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The FBI has all but declared war on President Trump and his supporters.

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
The Truth Network Radio
September 13, 2022 3:13 pm

The FBI has all but declared war on President Trump and his supporters.

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 13, 2022 3:13 pm

Kirk Cameron, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Tony Perkins join the conversation! 

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There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job liver universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative coming very from hello Your program over to a great we are broadcasting our program today. The beautiful battleground date of Georgia using the palatial studios of WG UNR great affiliate and the best part of the best part of broadcasting a W do you there is a great old-school southern restaurant directly behind the radio station and you better believe I made a RB library for other delicious country fried steak biscuit this morning.

It's you just can't come to Georgia not get a good brisket.

So anyway, thank you to the folks over the long street caf that yes they have satisfied me with some delicious sweet tea of the biscuit this morning and folks, we are revved up and energized and ready to get to town. We got a lot to get through today.

I'll be in Georgia for the next couple of days helping our candidates campaign will be out on the campaign trail and then I'll be giving a speech on Thursday in the Atlanta area last night had a chance to take part in what was probably one of the most enjoyable campaign events.

I've been to in a very long time. Our friends over the faith and freedom.

Coalition held a victory dinner last night and I I love the imaging.

I love the messaging this is all about delivering a victory in the midterm elections and they invited me to give the other keynote address last night had about a thousand people there in Forsyth County, Georgia, sort of in the Atlanta suburbs and the Marjorie Taylor Green was there. By the way, Marjorie says that she loves coming on the show. She told me to tell you hello also our good friend Congressman Barry Loudermilk was there delivered some great remarks and Herschel Walker and I will tell you this I was I was not all that convinced about Herschel Walker until last night, and when you look at the polling data he's rehearsal is up now by by some indications for possibly five points in the polling the message he delivered last night was incredible and I know that we live in a soundbite society right now, and I've seen the same. I've seen the same soundbite you've seen, but you can't believe that I sat there listening Herschel hold an audience it really enraptured bought for about 25 minutes as he told stories as he shared from his heart and I'd I deeply respect this man and what he's trying to do and I think he is going to make a fine United States Sen. is he and is he a great oratory, no. But you know what Barack Obama was a great oratory. He never said anything, but Herschel Walker is a man who I believe can and will deliver. He's a man that you will be able to depend on and quite frankly I think that the state of Georgia would be blessed with Herschel Walker as the next United States Sen. and I felt encouraged. I felt enthusiastic and you could feel the energy in that room as people are ready to go and send a message to Joe Biden and the true fascist who are cracking down on our civil liberties so I say good for you, Herschel Walker, Grace Baker, I know you are a big Memphis Tigers fan but I am happy to be a big Tennessee volunteer for yeah I'm bored and and and so last night I was as I was going through the rundown and I mean a Herschel Walker screams standing ovation.

You know you he stayed around for an hour after the event, posing for photographs so I had to come up after Herschel Walker.

I thought to myself it's never good when Tennessee trails Georgia so badly laid out I'll congratulate congratulate you guys. You had a really good when this past weekend so it was a great win and were very excited about that and I really do hope that the Republicans have massive winds all across the state of Georgia. This is a battleground state and what happens in Georgia is going to have an impact nationwide. Same thing happened in the last last election cycle. So we just gotta get out the vote and we've got a get energized and stay focused were coming into the home stretch now, folks, and I think one of the issues that really help. Herschel Walker is that Rafael Warnock that pro-abortion Pro baby killing preacher who is an avowed communist. One of the things that he did was make a crucial mistake. He has been hounding pounding pounding Herschel Walker with ugly ads. I was talking to my good friend Martha Zoller who host a radio show here on our great affiliate W do you and she was telling me that the ads were just downright offensive and really tried to portray some some racist ideas and and perpetrate those ideas and or perpetuate those ideas. It's it's really shameful what I'm here to tell you that kind of nonsense backfired because I know this about the good people of Georgia.

They can see through all that garbage. But there are also people that understand redemption. They understand forgiveness and they understand that you can you can have some ups and downs of life and you can overcome those things and and that is certainly how they have embraced and why I think they been embraced. Herschel Walker is that they see a man who is humble, they see a man who is he is who he is. He's not putting on any heirs at all and I think the other people of Georgia appreciate that. I don't have a lot of Georgia listeners and we like to hear from you. Are you feeling encouraged when you look at the polling data across the. The battleground states that I get up you were talking about Pennsylvania. There's no way John, the guy is a stroke survivor. There's no way he's capable of the United States Sen. Dr. Oz breaking ground there probably going to be a pickup win for the Republicans looking at Wisconsin.

Ron Johnson is doing well Nevada Polak salt is making some inroads so to be opening up the phones because we want to hear from you. We want to see how things are going. What is the mood are you sensing some excitement among conservatives among Republicans, 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Olivia rundown of what were to be doing here on the show today from Georgia were to be talking with our good friend Congressman Jim Jordan, the FBI under there there under the gun and there, and after trump supporters of bargaining at the very latest really talking to the Congressman. Also, our good friend Kirk Cameron is actually going to be here this hour occurred has an incredible new film that's out and working to talk to him about that and ways that you will be able to get that it's a great family friendly film. You're absolutely absolutely going to love it again were to be taking your calls throughout the day. 844-747-8868 all right working to take a break when we come back your calls. This is the Todd storage radio show. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my polo into an amazing company that it is today.

Now, Mike Lindell, our good friend wants to get back exclusively to our listeners. The percale and Giza dream bedsheet sets are available in a variety of colors and sizes and they're all on sale for as low as 2998 with our list or promo code you better order now because when they're gone they're gone. Per Kelly Keyser dream sheets are breathable and they have a cool crisp feel and they come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer. There is a limited supply. So you better order right now. Call 1-800-986-3994 and use the promo code Starnes. That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes raised his right here to see where my grades, I was that when I was giving the speech less, but I thought you know what I was. I was tempted now to get a thought will come out will pass through my brain and I'm wondering should I share this with the audience, or should and does so anyway, I thought you know what I'm going to I want to give Joe phonology a shout out as if you remember Joe phonology so Herschel Walker I so I got up and gave my remarks in the Herschel sit right in front of me and he seemed to enjoy the speech he gave me was very kind to give me a standing ovation last night and so I thought you don't I get to try this and see if it works Ed because remember Joe phonology as soon as I said Joe from Ellijay. People started laughing and applauding. Yes, I think he's definitely a celebrity. He's like maybe Joe ought to run for office. Maybe I would get so anyway synergize. I met my midsize and Herschel Joe from Ellijay tells me that even the Georgia Tech periods are to be voting for you and the whole place whatnot.

So I guess it's true Georgia miracle a week. Yes it is but we love our good friend Joe from Ellijay and it was great to know he's got a lot of friends in Forsyth County.

Let's set before we got a phone charger to share some new polling data with you again. What this is. The cabbie ought never believe the polling data. You just can't I be that's it's good to kinda get a feel for things. But this is not the God's honest truth right. These are just bowls and quite frankly, a lot of Republicans do not trust the pollsters and the posters rarely actually called conservatives together. I've never been called by a pollster in all of my days, but that being said the New York Times is releasing some new data that shows Democrats are are having a pretty tough go of it in spite of what the mainstream media is reporting and it could very well be that the Republicans on the current trajectory could in fact retake the house and in the Senate a lot of ground between election day.

You can be encouraged by that, but you but do not get complacent yet folks trust me on this.

Do not be complacent or let's go to phone zero 844-747-8868 Charles in North Carolina. WSI see our great affiliate. There he Charles what's on your mind, God spoke taught old people go.

I think what were we look at cold like in the generic ballot showing it close between the Democrats and Republican. I don't believe that at all. And I'll tell you what. When you look further into the fold. You start asking the question on the economy.

Illegal immigration crime energy policy. The Republicans are out pulling Democrat Bob. In most cases, 20 point and because of that, I think we are going to have a massive Republican wave. I think we should pick up 40 to 50 feet. I think were going to retake the Senate. You mentioned that you state but Pennsylvania and then Nevada also today the big primary New Hampshire.

I think there's a good chance of get rid of by Maggie Hassan. But that being said, I would also reiterate what you just mentioned to not be complacent. We need to pretend like were 10 points behind that our country is on the line because the and we need to have a show of unity at the primary and come out under with a united front. I'm encouraged with what Kevin McCarthy is going on unfold next week with this commitment to America, similar to the contract with America, but that's what we need to be going and we campaign to always portray your opponent your Democratic opponent as they a carbon copy of Joe body that supports his policies and what he's doing good for the country. Charles could not have said it better myself.

The Republicans need to embrace a single issue and that issue is crime. This is something that's impacting every city, every town in America. And last night during my remarks as much as I love my hometown. I love Memphis Tennessee but there are a lot of people in your Memphis utterance and I'll walk around and in talking about all the horrible crime that's happening in Memphis and they're saying oh that's that's not Memphis know it is Memphis and it is that way because we have elected progressive Democrats. We elected a George Soros style district attorney and the reality is that barely what 20, 25% max of registered voters bothered to go and vote on election day.

We can't let that happen nationally. So I hope people take a look at what's happening in Memphis right now where you have this lawlessness in the streets and understand that if the Democrats are able to maintain the house and the Senate. It's going to continue to happen on a national level and we just cannot allow that to happen. Charles appreciate the call and thank you for listening 844-747-8868 what you think the Republicans ought to be campaigning on last night. Several people got up and said that crime in the Atlanta area was Marjorie Taylor greenlight gray cited me the correct Marjorie, but I felt lightheaded to correct Marjorie.

She said that that Atlanta is now more dangerous than Chicago and and the people were groaning at and approving and nodding in your very disturbed by that information because Atlanta used to be a fairly safe city and now it's a war zone. So she said Atlanta is one of the most dangerous cities in America and when I got up to see's got up to speak.

I said Marjorie hold my sweet T4 that I from Memphis, Tennessee. Yeah such a straight work in a one up you they are not in a good way know it's but it's very unfortunate what's happening in the cities and the reason why is very simple. Elections have consequences, and if you ladies and gentlemen do not get out and vote.

Welp, you know what you better go buy yourself a gun and some Kevlar and I will approve Windows seminar County only had 25% of eligible voters turn out this past election.

That's just pitiful is despicable and is just absolutely despicable. So there you go.

All that to say things are looking good and you folks in Georgia I feel encouraged by by where things are going.

I feel encouraged by the enthusiasm levels, but we've got a doublet. We got a triplet as we get closer to to the midterm elections that were just going to have to do that 844-747-8868 I will play some audio here. This is it's the craziest thing. There is a lawmaker, a state of Sen. in Tennessee.

Her name is London lumbar and she believes that all of you people in Tennessee are racist got one. Please..

You went people were going to lean that's London lumbar opponent is there's a black guy, a Republican who is running against her. His name is Dr. Fred Tappan is a pastor and that has been very involved in the community and he's a rocksolid conservative Republican and he's going bonkers over this kind of stuff I needed some pretty despicable things. This woman is saying London lumbar here she is talking about all you white Republican men.

The cut to ask how people so I went over well will city regarding should she doesn't believe she's going after all you white. You don't believe in sharing your wealth as if you have some sort of folks that is a socialist concept right there that you don't deserve to hold on to what you have, but here she is, she's basically accusing all you white people of being racist were voting white that's what you say so I'm curious when it's when Sen. London lumbar was talking about voting for our own people think she was talking about somebody who has the skin's consistency of Duke's mayonnaise. I don't think so. What does that say about her 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number.

Okay, maybe hold.

I don't I back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

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Who would've thought that the Supreme Court would have essentially overruled Roe versus Wade that it would be gone and a couple months later rushing into the theaters about the value of life. The providential timing so I'm really not getting picking Kingsbury of movies. God is perfect scheduler of the event where this thing came out right on the field of that important. The movie is called life Mark and it's a fathom events of the movie came out September 9 and of course our good pals the Kendrick brothers and Kirk Cameron partnering together on what is truly a beautiful story curtain and I just have to commend you for the writing is just so well done. The storytelling in this movie. All I'm blown away by the story and no credit to think would agree. This story was placed in our lab and we just hold it the way that it really happened. So this is a true story about an 18-year-old girl who changes her mind at the last moment on the abortion table. She decides to love her baby give her baby life and placed them for adoption adopted by the loving family. 19 years later the young man is able to meet his biological mother, and she thinks that he probably hates her for what she did she. She did great and she maybe he thinks he abandoned him. But because it's a true story. We have the real footage of when he met her and he wrapped her up in a loving, great Yankee, thank you for the choice that you made. I love my family and I'm here to tell you that you're my hero. I've been waiting 19 years to meet you and it is such an emotional story. It grabs your heart but God also filled with lots of humor and action. Their skydiving cliff jumping knife throwing ATV rate for everybody and were already enjoying the impact that it pattern across the nation and Infoseek actually purchase tickets online which is a great thing life Mark We have a direct link to the blog we make a real simple for our listeners, but it's only a theaters for short period of time unless I have to imagine Kirk that we just pack out the theaters. That's right, we open last weekend but it will continue into next weekend. People turn out today and tomorrow.

It probably the last day of the available unless people show up and bring your friends and fill up the theaters and then we could cook it in the more theaters and through another week. Kirk Cameron is on the patriot bubble newsmaker line this afternoon, and Kirk. I'm curious about the response you mention it came out this past weekend. Have you started getting some feedback from people who I went to go see the film all yet lots of people are coming out. We have videos on our social media and the other ball in their eyes out there, let their heads off and they're saying wow this is one of the best movies I've seen. Because the true story and it's hard.

Are you story with your pro-life, pro-choice, whatever we want to offer the third option which is the adoption option and it shows the beautiful side of what can happen if you choose life for your baby Pro abundant life Pro forgiveness program of profamily Pro reconciliation and new beginning. So we just are thrilled with the reaction got a 97% tomato audience for which is really high and now we're in the top 10 movies in the nation this weekend so really encourage people to go see it.

Bring the kid made the family. Everybody will love it and that's a big part of what we try to do on the program here Kirk because you're so much all. For me just last week we were talking about A pig with the gay polar bear family there's.

It seems as though there is an effort to really try and indoctrinate kids moms and dads had to be so careful these days. What they allow their kids to watch. So it's nice when a movie like this comes along that is truly a family-friendly movie, something that the entire family can enjoy. That's right. Ironic, but if we stop and really thinking when when you spoke about those you are really trying to indoctrinate our children with alternate ideas about family and really those folks that are doing that are really just picking up our playbook and running the plane is better than we have been running so if we go back and can't wait a minute, we read in the Bible chapter 6 we are to love our God with all of our hardware to teach our values to our children when they rise up in the morning when they walk along the way.

When they go to sleep again. Essentially what those other folks are doing through the stories that they tell the book that they write songs that they stay our kids are being taught these things when they rise up and walk along the way. Their phone through their television set and that's exactly what we need to be doing what you're doing right now that's what I'm trying to do were trying to take back our children's heart and mind and re-create the culture in the image of God, which leads to human flourishing rather than destruction and decay, and we just need to get back on our game and start doing what we were put on this planet.

Don't let it be Lord on earth as it is in heaven and you can do that were faithful.

I just love it occur.

Congratulations on the movie life. Mark, by the way, did you and the Kendrick brothers did you guys do the skydiving or the knife throwing while you were on set. You know what we had. Actually, many of their own. Some of them were quite dangerous. But all of the things that you see in the movie really happened in real life birthmark. She really had this crazy adventure Street, and she really took her son skydiving with her and he was experienced at that kind of thing because he loved the cliff.

Don't let nobody in the family would go with him so when they finally like now we know why this crazy streak and they were able to have so much fun together.

I love it I Kirk congratulations another great film and I know our listeners are to be piling in the theaters we just wish you guys the very best and I'm so grateful for you and the great impact that you're having our culture. Thanks, recruiting and educating I Kirk Cameron everybody grab a big bucket of Orval Redenbacher and the grab the family go and watch this great movie life Mark and we have all of the information over on her live show blog at Todd*and*.com 844-747-8860 events or toll-free telephone number if you seen this movie, I would love to hear from you I did.

I do love these these real-life these true life stories. They are just so compelling. But I'm still like to jump out of an airplane 844-747-8868 folks patriot mobile units are Kirk Cameron on her beautiful crystal clear patriot mobile newsmaker line. I love these folks.

They are incredible human beings. The folks who own and run patriot mobile Americans only Christian conservative wireless carrier.

They share our beliefs and are doing something about it there actually mobilizing people all over America to take back our school boards, but beyond that, they does have a pretty awesome self service. As a matter fact, if you switch the patriot mobile right now use my promo code Todd they're going to give you free activation patriot mobile has broad nationwide coverage and they have a plan to fit any budget. And if you are a veteran or a first responder hero there to give you an even bigger discount.

It's very easy.

All you have to do the patriot That's patriot or you can give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot and be sure you set promo code Todd uncle Tom Sue is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd Stern's here and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America. The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood.

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By the way, Grace Baker. They have like a commissary room that is is like something you would see in New York City.

Oh really what we talking well they have all sorts of light snacks and even healthy stuff, but I noticed that that's still kind of like in the machines. Nobody is really going for the help. He stopped us and held tips for you know, I don't think that's a big solar daughter but I love the coffee and the coffee is is delicious and 40 that's always nice. Will it taste delicious because it is free exactly so great. I'm traveling around and I came across a story that harkens back to Memphis about what we used to call the pink palace which was and is a museum. Now it's called the Museum of science and history. I still got the pink palace. I will everyone let us be honest, but now they call it marsh. That's kind of like the cool hip thing to call it the marsh but the pink palace whole back story here. The pink palace. The guy who built the pink palace is the guy who founded the Piggly Wiggly grocery store chain. I did not so it will and and by the way, the Piggly Wiggly was the first what you would now consider to be the first full-service grocery strata back in the day Grace Baker, our great-grandparents when they went into a grocery store, they would they would go to the counter and they would get whatever you wanted, so this will mark the first time that you could actually wander around the aisles and you get your beanie weenies are what will look at that. The more you know it's Memphis Tennessee this that we got a great history as we do for sure.

So anyway, the poor guy the Piggly Wiggly guide builds this beautiful palace which is made from pink limestone. I get that and then goes belly up and does the city comes and takes over another.

Got a museum museum there recently for a laserbeam show while it was now the pink palace is gone. Rainbow and that the there catch a lot of flak on our flagship station K WAN they been all over the story, but the museum is hosting a family friendly drag show. Oh how lovely and it's insane.

So I mean this is this is flat out debauchery. Yeah, I saw some of the images of the performers that was disgusting. Well, working to get to some of the performers in just a moment, but I think the issue here is why is a science and history Museum hosting a a drag show, much less a family friendly drag show yeah I don't think there is such a thing.

And also I don't know what that has to do like you said, with history it makes absolutely no sense. And by the way that my column is on this issue and you can read it for yourself. So the museum one of the staffer said hey look, the reason for doing this is that kids under the age of 18 are not allowed to go to a drag show anywhere else in Memphis really you think so. I wonder why that either my why is that America and then they said hey look of the reason is good to be family friendly is because everybody's got to be keeping their clothes on. Oh well, that is family-friendly. The program will feature performances from Fendi left them tricksy thunder sucked siren boss Barbie wire and Angel parts. Now I really do shudder to imagine what the climactic moment of that particular performed they come up with these names I don't even know who does want to see flames shooting out of anybody's was Museum of science and history look, moms and dads are enraged over this.

Sadly, the church community of Memphis has quite frankly been neutered so they don't say anything.

They're afraid of offending anybody over the drag queens, but you got some monster called the moms for liberty and they're raising holy you know what, and rightfully so.

They don't want their kids exposed to this kind of nonsense in the Museum of science and history yeah when I was little.

Can we went there for field trips because I was homeschooled so we would go there during the week but that's not maybe a good field trip ID anymore. No, I'm not.

Here's my issue, the moms and dads. What kind of a parent would take their kid to go see a drag from you wanted destroyed and taken down to the local strip joint yeah wire out of my I don't understand the reasoning and the thought process.

Erin and I would love to hear from somebody if you can explain that to me 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 look.

Here's the deal of folks, this is this is war on the hearts and minds of your children. That's what this is.

You think of your parent and look a lot of schools.

They take the kids on a field trip to the museum and you know moms and dads are to be cited as permission slips you think little Johnny little Susie they're going to look at the planetarium and the next thing you know a little Johnny's coming home wearing a feather boa and high heels and say mommy I want to be a drag queen like what the heck is going on down there at the pink palace but it's happening all over America. By the way Tennessee Tech University paid for by your tax dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, they just had a huge drag show and it was a complete in your face. Psalm up the wad suit to Christianity yet to giant guys like 400 pounders in their dance around among costumes like their Catholics and all of a sudden that the of the robes come off in the lunch hour. I decided to go there.

All I'm saying is that our tax dollars are supporting this debauchery and it's time for the American people and the taxpayers, especially to rise up and say when I can were not paying for this Tennessee Tech University if they want to do this they could do it on their own time, but no more tax money that something that the state lawmakers could decide that's on them. The pink palace.

I low how much money they get, if any, from the attack from from the government.

I know that all of your email addresses somebody's paying for something better in the pink palace is being very coy on how they're getting their funding, but if in fact there's any state funding or local funding the by golly, somebody needs to pull the plug. If you have a membership at the pink palace your supporting that nonsense. You need to be rethinking how you are using your money. That's all I'm saying you want to be mean about it going to be nasty about it but you do wonder what's going on and what the true intent is here and what does a drag show have to do a science one person very upset parents and God help us.

We are Sodom and Gomorrah for sure. Well, there you go. It is something to think about what is it the music was matzoh stands for the museum of science and history what they ought to be doing is renaming it. The Museum of sexual hijinks. Shame on you pink palace wannabes got obese seeing red blessing with Shane. I we had to take a break here 844-747-8868 we are live from beautiful Gainesville, Georgia.

This is the Todd surgery is the king's colleges and departments for students with the drive and dedication to grow in their faith and develop leadership skills as they run a bachelors degree.

The Kings College offers programs online in New York City.

I did a combination of deliveries, every major and minor is designed to prepare students for success. Find out more.

Start the journey will just go to college Kings, the King's College that's T to find out what the King's College has to walk universities. Do you Memphis, Tennessee. Todd R radio show we are on the road of broadcasting from the battleground state of Georgia had a great event last night with Herschel Walker Marjorie Taylor green Barry Loudermilk here in the Atlanta area and we will be doing another big rally in the Atlanta area later on this week and I look folks, people are excited they're motivated there energized and if if what's happening here in Georgia is happening in other parts of the country.

We are going to have a very good reason to smile in November after the midterm elections.

I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line honored to have with those from the great state of Ohio. Our good friend Congressman Jim Jordan Congressman, hope you're doing well today I'm doing fine I get giddy with her what you're doing there in Georgia and that's good to hear about the energy describe their net important important you know I Congressman one of the things Herschel Walker said and I did.

There were a couple of things that really brought the crowd to their feet when he talked about this issue with how the Democrats are trying to divide us along racial lines and he said the reality is were all the same, black, white, Hispanic, it doesn't matter. We all want the same things for our families and one of the things that really cause people to erupt with applause as he said we want to be able to to live in a peaceful community and this crime issue that has infected our nation is insane. Know your ear, you're exactly right.

When upper wanted her own record at the idea down fairly county that I in her curfew because crime is so bad.

I think rarely We had a black player who was shot when they tried to get car. He simply offered for dinner, so that people get that we have went from State Street to record level to crime in every major urban area so it's hurtful exactly right when he when he talks about that that if you and and again the Democrats of the party to defund police and let people in no bail and let people out not prosecute people who do violent things out. I think the country understand that nothing can be a big motivator for people on on November 8. I'm with you and when you do the deep dive into that polyamide that is a significant issue for everybody. And of course I live in Memphis and it's horrifying and people just don't understand how it's like where you have to even change we go to get your gas so you won't get carjacked through that's note who wants to live like that now. It is frightening and we have this situation because of the left and there there attack on law enforcement their attack on I think people talk about the undermining of the family to send in a host of things you see from that contribute to the record level of criminal activity. We came in so many of our urban areas and again I think I can think about is really for biggest youth pottery in the way stated we went to work and no border. We went from State Street record crime and went from five dollars got and we went from stable prices to 40 when your high inflation rate and all debt that all driven by the crazy policy that's happening to you, your family or community, and oh by the way the rock to come in at your freedom.

Your pertinent liberty. Your second amendment rights or due process rights also come in after that. That's what this campaign is about. And if you vote for Democratic and get more. The thing about Republican. Congressman Jim Jordan on her patriot mobile newsmaker line this afternoon Congressman another big story.

We've been following these attacks, not just now on Pres. Trop but also on trump supporters were hearing upwards of 50 FBI subpoenas and warrants issued what's going on here. What can you tell us one month time to write the home of a former president of the fitting member of Congress he called The country and extremist in the department has went down report 40 to 50 individual with with various subpoenas for testimony or document. I'm not sure that is frightening and oh by the way, a net payment that that timeframe defined legislation to unleash 87,000 direct eight to give milk to come to rescue the taxpayer so this is frightening.

And it needs to stop. But I again I think the country recognized what is the political nature of the justice department. And here's the other important I think back, so do so many agent because we have now had 14 FBI agent come to our office talk with our staff and whistleblowers about the political nature of everything going on at the Justice Department felt were committed to try to investigate. Get to the bottom up. If in fact the American people put in charge. I think I think that's imperative that the Republicans do that.

I think people are you know they want answers, but more importantly they want this rooted out and and we've got to do some this is the the deep state that Pres. Trop was warning people about and we know going all the way back to Barack Obama's obliteration Congressman when Lois Lerner and the IRS was weapon ice to take out tea party folks and conservative severe life groups that has not stopped it. We knew agent. Will you know left-wing with the left-wing that week. We know what, and we had one thing to get it we win we got to go to the Madeleine trying to change that 87,000 people to come correctly American tactics that deal that you your money to come to rescue the taxpayer and never forget the context here with the Justice Department.

Remember in 2016 and 2017. They lie to the FISA court.

The altered evidence that went by the court. They did so they could spy on the president campaign when I start to get discovered. Kobe releases his memo to create momentum to get a special counsel. We have Muller Moore spent 2 1/2 years, $30 million Nike lawyer, 48, and comes up with nothing and then we also learn the same, just weeks before the 2020 election to practice and hide evidence regarding Hunter by investigation.

Think about that that that happened for your time and now we get to what what what they're doing here in the last month is really really scary stuff, Congressman. It's also very dangerous and we saw the Italian Congressman resulting we saw the attack on Salman Rushdie just a couple weeks ago.

Earlier today Congressman Tim Ryan Democrat from Ohio running for Senate was on MST and sees morning Joe and Kyle let's play the audio from Congressman Ryan Democrat right on every second I will have conversations about how we can move out of this stage of stupidity and into an age of reconciliation and how do we fix all of these broken systems. Some of those answers will come from Republicans not not extremist that were dealing with every single day.

We got a kill that movement, but that you know working with normal mainstream Republicans I think that's been a be really really important because we have to reform these systems so there you heard Congressman talk about wanting to kill and confront the extremist Republican movement is not folks like you and me. Yeah, I mean that same rhetoric we hear from me like you try to have about way on and you know the last thing all like like Joe Biden called about that agreement he gave in and caught again I frightening speed to me look ridiculous and at the same time you want to work with the public and it did go by the inauguration speech great that we need to unify the country which was no good point. We certainly would all would appreciate that. But they wanted to do two hours later went to the White House and find like 20 different executive order that divided the country felt. You can't have it both ways.

Reader either want to actually unify and work on good commonsense solution, or even that you keep the radical left with typing control the Democratic Party called his name not going to not gonna work. I think it's backfiring on Democrat wanted to motivate people about Republican on them right Congressman you been tweeting this morning about the border and you seem to suggest you believe and I do too, that this is all intentional. There they have no desire to secure that border. My question though is why are all these people in New York City and Chicago upset. Those are sanctuary cities that there is to be welcoming all these people. Thank you very happy. Provide where does the double standard. The laughter always know their elitist attitude of no no no no it's okay that we don't have a border that were intensely good look at the order, but if they come not all that long of your data call ever this typical left-wing craziness. Typical double standard that the left had and what, Eric said the other day that at the border security said it was.

The problem is what happened in the top administration and we need to Rethink all your fault all through your fault and keep the border darker in the fictional court that the intentional again.

I think that Americans have come in and see all this great stuff as always I Congressman one. Let's let you get back to always appreciate you coming on the show work. Are there you go folks. Congressman Jim Jordan and one a fighter. Honestly, I would love to see this guy as the next speaker of the house. This is somebody I know.

I know he doesn't want the job, but sometimes you just gotta take one for the team here and I think that he would be tremendous.

Leading the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, the fall, what cellulite is a gentleman that the Republicans retake the house. Would you like to see Jim Jordan as the commander in chief of the Republicans, 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we are broadcasting live from our beautiful palatial studios at WTO in Gainesville Georgia will be right back. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone have time to find a store, prepare and eat fruit and vegetables in our busy lives pounds of nature keeps it simple.

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These plans are encapsulated or packaged instant right your door.

You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order broadcasting. By the way where to be talking with our good buddy Tony Perkins a little bit later on Tony and his team over family research Council, hosting a major national conference in Atlanta on Thursday. I will be there. I we would love to see you if you're in the area drop by and say hello will be doing a book signing at all that good stuff as well and that's coming up Thursday that will be held at the first Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, so I want to talk about the story from over the weekend, the mayor of New Orleans is really facing some controversy over over her airline travel, Latoya Cantrell. She is a Democrat and they're saying that she owes about $30,000 because she flew first class to Switzerland in a couple of other places and the mayor is really upset about this.

How dare you how dare you criticize me. Let's take a listen. All expenses incurred doing business on behalf of the city of New Orleans will not be reimbursed to the city of New Orleans. One thing is clear. I do my job and I will continue to do it with distinction with dignity and integrity every step of the way. That's what I have to say on okay every step of the way. It's basically how dare you criticize me. I'm a black woman how to so it turns out it.

January she flew first class to Washington DC 2300 box in March. She flew first class to Miami $2800 and then she's off to Switzerland first class ticket $9800.

By the way first class trip to France back in July $17,000 Grace Baker.

I know you do a lot of you were just in Washington DC over the weekend. Yes I was. Did you fly first class not first-class.

Nope you're in steerage yeah I was toward the back that's okay. I don't care I do we have that second clip of audio I'm again were it folks, bear with us because were we got be here in Georgia. Nobody else back in Memphis we have the second piece of audio from the mayor not at the moment.but will work are are very good anyway. She is very upset and she talks about how it's very dangerous for a black woman to fly in economy. Now Grace you were back in economy.

Did you see any violence of getting robbed or assaulted anything going on back there think the worst thing is I heard a baby crying about it. Well, that can be bad if you're on a long time. If it's a long-haul flight glided down glided down he behaved gets me is when they are the people get on the planes with their support animals like the horses and the pigs and the whatnot. I've never seen a horse on a plane nor snake that lets good seems to be girl if I if I'm the mayor I'm more concerned about getting attacked going to the TSA checkpoint that I would be actually on board the airplane yet TSA is a little uncomfortable sometimes I I will.

I don't like going to graphic details, but in a couple of times Grace back when I worked at Fox and if they saw that you were wearing like a fox ball Or a potsherd or maybe had a Fox logo on your luggage, they would pull you aside for the special treatment.

This is primarily due to the above industries special treatment.

I only want to know what that is.

Well after the first time I was in a call on order CSI. I just special victims unit just say they had me singing the high parts to amazing Grace a couple of the house. My gosh, it's terrible, terrible.

So all that to say I'm not quite sure why the mayor is is so concerned about whatever is happening back in steerage yeah I don't know she's something she's got bigger fish to fry or she should anyway. And again I fly first class. That's just something I do but I don't expect the taxpayer to pick up the bill that's is something I pay for myself and there is a downside to make God forbid the plane never goes down. Usually the first class folks are the first ones to get that's true you know I made it so you take a risk flight but I $17,000. What kind of business is the mayor of New Orleans doing in France for $17,000 airline ticket.

Yes, he must've ordered some drinks on the plane or something a whole lot.

Abu Yep, even for somebody from New Orleans on just say she's all all right there you go.

844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so the mayor is defiant and she goes on to say that it's about we all just read the quote to you and she's she saying that it's just it's not safe for women with children and especially black women to be forced to sit in in steerage and in coach or economy, as they call and she is now refusing to pay the $30,000 back to the city by the way, the average salary for a police officer.

We did some checking on this. The average salary for a police officer in New York City is not much hired him $30,000, the amount the mayor of New Orleans was spending on those airline tickets and I gotta tell you, folks, you get what you vote for here and she's turning this around now and accusing all you people complaining of being racist.

That's the that's and you should not be surprised by that. By the way, the official policy. According to WW L a radio.

They did some checking. The official policy is employees are required to purchase the lowest airfare available and anybody who wants to upgrade they got a foot that bill out of their own pocket so matter mayor better pony up 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgery is nature changing the world one life at a time and all the stuff that the doctors told us all like and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." Years I can tell you same years that Myla and I'm really start your journey company hundred 246-8751 or go down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance back to the Todd surgery to this, the state lawmaker and her name is London Lamar.

She is scheduled a flag for something she said back in 2018 on this a video interview should she is running for the state Senate and of all places, Memphis, Tennessee, and these two major crime stories that became national news actually happened in the district. She wants to represent in the Senate and instead of talking about crime. She's actually making a documentary about her life as a candidate. I'm not making this up, and the video which I have seen. It's all about her a while that I've seen the preview of the video and it's all about her getting a make up and getting her hair done and dancing at nightclubs and grace are not familiar with the music. The young people are dancing to these days, but the whole word was mentioned quite a bit. God is one of the particular songs and I don't think they were talking about gardening. I am probably not not that kind of sorry so anyway she doesn't like white people as it is like anybody from Tennessee.

She's is all you people in Tennessee are bunch of racist got number one. You people were going to leave their so my question would be to miss Lamar give us an example how is how are all Tennesseans racist. I happen to be a Tennessean. I would love for her to explain to me how am I a racist, but then I get to do that that this is how the Democrats play. This is very evil thing that what this woman is doing and she goes on to specifically attack white Republican men cut number 2X so overwhelmed and severe learning.

All right, so now she said that if if you're a white person and you vote for a white candidate that makes you not only racist but it also makes you a white supremacist. So my question would be to miss Lamar okay will what about black people who only vote for blank units.

Does that make them a black black supremacist, a black nationalist maybe just maybe they're voting for the best person they think will do the job. Maybe that's it. Anyway, she goes on to say this is an and this is a very wicked person. This London Lamar cut number three school people so I like sore things like that about who openly express. They will now this is London Lamar. She's not some doodle on the street.

She's a wacky little who got elected, and she's a racist wacky little to boot. Ladies and gentlemen, you heard their talk about preaching to the idle who she's preaching for.

It's not on behalf of God. Maybe maybes this, the son of Satan. Maybe. Maybe she's a follower of the devil, because that's the kind of evil spewing out of this woman's mouth, which is not the only one, and I do want to say I appreciate the fact that she was open and honest admitted to the entire nation that she is a is a person who hates white people hates her constituents and things were all evil. I appreciate her coming out of the closet and announcing that to the nation, but there are a whole lot of other folks out there who share that mindset on the Democrat side, but they will not talk openly about it. But here's the great irony. It turns out her Republican opponent in this particular race is in fact a black man you can't make this up. His name is Dr. Fred Tappan is a longtime minister.

He's worked in law enforcement to the courts of the guy has an incredible conservative track record is working incredibly hard to to address the issues of crime, public safety, education, and what is his opponent doing London Lamar while she's out at the nightclubs get gussied up and dancing to the up or whatever they call the hold music. Why don't Ovitz know that the word home was in the lyrics I just sharing what I know here folks sharing what I know stick to politics. Todd, thank you grace. I'm trying. I mean, as the old the raciest song in my on my iTunes profile is the other, but Dr. Doc song that's about time to stop by your head, my friend. I'm trying grace and really is Tuesday so again I folks, this is this is what we are dealing with. These are people who are out there trying to divide us along racial lines went back to reality as a whole heck of a lot of white people and Memphis this year to be voting for a black conservative Republican who is and would make an incredible lawmaker.

All that to say, we need to educate ourselves. The other side.

They're not playing fair they're playing dirty and you think you're going after Donald Trump there, and after all of us. You just heard a woman say that the entire state of Tennessee is racist. It's unbelievable what's going on out there.

Are we to take a break 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 encourage you to check out our great website. Todd Stern' we have so many wonderful stories, Kayla Parker, managing editor, leading our team of great journalist is a writing original content and getting news to you that you will not find in the mainstream media say Todd how can I what what I do when I get to the website will you can read our stories. You can you can subscribe to our free newsletter.

You can also sign up for our podcast all three hours of the radio program available for you free of charge, and again that's it. Todd Stern' will be right back America nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house like your product and happy with you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet regularly very good because I don't always know about energy and feeling overall work will complain more energy to work with. I think that a little more energy older disabled person. I don't always eat properly fill in a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 100 246-8751 or go to dans to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance walking back to you.

This is from the, it turns out that about 1/4 of Americans could not name a single branch of government survey also found a decline of the number of respondents who could name any of the five freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment around 26% could not name any first amendment freedoms. What does this mean Orleans were stupid American. That's what it means to me.

Not our audience. Our audiences has quite frankly above average intellect. I suspect we have many geniuses genius.

I listen to this radio program.

The Annenberg Public policy Center.

They had an annual Constitution Day civic survey that found a significant drop in the percentage of Americans who can name all three branches of government falling by 9% from a year earlier. So why is this. I have a theory about this.

I believe this is all intentional. I believe that our public education system is meant not to educate but to make our kids even more stupid and why is that because the stupid population is easier to control. Why is it that people would go out and fight for freedom if in fact they did not realize they had those freedoms to fight for. That's all I'm trying to say here folks. But beyond that I am not surprised by this.

I'm not surprised that a good many Americans could not name all three branches of government.

Quite frankly, many Americans can't even figure out what pronoun they are are let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 came from Georgia listing to us on W DU in K. I gotta tell you nice town you got here all morning. When she came last year and Sam about that because oh I did dictate the hugger.

I remember what that was. Think you'd care to make how you write why would I care okay well okay you know as a Southerner, especially, there was a time when being accused of. Someone accuses you of being a racist. I mean, you would take great offense at that nowadays I just I you know they call me every name of the book so I do. It doesn't bother me that much. Don't carry yeah I hear his body be family members got a lot of you don't have to like that's yeah that's right I'm getting kind of been made. It was a lot of fun today and you have a big it's a big conference starting tomorrow and I'll be speaking Thursday at the First Baptist Church Atlanta there really a lot of folks there as well. So well Next Time I'll Give You Advance Notice and and Will Have To See If We Can't Meet Again Will I Would Love All Right Okay I Have To Ask Is Mr. K in the Mix Era Media Immediately Unwanted Groundhog and a Married Lady Now All Right Okay Well Well I'm Sorry to Hear That but I'm Glad to Know Where Our Hug Was on the up and up and I Look Forward to.

All Right Gentle Pretty Quickly That All Right Okay Take Care Of Yourself All Right. Grace Baker's Kind of like a Little Christian Mingle Here All the Birds Radio Should Notice It Really Is Very True. It's like and You Say Todd, I Guess It Does a Ladies Man What You Know, I'm the Justin Bieber for Certain Demographic, Usually Never Ever Play You and Justin Bieber and the Things for Sale. I Will Have the Tattoos and I Don't See a Boy so Maybe That's a Better Comparison the Don Rickles Who Don't Ask Know That They Just Don't Teach Your Kids Anything in School-Based Sorry Went to the Pink Palace for Field Trips. What Can I Say Wow by the Way, Someone Just Sent Me a Text I Said Todd You Believe This, but There Mocking the Nuns to over the Pink Palace. Oh Yeah, the Drag Queens Dressed up like Nuns. Yes, Something I Did See This Event on Facebook. It Was like Cocktails and Chemistry with the Drag Queen Nuns Very Creepy. Well I Don't Know What They're Smoking over the Pink Palace Then Want to Get the Catholics Riled up.

That's True. They'll Play Hardball. They Will Complete This Audio. This Take to the Tick-Tock Is Nuts. I Can't Believe Graca People Put This Kind of Nonsense out There. I Made It I Don't Get I Don't Get It Either. But Honestly, I Used To Call It the Skull Twitter the Cesspool Humanity. I Might Need to Reserve That Now for Tick-Tock. I'm Not Sure I Say Here's a Woman and She's Explaining Why She's Fat My People Looking for Space Amounts to, and Other Places of Discovery and Testing Company Would Never Accounting and They Didn't Come the Fertility of the Land Would Not Get Destroyed before Status to Cultivate Tobacco and Die off My If That Didn't Happen. And If They Didn't Exploit and Extract the Sources and Tell My Sisters Were Left with Nothing Green and My 15 Medium Large Fat Man's Period of 243 People Would Not Die This Time and Place and the People of This Please Not Doubt to Survive.

We Also Biologically Programmed to Hold on to My Jeans Being Always Think Okay I Something Is Going to Be Family and You Will Not. I Would Also Not Share the Seasons. Okay Enough of This. Wow I Thought Was a Joke but This Woman Is Really Serious. He Sounded Really Serious.

I Bet You Can Tell She's at Your Eggs.

You Can Feel the Anxiety Maybe the Fatback I Don't Know the Field for Losing an Example of People Blaming and I Know Some People Have Legitimate Health Conditions, but Generally Speaking, Blaming Your Personal Decisions on Other People.

So That's All I Think of It As Bite, She Said, Though There Are Biologically Programmed to Be Fat and What You Said, but Her Jeans Were Screaming or Something That You Got Here You Can Die to Get Some Global Waistlines Are to so the Genes Would Be Screaming How High I Just Say She Said the Genes Were Screaming. Here's the Here's the Problem Not Only with This Young Lady Is but the Darlin Unit. If You're Concerned about Being Overweight and Obese. Just Put down the Cheeseburger. You Know, Just Maybe Stop When You Go to KFC Talk at the Whole Bucket of Chicken Maybe Just Get like a Chicken Chicken Blank Right and Order Some Coleslaw or Maybe a Salad. I Just Say That but but It's Not My Fault You If You've Got a Beautiful Squeeze of the Will. See, I Have a Couple Cheese a Little.

We Got Our Three Covenant Next. I Could Go for Some KFC Right about Now.

844-747-8868 That's Her Telephone Number. We Are Broadcasting Live or W GUN in Gainesville, Georgia. This Is the Remember to Eat Your Fruit and Vegetables.

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I Was Honored to Speak Last Night at a Large Gathering about a Thousand or so Conservatives at the Faith and Freedom. Coalitions Big Victory. Gen. Herschel Walker Marjorie Taylor Green Congressman Loudermill. Loudermilk Was There, among Many Others. Dr. Evita King and I Was Honored to Deliver the Keynote Address There and of That I'll Be Speaking Later This Week in Atlanta Want to Go to the Phones Here Are Right Away 844-747-8868 Faith Is Listing to Us from Memphis, Tennessee, on Our Flagship Station PWA Imports to Weigh in on Lindsay Graham All Right Faith. What Say You Really Were Fair Enough. Update That Ran around the Novel the People Why Looking Have Not Been Motivated to Actually Do Do Plan Me and Speaking Loudly Clear That They Don't Care about and Process the Current Touch Don't Care What Happened Generally Think of Them Punished and Willing to Believe They Can Stand on the Top and Right Him Out Of the Public like You.

You Know about Go Back to Normal. Like We Used To Pull Your Leg Doing Something for You Are Not the Only One Line Every Time They Jostle 1/2.Holly Including Public Members. No One Catholic Happening Catholic Happening. They Have Held Her Hand with Democrat or Republican Issue That Their Way of Life so That My Apartment Now More Than on Record Saying That They Should Be Prosecuted. No One on Julie Kelly and Some Other People Know about the Company Leadership and Comic Tell You What Happened to Think That I Think We Need to Take to Make Sure That Anything Positive Might Not Be Violated, but Lisa Put His Grandma to Write It so I Don't Think He Knew Exactly the Trajectory of Blindfold Judging the Political Leanings and the Hammer down Commission Face. Just Think about This for a Moment.

Just Think about This. These Guys Have Been in Jail Many of Them Have Been in Solitary Confinement for Well over a Year. They Have Not Been Convicted of a Single Crime. All Right, They Have yet to Go to Court to Be Tried and yet in and for Example Memphis, Tennessee.

You Have People That Are Been Arrested and Charged with Murder and They Have Been Set Free Their Walking the Streets Right Now, but People in Washington DC They're Being Held As Political Prisoners of the Biden Administration, Primarily All You Nightly Correction Really All My Life Will Be Medically Little Shell I Corralled through Their Stuff like That Way People Getting Anything Remaining Evil around You and Feel People Want to Have a Career Well :-( I Got I Got to Request Your List Is State Sen. London Lamarck. She Says Everybody in Tennessee Is a Racist and Especially You Republicans out There, and I'm Curious, Is That the General Train of Thought and in and Memphis. I Don't Believe Obama Came in Office Regulations Have Been Back Talking about Maybe Two Months Ago People Who Are Black and I Don't Go Public with Saying Their View of How We Act Not to Be Truthful about the White Race Is Black and White. Being Think That You Are My Genetic Carrier Then Your Fellow Man. See What You All Always down All My People They Can Know If You Think You Only Become Your Genetic Code, You Should Be Treated and That People like Most People Shock Me People and Blood of Jesus. He Can Say TO Keep to Keep You Doing Here Know to Keep from Breaking down the White Man Keeping You down.

Some People Think You Are Doing a Great Job. Please Lay People Not Move for You Young People to Be People That You're Going to Be Doing the Right Key White White Being Human Being. You Hold Three People to Get past the Church Saves. All I Can Tell You Is You Gotta Be a Little Bit More Passionate about This Stuff Just a Smidge More Patched. I Appreciate Your Call but Were Running Late for a Break Here, but You're Absolutely Correct in Everything You Just Said Young People Today They Don't Know What Racism Is. They Have Experienced Racism. They Have Experienced. As You Said Drinking from Another Water Valve Are Being Forced to Sit in the Back of the of the Bus or the Airport. Well, I Guess the Mayor of New Orleans Yes Is the Back of Your Plane Triggers Are but You're Right We Have so Many People at so Many Different Levels of Society That Are Throwing down the Race Card and We've Got to Be Able to Stand up and We've Got a Speak Truth to the Culture about What's Really Going on Faith. God Bless You and Thank You for That. Call 844-747-8868 That's Her Telephone Number Where You Take a Break When We Come Back Any Georgia Folks You Just Heard Faith There. Do You Agree with Her That That We Have Got to Get past This Issue.

This Is the Top Storage Natures Fruits and Vegetables in a Capsule Changing the World One Life at a Time, Physician Not Been Practiced for 40 Years.

When I Started I like Medicine, Probably Taking More People off Medicine and so I Looked at It a Natural Element, There's No Question in My Mind on A Lot Of Patients That People My Age to 60 and over. Do Not Eat Right and They Certainly Don't Get Nutrients to the Vegetables That I Think That It Supplies the Building Blocks That Your Body Normally Was Used To Heal Itself.

Don't Get You so It's Amazing What I Did Two Years. Start Your Journey to Better Health: 800-246-8751 or Go to Don's to Get Free Shipping. And Don't Forget to Get 35% off Your First Preferred Order Using Discount Code Balance Back to the Radio Show Today. We Are on the Road This Weekend They Heard Good Friend, My Good Friend Mary Walters Yesterday Did a Terrific Job It Was Sort of Fun Listening to You Guys Call Again As I Was Driving Well over the Speed Limit across the State of Mississippi and Alabama into Georgia. By the Way, There Is a Very Important Piece of Legislation That Is Moving through the Congress and Number of Republicans More Than 400 Have Signed a Letter Calling on Lawmakers to Enshrine Same-Sex Marriage into Law, and That We Are Expecting This Vote to Hit the Senate Floor Sometime between Now the End of the Month, but among the Leaders, Former Former Republican National Committee Chairman and of the Reelection Campaign Manager for President Bush, Ken Bowman and They're Saying That That Marriage Needs to Be Enshrined Gay Marriage Needs to Be Enshrined into Law More Than 400 Republicans Now Supporting That Effort, and We Already Know Several US Senators Say They Will Sign on to That about the Concern from Our Friends at Alliance Defending Freedom and They've Fired off a Letter to Lawmakers Saying Hey, Wait a Second. If You Guys Pass This Legislation.

It's Going to Open up Pandora's Box Wise. Defending Freedom Is Saying That What That Bill Will Do Is Make Marriage Anything Goes. So If You Want to Get Married to Three People or Four People or Five People to Be Able to Do That If This Bill Becomes Law, but Again I Go Back to This Issue. I Know There Are People of the LGBT Side and They Said That You Know Well, That's Just Not True.

Why Would We Do Something like That. But Why Would You Not Believe the Supreme Court Has Already Redefined What God Defined the Supreme Court Is Already Decided That Marriage Is Is a Heck of A Lot. That Marriage Is a Heck of A Lot More Than Just a Man and a Woman so at This Point, Why, Why Would the LGBT People Try to Stop Anybody Else from Redefining Marriage of the LGBT Crowd Wanted to Redefine Marriage and They Got Their Wish from the Supreme Court, so Why Now with the LGBT Crowd Say Well Yeah You You People Who Want to Get Married to Your Laptop Computer. You're Not Be Allowed to Do That Because That That's a Mockery. Well You Know What A Lot Of People Say That the Mockery Has Already Been Made. So Again My Question Is What Right Does Anybody Have Now to Redefine Marriage That's Already Been Redefined. 844-747-8868 That's Her Telephone.

I'm Just Saying.

I Mean If If the LGBT Crowd Can Redefine Marriage. Why Can't the People Who Want to Get Married to Their Laptop Computers and I Bring That up. By the Way.

As an Example Because a Guy Actually Try to Get Married to His Laptop Computer. I Don't Know. I Don't Think It Worked out. Think Somebody Got a Virus Very Unfortunate.

What Follows Danny and George Listen to Us on WDC with Danny What's Going on. You Are Looking for. I Am All Ears Got Scott's on the Square Are Not One of the Survivor.

What's the What's the One of a Famous for Any Number A Lot like the Trip That You Think That Sounds Delicious.

Scott's on the Square Art and Putting That on My List. Danny and I May Have To Give Them Give Them a Try. So You Guys Have a Great Town Here in Gainesville. All Right Danny Appreciate the Call.

So Again, We Are Taking Restaurant Recommendations. James Will 844-747-8868 You Know I Got It to Grace They Have That Great.

There's a Great Hot Dog Joint on the Square I Always Forget the Name of the Place, but the Collegiate That's the Thing Hello Yeah You Told Me about It. Now You Have Chili Cheese Dogs Cheese Slaw Chili Slaw Dogs Will Wait Okay Were Going to Start a Whole Another Debate.

Normally When I Get Chilly Get the Chili on the Shredded Cheese and the Onions. Now That's What They Do in Cincinnati. They Got the Chili. Of Course, You May Not Have Been May or May Not Know I Will Draw the Line. The Gains on the Hot Dog Chili Cheese It's in the Bible You Know.He's on Your Chili Dog Only If I Only Prime Cincinnati and They Pile up.

You Have the Shredded Cheese. They Pop That's but down South. You Gotta Have. It's a Chili Dog No Beans with Slaw and I'm Telling You the Collegiate They Got the Best. I'd Be Willing to Fight Somebody over This. They Got the Best Chili Small Talk to Marilyn, My Gosh, I'm Hungry. Todd Somebody Asked Her They Advertised All They Don't Advertise. I Just Only That's I Bet That Is from the Purity of My Heart Parent of Any Liquid Garlic for New Places to Eat. I Know Places like Chick-Fil-A Are Going Woke so Quickly That We Got, You Know You Had. I Was Going to Do It. You Know Folks Just Don't Buy in to the Woke Mom. All Right Its Look Trust Me, You Just Got to Ignore It. It's Going to Go down like a Bad Chili Dog and Adjusted Every Time You Deal with the Woke Crowd under Stalin Are Gotta Take a Break Here 844-747-8868 This Is the Remember to Eat Your Fruit and Vegetables. We All Remember These Words from a Child That Anyone Had Nice Store Prepare Written Vegetables in Her Busy Line Balance of Nature Keeps It Simple. Our Produce Is Powdered after an Advanced "Nutrient Content to Produce It into a Scientifically Researched Design with Your Body and Mind. Once These Plans Are Encapsulated or Packaged Incident Right Here to Work. You Can Get All the Benefits of a Colorful Variety of Written Vegetables Every Day Experience the Balance of Nature Different Hundred Two 468-5135 Percent on Your First Order so It Was Great Job.

So Many Wonderful Patriots in North Georgia Last Night of the Patent Coalition of That Heading out to Los Angeles for about Four or Five Days Next Week and Will Likely Be Broadcasting or Show from out in California, Then off to Charlotte and Thursday Very Honored to Be One of the Speakers at a Very Important National Conference Called Pray Vote Stand.

It Kicks off Tomorrow and It Is an All-Star Lineup.

Many of the People That a Regular Guest on This Program I Gov. Mike Huckabee Congressman Jody Heise Will Be There. Gov. Brian Kemp Is Going to Be Speaking and Graham Lotz All Put Together by Our Great Friend, the President of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins Was on the Patriot Bubble Newsmaker like Tony. Hope You're Doing Well Today Doing Quite Well.Looking Forward to Your Church in Atlanta Which Is the Site of This Your and the Looking for to Being on Your Program a Little Bit Later This Afternoon I'll Be You Driving down That Way. And the Top 20 Am Very Excited about the Lineup. I Think It's One of These for Such a Time As This Moments for This Very Important Conference Is Not a Political Rally, Political Leaders, It Is Really Descriptive by Title, Pray, Vote, Stand, and This Is This Is a Conference for Believers for Christians. For Those That Understand They Found the Christian Faith Foundation Foundational Role in Our Nation and That We Live in a Time That Look. We Are Challenged on Every Front, and We We Do Need to Seek Spiritual Solutions. We Are in a Spiritual Battle Talk about This Week That This Week We Can Talk about What's Happening in the Classroom, the Indoctrination of Children. Talk about Election Report and Why That's so Important Now That's Played out. Even Here, Georgia You Know It Wouldn't Be Hearing from You and Other Conservative Cultural Leaders Have Some Very Practical Panel Discussion so That Folks Can Only Have You No Information and Be Challenged to Pray but Also to Understand the Role We Play This Country of Boating Why It's Important We Need to Get Others to Vote and Overwhelm the Shenanigans That the Left Likes to Do at the Ballot Box, and Then We Got a Stamp Recruit and There Is to Be A Lot Of Discussion about That This Weekend. Why We Have To Stand against This Cultural Tide That Is Moving Our Nation in the Wrong Direction. Tony, There's Been so Much Emphasis Placed on What's Happening in Washington DC in Recent Years That We've We've Ignored What's Happening at the State and Local Level and and It Seems to Me That What's Happening on the State and Local Upper Level Be at the Statehouse for the Local School Board. Those Are I Think More Impactful to the Culture You're Actually Right. We've Taken the Last Two Years Are Annual on the Road Here Is Important. No Doubt about It until People You Are Very Real Changes the Impactful Changes in and I Say This Is a Former State Legislator Court Did a Number of First in the Nation Pieces of Public Policy in the Real Estate and You Mentioned School Board That Is Something to Be Talking A Lot about the Training Track Happening Here This Week in the School Board and the School Board Races Were Happening across the Country. A Prime Example of How People Are Making a Difference Taking Back Schools Pushing This Leftist Indoctrination Out Of Our Classrooms and Saving Our Children to Be a Big Focus This Week and People Can Find out More, the Still Time to Register Prego Standout Orgy/Summit If You Can't Get Here Well Were to Be Putting It Online As Well. She Will Be Able to Watch the Broadcast Online. If You Live Here in the State of Georgia.

We Got Some Room for You Still Register Quickly Standout Orgy/Summit and Tell Me If I'm Hearing You Correctly Is Not Just about Hearing Someone like Me Bloviating from the Platform They Were Talking about. Hands on Very Practical Things That You Can Take Back to Your Home, Your Community and Put in the Action Operational Messages with Those That Are Have Their Finger on the Pulse of the Country like You and Me Talking about but Then It Can Be Followed by Panel Discussions Expert in Election Reform Experts on Education Experts on the Whole Transgender Ideology in Court on Our Kids Talking about the Corporations That We Fight Back against These Wolf Corporations That Are Taking the Profits from the Business We Do with Them to Use against Us When It Comes to Our Values so All of Those Things Mentioned. There's Also a Training Session That Will Be to Place.

I'm Curious from Your Perspective in Your You're at the Tip of the Spear When It Comes to These Kinds of Issues. What Would You Say Is the Most Pressing Issue Facing Our Nation at This at This Time. At This Juncture Is Dreamily Important Question I Could Run down a List of Policy Issues. Talk about What the Senate Is Doing Right Now Codifying Trying to Redefine Marriage That You like Talk about the Abortion Issue Is What I Think Is the Greatest Threat to Our Nation.

The Lack of Moral Courage. We Need People Who Know the Truth and Are Willing to Stand for the Truth to Be There. That's What We Call Cradled Stand in Order to Stand for Truth in the Culture in Which We Live. You've Got to Have a Firm Fountain Firm Foundation That Begins As We See It Unapologetically Christian Organization Relationship with Jesus Christ Solid in Your Faith Able to Stand against the Cultural Forces That Are Sweeping across Our Land That Me the Greatest Threat to Our Nation.

While That's You, I Don't Think I've Heard Anybody Put It in Those Words but Tony II Think There's A Lot Of Truth There That It Really Is a Lack of Moral Courage That Got Us to Where We Are at No Another Concern I Would Have Is the Number of Churches That Have Have Intentionally Disengaged from the Conversation and and I Think That Churches Bear a Responsibility and Have an Obligation to Speak Truth into the Culture Church Is Not Going to Speak Truth Will Come from Hollywood.I Hear This. If I Were to Want Them Herded, As I Talked to Elective Every Day.

But I'm Hearing This Frequently Is That Why Do Christians Pastors One Political Leaders What They Want to Talk about Issues and Vote on Issues That They Won't Preach about from Their Pulpits. And You Know What, That's a Very Poignant Question That We Expect the Political Class to Lead on These Issues We Need America to Speak to These Issues.

There Is a Leadership Role That the Church and Pastors Have To Play, and There Are Many That Are Doing It and You and I Know A Lot Of Those Pastors We Need More Join Their Ranks. While That's That's Great Stuff You like Preaching a Sermon on the on Radio Tony Perkins Warmed up the Great Expanse of God, Pray, Vote That's Private Standout or Orgy of Folks We Go to Directly to This in Our Lives. A Blog You Can Find It There. If You Are Listening to Us Anywhere in the Southern States. We Love Free to Come to Be a Part of This Great Event at the First Baptist Church in Atlanta. Looking Forward to Meeting A Lot Of Our Listeners Are down There at the Conference. So Starting Tomorrow, so Tony Looking Forward to It and Safe Travels and Look Forward to Seeing You Tomorrow. Absolutely Look Forward to Seeing You till I That's Right. Pray for Me.

I'll Be in Traffic, I Gotta Make Sure I Don't Lose My Religion That Requires A Lot Of Prayer Yes It Does All Right. Tony Perkins Laser Gelatin on the Patriot Bubble Newsmaker Line and Again We Do Have a Direct Link to Pray Vote on Our Show Blog Art Were Going to Get. Let's Go to Haul up in Gainesville, Georgia and Depaul Appreciate Your Holding on throughout Tony's Interview There, but I Understand That You Got a Restaurant Recommendation. I Am All Ears Pizza. I Have Actually Heard Our Former Intern of the Great Avery Bryson Was a Huge Fan or Still Is a Huge Fan of Papa's Pizza Give a Particular Pizza Flavor You like Bacon You Have Me Bacon Bacon Chicken Ranch I'm Writing This down Here Paula. All Right, I'm Going Also Have To Ask If There's a Gymnasium That I Can Go Maybe Do Some Pilates or Something with All This Great Food. All Right Paula Thank You for the Recommendation of Thanks for Listening to W GUN of Folks We Do Need to Take a Quick Break Here. You Heard Tony Perkins He Said the Greatest Problem Facing Our Country Right Now Is a Lack of Moral Courage. Do You Agree with That 844-747-8868 This Is the Time Storage Natures Fruits and Vegetables in a Capsule Changing the World One Night at a Time. My Wife and I Help Her Five Years. I've Always Been Swimming Always Looking for Something Different.

I Following Morning I Woke up and I Went Well and We Haven't Stopped Taking My Wife Basically the Same Way Single Thing That Changed and Convinced That the Best Thing Don't Go Live, Only Start Your Journey to Better Health with Balance of Nature Right Now: 100 246-8751 Townsend to Get Free Shipping.

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All I Can Tell You Is I Love My Fellow As a Matter of Fact They Put Me up in a Great Hotel Last Night, the Brand That Was a Fine Hotel but I Did Not Sleep Very Well Because I Did Have My Fellow. I Should've Brought My Pillow. I Actually Drove over from Memphis. I Guess I Could've Thrown My Pillow with the Car, but My Pillow Has Some Incredible Sales Going on Just for Our Listeners As Matter Fact, Michael Dell Actually Created a Special Website Just for Listers of the Todd Stern's Radio Program.

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Some of You Folks Are Already Get Ready to Do Your Christmas Shopping and I Know I Know Most People Normally Look I Wait until like Christmas Eve, but Most People like to Get Started a Little Bit Earlier and Grace I You Know I Know about You but It's the Whole like Pumpkin Spice Latte. I Was Listing to up Our Good Friend Ben Jeter Talked about. I Was out. He Loves That Pumpkin Spice Stuff Instead of It.

It's Okay, This Is Not like My Jam, but It Turned out to Be My Fault Because When He First Moved to the South. I Thought You Be Hospitable Introducing Four Ways and so I Gave Him Some Pumpkin Spice of Moon Pies and Others Exist Know Their Terrible Now All That to Say If You're to Start Your Shopping Little Early.

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If You Go to My of Course the Beautiful Pillows My Pillows As Low As 1998. It Is All Part of a Huge Sale Going on Right Now in My Use the Promo Code*All Right, Let's Go to the Phones Murphy and Germantown, Tennessee Murph, What You What's on Your Mind Today. It's Okay That You're in a Jovial Mood Today. Murph Well about the Price Number Anyway about the Moral Number One Problem in America Tomorrow and Nobody Will Stand up for the Toll Grace Baker Had a Couple of Discussions with Couple Pastors and Elders Search I Can Now Lukewarm on Anything Coming from the Pool. Now Dr. Frank George Saturday. The Cactus Was on the Radio on This Program New Book Coming out Called a Letter to America about Something. Gotta Shake Loose with the American Church Started a Very Interesting Research, 1933 National Socialism Came in to Germany Was Approximately 18,000 Pastors Protestant Pastors in German Proximally 3000 Pro Socialism Berkeley 3000 Were Anti-12,000 Sat in the Middle and Did Nothing Is Based on Experience. Yours Truly, You Don't Hear a Whole Lot of I Don't Know Discussion about Taking and Standing up for Moral Truth and I Had to Stage a Little Late This Morning. Anytime You Try to Stand up for True Get Beaten down and like You Said We Are Not Lamb so We Have To We Have To Participate in. We Got Be Willing to Speak Truth to the Culture and If We Don't What You Get Chaos, Which Is What We Got Right Now but No Doubt about It Exactly Democratic Republic People Don't Participate in That They Don't Moral Standing like Johnny Adams That You Cannot Have Republic without Christian Moral. Jefferson Agreed with That Hundred Percent yet We Don't Hear Anything from the Church Other Than You Know, Come to Jesus and Everything Spot or Hear the Gospel. I Want to Hear That I Want to Go to Church Here Nothing but the Gospel Well Sooner or Later Someone Take That Microphone and Give You Another Gospel Big Brother George Will or Will and Newspeak to Let You Go. Take Care, Murph. Good Conversation. Good Thoughts, As Always You Be Safe out There.

Memphis, Tennessee.

It's a Dangerous Town from Dangers All over Major Cities or by the Way You Survey out. This Is from the and a Great Way to Wrap up Today's Program. Folks Are Starting to See through What's Going on with the with the Bite of the Ministrations of Majority of Voters Say That Pres. Biden Speech to the Darth Brandon Speech at the Independence Hall, the One with the Blood Red Taillights You You Guys Know What I'm Talking about There Saying That That Particular Speech Was Incredibly Divisive. This Is from a New Harvard Harris Poll, 60% of the People Surveyed Said That the President Speech Divided the Country and It and It Helped and Held It Back 40% Say the Speech United the Nation of Moved Forward.

All Right What What Does That Mean All Means We Got A Lot Of Morons Living in America Tomorrow.

I Want You to Say but the Good News Is That a Majority Americans Understand What's Really Going on Here and We Gotta Take a Stand. We Gotta Take a Stand. We Gotta Speak out. Gotta Be Happy Warriors and Again Going Back to That That Huge Rally Last Night in Georgia.

I Was so Encouraged and Again It's We All Love Pres. Trump. We Love the Policies the President but You Know What Last Night. It Wasn't about Pres. Trump. It Was about Conservatives. It Was about a Platform.

It Was about Uniting around That Platform Is Getting out There and Taking the Democrats and Their Fascist behind Us in November. That's What It's All about, so I'm Excited. I'm Encouraged I Think People Here in Georgia Are Focused Were to Be out Today.

Big Primary Battle in New Hampshire Were Paying Very Close Attention to the Outcome. There Were to Be in California Later on This Weekend and into Next Week and Were to Be Helping to Rally and Mobilize People out There As Well. It's What We Do I Were Just Not Sitting behind a Microphone in Memphis All the Time.

We like to Get out about and Hang out with We the People. Now about to Hang out with the Chilis Log on Books.

Get out There and Have a Great Day America.

This Is Nature Changing the World One Life at a Time. Things around the House. I Really like Your Product You Really Think about It Anymore. You Got It in Your Diet Regularly Very Good Because I Don't Always Know about the Overall the Work Going More Energy to Work with. I Think That a Little More Energy Older Disabled Person but I Don't Always Eat Properly Feeling a Little Stronger. Start Your Journey to Better Health: 100-246-8751 or Go to Townsend to Get Free Shipping. And Don't Forget to Get 35% off Your First Preferred Order Using Discount Code Balance

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