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New York Times FINALLY Admits Hunter Biden Laptop Story is Real

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 18, 2022 12:45 pm

New York Times FINALLY Admits Hunter Biden Laptop Story is Real

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 18, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:03:15] Gen. Robert Spalding (Ret.)


[00:18:27] Carley Shimkus


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[00:55:17] Miranda Devine


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My body get ready. I know you had a big week.

Thank you very much for being a part of this as we continue our Ukrainian coverage would be for the world and for the next 2030 years that's how much I think it means. That's why Russia's got to go down the I continue to face humiliation. The world is visualizing right now they are way overrated, but we are not out of the woods yet. They are without any conscience. Just killing civilians at a dizzying rate: Shimkus at the bottom of the hour. Talk about other things from the Hunter Biden situation on down as Wells was happy with inflation as well is this war and general Robert Spalding in just a moment, former White House senior director for strategic planning for the Security Council so it's good to the victory.

The stories you need to know Brian's phase 3, number three, he talks about Carmine's hard drive. I talked about his piercing. Whole a smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. Most of those charges.

Unverified charges so heinous I'm not even in its you talk about some laptop told you so, Hunter's laptop, the emails all real content. All true.

We all knew this before you knew this before, but now all the media outlets marking it before all the platforms. Make sure the masses did not see Hunter's laptop and the possible implications of then candidate Joe Biden. Now the New York Times is all you we looked at it it's authentic I don't think China has clear sense right now where they are. This is put them in a really awkward position that we need to put pressure on China is that the one country best position to bail out now that he is God himself is holding that RNR sanctions in the unity of the West against him. While Adam Smith Democrat ally or enemy.

That's how the message has to be present Biden as he give me to change present this morning fine has to tell the world, said to tell him that the world sanctions will be the price they pay along the way, India will face the sanctions to is too important for us to get Russia down on the mat. How many Russian soldiers have been killed. Kremlin still refuses to cool the war. It's a criminal offense in Russia to quote anything official fingers and toes will hundred and 98 Russian serviceman was on March 2.

There is been no update two weeks well US links to 7000 Russians dead for weeks, or David holding off Goliath Ukraine is yet to give up any major city. Russia's bombing everyone and everything in firing range alienating almost all allies, leaving Putin rambling on Russian state TV last night will bring you the play-by-play and let you know why the bear must go down in flames and will do that with general Robert Spalding.

He's also the author of a war without rules, China's playbook for global domination general welcome back general. How would you assess it from from the Russian perspective has war going for weeks and well I think they obviously bogged down and now they're using death and instruction of their strategy.

But you know ultimately what they're looking to their lifeline and their lifeline is on their border in China and so I think this conversation that that Biden cheered and have is really important, but in the larger sense, Biden cannot break away from the corporate sector and financial sector is backing China, which means that we got a big problem with regard to Russian if they are backstopped using China would be foolish enough just to say here's some weapons. Here's some money not just that literally Russia's only lifeline in absolutely the Chinese, started back in the region is when they invade Taiwan. They need Russian energy.

They know that they're going to have to have that in we can block the stratum lock. I'm not certain where they get their energy so they're looking for that giant pipeline that they're going with Russia to be there lifeline for Taiwan will either not take sides that they've never seen such united Europe.

They never seen such united NATO they've never had an ally who's been basically vilified justifiably by the entire world.

They want to be Russia's only friend and wrists sanctions at a time, as their economy is not that strong will to control rare-earth metals that control microelectronics to control the productive capacity.

There is an essential supply chain of the world. So even if we said that what we going to do going to collapse the economies of the West Oak were in the stranglehold we used to be the productive lifeline for the world we stole back to China so would you think Sweezy said knowing what Joe Biden does and how little progress we've made and even the set is I guess Jake Sullivan spoke seven hours with the Chinese have no idea what they were talking about is nothing seems to have changed earlier this week.

What you think will happen. Why think the Chinese are going to continue support. They have been supporting pertinent course. They tried to make it look like they're not there absolutely are, and the choice that we really have no and we saw this yell in the first year the trumpet ministration. We have got to get off this new cocaine addiction of China and really build our own supply chain because when this time came and it came earlier than we thought. With Russia invading Ukraine because we know the next thing the captain is trying to get a date. I want to we need to repair that for own country and for the rest of the free world.

So let's take a look at what is going on with Russia. I'm see these reports and CTV which is really for the government TV. It's a really new service and they want from talk about taking Kievan Ukraine upping a real nation run by neo-Nazis to now saying we had to secure the Dunbar's region and get those new roads in Crimea. Do you think they're realizing this is way too costly. Would having very very little. This is having very little good ground again in the last 10 days, that we might have to come to attempt Plan B will I do and I think what number one, you know, $300 billion of the reserves are unavailable to them so what went the administration's been talking about is trying to drive away between China and Russia, and I presume what they're thinking is we want to be closer to China, but actually this Ukraine disaster for prudent might be a way for us to drive that wedge but bring Russia more into the fold.

So if they're not successful and they see their economy being destroyed. It could be that Russia decided better aligned with the West and it is with China and we have a better outcome. But we try to take the hay were really going China side they are going to continue to drain us. Also, as it seems, indicated by the way, who was appearing with members of his staff is now appearing by himself.

He also seems to be worried about the economy and last night, 20 minutes into his rambling he totally lost himself. According to people who'd been studying Russian TV and many people looking because he doesn't look well.

How does that factor into all this while you also saw that there is a number of private jet left Russia for your points unknown so I do think that the rest of the elite see this thing with the actual huge mistake in a huge problem for prudent so I think he is worried about his continued success and survival. And I think he's going to rely on China to do that and so that's the thing that we have to understand is those two are linked together in a way that need to be broken because ultimately China controls the productive capacity and far more powerful than Russia but they can supply that help to Russia to keep them going yeah I want to do it in half and said former CIA station chief in Moscow, cutting or seeing russet outreach to China which is really an act of desperation over those two countries are closely aligned. I wonder if China's got a little buyer's remorse at this point given the way that Russia is behaving. And remember that Ukraine's number one trading partner isn't Russia.

It's China and the Chinese stand to lose a lot economically. Because of this war interesting and then you have the unexpected emergence of prisons on ski I'm in Iraq.

I remember when somebody has really been able to galvanize the West like he has one Parliament, one can congressional address at a time from Germany to England to Canada to US is an extraordinary general well you know what it shows is the power of the narrative.

When you have use military force. I think when Russia and China are using kind of the underhanded me to get what they want. Like I talk about in war without rules, then I think it's a little bit different.

It's harder to see that narrative shift. But what happens when you start killing people.

When you start bombing cities when you start levering leveling civilizations. Now the narrative begins the shift because there's no way to get around is no way to unseat out and so I think you Italy would be nice if China would respond to that and not attack Taiwan. Unfortunately, what you find in the people asked me is what you going to invade before you bait I could absolutely make the widest making stance is going to crush them.

They can't help themselves like this is the way they think and we are expecting them to act like is just ignorant of the fact of the type of regimes that have been lab checks and balances. She wants Taiwan prudent want to Ukraine. They are going to move see what I think you're saying is when the West tries to reason with Vladimir Putin.

He looks as weakness.

Every time the word about being too provocative. It's weakness every time they they say you know with the we got it we were to sit down and talk leading up to this invasion. It's weakness. The only understand strength. Why can't people understand the West that our opponents have different rules will because what happens is when the politicians try to act with strength.

It scares the financial community. It scares the business community and therefore they are there essentially incentivized not to do that. Unfortunately, this is what happened prior to World War II, thankfully entering the Cold War we had Winston Churchill had great stature came to St. Louis and that the great iron curtains falling over the world. We no longer have people like that people because for 30 years. They have essentially been corporatized. They have been brought into the boardrooms in the in the financial centers of the country and that's where they're taking their cues in terms of great power politics. We have to think more ruthless then prudent and she if we want to survive this yet, but this will never be a suicide bomb civilians. I mean, just think about the way we approach war near your general AMI with if there's a civilian casualty and it's not and we make a mistake. We own up to it. Almost every time this investigations others payments to families and and we we fix it we have precision weapons just for that reason I have never seen a modern army supposedly supposedly with a subscribe to some type of values on the battlefield haphazardly just wrecked cities like this car key watching is what was seeing it in three or four cities just random by shelling of hospital schools and apartment buildings. Well when I say Rupert, I mean ruthless to the regimes okay. What we did to prudent even to the point where we have to get off Russian oil. I'm talking about cutting off the billions of dollars that are flowing in the China because all trying to do is turn around and help the Russians with Dr. when I say ruthless I mean ruthlessly strangling the regimes that are doing are we not doing that now were still technically buying Russian oil we we helped Russia be able to meet their debts and not default this month are we doing everything we can show what's happening is were not buying Russian oil, but the Chinese are buying Russian oil and were sending money to China that they're using to buy that Russian oil so meet what it is just the same thing we had with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

We could not kill the Taliban because it kept going to Pakistan for support, and there's no way to solve that without dealing with Pakistan. There is no way to solve Russia without dealing with China because all that happens is Wall Street since trying our money and they help give that money to the Russians Delta Road program is a program that has Chinese influence through a series I always like extortion come into these poor countries give the money when I can take when they can pay them back. They take the property from ports to airfields and who knows what else. We have to come up with our own program. Only we wouldn't do it so deviously correct know we did during the Cold War, we had the Marshall plan. Remember we rebuilt area would reveal Japan but we also built the institutions of democracy not just in those countries, but internationally what the Belton Road initiative seeks to do is create an authoritarian order when you look at future at the World Health Organization when you look at the United Nations. What China has in Russia slowly done, it began to change the character of these institutions that we created and have them be more subservient and more reliant more influenced by China and Russia and that's our challenge today. We have to break that. So you're right, we can't be China, and Russia, but we have to be the version of ourselves that we work as we came out of World War II we have to rebuild our industrial base and we have to rebuild the institutions that some more support individual liberty. Rule of law free trade those things that we hold dear and ultimately protect us from the outside. That's a big wake-up call. We have a chance to get rid of one of our demons and that is Russia and we have to make sure they are diminished.

When this conflict is done general Robert Spalding. Thank you, thank you so much.

I thought of the alcoholic Shimkus next to 186-640-8766 I Brian kill me, Joe, your knowledge base. Brian kill me show Fox News contests network and on the next Fox News contributor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast listen no Fox News five talkshow that's real.

This is Brian kill me show the world terrible things were nationalist or Nazis, those in power in the Kremlin started this war. My father arrived in Leningrad.

It was all pumped up on the lives of his government left Leningrad he was broken physically and mentally. Russian soldiers listen to this broadcast. You really know much of the truth of the speaking you've seen it with your own eyes. I don't want you to be broken like my father lives limps if futures sacrifice for the senseless work done but the entire world and the president book and I say you started this war you leading this war. You can stop this well that is shortening. I'm sure you know that he's got Eastern European roots. His dad fought for the Nazis and for Austria and he makes no bones about it and says listen. He was lied to and he wishes to for the Russian people to get the troop they can't be kicked out of almost every Western press with. They basically said if we if you do broadcast from here.

We feel so you're saying inaccurate, inaccurate information to be arrested. They've already rested between 14 and 17,000 of their people. My senses is much greater in those body bags come back in theirs at Western estimates of 7000, all hell is going to break loose.

Now Gardner is watching what's going on today knows what's happening and he knows what's happening with a present. She present buying today and knows I got to make something happen.

Cut 11 kB testing fall to deferential toward side. This is called some sort of fear in the White House about escalating things about provoking a Puritan unit. This is the mindset of appeasement and cowardice. Frankly from from Joe Biden. He hasn't been leading from the front of anything sleeping from behind only Ukraine crisis on his refusal. For example, to cooperate with the polls and sending the 29 fighters to the Ukrainians as they have requested. This is a staggering decision by the White House throwing Poland on the bus. That is true.

I have to see the present buys can step up and solicit. I'm not that good at speaking but I will tell you this is going to the cards in front of me if you you go ahead and supply Russia with arms and money you get the same sanctions. I don't think Larissa Russia's personal power is Americas with all of your FOX weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News five or wherever you get your project radio show like no other.

Brian kill me talks about talks about his whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin to those charges.

Verify card is so heinous I'm not even in the midst of a scandal taking useless conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and his son you ever wish you had AppleCare so funny knows Jimmy Kimmel dude you have AppleCare.

Not only did Hunter Biden get called laptop all these horrible pictures of cracking hookers and emails and elicit international deals to put Kitty's dad but it was totally ignored.

If you retweeted the story. The New York Post had or you found a way to get somewhere else. Your account was frozen including if you are Kaylee back in 80 the press secretary was extraordinary. If you brought it up. They brought it down. They said this is Russian disinformation when no knowledge anybody was okay. Just Hunter is at your email hero to dad. Did your dad right back was vice president time is at your email. We never got to that point and you just heard some of the retorts from other members of the press and then once present buying a selected Hunter writes a book. The book tour says I don't know what it comes to his laptop go Shimkus the audacity that book tour still can't get over. But now the New York Times yesterday says oh yeah, about that stuff was really Hunter Biden's chest.

He acquiesced to the cooker yeah exactly that draws the prostitutes to refusing to pay child support. The fact that laptop showed that he frequently use the N word and the media just completely let out of a total self obsession, but those are all the personal things are become the national story is when he's trying to cultivate a business relationship with China, 10% for the big guy who is the big guy, well it can only be one person. His father, and that's what the signs point to help and then he sits on the board of bereavement zero experience in energy when his dad has the Ukraine has Ukraine in his portfolio so the question is, did these countries trying to get some favors from the Biden family and yeah and that's where I think this ho-hum image of Joe Biden just completely crumbles and he becomes more like a Clinton family type situation than anything else. Try trading as AB of millions of dollars, but it just was going to Hunter's account and then it would somehow get into Joe's life. That's the accusation, but the fact that it was ignoring. This is a book Tori says he feels totally, but you obviously says he feels totally protective. The reason why we can't get a razor around the story. The New York Times made to be clear, it is true. The New York Post came back said are you blanking me.

Of course I know how true. Where were you two years ago and then you have mentioned this on Fox and friends. I hate to steal your thought that you teach you mention the 50 former intelligence officer to all you wrote this. I guess it was a L a letter maybe was it was cording to politico that they all signed onto this letter and they say I have it right here. They said I we want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails provided to the New York Post by Pres. transpersonal attorney Rudy Giuliani are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government play a significant role in this case. Fast-forward to today three years ago we knew that that wasn't trail, but it was signed by all these type people like John Brennan on and I and a people just were completely I think that Russian disinformation was that the thought of the day subpoenaed onto this billboard bill bar will be on with him this week you will be this weekend.

I one nation a the clock.

He said this to Jesse last night about Hunter when these revelations broke.

We already knew was real. The New York Times finally got on board cut 20 soon as this letter came out from the so-called intelligence specialists. The DNI Don Radcliffe at the time and the FBI, which worked for me. Both came out and said this was not the result of this information. Russian disinformation, the media ignored that completely just kept on going with the disinformation while so you gotta wait for the government was saying and more towards Apollo politicians and people out of the government were saying so for the assistance of Miranda divine look at this mother when I want to look at this laptop. They said is so vile.

If I looked at it with pornography, will your FOX I succumb to take a look at laptop because she was on thing and they said no. I said why they said because by looking at it is so much pornography and some of it evidently is child pornography.

What yeah that I could look at it all be implicated can yeah I don't know how Miranda divine pulled it off. Cut 18 is her. She wrote laptop from hell. We published at truth. The stories that were real and have continued to do so without fear or favor, but unfortunately the New York Times readers have been kept in the dock by that they use paper their organ of choice, and that was for deliberate raisins. It was because they wanted Donald Trump to lose the 2020 election saw old journalistic ethics and standards went out the window. Yeah I think that's how it happened with Hillary Clinton, Clinton laptop, the Hillary Clinton server situation so close to that 2016 president presidential election. They didn't want that to happen again.

So whether or not this change the course of the election. You just don't know. You could debating help, but I think the bigger point is that the New York Times, a newspaper that supposed to be objective was trying to help Hillary Clinton Facebook Twitter. Also I made it outside and get help Joe Biden so you number one I am present Obama ticked off because of what we doing why you flying to Mexico. See the picture with her makes with Hunter doing some deals are Mexican leader, why you Ukraine is going on there why my administration Air Force to do with Hunter Biden goes in and in the phone form some fun with some Chinese executives that's embarrassing you know, I don't think Barack Obama to type to even want to do these number one when you get like 15 million of the book deal, you really have to do a a hazardous deal with China on some monetary fund so but my point is this, this will come back around at my own thought is a serious mainstream media. With the Democrats feels so they want to turn the page on candidates Hunter story warmer.

That's what it is that why your time. Just as publishing this now is it like okay we truly help them when we supported him and now you know now were ready for the next Democratic candidate. He's yesterday's news.

His administration is in the tank and we don't want to.

We don't we don't feel like we need to carry the Biden ministrations water anymore. The baby mama I think stripper from the church. She does now. Hunter deny that he got pregnant for Satan know where everything about this guy tells me how it's probably so there was video that him go in and out. They had a relationship and the guys in the know she's she's lived here Saturday. I really have relationship with her and then she talked to the IRS and evidently he got her tell you duly but when you're crack people say you talk a lot each. She taped a lot of this got out. So my thing is, she is going to blow him up.

Well, you know, it's funny that were like five minutes into this conversation we had about strippers. Well, we haven't even mentioned the fact that apparently he owned over $1 million I pay $1 million in taxes not in jail and $2 million in taxes. I would be in prison right now, lengthy investigation, it would just be you take that alone pays it back said it is the person is doing it. It would deal with the Chinese under arrest. Haven't seen them is to his partner Devon Orchards in jail.

John Kerry son backed out of the steel and he says I'm to be a painter while you choose such a complicated life like it just become a lawyer to state or dentist anything that I heard once that the profession that is the least stressful of all of them is a jeweler. If you do happy people, people getting married on buying nice things you think about that.

So if there any jewelers out there looking to train Colin and lessen your stress level right and also call you need to be trained.

Would you be willing to be jeweler. I would love to be a jeweler to be happy. Yes, I like tiny I think I would be able to take more naps than I do now. I get naps or something that adults should and do you know you don't happen.

I cannot write unintentionally so we come back we'll talk about the border in the war said okay we also have something else that I just can't think of it at this moment will in terms of I thought I pulled something for Carly thinking her in particular would like this. We just take a look at this.

It is in my notes. This is riveting radio. Brian find out why my Davidson. Pete Davison just backed out of PPT and its impact out of something.

His relationship with Kim Kardashian back in mama going to you to know basis because you need to know kill me. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen just the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. I call you miss me talk about the war little bit so I will but I call Shimkus is here before she starts her weekend and rumors you might be off. You might be a long day today getting cut felt I might be doing what water swirled on my gosh in front Right I are normally known as waterslide of longer day. What is hosting Laura tonight. Ryan Julie well I'm no machine. I cannot go I cannot go out hardest working person you always hear that I would like to say it now. The hardest working person you are doing three shows and got filters mentally is mentally ill is not well is not emotionally stable, and I'm sure he is well he is a well man.

I was 20. Think he's as well as they come.

Ryan's feelings get a little hurt that he was done what he does make fun of your backpack for so back to what we might do that now there's a there's a briefcase you could please read I briefcase anywhere exactly has and uses like a bag that yes shoulder bag goes across is not yet. I think Sal was so weird.

You know mine will do. You also have a lunch ball in your backpack know I want to make my own division.

I will you give me cold cuts. I know instinctively to separate that from pita bread and carrots. Yes, I don't need compartments elitist when a whole mishmash smart. I would like to pick up my own stuff my life LOL live should be � la cart should not be assigned so no other book but he's not well in a structural theory omitted so Carly I just wanted people so I don't forget that I'm known to forget this. What is Pete Davidson no longer doing. I don't know you really don't listen in on the right. He is not going up in space like Michael stray hand is fullscope and blue origin of what is backed out of it so they were talking about Pete Davidson. Just as background is because I think it was on your radio show. I we talked about Pete Davison once and you said you understand why he's dating the appeal is when I said I said I kind of do and it's only because of his personality right yeah great personality. How do you know he's funny right boasted of Canadians from what you see on stage, he just has to be a really good conversationalist which there's there's an attractive element really confident confident afraid I might have a money you are a lot more than I'm sure he Davidson does right so I don't think it's money for her scenario.

A guy great conversational is a kind of funny to friends. Teacher more attractive then the travelers early yeah for sure right looks faint. Brian the person I think that women are more attracted to personality than in manners that I getting in trouble for saying I don't think so.

Nothing is anything wrong but as a man I should chime in okay for myself, for I will be asking for me. I would like to speak for all men, but they are there was a vote. I'm sure I would be elected as male spokesman world letting the country of every language. I would think was questioned after man okay so I guess it was a question to be our man more attracted to personality or lux. That's a tough one answer right.

I mean, the thing that has most men tap into the personality is the looks gets the attention but the sustainability you are who you are. That's the best answer.

After his trail and no trouble that will yell what happens is if it's if if that person's an inch deep in terms of I need a woman in touch with their emotions just be interesting to talk to right right emotionally detached. A woman wouldn't mind you now that I can carry a conversation hard time. I like woman. It's hard to get your water cooler conversation is much more than being emotionally mature for you.

Thank you. That's executive now to the war. I just going to be set order, but here here's a good here's what I would say about what's going on. I am the most fascinating stories in politico today and they been reading a watching national Russian news and evidently on 30 minutes into the 30 minutes or to Wednesday 20 minutes into a 30 minute address P lost himself wow lost his train of thought is no longer talking about taking Kievan non-country Ukraine being non-not non-country that truly run by neo-Nazis now is talk about the need to settle Don box region how Crimea needs to be updated and read a revised and how the whole world is against like that and they said they'd according to people he does not look well no longer taped with his advisor. How would you find that inch ideal find that interesting. It makes me feel like he is nervous and maybe recognizing the reality of the situation. I also heard that he spoke to that Turkish Pres. and came to terms and in the most specific information that we had seen on can I just okay so going from easiest to hardest.

He said Ukraine must not apply to NATO easy the Linsky has Artie said that he's indicated that he is willing to remain a neutral country protections for the Russian language in Ukraine which is weird. Weird, but okay that's fine.

I'm sure that that would be okay with the Ukrainian people.

The country will have to go through a denazification process which is insane and insulting because excellence is to lash by and to save his people. I'm sure that he may in a make a statement or something that does work.

It's hard Ukraine can have to design. According to Putin and then also put in wants to meet face-to-face with Flanders on the first time. He said that and talk about the Don box region. Like he said and Crimea right as earlier yeah the whole Russian-speaking thing that serves to folly but was survey reason he said Crimea, most likely alienating God is not and then you see that car TV is 98% Russian-speaking, and they hate him yeah nobody wants to be Russian because these happen to speak Russian. Yeah, I think it's very interesting and I think this is so smart that Lammers once he finally said I'm looking talk about what kind weapons are coming into my country and what I want us violation. I think my ministration in all these NATO countries to do the same thing.

I'd rather not have this information and have those weapons in the country.

Surprising Russian thing knowing about it right so even when you're off over the next few days you will be talking about this. You know honestly well. Assuming I think it should be a global small talk. Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news but just don't jump or wherever you get your favorite Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian, thanks much for being here buys the right to only show 1-866-408-7669 up to you from New York but heard around the country and I hope around the world.

Thanks much everyone for listening this out to be joined by James Califano if you want to know is going out of this world before it happens. He's want to do it that Miranda divine. As you know Hunter's laptop. She wrote the book laptop from hell that Hunter's laptop everybody you know knows that was a real laptop even hundred and nine. Not that I was his laptop portended young crack you forgot it was his, but no one ever asked him the emails, the pictures are that you he said I don't know. We all know the answer is yes and now the New York Times does what is it say about the rest of the media.

Social media special that was all.

Your account was frozen.

If you retweeted that story in your post that theirs was frozen till after the election, and yet nobody could poke holes in the authenticity of it but 50 intelligence professionals lot of a well-known by John Brennan, like Michael Hayden, like Leon Panetta all said this is Russian disinformation.

Miranda divine on that. Let's get to the bakery stories you need to know Brian's three number three. He talks about carbines hard drive talks about his piercing.

Whole smear on your life comes from the Kremlin. Both of those charges. Unverified charges so heinous I'm not even in save. It was all happening. I'm sorry Jake Tapper but so heinous, but that's what crackheads do so. Told you so there we go find it. We do from here next. I don't think China has a clear sense right now where they are.

This is put them in a really awkward position that we need to put pressure on China is that the one country best position to bail out now that he is God himself. This holding the art and art sanctions in the unity of the West against him. They go Adam Smith, Democrat Allie ran to me that's what has to be the message sent from present Biden to prison. She it's got to be happening in better you happening now initial readout was a very generic, but it still happening again this meeting taking place. Why, because if China does not backstop Russia. Russia goes up in flames. A lot of Ukrainians live. How many Russian soldiers killed Kremlin still refuses to cool. It's a criminal offense in Russia to quote anything official figures.

Social hundred and 98 Russian serviceman that was on March 2. There's been no update two weeks American say 7000 Russian said four weeks of war David holding off Goliath Ukraine is yet to give up a major city rushes bombing everyone and everything in firing range alienating almost all allies. Putin rambling on Russian TV. He's attending a rally right now it's well attended there celebrating the acquisition of Crimea. So there you go, rushes not done yet least those people there to look after their gunpoint.

Let's bring in James Califano.

You guys have been watching James on the channel for for a long time. James's title reads like this year's Heritage foundation VP for foreign and security policy James welcome back the incredible regular break like where better so you find so many different venues to choose from to find radio Brian better than TV. Brian, I love talk radio talk radio to favor the country you don't so you're what's foreign policy.

The bordering ministration is underwater and and why is that and I believe people look around your community what's going on it's not right to talk to their neighbors and then they go looking for work and you have a lot of conversation about what talk talk radio. I think talk radio sacred democracy. I think something to start you up to Rush Limbaugh and Mount Rushmore.

Next probably be there too close to rush but so far with you looking to save his first Goliath story by David holding on civilians paying the price. But you see in almost every major city. The Russians are on the outside. Why the combination of the fact the bandages of the defender Ukrainians are fighting on the road interprets very difficult to train her either frozen ice or liquid select 40 million Ukrainians in the country. Everyone's eyes and ears to the defenders and the Russian military has a couple of faults but had a plan to occupy the country not to fight their way to the country. Their military has some significant training for the fact that the pilots were afraid to fly in the Ukraine airspace make fire Russian airspace shows that the pilots are just not well trained, minimal air defense system. The troops on the ground free clear that all these big Russian exercises were for bully posturing, but they were actually training Russian troops on how to fight and then the logistical work will be one of the Desert Storm.

We had all kinds of troubles and challenges because you have to practice and exercise. He thinks those two things together in the incredible bravery Ukrainians look, let's be honest if this was over two days. We just stuck their heads down and look the other way.but because the Ukrainians held out and fought the last euro founded courage and now were giving the man like now were giving in the muscle of war that allows them to fight and that's why we are where we are so right now and that is Ukrainians trying to push back on some major cities but a lot of people concerned that they tried the rush will try to get Odessa get the West Coast in the end that the Black Sea coast and those you say okay let's negotiate will stay will we are. You can keep country you believe.

Where would you start when it comes to peace talks very important for your cranium longer card if they can until it's the washers that are crying uncle because you know what you find. Never negotiate with the Russian position of weakness.

Google just eat your lunch.

You have not, they have to have something that they need from you so so if you Ukrainians don't fight to the point where the Russians are actually losing our negotiating isn't going to go well. I don't know where it will end up in what will happen to go shoot over the one thing I would say this to me is the most important thing nobody is talking about, regardless of how defense would lose or draw the Russian military exhausted.

It can take months if not years to rearm and refit, which means one cannot be a military threat to anybody for a while and if we don't take advantage of that opportunity to strengthen our defenses to the front line is just precious bad. On the other thing I'll say it.

In the interim. Again, would lose or draw prudent have got to find ways to be dangerous because that's because he's only relevant if people fear him. So whether it's energy or assassination or sneaking around sanctions is going to find ways to continue polkadots even though his military camp regular great people. So we got two years of kind of a dangerous wounded animal, prudent, and an opportunity to reset the security situation and if we don't take advantage of that to do peace restraint to do energy independent. No question. But this is a chance to really know what he's humiliated on the world stage, we see his antiquated equipment. We see this lack of courage from his soldiers now are seeing some reports from the field that their tank columns getting hit when they do the tanks. Other cloud tanks in column turn around and try to go to the other way so they try to they tried to avoid being hit so that they try to retreat immediately. They say that's a lack organization. They also are using telephone and analog phones so it's so easy for Ukrainians to understand what they're talking about. There's no encryption, so that only the better communicating different parts. Not only did they attack from too many different angles with too few troops, but they couldn't even communicate to each other so they got his Ukrainian phone system. Every why we have been so weak and unhelpful. By just reacts right. He waits for motor for �25. The one thing they taught you never want to be in a situation where you're waiting for the enemy to decide the time and place. What you do and then you're reacting to that but always giving them the advantage and bike has not been leading from behind. Following the pack, the hallway and again we've got to switch over and become proactive and and the things are rebuild our military generalities to do more become energy independent, and then underneath that unleash this economy so we can power those who think what really worries me and we talked about months and years to come to really get back in the game.

You listen to the present state of the address you talk about rebuilding our military.

No duty talk about energy independence will talk about the economy, the things that he said if we actually did would make our economy worse, not better. So the three fundamental things that we have to do to make sure that Ukraine is not the crisis before the next crisis. Our president has shown no interest in that makes you wonder how optimistic we should really be when he's talking present. She right now Mike Gallagher waited on that. What's at stake because if China backstops Russia they'll be able to fight on.

If not, they could collapse. I mean there economy they almost defaulted this month on their debt. Evidently we backstops of I'm not sure why cut seven why think the best chance we have to force a negotiated settlement that is favorable to the Ukrainian people that preserve some semblance of a for Ukraine is to continue to put hard power includes path. I agree with what the chairman said about providing legal assistance. I think there's more we can do on that front critically figure out how we get some air defense systems from Slovakia to the Ukrainians, but I also want to make sure that we don't allow pooling to set up a sanctions of patients in Iran and certainly if China decides to intervene on behalf of prudent by providing military assistance.

We should be prepared to punish China for doing that, above all, we can't allow the fear of escalation that we should be cognizant of it to dominate our efforts it to be prudent. Who fears our escalation and that's the best chance we have for some form of negotiated settlement. In my mind. And if we can somehow get trying to stop writing checks were stop buying oil that would help to you.

Think about that Mike Gallagher former Marine that went on service longer political party so of the present company like because your calling balls and strikes the problem the Russian Uranian Chinese. They respond to what we do, not what we say goodbye like to do once in the listener what he said he wants to do as little as possible and like it's exactly right. What they will respect is if we put stuff on the table and do things) and to hear him. The Democratic leader Adam Smith stand up together on Fox news and say exactly the same thing Democrats like Sen. Jack Reed think we need peace, restraint. That's where the courage of the backbone of the come from the White House from leaders in Congress on both sides setting up a test. No, we cannot be the week need guys sitting in the back of the room, thinking that we're going to protect American interests in the future so good for like good friends that we need more courage. Right now we see that car keys being slammed key keys being slammed. We know that make me compile is on the other side there getting hit pretty pretty hard.

Mary Paul is getting hit pretty hard, but they're both sustaining we get provisions in their how long does this take place. How long does this go on and with the new weapons coming into the country. Now that they're fighting so hard you wait. If you're Ukraine to gain the upper hand. Are you that confident that you will have a longer this goes on the stronger hand. You'll have you I Ukrainians confide on forever because if you look at all the things you describe the Russian which they can log firepower at a long-range against strict start they can hit critical command-and-control notes forces in the field. Antitank defenses ambushers basically blow up stuff and it's incredibly destructive and it still drives which are just creating a lot of trouble that doesn't actually diminish the capacity of the Ukrainians to hang on and fight, and eventually Ukrainians gurgled often up capabilities that they're good to be able to counterattack. And here's the problem that you're just a bunch Russia college stuck on the road. You can't go anywhere you can't afford. You can't go back to the Russian potentially in danger of getting to the point where they can't retreat other than getting up and abandoning her vehicle and walking back home that is a you and the Russian response that is just to be killing more and more people destroying more more think you get to a big problem that nobody talk about it. We'll talk about the millions of refugees fled Ukraine by the way in the last two days 300,000 Ukrainians have gone back in Ukraine quite, but there are millions of people are internally displaced people are going to the western part of the country and there in the part of the country were shooting but but they don't have all the code and so the Ukrainians have this massive internally displaced population and the formal international community or national record. Nothing there sitting in Poland okay there helping out at: but the real crisis for the Ukrainians is feeding and taking care of the displaced population.

Ukraine and so far the governments of the world, and international relations have not shown the courage to go in there and help those people and not to find some way to do that. These people are starving to death. James thanks so much.

Procedure breakdown, thanks for the great showing the opportunity. Keep your with your brother thanks and we can back your turn. 186640876 excited and the other major story right under this and that is New York Times has concluded.

We all knew that the hunter by laptop and emails authentic the laptop is his. What is that mean nothing good for Joe Biden don't move something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me 2011, vice president was in Moscow I was with was there for several hours conversation is something very: from the US Russian relations. From my point of view and leaned in is always very dramatic. In these meetings is when I saw Elaine that he Easter vice president.

Paraphrasing rightly said something like this is that Mr. Rice present you look at this on his way to skin you look at us and use your skin and we look like you and you think we think like you because we look like you but we do. We don't think like you was really dramatic this point is I think at some point we all need to understand and remember we have our ways of think about what's rational what's logical cost-benefit analysis was in his care about losing Russian soldiers if it means a revolution yes but he's got a totalitarian regime in place.

I hundred percent agree.

And that's from the outside perspective is never met him. What what I think the craziest thing is we keep trying every blinking company keep transit will do that work for him will give incentives to be able to join the economic world will think about the GA bowl just to spend with Bantam. This weather will be an incentive to come back will give him sanctions will leave a window of opportunity to reapproach us but no they are poisoning leaders killing their enemies opposition to candidates. They put in jail like the bounty they assassinate others and then they blow up countries that they don't like because they don't want to have countries like Ukraine don't have leaders that Russia picks form visit. I want to be Russian. Just take him for being evil and work your way backwards we come back, but evil that laptop is evil. Now we know it's all true.

Miranda divine on that radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show it was all true. The laptop was real.

The eyewitness was real email for real. The news was fake and that this information came from the fake news not from not from the intelligence agency said you don't run from Russia give me a break here. I reminded about the title I of Rush Limbaugh's books. See I told you so you told himself.

So many people told itself but none I know big tech in the in the in the mainstream press all colluded to keep the story from the American people and that is Jim Jordan last night when the New York Times admits that there fact checker said that laptop was real from 2021 emerged at a computer repair shop and came forward. Miranda divine got hold of you wrote a book called the laptop from hell Marinda boozer reaction Giorgio was your reaction when that came out in the New York Times hi Brian, well I really regarded indication that people are calling it because I you are a reader of the new Dora Fox news Europe Brian kill me delete that you already knew this story 16 months ago you knew that the laptop was authenticated.

We had already done all that you diligently thought that I thought I it's just that the New York Times to the court up and I'm unfortunately each Raiders were in the dock for all that time inside. Now that the election is well and truly behind us safe for them to come out and admit the truth of what we already knew you would follow through the laptop. How much worse was it.

Then you start and what do you think some the revelations you you see them with hookers. You seem smoking crack are you see some of the emails this a lot of stuff there that are unexplainable in an almost impossible to ever bring mainstream right I mean by role depravity is one thing.

At any rate, that's actually important needs to say that there's no way he would have been paid millions of dollars as a businessman. Pretty doddering document. No hard work, talent.

It's all because as he admitted himself because of his father. He was a back man. Thought was vice president for eight years with power that dies parts of the world and start working the laptop that's really important and and and which really shocked me was just the extent all the compromising position that chart by the country and I mean now he's president and Russia and China, and Ukraine.

Know how many millions came to millions of dollars went into bank accounts by the net business department in America, you know that something that at least half the American people want to wear off, and you know I made before the election.

It looks really thin. Your posting Fox News that were reporting on the story and big tech decided that they were going to censor the New York part story that John Morris had written Farwell and� Mange that that story just never really got to half the American people and we knife from Paul Dr. the election that top five bodies had no idea about the laptop scandal and what it means and delete 10% of them would change Descartes if they had knowledge that would've made a difference to the outcome of the election. Election decided by 43,000 people in a handful of battleground states and sorry that's the real crime here that that nadir and big tech started to censor a story that was negative about tripod simply because they didn't want Donald Trump to win the Atty. Gen. at the time, Bill Barker, 20 soon as this letter came out some the so-called intelligence specialists. The DNI John reckless at the time in the SDI which works for me. Both came out and said this was not the result of this information.

Russian disinformation, the media ignored that completely just kept on going with the disinformation unbelievable. I think about that future agenda. Really, I just got ignored by by the tech companies by the media and therefore the people right.

Anything from the botnet ministration counted refused to see that it had any credibility senior coma intelligence officials like John Brennan, James Klapper, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta used the prestige of their former position to find that Scarlett blacktop before the election, saying that laptop and the material that they publishing was Russian disinformation. I mean, what a scandal. That is, that was an insult to Charlie but blinking hunted by business partner could confirm to delete a Navy veteran insult to Junko MacIsaac the guy from the laptop repair shop actually quickly to blog you had that laptop by the chick pretty Giuliani in play. It just started intelligence operative D folders they are scandal they shredded their reputations by what they did. They put their finger on the scale they let Joe Biden off before the election, and of course, that letter was used as the fig leaf for the rest of the Beatty rent big tech to excuse them entering out story and ignoring it. Some of those that that that commentary at the time. October 20, 2017. He talks about Carmine's hard drive. He talks about his fears. He carries whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. Most of those charges verifies are just so heinous. I'm not even save and is in the midst of a scandal taking place as conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and his son you ever wish you had AppleCare Jimmy Kimmel was the last one, so having said all that, what happens now. Miranda your time says here there's valid stuff on there is some good to investigate that and does that mean it's all in play. The going to try to find out who the big guy was in the IRS doing things like that. We hear about with his his baby mama coming forward to sitting down for hours with the IRS. Look, I mean now that we are all on the same page now that it seems that the other half of the meteor is deciding that, yes, hunted by data, laptop radio, the emails of authenticated now that they are agreeing with us. Maybe we can move to the next day and that it actually looking at what in the laptop and wrongdoing that it shows by chart Biden and his family compromising America's national interest in countries that are now obviously in play, Russia, Ukraine, China and hunted hunted by got a lot of this money that joy Biden what was his involvement in his son Hunter, his brother Jean orange paymasters and then include rulers, Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs that are now being sanctioned. I know no mystery why Vladimir sanctioned Hunter by added hunted by at least of sanctioned American that was a shot across the bow of joy by fact is that China America China Russia China Ukraine. They all know what went on bail dollars that went through to the Biden family thanked Dolly what they got in return. You people don't know the American people. So at the very least they should be some transparency and some journalistic curiosity: yeah. Because I was thought this Miranda was thought that with the Democrats were done with him. Then they will start pursuing the storylines not make something up but pursuing the storylines of loose ends, you know, and I've said this before. If our president Obama ticked off you are doing what you flew to Mexico to take that to take in this meeting with your son that he would go to his sons out there trading on your name and by administration and getting a job. He doesn't deserve over the Ukraine night over there threatening prosecutors cute. Can you just do your job.

This this so this was. It was my ministry shall be little a little aggravated.

While not frequent by their people, actually lawyers to try and raining. Biden and his influence peddling operation to complain recently about not having free access to father Dr. stopped at the people sticking it was negligent in the extreme outback Obama as president to outsource that important work to drive by knowing full well even before he charged him if he's running partner what he would like that. He spent the last four decades, influence peddling in Delaware and he just internationalized it was when network banking chart. Biden to join a bondage came before the election that will expand number one problem Hunter by then the sort of grace and private jobs he was getting lobbying money getting side.

They knew full well what they were getting when they went to a high joy Biden today came and got now to be able to shout with the Obama ethics unite stand up and act all outraged about hunted Biden I'm not great. Well anyway he. When joy Biden with monetizing Howard vice president. Thank you. What was going on. Maybe not the full extent that they didn't off the questions they should have no questions. So Moran. I think you should release a book.

Little by little so they can do at times evidently has a lot on their plate. Now they just move the emails. Let's put your emails once of the most most thought-provoking fronts from straight up front forward Chartwell ignored the book.

Sorry. Maybe they'll have a great event. Just rate it will go from there. Miranda, thanks so much appreciated. Thanks, Brian laptop from hell back in a moment right. Breaking loose unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show father father well. I just want to know. Maybe Irish but I'm not stupid. I married Dominic to your company. What is that even mean what is trying to be funny right. Maybe Irish but I'm not stupid what the hell out of all the things he's done. It's really pretty low on the scale of memory had another problem on St. Patrick's Day.

God bless her soul guy.

But she still alive. Oh that's great. What am I talking about so I mean he killed somebody off there was supposed to die if there sometimes all of us make fun of our ancestry really being an Italian ice need to shave a lot.

I'm only kidding. I can't say that. Well that's true, but I think that's fact. But I think saying Irish are dumb you could say they drink a lot that's also just a generalization stereotype is probably true right night recalling a whole group. Dumb is not a wise move. I maybe Irish but I'm not stupid make sense how it might be Harry Wright. That's true whether he will raise his wife got them around so I don't know. I never see with him Milani with those where the money was never I see less of Jill and she is more needed casino prison truck never really did consultation. He was pretty confident decisions. There's all those that is apparently guiding on the state or off the stage or pulling away from the microphone. Really, I haven't seen much of Natalie microphone (people are shouting questions at him as they come on jelly. Got a go was one thing right before he left, maybe a week or two ago his walking helicopter to grab the place you got shoes on him.

Answer any questions which you said Eric was in WDB. Orlando Eric Brian what you call Irish sunblock pub hey I just wanted you got everybody all riled up with Hunter by we all know about anyone of us would be indicted already and it kind of find it just too small at where you just got released. I think I suspect it's partial because he was screaming. I am not suicidal. He like an ingenious way signaled everybody I have news on my conspirators and they better not do anything what's going on. This country what your take.

I think the six months is just a moron and I would just the fact that we got caught doing to think used to pull that off to try to get sympathy to get a better contract from his TV series is absolutely nuts.

They continue to lie about it. That guy, I'd I don't these worthy of a minute of our time, but I do think that it's amazing to me the punter. Biden is doing these multimillion dollar international deals and he never seems to have any money and he never seems of any taxes he forgot to pay off $1 million of his taxes, which you don't do any jail time because of this of the investigation is still happening. That's unbelievable and nothing is is that they know his family knows got drug problem. The less you are doing so was a drug problem is put undue pressure on them is when they have pressure situations something is biggest as small as a family gathering which you may not like the judgment of some to your extended family to something like an additional business deal that makes you relapse is relapse. Just add water in a cup so that to me is unbelievable. In terms of what came out the other day I look for more come out because I think there's some legitimate reporters at the times will now say hey to me fail five try to find out what's on that laptop when they see it's going to be unbelievable. Molly Hemingway weighed in less I got 21 corporate media have said about this story is a lie. Whether it was about whether it was Russian disinformation are not what it was about when the investigation even started, you know, we learned now that this investigation started during the Obama years on whether Jovan was an eyewitness accounts from people who put their name behind it to say that Joe Biden was involved in this family business.

Yet nobody in the media. Very few people in the media have done what they should to uncover and really explain to Americans what the consequences of this Biden family business is and what it should be. So the guy who got the laptop we just happen to have a computer repair business in Delaware. His name is John Paul Mac Isaac, is because families begin to into the military. He wasn't necessarily and he was being threatened with his life for having this laptop and turning over the FBI interning over Rudy Giuliani. He does not feel threatened output 24. It's hard to remain scared for so long that you replace that with frustration and then drive motivation to fight so that's not done I wouldn't say I'm scared.

I'm cautious but I'm not scared well so imagine that just want to give the FBI. This seems really bad I dropped it off. I try to get a hold of me suckling back on the back of the thing is a is a bumper sticker is about by Joe. It's a foundation for bow Biden's brother 25. It's hard to tell me that's the last time Ukraine was in this kind of go close to this kind of situation. Joe Biden was in charge and now is in charge again and last time Joe were at least Hunter profited greatly off of his dad's direct involvement with Ukraine. I think this time around.

Joe needs a distraction more than he needs money. I think this could be an interesting distraction. Right now Ukraine will suck up all the oxygen when things slow down, and certainly of 2022. Things got heated up and as he tries to heat it up and when the oil companies for the rise in inflation rising oil prices, and when he started by inflation. The cost of everything going up and tries to shift blame. I wouldn't doubt if the Republicans say by way.

Who are you what we're doing where's your son why these emails to you seem to implicate you I would not be surprised that came up.

Certainly if he tries to get another four years but I can see that exhausting look yesterday. Let me pull the string to a big rally in Russia so he's all right acquiesce, we have the latest price only show live from Fox news New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me. I will let his moments of bright human show, two from New York around the country heard round the world don't forget Saturday night 8 o'clock one nation will be on Fox news channel I'll be filling in for Laura tonight and Laura Ingram show so that'll be great. I will go over some of the guests that we all got to be keeping up with happening between the president and the president of our country, the president of China.

We understand that that the media is ended, we have a small readout to to share with you when you go to Amy Kellogg over in London. She so far news she's our senior foreign affairs correspondent as well as dipping with guy rise, founder and CEO ability productions and creator of how I built that podcast and author and offer the New York Times bestseller, how I built this so to to the victory stories you need to know Ryan's three number three. He talks about carbines hard drive talks about his piercing. The whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. Most of those charges. Verify courage is so heinous I'm not even in its talking about told you so hundred laptop emails for the correspondence they are really ugly really intriguing and really disturbing.

Now we know for a fact going to the New York Times, it's all true, which we knew about but anyone who wrote about before the 2020 election.

Well, they had their accounts frozen disabled will you get to the bottom of this. I don't think China has a clear sense right now where they are.

This is put them in a really awkward position that we need to put pressure on China is that the one country best position to bail out now that he is God himself is holding that art and art sanctions in the unity of the West against him. Yeah, Adam Smith, Democrat, or talk about is an outlier enemy that has to be the message present. Biden is giving China's Pres., you don't have to be our best friend. But if you go to prop up Russia and extend this war. You get some sanctions will see if that message was actually related certainly seem to be intimated that it was going to be threatened, how many Russian soldiers killed Kremlin still refuses to cool the war criminal offense in Russia to quote anything official figures. Social hundred and 98 Russian serviceman that was on March 2.

There is no update two weeks. Wow, that is kind of interesting is Steve Rosenberg and the BBC. Four weeks toward David holding off Goliath Ukraine is yet to give up a major city rushes bombing everyone and everything in firing range donating almost all allies leaving prudent rambling on Russian TV will bring you the latest play-by-play let you know why the bear must go down in flames as we bring in Amy Kellogg, Amy, I was struck to see that they look like Pres. Putin was having a major address to a huge stadium. I guess on a day in which they were celebrating the acquisition of Crimea, the annexation of Crimea, but for some reason Russian TV cut away from it. I don't know what you make of that that Brian went to technical glitch on server i.e. you know that's a think that we will see everyone about what was really going on everything, sabotage and guide our letter that with hacking from the outside, but even when he was trying to say and I don't understand why this would entail controversial Kremlin put it out after the fact that he when he calls the special military operation in Ukraine with launch on the birthday 17th or 18th century general naval commander whose career was only based in glory who never lost a battle and it went by way of saying that Russia will always be victorious in any event I find Brian that came to that stadium packed with young people to be rather astonishing. I don't know whether they were corralled or whether there are that many supporters are willing to go celebrate the what would it be now the sixth anniversary the eighth anniversary of the patient Crimea right. This is an idea to with the readout as it I've had from the Chinese prison reading with our present so looks like it looks like this is China's present trend is. She tells Biden they cannot advance to the stage of confrontation the Chinese state media says that she says conflicts in common for confrontation nonintrusive anyone so P security of the most cherished treasures of international community supports the Chinese state media so we don't really know what took place.

But there was a lot at stake when you think a lot about rumors swirling around an article in a German newspaper yesterday saying that Sergei laughed rocked the Foreign Minister had been on its way to baby Jane the night before in his plane had been turned around mid back was never stood up as far as I know that Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman laughed when when an internal adapter that yesterday rolled her eyes but certainly if that had happened it.

It's not likely, she would've confirmed so that's kind of interesting.

I think right now that everyone is waiting to see whether China will step in and try it pulled back from the brink. I think the beginning there was the fact that it went quickly and not what he wanted and she would have been very happy.

Certainly, given his interest in Taiwan. Now that this is turning into a long protracted bloodbath that had alienated Russia and China from the rest of the world turning international commerce probably thinking very differently, but that we don't know yet and I think it is. It is widely believed that he is the only person who could help help help the offramp reality is, but the word is this some inside China that they are really shocked struggles a rushes had in the brutality of this fight and the fact is still going on a month so they would and they are needed for for supplies and forearms so they can just say what I'm friends with them by the Royal they gotta backstop their economy after the sanctions and they might even need more armament so they just got a big decision to make. And that is clearly going to be a redline for the United States and probably the rest of the Western world.

If China were to supply weaponry and finally know that Russia is desperate right now they're bringing in Syrian. They say their experience are just dying to come fight the causes felt so right pitch. I don't think many people outside believe I've heard they're going to pay them a couple thousand dollars a month to come in and do that fight and it would be easier. Certainly for non-Slavic people to to open fire on Slavic people I suppose but he's bringing people from the Middle Ages got brigades of Chechens to have. Obviously a lot of some Russia yeah at least, so he's bringing in all of these outside courses. I think part of that is what is making the battlefield so greatly. I mean we are here in London absolutely grieving for the loss of peers accepting our cameraman killed in key at and our grief is multiplied so many times across Ukraine by people for people. Their lost loved ones that mean it is checked utterly dedicating and when there firing at children and journalist and people in the ratline. There is no Internet and I don't think that I don't think this is an organized military operation. It think it's just a bloodied free-for-all tell you what the Armed Forces used to be with all forces somewhat organize the terrorist organizations that one of the greatest assets as they try to do you know unorthodox things to try to dislodge establish armies. I never thought I would see a modern army aiming for apartment building schools and hospitals. That's exactly were looking we see them trying to kill press we see that with the with the sky. TV reporters are saying their present Russian just kept shooting. We don't know the details would happen all guys are people Benjamin Hall screw and Pierre lost is that we don't know the circumstances that I got ask you if if if you believe that your sources are telling you that Vladimir Putin as totally miscalculated here and is beginning to panic.

The story making the rounds in Russia. Absolutely not confirmed but it is an interesting I'd like to tell you that every doctor not to be true, it would be interesting that the KGB now called with the custody branch of that was me paying off people in Ukraine to turn on their own people to join the Russian side, and it never happened because the money was pocketed in Moscow and had to rolling their again.

Brian lifted making the rounds in Russia. I don't know if it's true or not but if it were to be true would be it would be a sample of how corruption is eating up the old right arm and the other issues here in this I think is fair to report on a lot of the cultures it's been taken captive. The Russian Fed on camera that they did not know that they were headed to Ukraine. I thought they were on training exercises on the border that I think that that he's got a lot people like that in theater then you certainly aren't going to have an organized effort in terms of the poverty of the forces between the think any of them losing source to get food back to me quite startling as you think you can at least equip soldiers with the very basics, but it seems to me that that normally when there's a war, people are able to tell their families where they're going and and it appears here that there's been a lot of last-minute prime factor which which would make sense when you see that the operation is getting very gone down. See Japan and Australia have offered new site will put new sanctions on Russia.

We know that it's also did kidnap another mayor we found that out people concerned about Odessa want to see Ukraine like me prevail in this they think there's an effort underway to try and surround the city and now the Japan is warranted. Russian warships are heading west, possibly towards Odessa, Ukraine.

So you wonder if if B food has its way, they can take Odessa and then going to talks then they could say they gain land in the end it's going to be coveted land and Ukraine would give in and they could say that they got something out of this. I could see that scenario but I'll see Ukraine giving into much right now getting Don back and I remember when I went in Moscow in the early days of this operation, and there were these conversations for days before it started. People were certain choking and saying why can't you just take the Maldives and not Don Bass don't think that there are a lot of Russian to really care about these wouldn't want to be managing these part Ukraine. Obviously, I would guess that is Star Trek an important check part of Ukraine and Crimea as well, but I think all think I'm back to Russia first second here in Russian Brian. There's so much horror going on tour in the Hartley people who do not support the war, who are being arrested, left, right and center part of the new purchase eventually that Putin is threatening know the numbers of people who have flat in the country that they have been substantial. People judge with credit cards that don't work in fading and detonated talking oligarchs are talking simple people that simply can't stomach that you have to leave their country till because they don't see a way forward.

So it's nothing like what the cranes are going through, but there's a lot of depression right now among Russian to clear thinking Russian to know what's going on and they just can't can't bear to feed and they can't bear to link with that in the last year in the UK.

Less time of about a month ago were watching Boris Johnson's career was on the ropes. People forgotten about the scandal of his parties during the pandemic think they have a conversation with Colin about that and I think that there were a lot of other things along the way that it didn't particularly like him or were critical and could have been disenchanted long before the parties at the party really struck a chord with people here and I don't know when the death that I think right now everything is on hold for an end to be concluded and doubt. I don't know whether that will barricade again. Because really, apparently Brian really really affected people here. I got the pandemic was so devastating as it was for everyone and that was just the perfect storm of people who were creating for lost relative lost livelihood and the thought of people sitting around drinking paint in the garden at 10 Downing St. really really struck a chord. I know he would be thousands of miles away.

I was watching some of that in the morning was unbelievable that he would do that is pushy.

He had authority to, and he thought it was serious. Amy Kellogg thanks so much. Thanks Brian. Have a great weekend. 186640876690, come back and take your call upon the I would take a little break from war and talk about you talk about getting through business what it takes with the pandemic had to have people reflecting on their life is his commute worth it is his job fulfilling that some of the questions a guy rides asked shall be with us entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me all once again they struggled for us to be free from the psycho human family, so is now Ukraine is now selling what what was that Bono evidently wrote Nancy Pelosi up only read it to everybody.

She read everybody you hope Bono's little cooler than Anthony Fielding's the email policy. I would know I would hope so. I mean it's unbelievable but what would happen is embarrassed by his own music as you can even listen to it than just terrible magical leads you to friends who followed him around by least tickets and is the only guy who wrote the music, or saying he thinks is terrible.

They shall be ashamed of themselves at the John the I could be thinking. And whoever wrote a poem for Bono should really rethink how how amazing would it be that I think some dissent there but I don't see that she read it said that getting at home.

So this I know this will lift you up. I have to I have to share this one disaster 12 people bring up that disabled Ukraine, which were lateral border in my always come back is you could do both, was taking the border patrol, putting them in Ukraine to sit in Brussels or to sit in Romania and help with the and help with the refugees so you had to save yourself. We have to find a way. Now that spring is coming to stop the search to know the just the opposite is happy with the body demonstration. They cut $450 million out of the budget for the border while they are putting huge increases everywhere else except offense three also cutting defense at the border. Unbelievable. And it gets worse prepared to drop title 42 may orchestra but that was put in place for the Trump people.

Why is removal of the pandemic and they said for people to come across illegally.

For some reason they would've been but for males they will kick in and out saying you have to have a better reason for the middle of the pandemic and number vibrance waiting to cross is about 25,000 kickback now if they live. Title 42. Come one come all their birdie set records they expect to have 175,000 people last month. This month, and then much more in April, as it were. Weather gets nicer forgets to stifling hot you realize how bad that is to me if you want a legitimate election issue you might save yourself is to this more people on both sides of how much we should be supporting Ukraine. I'm all in this. It's a chance to take down the guy that I think is an absolute awful by a human being, the Stalin and the Hitler of our time as Vladimir Putin you want to say no I don't do anything I just want to stay home. Nobody is pro letting illegals into our country crowding our schools and blowing up a legitimate election. Immigration issues, no legitimate immigration system guy rises right show that still you talk with Brian kill me the ground running on what we call our South Eastern fundraising tour to hand out possible investors. Anyone, everything we heard you want to much money for a minority share of the business that does not have a single franchise.

Thanks, but nothing laughed out of the room and I today show was stay at home mom went from selling homemade chicken salad to friends and neighbors to building this growing restaurant chains in America chicken salad that's part of the pie NPR podcast how I built how I built this with guy rise is got a book out called how I built this. It's best so it's own paperback young expected pastoral success for the world's most inspiring entrepreneurs guys also founder and CEO of Delta productions guy welcome.

Congratulations on the success what prompted this idea.

Thanks so much for having me. You know what prompted the idea was my love for him. It is, it it's it's an incredible story of American ingenuity of of people who really oftentimes came from nothing and built built these incredible businesses and brands we just heard Stacy Brown story of building chicken salad chick. She was a single mom with three kids in Auburn, Alabama, and she built an empire because she knew how to make great chicken salad, and it's an incredible story and it's a story we hear again and again I want to amplify the story that was really the beginning of the show so you want to bring that you want to bring those out when we how did you get inspired by a newer ship where you an entrepreneur to I guess and start I am indeed I got to media companies, and you know what what really inspires me and I think a lot of people listening can relate to. I think you could probably relate to brightness. The idea throughout our lives that people say no that can't be done, not possible, you don't hear that throughout our lives and our careers and it can be really discouraging. Right. I'm sure you heard that throughout your career.

People said no you can't do this, you can't be that you can't do it and somehow people push through that you know and and what I wanted to do was show that all of these entrepreneurs that we admire people who started businesses like pods or raising came to the Leatherman night. You know, Tim Leatherman. They heard no throughout their career throughout their life and they still persisted and pushed and managed to create things that have changed our culture changed our country and persistence I guess is one of the key attributes bullet. Let's get into some of the stories about the crater of LinkedIn. Oh, it's incredible. I mean, Rita Hoffman, you know, he was part of the so-called tape all Mafia people people help Mafia, and he came up with this idea to connect people around business around the things they do and eventually sold to Microsoft for billions of dollars. It's one of the most influential social media sites in the world and something I'm sure you use.

I use and millions of people use every day to connect the color soccer player. New Zealand is on the national team and notices some unused would and he goes and he starts a company called all birds which is one of the fastest growing shoe brands in the US he want to create the world's most comfortable shoe and he did it using wool merino wool from New Zealand and went on to to build the company without publicly traded and and I don't you warn them, but the incredibly comfortable shoes. Just an idea to follow through and you have to have the patient's exactly it. So much of what we the stories we tell him to show our story to we know intuitively you know you think about a company like like spanks the undergarment, Sarah Blakely, a young woman living in Atlanta selling fax machines, door to door, but had this idea to transform to create this transformative brand women's undergarments. You know she's going door-to-door trying to get manufacturers to make her prototype everyone saying know how you take on the big guys. Eventually she does that she comes up with a prototype and no long story short spanks of the multibillion-dollar company that Sarah Blakely owns outright that she started in her apartment and up in Atlanta, Georgia right side. I think she should also manage the did not want to be Alanna Hawkes correct husband and the owner box access to lean on him is also a very creative guy so so got podcasts on on PBS will NPR seasoning on NPR. What led you to that. In that idea first before Amazon jumped in. Will you mention Amazon's is our distributor and we work with Amazon, you know, look, I am an audio guy first.

That's where I started and that's why came from and we really I really wanted to figure out a way to connect with people around the shared experience shared view and belief around building and entrepreneurship. Something that I think really connects people all across the board in all across the country and that that was really the Genesis of that, you know, this idea that so many people that we know that that that you know that you know are trying to build something, whether it's a it's a small store and shop a fire at a brick-and-mortar store in your calendar work. It's a bigger idea that could scale and I wanted to create a space where people could feel inspired to do that and to think about it. And to think big and started one euro jobs and were 25 you were in the year 2000. Berlin working in Berlin covering the Balkans correct in the war they never seem to hand over their know I started out as a reporter no back back when I was younger and I was overseas for seven years and I covered Iraq and Afghanistan. I was based in Jerusalem knew many Fox news reporters when I was out there and some great reporters like Jennifer Griffin. I was in Jerusalem with her and it was a different time in my life. You know I love that excitement, but now course, dad with kids and and and and doing doing very different type type of work, but but that was a really important part of my sort of early career and learning about.

You know how that build a career out of what I was doing when you see was going on around the world are you glad you're not covering let's see in the Ukraine right now. Are you glad you're not in Berlin right now. Brian, I have so much respect for the courage of the reporters, Fox reporters about CNN and times all the reporters out there are doing really courageous work to bring us the story of what's happening. It's a very dangerous work.

It's very stressful work, but it's really important work and I really admire what they're doing so much right but you glad to be reflecting on. I am absolutely so was if you were to teach a class right now and entrepreneurship and some of the foundation of success that you use besides yelling totals things pneumonia I get, persistence, determination, you have to have a vision. But not everything some great entrepreneurs who have products that just don't resonate his did you notice that when people talk about those failures were they necessary to find the product or the service work hundred percent hundred percent.

I mean, think about a company like black you know lots of people using slack in the workplace. Now that started out of the computer game company Stewart Butterfield wanted to make a massive multiplayer online game and he did it was called glitch and it failed.

Nobody used it but in the process of building glitch. They also built an internal communication system that they used among them himself.

The people at glitch and one day somebody said hey you know this is kind of cool we might see if we can turn this into something else and glitch became slack which is now up. You know, multibillion-dollar company that was that. That really was never intended to be a communications tool so sometimes you have to oftentimes you have to fail in order to understand what you're really going after and and and oftentimes that's revealed through the process of failure is people to surprise you with the journey. When you get a chance to talk to him for a couple hours or her Brian. I'm surprised every time I interview somebody you know I just to be taught grades. The sound of raising canes the chicken restaurant chicken finger restaurant and I mean this is a here's a guy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who had no money.

He had no family connections you want to start a chicken finger restaurant right at the gates LSU he went to Alaska for summer and worked on a salmon boat most dangerous job in the world right for three months almost died getting torn up the boat. He came back $50,000 which was the money he used to put down a down payment on a property that he then turned into raising canes, which is now the fastest growing fast food chain in the United States. It was also interesting is that you write in your intro. When people go this pandemic. Everyone most of them put their lives on hold and they had a chance to reflect you is this commute worth. It is this job worth it in my feeling fulfilled here, and I imagine a lot of them are and have a great place would we go to your podcasts, but a lot of people probably saying that you make it a good living, but I do what I want it. It's important question and what's been so interesting is that if you look at the number of people registering new businesses business licenses EIN. It was at a record and a 20 year high last year. I believe that the individual it will be even higher because that's precisely what people are asking is what I'm doing.

Worth it and can I be doing something that is more fulfilling and can I take a risk and that's that to me is one of the most exciting outcomes of the pandemic right God to see this really really intended to do you get that job, get married, to get a house, got some payments exceed no.

45 years old on my do what I want to do was worth it. You also say that around 40 years old is when entrepreneurs really dig in for the most part that's what you have their success people's images know that that that whiz kid 21-year-old teenager that's on that's silly with the stats say no exactly 1st time entrepreneur. The average age is 41 years old and and actually when you really begin to hit your stride as an entrepreneur cannot happen until you're in your 50s, sometimes early 60s you know we did the story of Bob's red Mill. It's one of the biggest grain and yellow baking goods products in the country was started by Bob Moore when he was 57 years old. It's a an enormous company now and so this idea that that startups and and and and businesses can only be started when you're in your 20s and eating top Ramen and pizza is a complete myth that is the time to take risks for sure, but it's also time to learn and usually that learning begins to come together early 30s early 40s when you have the confidence to really take the leap and try something new. This live notice and you picked it up and tell me if it goes that some of the stats play out, usually doing to get rich doing to be successful. They want they want to make it work don't usually a lot of time. So, do you notice how much debt they might be going into because all they see is the goal is, is that correct. It's the journey in many cases to get to that success. Hundred percent correct and the best evidence of that is when you talk to an entrepreneur whose business was bought out virtually every single one. I've interviewed has gone on to start something new, so Max selection. He was one of the cofounders of PayPal you know he was. He walked away with $20 million. What did he do we turn running, start a new company and he made more money from that and he turned around and started a new company is called a firm which is a publicly traded company. He doesn't even know how much money yesterday doesn't care because what matters to him is being part of something bigger and creating something that has purpose and that gives himself meaning and meaning to people who work with him and work around him and and when entrepreneurs you know what I'm in the in the rare occasions when they sell their business and retire. Many of them really know they start to get depressed because they miss that lottery they miss the people around them. They miss the exchange and let you know that creative tension that we you know those of us who are are are lucky enough to work run other people yet and so that to me is the number one you know that the best evidence for why it's almost never about the money. It seems I did.

I read the whole book on still night that monster book about sheepdog. Yeah, I talked about starting up Nike and having to deal with Japan income over the innovation and try to get people to stoop to wear his shoes and a major event and have the souls fall apart and then they gave loans only month-to-month. They could, like string it out so we had money had to come up with every month I'm reading this I'm getting stress reading it when I finally meet him and I'm seeing the size and IQ. This global brand and I said what I meant or how you did a month to month and he says I miss it. I loved it. I said you loved it. Not known if the work of you be able to pay your bills. You have a family home. You loved videos. All you so convincing is landlord not to charge and rent one week, one month I go.

I believe that but because it's that it's in the building process writing. Think about your early part of your career where you were struggling before you are nationally known name you know before you before people you know you will take your call right when you were still early in your career.

There's a part of that struggle and that grind that really does appeal to a psych course at the time it was hard, but it's also the in some ways, you know that struggle really bleeds creative thinking and it reads this passion that that we crave. You know I think about roadblocks is game that every kid between the age of nine and 12 place now and you know, the founder of the company David bouzouki he created this game in 2004, but we really only started to hear about it in 2020. You know people think of of roadblocks is overnight success story. But for many years. It kind of hung out there and obscurity and and you know you think about this guy who hung on for 15 years, the pandemic hits and all of a sudden you know three quarters of children age 9 to 12 are playing roadblocks and I think today it's a market Is like $27 billion it. Unbelievable story struggle.

I don't appreciate success even even to drill down even further. I got graduates on the book in the series on the on the Amazon deal and ensure the best is yet to come. And I'm sure these entrepreneurs are lining up to get on the show process can continue their success and you'll unfortunately your phone bill is probably about nonstop people leaving message on your voicemail asking to get on because that's part of the mindset of the people wanted to meet again with. I hope you guys how I built this. Thanks guy right think you got back a moment, giving you you need to know your Ryan kill me please so busy you'll make your Ryan kill me, flexible, and if in fact we do see a turnaround in a resurgence we have to be able to prohibit and go back to any degree of mitigation that is commensurate with what the situation is so we can't just say we're done now looking to move on, we gotta be able to be flexible. She's back. There's a sub variant in Europe which spreads even easier than omicron, but it's so unserious. Plus the omicron in theory was post of the anybody's, but Anthony found she does not want to look over the reins will echo the camera. He is still talking, which is unbelievable considering. So much of what he told us about mass about vaccines 6 feet apart. All those things will flat out wrong from CDC to CDC. The only consistency is this got you have no credibility. Nobody should book him but for some reason he still does, he should walk away while he still is a semblance of dignity because when they do the after action report on handling this pandemic. It's not to look kindly on him and what he was doing before. I want to watch one nation. Don't forget on Saturday night, 8 o'clock I'll be on Lord tonight at 10 o'clock Eastern time and noses of the brain to only show anytime anywhere on podcasts across the country and streaming on Fox nation over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox just start

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