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Deadline: Judge gives DOJ one week to redact Trump raid affidavit

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 19, 2022 1:07 pm

Deadline: Judge gives DOJ one week to redact Trump raid affidavit

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 19, 2022 1:07 pm

[00:00:00] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)

[00:18:24] Marc Thiessen

[00:36:47] Geraldo

[00:55:10] Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL)

[01:13:33] Jonathan Turley

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Five euros New York City function for America's receptive Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here about is the right to me Joe. We had a wild week.

So glad you stay with us through the entire time. We have a big hour, James W is a standby little bit early, so that's a big news is MRT's at the bottom of the hour watch impose columnist Fox News contributor to put it all in perspective. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is the roads type of politics is politics to raise his national profile with the Texas governor is doing is just so anti-American really border war at our southern border and between New York and Texas. Adam sees fame opportunities by pushing back against illegal immigrants being dropped in New York City by Gov. Abbott. I see opportunity lost. The bottom line is, taxpayers lose drug foreign national security is compromised in cities rocked new information on violent unprovoked attack in the Bronx. The suspect is back on the streets after being released without bail, unbelievable violent crime raging in every major Democratic when sitting most of it is been caught on tape it. We still have nothing being done to make criminals pay the price. The result is debt destruction and now desertion of the major cities close, share the story and the stats why the problem is that the Department of Justice is rather notorious for using redaction's I have a rather odd incentive that the more they redact the more likely they can get more time you have a week to react exact names and then release the written rate reason you rated Myla ago. That was the message from the judge.

He greenlighted the nine-hour FBI invasion is a trump obsessed media focuses on all things drop instead of it really affects the country and I don't care if you biggest drum fan of the biggest critic we should not be talking about Donald Trump all the time. There's so much of the stuff going on. Case in point, my next guest, Emma James Jovita's best-selling author nine conflicts in the crucible of decision risk it all is the name of the book, and he also has a book that's now must read a novel of the next world war which read like something from the news and welcome back greatly when Brian Adm. first off your thoughts about us going back into this Iranian decision. This Iranian deal knowing that it's about to expire, knowing that it looks as though the weapon eyes uranium is going to go to Russia and were paying to do it and if a president comes into reverses the deal that weapon eyes uranium comes back to you are Ron. I'm skeptical of the DLI always Been and as you get toward the end of the timeline as you correctly point out, it's a decreasing value for the West to go into this because you have to lift the sanctions.

But then the sanctions won't go back into effect when the limits, and as you correctly point out, this enriched uranium will be held kind of off-camera off stage by the Russians know you got out wonder when you see Vladimir Putin going to Tehran.

Having hugs with his best friends in Iran how scrupulous the accounting will be on that offshore enriched uranium can enter.

And finally, Brian, you did mention it, but what makes me skeptical about the deal is I just don't see the Iranians backing off their support for these terrorist insurgents has been a lot of this threatens Israel, not exactly.

So I am very skeptical that there's much much to recommend this be the only thing I can see where the administration is coming from is because were in the middle of this conflict with Ukraine. They're trying to avoid another active war in the Middle East got that, but giving Iran the opportunity to move toward a program without any real restrictions worries me a great deal.


The other thing I worry about is this is not to allow it to happen. Individual takes action you got in the Middle East war indeed.

And let's not forget two months ago, president I was in Jerusalem stood next to the Prime Minister of Israel here Lapine and said I think correctly that the United States and Israel together would never allow Iran to possess a nuclear weapon so you're kind of all in the Israelis and that is the key that could unlock another war in the Middle East you're exactly right worry about.

So there is a list to discuss with you and one is Afghanistan really looks like a report to Maui left $7 billion worth of equipment behind and the rise of ISIS K taking on the tele-band were bad in their own right, as well as your Josh Rogan writes today how many Afghanistan journalists left behind, and American allies. We left behind one year later which of the American people know about that operation. I think ultimately it was the capstone on a failed 20 year effort. Let's be honest about it, and certainly the failures run across both political parties. All the administrations that were involved in the admirals and the generals who were involved, including myself, is supreme Allied Cmdr. Nate also .1. It's a long effort with plenty of blame to go around .2 we ought to pull it apart and understand why we feel, and I think I have yet to see that kind of ability on the tracks. I think it's very important there and finally Brian, we need to do all that we can to clean up the mess and that includes not continuing our efforts to get out those who stood with us, the Afghans, not just the journalists but the interpreters speed those who work in our embassy there are still by some estimates well over 100,000. We need to redouble our efforts to get them out by any means either overtly or clandestinely. However, we need to do it. We need to keep our faith with those who are still there and will you tell me was in the Pentagon that there is nobody looking at this holistically.

This 20 year Afghanistan war.

Forget about the exit exit exit aside, nobody is looking at this now that's unfair there. There are efforts underway. The U.S. Army which course had the bulk of the effort there.

Certainly the Marines were involved, maybe somewhat airport somewhat but U.S. Army appropriately is taking a long look at this thing and they've issued a couple interim looks at it. I think this is bigger than any one service. It is in the Department of Defense because state plays a role in this USAID Department of Defense obviously intelligence community. We need an interagency effort to pull this thing apart and figure out where we fail why we failed how to avoid it. The next time to listen to the two Ukraine Hughes Gen. Jack Keane on the sense that my question to him an hour ago was if the Ukrainians aren't making gains by the late fall winter. Is this operation over and will the West lose interest. Here's what he said cut 37 Ukrainians of a concern and they been stating that quietly that not confident that the United States and international community will be able to sustain them through this counteroffensive and I hope that's not the case but that's that's a belief that they have that the weapons are going to dry up on this is what Putin is Catalan. I know he is counting on Ukrainian fatigue here and that the Europeans at NASA yesterday. United States will not keep the kind of support that's needed Ukrainians to be successful. Even though the Russians have made almost no gains Ukrainians have made gains of late Anaheim oars are being effective. This evil Jim Zielinski of a legitimate worry. He does have a legitimate worry. And these are two races that are in balance.

One is patience on the part of the West and here I'm with a Gen. Jack, as usual, which is to say, I hope we can keep our efforts going now.

Hope is not a strategy but on the plus side, I continue to see Brian support for Ukraine across the political spectrum, even if the political landscape here in the United States is different after the election in November. I think that will continue. On the other side. And this is the good news is burning through the troops.

He's opening presents. He's conscripting Ukrainians from the Don Bass to fight for him. He is throwing everything he's got because he doesn't want to conduct the mobilization trapped inside a Russia so he's got his problems. Zielinski has his problems. Personally I would rather be playing the board game that Zielinski is his game of risk is high, but it's not as high as Vladimir Putin's and my my estimate well in a couple things I am understanding to is that I took somebody's is helping out over there retired guy still in his prime. By the way, he said, look at with the Russians look at it. The Russians at 25% of the country and they got time. They don't care about their people. They don't care about the carnage. Don't worry about body counts so they can get 25% of the country and they can hold it already.

That's considered a success. Do you understand that mindset understand the mindset I would push back on it and say the Russian objective was 100% of the country in accomplishing that in a week or two with minimal casualties in that context now that they have unsafe product closer to 20% of the country but okay let's call 25%. That's a failing grade on any test I've ever taken, and appoint to Brian to be made is that there is Gen. Jack says their offense has come to a grinding halt because they don't have the troops and they don't have the equipment and I don't think that's can magically appear. So again you if you think this is a game of battleship rather be on Zielinski side of that board. Then on. So would you take from the Chinese exit military exercise around Taiwan. He studied it so much and you wrote a book about it. For the most part would take from what they showed you well first of all, I was invalidated the intelligence that we haven't validated many of our believes that China would begin with a blockade long-range missile strikes positioning amphibious. We kind of got a look at their hand of cards that pretty helpful .2. They did it with efficiency and capability, but let me tell you some Brian as we have discovered watching the Russians exercises are different than combat and so they showed us their capability to move out and encircle and do quite a bit but let's see what happens when the Taiwanese and if we decide to go and start firing back. And then thirdly, what I take away from it is. We knew this. This is the ultimate redline for the Chinese and they are not going to allow the Taiwanese to step up into a state of independent so storm warning ahead. We need to stay very focused on this report and avoid walking into a war right pick up his book risk it all nine conference in the crucible of decision. But if you want to know how this war might play out pickup 2034 a novel of the next world war and use of the sales bookshelf 50 books to know the city. I will think so much.

It was great. Thank you.

Talk soon. I got it we come back you turn 1-866-408-7669, so we didn't talk trumpet I will with you on this affidavit. It is going to be released in some way shape or form, shall be a lot of reductions a little bit less little bit less and will know little bit more to present Trump release the surveillance video that he has inside Mara Lago of nine hours worth of ransacking by the FBI and number three John Bolton, the biggest Trump critic out there outside Liz Cheney said that Donald Trump is wiping the floor miracle: do you agree this is the brain to meet you in your knowledge base Brian filmy show Fox News contests network hundred dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week for us to bend on its podcast listen no Fox News precise personal powerful is America's liturgy, your fox weather update throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News or wherever you get your project fastest three hours in radio with Brian until made. The problem is that the department justice is rather the Taurean for using reactions and a perverse incentive here if they overrate that it's more likely the judge will disagree which means that they can go on appeal and delay any release other so they have a rather odd incentive that the more they redact the more likely they can get more time, but we will have to see if this judge is willing to go moderately model with the Department of Justice and say look this is excessive. I think you go little bit though Jonathan Turley today that they had to go go toe to toe a little bit before most part the skies very democratic to Americo and friendly judge that greenlighted this raid because what he read. Okay so you got the warrant got a greenlighted ghost of the affidavit, he reasons his is a reason why people can learn more about this with Geraldo the best point yesterday to bring it up to him. He said he was stunned to see the announcement of one of the pushback from the Justice Department was. This is the beginning of this at the early stages of an investigation and would jeopardize sources and methods skews me early stages the early stages of an investigation.

You start vibrating a former president's house for the first time in history. Brazil style Venezuelan style you kidding here's Alina Haber last night. He's Trump she's Trump's attorney: I think that that will paint very much transparency. I would expect that will get a lot of black ink all over that piece of paper and highlight the DOJ abiding DOJ had probably been ransacking everything other than the word and the cell were going to have to see what they kickback the one good thing that this judge did say is that he will take a look at it if it's too heavily that he will do so himself. So is encouraging them to try and give us some sort of clarity. I think the there's a lot of people here that are just waiting including the chum team to see what the basis was when you have a coordinating check president. Having a person, let alone the president for mirror for the reports of the miracle in surprise about the backlash when reports of the Wall Street Journal say mirror girl and thought about doing this long and hard for weeks before the actually do the rated wipes out the legitimacy of urgency when you get the warrant on Friday don't read till Monday.

It wipes out to the legitimate explanation that it's an emergency. Sure, you obviously the whistleblower personal person on the inside was concerned but you already meeting with the administration, the former administration diverting pin tomorrow Lago in early June and then you do. This brings nothing but questions and now the admit the former administration Donald Trump say you know what middle release some of that nine hours of footage of you guys ransacking my club and going through my wife's closet in her drawers. Why not show that so I don't think that's necessarily the best move. It just gets people angrier but you're Donald Trump. It would point is get too much. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the raid visiting the barge of a bothered by the investigation in Georgia there in October.

I guess they're going after his company and the putting them on trial is the CFO is going to jail for five months not to testify. He evidently misappropriated $1.7 million and put it towards personal use. Over the course of 40 years. So over the course of 40 years. The 75-year-old 1.7 million there was company money. They want to things like company cars and tuition for his grandkids schools over the course of 40 years to understand that at of everything going on in the world from the crazy crime that death of a cabbie on Saturday night because he didn't want to let these guys beat them on a fair one is a guy is standing at the edge of a rail of the subway and gets blindsided and knocked to the ground and currently in a in a chemically induced coma with a brain bleed and that guy is out and about going to Donald Trump CFO with all these legal cases in the balance. You really think that Donald Trump in particular would be nervous. He's not for some reason he seems to thrive in these areas and as of now depending on that affidavit says he's winning that war on Verilog. The more you think about it these documents. The meetings that took place already the false claims that nuclear secrets were there that he might be selling them off to somebody else.

All Russian folks like we come back to bring this up to Marty's and also talk about. We really should be talking about from the Iranians yield to inflation the terrible deal. Joe Biden just Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News contests talkshow that's getting you talking with Brian until made should be winning were not laid on top of that wall which might be the biggest story since 9/11.

This thing turns out that it will hold what you say about said you still we got a new stamp Donald Trump got a second stamp Donald Trump don't lose a special part of banks. It's a very tricky issue look that that the school thought that's an idea.

It's not really tricky. It's the same Donald Trump story over and over again from 2015. Marty's enjoy just now prison just betray George W. Bush, Fox News contributor, Washington Post columnist Mark I welcome anything about Cargill just said well there's some truth to what he say that there is a tricky issue for Republicans, but of course we don't get what the problem is we don't want what most Republicans are saying which is why is that we don't know what what what we don't know if it's a legitimate searcher, not because we don't have the affidavit with information. I'm open to the possibility that it was a legitimate search because of mishandling classified information is a serious serious issue, but we don't know the Donald from the tablecloth. What information we don't know what the predicate of the search was so no one trusts Justice Department don't trust the FBI because they spent seven years relentlessly pursuing Donald Trump.

They've like to the five the court they falsified information that they use the Clinton funded campaign funded steel docket. I am the Trump campaign that pursued book Russia collusion conspiracy theory for two years, which ended up being been disproven by the mullah report you got Sen. Grassley now says that FBI whistleblowers are people within the FBI came to him and said that senior officials were conspiring to suppress the Hunter Biden investigation.

He got Merrick Garland, who denies the FBI to intimidate parrots of the there's no particular cost is no predicate and we are not to assume that the FBI with the epics. If you are going to be seven years ago and and the FBI did Butler trust, think out Corsica 30 FBI one of the most trust organizations in America, but trust been aptly destroyed so absolute legitimate to raise questions about whether this is the church are not with the local search, but once was. It was that the legitimate II will tell you in talking to people in the trunk From the first day it happened to today. They just think their way over their skis sit think this is not rooted in anything that is weighted by what they did and they come in the big scheme of things you would like to Donald Trump. Obviously what's happening in New York is pure politics this investigation to Trump organization. The CFO goes to Rikers Island for 1.7 million over the course of 40 years which they say a company car and paying tuition for his kids using company funds is warranted to go to jail when you could assault someone murdered someone to be out of the ankle bracelet is not what was happening in Georgia they got find out what happened there. I have nothing against that. But with this is a total unnecessary to me. If, on the FBI to you know having credibility issues you really want me to read bar Lago do you just so you know Merrick Garland I do this and there's going be all types of problems on top of everything else you guys doing which is pursuing legitimate terrorists and try to push back on China and infiltrated every element offers our society and that thing that leaked out right away you could be nuclear codes quickly nuclear code what you mean.

He came in a manila folder or nuclear folds are a culture in the Miller folder.

Is he selling it to Russian North Korea people actually speculating that all agree with everything that but again if you're going to take step of writing the home of a former president you have to do it with unprecedented transparency and they are not fighting the release of the they should be voluntarily going through and rejecting what I and I get redacting the affidavit.

If your sources you don't want to burn them and all the rest of that but they should've voluntarily been doing that not be forced to do it by by a court of law because the trust of the trust is broken on the nuclear stuff, you know what they just didn't save the coat. They said it was nuclear information. I have a theory which which may or may not be true. I think Trump just kept the letter to Little Rock you write this. What beautiful what he thought of the beautiful extended so he Looks at.

That's not like you� Like bring the Republic. I hear that and that's not been there had a chance interview take tours to be people there okay that that's my Sprint you were directly there. We did this we worked so having said that, if I really wanted to find out how all this stuff and tomorrow Lago I ask mother who was there that day was login whose one carrying up the boxes most was caught on video was directing with boxes to take out easy to say go interview. Some guys make it $32,000 a year was I asked to bring X, Y, and Z out. Let's find out what was alluding tomorrow Lago let's go take a look let's go look inside you could just this could have been easily done and then it would've been report where Donald Trump made it very difficult to reclaim a lot of the stuff he took the first 50 boxes region the latest Walmart and that's a one-day story, but instead it is a huge story and what I thought was struck by is one of their arguments was when you was the arguments to keeping this secret was. This is the beginning the early stages of an investigation. I was like are you okay did you actually send out I want to bring up politics if I can. Few studies came out of what matters most in Michigan and Arizona to states in which you would argue the Republicans have to win the right don't listen to. I was shot on number one is abortion. Number two is inflation.

Number three is jobs and economy number four's election integrity. Number five is voting rights seem similar another.

This is from the ARP abortion summer one of the ARP that seniors I found that kind of interesting part of Arizona border security number one inflation number two tidy number one inflation just four points back abortion. So this is abortion is a very real topic.

It came from the Supreme Court that you put in front and center. You can't blame Donald Trump for that you can put in Bay for putting conservative judges are so this is a major thing so they're saying now 60% chance the Democrats keep the Senate and now they the red wave is very much in question in the house.

How you see Mark, I don't see that the right way to stop because of abortion. And I'm sorry for all personal.

One of the things that they never ask them if they like is abortion like your top issue they never ask about where are you pro-life or pro-choice about the people who are voting on abortion number one � a lot of them are pro-life so you know we don't know where, when and what the impact of that is the if the Senate is in in in universe, albeit everything you okay Marcus� Four points behind him and his son erased the art real clear politics average in 2016. Hunt them down three points in the morning went by.

So I look, I don't trust Goldman's earlier being accurate, but if you only have to go on right now behind Fetterman by 11 points of Masters is behind behind Kelly by eight points to me. I like the 538 Albert Herschel Walker is losing by three close with tykes Vance is in a statistical pie in Ohio, apartment 1Q by 20 points with the Ohio should not be in place so you know the reality is is that we leave. But just as we did in 2010 we picked some less than less than ideal candidates in some of these racist and I hope they win because it's. They would be afraid of her public literally in the ballot that they get to a point in the center along with how to get the point. Senate where they have what they don't need cinema and mansion on the on the filibuster, then all bets are off.

In terms of what they're going to do to our country and your company Trump trumpet be handpicked. These candidates entered into the primaries. If they win, he gets the credit. If we take back the Senate for him.

He did it. If we lose them. That's the second time we lost control the Senate because it was good.

He told 400,000 Georgia voters of all the runoff election and we let that's why we have 1.7 $1.9 trillion spending bill. That's what we have 87,000 IRS agent Senate so I think it's a big gamble on Trump's behalf. If he wind it be better if he went back, giving credit, but if you lose it, but if we lose the Senate lose a chance a historic chance aware that they win back the Senate, no question, and if he wins these rules to to go goggle get four more years. He certainly would get the nomination present hundred 87 victories and on the salon 700 and victories are true and full of those in acrylic of the really competitive work and made a big difference but is running up his numbers by claiming certificate with 99.9% chance of winning couple things I didn't. I know we always trails for Ron Johnson showing by four in Wisconsin to Mandela Barnes that is nothing to do with Donald Trump but he is a big chunk Trump supporter couple other things more help Mark Kelly who is it do-nothing senator who is doing nothing on the border to the last few days. Now walking away from Biden Blake Masters got tremendous talent and potential so his really gotten started yet just got the nomination. I look at JD Vance NICs a very intelligent broad-based guy visa types of people we want in office and if you look at Dr. as a surgeon. Ideally, Trey became a multimillionaire top talkshow host. These are the types of we want different people from all walks of life to run.

I mean, I like that he has 10 houses on the run from that bargain for 10 houses. Given the number two syndicated talk shows and by the way, the steam surgeon and you want to go make $200,000 a work in the Senate, I will. That's called the American that's a cold service so I don't have a problem with Herschel Walker saying hey I came from nothing outstanding athlete legitimate credible businessman.

I went down with us and myself.

I've talked to people he worked under his auspices with Cisco and everything else. It is done and now is a general medical run for office. I but isn't that kind of what was meant by politics yeah absolutely will win more power to them. It's great and you know it, but again it. Got the dominion of the Little League eventually the fate of the Republic today, though I would I would. I hope it when I'm pulling for them, I'm a little bit less sanguine than you are on on JD that you think that about Ukraine are one are just horrible but but but also really politically stupid because there is a huge Ukrainian boat in Ohio that both Republic of this recent drop chairman of the house. Ukraine call Ukraine caucus because Ukrainian Americans are huge voting block in Ohio going out and saying we should be spending money on Ukraine. We should spend money on American crap. You know that whether whatever you think Ukraine really politically stupid mistake like Ohio were Ukrainian but every premier American voters or acute public and voting block so you know that that's that's that's political stupidity.

I agree with you. Plus I disagree and you how I feel about it sooner. Mitch McConnell on some of the most least inspirational words have ever heard.

Cut 26 is probably a greater likelihood of server is different.

Thursday was all without if that's me and Oedipus Chuck Schumer I go out I work with the guys you let me every day I would put my best guy with you the very best woman with you is going to be coaching a problems press you probably messaging you probably you got it you don't make your punctuate more to address down dress up whatever it is I don't sit there and say you know it nothing to do with that is heat sensing I don't care if I were in the center because he's a trumpet candidates.

If so, Mark is at a controlled idiotic so Rick Scott's job to do that, chairman of the committee but then Mitch McConnell I'm sure is doing what every camper and candidate Kai Stubbs and Mark easy. I saw it I would've said that until I heard this to three different times are not just a soundbite of the spinning reality which is that we have aware where the real tough situation of the good news is that in 2024. It's almost Senate because the class is so lopsided.

Did I think that there are like nine or 10 how the Senate races that are competitive and the Democrats are defending. There are zero Republicans running in for Joe Biden one.

So be it be if we don't take back the Senate this time around. Back in 2024 and I don't think, what do you know he's looking at look dumb complement and and and and candidate against the one McConnell and and and were doing and you want a lot of not met with a lot of the boat you JD Vance 60% of Ohio voters voted for somebody other than JD Vance of Robert but in a crowded field trumps endorsement moving 10 to 15% of the vote makes it makes a difference. So now he owns the and again I think you know what contents to do is if they lose the care of the quote by Mitch McConnell before so you know I think with a puddle of things you went into the primary lawyer you know in your hands and and if you are interviewing God blessed, and if you lose them now modeling method is too long to be a sports analogy to show you run that is his area charge wanted to get Soto during the trip before the trade deadline doesn't get it. It's not okay to strike out the rest of the season is not okay to phone her then show up late not take batting practice because you do not remove the GM made you a job is to win and you do everything you can so that that's how shortsighted this guys almost 80 if you really want four years the majority or to sell � but the market to my own.

I will I will tell you that all of the reason why we report so you can make a lot of mistakes in November. Don't forget the logic of the I understand that this is am not a critic. I don't wake up in the morning criticizing him, but I just say I just can't believe this, what, when I'm witnessing. Mark will talk to you get to read your columns. I but Rachel Mitchell would back you call just a moment to move radio show people for the kill made you so busy he'll make your and kill me. I always told Robert from Louisiana and the POTUS call is always there to make commission so they give you an honest open their pricing warranties than the competition. How great is that so we talk about you name images like this, you can now as a college athlete any support from swimming in football that's football wide receiver Nebraska corn huskers you can make money off your name so that you come to Nebraska. Would I get an air conditioning company to support you. And sure enough the guy's name is the coldest so did say that is so they say it's the coldest is so perfect for this, but it's almost a parody of what is happening. That and has almost 6 million views. From what I saw. It's gotten so vile this little like AC company and in fact is really gotten the money find that the coldest typical that I verify the way, have you heard that name before. When you're naming your kid like your naming him to coldest lookouts are now cashing in on it at mom's mom should get a percentage.

I hope South right, but I think with you to see the craziest things in college football this year and all the NAL things to see. I know they should dish there is the wild west of advertising go to Brian. Tell B live on stage talking about the coldest and everything else. Albany will be my stop. September 8 to November 12 13 Brandon, Mississippi as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma. Don't miss it.

Date of Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach. Vance Brian kill me. I want Brian kill me here come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world. Brother vera standing by just getting dressed, wanted to buy them some time to Michael wall to the bottom of the hour. House armed services committee one year since you left Afghanistan embarrassed ourselves in a way that was possible that we find that we left $7 billion, with equipment behind $7 billion credible, and now we find out to Jennifer Griffin Isis K is as much a threat as as Al Qaeda ever was fantastic and the kill the Taliban at the same time, you will eventually get to be pointing towards us. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is the roast type of politics is politics to raise his national profile with the Texas governor is doing is just so anti-American that is Mayor Eric Adams border war at our southern border between the New York and Texas city and state as mayor Adam sees same opportunities by pushing against illegals being dropped in New York City by government Abbott by Gov. Abbott.

I see opportunity lost. The bottom line is, taxpayers lose drugs for international securities compromise and cities rot new information on violent unprovoked attack in the Bronx.

The suspect is back on the streets after being released without bail. They go violent crime raging in every major Democratic run city and most of it. This is been caught on tape yet. Still nothing is done.

Result is death, destruction, and now desertion will share this story and the stats. The problem is that the Department of Justice is rather notorious for using redaction say have a rather odd incentive that the more they redact the more likely they can get more time, Jonathan Turley, of course, you have a week to redact exact names and then release the written reason you rated Verilog will be contained in the met affidavit that was the message from the judge a green light of the nine-hour invasion as a trump obsessed media focuses on all things comp and said it would really affect this country with the right now. Brother vera Geraldo welcome back braggart. There is always the first of I episodes.

I never doubt the Donald trumps news. I get it the way Mike Tyson is with boxing at Tiger Woods is with golf. I get it, but if I actually want to talk about the next golfer this going to win the U.S. Open. I'm not talking Tiger Woods are not talking Mike Tyson of them talk about best boxers in the world to talk about Donald Trump I know is in the news, but it's not the most important thing facing our country this other things are and I see these others stations focusing on trump because they been sucking wind with with ratings you agree with me.

I do in many ways and usually do get angry at me.

I may shake it off because I know the good art lesson trump is God charisma that is you know people are obsessed with by a is also the head of the Republican Party. There's no doubt about it, the primary season. Certainly showed that the Liz Cheney ignominious defeat in the Wyoming was more evidence of it. So trump is a gigantic story better than it is important to what is happening in the cities.

I think Greg added a stunt of bringing the migrants to New York City is definitely newsworthy and should be talked about in terms of the $6 billion trashing will be the equipment left behind in Afghanistan. As I recall all of the high-tech choppers were were destroyed by our special ops people that we left. You know, the last soldiers to leave many of the VM wraps a big armored vehicles will also similarly destroyed in dysfunctional. I think we left them $6 billion worth of junk personal. So let's go to crime in Manhattan. I am sure you see what happened.

This is one that you are ready for training that when you put on the track snow from behind you see this Bronx man with multiple arrests, a convicted sex offender and lifetime probation.

Put gloves on and sucker punch this other man from behind.

He falls to the ground, slams his head is brains bleeding. I think his cheeks collapse. The keeping them in a coma to shower in this Bronx man gets downgraded from a misdemeanor from the attempted murder to misdemeanor listen to. I was sounded. I was reported in New York at nine was critically injured in what appears to be singling unprovoked attack. The assault on Juan Cortez's brother happened Friday night near a busy corner next to the Fordham Road subway station.

Police say it shows 55-year-old we've been through putting on gloves and then walking up to 52-year-old Jesus Cortez without warning and from behind the assailant suddenly throws a vicious roundhouse punch to the back of Cortez's head anywhere in the silence of the video because it was really an aggressive, pale, he was just standing and then the doctors came at him from the back.

What would you say to this, Geraldo. I mean I'm New York. It will result in have crime but to see this guy out front page of the New York Post in which a reaction is absent, llamas Street fighter from an old man now plenty of balls in my day.

One of the things we always had utter contempt for was a sucker punch or sucker punch or is a bully and a coward who gives his victim, no chance to respond with this punk did coming up behind him and hitting him. He put on work you put on boxing the Iraq war club didn't roundhouse to the spell not them unconscious had whacked the concrete fracturing his skull and for the Bronx DA I. I thought it was attempted murder for that and that was what the cops wanted him to be charged with. That's what they arrested him for at least felonious assault in the 1st�, but to give him 1/3� felonious assault or even a misdemeanor assault led him out on no bail. Let this this this punk. I did so discussing what he did, and hence is Cortez is a good hard-working migrant started a folkloric group in the Bronx.

An entrepreneur I small businessman a good person taken out and almost murdered by someone who did a conference sex assault is a registered sex offender in the third sex offender three, which is the most serious Sex offender's got that a dozen mugshots you got robbery.

You got weapons possession is a criminal record which as long as my arm for the Bronx DA to let him out with no bail fits in the face of all New Yorkers. It was absolutely unjustified on the law on the fact and to do it in this climate where people are just crying out in the post-pandemic days for a city to be resurrected and to restart and to have this happen. Fordham Road that's not likely a ghetto that's a very nice commercial Street strivers lower middle-class people.

I like to students from the nearby University and to have it happen there and and people watching this and then the guy struts off only to be arrested later because the neighborhood pointed them out to the cops and then to be release them back on the street is they screw you New York school you know people who are trying to be decent, hard-working folks, it really Brian text me so much I can't begin to tell you how this is a guy I I think Meredith is trying to do the right thing I did you know that BP has with the governor after throttle that I be the problem is felonious assault in the Bronx where you have many many relatives is up 25, 27% over year to date. You know you the numbers don't lie. You got to do something in one of the not let your DAs people take people in the turnstile, let him out on the on the bail reform bill reform.

This is a city killing itself. This is masochism. You know we are a self-inflicted wound.

When we let violent criminals like this walk free. It is absolutely appalling today. I can't get over this bill reform was put forth by Michael J. Norris and assemblyman David Oka O'Donnell. It was done a couple years ago was signed by the governor.

It says it's not fair for people to be leaving, but not to be unable to get a joke is in a money when they do the same crime as rich people and if they have a certain amount of time to really get a case together. Talk to police chiefs in small areas of Long Island and big ears like New York City, you can't get a case together as quickly as the pace that they need judges don't have the discretion to clamp down like they should.

And the result is the wild West in New York City.

Here's the paradigm says the right thing, but I don't see him doing much cut 14. I want people in any lawmaking body to say let's protect the innocent. New York is just try that again for people who don't commit robberies with the people who are the victims of robberies seem to have forgotten them. I have not forgotten them, and that is what I need partners to help me in doing that what I just did: at the names of these lawmakers pushing for this and pushing back against him. He's gotta start naming them that he have no problem doing if his Republicans. Eric has missed a golden opportunity to go to the border governor Evans request. See how bad it is called a present Biden because they have it they get along great and truly become a national figure.

Instead, he says well my 400 people will that's anti-American to send them here to New York City not seeing the big picture that taxes getting 7000 a day. Your thoughts, let me get that A second give me� One mother applicability for they reduce the criminal culpability age in New York from 16 were there they inherited from 16 you could be charged for these crimes as an adult to 18 to come across in 1617. Up until your 18th birthday. You go to family court.

It used to be you went to criminal court because of the word.

Did I don't want to confuse you but your 16 in the old days you went to you at the criminal court. Now your 318 to court fixing to go to family court so you get released from juvenile. So what happens the gangsters the gang bangers began officials you know the operators of the gangs. They know this to their shooters.

Now, 16, 17, is all because they know that they'll go to family court. This is again a self-inflicted book in terms of the border you know why I love New York or New York can be very there really say that. But New York is not in New York is a million undocumented immigrants will talk about them and check what Gov. Abbott did in sending these boxes up to New York into Austin and so forth. It is a publicity stunt, but it has focused attention to a problem that has been ignored for too long and it needs attention. We need to get Mexico to do it by these people walk across the entire nation of Mexico. Mexico doesn't stop them. I mean Mexico is aiding and abetting this enormously enhance our security at the board. We need to figure although it's in prison right now.

What you do is say I want those 20,000 Marines back in the southern border of Mexico and put the aid on in Jeff's illicit on the copyright you checks if you not to control your own border. You said the present is a schism and get to the root cause of the problem.

The vice president in charge that we just had Congressman Gonzales from Texas go down to the to meet with the Guatemalan present. He says he hasn't heard one thing from the president of the United States or his administration coming there allowing this to happen on our border and not stopping it from Central and South America. You can have that combination of things and truly run the country. I agree I agree and trade. For instance, can be so you know we we rely heavily on Mexican factories along the border. We live rely you know there is a straight mix in the United States.

We have enormous leverage. It's not being a bully it's asking our neighbors to the south to their fair share. I think get the do it with respect but yet it was shoring back to What Howard hasn't been there to get it. It's unbelievable. And it just hurts the argument everybody wants immigration legally. That's what a better country and all these other nations or die. No one's going to. People are not going to rush it.

They're not going to run to Japan I mean Australia sky extreme limits on them immigration things to keep us growing is looking to have a process of bringing enthusiastic first-time immigrants, but we can't get to that point as all these people are breaching our security and going to the border and I want you here without a sadly we don't have enough time doing about okay let's Leo to listen to this.

This is the story at the border when it comes to illegal drugs. What we see happening is essentially that there are two cartels in Mexico. The Sinaloa cartel in the Jalisco new generation cartel that are killing Americans with fentanyl at catastrophic and record rates likely have never seen before and those cartels are acting with calculated deliberate treachery to get Sentinel to the United States and to get people to buy fake pills by hiding and other drugs any means that they can take in order to drive injection to make money final thought 20 seconds. I want an Ellis Island at the border. The Ellis Island in New York to welcome migrants in an orderly fashion. In terms of the cartels I want to make in the treaties with Mexico but we have a joint operation about against these criminal organizations in a way that gets the full resources of the Mexican federal government and the US federal government, working in conjunction these are transnational criminals up that require a transnational approach to busting their asses brother there. Have a great weekend you too but you got it. Michael also Bobby are you Talisha, it's all okay information you want truth you demand. This is the Brian kill me show my ways and go into the contents to people who are going to concert and start to target that have joined me that they may post that Jos� never said this is one of the things I think for people to understand NATO and thinks out I miss eluent C Percocet as if it were real, and this is the deliberate, calculated treachery of the cartels that will entail some kids think they're buying. It's important note, the kids think they're buying one thing to the pills look similar, they have no way of knowing that they're getting Sentinel that they think they're buying I see and I will tell you if you put them side-by-side can tell that you can tell the difference that lifelong professionals at the G8 can't tell the difference. They look exactly as if they're the real payoff announcer mama painted like skittles. So they really suck you when you get one and you're done. Brian you listening Illinois hey Brian Brian Brian rule I know to go ahead with anyone. Every other no how wrong it was going to murder Largo and out will all documents get mixed up on the present phone or Bush or even the Obama did not want to see staff about the White House so they just pack up everything and go so yeah right I listen I think Brett has of what I know right now. I agree with you. We don't know we don't know. And the fact that the judge knows everything and says yeah they should let us all read it and the FBI is one in the department of justice once is now eight judge wanted out front pointed out you wanted out. I wanted out the door wanted out of the people do the investigation and the judge said, sucking her to investigation redact the names redact what you have to. I predictably get a lot of reactions can be sent back will ultimately go to read something from his mouth to kill me. I know it would be significance audience understands the United States closed all of its spaces in Afghanistan before the collapse.

We did three things are equipment. One was sent home to we gave equipment to be Afghanistan as if they needed it, and three we destroy we didn't want what this equipment really represents is all the US equipment that was in the hands of the Afghanistan and obviously that has been considerable because we provided them all that ground vehicles we provided them significant number of military aircraft as well so that was our general checking on the report that you will relive 7 billion more assets military assets behind hardware from M Rhapsody jeeps to planes to choppers who knows the body armor.

The night vision glasses, you name it we left it Carson Michael Walsh joined us, probably to know the title but you knew the stuff comes. We would your reaction to this day. Brian I kept all of that from a general cane but but it sounds like you're referring to the special Inspector General for Afghanistan's report and equipment left behind approximately 7 billion in just the clear something up because a number of people talk about the $85 billion number.

That was the total of assistant and equipment up given to the Afghan security forces over the 20 years that 7 billion is according to the Inspector General so that the part of the report that you are not coming from Republicans or anyone else. The DoD Inspector General of what was left behind.

In fairness, we left it for the Afghan military to continue fighting and then obviously when when we yank all of their support out from them in the middle of the fighting season and they collapse Caliban took it all. My question Brian all along has been as we saw these Afghan army units starting to surrender as we saw that the intelligence in terms of how long the Afghan government would survive and we saw the cascade of cities starting to fall. Why did we start destroying the equipment.

Many of it was sitting in warehouses and ammunition download.

We still had air support overhead week as we saw it falling to the Caliban we could have taken action to destroy at least a lot about equipment and/or airlifted out so that it's not only going to the Caliban Brian it's going to Al Qaeda it's going over to Iran. It's going to terrorist groups in Pakistan that are attacking India. This stuff is going to spread to terrorist organizations all over the world and future American soldiers and special operators are going to have to deal with. They're going to be shot at with our own bullet in taxpayer-funded U.S. Army equipment and just when the State Department on that. Okay, you gotta pull out they don't apply regardless we'll blow this up, you need to present to sign off on that common comment right if you gotta destroy the stop if you can't get it out and not let it fall to the hands of the Caliban that offended all over the world to terrorist groups. All of Ukraine. If we can.

So let's talk about was happening.

So for the Russians are moving much. And there's a timeline.

Do you are you are the people to believe this, a timeline on the amount of time Ukraine has to show some real progress before eight afterwards leaving yeah I do not, with no valid, loud and clear when when we met with Pres. slinky as well. The Russians are going to try to gobble up as much as they can before winter before they run out a theme they're having difficulty with with their logistics and their recruits and then solidify those lines and accident Russia and meanwhile what's going to worry about. I am two Europeans are going to start backslide even further this winter when when they're that much more dependent on on Russian gas and he's also worried it's got a phone off the headlines in the United States.

So I mean he yelled so once he believes I believe it's, well, that's life going that he got a timeline that's like going on a counteroffensive. He cannot survive really is a country being being cut off from the Black Sea like they are right now and I think what what I want everybody out there to realize that it if Putin is able to solidify these line and lock them down and annex all of those portions in the Russia always going to do it, lick his wounds and be right back at it again. A year or two years from now and just keep gobbling up Ukraine and he could do that successfully weather take them a year or five years.

He will move on to other portions of Europe that we are then truly obligated to defend so it's like help Ukrainians fight now or were all going to have to fight later, absolutely, and we are not sure we realize at this sense among some Jake Sullivan's catalyst to tell Ukrainians it's over. This is the way it is. I gotta get this done by the election say this is success what the Russians keep what they got is that a legitimate note, the ministration want them to go to helping them or helping them just enough to play for a time, not to truly help going to go on the offensive take back his territory deal Putin a strategic below and put an end and end this for the foreseeable future, and if they go to the negotiating table. Now all I time every right back out sometime down the road, but for political reasons. You're right, the administration wants to declare victory get them to the negotiating table and all that's doing is helping them lose slowly, which is unbelievable. The other thing is, are they going to try this Iran deal to try to get this in under the wire and just say center Friday DR deals agreed upon what very quickly right. One other thing on the Ukraine. You know, it is astounding. I'm looking to get briefings on it, but it attacked in the Crimea. I think it really caught the Russians on their back feet. The attack on the Russian airfield at nine Russian aircraft, the ammunition that both that are blowing up the recording. I've seen Ukrainians special forces coupled with long-range missile that we gave him your seeing Russian tourist flowing out of there that were vacationing the Russian military commander was fired. This is really spent them reeling and I gotta get credit Ukrainians for.

Keep up the fight on Iran. The other trying to flip that then and you know the biggest piece of it is that Waverly 50 billion keep me 50 million barrels that the Iranian have been sitting on and haven't been able to find a marketplace for difficult outside trying to use everybody else's oil to drive down prices except American oil number one and then number two.

I can't believe I mean after the attack on Salman Rushdie after the stop the fascination attempt on John Bolton, the ongoing threat to Tromp Pompeo O'Brien attacking American Thomas kidnapped a journalist and Iranian American journalist and yet working to give them billions of dollars were going to tell the South Koreans to under unleash billions right into the terrorist broker came economy as they march towards a new and and why does that matter to every American. If they get a new Israel is absolutely under under threat and the entire Middle East is going to explode into a nuclear arms race.

Yes, the leases, I can wait right there knocking away and and when Biden went over there just a few months ago, the Israeli prime minister made that clear and and who can blame him. And so the question is are we going to support them if they take military action because that decision I believe is really coming to a head. The bite administration knows it's coming to a head and they're sitting over there in Vienna yellow drinking tea and eating crumpets and the Iranian regime knows they can extract billions and billions of billions of dollars from the ministration so talk now is the red wave is really hitting up and halted the Democrats getting momentum with the signing of this bill. Disinflation reduction bill that does anything but that is really a climate bill if you do that along with the chips bill and bipartisan bipartisan legislation that was passed that the presents are always parties on a roll and that abortion is now emerges as a top issue for voters where you stand as a Republican in Florida O'Brien. I think out of the box. That is a bunch of wishful thinking from the mainstream media that is doing everything they can defendant what else to fit that narrative, I could tell you traveling all over Florida. It is the economy. It is businesses that are struggling to hire and it's inflation. Inflation. Inflation and you reported on how many organization bipartisan nonpartisan tax analyst and others.

It cannot economy down the down the line that set this bill would do nothing to affect inflation. So even though working gas prices take down a little bit there still extraordinary hot extraordinarily high. Transportation undergirds our entire economy. Everything's gotta be moved.

Which means it's going to stay expensive and I think as long as inflation is the problem that it is going to remain a problem as long as Biden that on the asinine energy policy. This war on American oil and gas. They're going there to feel it in the polls and up in a big way is trouble in Florida. Not at all not at all.

Again, I think this is been looked out that the tough candidate. I think this work, you know, a Democratic wave year she she may be getting close but Florida is a red date. Now we have more registered Republican than Democrats for the first time in our history. It's been an 800,000 voters swing since 2012 10 years ago and so II think Marco Rubio could be just fine. Michael Walt think so much okay thanks Brian got it. So thanks much reason we come back will take you phone calls, 1-866-408-7669.

LC could rightly bring to this way if you're at work you're at school which have a lot to say new listening, you can do it after tune out early. No problem. Download the podcast that Brian kill me every episode. The exclusive interview on demand with kill me talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show they walk back got a few minutes here. 186-640-8766 think some phone calls. Also take some of your emails and a lot of them come in. Try to read them on the five, Mayor Adams and Gov. Abbott. We've been discussing at this hour. They say if you criticize Mayor Adams about the handling of the recent them in a migrant influx which I am then please please omit Catholic charities as their Cardinals adorns province.

Actually, this doesn't nothing to do with Catholic cherries. I asked Col. Don about it he had no idea what they're doing their separate entity Matt North Carolina hey Matt good was anyone the border of the way. I've never seen a bit and never thought possible to go ahead okay close and avid Texas. I believe is doing the right thing and that will show people that don't want to do anything like body that that that's what I mean come on now you know right I hearing that he is will do anything they're ignoring it and I can't believe it, but if you look at every survey when they say what what matters most to you know immigrations are higher than six illegal immigration. The border issue. It's nuts to me because I think it's the fat of the foundation behind the switch among the Hispanic unity when it comes to votes because he see what's happening. They came here legally.

For the most part, almost all of them. They work hard and they're seeing what's happening to their to their Townsend into their cities enter their streets and they don't like it, so thanks so much. Thanks much for the call. Debbie was in WABC in Brooklyn, a Debbie abortion is all the border and everything we want to grow and then all of a sudden and suburban women turned against Tromp were getting ready to get back on board because now you will you radio going to throw you and the fox to the pole and you hundred percent right Debbie in WABC and this is what their poll said ARP did a poll.

First off, they said number one is abortion. 19% of the people say it's an ongoing issue 18% to inflation. 13% say jobs MRT's and said I don't buy it. Who they talking to you should ask him first of the pro-life with the pro-choice, and they're going to stand that way on when it comes to abortion but still below 50% have never seen it. Over 50% who people think that abortion should be banned in Michigan specifically number one issue in Arizona. Specifically, tied for the number one issue.

She's meets number two issue with 60% number one is border security number at 20% and inflation is also 20% so most people are exactly right there you're saying the Democrats did get to get a bit of a jolt with this overturning of Roe V Wade, but something to conserve their extremely proud of in terms of what's happening in key Senate races. I was stunned to see that Mark Kelly is the most popular lawmaker in Arizona.

Donald Trump is second with 40 Severson Markel is a 51% support I know is I love the fact that he served in the military. I love the fact is an astronaut. I cannot believe it's not the one standing up like Joe mentioned to some of these wounded to lunatic offkilter policies.

This new green deal stuff. Until recently, he was totally ignoring the border. In fact, he seems to be a flat out do nothing. Sen. people seem to mind that in Arizona in Arizona right now question was choice for center if voting right now Mark Kelly we get 95% of the vote with Democrats, 10% with Republicans. Here's the key Blake Masters, new to the scene so far gets the nomination, Donald Trump's blessing, 82% Republican support to percent. A Democratic support so something will just lay it out and saying no. John McCain at a hard time winning that state was he did not have any real easy reelections after his initial reelection even when he was running for president.

So it's always somewhat of a purple state.

I understand that in terms of Markel. He is winning that race a little bit by little bit about nine points, but messages got started. You deftly make some progress. They asked in Arizona Joe Biden against Donald Trump, 47, 44, down from viewed more favorably. Where was that boat for your three years ago.

Certainly that was the case.

Same thing in Michigan asked about Trump's influence over in Michigan and in the Michigan pole when it comes to Trump they have Trump trailing by a couple of points but with all this negativity all these court cases older January 6 hearing. It's amazing to see Trump's number seven budged they would have been over 50%.

If there was a January 6 if he decided the other votes. The vote can't believe I lost but I lost. That's the difference. Ron listen on WND be a run by with anyone.

I request well, I want to talk about the border but I have a quick question yes or no to believe the election was stolen. No, I don't. I don't believe it was stolen. I believe there were some rules passed to the pandemic centric the Republicans to push back against that allowed people to vote and verification commission but I don't think the election was stolen. I think Joe Biden won the election and I just do anything is there's a lot of people think that George Bush stole from Al Gore. I don't.

I think that there were some legitimate concerns in Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin in Arizona, for they do the recounts over and over again Republican legislatures and charging governors are in power and they still don't see a change in the vote by my chemical blame of voting machine. Live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

Thank you much for being here, here, at 46 McDermott that this is the Brian kill me, Joe heard around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine and possibly Taiwan are constantly in battle but domestically and abroad. We are but somehow Donald Trump Wenzel conversation Bobby Brock at the bottom the hour amongst the topics he will bring up that is the end.

Brian Stelter did at CNN bit of a surprise. So let's get to the big three before we get to Jonathan Turley, now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three is the roast type of politics is politics to raise his national profile with the Texas governor is doing is just so anti-American really border war. The southern border between New York and Texas Mayor Adam sees fame opportunities by pushing against illegals being dropped in New York City by Gov. Abbott. I see opportunity lost. Bottom line is, taxpayers lose drugs for international securities compromised in cities rough new information on violent unprovoked attack in the Bronx. The suspect is back on the streets after being released without bail violent crime raging in every major city run by Democrats, and most of this is been caught on tape yet. Still nothing is done, the result that destruction and now desertion.

We will share the story of and the stats. The problem is that the Department of Justice is rather notorious for using redaction say have a rather odd incentive that the more they redact the more likely they can get more time. That is the great Jonathan Turley, we should interview him of a week to redact exact names and then release the written reason you rated Mara Lago.

That was the message from the judge greenlighted the nine-hour are of FBI invasion at these as the Trump obsessed media focus on all things Trump and said it would really affect the country to be the biggest Trump fan in the world is not the number one story. He shouldn't be. Anyway the radon is unprecedented, and there is an investigation New York and there's another one in Georgia, but I still think things that affect the American people have nothing to do at present trumps legal challenges with right now is Jonathan Turley, John, welcome back. Thank you very much. This is meant a lot to you and Trump comes back in the news you can't get a second off the public service, political analyst, this Joe you like to do single facts and analysis. What he means by the law, not how you feel emotionally about Donald Trump.

In particular, first of what is your take away from the judge yesterday made a right before the hearing. I noted that I have no doubt in my mind that the affidavit to be released in redacted form and the reason that affidavit writing lock up affidavit and they tend to hang out section that can be disclosed without undermining investigation of those sections deal with information already known by the target five things that that they were told step that they took the information should be able to be disclosed. The you the one question I raised was that the media Council said that the judge was going to allow them to submit a redacted version, and that if there was any disagreements the court would allow them to go to the Court of Appeals.

One of things I noted, I hope the judge doesn't craft the order because he should release any areas upon which there is agreement otherwise, the DOJ has every reason just to overreact and push this into an appellate process and get more time that could be so comes back in a week it's overreacted to go back again, they say on redact a lot of this and they go back and forth in the skin continues to drag on voice tell you particular Jonathan that the judges had yet is a reason to go into matter Lago take that's warranting best of luck. Hope everyone gets safe and because Vegas is no reason for you to tell everybody what you were doing there think that should not handling the war.

I am not talking about his political contribution. I am concerned that he made the really strident comments on social media and that he had reportedly recused himself from an earlier matter involving Trump and Hillary Clinton, this is such an important decision on sprite he felt he was the appropriate person to make the decision. The other thing that concerns me that the warrant was ridiculous hundred say they couldn't differ in a warrantless I take everything and just save a lot of paper because they say that if you find even one piece of paper with any clarification of any kind for Documenting all the boxes with that box didn't think anything that was written to hurt the Trump presidency. That's pretty much everything and I'm really concerned that the judge looked up and said well it looks good to me. Go and they took everything so again as an outsider who never rated a good a compound of a rich person I am somewhat na�ve so I used it to get a specific whistleblower in the whistleblowers going to see these documents in such an emergency.

We gotta get in there right away. We got not have talks and negotiations I can enforce the subpoena. I got a get in there within the Wall Street Journal reports Americo and thought about it for weeks before he did anything. They waited a weekend with the warrant before the these decide to strike. Having said all that, in the contradictions that are apparent.

What is it tell you that they were there for nine hours.

If you know specifically where to go and you know exactly what you were looking for how you walk out with the presidents expired passports why you and Milani's closet and wanted to take nine hours per particular timeline and as you know, they keep on think time is of the essence and yet they took their time about it. They waited weeks and then they waited even after the war was fine for days and then they proceeded to leak information that they were after nuclear weapons information. What none of that is consistent in part of my problem with Mayor Garland's approach.

There are legitimate concerns about this rate is legitimate concerns about the FBI's record Trump related investigation. You can't ignore that and yet Garlington done nothing, literally nothing to recognize those concerns and do something about it, but they think they could have done different family couldn't you know what we don't normally release an affidavit, let me tell my people. Let's see what we can really he couldn't think he could've agreed with the demand of the Trump family that he have a special master that look through this material coming to should to say this was a pretext for something else. We have a special master who went through and took out the that isn't related to our concerns.

He refused to do that every single juncture when he could've done modest step to this test go to another investigation. Your experience, I know you haven't been following the CFO story. The �75 CFO of the Trump organization that close and you can perform what you know, the fact that over the course of a 40 year career with Trump that he is $1.7 million worth of expenses put in the company that were really personal expenses that warrant Rikers Island for five months now and the fact is ubiquitous problem in New York that is it. Everyone had always had clear stories about expense accounts with Corporation.

He was wrong to use of the fund is a question about that. But if you pull back the rug on most Corporation you would find people misusing cars misusing apartments by taking funds for personal reasons. That doesn't make it right.

It does mean that you can't charge it but there does seem to be a selective prosecution here and they were trying to pressure him to slip on present trumpet that the putative work so far with this agreement just simply says that he is expected to testify against the corporation. Truthfully, it is clear that they tried to get him to offer up something on present trumpet. It seems clear that did not happen to George and then and do you think the the six hours. Originally I had behind closed doors.

Jenna Ellis might've the same scrutiny Lindsay Graham. They want to talk to him. Where is this heading. What is Georgia want out of this highly important for one to walk right now they are and attack bank fraud investigation out of New York with the Fed.

The reason is that this comes under state law, and their arguing that all of this pressure from Trump and others with an effort to coerce or commit fraud.

My review of this as a criminal defense attorney is that it seems to me that they have a very strong you know it it's like everything else in the trunk world depends how you look at something right if people like to assume intent, but Trump would likely argue that you I said if you we find just 15,000 both of you find that it changes the outcome. This was thickly a settlement discussion.

They work in litigation and he was and that he was saying. I only need 15,000 vote for this election to be overturned. If not a lot. If you do an audit so that the defendant a lot of people may say well that's not very credible. I think he was telling them the fine that 15,000 vote, not what you can do in a criminal case you can't say what close enough or can you we can have different interpretation that defense is plausible is listening only need such and such votes. I know this this coming up and saying of findings penetrating into the old. I don't know what was some of these voting machines and seen the numbers I've heard that story in they came out of Georgia not much credibility there is there a contact phone conversation was really it was a mistake is worthy of criticism by Col. take it or not. Based on this type of coin flip on meaning they need something much stronger, they need to show that they that he was actively trying to coerce someone to do something that was untrue, unlawful his argument that I didn't believe that a recount could find that many votes and I expect that the Giuliani said the grand jury. I expect he said look, you may consider me a fool, but I believe that there are serious problems in the Georgia voting system. The changes that they made and we all believe that you could find that number. Lastly, you mentioned the tax.

The tax investigation in New York most of the Southern District's been looking his taxes and they walked away out of bricks associating their and Vance also said I don't see anything there. Cyrus Vance so and what we talk about the same case your have periodically been looking at aspects of that we really don't know what happened to that federal work that was being done but once again, the problem with the tax and fraud claim is that they are also very common, particularly New York in the real estate business. It is a common prayer for corporations to try to devalue property for the purposes of taxes and an overvalued property for the purposes of bank loan you the funny thing about Trump.

Either way is when I prefer for Fox's work for different network and they sent me that you Trump's filings made with the pain. Bank loan and they said no isn't the bank fraud, and I looked at it and the hilarious thing is that the number at that he represented.

He was work my my initial feeling was well this is fraud. If he's not worth that when you crunched down on the actual filing one piece of paper for c-kit is best for you and in the middle of the live he gave his name value and marketability worth billions of dollars. Typical trunk right said my name alone is worth $1 million through the tropical but it's not fraud because he put on paper it said. I'm counting part of my work in this part of the problem with the prosecution. Is that you didn't even make up numbers to put a number in there that many people searchable truck Latin say wow that's a lot of capital your thing. If your name's interesting and I say this with all the taxes that have been out there now that they've had the house wanted good luck with it look like it had to tales of this when you're buying buildings and renting them out and buying golf courses and maybe taking loans out on those courses, you are in all these different countries. You have these hotels on top of that. Good luck. Keep the keep catching up and trying to find something wrong and and that's really what were finding I kind of thought it would bother me just as much of Joe Biden is being investigated by the city of Delaware while prison trumps an officer in the about stuff that he did with second why you going after because he got elected that the debt mentally seems wrong, you would learn learn try once again saying it's a slamdunk conviction and I wrote today on my block.

Should we wait for the evidence of injected just for the purposes of appearance is only before we say that you convicted on something. He has been charged with. It would help to actually have some evidence like the affidavit.

I know you guys is a list of the last ones to jump on that you always couched things because we don't know. And why would you want to go on the limb.

You know it's only to picking the giants over the Jets wide. What is the point of coming out of the limb months before anything develops is there's no upside to it. I did you get a percentage for every ratings point you go up every quarter hour, when you say something outlandish.

It doesn't make any sense but I'm good. I'm glad that of the go-ahead by my count of the 12th crime. The tribe said. Slamdunk against try again. Trump and frankly none of them have been charged and it's not that he doesn't hear, but we have to have some modicum of objectivity I should look at the affidavit. See what they have, but we should also be cognizant of the context in which we are working in the history of the FBI in targeting this individual. Thank you sincerely thanks so much. Thank you for the content of the network 1-866-408-7669 Bobby Barak at the bottom of the hour we go inside the changes in the media.

Something else of a big interest. Probably you the first time ever more American streamed than watch cable. Things are changing rapidly. Double your knowledge base.

Brian fill me show a radio show like no other structure problem public health infrastructure in the country was not wait no screwtop children back lives in terms of learning because they were kept out of school unnecessarily for a year and 1/2 longer than that.

They never ran the risk of contracting grave illness or even spreading it to adults but they close down schools Grady Weingarten at the American Federation of teachers told him to just call and say the parents of children who kill themselves try to commit suicide because they were locked away from their friends about apologizing to all the people who were fired across the country, teachers and firefighters and healthcare workers because they didn't get the vaccine, which again only protects you from severe illness and protect anybody else. These people need to be fired. They need to burn the entire CDC down and start all over, literally right and the CDC say well you do structural problems are to academically go to be more of her first response unit. Most of the stuff they said was wrong. They never admitted any fallibility they were contradicted themselves was always the most condemning of the behavior when it was found out that the teachers unions words were were affecting the decisions they made and then you come as a medical professional, and you change what you do what you recommended. The distance between them as Kids out of school to begin with, is 6 feet apart means you can't get kids into the classroom and then over the quarantining is that the contact tracing Kids out of classroom again all wrong and they should have it ready a lot of stuff we did we got from 1918, the first time we got the pandemic, the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me because of her departure was shocking to the status of CNN was, not built by just one man only 10 Turner it was not leaden only by doves or loss or later this week for not going anywhere, but he is anywhere but CNN he is out. Brian Stelter, the arrogant pompous are reliable sources. Host is now reliably out when you call out your boss what you do in a later clip you was being in the end all about being true to your school, but but ripping people your even though it is something you don't you you didn't that you believe to be true.

Never a good start, Bobby Brock trying to sell a writer for out kick to come to can't commentate on all things media related. Bobby first off your reaction to Brian Stelter being out yet right foot tall thinker and that has been putting out equally, even going to record saying how they are going to tone down the liberal partisanship to reshape the narrative of the company back to date of the harvest Festival journalism. Have they been warning people for a while that they were going to get rid of the far left voice. It wasn't happening. But last Friday was the first domino new vendors who call guy eased out, we find out yesterday by your Brian Stelter and cancel his media shall comprise that at school I found interesting is the cry was the order in which they went. Because as much attention as Stelter get online viewing a minor character in the bigger picture right. I thought maybe they're going to make a splash early on and get rid of the cost of the fourth Delta because to me that the guy hurting the reputation more anybody else right we call out the guy that's paying you and blame John Malone and sees the problem. I think that's a little bit nuts.

This guy Oliver Dorsey will take over now which we know about him that you were dealt in every way that guy you play a conservative online. His main shtick was like on the lid. CNN left wing.

He got hired by EN and became Stelter back up and called for text sensors may get that he told twitter and column two information label and the Twitter handle all conservative, not your tweak printer handle. They put out. He wanted twitter to make sure they were labeled information.

Not that CNN get any better by getting rid of alchemy. They seem to still be going that route. Only big changes I get the perception because I felt there was a big name in the dark.

He got relatively unknown but you made an interesting point Stelter calling out John Malone, who is with the least shareholder discovery.

Louis the one: the shot at CNN copy right now you have to think that his early exit is correctly tied for him, calling out his new big thought before that guy took over officially right I'm just curious with the mission is there because it's a just make everything bland.

It's headline news and nobody watches headline news notes on every cable system in the country so see how they want to do this right now they've record low ratings for their leaning on Donald Trump coverage Bobby which you take on Donald Trump all the time and all these channels you're so right before going bland quote unquote great new is in the best move for right new nation a new Cable News Network that Brandon consulted great new nobody watching going Donald Trump began to be contradictory to what critical like the new CNN he said he didn't want to do, which is the leaning so heavily into that, but you're absolutely right. You turn on CNN right now. No matter what times are dated there discussing Donald Trump in the same negative way condescending way they did under Dr. we know that Trump is a golden fusillade. There's no doubt about it, but the same time. If your complete mission is to shed that label being anti-trough and make little brother to MSNBC later covering truck fix anything bring in Maggie Haberman on Jim Acosta suggest that truck selling nuclear codes and all that this isn't helping CNN's reputation my knee so CBS you write a story nor O'Donnell came as I got to source it does excuse me one source. It says Donald Trump made it up. Nobody took his passports.

Later in the day he got his passport to return. The FBI met they took him by mistake does that tell you right here at the correct protocol and if you're going to report a story that's not confirmed or not record you have to have at least two sources you have to disclose them to the editor nor O'Donnell delete anchor at CVS didn't do that. She had a one fourth put out fake new information saying that the I didn't have a passport which they later admitted they did. Eli and her tweaks to lock in three days later she's refused to address break in the policy and reporting inaccurate new people obviously are not concerned with the truth is pretty indifferent to the fact because delete anchor PDF care that she lie to all her viewers will see what happens now you see in some cases socially is acting more of a government agency than private industry.

What respect yet the recall on the Monday really to back off Alex parents in a situation. Twitter had permanently offended him over a year ago they reinstated shortly after year after following a lawsuit year cool beat email from twitter Stafford high up talking to the Biden administration showing the Biden administration urging twitter to remove Alex, parents, and even had a private meeting that not a social media company acting as a private industry you go back to last summer. About this time, then White House Press Secretary Jan Saki said we the White House are wagon: Mission information pieces for Facebook to take out a month later Facebook announces had taken down 20 million post about covert quote unquote misinformation and thought about later. A lot of those included people asking questions about the vaccine being as effective as government officials that would state that the vaccine cold is gone. We now know that's not true. So people kicked off Facebook on behalf of the White House asking questions. This is a workaround to suppress free speech to the White House and the government cannot censor people under the First Amendment.

But they found a workaround by urging tech companies, Facebook and Twitter to do their bidding for them. I find that to be a pretty dangerous press #2 that's another thing that downtown is benefiting from.

As of now, we did what we know about the raid. He seems to be winning the meteor and truth.

Social is beginning to soar people have to go to truth. Social defined it would. Trump thinks now I think it's sending the it's a huge boost to his own social media platform core and the biggest development of their places like CNN and MSNBC there now putting co-op social post on their air with a no look what you're doing is promoting people are seeing the logo and they're going to sign up to the best promotion true social can get the network effectively could decide what Trump says on true social yeah Bobby Brock take about kick thanks much Bobby appreciate because Ahmed Barack Bobby B you are ACK Bobby on Twitter thanks Bobby, I talked to, as I was on LK to John listen W ABC hey John, good morning Brian, I just wanted to comment on what your Catcher said right altogether on what that rate was just another way to try to control the narrative between now and the election all the other stuff they can't fail an outstanding operating procedure for the Democratic Party. They control the short-term outlook lies when the truth comes out to just move on to another narrative start Russia collusion went to the Ukraine phone call that with the January 6 impeachment taxes January 6 hearing. Now the raid missing will come true, but they all enable the Democrats control the narrative in the short-term, but they also get to get a few of his supporters with their worker supporters are advisors in trouble. Roger Stone, Michael Flynn.

Now this Feinberg, the CFO of helpful man afford. This is just all the time. I had to puke. Michael: the people that because are associated with him. They get targeted because they want to get him and they don't listen to what Bill Marr said he goes against what you said John, thanks for the call. This fortune was finally falling glide was finally losing momentum. DeSantis was bathing in the polls you know hates this morning but it descends as I have this little bag.

Now I gotta run against Pres. Marder and this is saving Trump politically yeah and that could be true. I don't think it's initially saving it to boost but it's not because Trump deserves credit or discredit is because the government feels of the gotta go after them everywhere they go, and Merrick Garland somehow from what we know now that could be there's a lot we don't know from what we know now. He overreached when we come back will find it does indeed Moto this weekend.

Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true fell that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming up. If you're interested in it. Brian's talking about your writing until made. Okay okay I know that clip is extremely confusing for Americans living try to explain some countries have leaders who don't have osteoporosis so that I guess is the dancing moves at a house and they do believe she's she's a young woman right here and there is a video that was leaked in part video of them having fun inside like dancing to something they try to make out that hard partying, but Prime Minister goes on stage like old white managed offended by what like young women do in their free time right. I'm not one of them so makes you wonder if there's more to this Jay Glazer put it out. Mike Tomlin, a longtime coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers so these punchy kids fighting and he said he got you come with me.

He brought these kids into practices are running them through some drills.

According to Fox sports Jay Glazer, the 50-year-old coach pulled over and got out of the car to try to break up the fight of the kids realize who he was, they stop throwing punches Glazer's atomic took several hours a day to hang out with the kids who attend the local community center invited into Steelers practice at St. Bill and Vincent college.

The kids got first hand football knowledge only from Tomlin from Naji Harris and you see on the on the video on twitter anywhere you want to get it. Is he running them through drills akin to athletic for about 12 or 13 years old. There's nothing for them to do the gotta get involved in some sports a very curious to see if this gets followed up on me this kids of can they not afford sports of the not know options in their area. I mean the kids been bored to tears for your aunt that have a TV set in connection you thought the story by Dell or RadioShack RadioShack next students. I can't believe this will not storm outside the I'll get this college student to say they would room with someone who supported with disposing support the opposing party in 2020 presidential election is now down to overall, 54% would Democrats 38% would 71% of Republicans. What am I reading the right death. They are probably what room I'm yeah probably okay deftly probably would room. They did a survey to thousand kids.

Overall, 54% probably would room with somebody order for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. If they didn't Democrats 38% with that chosen intolerance. Republicans much more tolerant 71% would room with somebody of the other party.

I think it's important okay you guys are have more in common than you don't then your political beliefs is like a freshman in college that you both is the same school, but hear me just what you like to do in your spare time said he completely against someone based on who they voted for is a little shortsighted right 46% said they were probably deftly not room at someone or support the opposing party. 53% said they were probably four deftly not going to date with someone, as were the other party is 63% said they were probably deftly not marry someone who supported the other party, he got back is really high that she voted for Prince when there was a time in which politics almost never came up on my digestive exports all your literal night I let you know what's going on with the Giants.

As you follow sports used to be.

Now everybody somehow has to make a stand. Everyone has have a label next 20 road you see students investing money raised from family, friends made about $110 million by selling a stake in a medium stock favorite bed Bath and beyond exactly the right time. Jake Freeman applied mathematics and economics major required 5 million shares in July for the company CEO was ousted following a dismal earnings report Freeman for the shares at $5.50 and sold them for $27 last week just before billionaire Ryan Cohen cashed out his entire stake sending the market plummeting. So that's good news.

What your freshman day in college now that say that they are that it if you do the math.

He was able to get 25 million from friends and family, and I think you are his friends and family. That's a good point right.

Listen, he's really he's my nephew. I have to give at least $2 million is 20.

Next, good news, legendary college hoop announcer Dick Vitale, who just got this. You just got to my God, the Valvano, but Valvano award for overcoming obstacles in life is said that a series of tweets that he got great news that he beat cancer again following a myriad of tests this week so he probably will be back out there for college hoops. When you think. Let's hope I next shot Japan encouraging young people to drink more alcohol to save restaurant nightlife. Finally, it should be patriotic in Japan and drink something. The purpose of the Aspers to revitalize the industry courting Japan's national tax agency applicants between the ages of 20 and 39 are encouraged to submit business plans to boost alcohol sales to young people ahead of the contest in November. Tax revenues from alcohol plummeted from 800 million in 2022 to about 100 million with me while I was working from home made strides to a certain extent, the Cova 19 many people may have come to the question whether they need to continue the habit of drinking with colleagues to deepen communication. So now they're growing up, but it's hurting the industry. If the new normal. Take truth will be additional headwinds for tax revenue still have to raise taxes people to drink more but have enough to tax so they appear. Revenue from somewhere in the story is really about how we did the story and their declining birthrate a few days ago they really want people to drink 47 548 maybe I like that right next to this muscle car business that are formatted our current president is all for is getting hippie affairs in the electric car industry thundering gas power muscle because for decades, a fixture of American culture will be closing in on the final Saturday night cruise in the coming years as automakers begin replacing them with superfast cars that run on batteries so no more challenger fiat cries challenger Daytona SRT concept car was now in so no more these big Mustang cars.

Is that okay my question is are they gonna make them have I got loud revving testing. People still get the feeling that no IQ level goes quite what you cars are quite in fact, I had a hybrid car and was a problem because they see the kids on the block don't get away because he came to the car until they meet the EV serve hung a little bit now. See if you hear something they don't have to hunt, but they did on purpose. I do not know that coming on purpose solicit a good friend to find out if you can join me September 8 in Albany. A few seats left and then a branded Mississippian November 12 in Tulsa, Oklahoma care mentee fans on the 13th watch Saturday night 8 o'clock one nation over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you

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