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Recession All But Certain as Dark Clouds Gather for Democrats in 2022 Midterm

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 20, 2022 12:45 pm

Recession All But Certain as Dark Clouds Gather for Democrats in 2022 Midterm

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 20, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live Fox News euros goes to New York City and so America's receptive kill me. Thanks. Which was everybody's the brain shall be Joe.

1-866-408-7669 Gerald by Gerard Baker will judge the bottom.

The are you know him for the Wall Street Journal and host the Wall Street Journal at large world to be taking your calls. I hope you had a fantastic Father's Day. Should it apply Juneteenth is today. Many of you are off today commemorating freedom for African-Americans. And finally, word finally got to Texas a few months late and that's why this woman as of last year, becomes a national holiday, I believe, so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three over hundred thousand Americans die from an overdose of the come across the border. This is this is unprecedented. The Mullen death and the mother crossings just your happen is present and is because I haven't done a single thing to note for strategy personal deterrence they judge totally true townhome and big story this ministration won't talk about but could indeed cost them more than any other policy bungle and I'm talking about the border. We will bring you the numbers and how Latinos might force the Dems to build a wall scale. This is a really dangerous game.

If you are seeing Democratic interest groups getting involved in Republican primaries trying to secretly below the radar support the extreme candidate. They figure if you nominate him know we can be and will will guess what you might not.

Dark clouds gathered for the Dems as the 2022 midterms looming a mad scramble for both Republicans and Democrats prevent another 2020 presidential rematch between Trump and Biden. Where do you stand talking to, leaving some erratic lawmaker. Right now there was a rare in person presentation earlier this week were some of the White House officials went to the health event. Not at all as I was.

They said there was no strategy, no plan. This lawmaker said to me we need to see the present be decisive. That was Peter Alexander of NBC, not Fox, not Newsmax, or anything else.

Recession looms inflation source gas prices historic highs write flight delays by the thousands, and Biden blames everyone but himself and his surrogates follow his lead. While these poll numbers for fall and flail just days after falling up the stairs and Air Force One and now falling off a stop bike over the weekend so symbolic of everything he's fail in all his policies have failed.

What scares me is with the economy in freefall right now with inflation out of control.

Yes, compared above everybody, I believe, except the United Kingdom, the presidents party.

Sen. Schumer's worker Center mentioned to do a mini bill back better stunning. That would up tax rates that would up corporate tax rates unduly as if revenues.

The problem revenue is not the problem. The supply chain is the problem. You should be cutting taxes unless you want to do is hurt the most productive people in our country and if you don't end in the fact is the trump tax cuts or burns this reform in a surging economy were not a cut for the rich. They lost one point off the top bracket that is it so you can idea what you're thinking. 32% of you are optimistic about the economy was a 32%, 65% pessimistic 80% of you say it's the economy is fair or poor. That's telling the story. 88% grocery prices.

Utility costs are the big deal so that is the story despite inflation. We are spending a combination of the pandemic, and deep pockets. Evidently in a $6 trillion in stimulus have us spending money right we have 2 to 2.32 trillion in excess savings. That's good news, but it's money we don't have there now in our pockets. Overall people to stop pulling back when they realize that still not coming for the most part, the average family spending extra $350 a month but that is why the administration Sen. Sarah gets to tell us how much better it is than we think. Cut one Brian's linguistic and drug classes. One piece lower utility costs by providing tax incentives for energy is another piece, but equally important, lowering the federal deficit by enacting long-overdue tax reform. If we can do a package like that we can move forward in the near future. It will not only help in lowering prices but it will send a signal to the markets in the global economy, the United States is really deadly serious about taking on the taxes and a change price amount that was Margaret printing challenging Brian Deese deal with her saying hiking taxes.

That's the problem. Revenue is not the problem when it is the supply chain is the issue in the ghetto start lifting you watch the trump era tariffs on China. What a terrible foreign policy, and a horrible message that is a time in which we got act tough and you just want to come by will be a Friday. Maybe this Friday around 4 o'clock.

It'll come down and then that the debate will be over on the Sunday shows a thing to be over after that. So the problem is that they have to get their socialistic agenda through MS about socialism on target about you talk about childcare we can afford to pay everyone's babysitter. You talk about free preschool. We can afford to buy everyone's preschool. That's not the math, equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. This got me through prefer the people have less. There's a ton out there. This is not the time to increase socialistic obligations.

So Margaret Brennan on face the nation asked him about we'll what's going on and where is the where's your answer is your answer really upping taxes cut three ages up to look around the world today to recognize that the two principal drivers of inflation are the pandemic and were seeing this everywhere. It is a global phenomenon. As I mentioned in the UK inflation skit 9% in Europe which is things you can't control on some of the things you can absolutely win credibility back. Well, if we look at the things that we can control we win credibility by taking action.

This president is acting how blaming Lenny by the way, if Vladimir Putin there's not a and Sandra Smith to tell me this on Friday. She's a skeptic's business background. There is no difference that we have the same amount of oil on the world market as we had before the war. Number two, you never tell your enemy that you're hurting. Why would you do that unless you try to get more funds are rally the public for you where your rallying Vladimir Putin by giving him all this credit for affecting the world economy with her doing Germany is a fireman of Koblenz again with her doing in Germany and in the rest of Europe is to forget about the solar panels and wind his people to want to look at them. Not my backyard stuff and it's too haphazard to count on so that finding the other ways to get natural gas in because they don't want to give money to this horrible regime and the brutal despot that is killing innocent people, especially children, so you cannot say that the doing everything possible and he knows not saying it. Larry Summers.

He talked about the possibility of recession.

Why is that important. He was Treasury Secretary over to Obama and advisor to Pres. Obama to he talked about laying it out on the line with last year's 2 trillion rescue package that we didn't need so you don't need this wording recovering. We don't need to trillion dollars more the system, but everyone got stimulus checks. Everyone got their tax breaks. Everyone got their extra money in the presence and look at what I can do with all the momentum I got cut five nothing is certain, all economic forecasts have uncertainty. My best guess is that a recession is ahead base that on the fact that we haven't had a situation like the present with inflation above for an unemployment below for without a recession. Following within a year or two. Okay that's we doing basic math. So let me move forward and talk about with the ministration wants to do. They want to put Joe Biden out there more. Some of the we can fall this bike you see them extemporaneously not be having to handle Jimmy Kimmel, questions, or finish a thought Joe's out there more. Jill you happy now, or your daughter, Ashley, are you want you to say that that's what you want you want to see your dad out there more. Good luck with that. So there behind closed doors. They wanted to get some leadership lawmakers out there understand what the plan is and you have no had a message that this is a tough time but things are gonna get better and look at all the good things are happening so Peter Alexander of on Meet the Press, said this about his reporting about what happened when lawmakers Democratic lawmakers went to the White House to get their message cut 10 but what struck me in the conversations I've had over the last several days is the real frustration struck among some Democrats talking to a leading Democratic lawmaker.

Right now there was a rare in person presentation earlier this week were some of the White House officials went to the hill is not how it was.

They said there was no strategy, no plan. This lawmaker said to me we need to see the present be decisive and they really feel like this decision paralysis on some these key issues like tariffs on student loans is that amazing to you. This is would leak out of. By the way is scary. I'm not happy about this. You know if it was October 15 I be like okay that's death for Democrats death for other political fortunes, but I'm a little bit too worried.

In June about this because, to think that they have no message and don't understand what's going on. You got a president falling up the stairs and off a standing bicycle symbolic of what's going on you, Harris totally is left the border totally naked. She is clueless about anything.

You are Brian Deese and you have secretary of treasury yelling who couldn't be more political, along with the Atty. Gen. and Larry Summers of the Democrats picking up same guys get your act together because you destroy the entire party let's fast-forward and talk about messaging and talk about where this party is an Democrats are so desperate in order to avoid a shellacking Obama style with a low 63 house seats and the Senate. They lose Senate but they could lose the Senate this time that this is the Democrats plan don't go ahead and beat them on issues.

Don't say I got better candidates primary. The Republicans are the most extreme give them money and let them win the primary. Listen to this cynical strategy cut 11 this is a really dangerous game. You're saying Democratic interest groups getting involved in Republican primaries trying to secretly below the radar up with lots of money spent on advertising support the extreme candidate in hopes of finding of nonwritten Robinson on it so I is inventing a strategy well let's take one example in Colorado there are there's a group called Democratic Colorado. They have already dumped more than $2 million into a Republican primary there in support of a guy named Ron Hanks this is a guy who bragged about being part of the group that marks on the capital. He is somebody that says the election was stolen.

I hear somebody in says election was stolen in Colorado which is not even one of the frontline states and he wants to ban mail-in voting.

He wants to ban all voting except for voting on election day in person and he is lockstep with the most extreme views on the election so they want they figure if if you nominate him. We can be and will guess what you might not see maybe sending the Washington candidates that are lockstep with the big long, so desperate and dump you might have millions of dollars in your home you say mama Democratic minimum $25 where you know I only make the fixed income. I make 250 a week, but I care about this countryman, a military fight and you find out it's financing exclude people that they label extremes on the right. So Chris Christie's hearing. This is on the same panel and said this is the way it is cut 12. This shows that the Democrats have no message that they think and where when they're playing around a Republican primaries and hope we can nominate the most extreme what they consider most vulnerable candidates in the most cynical type of politics for possibly engage in like okay I can't win on my own steam. I've got five dollars gas.

I've got runaway crime and inflation in the supermarket.

I don't have a message that can win in a base election, so therefore I've got to go get involved in the other guys to try to get the worst candidate in John's right.

Here's the risk that you do that and that person wins in a wave election. You are further further polarizing Washington DC and that should be what either parties looking to try to do by engaging in him in mischief and the other one and done percent. I mean, I know I she I asked Newt Gingrich. This is money.

Civil politics is an easy know it's this tough stuff and they did get a window anyway you can think to myself really if the best way for me to win is try to make sure the other guy is terrible because I am awful.

That is pathetic. At one point, recalibrate and say we gotta go to the Joe mansion way. We had to go the centrist with a how Ford way or else we have no shot. We had to go out and condemn some of things happen there to destroy the oil and gas industry because it affects all of us. Now people just to work in oil and gas and was seeing it in other places you come out of this part acclimated by this para climate deal and you come and you start doing the things that they want you to do this so called save the planet and you destroy your country's economy. And guess what the people, like China, a Ron in Russia ignore all of it, pump oil and gas and now have a stranglehold on our economy because they don't care about polluting the country and we don't have the infrastructure for electric we don't have the cars for a light weight of the cars for the average everyday American family. We don't have the chips, the replacement batteries way to throw out some of the lithium things that are involved in electric vehicles are mostly powered by generators that are coal powered. So all this idiocy has sacrificed our national security and would Democrats a year were responsible so that approach will going to try to promote Republicans that are so extreme. You'll have to vote for us.

That's pathetic and scary I was to have a say about that.

1-866-408-7669 then get a real expert Troy Baker to weigh in on where economies heading can we avoid a recession.

While the market dropped precipitously in the such as for the rich is for the people of 401(k)s or pension plan Jewish of the brain to only show so glad you're here holding our politicians feet to the fire.

No matter who they are. Brian Gill made Fox News contests network nine Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine.

Fox News contests network binder and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast transcribing. Listen now by doing a Fox News information you want truth you demand.

This is the Brian kill me show that Biden does step down per se stepped out in the Democrats have a removal notice this problem like but who Frank and he mentioned who is there Bill Clinton who's going to come along and I thought okay will Clinton and Obama. Obviously the last two successful Democrats is is there Bill Clinton or Barack Obama out there or is such a broadly centrist Democrat no longer even really possible and that that's would build more speculating on is a centuries Democrats always thought that he be someone rejecting a centrist Democrat. It's kind of surprising to say is there someone to come along and do it.

Remember, Bill Clinton wasn't moderate until he became a loser in the midterm elections, and then he got dinner with Dick Morris and decided to compromise on welfare reform and take a lot of Republican policies put them into play and he ends up with the zero deficit because he said he cut taxes.

If we can up the certain area of spending and they started doing that and next you know we had a 00 deficit and we were really good shape will set a peace dividend were dealing with a friendly Russia and with up-and-coming China that we did not yet identify as trouble now we have a much different story. You got a crazy man running Russia who will stop at nothing bloodthirsty and then you have China who's doing everything they can to upend us as the number one world power, economic and military power to got in their president that is losing ground even in our own hemisphere. When alone losing ground around the world and over the weekend something that you probably I can hear a lot about or think much about but I think we will eventually you know we lost Bolivia. You know we lost Venezuela.

We have lost Cuba since the 1950s, now do we just lose Columbia after all the work we did to get rid of the guerrilla forces in those mountains looks at the just elected some leftist socialist in Columbia and when you go Chavez got elected in Venezuela. We said well you probably still deal with them and they said we still want to do with the West and they gradually took all the rights away. So to consolidating power federal lysing. Major companies, nixie of the West was out, and China, Iran, and Russia, wherein is our Columbia setting we have to do something about that. For the present invention that that would help the country, Gerard Baker come Editor at large of the Wall Street Journal. No move precise personal power is America's liturgy, your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you did your podcast will gain close to Fox and friends we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture to politics and business.

So will James subscribe and listen. Fox News contests from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. Nothing is certain, all economic forecasts have certain my best guess is that a recession is ahead based that on the fact that we haven't had a situation like the present with inflation above for an unemployment below.

For without a recession. Following within a year or two that is Larry Summers waiting in no one else is leveling with us. When I go to somebody you Democrat this outside the White House, Gerard Baker joined just now enter at large. The Wall Street Journal and host of the Wall Street Journal reported on Fridays, but I'll just give you this as I welcome you are driving your world Wall Street Journal did a survey in the report of the 44% of economists expect a recession in the next year, and 60% of CEOs so does that give you an indication we were heading yet again, thanks for having me on. Yes, absolutely. But if anything that 44% numbers probably like to increase in the next few months.

We do that of my colleagues on the new site in general do that every year, every few months or so of you know, you heard what Larry Summers said exactly right.

The economy is already in a relatively weak condition which will negative growth in the first quarter of this year.

The latest estimate by the Atlanta fate, which calculates with economies in real time is of the economy in the second quarters flat sorority three weeks now hit and hit with these interest-rate increases were getting hit with a big interest-rate increase by the Fed bond yields of risen dramatically in the course of the last couple months. Stock markets declined all of those negative factors that you still got these disruptions in the world economy by train problems you go to the war in Ukraine.

So yeah, I think the probability is, despite the happy talk from the administration. Despite the, wishful thinking, and by the way the Fed is still doing a lot of wishful thinking.

Even as it raises rates thing ourselves is right think probabilities that we may already be intercession, but the very strong probability is that we can beat intercession later this year in which is which. Astounding is that we all know that the other person is not the Toscanini of the world economy. We know he doesn't have all the strings, but what he does in blaming his astounding listener was to energy secretary said blaming the will of the energy and gas industry, which he pledged to destroy cutting the president's preparedness of his authorities to do what he can to increase supply oil is traded on a global market. This issue of supply is hitting every country around the world.

Every country is paying high prices for gas we have to all countries increase supply in this moment because demand is also increasing, especially as countries like China will be coming out of Kovic got an upward pressure on prices.

So the president is doing everything he can within his power, including releasing a million barrels per day at the strategic petroleum reserve without a replace that the barrels of oil that Russia use to export around the world and that now is not available because of the war that was bigotry of energy. Granholm, who you know hates oil and gas you know the permits does the leases that they have two start issuing permits for those leases we get there going to vilify these people was to reality me.

They I mean they take is for fools brine and that nobody is buying existed to me and it shows just the dishonesty and the misdirection is freshman way the kind of strange stupidity of the because I really think the people by this they spent exactly as you said they came into office telling us they spent Democrat suspended abyss in the last several years telling his sting really comes in the bedroom. John Kerry boasted about shutting down the oil and gas industry in the in the country that helps world, and after showing a glimmer in the burial of the ministration. John Kerry talking about how Olga cradled his wonderful new green jobs as we basically destroy jobs in the fossil fuel industry because they chose the fossil fuel industry was destroying the planet. And here we are not even two years into this administration, then chastising the oil and gas industry for not purchasing more oil and gas it. Nobody. Nobody buys this. Nobody thinks this is there's any consistency. Everyone is not just that the domestic oil and gas industry turbines you know is going to Saudi Arabia in July of another country country that he has that he has turned his back home for the first year was ministration what happened with Jamal Khashoggi was a horrible disgusting and will understand that Saudi Arabia is not. I'm enormously important for oil is enormously strategically important in the Middle East but set Joe Biden said no and on treated like a pariah your terrible country you later space in going there on his knees to beg them to use more oil and gas so somehow this idea that oil and gas production is destroying the planet is been transformed in a year into oil and gas company is not doing enough to help save the world. It's on again. It's just the it's the arrogance that they show make people think that they actually don't understand what's going on.

So this is a and I've been saying this one sent where's the pushback in oil and gas.

I mean, these are some of the most effective CEOs and executives in the country. I know they've been vilified for a while but they finally do put a letter together. This is from the head of the American petroleum Institute says this, your ministration is restricted oil and natural gas development canceled energy infrastructure projects impose regulatory uncertainty and propose new tax increases on American and gas producers competing globally. That's why there is less refined, refined oil and right now, globally there 730 fewer barrels a day in 20 from 2021 so they lost a ton of money during the pandemic. Did anyone come cry for an oil and gas bailout. Now that they're making money because he been pared down and investments been told to stay away there told her the bad guys. Now let me ask you this droid.

They said they would know invoke the Defense production act.

Okay, how do you do that.

Are you going to physically or take prisoners in jumpsuits and make them refine oil with her at maximum capacity. Now right as we got in the ministration opposed to drilling in the so this argument leases ridiculously claim the background of these leases, but a lot of these leasing of the expiration has to be done all kinds of other things have to be done. Look is a heavily regulated industry. They have to be in the careful about what they can about about getting on the wrong side of the basic rules of government because his government is hostile to them so I can understand that, reluctance to get to into the fray of Europe she right it's good to see that lesson they have finally pointed out the contradictions and inconsistencies and frankly the hypocrisy that no close enough to be able to post a link things probably take time. It takes time to ramp up production even refining takes it takes time, as you say the actual where it where we were at capacity or the capacity as it is the decision to be a bit of availability to do that in this all just reflects again. This administration's hypocrisy and its and pregnancy nipped achieve that is, it is just it should have seen these things coming we should have seen that the state that there will be ship shortages. We would initially know that that iniquity was going by Ukraine and put UP the bed.

The additional amount but we should've known that in a world estate that was recovering was recovering.

Mr. Mitchell forget that was recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.

Yeah, that there will be significant pressure on oil on energy and let's get that energy out of the ground and into consumers in production and end businesses unit needs weight where they have instead they can do that and reflects again brothers hoax that went Joe Biden took office interest rates were low. American savings with high stock market was a direct gold economy was growing strongly. It was recovering very very smartly.

They came in this regulator regulation agenda to shutdown energy they came in with this massive spending plan which would hold fuel only inflation five that huge stimulus. They came in straightaway and less than less than a year and 1/2 off exactly your novella, so your half of the chemicals that always that situation. Joe Biden inherited his been squandered and it is not people can see this in achievement of Gerard Baker aghast at her and have low and large, of the Wall Street Journal and also host Wall Street Journal at large on Fridays at 730 droid I'm I'm looking over in Europe right and you know there inflation outside the UK is less than hours and now they have a situation where the Russians are cutting back on the natural gas you know what the Germans are doing their firing up their coal plants again and they're starting to go elsewhere to fill up their natural guessing until December 2 different 54%. The gotta get up to 90% by December. I bet you they can do it.

So they're looking elsewhere. Russians trying to strangle us but long term it's Russia. The one who's gonna be losing these customers as Russia one is going to be hurt in the short term we gotta do this but with their finding is nobody in Europe wants to see these windmills in the solar valleys. These panels are taking over there their landscapes, so this Paris climate change thing isn't something it down from Justin like is proved thoroughly ineffective, and the people that are polluting the world to China or Iran and Russia are ignoring it is also religious faith in Europe and on the left in this country for the last 10 years that the world is facing climate catastrophe.

This extreme extremism leave seen this sort of veneration of this unit 1718-year-old schoolgirl aggressive teambuilding with it when people look back on this. Running they will ask you know, what were we doing only what we smoking. How did we get into the situation where we were allowing 17-year-old schoolgirl from Sweden to dictate the way countries� Not just their energy policy, their entire strategic policy.

This is my partly why we all know Europe is in this you're seeing this one with Ukraine web between Ukraine and Russia right now is because essentially Russia's been so strong because it maintained its energy production. It didn't embrace the screen agenda and the rest of Europe and complete dependence on Russian oil because it was pursuing this manic, stupid, insane ghetto and at self-sacrificing energy policy so that is not just that we will all these countries were pursuing economic and energy policies that make no sense and it made them economic or political hostages to a country like Russia soak yesterday. Havel found themselves now. All my goodness, what a surprise. We know until this woman's legs and no one told us we face an energy crisis when when Russia elected decided to invade and then we can impose sanctions and lakes try to cut the metal castle. It is in no they often have to scramble.

They all scrambling to re-rate unit subject to restart that energy and she looks the Germans in particular basically try to shut down their entire they make these impossible goals to achieve very very low carbon emission targets over a very short period of time that basically shut down huge amounts of the fossil fuel and she's when please you say these craters when bombs not only the icicles and ugly and they occupy huge quantities of land so we know they're not that productive statement or they don't lynch their own that the mother did the very dependent on weather conditions.

You always get the right conditions in Europe, storage. That energy is extremely difficult. So yeah, we have proceeded thanks to this manic law, of the progressive left. It is treated, climate change, like a religious belief. Lockdown years that religious belief is left is where we are today, which is record-high energy costs of high inflation and a recession which we are about to tumble into purchase additional practicality among it and like you said it's an insult to keep saying oil and gas of the prime refinery should pick up the pace just like it's saying I'm going to have a conference call with the airlines because they're doing everything is delayed that thousands of fights or been canceled.

Excuse me. You're the one with the man did the mandates they came down this stuff was all foreseeable.

You never met with them before. Now that there's a there's a problem. Now you try to get ahead of the problem and you have no idea what it is. It's as if there they don't care because of people at L5 and are polluting the air.

They don't care. They'll pretend as if they're upset but they actually feel good. There on the course to zero omissions.

But it's not helping us in the practical world. Our enemies are laughing at us enjoyed. Lastly, what about the strategy that this ministry did the Democratic Party is using to try to spend money to promote in the primaries, extreme Republican candidates in order to help them match you in their matchups against Democrats because they know their messages been so bad.

He is very cynical has been done has been done in the Paul's.

I think anything to say Brian of risk as it could come back to bite them because we know about the real world familiar with those midterm elections. It happened in 2010 and 2014 when the publicans did nominate some let's be honest, sort of, slightly kind of off the planet. Candidates in certain places. He said some very silly things and ended up losing Senate seats that they should have one but you know this was also covered the Democratic's cunning plan in 2016 when they want to double trumped to be the Republican nominee because they thought he would be was that he was.

It was interesting that he would be peaceable. They thought he would be busy with Neville he would never win starting that I think wanted cynical and you know I think people can see through that too. It's also very risky because some of these candidates they may end up the mood in the country so hostile to anybody right now that that the latest polling was saying there's a FoxPro loss week showing your Bidens numbers at record lows in the high 30s and many of the polls lowest presidential number we've seen in 50 years. The generic ballot in November is pointing very strongly towards big big gains Republicans I think this can overwhelm these kind of you know tactical cynical moves by Democrats to try and you know maybe pick off a few Republican seats here and then again it may backfire. Lastly, don't you think it's that that's a bad strategical move to keep saying that Vladimir Putin is hurting our economy. That's got to do nothing. Symptom one, but digging more with this war and sell it to his own people. If that is indeed the case that should be something is to be leaked out to the ministration that might be deniable in a report by some official is in order to tell everybody how bad our economy is in look to blame. This environment prudent did this. That's exactly what he needs a very good point that you run and you know what is liberal of sanctions were imposed with a critical Russian economy Russian ruble, which fell immediately off the vision Ukraine is now way back up where it will because of energy prices and the rush was still able to explore most of its most of its energy Russian economy is doing incredibly well. Russian energy sector is doing extremely well. So yeah you're actually right kind of making up the that the Russian role in the world by saying oh my God is in a terrible rush was destroyed our economy does not mean people for slumps that domestically that my administration is making some problems but strategically yeah it does. It gives the impression to Americans people around the world rushes us enormously powerful contribution and they're not. And they've done some horrible things and I just hope we don't lose interest is it's it's with this if I worth having Gerard thanks so much droid bakery Wall Street Journal. Thank you got 1-866-408-7669 back because just a moment to listen to the Monday edition of the brain kill me, Joe diving deep into today's top stories for Ryan kill made Fox News contrasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite projects. Talk show that's real. This is the variety kill me show tell us about the Hispanic voter doubt what you're expecting in terms of dollars, November 11. Inflation the cost of living. Everyone is extremely had stopped very inspiration because of the gasoline of grocery medication is hurting then named estate.

Not only can affect the entire country. And of course the border crisis is something that we see here right behind our back yard. It's not something that we need to be told by that unit is something that were seen here. Every single essay by ministration policies are only hurting immigrants hurting the American people because & we hadn't have been increased child trafficking in this country and this is undivided ministration.

That's Myra Florez.

She flipped to see the special election. This can be redistrict tomorrow for his Republican is been 100 year Democratic seat in which he saying is that Hispanics number one, don't generalize number two don't think because other Hispanics are coming and were happy about it and look it would boom allusions reporting that we know about the people they got in, get apprehended or turn themselves and do the cattle got a ways to since April 1, 445,008 37 those are the people who could see got away in Tucson hundred 41,000 in del Rio 126,000 the other numbers extremely high in San Diego 36,000. These are all the Rio Grande Valley is 32,007, 91 del Rio is 126 so these are all areas in which you just been flooded. A lot of them are family members who are border patrol agents who know how badly they been treated overwhelmed they are and other just glorified babysitters now that's not in our best interest.

We need to press is going to say do not come here to be tossed out if you do, and then worry about what other people assume that that happened was other people won't bother saying the unaccompanied minors Ryan kill Michelle live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh off the set of Fox and friends, America's receptive voice rights, which is the brain kill me, show, hope you had a great Father's Day weekend should apply in Juneteenth is here. Many of you are awfully very important time in American history. I am glad were signifying and symbolizing taking time to think about it, so I think it's awesome that to me is not nothing to do with boldness, would you think 1-866-408-7669 we come to you from midtown Manhattan.

I come to you from Long Island and then I work here and at the bottom of the art Doug column to be with us, you know, the former ranking member of the US House Judiciary Committee, I would have been weighing on Herschel Walker comes out defending the fact that he is some kids out of wedlock is I've always acknowledge them. Everyone act like was a big scandal. What is it mean that a race is certainly to be separated by just one point or two, and Michael Goodman standing by the New York Post associate to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Ryan's three number 300,000 Americans die all adults in the come across the border. This is this is unprecedented. The model of death in the modern crossings and just year and half of those present is because I haven't done a single thing you know for strategy personal deterrence and believing that was the calm part of Tom Homan's testimony and interview over the weekend is beside himself as are you. I am sure the biggest during this ministration talk about the could indeed cost them more than any other policy bungle and that is the board will discuss in detail. This is a really dangerous game you are seeing Democratic interest groups getting involved in Republican primaries trying to secretly below the radar support the extreme candidate. They figure if if you nominate him know what we can guess what you might not. That is Jonathan Carl of course weighing in.

Talk about dark clouds gathering for the Dems as the 2002 midterms loom and a mad scramble for both Republicans and Dems to prevent another 23 presidential rematch between Trump and Biden. Where do you stand by talking or leaving Democratic lawmaker. Right now there was a rare in person presentation earlier this week were some of the White House officials went to the health and not hell is paved and was they said there was no strategy, no plan.

This lawmaker said to me we need to see the present be decisive yeah totally true.

That was NBC that was Peter Alexander, recession looms, inflation, sores, gas prices, historic highs flight delays by the thousands.

Biden blames everyone but himself and his surrogates follow his lead was bring in Michael Goodwin. He is not a surrogate for the White House. In fact he sitting by with his jaw. I imagine on the floor almost every day wondering how bad can it get Michael Goodman, welcome back.

They are first off, I mean I cannot believe how bad this ministration is been doing and how little responsibility there taking for it and how much can go directly back to their policies. You write about that this weekend will and so many opportunities for president to change the conversation reset the direction I mean almost on any level president has this unlimited power to reshape how people see his administration and his policies and the interview that Biden did with the Associated Press last week that first interview is given, other than to a late night comic for four months was what was one of those opportunities but there was no there there. It was the same old Biden saying the same old things that have been rejected by the public for good reason. I mean, is if policies haven't worked to meet your mentioning the border. I mean, there's nothing except his policies that have changed that brought about this influx you look at inflation. He still is given up talking about the short term. It's the sort of like the you know that the central bank.

He no longer talks about transitory, but he doesn't really have a plan to do anything about it until people are just left to have him blame others for an $88 on that way has no no new idea, or even a good packaging of the old bad ideas that would get people to give them a second look.

And that's something of a clich� in campaigns, but it is true that even for well seasoned politicians. Let's say is Joe Biden certainly is as presidents who are sort of ubiquitous and in people's faces everywhere. There comes a point when they're not doing well where they need the public to give them a second chance to try to see them differently and I just doesn't seem to get that he doesn't worry doesn't know how to staff it just it's a level living competence and incoherence that I have never seen it in a major candidate for any office really looked sickly for a sitting president not to be able to do better in his public presentations in his policies in the Circuit Court of the best surrogates for this president meet mainline, Harris Pete booty Jack, I mean none of them go out there and and say anything that would say she. I hadn't thought of it that way. Let me let me take a look at things differently like 3D, so the citizens we consider to grandma Blue's Clues, please. Also hates natural gas and oil, and since we have to drill more you know she doesn't mean that and then you know Brian Deese does is if you worked in business before is you spinning the same motel SKUs with backs up your thesis. Peter Alexandra pulled this from my Meet the Press when the so the myths of the message was, the White House said they have a great message you want to make sure their lawmakers got the message variable want to be there to answer all their questions, listen to would insiders in the Democratic Party told the NBC reporter content robustly rocking the conversations I've had over the last several days is the real frustration struck among Democrats talking or leaving Democratic lawmaker. Right now there was a rare in person presentation earlier this week were some of the White House officials went to the health, not hell is paved and was they said there was no strategy, no plan. This lawmaker said to me we need to see the present be decisive and they really feel like there's decision paralysis on some these key issues like tariffs on student loans. You believe this coping could impress Democrats Democrats is there is no plan thing, but think about that their wagon to their democratic plumbing. That's what happens with people in Congress. You know to clean the house from Europe every two years and the president is not doing well. Then all of that sludge is going to flow downhill at you.

And that's what happened to these members of Congress.

So what are they doing their parading their own president there breaking from him it's it's sort of every Democrat for himself at this point the big stories of course was a young teen awaiting in Virginia which is a blue state. Not as blue was New York but a blue state was once red and purple then people shocked by that you believe this something like that could happen in New York and you see a candidate on the right. They could really rock the political landscape and I think the likely nominee for the Republicans in New York will be lead out for Gov., and I think building is is a qualified candidate.

I will see how he does it out as the campaign unfolds. The primary is coming up in just a couple of weeks and then of course, presuming he wins and I believe he will win the primary. Then he'll have you know a good stretch until the fall election but I think this is this is the year when Republicans can win the governor's race in New York. It has been since it's 20 years now since George Pataki was the last Republican to win a statewide election in New York that was 2002, since then it's been Democrats Democrats Democrats knowing the Gov.'s office. Of course, but in the state legislature in the controllers raise in the Atty. Gen. and the Republicans have not come close. Really in all that time. This is the year I think when that's possible and for two reasons related of course to the general national consensus and that is that it looks like a red wave informing New York is not exempt about a recent poll at Joe Biden's approval rating in New York at 35% of the second reason is that the redistricting process was thrown out by the court that the extreme gerrymander. The Democrats did in the legislature was thrown out by the Cortez to extreme and so it was redrawn by an independent drawl drawer and now there are a number of seeds perhaps can even the 26 New York lost one seat 10 out of the 26 that are really competitive.

Republicans will surely win some of them, but if they could win eight or nine or 10. It will be remarkable when I think that what happened is that those competitive districts are going to use Republican turnout and of course, Democrats are demoralized by Joe Biden. There's not a lot of enthusiasm for the Democratic likely candidate that Kathy ogle, who replaced Andrew Cuomo. She is she she made sure will almost certainly win the Democratic primary. But there's not a lot of enthusiasm for so I think this is the kind of year where a good Republican candidate can can pull it off, leaving the stage with so with the crime running rampant. You can_enough you could have crime and in Republican city, but there's Republicans are trying to rein it in.

Will do whatever they can use the border was out-of-control and the companies doing everything to get it in the control people appreciate that even if they said why don't like his policies are too tough, but you know what his goal is to secure the country to go with the southern border is to ignore it and when unaccompanied minors fill up a stadium. The size of Alabama football stadium. That's what we have to handle now in a country that's now strapped for money but I want to bring it to something else which is a little bit of a left turn and that his guns, the Fox News does a poll and scissors enough strength behind the proposals that is seemingly there were outlined by republishing Democrats that talk about strengthening background checks. They talked about get looking into minors records before they pull purchase a gun like would've stopped. Perhaps the 218-year-old from opening up fire and you've Aldi in Buffalo is about four or five major points of this guy John Corning put it together led the charge got booed in Texas but they pursued staff say move the legal age of move the legal age of assault weapon purchases 82% are in support of that background checks for all purchases.

88% are food for that red flag laws for people who are a danger to themselves or others. 81% for that banning assault weapon.

63% of for that dinner can I do that in this where do you think rat with guns rightly are more than anything else.

A miniature character are to imagine your own child neighbors child or grandchild whatever he wanted situations and so I think that it should be the starting point and I think there are a number of things to do on the defensive side as well as the gun side and that is to have more defensive measures taken in the schools. I mean, you can't stop, you know you're not gonna prevent everybody from getting a gun who shouldn't have one there. There's enough guns out there that even if you stop producing them. You would not solve the problem.

So I think that you cannot play defense as well, and what we saw in Texas I think was a horror show, in part because of the way that the police, the defensive measures by the police were inadequate delays, etc. and so I think that in and we saw that too in the Florida shooting sometime some years ago, so there is a real role for defensive measures, as well as all of these gun focus issues so Buck said why do you think something might get done. He's a former advisor to speak Orion and being her cut 22. Right now I think it's a big moment.

John Corning has his ambitions to be the next majority leader in the Senate after Mitch McConnell tires and my my message in this suck it up. The majority leader you have to do hard things and this is convincing want to be like a Ted Cruz when you just cling to the base of you want to be someone to get things done.

I think that's the question why would you think about that. I think this is that there are certain issues Brian that you can given majority in your district and you know whether it's the people who show up to a certain rally in you. I mean a I think the first response will be well. They at least the pollsters tell me something different. The polls are telling me that there is a vast majority for this, but even if not, I mean I think there are certain matters of conscience where you have to vote where you where your heart tell you it's the right thing and that that former aide you just quoted Jeremy not I think he's right there on these occasions where you know this is what separates the wheat from the chaff. It's amazing to me. Anytime you give on either side. You can sell out when our whole system is been billed to compromise people go to any type of synthesizer history class where any type of government class which is and I'm saying talking to people a lot smarter than me like the Ted Cruz of the world he could give the Ivy League school understanding. We'll get anything done. If the if no one there were times you can't compromise but for the most part, you should be out there grinding it out trying to come up with the deal. I look at it also.

Terms of daily life. Normal daily life. We all compromise every day. We have to weather with our neighbors, our family, our employers are co-coworkers having compromise is built into society.

And so you look at government and one area of life that refuses to compromise and call and it says that people not the way the real world where exactly this is where system works. Mike Goodwin thanks so much a great sense of those appreciated you because to me till so glad you're here on radio show like no other, kill me, a David Ulysse MWD viewing Orlando hey David, under their care about self with 30 month goals. Being talking about off target and how the defendant scared about would make the targeted certificate and gun training, not just what we can arrange something that would give the Marines who do Embassy duty yellow data housing. You can't force a teacher. The gun training is given the option absolutely and let P a mystery who has it. When you go into adulation. But like him. That's one that's their choice state that the skill that they would have in the event they would need it and maybe have a minister of liberal that will better understanding of guns and gun and what dental weapons are. I don't think that's it. If you if you want on teachers on for it and to know that a sailor could be in there.

They don't know what teachers armed that that works but you can't say hey your your your elementary school teacher, you better show up your arms training. A lot of people are upset, you know, don't ever want to see a gun and I don't blame them. That's whether education so I can't force him would deftly be beneficial, but I want to given the option to for people to say all you shouldn't do it is nuts course you should do it that elementary school teacher, especially in Texas had a gun that guy's dead. By the way, if that if that cop shot him when he was on the outside of the building. The whole assassination doesn't happen. Frank kill me. The more you listen Memorial know it's Brian kill me if I don't step down per se is the step down and the Democrats have removal notice this problem like but who and he mentioned who is there Bill Clinton was going to come along and I thought okay will Clinton and Obama. Obviously the last two successful Democrats is is there a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama out there or is such a broadly centrist Democrat no longer even really possible as billboard. I was always a left-wing Democrat until recently because the party is gone oft out of their minds. In this presence been remarkably ineffective.

Join me now Doug Collins from ranking member, the US House Judiciary Committee, author of the clock in the calendar front row look at the Democrats obsession with down trump Doug welcome back I just want you to comment on that what about a moderate Democrat are you talk to these men and women away from the cameras are there any not one another about the Democrat waterpark will create more problems. Nobody will come on earth but not popular and prepare for the campaign: leading up to their primary forest they're looking for person, not stronger ones.

They've alienated all thought the local fiber. Now they can answer a lot of the what the Democrats. I'm not sure how Bob will probably with Gavin Newsom social Donald Trump's website and in China peaches case. Clearly he wants to run for president of Scripture you're looking at your Jerry: Colorado might try to jump into the but they don't that were on fire.

They go outside of the blue state easily taken about that with the land. A lot of the Democrats the body couple years ago with a simple private yeah probably one of the local and I think that's the part that the parties are struggling with greatly right now is because they spent last year have no one is forcing MasterCard return ((well, all is Collins. I guess I want you to hear over the weekend healed Herschel Walker as you know that the nomination to run against Rafael Warnock to try to get that sanity for the next six years. Over the weekend we find out over the last few days that he has three kids that some say he didn't acknowledge while talking about being the being parents is one of the most important things you can be. This is what he said about the controversy. Well first of all, they knew the truth. God never did not enter March is not level more than that. I love anything and they to do anything which is mainly want to fight harder because I'm tired of people misleading the American people I'm talking to Ms. leader. My family we said inform cities filled out before, not sure you you run for election all the time that he said he had these technologies. Children with other women would would cheer what was it like in Georgia has is resonating.

Recommend monitoring to be on the block about that more letting go of the forming talk about the president advisory which by the way it was set on the board would not not the problem run where Herschel had big job reflecting their but it's not about the fact that he had left that throughout their not attacking the gear got what they are known to many local effort or you look like the mother, but you never leave a child you always involve involvement documented on a possible he but he'll send child support like your Christmas gift remark that you have no physical involvement with the child contradictory to what you think. In the speech is going to get the best the controversy. He did a good job reflecting it. I think right now is the good part of her early in June and will go somewhere right so you will see where it goes, because they were not campaign is a little bit of a dicey situation because never the domestic charge against him right.

Enter the divorce file you filed a divorce and close it harder for them to track their I think that I think what you're looking at the hypocrisy in it and I think that I can't Understand what they're attacking but very graphic that before waiting for him to become the dominate and in dollars from your long to come out there with it for the first time right and he is good team around him will get through it easy is a good team around him will try a pair every good offer love, but he can't trust and I don't mean that the blanket statement, but the prayer are there for a job and are not asking the question about how I looked in football and that most people are going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but they're not bare the Democrats were not there to play Kumbaya politics that he can't but can we all get along� Work after you know you stated this and straighten clearly not been inconsistent and that way about their speeches so that they're more wealthy migrant background your client� Wallkill will not bring them you probably there and people laughing around here. Warnock EC is very effective at ceasing out the one some of the best in the last two cycle of the product. We understand all and there they got a great job in why is is his audience to stay Siemens audience because early on.

It doesn't seem like Stacy Ames has momentum. She had last time we know her comment about this. Not a great place to live in the past but Abram seems to be trimmed by 46 points every time against going against camp when she still hasn't admitted she lost the last time I had is Warnock and Abrams differ in different style and remember not wanting a bottle. I don't want harder to become an Omega bar of the well harder to catch up on people okay but want harder or harder. Finding out Warnock because of the mistakes down here where the light we had run aground the general primary loop.

I felt (Warnock one never got one. Never had to endure a real campaign of the book of laughter and we could go. He got some white people running afresh campaign. He has been able to put here for the unique pastor doesn't have the national bag is so Collins here knows prison very well. The present huge respect for you. So we talked about the Democrats really desperately to move on from Joe Biden. You know he doesn't want to move on. He can even stand up on his bicycle or walk up Air Force One stairs and its pathetic and yet we're stuck with this for the next three years to 2 1/2, but on the other side. Even though the January 6 series only 9% claim to be paying close attention. Is there a sense among Republican circles as Ron DeSantis has already raised $100 million.

Mike Pompeo has not ruled out running and governor young kids another got it. Talking about Gov. Christie's in his or her sense among Republicans there and move on from drum.

I don't think where people rely on your docket completely running all their delicately complete your car back to me. Think about your government to grant you, and so I think this is a lot of hey what else is out there and look at Garibaldi take every poll for the most part shows the profitability of the preferred nominated by pretty wide margin at the couple lightly at all: not think it would be ready in case, but I think it couldn't go the whole works.

You might get water to wash January 6 series. I watched and say nothing so far apart on an envelope from your perspective. I was expecting that They all we have all the stuff out there all the stuff about parent phone. Don't be built what he called all good men out there and I didn't know the details.

I'll follow harmful Democrat out California she might become a member of the coaches said number one, it might like. It is very part of, but also the talk of what they're trying nothing is viewing the hearing and walk. They are already believe that something terrible happened and they wanted to reimport with every tiny part at this point I find amazing. I listen to the daily New York Times podcast and they talk about this in the said how great it is to have the to have. There were Democrats barely get their side out without the interruptions of impeachment something myself to realize what they're saying so is away so they could just say what they would say their piece without people like Doug Collins interrupting with what they consider an important part of the story, which is the other side of the story that covered our two-story welcome all commerce requested.

You have a call the operator when you have a panel that all agree not bare you call upon you would know by our court with no opposition. If you're everybody the bottom of which had a lot by not calling Pelosi not interviewing her lawyer are actually in control of security measures for the capital, it shows the part of and they actually would you and some party policies do you wish you could got to the present before the whole January 6 rally were doing it was frustrating a lot you it is become the whole situation where a lot of the discussion around transition. Every girl a little smoother with the problems. Everybody was your talk about even the president talk about that but if it had been training children differently would be with about administrations imploded.

I don't like your earlier question the 2024 course will be ever about how absolutely in the city by just 22 the White House what you were hunting Hunter to sleep and see you later in the American will be clamoring for this, especially of the more Morris becomes more more factual. How the Trump think how the Russian thing was a big hoax trumpet mode I'm in a lot of different areas.

One was ever given credit for a number two president that from before he was elected the internal mechanisms of Gazans are attacking. In particular, any we have shown it. We show the actual governmental or attacking the form of leftist� Collins do you know what you do next and he got successful radio show going podcast. Do you think about going back in November and with the podcast.

I think the conservative backing up and don't enter the market.

You gotta stay out there with you step living out in the wall.

We got a lecture though the conservative don't play Mark out later.

We gotta make sure that our voices make people understand were caring about where they are Doug Collins.

Thanks so much, those great go get them. 1-866-408-7669 use of the brain to me jealous when I come back I want to hear from you and not just about your father's day not just about Juneteenth but all these things.

See, this is probably ready to move on from both Biden and Trump.

I'm sensing now, but if Trump declares early will see if who else jumps in to take him on outside. Christie outside governor.

Young could could could jump and he's got no history necessary for personal friendship that would stop him will say Brian Kelly Cho learning something new every day, Brian kill ratio if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me if he just have to look around the world today to recognize that the two principal drivers of inflation are the pandemic." Were seeing this everywhere.

It is a global phenomenon. As I mentioned in the UK inflations hit 9% in Europe, things you can't control things you can absolutely win credibility back. Well, if we look at the things that we can control we win credibility by taking action. This president is acting in this president wants to jack up taxes you believe that in a mini bill back better plan. Bill was NWS KY Hapeville in Florida and made mention of the fact that Columbia voted in a communist president, but they didn't mention who he is as a murderous who is the head of the gorillas that kidnapped and murdered thousands of people when they yesterday with the election and I don't know what the points were that my wife is from Columbia. She was following the election very closely and very depressed about this now joins Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba in the region of people we can deal with the Mexican president loves this guy. So we have to make sure that the Colombian people dabbing know is a that was pleased to be a success story right and we will let Columbia go skating to be a a narco state again where that is there no more an export Andrew listening an Indiana hand through which a mine questions concerns about having ongoing but yet nobody seems to be covering the stories of those are Chuck Schumer's responses to the Chief Justice of last year. Pretty aggressive statements and even to the point of the prayer and call them by name, and no account of any type of accountability is been happening on his level yet are so eager to get the Trump. The other concern I had was why Pres. Biden was never given the Peter Crossman process for treason by aiding and abetting a known terrorist organization like the telegram including names are meant yeah what do we do with my I would see their ineptness allow that. I blame the military to proceed with a plan together but they had to execute the plan they did Fox News radio Studio City New York City opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me thank you want to be here right the brain to me Cho comedy from the dam and had heard around the country heard around the world and hopefully in the Ukraine bottom of the hour bread bear to put it like Fox News to be with us. Talk little golf to and in a matter of moments critical inside politics with Josh Krauthammer crush our he's a national general senior political political comments. But first let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% 300,000 Americans die from across the border.

This is this is unprecedented modeling deaths in the modern crossings just your happen is present is because I haven't done a single thing personal deterrence. Yeah, that's Thomas home and beside himself because the biggest story. This ministration won't talk about is happening and he cares so much about the border so should you. Could this indeed cost them more than any other political bungled the border breathing numbers.

This is a really dangerous game you are seeing Democratic interest groups getting involved in Republican primaries trying to secretly below the radar support the extreme candidate. They figure if if you nominate him, we can guess what you might not. Dark clouds gather for the dams on the 2022 midterm midterms loom at a mad scramble for both Republicans and Dems to prevent a 2020 presidential rematch between Trump and Biden where you stand talking to a leading lawmaker. Right now there was a rare in person presentation earlier this week were some of the White House officials went to the health risk.

They said there was no strategy, no plan.

This lawmaker said to me we need to see the present be decisive.

Meet the Press is Peter Alexander that's NBC recession looms inflation source gas prices historic highs flight delays by the thousands and present Biden blames everyone but himself and his surrogates surrogates follow his lead.

Now is franchise Josh crush our he's the national church. He's the national general senior national political columnist and Josh welcome back. I just first off, I mean there's there's so much going on I was struck by the fact that this week a catalyst track of this white has been going on Capitol Hill to get together on the messaging the Democrats emergency. They have no plan where the middle of a massive crisis and there's no plan is reminiscent of water during the Obama years leading from behind where inflation ministration with assuring the public that it was transitory, but nothing to worry about. And now it would have a lot of inflation by you know that you get to a reduction spinning their way out of the problem with that of actually dealing with the fundamental issues and coming up with a policy have the president lead to speech and come up with a proposal. I work with this party to get get get something done and that the complaint your furniture from Democrats to be more from a public administrator is out of touch with the concerns becoming American now you heard from a lot of rank-and-file Democrats, publicly the big political problem with dobby for bad political environment for Democrats to do is look at the national poll Biden's job approval number: 40 you got generic ballot Republican pathologically in many many years and it inflation immigration crime, the economy went largely to the top issues in Republican.

That's why you're not going well. You have finger-pointing you have backbiting and now a lot of that finger-pointing is directed right at the scene. He thinks most people like you. Your Sony grant enmeshed in politics as and as a my a lot of our audience pieces living day-to-day NSA others they know it's going on thing to live it.

But you have to tell you they know what gas prices are they know with their energy bill is and they know this ministration is on the record saying they wanted but they want to bring in, and an end to fossil fuels when I can forget that in the lack of sincerity would people say well you refine more drill more. We all know we doesn't mean that you have John Kerry climates are Gina McCarthy very progressive young daughter. Greeks green energy policy.

You know where were part live now to dealing with an economic problem through the roof. They did need to be more energy supply domestically the fabric that he lay there with going over there in July but but they made a big hole� Home another start. I think it's too late. Politically, they really don't talk about that one area that really not leading or promoting aggressively trying to improve the domestic energy supply in the country.

The point where you come down to stabilize the long-term debt that is bubbling washing a whole host of issues were that the folks in the White House have a political view that disconnected from the average voter in Pennsylvania and Ohio and taken him a while to realize that their view on the whole of the big one. The economy of another cultural issues to the bear not with little public you. It's been a tough challenge to accommodate and move back to the middle Josh crush our guest right now Capri is inside politics, Brian Deese, the directive national economics Council was trying to spit his way out of this and I think think they are trying to get us ready for a mini bill back that her plan is Joe mansion is now working with Chuck Schumer.

Cut one lower prescription drug costs is one piece lower utility costs by providing tax incentives for energy is another piece, but equally important, lowering the federal deficit by enacting long-overdue tax reform. If we can do a package like that we can move forward in the near future.

It will not only help in lowering prices but it will send a signal to the markets in the global economy, the United States is really deadly serious about taking on this change personnel any good she goes on and she gave him a hard time.

To her credit that smoker Brenda face the nation. But Brian Deese is getting us ready for the fact that we're going to up corporate taxes as if this can affect our global trade and he's going to try to jack up taxes on the all looked on the upper bracket. It only got a 1% into a decrease under Trump.

So what you hear his brother brewing underneath this Josh White House want to wait in any way to get it. They think that from compacted in bulk. Holiday maybe hiking tactical Corporation. Maybe you know trying to come up with a little smaller scale elements that go back better legislation maybe back get.

The Senate or by the midterm election, I have� I know Joe mansion have been involved in the conversation, but back home in West Virginia. Some of the stuff they sell already have, played with in the football with the cardio. I'm not sure you can be hundred percent of the way Marinetti scaled-back proposal that was also very tight, like general she left the bedroom anymore, dated a bit about getting a 5050 Democrats is really expecting your prediction is nothing to try and got try set up normally only option. Going forward, but were getting closer to the election, politics played a large remarkable we get the November and I still think the Internet and even more so Cinemark every heart of the story is gone, so we know it was a horrific story. Buffalo and ufology, Texas, and now there's an outline agreement between the two parties Murphy and Cornyn led the charge on both sides now there's even a sinner. Cornyn was booed at this Texas event over the weekend. Many people wondering if that's going to even know this.

This is not earth shattering stuff they talk about Harding schools and make bring security and then a ton about mental health and providing resources for big and small schools across the country and then they're talking about.

Also red flag laws and a few other things of this outline becomes law will will this actually happen, who will help Brendan Bock former advisor to Ryan and Weiner said this got 22 right now that I think it's a big moment for John.

John Horton has his patients to be the next majority leader in the Senate after Mitch McConnell tires and my my message and suck it up. The majority leader you have to do hard things and this is this you want to be like a tech crew is just plain to the base of you want to be someone to get things done. I think that's the question is what he hears happening Josh something to get done should get done I'm on the bullish side but they can get something done. Top of any compromise happy give up the light of the body. Give the speech with Chris Murphy the liberal Democratic senator from Connecticut has been negotiating a part of the package of Republican black line of work by blocking the controversial certain conservative circle is probably popular and a lot of Republican level of fun onto the screen works out like the language you try to come up with translated ideas into an actual bill. There were some stumble last week. I think they are my sources, but come to some agreement on public but the contentious point but but but yeah I think there is a moment for you have any 10 Republican senators about.

You do have enough of Republican better that while your puppy got to the Congress of the gridlock on multiple issues, mental health, school security, do you believe this to be substantial waves enough of the ways to take the House and Senate for Republicans certainly environment available to Republican 2010 animated greater at this point about going back majority. I think it there for a complete set up a little dicier at the Republican have the advantage of the word about the other candidate ready for prime time whether there there there pompadour candidate.

In particular, like a walker right now� They will win it, but there there there, then use the training camp and then getting you a political lamp.

And the environment from popular very favorable but ultimately candidate matter and the great distress and Senate right mean it's pretty much matchups make sites and the way things match up in the state is almost to be impervious to what's going on in the country. Is that correct.

That's right always a fight between two top contenders and candidate mean a lot more in the federated weather walker be able to live up to that potential. Dr. Clinton all the position on PD to a good Senate candidate.

Those are going to be the big Republican� Then I Think Republicans Will but with A Lot? So Absolutely Josh, Thanks so Much Appreciated.

Thanks, Brian. Just Try Sure Given Some Quality Time Here for You since I Washington We Come Back. I Want to Find It Was Going on Your World QE on Juneteenth One Day after Father's Day and Was Sitting There Looking around Sable, Summers Is Going to Be and I Am Merely Going to Fly to Fortification or What Type of Adjustments Will Have To Make in Terms of Maybe Even Send My Kid to College You Look at Your Investment of 529.

It Is Significantly Decreased, Although Today We Are Seeing the Market Go up 220 Points.

As of Now It Was in the Brain Can Only Show Diving into Today's Top Stories Brian Kill Me. Radio Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show While Still Supporting the Deal Still Giving It a Green Light to Come out and Vote for the Steel but but but Given the Green Light.

There's a Reason for That. I Think That Our Republicans Want the Midterms Are to Be Run on Inflation on the Economy. Economic Anxiety If They Can Take the Gun Issue off the Table and Say Look, We've Done Something.

I Think This Is Something It's It's It's Far Short of What Went with Democrats with How Far They Would like to Go but It Is Something They Can Take That Issue off the Table, They Can Have a Clear Shot to Run a Campaign Based on the O'Connor Georgia Standard Negotiating Right If Your Cornyn Right Now You Want to Make People Believe You May Want to Have To Walk Away so They Don't Ask for More. At the End Say It so That People like Always We Got a Kick Good. He's Hanging in There. We Got This This Is Stanford Political Negotiating Will See What Happens Because It Doesn't Seem That Extreme Gun Reform That Everyone Every Republican Fears of the Responsible Gun Owners Fear Red Flag Laws Is Something We Gotta Be Able to Get Right. Because We Had to Stop the Next Lunatic Killing His Family Were Shooting Third-Graders without Screwing up the Robertson's of the World to I Just Watched Last Night on Fox News Channel and You out There Who Loves to Go Hunting and Fishing Were Shooting.

We Would Screw You up, but We Do Want to Screw up the Next Would-Be Assassin. So Let's See If There's a Way to Do It.

I Jimmy Was Here in the Stream in Scottsdale, Arizona the Illegal Legal Immigrant Capital of the World Hey Jim, Wanted to Put Back to Our Relief.

Some Information about Inflation Rates Another Country. Okay, That Continues to Be a Talking Point the Democrats You Think It's Global Inflation Working or Picking Other Countries That Have Inflation Rate Lower Than Them US and Connecting No Googling, and Just Look up Trading and It Lists the Country, Including Several of Our Allies Would Get France on Their South Korea, Italy, Mexico, Germany. All Was Well over Inflation Rates and Have so I Thought Yesterday and Bring a Great Job with Right Knee.

I Think I Need to Be More Pushback from Republicans Think That Simply Is Not True. We Are Managing It As Well As Other Country/Wanted to Share That with You.

I Appreciate Your Hundred Percent Right. I Think the One Country, the People Point to the UK Yesterday We Look at China Look at Germany Look Almost Every European Union Nation. Look at Vietnam, Japan Significantly Less Then Our Inflation Rate. So Why Is That so Let's Look at It and Tell Me One Thing the People to Jesus and Addressing the Supply Chain. While We Left It with the Docs over 24 Output of a Truck Drivers. So What Would He Do about the Truck Terms Which Are National Program on That. How Many Times You Got to the Docks in California.

I've Doubted Hardly Any These Guys Only Work Weekends. It's Apsley Crazy. As I Mentioned Guns Is Important. I Think the Trade Is Important. I Also Think the Borders and Point Discovered by This Woman. Myra Fly Florez She's a Republican. She Flipped AC This Been Democrats for Almost 100 Years Cut 20 Illegal Immigration.

I Want to Improve. Now, I Do Believe That It Outdated That We Need a Process Where State Fair and Pastor Point That Could Keep an Eye When It Comes 13 States and Work Hard for the American Dream.

I Do Believe That We Need to Focus on Legal Immigration and Not Illegal Immigration Is Only Finding Criminal Organizations and of Course I Felt Increasing Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking and Also Child Trafficking in Children or Anything No Matter Where They're from. I Think That They Need to Be Our Priority in Keeping Them Safe and Administration Is Not Doing That. Not Close and Things People Get Ticked off and Now We Find out Their Shipping Way These Poor Communities Is Overwhelmed and I Think Democrats Personally Are Getting Worried about Losing These Traditionally Democratic Areas for Shipping Them to Disk Different Parts of Texas like San Angelo San Angelo Is a Small Town to Get to Know Every Single Person Comes in and out with a Frequency of the Local Gas Station Little-Known to Going to Be Full-Time Members of Your Fourth Grade Class. So the Doing That and Said the Arizona the Shipping People over to Los Angeles in Buses and What EP Think People Get a Feel.

Why Would They Vote for That One Guys Trying to Shut down Sanctuary Cities That Allow People to Live and Not Be Reported. The Other One Is Trying to Let Everybody and Possible Input to Vice President Charts until We Can Handle It. We Come Back, Red Bear Joined Us That Always He Talked about Having a Politics It Is to Be between Lindsey Graham and Bernie Sanders but Also on My Interview with Greg Norman on One Nation on Saturday Night about This Brand-New Brand-New League That I Think Scott Everybody As Everybody Talking about a Breaking News Unique Opinions. All Brian Kill Me Show Mostly What You Need to Do Reduce Inflation Is Reduced Demand and That All Is Very Hard Process to Control and so It Usually Leads to Recession All of That Tells Me That While I Wouldn't Presume to Be Able to Judge the Timing of the Dominant Probability Would Be That by the End of Next Year. We Would Be Seeing a Recession in the American Economy.

Can You Imagine at the End of Next Year. After Going through Inflation and Gas Prices like Were Going through Now and Now Are Probably Air Travel and Supply Chain and Then We Get Hit with a Recession in 2023 Bread. She Put a Glycol Fox News Anchor Special Report Tonight at Six and of Course Always Love to Have Him on Bright, Welcome Back, Larry Summers Deftly Given the by Demonstration Ulcers, but Most the Time He Ends up Right Correct on Pretty Accurate on the Inflation Warning about the Warnings about Build Back Better about the Warnings about the American Rescue Plan You Sending out Warning Players a Long Time Ago. I Think This Time He May Be behind the Curve on This.

There Are A Lot Of Economic Expert Look at the Situation Now and Believe That Where You Currently a Recession. I Met It and All That Meditating Now, and Likely Will Go on for Some Time, but He's Saying It's the End of Next Year. That's Still a Pretty Dismal Forecast for a Guy Lined with Obviously the Obama's Temper Right so Yesterday I Was Struck by the Fact That I Will Fear. Alexander Said This, This Is NBC Meet The Press Said This about with the Message Was from the White House Us with the Big Story Was the White Asses Can Get Leadership Congressional Leadership on Message so They Know How to Attack High Inflation Rates and High Gas Prices Cut 13 Choosing Content in the Conversations I've Had over the Last Several Days Is the Real Frustration Struck among Some Democrats Talking to a Leading Democratic Lawmaker. Right Now There Was a Rare in Person Presentation Earlier This Week Were Some of the White House Officials Went to the Health and Was They Said There Was No Strategy, No Plan Is Lawmaker Said to Me We Need to See the Present Be Decisive and They Really Feel like This Decision Paralysis on Some of These Key Issues like Tariffs on Student Loans That You Read to Me Not, I Relaxed on Capitol Hill from Democratic Lawmakers Real Worry, They Know What's Coming. You Look at the Gallup Poll Where This Position Actually Positioned Worse Than 2010 and If You Remember Pres. Obama Lost 63 Feet That Year in the House and It Just It It's Not a Pretty Picture Now in Their Democratic Lawmakers Are Not Hearing What They Want to Hear from the Body Ministration Which You Know It's It's Been Slow to Actively Absolutely so What Can We Expect Is IQ the Joe Mansion Is Now Dealing with Chuck Schumer about a Mini Bill Back Better. I Hear There and Talk and There Will Be STIPULATIONS and Mansion Will Drive the Day but It's around the Edges, and It's Not the Master Spending That You Saw, but It Still More Spending and You Know It's Some Kind of Compromise Dimensions Working on, but We Don't Have, so I Didn't Watch Him Talk. Since My Watch on Fox News You Today, Lindsey Graham and Bernie Sanders at the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Library. I Think It Was over Massachusetts Wondering What You Think I Thought Was Really Good, Really Interesting. Especially Not Knowing That Nonelection Tomorrow.

We Just Electing on Issues. What Was Your Take Away the Possibility to Do More That Two Characters There Are Pretty Diametrically Opposed Ideology and and There Was A Lot Of Movement on Bernie Sanders Part When It Came to Compromise on the Wrong Other Than My Boat for the Gun Legislation but I Do Think That There Is a Way to Formulate That Where Discussions And If We Can Be Part of That That Effort to Set the Table Were More Politicians of Different Strikes Come to Try to Find Common Ground. I Think It's a Good Minute Made Interesting Substantive Conversation Saturday Night.

I'm Sure You Watching and Easy to Be Greg Norman about His Lipitor so This Saudi Wealth Fund Is Backing It in the 17 PGA Players Went and Played the First Event All 17 Got Suspended.

They Want to Take Greg Norman's Hall Of Fame Status Away from Him before He Play a Little of Greg's Comments Woody, Would You Think about This to Her Being Such an Avid Golfer, Well I Think It's Got a Little Bit and That the Battle between Golfers and There's the Sick Lipitor and I Think That That There's a Bad Element to It.

Now I Understand the Guys Were Leaving the Tour Who Are Making This Crazy Amount of Money the Guy Who Finished Last in the Last Tournament Hundred and 20 G. I Mean, He Barely Broke 800 Think about the Family. The Guy One Charles Schwartz 01 $4.7 Million. That's More Than He Made in the Year and That's That's Crazy Bonnie so You Can't Fault Those Guys but There Is This Battle between Tors and for Golfer That Seems That Someone Jumped on the Fact That the Saudi's Are the One Bankrolling It in the Brought the 9/11 Families Skewers with Greg Norman Responded to That with Cut 30 Yeah like I Disappointed People Go down That Path. Quite Honestly That Will Look at in That Prison.

Then, Why Does the PGA Tour Have 23 Responses within the PGA Tour Doing 40+ Billion Dollars Worth of Business with Saudi Arabia. Why Is It Okay for the Sponsors. Why Is It Okay Brian Is a Saudi Sponsored Aramco, the Largest Sponsor Women's Golf in the Well Why Is It Okay for Them. Why Is It Not Okay for These Players Will Jay Moynahan Go to Each and Every One of the CEOs of the of the 23 Companies and Investing into Saudi Arabia and Suspend Them and Banned Them the Hypocrisy and All This. It's so Loud It's Deafening. So How Do You Feel about That Answer Back to Jame on Greg a an Argument and You Can Even Go Another Score. You Could Say and Began Working with China and All That Happens with the Uighurs in China and yet the NBI Is Still Operating with with That Country and Its Human Rights Abuses and You Have the Present United States Going over to Me with the Crown Prince of Saudi Which in and of Itself Is Something Significant. I Think When You Go down That Road with Sports and Human Rights. You Have To Make Your Choice and What Greg Is Pushing Back with Is Legitimate. I Just Think That the Towards Pushing Back Hard and Saying This Is the Place Where Jack and Arnie and Piker and Others Made This Tour What It Is and Gave These Guys the Original Chance and They Feel like They're Getting Abandoned by Some, These Players Were Leaving for the Money. The Money Will Be There Long, but I Don't Know Who Will Be Left to See. I Know the Support Your You Care about 16 Program You're Playing.

I Am Playing in a Celebrity Tournament. The Lake Tahoe Tournament at the Second Week in July and so Working on the Game to Try to See If I Can Have NBC Put Me on the Front of the Leaderboard Right Now Is That Still Feel Great Love for Peter Jacobson Talking about the Fox God Being Read to Brent.Thanks so Much.

We Have Had You Need Your Panel Tonight, Morgan Ortega, Howard Kurtz and Amy Walter and I Will Talk about Energy, You Know, Germany Is Requiring These Coal Plants. Yes It's Actually Crazy and You Know in the Wake of the Present Going over Saudi Arabia, Energy, and More. The World Energy Situation Is Focus. Yeah, We Are in the Course. The Administration Was Trying to Tell Everyone the Refineries of the Problem.

The Oil Companies of the Issues and Answered Back Highbred to Make Sure It's out to Watch You Break. Thanks so Much for You Got It. 1-866-408-7669 I Find out We Come Back If There Is Indeed More to Know and Then Maybe the Squeeze in Some Your Calls. This Is the Brain to Michaux so Glad You're Here Entertaining and Enlightening.

You're with Brian Kill Me the Fastest Three Hours in Radio with Brian. Kill Me to May Go As Well Go for the Saudi End of Seeing That Internally Is Extremely Impressive so No It Did Not End When You Look at the PIF and Want Them Done with Other Direct and Indirect Investments around the World. I Would Imagine There's A Lot Of Consumers out There People Watching the Show Will Be in the Benefactors of Those Investments That Is Greg Doing with Me on One Nation Saturday Night at 8 O'clock Was Nice Room to Wait. Give Me the First Television Interview Trade A Lot Of News and Information, and I Think It Pushback in the PGA Who's Got the American Audience at Their Fingertips U.S. Open Everyone Watching It's Got the Rich History Greg Norman Part of That History Sit There Looking to Blow It up Because He's Coming out and I Mean It Just Remind Me of the NFL Going for the Jugular against WF L USFL.

The NBA Was the 70s They Went after the ABA, the Ended up Merging the WHA Bobby Hall Will Bobby Hall at the Time Gordie Howe Went over There the Day Took on the NHL. They Went up Merging.

That's How He Got the Edmonton Oilers and Some Other Teams That I Can't Remember Right Now but to Me That's It. I Mean, That's Are They Going for. But I Think to Bring up the 9/11 Families Everything, Knowing That the Person I Teach Going There in Two Weeks. Knowing That We've Allied with Them along with Israel against Iran.

I Mean We Use Them As a Wedge to Win the Cold War so I Know They're Not There. Hardly Perfect to Show Who's a Brutal Murder, I Get It I but Don't Act Don't Act like You Can Hear Me When I Say That China's Out-Of-Control to yet We Do an Attorney Business Sample Where Nikes and Nike Says They Consider Themselves a Chinese Company Using an Apple Phone Apple, That Doesn't Make a Thing over Here Almost Nothing over Here so I Think His People Do an Easy Target.

Greg Norman Likes to Live on the Jury Try to Start a Worldly Getting Work. Let's Find out There's More to Know No Chemo Destiny Scientist at Monash University Say Jetlagged for the Boston Tilted As Distinct Advantage during Home Games in This Year's NBA Finals to Beat the Celtic and Six. The Authors Posted the NBA and Other League Should Account for Jetlagged Whatever Protein Must Travel Long Distances, Each Would Travel with the Destination Time Is Later Than the Original Requires the Athlete to Shorten Their Day during the Phase Advance Athletes Often Struggle to Fall Asleep an Earlier Bedtime to Research the Top Researchers Analyzed All This 11,004 and 81 NBA Games Played over 10 Seasons. So It Is a Harder to for the Celtics of One When Were the Subs Who Dominated the Lakers Now Very Well 3000 Miles Back Yeah They Really Haven't Expanded the Geographical Size of the US. So My Question Is Would It Be Worse for Sports like Baseball Because They Don't They Have Only One Travel Day.

When It Comes Using When It Comes to Say Yes the World Series Is Four Days Next Truly Governing Bodies Effectively Banned Transgender Women from Competing Women's Events Maybe Set up 1/3 Category for Them.

I Give the Feet of Which Is the World Swimming Body President Credit. He Says We Have To Protect the Rights of the Athletes to Compete. We Also Have To Protect Competitive Fairness and or Events Expressed to the Women's Category at Fina Competitions. So If You Want to Transition into It by 12. You Can Swim against Women, but If Not, You Gotta Be Fair and to Go on to the Same Theme in Terms of Politics, Hillary Clinton, of All People Told Democrats to Stop Pushing on It on on Issues like This Because Were Standing at the Precipice of Losing Our Democracy and Everything There but He Cares about the Most Important Thing Is to Win the Next Election, Essentially Saying This Is Not the Next Election, Losing a Democracy Really Want to Lose Democracy, You Continue to Give Our Foreign Policy to Joe Biden and Our Energy Policy to the Middle East Next. Congratulations to Users of Maverick Is Nearing the 1 Billion Mark after Strong Father's Day Weekend. It's Made Another 44 Million It's off 20% but Still It so Impressive 52 Million over the Juneteenth Holiday Frame. So Congratulations I Hear It's Great. I Want to Watch at Some Point so Far As Cup 473,000,025 Days Is Pretty Impressive.

A1c Did You See It Not Having That You like the First One I Remember the First One Probably Had a Game Next Arch Manning the Latest Thing the Latest Generation to Leave the Next Generation of Banks Officially Visits the Texas Longhorns Is Supposed to Be Phenomenal. From What I Could See Him As I like to Looks Great Is That He 64 215 He's Cooper's Son. The Growth Potential Is Tremendously Safe. Ghost Add Additional 10 to 15 Pounds to His Frame of the Next Level Displays above Average Athleticism Evidently Is Extremely Elusive Likes to Run Adequate Mobility Is a Runner Increasing His Rushing Toes Every Season over the Last Three Years. Remember, His Dad Could Run Patent Could I Thought Eli Ran in College We Almost Ran It on. Never Ran with That with the Giants, but Always Stayed Healthy for Those Goes Remarkably Healthy into the End of Their Careers.

Shane Whiting Eli Manning Streak of Consecutive Starts Ended in New York for a Fact I Was Never Had a Shot at Job Next New Study Reveals Most Fun States in America Are Number One California Number Two Florida Number Three Nevada Number Four New York Number Five Illinois Look at Them Though the Tax Is Extremely High. And for Those Five States Are Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas and Washington That Colorado Number Six Round out the Bottom to Top 10 All Right, I'll Keep That in Mind Next Time I Have To Plan a Trip. What's the Fun State That You Visited You Would've Listed Something That She Was the Most Fun Thing You Visited Not Enough. I Can't Really Depends on What City in That States That to Our Question Copy Next Daily Glass of Beer Could Make You Got Your Got Healthier.

Researchers at Nova University in Lisbon Is One in Florida That Cited Reports of Peer Booze Health Bacteria That Fend off Diseases and Infections. The Benefits Come from Poly for Nina's Is a Plant Compound Found in Hops, Probably in Yeast Is Where There Is a Double-Blind Study Wasn't Conducted with a Large Diverse Sample Crowd Just 19 Participants in All Were Men between 23 and 58 for the Main Take Away and Those Who Drank Beer One Alcohol Either One Alcoholic or Nonalcoholic Were Shown to Have a More Diverse Micro-You Can Have a Study Were 19 People on Accepting This.

Normally I Would Say on Thousands of People.

This Is More a Night.

You Know If They Have Five People out except That to That Is Crazy and Finally a Cup of Coffee before Shopping May Lead You to Spend More Money. Scientist Did Her Shopping Study They Take to Company Took Some Shoppers at Super Complementary Cup of Coffee before Shopping and That with 50% More Money and Buying 30% More Items Than Their Non-Caffeinated Counterparts to the Shopping Smarter As Well. Sure Enough People Who Drink Caffeinated Coffee Purchase a Sniff of the Higher Number of Items and Spend More Money. Interestingly, Drinking Caffeine Also Appear to Influence the Types of Items People by Shoppers Who Drink Caffeine Brought More Nonessential Items like Freight Candles, Which Nobody Needs and Fragrances Mature, This Study Other Also Conducted 1/4 Experimental Lab Testing the Impact of Caffeine on Online Shopping.

We Are Not Sure How That One. The Each Person Had to Pick up with You Which Items They Would Buy from a List of 66.

Give People Drank Caffeine Shows More Impulsive Items like a Massager, No Proof yet Think You Need a Massager, but It Does Make You like That. Just Make Sure You Know What That It Drink Beer Because You're Knocking to Be Imposed by Me. Good Move. I Listen Thanks so Much Lucy Everybody I Keep in the Here and the Right to Leach out to Brian Kelly Is Where You Can Get the Podcast Download from Wherever You like to Get Podcasts from Every Part of the Mania Likes to Listen over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources.

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