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Don't Worry, Manchin SWEARS His Deal Won't Raise Your Taxes or Inflation

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 1, 2022 1:09 pm

Don't Worry, Manchin SWEARS His Deal Won't Raise Your Taxes or Inflation

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 1, 2022 1:09 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me to be there about is the right kill me Joe. Appreciate you are coming back to us after a busy week and I am sure as we say goodbye to July a load. August by Division I athletes are heading to camp, whether it's football, soccer, whether it's a field hockey for the good of the fall sports we have on the women said of course in soccer, but Division II Division III little bit later so out of the summer is coming to an end and some we just about the halfway point.

I will hers going to be with us at the bottom of the former Texas Congressman former CIA guy got a great perspective on the party problems and that's we wrote a book about she's can be with us to and we know the there's a lot of tension in the air as we try to find out what Speaker Pelosi going to do and where the poor and the president got a get over covert. He got it again or did he ever lose it. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three close election almost everywhere and it's a 50-50 country. So I think it way too early for either side divinity.

Assuming that I have a great election or disaster for that matter. This fall inside 100 days of the midterms. Where do we stand as a party race to race. We will take a glance and check the back stretch goals and phones. This is all about fighting inflation. That's what it's about. Inflation is just absolutely destroying families across West Virginia and across America. Yeah, that is Joe mansion did every single Sunday show mislabeled disappointed and deceived. That's all I assess the inflation reduction act co-authored by Joe mansion. Any examination of the contents of this 700+ page bill shows you will not lower inflation. Dems vote on this at your own peril. Like telling Nancy Pelosi where she can and cannot go.

She's been protesting on a ship. Tiny's record on human rights since he arrived in Congress. Decades ago, and I do not think shall be swayed even by another Democratic president that is Susan page and let her land and that's what is in the best interest of America when it comes to the speaker's visit to Taiwan. China's threats need not to be a need to sign is threatens us and we need to confront them all right because you do not know just give you some back story in April. That's close to put out the rough format of her trip would have a southeastern tour go to Singapore go to Japan go to South Korea go to Taiwan not much of a reaction and then things changed a lot of people think it has to do with prison. She coming up and trying get another 10 years as as the leader of China, which would put them in basically mall territory and ever since he took over they been belligerent economically and militarily and they been doing some terrible things in terms of the pandemic. Not only inflicting this poison on the world but never owning up to it but we don't confront them and then when they challenge us. We have been confronting them like we should, and then the speaker goes out makes that statement and they come out and make some strong statements. Basically one of the speaker, not to go and to me, you have to for sure go here is the fly in the ointment. The present doesn't want to go the Pentagon doesn't want to go because they're all timid. Nobody wants world war, but you understand what it comes to around Russia and when it comes to China, especially any time that you try to play it cold and calculating that looked at his weakness. Any time that you pull back to be the mature person in the room they take a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more you Susan page on what really should be happening. Cut to like telling Nancy Pelosi where she can and cannot go. She's been protesting on initiative Tiny record on human rights since he arrived in Congress.

Decades ago, 1991 she unfurled a bandages I congressional delegation to vacate pinching went to Tiananmen Square unfurled a pro democracy banner which really riled up China so I asked Bill Clinton she didn't listen. His entreaties at during his presidency. About time taking a softer line on China and I do not think shall be swayed even by another Democratic president, so the response from China. They said that while they had collected some intelligent this is the Pentagon's assessing from China, what they would do with Nancy Pelosi does, in fact, lymphocytes and such dire things basically threatening almost to shoot the plane down. They said while they had collected some intelligence on China's likely's response.

They were not yet ready to release it publicly, and they conceded that they did not know the extent to which Chinese officials were willing to risk a confrontation with America really so the talking. Belligerently there threatening us not to go through their own foreign policy with an ally of ours well respected one China policy, nothing would change.

We have to old. We have to arm those people to the teeth to prevent an invasion like what happened with Hong Kong never had an army China. You know Taiwan's got money there an economic powerhouse.

They know computer chips get 60% of our computer chips from them for cars and computers and everything else that we use so we have to be willing to defend the Foreign Ministry spokesperson forward. Singapore is happy to see Nancy Pelosi, the American chamber of Congress is happy that she's going is can be good for business. Happy that she's going to Southeast is going to be going to Japan go to be going to South Korea will she stop down in Taiwan.

What's at stake will know what she did, she did reach out to Michael call the ranking member on the house foreign services committee and asked him to go and he says I got plants but he does say this is my recommendation cutting. If we want to have deterrence against the Chinese Congress party from invading Taiwan and we need to provide weapon systems to Taiwan, and the problem is the defense industrial base is not prepared to get this done. I just recently met with the head of sitcom the commander in the 41 McKenzie told me both of them. The foreign military sales are the number one problem right now if we can build these weapons and this involves the Defense Department State Department converse and defense contractors we can backfill with these two negative point my sales to Taiwan and been denied for three years this administration has not gotten out the door and that project weakness. It will invite aggression question so it's pivot to something else was in Joe mansion didn't totally sell out.

There were things in this package that he signed with Schumer.

There was 700+ pages was sprung on the Republicans. It outmaneuvered Mitch McConnell and I think in a way the poison the well for future bipartisan work packages come down the pike, at least for the next year and 1/2 know that about he embarrassed a lot of Republicans who just said you know if Joe Mitch was going to pack you let us know what we did it behind the scenes and making money is a Democrat, is 306 9 billion for energy and climate progress. Fortune 51 billion our revenue from tax increases. Medicare will now negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies Obama care subsidies extended yet.

What about that progress was to pay for itself through 2 billion deficit reduction and of course they have that the elimination of carried interest, which is supposed to really take off Kristin Cinema who said the pastor will not sign the product to get rid of carried interest.

So mansion admits that he did a deal pieces.

I got a lot out of this I got for example, auto fossil fuel things of for example. In fact I wrote this down of the week and I worked on Sunday are the measure requires federal government to auction off more public lands like a million acres for oil drilling expands tax credits for carbon capture, allowing them to do more work with: gas burning power plants. I would make permanent federal trust fund to support coal miners with black aunt who also secure a promise from Democratic leaders to vote on a separate measure to speed up the process of visioning permits see a lot of the stuff has to be executed and I like to know that to be of an executor because permitting is one of the big problems.

Interior Department will hold leases at least sales for oil and gas expiration of the Gulf of Mexico, so they get back to offshore drilling in the Gulf as well as in the Cook Inlet in Alaska. 5 billion. The package would allow existing coal-fired power plants to improve their efficiency. So we got something for fossil fuels, but there's no way this can be labeled the way it's labeled. Listen to the will, how they called with a call this the inflation reduction act and nobody thinks is can reduce inflation, which is the number one problem.

Call it the climate act and just tell people what's in it and standby it may quit. Let the chips fall where they may. Would you want people who are doing two jobs have three kids rushing around to say well honey let's vote for the Democrat. They did have the inflation reduction act Wharton school of business is is no way this is reducing any portion of inflation may be a little after 10 years. More likely it will be an increase. So Joe mansion did every single Sunday show. To his credit, but he also did not have a lot of answers when it comes to details. Here's what he said about criticism in the past when it comes to inflation.

Listen to Brett's question, the rescue package of 1.9 trillion that he signed off on.

When Joe Biden took office. I think he was one month in they said that was narco in fact or artifact inflation and the economy in a negative way. Cut 16. There are some analysis groups and nonpartisan groups, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton school says the act would vary slightly increase inflation until 2024. Then Dean could decrease inflation. After that, but it says roughly is indistinguishable from zero, and they don't think you will have an impact on inflation. So that's a group is looking at this bread I respectfully disagree on that but you know what we can have differences of opinions we have 17 Nobel laureates of time before say that all inflation is going to be transitory so people have difference of opinion yeah will see it did raise taxes and he says he was wrong when he signed off on it and it did raise taxes their taxes increases in this a 15% minimum corporate tax will right now the corporate tax is 21% and sometimes when the write offs of the old. When things come push comes to shove, it drops down below 21% goes well Be a minimum 15%. So it's here with corporations fuel tax by this then they're going to affect to the employee. How much raises a get it ripples down so please don't take the hit especially publicly traded ones. This couple other things I think report to go over it seems as though with this package.

The Wall Street Journal believes that this package is going to affect this package is going going to affect the manufacturing base. It's gonna cost about 14 billion in taxes from manufacturing and this is not something that was intended 16.7 billion for taxpayers have been to make less than $200,000 overall will take 14 billion from people make between 200 and 500,000, $500,000 a year. So I just don't think that there was any calculus that when the inflation sigh from Carter to Reagan to Bush that anyone said when inflation is high.

We should raise taxes. I didn't think that was in anyone's economic plan seems to be in Chuck Schumer's and the present United States but it is not done because since increase in sentences Kristin Cinema and as the Wall Street Journal says today. Any Democrat in a moderate district that sees it. This is done and signed his or her name to it. Let your fate be decided, come November. This is the bright tell me Joe, so glad you're here your calls her next 1-866-408-7669 or you go to Brian kill click on comments and all real dumb move going to.

You need to know basis and you need to know the Brian kill me from Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast striving.

Listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five or wherever you get your project information you on truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show either. He doesn't know what were living through or he knows were living through it is trying to tell us that it ain't bad, and neither one of those is is is good for his standing with the American people.

There is a reason why this president has the worst approval numbers of any modern president at this time in his term in his first term that not nobody could be on nobody else's as bad as this guy. And it's because he and the people around him in the White House have misplayed things like this. Time and time again you you put your finger on it that the cobble was a great success in his and that through fantastic and inflation transitory and now it's transition not recession. I made were not that dumb were not, and that's what Kareem sent me on one nation on Saturday night. The disorder repeated couple times and that's what he said. He said listened to.

If you scold people if you just identify with people going through and then tell me how you want to fix it. That's how we judge you but if you deny people their reality and you Pasternak of the inflation reduction act doesn't even address inflation when inflation is by far number one number one concern of almost every other American. So I'm addressing it and you put a package together that at the doesn't address it. That's when distrust weighs about ways in big time and that's why his approve reaching 30 and 36%. It's the lowest of any president ever. Will that change with this passage I mean the left wing of his party, the said Elizabeth Warren, the AOC's they are related with this and Joe mansion want everybody else to be. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal writes they not bad. They suggested this, that all Americans will pay more taxes because of this they say that leaders leaders Sen. Schumer probably this week will last for a vote on this partisan tax due what I love these people describe it as compromise compromise with what two Democrats compromised as to family members compromise on the far end on what will happen with the entire block. So the national Association of Manufacturers said in 2023 they will pay 68 billion out of the GD takes 60 billion of the GDP in labor income 17 billion take that will will come out for 62 6 billion from those making 20,000. As I told you before, between 200,200 and 500,000, 14 billion comes out this conclusion as if Cinema and other Dems want to sign up for this will and chain themselves a ball and chain themselves for the next three months to this bill.

They will be directly responsible to the election consequences their new tire and therefore the new tax on workers. They are unlikely to not hold you accountable economically and politically, it is not a winner. That's today's Wall Street Journal, which in the past. They are necessary. Cut a partyline ceiling conservative, no doubt about it, so that truly stand right now in terms of this bill the past and I just don't know what happens next because if you want to get anything done for the next year and 1/2.

Mitch McConnell does not like being embarrassed, but this totally caught him by surprise on these any question about it. Also weighing in on this was Bill Cassidy Bill Casias somebody voted to impeach the president from in the past. Cut 14. Much of what he says is just not true. For example, they are raising taxes.

According to the joint committee of taxation the taxes of the race sell almost $17 billion in the first year on those who are making less than $200,000 and the percent of taxes raise for individuals increases over time for the middle class and the lower income there raising taxes on people who make less than $10,000, according to the joint committee on taxation and in terms of rate lowering the price of fuel they're gonna raise excise tax on the every bright area of every barrel of oil by $17, roughly, that is going to increase the price of the pump increase other fuel related costs and that's no doubt about it mean if you believe you put that type of price on on fuel. If you come down to if it comes down the barrel of the price per bow commandant 50 $60. It'll probably end up being about 325 when it comes to the pond so Penner Pat Toomey is another one. Not a firebrand not somebody using blame.

Partisan when it comes to dollars you pretty consistently gets critical present Crump when he thought he was spending too much and he's very critical about Pres. Obama, we know that for sure. Still one out.

Got six more years, from Pennsylvania and now we can be called it quits, which is why Dr. Oz is battling it out right now with a left-wing candidate to replace Sen. Toomey, which is mind-boggling if he has me but Toomey came out and said look the only one tell you that raising your taxes with this bill so you have that the chips bill. If you look at the Democrats. They're beginning to say Joe Biden is much more successful. He seems because he's got the bipartisan gun is get the bipartisan infrastructure bill and now is the bipartisan chips bill and you could be having the mansion.

If matching get his votes, but I think Dick Durbin tested positive, a coven, you gotta be voting in person. Is he and be able to do that is the ever getting be able to get Cinema tester and others will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen to Fox News contests.

Fox News can't just network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download knowing Fox News time just on, or wherever you get your favorite contest information you on truth you demand. This is for him and kill me show all eyes are on the pill over the weekend have been talking to a sources close to the senator thou who points to the fact that this reconciliation bill include the carried interest provision that she has long said that she opposes mansion's team says tough they're not taking it out, but this could be where battle lines get drawn.

The question is no check is just too much pressure on sentiment that she needed to find a way to support this. The she find compromise in some other area like prescription drugs back swear at you have some Democrats and what they might be able to move a little bit and give her a win but she wanted a part of these final rounds of discussions and that could create a last-minute care that is true Christian Welker of NBC on Meet the Press saying that they try to reach out to all these key players who might be on the fence are concerned about their election, Mark Kelly, but especially Christian Cinema shown tremendous courage and said that who carried interest thing is a nonstarter for how would you deal you know so I choose that many allies but Joe match was very nice to her but he didn't even check with her clearly did not check with her. Let's bring in a special guest will hurt former Texas Congressman cybersecurity executive and officer in the CIA, author of American reviewed reboot an idealist guide to getting big things done former Texas.

Carson will heard welcome back Congress in delicately with so I don't know how much you had to have been able to digest a 700 page bill out of the anyone really has.

But it was ready to go in a matter of moments after the chips bill was done and Mitch McConnell seem to have been outmaneuvered, but I think long-term is going better for the country and getting anything done but having said that, we think the Woody's would you think mansion and Schumer have done here will say they obviously negotiated in advance. They should have been negotiating with the other folks that will be required to pass if you actually want to pass it.

You need to make sure Mark Kelly to be on board.

You need to make sure that Christensen must be on board and yet I don't know if Mark Kelly has already come out and and spoken. I'm in favor of this on so that was a tactical misstep on on on what they are and what they were doing and invalid are also met my friend on the Republican side, you shouldn't be shocked whether to continue to try to use the reconciliation you get to use that that 50 vote threshold once a year when it comes to a budget cycle and until the think that oh yes you know were to negotiate something that everybody can agree upon and not do this other thing I think that was that was silly to think that that wasn't to be brought back up.

Yeah I just think it would be transparent. On the whole way and all of a sudden they want dark and then they came up with the 700 page compromise bill and make people wonder what's going on here. So was Mitch McConnell outmaneuvered. I look this is my question is why were we wanting to use the chips bill after the Col. Everett I think the chips bill is important, especially the provisions around semiconductors and this actually had that piece alone. Now the people in place and eloquently passed by the Senate had some of the things in it but this this this part around the semiconductor industry and with important and and we have to double down anointed to be ready to deal with the Chinese arms beheld the fact that I'm most of our semiconductors all are semiconductors are made outside the United States. 60% of the world, semiconductors manufactured in Taiwan, China has about another 10% and so what happens when when China invaded Taiwan and have control over 70% of semiconductor manufacturing, which is the building block of every piece of electronic not just people, cars, not just people smart phone that you refrigerate your TV your Xbox always consecrate the dealer puts money to the system to bring manufacturing back here. Business should be wanting to do on their own private business should be going around. I think one of the things that should've been included in the chips bill was if the government is putting money in somebody's menu and from the things that we get we get investments taken out so that when these people make money so that the federal government goes back into the federal coffers rate. I think that something that should have been that should have been looked at to make sure that tax dollars are being used wisely, but it but here's the here's the route if we seek supply chains are back now just wait until the Chinese government has has control of that entire supply chain 100 presented and look at the Chinese. The Chinese government has made it very clear. Taiwan is on the single most important things and in control. Taiwan is on the single most important foreign policy objectives, they will try to overtake Taiwan by 2040 2049 is in the kind of deadline.

This is 100 years of communist rule in China and and she Jean Pindar, the president, China has said on this could be reunification. By that time, however, the Chinese believe that by the middle of 2030. Taiwan would be able to have people be prepared to defend against invasion so the real deadline and is is is probably the Chinese think about going sometime between 20 and 2030 decade away, and if we're going to move manufacturing back to our allies back to America that take some time before before before that. That eventuality ever happened and ultimately all this is because the Chinese government transparency United States of the global superpower. This is what we're having. Ultimately deal with this is why there's a lot of talk about Speaker Pelosi's trip to Taiwan and what's going to happen and so all of these things are are are connected but your original question is was was was the majority. Majority leader outflanked. We shouldn't have been been using something that is in the national security interests are met a lot of Republicans and Democrats agree not as some kind of hedge against a piece of legislation. The Democrats could do all this was condenses in April and then be going there. They have a bit in July and the present.

When given a chance tells that the media yet the Pentagon doesn't think it's good idea to go.

Odd. Both parties that couldn't handle this internally is embarrassing, then the Chinese come back even more belligerent back basically threatening that all bets are off if she decides to go she is not confirmed that whether she should go or not. Will heard. I want you to hear what Mike Pompeo said cut for think of the 13 Americans that were killed in Afghanistan on the fact that there are presidents that you have a small invasion in Ukraine and that would be okay. I think think that risk. The risk that we've lost the deterrent force the power that the good work that we did for four years increases the likelihood that she might use this as an excuse to do what he has long wanted to do that we shouldn't underestimate that risk, but at the same time we shouldn't allow the Chinese Communist Party to issue a statement and tell American leaders where they can and can't go in and by the way the New York Times is Biden's aide said that she was expected to proceed with the plan for the highest level visit by an American official in 25 years and they said that the president decided against asking her not to go, don't you think go.

Will heard even know there's there's risk we have to go now. No nonrecoverable edit what where we can go, what we can be superior.

Right and and I actually think Speaker Pelosi is one of the few Democrats that are doing anything when it comes to foreign policy that makes that makes sense now. She had just done the trip. I don't announce it.

You know you it's always like land when we were still in Afghanistan.

The president made a trip to Afghanistan. It was always last minute. Not many people know about you were told about after it happened. You could've done something like this in order to minimize be the saber rattling in the handwringing here is the broader problem when when the majority of jet of president by national security. People are always talking about the year of World War III and Jake Sullivan is always thing I'm worried about World War III. Everybody that nobody wants World War III when that's all you're talking about in your adversaries or to use that against you and say when you do something that they don't live it if they have bachelor start World War III even got even more aggressive and maybe with yesterday that one of the Chinese newspapers that that cannot fence the a government apparatus even can't even talk about shooting down Speaker Pelosi's claim. I think Speaker Pelosi should go.

I think we should be rethinking this one China policy about the one China policy started back in the electron in the 60s but I'm Carter said… Difference between acknowledging China the top, the People's Republic of China claims on Taiwan versus recognizing and and so it started with. We acknowledge it basically said we heard what you said but we do not. When I could give you our opinion on what we think about right and so this ambiguity has what has has influence our relationship with Taiwan over the last 50.

I think we need to be clear about Taiwan is our ally. We need to be doing everything we can now to help Taiwan defend against invasion, click the Chinese government quickly.

Yet this is an argument.

Everybody always want to talk about and especially in this by the ministration escalation. This is good, and lead to escalation. We said that if we gave weapons to the Ukrainians that will lead to escalation and it was an excuse not to do something and not to defend our client and and and and that argument has always been well and that we can always back healing you. You know I'm I am keep telling you this to you know more about this than most until so this is that were falling into that same trap when it comes to Taiwan, but we also need to be ready and and to to defend our own interests, but also to help make sure that our friends are ready to use a statement you were talking about. This is from the Chinese state. Affiliated media explosive visits Taiwan as planned.

The Taiwanese God telling stories are an accomplice. The mainland will definitely carry out severe punishment actions on Taiwan at the same time, the unbearable consequences will fall on the side authorities meaning the Taiwanese authorities were cut, that is, and they've even threatened to shoot down a plane as we mentioned, they said there better not be a military escort and add military exercises over the weekend and plan some more this week, but she's got a go at this point and I would just thing that's a bomb Japan from Australia from India from South Korea. How are you were worried about China and will of course worried about North Korea.

If we show any equivocation they can have to cut deals for survival in that region. Instead of saying I agree. On Thursday with America because that their standing with us 100 right and back to we are in a new Cold War with the Chinese government...

You know, the Chinese government to fellow Americans, provoking it no this is not us, provoking a war.

This would be if the Chinese would do something to speaker Pelosi. They are the one that are better doing the provocation I and and so let week we have to stand firm.

No, there is no country in this world that was, with the exception of Russia.

Russia would would have turned his back on this because China has their back when it comes Ukraine. Every other country in the world at the Chinese government wouldn't shoot down a plane doing anything untoward towards the third most the third-highest ranking US official. The be consequences to them globally, you went like that there still be so many impacts and so I think this is saber rattling on on their part.

This is not an escalation that is showing our friends that we have their back and guess what, you know, if you want your friend to have your back when you need them. You need to have their back when they need you. And this is about us, not blinking and making sure that were executing a foreign policy that makes sense for us.

I just went absolutely actually did it just on the border Jubilee and what's going on. Arizona is now going to start filling in the gaps in the wall. They say that is an Oma's to try to save Kelly's Senate seat on the Texas side you believe is a single-digit race between Bader O'Rourke and Gov. Abbott for the governor gubernatorial race. Those those numbers closer than in reality on the ground and and in this issue of the border to drive a lot of voters to vote Republican in November and and and this is about the fact that the Biden administration is treating everybody like in asylum-seekers and letting hundreds of thousands of people coming to the interior of the country. When you have the governors estimated that the mayors of DC in New York City saying hey, there is a problem you know you have a catastrophe on your hand and after the tribe. A lot of those going to talk to you so many different facets to your career summary expertise will heard former Texas congressman's book America reboots talks about how we could move together both parties in the future.

Thanks, Congressman. You got 1-866-408-7669 I'll take your calls in just a moment go over your emails when I can use in the brain to meet show both sides. All of us until from his mouth to your ears and kill me story after story about Democrats expressing concern or flat out saying the present. Biden should not run for reelection in 2024.

Do you think he will can predict 20, 24 hours from the account and I don't think we should so upset about. Let me just say this, that's what everyone is so so so upset about everything that we do here is calculated on the 2022 election, 20, 24 lecture. I'm not going get in and that whoever they send me. And if I'm still here.

I work with whoever for this. A president present binder new present, whoever may be to make those decisions and Brett did ask did you talk to your donors about you running any just dismissed it, but I don't think he can dismiss it.

I think that he will put his name and tear that hat into the ring, but you know this will you know that whole moderate image will take a beating. Now no question. Although listen even individual mansion. One way left like AOC tomorrow. He stopped the packing of the court. He stopped the blowing up of the filibuster. He stopped the $4 trillion bill back better plant. You cannot dismiss that because you disappointed with this.

I don't he does have some drilling in this art whereby the execution make permitting easier to open up federal land himself to like millions of acres each and every year. Also, offshore drilling, so that is is in there, but these climate provisions having the 7504 electric car which has to be born. AmeriCorps made America really, that means we can't buy a Tesla because Tesla was over, made in China. Most is manufactured by Mexico semi.

We can't buy a Ford is a Ford 150.

They all made in the US I hope you have the. The lightning I guess we'll see in about the criticism that Joe mansion says that this whole plan is is getting because of inflation he opens up to it know in terms of what center Pat Toomey said, I think it's somebody's going out the door is probably more candid than ever. Take a listen cut 17 was coming inflation. Worse actually, so they got a big corporate tax increase that's gonna probably make this recession that were in worse all of this spending is unnecessary and can exacerbate inflation is not going to reduce the deficit and what incentive or mansion Is like I'm a big fan of Joe mansion. We are friends as he said in I like Joe very much, but I think you got taken to the cleaners yeah the bike show Sen. Schumer, which means we got taken to the cleaners because he was our defense hey goodbye kill, especially if you're going to be in Albany, New York September 8 for your in the Newark New Jersey area August 27 is beyond stage and of course in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13 and before that imprint in Mississippi.

America taken back America's story of thousand people at time of the few to be the audience via face-to-face.

Many of these will be streamed on Fox nation. Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me hi buddy thanks was being here is the brain kill me Joe, you're from midtown Manhattan, 46, around the country and around the world, especially in Ukraine.

The war rages on target to be joined by Michael Goodwin of the New York Post is calm, break, barely based on Sunday's column which I talked about when I filled in on Fox and friends on Sunday from 6 to 10 four hours for three hours and radios a lot but four hours is a lot. 6 to 10, but it was fun and had a chance to do that; Goodwin basically says this rose we see the transcription somebody's phone calls of these world leaders essentially present. She of China is nothing ever gets better and he doesn't seem to ever want to confront these leaders, he's really tough when he's talking about Donald Trump or about Peter Ducey will blowing off a question from Fox were coming off someone who says he's going to be.

There's a big push in his party not to reelect him, but not to tough it comes to world leaders in defending America's interest and now Reno will be a huge problem in China solicited to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three close election almost everywhere and it's a 50-50 country. So I think it way too early for either side debating assuming that I have a great election or a disaster for that matter. This fall inside 100 days, to the midterms where we stand party.

The party race to race. We will take a glance and check the backstretch poles.

This is all about fighting inflation. That's what it's about.

Inflation is just absolutely destroying families across West Virginia across America that is Joe mansion not too sure this will help miss labeled it disappointed and deceived that tell ISS the inflation reduction act co-authored by Joe mansion. Any examination of the contents of the 700 page bill shows will not lower inflation.

So why put it in the title.

Dems vote on this in your own peril.

Like telling Nancy Pelosi where she can and cannot go. She's been protesting on his hip.

Tiny record on human rights since she arrived in Congress.

Decades ago, and I do not think shall be swayed even by another Democratic president Susan page wrote a book on Speaker Pelosi led her land. That's what's in America's best interest when it comes to the speaker visiting Taiwan.

China's threats need need not to be worried about what them try to confront us. Michael Goodwin joins us now, New York Post, Fox News contributor on his calm is going to be front and center, and of what were talking about today and now the, the speaker of the house. Michael has not said where she's going after Singapore and Japan and South Korea, but somewhere in between.

You got a figure she has to go to Taiwan in my right. I think it doesn't go to Taiwan at this point, it will be kind of it will be seen. I believe correctly as knuckling under China's threats which were were conveyed to Pres. Biden and their phone call last week with present she so I believe that this whole thing now has become a test of will, a test of courage and a test of principle for the administration and for Speaker Pelosi. Pres. Biden times has not asked her not to go is indicated on the periphery to others. The Pentagon doesn't think it's a good idea when they came out and say something like this to their state affiliated media. If Pelosi really visits Taiwan's plan, the Taiwanese authorities are and accomplish the main they will deftly carry out severe punishment actions on Taiwan at the same time, the unbearable consequences will fall on the side government was. How dare they talk like that.

This is number three person in the country. Well, another report Chinese through multiple mouthpieces said something the effect that the speakers plane was escorted by American military planes that would be regarded as an invasion of China itself. They have said other things about and apparently she himself said the Biden those who pay or play with fire will perish in it so that all the direct and indirect of military action if the speaker goes down and you know that this times report that Biden is not asked her to go.

I believe it was politico Lorax feels one of the other said that in fact administration has been working behind the scenes for for more than a week to convince her not to go. So maybe Biden himself didn't say it but it seems pretty likely that the putting a lot of pressure on her not to go, and the fact that she said she was going to go and then has now become silent on the issue clearly reflects, I think the pressure on her as well as the sensitivities involved seem like somebody with the pressure by an employee to do something she want to do at this point so I got your op-ed I am I still the same way as you do, but I don't write nearly as eloquent and direct as you do.

I am so fed up with hearing about these confrontations in Saudi Arabia were China with Vladimir Putin and not finding out finding out later that he didn't even confront them with the main issues that should concern the American people in our country and the latest one is the pushback on the waiters. He said the Duke through her special press person. She is the spy. The press secretary said that he brought up human rights issues. They said they did not and you write this, the White House insisted present. Biden scolded the Chinese president about forced labor and genocide involving the Uighurs.

China says that's fake news in the Biden never raised the topic in the Thursday phone call between the two men which can I add lasted over two hours. So what's the truth that the point, but we need to get the truth because it matters that the president is playing straight with the American people saying one thing to the public about the phone call and in China saying that's not true. He did not raise the topic.

We should know that there's a way to find out release the transcript. Very simple thing to do if they want to edit it fine edited transcript but callused did he raise these topics and also White House press secretary would not answer the question of whether president she threatened violence if Pelosi went to Taiwan. Let's hear and and and the White House will not answer the question whether that's true then let's see the dominant transcript. I mean it's not like this is some kind of holy, sacred Scripture. Let's see the transcript. There's nothing there's no reason why the American people cannot find out exactly what their president said to China and what the Chinese president said to America just words. These are human beings. There's no reason why these words can't be can't be given to the American public coming. Gosh, thanks. There's no great mystery here. Let's have the answers. We heard the we heard that the murder of Khashoggi was brought up with Saudi Arabia with Vladimir Putin.

Where was the threat we we with Wilson where was a threat.

If you invade Ukraine X, Y, and Z will happen. We don't know what goes on we know what he said publicly he was giving mixed signals about what Ukrainian friend threat would look like. So now we have a strong stance budget. We did something ahead of time. I still have an answer to this question are we going to give Taiwan the arms necessary to repel the best they cannot read China attack. What is it taking so long by three times that we would militarily defend Taiwan. In the event of a Chinese attack three times those remarkable walked back by the White House, which said no no no no this is not a change in policy. Our policy remains that we would sell them the military equipment needed to defend themselves, and Brian, I think we also need to mention that part of part of the concern about Biden's conversation that she and and is and our policy toward China goes to the Hunter Biden issue and the fact that the Biden family was paid at least $11 million by one Chinese conglomerate and don't forget, this is this is the same conglomerate where Tony Bob Belinsky, the former CEO said that Job I was just right so Biden was going to get 10%. He was secretly getting 10% of the revenues that would come from this deal, which effectively was about the Belton Road initiative of China and America now again if if any of this happen then we know some of it happened, at least that means Joe Biden is severely compromised toward China. Another quick example when he talks about lifting the tariffs on Chinese goods to lower inflation. Wait a minute. How does that help lower inflation honey what you're doing is speaking Chinese exports. I mean you're making Chinese products more affordable for America. I thought we had a different policy on I thought we were trying to bring back manufacturing to the United States until all of these things to me just raise the questions of where the FBI investigation of Hunter Biden is taken four years now for years. Not a single indictment, not a single charge.

The grand jury apparently finished its term without any results and what the course will be Sen. Grassley and others in Congress saying they are getting whistleblowers contacting them saying the FBI is dismissing valid allegations against the Biden's calling them this information, I and Bill Barr I thought was a significant event last week when the former Atty. Gen. who had opposed a special prosecutor for the Biden case now believes that one is warranted, giving the latest revelations in the fact that it's taken so long for something fishy is going on with the FBI. Again Christopher Ray is going to testify this week before Congress. But as always, Christopher Ray will downplay any concerns. Nothing to see here move along and I just hope Congress doesn't let him bury them in BS. Yeah I you on that.

I want to get you. Also on this Joe mansion deal with Chuck Schumer. He says he got a lot of fossil fuel things in there. You got to be able to strew more more permits again to get rid of a lot of the permitting problems that allow offshore drilling and guarantee it. Even in Alaska to the golf but the main thing is three to $69 billion worth of energy and climate programs Obama care subsidies in their 300 billion toward deficit reduction.

I like to see that the believe that Medicare gets negotiate directly pharmaceuticals and also this carried interest is now eliminated the Dilaudid exemption on carried interest. So what you think about this bill. I think we have to mansion motive plumbing has been resisting a lot of these things all along and now he said got all these promises, you know, why would you believe the promises of the Biden ministration, why, why would you believe that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can deliver anything having to do with fossil fuels and they have a very thin margin and there's no reason to believe that the these tax hikes are going to be used in the way that is not done simply to give the Democrats cover forward for the fall elections is about saying look we got something done, we can government give us two more years of our congressional majorities. That's what it's about. And I think for mansion. This must've come down to look Joe, if you want to be a Republican. Go be a Republican but if you're going to stay at the Democrats in the gotta help the party now because the party is about to get swamped in the midterm. So I think ultimately it was about an appeal to mansion. Are you a Democrat or not. And I think he decided look this is the party that brought me to the dance and I'm going to go home with it.

So I me.

This is very much just a test of his party loyalty and he passed on that but he certainly reneged on a lot of promises to a lot of people about not adding to inflation field does not does not do anything to inflation and therefore it just furthers these problems in the title is such an insult, inflation reduction act doesn't even address it. So here's the conclusion if said this is according to the Wall Street Journal today, which I know is a publication respect.

Conclusion if Cinema and other Democrats want to sign up for this ball and chain three months before the election, she will be responsible for the election consequences their new tax on workers are unlikely to be an economic and political winner. While I agree I think that this is kind of dead of the night deal that is done only for political purposes only. To say it deficit the inflation reduction act silly silly. Honey I thought I thought Vladimir Putin was the cause of inflation can you can fix it with a piece of legislation done in the middle of the night.

It doesn't add up. It doesn't make sense.

That's why think it's just purely a political deal for the sake of the Democrats in the fall election right. Thanks so much goes great, my pleasure. Thank you Brian your post, Michael couldn't we come back 1-866-408-7669 AC up there couple lines open and then at the bottom of the air we go to Gov. Mike Huckabee loose in the brain kill me, Joe, your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show a radio show like no other, kill me, you can afford a full tank of gas you can afford a weeks worth of groceries, and what mansion and the Democrats and the president are now proposing two cardinal sins that you don't want to do when the economy is in such dire situation number one is they want to raise taxes in the middle of a recession.

Joe Biden says it's not a recession, global recession it's a recession. Two thirds of the American people believe were in a recession there living at the other as they want to do massive government spending that is 725 page bill and it's over billion dollars a page. At the time and work 40 year high inflation. This is going to make inflation worse and then send her temper so it's not unusual for him to have come out against the program. The past by pure Democrats for Democrats. But there is some fossil fuel things in their so it's like to Joe mansion got nothing. Let's go to the phones right now.

Alex was you loosing over in Brooklyn on WABC hallux: I wanted to say that the Democrats are now taking Walt to another level because were in a recession right calendar solution to that is to spend more money bypassing anti-inflation built and that's what caused the problem of spending it with court put us in this inflation crisis in the first place. What Democrats are doing is they're identifying the problem and solution and that's what they're spending more money problem and I also wanted to say that it's interesting that the Democrats now realized after all this time blaming the other party going to help the American people aren't buying it. They're not blaming Trump for this recession but not blaming the Republicans what they're doing is now changing. What a recession is there. Thank that definition of confession something other than what it is moving away from blame game, game, because people think they realize that people aren't buying it any longer, I think so, and the fact is examined is climate change stuff down her throat to the time in which we are telling a crisis from baby formula supply chain issues overall to the fact is we have a situation with 11 million open jobs and economy. Two months of negative growth and they were okay, now's the time to go for clean energy absently not see how bad it's getting over in Europe. They are so desperate for natural gas or oil they are telling people no longer get hot showers in Germany know anything about the natural gas what we could be doing over there if we focused on getting us through this crisis. Now and then gradually use technology to transition to cleaner fuels for right now China locked up this the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. Inflation reduction act were investing were not spending money were investing with taking $3.5 trillion aspirational bill that I never could come to an agreement on any way shape or form, but I tried couldn't get there and we taken 3.5 trillion of spending down to 400 million of investing without raising any taxes whatsoever with closing loopholes and raise any tax well to set the case of the Wall Street Journal's Henry $626.7 billion in people to make less than 200,000 and 14 billion on people to make between 200 and 500,000 manufacturing to the greatest hit I have nothing but respect for Joe mansion is done.

The last year and 1/2, but I found this bill in particular from what I know I'm real 700 pages total mystery. Gov. Huckabee is seen at all.

Fox's contributor, former Arkansas Gov. Gov., you know we've been heralding which Joe mentions done. I want to jump ship yet but this is does have some fossil fuel provisions in it, but for the most part I find it baffling that he signed off on it. Do you really do not that much different from the one that he said he would never support because it would raise inflation even if said this weekend with Brett. There that you know he realized that the last big spending bill contributed to inflation, he wouldn't be doing that again and you turn around and do it again. It makes no sense to me. I think that one of the sort of political nuances gaming plays a lot of political people do it I understand it, but saying all were not raising taxes were closing loopholes. Brian, you close the loophole to raising taxes that originally have been carved out for good reason and people here at work loophole.

I think all yeah got to get rid of those loophole sometimes means is that our tax policy was counterproductive to the economy. It was hurting people, manufacturing building, creating jobs, so let's take the current provision that you can completely expense out an expense of the major piece of equipment and put all 100% of that equipment in one year for tax purposes.

That's a huge benefit. I don't want to get the weeds but bottom line is you take that away and people don't buy big ticket items wanted that matter, because somebody's got to make that big piece of equipment.

Somebody's got a service somebody to sell it.

Somebody got a deliberate and you know whose job it lost, not the people at the top. The people at the bottom that you suffers when those kind of quote loopholes get close to 16 326 9 billion for energy and climate programs right there.

This is not the time to do it.

I know there's no time in which were awash in cash and it's time to buy that island. We always dreamed of. I get with this is supply chain issues were coming off a pandemic. The places like China can even shake they disliked out a million people.

The other day so we have all these challenges right now with the rising inflation 9% and this is seen pure agenda. What I find most is the most despicable is the name of the bill, Gov. inflation reduction act is no there's nothing that reduces inflation. In this act like me saying that the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Golden corral the calorie reduction act not know what it I mean come on this is nonsense, but this is the political game.

These guys play. I'm sick of it and I hope the American people will see through it and realize their band had the worst part of this is that this pretense that were to equate the green new deal with all this money in renewable energy which were not ready for.

And somehow encourage people got bond electric car for the people who can afford a bond electric car probably Artie bought one. The people that were struggling to pay for the car gasoline and pay their rent and put groceries on the table, telling them to go by $70,000 electric car is like going to the homeless shelter and sent hey you guys get off your rear ends and got Bob, million dollar home, then you will be homeless and use stupidity if I could live in $1 million home, that's what I'd be doing but I can't stand in its taken homeless shelter know it's sort of like the great five skip when the motivational speaker played by the absolutely amazing Chris Farley said I'm living in a van down by the river. We got a lot of conflict in a van down by the river and we got this administration, tell them to go out and spend money and bond electric car. It's insanity. Elizabeth Warren kinda blew the party opened by saying I love this. Overall, this is the quote Democrats would you doing about the final bill which will pump hundreds of billions of dollars into low carbon energy technologies like wind turbine, solar panels, electric vehicles would put the United States on track to slash its greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 2005 levels by 2030 great and what is China doing building coal plants were they using to use that to fuel their economy and surpass us and you think Rush is concerned about climate change as their torturing prisoners in the country.

They invaded its arm in Iran you think the word about climate change. It's it's maddening, especially one affects our daily lives. When you remember you mentioned Joe mansion said about signing onto the rescue act threadbare estimates listen. So last year you said the American rescue plan. The covert release bill would not cause inflation, but most cell beliefs under that that spending that bill did spark the skyrocketing inflation. So why should Americans believe you now when you said that this new bill will not exacerbate inflation. I made sure I will make that mistake again. That's not bottom line make sure I did make that mistake again. How do I do with that answer really beyond me to understand what he basically said what I did before was a big mistake to contribute to inflation, but by golly, I'm gonna do it again and get the same result. Yeah, that is the definition of insanity by every possible person who ever looked at and family it.

It's sort of like saying you were the days of George Washington. You're one of the great students of history of the great writers of history so you will remember that people say George Washington died because in that day. Medical treatment was to let blood out of the person they thought the infection within the blood, and they bled them in the Bleeding George thinking what might be better if we take some more blood out eventually to God bled to death.

That's what they're doing to the economy there bleeding the economy to death somehow believing that if you put enough wages on the American economy and we suck the blood out of it will be healthy but will not die from that and I just wish people could wake up and can't get rid of Democrats in November.

I so four in 10 Americans are forced to cut back on groceries. Do the bite do with many people say is buying inflation this going to a new study by Suffolk County study of Suffolk University study. They asked our respondents about their habits.

They also say we have sold between 60 and seven show the country already living paycheck to paycheck, percentage of registered voters coming back 58% driving less 48% postponing or canceling vacations 45% cutting back spending on groceries. As I mentioned before. 43%. Everybody's lifestyle has been affected and when you come back and said the deficit reduction act and what they're doing is telling you will eventually get a bill solar panels when 80% of solar panels are made in China and between 90 and 95% of the materials used for the batteries we need for the electric cars.

We don't have are contained or owned by China. We have to suspend believe that this is positive for America right now. What we really do all China recovery act so that the Chinese economy will get back on track after they unleashed the virus on the world why people don't see through this. I don't understand. Are we protecting Hunter Biden's business interests over there love to know, but we are not protecting American jobs and American technology. It simply is going to do more damage to the average American household that this is I think of the whole program designed by people who have never signed the front of the paycheck and as a result, they just don't understand what it's like to try to make a business work and pay their employees and meet the payroll every week, and the truth is they don't have to because they can keep spending money were broke and the bottom line about America with 31 trillion in debt without so when you're broke. You don't go out and see if you can spend another few trillion. Just throw on top of that I so you over the weekend. The live tournament came to New Jersey Bedminster and I just thought it was really a relatively entertaining to see them act like you was Donald Trump's idea. He has a great golf course at PJ decide to blow more for political reasons in the live turn becomes absurd. We like to play her.

He says great. Are you amazed Heather trying to link him to the Saudi back league, which by the way they own 23 of Premier league soccer teams. They are very invested in world global soccer as well as there's lot of investments here so we could debate this but to see the press go out of their way to act like was Donald Trump's idea because he owns a golf course astounded me. Nothing surprises me about the mainstream media anymore and hatred toward Dalai Lama Gov. looking any day per headline that says Donald Trump kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. He was the one who brought down the Hindenburg and he started the Civil War in 1860 look for that any day the headlines of the New York Times.

Do you think the president is going to run again, I think so.

I don't know what he certainly hasn't told me but all the indication of doing that you think that he should announce before the midterms. No, absolutely not. I think it would be a huge disaster mistake if he were to announce this for the midterms because right now the focus needs selling completely on getting Democrats out of control of the House and Senate and setting up for a much better situation going into 2024 and to distract the American public from those elections in November. I think would be a huge mistake that could have disastrous consequences to telnet.

Oh, absolutely.

Yeah, I mean if he asked me.

I'll tell them I don't know that if you asked me but I'm if he's listening today which I'm sure he listens to Ron kill me every day. That would be my exact advice. Please hold off any announcement about what that would be true for any presidential candidate. You know it's it's like don't take a date to your wife's funeral. Make sure that you know you let the whole thing play out a little bit and you do things in the proper order and it's just out of really out of sequence to be planning the 2024 election before you even have the 2022 election right that's very good etiquette advice. Don't take a day to a funeral. I've never seen it but it says it all so appropriate to take a day to a funeral like that, people will talk when and when you do that Riley will cover thanks so much because you have the real-world experience of the NASDAQ thankfully governor thanks so much appreciated.I Gov. Mike Huckabee 1-866-408-7669 will finish this hour with some phone calls also want to talk touch on a little when Nancy Pelosi is doing and is also of note thing we have not really discussed much of late and that is into the midterm, specifically in the governor's race expense against trump to pick candidates in Missouri who can replace Sarah Blunt if it's Eric right is good have a hard uphill battle.

We know that because it digs the disastrous way he ended his governorship, so that'll be trouble, so we'll see. This is the bread and by the way, some bad information is out there about Dr. Oz as well as Herschel Walker and people saying these are candidates that are wallowed and struggled just not true.

I'll explain when we come back, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me if you're interested in Brian's talking about your with Brian kill me to support him if he didn't run 24.

I'm not getting the 20 4R. Right now, how about this idea. Rather you talk to your donors about possibly running 24.

Again, I'm not getting the 2024. I matter what happens in 2024 me plenty of politics between now and then. Can't we just fix what's in front of us right now.

Well I think he's in a run. I know we 72 I think 70 3B. He's young. Obviously, vibrant, and I know a lot of people listen right now are in their 70s and 80s the new 50s.

I think that even the new 60s and 50s way people keep themselves fit, if they're lucky enough to avoid serious illness.

So I think that Joe mansion pretty pretty fit guy would run.

I'd be fascinated to see him in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Otto, you do.

If they reject Elizabeth Warren. They rejected everybody.

I mean the kind of I think they, like Bernie Sanders and I what many went to New Hampshire so I is as Joe mansion can be hated by South Carolina Democrats is that there is it's easier to be hated by Nevada Democrats would every time I brought up Joe mansion as disappointed as I am with this piece of legislation to me is the best option for Democrats, Harris certainly is not a legitimate option. She might be jam down our throat, which is not legitimate people to judge is remarkably unqualified, arrogant, smug nobody.

I don't think anybody really is charmed by him, let him be charmed by by the Transportation Department. If you try to get on a plane try to get on the train. If you wanted to see our supply chain. Save yourself. I can't believe the earlier part of the project are coming in. I can't believe a plane landed on time then you're living in the country so in terms of performance. He's not the guy Amy Coburn sure is trauma's and evidently she's hell on wheels to work for. So to me, you would be a sum by the Democrats should probably take a look at with the are doing the Democrats with I think five more primaries tomorrow. Is this the putting money in to the most pro-trump election was stolen candidates out there millions of dollars in there that's right. Douglas Triano the most. Triano is the with the gubernatorial nominee in Pennsylvania.

By the way is within five points. Susan page says this is really risky to do this because I have a lot of pro-trump nominees. There is a lot of passion in the year in which people aren't necessarily pleased Democrats got 27 is risky and it's hypocritical.

It's risky because sometimes the candidate don't expect when they started in think anywhere in an office. The critical thing has been saying that election deniers threatened our very democracy. So you're going to go out and in effect campaign for an election. Deniers I because that made a political calculation that it might serve your interest. I think it means to that's seen the high ground on this.

I think you two James Carville says is nothing wrong with the other people really upset about it and and that you said to me if you want to come out and you want it in each of you promote somebody as an opponent did you think you do better than I get it, but actually write a multimillion dollar check for an opponent.

You think you can be easier to imagine you're in a final four and you go out.

I hope I hope Gonzaga Wednesday as we do better against them and I don't know going injury another player on the other team or giving the place to the other team were to Gonzaga so they do well to beat them in the final something unethical about it but go ahead live with yourself. It doesn't really matter. I think in the other side. As you heard Gov. Huckabee loses stanch a prison trump supporters anyone I know, including his daughter. I think Gov. Huckabee is even more of a fan terrible idea to announce before November you're running this present.

He basically was telling people to turn over the weekend I pretty much made up my mind. Terrible idea. Why because it gives Democrats who already bring millions of dollars to talk about 2020 to promote candidates to want to talk about 2020 and now all of a sudden the saved not only with about 2020 if you vote for him or her you got Donald Trump know you might love that Donald Trump had a run in that candidate food you're telling about his independence about moderates the people actually swing elections and right now the Trump name as currently being marketed is not big for moderates and independents is think about when you lose right from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thank you. Be in their body is the brain to me Joe, we have a lot on agenda today. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I truly believe that you'll enjoy this upcoming hour that Bradberry just did a fantastic job hosting Fox News Sunday the bottom of the hour and that'll be great, and also were going to have along with that Jonathan Ward standing by author of China's vision of victory and the founder of Atlas organization so Jonathan Ward's got to give his perspective on the Pelosi trip and who is behind maybe blowing it up will talk about that and those also take your calls. But right now from 40th and six in midtown Manhattan. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three close election almost everywhere and it's a 50-50 country.

So I think it way too early for either side would be assuming that I have a great election or disaster for that matter.

This fall inside hundred days of the midterms where we stand.

Party to party, face-to-face, race to race will take a glance scale. This is all about fighting inflation. That's what it's about.

Inflation is just absolutely destroying families across West Virginia across America mislabeled disappointed and deceive that so I assess the inflation reduction act co-authored by Joe mansion. Any examination of the contents of the 700+ pages shows it doesn't even address inflation. Why start with a long line like telling Nancy Pelosi where she can and cannot go. She's been protesting on his hip. Tiny record on human rights since he arrived in Congress. Decades ago, and I do not think shall be swayed by another Democratic president Susan page of USA Today did a biography on Nancy Pelosi. I say letter land. That's what it meant.

That's in America's best interest when it comes to the speakers visit to the region and to Taiwan. China's threats are something that should be candidate should be digested, but also confronted, also special thanks to Kale BJ in Austin when it was so excited to be back on the brain to me Joe so excited to be back on in Austin Texas NewsRadio Kale BJ 590 so it's bringing Jonathan more Jonathan right now the belligerence from China has astounded me.

The direct threats are something that makes me feel as though we should double and triple down on going to Taiwan with the speakers plane. Do you agree with you what I think the speakers trip in many ways is the right thing to do told us where our values were not really. I think a place that wants to let the People's Republic of China dictate what is going on in the Pacific and in the history of title I of the course you know very carefully established. We would maintain a relationship with them. Provide defensive weapons and you know Congress's direction. Really when we established phonetic relations with the people to public return in 1979 with that that would be predicated on the idea that if anything were to be resolved between Taiwan and China would be done by peaceful soak in a Beijing in many ways undermine the entire substance of the US China relationship here by undergoing so many provocations in recent functional line consults with making clear in the creek no limit to document the table country support each other in Europe and on Taiwan social work dealing with unit two countries not to try to take apart the US-led order and I think it's important to show resolve live fire live fire exercises right by Taiwan making threatening measures, threatening words they had destroyers out there in the open seas. Meanwhile, the Chinese Navy was conducting military size of the southern coast. The gonna be doing that again. They say it was scheduled before I highly doubt it so far. We understand the Pelosi.

They also made a gesture and if I could paraphrase, that if these did that of Pelosi's plane is escorted by fighter jets that will be a declaration of war. Really their affiliated media Chinese affiliated media set of Pelosi really visits Taiwan as planned.

I thought the Taiwan authorities will be an accomplice.

The main they will deftly carry out severe punishment. What is behind those words like the character trying to tell us everywhere that they can.

There threatening official and aggression which parts of the course and ramping up their rhetoric and direction from the church is definitely going to hire higher numbers of the past 12 to 18 months and this is all I think Tom predates. Certainly this is because we cut at this point, a string of congressional visits and and former senior officials going to Taiwan so Internet sent a less restrictive is not out of the ordinary. And Beijing is now. I think trying to to assert itself in and tell us what we can and cannot do what is our guest. He's also Chinese vision victory. So Jonathan if other Congress sitting congresspeople and den and VIPs have gone to Taiwan and obviously the president made his statement that will militarily defend Taiwan if there invaded, which was which was walked back by his administration then doubled down by the president. He's getting a pass on that so what what is this about present she's reelection… You know what the election actually become part of the gratifying did not ratify his third term that's been on the books for a while now so I think there is to it that we overlook in the US, which is the military nationalism that has been ginned up and talk to the general public in China by the Communist Party and I think it is sort of the rhetoric appeals to many of Persuasion. Ballistic politics aspect of the boots also that she can think is his view of his own legacy. If it keeps going to show the world's many with the power of the Chinese military.

That's what I've been telling people were dealing with for a long time and then you I think is the trend. On one hand, events like this could include set, but it's a much deeper think it's not that this one visit is created. These dynamics between China and the United States that we were dealing with dealing with a hostile adversarial nation built the military to find as its leader say to fight and win the war against the character of the national against her neighbors and then certainly including the kind of things that are being tested should trying to fix that's been true for years now since that warning that people like myself and try to tell America that were dealing with a place that basic premise of the US China relationship engage unit will create an angle lined up with with a friendly places this is false and ends and deepen you know preparing. I think for conflict with us for quite some time and and and that something would want us to get too stuck on the immediate attempts because were dealing with a far greater issue. It would be to counter that. That's why it's very important that the end of the day to make sure that we are providing the right defensive posture in the Pacific right weaponry to Taiwan which is entirely consistent with our diplomatic relations absolutely quickly want to hear Jonathan I want you here Josh grew Josh Rogan's assessment was imposed on the scene and contributor assessment on what's going on with Pelosi's trip.

Why was it announced in April wises such a big deal now and August. Listen what Biden did was somebody confirm the trip, which is closely secret, all pointed is that you go you don't tell the Chinese too far in advance that may have time to threaten you for a bunch of months and then everybody gets all scared you don't go through the whole point is to keep it a secret until he basically touched down sub- that plan. First of all second of all, he revealed that the administration of these concerns that his staff had been trying to work it out with Pelosi behind the scenes quietly so you really screwed up the negotiations of the same time because you know they're trying to convince policy hey listen to lectures delaying maybe after election. When you're not really speak written by me shall be speaker but you won't be speaker be okay and then button click without losing people like what the heck. Now they feel like they have to go right in the time since today the administration says it will go out and ask her not to go so you'll probably end up going when you think about that behind-the-scenes posture how awkward and amateurish is that there is no question that there is some. The vision for what right way to Chris proceeded here is and yes it is a high level visit. I think that's the what really counts about this and it comes at a United. I think what good time with therapy unit during the conflict in Ukraine.

I'm in this these are events that the precipitate so so I can come to me. The fact that this was history coordinated and in the best way is also unit women were dealing with the world. I think unraveling against us. We didn't create so to me that's not really our fault.

We have to decide when and where were going to continue with a strategy that shows results in both Europe and decided by our enemies that we can be dissenting families can be decided through weakness use Richard Haas on this whole phone call issue on the on the buying cheap phone call which also is is crazy because we can't get a clear read about what was actually said and not said because we hear from the Chinese side that the present never even brought up the Uighurs being genocide and systematically eliminated from the face of the earth and and take part in slave labor.

Listen, if there's any inflaming going on. It's coming from China side there's nothing new in our policy we have said time and time again the president said it yesterday. We stand by the one China policy, we do not favor Taiwan's independence, the speaker of the house is made clear. She's not going to Taiwan to fan independence holes on Taiwan show there's no big push for independence. Let's get real here. Changing thing has also some economic problems. He wants an unprecedented third term to be greenlighted this fall in the party which wants to attract and distract the attention away from China's economy maybe thinks you were were distracted by Ukraine are internal things. This is a self generated for domestic political consumption crisis. We can debate the wisdom of the speaker going.

She's not the first speaker to go to China. Newt Gingrich went cabinet officials all the time. Again, this is taking place within the context of existing policy. So I really think this is much more about Chinese domestic politics than it is about American foreign policy will that's interesting because we know they locked in a million citizens in Wuhan. We know there's a youth unemployment issue.

There we know the economy is beginning to slow so Jonathan Ward final question, what shape is China in Wellington. I think they are going going through some real hurdles but at the same time not scaled-back or economic relationship. We continue to invest, transfer, technology, and we continue to buy enormous scripts. All of that is part of what's keeping their economic trajectory going and people are still willing to invest in this country because they secret so entirely the genuine economic strategy. I think the problems that were describing her not you know slow them down enough and Dr. Hoss is right that this is very consistent with US policy over decades now and really what were dealing with is much more dangerous and assertive China but that's not just she didn't think that was always in the plant.

All right. Thank you and appreciate your insight. Jonathan Jonathan Ward.

He is the author of Chinese nation to victory in sound of the Atlas organization. Thanks, Jonathan, thank you. I listen we come back I'll take your phone calls, 186-640-8766 on the part of the hour will talk to Brett bear about what's happening in Washington this week is the present test positive again for covert, 19 they called a rebound effect. I'll talk about that and what it means for him as well as the chances of this most in mansion Schumer alliance resulting in a bill because after all, Sen. Dick Durbin tested positive. You have to be in person to vote on this, they gonna lead people who are or covert positive vote and will even get Kristin Cinemas vote. This is a brain, tell me show you something new every day, for I am kill me show radio that makes you think this is Brian show.

But the reality is that people still can't afford gas when I'm nervous about is with this training, conflict price is more expensive, scarce reality for them is that this is legislation. It doesn't affect them the moment they wake up in the morning at the moment to go to sleep at night and that's the challenge for the president and Franklin is really alarmed by the way, the division of the country even indicated things were on the customer Civil War we just look to please legislation on this week which were seven Annapolis that had Jonathan call this weekend and say look, I'm looking at this and I'm just saying you are will cut up and what Joe mentioning Chuck Schumer's doing. I don't know this can be good long-term and short-term, it doesn't address anything that really affects the American people. The American people concerned with everyday things and as I know, six in every 10 maybe seven every 10 live paycheck to paycheck, hard-working people putting the 401(k) and pension Social Security to allow them to get to retire at 65 or 70.

They see this happening in the sea. While this isn't interrupting my daily lifestyle, or would you do is you go shopping instead say well it's a little more expensive and get what I need to get a barbecue coming up. You put on the credit card, then your bills get a little bit higher.

It's a it's a treadmill you can't win. Here's Karl Rove. He was on with me on one nation last night and he said one thing I hate is the title of the whole bill for 2020 it either.

He doesn't know what were living through or he knows were living through it is trying to tell us that it ain't bad and and neither one of those is is is good for his standing with the American people. There is a reason why this president has the worst approval numbers of any modern president at this time in his term in his first term that don't nobody cut me out.

Nobody else is as bad as this guy. And it's because he and the people around him in the White House have misplayed things like this.

Time and time again you puke you put your finger on it that the cobble was a great success in his and that through fantastic and inflation transitory and now it's transition not recession. I mean, were not that dumb dumb it all and so the question is what are you going to do now, what I thought to is you have these other guys from the Fed and the sky new Kashkari we see them on before talk about the state of the economy to -2 negative quarters on growth on the GDP. That doesn't return them as much as some other things and what he's doing in code is saying he's upping interest rates cut 23 over the short-term demand side effects totally swamped the supply side effects and so I look at a bill that's been. Consider the two senators talked about.

My guess is over the next couple years is talking to have much of an impact on inflation. It's not will affect how I analyze inflation over the next 10 years. I think long-term. It may have some effect but over the near term. We have a acute mismatch between demand and supply, and it's really up to the Federal Reserve to be able to bring that demand down you now you take to let you know how you bring the demand down make things affordably make people stop spending. You make the supply stop, you make people stop ordering too much during the supply chain as you have some money in place of mortars helps the economy but he can't get the supply. He restrains the economy.

People get upset things. It's our phone apart. Businesses can execute.

So how do you get the man down its code code as you make interest rates go up. Therefore, you don't spend as much. Maybe you not buying the house is made you cool off the housing market that bothers me. That's code for I get a soda on the consumer in the economy that you and when we see stats that are out there now that 40% of you are postpone or change a vacation 50% over 50%. Change the things that you by 46% don't buy as much when you go shopping, food shopping, that's the average everyday person and that's who's gonna win or lose this election and I think Enos and abortion matters. Absolutely the guns matter school safety matters, but right now it's pretty overwhelming when it comes to budgetary matters and with helping Donald Trump is that with regardless of the rush investigation in January 6 the average family was having a much better time even during the pandemic financially and felt better about the country than they do right now and you can't say bad luck, Mr. Pres., you could say bad moves. Mr. Pres., more agenda, more agenda items and items that we need your agenda, not ours right to mature threadbare here next move, breaking news, unique opinion. All Brian show last year. Use of the American rescue plan covert relief bill would not cause inflation most is now leaves under the spending that bill, spark the skyrocketing inflation. So why should Americans believe you now when you say that this new bill will not exacerbate inflation. I made sure I will make that mistake again. That's not bottom line make sure I did make that mistake again. But he just did make the mistake again. It was great question break their people to black Fox news anchor special report and just special Fox news Sunday, so bright it was.

I was confused by his answer. Yeah.

He was all over the map… Waving off the nonpartisan assessments of the bill about raising taxes in different ways about inflation going up at the beginning and maybe decreasing at the end of the roughly at zero. According to the Wharton school. At that Patton and I thinks listen I don't know that he has answers and I I wonder if they're going to get some of those votes in the end it's going to be tight. I think the fact that 700 pages were written and into the tips. Bill passed. It's like that. Look, it's all done. Not not the framework not in understanding not not a summary but it was done just to the point that was the question you asked, we have it here, so let's listen to St. Joe mansion on the criticism that this is going to the surgery been studied and it's not really going to affect inflation upon inflation positively cut 16. There are some analysis groups, nonpartisan groups, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton school says the act would very slightly increase inflation until 2024.

Then Dean can decrease inflation. After that, but it says roughly it's indistinguishable from zero, and they don't think you will have an impact on inflation. So that's a group looking at this bread I respectfully disagree on that but you know what we can have differences of opinions we have 17 Nobel laureates of time before say that all inflation is going to be transitory, so people have difference of opinion. Right you said over and over again.

He did all the siliceous go ahead well.

I just think answer is not. Not a great spot to be that you don't have answers and I think I think it's going to be a tough sell, but they may have the numbers yet Christian Cinema and all of the people who are out, currently two to BM to be votes see a couple of things you mean without COBIT so looks like dirt have tested positive in mansion which is coming off testing positive. And now with these rebounds off packs of fill. They say that right Errico seem to save. I seem to read. I just pick a different drug celebrity pack 11 yeah I stay I just yell out different drug so please don't take your medical advice from this you. Yes, so, so good in fact the everybody you don't know if a who's gonna be around. They can afford to have one and what happens is there is there a way to vote remotely in the Senate now know so I mean they would have to get those people you know you go back to 1986 Pete Wilson from California, then rolling man on the gurney from the hospital with IBM to cast a vote on Reagan's budget because I needed the boat so you can imagine Dick Durbin bio Street or Nelson or Lahey, and that and it happened before.

So if they need to vote you figured out so you were there and he chose your show when you doing talking Sunday to come out and say it's dead, there would be back better is dead is did you notice they didn't seem like the same guy. He didn't seem sheepish. I think he seemed relatively I think he seemed as though he felt as though he was doing a good thing. Yeah, her impression was very different Joe mansion always nods resolute immunity is clearly making compromises and you know like even on the electric vehicles. The subsidies no answers yet to do something first to get the stuff produced in certain US before you get the substance, but it's in the bill and similar taxes on coal plants so are increases in the IRS 87,000 more agents that increase audits so some stuff that doesn't sit on a bumper sticker mentor Kristin Welker said about Christian Cinema on Meet the Press cut 22. All eyes are on test in Cinemax is 13 said that they were in the works you the belts over the weekend. I've been talking to a sources close to the senator thou who points to the fact that this new reconciliation bill includes the carried interest provision that she has long said that she opposes mansion's team says tough they're not taking it out, but this could be where battle lines get drawn. The question is no check is just too much pressure on sentiment that she need to find a way to support this, that she find a compromise in some other area like prescription drugs.

That's where you have some Democrats and what they might be able to move a little bit and give her a win but she wasn't a part of these final-round discussions and that could create a last-minute care right and there was legitimate II said I read how she wishes walk around. Someone came up to and she had no idea that this deal was done in the bill had been written so we don't know. I mean which you stand without mansion maybe amateurs. She was completely blocked and he didn't bring a setting and bring you want to have disappointed again but seem like he wanted to get there after taking the wiki, but we should point out that there's not just send them senators who are on the line with the top boat here Mark Kelly Maggie Hassan Cortez, master of the data not easy votes on some provisions that are easy to pick apart in the commercial know. I see that China controls more than 80% of the solar panel production how that includes 95% of the production of certain elements that are essential to making the panel, including poly silicon and in different wafers. Much of the poly silicon supply for the worlds of solar panels is processed in China where companies are accused of using the obviously forced labor. We all know that. So if this is the deal and they can be made Americans could fortify America where we get the front? And you know you got go all out to bring that production on a number of fronts, not just output pharmaceuticals back from China into US and that takes you know, guts and foreign policy and Congress are not great job you say. By the way, I just got a bring you to see when your passion sets golf. What is your take on the golf to live golf tour as we know it. The New Jersey Bedminster tournament people point out the word that many people on Facebook live watching but they do have David Faraday in the wings bring to the broadcast that I can get Berkeley but what about the roster of players in the quality of play and then the new format that you've seen well personal I think without a broadcast. It's really tough to not cutting 400,000 viewers or something that's not average for a PGA Tour event. I think the format a little screwy in that another winner could be finishing up on 18 and the nearest challenger is on three and four because they have a shotgun start so it's a little weird but I do think that the quality players is going up. I get more money and you can focus got money. So the list is growing and it's now getting to critical mass here eventually PGA Tour wheezing cat has it happened today. Did they qualify as subpoints tournament they could get players qualified for the majors. I don't think so.

We have the way in the world golf Association, but I think that the costs out to 54 hold that concept to and it's more of an exhibition, but there to make an argument. Some of these guys you plan on the Japanese tour now to get global ranking points are that they can plan majors.

I break the best of luck and how you doing it.

I mean, because I knew takes like a whole full day of studying for Fox News Sunday gets to approach silica new new issues but to do staff, how you doing with it. Well, you have 7 billion shows that this only Fox News Sunday and you're the editor you gotta come up with all this means filling here and there, but it mean that I was talking to people that also do the show. They say it takes a full day like you to sit and go over all these different they overstating it, or they'd try to get a lot of the staff is great and it helps that I do on Monday through Friday show warm talk about social little but plug-and-play. But I don't think some work I like to go to gets so upset the new stone week.

I agree with you, so I enjoy your time I know you look forward to more did I know a lot of times you looking forward to Monday noon concentrate on Fox News Sunday, right as I was saying to Allison when we cancel so we could focus on Fox News Sunday and then put them back on the schedule the last minute that help me out. Yeah okay I know not help you focus you looking for what you wearing now and I don't I don't have your wardrobe deal for for the radio appearances went for a workout.

I'm getting ready to get ahead into the office so what's the perfect, I love my timeless Jamaican French right. That's the old name of the show, but I understand you right hello watching tonight on special report that is break their multifaceted 14 is for the top of the hour again.

Special thanks to Kale BJ Austin you put us back on for an hour and was thrilled great to a great state great city NewsRadio Kale BJ 590.

This is the Branko Mitchell radio show people for the kill made the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me doesn't change it for mandatory discretionary is really about It's about putting And Getting a Sunset Clause for 10 Years Now We've Been through This with the 9/11 First Responders Were to Lease Amendment Wants to Do Is Make Sure That Our Second Time Veterans Have the Pleasure That Are 9/11 First Responders at Ground Zero of Having to Come Back to Washington Cancer and March to the Whole Bill for Money to Lease Amendment Is Still Mandatory. There's Been No Change While Would Hide the Way I Understand It, Jon Stewart Is Going to Bat for Veterans and This Was All Signed Sealed Delivered, but Democrats Moved from Nondiscretionary Spending Which Means It's All Dozens Are Provided to Sky Get Paid Every Know Every Year. Like for Example the Pentagon Budget Gets Debated Every Year. Not That's Discretionary You Have To Put That Much Money and You Could Put in More Money.

They Moved It to Nondiscretionary so Becomes Automatic Payment Every Year and They Said When Second Now. That Leaves a 40 Billion Slot There and You Can Put Anything You Want into It and He Thought Democrats Would Do Anything They Want and Put That into It. Here's What Pat Toomey Said Cut 20 This Is the Oldest Trick in Washington People Take a Sympathetic Group of Americans and It Could Be Children with an Illness That Could Be Victims of Crime. It Could Be Veterans Who Been Exposed to Toxic Chemicals Crafted Bill to Address Their Problems and Then Sneak in Something Completely Unrelated That They Know Could Never Pass on Its Own and Dear Republicans to Do Anything about It Because They Know They'll Unleash Their Allies in the Media and Maybe a Pseudo-Celebrity to Make up False Accusations to Try to Get Us to Just Swallow What Shouldn't Be There. That's What's Happening. He's Talking about Pseudo-Celebrities Meeting Jon Stewart.

He Went on to Say This Cut 31 Let Me Be Very Clear. Republicans Are Not Opposed to Any of the Substance of the Pack That the Honest Republican Honest Democratic Colleagues Will Fully Acknowledge That My Objection and If I Get My Way Again My Change. It Will Not Change by One Penny.

Any Spending on Any Veterans Program.

It's Not Really about Veteran Spending It's about What Category of Government Bookkeeping. They Put the Veteran Spending in My Change the Honest People Acknowledge You Will Have No Effect on the Amount of Money or the Circumstances under Which the Money for Veterans Is Being Spent. We Are Spending Way Too Much Money to Use to Hide behind a Veterans Bill the Opportunity to Go on an Unrelated $400 Billion Spending Spree Is Wrong and We Shouldn't Allow It. So the Understand What's Going on There. It's Really Not Bad Guys. I Don't Care about the Military. Good Guys I Care about the Military. I Assume Jon Stewart to Be Sincere but Just Amazing.

He's If This Rose Goes to Come out and Eviscerate Republicans and for the Most Part Mitchell, but There Is More, More Complexity to It. So We'll See What Happens. I Sure As to Get past but I Just Want to Make Sure They Don't Take a Whole Bunch of Stuff to with Its Agenda Driven Set of Veterans Driven.

Let's Find out If There's More to Know Know This First Story Stuns Me to Sean Watson News Had 23 Accusations of Sexual Harassment, She's Me Sexual Assault Will Get Six Weeks Band, Just a Six Week Span before He Can Make His Debut with the Browns Out Of the Week Seven As Part of the Probe Deletes Investigator Spoke to At Least 10 of the Women Originally Filed Litigation against Watson, a Source Told the Sports yet about Obtain Information for the Pretrial Process in the Civil Lawsuit, None of Which Were Sealed by Presiding Judges. The Pretrial Process Included Watson Sitting for Multiple Depositions. Ultimately Concluded on June 30. Independent Hearing Officer Sue Robinson Presided over the Three Day Disciplinary Hearing with the NFL and NFL PA That of the Union Presented Their Cases Days before the Series Began. It Was Reported That the NFL Push for a One-Year Suspension Source Told Your Yahoo Sports of the NFL. One of the Public to Know That If Push for That Year-Long Suspension before the Discipline Hearing, so by the Oasis Six Week Schedule Grade. I Think We Were Just over This Top Rating of Four Weeks for the Fighting Football yet Focus Is 20 Fleeting Accusers Yeah They Likely Want 502 Ensuing That Span Now This with the As We Were Talking of 18 Game Schedules Is 1/3 Reason That the President Was to Blame the Date They Want to Sean Watson to Be the Franchise Quarterback. The Next for Five Years and They Paid a Ton of Money. Here's My Question. Now He's Eligible to Play in the Preseason Right Now He Say He Is I Think Is Absolute When You Dig You Valiantly Don't. You Also Want to Put Time to See Who Can Be the Guy for Your First Third of the Season.

Why You Have in a Way That's True.

I Think They Decided Preview.

We Do This Trustee Who Else They Signed Okay Yeah Next Russell past with the 8088.

His Family Said It Was a Very Heavy Heart. There like to Pass along to Bill's Friends and Followers Build the Most Prolific Winner in American Sports History, Passed Away at 88 with His Wife Jeannie by His Side Arrangements for Tomorrow Be Announced He Was of Those Two Times the Chairmanship in High School Were to Glimmer the Incomparable Run of Pure Team Accomplishment Twice and NCAA Champion Catherine Goldman Winning Team in the Olympics. 11 Time NBA Champions and at the Helm of Two NBA Championships Is the First Player Black Head Coach, That's Pretty Amazing. Next Samuel Sandoval among the Last Navajo Code Talkers Passed Away at 98 Know We Did in World War II. That Is Pretty Amazing What a Life He Had for the Marines. Star Trek Actress Nicole Nichols Said 89 Remember Watching Her Next Happy Couples Say the Key to a Happy Relationship Is the Unit 222 Rule Get This Tria Swing Date Every Two Weeks. Not a Swinger Date a Weekend Away Every Two Months in a Week Away Every Two Years, That According to a Study on Reddit Is the Key to a Successful Relationship.

I Don't Think That's Possible but It's Good to Have an Aspiration That Way Is Very Tough. I Don't Really Take Vacation Will Take Occasion until He Gets Sick of Us and with the Final Letter That Jacob Person Is the Backup Quarterback Josh Rose and Josh Rosen over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Box, Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not or Wherever You Get Your

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