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FAIL: Democrats' Show Vote on Abortion Fails in the Senate

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 12, 2022 12:31 pm

FAIL: Democrats' Show Vote on Abortion Fails in the Senate

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 12, 2022 12:31 pm

[00:03:11] Gen. Phillip Breedlove (Ret.)

[00:18:30] David McCormick

[00:40:15] Marc Thiessen

[00:55:21] Katie Pavlich

[01:13:55] Mark Esper

[01:29:19] David Avella

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

I want thank you much for listening Brian kill me. Joe will go to have been joined by Gen. Philip Breedlove in a matter of moments, and Dave McCormick wants to replace but to me is next Sen. from Pennsylvania so general Breedlove. As you know, former supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO and distinguished chair at the Middle East Institute and we have a lot discussed and we have a lot to get you to solicit get on the phone first come first served 1-866-408-7669 will let's get to the victory.

Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three really see is actually a development that Russia may have achieved in the south and southeast in the beginning of some momentum for Ukrainian forces as the enormous amount of weapons systems ammunition making their way to fill that is, as you probably recognize Joe general David betrays feeling optimistic with nuclear yesterday. Some are not as optimistic.

They still want the country despite the economy and their leader falling apart talking about Russia yes and their goals in Ukraine is well to take over Ukraine. Still, I don't know how they do it, but that is what intelligence is saying. Meanwhile, the president Putin is somebody who missed his beloved hockey game, even though he's in the neighboring town that fuels people speculation that he is not well the bill we have today to vote on it is not Roe V Wade codification is an expansion. It wipes 500, 500 state falls off the expanse and with that, that's not what we are today. We should not be dividing this country probably divided, but that is Joe mansion he is out, Dems Showboat fails and abortion-rights as it becomes clear the Dems what this meant that they want. This is a midterm issue in Supreme Court justices have an issue do with our own personal security as weeks go by and they have been harassed consistently long line should say on television people line up all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food how quickly forget people are hurting what it did Micah crowd want to do, forget it.

What is even talking about. He doesn't sound sober, getting worse just about everything we buy cause more baby formulas weeks away from your shelves and present buying heckles Donald Trump about pandemic lines and planes Vladimir Putin and his press secretary finds it all so funny bizarre the listener about tapping the war in Ukraine will gave a $39 billion Out of the house is going to get okayed by the Senate is good to be heading to the Ukraine man. I hope this spelling it right retired Gen. Philip Breedlove joins us now general. How would you characterize things on the ground right now in Ukraine. Well Michelle again. Brian good news is that the Ukrainian are making some headway and some of their counterattacks in the north, but the Russians are continuing to slowly and incrementally add to their position in the east and the south which are going to be in a tough to dislodge if and when the time comes for that and as you also have heard their starting some of their political work to try to get to a situation where they can now annex or are bringing aboard portions of the recently gained parts of South and East Ukraine, Tucson. They said they want to be annexed evidently did their new government that they put in play. I was the first time he took think this is just annex us. We know about Mary Opal. We know that's gonna be a problem problem. We know that Odessa is being rocketed regularly and these of these are our resource rich areas. So the question is, from what you see to the Ukrainians have the force to really get a run about getting those towns by click they did in khaki so I can answer is yes, but this is not something that we should you know start to celebrate.

They continue to have the successes in the north and they are now bringing aboard more of this Western equipment and they are building a capability without equipment to to either throw into the fight in the E or two slave venues as that force that would be a reclaiming force once they get to that part of the war at counterattacking force. The concerned airports is in the end Ukrainian military completely understand this. As you know, Brian.

We like to say that if you're on the offense you need 3 to 1 more forces than the defense, and that's what's been hurting Russia much in this fight.

So far they they have not had that attacking force.

In some places than that Ukrainians have done a good job. Now when Ukraine switches around the ghost of the offense that burden will fall on them and really that's going to be relatively determined.

That is how they build that capability to get the force to attack to reclaim land so I Russia privately admits its economy is facing the biggest challenge.

30 years to find infant ministers predicting a 12% collapse and his GDP.

The deeper since 1994 my she was trying helplessly to become a capitalist country and the Boris Yeltsin.

So this time no longer on their side.

Well, I think you hit some really important point. There first of all, while I've been a bit critical of sanctions because they have actually never changed Mr. prudent behavior what they are doing is hurting his economy and yes, sort of resiliency of the Russian economy is in doubt, and the capability ticket to sustain this long and costly war is also coming into doubt. And I think that that is going to be a dynamic that is going to have to deal with. Not only that, but what goes on at home because of you know, these economic problems.

I think you have probably heard that there may be even a consideration. The Mr. prudent you know declares martial law in Russia. To support his mortar and not all about the problems you just identified the cities got have a national conscription and the people said okay good then you go to a bunch of people who don't have no interest in becoming soldiers being trained by people do have enough trainers to get a train the trainers to train the rest of the country to take over another country, and that would make the whole country out war which would writ which would risk the popularity of this war correct. I think it would. I think that he already has a problem with this war at home. You know the polling says that the people support it but was just trying to get this way. If you are a Russian and you got a call from the government and the government as you do you support this war not support this more. How do you think you're going to answer yes course, I get it. Of course, so I'm not sure that the polling really indicates what's going on there and what I do know that in the 14 episodes of Russia invading Ukraine when I was a factor. It was very clear that the group that we sort of loosely called the moms in Moscow began to organize deeply when they started understanding how many of their soldiers were not coming home and that really has not played out yet in Russia. Mr. prudent hazmat that and he has to face that yet to come. I want you to traces and you know he's the expert I get it please.

Sounds to me more optimistic that I've been hearing others who are in the region cut 28 there's a counteroffensive I'm going to start again. It's the second largest city in all of Ukraine and they've driven the forces as he noted Russia all the way across the border in some locations, and that could actually threaten the logistical lines of communication that are supporting the offensive in the East, so that's a problem for Russia. They're having reposition forces there.

I think were really seeing is actually a an end of the momentum that Russia may have achieved in the south and southeast in the beginning of some momentum for Ukrainian forces as the enormous amount of weapon systems ammunition, other supplies and so forth are making their way felt wet. So how do you feel about what he's assessed hello hello II you know he and I talked all the time and I agree with much of what he said what had happened in the north is that that counterattack is threatening one of the lines of supply into the larger Eastern fight.

So Russia is going to have to pull forces off the fight to sure that I happen to work those issues and and that Ukrainians are doing a great job there and it is going to cause Russia problem.

I think that the part that is discouraging and I think that David would agree, is that we may see at some point. Now, Mr. prudent decide, hey, I'm not going be able to take more. Let's stop now and start suing for peace with what we have grabbed and and sort of getting this movement in the car keys to to be annexed and met with finally finishing off my youthful if and when that happened, he can say I have I have got the land bridge that was my usual objective all along and he could sort of build himself into a victory and start suing for the land and that I think is going to be a big problem for the West to handle his how do we move forward, you know, with a peace process whereby Zelinski is going to be completely unsatisfied understood because he discusses a lot of money means time in which America's cause scrounging around for baby formula and work that were paying so much more for oil and gas and you can't get weed out which means great out to Africa.

They're going to be doing with the maybe massive starvation because the Russians are blocking the board. This can be external forces that could force in unhappy piece in the area, but right now there's no sense to talk. One thing is pretty clear that Vladimir Putin's. His reputation is destroyed this country's military reputation is sullied big time and that we understand his greatest fear is taking place. NATO's expanding to his borders. Finland was officially applied to be a member of NATO today and the last bill asked for membership suite will be right behind. And now the Russians have said Finland's entry into NATO will become a threat to Russia. According to Dimitri Pesca. The next expansion. It does not make our continent more stable and secure.

Of course all those who become elements for special analysis and development of necessary measures in order to balance the situation ensure our security so they're not happy.

How do you feel about it. Well I think that all will celebrate something that's really important that one is an incredible military and Sweden. I hope to follow.

We have done so much with these guys in the past several decades. They exercise with us at an extremely high level there their capability to to interact with all of our systems and radios and meaning word we use a lot interoperability is extremely high there using a in many cases much of their equipment is American-made. Although not all of it, but these are nations that militarily will will be incorporated immediately. There is really almost no work to do for them to get ready to be a part of NATO. In fact, I say this with all due respect for some of our newer older newer NATO nations that came from the Warsaw Pact.

They still struggle with some of their interoperability because they're still flying mags and other things in their military but Finland and Sweden is completely different. They will be immediately apart.

So let's celebrate that you love people and I'm all for it.

To see the Russians to move missiles to their border because they look to Finland as a threat to their border. The Harley position now to open up another front, they can handle this one, but long term they knew the pluses and minuses to this and now, finally, after decades. They rather be under article 5 where one is attack everybody responds yes, of course, something that we hope at least I cannot speak for myself. Many of us that hope that made these decisions in years past, and I think they they worked with us in order to sort of enjoy the ability that fight with us if they had yeah but they like their neutrality, but I tell you that I think one of the one of the results of our NATO alliance saying we will we will defend every inch of NATO meaning were not going to defend those that are out has has caused because in these nations like Finland and Sweden and even you heard the other day, rumors that that's what were talking about some sort of association that is amazing to me. In the end I don't think it has gone very far. But the fact of the matter is this is exactly what Mr. Putin didn't want and it's a part of this poor thinking this problem through. He's driving more nations towards NATO rather than breaking apart right but is very stressed because Italy and Germany want to start talking peace and we don't think this would be a good time to do it. Would you say that's correct. General Breedlove I well I think that what we have to understand is here has to be in the eyes of Ukraine and and Pres. Dolinsky. What I can clearly say to you is my opinion, is we the West should not be forcing the terms of peace on Pres. Dolinsky and especially on his military who fought so bravely loan me say that one more time alone on the battlefield and so we need to understand in the West that piece have to be in the terms of Ukraine and Pres. towards ski and not something we would issue them to conveniently and a conflict I brought you but we have that you like guys like us, especially us if we decided when I paying that writing more checks that would force them to the table maybe prematurely, I get it. It's a retired Gen. Philip Breedlove Hudson important time in European history were the most important time since World War II and will watch it unfold before rising former supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO. Thanks so much, Gen., thank you. Talk to you again. Same here.

186640876690 come back with your calls that I will commit Dave McCormick fight hard to be the Republican nominee in Pennsylvania kill me. This person is America's liturgy, all of your thoughts with the real thing throughout your busy day subscribe and listen.

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This is Brian kill me show Republican college savings programs help the working class and class people that assisted us when we have inflation are dead wrong under my predecessor, the great Maggie can the deficit increased every single year he was present even talking about going but the deficits they said Woodridge would which are talking about with the pandemic first and they told everyone two weeks or 10 days to stop the spread they had this to spend the entire economy dotted these were workable deficits with the country and good hitting in high gear. Inflation 1.7% unemployment just about 3%. With the growth about between two and 3% co-completing trade deal after trade deal and he's pointing out the some wines that were in Texas and saying I can't believe this is United States of America. Yeah, every hundred years we get a pandemic we might have to consolidate and hand out food. Nothing to do with your 1.9 trillion on rescue plan to liberal treasury, experts said. His secretary said totally unnecessary and you Printing money and now you want to blame other people Joe by thanks Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening demo melon Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen no Fox News contests radio show like no other. Brian kill me. Barnett has a tagteam now with submaster Miano. He's running for governor in Pennsylvania and the two of them are. I guess with Pres. Biden today likes to talk of ultra mag so there's a lot going on within conservative quarters in Republican areas of Pennsylvania, but anybody who says they know what's about to happen I think is lying.

That is my customer cottage on another network.

Trying to predict what could happen with most intriguing races in the primary season it is happening in Pennsylvania all a big race to replace Pat Toomey Dr. Oz prison trumps endorsement on the latest Fox News poll has a 22% of the vote. McCormick, 20, and Barnett, 19, and she's someone on the March 12 far as the trust folder poll easy for me to say Dr. Oz is 24 to Barnett's 23 to McCormick's 21.

What is Dave McCormick think about that as he is header a rich history West Point grad so former undersecretary of treasury for international affairs, under George W. Bush, Dave McCormick. Welcome back good backstretch you glad it's almost over. Either way.

Breakdown down the final stretch. Granted, many affected that yesterday and just trying to make sure I'm technically people cross company going to diner by all of the VFW and you want me feel great on the ground. People are spoken on the race.

Now they I think they're recognizing the date or so. I did at least 20% of the voters that are undecided. You know the rate in the margin of error and so can be a photo finish and I think the people applicable three question a.the value the conservative principal that line up with who we are in Pennsylvania and the company conservative who can win the general election because it takes a bit, so I probably seen what the extreme left to do. We see what my location looking for a country there taken a terrible direction. People feel that they're angry when in piquant betterment is the likely Democratic nominee and go to lock in it and hit the ground on day one with all the incredible challenges we have with our country inflation. The energy credit, Ukraine, China, the open border policy to Joe by we could create an effect on a great debate and so that that's where the race is in my opinion, and you know I think that you clip you played a truly no one can predict what is right now.

I'm optimistic. My message is resonating and I'm I'm going to sprinkle in the I want you to use as you know them with stories economy they could play to your advantage because you got this rich economic background, CEO of Bridgewater, which is an international and international investment funds you understand how the global economy works using treasury. Of course got the military background West Point gray wrestler when you were there so you got you have a very diverse background but things have changed since we spoke and we watch inflation now to the point where I've never said I haven't seen it like this, and no one see like this in 40 years and here's the present United States doing anything but owning it cut one America's fighting on two fronts and home. This inflation rising prices abroad or something. Ukraine is offender democracy and feeding those were left hungry around the world because Russian atrocities exist and Jeff and American farmers understand plumes were has has has cut off critical sources of food.

Ukraine was the world's largest producer of wheat and corn cooking oil, so he goes on to blame the more prudent price like Donald Trump called him the maggot King and all mega supporters most extreme in his lifetime the pandemic. Of course, and then he said how dear you blame me for spending Republican spend more than me.

I'm gonna time in crisis. He's doesn't own any of it yet you learned West Point leaders take and draw direct line between the terrible policies are divided and down and there's three things that that are the reason we didn't get that look at what I is for thinking, looking up, and it it standout is exceptional in any good American history so that spending is been extreme.

The energy policy that abated a net importer have overnight put a huge crunch on global supply and after that the price of fuel fuel is a key driver of inflation and the third thing is we now have a set of policies that are not." Economic policies of the unit banner economy and deregulation that we had under the so on every front. The president is so is so wrong and he is not legally and US Sen. I'm doing. I know exactly how to handle the I can't tell you how big a deal as the company I needed killed working family that that are core to our Republican Party and winning the primary and the general election right elders and fixed income because prices are going up and their fixed income is in it. I need every day and the number one thing in her mind international crisis and I'll say one more word wicked rack with stagflation will be habit 49 inflation and the economy stalls and it's all because of long leadership that ideas and we need to change in our majority that help that it you occupant in the light out to get things back on track and zero program that you do have knowledge of China will begin to bring manufacturing home from China and could you tell me what will wooden particular concerns you most, that China is doing that were on the hook for a national strategy to build credit trumpet with China and really go toe to toe for things I do beyond what.but what great at the present public first, we need to decouple key strategic industries. Pharmaceutical need to come home and can't be dependently learned: edit on China to bring home semi conductors which Dr. Bentley of 90% of all semi conductor production at 90 miles from mainland China. We need to hold China accountable for coping and no wicked killing our company and the applicable bit and we like the Americans between the value we need to continue the fair trade policy to present from the deal care of another pair of that. Make sure that are manufactured here have a fair shake and finally need to make sure no company or adapter is investing in China in a way to support the modernization of the military or the human rights abuses. The league, and it is a real combat that negotiated against China in the business around the world. I'm using my ability to lead in the Senate on how to go a new national strategy which really changes on the leash of the economy far less dependent edema clinic with the sound you pretend a percentage in place prior to me in a tough fight with Dr. Oz Kathy Barnett real quick on with the present buying is calling out is going after Rick Scott's 11 point plan with the Senate should do if there if it flips to the Republicans in one of it is on the one point on number five says the 50% of the country that does not pay taxes should pay anything, even as the smallest amount that everyone should have skin in the game and that's what present buying is focusing on. Here's what he saying he's making that the Republican mantra. First off from what you know of the plan would you agree with it and how you feel about the president how you feel that Rick Scott seen everyone should have skin in the game will my my approach would be to make permanent the compact got I think the biggest problem is that we don't have progrowth economic policy to deregulate that the way to unlock our economy. We have a combination of progrowth policies and physical.

We have neither of those like you I think it's great that Scott has coupled with a plan. I don't that facility agreement called of the plan, but I do agree that we as Republicans need to take leadership have an aggressive set up of next-generation leaders in the Senate that are carrying carrying the fight and we can't just be against what Joe Biden is a disaster. We need to be proactively for what wherefore and I think a present from America's agenda is. That is a good foundation for that.

More to follow, but that at this point I'm not in favor of any any increases in because I think it's the worst thing we can do for our economy at this moment we need it. We need to unlock our economy� Further the crap I plan so we went to the Sprint to Tuesday. When I got I got my friend and supporter had crew coming in Philadelphia today great endorsements from Mike Pompeo, Mike Huckabee and for Bob like I try to copy and enough therapy. A number of other great support. Can I get you for rally. One, here it Philadelphia Aaron McGovern County ready went in Pittsburgh tonight Allegheny County and then tomorrow I will finish with rally (a rally in Lancaster County so dictated then in the last couple days, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing with it yet. My pickup truck. It goes hand make my case for the great people of Pennsylvania right best looking finals prints out from under secretary-treasurer international affairs, under George W. Bush, West Point grad and now trying to be the next Sen. from Pennsylvania. Thanks Dave thank you Brent that you got it.

So he's trailing just barely both these polls within the margin of error. Dr. Oz has the endorsement of the present, but as you see the McCormick and Barnett. They both feel as though are they fully are in back of the present and is part of the former president and his policies, which is a good tactical move. You don't alienate trump supporters even the present trump is made his choice. So we come back I'll take your call for this arrow, 1-866-408-7669. We have not really to discuss much about the the Showboat yesterday and the derision and the anger directed at who else but Joe mentioned don't move newsmakers and news breakers. First, trying to kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me that mother is yet a protester this this clown in a handmaidens tail outfitted walking paths only Coley and Amy Connie Barrett's house again. Maybe the fifth six Street day and harassing her children. You can imagine five kids to adopted young family.

Bob comes home people screaming about horrible things outside their house. They probably have to go somewhere else. These kids got homework to have teams, are there things are involved with in the got a deal with this. That's okay with you and this idiot protesters is Amy Cody Barrett adopts kids as I would like to carry a child, not even doing the research to find out that she's got five kids her own and then quickly pivots and says not everybody wants five kids right, not everybody wants five kids, but she does and you know I should go to vote and you understand the opinion and you understand this to go back to the states you want to protest, go do it go march but don't do it in people's houses governor Glenn Duncan. He says it's up to the Atty. Gen. to enforce the law, but he is the governor of the place in which this is happening there in Maryland cut 26. The statute is incredibly clear. It basically says if you are parading or picketing in order to try to influence the judge that is punishable with up to a year in prison. That sounds illegal to me and I just asked the Atty. Gen. to enforce the law that's on the books that if people want to demonstrate someplace off away from their home.

That's your prerogative, but again this is not a final ruling.

It's a draft ruling right and clearly these these demonstrations are being pulled together to try to influence the final outcome and that is prohibited based on federal statute. Yeah I just just go ahead I mean the cost is going there and push them back seal off the block that is it. Talk to the families find out they want to get out of there, and I'll tell you when the Democrats can understand that you may be against you may be on the offense of in this situation, but everything blows up in your face cancer culture started with liberal cancer culture, lunatics end up shooting Al Franken everybody else behavior are not justified or whatever they blow themselves up. Now you're saying it's acceptable to go outside people's houses do not agree with them. So there's a lot of Republicans think Atty. Gen. Americo it's absolutely awful there's a lot of people thought that Jen Saki's sarcastic retorts were under were something that was annoying them so that guess what we know exactly people know exactly where they live. So instead of protesting outside Supreme Court justices in a few weeks. Maybe this time to go see the new press secretary. Maybe it's time to see the new Homeland security Sec. who's me Arcus is an embarrassment to this country. I'm not into ruining his personal life, but you are laying the groundwork for making that an everyday occurrence which means no one can run for office at all at all.

Here's Esther Salas on this very issue. This is the judge who son was murdered and her husband was shot because of a job that she does that, because of the convicted that she had as a judge is cut 22 and 2/21 months and 18 days of murder and they can do this in a week.

They can do this in a week which they need to do by the way, but my bill had the bill been passed. These justices addresses what it been field a long time ago.

Yeah she knows what it's like Richards you're in Texas a Richard O what a whole lot going out yes very quickly.

I spent 34 days in Moscow 16 months ago I was escorted in by the Deputy Prime Minister to be on some specials and my post or my escort if you would. I asked what is. She said she was the daughter of a KGB colonel that his main thing is his legacy which was to bring back Soviet bloc and that she also said that he has a Membership of Alzheimer's apartment, but might think different size. Nobody but the scenario of a so-so potential suicide like Hitler subverted all down and it was he was knocking to go out alive talk about will not push the button but has anyone brought up the scenario of will. He is going to take people with just call me people for those types of things he's not playing the same hockey game today by 68 years old he's at his sushi compound right now and we know that he does not look good on Easter he did not look good sitting in the stand with a blanket over his legs, and I know that he got himself in way over his head. The biggest disaster in modern Russia. Remember when Stalin was invaded by by Hitler and things were going terrible in this in the scorched-earth policy was having millions die, and said town after town being burned down by the Soviets of their own towns to maybe suck the Germans in and get them stuck there for the winter like they did with Napoleon, Stalin went catatonic. He was hanging on his house he thought he was going to be killed any minute.

He was saved by the fact that the Germans over extended family to live that's Tracy Vladimir Putin doing been listening in Michigan, a bent, Brian listed with everything going on in Ukraine. I know that our biggest threat is always been China right now we know for fact that India had the second largest army in the world and we know for fact that there's no love lost between China right exemplified by that of border is combat.

They had about two summers ago are we making any type of overtures to India Clay interference against the Chinese when the time comes when they start trying to make their their advances towards her Taiwan not sure I noted this idea is also friends Russia and China that might be a good move, but without to find the Modi right now because he sustaining Russia.

He still buying their oil helping to finance the war machine but that's something to consider. I know he was a lot tighter with Trump that he is with Biden, but that is that that is a piece of leverage of international relations.

It shows how astute you are been listen go to bring to find out where I'll be how to contact us.

Also one nation coming up Saturday at 8 o'clock and then repeated again 11 on the Fox News Channel Frank Tillman and I Fox News radio city is New York City fresh off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me hi everybody bring something Tillman hadn't heard around the country heard around the world market is woken up early like to sleep till noon. Joining me early just because he cares so much about our audience and all of you fighting his insight, Washington Post Katie Pavlik to the bottom of the hour as well and will be taking your calls throughout the day and of course as we look to see what's taking place this weekend. A lot of people look at it with happen Tuesday.

That's a big primary to the test of doldrums power. I don't think is going to have successes in the governor's race in Georgia. I think you will have it with Herschel Walker man is he would he bless Dr. Oz but Dave McCormick and Kathy Barnett are also still very much in contention will find out what had happened there. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file. I fact save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three really see is actually a momentum that Russia may have achieved in the south and southeast in the beginning of some momentum for Ukrainian forces as the enormous amount of weapons systems ammunition making their way fill that is David betray us and that's what he saying is the battlefield is the situation they will still want the country despite the economy that is falling apart. For Russia, yes I am talking about Russia. They still think they could take Eve and there goes in Ukraine is to make them go down.

Meanwhile, in the use Ukraine at a major victory, but in the South. It looks like there to get a move on Odessa. Meanwhile Vladimir Putin tell very much in doubt we have today to vote on it is not Roe V Wade codification is an expansion wipes 500, 500 state laws off the books it expands abortion and with that, that's not what we are today. We should not be dividing. This can be divided.

That is our Joe mansion. The damn show the gem Showboat falls on abortion rights, as becomes clear. Dems want to make this a midterm issue. They knew they could get 60 there were to codify Roe V Wade and supreme justices have an issue with their own personal security as weeks go by and there's been not one word about the identity of the leak are the causes to begin with long lines at Shannon people line up all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food will quickly forget people are hurting I wanted Micah crowd want to do, forget it yet.

Joe Biden little bit angrier than normal. Getting worse just about everything we buy cost more baby formula gone from the shelves present. Biden heckles Trump claims Putin and the pandemic really for the press secretary laughs when asked who's in charge of getting baby baby formula back on the shelves was bringing Marti's and Mark are you surprised that we keep on getting these catchphrases from the president. He's bringing up Rick Scott's one of his Rick Scott's points rather trying to solve the problem six months from election Rick Scott not not a single Republican support, so you taken this outlier bill that Rick got it done and try to make it to impose it on the record about Artie make the claim that they were but this is just typical for this person just lies all the time to complain about Biden a lot about Trump lying all the time. He just lies nonstop. He liked about the plan for ultra mega agenda, multiple look back and say it out pretty good on her back to back it with like Donald Trump at the Megadeth.

Big mistake.

If they think that people voted against the pump agenda unable to get Donald Trump to vote against what Trump was doing in office they like what are you doing up 56% American in the midst of the pandemic that they were better off now than they were four years ago say that about Joe Biden today that the better off now than they were your now.

Yeah, let's look at what's happening in America right now. According to the 10 Wharton school of families being $300 more a month minimum Harris pulse is 84% of Americans are cutting back on key purchases. Why because natural gas is up 100% hotel costs up 22% fuel oil up 80% tires 50% B 14% milk 14% gas. Overall, 44% so you are big and small things that are all costing more money in interest rates going up, and there's an uncertainty that I haven't seen them you talk about anti-leadership. This is present. Biden like losing it, pointing out the lines during the pandemic is saying that and deficits that went up during the pandemic blame blaming this basically on Trump. I find it hard to believe, and he's got this new term that listen to this. Cut to my Republican college savings programs for working-class and middle-class people that say say that's what we have inflation there dead wrong under my predecessor, the great Maggie can the deficit increased every single year he was present, the great Maggie King deficit would be talking about labeling flailing workable to make an issue right now. Like others, deficit, don't give a crap about the devil to write. I don't care about the deficit in their paycheck because of the emplacement. Biden is the least deficit in the retirement account because of the stock market collapsing that they care about the poor of the deficit. The 401(k) care about the federal deficit.

They would they care about their their own pocketbook and what happening all the listed about the things they can't afford the Biden bonds focus on the wrong things and then the Democrats not only are they not focused on inflation solving the problem, but their number one issue now apparently codifying Roe V Wade and creating a net kind of A national right to abortion on demand. Up until the moment of birth which is opposed by the majority of American because that because they got such a a enthusiasm gap in the NBC news poll showed that the team pointed to the other got the last time that happened was in 2010 and they walked 60 feet from the house. The issue breaks my guess would mobilize Democrats.

Now I don't actually there was an NR for national committee poll but show they asked people whether would you be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports reasonable restrictions on abortion or vote for a candidate who support unlimited abortion up until the moment of birth, 53% will be more likely to vote for candidate support reasonable restrictions. 28 for abortion up to the be. It's not if you look at the polls. The number of people who vote on abortion as the number one issue is to maybe 4% depending on the pole there for about 30% of its considered an important issue, and 60% of that of those people for important issue arc are pro-life and for your work are pro-choice so it's more important Republican care more about a conservative careful lepers care more about the issue that that what goals do so would not solve the problem but the problem is by focusing on this and making this radical build a bigger strata vote on the centerpiece of their message. Right now Americans are looking that thing I got worst inflation in 40 years the highest gas prices on record.

The worst crime wave and motorways in the 1990s, the worst border crisis in American history professional deaths go to opioids out of control all the and your focus on killing babies up until the moment of birth back your agenda even even a bonfire agree with you and I fail pro-choice. That's what you focus on right now about the most important thing for you. Give me a break. Couple things more, I'm not a campaign expert, but if you told me where should I go today from prison. Biden I would go to that avid factory where they had the recall in February and I would have emergency meetings with the FDA.

I make sure the camera saw the FDA Commissioner work in my office and say yeah there were problems with this is fixed. I can have be with it. We can't wait 12 weeks to get baby formula back on the shelf. This is gotta be done. Therefore, you don't blame Trump you don't take advantage of. Don't go to Joe mansion hamstrung by party. You sit there and you try to solve problems look like a guy that understands it. Why wouldn't he do that because they care more about killing babies and feeding them, that's a little abrupt means what it is they just passed a bill Bell tried to pass a bill that literally create an unfettered right of abortion up until the moment of birth, if that. I don't think there are very many Americans who think that killing a child in the third trimester is not what John Pierre on this very issue on who's in charge of getting baby formula back on the shelves cut six. This is an urgent issue that is your now and the White House is working 24 72 addressing the formulation. I don't I don't know I can find out for you and get you a person who's running .8 don't have a she thinks she's okay. She giggled sarcastically. That's a very important question important question there focused on the wrong things that focus on the economy he's talking about the deficit when no one cares about the deficit they care about their personal finances. You talking about you talk when he talking about children he's talking about. To use the president's own. Aborting a child. That's what he said that it was a Freudian slip, the baby he know he's a Catholic.

He knows deep down that the child is on record wrestling with this 20 years ago but now he seems so just so sure of himself correctly, yet abruptly giving Out his capitulated to the to the radical radical polar proportion wing of his party.

When Americans are wondering where the baby formula, keep the baby until I was like I would think there focused on the wrong thing by the way I feel because of their get to put your three tool player today. Mark I got to tap into other area of expertise and was going to list talk more. Here's Ben Wallace UK Secretary of Defense on Vladimir Putin and what we know so far, that will change your perception of Russia and him cut 32 titles were just his own forces and I put about 65 to 75% of all Islamic forces into Ukraine in war � we can see a sufferings of serious damage will take years to refurbish the he can be less of the medically power than this at the beginning and him personally. He's at his so she compound not playing in his beloved hockey game and in his dress.

There was no big news to come out on May 9 and we see Ukraine making some progress but Russia is in a brutal way, taking portions of the Ukraine in the South in the East how you feel about where this conflict is so number they came out recently that the Ukrainians had captured and taken over 263 Russian tanks, which makes Russia, the largest supplier of heavy weapons Ukraine of the world nice love and that's where we are and the rest are being destroyed. This this war miscalculation by Vladimir Putin.

We should be taking advantage of this to actually deficit decimate and destroy the Russian military so they cannot threaten anyone ever again. It would be. It will take them decades to recover from not just from the losses will give you an example.

By the way how afraid they are of their own people. Ukrainians have a refrigerator trailer filled with hundreds of bodies of the overclocking folder and killed that they are trying to give to the Russians to repatriate so they can return them to their family and the Russians won't accept because their moderate I do I hear you, because that's what they bring in incinerators to the front door bring the bodies back Mark I want to write this last part that Republicans are getting wary about writing these big checks use Jim Jordan why he voted against the 39 billion on Tuesday. I understand people's intentions. I understand how bad the situation is for Ukrainian people what they're going through and why some of my college they went that way, but also it is that what's happening here in this country with record levels across the border that's wide open Atty. Gen. who tweets the dead tree for very long, that you were talking to you as if there were domestic terrorists and one of the Democrats done the last two weeks last week that they give us the disinformation governance board think I come after person in the liberties and this week it's been $40 million on a foreign country so that's the concern that I have and I think so many Americans at all kinds of helpful Ukraine thus far, but this bill we said no we got a focus on the issues that count here in America that matter to American families and also help Ukraine to do it in a way that makes more sense. I think this piece of legislation � particularly the fact that we only had a few hours to look at. So do you trust him. Jordan's concerns because he's not alone. He will he's pretty long. The vote was overwhelming for so so you pretty alone and to I agree with everything you said about the border agree with everything you said about time. I agree with everything you said about those things that shouldn't stop us from helping Ukraine.

This is a visit work the party.

Ronald Reagan was the party of that that these people in the world. If you can't support Ukrainian in this fight that we walk tomorrow bearing that babies are not. This is a false choice to say that we can't can't pass this aid to help Ukrainians defend themselves from from unjust aggression we can Russia in it, in its global Democracy we we can do that and chew gum at the same time and the fact that the help Ukraine by court order. That shouldn't be stopped because they won't do the right thing on other issues.

Mark what did you just answer that because some people do have those questions and there is a lot of people concerned about what's happening here, but I also see long-term, we have we avoided in 2009 we vote in 2014. Now, if a bigger problem 2022. If we don't solve this now other problems only get the bigger for the next administrations regardless of whose president, and I think we agree on that letter went out for Taiwan. We should be honoring them to the people for Russia China invaded anything were giving Ukrainian colonies as well and everything so that when one day when the Quintana does invaded.

We don't look back, that we which would thousand outside of the smarty since it could even start even asking the question, he just went into his own heart.

Thanks so much, as opposed to the next column 1-866-408-7669 back of your calls and then the Katie Pavlik's challenging conventional thought and wisdom with Brian kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about it as you're with Brian kill me more interest in over 5% in the long line portability and pay for housing is at an all-time low. Housing prices still high mortgage rates doing much of a mortgage for the house by me the news is not good and that's another issue to sales Steve Ratner not a liquid, not a right wing zealot, a left-wing liberal church finance guy used to work in the Obama administration.

He also said the $1.9 trillion rescue plan was not good was not good finance and it did not work well for the country. Even though present buying continues, they could save the country, but we were already watching cash. We need to get back to work just he was awash with vaccines. A million people's arms.

Way to go over and then he continued to rack up more deaths during his time then present from but yet it was prison trouble acted responsibly when we didn't even know what hit us. We have a shot OR a vaccine ready to go.

Obviously, because we still don't know exactly what happened with this virus where it came from. What made it up, and how to stop it and then you have a guy that was not able to anticipate the variance when all his so-called experts should've been telling him look out for the variance. Then they told her to get vaccinated when I can get it again. Jen psyches up the four or five times by the way, then he's gotten a therapeutic took four more months is a therapeutic he's got a vaccine is got to decreasing cases but he's playing the pandemic supply chain he's blaming Vladimir Putin and the magna crowd for the problems he's having. I will discuss this on one nation. And today I'm sorry my themes if you get past presidents, many Democrats, including the guy says the buck stops here meaning his desk a Democrat name Harry Truman leadership Captains coaches for the highest level, lowest levels for CEOs, the head of the parent teachers Association the PTAs whatever it is you take responsibility solve a problem.

Everything that Biden isn't doing radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me and show control legislation for the 7% American public wants ropey way to be codified as is been president will over 50 years. To me, that would be the reasonable rational thing to do. The bill we have today to vote on women's health protection act, and I respect people who support. Make no mistake, it is not groovy way.

Codification is an expansion wipes 500, 500 state laws off the books it expands portion and with that, that's not what we are today. We should not be dividing this country from divided it's it's really the politics of Congress is dividing the country is not the people telling us what they want and is just disappointed.

Deflation, which I will not vote for today but I would vote for Ruthie when codification if it was today.

I was hopeful for that anything is he's not pro-life. You just Pro logic I he does not want a abortion of Woodson was in the ninth month of pregnancy do you Murkowski and Collins also pro-choice.

They had submitted their own short their own abortion rights bill that was more narrowly tailored, but Schumer chose not to bring it for a vote. Why would that be. Let's bring someone in those about politics motivation Katie Pavlik is with this town hall at her foxes contribute Katie welcome back. No problem, and I know you to be on television. With this this weekend so I'm listening to. Why was Sen. Schumer put something out there that he knows guys like Joe mansion and Republicans like Murkowski and Collins would go for well that there schumer knows that he's using nomads on equal codification of relics you dishonestly make an argument of the general perception of Roe versus Wade is that I think it overturned abortion man will be bad everywhere across the country and not that's not true Roe versus Wade is overturned. If you simply go back to the state felt a certain state like California that will have very extreme abortion laws, sometimes up to the day of birth. Other states like Oklahoma or Alabama may choose to ban abortion altogether. So they're using that that you moment to dishonestly argue that Republicans are against Roe versus Wade which politically. They think it's good because: shows that the majority people want Roe versus Wade Howell.but then when he dies in a one layer deeper and ask people well what do you support any kind of restrictions on abortion and the majority of people believe that abortion should be banned after 15 weeks. All that's not what Democrat been arguing that certainly what Joe mansion pointed out, I would not in the bill. The bill that they put on the floor, claiming that codified grout was going to force religious institutions to conduct abortion, but would allow people were not doctors to conduct abortion that will completely eliminate states rights on the issue by writing hundreds of lives off the books and felt they were trying to use this as a basis, you know, Brian.

Midterm elections are based selection not yellow election necessarily where I people who generally aren't involved in politics turnout and and Democrats are desperate for an issue they think it is on their side and they believe they can make the argument I dishonestly that Roe versus Wade being overturned. Went ban all abortions? Right guys use it so will this be a motivating issue for Democrats something so including Congresswoman Judy Chu of California cut 20 today is not, and is just the beginning. Today we start the march towards the November elections act today is the start of the capitation. All women in this country and the men who support them well. She feels that there are now motivated. Does she have .2 at her saying that all I the issue of the pro-abortion left. The fact is that the majority of pro-life activist in the country are our women and actually one of the open court cases that was her last spring was brought by a pro-life Democrat and Louisiana who happens to be a woman and so is that you have Democrats now gain broader women's rights issue has a lot of women who disagree with abortion and if you look at polling the majority women actually do support limits on abortion, but if you ask many Democrats in the party they support including Joe Biden or anyone abortion.

They refuse to talk about it which gives you an accurate answer.

It now.

They don't look for any limit on abortion. So in terms of the base getting out.

I do think that this hyped up certain elements of the Democratic Party, but it just goes to show how far they gone from the 90s. For example, when they abdicated that a portion be legal, safe and rare, and now they got vacated as skiing yesterday and Democrats who voted for the bill yesterday codified the principle that the Democrats brought leaders a few exceptions, but broadly believed that abortion should be not only acceptable up until the moment of birth but calibrated that it should be a liberating idea for women and eight while rejecting the idea that there's a lot of millions of women throughout the country in hundreds of thousands of them in Shelton, Washington DC area for the march of life who disagree with the idea that abortion should be celebrated or allowed nine months in the pregnancy. Couple things using this happening now which I can't stand but I know exactly where it's going is the protest in front of people's houses we saw in front of the trumpet minute with the trump administration we saw when they went out to dinner we so the problems Ted Cruz was having Sarah Huckabee Sanders was having you see as you live around there now oversaw the Supreme Court justices were probably weeks away from overturning Roe V Wade find their houses and their families turned on its head. Listen to this interview with a protester in Virginia cut 27 awesome mother is pulling for you like to carry a pregnancy. Everybody wants to have right that Jamie Cody Barrett their target about the protest in front of her house for a week. Imagine be have any kids under 12 years old and see people screaming about your mother.

Outside all week. Katie, this is not good and well and they don't they know Democrats are going to be the I in the eye of the storm. Eventually the irony is that this week I asked Terry Kentucky got up the media in the briefing room and sat in think that people should continue. They just won't come down there condoning telling these protesters to continue to go to the home of the string quartet and not just this morning at breakfast for Jen sake she is leaving her post tomorrow is my pet White House press secretary. She was complaining about the fact that Brent come with the job and not the Arlington GOP is allegedly circulating Hydra standard should be that you don't protest the people.

It's inappropriate and given the fact that no groups like group center pro-abortion group. It's been showing up and claim the thing I want going to show up at the Supreme Court, not in front of the houses has typed the black-white matter which of course, $2 million worth of damage in my left, very serious and credible concern here for the safety of the justices and and are setting a precedent here elected and tell you how they think it's fine to protest and to send on people's private homes. When the end justify the means of the same reason they didn't condemn the Supreme Court, despite it being a complete breaking of norms damaging to the court now rated outside the trust issues about how the court can continue to do its business and whether the American people can trust the outcome and the bottom line Brian is that the White House saying that people should continue to show up at home or something important to show that they want to pressure the just changing their mind. You're not it illegal to try to intimidate judges or justices into changing their mind on the case.

It obstruction of justice.

And yet, the White House, but doing that in order to justify the political means doing wonders why is Gov. Yunker.

Looking to the Atty. Gen. to do something you got state cops push everybody back keep down the road and I to me. I don't know why the Atty. Gen. asking involved I could be wrong here, but shouldn't the governor just till the state police that I'm concerned about the welfare this does break the law. I believe that Glenn Duncan has been saying that he's going to protect the justices something that you live in Virginia and that there are laws in Virginia that it illegal to protest in front of people, Tom. I do think that he may be getting pushback from the department of justice to finally yesterday, but that they are going to provide more US marshals support and IQ J has jurisdiction over the safety and well-being of Supreme Court justices, but there were police outside the home of Justice Alito. I get our dad believe him back to tomorrow close right onto class yet and you have to flee their house and of these kids in school and Elise obviously know the answers that so present buying has a very interesting approach to leading a set of high inflation, high gas prices, while still trying to support a war against one of our enemies, and that is blame everybody else. I mean I'm literally he's coming up with catchphrases to blame. Trump is there calling the prudent price hike is blaming the pandemic everything except him. Even example of something he could do.

Katie little different. Turns out the by demonstrations just canceled a massive oil and gas lease sale which, in the middle of record gas prices over in Alaska. You talk about a thousand acres. I mean how do you explain how you rationalize that getting the mind of where the left is on the issue of climate oil and gas and to them it makes perfect sense. If you have less supply of oil and gas, the price goes up and therefore make the unaffordable people to use that kind of energy they have repeatedly said a number of vitamin attrition officials including the EPA that straighter Pres. Biden any energy secretary that they are in a transition they are trying to force the American people onto alternative forms of energy and a common alternative because they're not green energy.

There are alternative forms of energy either trying to do it by force, by making the American people uncomfortable.

That's the only explanation for what they've done not just with the Keystone pipeline limiting leases throughout the first year Joe Biden presidency but now you know, destroying, bequeathing projects in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, and so this is this is their goal. The pain is the point they want to make it so painful that people do you have to look to other forms of energy that will be an efficient solution for people to get for example is that of Catholic extent that the electric car at the top something that people can afford right with no chips, so here it is used present buying attacking the problem. Cut five dollars.

I'm not usually just discreet about my Republican friends again along with a lot of these two anyway. Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican Florida laid out a plan in writing what is called, called also. Michael plan make America great again plan this in writing because it raises taxes on 75 million American families. Over 95% of whom earn less than $100,000 yearly combined income would raise taxes by nearly $1500 per family's already online. They got it backwards, so he picking out one element of Rick Scott's 11 point plan and saying it's the Republican doctrine put that in perspective, the only person who support this plan is Rick Scott published that Mitch McConnell came out and destroy the idea that this would ever see the light of day as a Republican plan is frustrated because he knew exactly what would happen. But for Joe Biden out to be blaming Rick Scott were to say that the Rick Scott Republican plan may happen for the fact is that Joe Biden policies have led to rampant inflation that has no no signs of slowing down 11% tax on the American people, and on every American. Despite the fact that Joe Biden promise not reflected on anybody making under $400,000 per year. Grocery bills are up 30% in some places gas is not tripled.

This idea that he trying to say.

Although that the government is run completely by Democrats and the House-Senate in the White House that the Republican maybe coming to office could pass this when voters can clearly see what is already been done isn't going to be a valid argument. I wouldn't think so. These were the weakest arguments as I can remember that is 79-year-old politician should say this is not good help when we just do the best we can to get some baby formula on the shelves and work your way backwards. Katie, thanks so much. Always appreciate your insight Katie patch town hall advisors Internet you got 1-866-408-7669 I see out there in Brookville Euston Salem and and elsewhere around the country still moved Brian to meet you, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me breaking new unique opinions here it all.

Brian kill me and show Cromwell for regulating self and the counter of the Starbucks in New York yesterday to protest the franchising more plant-based mouth while you kind of just the counter.

Naturally, right okay they go little but humor didn't say don't trump.

It's amazing how sometimes do that.

I know certifying that's one of this morning. No, no, I me a new pump to the family for Mother's Day, but Pete is taking them to task for buying the puppy from a breeder not rescuing the food from a shelter Island shelter. Instead, you know he got traded to the Broncos this year. You know she is famous and for the one I had got a pure breed puppy likely for a breeder where mother dogs are often locked inside filthy cages and bread over and over until their bodies give out do they know that they got it out from the don't think is using this as a way to get attention by the way, you should have the right pick your dog you live with the dog for 15 years for your own kids for a lot of readers who love their animals. That's how they have an income You know exactly next year been asking for birthday cards ahead of his hundredth birthday of Victor Butler Rhode Island native who serve the Tuskegee airmen from 41 to 46.

He turned 100 on May 21 work as a mechanic during the war.

This is okay.

One thing is going to be 100, but when you hundred. That's not what you want, but there aren't too many things that will make you happy than hearing from people and talking for people is that I enjoyed being Tuskegee. Although was enjoyable and the town. Obviously because they had segregation is an issue. So the birthday card can be mailed to Victor Butler care of Gary Butler, PO Box 3523, Cranston, RI 02910 Velma birthday card for every parent to do with the kids this weekend. Next famous hammer. Chris Chris Hemsworth wheels at Thor is hitting the market in the auction. The hammers expected to slam a once the bidding gets into the six figures of the movie prop notice done moved your hammer is from the 2011 Marvel Studios film Thor expected to fetch at least $100,000 next month. Would you pay that I went but the question is what you actually probably can afford right below. I don't the guy could come home with $100,000 hammer. I would like I've seen Thor although his luscious blonde locks are indeed noteworthy is auction predicted to drink about $9 million.

When the dust settles. The most expensive items I could be a screen matched ILM red leader X wing starfighter model manager from Star Wars. A new hope and estimated it would be $500-$1 million to 78 of them very interesting to think that maybe you something from back to the future maybe Dorian Time Machine that will cost between 150 to 200,000 right Fox News radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here right is Brian kill me, Joe, different time and had run the country around the world and hopefully resonating in Ukraine.

David velodrome in the bottom of the hour. GOPAC Chairman GOP strategist and a lot of people are intrigued by what could be happening in Pennsylvania as Donald Trump decide to Dr. Oz is his guy David McCormick has Ted Cruz support and Mike Pompeo support and then Kathy Barnett is surging. In fact, the latest tour of Trafalgar Pole is second right behind just a few percentage points, but some people look at her and say she's somebody that would have a hard time winning the general will see me now was the former Secretary of Defense, former Sec. of the Army of West Point grad 1986 same year as Mike Pompeo and many others, and author of a brand-new book called the sacred oath.

What Mr. Sec. Mark Esper welcome to Brian Kelly radio show. It's great to be so more first of how have you enjoyed this tour well it's in some ways just busy. It takes a lot of time and meet a lot of interesting people and a lot of great questions so I enjoyed dubbing on your show the other day that was a lot of fun right David on Fox and friends, great first on about which woods happening on the ground in Ukraine.

We just writing a $40 billion check now and some people say when does this stop when do we stop giving money Ukraine when America is suffering economically here at home. What you do what you tell my listeners. Well, I'd say a few things. First of all, this is more more than just Russia versus Ukraine is autocracy versus democracy.

And I think we need to support Ukrainians there showing a lot of skill of grid leadership courage under fire and I think that if we can provide them that the training the means.

The material weapons to fight despite that means we don't have to fight it and look up somebody who grew up in the Cold War era.

I know what the right Russia could do and that you know when I structured fenced the Tatian national defense strategy was my top priorities but but I will say this much to write your question 40 minus a lot of money and we've already put forward. I think 11 12 billion before that I we need to make sure we understand what's going but there are the controls of which it's a that we know exactly what were getting and that the look of a budget hawk. I think there should be offsets as well and that we need to factor those things into consideration to. And lastly, I think we need not only think about Ukraine's defenses I don't like the budget being put forward by Pres. Biden. I think their week other flat and we need to really build up United States military. More broadly, and deal with the greatest adversary week that space in the country which is China. Finland has come out and said as of today there officially applying to be a NATO member I can imagine that them not being on the glide path. Would you support that I would.

I think they bring military capability. I think they would be a good asset base shortly in north eastern flank of the alliance and they get the Arctic Circle. So yes I think they would be a net plus for the United States and NATO as what sweet but I think that's couple days away now. The Russians are on the record of saying that that would be a direct threat to them. If we go ahead and do appear to be bringing NATO again right to another portion of their border would how do you digest that say that like to do a lot of rattling. We should take them seriously because you and I discussed the other day on the Reagan Republican and Reagan called the Soviet Union you are.

I don't think this one under different and we need to stand firm and stand tall, take a very Reaganesque approach. They also say that Medvedev has warned the West and us specifically to stop arming Ukraine or else will be some severe repercussions. There is of course eluding every other day to some type of nuclear attack. How serious you take that, but again I think whenever anybody talks about nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction. We need to listen when you take seriously what He spoke by and I you sure were providing Ukraine with the means to defend themselves and rush it. On the other the same type restaurant they supplied absurd bars in the past, weapons used against American so you know what's what's good for one is good for the other secretary you were Sec. of the Army and then the general Mattis resigns when the present thread to take our troops out of series that I is not recurring. He's not conferring with me anymore.

He/she deserves secretary defense and that understands him.

Did you have hesitancy and hesitancy in taking the job now because the look I believe in public service. I believe in serving your country. West Point, the age of 18, always in my blood and served on active duty for 10 years of war and peace in another 11 years. The guard reserve so when the nation calls it's your duty to serve, and that was, what what treatment office. In the first place. She ends up having troops in Syria and how would you say was the mission there in Syria. Do you think you guys accomplished. It I think we can look I think we need to fight the PDF ISIS caliphate and present Trump deserves credit for that week we knocked him down to nearly nothing and defeated them as a fighting force.

It was important to keep troops on the ground in sure that happened.

It was again the second thing was it was important to keep in Iraq which was transiting farms and people you know through Syria to tutor for our friends in the region and thought it was important to keep, but keep some number troops are like keep a careful eye on them and you as you focus your foreign policy with the present foreign policy so much different than this presence did this they are around focused. They are allowing a run to negotiate directly with Russia on our behalf to get back into Iranian deal that you left it only has two years left. Can you wrap your head around that policy now III don't it's a mistake present truck made the right call from getting out a deal. It was a bad deal. The nuclear deal with Iran.

I like the maximum pressure campaign, you know, we couldn't get traction because you can get enough allies on board to support us and look I think it's can be a stretch to think that present bond will be able to bring back the plan lengthens and strengthens it as he promised, and I look. I think all the still should be taken to the Senate and let the Senate way yeah but I think the reason why they will do is I know the answers is the Senate will reject this type of agreement so we needed. This is why we need to bolster continue bolstering the Gnostics military beef up our allies in the region as well and make sure prepare to deter necessity necessary, fight and win against you want to come down to talk to Sec. Esper about his book signal spring is inside really are the last few years, a secretary defense that didn't end well present. Basically tweeted out that DZ your fire door to replace resign, so I doubt would get ticked me off to if I were you, but I want to go back to the area of contention. The one policy the Joe Biden claims was kept in place that you guys had was pulling out of Afghanistan. He said he had no choice.

Is that true know that's not true.

You know you have a lot of choices in it.

I disagreed with the present. At the end of the at the end of the administration on this as well.

You know brother was a push to withdraw all troops precipitously from Afghanistan. My view was personal. I support the deal was put on the table and negotiated by the State Department under Mike Pompeo, but I believe you need to be conditions based and so I was good going down the Republic troops. I thought we should stop there until the Taliban lived up to their end of the deal. They didn't. My view was we should use the two things that they hated the most. One is our presence in the country with our allies. Number two is our ability to violence upon, so my recommendation was to stop their pursue those two things and get them to come to the table negotiate as they committed to the agreement.

That's what I would've recommended present bond do as well. You he could seek a positive agreement as well and and and kind of put the pressure on the on the Taliban. Instead, we had this terrible trawl that resulted in Americans being left in Afghanistan that resulted in servicemembers being killed and really undermined our our stature in the world stage. So this is a question that I have everything. The military never on both sides on when a civilian leader of the present United States gives you gives you an order that you do not feel comfortable with.

You resigns you make it work and scholarly.

Well I did before even answer that clearly general Milian Gen. Mackenzie were not okay with this evacuation. At least they said they weren't so in their testimony.

They came forward and were asked how did you embarrass the nation to the point where we left with the planes landing in the middle of the Taliban, surrounded by terrorists after the death of 13 American service members listen. Generally, it's your testimony that you recommended 2500 troops approximately stay and stand yes my assessment was back in the fall of 20 and remain consistent throughout the should keep a steady state of 2500 and it could bounce up to 3500.

Maybe something like that present did you ever present that assessment personally present my I don't discuss exactly what my conversations are with the sitting president in the Oval Office, but I can tell you my personal opinion was always candid Jenna Mackenzie. You sure that assessment center. I do sure that assessment today. Recommended something to the president. The president said no and now they have to go explain it.

What did they do the right thing. Staying on the job. Look, I think that's the fundamental question.

You know my way of dealing with all my bosses to include present. Trump was it if you gave me in order to be really gave orders of just wasn't his style was really I owe him my best recommendation and Mike tended to go back and present him a variety of options trying to find something that was even better than what my proposal. I think your first responsibility is in terms of serving the present is present in your honest advice and giving more options.

You only you always want to give a present move or space is week thing the military took to pick the best decision possible. And then again the day if he says what I disagree on what you do do this then you become the company-owned decision is whether you can implement it, or whether you would resign and I always said that my part I was I would never do anything illegal, immoral or unethical. You know, so that's work for me that those are my lines. Everybody has their own lives and in my cassette I think the trial last summer was a bit so many ways, not least of which is our young service members were killed on the ground. Afghanistan you know Connie was a spineless piece. You know I write my book, that the public Afghanistan was lack of leadership beginning at the top beginning at the political level. He was known to be corrupt and I looking for a fleet the capital before the Taliban really arrived in force. Contrast that the presence one skin Ukraine who stayed with his people and fought to keep it just as a contrast leadership and in war. So much comes down to leadership and morale. Would you have. Do you believe, and you know you're very candid you know love everything Trump did you guys do not end on good terms you believe Trump would've let that happen to I don't know it's it's it's speculative right you know present Trump that took a really tough strong approach these issues and I don't know. They select that situation, I meant what I give him credit, he wondered, would drop Afghanistan that was campaign pledge of one. The he wanted to to live up to. There's a lot to be said for that. On the other hand, there are ways to do it in ways not to do or not, I hope you would've heeded the advice of the and others to keep the conditions based and and really do it on the combine that protected our people ensure that Americans got out and and didn't diminish our stature in the world which is greatest frustration working for present Trump well II think he was not just a I think he had too many people in the White House but did not serve him well or presented outlandish ideas. I think it he would not taken more counsel from his cabinet write letter to Atty. Gen. bar Mike Pompeo, myself brothers. I really think we could help him implement his agenda more successfully and in the course booklets.

I also think his speech was too coarse and divisive. I think the key for Republicans this week.

We need leaders who will unify the country bring people together and as a Republican you know God describe myself as a regular Republican. You gotta grow that base right you gotta grow the base that you can win elections at the end of the day. We can't advance at a traditional Republican agenda of lower taxes and stronger military order, security conservative judges unless we win elections and right now, or sit here we don't we don't own the White House. You don't know the house you don't on the Senate and that's a problem and hopefully that will turn around here and the midterms. When you do you think in retrospect, why is like a military guy like Mike Pompeo who you graduated with will say okay he's still a little different general keen these different and I will be able to him I'll be able to work with this guy. Other people like Gen. Kelly like Gen. Matus will grant going. I can't deal with this present these two unorthodox seeds of these attempts to volatile he wants me to do too many things that are outside the lines.

What you think you guys are all for the military background. Yet some were more flexible with the president and others yeah I don't I don't know. I mean there is a presence on unorthodox style. In some ways it was successful and he pushed hard to put a wall very on the Southwest border. I supported that I thought was successful. I think it should be finished yelling and other areas. It it went too far. Like set about withdrawing tomato other people have different styles personality. Some work better than others and it just is what it is. Brian you expect him to to run again, would you vote for. I hope he doesn't. And because I cassette I think it's time to pass the torch to a new generation Republican leaders. Those who push forward same Republican conservative from the agenda, but will do so in a way that again will kind of bug grow the base and when the elections and the I'm not sure that Donald Trump can win. And for that reason, at least one reason is I hope we see some some new faces or faces emergent and after the midterms from 2024 begins, and I hope present will not run I hope will kind of ultimate buildup. Hope we can have you as an expert business Ukraine thing is unfolding.

You know your you know the region you know the players, congratulations on your book a sacred oath for Casper. Thanks so much. Thanks, try to look for to join you again some doubly fantastic to look at the book 1-866-408-7669 Holly back to calls and then the bottom of the hour, David developed to coincide some of these primary races as we get closer and closer to Georgia and both sides all of the fastest three hours and radio your domain, and service programs working that assisted us when we have inflation are dead wrong. My predecessor, the great Mike can the deficit increased every single year he was present was even talking about David Bell was here his GOPAC chairperson GOP strategist always brings insight into these races, especially as a primary scheme or more intriguing. I checked by this ultra maggot thing from last week. Now it's the maggot King this week. He is trying to label somebody give someone a label that's going to hurt them. What is the reality of the reality for the president is continues to grasp for something to label all his failed policies as anything other than what they are, which is his failed policies and his biggest problem Ryan is independent voters overwhelmingly see the economic problems we have right now.

As a direct result of Joe Biden's policy and is maggot not resonate with independence is that with this is about when you guys look at the pie charts in the bar graphs.

People were pretty pleased when we have lower taxes and regulations and a full above all energy policy that had economic activity, booming, and they're not feeling it now. When's you certainly hear about gas prices but that trickles down you think about the higher grocery bills that people are paying a farmer was just yesterday sharing with his product melons was costing in the stores 4 to 5 dollars last year. It's costing him seven dollars to get it to then take it to the grocery store so you look at melons. This summer, Bing 89 dollars right or so to see Marcus. I wanted to in the really in trouble and then when you do truck drivers because of the diesel prices.

It cost more and then John customer TVs you want refineries was saying that when he seeing now with diesel there might be rationing this summer. Can you imagine that if I baby food you can give diesel for for trucks. It's incredible Davis erectors can be sure to make a longer one just around the bend letter talk about Pennsylvania and more. This right. Tell me JoJo move talk show that's getting you talking with Brian kill made men.

It is Dr. Dave McCormick is now spent a combined $15 million. Happy Barnett until a week ago had spent a grand total of 137,000 and yet she's within striking distance, Oz and McCormick have done such an effective job beating up on each other that they've created this third lane for Kathy Barnett and she could pull it off. We really don't know. Is that true, let's see what David Abella says please go back chairperson GOP strategist what you think about Michael Smetana said it's spot on. And if we knew who was going to win.

Brian would be on Vegas make a lot of money that I heard that Mitch McConnell and company who got burned I think was 2012 about candidates that were probably not good for the general good for the primary. Kathy Barnett might be an example of one of them. She is either Fox news, Paul certainly making a move in as was said that the fight between Oz and McCormick have opened up a light now is not enough to find out here next Tuesday. Here is the key. We nominate Oz or McCormick or mostly with Barnett going to win Pennsylvania why blue-collar Democrats are not going to fall in line with the progressive Lieut. Gov. Federman for the Democrats are going to nominate they had a choice between an ultra progressive or a more moderate Connor lamb, they're going to nominate Federman and in this environment where economic concerns. Crime concerns are at the top and healthcare concerns. All the green energy and what and what how ineffective it is in the time of crisis to try it. It's it's implausible to think that Republicans will lose Pennsylvania. Plus I think there's I Kathy Barnett spent a lot of this seems good but the other two are unbelievably qualified.

Call me Mrs. you look at either one of them. Even if your Democrat can't say well how do they get it right. This is these are two people that tremendous careers Dr. Stevie and medical and still practicing Dr. in the day McCormick skies West Point grad serves in the first Persian Gulf war serves as the one of the most tumultuous times in American history.

Under other secretary of treasury as integral to the under secretary of treasury when the market collapsed and then he goes and come see over the most successful venture capital firm in the country. So I mean it's pretty qualified.

It is you think about a year ago Brian, we would've said. Gosh. Republicans we have to hold Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and now working to get the primaries next week, and JD Vance is going to win that race in Ohio right over to Brian blue-collar got another state were blue-collar Democrats are voting Republican. Not Democrat the last couple cycles, Pennsylvania, McCormick and Oz, one of the most about. As with most voters just learning about Kathy. We were in strong position there, North Carolina.

Ted Bundy is in position to win that North Carolina race symbols will be over McCoury over McCrory will win that race and put us in a good position now Wisconsin. We got an incumbent Sen. Johnson so was gone from worrying a lot about defense, and that's to protect your eye off the ball and we gotta do we gotta do to win an hours back to being on offense, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, places where we can go pick up seats losing New Hampshire New Hampshire like Bisno really weird thing is I GOPAC you don't want to you not doing trumps doing and that's picking a candidate, sitting back right in many of the race, we are getting involved more on the house side and primaries, but ultimately to your point, it's about making sure we have the resources for the general to elect a Republican nominee right so couple of things in North Carolina. Ted blood is somebody the president elevated no doubt about if he stayed out of it you look at present trouble. As of right now before we get to Georgia worries probably to get something the governor's race. He spent 4243 races of the pick somewhere easy and somewhere I JD Vance in particular, we how would you gauge the power the president right now. It's an important endorsement except when it's not. Which goes to the candidates matter. The presence endorsement gives you a platform to build on to go when an election. But if you're a bad candidate or you're a bad candidate who runs a bad campaign do not currently endorsement in itself is not to get you over the top as we saw in Nebraska as were going to see in Georgia when Gov. Beats Sen. Purdue. If you're running in a primary you'd rather have the endorsement than not, but is not a guarantee for victory only go back to Pennsylvania for second Michael Smetana shoe. I really respect got a gray radio show to is what he said about the endorsement of Dr. Oz which is probably split Trump world you have hope picks on one side and you have Ted Cruz on the other side worked with McCormick against the president and Pompeo working with McCormick cut 36. I'm sure that when all is said and done and the dust settles. People will want to read into this. What is it mean for Donald Trump.

I think that former Pres. Trump gave a boost to Oz that without Trump Oz was fading and it would've been McCormick.

I don't think in the end it really comes down to the Trump endorsement he makes Oz more of a contender than he would've been your thoughts that goes to what I just said he gives you the platform to build on to ultimately go on and win a race and Oz got it. Now he needs to finish for him to be the nominee. He's going to have to finish this race and convince enough voters to cast him cast a vote for him.

When people come up to you and say why are Republicans sought.

Why do they look in position to be so successful. What are the issues. This is the failure of the Biden administration.

You would you thought you think it's regret about some of the Trump initiatives.

We think is just a cyclical thing because traditionally that the party that wins the White House takes a pounding in the midterms. There is no question it is Pres. Biden who was driving the selection and it started with his failure with the failure in Afghanistan which made many voters particular independence question. Was he up for the job. I defied all his generals. In doing this, I tried, and now it now you go to inflation in the economy has people worried about making ends meet. You've got crime on the rise.

You've got healthcare as a growing concern to make not enough focus is put on this, but the healthcare that people didn't take care of during coven, but now is coming back to their secular there are in worse shape that Morgan have that healthcare issue to deal with and then the education issue where more than just parents want to have a say in their education.

It is the lost time that so many that the children now we have school districts that are lowering testing standards so children's can pass the test because are so far behind in the basis are we watching this ultra mango term flow out of the Democratic circles were also watching a big push on Rick Scott's 11 point plan. If we get power in the Senate not endorsed by Mitch McConnell, is it endorsed by David Avella.

Did you look at these 11 points and say that's a good blueprint for Republicans is not looked the plan and fall.

The one that most gets the attention obviously is making everyone pay something in taxes and it certainly has been a long tradition were trying to lower people's taxes. We should instead.

When an economy that brings the lower wage earners up so they have to pay taxes convert a higher tax bracket. Economic growth is the key to bringing more revenue in four to pay for vital government programs and minis states would bristle at that, because they're trying to get rid of their income tax why now would we at the federal level. Want to try to impose more of a federal point was getting to expand on it yesterday here in the show.

He said a lot of people on welfare social programs you want to get to work and then you'll pay income taxes off your paycheck to matter how big, matter how small, and 50% of the country not paying anything that that's the great thing is that ideas are being debated on the Republican side from its reticent bad mood politically okay. You can have disagreements in the Republican Party versus what you getting out of the Democratic Party, which is failure in these these absurd labels ultra maggot. What is that mean I mean right what you were Britt Hume said about what Joe Biden could be doing here cut three voters in his own party and try to scare people.

Broadly speaking movement that is associated with Donald Trump is through the popular will and broad majority of Americans certainly isn't talking with his base his office. He has reason to worry about what his base will be there for him this fall with things going so badly in people having such great doubts about immune from within his own ranks, so I think that's what that is about to work his biggest challenge. Brian is not enthusiasm it's anger is anger within the Democratic base amongst moderates who now realize that Joe Biden is not a moderate and is pushing the progressive agenda so you have the anger of those voters, then you have the anger of progressives you think is not doing enough. We haven't gotten rid of enough college debt. Yet we haven't got it. We haven't raised taxes enough using oil and gas forced to please and I'll allow that to life. Yes, that's right. And that is the challenge. The Democrats Facebook cannot do a better parties. I will make you hear the whole soundbite. The Ruby weight is now a big issue after the week of last week another protest outside the Supreme Court justices as as an American am not comfortable with that food and forget about the boat. This is going to be for the Democrats house next door. I want to hear that there Kentucky South that's willing to be having this. Republicans seem to have a cancel culture. All this going to cancel the bad guys are out there. Well, it turns out, Al Franken gets blown up and always of the people get canceled and they're still feeling the ripple effects around the world.

Around the country is, Harris on the fact is, yesterday they were unable to get 60 votes to codify, not Roe V Wade, but some abortion on demand policy cut 16 joining the American people believe in defending a woman's right to decide what happens to her home by an clearly is not where the majority of Americans on this issue and also makes clear that a priority for all who care about this issue. Priority should be to elect pro-choice leaders so they want to make this election issue. Sen. Schumer basically said yesterday were you David Avella's in some way would go at the chairman go back there are certainly voters who care very strongly about this. Never has this issue right in within the ranks that it would decide elections as much as economic issues as much as healthcare issues as much as foreign policy issues will have impact in some races it could no question about it, but overall there are bigger issues driving votes one thing if I may.

You mention Jen sake, why is there not an ethics investigation about a future MSNBC employee standing in the podium talking is the mouthpiece for the present United States because she does not admit she has the job yet. That's basically a joke.

You know she's going there right away probably get a wrong show. It's unbelievable.

It is, it is outrageous, average over two months after we've known she's gone there, but just informally done it. So what you hear this bizarre soundbite, I don't mean telling the witness, but it's bizarre. Congresswoman Katie Porter of California was asked about inflation and abortion. She put both together compare.

I think they actually reinforce each other. So the fact things like inflation can happen and become more expensive to feed your kids and to fill your car is exactly why people need to be able to be in charge of how many valves they're going to have to feed so I think the fact that were seeing this jump in expenses that were seen people having to pay more in the grocery store pay more at the pump pay more for housing is a reason that people are saying I need to be able to make my own decisions about when and if to start a family so I don't think I'll be the thing about comparing them or contrasting them. I think they reinforce for people just how big of a responsibility to take care of a family. So do you usually follow that life confident that most Americans would not agree with that viewpoint and I where would agree with.

It is a lot to start a family. But, and this administration is not making it easier by making energy costs go up, which makes every other part of American life. Get more expensive 84% of Americans say that cutting back on some key purchases University Pennsylvania says is costing families on average $300 a month. I imagine it's even more everything from our plane tickets up 33% fuel oil up 88% hotels 22% of things like gas 44%. I think natural gas almost 200%.

So all this stuff is real. These numbers work and I don't think saying the prudent price hike or ultra maggot is going to make people feel any better.

Finally, when it comes to baby formula.

If, on the president. I'm sitting over there in in front of that avid warehouse and I'm demanding the FDA give me the clearance in expedition in expedited form to get that baby formula out of that building and onto the shelves that you be the emergency we saw with the covert vaccine. A president who was determined to get it out and to make sure it was tested properly, can quickly and quickly what it can do with the bureaucracy and in this administration is not willing to do that. Yeah I spent but baby formula units, luxury item hi yet it I did great to see you and your family go pack. I know you're extremely busy you don't make predictions on primaries, but no you know you make predictions of the times when we get through the season and of course it was a Tuesday and then Georgia right after David Avella. Thanks so much. Thank you for getting back with some phone calls just a moment else in the brain to meet you the fastest growing talkshow in America you're with Brian is so busy he'll make your Brian kill me. Hey, welcome back everybody's got remind you that Saturday at 8 o'clock the one everyone watch one nation got great roster.

Yes, including Tyler's on with Greg. I felt Tyrus from the filled show you know cannot wrestle you probably don't know much about them but you will if you pick up his book, but how we met, got felled, and how he ends up in a Fox News contributor it really a great story. It's the first time. They can be telling the story to somebody else you know came to life. In his book, so will have that on amongst Katie Pavlovich will go to take a look at the name, image and likeness in IL, what's the big deal, it changes college sports entirely.

That means I'm a freshman I want to go University, Nebraska, turns out a car dealership is has Lamborghinis.

If I go to Nebraska just turns out during the year I can have a Lamborghini is totally legal. I could go sign pictures and footballs at the Lamborghini sales shop.

I could go to Dick's Sporting Goods and be signed locally. I could go get my own I do think college sports athletes to a degree should be controlled and paid. I'm not sure that this is it. Imagine what Tim Tebo would've made had he been able to cash in on his likeness mean to me Johnny mademoiselle got in trouble for signing autographs in the summer signing autographs of himself while they sell his uniform at the bookshop and he does get it done so things of change, but we've overcorrected with a look at that world because I think it's it's really changed all college sports entirely so well those are some of things you can be looking at on Sunday on on Saturday to and also congratulation to 77 WABC seven go to big event with Allison last night they celebrated their rock and their rocket rise in the number one market in the country and they've done it through this this family first management style so able to go last night and you see this the great lineup they have from Bill O'Reilly to Greg Kelly to Bernie and said in the morning.

Of course Rita Cosby at night and Mark within the put together great local national lineup and courteously what and boatswain early and it's really very impressive.

What's been going on but it's not not easy to make. In radio these days and they're doing it and so many other stations are it's either live or die because it is the golden age of audio. You just gotta make sure people listening to you so if you want to keep in touch me and I do you know you do good bring to just click on contact. Okay, your email number two if you want any of my books if you care about history and the winning the war in history from the president freedom fighter to Sam Houston, the Alamo avengers to interject the miracle of New Orleans. The Thomas Jefferson, the Tripoli Pirates of George Washington secret tickets. There everyone I can customize it and send it. It's all there in the little box trying to over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources.

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