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Manchin Doubles Down, Pelosi Stares Down China

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 3, 2022 12:56 pm

Manchin Doubles Down, Pelosi Stares Down China

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 3, 2022 12:56 pm

[00:10:15] Griff Jenkins

[00:18:30] Rich Lowry

[00:37:01] Ryan Walters

[00:55:17] Victoria Coates

[01:13:57] Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ)

[01:32:00] Remembering Vin Scully w/ Producer Pete

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Live from the Fox News Rios Rios in New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me. Welcome to the right kill me shall partnering with thousand Pete and Eric, my name is Harry Hurley in for just today Brian will be back tomorrow. Welcome to the right kill me show which sits atop what I call the Mount Rushmore were most important talk radio programs in America today and I don't have Brian for talkers Magazine. My great friend Michael Harrison and their organization a rate Brian as the fourth most important radio talkshow host in America. You can follow and that Brian kill me let me plug Brian's latest book, the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and their battle to save America soul and remind you that you have an opportunity to spend some quality time with Brian coming up kill me live with special guest star comedian Pat O'Rourke, a Newark, New Jersey date is confirmed for this month. August 27 Albany, New York, September 8, Brandon, Mississippi, November 12, Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 13. That'll be very very interesting because out of the five days after decision 2022 wow ticket

Of course, Fox and friends daily from 6 to 9 in the morning and on Saturday nights. Brian Kim one nation with Brian Kim in with an instant replay classic at 11 PM and the first airing at 8 PM. I said this once before O'Brien show my father had a doctrine that he taught me as a young boy and he said, son, if you want something done right you give it to a busy person because the other people have no time. Great to be in for Brian have to begin working a visit with Griff a little bit later in the hour Griff Jenkins live from the southern border and he's got some great projects that were going to share with you when Griff arrives, but this is economics 101 rule on the Brian Kim each show.

You don't raise taxes during a recession. Even Joe mansion agreed with himself until he didn't, and then the Biden administration from the president to the press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre torturing the English language and they won't even admit that were in a recession and they have the audacity they're taking credit they're creating like flyers and all kinds of social media to take credit for the drop in gasoline prices. They crushed us and then it comes down a little bit and they want us to give them. I guess a participation trophy for it and of course Sen. Joe mansion has flipped flopped flipped in a way that I don't think many people saw coming.

There's got to be more to this than we know. Because I took center mansion at his word. He said that no American should have their taxes raised during economic times like this and that was before we were officially in a recession. Let me remind you, candidate Biden for Pres. said any American making less than $200,000 a year. You will not see your taxes raised by one sent so he thought he could do the all socket you know stick it to the rich, the date they never understand free-market economics that the people that that make jobs possible.

When you disproportionately injure them and tax them in ways it's very regressive. Then they lay people off when they disclose a company that they don't need the aggravation anymore and then it's regular working folks that lose their job. Let me remind you, and this is an independent review of the. The Biden it's so ironic I know it's silly inflation reduction act when it does just the opposite will increase inflation and it raises taxes. This independent review of the joint committee on taxation says that those making less than 200,000 a year will pay an additional $16.7 billion towards this so-called inflation reduction act, those between 200,000 and 500,000 you will pay between four a, you'll pay 14.1 billion.

So actually, though the lower wage earners will get hurt more so when I say earlier on Brian show that something happened with Joe Joe Sen. Joe mansion you don't flip-flop like this you don't go from saying you won't do this to doing it five minutes later. In less something happen that we may or may not find out exactly what it was. I won't speculate because I don't know I just know that when he said he wouldn't raise taxes. And we know independently whether it's the University of Pennsylvania Wharton school or what I just shared with you the independent review by the joint committee on taxation or many other people that have studied the so-called inflation reduction act. It's going to raise taxes because it has to be paid for and that's how they do it. That's how the socialist Democrats do it never results into the result that they say. And as always the exact opposite happens. But you know that Joe mansion is taking the heat because this exchange is just delicious with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Joe mansion, who you don't usually as cool as the other side of the pillow. You don't see him lose it like this. Eric cut 15. I'm not talking about the 2022 election in 2024. I have no control over those elections and I'm not going to talk about them that'll skew one of the greatest pieces of legislation and I'm very appreciative that the president has seen it. He's approved case supports it a blessing for that. This is great for America. Can we do something for our country without bringing politics into about. I'm just asking you.

Good job Andrea heat.

You could tell he's taken a need to talk about what, if not now when we talk about you are talking about it and this is not great legislation. Let me also remind I've always been a big believer. It sounds corny, but to fix a problem you have to recognize you have a problem if you're dealing with any type of problem in life, whether it's a substance abuse problem. You cannot get help until you admit you have a problem if you say I don't have a problem. You're not going to get there because you'd not admitting the problem. If you have a structural deficit. If you have another type of operational problem that you have to deal with. You have to say, look, we have a problem here identify the problem and then you come up with solutions. They're not even acknowledging that were in a recession. I remind the listeners of the Brian Kim each show. I believe something you don't need to be reminded of let's make a point of emphasis and say anyhow. 10 out of the last 10 recessions in America when America experiences a contraction for two quarters to consecutive quarters with negative GDP that by definition is a recession. If you go to the dictionary. It's the definition in the dictionary. I know Wikipedia lot changed it and then locked it down a bit. It's unbelievable what's going on that they're allowing a torturing of the English language where this administration won't even admit that were in a recession.

I'm not celebrating that we are rooting for America but it is what it is you. I am a big fan of Annette Harris Faulkner.

She does great work on the Faulkner focus with Sen. mansion Eric cut 10 we got another bottom line on taxes.

Let me say the bottom line on that Harrison, one of the bottom line joint committee on taxation. That opinion was only written by my friends on the Republican side. It was not done by the whole joint committee so that is unfair to so let's be accurate. What were doing here.

Are you saying that Mitch McConnell and others in the Senate are wrong about those numbers and that Americans taxes are not going to go up totally on point totally, absolutely no you are wrong and let's squeeze this in the great philosopher of the podcast or Joe Rogan cut nine people think that it's trivial because they are talking about this economic downturn, but it's not trivial because we've always use the term recession and we always use that term to define whether or not the economic policies that are currently in place. Whether or not the management, the government has done a good job of making sure that the economy stays in a good place they've definitely haven't done that. So in order to escape that in you know, that sort of distinction there literally change the definition which is terrible and it should be pushed back against it a big way it should, it should be something that people get angry about what a euro with definitions in order to pretend that you're doing a good job and you're doing it and were doing it right here today because this is the right kill me showing when we come back. Griff Jenkins either right when we come back or a little bit later this hour back in just a little bit. Thanks for spending this portion of your day with Brian. This is the Brian Kim each show, giving you everything you need to know your Brian kill me precise personal powerful is America's losing in the palm of your thoughts with your updates throughout your busy day.

Subscriber list the metal and Fox News or wherever you did your project Fox News podcasts network been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend dominance podcast.

Listen now by doing a Fox News is so busy he'll make your Brian kill welcome back with Allison Pete and Eric on Harry Hurley filling in just for today for Brian Ryan will be back tomorrow. This is the Brian kill me showing joining us on the Brian kill me Joe newsmaker hotline is the Fox News national correspondent he's at the southern border. He's in Hidalgo right now as we speak and we had the opportunity we could go on Brian show to talk about what Griff would be doing this week and you got some great work broken border crisis is streaming now so you can check that out on Fox nation and today at 11 o'clock broken border crisis live summit riff you got a lot going on.

Welcome to Brian show.

Kool-Aid is always to be with you and Brian listeners and it is an important summit here in number gel on the order right here in the energy sector in Hidalgo just did it for the channel, breaking some numbers I get into but you know this summit is going to have Gov. Albert Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton, along with representative.

I'll Lorenz was give a lot of attention to the first panic Republican elected in this McAllen area where I'm standing right now along with long time. Congressman Henry Cuellar, a Democrat, aborted Democrat whose been sounding the alarm which really shows the bipartisan nature of this crisis in the numbers just quickly finish. The point is that there were in the RDD sector alone when you had a party sector in the del Rio sector, which is where you see are growing every day. Now getting these groups of three or 400 coming just those two sectors alone there been more than 800,000 encounters this fiscal year with three more months to go that matters because the migrants are being bussed in New York City in DC where those mayors are crying foul asking for it to be declared a crisis in thing please stop sending people.

The migrants come from these two sectors, mostly. And this is Ground Zero where we are and you know it really if you connect all the what you're seeing our big city Democrat mayors showing their hand that what's happening at our border now starting to really have an impact in the interior of the United States as regards to just the sheer numbers of people coming because of this administration to open border policies and that doesn't begin to touch the number of criminal migrants, gang members in the unbelievable and present amount of drugs like the deadly sin known coming across going into the heartland report were down to three minutes before a heartbreaker working to make account Griff Jenkins Fox News national correspondent checking in on the Brian Kim each ally from Hidalgo, Texas, and this summit is going to be so relevant it's good be so important because it counters this incredibly intellectually dishonest false narrative of the administration where they keep lying to the right to use that word. We did used to say that in this business, but they're blatantly lying to the American people say at the highest levels saying that the border is locked down just the opposite. Griff is in it you're there when I win dear adjuster Terry Mallorca says that the borderers code security just did recently as I let out an Aspen, Colorado seeking to group believe nothing could be farther from the truth.

Call it what you want.

Lying this statement.

Whatever but it is not accurate that even remotely close our southern border is wide open.

Never been this wide open and that acknowledgment that it is still open is the magnet that is pulling migrants from not just Central America. Like under so go out to Guatemala and El Salvador but also from the soil of Columbia and China and every corner of the globe in that is something that it is ministration doesn't find a way to start putting a stop to it.

Were going to see the likes of a crisis were the guards are so important would never see Griff.

This is a sidebar, but it's an important one. I think because Pres. Biden said not 1 inch.

Not no border wall would be finished.

No border wall would go up.

No, not one panel nothing and are obviously breaking that although they say they're not. They have another way of torturing the language the English language on that, but it seems to me that's clearly to try to aid Sen. Kelly, who's in trouble in Arizona Saturday to finish that open section of the wall, they can call what they want. Griff. But if wall goes up, they can't say you didn't can they, but they are that's right for sectors in Yuma, Arizona, and it will probably help politically. Mark Kelly in his Senate race but the point is that it would acknowledge will be a first acknowledgment that I'm aware of the very first this ministration to listen to border officials who have been saying for decades that walls work, infrastructure, manpower and technology is the three-pronged approach for more than 30 years here in the border that has proven as effective as anything and unfortunately when they took that infrastructure piece out of the equation. We got what you're seeing now. Today's border broken border crisis live summit. This can be streaming at just a little while from now at 11 AM. That's Eastern time.

So just depending on where your listening to the Brian Kim each show. Just adjust your schedule accordingly. But 11 AM Eastern so optionally a different time in the different time zones. But what are you hoping to accomplish Griff. Well Harry I'll be there as well, along with all the special I named her Maria Bartiromo and Lawrence Jones as well and I hope to just get one or two more eyeballs that may not be aware of what we have going on down here and share our story in see for themselves the images see the numbers hear the stories of those who live along the border.

The ranchers, local officials and then they can decide for themselves how important this is. How effective do you think what Gov. Abbott has done by whatever the number is, I think it has made a major statement when the mayor of Washington DC is calling for the National Guard because of the migrants being sent to our nations capital.

I thought that was brilliant because it didn't seem to bother anybody on that side of the aisle, especially that this was happening to border states. But oh my gosh it's it's the end of the world now that is happening here and there blaming Republicans for being political. But what's the problem with this is a beautiful thing and if it everything is is secure, then you should welcome.

Everything and everyone that's coming your way. I think this is really exposed the duplicity of certain people.

Griff was undeniably he got the attention of people like Mayor Bowser Mayor Adams and also do larger extent, the rest of the country because again here in Texas since by demonstration took office in 18 months ago, he launched Abbott that is operational loansharking trying get this under control.

He's apprehended second Texas officials some 300,000 migrant 17,000 criminal migrants carry Griff keep up the great work. Your work is so important because so few people were doing it and you're making such a huge difference to visit with you and be safe. Of course, very you to my friend that's your Jenkins Fox News national correspondent live from Hidalgo, Texas were to be back in just a little bit and when we come back will be joined by Rich Lowry, editor of National review author of the case for nationalism. This is the Brian Kim Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox News by just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber list. Knowing Fox News by just information you want to truth you demand. This is the Brian Kim show .29 some other housing 43 years ago the Taiwan relations act American-made bedrock from always stand with Taiwan and on this strong foundation.

We have built a thriving partnership today. Delegation 10 very proud came to Taiwan to make unequivocally clear will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan and will proud of our enduring friendship. Welcome back to the Brian Kim each show with Allison Pete and Eric Harry Hurley filling in just for today. Brian will be back tomorrow in my more than 30 years in this business. I rarely agree with Speaker Pelosi. I'm on team Pelosi.

She had to go. I wish this would've been one of those things where when we see presidents or other dignitaries. Just pop up somewhere and you didn't even know it.

I think this was awkward and it was problematic and it caused problems. We didn't need because of the run-up in the fact that it was not a secret, but I'm all for it. Let's see what the editor-in-chief of the national review. The great Rich Lowry on the bronco Michelle has a say about this, Rich. I'm on team Pelosi on this. She had to go to Taiwan. Your take is what once became a public controversy in the Chinese were trying to create this new redline ahead and existed before Newt Gingrich went in the mid-90s. She knew she had to go now, you commit a prudential case against you know we got a lot on her plate. We don't the Chinese helping the Russians which so far they haven't really done much in Ukraine so privately beforehand.

If you decide not to do this. I wouldn't thought it was a terrible thing, but I think once became public controversy. She had to go and that the big thing going forward. You can just go and leave you we we really need to fortify Taiwan and make it as indigestible as possible for for the CCP because that that's a big take away from this that the only reason for the Chinese overreaction is they are dead set on taking Taiwan. What about this.

Rich wanted to break down the difference between the speaker of the house third in line in succession for the presidency, unambiguously saying and going back 40 some years at least unambiguously saying we stand with Taiwan and the squishy Biden ease that we get, whether it's Adm. Kirby ballistic. Let's take a peek at Adm. John Kirby Eric cut number two when the speaker of the house as we stand with Taiwan. America says with Taiwan Chinese is anything else I will let this all I can tell you James is what I told you yesterday and I'm happy to repeated nothing's changed about our adherence to the one China. Nothing has changed about our stance on Taiwan independence, which is that we do not support Taiwan independence so I don't think we can argue that the Democrats speaker of the house is basically saying one thing the administration is saying another. When I was saying you got messy when the president was approached by a microphone he didn't think it was a good idea that she go in here she's going and she went and she left so what you say about these sort of competing philosophies here will obviously line is not a crisp communicator and makes a model of a lot of things you shouldn't. This scenario is genuinely ambiguous and you look look back across the last three or four administrations and you have presidents overstating US policy George W. Bush did it. It had trump doing it have had by doing a couple time saying what we will militarily defend Taiwan.

We haven't said that you know that that's not the official US policy and myself. I'm not sure what I would do if if China and via invaded Taiwan so I think the commonsense policy is make Taiwan as it enhances capacities as much as possible to try to drive off an invasion and that means buying, different sort of stuff and they've been buying to this point, you know that they like the glamorous fighter planes.

Everyone does, but they need mines, they need drones. They need missiles they all the stuff that the Ukrainians have been using against the Russians and I and they need a lot of it, that this would be a really complex high-stakes operation, amphibious operation of the Chinese riveted to go and you want to make it to try to deter them as much as possible so you don't reach that ultimate question of whether we would we would risk a major war with with China over it is not the first time. But is this the first president that you can recall during your career. Even historically work you've done beyond your your own career because that goes back much further than just the time you've been in this business, which is a long time relative to a president.

The president says something. Isn't that the policy of the United States of America. I know you're laughing and I am too. He said we will defend so he change the policy, but it's like we immediately just say will now now now that's just, that doesn't count. Will wait for five minutes from now and then somebody in incomes will make a correction. He said what you said it created a situation and they didn't know any ministration on the White House.

His word is the final word about what US policy would be and this is this is it's a really momentous question and I don't think it doesn't really matter. I shouldn't say that you know the court to match with presences, but this is a question if you go to war with China over Taiwan unit on ambiguous statement of some sort of authorization for Congress and this is not just some contingency operation.

You know, in some dusty Third World country. This this could be a conflict that could escalate in a nuclear war is more than just the president say so you need the buy-in of the entire American body politic as reflected through its elected representatives.

So if you get there it it's it's a big deal and need to be done deliberately needs to be done with Congress not just with the president and mumbling impromptu line right answer Rich Lowry on the Brian Kim itself. So there are those out there.

Also, that are kind of afraid of their own shadow and pool. We shouldn't be poking the bear. We shouldn't be upsetting China at all in the right kill me universe and with the great Rich Lowry on the bronco Michelle newsmaker hotline. Let's altogether.

Take a listen to sort of one of those tanks on Friedman on China Eric cut six right now is the time good relations with China open dialogue and not doing anything to provoke them because eyes on the prize.

The price is Ukraine pushing Raja out of out of Ukraine and for that China is helping us. I wouldn't be poking the bear right now he's not even alone on that philosophy. What are your thoughts about what you just crazy I think is a reasonable point of view that timing was not ideal. Here in NY Polk but the bear poke pander what whatever whatever right imperative, but Friedman has been wrong about China, all along he had a bullish gauzy eyed view of China which is allotted of our elite have a lot of our corporate America has and is just wrong. You know this is that China has not and I I thought this would be the case, China has not gotten richer liberalized at all. It's it's back foot. It's gotten worse now as a president for life and is using it. It's wealth to throw its weight around the world ended to engage in a massive military buildup with an eye to taking Taiwan with an eye to defeating us in a war over Taiwan, and ultimately, even if you thought think Lucy shouldn't have gone here the overreaction. The detentions are all on the part of China. There is no rational reason for them to react to someone being invited to go to a country where there welcome and showing up for a night. You know that they're doing this because they they want to create the idea that that Taiwan is not truly an independent entity and belongs to China and they create the rules and they will eventually try to enforce that by at the end of a gun is spot on that. That's exact not even opinion Rich Lowry on the right kill me show one more thing the policy that I want to talk Sen. mansion and even get to our judge because you are speaking with my huge New York Yankees fan my entire life.

So we got is always a minute, which absolutely got us a minute or two for my boy, I would judge who is he's going to do it. He's gonna do something hasn't happened in 61 years. This is going to be very very exciting as this march gets closer, but all Pelosi is so simple as because I disagree with her on almost everything. Her philosophy of governance.

Everything but she is savvy. She knows it's over in a couple of months shall be done.

She won't be speaker anymore. Is this her legacy tour that she did hear yeah I think that it got me thinking of that element of it that this will be something that will be remembered for very long time and you know she's just given her constituency. There were you have a lot of Chinese immigrants sheet she has been consistently anti-Beijing anti-Communist parties.

I give her credit for. For that quick clearly.

She issues she has a legacy in mind until shall be retiring from the speakership come come January. Now Sen. mansion he was so unambiguous in his you don't raise taxes on anyone in an economy like this, in absence of prior to officially entering two quarters of negative GDP and by definition, except for in the Biden language which is in English. They're not recognizing as you know, that's an inflation that it's a recession, but it is an mansion was just completely resolved to the fact you don't raise taxes on anyone when the economy is as it is, well, it's even worse. And now he is and many many millions of Americans will be paying more in taxes if this goes through. I'm I'm rooting on Sen. Kirsten Cinema to save the day.

Here we will say she's keeping your powder dry but mansion has flipped his script what you say to that rich well I feel like an idiot at the beginning of this whole side of the bill back that are better and matchup like don't trust you mansion it out great for more debit don't trust him and then slowly I gain faith in him. I thought we are secure and edit many cut this idiotic deal that look to his credit, it's much, much more than what they're talking about were tugging at the beginning is much less damaging but still counterproductive at a total waste and makes no sense. You know you're you're hitting on one the contradictions he said in the past which you think makes that don't raise taxes in a recession that this deal violates that he tries to argue well is not raising taxes just closing loopholes.

That's absurd.

They are there. Selling it as an inflation reduction act when an independent analysis shows it will slightly increase inflation until 2024 and the slightly deep decrease it afterwards when hopefully youwill no longer be such a big deal for there's nothing to recommend it and it's just so annoying. It goes on the Sunday shows make his ridiculous arguments for this deal. Saving part of the Biden's agenda and onset. Maybe it won't vote for them or you know, maybe he doesn't deserve reelection to try to play both ways for West Virginia voters.

So it it it's disappointing. I shouldn't of been surprised, but I let myself get super I'm going to plead guilty with the Red Sea of company. I didn't trust him until I did and then look what he did and he had some very well set a lighter note, no question about it quickly. Comment on. Have you ever because I do want to leave a couple minutes for our judge. Just a quick 30 or 40 seconds on this rich have you witnessed during your career. Prominent members of the president's own party unwilling someone not just to somehow have a couple conflicting schedule and I can't be with the president today because my election you know is in two weeks and I don't want to I want to lose but this is them not willing to say he should again this is unprecedented. I can't remember anything like it.

I what I was still in short shorts to the little boy during during the Carter in 1980s have memory of what that was like you know he had severe primary challenges. Always a bad thing, you would lose his neck on that when it happens but it's amazing and it just reflects you know what we'll see. Joe Biden is it has flipped considerably their no aging is an inexorable process. You know it doesn't get better.

It only gets worse really high stress job even if he's not in a don't have any public events and and they I think a lot of notice that there's no way you can really do this again this is just no way anything that reflected now you see whispered conversations, but now you're thinking reflected out loud filigree just over a minute so we get here and judge you written a great article that I ask everyone to read parent even if you're not a Yankee fan sky is special. Hope the Yankees can keep him.

They should assign them before the season but look at it now Aron judge and the joy of 61 gives your best minute on yellow one.

I think 61 still real record each of the guys who beat it, were cheating flagrantly and it is amazing and all major league history. All of it there only two guys who reach 60 or 61 Babe Ruth and Roger Mares, who didn't didn't blatantly cheat and now Aron judge has a real legit shot to get there might my fear. I am with you think you can do it.

They felt they still test everything like don't strain up in our daily basis and stop back on my cell phone number to what you do or don't live but it is one of the best offensive seasons in Yankee history in the 80s and most of the sorry Mets banner fans anyone else out there. The most storied franchise in the sport. So when you're when you're when you perform a big on the Yankees date it's it's bigger than anyone anywhere else on overtime 30 seconds real quick is 6054 games more impressive and 61 in 162 games you now, maybe, but actually merit. I didn't realize this research it Marist tied Ruth with fewer plate appearances. Three fewer appearances, so it took a couple more games but it was fewer plate appearances. So 61 know that that's the number at the magic about it 61 years. You know later another Yankee could do it on written format every at that next time will speak 14 minutes on the Yankees and not have one minute your assets are fantastic and read the opinion pieces right and will talk you get cigarettes talking. You know he is rich.

Larry was not not a lot of fun. I mean the serious stuff and then write down and I'm with him on that. I only count Roger Marist's record can't can't count the one with the steroids. You just can't. You can't even though baseball celebrated it and it was so exciting McGuire and Sammy Sosa, 61, is the real record it should stay that that's the record until Aron judge beats it this season and I think he's going to like reset if he can stay healthy will be right back.

This is the Brian Kim each show learning something new every day, love Brian kill each show from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill this thing in perspective what interest you have in Afghanistan. At this point, Qaeda stand for the express purpose of getting rid of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan as well as as well as getting Osama bin Laden and we did. But here's the problem. It's so shortsighted because either they returned right after we seated Afghanistan. We could've Just a few thousand.

I think the number that I heard was like 5000. There and women would still have rights. Al Qaeda would still not be there.

I'm in Al-Zawahiri was there because of Biden's decision. It's like taking credit for the price of a gallon of gasoline, being less Erica 13 John Kirby you always know there's a small number of Al Qaeda present. Biden said what interest do we have at this point gone major way.

Al Qaeda was not playing and finish were playing a major role in in operations. The resourcing of playing in Afghanistan but I know specifically because I was at a different podium a year ago with Fox News. White House correspondent Peter Ducey with he always does.

Somehow Peter is get to the truth that's with Franco Michaud doesn't will be right back. This is Fox News radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with a positive approach.

Brian kill welcome back with Allison Pete and Eric is Harry Hurley filling in today and that Brian will be back tomorrow. This is the Brian kill me.

Joe, thanks for sending this portion of your day with us on Brian program. Brian kill me holds a very very rare spot as one of the most important program in America places on what I call the Mount Rushmore talk radio programs in America talkers Magazine rate. Brian is most important.

Radio talkshow host in America.

You can follow Brian and Brian kill Brian Kim each and remember Reiko You've got the whole retail store books which Brian will autograph for you Brian. As you know, New York Times best-selling author's latest book, the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass in their battle to save America soul and you can get up close and personal with Brian bunch of dates coming up very very soon. The first is later this month.

Kill me live special guest comedian Pat O'Rourke in Newark, New Jersey, August 27 in Albany New York on September 8, Brandon, Mississippi on November 12, Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 13 for ticket information go to Brian joining us now on the Brian Kim each own newsmaker hotline is Ryan Walters, Oklahoma's distinguished secretary of education and there is a very you should treat this is something that give yourself homework is not lengthy but it is important material. Fox and an article by Fox News digital teachers injecting quote sick material" in schools should be kicked out of the profession secretary.

Welcome to Brian's program. Thank you for everyone. Really appreciate it.

It's a pleasure and this is so important and just just so you have this spectrum of observation.

I did serve two terms a long time ago. As a member of my local school board, and none of this was going on back then.

If this was going on now I don't even know what I would do.

I don't know whether I'm glad I'm not there or I wish I was because you know things have to be done about this. What do you think it is.

I've really strain my brain seriously as a parent. My children are older now, but as a parent as a former board member and just a citizen. I'm thinking what is in it secretary for people to push a graphically sexual curriculum to young grade school students.

What is the point here were the days I can come to no conclusion secretary other than it's got to be indoctrination because what else would be the reason you would be if if you were on a park bench in a community saying these words to a child, you'd be locked up in a Megan's list offender for the rest your life absolutely may all be real real direct with this they are indoctrinating centralizing and grooming. There there is no other reason why grown adults would put it child pornography. It is pornography depicting minors very graphically in front of grade school age kids.

It is incredibly sick behavior. There is no place for and the left, the far left is been playing this game I really believe this is the final stage of the strategy. They dedicate it for years.

They are going to completely indoctrinate young people to reject America to hate America to frankly hate their family to hate American values to hate Christianity and they are to create this group of young people that are the most confused group of young people in the history of America grow up to hate their country and that rebel against all the values that make America great. That is intentionally what the far left is doing and if we don't stop this right now working to get to a point that were not to win elections in the future. Conservative values are not to be displayed in America patriotism to be displayed.

America we have to get this nonsense out of our schools now and reject social justice warriors masquerading as Ed is as folks in the education profession get him out and let's get back to the basics of learning academics with our students to be successful.

You are listening is a rare thing to actually hear someone say what so many people I know are thinking but they're afraid they're afraid to speak out there afraid their children will be retaliated against their afraid their children will be mad at them. Your embarrassingly mom.

You're embarrassing me that you're making it hard for me. In school I got you and I can't take it under so much pressure brought to bear that most good people stay silent and of course if you stay silent. Then they win don't play exactly right thing God we live in. I think of America that got broke all the world were conservative state with Christian values. We are parents, grandparents, speaking up on this is ridiculous and I guess what I get a lot of conservative teachers and reaching out to me till met with one last night. It was totally at her school. They allow the group called the furry to bark and in me now, it teachers because they identify as animals. It is absurd and when she is brought this, they're attacking her to the teacher knowing what what policy do we have that we allow students to bark and me out because they identify as animals. This is an insane position. The far left is pushed on her kids that the sexualization until you right now when I sold the book.

The books that were in one of our bigger school district Tulsa public school I go on Facebook and demand and take that down and showed some of the pictures in the book. I get banded censored from Facebook within 30 minutes of the post and I and I then go to Facebook. Woke Facebook has higher standards than our superintendent Tulsa public school I mean this is okay for third and fourth grade kids. But it's not okay for woke socialist Facebook.

It is an absolutely insane. The material according to Photobucket such an important conversation with Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters on the Brian Kim each show we been talking a bit today on the right coming show secretary about you have to acknowledge that there's a problem before you can fix the problem and will go back into the not too distant past the national teachers union president Randi Weingarten would not even acknowledge that CRT exists. She writes it off as some kind of like somebody's lying about this Eric cut 17. What is very troubling about this made crisis. We do talk to our key both the good in America and makes America that is that we sometimes as I sometimes just about politics. This is what democracy is and if you think about what we've done Jim Crow to the civil rights movement to fighting for real equality fighting for opportunity for all great American story, but you have to get through it and we have to reach our kids be able to deal with things that are uncomfortable in other words, secretary, we have to teach our children to hate themselves and all these other things that are in critical race theory. Your thoughts, the national teachers union is doing such an incredible disservice to work.

They are the ones pushing this curriculum are the one pushing sexualized curriculum.

The national teachers union is injecting all kind of money in our state right now to influence our elections because again they want government control. They want parent out of the education process.

All they want is control so the more that we try to empower parents through school choice.

The more that we try to bring transparency to the parents can be more in Baltimore. The national teachers union puts back to the country will not be the same if we allow them to tell our kids that this is an evil racist country. We are never going to have a young people who are willing to fight for this country to defend our values if they hate and believe that this country is evil and so the country is going to be adrift.

The country is addressed. Frankly, that's where that were in the scenario that they been wanting for years, but I would say secondly this is not good for kids as individuals kids game. Given high expectations. They need to know American history. They need to know that America is the greatest country in the history of the world because of the values we were founded on and we kids know the story of America there inspired by.

They know that if they have a say and they follow Christian values. If they know that if they hold themselves to high expectations that they find what they're good at, have good work ethic.

They can achieve amazing things in their life. That's the story of America. Every kid should be inspired by that story. Instead, our kids are told history that is real, it's fiction and they're told they should hate this country should hate themselves and they should be selling divisions rather than bringing unity and patriotism say something to you in the form of the question, Mr. Sec., that's going to sound like it's over the top. I don't believe that it is. I believe that we are are at a critical tipping point in American history where we could be one or so generations away from literally losing our country. How you react to that statement. That is hundred percent accurate because here in my back.I taught at a public school history teacher at my background history tells us exactly what you said to be true very wet when when nations fail to teach their history and to continue their cultures and their values. They cease to exist. That is a is a truth that history has taught us the Bible explains this very clearly to that you got a hold on to your elders. You have to continue to tell the stories and impress those values upon the future generation what were saying is an attack on our values attack on Christianity and attempt to completely separate that it again Morgan have the most confused young people.

A boy got a boy there.

There's 114 genders.

You can identify as a dog. This is absurd.

The young people are being told things that are absolute nonsense.

They're going to get grow up confused.

They're going to grow up and in a country that they hate and they're going to grow up in a in a situation with. They're not going to be successful and we are going to fall as a country. If we don't get this question right.

What are the values we want to pass on to the next generation and let's ensure that our kids in our schools are getting those values talk to them so they can continue to credible incredible nation. It is America. As you know, in front of the entire nation. We had a nominee during the advice and consent to win confirmation to the United States Supreme Court who was content to Brown Jackson who was unable to paralyzed by the question of what is a woman. She wasn't able to give an answer. She actually gave a tortured answer basically that she's not qualified to answer that. That's up that's up to somebody else what you talking about. You are a woman you can't say what a woman is, she couldn't do it. Guy gave a speech a few weeks ago to a bunch of a grudge or a college in our big universe really clear with this. This should not be a controversial statement, but it is today. There is truth. There is truth. Anybody and academia want to tell you there's no truth, everything is ambiguous about man could be a woman could be a man, you can't know anything for certain, that is a lie seek truth, seek the light that is truly what education is about is about understanding truth is about finding what is good what what can be known and what the left is a frankly, this is Biden's America Bidens America. His vision is to confuse Americans to teach them to hate their country and again if they can get into our young people early and precipitate. If you're in school and this is what being taught for 12 just to show you, you know it's funny Tulsa Public schools are one of our first school to violate critical race theory band here in the state of Oklahoma which are sanctioned and put out there. Now the one pushing pornographic books and guess what Harry they are one of the lowest performing schools in the country. It's not a coincidence.

They're more concerned with creating another plane awoke Olympics over there.

How can we help social justice. The superintendent down the road than they are about a week teaching math, reading, writing, those basic skills that empower kids to go get a job to be able to provide for a family to be able to live the life that they want to live now more concerned with checking every box of victimhood and telling kids actually working you every excuse why not. To be successful rather than inspiring them and equipping them to be successful.

I wish this wasn't so. But we are in the final minute before heartbreak. I wish we had all day. I could talk to you all day and and not get tired of it. Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters is our guest on the Brian Kim each show, the Commonwealth of Virginia showed America. The roadmap Terry McAuliffe was poised to win a second term within nonconsecutive he was going to win was over.

Then he said to parents that you have no say in your children's education. Parents went as you as you know, they went bananas over that course we have the department of justice investigating parents who merely were attending board meetings as domestic terrorists in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which had to suck I turned decidedly blue. They switched horses. Because of this. This is repeatable across the country. Your closing comment.

We got an incredible builder here and now, Gov. Kevin, we sing this from Gov. Yunker in which St. Gov. DeSantis waiting on this.

Nobody knows best for their kids and their parents. The left is trying to block parents out and they want the government to control your kids conservatives in the great conservative governors are waiting on this issue saying absolutely not parent should be in charge of the kids education they could have school choice were laid aside in the school should be transparent and accountable to every parent to assure that their kids when they're being dropped off at a school are getting the best education possible working role parents conservative conservative parents or grandparents continue to do what you're doing. We can get this country back on track by taking our education system from the leftist and putting great American values in place or kids can be inspired and equipped to be successful when you win we win Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters, your work is so important to keep it up honor to present you today on the Brian Kim each show.

Thank you very much Raven marrying our prefixes or appreciate you. You're welcome.

We will be right back.

Wow, that's give you something to think about, doesn't it, it's literally the difference between losing or saving our country. I really believe that this is the Brian Kim each show diving deep into today's top stories Brian until five talk show that's real. This is the Brian show.

It is indeed with Allison Pete and Eric Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian will be back tomorrow.

This is the right shelf we find one call in this segment and desecrates outcome for you right after the bottom of the our breaks as they close the Brian kill me show will go to the 866408669 Brian kill me show phone lines. Rick is in Hollywood, California. Welcome to Brian's program Rick you're on the air.

I know you want talk about CRT critical race theory that well. I agree with the previous caller about their there's only one who men women we don't get to choose which one we are.

If you need help trying to figure out why you feel confused, great, but there's only one man one woman, and I agree with.

We should be teaching the and any mention we should be tasted through to the greatest country which is a late and I like present direct that's a part of our country's history is not art.

That's our history. It's a part of our history.

Okay part like if you're concerned that he's concerned with food that we should be concerned with the whole crew and part of artistry and part of our current situation is great and critical race theory milk with that so you can't figure quoted and not before all but one can't. You can't pick out one thing and then say you gotta take the whole thing. What if you disagree with parts of the whole. Give an example, if you go to Monticello today, you will have a tour guide.

Basically telling you what terrible person. Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence or president of the United States, founder of the University of Virginia. If you go to James Madison's house fourth president of the United States. He'll be trashed during your tour.

This is the radicalism that were talking about CRT. If you pull out one thing that is altruistic and good, but then we have to take the rest. Come on. I appreciate your call Rick but this is not a all or nothing.

You can't just pick one thing and then say we we got it take everything else that goes along with it.

If time it permitted. There are so many things about critical race theory that are not appropriate. Pick out maybe one thing that is me with take the rest of the Brian kill me show a radio show like no other, kill me closely insist on visiting Taiwan, China will take resolute and strong measures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. As for what measures exactly will take.

Let's wait and see if she dares making the visit welcome back to the Brian kill me show with thousand feet and Eric Harry Hurley filling in just for today. Brian will be back tomorrow on the Brian Kim each own newsmaker hotline is Victoria Coates great experience, former United States Debbie national security advisor for Middle East and northern African affairs also former seat Senior advisor to the United States Sec. of energy. So I'll whole lot of experience in CRED.

Victoria, welcome to Brian's program. Thanks for having me on. It is a pleasure so let's start with our speaker because she became the first speaker's and Speaker Gingrich about 1/4 of a century ago to set foot in Taiwan. Obviously this is a different environment.

I don't remember. I covered Speaker Gingrich and I don't remember quite the dustup, but of course this was preempted by a leak days in advance. I think that was very injurious to all of it.

It would've been great. I think if she could've just popped up there and then China would've been like all we gotta respond now. But they'd had days to respond and you know there of those states. Their military drills in all of this. What's your take on all of it. I say she had to do it once it was leaked if she didn't do it that what is then portrayed American weakness. I believe that would've been significantly unacceptable what your take Victoria on all of this while I think I pretty much agree it was handled really care plan yet. The corollary to the situation with the Russian are hostage swap situation with Rick Hancock Criner and Paul Whalen which is being played out in the headline taking place behind closed doors and becomes really really messy dictate that the Taiwan visit. There was a significant ratcheting up tensions in 1996, right before Speaker Gingrich wet suit once it was a hot time at points out that this is not unprecedented bipartisan delegation is going to encompass all the time had a bunch of senators from both parties go in April. My boss Sen. Chris went to get it. It's not new, but when you create a media firestorm like that I get increases the opportunity from stakes and accidents. And that's what we really don't want hostage potential swap that you mention Victoria because I'm very interested in that you have a lot of experience in this. These are just things that I have the privilege to talk about so I really respect your your guidance in this area seems to me we would get Britney Greiner back which it's it's outrageous. I mean for the sample oil you know whatever it is that she's there.

We know why she's there for Ukraine Russia was not going on. I don't think she would be there right now I could be wrong. We can't prove what you know can exist because these other facts you know are our Darren you it's all within the same type of deals.

I think I'm right on that.

But I can't prove it but don't you usually when you do a swap this disc does once I get a really good person. Back in the other side gets a really really bad person. Back doors are usually some level of face-saving equity in these types of transactions. I know they have to be delicate and delicate and I know you know about all of this. What's your opinion. I agree with you completely Victoria playing out loud the way it has has been a disgrace.

It's it's like amateur hour. It's terrible yes go send Richardson quietly and go get something done.

Don't do it like this. What what are your thoughts about all of that work with Gov. Richardson closely and the Administration casino to work with both parties to try to bring American citizens home and it's been a very effective advocate and it's one of the most challenging things to deal with, but ultimately the most reporting because of course we want to bring everyone held a top priority for sure. Pres. Trump the same time you don't want to encourage the bad behavior that leads that the hostagetaking in the first place because in our rainy entrance. Our Russian friends.

As a matter of course they think the thing up American National tulips not to cry, and we don't we don't act that the people that the Russians are asking for in return, and they keep upping the antique they can do it the merchant of the convicted murderer. The things is not like the other end so they are asking for some very very bad people in a swap. Her in justly detained American citizens.

So we want our folks back will do everything we can to get them back, but at the same time we don't want to endanger other handsets you might be traveling in Russia gets a great point. Let's head back now to the South China Taiwan dustup. Take a listen, Victoria, and if you're just wanting Brian's program is to Brian kill me show with Victoria Coates great deal of credibility, national security, and energy.

The Tom Friedman has a take on this that I don't think it's ridiculous what he saying, but I think it it it almost seems like America in the posture of of kowtowing for being weak, not being willing to say what needs to be said and so one.

Eric cut six right now is the time to good relations with China open dialogue and not doing anything to provoke them because eyes on the prize, the prize is Ukraine pushing Roger out of out of Ukraine and for that China is helping us. I wouldn't be poking the bear right now. She and I want to be on team Tom but then I think about the fact that Pres. G for life.

He doesn't mind saying that you play with fire you perished by fire. So what are we walking on eggshells for that question and I would I would flip Tom's premise and the pride that we should have our eyes on is not first and foremost getting to Ukraine is desirable is that is it containing a very aggressive hospital China now would make you happier than having a good relationship with China. They had made that possible. There's nothing we can do the force that into being with the leader situation with Hong Kong with her predatory practices to mention the fact that they unleashed the COBIT 19 virus on the world is not a nice group of people that you can just make my cell and I don't also make the point that they aren't helping Ukraine Russia just became the largest single exporter of energy to try to pass and found for last. And so basically she is bankrolling to maybe sending them drown the premise that he is helping and not betting is ridiculous and I think Tom really needs to rethink that great great response on team Victoria all the way on this on the Brian Kim each show.

Now let's go because this this is it's a terrible analogy, but the president and his Tom's director and Press Secretary there all taking credit to gasoline is like 40 $0.50 cheaper, but not taking credit that is twice still is much as it was before they came into power and now you have president, I mean using nighttime prime time to take basically a victory lap during his his horrifically bad presidency to take credit for approving the CIA to take down diamonds out so here he which I want to stipulate I'm glad he's a cave temperature leader of Al Qaeda 9/11 mastermind. He's where he should be.

I support the actions of my president and and all of that, but the same time. If our president doesn't bungle Afghanistan so horrifically bad that Al Qaeda would not have reconstituted and there would not of been Zoll theory in Afghanistan to hit them with a drone so I'm conflicted with this Victoria. The conflicted situation. Harry and I am like you very glad that the lottery is not plotting attacks on Americans any longer and had a lot of blood on his hands and one thing that I think it's very positive about this as I have a lot of friends who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan who were deeply demoralized by the spectacle of surrender that we had last year and felt like value their service had really been called into question. I think this really validates the fact that we have wonderful men and women who have served for over 20 years to try to keep us safe and they are continuing to serve and that's with the major triumph for that. So I concur with you on that, but it is deeply dangerous. That literally in the month after we fled from Kabul Housing Authority moving into a quote unquote PayPal more or less in the open collaborating with the talent that were supposed to be. Are you close personal best friend operators to keep their extremely high profile looking in Kabul and its environment. Getting their hands on all our equipment exploiting the background there. What might they do. I think you know, while certainly congratulations are in order for this action. I deeply concerned about what comes next and you're so correct about that. He's not the only one there back with how anybody could ever believe that we could trust the Taliban and remember women were to be in their government schools were going to stay open on the women of been sent back to the stone ages. Schools were were torn down, burned down knockdown. There's no school and I agree with you.

Al Qaeda is back. And if we had kept a couple thousand people there. None of this would be happening right now and we would have those. Maybe those billions of dollars of weaponry. We could've helped Ukraine with or just had to have the apparatus so yeah it's bad on top of bad but but the one saving grace is that Harry is gone and that's good. Let's go to the climate bill and energy and things that you're very very good with and of course our own energy secretary. Not long ago didn't even know how many barrels of oil. We even I know that is a talkshow host.

I know how many millions of barrels a day on average we use in America. That was a stump or she it was like Ralph Crandon couldn't name who you know the song Suwanee River was new. Every other song in the world. This was crazy how little we have a transportation secretary who basically wrote on a train and he says that makes him qualified, and went away for two months and nobody knew even last and it course he's leading in New Hampshire for the Democrats so you can't make this stuff up Victoria and energy secretary who I don't. I didn't really think much of as a governor and I think a lot less of as an energy secretary so all the serious issues and I was the energy right now is so costly and it's it's affecting every American listening to Brian's program to 1� or another.

So let's start with all of this climate bill energy what your take on what's happening. Well I think I know in my in my checkered past history so I very interested in pictures and look at the pictures from the president's trip to Saudi Arabia big table and President Clinton Cross from Crown Prince Mohammed, and he looked at MDF is right brothers print abilities who I know reasonably well there energy and you look at the American delegation and secretary grandpa was nowhere to be found. She was for tweeting about electric cars.

She can even make the trip came with the most serious person in fossil fuels on any Americans didn't even have very CK.

I had gotten State Department as energy so that shows you how much Joe Biden actually cares about bringing down gas prices for all of your listeners.

She got to be hot. He wants to force you to buy an expensive electric car right. That's why, as you know, Victoria.

They call it were transitioning they call good news. These high prices are fantastic because after all, Victoria.

We are transitioning well and get this horrible so-called inflation reduction will do nothing to reduce inflation. It is a massive tax on all American large which falls on making less than $400,000 a year which I think is most of us and it includes things like $16 for climate just I don't even know what that it we also asked that number can't meet my attention because the Per our our investment vehicle to theoretically counter China the DST is also 60 so we will spend 60 billion to counter China that the equal amount on environmental justice in what is that like that. Just a massive tax on the American people to force through a great deal as you know, candidate Biden promised no one making under 400,000 would have a single penny tax increase. We know that those making less than 200,000 are paying more 16.7 billion is the estimate compared to those making between 200 and 500,000 so a lot of them are also under 400,000 a year. So the candidate now. President lied to us. There were a lot of whoppers yes the city wouldn't build a wall all their number came out on the campaign trail that got mugged by reality that really is shameful, and I think I'm from Pennsylvania where we have speedily flourishing energy engine streak that the other thing we have going on is radical environmental groups which also stand to benefit from the various pots of money that will be handed out in the legislation suing our new infrastructure investment projects into submission and so we could ramp up by 10% in very short order in the matter. Not an expert tons of night clean Pennsylvania natural gas to the rest of the world, and Ross is one of the largest electricity orders, but all of that is being undermined by what is record the legislation that were talking about the ticket fear. It's just the beginning of what they want to do to our domestic energy. Victoria very illuminating unintended great great times and I keep up the good work you're really really listenable and you share a lot of important information with brines.

Listeners have a great day. Thanks Harry take a walk. Victoria is Victoria Coates. We will be back in just a little bit please don't go away.

I am Harry with this wonderful team Allison Pete and Eric. I'm filling in today for Brian who will be back tomorrow. This is the Brian Kim each show the fastest growing talkshow in America you're with Brian.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian. Welcome back. It's the right fill me show my name is Harry. Currently I am thousand and right you know so Gen. Jack Keane retired Gen. one of my favorites. Great Fox News contributor on military affairs. He said something that I saw live on the Fox News Channel yesterday and I agree with them about the killing of Simon Al-Zawahiri but he's give credit where credit is due a little bit because you should, and we did Victoria coach just did, but it's not it's not a vindication of Pres. Biden's horrific strategy in Afghanistan. Eric cut $14 for a big deal related to Democratic president to Republican presidents to the perseverance and determination in the fact that our Intel and caliper for counterterrorism professional estate on his target passed at the people who succeeded in while others retired member gave up. Yes, it's a big deal. What we have to know what it's not. It is not a vindication of the president's withdrawal decision from Afghanistan and that's the reality of the American people can see what's happening here. We turn the country over to our adversaries, the Taliban, they are in control. Harboring in an influential neighborhood with more leaders live and that's just the latest example why Gen. Jack Keane is one of the fastest in his field. We will be back in just a few minutes more important content straight ahead on the frying live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice.

Brian killed welcome to the right, kill me, show partnering with Pete and Allison and Erin is wonderful team at the right kill me, show Harry really feeling it just for today and Brian will be back tomorrow welcome to try and kill me show Brian holds a place on the Mount Rushmore of talk radio programs in America today, talkers Magazine rates.

Brian killed as the fourth most important radio talkshow host in America. Of course you can enjoy. Brian Daley early in the morning on Fox and friends you have Brian here on the Brian Kim each show all across America on radio Saturday night. You have Brian killed with one nation with Brian Kilmer and then an instant replay classic at 11 PM every Saturday you can partner with Brian Kim each and let me tell you hello. She can get close to Brian in the in the coming weeks and months kill me live with special guest comedian Pat O'Rourke. Brian has shows and tickets are Brian kill in Newark New Jersey on August 27, right around the corner, opportunity, Albany, New York on September 8, Brandon, Mississippi on November 12 and Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 13 again. Ticket Brian's latest book is the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and their battle to save America soul joining us on the news or hotline you talk about saving America soul, we have something going on in America that we have to confront we have to talk about it.

We have to acknowledge that it's happening because until we acknowledge that it's happening, were not going to fix this and look, we've had a tough spot. Some people think it always has to be this way America streets on fire people just robbing stores and nobody gets charged people assault cops and nothing happens you're out please Eldon, Congress and cultural candidate.

Please Eldon, let's hope and pray he can pull this off in New York State. Hogle is terrible please Eldon could be like a Pataki like governorship and actually clean New York back up, but he's just so you owe on it on the stump and this man with a with a double live finger knuckles knife of some kind gets right Adam, we have what happened there. We had what happened to United States Supreme Court associate Justice Brett Cavanaugh and this is gotten the attention of the House of Representatives because are taking measures, giving members the opportunity to increase their security protection because were entering a violent phase of American history that is extremely dangerous.

Joining us on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline. We wrote an extensive piece featuring Congress and then drew his United States Congress and the Hon. Jeff Andrew from New Jersey's second congressional district Congressman, welcome to the Brian kill me show great to be with you and that honor to be on the show great honor to present you as well so I don't think you take umbrage with anything I said in my preamble.

This is very serious.

It's escalating and we as a nation we have to confront it. We cannot allow abnormal to somehow masquerade as normal were in a bizarro world where there's a lack of respect for the rule of law. There's a lack of respect for police and now and we even know this is this is stunning 20% of the American people surveyed said that it's okay to inflict violence on members of Congress as flat-out dangerous. Congressman well opened up that number that is somewhat warm. I still have faith in the majority of American people. I mean there are duct delete some folks out there that the minority that small minority that really want to change the substance in the fabric of this conflict, let's understand something. This is just another symptom. This is just another part of what is happening to this great America. I mean, whether it is you know being demeaning and diminishing our weather is not following the law. Whether it's letting people out of jail as quickly as they get in there out of money or guilty of all required reading Jill. Quite frankly, their life. I believe in the wall where you do something really bad hurt somebody you're in jail for a good long time. Or maybe forever. I think the majority of people think that it is part of what were doing to our military and making it won't guilty try to make make it out like everything is good with the military� As many people are joining.

We have problems because of what they're doing, she would and changing to get the structure of what is or was the greatest military the world is ever seen. It's what were doing with our borders and letting people who were sick people who are literally criminal people are a host of different problems and issues and more funding them or funding them got people in America were struggling because their income is going as quickly as the inflation is we found it to make cards for these people to give them transportation, medical aid you give them homes, trying to think it's ever thing and this is just another symptom of our going warm in the last two years. Think about then candidate and she was a terrible candidate didn't even make it into 2020 out with 1% of the vote, or less in 2019 but you had, Harris then candidate Sen. candidate for vice president. Ultimately, with candidate for president, Joe Biden, but at that point she was running for the Democratic nomination for president, and she was bailing these violent people out of jail.

This was there. This was the Democrat playbook, commerce, and then drew they were supporting this violence and all the robbery that was taken but you've seen it all over the country. It's it's it's every major city had some call me the other day right in Atlantic City. Someone was just stuffing a bag filled with stops of you think this is only Los Angeles or San Francisco or Seattle or Portland or you pick a major big city, the world's playground Atlantic City somebody stuffing a bag filled with stuff. Knowing that nothing is going to happen to them like Congressman Selden said that person will be out in a few hours like nothing even happened and now it's gotten so bad that members of the House of Representatives, Congressman Van Drew have now an alleged budget of up to $10,000 each to upgrade and increase their home security systems in Outlook. Look where we've come.

Such a shame that it doesn't we can ship this week and fix all with just good American values. Just two years ago we were number one on everything. We were state library to go to hell.

Not only would it not going up. It was going get well all things were stage people were making a good income, virtually no inflation, unemployment was low, but it was low.

We had real participation in the workforce.

A lot of people are participating in the workforce room right now so just you are right when you use the word bizarre light walk sometimes on a quiet night Washington the capital back and I just think my God I stand. I mean, this is not be melodramatic alike. Look at that beautiful building what it represents. The men and the women that went before us and that died for us that now we have these leaders the majority in Congress, the president of the vice president dollars and they were sorry and I don't mean to be mean, but it's true they are not worthy to have these position my greener thought. They're not in love with America. So let me go tell that into a very pointed question because were 9697 whatever it is days from one of the most if not the most consequential elections in American history sounds partisan, but I don't mean it to be partisan. I just know what they've done over the past 18 months they're destroying everything all norms the economy half of 54% of Americans are skipping meals and buying less food. I mean who would believe that an 18 short months we would be paying 5678 dollars a gallon for gasoline. Depending on what state you're listening to the Brian kill me show and it we would have all these regressive horrific things going on so having said that, how important is regime change that Republicans must win at least the House of Representatives on November 8. There are two pieces here and I'm hoping hoping much that we can also pull out all the house. One of them is we have to not just because we have the word Republican because we believe in fixing all this because we don't believe that global economy philosophy that we believe in the greatness of the bar number one. So we got you. You are out all be bold enough to this is the most important election work because even in World War II altogether. So different now. We have all fractions and all the problems that have happened fractions as well because all these people you know in leadership are you have the ability to bring out the best or the worst in human beings. The people if all you and this group.

This majority, this you know president of this vice president are bringing the worst out everybody so is critical. I'm afraid for the country.

I don't mean afraid.

Like, I'm scared. I'm afraid we don't do the right thing or not you are going to love so I'm in a fight like hell to stand up to say with the truces of the work for data and you know if I offend some people. I'm sorry I don't need to put you know what the truth shall save us that we need to truth second important piece to this when we get in were not to be able to fix everything immediately because the person doesn't have to do it we will not be able to veto stuff, but I'm telling you our new majority us to squeeze in Microsoft 11. I mean he needs to really give change what he's doing and given and if we don't we don't stand strong or just good to be no democratic light or were just going to be what's been going on all along or not to make it. We've got a represent America freedom strength in the future. We're down to two minutes Congressman and I think this is good be time well spent. I want Brian's listeners all over this great country to understand to what degree. This has disintegrated you a year ago you drew a line you received a threat.

It was a threat to you we we covered very closely at the time together both the writing that I do and also on our program on air. I like you to tell in two minutes time and out stuff.

The threat that you received an and imagine it was from a so-called member of the media share that story unbelievable story and I will condense it down because it does.

The bottom line individual. MacLean mentioned his day, but we know what, I wasn't home I was in Washington all my answering machine were listed on number and there was a voicemail there voicemail that you do all these horrible things to my wife to my family. It was recorded so we couldn't say that he didn't say but not only did he do voicemail. He was a reporter for the local paper.

Not only was he a reporter for the local paper.

This particular local paper allowed him to do editorials do not exaggerate.

You saw them where he spoke about raping my wife slamming on the hood of the car hurting and killing my children and family and of course killing me know I may be bargained for that. It's not normal for anything that should not believe Zelda should be, but my God, don't do that more families to our babies and the worst of it all go. The paper didn't see anything all that much warmer. We are to blow it up.

I mean we got at the other media outlets. Thank God I got it on Fox and other places where they spoke about it and people were angry, and you know the reason people are angry to because this newspaper is the official newspaper of Ocean City, New Jersey 08 to place their legal in the paper.

Unbelievable. You so you know we did everything we could yell we got a slap on the wrist.

Unfortunately should've gotten more the yard that negated etc. he didn't have any flyers.

That was one good thing, but what I think the paper is more vulnerable insane individual constant is a chilling story and good to present you today on the Brian kill me show until we meet again. Keep up the good work Katia. Harriet is always an honor and pleasure to be with you.

Take care. Thank you, Congressman Jeff Andrew will be back in just a little bit. This is the Brian kill me show like you're with Brian kill me if you're interested in it. Brian's talking about. You are with Brian kill me. Welcome back to the Brian kill me show with Allison Pete and Eric Harry Hurley today.

Brian will be back Morrow thanks Benning.

This portion of your busy day here on the Brian kill me show.

We appreciate you now, I'm just such a firm believer. I mentioned this once or twice today. O'Brien show that to fix a problem you have to recognize that there is a problem let me outline briefly the problem and then I'm just going to let you listen to some of the highest level people in our country, not even remotely get it. They can't say it. It's like Fonzie couldn't say he was wrong.

I mean it's just absolutely incredible.

We right now have 54% of the American people buying less food than they used to buy were not talking need and want. I'd love to buy new car but I really don't need a car that's a want by any food. We have a certain number of Americans and at the numbers big that are skipping one meal a day. Some even more than that. It's incredible. What's happening right now and we have an administration that will not admit that were in recession.

I'm not celebrating. I want us to win. I'm brewed I'm rooting for America. It doesn't have to be this way, Biden makes doesn't work. What we had in place. 18 months ago did work. This doesn't work, we were at under 2% inflation. Everybody was making it every demographic was making it highest salaries I've ever had in every demographic. Now you can sag a 5% raise because you really have a 5% cut because were it nine going on 10% inflation and I believe it's higher than that. So just listen to this incredible montage of the Biden ministration attempting to torture the English language actually redefine recession Eric cut eight what a recession really means is a broad-based contraction in the economy and even if that number is negative. We are not in a recession now. The idea that supporters of GDP growth is a technical definition of a recession to negative quarters of GDP growth is not technical definition of recession. It's not a definition that economists have traditionally relied on redefining recession in two consecutive quarters of GDP growth that is not definite. It is the definition that's green Jean-Pierre Brian Deese, Jared Bernstein, Sec. Janet Yellen president Joe Biden.

This is an ancient this is just July 24 through July 27 were talking in the last week.

They're not recognizing radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show welcome back with Allison Pete and Erica Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian who will be back tomorrow. Thanks for sending this portion of your day here with us on the Brian kill me show now what to do in this segment.

The two segments we're going to have a lawn mental health break were going to turn off all of the hot talk all of the pressing problems that are just really stressing out all Americans and working to take advantage of the fact that a great man lived and he passed away after living a great life. The term legend is often overused, but not in this case, Vin Scully, the voice of both the Brooklyn Dodgers on the East Coast. The Los Angeles Dodgers on the West Coast, passed away at age 94. He spent 67 of those years doing something that I don't think anyone person will ever do again. We've had great ones make it 55 years and 40 some years you had Bob Sheppard the PA announcer the Yankees for 56 years. Ernie Harwell 55 years 42 years with the Detroit Tigers. You had Joe block nearly I'm sorry Jack Buck's dad Jack Buck nearly 50 years. Pete would've correct me in two seconds and I caught that you had Harry carry who did 53 years 8300 calls play-by-play for the St. Louis Cardinals. One year for the Oakland Athletics 11 years for the Chicago White Sox 15 years for the Chicago Cubs and you seen him imitated over the top on different sitcoms and things like late-night TV. Hilarious. But these were icons. These were greats. I cannot do this segment justice by myself some to bring another great baseball mind producer Pete is going to cohost with me for the rest of today's program.

Pete, thanks for the time.

Glad you're with us to take the opening comment because I'm your filling out today to go to what I think is one of the biggest moments in baseball history.

I still recognize this as the all-time home run record.

I recognize Roger Morris as the all-time home run record king for one season, and I even put Babe Ruth because he played 154 games at 60 home runs as also an all-time leader and is why would Aron judge is doing is so exciting. I was very young. My twin brother and I recorded Hank Aaron's every at that when he got to 714 homeruns in the next one whenever he headed would be number 715 Vin Scully had the call. It was April 8, 1974 there's two knucklehead young guys. I read about them the other day that came out on the field and were grabbing his arms as he is rounding second base towards their base towards coming home April 8, 1974 Hank Aaron beats the Bambino, the Sultan of swat Babe Ruth all-time home run record.

It had been 714 for many many decades. Eric cut 19, I think that for many reasons.

Number one iconic record number two you cannot forget like Vin Scully remember to remember to share this. The significance of that Hank Aaron was receiving death threats. I mean vicious things in the mail and and everywhere he went.

The pressure that was brought to bear of certain people in America that did not want Babe Ruth's record to be beaten. I mean it. It's undeniable. So I started with that Pete because I just couldn't help myself. I think if I didn't, you may have right yeah what what I love about this moment I didn't live it but you look back and read historical records.

He did it with class. I mean how many people had would have been able to in his position receiving death threats receiving the guy knows how many racist discussing letters and comments that he had to deal with either we'll go back when he first came up and now were talking 1974 and he just didn't want to smile and I believe, to paraphrase one of his great quotes.

He said to show you his class. I wasn't trying to erase Babe Ruth from the relleno from people's conscious. I was just trying to make people remember Hank Aron yeah I love it I love it. He's an elegant man that you know was I think the perfect man, modest man to do this and not lost on me is is obviously some of what Vin Scully talked about the South and the feelings towards African-Americans even in 1974.

In certain quarters, producer Pete. The next moment in Vin Scully's career belongs to you. While this one. I'll go with cut 20 with Bill Dr. because this is my one of my earliest memories of Vin Scully growing up and I'll never forget watching this game live.

Being able to stay up late late night during the entire series on the games that were play when I was in school the next day Moses into Bill Buckner's big Aron World Series game six cut 20. Now remember Pete in that series. The Mets said all they say it's a mistake. Somebody made a mistake but they lit up on the Jumbotron congratulating their opponent as the World Series champion. That's how much it was over.

That is a moment. Remember, there was the big bring Buckner back, forgive him, moment, and it was really beautiful sky like the Bartman yellow ball thing yet incredible.

Give us you eat what Dutch does not just give you chills to listen to Vin Scully call that now I remember Buckner was pretty crotchety he had this almost like look like a crab. Almost he was moving sideways. The ball had terrific English spin on it and he just heat it went between his legs. He couldn't. He couldn't get it. You know they there is a lot of people you look back is why was even on the field because he had the bad leg with the backing of the bed needs.

So why wasn't he replaced defensively, but as a kid watches not grow growing up a Yankee fan, but because they were playing the Boston Red Sox.

My dad drilled into my head know when we go with whoever is playing against the Red Sox. So even those the Mets in my dad jumped up out of his seat screaming we win we win, along with the scoreboard flashing when after the era, but here's a question I'll ask if you remember visually. I don't know if Buckner even if he fielded it cleanly that he would have beaten Mookie Wilson to first base like it exactly where Wilson was down that line and where Buckner was in the ball was just going through his legs, even if he caught it he had bad legs. I don't think she would've been able to pot to be in the first base, but that would've been a different history because I am free with you. I agree with you but it would've been a different history and here's why say that Pete because if he fielded the ball clean and made his best effort to make the put out then there would not of been this Buckner moment like I'm comparing it to Bartman and how he hurt Chicago. So the fact that couldn't field the ball. It made him look inadequate, like he should've been on the field as you said a moment ago, but I think you're right about that Pete.

I don't know that he would have beaten Mookie Wilson who was coming down that line quick.

I don't think he would've got there go two more things about this one is that people forget, and it was in the early part of the clip, the Bob Stanley wild pitch if there's no wild pitch and that ground ball still happens were not talking about the game being over because the runners wouldn't be one of advanced but the other part to what you were saying earlier before he played the clip as far as they accidentally flashed what was happening all the world world champion Red Sox Bob Costas has said he was already in the Red Sox dugout ready to do the first ever interview in the 20th century that would be live because there is no TV 1918 with the Red Sox. The champagne was out pieces and after the game was tied, he says like a unbelievably quick they ran back into that clubhouse and removed all the champagne and all the potential celebration material for the Red Sox because as you know, that's when they really believe there really was the curse of the Bambino because how does this happen, they couldn't. They couldn't believe it.

So yeah they had to do all those things just to save the yacht. The mental health of all the players who will be coming in there that knew in the back of their mind were about to celebrate a great victory and instead of the whole thing goes bad and then they lose game seven and they lose the World Series and that made people think that the Red Sox may be permanently were or Kirsten would never win for trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees when we come back the next pic is mine. I've got it. I've got a do it. I also think maybe, maybe, just maybe, producer Pete might pick this one next he'll tell us when we come back on. Keep them on a secret until we come back to save the final audio of Vin Scully for the very end of today special edition, filling in for Brian.

I'm Harry with producer Pete course Allison and Eric. This is the Brian kill me show you something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking loose unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show we are back. It is a Brian kill me show Allison Pete Eric. Yours truly Harry filling in for Brian who will be back tomorrow and we are cohosting this segment of the Brian kill me show with producer Pete who picked today's topic for the last two segments of today's program and I absolutely love him for it huge baseball fan huge Yankees fan but I am a huge baseball fan.

If it's somebody that's on the Dodgers and obverse of Yankees. My favorite team.

The Dodgers at that great history but Vin Scully had reference for America's pastime.

He's the greatest that ever was, in terms of announcing it is been great. Once, but he is the greatest in my opinion not just because of longevity. My next pic of a memorable Vin Scully call is Kirk Gibson hobbling on one leg to the plate as a pinch-hitter on October 15, 1988 Erica 21 so why have to admit that's a great call and I don't remember it because we we are inundated with Jack Buck's call does Jack Buck steel this particular call Pete yeah I it's a rare moment where somebody would with output ahead of Vin Scully in a call but is Jack Buck and not yet. That's the one that's ingrained in my in my head but I what I do what I do love about Scully is these again. He let a preheating to jump right into the hold can get around the bases even let the moment speak for itself and watching Gibson rounding the bases pumping his fist. Yes, was just amazing and and the fact that Eckersley did from a fastball and try to bust him inside because he never would've been able to turn on a fastball because he was in such bad condition.

It's true, and Jack Buck didn't say a whole lot. I don't believe what I just saw I don't believe what I just saw and he gets the MVP that call Pete next pic is yours next pic I got have to go with 22, especially how you finish it Fernando Fallon as well as no-hitter from ninth and already in the strike is Sam well this class is so good.

Quick comment will I was squeeze one more in yeah I just love his wagon nine now growing a dodger fan of being able see that I believe they cut live to it on ESPN so we were able to see the dodger broadcast via ESPN and I was glued to the set because of Vin Scully's credibility he could do this. Not many sports announcers play-by-play color could get away with this, but Vin Scully could because of his credibility. I don't know the date. I know the year 2016 a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers and listen to what the greatest baseball announcer in history, said cut 26 Eric socialism failing to work as it always does, this time in Venezuela. Talk about giving everybody something free, and all of a sudden there's no food in the you think is the richest person in Venezuela, the daughter of hello anyway: to come on Pete.

After all, that which is right anyway into how good is that not even in the last year of his of his career still amazing, Pete. We only have time to get in the final words of this 67 year. The pantheon of his of his craft. So just do it in a montage. Eric cuts 2425 no friends. So many people and wish me. Congratulations on a 67 year career in baseball and they wish me a wonderful retirement with my family and now all I can do is tell you what I wish for you. May God give you for every storm a rainbow for every tear a smile for every tear of promise and blessing. In each trial for every problem. Life seems a faithful friend to share for every sigh, a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.

You and I have been friends for a long time but I know in my heart that I've always needed you more than you've ever needed me and I'll miss our time together more than I can say that you know what that will be a new day and then eventually the new year and when the upcoming winter gives way the spring rest assured once again it will be time for dodger baseball.

So this is Vin Scully. Wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon wherever you may be producer Pete, how great is that I have chills and a little yeah you get a little sadness, positive again this, his voice was part of the IGES soundtrack of my childhood growing up as a huge baseball fan in the seam he called me World Series. I believe call 2025 World Series in his career so I remember them in the 80s. So for Gary I Weiss 8485 8687 8889. He called all those so that's part of my childhood about this and were down the final 20, 30 seconds Pete but how about it at age 90-ish little over 90 as great if not as great as he ever was in year one. He was in your 67 ages as a Yankee fan.

I imagine he was stuck. Yankee offer. We would've had Vin Scully always uses that all 900 guys we have now amazing. Pete, thanks for the opportunity to be with you today and told me again, welcome.

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