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Should Trump Be Reinstated as President?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 30, 2022 3:39 pm

Should Trump Be Reinstated as President?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 30, 2022 3:39 pm

President Trump says he should either be reinstated as president or a new election should be called. What say you, America?

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, and Jen Jacobson join the conversation!

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There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's a legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee coming since conservative commentary from John Stern's radio program. I trust you are doing well today and thank you for joining us knew the three Eastern we know you have a lot of choices out there and we are honored or very hard to get your listenership Todd By the way is our website and we have some pretty tremendous reporting up on the website and I hope that throughout the day you are checking in and seeing what our managing editor Caleb part in the great team of writers are up to While do we have a lot going on today and a lot of the great guest including our good friend Congressman Scott Perry there is a major controversy now percolate up on Capitol Hill over the. The confiscation of scent of Congressman Peary cell phone and awarded me talking to the Congressman. Several members of Congress on today's program as investigations are beginning to formulate in advance of what they anticipate will be a Republican win in the midterm elections, but there's a lot of nefarious stuff that is coming out right now about the FBI and were granted to our our gut level best to bring you a deep dive into the story here but here is that the nugget you need to know what ever they were looking for at Mara Lago.

It's all unraveling and there is some reporting out there are good friend John Solomon over just the news is suggesting that ultimately what was really going on at Mara Lago. This was not about the national archives. This was about the FBI trying to to confiscate any document surrounding the. The crossfire hurricane investigation. So the FBI was basically wanting to to The dirt.

That truck had on them and that ultimately is what happened there that we have not.

This is just the theory that has been posited in the past 24 hours that the FBI is very concerned that Pres. Tromp has dossiers on them and they want that material they they want that material out of Mara Lago and into their hands. Now at this point. The whole thing is unraveling.

It's all falling apart and the FBI knows that. That's why one of their top agents in charge in Washington DC either resigned or was fired, and there are two different reports of this Pres. Tromp is a big I was fired. We do know that he was walked out the FBI field office in Washington DC by security agents so we that's all we can tell you so was he fired was he resigned. We don't know for sure but we do know this guy is no longer with the Bureau Timothy T-ball is his name and what's interesting about this guy. He was one of the agents accused by the whistleblowers. Remember the whistleblowers Congressman Jim Jordan was on the show last week talking about the FBI whistleblowers and he's he was one of the guys that was targeted by these whistleblowers and they said that this T-ball guy was anti-Tromp, and that his hatred of the president was so great the TDS Tromp derangement syndrome was so great in this guy that it was clouding his judgment. We also believe that he had some knowledge or involvement in the radio Mara Lago Pres. Tromp says he was in charge Fox news is that's not accurate.

Who do you trust Pres. Tromp or Fox news. By the way, Pres. Tromp is the guy was that he was fired. Fox news is that I wasn't fired. Who do you trust Pres. Tromp or Fox news were just reporting you get to decide on this program. We also understand that T-ball was the agent who was accused of suppressing the hunter by the laptop investigation. Now these whistleblowers are telling Republican lawmakers that they were ordered by their superiors in the Washington DC field office to stay away from the Hunter Biden laptop they were not allowed to do anything about this laptop investigation because they were concerned it might influence the 2020 presidential election will guess what it did. It did influence the 2020 presidential election. And we know that because the polling data nearly 80% of Americans in that pole we talked about yesterday, nearly 80% of Americans say that their vote would have been influenced had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal Sen. Chuck Grassley out of Iowa. The Republican is accusing T-ball of political bias and improper conduct. All of this was happening leading up to this guy getting booted out. The FBI field office now look, I have reported for years on the FBI's attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential elections. The lead up to the elections and then trying to sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump in the first years of his office. We've also reported extensively on the, the FBI's involvement in trying to meddle in the 2020 presidential election and now it appears that the FBI with this radio. Mara Lago is trying to interfere in the midterm elections now look I I'm I'm telling you I don't think there's of their there otherwise. Pres. Trump would already be an in custody, but I don't think there's a criminal. I don't think there's there's a criminal act here.

I don't think that whatever they were looking for is of the criminal nature at Mara Lago. Otherwise, the president would already be in custody and that is simply not the case.

So I I am more prone to buy into this idea that maybe the FBI was just on a fishing expedition. Maybe they wanted to go down there and see exactly what Trump had on them is a Todd that sounds ludicrous. The whole thing is ludicrous.

Ladies and gentlemen, all the idea that you can have the FBI colluding with the Clinton campaign to buy this fake again.

Every said it. It's one thing if Pres. Tromp has been accused of a crime. He is been charged with a crime and there is evidence of a crime, but every single time to get to that point, we realize that there is no crime committed, and the president has done nothing wrong. Going back to J6.

We still don't know exactly how many FBI agents were involved in what happened on that day.

We know FBI agents were there.

We still don't know the involvement of the FBI in the planning and the execution of the riot at the capital and nobody wants to know what he wants to talk about that every time they asked those questions on Capitol Hill, the FBI refuses to answer why is that there is there is no reason why the FBI cannot answer that very simple question.

Unless of course they were responsible for concocting this whole thing and it just got out of control evidence is that a possibility. Would that explain why in the face of all of these threats known threats that were coming in to the Pentagon and coming into the capital building. Maybe that explains why Nancy Pelosi told capital police to stand down. Maybe that's why Nancy Pelosi told the capital. Please know were not can I have additional officers here were good with what we've got. I mean it could be but the whole thing is nuts. Ladies and gentlemen and now and now you have Pres. Tromp out there saying hey look, we now know that the FBI battle in the 2020 presidential election and now Tromp is wanting to be reinstated in the White House. And if that's not the case.

He wants a new election called and based on my reading of the Constitution. I'm not sure you can do that but crazier things have happened over the past 10 or 15 years of this country so I'm just curious. Hypothetically speaking here on, even if that is an option for the president should the president be reinstated. Should there be a new election 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 were to be taking your calls on this again.

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It's all about politics. That is certainly the case because all these whistleblowers come to us and talk about the political precedent under and now we see that it may be in the Inspector General's office by statute.

Inspector General is supposed to provide independent oversight of the Justice Department. But how can you do that if you're participating in an investigation sought to understand what happened here. The FBI came to the Inspector General said wordless working to take the phone of a sitting member of Congress were to take his phone one day after we rated present Trump's home and were going to do while Congressman Terry is on vacation with his family. Inspector General should have said to them, are you freaking out of your mind. This is not all kinds of constitutional concerns. You should not do it but if you do, we will not participate but instead he said go ahead and do it and will image the flow that is frightening because they're supposedly providing the independent oversight of the Justice Department gathered politics in the DOJ this early politics of the FBI, as evidenced by all the whistleblowers almost 20 that have come to the three respective offices. Now we have to have concerns about the Inspector General as well.

In the present was Congressman Jim Jordan last night on unity and he is calling for an investigation now of the Inspector General's office after the FBI confiscated Congressman Perry's cell phone. Now if you go back to when all of that was happening. Folks said that the narrative that that came out of the mainstream media was really breathtaking. People were concerned that other Republicans were to get hauled in that they were to be accosted just like Congressman Perry was. He was on vacation with his family.

His parents, and it was it was a really scary thing and you tie that in with the bar Lago raid, and it gives you the impression that there was something there there when in fact there was nothing there at all. And this is why we need to be very concerned about the FBI because they are not fair arbiters here there out for Tromp's scalp.

That's what this is. That's what this is all about. And there, and after note yesterday on this program. We played use some audio from Sen. Lindsey Graham and he was talking about. If Tromp is prosecuted there is going to be big problems does take a listen say this if there's a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle what you presided over and did a helluva good job W riots in the streets so people going bonkers over this. I mean absolutely bonkers there freaking out suggesting that Lindsey Graham and the president of the United States are now calling for violence will meet clear this up here. We are happy warriors here of this program right you can you can push a happy warrior only so far. But I don't think were to be writing in the streets in their couple reasons for that. First of all, most of us are gainfully employed.

If you're conservative you're Republican you're not living off the you're not living off the taxpayer teat you are out there and you are being a productive member of society, you have a job you have obligations you got bills to pay. You got mouths to feed around the table you want time to go out there and burn something down or barge of the street you got a job in the other part of all of this read. We are the taxpayers of America where the folks foot the bill for all of this nonsense, we just don't we just don't have time to go out and write but I do find it interesting that all of these people in the mainstream media that are freaking out over the idea that conservatives could take to the streets. These are the same people that were broadcasting from Minneapolis flames burning into the night sky. It looked like a war zone and they were calling that a peaceful protest. So it's a little disingenuous when you've got when you've got the leftist in the mainstream media out there fretting about whether or not Republicans might take to the streets 844-747-8868 let's go to Georgia Lou W. Do you have the right affiliate Haley what's up in the morning.yes sir I'm working with my computer said that Mark Zuckerberg's come up over this and all okay. The was all around you and Alanna but not always ballot boxes which is a legal thing here is, but in $450 million entered towards the Democrat gal was going on here you know I'm even quasi-because if I was vote for Joe Biden.

I wouldn't go forward about that guy at Delta come to melt you how to give a quiet area I'm working till you know what's going on. I see paydays coming. Lou and I think Zuckerberg is looking for some cover that that's what I think is going on, let's go, you go ahead with that thank you� That's what it is. Notice covering all yes absolutely. I appreciate the call.

I think this is this is a little CYA if you will.

You gotta cover your behind because payday is coming. Somebody's going to have to pay for all of this Zuckerberg doesn't want to be held accountable. Here's Mark Zuckerberg. This is the audio that he's talking about loose talk about cut number two place. How do you guys handle things when they're a big news item that's controversial like there was a lot of attention on Twitter during the election because of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The neorealists are just so you guys censored out as well. So we took a different path than Twitter and basically the background here is the FBI basically came to us some some folks on our team as a caped just so you know like you should get high alert.

There is the we we thought there's a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of that, similar to that. So just be vigilant.

So our protocol is different from twitters. What Twitter did is they said you can't share this at all winter.what will we do is we have. If something is reported to us as potentially misinformation important misinformation wheel. We also use third-party faxing programs will want to be deciding what's true and false and for the I think was five or seven days is when was basically being being determined whether was false to distribution on Facebook was decreased. But people are still at the shared secrets will share it still consume it.

Tossing the distribution is decreased and got shared a pleasant work at basically the ranking and newsfeed was a little bit less so fewer people sought than would've otherwise so it definitely by what percentage out at an off the top my head but it's it's it's meaningful but I would but basically select all point of all of this cut this off please.

The whole point of all of this is that Zuckerberg is out there saying hey look, we didn't completely ban the Hunter Biden laptop story we just suppressed it a little bit of the fact of the matter is they do this all the time and my question is, and by the way, they said they did this at the request of the FBI. I don't think the FBI requested anything I think the FBI ordered Twitter ordered Facebook and any other social media and and we don't know how many other platforms were involved here, but at least those two.

I think they said you're not shut the story down that is meddling in election and that is illegal 844-747-8868 enter toll-free telephone number. This is the time for there's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets.

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You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM investments are so here for you. Sen. Ron Wisconsin Sen. Chuck Grassley on their boat now calling on Zuckerberg to turn over all communications between government agencies and Facebook employees. This is all over the Hunter Biden laptop. Now you have to go back and and and understand the this the story dropped as we were leading up to the presidential election. This would've been a massive scandal of massive scandal. By the way, put a pen. Therefore, it is the moment you want to talk about another massive scandal. It's the Ashley is the Ashley Biden diary where she writes about being molested.

She writes about having to take naked showers with her father, who was the president of the United States to people are facing federal charges as a result of that of of that diary. So we know it's the real deal, but nobody wants to talk about the contents of that diary. Meanwhile, there actually fabricating stories about Pres. Tromp and his daughter that are disgusting and gross when I got to talk about on this radio program in the mainstream media goes with that. Meanwhile, you have serious allegations that are well documented in this in this diary. So anyway, a Grassley and Johnson wants Mark Zuckerberg to provide all correspondence that the federal government had with Facebook over the agreement to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

This is a scandal here, ladies and gentlemen were talking about some deep state operatives. This is you know you talk about the swamp. This is what Trump is talking about her. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Ronnie and North Carolina WSI see our great affiliate there hey Ronnie what you want to know question one know your opinion on about Linda Graham and what about the public extent I'm afraid that maybe he's actually started the firearms. Let it cut down on fighters because I just don't trust them, and I wonder if there is maybe an offer motive. What are you doing you love thing about about.

Like if I talk about possibly another Civil War but I don't think Americans are going to spend up the two dependent on the government and the Civil War.

The only thing people depending on had no government account that day. Don't think that about them have not yet Ronnie, I don't think there would be. I don't think there will be a Civil War and and honestly it doesn't matter if they take away all of our freedom. I don't think the American people would rise up and I think we demonstrated that during the pandemic where our fellow countrymen were just willing to hand over civil liberties to the government say here, take so I don't I don't think that the average American would would have the courage to stand up and fight back. Should their constitutional rights be completely taken away and and were along work were not a long way from that happening but we got a ways to go now as far as the crackdown you look Lindsay Graham he's an idiot. But beyond that, I think you're right to be concerned that there's always an ulterior motive with them.

Lindsay Graham is a snake. You really can't. You really can't okay yes I know I disabuse an idiot.

So is an idiotic snake. You just can't trust him because he's two-faced okay so he's at two-faced idiotic snake. So there you go Ronnie, appreciate the call but to Ronnie's point and Eddie got a think about this for a moment it there's something is going to happen and they've they've sort of hinted at this word and I have another big something and whether it's another J6 style event or some sort of a terrorist attack. There will be something and they will blame it on maggot supporters that that's just the way these things go. So when that happens I just want you to step back and wait until all the facts come out before you respond, and that's all we try to do on this radio program and I catch holy you know what, but I don't like just jumping into something and say okay this is what happened go all the way back to Nicholas and remember that kid becoming a Catholic high school student.

We were led to believe that you had about your pro-life Catholic boys going out there and attacking Blacks on the watching the ball and Indians when in fact it turns out the Catholic boys were in fact the victims. We waited until all the video came out so you better. So yes so I think there is something to this idea that Ronnie wants to know if there something else out there if maybe this is hinting at something. Yeah right.

I believe it is ending something and we don't know what we don't know what that is going to look like, but just be ready and when it does happen. Just step back and say how I wonder if we got the full story here, and typically you're not going to get the full story 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number only go back to some coverage last night on Fox news channel reacting to this this FBI agent cut number 11 purportedly the same Special Agent who put a stop to any potential investigation into Hunter my before I can get off the ground floor. We got another another Peter Strock. I mean, I wanted and he's these using the numbers of domestic violence extremism in the country cases cataloguing that that that does to those type of cases and on the other hand, is suppressing evidence about Hunter Biden break his agent Laura warned you about back in July has been forced to leave his post, Timothy Tebo retired after FBI whistleblowers went to Congress over his political bias in the handling of Hunter Biden's laptop. Isn't it true that Mr. Tebo agent Tebo excuse me and FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian oh Dan covered up derogatory information about Mr. Hunter Biden while working for the FBI well again I want to be very careful not to interfere with ongoing personnel matters, I should say that when I read the letter that describes the kinds of things you're talking about. I found it deeply troubling and ethanol whistleblowers told Sen. Chuck Grassley back in July that Tebo was instrumental in opening an investigation into the Trump campaign based on information from a leftist organization. He allegedly scrubbed and diluted details of the sources political bias from a memo seeking the full investigation right there you go. Something is not right and FBI headquarters and we have to we have to hold the Republicans. We had a hold their feet to the fire. If they in fact are able to get back their majority in the house of the Senate, then they're going to have to investigate, defund and dismantle that's what that's what I say.

Ladies and gentlemen, what say you, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 we go down to the Lido deck of the Todd's turn's radio program for the docile tones of Jim Gossett that makes you see in the list is the uncle Tom to is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd Stern's ear and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America. The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood. Uncle Tom to offers historical footage, photos, correspondence and data to reveal the genuine strides of black America in the 20th century, the deliberate Marxist strategy to create racial tension and replace God with government and the NAACP's sinister agenda. Don't miss uncle Tom to from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and voting Baucom and Chad O. Jackson watch the movie on demand or by the that sale sale is a mark and he called Joe Rogan to get on the show because he knew he would be asked hard questions just to cover his all right there you go.

Thank you, Ricky of Arkansas sending us a shout out and you can do that by the way, we really do have one of the best apps. Actually, we have the best app of all the talk radio shows in America and one of the reasons I love our app as you're able to communicate back to us.

Just like Ricky did. He sent us a shout out you say Todd, how did I do that simple.

Go to our website. Todd's turn' Click on the app you'll be able to download it for whatever smartphone device you use and then you'll be able to send us a shout out and if it if if Kyle approves then that your voice will be heard border to border coast-to-coast across the fruited point. You know I I've gotta make a quick switch here and talk about this crazy story out of New York State so grace right now it is legal. So here a child. And let's say your eight or nine years old and you go to your mother and you say bother II want to have my my breast removed.

I want to have my if your little boy I want to have my private parts removed because I don't identify as a male or female and and you can do that right. Listen when I was a little girl I said I was a tomboy by my will dating a boy I can't say that anymore, and very girly now, but I when you are in the day you're very girly like what I'm trying to say is utility parental permission. I mean if you're a teenager you can go and have that done. But you know what you can't do in New York State. You can't go out if you're a teenager and buy a can of whipped cream that's true, if according to NBC news. You now have to show ID if you want to buy a can of whipped cream in New York State is like a weapon. You displayed somebody no. Apparently the kids the young people these days are using the whipped cream to you know the it's a nitrous oxide yet and so nitrous oxide, which is found in the whipped cream. Canisters can be abused as a narcotic. I had idea seems to me I would be much know that it seems to me though that that the greater danger would've actually been the whipped cream itself because I can get a put on a few pounds. Yeah I'm it's pretty addicting and very delicious. According to NBC news that there is a little-known state law that bans the sale of cartridges used in cans of whip cream to anyone under the age of 20 10, the more you know so. But now it is administered on the books for a long time and now it is being enforced. So if you can imagine going out. As a matter fact. They interviewed a woman named Megan Massey and she was actually she's 43 and she was carted at her local supermarket in Watertown, New York oh she said what's going on. I would see is why my being. I need Jesus.

I was mortified. She's probably making an ice cream Sundays, and it's a whipped cream 543 with gray hair. Now here's what gets me and are the morning show host at TWA Yemen Memphis Tennessee earthlike substation will attest to this. Meanwhile, you can literally walk out onto the street in New York City and by marijuana so that's okay. Oh yeah, that's fine. That's okay.

But God for bid. You get the munchies and you want to do the you want to do some whipped cream costs higher know what the kids are doing these days. Back in the day wasn't like sniffing the sharpie markers. Now it's the whipped cream club that's true. I sniffed a few magic markers back to me now. I'm not proud of what he what he mean we know nothing continue.anyway, the New York Association of convenience stores says there's really nothing funny about all of this, they said this is really a problem. I think it's funny but requiring age yeah but can you imagine though your you're going up there. Your entourage should you want to go buy some whipped cream or Cool Whip if you will whip at 10 Cool Whip.

I think you're okay it's it's in the tub but I'm not a big fan of the Cool Whip necessity same do you say the H when you say you went. It's never had someone not slight. How do you say rasp berries, raspberries, notes, raspberries, raspberries know is, has its rants but every glace ratio know it's not my Charlotte is my show but is it still it's the law. That's how the word is spelled Harry quote requiring age verification when purchasing whipped cream is another classic compliance burden placed on convenience stores in New York State.

That's from the New York Association of commanders because the age requirement for nitrous oxide cartridges went into effect in November, but it wasn't until recent weeks that his members became aware of, probably because they were getting ice cream in the middle of the hot summer in getting the whipped cream and they were like wait a minute, whipped cream cream so so here's the here's the deal here folks, this is what happens when you put Democrats in charge. They come up with crap like this you don't get your whipped cream. Not even a cherry on top man so it's unfortunate, but this is and I hate to say it. This is what happens when you elect Democrats to the statehouse and give them control of your lives. A government that I'm in no hurry 844-747-8868. But isn't it interesting ladies in Sullivan that if you know if your kid wants to get a piercing or tattoo that gotta get written permission from you mommy or daddy but they want to get their private parts. Stopped off they can do that and you don't get a right to know, or this case, they're not allowed to go out. You're not allowed to go send Junior to the supermarket to get the whipped cream for dessert. This is life under a Democrat regime.

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We gotta take a break your congressman guy resident baller coming up.

Also we got congressman Scott Perry stick around everybody. This is the Thompson joined the ranks of successful Americans and the plight of the Kings College graduates of the King's College of going to study at Harvard, Georgetown, MIT and work in the Department of Justice Morgan Stanley and teach for America rigorous academic roster.

A Christian foundation and the opportunity to study online New York make the King's College one-of-a-kind institution. Visit to find out more go to to find out more about the King's College University studio in Memphis Tennessee. Everybody I've been looking for these stupid glasses now, and great figure. I went back I've been looking I've been working on the office looking at home for these different here last little where you're walking around like mind.

He now don't be rude. No reason you know if I hesitate when I finally found the glances. Now I can actually see everybody great great to have you guys with thoughts today ghost in the record breaker 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's is the one year anniversary of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan Bidens botched pullout evacuation of Afghanistan that left our fighting men and women wounded and killed, leaving Americans behind, and today the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin I gave a speech and set America's work is not got done in Afghanistan know it is done, sir. It was done when we pulled out there's no going back.

Just like what's happening in in Baghdad right now. Where once again it is a war zone. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line representing Pennsylvania's 14th congressional district. Our good friend Congressman Guy Russian fall are congressman good to have you with us today drive me back on and battered of the Iraq war at all even a year after that Joe Biden would surrender in Afghanistan. I really believe in our mission both in Iraq and Afghanistan and back to eat it surrendered country surrendered toboggan air date.

I completely unacceptable and it is hard Lloyd often thing our work is not done this kind is it wrong, just as many times as Joe Biden had been wrong. It was this guy was coming out that Ukraine would fall within hours and Afghanistan would remain per month in line in the opposite half in Ukraine is still fighting in Afghanistan crumbled within within hours in either our so-called military experts did eat and its renters owned by one person and one person only Joe Biden know you're absolutely right. I mean, it was his decision to make.

He went against the advice of of the generals. He went against the advice of many people in Congress and as a result, people lost their lives and this is something that needs to be remembered, especially as were heading into election season I totally agree that we need to remain date on our mind we going to be elected, but if you look at what you're buying day. You really destabilized the world PKC store allies that we might not be there in the future and what that is. It really preempted to invade Ukraine using the economic devastation that come from that that were killing it in Golden China to be more aggressive vis-�-vis Taiwan and I in the South China Sea, and you have a resurgence of Al Qaeda that now back in Afghanistan if you can put this in perspective. Obama and Biden� The so-called it it it at the age at which the court should dedicate the age of the Chinese are near care arrival. But if you just look at a Mac toboggan air base with mile from the Chinese border.

It was I was right there in the neighborhood ran for example, we can project power from that toboggan air date, we have totally lost that now and there's also just the embarrassment that comes with it. Forever moving forward. 9/11 will be remembered with videos of American jumping out of the twin towers shown at the same time her right before you see images and videos of Afghan allies jumping off our plane as we were evacuating Afghanistan to complete embarrassment, though it didn't need to happen. We had zero fatalities zero fatalities in the 18 month leading up to the surrender. We surrendered his article out at 13 lock boxes of life just servicemembers, not including our allies that on the ground that were tortured and killed the debacle and it uncorked their something you said because again I you talk about the deceased destabilizing foreign policy. I think a lot of that was right back to the Bush administration as well. When instead of taking care of business completely in Afghanistan.

We diverted our attention to a rack which now is a dumpster fire and this idea that we were going to bring democracy to the Middle East, which is a noble concept, but I gotta be honest with you if the people don't want it to be able to force it on you I still lightweight with the Iraq war mix handled by the thought military draft of the Bush administration, the Obama administration yeah absolutely I still think though that our goal of democratizing a rack with work while it wasn't doable around with a very modern country.

I practice law in the Iraqi court. They have the most elite at the time the boat Western legal system in the Middle East, second only to Israel and remember it took a decade to democratize South Korea.

Another one of our started out like it took about 40 some years I do democratize Korea. We are still based in Germany were still based in Japan. I take decade take to get the government on their feet and in within the family and democratic nation. Unfortunately, the Bush ministration and power are to quickly which then gave power to the sheer majority in Iraq which, by proxy, geek power to rent and we didn't been there and try that a government for he could have been a totally different picture in the Arab spring that we saw under Obama can look totally different. Recently added democratization rather than a return to extremism that that we saw. Well it's it's a great big mess now all over the place. Congressman and I what Biden did in Afghanistan is is unforgivable in my estimation, leaving leaving American people leaving American assets behind it is just reprehensible on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman Guy Russian fall are from Pennsylvania Congressman. Another big story were following of the FBI do you ask a very simple question. Do you trust the FBI directly on the guy with the FBI had been corrupt, very J Edgar Hoover.

They work in tandem for game with LBJ and other elected official to get there politician that dared elected senators and congressmen can move up the ranks.

The surveillance on political figures and celebrities with an United States throughout history changed in the fact that you had the FBI going to Dr. Burke before the election, saying that that that Hunter Biden laptop story was right.

This information while at the same time. The FBI that the laptop which showed it was a nation that shows you that they were trying to interfere with the 2020 election. I also tried to hamstring the trumpet ministration was to grade a day when Jim call me trumpet that a plan and in the other when they were getting their incoming brief. So I think the FBI needs to be reined in.

Much like we had a ring in the CIA back in the 70s were there run aground And 84 and 4 m that needed more oversight leading to look at half dividing the FBI and making sure their silos of function. I just don't have that big mega agency that is trying to take political election go after political opponent and really be the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. So what you president trumpet is rightfully angry about all of this.

He says hey look, we need to have a new election or I need to be installed as president I know again you're the you're the lawmaker here.

The attorney is there any sort of a recourse for president who has been robbed of an election. The only recourse is not retaking the White House with Pres. Trump in 2024.

We got all that how we really thought that what we live in a democracy, but we gotta reach a white out you have to retake the House and Senate election cycle, which I think we will need all this talk about the wedding graduates turning into a red Whipple Ripple is just wishful thinking by Venetian media, a Democrat, but we have to remember election without consequence.

Enter anybody who thought it was cute to not vote for Pres. Trump or anybody you thought it was cute that that split their vote.

For example, West Virginia, by voting in mansion, which is the Democrat-controlled Senate in Georgia, for example, need these elections have consequences. So don't feel like you're stuck 50 K needed don't feel like you're above the fray when when you're splitting your vote vote straight Republican vote in every election get involved in the take back the be docketed from all the way through school board all the way to the White House. We need to be engaged.

No level. Congressman would have to leave it there. Appreciate your insights on what's happening especially in Afghanistan and we appreciate your time. I think I Congressman Guy Russian fall are out of Pennsylvania.

I will say this, and I know that to some extent. There is some there's always going to be debate with Republicans on the foreign policy after 9/11, but I was one of the few in the conservative talk around that was critical of George W. Bush.

I felt like we should have stayed in Afghanistan we should've secured the victory. There and then we should've we should've gotten out, but we did not do that instead.

There was clearly a grudge that was held by many in the military industrial complex.

After George H.

W. Bush stopped and did not go after Saddam who can sing and overthrow Saddam Hussein.

During the first Gulf War when the Iraqis invaded Kuwait and there was a lot of payback and that's why we were in Iraq after Afghanistan.

They saw an opportunity and they took a lot of people made millions and millions of dollars on that including the former vice president of the United States 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. The Folger Connor in Boston wants to weigh in on Afghanistan hey Connor, what's up� All one year out from box withdrawal. III cannot help but remember you all about got a great day and if you leave somebody, but I called the commander you converted all our all of our people look at the Republicans regain control of the conquered are we just got over one folder to harm built by the community do they fill your person has no business living on our fighting men and women anywhere in the school board are great. Well, not only Connor I think we ought to impeach me. There are a lot of things that we can impeach Biden on and I think the Republicans if they regain the house and the Senate. They ought to be impeached until the day is long. They they did it.Trump and you turn right back around and we do it to them� Actually I'm at right now I am a longtime conduct or go to the Republican voter loudly right now, if the Republicans wanted to regain control both houses and not at peace with God. They don't hold all of the government bureaucratic countable what they have done.

I will never vote for another Republican opportunity jerk live opportunity get it right but they don't generate I don't really see the point of voting for talk like this.

Voting for Connor were to leave it there and I hope that Republican leadership hears what you just said because I think there are a lot of people that feel the same way you do. You've given your support you've given your money you given your vote to the Republicans. And if we give them control again and they do nothing except sing Kumbaya and have a weenie roast with the Democrats. Yet when I cannot. That's not to fly anymore, not especially where we are right now with the state of the country. Connor got a run. Appreciate the call, but Connor's right, if we give the Republicans control.

Again, they better go to war. I don't want to hear one word from the Republicans about when we all just want to get Ken along we all just love America.

No matter if there's an iron R&D behind our innate deal. That's a load of hooey.

The other sides calling you fascist Republicans wake up. They hate you Joe Biden once to destroy you. The Democrats want to destroy you and they are very open and honest about it and I appreciate their honesty. But the answer to that is not to show up with a banana cream pie and and a cup of coffee and say hey let's sit down and do let's have a coffee can't know that's not how it works. So we gotta stand up and we gotta fight back. And if we give Republicans and by the way, that's where the fight happens when we equip the Republicans with their majorities. That's when you fight back and you your your your upfront and honest about it were coming after you Democrats recovered after all you fascist because, by the way, when the Democrats are calling you fascist.

They're the ones who are guilty of being the fascist. Just remember, it wasn't Republicans who shut down your church houses.

It wasn't Republicans who shutdown the funerals of the Jews in New York that was on the Democrats will be right back to nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, physician not been in practice for 40 years. When I started taking this guy, like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine. I put on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my age to 60 and over. Do not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself and you don't get you know he so it's amazing what I did two years. Start your journey to better health.

Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance} it is football time in Tennessee. I am so excited. The Tennessee volunteers to cut off the season. They wouldn't say Memphis well there. The other two don't know. We love the Tigers Memphis Tigers but you know I'm a big balls. I know it's okay. One of my prized possessions, which is downstairs in my office and that it's also can be used as a weapon in the event you know NT officials, but there was a friend of mine. He is in Agusta and a colleague of his is a caddie at Agusta national and he actually makes these these specialized custom potters and I have the University of Tennessee volunteers orange butter downstairs and I got admit it's very nice. It's beautiful. Besides it's orange that's a lovely color of orange. By the way, whenever is your big Tiger Memphis Tigers I went to school there. Love it there either play Mississippi State. Yeah. On Saturday we talked about the cowbells were about what some of the cowbells asked me if Anna Mississippi say you know you're freaking annoying. Wow, that was my urging we have laid him tons of listeners and I know I know but I somehow hurt. Where were we that they're not the only school that does that, but we were doing a campaign event.

This was when I was a reporter at Fox we were. I was embedded with the Obama team.

We did an event that's it was summer, the Midwest and they gave every person in the press corps. One of those cowbells, and so we got back on the Obama jet and it became a tradition on the jet that during takeoff, we would all bring the cowbells okay that's what did you all just ring it when you took off.

Did you bring when you land to something that's cause for celebration of alien yet we we would do that. That was it was all disconcerting. I'm not a big fan of the cowbells situation that anyway I make can I tell you is speaking of something that I do love though it's my fellow I love my fellow as a matter of fact, our buddy Mike Lindell has some incredible offers just for listeners of the tides turned radio program, all you need to do is go to my That's my Andrew to be able to check out some incredible discounts get this huge bed sheet sale. Those wonderful keys are dream veggies, now 2998. Gotta use my promo

Check it out nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one at a time. My wife and I hope not. For 540 years, I've always been swimming D yada yada yada always looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well. It was like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking it.

My wife basically the same way single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't call it dropbox got along. There is no dialogue, not only better because I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance. I welcome back to the radio program. So have you with today. Now we told you earlier about this a concern that Congressman Jim Jordan has with the Inspector General's office now calling for an investigation.

Let's play cut number nine. Please correct that more than that and you arrive in Sen. Grassley said there is political influence at the FBI.

It's all about politics.

That is certainly the case because all these whistleblowers come to us and talk about the political precedent under and now we see that it may be in the Inspector General's office by statute. Inspector General is supposed to provide independent oversight of the Justice Department. But how can you do that if you're participating in an investigation sought to understand what happened here. The FBI came to the Inspector General said were to take the phone of a sitting member of Congress to take his phone one day after we rated present fronts home while Congressman Perry is on vacation with his family. Inspector General should have said to them, are you freaking out of your mind.

This is not all kinds of constitutional concerns. You should not do it but if you do, we will not participate but instead he said go ahead and do it and will image the flow that is frightening because there supposedly providing the independent oversight of the Justice Department gathered politics in the DOJ this early politics of the FBI, as evidenced by all the whistleblowers almost 20 that come to the three respective offices. But now we have to have concerns about the Inspector General as well and I want to go to the Petrie mobile newsmaker line. We are honored to have the chairman of the house reading talk is Congressman Scott Peary with us Congressman a good to have you with us today. Great to be with you and your equipment. Jim and degraded the chairman of the judiciary committee about a lot of things. Unfortunately, every single day we wake up thinking that we arty under and the extent of the rot and the corruption at the top of the once revered institutions and yet it seems like almost every day or at least once a week were surprised and astounded, yet it even worse than we thought it was by statute as Mr. is representative Jordan from the great state of Ohio set by statute. The Inspector General is supposed to be independent not not collaborating with not participating in not not, you know, working with the Democrats to use the federal government and the awesome weight of the federal government to prevail upon their political rivals.

But that's exactly what it appears it happening at this book so we absolutely are trusted continues to be shattered, moment by moment by loaded know this is an anything about the past. This is all about. November 8, 2022 and beyond. That's what this is all about course, it is Congressman now again going back to the reason they said that this lease were led to believe it was part of a federal investigation into the 2020 election and the alleged efforts to overturn the election. Have you heard anything from me about FBI anything from the feds about your phone.

No other than they want to take a look at it course were not giving them permission to take a look at that date.

They took an image of it and I will be surprised to find a think of the you know from that phone or I certainly won't be surprised to find out that the FPR department just stalled something on that phone. But you know they told my attorney that retained counsel because of the so-called J6 committee activities with Liz Cheney and company but they told my my attorneys that I am not the subject of an investigation and so weird standing by waiting to see what happened next with purity falls to the American people. After this, Congressman. You mentioned that you had to.

You had to get a lawyer which is a very smart thing to do. I'm just curious where is that money coming from well that money comes from you to me personally or a mild or the issues of Congress from my campaign contributions so either way it imperils you moving forward into your election because you either spend your own money or you raise money from folks that wanted you reelected, and in the course you know that they approve of you. That's why they donate but they they'd rather not have to not be spent on attorneys, but of course the left doesn't care about any of that.

They seek to hobble every single person they can that stands in the way of their Democrat radical leftist agenda what the honest are doing Congressman is whenever these things don't pan out which this one is not going to pan out as well.

It ought to be the responsibility of Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi to repay every single penny that came out of your pocket to defend yourself over this nonsense. While I agree with you about that cart and look, I'm not the only one you look across the spectrum, and I know you you catalog, you've outlined that you spoke about this for a year and 1/2 anybody that seems to be affiliated with the policies of the Trump administration is under some scrutiny from some federal agency and so I'm just one of the most recent in a long line of people at their rights destroyed and and have their reputations called in the question and and you know some of them Gen. Flynn at the loses have to meet but think that happened or just on completely unconscionable there from some third world. Yet there happening right here in the United States of America and the course under this executive branch there's gonna be no relief even even know where after November 8, 2022 that you know there can it be allowed in your nubile column on the carpet but I think you can see right now that they find themselves above the law.

They're not interested they're interested in what ever outcome you know and whatever needs gets to the outcome that they seek and and again Congressman looking after the news coming out yesterday about Timothy T-ball who was the agent at the center of a lot of this anti-Trump. This anti-Trump sentiment within the FBI and the Washington field office. He's he's no longer there.

What you make of that will look I think that that are trying to turn down the heat a little bit and relieve the pressure on themselves and they got scared. That was probably pretty obvious, but let's face it� Where's Mayor Carlin where is Christopher Ray where at the top of this organization that for years now. As used itself and the weight of the entire weight of the federal bureaucracy and under the specter of being thrown in jail and having your life destroyed or for whatever claims they make. Where where is the accountability for these people. Let me not look I did call for Mayor Carlin's impeachment for what he did to families and parents of children that attended school and then the parents wanted to give the school board meetings in question. What was happening to the teachings that was that were being forced upon their children that they disagreed with the Mayor, Carlin, Brett tags on those parents. How dare they question the very schools that they pay for under mandatory taxation. So I called for his impeachment, which is maybe why this is happening to me.

I don't know but look that there's gotta be more accountability picture just one low level you know rogue agent.

This is been going on for far too long. It's far too wide to be talking about five applications were talking about Gen. Flynn were talking about the president of the United States himself in Trump Russia collusion there's been no realistic accountability.if you go that true course and were talking about interfering in presidential elections. There is no doubt that the FBI tried to stop Trump from being elected in 2016 and clearly with the reports coming out about the FBI visiting Mark Zuckerberg and you wonder how many other social media platforms. How many other news organizations got visits from the FBI telling them not to go with the Hunter Biden story.

It looks like they were trying to battle in that election as well. We are exactly right where the accountability for that bike.Jamie Comey himself classified information inappropriately to get a special counsel against Pres. Trump and James companies out there raising millions of dollars, got a good gig, wrote a book and that is living large and and no one said a thing yet over some disagreements about some unclassified documents allegedly in at a rate that the former and the future president of the United States home like like it again like it's some banana republic Third World doll of the country. I mean, I'm sorry but this FBI agent that they escorted out the door should just be the beginning of the clean out of the rock that unfortunately has expected that once great group your organization. Congressman really was there.

We really do appreciate your your time today. Good luck with your lawsuit and let's hope that you get that that the cell phone back right thank you very behind your Congressman Scott Perry.

He is chairman of the house. Real talk is also represents the 10th congressional district in Pennsylvania, but I just say even if he does get it back. I would use that phone if my life depended on it. I'd be getting I'd be getting a patriot mobile phone that's what I would be doing a mint leaf with patriot mobile. You know your doctor to be bogged or the FBI's gonna be listing it on your on your phone calls regarding out loud are we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868. Do you think that we need to just go ahead and dismantle the FBI just go ahead and get rid of it or can it be salvaged. 844-747-8868 this is the time surgeon nature changing the world one life at a time when something like that I stay away from medicine.

It all the stuff that the doctors pharmaceutical like I could fall like it and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years and that there were good there more in the high add but nothing compares the balance of nature is not."

The silver years when I say something I can tell you how I feel because it's the same path never under years of violence and I really like intelligent balance is start your journey: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance. I really feel bad for holding by the way great country music singer and his wife Britney is catching a little bit of flack. This is a story from the daily wire over the weekend. Britney posted a photo of herself to Instagram with the caption. I love y'all that's all.

She's by the way, this is just for all all you non-Southerners out there y'all is not singular, so right, so it's just keep that in mind when you go up and say how y'all doing. There's gotta be more than one person write art and if there's more than if there's like a group of people you can say how are all y'all doing. But it's a little redundant, but he also just just remember that I am the northern in the North grace they use another phrase. It's how use, how you skies doing yeah you skies. You skies. What's the use that's what that all y'all what's all y'all. That's I love the southern language area and we tell people is not that we have an accent as we just like to savor our vowel so we just can't let them linger a little bit of forget about bless your heart. Well, there's a multitude of topics yes and that is the southern woman, may I just say that the southern woman is a woman to be feared because she has in her arsenal. Phrases like bless your heart, which can mean.

I feel really sympathetic.

I feel bad for you and I sympathize with you or it could mean you're an idiot and only she knows only she knows the context and don't forget most southern women have a frying pan to you in their arsenal as a cast-iron channel iron skillet cast-iron skillet can't handle you good so yeah I click on it all the time.

Gonna get a season and and everything.

I never put soap on it just handwashing so you have a put it in the dishwasher said that's a great snow to get you kicked out of the South yet. I will excommunicate people for a lot but that's one of the right back up to New York, but that's it. So anyway the soap Britney last week she got in trouble when she said, quote I'd really like to thank my parents were not changing my gender. When I went through my tomboy face. I love this girly life, not to your point agree shoot as much a little while ago that you happen to be a tomboy when you're growing up, I would definitely nowadays if if your parents or if a parent out there that their kids a tomboy. Some of these wool parents would take that to mean that oh, she doesn't want to be a girl and so sad, just that I me know.

I mean it's like a lot of these girls eating at play with the kids in the neighborhood and there were boys and he just wanted to be cool and he didn't want to do all the girly stuff and boys were gross. So just you are tomboy didn't want to do silly, be a bully but you just didn't really care for the girly stuff so there are a lot of liberal country music stars.

And that's unfortunate because there was a time when country music was the only musical genre that loved America analyte content and went to church and now country music that is I do hate to say this.

A lot of the just socks that is really terrible. It's all the same. So anyway so she got a lot of backlash from the lymph cards in the country music world and to seeing is that Cassidy Pope and here's how you know how you know she's a wealthy Cassidy Pope spells her name CAS as a DE 01 of those is the why she said you think celebs with beauty brands would see the positives and including LGBT Q plus people in their messaging but instead here we are hearing someone compare their tomboy phase, the someone wanting to transition real nice boy country star Ryan Hurd, who is married to what is who is Morrison trying to borrow so yes, I know she is so she's a she, that oh it's a girl okay highlight you that you know man Aaron I think your first names so her country music star Ryan Hurd was married to this chick. Yes, backed up his wife scoring quick points by picking on trans kids. Is it something brave at all.

Maren is her name and I'm proud of Maren for sticking up for badge of honor to have CO engage in completely normal discourse shut up and seeing only applies to those who you disagree with what a jerk. So now, and now he's getting a lot of blowback for attacking this poor woman, and he says I'm getting a lot of people telling me our career is over, as if the last time she spoke up about something. It disappeared honestly were pretty okay over here tours are good got a two-year-old were acting fine and I promise she isn't going to shut up now where you go little drama there in the country music is a little bit you. We had Huckabee on the show yesterday and he was talking little bit about now country music's gone full-blown what it is controlled by the by the LGBT community. A lot of the big country music labels are controlled by the Bible by the alphabet function makes no sense to me. Well, I mean it's either here to there, but the problem is there the most intolerant people on the planet. I mean these activist these especially the ones from Hollywood and they actually told Mike Huckabee that his kind was not welcome to the country music world. This kind loose so what kind would that be someone who wants to give to charities.

Somebody who wants to help little kids become musicians. Somebody was a bad mouth somebody was a goes to church somebody who's a hunter sounds terrible if you take all those people out of of that world you get jazz me that's what you got you got is nothing wrong with jazz but is not a tiny audience and then living in utero you have any names know when was the last time you watch TV and you want the American jazz award. That's a great boy. Never in my life for the Tony awards her current, that's fabulous no no.

I'm just say it's you know they're turning country music and it's sad. I'm not sure there's anybody in in that world that genre willing to stand up to that woke Bob will nationals like the hub for it all and its total left-leaning it's more left than anywhere else in Tennessee.

They destroyed Nashville and it used to be a fun family friendly destination.

I would bring it. My kids anywhere near enough to have kids and live kids. But if I had kids, I would bring them anywhere near downtown Nashville bachelorette capital of the scenes and it's debauchery it's like the it's like Las Vegas except it's a broad daylight in Nashville and countrified all it is countrified. No doubt hats in the disco booth and the writing around in the what is those converted party buses. She's a little doing things that will make their mamas blush.

That's what's happened at a national, I gotta take a break here folks, 844-747-8868 has country music on this is nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house. I really like your product and you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet. Regularity was very good because I don't always do. So I know about her work, energy and feeling overall to work the complaint sounds good. You have a little more energy to work with people I didn't want to do so for just one of the I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance as universities do you see is George Stern radio program is our three of the big show border to border, coast to coast across the today Peter Ducey.

His daddy is. He is the morning show host over infraction and Peter Ducey really went after the White House on the illegals coming across the border know this is interesting. There was a big controversy in the world of tennis. One of the major tennis stars was not allowed into the country because he refuses to get the China virus vaccine. Meanwhile, you have tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of illegals coming across our border, and none of those people are vaccinated, and Ducey asked the White House about the double standard protocols either creative and they have their own specific protocols as well.

So there are two different things to different things so things so he comes over somebody lost Arizona there is that life we actually know is and how we thousands of people. One day some of them turn themselves over some of them are caught tens of thousands a week are not so many just lay out under this administration. Install new board technology and set up joint protocols with Mexico and Guatemala to catch more human traffickers. We have already made over 8000 arrests in the first three months of launching an unprecedented anti-smuggling campaign with regional partners security record levels of funding for the Department of Homeland Security so there you have it. That was from the White House press briefing yesterday want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Congressman Perry Loudermilk from Georgia joins us. Congressman, you hate to call somebody ignorant, but I've never heard such an ignorant press secretary before unbelievable but with the entire White House right now everything is sort of reminds me of the spleen and with your boxwood board you standing there, the wizard of the curtain glass opening. You see the guy behind the throne there operating the machine is paid by the court. Pay no attention to the truth. Pay no attention to the fact of what's going on you need to just listen to what we say and the entire house of cards is crumbling around them and they don't know how to deal with true and they just believe that if they say it. The American people to accept the mainstream media underside Americans eyes being opened it and I really don't know how to deal with reality know that they don't. And the idea that she had no idea people were walking across the border every single day by the tens of thousands is just bizarre to me. I mean at least Jen Saki would've come up with some sort of an answer. I mean Jean-Pierre has said absolutely nothing in this deer in headlights every single day. But you know what does. She's the spokesperson for a deer in headlights of ministration so there you go with everything you withdraw to mandates to everything that they're doing student loan handout is don't bother risk with logic, and filter fat were going to do what we want to do is able to sell it to the American people. Whether it works or not.

As long as we accomplish is that the telegraph looking back at the one year anniversary of Afghanistan you mentioned Afghanistan Congressman, what are the lessons that we should've learned from what happened a year ago today will lesson that we had already known going into it that when you pull out area that is still embedded and surrounded with people like or the various terrorist groups that were there only to back fill it up. It's going to turn over for us to act like were na�ve to pull out of the Afghans are going to be able to contribute with democracy that were going all all of our citizens will just be able to get out. That was na�ve but again I think it's back to the president's advisors being told. This isn't going to work but that doesn't matter because I'm going to do what I wanted and it doesn't matter what the outcome is that you can see that happening right now because the president is still proclaiming it was a successful mission with the rest of the world owes. It was the article, but you still trying I think there compounds that this was this was successful because we completed what we wanted to do, which also tells me the safety and security of American citizens that were there was not a concern of theirs.

It still is a concern of theirs that also tells me that they're really not concerned about how America stands on an international front because right now nobody trusts the United States are allies don't trust that our enemies are not afraid of, but none of that mattered because they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish with you simply get the perks up the metal at the right on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman Barry Loudermilk from the 11th congressional district in Georgia Congressman of the president is supposed to be giving a speech later this week I was talking about democracy under attack and I'm wondering where this is going into this guy promise to be the great uniter, but now he is resorted to calling the entire Republican Party a bunch of fascist, more indication is that they are they are blind to what's going on in the country, their tone deaf to what Americans need what they want, they failed every aspect of everything that they said that they would include uniting the country. They have failed only economy the economy was strong. They have destroyed our economy, we are now in a recession and it was obvious we were going to be going into recession before the numbers came out because all the Democrats started going on television and redefining the word of recession that told you that way so they just need to redefine it so they can go out until Americans look. It doesn't matter what your pay is better to Baby Our Economy Is Strong in the Matter That You're Falling behind the Curve As Inflation Goes up at Your Effectively Not Making More Money You're Making Less Money Were Find Our Economy Stock. This Is the Type of Thing That Is the Gist of It Amazes Me That Is beyond Logic and so Now They're Resorting to Well Even Though Work. We Are Effectively Destroyed. Democracy and the People Are Upset about Things like the FBI Radial Bar Log.

I Will Quit Looking at That That Even Those That Violate the Constitution. We Just Need to Redefine the Constitution Right and so They're Going to Go on the Attack and Say Look Everything That's Wrong.

It's Really the Republicans. It's Not. This Is Not Our Our Spell Policy Is a Republican, Especially Those Who Want to Make America Great Again. It Republican That Are the Problem. It Did When I Was in College and Took a Psychology Class and It Was Called Projection That People Will Projector Own Problems on on to Somebody Else to Justify the Congressman Leave It There. Always Appreciate Your Great Insight and Hope You Have a Great Labor Day Weekend Coming up Alright. God Congressman Barry Loudermilk from Georgia, the White House Has Just Released.

And by Just-Released This Just Landed in My My Email Box.

The White House Is Releasing a Monkeypox Response Team Know You Can't Make This Stuff up a Monkeypox Response Team and They Are Also Going to Be Working with Large LGBT QI Plus All They Drop the Email Is What Happened in the 80s. So There Are No More A's in the LGBT QI Is Just LGBT QI Plus so the A's Lost Their Status. She's a Little That's Not Good. Anyway, the Administration Says There to Be Providing Additional Vaccines and Support to States and Cities Holding Events That Convene Large Groups of Gay, Bisexual. This Is Great Grace. You Can't Make This up, I Got to Read This Again. The Administration Is Providing Additional Vaccines and Support Steps to States and Cities Holding Events That Convene Large Groups of LGBT QI Plus Individuals Specifically Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men. So Now Help Me Figure This out Here. If You Are a Man Having Sex with Another Man That Does in Fact Make You Gay or Bisexual. When I Am Am I Wrong Here Folks. But Here's What Gets Me They Been Telling Us for the past What Month Now That the Monkeypox Is Not a Gay Centric Disease and How Dare You How Dare You Suggest It Is.

Meanwhile the White House Is Creating a Massive Task Force and Monkeypox Response Team and Their Specifically Calling out Gay Men, or Pardon Me, Men Who Have Sex with Other Men. So My Question Now Is, Does This Mean the White House Is Guilty of Homophobia. White House Also Announced a New Pilot to Surge Vaccine Availability and Other Prevention Resources to Communities of Color.

A New CDC Study Shows a Disproportionate Reach of the Virus among Black and Latino Gay Men. Date: Black and Latino, Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men Why They Putting That Phrase in Their When You Call Someone Other Than a Gay or Bisexual Person. This Makes No Sense to Me. Anyway, They Do Plan at Their You People in Georgia, California and Louisiana Pay Attention Because Apparently Your about to Have a Large J Events in Your That They, the White House Says That There to Be Providing Additional Vaccine and Support to Louisiana Georgia and California in Advance of Events, Attracting Large Numbers of Gay People All Its Southern Decadence There Actually Calling It out Here Southern Decadence There to Provide up to 6000 Additional Doses of Vaccine Now May I Just Throw This out for Her. And Again, I'm Just a Conservative Talk Radio, but If in Fact the Way to Avoid Getting the Monkeypox Is Not to Engage in a Specific Behavior, Would It Not Be More Prudent Just to Tell People Hate Don't Have Sex.

Just You Know Keep It to Yourself and All Your to Be Okay. But If You Go out There and You Jump in the Bed with Somebody There's a Good Chance You're Going to Come down with the Monkeypox but They're Not Doing That.

Instead They're Going to Get out There with All of This Taxpayer-Funded Vaccine and There to Be Giving It the People There and This Thing Is Forever Long. This Release Also Atlanta Black Pride That's Coming up in September and in California They Had the Oakland Pride and Pride Fest. Why Would Suggest with California That Is up to Set up a Base of Operations. I Year-Round over There. But Anyway, There You Have It on the White House and Again Lecturing All of Us Had. How Dare You How Dare You Suggest That Monkeypox Is Targeting the Gay Community. Now They Are Releasing a Very Lengthy Fact Sheet Saying That in Fact Monkeypox Impacts the Gay Community There You Go. 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number. This Is the.Search Nature Changing the World One Life at a Time When Something like That I Stay Away from Medicine Throw It All the Stuff That the Doctors on the Schuylkill like a Song like and I All Supplements but I've Been Taking throughout the Years, There Were Good There More in the High, but Nothing Compares the Balance of Nature Is Not." Years I Can Tell You How I Feel Because It Is the Same Path That Run for Years That Myla and I Really Thought When I Can Tell Is a Balance. Start Your Journey: 800-246-8751 or Go to the Balance of to Get Free Shipping.

And Don't Forget to Get 35% off Your First Preferred Order by Using Discount Code Balance on an That the Name of the Contest on Coulter's First Episode Is Called Trump Is Done. Trump's Done. She Originally Wrote a Column That Deliver That Assessment Back in January, but Now in Folders As the That the President's Influence on the Republican Party Party Is Dwindling. She Compared Trump's Rise in the World of Politics to That of Sarah Palin.

And If You Remember Sarah Palin Sort of Went When Away from Politics and Really Disappeared after after That 2008 Presidential Race. Coulter Also Cited Polling Numbers and the Polls Are All over the Place, but the 538 538 Poll Numbers Show Trump with an Average of More Than 50% Having an Unfavorable View of the Former President As Proof That Voters Are Tired of Trump. She Also Accused Pres. Trump of Making Last-Minute Endorsements for Candidates Who Are Likely to Win Their Primaries Anyway. Taking Credit for Those Victories and Giving the Illusion of Influence.

She Encouraged Those Who May Have Left the Republican Party over Trump to Come Back to the Fold. Quote Republicans. It's Not the Party of Trump It Safe to Come Back and It Seemed for Republicans to Stand up and Run without Donald Trump. She Predicted Republicans Could Enjoy Healthy Winds of the Midterms. If Right-Wing Commentators Stop Focusing so Furiously on Trump Loyalist Quote. People Are Angry Republicans Are Really Angry Were on a Smooth Glide Path to Really Really Good Midterm Elections and the Only Thing That Can Blow It Is What Will Probably Blow It. The Republican Party Now. It's Interesting That Coulter Has This Absorbing Wheat.

We Know She's Not a Trump Fan Has Been a Trump Fan for a Long Time Now, after Trump Failed to Really Deliver on Strong Border Security and for Culture That's the Issue, Securing Our Borders and in Fairness to Him, Coulter, Trump Yeah He Built Some Ball but It Was Not the Primary Focus of His Presidency, She Goes on to Say All You Conservative Talk Radio Host, You Don't Need to Suck up to Trump Anymore He's Done He's over. Is That True I Mean in in Your Estimation Are Do You Feel Because There Are A Lot Of People That Are Big Trump Supporters and They're Saying It Is Time to Move on.

Now I Will Go Back and into the Time Surge Radio Show Time Machine and Remind You That We Warned We Warned People That That Tromp Jumping in to the Midterms Was Not a Good Idea That He Should've Held As He Should've Held Us Powder until after the Midterms and Why Did I Say That I Set Another Time Because I Was Concerned That the Midterm Elections Would Become about Donald Trump and Not about Stopping Joe Biden and This Progressive Socialist Regime. And Sure Enough, Here We Are and Were Knee-Deep in Bar Lago Right Now so I Know That Culture Hates Donald Trump.

But There Is a Nugget of Truth in All of This and the Republicans Are Exhausted and We've Heard This over and over and over Again, but the Fact of the Matter Is We All Made Everybody Made Tromp.

The Focus of the Midterm Elections so the Midterms for for Better or for Worse, Is Going to Be a Referendum on Donald Trump and It Should Not Be. It Should Be a Referendum on the Failed Policies of Joe Biden and II Do Think That the Republicans Are to Pull out a Win.

Here You Heard Was That Was It Congressman Perry or Loudermilk Who Was Talking about. That Was Perry Who Was Talking about the That He Doesn't Buy into the Red a Ripple He Thinks or Is Going to Be a Right Way, but I Hope There Is. I Really Knew Right Now There Are A Lot Of Conservatives under This Frustrated and I Don't Know Why They're Frustrated, but I Would Tell You Why You're Frustrated You're Frustrated Because There Is Not a Unified Message and We Need a Unified Message Going in the Midterm Elections. That's All Gotta Just Refocus Our Gotta Take a Break Will Be Right Back America Natures Fruits and Vegetables in a Capsule Changing the World One Life at Time, Physician Not Been in Practice for 40 Years and When I Started Taking This I like Medicine, Probably Taking More People off Medicine and so I Looked at It Pretty Much a Natural Element, There's No Question in My Mind, Knowing of My Patients That People My Age to 60 and over.

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Let Me Know What You Think.

All Right, Welcome Back to the Time Surge Radio Program.

So What Was It up One Cup a Month Ago. Two Months Ago I Was in Salem, Oregon Are Great Affiliate out There. KY KM Was Hosting a Big Event and It Was A Lot Of Fun. Had a Big Barbecue Met A Lot Of Great Patriots, Including the Owner of Beloved Cheesecakes and Folks, I'm Not a Big Cheesecake Guy, but When They Served Me This Cheesecake.

I Was Blown over. It Was Literally the Best Cheesecake I've Ever Had.

Jim Jacobson Is the Owner and She Is on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Right Now Jim Good to Have You Been on the Program Today Time and and I Have To Tell You That There Was the Salted the Caramello Sent Rights All My Heart.

I Wasn't on Ball Label Look Let's You Got an Amazing Story and I Want You to. The Reason I Wanted to Come of the Program Is to Is to Share How You Guys Got Started and You Guys Came under Fierce Attack.

During the Early Days of the Pandemic.

When the Government There Was Shutting down Small Businesses Are the Lockdown and That the Whole God Thing and How I Got Started I Had a Kick Starter in My Community That Rallied around Me That the Three Belay at the Time, and Then on Got the Business Going on Later in the Lockdown Came and They Were Gaining the Nonessential and I Am Essential to My Employees and Anyway I Was the Only Business in My Town That Did Not Comply.

We Did Not Do the Math Mandate Wheel out the Plan without Math and Will Have People That Dying in and I'm Not Let Happen and Not. I Didn't Become so Beloved in My Community Anymore, but for Every Hater. I Have 100 Numbers Okay and It's Is an Amazing Story Because so Many People Found out about What You Were Doing. I Know Fox Was Was Involved and Soon You Are Getting Really Attention from All over America.

Yeah, I Was Not Expecting That. I Actually First before I Met Kirk Cameron and Pastor Ron McCoy.

They Came in an Interview with Me and September 2024 at Event They Were Having Called Nonessential. And so That's Kind of Beginning My Journey Getting Attention Nationally. Not Meaning to Now Just Because of My Connection and Then I Arity Subject to Make Something Are in Control.

I Came Out Of Domestic Violence Eight Years Ago and I Was Not about to Do That Again and That Pain I'm Now Dealing with the Government. I Think It's It's an Amazing Story about How Your Business Has Grown Going Back to the Early Days and and I Want You to Tell the Story Your You Mentioned That You Came Out Of a Domestic Violence Marriage in 2014 You Had Three Sons and Your on a Food Share Program and I Want You to Tell Folks What Happened. This Is an Amazing Story. I Am a Mom Are and I Separated and I Had to Get Back to Working Baby Worked at Weightlifting and at a Winery. I Was on the State Care Program and a Guy Will Find a Blackberry in December 2015, and Because I Found Mom Is Very Involved in Make It: but Is Unable to Think That Is Working Full Time. I Decided to Make a Blackberry Cheesecake for My Kid That the Teachers and Their Staff, Not Knowing I've Never Made a Blackberry Cheesecake before Not Knowing Completely Dying or How It Tasted. I Presented It to the Teachers and Then the Next Day That Secretaries That I Generated You Get Your Cheesecake and I Made Me That I Got the Best Cheesecake We've Ever Had and I Don't Lie All the Staff Now That I Am Payday yet You Make Cheesecake for Christmas That Year and Little Did I Know That by Posting My Pictures the Day after Christmas on Facebook Thing Is Maybe Five. I Had Three People Contact Me and Asked Me to Make Them on for New Year's and They Were Going to Pay Me I'm a Stock and It Became by Word-Of-Mouth an outside Hospital and People Are Asking You to Donate to Auctions and I Mean I Wasn't Even Known in Make a Think at the Very First Auction Went for $225 Lightning Talk.

Wow This Is Really a Good Cheesecake Though Really Is Fun Now Gone 600 853 Plan at Every Star, Oregon $906. My Goodness Well and by the Way Folks Jim Jacobson As She Is the Owner of Beloved Cheesecakes and of the Website. Beloved Now Jen You You Do Buy Me People Who Don't Live in Oregon Can Actually Order the Cheesecakes Is That Right Now Telling Me Now I I I Love the Story and You Not Only Have You Launched a Hugely Successful Business There in Oregon.

You Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Your You're Just Really Crushing It out There and I've Gotten Involved in Politics, but Ever Be Impolitic. They Became FTP PNR Area Committee. Then I'm Just Trying to Learn As Much As I Can. I Want to Be Part of the List and Not Part of the Problem and on and on They Get Even Mine. It Was out There That Complain and Keyboard Warrior. But Then There's No Action That Though I'm Hoping to Make Some Action. I've Been Emceeing Freedom Rallies and on the Board of Freedom Business Fellowship and That Something to Make It Different. Jen, I Just I Love the Story of Folks She Got to Check out These Cheesecakes, They Will Blow Your Mind There Just Absolutely Delicious and the Gin.

I Know That Our Listeners Are Always Excited to to Stand Alongside Fellow Patriots Who Were Standing up and They're Fighting for Freedom in Their Neighborhood, so Thanks for Thank You for Coming on the Show Today and I'll Be Sending You at Claremont. I Love It. Okay No Grace You Cannot, You Know What You Need to Send It to Be. Directly Jen or May Not Get through the Staff. I Said Thanks A Lot. Now Jim Jacobson. She Is the Owner of Beloved Cheesecakes There in the Great State of Oregon. We Had so Much Fun at That KY Cayenne Event, I Mean Those Folks Really Know How to Throw a Great Party and a Great Barbecue and That No Kidding. Grace Knows Cheesecakes and They Work We Were Doing a Book Signing. After the Whole Thing. The Speaking Stop and They Had Me Set up Right Next to the Cheesecakes. I'm Not an Ally Mouse and Wandering the Entire Time the Line for the Cheesecakes Longer Than the Books I Just Want to Point That out. Get the Cheesecake and Then They Leave Us and It Was so Funny Because She Was Every like Five Minutes Jim Would Bring a Sliver of Another for Your Flavor of Cheesecake by LOL at All Just Unbelievably Good.

I'm Not Normally a Big Cheesecake Person like As an I Don't Go to the Store and Buy It.

But If Somebody Makes It in a Homemade� All What Folks I'm Telling You, You Gotta Check This Place out Beloved That's Beloved Delicious Cheesecake and What a Powerful Message.

Here You Have a Lady. She Came Out Of a Really Bad Marriage, Domestic Violence, Three Kids, She's a Stay-At-Home Mom. What Is You Do Goes Back to School Gets Her Degree Starts a Business and Now She's Involved in Politics and This Is This Is That American Spirit. We Talk about the That the Spirit of America That Says You Know What I'm to Be Defined by My Circumstances. I Get to Get out There. I'm Gonna Bust My Butt Every Single Day and I Know I Claim My American Dream. And That's What She's Doing up at Beloved Cheesecakes. I Just Think That's a Great Story. Are We Gotta Take a Break Your 844-747-8860 If That's Her Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern Show. Remember to Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables.

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One Is That the FBI Agent of the Guy Who Is Anti-Tromp and It Looks to Me like This Guy May Be the Fall Guy for All of This. I Don't Know Will See. But Here's a Cut Number 11 Pulley.

I'm Sorry, Got Number 12 McAllister's Wonderful Instructor by New York Post Columnist in a Fox News Contributor Is Also the Author of the Great Block the Laptop from Hell to Come to You First. What's Your Reaction to This FBI Agent TiVo Leaving You Celebrating Tonight or Is This Just the FBI Covered Its Backside Yeah I Would Say It's a Good Start Here. These Political Cases Are Just Draining 100 Years of Goodwill and Good Work with the FBI's Done over the over That Timeframe. I Spent 24 Years in the FBI. Not Once Did I See a Political Case Get Opened up Here the Least of Which, One That Had No Predication or Not Credible Present Will Call Predication Which Is the Basis to Open Investigation Sounds like This Agent Had a Little Bit of Trouble Recognizing Factual Information Versus Rumor and Innuendo and Opposition Research and Just General Facts but Is Also a Left-Winger in a Position of Power. Miranda This Is the Guy Who Helped Launch Investigations into Tromp Is Also Working to Suppress the Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation and Story Showing That He Is Just One of the Cabal of the Eye Offices. Many of Them Fainted at the Washington Field Office Who Have Been Playing These Games. Since the Very Beginning of Donald Trump's Entry into Politics and United to Crossfire Hurricane Russia Collision Hugs That Was the FBI That They Just Seem to Be an Unlimited Number of These Agents and Analysts That They Had to Do. They Do Anyway and I Just Impossible to Understand How They Could Have Got Away with This for Sign Long and When It Came to the Hunter Biden Laptop You Had Agency Narron Analysts, Including T-Bar That Also Brian Olson and Others to Suppress That Information about the Laptop Not Just the Laptop Which They Had Had since December 2019 but Also the Information That Tony Belinsky Came to Them with Hunter Biden's Former Business Partner. He Gave Them Devices and He Said How Is Having Interviews with Them Telling Them about Joe Biden's Involvement in His Son's Influence Peddling Scheme with His Brother Jim Biden. I Was Damning and yet It Was Covered up and Suppressed the I Was Heading off to Facebook and Twitter and Warning Them about Basically a Story That Would Look Very Much like Our Story That Ended up Being Suppressed and They Have Just Pressed the Boston on Election Interference. That's What They Did They Dictate in the 2016 Election and Then Again in the 2020 Election As We Have Been Saying from Day One on This Radio Program. Ladies and Gentlemen to Stay on Top of the Story. I Think Though That What We Are Watching Is the Unraveling of This Raid at Mara Lago. That's Where I Think All of This Is Going. Meanwhile, You Have the Joe Biden out There and He's Going to Be Delivering a Speech on Thursday, Probably Doubling down on These Comments He Made about All of You Republicans out There and by the Way, He Didn't Call Just the Truck People Semi-Fascist.

He Called All of You.

So Every Republican Half the Country Half the Country Voted for Donald Trump. You People Are Fascist.

Now Even the Folks over at CNN Recognize This Is a Bad Move.

Cut Number 10. Fascist Is Not Helpful. It's Not the Fitting.

The Office of President and What You Can Absolutely Call out the Danger Store Democracy, but It Makes Opposite Perfect Sense for Something like Center Acid Because New Hampshire 40 More Than 40% of Registered Voters or Independents Write Another Another Another 30 and Change. Republicans, Democrats of the Third Category among Registered Registered Voters.

She Needs to Be Able Reach out and That Language Doesn't Help and Ashley Are Being Kind in Terms of Trying to Parse and Put What He Said into a Certain Context, Take Away from Republican Is That the President of the United States Who Campaigned on One on and Was Sworn in on Message of Unity, Lowering the Temperature in Bringing This Country Together Just Called Half of the Country and You Can Parse It How You Want, but That's the Take Lane the Magnifying Was Right.

He Painted the Republican Party As a Bunch of Fact Is a One Time Thing Biden Has All the Precision You Know of a Surgeon with Me Ask Here I Mean When When When Republicans Would Go along with His Bill to Federalize All Elections Easily or Either Jefferson Davis or Ball Economy, His Natural Instinct Is to Go to an Extreme Insult. Sort of. So Your Reader Races. That Is Exactly What You Know Is Also a Guy Who Plays Mitchell Comforting a Patriotic American That His Natural Instinct Is Not the Problems with Primary Issues Is Not Authentic Because Biden Is Actually Not Naturally Redmeat Bus Type Politician Is He, I Disagree. I Think He Is and I Think Is a Jerk on Top of What I Found Interesting about This Back-And-Forth Is. It Was Pretty Engaging You Actually Had Conservatives on the Panel There at CNN and People Are Going Nuts over This. The Left Is Enraged and They're Accusing CNN of Throwing in the Towel There, Accusing CNN of Moving to the Right and They Very Well May Be Moving to the Right.

But Here's What You Need to Know about Cable Television.

Here's What You Need to Know about Talk Radio. Whatever Makes Money Is What They're Going to Do, and the Cold Hard Reality for All You Libs out There Is That CNN Was Not Making Any Money They Had No Audience. We Have a Wii on the Tide Turns Radio Program Have a Larger Audience Than Most of the Shows in Prime Time on CNN. They Are There. There Message Is Not Resonating with Anybody Is Just Bad Cable-Television and so the New the New Folks in Charge over at CNN Are Making Changes They Got Rid of the Little Dwarf King Brian Stelter. They Got Rid of Humpty Dumpty. And That's Not Going to Be the End of It I My Understanding Is There to Be Blowing up the Morning so As Well, Which Is Awful. So Anyway, If If Fox News Channel. If the Owners of Monsters of Rupert Murdoch and the Sons Got Together and Realized, Hey We Can Make Money Doing Liberal TV Fox News Would Be Little That's It's Coldhearted but It's All about the Bottom Line.

That's What It's about and That's Why Conservative Talk Radio Is Doing so Well. There Is an Audience for in Our Audience Keeps Growing Larger and Larger Every Single Day Thanks to You Guys.

The Listers of This Program Are You Folks Gotta Scoot out Here Been a Great Day. Todd's Is a Website You Begot America Natures Fruits and Vegetables in a Capsule Changing the World One Night at a Time.

My Wife and I Hope Not. For Five Years, I've Always Been Biking, Swimming Yada Yada Yada, Always Looking for Something Different That I Only Morning I Woke up and I Went Well like the Missing Link Was Just Fantastic and We Haven't Stopped Taking It. My Wife, You Basically the Same Way Single Thing That Changed and Convinced That the Best Thing Don't� A Lot.

So You Live Not Only Better Because I Did Not Start Your Journey to Better Health with Balance of Nature Right Now: 800-246-8751 Go to Townsend to Get Free Shipping. And Don't Forget to Get 35% off Your First Preferred Order by Using Discount Code Balance

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