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Psychic Medium Concetta Bertoldi on God, Faith and Communicating With Spirits

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 16, 2022 12:57 pm

Psychic Medium Concetta Bertoldi on God, Faith and Communicating With Spirits

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 16, 2022 12:57 pm

What do Joe Rogan, Bill Maher and a clairsentient have in common? Listen to Brian’s extended, in-studio interview with New York Times bestselling author and medium Concetta Bertoldi to find out!  

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Hi everybody, welcome back. I've got a special guest like no other that I've ever had on the show that I know of. Actually, Jonathan Edwards, John Edwards might have been on before, and I'm talking about Medium. And John Edwards, you know, had that daytime show for a while. He's been on Fox and Friends. I've not seen him, but basically he can communicate with those who have passed on. So can Concetta Bertoldi.

She's a New York Times bestselling author, seen on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Good Day New York, featured in Time magazine, and I should say best-selling author many times over. Concetta, welcome to the show. Well, thank you for having me, Brian. It's a pleasure to be here. Well, it's good to have you here.

If you could just move a little closer to the microphone, because Eric behind the board will start yelling at me, because you are my responsibility from when you're here. First off, when did you realize, or how would you describe what a medium is? A medium is a person who hears dead people who can also predict.

So the difference between a psychic and a medium, let's just say, a psychic can tell you a prediction they sense, but a medium can tell you the prediction, but also identify the dead person who's giving them the prediction. Understood. So when did you realize that you had this ability? Well, my parents always knew. My grandfather had the same ability. So my father was well aware of what was happening when I was a child. My mother and father were very different.

They were two ethnic differences and two religious background differences. My mother was very afraid of this. My father was not. My father was very familiar with this. So when my grandfather told my father that this child, myself, was going to have this ability, my father was prepared, but my mother was not. So do you believe you inherited it, or have you developed a sense that most people don't have?

That's a good question. I really don't know for sure the answer, because I do know people who are very incredibly talented mediums that don't have anybody in the family that was. I just happen to have a grandfather who was very, very talented. People have pointed out to me that when you say, wow, that's déjà vu, or I predicted that, or you start thinking about somebody and they show up in your lives, they go, that is a sense of what it is, right? Absolutely true. The thing is, I tell people, most folks will say it's a coincidence, but the one that's my favorite is that they will say, something just told me. Well, the something was someone that just told you. When you talk about intuition. Yes, sir.

Gut feeling. Correct. Same thing.

Same thing. So what about how you handle doubters? I believe that everyone has the right to choose, and if they choose not to enjoy this, or believe this, or embrace that, that's okay with me. I have no problem with that. I'm not here to change anybody's way of thinking.

I just want to offer peace, and hopefully when people walk away from me and see what I can do, maybe it might open their minds to thinking that it is very well possible. When did you feel comfortable enough to talk to people about the ability you have outside your family? When my brother died. I have a brother who passed away when he was 38 years old, and my whole family had known about my ability all of my life. So when my brother passed, he was the first to come to me. I heard dead people before that, but he said to me, please help us.

Please help us deliver these messages. All you have to do is agree, and we'll take you from there. So you had this ability. Do you listen? Do voices come to you constantly, and do you shut them off like a volume, like I would a radio? Well, to be honest with you, and people say that to me, and they make it sound like a burden, but if you're, for instance, if you're born blind, you don't know any different.

So I don't know any different. I've heard them my whole life, and I do have control, so to speak, over if I want to be alone, because I'm very spiritual, and all I do is bring God into it. And if I want peace, I just say, please, right now, in the name of God, let me be. But if you know so much, and you could see when they, do you predict the future? Yes. So do you believe life is scripted? I believe that we are here to learn lessons.

Everything that's going on, every single chapter in our life, it involves learning, and changing, and growing, and it's all got to do with spirit and soul. So yes, I guess the answer to your question is yes. Concetta Bertoldi is with us in studio, and I want you to hear, this is the number one podcast in the country, it's Joe Rogan's show. This actually came up with Bill Maher, if you want to put that just headset to your ear.

Let's listen. When people tell me dumb things, I ask if they believe in ghosts. Whenever someone has a dumb belief, like they have a belief that is like, wait, hold on, do you believe in ghosts? You know what, I'm the most rational guy I know, but I might. I might believe in ghosts. You know why?

I might too. Because there's too many highly intelligent people who I know, who I grilled when they told me they had some sort of experience. Like, they're not drunk, they're not religious people.

Right. You know, I grilled them. I was not drinking, you're sure you weren't sleeping, this was not a drink.

Too many people have some sort of experience, I don't know what it is, and I don't give a **** because I'm never going to know, and they're not bothering me, the ghosts apparently. So what are your thoughts about what he was saying? I love it.

Of course I love it because it's true. I mean, here's the thing. You have to be, oh, I don't want to judge anybody, okay. There's so much more than meets the eye what's going on every day of our lives. You can see it everywhere you look. So how can you discount the presence of God?

That's number one. Number two, we are so much more grander than this physical Tupperware container we're existing in right now. Our minds have so much more capability.

Our spirit is, it's in it here right now, but we're here doing something with this physical body that's going to change our spirit within. So how could you deny this? How could anyone deny it?

And P.S., I have heard them my whole life. I've written many books. I've done thousands, if not more, I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound arrogant, of readings and talking to people who had their own experiences, and they're just too much to deny. I mean, the evidence is right in front of you. So what do you think is going on in the world right now? Can you see the big picture or just individuals? I do see the big picture.

I don't want to sound like I'm a know-it-all, but I see so much more than other people see about what's going on in the world right now. We see the evil of what happened in Uvalde. We see what could have happened in Maryland yesterday with the would-be assassination of Justice, or the other day with the would-be assassination of Justice Kavanaugh. We see what's going on on the evil things that are going on in the Ukraine beyond comprehension. We thought we left this in the World War II.

How do you make sense of this? I think there's a shift coming right now. I think we're in the midst right now of a very huge shift. And I also think there's a war going on here that we cannot see, which is between good and evil. And it's happening right in front of us. And I do believe with all my heart that God will always win.

God is going to win. Here in this country? Around the world.

Our country especially, because I'm an American, a very proud American. But I also believe that this is going to be the shift that changes the whole world. And where does your clairvoyance come in in this? And where are you just reading the paper? Well, I have a really hard time reading the paper because there's nothing but negativity in it, and I want to promote positivity. So I feel that I listen to the other side and I ask them, please help me, and I pray for guidance into telling me what's coming in front of me, what I should look out for. And I pretty much stay away from most news, and I listen to the other side. And the other side has given me enough information throughout my lifetime to know that they know what they're talking about, and I have great faith in that. Right, and where does America stack up in the good and evil? Well, as you can see, there's a lot of evil on Earth right now, and it doesn't take...

I don't want to say anything about parties, because I don't believe in God's heaven. There are Democrats or Republicans. I believe we're all the same.

So I think on Earth right now, if we could find a way to become one the way God created us to be one, we would find more peace here. From the Fox News Podcasts Network. I'm Ben Domenech, Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter, and I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week. It's the Ben Domenech Podcast.

Subscribe and listen now by going to It seems like you're holding back a little. You have a sense between the advent of the 1619 Project, putting criminals first, not making punishment part of evil behavior. Does that play into a bigger story?

Well, it does for me as a human being, because I'm human, and I do believe that people should be held accountable for their actions. So I believe in that. But I have sometimes come at a crossroads with...

I know I'm not God, and I don't have that ability. But what are you hearing? What's coming through? Well, what I'm hearing is that there will be accountability. Yes, I'm hearing that there will be accountability, and there's eventually going to be changes that take place that bring us to a better, let's say, understanding of one another, despite our differences. Concetta Portoldi is our guest, New York Times bestselling author, medium.

You might have seen her on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Good Day New York. You're booked up to 10 years, right, for individual consultation. Yeah, something like that. And sometimes you do mass events as well.

Yes, I do. Well, and the question is, too, is the bigger picture is what happens when you die? Where do you go?

Oh, it's a glorious thing. First of all, you must choose God. I tell folks all the time, never be afraid, just choose God. That's the first thing that comes before us. But people have a different definition of God.

Doesn't matter? It doesn't matter, because we're all the same. We're all of the same cloth. I mean, I believe we're here to love each other despite those differences. So there's no bad religion? No, God, no. The only thing I can tell you is that I don't liken a religion who says I'm better than yours. Right.

I think we should try to find joy in everyone's religion, because as long as they do unto others the way I want to be treated myself, what's wrong with that? So the Bible's real? Well, it depends on what version. I mean, listen, I don't know enough about all the different Bibles that have been written. You're not a biblical scholar. Yeah, you know, I don't know enough about them to really say what's real and what's not. I can only tell you what I go by spiritually, what I've heard from the other side.

And what you hear is? We are all the same. We're all humans, no matter what color, no matter what religion.

We are here as God created us to find peace amongst each other and on earth. And we're just right now in the midst of a turmoil and a war, spiritually, on earth right now. And these are all because of human decisions that we're making to do this. That's right.

It's not like someone's orchestrating this. Again, it all comes down to us growing spiritually. And these decisions that we as humans are making right now are promoting us to grow spiritually and hopefully reach a better place that we can enjoy what God created here. So if people go on to a better place, why are they around us and why do they come through to you? Are they stuck here in your view?

They're not stuck here. Once we leave the body, the energy releases from the body and a choice is given immediately to us. Choose God or turn your back on God. That's why folks who don't choose God, I would refer to them as wandering the earth, souls, discarnate souls.

There's many ways to describe that. And for what reason why anyone would not choose God, that's personal, I don't know. If you would like to encourage people, no matter what you did, no matter what would that be that you would be afraid of, get rid of that and cancel that and choose God. So atheists that are great people, spend all their time volunteering for UNICEF, they're still not going to live in heaven.

Well, I'll give you an example. My husband, when I married him, which is almost 40 years ago, he told me when I met him that he might as well let me know he doesn't believe in God. Now for someone like me who cherishes God and has great faith in God, that was a real challenge for me.

But he is a beautiful human being and he has a really unbelievably good heart. So I said I must be in his life for a reason because now, almost 40 years later, he will tell you that he has seen so much being around me and witnessed and there's just too much and he has changed. So he's changed. He has seen the presence of God through my eyes and through what I've shown him.

So I would actually say that he will tell you, first of all, that he believes in God and that I've even gotten him to pray with me, which I'm very proud of. So Kacheta, as a medium, do you have your voices or do you see images? Yeah, when I was younger I used to see like a lot of images and it was really, really full on.

Of them, what they look like in the... Well, in spirit I would be able to see something, you know. But I, at this age of my life, I don't, you know, as you get older you don't want anything that compromises your conscious mind. So when I make a deal with them, so to speak, that I don't mind delivering your messages but I don't want to see a dead guy walking down the stairs in my house, you know. So I've made an agreement with them that I will help them but I don't want all that presence with me.

Understood. And I want to answer one more question. What I hear is not necessarily a voice. It's a very loud thought in my subconscious.

It's very different than my own thoughts in my subconscious. And what am I not asking you to fully explain what you do? I got to say, you're a great interviewer. I'm sorry. Because I don't want to limit your explanation to my questions. I just love it.

Well, you're right. The other thing I guess I could add to what I just said is that there are so many... You know, you get a feeling on something. You know, you might, with your children or with a really good friend, you sense that there's more you should be saying, more you should be doing. And it's a sense.

Well, that happens for me too. That sense, but it's very loud because I'm empathic. So I can feel more deeply than other people. And you can help people tap into that if you could also... I certainly can. That's why I write books because I want people to learn from my experiences and what also I've gotten and collected over the years because it will help you.

Gotcha. You say the amount of people that come forward in some respects is how good you are as a person. And you bring up this story about if you're a mass murderer or a mobster and responsible for the deaths of a lot of people, you've had that experience. Can you explain that?

I sure will. I had one day in my office three people that came, two women and one gentleman. The two women, if you're Italian, you'll understand this, they were two gumadas. And they brought this gentleman with them. And the appointment was made under one of the gumadas' names. And so I didn't know who they were, I just went to my office to do my work. And for those who aren't Italian, these are women you're seeing on the side beside your wife.

That's correct. Okay, so when I did the first two readings, which were the two gumadas, and then they went well, when I got to the gentleman, and I always start by telling someone my subject, please say your first and last name, it best identifies you to the other side and then tells the other side, I have permission to eavesdrop on a conversation that's going on around you. So he reluctantly did that. Anyway, long story short, I realized there was very few people around this man and I knew something was very dark. It was only his mother and she kept asking me to tell him to repent and all these things that made me very skeptical for whatever was going on.

He made me skeptical because of his energy, quite frankly couldn't wait to get rid of him. But it was around two weeks later, my husband was on his work site and there were a lot of, shall we say, other gentlemen that knew this man. Suspected mobsters.

Yeah, they would be called wise guys. And they were approaching my husband to say that they had heard about the experience this gentleman had had and they wanted to know how they could get an appointment with me because they knew I was booked so far in advance. So did this guy leave freaked out? Yes, he did.

Yeah. That's why he talked about it to whoever these gentlemen were. And I then found out because my husband knew who the man was and said, do you know who he was?

And I said, no, I just remember him. And then my husband explained to me and then, of course, I said, oh, my God. But the funny part was I was doing a book signing about two months later.

I think and there were two girls, young girls in the audience, and they were adorable when I was signing. They came up to me and they said, that's our uncle. And they said his name because I wrote about it in one of my books. Only I changed the names, of course, to protect the innocent. But they said, yeah, that's our uncle. And he told us all about it.

My husband joked for the longest time saying, I hope we don't find a horse's head in our bed. Right. Yeah. You can joke about that. Exactly.

But you never know. Precise, personal, powerful is America's weather team in the palm of your hands. Get Fox weather updates throughout your busy day every day.

Subscribe and listen now at Fox News podcast dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. Concetta Bertoldi is our guest here today. So you don't look at this as a burden. You look at this as a way to help people. Oh, my God. Yes, Brian.

Yes. I feel so privileged and so proud of my work, because if they if people walk away from me and they have one thing that's changed their mind about their deceased relatives that can give them joy gives me great joy. But the biggest pleasure and the biggest thing that for me is the proudest part of my work is that I want folks to know that God is real and that God is great and we don't die.

And that's something I really treasure. Understood. Out there right now, world leaders. So do you think these world leaders are put in place for a reason and you think you could help them emerge? Who do you see emerging out there as the energy? I already know there's somebody born who will. I don't know who it is.

Right. I've tried to figure it out. You look at the candidates out there today. Do you have to see them? Of course I do. And who do you and can you see them on television and get their energy? I certainly can.

I absolutely know who's lying and who's not a good guy or a good woman. I absolutely do. But I want to say that my faith in what they're telling me I believe is true, which is there's already been somebody we have not heard of yet.

Right. Who has been born, who will pretty much bring us together again and unite us as a human race and as a U.S. citizen country. There's somebody out there who's already been born, I don't think has been given the platform yet, but will get it.

I'll give you an example in a minor play. This guy Zelensky. An actor who becomes this incredible leader that almost 95% of the world thinks is great and evil beyond recognition is Vladimir Putin. He's everything that Stalin and Hitler are, it seems.

Correct? Well, I happen to love him personally. I think he's doing a great job. Vladimir Putin? No, no. Zelensky. Oh, Zelensky. Oh, okay.

I'll give you a second. Oh, no, no. Zelensky, I think, you know, he's a fine human being and that's exactly how I'm hearing it. I think he has truly got love in his heart for his country and all mankind. And can I ask you some individuals? Were you worried about getting yourself in trouble?

If I asked you about President Trump. Yeah, I know. Well, yeah, I'm afraid to say my political views because, you know, I've been more... You don't want to marginalize people.

Yeah, I don't want to do that. But I can honestly tell you that I believe that there is hope for our country and something's going to pull us out of this mess that we're in. And yeah, I think it's going to happen. Do you believe that America is the last hope? I do. Yes, I do.

Because America is the greatest country in the world. And I do believe that America has got to lead the way. So, and my last thing for you is you don't look as a burden. You want to help people.

You're booked up for Hamlet for a long time. What is your next goal? Or do you have one? I do. It's funny you should say that because there are many and I just, as you said it, I tried to narrow it down to one.

And I don't think I can because I have many, as I'm sure you do. When you're passionate about what you do for a living, which I am, and when you're passionate about your country, which you are as I am, and when you're passionate about your family, as I am, as you are, that makes you want to do many, many things and much, much more. And I am no different. And I feel that if people didn't wait for something horrible to happen, to realize how good they had it, they'd be better off. Why do we have to wait?

I mean, why do we have to wait for something terrible to happen for us to start asking for God's help? And also gratitude. So if you have gratitude for what you have, it seems you're less likely to lose it.

Huge. Completely agree. And that's what my hope is, that my work will try to show folks that. I try to bring that to the forefront.

And we have to take responsibility too. And for what? For mistakes you've made?

Yes. And for when we were wrong. And say, listen, I was wrong about that.

And I think that's a lot of the problem today. And what should people know about what happens when you die? When we die, it's a miracle. Choose God.

You will be reunited with everyone you've ever loved and lost. And the place beyond this place is beyond anything you can feel here or truly understand here. We're so limited in human form. Right.

And some people don't realize that. Where do you stand on reincarnation? I believe in reincarnation.

Truly do. So we've got to keep going through this? Unfortunately, yeah.

I know so many people... So when you die, you're only dead for a while, and then you're coming back again? And that's funny. I don't know what the timing is. I have been told by them, because my brother's been gone for over 30 years, and I still say to him, please don't go anywhere till I get back, because I want to see him and hug him before he does that. And I've been reassured that he is still there, and that timing is very different than ours. Timing here on earth is not the same as it is in the light of God. Dr. Bartoldi is with us, and my last question is, so if you keep on going through life, so you would say that there is no heaven, right? I would say there is heaven. So you go through heaven, but it's almost like a treadmill, so you go back on, you come back in again.

Well, I think it's a decision made with God. Until you get it right, do you keep coming through? I think we just grow spiritually.

You know, listen, Brian, let me say one thing to you. So we all have felt this. Did you ever meet somebody, and the minute you met them, you didn't even know their name, you just very casually were around them, but there was something about them that you just said, I don't know what it is about that person, but I've got to talk to them, or I have to be with them, go to dinner with them, I just want to be around them, I want to see what they have to say, because I like them, and I don't know why I like them, but I just do. There is your connection to past life. That is somebody you knew before, and the recollection is immediate. And it does the same thing when you meet somebody and you don't know why, but for some reason you're like, I don't want to know nothing, I don't know what it is about them, I don't like them, I don't like their energy, and no thank you. And somebody might say to you, well, come on, we're going to go downstairs, you don't even want to get on the elevator with them, and you don't know why. But again, that is another recollection of past life. Might have been somebody you came in to encounter with, who knows what. So I just met people, I don't want to generalize too much, but most Irish people, like my grandfather was not afraid to die.

It was almost like he was going on vacation. And if I talk to people in his family that were in Ireland, they have that attitude. They love visiting graves, they're not afraid to die. And most people are.

Are you? Well, my mother was Irish, and beautiful woman, but she had no knowledge of this at all. So she was the one who was petrified of it when I was a child, because her first memory, my mother used to tell this story. My mother got a phone call, first I walked, I was five, I walked in the house, and I said to my mother, Uncle Jerry's leg is gone, mommy, and it's all bloody. And my mother looked at me, who was five, and said, go back outside and play, that's a terrible thing for a little girl to say. And the phone was ringing at that moment, and it was my mother's sister-in-law, my uncle's wife, and told her my uncle was in a very bad motorcycle accident, and they wanted permission to amputate his leg. And my aunt didn't know what to say, so she was calling my mother, who was my uncle's sister, and my mother was then realizing, oh my God, my daughter just walked in at five years old and said this, how did she know that? That was her, my mother said, her first real serious encounter of what it was to have a child who heard these things. And did she stop to keep asking you questions, or did she stop asking you questions? I'm going to say something really vulgar, I hope you'll forgive me that I use it in my, when I talk. My mother used to pimp me out, because there was a neighbor whose son died, my mother would call the woman into the house, and she would say, okay Connie, can you tell Mrs. So-and-so anything?

And I'd be this little, you know, seven-year-old telling her what the dead people were telling me, but the woman had lost her son, and my mother was brokenhearted for her, so she would try to get me to help her. So the first time I was doing Fox and Friends, it was probably 90, one of the first times, I think it was like 99, we were still in this small studio that Bill O'Reilly took over, and John Edwards is on the show. And I don't know anything about him, actually my mom had told me something about him, because George Anderson, she went to George Anderson, because, and then heard about John Edwards, impossible to get appointments to either one of them, so I think they went to a group appointment. So John Edwards is there, and they go, who wants to ask a question? So I don't remember, somebody on the set asked a question, and John Edwards looked at him and said, yeah, I don't know, and then he leaned at me, he goes, he said, I see an accident, did your father die in an accident, and I hadn't met him before, the first time I saw him it was on a set, but he says, I have no control of who comes forward. So he had, actually we put the guy in a chair on the side, and he leaned over and looked at me, and said that.

So is that, when I tell you that story, what do you think? Well personally, George Anderson, you said it was George Anderson. No, it was Edward. Oh, I was gonna say, because George Anderson is one of my favorites. He's the best. I believe he is, yes.

And if John Edwards said that, okay, fine, I mean, I've met him, I've seen his work, but George, if you were to ask me who my favorite out of all the names we've discussed, it would be George Anderson. Very interesting. How do you know if people are playing you, if you're being conned? I can tell. I can tell. I know you.

What about the pedestrian? Listen to us right now. Oh, well.

Oh, God. Some people just come up with generic, your father really loved you, or, you know, just By the answers. But I try to be very specific and ask them to be a part of it. I was on Montel Williams one year, and this is when I was, before I was public. I was very young. I was there with a bunch of girlfriends from work, and Sylvia Brown was on the stage. And she said, anybody want to ask a question? She's a medium?

She's passed away now, but she was a very famous medium, many, many books. Anyway, so I at that time was no public figure, and I went to the podium to ask her a question. And when I got to ask her the question, she went like, she put her hand up and said, stop. And Montel Williams was sitting next to her and said, what's the matter? And then she said to Montel Williams in front of this live audience, this lady does not need my help. She could tell me a thing or two. And I was like completely shocked because she knew I heard dead people. And the thing was, she was right, of course I do, but when the show ended, they ushered her off the stage and they left me in the audience and I got swarmed by the audience.

So I was really afraid because I didn't know my way around New York. But yeah. So another real legitimate medium, we'll be able to tell if there's somebody who can be legitimate. Medium, extraordinary, Concetta Bertoldi. Thanks so much. Thank you, Brian.

It was a pleasure. And where do we get your books? Well, you could just Google me. Everything pops up or I'm on YouTube, all over social media.

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