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If You Take Out the Loan, YOU Pay the Bill

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 25, 2022 3:10 pm

If You Take Out the Loan, YOU Pay the Bill

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 25, 2022 3:10 pm

This is what happens when you raise a generation of young people who don’t know how to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Rep Mary Miller, Allen Moro, and Tiffany Justice join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee only since conservative commentary from America to the Todd Stern's radio program. We have a terrific show for you today and guess what ladies and gentlemen here of his radio program. We pay our bill will expect you to fork over anybody that's not how we roll here we take personal responsibility.

We meet and honor our obligations or on the Todd Stern's radio program.

I just wanted to just in case there was any any confusion out there so look I I wanted out. We gotta talk about this.

This student loan forgiveness plan. Understand this, ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing forgivable about this is a matter of fact, by doesn't forgiving anything. He simply transferring the debt of these deadbeat college students on two hard-working American citizens. This is some sort of like a dark side, evil alternate universe Robin Hood where they are stealing from the taxpayers and giving to the woke we whatever these numbers yesterday and it's is really mind-boggling but I think now that I've had a chance to think about this. I've had a chance to to Steve percolate to marinate on what we learned yesterday.

I've come up with a couple of thoughts are. First of all, to everyone's surprise, the, the people, the demographic most likely not to repay their loans. In fact, are the people who can afford to repay their loans. The people that are repaying their loans happen to be middle class working class even lower income people so there meeting their obligations. While the wealthy are are not and I have a theory about this. I think it's about upbringing. II think this is something that is learned from mom and dad and mom and dad by a larger teaching these these middle-class moms and dads and working-class moms and dads are teaching their kids that if you go out there and you take out a loan you sign your name on the on the dotted line. Then you have to meet that obligation. And you gotta do whatever it takes to meet that obligation if it means if it means taking a second or third job then you gotta do it. Malachi was I grew up in a blue-collar home my dad was an electrician. He did want to go to college and there was a time when dad did really well. He was electrician and things were going good and the Stearns household. Mom was a stay-at-home mom. She was a housekeeper and she the domestic goddess is dad called her and she raised us and dad went to go work will there was a time back in the in the 70s and you remember this if you grew up during the Carter years were the economy took a tumble and dad lost his job and it times were tough but I didn't go looking for a handout. You know what he did. He had to go and get to jobs, and at one time he was working three jobs and why did he do that it did he do it because he does want to work all the time know he had obligations he knew that there were bills that had to be paid yet to put food on the table you had to pay the mortgage, so dad did what it took to get that done. That's the American way. That's the American spirit. You work your butt off you go to some of these European countries were early babies in the cologne and they drink wine all day and they take the CS does and they were quite three hours a day, but that's not who we are as Americans we bust their butts. We do it needs to be done. We take care of our responsibilities.

There was a time in this country were where men were men of their word when there was a handshake deal that's all you needed you needed didn't need to sign some sort of a contract, a man's word meant something, at least that's the way it used to be, but that's not the way it is now, but I I think a lot of those things are not being taught to these young kids that maybe are growing up in the McMansions they've got the year that the parents are members of the country club they get everything handed to them on some sort of a silver platter.

And these are the same people, by the way, who are become establishment Republicans.

They hang out at the country clubs they don't care about people like Uribe does, they look at us as servants. That's that's how the establishment Republican looks at all of us conservatives. The hard-working people. The Chamber of Commerce crowd. That's that's true they are that that's who they bow down to not us. So anyway I'm I'm going through all of this and there is there somebody sent me a note last night and said starts. You better understand something. It's not just it's not just the people taken off the loans. The entire university and college system that that military-industrial complex will. This is an academic complex is completely corrupt and it has nothing to do with the. The woke ideology or the factor raising a generation of Americans to hate America. There's a lot more going on there that the amount of money that is being squandered on crap I'm talking crap hole. It's unbelievable now, Grace Baker, you just graduated a couple years ago you want to of a university in Memphis Tennessee yes did did you live on campus did or did you commute and on campus and then I lived off campus with a couple of girls I'm curious, what was your experience like living in the dorms roof.

It was it was a modest door.

I had decent roommate and you know it was a nice experience but it was nothing fabulous them and you had the basic cop, bad you had brick walls. You had to bring your own. You know if mini fridge a little think nothing fancy though really, so it's pretty much bare-bones. It was bare-bones because hundred percent sure would be cut. Well that you're the anomaly, because a lot of these schools now have amenities yet know we didn't have amenities not in the building know to be back in the day. It was like you had you didn't have a private room you had to at least another roommate some case you have four guys in there and then you had the bathroom of the showers that were down the hall. Yep, that's what I had our it so that it was so bareboat bare-bones that's not the way it is.

A lot of these schools where they are there.

They're not universities there resorts I know I read about some of them and I'm like wow I were having to pay for all of this. Why should we have to pay for the gender studies majors and the goat yoga people that I think of you. It's a thing it's of it, Google it and it's a thing that is very there are some schools that are actually advertising infinity pool.

Is that what is an infinity bulldozer rooftop pools that make you look like you're gonna swing over the edge such as low as these are, you would expect that at some for the high-end posh resort, not the local university or college is what they're doing there squandering our tax money needs to go on a vacation when you can just go to college next yes assisted actual campus that know exactly I mean when you look at all the buildings going up were paying for all of that stuff. Mr. Michigan technical mesh Michigan technological University.

They have an a campus on on campus ski resort hundred and 12 acres of ski friendly terrain, Pomona College, they have an annual scheme. Each day they actually have buses that take the college kids to the beach and a mountain resort for fun in the snow in the ocean. That sounds like a lovely day Boston University on some of these schools are private. I got it Boston University 26 story glass door. My condo with private bathrooms, walk-in closets and you get your own complementary flatscreen TV. Pretty snazzy University of Missouri. You guys have a lazy river that runs through campus. There's also a sauna and whirlpool hot tubs and on campus Beach club. There's also a racquetball court, and various other full courts were endless games. This is unbelievable stuff here University of Wisconsin in Madison. The student union has a bowling alley, art gallery, climbing wall, billiard hall, a movie theater, various restaurants and entire hotel and a banquet hall that sort of snazzy, Western Washington University. They have an outdoor center that includes camping, kayaking, ice, picking and more. It's an adventurer's dream college, University of California Santa Cruz. They have gorgeous outdoor space. Students enjoy a school aquarium, ropes course and rockclimbing walls. How about this, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The North Quad a hybrid dormant academic building specifically designed for international kids. They have nice dining halls tech savvy classrooms. They too have a lazy river. I guess now that's the thing. If you if you drive a lazy River. Sorry to go to school there.

University of Central Florida. You folks have a sushi bar on campus and cupcake trucks.

You have a reflection pond on campus stables and a luxurious renovated fitness center and it goes on and on and on. This is all paid for with our tax dollars and you wonder why it cost so much money to go to to go to school to get it to get a degree you're not sending your kid off to college in some sort of a concrete block dorm anymore. You're sending a ball to the Ritz-Carlton. This is nonsense, but our tax dollars are paying for all of us here is what needs to happen.

All of these kids went to well let's just say will save just for the sake of Tennessee, the University of Tennessee Knoxville and by the way, a lot of these schools have sex weeks there spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to turn your child into a pervert. You really want that America here is what I sent University of Tennessee needs to figure out okay which students defaulted on the loans which students have not paid their student loans instead of making hard-working people pay that bill. What we ought to be doing and this is just an idea is taking that money out of the school's endowment because there there is some responsibility that the University must bear here and I know they're very busy and it takes a lot of people. You gotta hard the masseuses and he got a heart of the pool cleaners and I get all that I get I get it, but at the same time. Dorothy's universities have a responsibility to make sure that the people that they have invited to come and study at their school can actually afford to pay the bill. They think about this for a moment there are people just like my dad who went out there and work two or three jobs you went out there did the same thing to pay your bill. You went to college, you got your degree and your busting your butt is matter fact you're actually you have a job in your career field but you're taking a second job just to pay off that loan debt you're eaten generic peanut butter. Not even the Peter Pan of the Jeff Yuri the offbrand peanut butter creamy night you came in for the other country. Know your it's your you're eaten that the cheap peanut butter during the Ramen noodles. You're not even going out to McDonald's if at McDonald's. That's a night out on the town for you because all your money is going to pay what you owe and then there are some of you out there and you said yeah I'm college is not for me. I want to go to a trade school I I would I want to be an entrepreneur and so I'm just going to jump right on in there and claim my American dream utilized the old debt and yet here you are, you've made the right choices you made. The responsible choices in your life, and Joe Biden of the Democrats are basically saying F you that's what Joe Biden to say to all you folks.

This is nothing more than a government sponsored and sanctioned bribe. That's what this is and by the way he's not finished he's he's gonna be thrown out the throne of the red carpet for the illegal alien dreamers little more than a little bit later but you guys do the right thing and now you're in have to turn around and Juergen have to pay the bill for all of these deadbeats who refuse to pay what they owe as outright ladies and gentlemen, 844-7478 68 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. My friend Mike Lindell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of your life even stop by simply creating the best lullaby created the dreams that she may look and feel great. Which means that even better night sleep for me, which is crucial for my business. I found a world-class cotton called visa is ultra soft and breathable but extremely beautiful might proceed with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty is not usually public visa sheet you will never want to sleep on anything come in a variety of sizes and Mike's latest incredible deal is the sale of the year for limited time you get the person off the Giza dream sheet receive a set as low as 4999 go to my and click on the radio Leicester Square and use the promo code story by not only this amazing offer but also deep discounts of all my fellow products, including my fellow veterans offered by public health that whole 800-8395 06 and use the promo code start fights for his cancel $10,000. What is the message to follow through on sentiment bill he's happy to sign and send to the people think that the president of the United States.

Just want to subject a little and now you letting people think that the president of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness.

He does not he can postpone he can delay but he does not have that talent that would have to be an act of Congress are that's happy hour Pelosi and circle back to the sake there talking about Joe Biden not Donald Trump Joe Biden St. Joe's last year that Biden does not have the authority to do what he did yesterday K rights in Todd. My son did landscaping till he found in electrical engineering job after he graduated, he did what he had to do to pay that loan and bills K good for you, good for your son.

I think there are a lot of other people. As a matter of fact, I think there a lot of college kids out there were busting their butts pay back the loans and there bothered by this.

Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868. What started Minnesota Brian listing to us today Brian what's on your mind.

Good to be on your show. Thank you. Yes, so I had a beautiful daughter 22 and guess what I did. I went to school full-time. I was working full-time codes. No one else but me and a graduate degree and then you start and back the loan rate so my problem were paying other people going to the colleges wire the tax dollars paying it. When the college of billions of dollars and times and they should be paying the loans early staff of the bill.

It's a great question, Brian. And you're right. Many of these public universities.

They have the endowments and that's for that money to come out of you if they want to forgive those loans great. Take it out of the endowment, but don't blame the American taxpayer.

II didn't I didn't force anybody to go to college. Yeah, it was my choice and you know honestly is one of the reasons why I wrote my knowledge, the book series is because I wanted to vent other students for making a lot of mistakes that I made when I was younger and� Which if you do have to speak and talk to the youth until than a college is not the only option you might think. The 17 and 18. Because a lot of these counselors teacher.

They almost believe undergoing college and they don't tell you that your 20 to 25. You can have another $500 bill on the in the budget that you won't be able to afford and basically light of these, 17 and 18-year-old. Nothing is disgusting. Brian, I appreciate your call and we got a run to a break here. I will say this I know some parents out there are now even suggesting their kids just take a year off you graduate high school take a year off, get a job see how you like the job figure out what you want to do with your life because sometimes you're just not sure I mean sometimes I I've known college students they go out there, they jump right into college, they get their degree and that they realize you know that's not really what I wanted to do with my life. So don't buy into Barack Obama was mandate that every person in America have to go to college. It's a lot are going right back to the phones here. Hang tight.

Everybody 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgery. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal.

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We can take some interesting electric that would be a good major that would be a great official ice cream tends back back when I was in college at our dairy bar was those little white paper mill cops. The cartons that's what we got and on Friday you got chocolate milk. If you're lucky, allow first come first serve right High Point University which is a private school so when I get a book I will look to be a private school year to pay for what you pay for.

They have a high-end private steakhouse.

No jeans policy take your classmate out for dinner. Oh that reminds me so couple of days ago we were we were telling folks about the crisis over at Houston's, which is a popular restaurant chain here in the Memphis area held the God of all over America.

Anyway, Houston's you had a a black cop in it and his wife was a black principal and they were asked to leave because they selves said someone of the parties smelled like marijuana smoke, and of course the they immediately accused the staff of being racist and they asked him to leave and it's been a it's a big thing so grace I told you I was gonna go there for lunch you so I go there and again and now it's like it's it's snowballing.

Other people are saying oh yes we had a similar experience.

Blah blah blah. So I walk in the restaurant. The security guard black. The hostess black. Most of the people having a meal there at the lunch hour black so the idea that Houston's is racist is just ridiculous hi little bit of a stretch.

So anyway I went ahead and I I sat down and they said We can we get something to drink. I said I like it iced tea.

Please because I was thirsty and I love iced tea. So I got the I and I said I would like to speak to the manager so and so the port the poor waitress kind of freaked out. Of course, but anyway there's another component of the story so the local Fox TV affiliate, and there is woke as the day is long. They need to go ahead and remove the Fox emblem from their building because there that liberal CNN 13, so it is on Channel 13's dissociative and so the Fox 13 and that these people are sleazy over it. Fox 13 and Memphis they send a news crew and a barge in like there. I don't know, like, it's like Saddam Hussein you know and you're barging into his palace there in Baghdad with the US Armed Forces.

They came armed with a reporter and a camera person with a microphone demanding to know you know I love where the race is trash your travesty was so anyway, the manager said you you can't do that you don't have any part you don't have our permission to be in here private.

If I want to go film you go steal the public sidewalk so they literally kick him to literally kicked him out of the restaurant and kicked him to the curb. Great speaker. You're correct there. So anyway, the manager comes and says, sir. How can I help you, and you know that and they just looked this manager look like they had been through a war that you fix hello I meet because they may get pounded. Jan face to get a lot of phone calls sounded and the only reason I know the story was a load of crap all from the from the get go is because IT there at least once or twice a week, you do and I know these people are all good people so so the manners like how can I help you sir and I said as a bullock I said I heard what you guys did to that fox 13 crew you little somebody one of the managers physically threw them out of the building. Yes or how can we help you sir and I said I said that was the greatest thing I've heard all week and I said I just want to personally shake the hand of the manager who was responsible for doing that because NIC explained I said I either all the time.

I know you guys are goodhearted people. You're not racist. You guys don't have like a secret plan meeting of the kitchen. I did say that part but I said I just want to shake the hand of the person who through those godless heathen woke morons from Fox 13 out onto the sidewalk. I want to shake that presence and I did say about loud was giddy, shake your head so so it's a lady lady managers are so she's got she's holding an extra menu, and she slides her hand so nobody can see. She slides her hand under the menu and six wife.

See very malevolent. I blight while and so then I gave her a coffee mug. One of our beautiful new coffee mugs gave her the coffee mug and I put my business card with my personal contact information, which is very hard to get it. A lot of people want to get a lady when I say no I know you do I see you over there and so II said, here is my card and I said anybody else tries to come in at front door. Anybody else tries to accuse you guys of being racist. You call me were to have your back and she bellowed she got little emotionally. She said thank you very mom had a good meal. I made her day.

I was kind of think of their in a slightly a free dessert or something, but that it happened and I would've except not that far. So then, so the check comes in you, there ought meet everybody's on edge. Now and so I just I actually tipped the tip of the check. So that's what you gotta do. Gotta take care of this.

The folks serving you with those restaurants. Take care people taking care you anyway.

What we talked about. Oh yeah, these school let's go to Roger, who's been holding on from forever from W LOP that's Ray Richardson country in the great state of Maine.

Roger what's on your mind. Well, happy Friday to you. It's technically Thursday Roger but yeah happy to break that to you if you get them in a hurry. I just wanted to say hello and let you know I live in Portland. Portland is very left.

I am very right and we are right these guys and poking the bear in a big way and I think come voting time.

Things are going to change our property taxes here going up because of the shortfall of funding for the sanctuary city asylum-seekers the ordinary.

We my wife is an immigrant. I'm an immigrant.

We both were students.

We both had their way, we had to bear when we came into the country I'm paying too much more gallon for gas. Even though it's coming down that I was two years ago.

I just got my electric bill for this month. Normally during the summer. My electrical runs $150 $356 this month. Thought it ain't going these guys are going to wake up to some very angry people very shortly and I think that you think changes happen.

Well II hope we do Roger but I I will say this, and I appreciate your call and and God bless you and thank you for thank you for coming to this country and were just honored to count you as a fellow countrymen now are you and your wife, but I am concerned about about the division in this country which is becoming more and more pronounced every day but Jesse Waters the other day was raising some concerns about an election on Tuesday in New York.

There was a congressional race that should've that should've gone for the Republicans.

And it did not and the waters of Newsweek actually has a story here of this was the race with Marcus Molinaro. It's a New York special how selection so this is not a primary. This was election and the Molinaro was supposed to be was actually leading in the polls and was supposed to win. It would've been a flip so it was already a Democrat seat but but the Democrat Pat Ryan pulled out the victory there and Waters is saying that this was a very concerning issue for Republicans and the reason why is because the Democrats made abortion the issue and that congressional race now. That in and of itself is not that concerning because again it is a Democrat district. But the fact that up until they made abortion the issue. The Republican was ahead that's a little disconcerting. I will say that in Memphis we had some we had a big election in August and there was a report from Republicans that they noticed a number of young female voters going to the polls and there's been some speculation that the abortion issue is what drove a lot of young females out to vote, and in some cases they were able to swing those elections. Those races look at what just happened in Kansas where you had in Kansas is the most pro-life. One of the most pro-life states in the nation and you had a pro-life law literally go down in flames. All that to say that we cannot take anything for granted and you gotta play smart here I meet everybody's got a play smart, you can't come out there and your campaign messaging cannot be that well you cannot be and there's really no such thing as an extremist on the of of the pro-life side.

Life is life, no matter what, but you gotta play smart here any gotta play smart politics and if you don't, you lose. That's what happened in Kansas. That's what happened in New York that may be what happened in in the Memphis area so do not be surprised if this is a lot closer and the midterm elections them were being led to believe. I'm still hopeful that there's going to be a red wave, but I do see a path where the Republicans could lose this and the path is and I'll explain this and I don't want to overly alarm you. I just want to encourage you to get out and vote on election day, but the reality is you are beginning to see Joe Biden's polling numbers start to slightly improve their still in the toilet. There's a dumpster fire burning on every street corner America right now, but Biden's numbers are going up next and and his numbers will go up as a result of the bribe here that he's giving all of these deadbeat college kids up next is going to be the illegal aliens and he is going to try and codify with legislation to protect the dreamers, the so-called illegal alien dreamers so those you can expect more of that. I'm in the presence going to use the power of the White House to try and do things that will get out the vote in the midterm elections. Right now the Republicans don't have a unified message.

Right now the Republicans are fighting each other and is really not so much their fighting each other.

You got one side of the Republican Party trying to destroy the other side. So it's really not even a fight because the conservatives are out there saying hey we got a start rallying around these big issues like white crime, and the border America first, but the establishment wing of the party is more interested in stopping Donald Trump. No matter the cost, and there is there is a lot of scuttlebutt right now in Washington DC that Mitch McConnell is willing to to give up the Senate. In other words, willing to sacrifice control of the Senate. If it stops Donald Trump from being elected from running for office in 2024. If they keep this up.

Not only will they lose the Senate.

They could very well lose the House of Representatives.

It's it's that serious of an issue.

So the Republicans they gotta get it together and we got a unify on a very clear message. And there is no unified message right now it all to be crime it on a BBs woke school boards, you get three or four issues. What what was it they were talking about weeks ago a contract with America you will like Republicans.

Here's what you're going to get.

I would recommend every single state. Every single local district.

Every body run on that plan for because it's a winning platform were all dealing with off the charts crime in our neighborhoods were dealing with schools that have gone woke were dealing with illegals that are flooding in our cities were dealing all of us are dealing with these issues, but the Republicans are folk so focused right now on stopping Donald Trump in stamping out the America first movement within the party that they're willing to sacrifice it all to accomplish that goal. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number. May I tell you about life change tea I drink a glass of this every single day. It's absolutely delicious. It's natural. It's a gentle cleanse and you're gonna love it. It's got 12 herbs comes in three delicious flavors, pomegranate peppermint and natural light change tea.

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The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood.

Uncle Tom to offers historical footage, photos, correspondence and data to reveal the genuine strides of black America in the 20th century the deliberate marks a strategy to create racial tension and replace God with government and the NAACP's sinister agenda. Don't miss uncle Tom to from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and voting Baucom and Chad O. Jackson pre-order it watch the movie on demand or bind the that sale sale so once again another run to see if this going full beast mode and just like everybody else.

He is he's disgusted with Anthony Pouncey and how the government is handling all of this of course felt. She says he's retiring. He ought to be fired and he should've been fired a long time ago Trump certifier fell cheat.

He should be in a jail right now. But anyway, here's what Ron DeSantis had to say about Anthony Pouncey. This is so little elephant. I do have one.

The issue is that the governor insulted the beautiful woodland creatures known as elves. I think they deserve a little bit better than that, but governor we get the point and people are going bonkers now. How dare he. How dare how dare that man advocate violence. Well, in honor of in honor of Dr. Algie.

I want to present from the vocal abilities of Jim Gossett and owed to every couch.

Now the end is near, and I'll be leaving in this and when she is gone. I hold people will that I was such a fool. Oh how I such a sly way all much more.

This I did it my way and I the vocal stylings of Jim Gossett exclusively on the Todd start's radio program. He's played out of the blue room tonight folks drinks are half-price. I think this is a solid start University studio in Memphis Tennessee I was.

I was crying I was no dodo great. I know I know you think I was lollygagging and I wasn't bigoted to the clock but I was on the Facebook lifestream. A lot of people waiting at and I was trying to have a couple of conversations with people but someone said Todd Laura writes, as is Todd.

What did you mean when you say you tip the check is at like 20% know this number that is Laura. If the service is well that the service is really good. I normally if the bill is $20. I will tip $20 so that's what that's what I meant by that and and luggage. Just you know if you're able to do that. I think that's a nice thing for you to do because of those first folks work really hard and do another person wrote and said Todd what was the name of that restaurant that was being attacked. It's Houston's restaurant in Memphis. So if you're driving through this part of the country.

Stop by and the give him some your business are good people aren't walking to the Todd surge radio program. We are honored to have you with us. Our two of the show underway and a little bit of breaking news. We are following. Of course the FBI has to submit the Justice Department has to submit their rejections to the to the Trump raid information. Also, new Intel coming from whistleblowers within the FBI that they were agents were actually ordered not to probe Hunter Biden's laptop until after the 2020 election. Again I have said this from day one.

It is time to dismantle and defund the FBI and come up with something else because this is not working. I would go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line honored to have with us from the great state of Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller, Congresswoman, hope you're doing good today doing morning for our country and I want to thank you for the great work you're doing to speak out against tyranny and to get the truth about people will I appreciate you saying that Congresswoman and we believe in being happy warriors here on this program and I am a hopeful person but I I'm I share your great concerns about the state of our country right now and and maybe if we could just let's just jump in and we we just talk about these FBI raids here and the attacks on on the Trump administration the Trump family weird is what is the endgame here. You think all in light of the last mark they could they would. And right now out weapon I the government against the American people against Pres. Trump. This outrageous again using the guy whether you think public prevalence document preservation will to go after Pres. Trump and he is an amazing man. He is still a happy warrior. I think people heard him say that if you would just go home and shut out. They would leave him alone, but he won't do it. He loved our country and continuing to fight the fight and are going to go after them. Now you represent the 15th congressional district there in Illinois and I'm curious what you are hearing from your constituents after the president came out yesterday and announces student loan.

I'm calling it a transfer not forgiveness but won't transfer what what's been the reaction. Oh, I got very bright guy it illegal and unconstitutional. I think it's impeachable present. Biden took an oath of office, agreeing to uphold the rule of law there is no bill.

This is not been approved by Congress and the other thing that everybody knows that he is not wiping out loan payment transferring loan payments to the taxpayers and felt bad for our culture for the moral character of our culture it distant device is responsible for current behavior that we want out of citizen. Many Americans state and sacrifice for their children's college. They ordered a main payment on on the student loans per year.

They work full time. My children all worked full-time when they went to school and they lived at home with another thing people forfeited going to be a college of their choice.

Any sacrifice to either pay back the loan or not to close out the people didn't even go to college because they couldn't afford it know is it's a great point. I you know when I was in college I worked full-time at a legal newspaper and my job was typesetting bankruptcy documents.

It was it was tedious work but you know what it paid the bills and you know you have to do what you have to do and I'm concerned Congresswoman about what message this instance of future generations of young people like really the moral character of our country by think back? Then irresponsibility again nothing but redistribution of the wealth were not holding college at the University responsible why I do think actually take back the house. We need to have investigation or an investigation of why we think that your staggering increase in cost of college degrees, which we know it because the government involved and and also this court should be held responsible for the loans that they're getting out.

I know for fact that it will hurt my brother lock her dad called out the University for over exaggerating her future earning power and he knew it and why is another thing. And there also encouraging biking young people to going to agree humanity to create that they're not going to be able to get a job then or paid back if you go to college and you major in goat, yoga, or gender study you get you get what you deserve.

I know that you went to Eastern Illinois University I went to a private Christian school in East Tennessee. But I can tell you Congresswoman that I suspect you did not have an infinity pool or private steakhouses where you could get lobster every day of the week at your school work in high school I worked for summer I worked all through full-time all through college with at least one job I worked in the bubblegum factory is and I worked from three in the afternoon till three in the morning.

We got overtime hours and then I had a part-time job during the day and my homework actually helped me to work. I'm not even think it was that good for me. It was only last night working know you're absolutely right. I'm curious what flavor what printable composite that we are making a big lien bubblegum shoe and Mork and Mindy bubblegum record kind of thing city area greatly but I can tell you that I would not get it for the first couple weeks of the job that now with with those we and anyway.

I can laugh about it now but all my jobs that talking something and this is just outrageous, and the American people.

The people that are pulling the wagon are getting tired you're right and it's leading to a very bad place in our history, and we've got to get that figured out, you're absolutely right Congresswoman before we let you. I know you're a big supporter and defender of religious liberty, and I have got it I got a call about our website from Evanston where the school district there had a convocation that they burn all the teachers and faculty together, no students, and they do this every year and they invited local minister to come and pray and she actually prayed a blessing over the teachers. Somebody complained, and now the school district is apologizing for anyone who took offense at the religious nature of the Christian pastor's prayer it's it's unbelievable what's happening these days. What where our public school.

I'm going here that opening dear God kind of public school and for go that don't have children in public schools that are outraged over this kind of stuff you need to step up to the plate somehow help parent find alternative education either.

The churches need to be there supporting the community and helping parents find alternative. You're absolutely right and Congresswoman were to leave it there. I just want to say thank you for being a bold warrior for freedom and liberty. And you're welcome back on the program anytime I have a great day. Are you Congresswoman Mary Miller from the 15th congressional district there in Illinois and she is a fierce warrior folks and she is a strong defender of Pres. Trop, she's out there representing the people and in her district and you heard that if this is where were going to go as a nation where teachers are offended as a matter front I have the quote here this is from the Evanston Skokie school district, the superintendent wrote a letter apologizing to anyone who might've been triggered by the pastor's request for God to watch over the school district and by the way, this is not some sort of a Billy Graham prayer. This was a straightforward traditional prayer. I've got the prayer I get a read gracious and loving God, we come now at the dawn of another academic year. District 65 and Evanston. We are grateful for the gathering today and for the staff were present as well as those who are not able to attend. We asked now you look down upon every single employee of the district. We pray that you bless all support staff and every school was every maintenance worker bless every teachers aid and assist and bless every teacher and faculty member was every assistant principal and principal bless all district 65 administrators, assistant superintendents and the superintendent are what what is controversial about that. So the school district comes and says all wet so saw array we apologize.

We had no idea to read you the exact quote from the superintendent we had no idea that the past up would offer a prayer and reference ID Eddie okay well if you don't reference a deity as just a nice chat with everybody's eyes closed so there you go. I would've complained who was at that complaint and I might be willing to wager a Chick-fil-A sandwich that was probably one of those wall purple here pronoun confuse chicks on tick-tock you know that you don't.

I'm talking about probably default on their student loan and 16th-century lesbian pottery studies. Gotta take a break 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the touch structure. All right hello back.start radio so he writes inside I was about my water in my car talking about the Steve entry lesbian pottery. Sorry about that� Ice water use delegates a Baptist martini or a Ruger Gracie we you and I were having a conversation as to how to realize your big root beer aficionado about aficionado but I know good root beer. When I taste Abita Springs root beer. Allen's good best root beer in America. Yeah, you gotta drink it out of the glass bottle.

It doesn't taste as good hand in life you gotta have another glass bottles I went to the whole foods again yesterday parked in the same parking spot triggering it's over it's really funny, I know I'm triggering people but anyway I walk in there and I got the other.

They have the cream soda in the bottle.

Oh yeah, I like a little school that's good stuff yeah the cream soda. I'm a big cream soda person not laughing.

I decide I think that's wonderful but it's it's funny because you're the produce section at that the whole foods is packed W but they got good stuff over there. They do I like I like lollipop which is the seller lollipop yeah like oh LOL well I like Dolly 00 LI pop I've never heard of that it's healthy so that the more increase like marshmallow root, and headed ginger juice and can I tell you, so it means something traumatic In the other data we've got a large staff here and a somebody brought of the Oreos and I hello I love Oreos and you have the mega stuff Oreos double stuff my stuff. It's a little too much cream for me. Love it I love it so anyway I meeting and I like the cookie doesn't taste quite right. Something is a bit off and then I realize is will these gluten-free Oreos. Let me guess. It crumbled right and it was just I held it together. It was unfortunate what is the I don't know I don't want to, you know, lollipop, and a gluten-free Oreos. Let's go. I'd I don't want to upset the lactose intolerant and gluten-free crowd on the same day I got a space I already to strike the Dr. Oz people are still upset with me. Yeah, we got there late in the wing reset at space we got a space available space.

The rage right there is another crazy as a teacher story. I got to share with you. This involves 1/3 grade teacher. Ladies and gentlemen of this is from Naperville hello what's going on in Illinois these days.

But to put the DuPage policy Journal has the story.

1/3 grade teacher who is I will say this I don't know what his you know what is preferred. Pronouns are or any of that mess, but he presents himself in a very effeminate way. I will just that that is I think a fair way of saying is right because I don't know what to what his preferences are and I really don't care. But what he's doing in the classroom is bothersome here so the teacher is encouraging little boys to become little girls, the teacher is this a third-grade classroom is asking children to not only announce their preferred programs but also consider switching.

So if your little boy and it specifically directed at the boys he wants to consider switching to the sheep programs of the teacher recently read a story book to the class about a boy who likes princesses and fairies. The book is titled my shadow is pink and it's the story of a little boy who is inspired to wear dresses by his big burly mustachioed father who also wears a dress. Not a good look. We got the cover of the book is not a good walk for the debt.

So anyway appearing complained about all this right. I mean, you're kind of concerned holy crap what's going on. The kids classroom and that the school district is now defending the teacher. They say there's nothing wrong with teaching kids about cross-dressing or transsexuality.

That's a thing now of the school district says the lessons are meant to promote inclusiveness and student belonging. What can we all agree that that kind of crap does not belong in any public school classroom that is perversion. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not teaching. It is grooming.

You gotta pay attention to this were to be have written have the head honcho from moms for liberty on a little bit later on in the program. They are responsible for doing incredible work flipping school districts all over America you you better listen to that immediate. Gotta listen to because this is where the fight is not a Washington DC to fix DC we got a fix what's happening our local schools first.

Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show this long note from one of our listeners. Her name is Patricia Morel, and Patricia is hanging out with us on the Facebook line 3" you can actually listen to was many different ways you can watch us on the Todd you can also go to the Facebook streams rumble Katter is a big popular location for us. Here's what Patricia had to say.

Todd, I went to college full time to receive a teaching degree while working full time elementary school. I also work part time at a fabric store. I was a single mother raising four children.

I remember being exhausted with all the responsibilities of being a single mom working a teaching job without the teaching without working a teaching job without the teachers pay since I wasn't fully credited and taking time away from my children to complete my homework and studies. I knew that taking out school loans would require me to pay them back at some point so I refrained from borrowing money until my last school year I made that choice to move out of the high crime area.

My kids and I were living in. I needed the money to be able to pay the higher rent. I also had to pay a babysitter for the evenings and weekends. I worked as a fabric store.

We didn't have much.

We ate lots of beans and rice. I felt awful because my kids were thrift store and hand-me-down clothes. I eventually paid off my student loans. It took a few years.

I am now a retired schoolteacher and thank God for his goodness. Will Patricia your good lady. What a great mom you are in a great American patriot because you did it the right way. My recommendation all you millennial's out there, ease up on the brunches ease up on the avocado toast and ease up on the trips to the Starbucks for the bulk of into whatever you happen you copied a copy of that they are still over there. That's my recommendation all right. I welcome back to the Todd start radio show 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we are very honored to have a long standing relationship and partnership with Liberty University. They are raising champions for Christ and we were honored to. I have a number of student workers that are a part of this program and their doing research and writing stories just great students and one of them. We are especially fond of actually interned in our Memphis Tennessee Studios over the summer.

His name is Alan Morrow, or is he is listed on my run down the Alan Morrow and he is coming to is live from our studios at liberty University. Allen, how's it going I'm doing well good to be on that and of course you have the great distinction of actually handling the phone when former Pres. Trump called in. I did not have been my favorite story to help my experience in Memphis. I got to do a lot of really exciting things, but when I tell people I talked about it Trump on the phone. I always get a great reaction and I love telling stories and you also did a couple of parodies of you got a pretty mean Donald Trump impression you so much. I had fun doing the impression I always do what I tell the story all right Alan that we know we got you working on a couple stories and photos you can see Allen's his byline over it.

Todd and that he's got a lot of terrific stories. One involves a Christian college that was forced to house men and women's dormitories. Alan, what's the back story. There, that's exactly right. So the quality of the Ozark and it that Christian school and very and early on in the Biden administration finds out an executive order that essentially made it so that colleges and universities had to date. They couldn't quote discriminate against people who based on their gender identity or sexual orientation without losing compliance of the fair housing and College of the Ozarks partnered with alliance defending freedom to do and get the traverse and say that it violated the religious freedom in the case was actually thrown out. They said that the college did not have standing to sue. And right now and you know the federal government to come into a Christian university like where I am right now at liberty that it happened. How a man who identified the woman in the email book and yet they would not have any recourse. A minute seems to be a unit, for example.

Liberty University. You guys have certain rules and regulations and everybody has to follow those rules and regulations absolutely and you sign a statement on come to the school thing abide by the honor code and mission statement on so it's really something no one forced to go to college of the Ozarks.

No one forced to go to liberty University. So it really it really alarming to see the left coming in and targeting Christian University in the Biden administration with things like this that are really scary for religious liberty all over the country and have implications that go well beyond college any private business.

Any church that they're trying to push this agenda and it it's really scary thing that people need to know Alan Morrow is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line in our liberty University studios Alan another story you got others. A very disturbing issue coming out of Yale University where there trying to convince people that that children as young as three years old should be taught about gender identity and maybe gender medical intervention.

What's that all about.

Yet this story is particularly starving a video has gone viral Yale University pediatric gender program director boasting about treating children as young as three years old with medical intervention on their quote gender journey name is Dr. Christie led Ethan and she leaves the program and she really she was really proud of the video that was posted by EL medicine on and she smiled in the camera and says that she loves her job. It's really something that you got the one that I recommend everyone to get on the website right now and check it out on a few this video if you boast about treating three-year-old with gender affirming care. It's pretty despicable. I mean, again, these are true medical issues and II's eye. I find it hard to believe anybody that Jan even knows what gender is. But it seems to me that if you're to be making those kinds of decisions to have surgeries and to mutilate these children. That is something that is me that is something incredibly serious and something that needs to be discussed when that person is 17, 18, 19 years old, not when there are three or four years old.

Absolutely it on anyone think that the three-year-old parents can take their three-year-old hardware Yale and Dr. C what can pump them full hormones, have them undergo surgery and really stop it irreparable stuff that could make them never be able to have children and later down the line if they decide they don't like someone made for them when they were three years old. They may hamper you a lasting effect forever. It is a fascinating story and you're right.

The video is incredibly disturbing. I think she got a check that out at Todd's are analogies going to liberty it going great.I miss everybody in Memphis but like you are doing really well. I'm just about finished with my first week, and already a resident of the hall here at liberty on having a great time. I met I miss all the barbecue go there. I haven't had any food here that was merely a good dining hall barbecue. I understood I Janet hi Janet, so what really gets her back over these parts that Alan Morrow is the Alan Morrow are great in turn at liberty University right thanks Allen study hard. Thank God the right there you go. The whole Gracie was really popular with the staff.

Everybody really had a good time. David picked up our lunch is that business all the time.

Just kidding. I'm kidding that we loved Alan I assume is still a valid and we miss Alan so he needs to come down here and fall break or something. When I got there and see him we wrote down the road trip to Lynchburg sounds good to me and never been there.

Let's do it. It's like it takes 78 hours to get their logo flies in the middle you want to fly so they flew me was speaking at convocation once is when I lived in New York City and they said yeah they got a a flight school where you can study aviation aeronautics incredible program and a subordinates in one of the planes up to gotcha and so I flew over the it's in Teterboro which is directly across the river, the Hudson River from New York City and there's an airport there that that's where you have all the private points loved it got aboard the plane and it wasn't that large.

It was a jet and it wasn't that large of a jet. So even though I was seated back in the passenger's compartment you I had a pretty good clear view of the pilot and copilot so anyway it was incredibly windy Lynchburg in the mountains and were coming in for the approach and it was like we were going from one side to the other. It was like back and forth like we were on a swing set for landing and that was the last time I ever flew to Lynchburg Virginia fared out there and I get to do that don't want to tempt fate. Yeah, probably not. All right, we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 monitoring a couple of things are the hearing involving the document surrounding the trunk Morrow log arrayed.

Also the White House holding a press briefing president bided maybe coming out to speak later today. Will keep you updated on all that stuff as well.

This is the Todd's turn show I will go back to the Todd's turn radio show. I wonder if there any posts other listening made the decision not to and I'm curious how that worked out for was that a good decision for you not to go to school or you were you able to to claim your American dream. At even though you did not go to school 844-747-8868. Again, our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 only go back to this was back during the primaries, the Democratic primaries, and Elizabeth Warren got confronted by this happen in Iowa and it was on this issue of student loans or that was a big debate during the Democratic primaries to take a listen.

The guys right.

They did the right thing and they got screwed somebody asked me on the social media pages. What about parents.

What about parents who loaned their kids money to to go to college or are the parents eligible to get that $10,000 but I don't think so. I think this is with the government's sorry to say that there was an interesting race in New York State. We been warning you for quite some time about the rise of socialism. And it's not gonna look like what you think it's going to look like by the time you figure out it's good to be too late. Which is why I wrote my book culture.

She hawed back in 2019. The book is still doing incredibly well because it lays out the plan of the socialist and what they what they plan to do to this country. Kristin Gonzales is a socialist. She is a member of the Democratic socialist of America, and she just won the Democratic primary for a Senate district in New York State and I want you to hear what she had to say to a group of supporters after she one cut to really so you better believe you better believe she is incredibly attractive.

She's very well put together. She's not one of these slobs you know that though sleeps in some sort of a cardboard.

Whatever she looks like somebody you will go to church with. And that's how it's gonna happen. Folks there to come after all of us. I was sent some video last night of a Democrat meeting in Germantown, Tennessee which is where I live but it was a very conservative community. I mean, people evacuated Memphis they moved to Germantown, and other Democrats are trying to covertly take over Germantown. Someone sent me some video and we had a guy named Brent Taylor on the show yesterday and he did very well for himself. He came up a boot up from the bootstraps kind of a guy and I made made a lot of money lived the American dream retired now is running for the state office for the state Senate and at this meeting they they said that this man should be ashamed because he earned that money and that he should've given his money away to people who need things at the video and what were going to try to compile this because there's there's something going on here and you need to hear that there declaring war on people like you were going out and earning a living and being successful in life. And then they said at this meeting that all Republicans are bad. All Republicans are evil. This is happening in the red state of Tennessee, Germantown, Tennessee where that's happening. Pay attention. Folks, the socialist are on the move was good and the W LOP the big lobster in Maine hey Andy, what's up, I thought blood.

Thank you all.

I didn't go to college.I went to work. I made it a career doing municipal water and sewer. Nowadays you can almost name your own bright because they don't have anybody you want or you're not kidding about that, Andy. We had little plumbing issue. I hear the building. A couple of months back and you're right that they charge a pretty penny because this is hard to find anybody these days we make good money, good retirement benefits. I mean how can I get wasn't was a hard decision free to make any or did you pretty much know what you wanted to do. I know I wasn't cut out for school so I went to work. I work full-time as I was 50 years old. Yeah, I bet tough financial times in the past, but I had to work two jobs sometime to get by, but it work and why did you do that any wanted you work two jobs to pay my bill to go. I'm not going to deck and no yeah and Andy that that used to be how an overwhelming number of Americans felt they didn't want to hand out going on welfare was something you did, as the last resort and now you have families that are actually generations of families that are living and growing up in public housing and living on welfare.

Yeah, it is not something to be proud of. I know that will aid you semi-could good man and that we appreciate the hard work you're putting into make this country great and thank you for listening to W LOP. I know Ray Richardson of the team over there greatly appreciate that a word in its let you go because we had to take a break for the news coming of the next hour urine want to stick around for this really talking to the president of moms for liberty.

This group of moms single-handedly overturned a number on number of school districts and school boards in the state of Florida on Tuesday and I want to find out how they did it so that we can get that information out there so you could do the same thing in your communities. 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number. This is the Todd certain's radios. Liberty University through viewing movies.

Tennessee is yours America.

Our underway me me are you looking at me are you married listening. That's a good point. Okay nevermind no no there's a you put a big of a story of my stack of stuff you and I'm a bit perplexed by so there is an Australian nightclub and there they're going to have you ever been in a in a restaurant or this happens to be a lot where you're in a restaurant or you're in some sort of a social public setting and somebody stares at you yeah you like for us to make eye contact. It's kinda weird yes are you kind of you avert the glands or if I at the Cracker Barrel on the raised menu up a little bit where you're sitting there and you like to. I know that person or my just as easy to sort of staring at are about to die you know somebody yet you never know how I've never gone that far, but well you haven't lived my life.

So it's a little different when you're in the public sphere register.

So, anyway, and that happens to me a lot is that somebody will be staring at me and normally sometimes Otis come over and asked are you you are you Ed McMahon.

Or are you true to actually I've been mistaken for Drew Carey. Back when I had different glasses really driving the price is right, must, people are staring at me. I have Marlo with me and I like I've never seen a Dalmatian I didn't know they were real.

Yeah there you go, had to out to young ladies and there are probably college coed girl. They were fairly young and that they come running up there were just huge fans of yours. Can we get your autograph and unlikable sure happy to do so, and Chicos. Oh I just love it when you're on the Price is right in the showcase showdown and pulling go. So I said you best wishes. Have a great life. Love Drew knows what did and why did you sign for Drew yeah I mean I want to disappoint him. So now they've got a I guess am a fake Drew Carey. Maybe they still did autograph they made somebody on that. So anyway there's so we've all got a bit of those situations where 70 staring at you, and it's just, like up in backward is long but now it's good to be illegal in Australia nightclub is now banning patrons from staring at each other unless the person gazing on the other person has been granted specific prior verbal consent. Hello on earth do you get verbal consent to stare at somebody like so totally polite when you're talking to somebody like him and I but now I guess you need to look at the floor so you're basically fueling your eyes.

Excuse me ma'am. Do you mind if I just stare at you across the aisle. There is that is that okay trying to figure out what you know, that seems to be creepier than the than just staring at somebody that seems way creepier. So the venue says that that guys are doing this truck trying to pick up girls staring at them staring at Yemen and been doing that for centuries, yet kind of work half the time.

At the time it works.

I'm fairly certain of that club 77 is that the is in the heart of Australia's biggest city that will be Sydney of the policy made public on Instagram.

The club is adding safety officers in pink vests.

I'm not sure that actually you know would put fear into the hearts of the staring person, probably not, but they do have a nose staring mandate. That's, like, what is it is a planet fitness or crunch or one of those and they have a no grunting policy. Have you heard about that. I have heard about that.

So you go to somebody's workout venues and you've got the big big dudes and just how to show off.

You know they're lifting you a thousand pounds and there grunting and heaving in huffing and puffing and you're not allowed to do that or go throw you out as planet fitness.

I think I get yeah, that sounds about right. Producer Kyle shaking his head yes and it is kind of him.

He looked at me and if you're if you're trying to benchpress a lot of weight. I guess your to let out some sort of unnatural sounds, yes, but I'm not quite sure but anyway I guess that's it that's all of the same vein is really hard to enforce even then you got the staring police have to stare at people to catch them staring other people then are they breaking the rule 20, that's a good thought see that your college degree put to good use. Record of taxpayer dollars, so conservative groups are condemning Walmart. Walmart has has announced that they are going to fund employee abortions. There also going to pay for staffers to travel to other states to get their abortion. So in some states, it's against the law now to have an abortion, a conservative groups are condemning Walmart's funding of world policies warning that no self-proclaimed conservative or conservative organization should accept funding from Walmart while it supports that supports the policies of the work left. Now this is interesting because a lot of you folks that are very conservative, very pro-life, you go shop at the Walmart. A letter was sent to the president of Walmart slamming the nation's largest retailer for paying for employee abortions. The list includes a C pack executive board member William Walton, Penny Nance, former Sen. Jim DeMent, the heritage foundation of Marjorie Tannen Belzer from the Susan B. Anthony list they say, surely as board members with a fiduciary responsibility to your shareholders. You must understand the Walmart increasingly world policies are alienating millions of your customers who will take their business elsewhere. Your founder Sam Walton would be appalled. Well I guess that's true. I don't doubt Sam Walton would be appalled. But Walmart's been doing this for long time you think people do you think people would boycott Walmart over this. I don't think they would. I really don't. As a matter of fact I don't think for the most part and I say that because looking at many church groups are still going to Disney World you know what I mean. I mean, I know these Christian groups. I talked the big talk, but when it comes time to actually doing something they really don't do anything to look at Tanger you know you are a man you can go into a women's dressing room.

There a lot of Christians plotted church group. At Tanger, so I know I maybe I'm just chilled to the hive. I've seen these kinds of unit I've seen this outrage of the bridge and the indignation over and over and over 10 but at some point he got up a little bit up action to the words. You know what I mean when I go out of my way, if at all possible. Not to shop at Walmart. I've been to Walmart exactly since I've been back home in Memphis Tennessee which is what 2 1/2 years now I've been to Walmart once that's it. The will of yet I have been to Tanger a time or two also been a Home Depot and Lowe's. I just try not to go to the dressing rooms you what I mean, it's you stay out of that you all I'm saying is you can boycott yourself to only so far you still have to be able to go shop and buy things and I try to do that as much as possible with local businesses. The local hardware store local clothing stores and things of that nature, but all I can say is all you church groups are still growing and shopping at Walmart. You're paying for these abortions I and III hate to be that blunt about it, but that's that that's where we are.

844-747-8868 is our telephone number. The governor of New York State is now encouraging people to use social media to go after conservatives. But she doesn't say the word conservative in this press conference. I want you to hear a cut number five. We also talked I mentioned social media number times I've called upon and working closely with our Atty. Gen. to identify what's going on in social media as questions are now part of our background checks sent just like the old Asian talk to someone's neighbor. Now you can talk to their neighbors online and find out whether or not this person has been spouting philosophies that indicate that they have been radicalized and that's how we protect our citizens as well. So there yeah so those of you that are conservative you been radicalized.

Now this is a rather timely piece of audio because I was talking to the staff a few days ago. I have joined a new platform called next-door and you're able to meet your neighbors and people to community stay in at least from my vantage point I want to know where the next carjacking was so it's a crime to use all that kind of stopped and when I got on the next-door and paperlike way to singular you are you Todd search of Fox news and I said yes. I am so we've got hundreds of people that are following me.

Overall, next-door and so II put out a story about a local incident and nothing nefarious red just said. Here's what happened in Grace maker. I'll be don't want to find the band from next-door you have. I have been banned from next-door that I've never heard of that happening, but you are band off of LinkedIn is banned for life on LinkedIn and all I did there was your story you wrote.

I don't it's my fault. Thanks a lot Grace maker, but I didn't hate this time is not my fault.

This will point that out, but you get men from the weirdest website.

It's so strange so so anyway band banished because I wrote something and I know it was so we had a school board superintendent here in town and this guy was a pervert.

His name is Dr. Doris Ray.

He, his wife left him and of the divorce proceedings all the stuff came out that he was, how shall I say this politely.

He he was buying the goods left and say cavorting about all he was. He was cavorting with some of the employees and so so they put them on leave. They spent $19,000 to investigate than the guys. As you know what I think I'm just gonna resign. They should've fired the guy because he broke all sorts of rules and regulations, but instead, the school board gets together unanimously. They say working a pay instead of firing this guy and calling the authorities to make sure that criminal acts haven't taken place working upward, and I'll let the guy resign, working to get him $480,000 in cash were going to stop the investigation so they just squandered $19,000 right there. We really don't want to know what happened and where do they keep the guy on a retainer to help us find the next school superintendent that's Memphis Tennessee politics. So anyway, I I've shared a story about that and I was band from next-door so they they said there to reconsider it in a week or so we'll see what happens but they just don't want you having the truth coming out. That's the problem they got over there anyway. I wish I could say I was surprised by the governor of New York, but no doubt there using social media to target people and to silence any opinions they find offensive.

That's it.

By the way our parity group guru of the great Paul Shanklin wanted to pass along this information. I guess Dr. found cheek. I was listing to an earlier segment in the program. Let's take a listen to what Paul got a message for the director of the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, and the chief medical advisor to the president hello this is Dr. Anthony fallacy, while the rest of you are discussing the merits of Joe's student loan forgiveness on the Todd stage show.

I thought it would be a good time to pack up my desk and head into retirement but have no worries. Even though I'm gone, I'll still be in touch with my associates and the gain of function department at the Wuhan Institute helping them in any way I can so many different bad viruses so little time. Goodbye and good luck. So there's been a lot of controversy over Joe Biden daughter her name is Ashley by the whole family is messed up and it's a sad thing. Nobody wants that.

But clearly, clearly, some really freaky and possibly well I don't want to say criminal behavior, but I'm just surprised that the Department of family and children services doesn't have Joe Biden's home address memorized. While we just leave it at that. So there were some shocking allegations in the diary that was they say it's stolen, and two people were actually arrested and charged with the theft of the diary. But the issue now is really was.

It wasn't stolen. According to the daily mail. The diary was actually under found under a mattress in Palm Beach Florida at a halfway house so Ashley Biden was in rehab but I told yes yes yes she had a drug problem to him telling the families messed up your folks something really creepy something so traumatic happened in that household that the kids just went bonkers. So anyway somebody found a the diary under a mattress and there were all sorts of crazy details about her drug use sex edition and how she was hyper sexualized and then in the diary and she wrote about this. I remember having sex with friends at a young age. Showers with my dad probably not appropriate so she wrote about having taking a shower with her father, who is the president of the United States and we all know what happens when you take a shower you take your clothes off you get into the shower and then you suds up.

That's what you do in the shower and we have to imagine that's exactly what this Biden is suggesting a happened with her own father, and of course everybody's denying that that any of this is legit right there denying it was legit. Will the diary came to light because the person who found it, sold it to a proctor project Veritas for $40,000 and so now Amy Harris, the person who found the diary was being investigated by the FBI and the Biden say that the diary was stolen in a burglary. This item just in from the Associated Press and will try to get details. But two people just pled guilty to federal charges in the theft of a diary belonging to Joe Biden's daughter so the fact that somebody two people just pled guilty verifies the legitimacy of the diary and you have to assume the contents inside the diary and if that's the case I would love for somebody is starting right now to ask Ms. Jean-Pierre exactly why Pres. Biden back in the day was getting buck naked and taken a shower with his daughter. Seems to me that's a pretty darn legitimate story because the FBI was making up stories about Pres. Biden taken the golden jar president Trop taking the golden showers with the hawkers of the Russian hotel and that all turned out not to be true. It was all fake news, but here we have a very disturbing loyal story alleging horrific things involving the president of the United States and you do wonder are you this was in her diary. You wonder what the enemies of this nation know about Joe Biden and that messed up family of his seems to me, some enterprising journalist would want to be asking questions about by the way, that diary suggest that Ashley Biden was abusing drugs during the presidential campaign of 2019. I mean, you hate to ask this question, but this is a president who once bragged about inviting children to fondle his leg cares something is not right there people are gotta take a break grow up will be right back to look at the being story from this we happen in the great state of Florida, where a number of school districts in major metropolitan area school districts talking about to fall County best Jacksonville Sarasota and Miami-Dade where you had school boards that flipped from liberal to conservative and not a lot of folks were talking about this. We were watching this like a hawk on election night and it really was a reason to celebrate. And one of the reasons why and gotta give credit to some of the local media down there in Florida because they gave credit to a group called moms for liberty. They have been out there and they are fighting for our kids there, standing up for parental rights and they are making an incredible difference and I want to want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and one of the founders of bombs were liberty joints is Tiffany Justice Tiffany good to have you back with us for having me lead correctly and employed at every member can't elevate yeah you know and and the great thing about what you guys are doing is this needs to be happening in every city, every town, across America and you guys started there.

I mean, I want you to tell our listeners the back story because you're a mom for school-age kids and back in 2016, you decided to step up to the plate 20. I am a mom and one girl creepily acting at The cofounder liberty and had five children. Tina had been together and I recall that uncle Boyd in 2015 we both separately been even know each other that if the school board and their four-year term, but we like to think the thought behind the education curtain and we currently get in all of America got behind the education curtain during covet. Parents are very concerned about what their kids are being taught kids were not being taught and what you see now is apparently claiming public education in Florida and then across the country so we started January 2021 the month with a pretty I start cute chapter in our home district that mom to be had watched advocate for their Draft coat that were sitting across, and the audience for me around the diet and dynamic unit taking chapters in 40 800,000 members. That's just fantastic and we need more and more chapters moms for that's moms were We also have a leak on our live show blog Tiffany, let's talk about what happened on Tuesday why and how were you guys able to flip these school board seats. Everything needed to give credit where credit it with them. I'm done that on the ground that we again started chapters in Florida grown significantly across Florida with many many chapters now cut date and so are chapters in January began working together across estate and in working a legislative committee on any supported five different belts that they found that the legislature and I eventually got a good night. I got a great thinker and mom to come together across that date and gave school board election for the next thing that were out and Armand have been working on the ground to find candidate to run that candidate that were running to endorse any candidate Armand Deputy political committee here in Florida we make money, not political committee and was accorded the candidate endorsed and then we helped other greats like 1776 act to be able to identify who the real people were on the ground because we trust the mom in the county faith in keeping last week that a check wife when they went to the ballot box. We wanted to make sure that people are putting their money where their mouth that a lot of people tell you the rent could think that the you think they get enough that Armand took time to really get nutty candidate might use the lead at 43 different candidate went according month to beat the party candidate which is just the main thing is that in very large school district 90 date of the largest in the entire country� Now the majority parental rights can add on members and their third clown involving Clay and what you're going to be going over a completely new direction for the school district where parental raptor recognize it being fundamental, and parent ignition in the driver seat of their children's education, it deletes an entity needs areas and I think that's going to have an effect and every other district in Florida and now we expect it. Now our plan is to take what we learn to do in Florida and what we work through now wouldn't make it across the country.

Mom and dad school board member thinking about running across the country month every chapter to doing the same thing. They didn't Boyd ever coming to the state near you and and make the change on each of the negativity. I'm curious to know about Gov. DeSantis.

How how important was that for the governor, not just to give lip service, but to really get involved and what sort of an impact that have on the school board races. I think you can only think it was going to make you think Billy Kirkland never done 1/4 endorsed corporate candidate team took the time to endorsed candidate got to know them after month opinion on the ground. Another parent, and though I think it made a huge difference to show that you recognize the important parent. He recognizes the power that local control of the school board had an EMP very very directly out and we all felt very directly on the grammar we had up in the state of Florida and ignored the governor thing at work couldn't be forced on The net current rate couldn't be ignored. And though I think it you know got the money right now as I guarantee you that you really guide you know what people are grounded in the last place before election even before that election, I'm sorry to come in accident you think out over the weekend getting different school board member yet endorsed Browning need to get out and vote on though you know it when we get we were incredibly thankful for having accorded making sure that parent with financial education activity. Just as one of the cofounders of moms for liberty on the patriot mobile newsmaker line moms for if you want to get information on starting a chapter in your community in your city and Tiffany I have to brag on the local chapter of the Memphis Tennessee area where this program originates. We have the a Shelby County division of moms for liberty and those those ladies are out there. They're fighting in the front lines and even in a conservative part of America like Tennessee. Unfortunately, we have liberals on the school board and their shoving down the innovate, they embrace the mask mandates they've shut moms and dads out of the decision-making. Their shoving this radical sex and gender theology and CRT down the throats of kids in a conservative district, and I think a lot of people might be surprised that this kind of stuff is even happening in conservative enclaves, thinking it was happening. According open and direct about that know I paid a lot of attention to school board many many years in the teacher unions really in my opinion. I called in the K-12 cartel had become the political I am not and eight impact a lot of money into Colbert across the country imported with no exception to that Atlantic. You see, you have very little school board third area. Goldberg magically said that that's the reason why we are really our public education in America we are being indoctrinated happening in the coke not being on education and getting children practical skills they can use in my book, and so monster liberty is focused on taking back. We are taking back school board one by one window school board member dignity supported by groups like the leadership in other who are going to help school board training that new policy can be introduced school court that we ensure that parental rights are respected and we get the provoke ideology and nonsense out of practical see. I love this and I love the grassroots component here and just to clarify yet.

Yes it's moms for liberty. But this is for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpa's friends and that you know we all have skin in this game that we recognize that mom are very important part of family that we are mom that we are liberty, but you're actually right that grandparent lot different types of people people they don't even write to care about the community they live America. They don't like going to school being taught to hate our country. But there's something horribly wrong to commemorate that our country that there is no against them for people in our country and so you know the truth of the matter is that Americans across partyline across racial division across all of the different ways that there be in my opinion are kind of guy that separate moms and dads are coming together for our kit and putting our children and go but the moment you can do that if you have school board elections that are happening in your area looked at the court candidate that monster liberty of endorsing health as month they beat the court candidate and that that is candidate against truly everyone has a role to play here and in fighting that I look back at starting their covert and education that the future the right place to start. Tiffany again forced to justice moms for liberty on the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

Tiffany lunches that we got a lot listers in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Salem, Oregon area, what would they need to do if they wanted to be able to start a moms for liberty chapter can click on that and click on where the current factors are to learn a little bit more that Click on that chapter. You can email the chapter chair talk to them a little bit about their experiences being a part of monster liberty and then you can click start after love and support that you need to find like-minded people.

He can't get it alone. Need to build an army of mom and dad, the ranking and making things happen in your community yeah I need to think they know that parental rights are fundamental and empirical eat that in your heart future of America. We don't parental right recognize that the fundamental right, something that the government does not get you at Olathe natural right. We had nothing else that is not recognized and we do not defend really that that's where everything start and monster liberty kind kind of know hope court can lead America out of some of again.

It woke non-darkness in queue at that are greater Tiffany you guys are doing the Lords work. It is important work in this in this country and anything we can do to help on this radio program you just let us know were so proud of you guys. Well done in Florida and look at your and have a chapter of your I want to nominate our local chapter Memphis because they're working really hard to finally clean up our local school boards to be cut. After you can point them on lot different program thinking they like you and your community in early people at a financial donation but not the time I'm writing letters to the editor. Everyone had a real time cut.

All right, Tiffany. Just as everybody moms for liberty. Fierce warriors and happy warriors as well. As they're fighting to take back our school boards. This was the thesis of two books I wrote one was in 2015. The other 2019 that if we are truly going to fix what's broken in America we got a start of a local school level.

Once we do that it's going to make it a whole heck of a lot easier.

Are we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 and carries any moms for liberty out there. We like to hear from you just hear what kind of work you guys are doing. It's worked in Loudoun County, Virginia. The big victories in Florida.

This is a great major movement that is facilitating change and why are they doing it well.

They've got a vision they have a plan, the Republican Party, they don't have a vision they don't have a plan right now and without vision the people perish for this particular instance the party parishes but monster liberty. They got a game plan and their implementing that game plan with great success. This is the time storage and finger friends for mobilizing freedom patriot mobile.

America's only Christian conservative wireless prayer folks. What are you waiting change your wireless carrier right now patriot mobile they're pretty awesome and they have great nationwide coverage and they have plans to fit any budget.

No matter how big or how small not get this if you're a veteran or a first responder baby you need multiple lines of there to give you even greater discounts only because you're listening to the top search radio program today. It is super simple. Go to patriot That's patriot or you can give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 of the word patriot you're going to get a special discount and free premier activation.

If you utilize my promo code Todd TOD deep again that's patriot or you can give them a call 972 patriot all right just to recap this bit of news that the two people now pleading guilty to federal charges for stealing Ashley Biden's diary but in fact it wasn't stolen it was left behind at a rehab center in Florida and in that diary.

She alleges that she showered with her father, the president of the United States. Now this is interesting because there's another story out regarding hunger. Biden's laptop and the FBI. Some whistleblowers are now telling Republicans on Capitol Hill that the FBI intentionally intentionally slow walk hundred Biden's laptop investigation. At one .1 of the whistleblowers says that FBI leaders the uppity ups were told. You will not look at hundred Biden's laptop and all of the laptop Intel we have seen all of the contents that we have already seen point to some severe criminal activity on the part of hundred Biden makes you wonder who does the FBI work for these days. Real quick.

Let's go to the phone's David North Carolina and Dave I understand you have a plan to protect kids. What's the plan will actually daughter your show.

I mentioned a long time ago that I work with Judy and I didn't answer a bunch of us who are retired military and law-enforcement. Everything else we had gone out and then said that we would volunteer to protect the school instrument. You've always been, what, four months, nothing that we got all the kids summer back in school. Everybody get ready to go back to school all that unusual for my representative. There are district and over the fact that they will not reject these schools now local law enforcement is doing stuff but nationwide. There doing nothing except mortgagor shut. Let's take the guns away so there they absolutely refuse him. Biden said he would not harden the schools anybody gets hurt. One child, one teacher anybody in the school shooting incident, Biden needs to be charged with criminal negligence were absolutely refusing to protect the children look like I hear what you're saying Dave but again, this goes back to how much control and authority do you want to give the federal government will better yet, let's just make this a local issue. Let local officials decide those issues and not the federal government right but that's what I'm saying.

My Congressman out here. There is one thing about school safety, and so many people I've heard it nationwide, listening to different talk radio shows people have said I will volunteer to go to her school Hoosier condors or Hoosier Congressman Dave Greg Murphy want to reach out to Congressman Murphy's office number to find out why he's not talking about those issues and why he's not doing anything to help the locals protect those schools about that great all right will hold them accountable debris to get the answer for you appreciate we got a run were coming up on the of the so here folks. It is been a great ride. Now as as is the case through the summer months.

I'll be taking Friday off our good buddy Jeff Katz from W RVA and will Richmond is going to be filling in tomorrow and he'll take good care of you. You be good to Jeff give him a call. Say hello folks Todd bookmark that website. Go read the stories we got we have a wonderful team of journalists working to get you news and information partly got America

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