of illegals to to his community know it seems to me that they are to be welcoming these people me.

New York City is a sanctuary city for illegals, realizing what it happening to our order. All of their trying to help people working great.

After that get there. No from immigration people and they leave and their back out on the street committing crimes and doing what they need to do their wanting to make all the people that are newcomers the right to vote, then they should be happy that during the commute to where that boat is important yeah I'm with you on that. It makes no sense to me. And again, why is it that the border towns and you represent a lot of sheriffs a lot of law enforcement officers from from free from all across the border. Why should they be the only ones who have to to suffer and have forgotten the border region over 2000 mile border with Mexico and that cannot even provide for their own because of providing for the immigrants come across that order so it wouldn't be here. How the people in the larger community like New York or week. They didn't know how we feel this is ridiculous. It should not be punished for where you live in right now because we have ran through and people try to make a living on the border being funded by our government and its it's not right.

We have a law-abiding, patriotic American taxpayers and their having to live in fear and but beyond that I'm concerned Clint about the.

The attacks on law enforcement because these people there. There criminals.

They are the first thing they do when they cross our our sovereign borders break our laws and I'm concerned about law enforcement here.

Your order and we ever find anyone with a weapon on Logan and chart by and border control whenever call with a weapon and now working weapon every day is wide open date they whole new breed of people come across that order and in the cartels are using the people and money machine and the humanitarian efforts of nutrition for over 500 body garbage took off and not ready if not a bluish or red white and blue is time the American people realize what's happening on our border plant and some great observations were to leave it there, Clint McDonald, the executive director of the border sheriffs and you can find more information about their incredible work and important Clint, thanks for coming on the show today. Take care. All right, folks, we gotta take a quick break now 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I tell you all the time about our great friends or patriotic friends at patriot mobile they're America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier patriot mobile has incredible nationwide coverage that use the same towers. The other carriers use and folks they have a a plan to fit any budget on with great discounts for our veterans and first responder heroes and switching the patriot mobile is incredibly easy.

All you have to do is go to patriot That's patriot or call their US-based customer service team at 972 patriot beds, 972 patriot by the way, use my promo code Todd there to give you a special discount and free premier activation. That's 972 patriot patriot is 30 USA thing. Apparently I'm not for the TV USA. I've heard the rumbling that they really as I do the speaking. We've got tons of speaking and that we do a lot with Young America's foundation and then they have turning point USA and yet they had the bang bang girls a couple years ago with remember them. They were the scantily clad women were firing money cannons into the crowd of screaming teenagers and it's really interesting grace and I'm bringing you intentionally into this conversation because I don't want to get in trouble all by myself a but I it's interesting when you point out that a lot of the material that is happening in the way it's presented at places like turning point USA if it was coming from a liberal perspective in a public school, those parents, those same parents of the same conservatives would be marching on the school that's and I just I it's funny because I was watching the scary Lake story and I haven't really paid II haven't jumped into it and the reason why is the last time there were the last turning point USA conference. There was some crazy stuff going down crazy stuff that was being said and I pointed out I just asked a question is really appropriate for teenagers to be hearing this kind of stuff yet nicely high schools, and the only reason I asked that is because on this program. We hear from a lot of conservatives who are very angry about kids being exposed to inappropriate stuff in their public school classrooms whether it be jokes or teleology, all hell broke loose.

All I got so much hate mail from good churchgoing Christian ladies this, but you're just a prude. They're like oh they're teaching them good things.

Okay teach it in a slightly better way. Again, it's you and I laugh a little, so I've been following the tip. The Terry Lake contra Jenna Ellis trumps former attorney, she jumped into it and she just called. She was like what Carrie let you. Let's play the carry like audio and then grace your target have a conversation about this. This is what Carrie Lake said to teenagers at turning point USA tell you little that I just had to spend time with and love the guy fantastic. He is gutsy. The guy has bigger. Let me think about my want to wear this. My family says whatever you do, do not say balls to say that I is a backbone made of steel.

What he's got. I don't know if you hear this, but he's got BDE.

Anybody know what that means your kids about it later. I call it big DeSantis energy he's got the same kind of BDE that Pres. Trump has openly he has the same kind of BDE that we want all of our elected leaders to have all including the female with so to speak. It's a figure of speech. I suppose so hereinafter Google it, we can actually tell you what it is on the radio were when I lettered but anyway Jenna Ellis.

Here's what she she got on the twitter thing and she said am I the only young conservative who thinks this kind of rhetoric that ATP USA event is grossly inappropriate so they she got attacked more from conservatives than she did from the left enough and here's the thing. When I hear at the beginning until we could say this, she says, so not to say it says it and then she keeps going. It's like you just said is big guts. Leave it at that. But she had to keep going and I just got Crittenton just from a just general perspective. The County got preengineering cringe year like I was like okay it's kinda clever, but it's just kinda weird. I'm just throwing this out there so you've got a group of high school kids and they invite a Democrat come in let's say they are people to judge and their title in the first thing that popped in my life. So Mayor booty judge. He's not bigger anymore. He secretary so secretary booty judge is talking to the high school children and he says that Joe Biden has ILO a big what about what they call about backbone of steel and that he's got the baby. Do you Democrat energy there you go, big Democrat energy thinking our phones would light up from conservatives and raised how they're just children. You how to you yeah and they would do that.

I'm just telling you it but it but as long as is done in a conservative environment that's okay. We have to rock a little. That's what they say you just have a sense of humor.

I have never heard of that term, but I think about it for a minute and like Heisler's. I know high schoolers here kind of stuff. There's a few homeschooled highschooler sit in that crowd. You know there conservative parents send them off to this thing or whatever and they hear something like that. They do go Google it and all kinds of other stuff pops up like things like carry like among the reactions on to and people are way it's. It's crazy though because most of the attacks are coming from the right and the far right and the Christian far right to say you know there's really nothing wrong with conservative politicians get in the gutter like this that is perfectly okay.

You know because you got a lighten up. Someone said OMG ha ha ha I love how she says very on political leave unpolluted candy things.

I think that's a word if this offends you, it's because you don't have it. Is this supposed to make her look bad because now I wish you was I wish I was able to vote for her. It makes me want to vote DeSantis in 2024 here's the thing like this is the first time we've heard something like a turning point thing. I mean we've heard Ted Cruz in the past.

My pronoun is kiss my ass. Which is hilarious but again I went to high schoolers on like I can maybe level was at her. Now I'm just, you know, I am on the fence about that one might I be saving for the adult, I really don't have an opinion because I am not cool enough to be able to do the TP USA. According to the insiders over there and I but you know what an end in all honesty, I'm glad they would.

I understand why they would not invite me to the TP USA because I don't think I can get up there and do those kinds of speeches you know tickets talk about Baptist martinis and these alone though I had talk about you know getting wasted no doubt in the Baptist smart something like that. I hello. It's all very confusing. I wish I wish the people out there and there are people on the far far right.

I wish they would explain to us why is it okay for conservatives through that but is not okay for the left I I'm just curious.

Maybe there is a legitimate explanation here that I'm just overlooking maybe but I don't think so. I you know I think it is and I'm just it's it's a very simple explanation actually very simple.

It's called hypocrisy. That's what it is.

It's okay for it's okay for us to do it, but they can't. I just hypocrisy. In my estimation, but what I like.

But if you're going to a TP USA think mom, dad, your Sen. kid I go on to you.

Yes mom that you need to go along. Educate yourself.

844-747-8868 BDE this is Dr. no, I think once and it is no doubt that I will back to the John Stearns radio show. By the way Ricky points out on the of the Facebook live stream a lot of action out there today turning point action is not the same as TP, USA TP action is a 501(c) four not the same organization. I will thank you for clearing that up for Ricky, but your grace, I think we are so uncool that that actually makes us cool I mean in the great scheme of things, and possibly James says I love Todd. He's not in the big club now and we just tell it like it is II really don't know any other way to do it is okay you know what I'm working on working to take off somebody just stick around for a few my right left-center who have said hey you Connor Boston for a little bit later.

Hang tight, do not go anywhere. Connor is our favorite millennial and he drives around Harvard Square and harasses the lives I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and word so honored to have a good friend of this program this show Charles. Charles Gordon is the Chief Executive Officer Legacy precious metals.

This is where I buy my gold and silver, and they are just awesome people. Charles, hope you're doing good today I'm doing great.I you know I'm doing well were sort of meandering our way through this political chaos right now and we have been so focused on the political side but but Charles the economic side is is just as horrific and people need to really they should've already been preparing but if they haven't they need to start preparing it.

That's why you guys are so important you know that's true.

And you know what people think about the political side, it does definitely involve the financial side as well. Everything I mean these past two years were saying what politics can do to the economy so you know, like the old saying that the way that they did plant a tree is 100 years ago and then today so were looking at what's coming in and what we need to do to keep that in mind we haven't done it yet is always on and we have a lot of younger listeners Charles Young conservatives that they're looking for those opportunities to start planning now for their financial future. What advice do you do you give the young people of of our audience. The best advice I can give is to get started right when you're younger you have to spend time in that so important to your financial future.

The amount I give yourself for that growth to learn what you're doing to make sure you set everything in motion so that you can live that life in retirement.

The way that you really want to. So the most important thing is to start yourself. Maybe may not be the most amount of money but I know what I do now is going to have big benefits for me later just understanding that concept is the biggest thing they can do and a lot of very well-known conservatives are huge supporters of Legacy, precious metals, Trish Regan, who is a regular on this program speaker Newt Gingrich and yours truly Dodge turns and I'm a proud owner of of gold and it wasn't all be honest with you, Charles. It was tough at first, I really hadn't thought about that but one site. Once I jumped in and did the deep dive, it made perfect sense. Yeah, you know that that's what we hear a lot and it really comes down to that of gold and silver precious metal really aren't talked about in our society as a means of financial stability.

We go to school.

We get told in your urine or tell you and make sure you could you having none of it revolves around precious metals. Some people have a mindset of what they're supposed to do, to some degree, we've been programmed to keep funding this machine that is Wall Street an end of the reason for Wall Street work hand-in-hand with our government so it is easy to understand why it doesn't make sense at first, but once like you said once you get in you start looking you start doing some research and start to get some education on it. It all makes sense that you realize that them Jean is one thing but we have to look out for ourselves.I've said it before and and and it's something I firmly believe in you know the best way to make America stronger to make every individual in the dark strong that's how we do that we step outside the box and say, this makes sense because it makes me stronger and thereby makes the country stronger.

You guys have a great free gold guide that makes it super simple for people that are interested.

They want more information tell us a little bit about this.

This gold guide and how folks can I get a copy yet it really copy give us a call. Go online, go to our website requested will send it to you in an email if you're really good basic breakdown of what metals are important. You will look at this and say okay and most people say I don't even know what questions to ask right you you get the guide you go through it and it'll make sense for some things and something that may not yet. That's why we invite you to call in and talk to one of our people here their answer all your questions.

They'll make it sound like English not like him financial mumbo-jumbo right and more importantly there's no pressure. We are here to educate people to show them what options they have for their scenario. We always want to take a person's individual scenario into consideration that how things work best when a plan is developed for what you and that's what we really focus on your life. You know so many people do talk about us because we make it simple.

We also make a person.

Oh, I'm a huge fan and an folks again Legacy PM or you can just go to Todd**, to the very top of the page will see the logo and that you can click on that and will take you directly to Legacy, precious metals, but you and were not into him down on the fear monger business. Your but going back to 2000 2008. A lot of people who were just invested in the markets their retirement funds were nearly wiped out but the people who had gold.

What happened to those people.

They had that security and and that very killing time for you bring up 2008 know I've been in the real long time and I receive those calls of people who were you know 65 looking to retire and they lost half of everything that in those coral calls were really hard. You know you have empathy for them, but there's nothing you can do after the fact right so we had to have those tough calls. Most of the conversation say okay I get you can't retire now but let do something now that we have the stability so as you get back on your feet, you have that account protected their retirement estate their security and this is what gold is meant to do it.

You know when we talk about the downturn we talked about the negative aspects of what's going on the market and the economy. We don't do that to create fear. Fear is already there. We all will feel it whenever we open up our our IRA accounts are planning our future � fears automatically.

There what we do is take the fear away. We give you the means to not be afraid of that retirement to not be afraid of downturns in the economy as a habit. It's cylindrical.

This is what happened you have a government that spends the way that ours does, you create these problems whenever the government tries to control something in the economy is one of those things we see that when they got involved in medicine and Medicare whenever they get involved to try to control things. Bad things happen, we can invest in metals to remove that fear.

As we know they're going to be involved in some way.

We at that point have a protection against that we have that insurance Charles wouldn't have to leave it there really gets her back.

I just feel so passionately about this and I saw family members that suffered in 2008 today and plan their entire lives and they were really caught because of what happened with the markets, and I don't want that to happen to anybody else and I really appreciate the fact that you guys make it so simple, there's not up there this not heavy-handed you guys are there, and I thought you really describe it so well when you said you are there to help people and I really appreciate that what we do. We appreciate you think you are a Charles Thorburn ladies and selling the CEO of legacy precious metals and I want you to check it out.

You know you want to go buy anything right now just go and check it out. Start the education process and especially young folks.

You need to especially start now and prepare now so you know 4050 60 years from now when you retire here to be your to be sitting pretty pretty good Legacy PM Legacy PM, and you'll really get all that information.

Okay, let's go to the phones Connor in Boston, we gotta get you invested in some gold and silver man will abide its nuts.

I will want to come early.

The number one you will you do immediately. Topography. They're all because the what the guide will call it unbelievable. The Republican Democrat from everyone but Dr. called Wheeler. There are even within the Republic and the conservative Republican circles.

There are people out there who want and I'm talking about the these would be trunk conservatives. I mean they are conservatives or supporters of the president and there out there and they would say you know what we need to be pro-abortion in the Republican Party. We need to be pro this really be pro that and there is going to be a major push over the next several years to remove a lot of very key issues culture war issues from the Republican Party platform and when that happens I think it's going to go well for the GOP wall earlier blog are vertically go well. I want you to turn around and later podcast by the FBI headquarters get a little while you'll have it that you have a tail on your right on creature. I'm probably somewhat but worked on the road while box your harassing the FBI owned by one year that no greater liar. They do need to hear Connor yeah you're right, they are liars, but Connor the broader message. We've had several other people weigh in on this. The issue is there doing this to silence your voice because they want you to be intimidated by the federal government. The number one thing to remember who the big bosses American Park. The American people, not the other way around your verbal we run the Connor well said you let me know if you if the FBI comes a call whatever you do don't talk to call grace is all working up little jars of what Connor's bail money. We got six box that's enough Connor's CQ pork, chicken sandwich, but it's worth good, it's for good cause} I gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone. That's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd store show please tell Laura Ingram know I am not tired of what will be a long and difficult battle.

Also, who do I listen do now that Fox's gone left. I listen to Newsmax and Todd Starnes. Keep up the good work God will highlight that we got to keep that one wow thing by the way dozers we what we call, shout out a lot of folks that want to call into the show, but they will call and leave us a message and you may you may hate my God so you may like what we do here but we would love for you to leave a shout out.

How do you do that.

Very simple. All you have to do is download our free app and it's something that we produced with the radio station I okay W AM so all you have to do. Go to Kate W AM radio K Wam

Click on the app and you'll be able to download it or just whatever platform you normally download your apps with you'll be able to get there and you can leave us a shot of and it's free of charge.

All right big primaries tonight. Alaska, Wyoming, and of course were to be watching Liz Cheney and it looks like listing is going down in defeat tonight Sarah Palin is seeking to make a come back to be a member of Congress. This is a special congressional election and will be waiting for those results to out to come out as well Grace you think you think Cheney's going down tonight I think so.

I think you better go ahead and pack your bags, you see, I'm trying to figure out what you do after use. Spent so much time in Congress. What you do.

What's the next career vacation. First you don't like very much to take a vacation.

He therapy for my therapy really got triggered by crop.

Yet it was her downfall. I hated Ernest no I it angers me because I was a huge Cheney fan for years and it's just it's very unfortunate how all of this unfold says sometimes the bitterness just consumes people. I think there's a way. And there, there has to be a way to address her concerns with the dummy that that trains already left the station. Yeah, she's on the crazy train it's gone out the talk the try exit sand.

It's really said you think Palin's going to pull it off. You think so think she still very popular. All right they were asking that question.

Foxy, I'm not sure what the situation. She was at Fox when I was there. She came on board as it but then things didn't work out. Oh, we never I didn't ask any close guy like Sarah Palin. Okay so the question is will she be coming to Congress were to be covering this live on Todd start' throughout the evening.

As a result, this can be a lot of fun solo that will see will say I don't know. It's good to be interesting and this is just a practice run for November.

In my opinion, and the other? How's the house she that primary so if the trunk candidates win. We shall see, is a pretty good track record so far so he has a great track meet up your bed in person, but the question is, you will he you know, will he be able to will he be able to to carry the Republicans to victory. And that's that's the question someone's SMU note about about Herschel Walker. They say Todd. We really love her so we understand you know that is probably not the sharpest tool in the shed but he's he's better than Rafael Warnock and that is a fair point you people in Georgia have to go and vote for Herschel Walker.

That's the Rafael Warnock is a pro-abortion communist and you guys deserve better.

So get out there. I look, I know Herschel may not be the best candidate of the bunch buddies better than what you got way better than what you got RA coming up tomorrow I were working on a big radio Roundtable and I will let you know who's going to be a part of that we always I love those things is a lot of fun to talk to other radio host from around the country were to do a breakdown of the primary races. Also Thursday Thursday mark this down. The judge is going to hear your arguments on what to do with the unsealing of the mar Lago grade ever so it's good to be a busy week folks.

No doubt about it. Hate Todd Stern' check that out book market. Download the podcast of the newsletter. You

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