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Trump goes on offense with DOJ; Border crisis, crime wave get worse

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 22, 2022 12:51 pm

Trump goes on offense with DOJ; Border crisis, crime wave get worse

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 22, 2022 12:51 pm

[00:00:00] Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)

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[00:36:48] Michael Goodwin

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[01:13:33] Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R-AK)

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Why is New York City sure set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me. My body break you'll be here. Thanks.

What policies the brain shall be Joe Wright Fitzpatrick is standing by the Congressman former FBI guy from Pennsylvania and will heard former Texas Congressman will weigh in on what's happening at the border and beyond the law and also what fun I was having. As we get closer and closer to the midterms. I know no one cares so at the Labor Day.

We do, and likability to the show YouTube over the majority of Americans don't really zoning until then so will discuss that. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three you are seeing a combination of this demonization of the police and progressive prosecutors which those two things working together are having a terrible impact on the most vulnerable people. It's the crime stupid dams watch and ignore crime in every major city rise to intolerable levels. Yes, GOP candidates barely mentioned but guess what the first one to understand this and would voters care about is that wins here. That leaves Eldon JD Vance Dr. Oz Herschel Walker the fact that when you're going to go into a former president's house that clearly Biden and Garland. They had no strategy knows anticipation. I wasn't going to take unprecedented actions we better have an unprecedented plan for disclosure.

You would think so. That's Chrissy knew Harley a right wing firebrand trump on the offense. Two weeks after the raid on his resort. His legal game plan shows itself today. While blowback on the FBI and DOJ has them reeling for now I find out border border is wide open with a great man because he providing so much opportunity to track unbelievable right getting worse that savanna Hernandez great reporter at the border.

That's the story at the border in the port authority New York City is more illegals are sent to NYC on the Texas taxpayers dime Mayor Adams.

Maybe Maddie Gov. Abbott, but should be directing his anger present. Biden is a mini war between the states takes root in wound and there are some Brian Fitzpatrick joins us now from Pennsylvania cards when welcome back person, what, why don't you think the borders bigger news in Washington. Well it is you know you got to talk about it in a good luck. Try to get any other network. Talk about a crime, but what I think everyone needs to focus not.

It's not just the border and we said after 9/11 our country so unified and we said never again never again will we going to allow Harris to infiltrate a cockpit and shoot a commercial airliner like a guided missile. Look at all the steps we've done to protect our nation from creating the Department of Homeland Security fortifying cockpit deploying sophisticated HP screening devices across all 4 to 50 airports in America.

The poignant federal air marshal program and now we have a wide open border was spending all this money to call the steps to keep our country safe and yet becoming through the South. It's open season and I think that's what everyone really need to focus on because there are many people on the chair. Lots of been interdicted but no kidding top that you know Barack Obama and every thought he does and is as strictest Donald Trump. He was letting everybody in this administration is letting Central and South America govern itself without even using any influence there, which is dangerous.

If you look at elections in Columbia know what happened in Venezuela you see what happens.

These other nations as a get destabilize what could happen in Brazil why we letting this danger lurking in our hemisphere administration, a private frustrating for myself will heard anything in Congress to try to get 435 people in the sink. Particularly with immigration. It's been tried many times present from obviously took a lot of action to enforce the border.

Pres. Biden has undone a lot of that the executive in this circumstance. With regard to the border because they oversee the apartment, security have an awful lot to say and that's why you seen such drastic change between the two ministrations. I want to talk about what would happen tomorrow Lago two weeks ago Jim trustee is now going to be one of the prison's attorneys when I was struck by is that this raid happened in almost all sides agree at the beginning of an investigation part of the argument and not release the affidavit from the government's point of view from justices point of view is and the begin we don't want to jeopardize relationship at its early stages. Does it surprise you. Congressman is a former with a deep FBI background that you have it. We would raid a president's home in the beginning of an investigation actually not that bright. I've executed a lot of search warrants a lot, especially in my time in New York City. The search warrant. When you go over in a major way like that at the end of the investigation. You never do that in the beginning because what you do in the beginning if you stay covert. You collect evidence you talk to witnesses what you go over it in that manner than the case is now public and it becomes much more difficult to investigate. So one of things that I'm to be looking at Brian, you know have encouraged everyone number one reserve judgment never make sense together from your skis before you know the facts, but for this want to have them justified and I've been a supporter of Greenwich, you know, my former agency, supportive law enforcement but I'm taking a very critical either. This because for the purity justified in what they did here.

There would have to be such explosive information in that affidavit you number one that it wasn't just classified information, but it was the apex of classification what's called STP sent the back. This program type information which is generally limited to three things that require information, it's covert operations ongoing covert operations and sources and methods of the intelligence community should think very high bar and moreover they have to show that not only was that apex type classification type information.

There, but there was no other less intrusive need to get it, meaning that they got stonewalled by the attorneys. They did not have any cooperation. That's a high bar to meet now is a possible a minute will find out when this want get some field right heart will DOJ has until Thursday to redact Judge Reinhardt will decide what would that let reduction to accept and which one people, but I hope they don't heavily redacted to the point where rendered useless because of its it's cleaner and lectured actions.

I'll be able to read through it and tell you lots give you a lot of insight about what's in there.

What is, and whether they truly were justified or not do is overreact to listen to bangles you overreacting will take another week to get forward in this system she's making clear they basically confirmed that this is the beginning of an investigation. This is the end we don't want to jeopardize an investigation at its early stages, so they said would you just said you would never invade someone's house at the end let alone the file, former president of the United States who everyone said on June 3-4 walked into a meeting zapping those guys, I appreciate what you doing anything you need let me know now. Some whistleblower came forward but I understand a whistleblower came forward in between that time and run June 20. Consider this classified stuff and they are whoever they are, their identity can easily be concealed out of see how that could be a problem. We'll see. And now all of a sudden the miracle and thinks about it for weeks before he finally said okay go get the warrant gets the warrant way to weekend, so US and FB with the FBI background. How does that lineup.

It's an emergency. I want to think about it for weeks. It's an emergency.

On the whole the warrant for days so we don't know a lot, but if you judge actions. It doesn't seem toward the emergency aspect of this yet right again no support law enforcement. I always say you don't know what we don't know. But that being said, there are a couple red flags for meteor number one that they're saying that this is the initial stages of an investigation right we wouldn't we wouldn't read off a a a a low-level white-collar crime investigation of the search warrant, let alone an unprecedented action like this. That's number one number two in order to get a search warrant on. In any case, but the bars especially on a situation like this, you have to be able to identify with precision. The specific item you're looking for that specific item in this specific place and not specific item in that specific places there at this very moment, so requires constant updated refreshing real-time information so if they knew with precision what they were looking for where it was them nine hours defined by which which makes me question the source of their information and third, if in fact that apex level classified information existed. How is it possible that myself Mike Turner any members of the House intelligence committee were never briefed on this and it was such a national security issue.

So again, reserving judgment to the affidavit, but those are some really significant questions that you got to respect and close balls and strikes. Konstantin Crenshaw was asses yesterday on CNN cut amount one to withhold criticism and even make my own side mad. I want to get to the truth and I will be honest with you here it this it's hard to justify what the Department of Justice did here in my opinion, and here's why. Here's what really boils down to it it's it's it's not a question that it's bad to have classified material in a non-SCIF environment) of the non-cyclical rampant compartmentalized infrastructure. There, that's wrong, but there's ways to to to mitigate out there. There's ways to resolve that issue and I still haven't seen any evidence that he was even out the troubles even asked to give these documents back is been cooperating with them on these issues for a while now for months and so why take it to this extreme extent so and knowing this right in the big picture to the FBI under James Comey and even under Chris raising on the criticism to the president and some on the right. We look at any McCabe we look at Peter Strauch when you look at Lisa page. When you look at Kleinfelder Kleinsmith, who was actually convicted of changing a Pfizer report, Pfizer request and then when you even see what Jim Baker did so all these reasons, it is not a skepticism James Comey and can choose particular on the right about the FBI so with Chris for a gets his call from Eric on to say was I need you will get have to do a raid on the presidents compound. Do you think Christopher Rae has a right to push back and say I have an obligation with my department stay a politics and I and I just don't feel comfortable doing this can can he do that yet. He's clearly in a position to do that and again another question that I have. Brian is you know just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

And on the whole continuum of ethical evidence collection techniques on the most conservative side you have the passion with the passive service of the subpoena with the future production date on the most extreme side is a dynamic execution of a search warrant, which is what you saw happen. There are a lot of steps in between grind that can be done. One example that we did frequently was something called forklift subpoena where you serve the subpoena at the door. You don't enter the premises but you demand production then and there. The whole range and continuum of options that fall short of a search warrant and this is what when when the Afghan leadership comes in before intelligence committee. I'm asking all the questions that I just went out to you but also perhaps most importantly, Brian finds that in section 702 are up for reauthorization this next year we didn't have the votes to pass that before this happened and I am very concerned that will not be able to get that across the finish line. Because yes, reforms are needed clearly at myself, Darren LaHood, Mike Turner, we have a whole team of people working on Pfizer form to make sure that what happened and operation costs are hurting never happens again, and never can happen again, but at the same time the 702 lapses were to be putting yourself back in the pre-9/11 security posture when it comes to our counterterrorism capabilities and after big concern and I want to know from the director did you consider all these other things call out the deed. The hurt that the Honda was in a cause of the Bureau because agents need the support of the public to do their job when we knock on doors in the neighborhood if every other doors enslaved our faith because of politics. Our country is less safe agents can't do their jobs, our counterterrorism and intelligence cybersecurity toys and the like. I think you might be the most valuable congressmen on either side doing this because of your background you willingness to criticize your party conservative credentials of valuable state the way you understand where politics start and where they end which I think Marjorie Tiller green selling shirts to fund the FBI's sickening and that is unbelievably self-defeating. If you're Republican Jim trustee is the hardest person trumps attorney on this. He says he's planted there taking actions always today cutting something that could publicly file though the whole United States. The revision topic that's important to the president and very transparent. This whole process and as you can imagine, Mark, and I know your your chops on your background in terms of industry, legal knowledge, this is the fourth amendment. You have the litigation.

Reinhardt is all about First Amendment.

Frankly media versus DOJ were away and very strong and very hard on behalf of the president who never should have been subjected to the search warrant in order to be affecting that first one. So I feel about taking that on the desk and be there offense look at the fourth amendment.

Yes, it echoes to the reasonableness or unreasonableness of the search or seizure. That is obviously so they're going to look at exactly what went outside on the QT of options and that's why all these facts are important. What was the level cooperation by the former president, attorneys with a completely cooperative did they start to cooperate in stock that they stonewall them. These are important because this is going to go to the reasonableness of the investigative and evidence collection technique. The Bureau ultimately decided to go check conference. Thanks so much for joining us all you CC hear from you on this and hopefully will be in the front and center that you got a some foreign affairs transportation infrastructure committees, but most of those FBI background very viable because we have a ton of questions I am willing to bet, I don't know everything, because I don't nobody does. Except for maybe Mira Garland and he's gotta be questioning himself right now, to a degree and lasts were totally surprised by something but already there showing the Keystone cops already want nine hours. He never should. If you know exactly what you getting ready we find out. They grabbed his passport and should already that one for the safe and it was empty. They want to Milani's close will could possibly been in there will hurt the bottom the hour.

Another good common sense lawmaker who dies in the business anymore but got the CIA background Brian Kilby chill you call something new every day, Brian Kilby show precise personal power is Americas with all of your fonts with your updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Marilyn Fox is going to start, for wherever you did your project, Fox news broadcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast listen no Fox News fastest three hours and radio is your Brian kill me with these things. There's a poll for the Democrats high cleaning were expected to lose Tim Ryan Ohio by about one point while Mandela Barnes of the public in Johnson by four points in the Fox's Wisconsin and the 53 average North Carolina shows a dead heat between public and Ted but so that's all interesting.

That's what 538 Nate Silver said it is typing up and there is some of the reports on that but nobody's factoring in number one lot of these polls was so wrong in the past number number one special encompasses and Ron Johnson listen to a Nate Silver went on to say, cut 26.

There are a couple things to keep in mind before you get too carried away first. Some of these things are places where the polls have aired in the past Joe Biden trail by only one point in the point average in Ohio against Donald Trump in 2020.

For instance, but he actually lost in the polling problems in Wisconsin are notorious including conflicted equipment went 16 and also expecting Democrat Russ Feingold when the Senate seat when Johnson held on instead.

So that's always happen. Been using WK V where the side of the Steelers Jaguars brawl in the stands over the weekend they been brand longer you minority. Mitch McConnell. Why do you so recalcitrant and downplaying the potential candidacies and a sherry stage it talkback supported Republican elected ages minority or majority leader extrication will be over.

I'm not sure then because he does have a lot of support amongst his colleagues when he's ready to retire at the end of this six they look like you might be courting her soon. But even this is not a popularity vote its effectiveness. I'm not sure that people like Pelosi, you would think Pelosi will be ousted, but she's got a power base on the left that he's got the same one on the right don't II think you might be looking past it how you feel about them in our Trump supporters feel about them as opposed away his colleagues to, but I'm shocked these are more aggressive. Fox News contrasts network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News for wherever you get your favorite will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News contests talkshow that's getting you talking with Brian kill me become present over 1200 miners died in your soil. That's unheard hundred thousand American policies are not humane new member killing people.

When present, Trump immigration don't 83% when the 40-year-old Americans were dying cartels not making cross-border this president is almost treasonous and everyday I wake up I'm upset I wish I could say that is overstating it.

He's upset because he used to do this for a living and he saw how much progress we made will her to someone to get it to hyperbole his book America reboot backs that up at idealist guide to getting big things done so to go to Richard CIA background on a former Texas Congressman Kirschman was Tom Homan spouting off or you will receive 200% right right here since Pres. Biden took off more than 3 million people have been apprehended entering the United States illegally and that some hundred and 50 different countries and this number that 300 million number doesn't include God away and got away. This is a term that CPP uses to describe those into the country illegally, but if they could capture like we knew somebody come in, but we couldn't catch and and and according to news reports of talking CPP that number is close to a million right and so and that's over two years. You talk about no, just let me know.

I and insults of these numbers are just astronomical writing and try to put more. These numbers in context. In Ohio I look at there's so many stats that we don't know when it comes to border security. With the few that we know apprehension. We also no return call to return and return. This basically people that have been deported immediately. It's like somebody comes in the country illegally and within hours or days to return to their home country. I that is different than somebody who went through an immigration court so I look at you over ministration. The number of apprehensions that year and the number of returns because the difference between those is a member we know what is the net increase of the legal people to come to the country legally coming when President Bush was in office.

That number was negative. She was actually returning more people than were were were were coming in the country illegally under Pres. Obama average over his eight years was an increase of about hundred and 40,000 people a year like Again subtracting apprehension from the return exercise of the city of McAllen so we basically added McAllen over over over Obama's chunks during present Trump that Delta was about 338 for the city of Louisville by stressful under Pres. talking on the present Biden 898,000 people year that San Francisco right and and and and that's just that's just what we know. It's an insane number and the fact that what blows me away is the fact that federal Democrats are talking about this local local Democratic mayors local Democratic churches are upset or frustrated or angry with what's happening because also, this is a public safety issue locally at the border in these communities. In this overwhelming influx of people was just so Susanna Hernandez's investigative report was on last night on our channel. Since which, he said, which he founded the southern border cut five border is open telling you they were going to California now coursed to New York, Washington DC, Georgia border is wide open with a great man because he providing so much opportunity to track hundreds of people showed up in Lincoln hospital New York City you know why getting free shoes free phone bill getting healthcare services and they will be told what schools the kids really get to go to if you think that America so flush with cash in room two that's okay.

I think you talk about the wrong country that's not the way you do it. It's not fair to the other people waiting in line. This thing is intentionally broken over the people that actually got think about the hundreds of thousands of people that spent their life savings to drug traffic due to human trafficking organizations who were raped along the way like this is this is likely the infrastructure that is not just now not just Central America. When you have all you have people come this country illegally, hundred and 50 different countries that follow, but so we need to dismantle this trafficking organizations that are operating in moving people that are collecting money promoting the services is not humane to allow people to come here and have to live to live in Pinson and deal with these this perilous journey. That's not humane and so so we should be. We should the humane thing would be addressing the root causes in those countries where the and and and that's how how we should do this and also people you've heard me say that this abatement tucked this this is happening because were treating everybody who's coming to the country illegally as an assignment wanting to come get a good paying job is not a reason for getting there are legitimate reasons to have asylum and those people that have a legitimate reason are being pushed out of the system becomes being overwhelmed by the explosive coming here President by his administration is letting him and as I said before, will heard one of things is we do need people to work we do need. There are jobs to be filled, so there should be an expansion of the work visa system and an organization of addiction be posted up with personalities consulates across the country. We do want to be a bastion and an outlet for people who have no other choice and give people process to becoming citizens here, what will these other nations are dying like Japan in Russia and France know it's coming. There they want to come here, I get it. But if we can organize this Americas, not anti-immigrant Republicans. As far as I know are not anti-immigrant, especially with only 62% of the workforce working and with 11 million open jobs, many of which are manual labor jobs.

So if there if your intent is pure we could we could start building this up, but no one's going to talk until the border is under control. I never in my lifetime. So to ministration ignore an issue due to we had Congressman Gonzales who you know went down to I think was Guatemalan said you know what would have we heard from the ministration they said nothing, so there's no pressure there is no way it would take an array back in less where there's an incentive you, bless you post to your border. I am working to give you X, Y, and Z. There's just the hands off the wheel. Amen everything. I couldn't agree with you more like this is America has benefited from the plain gain of every other country for the last couple decades is one of the secrets of success, and if you're to be hard-working and contribute to our economy, our culture or society.

You're welcome to come here but streamlined illegal immigration, but to your point until we get this illegal illegal immigration on the control it's pretty hard to address.

That is pretty hard to address things like Dr. and tremors and so you know that this is this the thing that's frustrating, it's when you don't Democrats always want talk about how there's a champions immigration but they can't do anything because they're so incompetent and and let's look at places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, controlling his store over the last 30 years that those with those three countries have been the countries that have contributed to the most people coming here illegally. Those countries do not want to see their population sleeping and and they want to address the causes of significant violence, lack of economic opportunity and extreme poverty and and were not talking about large countries like El Salvador's is 66 million people.

Guatemala is about 18 million people. Honduras is about 2 million people. We can help them address, especially with RA and and this is where State Department USAID of all these other philanthropic organization. We should be having a national strategy on how we deal with these places is a region that we should be doing and the fact that the ministration might been engaging in that is is another problem that they don't understand how to how to deal with this issue absolutely to explain the Hispanic vote seems to be almost 50-50 Republicans and Democrats. Did you ever think you'd see that way like what everybody thought I was crazy when I first ran for office. Back in 2009 nobody thought a black Republican was good to win in the 71% Latino district in his life at the time. Guess what Latinos like every other group of people we care about putting it on the table, roof overhead and taking care of the people they love being in love, being healthy and happy and safe.

So when you go in and show up the place. Republicans haven't shown up for and talk about those issues. People care about and you can see that change in and here is what happened in 2020 in South and West Texas where a lot of people on the coast were shocked at what happened when you think that about 40% of people that live along the border are involved or have a family member involved in some form of law enforcement and then you have another 40% who have a family member involved in the energy sector when you have a party that is anti-anti-law enforcement that is anti-energy. That's what guess what that could impact your livelihood and that's what they were doing and then even now one of the things that's missing in these debates. These cities along the border they get 50% of their their operating cost from illegal immigration coming across right. So when you when you see an increase in illegal immigration having to use the resources to deal with the impacts on the community and that's a drain on their resources and so so that's why these Democratic mayors and county judges and city officials are completely upset so so this is another thing that why is this upcoming election.

22. Literacy record record, if not near record turnout of Latinos voting for so in New York. As you know, Gov. Abbott desperately is trying to get to work country's attention in the White House attention so we started tossing volunteers who want to go to Washington DC from Texas to Washington, then New York started complaining. He said I'm not doing it is you will all your illegal immigrants are coming from the ministration will find them in without your permission, but I will send some to you and he started sending bus after bus.

I think they're up to like 30 busloads of illegal immigrants being dumped in New York on on Texas taxpayers dime.

We have a war between the states over this right now, having said that Gov. Abbott taking extreme measure to address this issue. Why is Beto Rourke supposedly within single digits of Gov. Abbott. It's a good question and I and and and I I would say that one of the Guild Inn in Texas.

The D response in the issue of bounty is still on top of people's minds, especially as kids are going back to school when 50% of teenagers are afraid of going to school because they think a good shot at school that's a problem in the bungled response to to be you bounty shooter that is still that is still an issue. I really, really well hello social support. So part of it is part of the issue is that a number of DPS Texas Department of Public Safety. They had officers on the scene and and so there are some some questions about. In essence, the state response I got that that that that is a that is something about it but again, that single digit number. If you were to look back in previous election.

Is it really that close. It's hard for me.

It's hard for me to to to believe that, to think that it's it's as close I have some of these issues, but look at this when it comes to South and West Texas. I bet you see your see numbers for Greg gobbet that you haven't seen since probably George W. Bush people voting for habit because they recognize this so frustrating and sick of the Democratic Party and how they are handling this issue will her last question to you is that we are one year since the Afghanistan exit which embarrasses country beyond measure. When you find out that sour. Here he was in Kabul and the newborn Taliban, you better not have an alliance with Al Qaeda when you think about that and you've also fall fall in line with Republican report that said ISIS is the major threat now so it ISIS, a major threat. 100% but Al Qaeda I'll show Bob how should Bob just didn't attack the Hyatt hotel in Somalia until like 3030 innocent people how Shabbat is always been trying to talk about how can they impacted and in her American I and so the fact that the number 112 terrorists in the world thought it was okay to take his T on the balcony of his other of the of the slinky Anne Frank house you know you know impact only by the way, it was a house owned by the HUD Connie, who were the biggest in the and in the history of Afghanistan and the fact that one of the economies is is is the minister of interior include the equivalent of almost like are becoming a similar Kremlin of of our Atty. Gen.

It's just it's it's it's very easy that they thought nobody could care now positive US intelligence is able still say hey we watch and we can have an impact. And so there's no question about can you continue to do over the horizon tax but the fact that the terrorists felt it was okay to be in the city center in this location is a sign that nobody got that people are not afraid and concerned with what what what Americans do and it's also a sign that the concerns with you do not want Afghanistan to become like it was the late 90s a training location for terrorist organizations will earn those educational speak to always appreciate your levelheaded, thank you so much pleasure you got 1-866-408-7668 so as a filmmaker doesn't really make me a conservative. Doesn't that I don't want to be absolutely wrong line. Is there some number at which I go you know what you are just taking my money and wasting it letting people steal it. I transferred the leaky bucket. I accept that what this is in the bucket anymore. It's just the handle. Well, I always I don't watch Gilmore alive. I watch a lot of his clips and see some stuff online. Just not used to watching understands on Friday nights and HBO for more more. I just think that's the way American people speak. I can't believe I'm saying this but it's true.

I'm not a conservative with a star with about a liberal body will not a conservative but right now I don't know many people saying I am so glad we just spent $700 billion and they told me was deficit reduction. But then they admitted the day they signed it. It's really about climate, not many people think that spending that type of money in this type of environment helps anyone except for some lunatics on the left and I really resent the fact that they mislabeled the name of it that's what is discussed Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach ask Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here everybody is throwing to Michelle 1-866-408-7669 the number to be on the show will come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world and of course a lot of what's going on around the country really begins and starts in New York ends in New York I should say espresso encompasses legal immigration thing which will discuss Michael Goodwin from the New York Post be with you shortly to great comic relief from the news. Your perch really is reflected around the country is how we overdone it with the Donald Trump investigations even for people who are anti-Trump was saved was Cheney so will talk to him and the will to talk to David Sokol's chairman and CEO of Teton capital, chairman of the board of Atlas Corp. and the use of CEO of that Jets got a great new book out. He's going to dedicate himself to turn this country around American perspective defending the American dream for the next generation. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three you are seeing a combination of this demonization of the police and progressive prosecutors which those two things working together are having a terrible impact on the most vulnerable people you think so was Tom Hogan on Sunday night in America is the crime stupid dams watch and ignore crime in every major city as a rise to intolerable levels. Yes, GOP candidates really mention it.

But guess what the first one to understand this is what voters really care about. They will win you that Lee's Eldon JD Vance and Herschel Walker scale. The fact that when you're going to go into a former president's house that clearly Biden Garland.

They had no strategy knows anticipation, I wasn't working to take unprecedented actions we better have an unprecedented plan for disclosure yet. I was going to pursue Trump on the offense. Two weeks after the raid on his resort. His legal game plan shows itself today as early as today will blow back on the FBI and DOJ has the really will discuss that with Michael Goodwin about the border border is wide open with providing so much opportunity investigator reported savanna Hernandez getting worse. That's the story the border and at the port authority New York City is more legal. So sent to New York on taxpayers dime of Texas. Mayor Adams maybe met a governor rabbit but he should be directing his anger present. Biden is a mini war between the states takes root. That's a legacy of of Joe Biden. We are now at each others throats when it comes to legal immigration as he will not address it at its core at its roots or anywhere else with me right now is Michael Goodwin from New York Post Michael get to the thrust to be calm, for sure, but what about this war between Adams and Abbott.

I think I was missing a golden opportunity to be a national figure use some of his outrage and get the president's attention. Adams is fighting the wrong enemy here. The enemy uses uncontrolled immigration.

And as I wrote last week wants to be effectively a law and order.

Mayor with unvented and unlimited immigration. There can be no laws in order and so you've got to make a choice here and I think he is he is chosen, short of the Democratic position rather than the position of the mayor of the city. It's got all kinds of problems already and to just say that we can meet at last count there were well over 3000 immigrants had come here primarily. There are two ways. One is the government is secretly flying them in on these charter airlines and many of those flights are landed in the suburban New York airports and then secondly, of course, our governor rabbit of Texas sending the buses to New York and there have been a bunch of boxes in the last couple of weeks so the city is now counted well over 3000 is probably going to be closer to four or 5000 next time they release account of these immigrants who are who are from the border who have not been invented, most of whom have applied for asylum and they can't work. So what is the city supposed to do with them and I think that is the question that Abbott has asked enjoy thinking and fighting a habit. Adams is fighting the wrong target. Here federal government that's creating this problem to solve your New York hundreds of migrants, some of which will bust off from your from Texas lined up outside Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx to get healthcare coverage food items including school supplies and free phones even organized for the city hospital system was built on a resource and family fun day for the migrants, migrants, illegal immigrants and their children, many of whom came to New York City in droves in recent weeks. Now the liquid, overcrowded classrooms where there's not enough teachers is is unbelievable that work with somebody actually thinks this is good far left right where you open the border and let the whole world Commandant and the government gives them everything that that let's you and dream vision of the human condition that you know whatever you want to do you can do and the government will just give you the money to do it, except of course if you want to vote Republican or owner gone or anything like that but otherwise the government is there to give you whatever you want is not the idea I think people sobering up to that. At least I hope yours Dean Crenshaw on the battle between the states: look what he's doing is sending a message that the secret parent. This is policy move. This is this is a move of desperation to get someone to pay attention.

What were doing was in Texas in July supporting the work will they have, more likely, like that of staying in the country like basically everyone is crossing a border is that same likelihood that there is millions upon was 2 million. I think routed apprehensions.

Just this year as an unprecedented number huge amount of those will stay in the country because the backlogs in our system are so severe that can happen anyway. These are hundred percent right and I think this is the legacy of the bite administration were actually warring at each other's throats be in our own country as individual as states Texas in New York now hate each other more than ever, but I think I think you did a very smart thing here and spreading the pain around because it was easy for the media to say all this is just red state, only 18 you know they just just all a bunch of racists and they don't want you know they know they're hardhearted about these poor migrants and then you send them to New York in the New York governor and waited. They hit New Jersey and of course we've already seen in Washington DC. Perhaps the most liberal city in the country right 97% automatic Democratic vote for everything what what the mayor Washington DC. She calls for the National Guard right so we can have the border but we can have the National Guard ceiling, Washington DC. I mean, this is now. I think that hypocrisy is being exposed by the governor rabbit plans so we go to talk about. Don't read on their Lago.

As of right now we don't know we don't know just make the disclaimer but it looks like the paperwork you probably shouldn't have from the White House shows that disorder is a worthy end and how the prison Thursday and Wednesday and then specially ever since January 6. They're actually talking about the their talk about getting rid of the present even on his own party. So they were really worried about the paperwork regardless idiotically they took way too much paperwork. I don't know why.

Having said that, there were and confiscated 15 boxes back in conversations in June to return the rest. In the meantime they said they would you lock that door part of the lock is you got it is a treatment to present the doctrine looks like this got you doing a great job. Anything you need let me know and then in late June.

Evidently there was whistleblower and the miracle decides if the weeks of thinking about it.

We have to do a raid have to do a raid because we gotta get everything back into emergency Daniel Loughman was on over the weekend. He had the position of the Department of Justice chief of counterintelligence, the chief of counterintelligence was talking to the trumpeting the new what the new guy so he was asked about this. Listen to what he says cut 13 you're the former head of the division of the Justice Department is now led by guy named Jay Pratt who argued in court this week regarding the potential release of this affidavit that it may quote show future cooperation by witnesses whose assistance may be sought is this investigation progresses as well as in other high-profile investigation you agree with his assessment based on my experience of justice. That's absolutely correct, especially in the early stages of investigation Justice Department, the FBI will do everything they can to protect the integrity and confidential law enforcement actions are being taken right here unprecedented turbine done before you know what I circle in that conversation early stages during the early stages of an investigation.

So let's take it off by invading Laura Lago for nine hours and taken everything for the presence passport to blow it to bring a safe cracker open up the safe and go to Milani's stuff is this crazy or from what we know right now this is insane but Fox news is reporting that the judge has basically rejected the government's argument that it all should be sealed and has ordered them to return with a list of proposed reductions to the affidavit, but he is not minding their argument because he makes it he makes the argument that judge that this is an unprecedented search. So I think that's a pretty remarkable development. I mean this is this is a magistrate items are not a job but then he's the one who gave the approval for the search.

So I think it's a pretty remarkable development and you know Merrick Garland never fails to disappoint. He had an opportunity if he was going to do this he had an obligation and an opportunity I think to get the public behind him to make the case why this was important why it had to be done why there was no alternative but instead what we got was him saying very little explaining nothing and then you get all of these leaks that are hyperbolic, I mean the Washington Post use the word nuclear weapon.

Yes, some of the imagery of Donald Trump sitting at Mara Lago giving the nuclear codes and firing weapon on me what what what kind of garbage are these newspapers counting on these sources for that they can never verify the information.

It's all equally quick. I mean the one that know they didn't take his passport hoops they took his passport that kind of thing. The media is embarrassing itself by just giving the government to pass stages again. How can you trust what comes out of the FBI and the Justice Department on first-class trust but verify. Make them prove it seems that a reasonable threshold, and frankly, I'm happy to hear that the judge thinks the magistrate that this is not too important to keep secret the meat. This is a real rebuke for the Justice Department.

As I read the story you will put in perspective.

As a bundle of prices patches onto when I asked him to with the FBI gets a call from the department justices I need you to rate Mara Lago, Christopher Ray, who was so worried about making the FBI political and want to make it apolitical again. You think you go you kidding me Mr. Visser Atty. Gen.

I can't do that matter what the ringlets. This is a five alarm fire if I go in there to choose me being political and hurt the FBI in the process, but for some reason he did anyway.

So in less they returned something we can't see Michael, I don't know what the hell he was thinking either would in some way by the government's argument that part of the problem all along. Is it Merrick Garland says he's doing this by the book right.

But in the column yesterday. There is no book on rating the home of a former president. It's never been done.

And so if you're going to do it. You can't just say oh this is a routine matter were going to handle it in the routine ways ignorant to think you can get away with but that's the arrogance of government and frankly they count on the leaks to buttress their case that there was a week I believe were orchestrated by the Justice Department that was part of the strategy. We will tell the New York Times we will tell the Wall Street Journal we will tell the Washington Post it's really serious stuff nuclear weapons stop its nuclear material. You know, we can have it out. This would be dangerous at fellow fell into the wrong hands. Let's see if that ever backed up ever high that it will not be now will see you also talk about Clinton prosecuted general forces in Macon after Nixon we need to turn the page and what makes this even more perilous is that this admitted this president wants to run again. So you really doesn't look like you going again so you go have to retired guy you go after God. It could be coming back is your opponent you might does anyone sit down even think about that next day, let's just investigate Trump organization with the Atty. Gen., the Southern District of New York Georgia. Some of these are self-inflicted wounds and some out of flatter targeting his friends and his family, and you pointed out your column. Mike Goodwin thanks so much, you got it.

1-866-408-7669 looking to talk to you next and then David Sobel, one of America's finest executives about the state of the economy in the country. Don't move diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show for talking about even the big Police Department like New York City 36,000 copies. Everyone thinks, wow, that's a lot of police they could really control things in the .8 million people in New York. Let's be conservative about insane 8.5 of them are good law-abiding citizens that still leaves you with 300,000 criminals source the 36,000 members of the New York City Police Department against 300,000 criminals.

They need to be able to do their job in order to protect the 8.5 million law-abiding citizens from those 300,000 criminals. While that is true and that's a breakdown of from Tom Hogan who is a former district attorney about what's going on with crime, especially New York City, which is emblematic of Philadelphia Chicago does Los Angeles and was very big and small city. I don't want I don't believe anybody else just know we know it's out-of-control, big and small. As I mentioned I was in Memphis doing something with doing something on Elvis and we talk around talking to all these business owners may switch no one issue crime, no one issue crime really to diners as well as convenience stores. It's insane. So having said all that I'm surprised more candidates are talking about this up and I'm not just crime is better but here's what I would do.

Here's where the money's going to come from peers that would empower cops. This is how I thought the academies again. This is how it handle it but instead what I have as examples of climatic control and most of its caught on tape for example is his 23-year-old family to a dollar store worker. She's 23 is all right to the Family Dollar store working out some these guys so what can associate with things on the shelves. She goes up to confront them. This guy just Internet padlocks are thrown around Jesus and was physically sold in front of all these people.

I do defend myself in front of kids.

I was scared to come back to work but I have to go back to work to make a living. Same thing with CVS. Same thing with Walgreens becoming the chart taken things on the shelves and single BC get about $15 an hour. Should I go up there confront this guy. These groups of people once arrayed the 7-Eleven's and just rip the stores down where the cops why should cops cope with their lives.

Why these guys going to get out the same day easy to fix. I'm telling you it's so much easier fix your snow will is up to the people to vote that way. In November to keep her safe. David so cool from his mouth to your earlier Brian kill me doesn't really make me a conservative that I don't want to be absolutely wrong line. Is there some number at which I go you know what you are just taking my money and wasting it letting people steal it. I could never transferred in a leaky bucket. I accept that. But this is in the bucket anymore. It's just the handle. He's talking about Bill more obviously the ease be basically the spokesperson for liberals in America taking targeted George Bush famously over and over again as well as Donald Trump, but he speaking so reasonably of late and he was talking about how much PPP money was wasted is talking about how much covert money was wasted now is talking about. He sees this check for $700 billion of this other plan that's now out 326 9 billion which is green energy and he says to himself, how much money are we actually wasting on what you taking from me. If you look at the bracket that did no more is in probably takes home fees paying almost taxes the right way maybe 48% of his money over 50% is going to social programs is going to government in taxes after Weigle could just tell me where this is going and if you do tell McKinney make sure get to the right place. David Sokol knows all about is chairman, CEO of Teton capital, chairman of the board of that was Corporation, former chairman and CEO of net Jets and Brookshire Hathaway and author of the book American perspective defending the American dream for the next generation David, welcome back to be your bride that Raven graduations on the book right now you try to make the country better. You had early success in business quickly respond to with and knowing who Bill Moore is what he just said always write it out of the fact that were just wasting money, spending money needlessly. This most recent purportedly inflation reduction bill, which is the name is fraudulent and but it but it's it's part and parcel of what were seeing which is because no one looks to even remotely close to a balanced budget spending money not no longer seems to affect people.

Yet, we got $30 trillion of funded debt plus all these entitlements to pay off Russ putting her grandkids spending a great great grandkids's money and just can't continuing one of the real elements it has to hurt everyone is I would rather those government dollars after taking from us went to help people really need help.

The fact that there actually what is he $750 million of that much just the most recent accounting of covert dollars to people that were deceased or did they didn't go to the people whose name was on the check, etc. it just shows you governments getting out of control, who we can't control billion dollars in $1400 increments. We got a real problem writing when you pass a bill that did put $87 billion into the IRS.

I mean, that's unbelievable to me. Who needs to be armed to certain degree, to enforce it. When you have the borders of Marines were navy, they could use their ranks filled. I wonder if that's the best way to do it also. Good luck getting tens of thousands of IRS agents come from me. We have 11 million open jobs in this country. 7 million out of work and now you wanted to go higher. IRS agents well and you hire this massive amount of IRS agents. Unfortunately, not to clear the backlog and things that are in the IRS that are problem but but to come in and basically be caught cops on the beat going after average Americans. And that's what people are missing and I get I feel sorry for the average American because they're the ones who pay the price. They're the ones when that agent says G we think you will another $2000 and you have the option to spend $25,000 to fight it to spend your to pay the $2000 concerning a threat to take your car, your house or or or go to your employer and take some your your salary that embarrassment when they do that when they say will eat this automatic withdrawal goes to when people are go to a divorce situation comes at your paycheck and your and your job.

Now the IRS taking money out of your paycheck before you get a chance to get a deposit to your account they contact human resources attractor there.

There's an assumption of guilt, if we just look back to Lois Lerner, just a couple years ago investigating Republicans donating money to proper Seo 501(c)(3)'s that's weapon eyes your government against you. And that's that's a you lose control of the government when it when the administrative state can't be stopped, and by adding name one American that is a politician that actually woke up about two weeks ago and said wow that's awesome. We now have 87,000 more IRS agents it's it's just an expansion of government for control and unfortunately your wealthy people because the tax code is so complicated could afford to to make sure that their taxes are right.

I don't know anybody that would intentionally cheat on their taxes well tailored for the average American someone owns a small business the owner's thousands and thousands of regulations out there and it costs a lot of money to hire one of the big firms that audit things I haven't heard anyone complain about prison Trump getting rid of a lot of the regulations he was able to got a lot of the bureaucracy for small business.

He really appreciated while this administration doesn't seem to have an appreciation not only for oil and gas, but for small business in the struggles because David Stephen Moore did a study and see how much real business experiences in this administration almost none. So he might be an economist but if you win at deli dry cleaner or you try to open up a restaurant, you would understand the reality of business. That's right and it's it's not what the founding fathers intended to be a Congressman or Sen. or the president was intended to be public service.

It was your giving something to this country, not your taking something like what you're doing with this book and I think they may be. Maybe in the future if you undo politics should be served to make about $200,000 compared to successful businessman like yourself to Toma. There's very little and the other thing is people look at JD Vance a look at Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker.

I save these guys are rookies so one guys a businessman and I'm unbelievably athlete Dr. Ross is surgeon multimillionaire communicator. This is a very talented person you want in government, JD Vance, a self-made success story, which is a best-selling author who they made a movie on his life who want to take that business experience in that blue and that rural upbringing to Washington.

That's a goal I think that's right are our best governments are those that have been run by people with no experience not have a lot of expense other walks of life. They can be teachers, they can be business people. He can be lawyers, but we today we got this professional politician class on.

If you look at that, the head of the Senate never had a job outside of of government that present United States.

The vice president Ice Age never had a job out of government minority leader had went to Mitch McConnell either got it probably died and Nancy Pelosi, the speaker the house know if our government wasn't set up to be run by political bureaucrats are turning into authoritarians. Our government was set up to be minimized at the federal level. Most the power to state level and and leadership was supposed to be cost you something was you taking time out of your normal life is so cool with us. David, I want you with the present said about this bill didn't really mention much about inflation. I'm keeping my campaign commitment. No one let me emphasize no one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay a penny more federal taxes. This bill is the biggest step forward on climate ever ever is going allow allow us to boldly take additional steps toward reading all my climate goals. Once we set out so that can't be true.

Well just start with the name of the bill, the inflation reduction act. Nothing about this bill is gonna reduce inflation even if you actually said that the ice even when the cosponsors who historically have been a big supporter of II don't know your friend.

I don't know why Joe supported this bill it's it's anathema to what he believes from release what I've known him to believe and and again the reality is working to pour all this money to give subsidies to things.

Why were not maintaining the, the ability to provide electricity were going to be. This can be needed for these automobiles in the future. Why are we spending this money on new generation cleaner gas-fired generation new nuclear etc. getting the transmission lines outside the reason were not doing it is government is so far in the way. There was an article today. I think in the journal about a utility light wood from the state that I was very involved with the state of Iowa up to the north. It's been in the permitting process for 11 years and nowhere near starting construction that's a probably having Joe, instead of putting in the bill the permitting expert in expediting activities are planned another sleight-of-hand game went well will get that later will get a get that this fall attached to a budget bill like guarantee you, you already see the left and the particular environmental groups coming out there telling us on one hand, as it did find the changes he asked substantial threat of our planet. We won't have a a a planet nine years heard together to on TV from from our environmental groups and yet it takes 15 to 20 years just to permit a transmission line to get electricity where you needed all take these environmental groups seriously when they recognize that you can't have it both ways you can so do a understand it when Joe mentioned it. He said listen with the permitting process.

I wanted streamlined okay. We want to get Cal carbon capture labs are co-plans to continue right well the parliamentarians together has nothing to do with budget doesn't pass so you have to do a separate page. He agreed to that Nancy Pelosi sees a separate pages Republic probably want that right, no attaching things to the Republicans don't want to get to happen.

Try to be another kind of failure I can control Nancy Pelosi is rugby a couple hundred billion dollars and The several hundred billion dollars it. Nancy and her her side want to go get and we won't get any meaningful change. The permit process because the left is owned by the environmental movement in this country and it's not can happen the day Joe agreed to that. There was an article about it in one of the major groups came out and said that is dead in the water so David, maybe you could explain to me maybe better than anybody else knowing that all these things are antibusiness.

Knowing the business got to be controlled, contained remember 2008. I understand that but knowing things will the way things are. Why are so many CEOs why these major corporations, voting Democrat supporting Democratic causes going along with the divestiture of oil and gas companies probably shouldn't be normal and what I said is right, absolutely they're being intimidated into an out there may be some that actually believes this stuff I don't know any ones that I know are being intimidated to their being told by government you either do what we ask you to do or we will take you to task and and that's supposed to be a government of the people not authoritarian government to look at a guy like you very you have a very strong persona. Jack Welch very strong persona. I love you Jamie diamond very strong. You don't become sealed these corporations in this tough environment without being leaders with thick skin. Why would you kowtow to that. Well, there's a lot of leaders today they don't have a vision for America. They know that they don't think of themselves as a CEO of a company as part and parcel of a mosaic called United States of America that we have an obligation and so if they can get $15 billion free tax credits for their product that moves them ahead of their competitor willing to take a bit in the energies industry my whole career and I've opposed tax credits for wind and solar. Even though my company built thousands and thousands of we tried to Scott he was at mid-American energy today Berkshire Hathaway energy. We tried to stop getting these subsidies and if you're gonna give him at least make them useful for is a loan you after they own you and you saw with GE with Jeff I Mel had to had to bow down to Pres. Obama. Because GE got itself too much short-term debt and needed the federal government to to avail an alum out and suddenly Jeff was the chairman of the of his governmental business committee that they own you. That and the reality is on these tax credits which really absurdities detachments don't require these in electric vehicles to be more efficient. Next year they don't require windmills to be more efficient and accurate require solar for the facility to be more efficient.

You just got them for building and that's absurd you not incentivizing anything he had no business person is involved there. They understand that the end product matters. Elites want to check a box to get reelected you Jennifer Granholm another embarrassment.

My view energy secretary cut 32 what you say. The families simply can't afford the stuff in the first place. If you are low income you can get your home entirely weatherized through the expansion from the bipartisan infrastructure live significant expansion to pay for anything. If you want heat pumps, insulation, new windows that is covered.

If you are moderate income. Today you can get 30% off the price of solar panels and solar panels can be financing you don't have to have a big outcome outlay at the front. It's a significant incentive 30% off for middle-class person to buy solar panels which they don't want. Well, you're falling into the socialist trap looking to go look at Argentina look at when they started subsidizing petroleum and electricity for homes.

They now can't raise prices politically. If you raise prices in Argentina.

You're out the next guy comes in and panders to even give you more subsidies where were heading solar and wind are so good and if we have such a good plan. Why do we have to give subsidies what why do you want to do it. Why do we have to subsidize electric gas stations when we didn't subsidize petroleum gas stations. Great point. By the way, Robert Moses owes his reading his book he was saying. Why do we have to build roads.

Those people who made the car should build the roads because I was back then they like why do we have to pave.

They make the cars and want us to make the rows it doesn't seem fair. He was always looking to turn profit to a David so close he wouldn't talk to him a bit more. His book is out is called American perspective defending the American dream for the next generation. Your knowledge base. Brian film made show talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show she does is pull and says that 20% of adults say we are headed in the right direction. 21% for Americans and we were on the wrong track percent say America's best.

Behind us, not good if your leader not good if your citizen got a change that David Socha with us right now that's the thrust of his book American perspective defending the American dream for the next generation David how do you reverse this pessimism grafted people back to recognizing that every citizen has a responsibility to be involved in local elections, school board, city councils, mayors, and then holding our elected officials accountable for what they say they're going to do.

We have to take control there and remember the founding fathers it's it's it's our government. We the people it's it's about us and we we got to get back this this elite group that wants to tell us all how to live. We are thrown out put people in there there to listen to the consensus of American deal but do you think anyone is listening to anybody. Well unfortunately it appears not when you can mislabel a bill on inflation reduction act that doesn't have a prayer of reducing inflation and nobody really stands up and complains about it yet.

No, I don't think people listing the way they need to. And unfortunately, this climate shift if you will going to know CO2 emissions without any plan to do so could be the train wreck of of the next generation. And I think is interesting is Gov. Sununu tends to be a rational Republican. He weighed in on why the president's approval ratings not improving. Get he's passing a bunch of stuff 29 nationally. The problem is this where talking about things that aren't mattering that don't matter to the voters. The voters care about kitchen table issues they care about high prices they care about inflation they care about you having options for their kids in school and what's the worst of my life is a very important issue and for January 6. What happened there is very important, but those are driving folks of the polls are driving folks in the voting booth and so we gotta get back in a media social media and our kitchen table discussions and if we do that Republicans across the board to be very successful and they talk about crime crimes. Another big one just final thought on that. David, I think he's right.

The governor's right to people.

People care about crime their neighborhoods defund the police obviously was a disaster. Again, it was a soundbite without without any plan just like rushing to to solar and wind.

In these things without any planets can have the same thing that the citizens know what the problem is inflation crime illegal immigration come across the border fence and all those are the things we need leaders and actually will address us and not just to say but they do it in many ways Trump was doing a lot of that stuff, but he did it in a way which I guess rub some people the wrong way will see we have another shot of the David Socha will pick up his book American perspective. Thanks, David. Thank you.

Right thanks for the sequel I should say back in a moment, trying to me show live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive and were back in action today.

Looking forward to getting close to the close of the football season, as well as targeted) the bottom of the hour.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska will be the 12 governor of that news to relatively new state that was going on there what's going on here. You have so much natural resources insomuch as underutilized was about to be utilized by prison. Trump lost reelection and now things are dramatically different will get a sense on that when it comes to oil and gas so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three you are seeing a combination of this demonization of the police and progressive prosecutors which those two things working together are having a terrible impact on the most vulnerable people. It's true, it's the crime stupid Dems watching ignore crime in every major city is that intolerable levels yes GOP candidates barely mention it. But guess what the first one to understand this is what could make or break them when we Zelda JD Vance Dr. Oz Herschel Walker. I hope you understand that the fact that when you're going to go into a former president's house to clearly Biden Garland. They had no strategy knows anticipation about things going to take unprecedented actions we better have an unprecedented plan for disclosure Chris Sununu on the idiocy as it seems right now of the rate Trump on offense two weeks after the raid on his resort. His legal team plans to go on the offense today. While blowback on the FBI and DOJ has them reeling or now that the border border is wide open with providing us with so much opportunity that to best get a journalist Savanah Hernandez getting worse. That's the story the border at the port authority in New York City as more illegals are sent to New York from Texas on taxpayer DAC taxpayer Texas taxpayer dollars. Mayor Adams may be Maddie Gov. Abbott, but he's got a directed at Pres. Biden. We now have a mini war between the states. That's a new one. Gov. Mike Dunleavy joint is now Gov. Hubley what's going on in America with in our country. This is literally battling New York against Texas. Blind left got left two years he's been unbelievable for this country.

We we seen a dramatic change.

Like I don't I don't think you need any point in history.

Maybe with the exceptionally early 70s, but the going from bad to worse. Nate Silver says that when it comes to the election. The cut 25. Everywhere you look these things as a poll from the Democrat tide or even leading states they were expected to lose that Tim Ryan Ohio who leads by about 1.0 Republican JD Vance and are polling average. Meanwhile, Mandela Barnes of the public and incumbent Ron Johnson by four points in a Fox's poll this week in Wisconsin and the 530 average North Carolina shows a dead heat between Democrats.

In public and 10, but right now Dr. Oz trailing in Pennsylvania to a Bernie Sanders want to be so governor does it seem like momentum might be leaving your party.

I don't think so. Election is still 11 weeks away and told this early have a heavier habit change, but I would say that certainly all candidates, including myself with the Presbytery. Why we should be elected or reelected and out the crime issues inflation issues. The lack of energy, food security, you name it.

Right now we know those issues are issues that we should we should agree to explain to the American people that we could fix these issues when it comes oil and gas how much is unutilized coming from Alaska. How much more could you be doing but will certainly we could be we could be probably pumping oil from oil and gas from Dan Martin through years.

If the Biden administration allowed us to continue with those leases and develop those leases. We also have a couple projects that with some Gov. Housley. How can they stop a piece of legislation that passed that was involved that was involved in the prisons tax reform, which passed this test Congress. Yet it was exactly right. We don't understand it filed to clarify this because we don't get a law nutritional nor law that's probably for right that should be troubled for all your soon I understand to the amount of oil, gas, going to the pipeline is not as much as he can be. Some people say you guys are pumping to capacity. That's not true know we we got a lot of oil in the state of Alaska billions of barrels more oil when you stop to get a little bit of help in allowing to be able to develop these plays that we have.

But ever since demonstration got in the office. It's been a lack of opportunity to cancel culture when it comes to resources, especially energy here in the Alaska when you look at what's happening. The top issues effecting Alaskans.

What are the certainly inflation certainly energy. Certainly our ability to produce energy to help bar not lock it with this country and we know were lucky appear we don't have the crime crime situation like they do in the lower 48 week we've actually reduced the crime by 30% over last four years, but nonetheless nowhere impacted by the border issues appear because we have a policy like other states. So, although more isolated way up in the Northwest were certainly impacted by things that are happening nationwide. So you care about the border you see how it's broken he see that this exists mistress has no interest in fixing it and addressing it. Is Tom home and cut for since you'll likely come present over 1200 s, either in your soil. That's unheard of in history this nation and over hundred thousand Americans policies are not humane or inhumane or killing people. When present, Trump immigration down 83% Windows a 40-year-old company Americans were dying for Diane cartels not making the church across the border.

This president is almost treasonous and ever that we come from upset so a lot of inferred first off you comment on that will becoming you coming up with a creative way to actually share the pain that history notable going to lie on but brilliant marketing I believe is York and I think that you keep doing it because this is a federal issue. Therefore, the federal government should stand up and protect our borders, because a country without borders in the country for very long. The on solution to this covenant. Dunleavy is Alaska joining is now running for reelection get another term up in that great state.

So guess what over the weekend if you were legal immigrants good news for you.

They have they had a chance to go to this Lincoln hospital where everyone got free healthcare. Find out what school to go to go to. They also got a free phone so all illegals were told to report to Lincoln hospital not to be tossed out not to have their papers checked, but to get free stuff, but it's not really free. Is it is a taxpayer dollars, and a good time to be an illegal alien in America, not so much with fear and oil. Not so much or too concerned about crime. At times Brian actually feel like her own federal government is punishing the American people and state like Alaska sanction like they do with other countries and so if that strange strange dynamic were in the last couple years and we can only hope that the election November strange government only tell me that was going on with your Native American community. Well you know we had refiled government because the 1971 Valero made a claim during Alaska and millions of acres we transfer to our native people from the federal government unbeknownst to all of the federal government trends transferred acreage that had contamination on upwards of 650 sites had contamination on it and the federal government spent that time has not taken responsibility to clean up the site. So in essence not only of the land undevelopable at this point, but it's a habit for people and so this is another issue or try to file suit and build a predicate there as well because what the lands that meant much of the land that was sent to transfer the native left their architect. There is contamination on some of the land have to be on past trust Eskimo community as it there is any practical community group or community Indian communities value communities across across the state. When you see contaminated how former military sites all contaminated oil well and other other activities of the federal government deducted for quite some time, they they just left those contaminated sites alone and transferred to our people. Now were stuck with them. But again, this was a wrong that were to try and write and will report the case, just a quick announcement, Anthony Saatchi announced moments ago that he'll step down as director of the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases you should be ashamed of himself. From what he's done the arrogance which he showed his lack of contrition, and even the CDC when they commence and we screwed up.

He's like yeah I guess they did, never admitting anything. I mean, either.

How was he received in your statement. Some people give as a hero. I never have I mixed at best, and I think the majority of folks in Alaska that are following the issue with Dr. so she probably believe it's past time for him to retire and ride off into the sunset with probably a very good federal law, federal pension Gov. Mike Dunleavy 12 governor of Alaska want to keep that job for four more years. That's like other.

Thank you, Brian got it. 186640876690. Come back in about the phones wasn't trying to quick reminder it's come a quickening think September 8 will be at the agate Albany a few tickets left, some of which are upfront for the first two rows are now disappeared. So go grab some and then his VIP opportunities where I get a chance to talk to before.

It's a red white and blue show. Looking back in America's history. We also talked the dues to take part in the show. I think it's probably the most fun I have also live in unscripted and they will be over in Brandon, Mississippi, November 12 and on the 13th in Tulsa Oklahoma. Hope to see all the outage could bring to don't move newsmakers and news breakers. First, I can only show radio show like no other. I think the biggest issue is often talked about the fact that when you're going to go into a former president thousand clearly abiding garland. They had no strategy, no anticipation unprecedented actions we better have an unprecedented plan for disclosure and the fact that were weeks in now they're not showing any cars.

They're not showing anything. The lack of transparency. It's infuriating and that is where they have absolutely blown and that's where they've lost the trust of the American people because it just looks political but is it worth it. For example, the holy back to Hunter Biden story get know those so-called intelligent techs were to sign off on it, knowing in a year and had no was totally true. The, the emails could be authenticated, knowing that would happen.

They sit still. I'll do anything to make short-term selected is the same thing with the rain try to dislodge 45% to get other people to run to make sure Donald Trump is not running even if it hurts the reputation of Department of Justice and FBI Chris Sununu is not somebody you don't think it's Mac H. For this way you think that you think, well, that's gotta be Ted Cruz know Chris soon.

Chris is imparting turndown opportunity go to Washington.

Pam you're watching on Fox nation in Fairfield, New Jersey hey Pam I love you.

Thank you. Love you I love you. I start the day off with talk to friends in the morning and I was departing on the way to work and much to my coworkers that I have you on why and how gullible I like the Line you have that on anyone that I know on this planet need that. It makes me laugh every time I hear you out.

All right, so left in the news, but this whole targeting of Delta prize at the targeting of trumpet more Lago you surprised nothing is panned out. God, of course, not supply. I feel like I'm getting the same. I got baptized in Trenton. Okay, my from everybody like I don't even talk. Why not talk talk talk try Republican one, and I believe in my golfer Mary Harris crowd Republican wanted.

I actually really used to be hired by Natalie used to be Harris, not for very long, long blonde hair very short. He knows you see how you care, but I'm just sick of being when I my family. I have a transgender care check okay need to give them a Republican and I was talking to my daughter that's a question that all and believe in abortion I think that IIII just can't even believe me, who are you, I just don't know.

I have a hard time finding likely already. I want to volunteer and deportable now IIKI make kids they were to volunteer don't get about candidates but there's just so many opportunities to volunteer in those ghostly Trump teams America first opportunities.

If you're in the New York area. I think they're plentiful.

I know that Peter King is always always looking for people imagine other, Congressman imagine Lee.

Zelda needs help the so maybe maybe get paid. Pam, Eunice, so I have to volunteer thanks so much Debbie was sent WABC in Queens hey Debbie, I helping clean roses website you were about to I volunteer what I wanted to do like picked up a couple boxes and I haven't heard. I'm sure you will. I will have him on this week.

Debbie that's I see do with the new mine out. I can't write about that.

Office donated people said I just respected my disease a total fraud. I think he really is detrimental to our country are learning to play partisan politics when he hopped on when Joe Biden one and he hopped on Rachel Maddow and he said I'm your biggest fan. That's not like saying I'm just young Johnny Carl Watson Tonight Show Johnny Carson know she's a most partisan Democrat out there very talented most partisan Democrat out there.

If you say you're a fan of Rachel Maddow you are a Democrat and you showed your stripes by not standing up to black guys better when they have an protest to move the pandemic while making sure all these kid states 6 feet apart and at home. You are 6 feet apart meant nothing but the result was you can get kids in school because can separate the death that much to get all good classrooms, fault thanks Debbie Roy WS KY real quick ROI to talk you might point not you do not following following the political sign in your record you about was you made a mark project really where might you reach out walked Clint had she recorded tapes of poultry and a Choco along with some others, and the judgment.

A federal judge that no you can't touch you classified it for profit into your article which I hear you. I think it's a joke teller France was that guy said down some typical their tapes for the book they're working on together in his sock drawer and the court says you cannot have it. It's the presence, the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me 5% of the people from 151/178. Say what you want about Mr. able, but boy what a politician.

I'm in.

That's impressive in an evil way and busted this out and there's 10 members of Congress who voted to impeach and and he found to knock them off so Tarantino movie is going to get all 10 got eight out of the 10 for four quit because they know they lose them for lost, so that's a bill more significant when people talk like that in the also tested some of the things about the economy and spending that are very reminiscent of what you should hear from Republican weird times bread.

Bread bear is not weird she political anchor for Fox News and anchor special report with Bret Bair weeknights at six.

Bret welcome back what you think about the tractor without Trump's turned out so for the primary for me. The verdict is November for you & Mark Warnke set out to take downtown. He actually took down 8 foot could have been nine they didn't put up anybody against one of the people who moved on and not you have to respect that you have to say that that is a political power move, but I think that the big thing is November and some of these candidates that he chose our having struggles at least early on and will see how they do long-term. So let's talk about that. So for example JD Vance up by one down by one in Ohio which is the going rhetoric almost each election cycle. I'm not heard much from him but I'm not really supposed to write. He should be the state-run women that stayed over now incomes the RNC or there is senatorial committee and they've given him $28 million to get them going right most part, always ready to start after Labor Day. Everybody starts focusing. That's when the ads kick in and that's when people are back vacation and everybody says okay this is the art that tension out lot what the measure is that house where are they standing heading into Labor Day and more importantly house or fundraising effort.

JD Vance traditionally Republicans in Ohio really well on the money game. She's not doing really well and you make the changes to the. The RNC is senatorial committee or SEC is putting in some significant money and I think that that's a race that they could could win and read Ohio I think more troublesome maybe is the Pennsylvania race with Dr. Raj and again I could turn around but fundraising and numbers don't look God and then down to Georgia is also concerned we look at Dr. Oz is going really can somebody be recovering slowly from a stroke. Who is Bernie Sanders want to be that we just cannot say that's was track record reveals on the surfaces should not be a problem. In fact, I see this new Pusan power pole and review scene is PSE" chose Dr. Oz one point away with 4.5% of voting for somebody else and 3% voting undecided.

Sorry I get the sense that things are going to close simply because it's not it's not Dr. Oz against against McCormick, we won the primary. This is against Bernie Sanders would not win that race and this is what he is. Bernie Sanders knows policies are in a way out there look at emptying the jails you look at drug and liberal parts of Pennsylvania. Some of his policies are really aggressive and Federman has not been Stars is negatives but went through a tough primer with Dave McCormick and McCormick spent time on Ozzie's head, which has repercussions early on. So I agree with you at the close. I think it's it is of concern for the senatorial committee so the other thing of course is a Herschel Walker was within the margin of error. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and I think they we will get a chance to see them go head-to-head soon but to think that Herschel is not doing well okay he's not up but I don't know if you've seen I think you remember happening 2020 the lost both those races that was a big deal and that would change the entire trajectory Supreme Court for the country today when one of those situations and the whole thing changed so yeah I and listen. Georgia is not has proven itself not to be terribly Trump friendly if you look at the camp. Grace in the primary. Look at the Rotenberg of the Secretary of State, as opposed to, the polar opposite of Arizona which went very Trump in Georgia is the other way. I want to present Malaga raid were going to find out with the offenses for the Trump team. Jim trustee is been as our Trump attorneys on that Malaga raid. There's so many cases without Trump's got different attorneys. Here's what trustee said you can expect this week cutting coming to me something that could publicly file though the whole United States.

The rebate that's important to the president been very transparent. This whole process and you can imagine, Mark, and I know your your chops on your background in terms of legal knowledge. The fourth amendment. You have the litigation before judge Reinhart is all about First Amendment.

Frankly media versus BHA were away and very strong and very hard on behalf of the president he never should've been subjected to the search warrant in order to be attacking the church want so I guess that's good to be part of it. He also wants a special master over their sins and forget about the judge and forget about the DOJ having total control of all the stuff we get any of this will you do with the fourth amendment. Sue stick bomb into different avenue to it.

First Amendment is what companies are going out. This is about search and seizure. I think there are elements to it that raise legitimate questions about you know why didn't they provide the exact items that were taken very vague. The list on the search warrant. I think there's a way that that works but again it's up to the magistrate down there.

Their filing in a different court for the fourth amendment. I think suits presences. I have all these people call me, urging me to declare that due to this race I think for some independent areas.

Some swing districts. It would make Republicans job a little tougher.

Overall, I don't think it would change too much. But along the edges it might because right now Trump is dominating everyday news coverage anyway.

But I think it would make a difference in some of those purple places, which is why you're seeing more and more of these forecasts dial back numbers in the GOP house and MSM so that was it was focus on airline. I got it on with the Atty. Gen. and Trump organization. I understand it, but a lot of experts say lookouts to the Georgia investigation Ricky Kleiman the CBS legal analyst waited and cut 18 there is no doubt in my mind that the most risk to the former president is in fact the Georgia investigation and one of the reasons I say that is because it has intensified in terms of the number of witnesses that the district attorney is calling before this special investigative grand jury but also the fact that should not be overlooked is that Donald Trump has hired one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the country and person of truth in length or fiddling with a past president of the national Association of criminal Defense lawyers. He is based in Atlanta. He knows how to work with in the system ethically and properly spheres design show you the trusted series because he does not like spending money you wouldn't hire that attorney was needed and I agree that this is the thing that we don't talk about enough.

But that case is problematic.

I grand jury's been seated just to find out if he should be indicted and you look at Mrs. Honeycutt dry. If you think about it yet argue legal case, but it's cut and drive for evidence know if you listen to that phone call, you can obviously make the case that he's trying to affect the secretary of state's counting so you make an argument legally.

It's maybe not a perfect call, the son, so mostly know it will see how it goes, but I think it's something we don't talk about enough right absolutely and breadth. The last thing is I want you here with with 530 is predicting and sees a trend. 538 that outfit by Nate Silver. This is what he saying where this election seems to be heading cut 27 why is a big fundraising event in Ohio so far. For instance Academy is coming with Republicans announcing a $28 million commitment to advance this week, the political environment may also tilt back to Republicans after we supported Democrats given her anger. Supreme Court decision on Roe V Wade ancillary selection of successes for by Silva, 538 forecast now does have Democrats chances of keeping the Senate above 60%.

Ultimately, I think you have to take these on a case-by-case basis in Ohio and North Carolina has a chance but I think the GOP is favored in Wisconsin, though the signifying actually one in 2020 races more of a tossup right. He pointed out that they don't really pull accurately in the past in Wisconsin at Russ Feingold winning. He obviously didn't and Brian Johnson. She's coming from behind the market uphold before the election. It had gotten up 17 I think he won by .17, so maybe I missed the decimal point I I'm kind of sick of polls in that we been wrong so much. I think the people you know just get fed up and that once they start hearing again and again. This races whatever based on the poles. I don't think we figured out a way effectively to pull a Trump boater: phone calls, and there are some polls do better than others, but I think should be careful about relying too much on poles will try and travel the country and go to diner, talk to people, get a sense that way.

I told the story how I took Cooper's all over swing states in turn impress the drivers what they thought that was really a big deal as far as people telling us how how they felt so be careful about right About Huber's because I sometimes wonder about the drivers these days and a lot of them. A lot of them are turning in their keys that the cross-section was it hybrid goes this week. I like to leave the compound applicable professionally got it done professionally and I think setting the table for the election got a big deal I do for now are no longer breadth there at six and all over the channel.

Thank you.

1-866-408-7669 AC up there.

I have a lot more to talk about. I don't leave so much that I have more to show you about looking at this election that the Trump raid as well, as is the American dream dead. If you read the New York Times and I played it down the ice of the video version of it. You would think they knew at the American dream is that it's not back in a moment the fastest growing talk show in America you're with Brian.

If you're interested in it.

Brian is talking about your Brian kill me. Did we really need a taxpayer-funded external review to determine that the CDC is all over the place for the last two years.

They say one thing they do another. They tell us one thing. Privately they do another. These guys have been constantly backtracking and and so I guess the only take away here is there acknowledging it. I think they're starting to realize that we are really out of this pandemic were moving forward as a country local control.

Local decisions are best made by parents and families and now is Gov. Christie new I thought was outstanding over the weekend if they found she is announced in December. He'll retire. Can you please start right away.

I believe that is a total phony IDs of fraud he comes out like everybody's uncle and grandfather buddies air again unable to see the folly of his ways.

He thinks he knows better than everybody been neural side of all issues so I'm glad he's going to be gone. Let's go to Joe WRC any Joe. I think my call and will route down 31 in the third right now on he is, how was I know now what now you know tomorrow night. I will but I want to talk about this greeted The I rate the strong breakdown you guys to quit like document nuclear.

My wife thinks it would not humiliate La Nia the meaning disgusting stranger talking to close the women clawed on being alternate in the sanctuary plate along the parking tone and this violation happened to Michelle Obama, Democrats would be burning city down riding in the street and yet violate the sanctity of all their political scene at this point they need to be strong and put it Democrats there acting like the bulk rate I believe would done to let everyone know that we can donate think what will go to you got your mouth and obey Democrats.

Brian don't care to political fallout devolution midterm 2020 call log is not readily trump the bread that maybe this is their greatest New York Post story that they're going to drop the hunter by email. See, they knew was wrong, but they took the risk to neutralize present property still got 74 million votes Joe's great.

Let's find there's more to know no chocolate shop in Chinatown keeps getting Rob so that now getting kung fu lessons from their management Mindy Fong owner Jean chocolate Diaz and Gabbay told the Chronicle of Sam Cisco that she decide to hold kung fu glasses for employees beginning in late March because of theft. He crimes also against Asian so they could defend themselves. That's sad but that's the story. Next, former NBA star Dennis Robin will be trying to get Brittany Greiner out. He says he's got permission to go to Russia to try his hand. They're both 68. They both play basketball. He said quote I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl right. Maybe I most quickly correct statement is public information administration is made significant offer to the Russians but they're not jumping on it right.

Ms. cultivate a relationship with North Korean leader will be successful. Be Dennis Robin. I don't see him being successful is getting next starter for the UFC 278. Leon Edward shocks champ Cameroon Guzman. Listen to this 36. We hunted woodwinds on a breezy roundhouse Edward Stone the crowd the first round when he became the first person to take Guzman down utilize a trip. A trip from the clinch to put the champion on the mat actually work towards getting a rear naked choke after the first bell rang it up you like lose most of the crew to another title defense. When Edwards knocked out the champ of the stunning left sidekick. They merely ended Guzman's night you got to see Luca Joe Rogan space I yeah ask Eric to make sure when I came in I got to see what this guy's face that I Joe Rogan. He was like it was like he was having convulsions next was the perfect place for drinking smart Dragon say it's two beverages in our really, that's a teetotaler but that's a smart drinker result of the 65% of those who drink Alco claim they've mastered knowing what and how much to drink.

That's why I drink beer as I keep the number and you followed with a malleable shot right Noel.

That was one time I don't really know much about you but I know this, go to the egg. September 8 Frank told Albany, New York. Few seats left. Then Brandon, Mississippi and then in Tulsa, Oklahoma over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not

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