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The Summit; Our Important New Video; and Open Phones

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 12, 2018 4:20 pm

The Summit; Our Important New Video; and Open Phones

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 12, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/12/18.

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Were you going to get the Nancy Brown take on the trunk cam summit customer opening the phones today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will I offer back from Italy last night caught up on things with the summit caught up on life with Nancy that North Korea US summit.

I'm speaking of caught up with things with Nancy got a great night sleep and thrilled to be back live with you in studio so that means audio and video. Those that don't know you can watch a live stream. That's right. Hey waving everybody here thumbs up to all and peace man letter the summit okay yeah you can watch our live stream on the S.

Dr. Brown channel on YouTube asking your Brown on the*about Facebook page is Kd or Brown. You can also join in and the lively comment section that normally runs during the show. If you have a question for me because we didn't take your calls on Friday answered twitter questions. Instead, give me a call on any subject, all the way we open the phones on Friday were opening them today.

You've got questions.

We got answers. It doesn't have to relate to the political scene doesn't have to relate to anything in the news. It can be an abstract Bible theology question is real question 866-348-7884 okay II want to give you some Nancy Brown wisdom and insight on the Trump cam meetings and rather than refer to him by the whole name Kim Jong-Il and Nancy has referred to Ms. KJ not to be derogatory, but just for simplicity.

So for the meetings between comp and KJ if you like.

I imagine she's not the first to have done that before I get into that and this is big news. I'm saying these things with the spa but this is potentially very very big news. Remember, aside from everything else.

For many years now was it 17 straight years amateur. How many but for many years now North Korea has been rated the worst country. The most dangerous country for Christian to live the worst persecution suffered by Christians anywhere on the planet for years now has been in North Korea. That along with the suffering of the people in general. Those who died by famine and things like that and the deprived lies that have been shut out from so much of the reality what's happening around the world. This is major news for for many reasons and seriousness, so anything I say in a lighthearted way is about other surrounding issues, not the issues themselves are right to quick announcements before we get into the substance of things today. Number one, we have just released our second video on the consider the series severe missing the Prager you videos which are watched by the tens of millions. These are videos where we are coming in same highly animated professional weight, but from our unique angle is evangelical followers of Jesus as conservative Christians as messianic Jews are our unique angle and were commenting on different subjects of the first one got explosive viral coverage online can you be gay and Christian. We share that whole story with you. Now the second one has just come out. We just released it last night. What is it mean to be a conservative. For example, Bruce Jenner brisket in general identifies as a conservative Republican and it says gender is what ever you perceive it to be and then say Guy Benson popular journalist to see him on on Fox news and things like that he identifies as a gay conservative and then you have St. George will whose famous conservative voice but an atheist. So what are we to make of this new conservatism and can you be thoroughly conservative. You believe in the redefinition of marriage or the fluidity of gender or moral values. Without God's on the one hand, yet we welcome everyone that that opposes that the radical left in the destructive use of the radical left and we welcome all different voices at night.

I do my best to learn from everybody but to what extent can this ultimately pushback is a lot like rain is not a website on wicks are sure you hang on I'm hearing first so that in my ear here. Not sure what it is but I'm getting I'm getting a feed of something with that was hopefully didn't hear that on the air of right. In any case. In any case, thanks for I think either would happen, but sorry to distract and review that were hearing what I was hearing medication were you to address it for a moment right so since the ultimate battle with the radical left is a battle against God and biblical values. How much can the new conservatism really fight back against it. So we address that on the new video watch it on our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown share it with others. Let's get this out to go viral as well is in the consider this series of videos that's one thing. Secondly, remember our next online interactive leadership forms. This is for leaders and leaders in the making.

Our next online online interactive leadership form is this Thursday night shift to sign up for. It's like paid like as in the class all right sign up for it and will you deal with how to handle criticism and rejection all year you left the Senate right let's take a look and see how this summit is being reported on the news. Let's go to a strongly conservative website and I'm just looking at the headlines it's on China pushes for guarantor roles in North Korea talks and then Beijing reacts to summit skeptical Japan happy South Korea praises then will Kim take the money Trump shows some promising economic future, then the late-night host Mark Trump before summit Klapper Breitbart and the Russians attacked Hillary okay that's that's unrelated that's another headline there. Okay, so it's basically tell you lots happening and a lot of positive reactions and this is really really good news.

Now let's go over to CNN where you're going to get the perspective of the left liberal perspective, but of the headlines their love.

These are both headlines okay great headlines strongly conservative sentence from liberal Trump is not getting much from Kim. Let's see analysis 49. While this quotes from Tom's Trump's press conference a nice Trump warned CNN's Jim Acosta opinion what just happened among poor Trump's response, worrying, depressing, so there are you getting a very negative perspective on the same thing up. Let's go over to Huffington Post Huff and this is again even more liberal than CNN headline main headline summit starter Trump concession blindside South Korea right. The reviews are in vague old news.

So there you have there, you have some really negative responses bad it's all bad. It's terrible. Look at the mess.

The truck created, then go to Drudge Report that Drudge is different than these others. Drudge just this is not as all new service. It just picks headlines, but it's massively influential and you click on the headline he could take it in your times are particular Breitbart it could take anywhere. All right, that the big picture. I do trust him on Drudge North Korea beach condos, hotels, Iran warns Kim and then other headlines if we look up on the left side.

Trump surprises with pledge to end military exercises in South Korea on top on the left, but didn't denuclearization detail scant historic summit ends with promise.

Backslapping legitimizes Kim flies home with lots to brag about. So this is giving you the varied reports.

The varied headlines that the good and the bad. All right, but with a positive slant. Drudge is very positive towards Trump. All that to say there are lots of opinions out there, and number one we weren't there to see and hear everything that took place. That's the one. Number two. Time will tell. Right no matter what happened the matter what agreements were made good or bad time will tell. Also, there's the question of interpretation. Nancy was falling things closely and instantly this list is fine. It's okay that according to one report. Kim said this the way to come here was not easy. Sitting at a table with trump the old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles on the way forward, but we overcame all of them and we are here today.

Another version says this, Kim said through an interpreter wasn't easy for us to come here. There was a pass that grabbed our ankles and wrong prejudices and practices that at times covered our eyes and ears.

We over all. We overcame all that and we are here now you think how you come up with such different interpretations take number one. It's the nature of language idioms, idiomatic expressions, how they translate from one language to another book I've done Bible translation. I translated the book of Job for my Job commentary to come out next functions in the fall of 2019th and sometimes you have interpretations of reverse that it seemed to be opposite and then into interpreting phrases or images you know there images in the book of Revelation and you gotta walk rider on a white horse going out to conquer but it's in the midst of a vision of these other horses going out and they're all negative. Bringing destruction and I've seen commentators say that's obviously an antichrist figure or the antichrist that I've seen other producer. That's the Christ. So some say it's like the devil himself and of the things Jesus so these kinds of things happen in one of my rules when I preach and teach and I to I tell her students. Five. School of ministry never use idioms never use idioms when preaching or miming. What, let's it was a very expensive trip to get to the country where you speak no Symantec cost me an arm and a leg together because if your translator doesn't know that idiom he will translate that cost me an arm and a leg and people will look at you like you have both arms and both legs.

Did you sell someone else's arm and leg.

What is that mean we got it just in the nick of time. What is the nick of time. Our dear friend was going to be here with you, but I'm so sorry to say that that he kick the bucket. What is going to kick the bucket so when the rules is never use idioms at all times.

You don't realize your meetings.

I remember preaching in England the first time I said this the rubber meets the road and into the cows come home in England and he can say this to the cows come over here to the roots row this year. The cows come home to those idioms as well. All right, come back the Nancy Brown take chrysalis real simple real profound and phone lines open 866.

Referring 7884 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on the six again opening the phone lines like I do on Friday so if you want to call me with any question you can be your input. You can weigh in. Tell me your take on the Kim Trump Summit or or she got a typical question theological question something else. It would only take on Friday when I do into a live show on Friday. I do my best to get as much time to make up for opening the phones for other questions as well sort team does know what the subject is we'll talk about it on the air today if were able to get to the calls. Okay, so here are the questions Nancy had come away from watching the coverage on the sum and again we weren't there. We don't know what happened behind closed doors. We know the spin that different sides will put on this and it seems that generally speaking, whatever Trump does whatever position Trump takes CNN will criticize and this will readily watch coverage on CNN often very frustrated if she does, and kind of report back to me with summaries but what she's seen on CNN. The coverage overwhelmingly blasting trump in its negativity got nothing out of it and and there's nothing special. He did nothing special at all because F. After all, after all, Kim was willing to meet with Obama and others they would meet with him all okay so if Obama met with him you be praising Obama, but if Trump meets with them to be criticizing trump by the way, the right wing news was critical of Obama. Whatever he did was wrong. I mean, we tend to polarize in these ways, but CNN is a bit overboard was called trump derangement syndrome so the general rule is whatever Trump does is wrong to be criticized. So if if he if Trump did the thing that liberals really wanted him to do that or let's just say that if Barack Obama had them prison. Obama didn't liberals would be praising him. If Trump does well, it's all about trump well things are trains and those that you can give the man no credit under any circumstance that seems to be the rule.

And yes, some right wing news outlets treated Barack Obama in similar ways. I just don't think it was as extreme as with trump so Nancy said acrylic let's put aside the dictator part, this is what he's been raised in this is his reality. His actions from what we understand ordering assassinations of people and imprisonment of people and and people living in impoverished ways while he was in luxury. Those are all inexcusable and the lesson she would do is make a moral excuse for some, but she's let's just put that aside for the moment the evils of the dictatorship and Nancy just on a character read has more concerns about Kim's sister than about Kim himself. But here's the first question is he more interested in things then in power. In other words, if he can be convinced that America is not trying to take over North Korea were subjugated, if he recognizes that he stuck to rule the world and even those with the intentions of Russia are right Prudence ambitions but let's assume that Kim does not have those ambitions that he realistically does not think that there will be a Korean empire under him that rules the world if he could stay in power within this country does he want things more than power which the guy still a millennial right was a 34 years old and those who have described him as a big kid your he may be cruel and arrogant and destructive but in other ways like a big kid who likes his things now. This is not a generalized statement on all millennial settle millennial's care about such things. Though many millennial's have a strong passion for justice and things like that. I'm not arguing that but millennial's have grown up with things more than a generation millennial's whatever very hard time going without a cell phone, but if you went back 30 years. No one heard of a cell phone is a whole culture that is based on certain things and forms of entertainment and access to all this.

So some of said what Kim needs is a McDonald's if he gets McDonald's will change his policy. In other words, if it's North Korea could have more things.

And Kim could now have more things. Would that be enough to influence them so very simply does he want things when he wants power and I think if you realize that whatever his ambitions for power are they can only go so far, whatever his ambitions for power that they can only again he doesn't have the ambition, I don't think ruling the whole world. So if he was confident that he could maintain his rule over North Korea hate you emerges this historic Lederman Trump plays this video for Kim. I'm picture this prejudice. I don't know how much Trump knew every last detail of every policy when it was good to come up but hey man, you could be known as one of the great leaders will history you could be a difference maker.

You could be a world changer. Think of that your country could prosper and be just like the rest of the world that I think has more appeal to Camden anything else that's 12 second point is if he can be convinced that freedom brings prosperity. That prosperity would be the higher value for him as opposed to dictatorial control.

I'm sure there's still a way in his governmental system that he could remain in power and if things were lessened. His first control and as far as access to the rest of the world so that North Korea began to understand the realities of the rest of the world still pitch things in certain ways that he is the benevolent leader of the country.

Okay and maybe eventually it moves towards a democracy answered out of there, but I met Menahem for 20 years, who knows some of the ones he wants things when he wants power. My guess from this distances, I think so. And can you convince them that freedom brings prosperity.

It he I would obviously like to be the guy that leads his country into a greater purpose. But remember he is of the younger generation in the whole world connected in all of this in annual global community and things like that that probably have appeal to him so I I think there's some truth now also also a question she has the questions this to the extent that they put out propaganda to their own people.

How much does he believe the propaganda was how much does he believe that Americans had evil intentions towards country. How much is does he believe that South Korea's had evil intentions.

It many times you try to get freer filled propaganda to others and you end up believing it yourself.

Could that be the case with him. I think that's a fair question to ask. We shall see where it goes, but I think these are great bottom line questions to ask. Moving forward, 866-348-7884 is the number to call and will give a change subjects and going. The phones will start in Wendell North Carolina.

Can your first up-to-date welcome to the line of fire product embodied on doing very well thank you okay my question is at what point can I know that a prophet of the false prophet out. I'm going try to be, you know, not long-winded, but it was so manic that he was a prophet and he was saying God told him that the economy of one country would crash either on the part of this month or on another month and he was saying all the stuff like if I hear correctly, he felt like he wasn't to serve and fill the OMI to Acuna you the false prophet in God is speaking to him with clarity's rights and yes, I understand false prophet that is used by Jesus to refer to wolves in sheep's clothing, liars, deceivers who are willingly exploiting the flock and using a gift or the ledge gift for their own purposes, so unless the man is not a believer and is leading people to hell with his false teaching. I would not grant him a false prophetess number one. The question is can he be trusted as a prophet or did he prophesy falsely now. If he said if he couched everything with F's and? Said, I'm not sure if I'm hearing correctly that XYZ is going to happen, then obviously he didn't hear correctly, you can tell something is a false prophecy one if it violates Scripture right now go bow down and worship the devil. Okay to. If you give specific details and information that are false like you know I see brother that your your wife Sally and your kids Sam and Hank are end and your wife is named Molly and you don't have any sons you know so then false information that tells you it's a false prophecy or specific dates set without condition.

This is going to happen on this and such a date no condition given and it doesn't happen than any of those three tell you that the prophecy is false. Now if someone has an excellent track record right. You've known them for 20 years and three or four times in your life they called you with very accurate prophetic words and then they call you one day and say hey look, I'm not sure about this tested pray about it but I'm sensing this woman. You take it just like that and you say okay if you're not sure.

Maybe you shouldn't speak at all, so it if someone gets up and says, thus saith the Lord, until you God spoke this to be your God showed me and slightly false then you have to deeply question a person's prophecies in the future and boring clear explanation of why they were wrong then, and then a good tracker record being right. I would just discount the person say I will take your your words seriously and and I urge you to stop prophesy I win, false prophet, just the way I understand terminology because of the way Jesus uses. Beware of false prophets there wolves in sheep's clothing and things like that in false prophets and false teachers being those who mislead people into hell. But what I take. The person seriously know will encourage them to stop, prophesy, yes what I say there prophesy falsely. Yes they say I'm sensing this. I'm not sure when you take it in that way is not as dogmatically. You might say one should really seek the Lord more.

I thank you for the question will be right back over and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I'm just glancing up at some comments watch as well listen reviewing rate of the country, but watch on our live YouTube fee that's asked Dr. Brown on YouTube or Esther to run on Facebook and you can always watch after the show. So Donald, I love the new studio.Brent, thanks, that is, with the help of your generosity and giving to find out the lease to update, watch a video. Go to go fund Dr. Brown studio to find out more to get the latest update and let's see here. Dr. brothers a wonderful job opening Scriptures you can make opaque passages become very clear. Thanks for the kind words you should know we Fred we are having all kinds of audio issues audio issue number three. I guess everybody so excited that I'm back from Italy Rome was over the weekend and flew back home last night's yesterday show was pre-recorded recorded Sunday night in Italy, so the up-to-date and relevant, but for we are we are having all kinds of interesting audio happenings today so guys, let's let's ride home the rest of this broadcast all smoothly. Sound fair sound fair 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 487 84 is number to call one away and with some insights and some things happening around the world today, but phone lines are open any question of any kind whatsoever you want to ask me. I mean anything under the sun like over the phones on Friday because I just answered twitter questions on Friday and taken calls will make up for that today, 866-348-7884 is the number to call before go to the phones on Google very shortly right now there is so much speculation on what happened with Donald Trump and Kim Young and the proto-people bringing favorably the anti-Trump people waiting in negatively. As expected, right, as expected, but it could be could be that you have to look at this summit in nontraditional ways.

In other words, this is not one of those things where the specific written agreements or as big or as important as the fact that the meeting happened and that a door has been swung open for the potential modernizing of North Korea, and more importantly, opening the door of communication with North Korea and the rest of the world where where the cloud comes off with the darkness comes off where there is a leveling effect in a bring a lot of worldliness into North Korea as well as happens with Western materialism, but hopefully bring a lot of good and most importantly bring freedom could be that that's the most important thing to come out of this not the specific agreements, but the fact that they sat down and talked, you talk about a surreal picture friends. I mean, sure, real got home from Italy last night and was just winding down was going to turn in early and interested but would still watch this. First, you gotta watch this since Dennis Rodman being interviewed by Chris Cuomo on CNN and Dennis Rodman crying with joy that the doors been open than that Trump and Kim have sat down together and is thinking okay go back three years go back for years and I tell you, all right scenario Donald Trump will be the next president United States will be the first to sit face-to-face with North Korea's leader with the goal of opening up North Korea to the rest of the world and a major face in the midst of this will be Dennis Rodman. You think that you don't even make a movie or write a novel like that. It's too crazy to believe in here we are. It's happened Saturday 866-34-TRUTH we are going to the phones and will start in Montana with Jeremy. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Mike Brown thanks her. And hey, I need you to speak up right into the phone. Is your little bit faint for listeners cake inherited that I can hear thank great okay I did have a question about Annie family. I guess I like to know what your thoughts are about him and of being again. You'll admit and how should the church respond to him. Yes, so Andy and I have been interacting regularly on that by Texas open talk by phone but we been texting each other back and forth and I sent to my article with a very very strong critique and warning before I published it for his feedback and he did say to me plainly. He said to me plainly that of my publishing it would not affect our relationship in any way and in other words, he was fine with me blasting away and taking strong issue and was going to continue the dialogue with me and appreciated the fact that I sent to Tim okay so for those not aware of the controversy in the end of a series of messages that he preached and he said his series equals one sermons have to listen to the whole series to understand the point of the sermon. He talked about getting unhitched from the Old Testament and something brand-new that God was doing with the coming of Jesus into the world and look a lot of people today your sharing the gospel with them. They have all kinds of problems with the Old Testament and the coming of the Canaanites, etc. etc. however however if we can just say hey don't worry about that Jesus died and rose from the dead. That's the biggest so of course I took strong issue with the idea of of being unhitched from the Old Testament and perhaps Andy would agree on this before, but perhaps he would agree, that wasn't the best choice of words to use. He was trying to say that with the coming of Jesus into the world something new radically new happened.

Now here's the here's my issue. The radically new happened on the foundation of what took place before if you take that foundation away.

There is no radically new is just like when you build a two-story house on the second story is complete, you don't knock out the first story, so that was one of my biggest biggest issues with Andy Stanley of the way that was phrased. He reiterated to me his love for the Old Testament. He reiterated to me his belief that all of Scripture was inspired. He emphasized that in the last year he had done lengthy series on Abraham and lengthy series on Nehemiah.

I think, and that he's been misunderstood. I urged him to clarify things set the record straight and recognize the foundational importance of what came before and that you cannot detach you if you can discount the Old Testament and the death and resurrection of Jesus means nothing he is not the Messiah. He's not the Savior. He's not revealing the God of Israel, there is no God of Israel, there is no Israel. So we continue to dialogue and attract he sent me some things to read that he says more accurately reflects his theological position, but we haven't worked three at solicitous I wrote a very strong article with very strong cautions reminded everyone of which have been through church history, going back to Marcel on and in the second century who was an early influential heretic who cut out the Old Testament from the canon and cut out much of the New Testament as well and had much influence as a heretic in the early church. I warned about this happening again.

I wonder about rightly connecting to the Jewish roots of faith. I stand behind my warnings, but I don't believe that Andy is a heretic, or that he is ultimately saying what seem like he said. I believe that he'll make some of the statements to try to get the attention of the lost and to open eyes and in doing so he make some big mistakes. I would say this is a big mistake in error that he needs to clarify and undo my level best to work with him to help them clarify. I can't say what he'll do, but if you find the rest of his messages helpful. Great, I just say he needs to make some serious corrections to this one, so hope that helps very much you're very welcome 86634 will go to carry in a Carol excuse me Milwaukee looking to want to fire hydrant around the question about infant.

Real yes I recall reading Scripture where there is a particular different that could never be replicated outside of the area yeah not been most of the Old Testament is foreshadowed something in the nude. I'm wondering how that translate and what that symbolic meaning could mean Yes. So you're talking about in the tabernacle/temple that there was a formula for particular type of incense they could only be used in divine worship in the tabernacle/temple and you will not a lot she's outside of that, because it was only for whole leaves white eye I see no specific relevance in a literal sense.

In other words, I don't believe there's a type of incense today that can be used for worship services, you know, or that that specific formula. You can only use if you use it in your your house during a prayer meeting, but the principles to me are very important. For example, when you go through the requirements of being in the priesthood. You could not have a D a bodily defect of any kind you. You couldn't be a dwarf. You couldn't be death. You couldn't have a man cannot have crushed testicles. He goes on and on different types of blemishes you would be disqualified out on the one hand it seems a long fair. You're born as a descendent of Aaron in the priestly line and yet you can't minister like this. What's the lesson it's that God requires spiritual purity of his priests that there's a physical lesson to convey spiritual truth as you have intimated in your free question, so I I look at this that there are some things that are sacred and for the Lord only and are not to be profaned and not to be used in worldly ways. So you have all different types of incense and I could be used for other purposes, but this one incense for the Lord only I would look at what we do in worship because incense is is like that going to God, or in prayer that these are sacred things that are given over to the Lord only just like there's an intimacy, a husband and wife enjoy the better its physical others in the communication and it's something secret and private and intimate. There are things that should be sacred. That should be given over to God and sacred ways and and I would say to someone that if you have been gifted with something from the Lord that lets a given example you've got a voice that God uses and he's anointed you in worship don't don't take that voice now and go sing karaoke in a bar as everyone's getting drunk and falling on the ground and you got profanity in the lyrics you are mixing the whole thing. So that would be lesson. Don't mix the holy profaned the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I go back to remember, even though it's Tuesday, opening up the phones for a wide range of questions to make up for not taking calls on Friday, 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 784 just another reminder in case you just turn in last few minutes. Our second ever consider this video.

This is a new series that were producing got some donor help to do these with real excellence and then to promote them online or second consider this video is called what is it mean to be a conservative remake of a new conservativeness is a I'm a gay Republican drama transgender conservative from conservative but don't believe in God remake of this how conservative canopy.

How helpful would be which we think of this.

That's the second video, consider this watch it on the YouTube channel. Esther Gibran, ASQ, DR, Brown or first consider this video as you know Kenya began Christian created an online explosion of sorts and ended up being part of reports for magazine business insider. Countless gay websites and YouTube channels and has been viewed.

A lot of times in I was just checking analytics on YouTube today and I was shocked to see it's a six minute change video right the first one. Kenya began Christian and it said the average viewing time is like three minutes 28 seconds I was shocked is normally average rent of 10 seconds, 30 seconds a minute soaks of people are engaged.

I was thrilled to see that video number two is out video number three we recorded before I left for Israel that is now in animations production to come out in a few weeks. Hopefully, and that topic who separated the church from its Jewish roots very very interesting.

866342, so be sure to share those with your friends will go over to Raleigh, North Carolina Ryan, welcome to the line of fire carrying out a gun going very well, thank you cool, I'm a believer, but I have a philosophical question, no back the day you like about anything that it are human when somebody dies they go away forever, but note the constantly in churches talk about sacrifice for God made in giving us the bun and and have fun dying by how it is sacrificed when God is omniscient, you know that it come back to him and giving him to cement and killing him aware where the sacrifice yeah Brian arrived first. When you preface is missing your Bible believer, but you have a philosophical question. I appreciate you doing it because you see him not asking this is a skeptic on the flipside, you know, of course, that as Bible believers we should have all kinds of philosophical questions and others.

I read the Bible rightly it's gonna raise lots of questions and you have a whole book like the book of Job, which by God's inspiration is raising questions that skeptics would raise is as one Old Testament scholar put it, if you if you want to race a complaint against God, the Bible or he has forms you can just fill out if it's got all the words that are just put your name to it.

So II think that it's a fair question to ask. I read it once in a challenging way. I believe it was the Jewish philosopher Eliezer Berkowitz singing a what kind of sacrifice was it your Jesus is a God man, and in the nose which can happen on the other side comparing that with the slaughter of Jews or children in the in the Holocaust, but let let's look at it from a different angle.

Psalm two is often quoted in the New Testament.

It's a coronation Psalm. It's a Psalm of the king is God's son, which finds its fulfillment in Jesus the Messiah. And as the nations of the earth, against the Lord and his anointed us is he who sits in heaven laughs right so he knows that every attack, every attempt to thwart his purposes is going to end in destruction. He knows that he also knows that at times his people gonna send and suffer because of it. But if you read the prophets you see that God often grieves over the suffering of his people. Isaiah 63 says, in all their affliction fee to was afflicted in the book of Jeremiah. You'll often see for example the story in chapter 3 verse 19.

You'll often see that God expresses his expectations and hopes that are then shattered by one's people do you think how can I be beginning of Jeremiah 36 God tells Jeremiah bring this word of repentance to the people perhaps the listening repent and then he can go anywhere.

So he tells Boris describe you bring this word for me to the people there a perhaps, the repent both God and Jeremiah use the Hebrew word live which is perhaps does God not know the future. Of course he does that.

How we put these things together.

Think of Jesus when he was on the earth.

Did he not grown at times and in pain did he not weep at the gravesite of Lazarus weaving over the coming destruction of Jerusalem.

He felt that he literally felt we would feel felt pain looks Luke 10 he he's rejoicing when his disciples come back with their reports, their excited reports he rejoices at their reports. So all that to say all that to say that God has the ability to incarnate in our world and feel real pain and real joy and have real disappointment, even though he knows the outcome. Have you ever watched a movie that you know well, or sports event replay. You know well and yet you get very tense watching it because you get captivated by the moment. Even though you know how it's going and absolutely okay so I see all of that in the same way here. I raise these larger issues and coming in from different angles to to answer the larger philosophical question. It was very painful for God to see his son suffer like that. If you think that that just just say it your child okay your own beloved child and your child is going to have to go away for 10 years and can have to suffer loneliness is going to be cast away people that are written rejects. So your your your daughter. She's going to be maligned.

She's going to be falsely sentenced. She's gonna be whipped. She's going to be kept in solitary confinement and then after 10 years, come back to you with this amazing report of your neck in a feel pain during those 10 years you're not you're not she's not going to feel pain in your southern with her, you won't. So the fact that there's a resurrection coming does not lessen the agony of what the son of God took on his shoulders and the fact that he came from the perfection of heaven down into this.

This pigsty of of the of the earth of the pigpen of the earth to it, relatively speaking, to be maligned by his own creation to be beaten to be crucified to take his sins are on shoulders that's painful. That's costly so and you could say it's even more costly because of the nature of the sacrifice what he had, who he is coming down to die for us and then to have to bear through the name of God being dragged through the mud and blasphemes it was very very real. Even though it was her game from before eternity in God sees the beginning from the end it was very costly to to the Lord and the father and son remain united as one. The sons pain is the father's pain when when remember this when Jesus appears to Saul of Tarsus.

In acts nine pieces why are you persecuting me in the Puritan Thomas Watson made the comment that that the body being beaten ahead cried out that helpful very helpful in explaining a lot because I had, the government already, but for me, like tying it all together was difficult and I always felt like from an apologetic standpoint I could be that of pumping in on an unbeliever could come at me with. I want to be able to approach that with excellent knowledge you get will be tied together for your love. The questions love interest you taken explaining things to the nonbeliever. God bless Jeremy thank you, sure thing.

I will more call will stay in Raleigh. George welcome to the line of fire. The brown doing well man. Thank you. You don't sound like you're-Raleigh regular item.

Okay, well, still Virginia, you can get a bit more for New York at Steve but that's right, go ahead, George the record, nor are ham going in the uncovered organic young and not in Leviticus 2011 Manley Bob light is uncovered.

Bob Megan invented that the thing that we know all woke up. Came not though.

I would longer valid lumbar coming to the conclusion that there have that you lack that are handmade model while Nolan draw. Therefore, no realize then he licked the end the amendment came pain now yet and of the money would you have any understanding that in the father of nick i can answer real click george. i love the question i love the question that is that is based on really sinking through scripture and scriptural language. i love it and and you could make a case for if not for the fact that it's as the brothers walked in and covered their father so the sin was literally against the father. all right os x that's a great argument to raise based on those deductions but the scripture would go against it because it was literally something that he did see his father's nakedness to the uncovered come out and talk about it, but there are jewish traditions that say concisely issue relieve over you should reconsider. so, some say he sodomized him and some say he castrated him so whatever the sin was was of severe nature and in the cursing of his offspring as a way of saying hey you attack me in this very physical sexual way to go down to your physical offspring as well. george request. thank you, thank you for asking.

will be back with you tomorrow

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