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Durham Shocker! Sussmann Walks, Jury Nullification Suspected

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 1, 2022 12:45 pm

Durham Shocker! Sussmann Walks, Jury Nullification Suspected

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 1, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:18:39] Rich Lowry

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Despite being falsely accused. I believe the justice ultimately prevailed in my case, you are a liar and you know you're a liar.

Michael Sussman skates for the door probe fights on to me. This is failure of the jury, not the prosecution, Sussman was caught lying, he caught on attached is caught dead to rights of friendly jury says so what ever agency that was that. That seems to listen active shooter protocols are you going for putting it all on the local cop was 6 cups the end of the day the police showed up. After that, the sheriff showed up. After that, the state trooper showed a winter they say we need to go in a deterrent up or take one on their own. Believe it or not you Baldie trying to unwind what exactly happened inside Rob Elementary in the conflicting reports of cooperation from the sheriff in charge of more more children are coming forward with the horror that took place last Tuesday. Also, the latest in the bipartisan talks between ending the obscene violence on schools, Republicans putting school safety first the Dems hate guns. I think I was wrong then about huge inflation would take. As I mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large tracts to the economy at the time to fully understand Janet yelling says I was wrong. Prices are soaring. The White House is equally cheery, while deflecting all blame elsewhere in the study shows that you are adjusting your shopping, dining and driving patterns to adjust the White House blame game as the secretary of treasury says blame me and the president says blame the Fed not me and then blames the staff so let's get started.

During NBC report that we touched on yesterday talked about of the present said why am I getting a cascade of bad news. Why is my medications team always walking back everything I say. Like for example what you said about 9 mm guns.

Nobody needs him out. Let's walk that back missile systems were not to use what I can send Ukraine okay let's walk that back and just adjust the type of missile system are sending and then the president says you know it's going to be quick.

This should this inflation. We know it's not transitory, Janet Yellen was that echoed the president and now Janet Yellen is taking the blame form and then Brian Deese was up there because his press secretary to replace Jen Saki's absolutely awful.

Brian Deese is seedling a good guy but does not have any personality, director of the National economic Council, trying to explain why your life is been so effective I'm talking about seriously affected you know the people talk about eval, the absolutely horrified by you talk about Ukraine. We understand the applications of Italy's most do, but if people want to know how inflation is affecting your life. I look in your bank account how Americans are offsetting the increase of the cost of living, 42% are changing how they shop, 46% of dining out less and spend less when they do dine out 31% of driving less dogs that the carding story can cause to guess which one are you by the way, 23% are spending less on vacations, will you find that out very shortly, or canceling them altogether. Some people are so horrified by the airline cancellations during Memorial day, you probably can just back off doing anything you can drive to and 22% to make taking measures such as canceling subscriptions to Jim's cable, etc. let's hope you don't do that to cable and certainly not to streaming Ozzfest when it comes to vaccination inflation disrupts American savings with 36% every two savings 21% of said reduce retirement about retirement savings that's serious stuff that according to another recent study so how you being affected and more importantly, according to Emerson, you blame the president's got 38% approval ratings cut one. My plan to address inflation starts with simple proposition, respect, respect which I write. Thanks. That really is going to help me as I mean, California spending eight dollars for gas as you hear honey the prison respects the Fed you know it also means he isolates the bed and says their policies are the problem why we have high gas rates, inflation rates, which means everything you have is worth less. Not worthless, but worth less. So now the target I canceling student loans. Some states getting rid of the taxes on The gas tax bill within a bothers me about that is if you start canceling gas taxes in places like Connecticut, New York, which they're doing. You get $0.16 roughly off okay help a little before you make of that $0.16 you can have to raise your state taxes to do the bridges runners and roads and tunnels. That's with the money usually comes from. So bottom line is Larry Summers was right in the present was wrong. The thing that makes it interesting is Larry Summers is works for Obama's as Treasury Secretary.

He is not some right wing zealot, not the Larry Kudlow is either but Larry Kudlow worked for Trump as his gun tackle inflation blaming the feds not going to work and he also believes that on some level, this administration's happy happy to gas is so much you might be more open to electric vehicle. The problem is to present into your your tongue-in-cheek fake crocodile tears.

Is it think electric cars are ready infrastructure is not there. Solar panels are an effective yet and neither are windmills. In fact, to go to Europe.

I was stunned to see this story the deal. Europe does he want to go to renewables because they don't like the site of the windmills and then only the site of the solar field. You believe that Larry Kudlow cut five Bidens article in the Wall Street Journal today.

That was the talk of the town had no new inflation plan anti-inflation planet had nothing. I may what he is setting us up here is for his vision.

This woke vision of a fossil free economy which is going to do enormous damage to the economy. It'll put it in a permanent recession. It'll cause millions of job losses and rising unemployment. So you know I quite a lot of things to sports. If you out there you give it your all you talking to teammate you try to win again and then you go ahead and put in the backup goalie was clearly not good because when you finish the game and you lose and you gave it your all. You thought I well what can I do you find that the management put in the bad goalie in order to get the number one pick in the draft they wanted to lose. I think on some level it's going to be. It's becoming clearer and clearer to you. Certainly to me that the president wants gas prices to go up he's paying at the prices that are paying for the election, but he wants us to transition to net zero, but the electric cars are there. The batteries aren't there. We don't have the rare earth that's the issue side I'm just stunned by what's going on right now in the present. Blaming his own staff makes me feel very insecure about the direction of the country so the ineptness is concerning. Now the other thing is going on the people talk about in this town to get back to work by June 6.

When people go back to Congress to work.

They want to have's the framework of a bipartisan plan when it comes to securing our schools. The word is the present United States is not interested in security for the schools he want to go after the guns he wants to ban AR 15's. He wants to limit double a raise the age of 21. He's not getting that directly Bob that's what Democrats do through Sen. Murphy. He knows if he gets any more involved when he makes his comments about AR 15's and the a 9 mm he makes things tougher to negotiate. He understands that still is. He was there for the longest time, the nose of the White House in many of it very easy for them to screw this up.

Now everybody wants to harden the target when I was stunned to find out is the president is not all in on Harding. The targets listen to this for Karina Jean-Pierre cut 14 conversation a heartening school that is not something that we should hear teachers the resources to job and this is something that is focusing on total nonsense. The present it's not into hoarding the targeted schools. He got into making schools safer. He wants to make the White House is pretty safe. Most businesses are pretty safe you know you go to colleges get their own security team. Now he's not interested in Harding, the target being pretty clear as bait or rock. Desperate to matter after failing to get these group the Democratic nomination is present failed spectacularly, despite a ton of money to give up his seat to not become senator from Texas gave a proceeding Congress now he wants to be the governor. He has that that grandstanding at the day after the shooting last week of saying the governor should do more then he came out just said this to Texas cut 15 positions are not only should you purchase the design is high-impact high gloss around terror of everything inside him bleed out back to life all the people who have the right counseling should be right.

Good luck with that.

That is exactly what people looking to do.

Every Republican says just want you to come in for the Second Amendment looking Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Cuba to come in for your guns and that's what they're saying now. I don't know, I hear.

According to politico, a Lindsay Graham and Sen. Murphy. Her work is something the red flag. Well, I think we all can agree the 18-year-old who's a nut whose absolute the range like the Buffalo shooter as well as the as the shooter and you validly ever knew these guys were dangerous. Nobody wants to get a gun.

Nobody believes they should get a gun. So how do we work on the same page. To do that technology out there, said Rubio told us yesterday that allows us to identify would be school shooters and violent actors in grade school. Using some of the same terroristic techniques that used to take Dionysus Al Qaeda and I'll show Bob and all those across the around the world and it's pretty effective will discuss at 186-640-8766 I Rich Lowry the bottom of the hour. I want to pivot a bike into the dorm verdict yesterday could not be disappointed but not that surprised when you have an AOC contributor. When you have three Hillary Clinton supporters who were in the jury pool, and despite protests, the judge who's also got links to the Democratic Party, says you can trust me to be honest and fair when Michael Sussman has says, I am coming to you in a text message to see you, Jim Baker, the FBI and I'm representing myself and then you tell the FBI know I work for the Democratic Party. You have lied to the FBI but somehow this jury says that's not the case here is Michael Sussman, falsely claiming vindication cut 17 total truth to the FBI and the jury wrecked clearly recognize that their unanimous verdict today. Despite being falsely accused.

I'm relieved the justice ultimately prevailed in my case okay fine and have hours and deliberations. One was a fundraiser AOC three as Clinton supporters, one with links to an FBI agent.

We all know, one of the lovebirds and adjudge this compromise, but we said these guys go to law school there supposed to have this push for sanctity and honesty with that prevailed Michael Sussman's caught dead to rights fomenting a false narrative about Trump and Alpha Bank which is a Russian bank and he tells the story the same time somebody else is working the story with the press I just laughing at some of these people writing columns today as if dorm failed yet dorm didn't get the conviction, but he presented all the evidence. This is a failure of the jewelry with Andy McCarthy has a more of a subtle take, but I wanted to let you hear from John.

You John you is former justice official with truck with the Bush ministration cut 21 Durham head Sussman Ted to rights. Sussman did an email and his statements to the FBI say something that was false that he wasn't bringing this information to the FBI as part of parsing campaign representing someone here like she was just doing it to be a good citizen. We know he wasn't that he was being paid by Hillary Clinton to do this. Yeah. So he lied about that had to get away with it. Will John use is as much as he hasn't had to write you without surprised by the verdict and he's a former deputy assistant to the Atty. Gen. and the Bush totes cut 20 I'm not surprised that the jury acquitted DC juries are famous for refusing to follow the facts and the law, and the trial judge here allowed a number of people who would I think normally be kicked off a jury for supporting Hillary Clinton or supporting the Democratic Party from serving on the jury in a case that was about the unsavory campaign tactics of the Democratic Party heavily.

Clinton yeah I just wish a jury would be honest. I mean this is one of those things woo hoo I wonder would party I'm a unity of many McCarthy little bit later in and he says is the best strategy that Sussman made the FBI looked as if they were being duped as opposed to being in on it, let him explain that to you. He's got to be with file with us live and he was on last night as his verdict broke, so 1-866-408-7669 and I have a lot to say. Gas prices taken of the gas taxes that make sense. You will that change a behavior which witnesses we get obligations. The trouble he owing to have an even staffing the second witness we can change your vacation plans.

What about the fact that your paychecks going up but not as fast as inflation.

Will that chat with. Has that already change your lifestyle will take a look at all that and so much more have a lot to cover so glad you hear the brain to meet you challenging conventional thought, and what is your with Brian kill made Fox News podcasts network London Domino's Fox News contributor and under of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News precise personal powerful is America's letter to you in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show. I think that is less history. Here's the US experience.

Other Rich: like when inflation is about four on employment below for you are almost certain to have a recession within the next two years. We may somehow find a way of beating the odds having soft landing, but it would be historic counterexample, not a historic norm that proves to be true, Larry Summers. He was going to predict inflation rise.

They pass $1.9 trillion rescue bill, which we did not need, but Pres. Biden gets in gets all these votes and says okay I will use that to rescue the economy that was already turning around the got 900 billion probably three weeks before and it's now he saying I told you that inflation was real. It was going to go up and is not transitory. Now you have Janet yelling the Treasury Secretary now says I was wrong. In the present United States is don't blame me for Larry Summers saying this is what my thought was into that was my thought processes as I've been wrong before.

He just wasn't wrong. Then William was NWT RC it William good morning would say mine return trip by car. You know, now took pride in it all. I mean there was an approach that that works best with client in the first one. Hillary want you debate and chocolate sandlot thought lock up my God, how can somebody say something like that you couldn't do that with such a political icon like like like Hillary Clinton only down the line you look at call me.

That was what I was thinking maybe something happened that would also like to make it look like it was better something that was really going to happen that they were going to be fair and balanced all there's nobody that has a duty behind their name that has me concerned with anything that they do wrong. I don't I don't blame you cynicism. I don't fault you for having it but I think you can be wrong when to shake. Oh is tried in and by will get a lot of facts of this trial, and went to Schenkel's is try to Virginia and you going to see a much more honest jury.

These jurors a partisan, I mean 10 to 1 Democrats over Republicans in DC. They were up against it. This guy was collected to write dental rights in tax, saying he missed the easement misidentified what he was doing and who he was working for was that he represented himself when he was represent Hillary Clinton why we know he felt Hillary Clinton for the time Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen.

Fox News contests radio show like no other.

Brian kill me for all and that was Joe Biden and living off the cuff that made everybody think you know gun owners feel that he's coming for you, guns instead of saying let's keep cool school safe.

He would like your guns. Thank you. Much like Justin Trudeau, which doesn't fly in America. Rich Larry probably is not surprised by this, you were to calm about this. He's with the Nash review joins us. Every week they Rich will we want to play that for you because you referred to in your column and this is series a gaps and walk backs that Joe Biden has made whether is Vladimir Putin saying Vladimir Putin must go whether it's target about defending Taiwan if it still with American forces if China was to invade and not only is he not regretful of those gaps is management staff were walking about. Since this incredible stories we've seen recently NBC news yesterday.

Ran the story about what's going on its way out in disarray and that that Biden is very upset if he goes out there routinely and makes quote clear and thanked statement that for some reason I walked back by the wideout Stephanie think that creates the impression craving press. I know that not fully in control and stepped all over his authenticity is supposedly fueled his rise so on. On the foreign policy stuff, you know, with regard to defending Taiwan and whether it should go or not. I just basic matters of US policy that you submit stating flagrantly misstating potentially really consequential and dangerous weight.

Of course it can be walk back immediately and in the gun statement you know I'm not a gun expert.

I have friends there gun expert. I know enough about them to know I'm not an expert but I know apparently more than everything elected Democrat in the United States that there is all ignorant and Biden showed it with that statement, you know. 22.

My understanding is it's yet not quite as powerful 9 mm but it when it hit you. It rips through your body internally Bounces around and it's good to be much more damaging than a 9 mm that might go all the way through you what sounds horrible and look at circumstances that might be less damaging to your internal organs or make any sense and then bring pistols onto the table when the focus of the satellite rifles in AR 15 phenotype and AR 15.

The 9 mm pistols. They ban the most popular handgun in the states most popular rifles in the United States and is obviously just no way that would pass Second Amendment monster or any Republican, especially someone from God, and we all know people listening to us right now their pro-gun use of the most responsible out there because they have to take the training. They put their guns and lockboxes and they know the danger and you know you talk to, let's say the most flagrant. The most obvious example be the Robertson family. Willie Robertson's as I was usually considered 07 years old, but I was taught how to clean economist told what to do with the gun. We were we put the helpless gear put into us at a young age because the dangers of that weapon and that's what gun owners are afraid of with her wake up one day and now they first want the AR 15. Let's plan that now we want the 9 mm you just heard the president they are 15 that was the governor good gubernatorial candidate. The epic failure, beta O'Rourke and they look at what happened in Canada and say what you mean. It can happen here, so I need to for Joe Biden not understand the debate at 78 years old 30+ years in the Senate knows the gun debate you should know what backwards and forwards there.

Try to do something bipartisan. I'm not sure it's gonna work.

But having the Prez United States started saying this only thing makes things more difficult.

Don't you think thing is a great example progressive hero country love them and what will be done in reaction to a terrible that in the United States banning guns and grabbing guns so obviously this unit mass shootings are a hellish problem literally and it in it's very difficult to deal with clear people taking advantage of constitutional right to wreak this man's I think all you can do. Unfortunately his work the margins. You know better security at schools not craving think if you can to do a single entrance and multiple exits to have armed guards in schools to have authorities and parents killed more towards being alarmed by disturbing the behavior of young men that you know that there are always warning signs and then read a red I think red flag laws makes sense.

I think only the state level you want to experiment with them you want to be careful about how their crafted so you know you're honoring our due process, but again it this is all the stuff would only make a difference at the margins and what we need. Ultimately this kind a cultural phenomenon burnout you Columbine created this idea and and and for certain segment of papal kids that this is what you do and and we just need need need to get beyond that, somehow, but it said that the health problems just two people update the story from CBS Lindsay Graham and Richard Blumenthal are making progress in talks about red flag legislation recent days. The two have been in frequent phone calls about it to review a red flag of the cosponsor that they try to get through 2019.

Make revisions they believe can enable a similar tweet proposal to win support on the divided Senate. What we want to stop the Buffalo shooter at 17, he was wanted to see was cold and pulled aside at 17. His records expunged at 18 he passes a background check. This other guy was 17, begging his sister let him buy a gun.

Everybody feared him. Most people predict TV show shoot up a school.

He ends up shooting at elementary school.

When he turns 18. So I would love to be able to look at the last 1525 shootings and say what commonalities do they have what a red flag law help we could talk about that but talking more just for a second about Joe Biden you talking apparently trouble I trump a lot of time to step in his own message sometimes is good news and you also point out the Joe Biden's been doing this for decades. Here's an example Job. I was confronted by us to buy his own staff walk backs his dismissal of it.

Listen are worried leaders in the world to start down that America is that some of the big things that you say on the world stage getting wall what is possible you a life calling for regime change in Russia and we know. Her 3K3 credit line you believed it near your lying eyes light years in that that that that and and and what what does Peter right? He's the only one athlete questioned by large and the beauty takes including for the president you know and to his credit, laughed it off, but fruit from other unit of late-night comics and all the rest just for asking these questions, which would help again for trump be hounded every day with everyone asking the question Biden by large, only one journalist going to do it.

So this is to be a major problem I to get slammed, he better get slammed in the midterm semis performance means nothing if he doesn't see us earn 30% approval rating from Emerson. I don't even know wise even approaching 40. Because if you look at baby formula, the supply chain inflation all inaccurate. That was a mind reader on baby formula. They told in December that he was supply chain did the supply chain was fixed. We know that's not fixed inflation with transitory to I need to say anymore. And now with the Ukraine was get a fallen 72 hours now was slowly getting up to weapon systems. You know, yesterday he was asked to is just think about this.

What about the long-range weapon systems that Ukrainians he is not likely give it to okay will today. Writes a column allegedly faces many people weapon system. Just as a go quite as far know what pallet would president would board out something like that to give a mournful weapons may be medium-range and is in a far range blurts out a strategic war of strategic weapon to the enemy answering arbitrarily which you basically walk back yesterday because they came back with this column. He allegedly wrote his writing accommodating a Wall Street Journal, New York Times, very busy trying to get a message out that he really cares about baby formula taste and talk to the Gerber people behind the curve on everything they had minimized and said that the foremost problem in the country. Inflation would get to go away and they're paying a price for that.

And it's impossible to spend.

You know you can't you can't span how high that counter is gone with the cost of gas to fill enough, it should be filled that you people now. Should people that keep on going and going going there is no good good answer for that, and that little I would think so so quick. I know you know a lawyer. This guy Michael Sussman was caught dead to rights texting you saves not characterizing correctly who is referencing was Hillary Clinton. How do we know we build Hillary Clinton, for he went up there and lied to the FBI.

This is just one count will on one count on the same time somebody else was talking to the press about the same town about trump link without the bank, which is a Russia bank. All not true to push that forward against the FBI to do an investigation which we never will move forward if they knew what Hillary Clinton confidant was giving that information, the FBI made it clear we had. He still gets exonerated and now looks like dorm does know he still in the trump is making up a story I be how can you possibly look at this and think the jury has not failed to fight failed to do their job and McCarthy and Michael I get your car like I think it never should have been brought this one was a slam dunk and want to keep things with the text that black-and-white way of misrepresenting himself and the FBI couldn't be admitted evidence that the statute of limitations had expired by the time Durham guy had his hands on it.

I understand the impulse that nearly capable of all Moeller did the same thing to anyone who had in LA for an disclosure that was not the day tour line yeah so so it began at the problem as now. This is good. Discredit all the good information that Durham had and you know the really most damning revelation here is not anything that Sussman let the FBI they knew what was about.

They knew his partisan affiliation, and they didn't care and that they had the information from other elements of the FBI and this thing spun and spun on its own momentum when I'm not sure because she went out of his way to say I'm coming as my I'm coming as myself, Jim. So in other words rich if you were to go see somebody about something you say listen, I know I'm I know I got the screech of this review. I'm scum is rich Larry. Now I know you are finish review but you just told me just coming as you you not coming to get a new column would get a TV gig you coming as you or radio job so I'm like okay so I know what you do they know what he does, but he's coming as you so I know you I think you're authentic you come see me.

You know the danger find the FBI so what's going on. I'm just worried about the country.

Let me try this link to Alpha Bank look at that site. My cyber team turned up to see what you get in the same thing they're saying to the didn't into the wood to the times. So here's any McCarthy kind of seeing what you just said cut 19 in order to figure out this case, I think you really have to make up your mind about what the FBI is are they do or are they a willing collaborator Dora state's investigation on the notion that there were due. You have to prove materiality purposes and a full statements trial that the that the party actually was fooled and I think the evidence here was pretty strong that even though what Sussman told him was false. It was factually untrue. They were enfolded all by faithfully knew that they were getting political information from a partisan source and a lot of what they did was designed to conceal the fact that they knew that. So again I'm not burdened by law school.

Oh but I say so, I mean that further investigation that was due by the end of the sky lied to the FBI so the fact that you like the FBI and the FBI. We cannot says okay I know you line but I'm to go ahead and do this investigation. Another wink and a nod because I'm concerned about the country air quotes. So let me purchase forward. The seventh floor with the six floor at the FBI so excited about this call me McCabe and company about this link their exercise about.

They want to.

Following now are they the worst investigators ever or are they making sure that trump has an unsuccessful presidency or doesn't get elected.

Either way if Maggiore would adjust me as a skyline. Yes, what is it I like to I I'm okay. Is it your dizzy like yes he like so II don't get it, but that does not stop the Schenkel to being tried using a try to Virginia now that you create the current distilled document unwittingly coded to create the still dossier on hearsay. He was stunned to see it in the still that is like really that stuff. I heard through a second source you put in a product that you handed over the Clinton campaign and you push to mother Jones really so the jury didn't see and consider the text.

We look at you I put it is no question that Eli the jury considering his his conversation with the FBI agent Baker right that the name text. I do not know this one is this that you limitations had expired. He couldn't.

He couldn't add an additional count based on the text is my understanding, and then the conversations of the FBI understand why they're not recorded but there there never recorded based on the FBI memory and his memory is a little fuzzy so then then you get reasonable doubt in the materiality question. The FBI didn't leave him. I think the end of the day whether Sussman should've been convicted or not. The scandal is not the scandal of the coin and he raised the point you just raise are they idiots or are they malevolent actors somewhere in between that the Main Story Way, America loses out in our national life rich Larry, thanks so much. Please come right when it sees you to 1-866-408-7669 bring to pass all the rhetoric celebrating 12 years on the radio it's exciting or might be just too much killing Brian watching my fine Catholic driving.

Everyone realizes for sure that golfer I am thankful you are already given Earl Schwarzenegger is always great to see you, especially in New York.

Question is good and you just remember that years ago we did them in the municipal contributor but Mitch is the competing bodybuilding invested in gasoline on and off. That was the only thing keeping me from success in bodybuilding was my Italian chest hair.

What the heck was that that was a trip to time. He's kind of surprised me or Allison. We despise like that. You guys think the 12th anniversary of you having Michelle in your own. I did not know that that's 1/12 anniversary for everybody right correct yet so that's graduation. Everyone was still in the air, at least for two more hours today and let something terribly goes wrong. I appreciate your audience continues to grow. Everyone keeps on getting the word out about the show gets more more fun and I should say thanks to great affiliates like the one who's to me today W okay be in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida.

I'm able to continue to do the show everywhere, anywhere, at any time, so I appreciate it. Tomorrow I'll be back in New York City, but they show is where Allison and Eric are NP.

That's it.

46 in midtown Manhattan.

Thanks much, was everyone that's this hour of the brain to meet you live from the Fox News New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thank you for being here. Everybody has the right to me Joe. I will located 46 earned around the country around the world, especially in Ukraine today and company from one of our great affiliates will be okay be in Jacksonville. I will be joined shortly by one of the smartest legal minds in the business great writer to Angie McCarthy at the bottom of the hour.

I think the future Prime Minister of Israel, Danny, Dan and former ambassador to the United Nations from Israel is been at the forefront of every major decision and also at the forefront of the Abraham Accords, which is so underappreciated in today's America that was written about by Nikki Haley today. Ironically, the present United States is going to be talking to baby formula leaders to pretend that he knows and cares about baby formula, even though he's not a mind reader and he was told about incredible thing for is this is staff could have make sure this didn't happen in the FDA could whispered in his ear when I shut down this one factory in Sturgis. A lot of babies will be screaming crying because be nothing on the shelves, but no one told him until May. If you believe them but I don't know what to believe because his staff going to NBC seems to be turning against him. That's how we actually feel. So let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three truth to the FBI and the jury record clearly recognize that their unanimous verdict today. Despite being falsely accused believe the justice failed in my case the go.

Michael Sussman skates for the door and probe fights on to me this is a failure of the jury that the prosecution and McCarthy feels differently. He's smarter than me and taller.

Microsoft was caught lying in a friendly jury says so what can barely see there was that. That seems to listen active shooter protocols are you going for putting it all on the local cop was 6000 today. The police showed up. After that, the sheriff showed up. After that, the state trooper showed a winter they say we need to go in.

That is a Texas congressman you validly trying to unwind what exactly happened and what didn't happen. Rob elementary conflicting reports now that the sheriff is cooperating or isn't cooperating. Also, the latest on the bipartisan talks towards ending this obscene violence. I think I was wrong then. Now that inflation would as I mentioned, there have been unanticipated large tracts to the economy at the time to fully understand someone must've told her at a young age.

Talk slowly and she's overcompensated that is the secretary of treasury Janet Yellen prices are soaring. The White House is secretly cheering, while deflecting all blame when it comes to gas prices to somebody else. Joe Yellen fallen on her sword. The Fed is being blamed for the current inflation rate but yet Larry Summers anticipated, but no one in government, it will talk about the economy shortly, but first a spring in any McCarthy Andy I was just as you YouTube all collusion. It talked about the plot to rig an election and destroy the presidency. It almost did. He did accomplish a lot in Donald Trump. Despite it. The proof of your book was credibly plugged played out in with the dorm report how much was lost when Sussman skated well in the public section a lot of law because the Democrats don't want anyone to pay any attention. Investigation and I think on the on the Republican side, and especially the pro-Trump side. I think people feel like Dora is going to proceed from the premise that the FBI is a victim here rather than collaborator what happened.

There's not a lot of interest is not what makes Russia gave scandalous and this is what I argued in the book is the fact that these government agencies will put some of Democratic Party politics. If the government is the victim rather than a culprit in all of this, then you don't really have. I mean, you have dirty politics like sharp elbow math the politics of the coin could be nastier than most but you don't have the element of collusion between a political campaign and government agencies that gather intelligence and of course the law. That's what makes Russia gave scandalous you don't have that I think people so this is just a nonlegal person talk just a person confounds closely. I don't.

I mean I'm sent to the FBI if they were to buy this on more than one person was to buy this because what else are they getting to buy but that's almost something to fix as opposed to something to investigate. So the fact that if they're doing with the what if Sussman gives us information and the FBI goes over really wink and a nod air quotes. You are here on your own behalf. Gotcha Saul hide your hide your identity and ask them to investigate and then then when the FBI when when the Clinton minions go to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal says look at this information and Washington Post is the same information about an alpha bank Russian bank link to the Trump organization and they run with it because they want have an agenda. It doesn't matter. It shows to me and operation to obfuscate and destroy a candidacy and a presidency while lying about. I and the fact that the FBI was compliant or complicit.

Doesn't matter to me.

Why does it matter to you campaign making up about Trump or yeah it's a big political dirty shirt and no history of presidential campaigns will go down as one of the real nasty political dirty tricks. What makes what separates something from being dirty trick and put the level of something that actually threatens the country is if you have collaboration with the political campaign by the law in force and agency. You know you have it with the media to begin with, but what made Russia gate different is the fact that the FBI took this information and for example when into the FISA court and on the road more that it was true to get warrants to investigate a sitting president of the United States what the trial showed that was outrageous was even after the FBI agents not the headquarters.

The agents that they tasked with running the stuff down even after they quickly refuted it. Alpha bank information that you get Trump out of communications back channel even after the information we seem to be bogus and was debunked.

The FBI headquarters that were not haughty close to get them open a counterintelligence addition on the premise that Trump is.

That's what makes this really dangerous.

The fact that political campaigns have always and will always do dishonest stuff and take their opposition in the worst possible light is not good and yelled something that the unfortunately element of our politics, and it always locally but what made this particularly dangerous is the collaboration of the government, and I think your problem obviously had a big problem trying Washington where you have an Obama appointed judges like open Democrats sit on the jury, but putting that aside, if you premise the case on the idea that the FBI is a victim rather than a world one campaign to have big problems.

See if the FBI is naïve enough to be victims with a bad FBI. But the fact that they would do this and circumvent national security and openly lied to the FBI. For example, think about how the laptop guy walked in the FBI's dad did was laugh time to look at this information we got from Hunter Biden. They basically show almost acute treated him like a criminal. If you have lied and made that up and came up with a fake hard drive and handed over the FBI said look at this this is Hunter Biden Hunter by does he never cracked problem does even got a hooker seem to have tattoos and made up all this elaborate Russian or Chinese international business deals. Everyone would say the FBI and the FBI believed it, no one would play in the FBI they want to get this laptop owner arrested and the people to put them up to a jailed why is it different rooted Hillary Clinton's camp for lying to the FBI to launch an investigation, we have a bad FBI if they believed it, and we have a corrupt FBI if they did if they abated five FBI if they didn't believe it and if they actually were in cahoots. That means there corrupt.

What's the difference you have. You are simply competent and you can weed out the incompetent agents and hopefully a competent one and they won't think that when somebody who's obviously types of Democratic Party politics comes to them six weeks before election day, conveying information that just happens to line up completely with Democratic Party narrative about Trump.

You know hopefully you get smart enough FBI agents who say no we can't touch us to destroy politics.

You have a much different problem might say, not only by degree difference in kind kind of problem. If the FBI is conspiring with with one campaign against another one that's an enormous problem affecting electoral politics with the with the coercive power all its terrible apartment yeah 11. I have no hope in the government. I have no hope for the Keystone cops. The FBI number two. There's a level of the FBI. Despite our corrupt and political just terrible, but the mean time in a million years. If I had to get elected by lying about somebody else in creating an international firestorm and hurting our national security. I would expect to be arrested. What about with the jury foreman said afterwards about more important than you think you know number one that shows Sussman's running around saying you know, I'm glad the jury that I didn't lie and I will what the jury was unavoidable that he didn't tell the truth when he told me I was long now, the jury may have found that it didn't make it different FBI was a really full.

To the extent Sussman's running around saying that you indicated that even live and again the attitude of this juror shows what the big problem in terms of how this case was constructed on the straw was constructed by presiding judge. This shows the problem. This judge thought that he could simply tell the jury that neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was on trial, and that that would somehow make all the political overtones and go away would be safe to see people passionately proclaimed Democrat Trump Democrat and that's crazy. There was no way the government was going to get a fair trial under those circumstances I think the jurors statement that, like the more important things going on in the world. In this case is not a juror in them unless you're sitting on a case that involves like you know the crime of the century you're always able to save it the case that you happen to be sitting on is not the most port thing going on in the world. That's not a reason not to look like a lot of it's insane.

It's insane. It's insulting. So who will now with the Atty. Gen. pulled the plug on Dorman this whole investigation citing this verdict, and stop the shaker from being tried in Virginia. I don't think so. I think that from from Garland standpoint, Brian Dorman is not going after Biden. He's not accusing the Justice Department to conduct a really so you know I mean he's narrowly kind of focus. This investigation on the people running the Clinton campaign.

To the extent that they created this narrative about Trump in Russia and he's not saying that that's a crime. I think you know what is basically planning with respect to that is to write a narrative report saying that they constructed a major political trick. So if I'm Garland in the Justice Department, Garland does anything to interfere with dual room.

He's going to get hammered in the conservative media and in the fair-minded media, whereas if he does nothing.

It doesn't look like dormant any threat to the Justice Department or to Biden. Should Garland get involved okay so the single-sex right yeah that's October and you'll have a better probably have a better chance in the sense of the case will be Virginia instead of in Washington DC but you know it's still the same thing. The case is that the FBI we do so will see what happens.

I can get Maddie any McCarthy. Thanks so much spelling it out. 1-866-408-7669 we come back I'll be able to take some your calls love the morning knowing this to and will continue to look forward.

I want to talk to about this investigation what's happening. I'm really sunk into that over in Texas now getting reports. The sheriff is cooperating bring to me show diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me on that look back on the early days of his conservative liberal from more open-minded nonviolence knowing people were open and the right was like suppressive, no nanny state you know condemn certain language condemn certain behaviors. That's not the case today. Today, the left is gone so far left so radical that the right of the ones that are celebrating comedians in celebration. Apparently they had my back to all the crazies that happened to me was Fox News that had my back with you everything that they would be the ones the Cape for you like you know 10 years and I'm so liberal. Yeah, I got talk about it all the time I got I say I am not a conservative, not conservative, but I am pro-Second Amendment and I am a hunter and I am a cage fighting commentator and I you know I drink and smoke cigars and I like the bow is a lot in their hands over yeah but it's just being a human.

But I'm a compassionate person. That's interesting. I hadn't heard that you know what you're looking to get a sitdown with three half-hour sets along his conversations go, but is actually right. It was a gratuitous Peapod is backed up because he believed everything he said, but they quickly get the right to say it and I didn't even know we acknowledge that that's kind of interesting that he did.

He talked about that. Maybe she's at on one nation this weekend. I'm thinking Allison I know if you there. But maybe we do something on woke on this whole.

The other column I sent you over the weekend. I have a producers meeting right now everyone to hear. Yeah. So maybe July column.

I century it was in the New York Post just how it's like the woke thing is boomerang quickly and I mean we bump a habit we bump in with that and we just talk about. We don't answer about politics you talk about woke and not woke now you truly now nodding to my Republican and Democrat went about liberal or conservative.

Now go even further crazy insane crazy or just logical or crazy and not logical and that whole woke thing at one point was a cool word. Jan will come with it right now. If you label woke you have to run for the hills.

Maybe we should do that you want to think about "break Bill Marr from last week on transgender kids think that right okay now my right to the music of slattern eventually cuts me off your run is keep on talking to complete a second if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me. They were back everybody.

Thanks much was in the Brian kill me show we have a lot coming up. Still in the show as we wait for our two special thanks and McCarthy were joining us earlier and now will go into a welcoming Danny down in the last leave the 17th in human investors from Israel to serve the United Nations, which also can be a frustrating and challenging position. He also somebody who has challenged Likud party astounds Benjamin yet now will be for many people think will be a future Prime Minister future Prime Minister of Israel is got a brand-new book out.

It's called into the lions den Danny down and welcome back to the Brian kill me show. Thank you for having me again why you up on the line stand, Israel and the world ambassador. First off having Miss Piggy being in New York, New York yes the UN is not at all. The long 505 building and I think for me if I followed quickly back in the Negro speaker would you find your little or no right and congratulations on doing the books 1st off tell everybody how you got involved in public service so I made new book and that I came to Egypt in 1958 at the age of thin family and unfortunately will wounded in 1990. The role of attrition and body.

Fighting to an end date that shape your life in my life it illegal immediate connected I got the vocal learning about the traveling, the land and move the dial to know all about the length I became involved in the evening elementary school I got involved in politics and public life, and I enjoy it also preventing the country I love so much, absolutely. So investor right now you're in the Knesset correct.

Now, you mentioned one of will over five and now we are little provision, but we believe that in the near future will be going.

I will actually need well again and then probably would be able to live the quality should be the government. Now you for a while with challenging and the former Pres. Benjamin and Yahoo what what changed you with that know you but I feel that ambassador.

UN and no, I don't appreciate and appreciate my nation and let you block people. When you look back at the old Alabama code.

For example, the great corporation we had with Rocco Nikki and Quentin Tom so I pulled the vehicle team like today. We know we let out the and we will very soon be able to come back.

To follow while in other words, do you think the premises every intention of coming back were you thinking they'd tell them that the next time up your time so I know I know that he wants to come back and I told him that the time it all relatively young. Only the last time I think I will come in all, I gained a lot of experience at the UN and all we have to woke you told many Muslim countries quietly will be used to meet quietly in New York you and knowing what and I think you know the experience I gained will help me a lot in my future political career will when I learns a long clue to learn the longest time substation history in America is how Israel and the Arabs have been who could possibly see some type of. When they have peace and then Egypt happens in the SSH of NYC, Dodd, and Jordan is another one.

You guys have a treaty with and all of a sudden things changed dramatically. How much did things change dramatically with people seeing their good guys and bad guys in the Middle East and it's not Israel it's a Ron salt of all evil part of the critics are without equal in the week cooperate to corroborate. We know it's a threat to for the US and I hope you know that the US would not enter the JCP way we don't find that agreement with you. Unfortunately I think it will happen.

You speak a lot.

You sure about what happening in Ukraine and Russia but we have to pay attention to what's happening in Vienna, you know that the US and European countries are eager to find that we went. No mother what would be a in the language of that movement that basically Drive through, but I will so ambassador right now we understand the run is enough uranium to make their own nuclear weapon and I want you here would net price.

The State Department spokesperson said yesterday cut 27 as long as we assess as we do now that the deal that is essentially on the table. The technical agreement that essentially on the table. The as long as we assess its nonproliferation benefits outweigh the gains that Ron has been able to make in recent years in its nuclear program.

We will continue to pursue that deal because pursuing it is ultimately our national interest.

I'm embarrassed that he's an American working in our government.

But what is you. What is your take on his assessment will we will sign any document and I also thought that now that he meant no thought that the day that would be some kind of agreement but allow I want to continue to export the region to reach you when you there would be no real inspection so he could still create the unfortunate joke like… And oh you know it we actually getting ready for the scenario would be the one without Google to live on. This is really government realizes that, I think they'll put you in quality should show the same man about the fact that we cannot guide you by you know what happened to you in your walk so many years ago when you had a radical Jewish people cannot take the chance of you know it was doing. You know will be challenging for lots 11 Qualcomm 20 quality, only nine, but we are determined to protect. I will in any knowing the book I write about my connection with the mentally told me to.

When you walking UN anymore attention of your enemy, then the promise of your life and he survived the Holocaust and I think Becky was building.

Now we have to listen more carefully to threats coming from Theron mental Department of Commerce collage on all new capital stunning is Dan and he's got his new book out enticement line stand and saw a lot of it has to do with the service as is investing the United Nations and many people believe to be prime minister. The future in Israel on one of them, but I don't can't coincide is really politics but it's not hard to see how much you achieve so young but ambassador right now you have a situation where a Ron is dealing with Russia because they don't deal directly with us, why in why could you possibly rationalize having brush or broker a deal with a Ron this supposedly in our best interest or the west best interests go on go there economy than I wanted to very important that market so weapon there and with their energy and to make more money but I like the US can actually allowing you know the rational to be so involved in the negotiation of between Russia and the US ambassador.

The actually part of the deal. I understand is they take the uranium out of a Ron and stored in Russia and we pay them to do it on only one can go with you anymore display a lot and they would put all your soul. Basically, you know, it would allow the Christian say we achieve knowing agreement. Click and move on. You know about it, but not bigger be no agreement that would actually prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities.

Ambassador when you talk of the Abraham Accords. Tell me about the deals that were done and what was next. Had some porn reelection so late. Back in 2016 in Coakley told the plaintiff make sure nobody told me there and look what happening today where faulting flight a week by our opening flight from Abu Dhabi and you know you can. The commercial connection and culture out you committing to see what would be achieved and become open to you and grateful for the creation of Greek achievements. I think we have to speak about Chuck Arabiya. I think that will ready to join a that we went. Now they are not sure about it.

If you decide to engage lava dialogue with them for the Saudi part of the renewal club. We have immediately so when people take the rebels all see terrorist watchlist that angered Saudi Arabia why these are allied with the run there lobbing missiles into Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia responds and I'm not saying it's in the most surgical way. But when you take sides. You can't turn around and ask them for favors.

You live in the realpolitik world they don't have the government that you would want, but you can have a relationship with that government because it benefits your country. Can you explain that you bad guy appropriate evening. Saudi Arabia, but when you very good about their radical Islam is getting stronger in the region and you have to support your life and I think they would they even moderate fitting together they know Saudi Egyptian and Jordanian unwanted about their back over the body, if you feel that even you don't kill about making more money that you're about exporting their body, if you have faith and look what happened. In Lebanon what's happening now by what we have to do to cooperate or the moderate instant together again for the evening for my run, which is good to be going to come down really calm things down in the Gaza Strip. Do you ever proceed day when the border crossing will be less formidable with the be less the easier to be done. What has to happen for that to take place.

So I think we have to realize that you know David people you got a bond occupation occupation but not break, and we left 2005 have a completely, spook over, people got a thoughtful multitude stopped also with every few months we have to deal with rockets trying to leave about and hopefully they will calendar without that would be able to leave and and then they can actually invest in the future but with Jacob article is organization leading to Gaza today and I'm looking think about the future you explain the Democratic Party Israel. Most of the American Jewish community votes Democrats when you locate the policy towards Israel. Most of most honest viewers. Observers would say Republicans are much better allied especially if you look at Bush and Trump a much better ally then Obama Biden what why did why the disconnect by about what would we got quick to leave him getting involved in politics well enough to know that I'm no so when you look real when I speak in my book and I write you know chapter about little Bob before the motion. The goal in the Security Council against the belly had nothing to do the weekly phone call with Michael to promote the notion by the way, I wanted to bust in after the Russian them otherwise.

The second with the mission and that referral the way and I think when you look at the results and what happened during Obama's administration, no. We have stuck the great achievements opening the embassy going out for nylon view. Recognizing that I don't cannot do with those. I hear you. It's all in his book ambassador they didn't stand and thanks so much.

Thank you, Brian. Look forward to seeing you New York again and probably prime minister down the road. Danny thank you when we come back I'll take your calls 22 64087669. This is the brain to meet you learning something new every day, Brian kill me show celebrating 12 years on the radio it's exciting or might be just too much kill me. Brian kill me. I am somebody who drink their wine, the 51 people talk to read enjoy this cry for help with some pants on that it's going to be Troy Aikman, Troy. Now are you listening to me because you looking at the screen. No little bit. Go ahead, listening to you man workingman.

I know that you, Brian kill me while I do your recall and bill you put the stuff together.

I could almost remember all those different incidents, and I do talk about my body a lot. You find that Allison and your research were Eric Ellie talk like that a lot. We didn't even do the tight shirt montage mesh. I'm sure I can pull together to give him five minutes to go, think, is that men and tight shirts.

If you didn't know that already. 11. People said I point that out and you think that that is bad bad. You just always make which type with my line there so many lines, I may just friends and think about the top managers lock-in clip on the T on the screen like Anderson Cooper from the night before you take short his comment that it's amusing and makes us all giggle behind the class. I understand a couple of things you think I should not be doing that.

Should I not point out to another man when their fit thing. I think you I'm commenting on someone's health and I think I'm also one that I think you give a compliment when you think it right how you look very nice and that's a nice Jasper some other people are a little overly paranoid about captains getting taken the wrong way but I think everything you want to get someone to complement you get it. Regardless, separate them looking good in a tight shirt or for justice pretty but you work with the shirt off because all these guys we never have shirts on.

I did notice some of the guys tend to be very well-built. I see something without shirts on shirtless guys and spray cans. I did see guys without shirts on last summer particular so you did have lied though you're talking about men without shirts not take checks so again you are inaccurate and you live glycogenic yelling, yelling, said she was wrong about inflation and you were wrong about my shirt, and sometimes it took about shirtless. I love being in the same category as Janet, yes, could you talk a little bit quicker and pronounce every so awful you don't mumble Frankie only child, don't move my New York City pressure set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me. I wanted Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here we come to you is a 46 in the country. Her other world, especially in Ukraine to come to you from beautiful W okay be studios in Jacksonville Florida. One of our coveted affiliates there kind of be up shortly into a beautiful studio and as always I leave them alone. I can stay for at least another hour. I try to be this hour to mentor moments, we will heard to calls and have a more than 186-640-8766 Prince United States to meet with the formula manufacturers good.

Maybe they could make some more that come up that might help. Number two dadoes having a press conference with our Secretary of State, as would we gotta find out why Germany and France are losing interest in helping Ukrainians not good.

Let's get to the bakery. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three, the FBI and the jury record clearly recognize that their unanimous verdict today. Despite being falsely accused believe that justice prevailed in my case write to you. You skated assessment skates by the door and pro fights on to me this is a failure. The jury that the process mission systems was caught lying in a friendly terms. Jury said so what was that that seems to listen active shooter protocols are you going were putting it all on the local cop 6000 the end of the day the police showed up. After that, the sheriff showed up. After that, the state trooper showed a wonder they say we need to go in. There was a state lawmaker Roman Gutierrez you probably trying to unwind what exactly happened inside Rob Elementary in the conflicting reports of cooperation from the man in charge. The sheriff was sworn in as city councilmember also the lettuce in the bipartisan talks towards ending. This is obscene violence there talking some type of gun legislation will discuss why I think I was wrong then about the path of inflation. When told, as I mentioned, there have been unanticipated large shocks to the economy at the time to fully understand now. She does wish you were just slow down just a little bit. Prices are soaring.

The White House is secretly cheering, while deflecting blame elsewhere. The study shows you adjusting your shopping, dining and driving patterns because of inflation. I want to get your take on that and the White House has an idea of who to blame anyone but them to me now is will heard he spent the weekend doing something really important visiting you validly seen was happy with the investigation and seeing the obscene lost their experience in the morning that's taking place former Texas. Carson will heard author of American reboot welcome back will so you know the area you know the people you certainly know the state and you've also experience real life in around you two years in the CIA. Can you give to our listeners this since was happening in in you validly available right now we a number of parent I'm prematurely bearing.

We had to yesterday or today.

Mom down and we cannot, I represented you validly for six years in Congress and going back there in years plus and and and what people and to realize a small community like this is everybody knew everybody. And so the grieving is not just immediate family.

If everybody in the community. I knew those. They were in baseball practice together and so it really is. It really is having an impact and not only are you having to deal with a parent bearing the kid. You also trying to what happened and what what what happened and how to prevent this from happening in the future. What we had presumptions of what happened the very beginning. Exchange multiple times so the community just have a question on top of grieving and into the terrible, terrible situation and throughout Texas and a lot of schools in the last week. You have parents asking if my community prepared for something like this. How do we prevent community from having to get to this point until these are many of the questions that photograph today so when you look at investigation. Sheriff Terry Ando. Now, as they say he was erroneously reported that he is not cooperating. Since he is cooperating, but he was his idea was hey you know what the shooting stopped, is a barricade situation. Let's take our time going back in our two guys got grazed when they wanted immediately.

He's had a lot of firepower. We do know now that these kids were bleeding out some of which could've been saved was that lead you to say why investigation, court initial information is that there were a lot of mistakes but there's no question about that, you have the school calling someone and and and and Aaron Ando. Actually, the chief of police for you, validly independent school district and and this is important to know because there were so many different flavors of law-enforcement that showed up.

And that was there for a long period of time so that the law enforcement school district Montfort city you evaluate Police Department DPS. The Department of Public Safety that is the state law enforcement and then you have an individual border patrol that showed up at 1250 show a helping hand. Ultimately, a border patrol officer off duty when in and resolve the situation so that the tactics, techniques and procedures in dealing with one of these kinds of shooting is very clear. Everybody goes in and you don't stop and so so we gotta figure out what will be made participated in the vision.

Why did everybody follow that decision.

How are they getting updated information at the time is a whole lot as a whole Lotta mother question and part of the II spent almost a decade upon the corruption CIA worked very closely with not only our military. But the law enforcement on the role of law enforcement. It is important and there there there to kick take care of us. That's why we don't pray for them to have a very hard job, but also how the level of accountability and should be held high or too cool to account until we understand this, not only for the P 21 families that are grieving because there bearing their loved one other child but we also need to make sure we learn from this in the future so that we can be better prepared when unfortunately something like this happen so when she from JK Jake Alvarado. He is a CBP agent who ran into the shooting drain into the there's a party going on in knew his daughter was in there is wife help one see how what's going on is what he told her last night at $11 fine for the most part she said she still she still has friends that have passed. My wife is the one that's really affected because she was right there by the shooter. The shooter bypassed her room and shut the rooms on the opposite side and more false. Some of her close friends and one teacher who try to get the door closed and get a close and lock fast enough and that was Jacob Alvarado, whose wife's a teacher there and of course they had a big celebration that day for graduation. They came out, will you get all those that play-by-play of it but there's also reports that the police chief might not even have had a radio to hear any of this question is will if you show up with your experience and your board tech support to guys evidently still didn't get to go Sunday what you start awaiting the grade. The Marshall shield and they wanted to a stack and just took over the building. They never got to go sign from the sky and would point you break command I you you get on clean height is 2025 right you get on scene right you you you break command immediately and and if you have a choice, awareness, and a little bit of evidence to suggest that there are still kids that are in there you go when you go immediately and and the only way if they're saying that there is a barricade choice and there is no kids there. How do they have that information that they got some kind of me that is you go in and confirm and look in that clip from Thomas Alvarado. The when you have to use DNA to identify someone that is because it is a hole in the mutilation is unbelievable.

These are the images. And these teachers are going to have to live with for for the rest of her life and and this could have an impact on them for a legally long time and so imagine nine and I think it was 11 I met with her that this was the experience and and how do we make sure that you know in this week or next week for these kids teachers. This is to live with him forever like I'm going to screen another mass shooting that happened 2018 might be off year there were those communities are still receiving mental health treatment in the city of you bounty. It was only one mental health. I know that because I hope get it when I was in when I was in Congress, and so some of the resources that the community is going to need order to deal with it to be pretty silly. So the question is that is bipartisan and I know you would your book about this. This bipartisan zoom call going on to try to frame work out something for June 6, when Congress comes back. Lindsey Graham evidently in the Blumenthal work and some type of red flag legislation and then other people like the present states wants to get rid of the salt weapons he indicated he walked out back as usual that he doesn't want to get a 9 mm but most Republicans I thought most Americans want to immediately harden the target when it comes to schools with his new press secretary feels differently. Cut 14 conversation a heartening school is not something that we should hear teachers resources to this is something that is focusing on uneven what that means but why would you be against the increasing security in schools.

I don't know why they would say that very great problem that have a multi-factorial problem and and oftentimes when this happened. Everybody runs to their corner and talks about one thing and not one saying is going to solve all these problems not one thing would have prevented the 200 and almost 50. I believe mass shooting that happened since. In the last 30 years years.

I know since 2009. It has been more killing and mass shootings in the United States and we've had a military killed in combat, combat found in Afghanistan. This is the number that we don't. There's not one solution between multiple things that there's a group.

The only that I know that is really studied mass shootings for a a significant period of time. It is called a violent project to researchers. They look at every mass shooting in 1966 interviewed people that were there. They found that there is for similarities or cloths across the there's some common childhood trauma, there's a crisis point where somebody that you that the flip in the head, switching her head flips they have a script to follow. They mimic other attack. They have some input to your community complain and then they have the opportunity to carry out the attack. We have to be addressing each one of those yet and and I and I need to get better language to explain this in the intelligence business you know the cycle with the same and you try to influence the attack before the attack happens that you know being left is how we refer to it so we should be doing everything we can to prevent that situation will not always get right so we have to be ready to make sure that our facilities are prepared heartening and protected and we need to make sure that the folks that are craft with protecting our kids in these places have the right training, experience and resources to deal with these things because we can you bounty.

It is clear now that you know not being ready after you know once the attack happened could still lead the league to life. Understood. Will was great to talk to your expertise is very needed and misting Congress. You see yourself ever going back to look at it. I'm 44 years old turned 45 this summer on my political group. Probably not over, but when the opportunity to write all evaluator will or the author of American rebooting idyllic idealists guide to getting big things done. Thanks so much, you will appreciate you at 1-866-408-7669. I will come back to Q calls and and then of course love more than a little bit later. Listen to Branko Mitchell. Both sides all radio that makes you say this is that Brian kill me and show my biggest concern is that the jury came out really gave up what the jury was discussing what they thought this case should've never been brought to their attention in the first place. And that's that's a little concerning his this looks more like a jury nullification were even though the evidence was overwhelming. Even though the government prove their case that the jury just decided that this wasn't a case worth pursuing, and therefore they were 12 of them voted unanimously not guilty.

So that means that even though the evidence as we know it, which is C 7 that text message but he had also gone up and testify on Capitol Hill under oath that he was representing a client and his billing records show that so this this case to me factually and legally was a slamdunk case but as I said earlier, leading up to this jury verdict at this jury was very difficult for conterminous team get a conviction for acting Atty. Gen. Matt Whitaker bring up the fact that the jury saw this was worth my time.

Can you believe that the jury foreman not worth my time if it gets to you it's worth your time. It's really been through the screening process. Thanks very much fundamental average everyday juror who might've been one of the three in the jury pool current supporters of the one who fund raise for AOC or the judge what relationship or the judge what relationship we believe excuse me, Sussman had a relationship. Their daughters play on the same softball team or same soccer team or what one of the teams.

These things usually get kicked off a jury, but in DC you can't find anybody that's not biased against Republicans.

Here is Arlene Haber. She was or had a less ice you see it for the attorney for prison Trump cut 18 K of this case.

In my opinion was not necessarily getting a guilty verdict for assessment.

He is such a small player en masse he was, frankly, the lowest of the barrel as far as I'm concerned, what we got was the evidence and I think that was the king thermos trying to put out evidence that there was a text message and I do want your viewers to remember the text message that came out by the General Counsel Baker only came out after the indictment in 2021, said in charge actually did not allow that to be considered when they decided his verdict today that was critical get a lot of bad decisions by Judge Cooper, who by the way has a relationship with Lisa page in some regard so that's also concerning. You mean a lot across cross-pollination. Logic tells you.

I love these people say they just exonerated Sussman knows how guilty he is and anyone looks of this case knows that George got a lot of substance there. Hope we can finish the job.

That's the key. We come back Stephen Moore on the economy.

It's how it's affecting you where it's heading now, and Larry Summers. Just wait in the former secretary-treasurer, the Obama, who predicted with tapping will find out what he thinks about recession breaking loose unique opinions.

All Brian kill me and show.

I think that is less history here. See that US experience experience other rich country like when inflation is about four employments below. You are almost certain to have a recession within the next two years. We may somehow find a way of beating the odds having soft landing, but it would be historic counterexample, not a historic norm that proves to be true. Now is today Larry Summers today talk about the fact that he was 100% right that the rescue plan of 1.9 trillion was unnecessary and just put this whole inflation on hyperspeed, which were witnessing right now, not transitory.

I played for you last block Janet yelling coming out saying I was wrong about the path of inflation said that supply chain and other things happen. Large shocks of the system. She said she was wrong. Everybody saying the wrongs of the present could say, not my fault.

He says really up to the Fed and one of his great things that he's doing is letting the Fed do its thing is that the right move. Steve Moore joins us right now economist extraordinaire. There's nothing he can do. Stephen just Larry Summers right here is when the when you look at those raw numbers we heading to recession. Well, we don't go to recession Brian because I like time and they cause real pain and misery. But this inflation is is not alleviated again but when I saw an interesting story today reported that that document yet that some of the service station and heard about the they have to put another digit on the map. Put another digit on the. The gap pump jumper laughing. I could be crying but yet that's how bad your place what they could be Brian.

They got you guys record the fact think the gas price when Trump left office was about 259 a gallon now and I think you gallon so how about the duckling in my gas price to 50 a gallon more than doubling them pan 3035 $40 more per fill up. This is this is the worst inflation that Jimmy Carter was in an office, no question, and they admit it, but they said in the mid to Jenny only meant she was wrong, he or she is cut to you. I think I was wrong then about the path of inflation would as I mentioned in unanticipated large shocks to the economy boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our kind in battling the time to fully understand, but we recognize that now right to feel better now that she recognize it and what you think you're going to do the present said you can't blame me, and I'm not going to talk to the Fed and not to do with the federal Medicaid by hands-off clothing met yesterday well. In about that statement and you may recall, 12, 13, 14 months ago I was at your show report showing place in the sun comes up in the you know and what I mean. It was obvious and I the only one. Larry, Larry Summers is a Democratic you know economist said that you have runaway inflation. If you do this so why was she so surprised by this. What don't you just yell and by the way, has been the biggest disappointment when I saw all the Biden appointment. Most of them work crazy left-wing ideologue Janet Yellen is a pretty comfortable economist but she's drunk the Kool-Aid over there in the White House and all he's doing is parroting you know what the out what the people are saying about how his knowledge is the other thing makes me so angry when Joe Biden set yesterday and that Wall Street Journal piece and he said it 100 times in the last two months. I'm doing everything I can to reduce gas prices at the Libra Price that this was part of the plan to force people to stop using fossil fuels because the recall notice during the years Larry Kudlow on that whole thing is not ready for the transition if it was queued up and everything was there for us. We just chose not to get it. That's an interesting debate but instead years quietly cheering the rising fossil fuel prices cut five Biden's article in the Wall Street Journal today. That was the talk of the town had no new inflation plan anti-inflation plant that had nothing. I may what he is setting us up here is for his vision. This woke vision of a fossil free economy which is going to do enormous damage to the economy. It'll put it in a permanent recession.

It'll cause millions of job losses and rising unemployment. So anything is if you tell the American people and doing everything I can but we also know different. And we know the oil and gas company scouts are speaking up for themselves or St. yeah I'm drill on this land.

There's no financing for it. You know it's okay to be temporary, then to be stuck for basing my model on oil and gas prices that are way too high when they come down my whole country my companies going to go bankrupt yet. Don't forget that the very first act in office of Joe Biden with the kill ~no pipeline we need pipeline for our energy development and it is heartbreaking to me when I talk to Trump about energy policy from the start of when he started running for president. He always talked about how we can become energy in the pattern in energy dominance and we were buying you go back 15 months ago we were not order say it's a global price a global commodity that don't look at that what you tell them what a global commodity, but the fact that the gas prices and oil prices now hundred and $15 a barrel while you're at all, losing half $1 billion day Brian, I have billion dollars a day because were not producing it here in Oklahoma and North Dakota in Texas and Alaska. Instead of getting it from Russia and Iran and you know Saudi Arabia so but the other thing he said about the similarities absolutely right about the energy policy but then his other plan to deal with high prices would more green energy subsidies like electric our energy today comes from a from wind and solar power.

Brian much 6% six. Health how to solve the problem with windmill European Union doesn't want their windmills to save nobles and I want their windmills and solar panels. It messes up their countryside and they have been too erratic now to go back. It seems to nuclear I'm not sure of your hearing that this is all revolving around tri-care Russian oil and gas so just for people listening right now. You'll see more can talk big macro and micro and talk about how this affects the family inflation dropsy American savings plans 36% of said that 21% have reduced retirement savings how Americans are often the increase in the cost of living, 42% are changing how they shot 46% are either dining outlets or consciously spending was 31% are driving us 23% are spending less on vacations 22% are taking measures such as canceling subscriptions to gyms and cable and other things like that and here's the other thing because we can't get anybody to work US robot orders have surged 40% because the labor shortages.

As I as I said as I read you all those numbers how busy American consumer response to the challenges they have correct, then I can wait around for the government to solve their problems there there changing their lifestyles they are you when you pay more for gasoline throughout the economy and you know I think about two or three weeks ago we talked about… Confront mentioning update date Naprosyn and I can't tell you how many angry emails and letters I got from people think more stop saying a date Naprosyn inflation and people that I'm not being 89% more 20% more than 60% more for my guess 40% more for air-conditioning, electrical I'm paying 35% more for fruits and vegetables and be I'm paying more for my rent real inflation.

Brian average middle-class Americans are paying to pay for their essential food. Madison energy tuition does class drop one morning Nate happens at that I think were understating how bad you are working class American. I will see what else Larry Somerset listen, I think the consensus last spring was wrong consensus cd overheating risk. I've been wrong. Plenty of times in my life but I did see that there was a very substantial demand pressures. It was building seem plausible.

Given that there would be bottlenecks, but I think in fairness to Sec. Yellen. In fairness to the Federal Reserve what they were echoing was a consensus view of economists at that time that consensus is turned out to be wrong.

I think that does require some rethinking of conventional models among the economist duties forecasting nowhere more important than the Fed, which is why I talked about the need for some institutional soul-searching there, but I think the important issue is looking forward yeah and he went on to say he thinks of the corporate tax cut that Trump came with the lease.

It was a boon to corporate America. Some of that should go up again and they should be global cooperation on raising the corporate tax rate which your thought on that now that Larry has Democratic you know I want and I disagree with them on the corporate tax credit, you know I'll put that plan together with Larry Larry Kudlow and drop another and we actually suck M from the rest of the world. We we want to be below Country in the world, just like Toyota wants to STATE) and so let me get out United States, the Florida international economy, but look, I think it's interesting what he said talked about the consensus because my whole life in the business for 40 years, Brian, and you been in the game a long time to is taking on the competitive because so many times. The consensus is will likely take. So everybody agrees there is quite a change of you know that so many times when the consensus opinion is wrong and that's why we have to be open-mindedness, I get fired all science now is: Michael thought political Brian I mean that's what felt frustrating to me but I tell you one thing I really fully believe and I'm unbiased to that work for Trump. I think the economy would be bowling right now Donald Trump with Pres. COBIT basically coming going on in the business of reopening people going to feel are going to restaurant again. We began the situation to. I know Americans are still spending with her about the feel of the prices people are scrambling to get houses right now. Does he think interest rates are going up and they are everybody's recommending that's the way you stop inflation to raise interest rates, but there's going to be a stoppage on the housing boom right that to curtail some of the prices use logic would tell you that sooner or later will look around. So yeah, I did get that raise but aside, much as the inflation that's I have to calm down any onset other minor point. If you try to travel this weekend and just found out your flights were canceled because the weather is because it couldn't staff you only seem so is it worth the headache of making plans and having these airlines just caught me out and then I'm stuck with my days off are problems and the stress you had all that together with the price of occasions.

A lot of people this could really rip onto the economy and I hope it doesn't. But you know without supply chain you can get baby formula, people wondering what stuff is when you go to get a soft top your car.

You gotta wait eight weeks for what used to be eight hours everywhere you go. It's a little bit of a challenge.

Well Brian I don't recall supply chain problems you went down so this is a result of the faulty economic policy, the only one thing I might just read a little bit odd. You're right raise interest rates but the best way to solve inflation rate and did when he took over, Carter taxes current regulation increased the supply of products more good what happens, the price to go down supply. We just have nothing to do with. We have no supply. Stephen Moore exactly like that or he can regularly apply federal after Larry Kudlow, me, we believe we can increase the production in the country let go all in on energy by oil everything we got. I know, but it seems as though the White House is a war zone on communications team, let alone solving our problems.

I see more.

Thanks so much appreciated. Okay, you got it we come back we'll find out there's a need to know more giving you everything you need to know your Brian kill me.

Celebrating 12 years on the radio it's exciting or might be just too much. Only his mind is racing to get your attention spar you stick around Joe Whiting across the street because the baboons on the other side. They look aggravated. If you judge you, they will gather just by judging how red their heinie is. I mean that it's got a call if you had a red heinie. What are you being a little like that don't make sense on my butt sore really foul mood and your own show and probably not have me on. That's because you get off on Saturdays. It's your day off that's a better way to say it if you don't mind Julie that was by the way who is he talking about the baboon to me. He he does the Linsky Chandler and also that are thinking of production underneath afferent. Oh, okay, got it I die did not realize that because I was fantastic. It makes me realize how important everything I say is let's Allison find out if we need to know more okay know Reed Hastings, wife and hedge fund air and slid Simon's back hyper woke LA city Council candidate. This 32-year-old who want to abolish the police despite living hundreds of miles away that equipment was assignments paid $85,000 for the campaign for Eunice Hernandez, who is running for city Council for the mouse where they both live. Of course they don't care about their own. They don't care about their own security have their own security. Simon was an $18 million mansion which Pres. Obama visits in 2013 for a fundraising brunch Hastings and his wife live in Santa Cruz, 340 miles away.

That something is in the earth promote the can that absolutely on the extremes. But more impact them at all.

Next chatters to criminalizing cocaine and MDMA for three years amid an overdose crisis move aims to encourage drug addicts to seek help and free of police time so do coke.

I'm not going to arrest you if you have some time in between snorting go get rehab is that the theory I think that the faith they also want to take away all the guns so right and you jog no gun and destroy the truckers exactly right next three and four Americans briefly suffered injury while working out a new study suggesting to look at 2000 people. They said 7010 abandoned their fitness regime because of the pandemic. 80% are determined to return to pre-debit pre-pandemic warm how over.

However, half that's 56% say an injury in the past year is to blame for not getting back to think people are faking the industry. The injury think thinking, but like maybe embellishing the college that want to hurt my right that salamander center was the best time to get in shape.

People have more time than ever you're not commuting to work at home signing. I know people thought home and I just ordered a more fluid thing, but you know what people of said if you want something done given to a busy person and you have a lot of free time tend to put it off. That is to write silly hats all the time we have right now but we have much more to go.

The next time we're together on the brain to Michelle thanks to everyone to be okay via Jacksonville for housing us. And remember, keep in here and get the podcast frankly this week. If your program director you can download when you're good and ready to listen, which is every minute of every day. Thanks, over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources.

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