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Breaking: Sen. Graham Announces New Pro-Life Nationwide Bill

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 13, 2022 5:29 pm

Breaking: Sen. Graham Announces New Pro-Life Nationwide Bill

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 13, 2022 5:29 pm

Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) just introduced a bill in the Senate that would ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team discuss this development as well as the DOJ's reportedly subpoenaing of 40 plus Trump associates. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Drinking secures the department of justice is over the 2020 elections search warrants subpoenas talk about over today on secular uniform.

Now close to 100 612-100-6431 101, make sure you news our country as well because so much that is to break it a second of the stuff of that is going right back to whatever is happening with the Queens funeral of those different arrangements, but we've had just the last 24 hours over 30 folks associated with present troubles subpoenaed by grand jury over different issues involving the 2020 election. Also their bid. Sir Schwartz codes seized so you think about the harassment level, such as the present United States. He's a tough guy you know he can hit a lot of this, but now you got all the people surrounding him.

Currently, who are getting the subpoenas to SlickEdit taking out his team.

One by one, and this time in mass that it would get when you get the subpoenas in your leaving a legal effort for the put the present euro you get. You don't follow diseases is one of those attorneys had to phone seized makes a lot tougher dear Jeff and present a look at me and what was put in perspective what happened here. First you had the department just as executed upwards of at least 30 subpoenas. That means we are subpoenaing your records. We want your information. We want your testimony. We want to discuss with you. You know the situation probably surrounding a January 6, or possibly that certification of the election. Then the next thing is that the step up from a subpoena is a search warrant. For instance, reports are that Boris Epstein, who was his lawyer and primarily I think coordinating a present from's response, the former President's response to all of these investigations. The government showed up with a subpoena, but they also showed up with a certain signature phone they take the phone and then down that what they do is basically mirror the phone they download the phone that did not happen. Just Boris Epstein but reports are that it's two other people that were high up.

It seems be focusing on this whole electors issue, but you got understand that we are within the 60 day window the general election on the midterm elections are what 58 days out yesterday were galaxy today to get it right where just you know were within that window, which again is a policy of subtle law so that policies used to got out the door when it comes to present trumps the price. The price he gets treated and his allies get treated totally different. I think this is the problem with the whole justice system right now is it in the past. People like this involved in politics are treated, it would be treated differently by the DOJ based on their policies this time around. It's why you can't write off anybody being indicted or arrested or or their home with the search word array that whatever you want to call it because it see what the rulebook is that the window like I do think that the KCC houses were missing attorneys and when you when you move from a voluntary come in and talk or voluntary discussion to a subpoena, and then to a search for new this situation is escalated.

There is no question about that absolutely named their targets and and they are definitely targeting.

Yes, all of trumps allies which obviously then will you know limits.

He wants to be a trump ally. I mean that's it's with their weapon. I seen a D.N.J. against trump or not anybody's learning is careful. Yes, the colors frequently related to trump damning.

This was one thing I don't understand that happened is some lawyers, and mechanism name into certified something to the Department of Justice regarding lack of classwide document still remaining, which ended up apparently to be incorrect and that's kind a mistake yet you make that could have consequences.

So I think what's happening is they are targeting the people around the former President that were at that were there at the end of that are currently there now and you know that's where this is focus but gave up the any justice when you go He said when you go from a voluntary come in and talk to person versus here's a subpoena and give me your phone so folks were taken because of this 100 684 31 to the harassment level just increasing as we get closer midterm election of ACC said anyone who surrounds himself with the present, which I think is the feeling they want to get across. You feel that way. 100 684 31 to talk to us on the air. Back to secular to this. What 100 684-3110 so you target this harassment level because of 30 people associate with present truck a lot of attorneys as well.

Some Kurds and former a lot of commercial related to various issues so touches such as the election is not just the elect doors.

That sum is due January 6 seven. Is that usually goes through the the old list of possibilities, but what you see is his coordinated effort by DOJ and FBI.

What I think the treadmill the bigger picture is not just to squeeze the present, but it's to make it where he has a no no close staff right so or your your your close staff is so distracted by their own legal issues. So if you decide your photos taken away and you are the person directing the legal effort for the President on the Barlow parade -8 new phones. Yet the FBI is that your followed you worried about that and you're supposed to be handling something for four present United States side that that easy balance delegate also need to look at it. Globally in the context of how many cases are pending. So we look at with what the former presence dealing with right now you got stuff going on in New York is got a trial of his company starting October 24. No extensions. The judge said yesterday no extension is going to trial. She got that going on.

You got a New York Atty. Gen. and still doing a civil investigation. Yeah Fulton County DA that's focused on his former allies and the people this again focusing generally on what took place at the end of the election cycle, which was in a by minute was November into December and January 20, 2020 21 and then you've got to get the Fulton County district attorney. There, at least, at least, that we know of Jordan three grand juries in Washington DC one on January 6 one on document on the on the selector issue and one on some this finance stuff that now there focusing on then you have yesterday and this is a big believer in the last 48 hours. You have 30 subpoenas executed. There was initially the statement that was 30 searches execute which would've been unprecedented admin that will be like a huge market that did not happen, but 30 subpoenas were executed and at least two search warrants for phones, including as you said phones of his now one of his lawyers now and one of the other people. I think that system so you look at what's going on here you come at the distraction factual.

All these people having to hire lawyers so the OCC this it the part of justice decided to up the up the ante here and I think to use that yes it is. First, some limited on matters like January 6 that she liked the election issue. However, it sending a much broader message which I think is their intent that truthfully like Jordan has said on and we discussed anybody who is involved or related to former Pres. trump they have to be somewhat concerned and scared and I think it is a message to intimidate as a means is this Jordan represented vision of the former President for for four years and we were very careful in how we did our representation would happen here at the end I think was an amounts in any but am not accusing anybody of criminal conduct. By the way I think things got a little bit sloppy. As far as nobody was coordinating what was going on. So what you have is the government sees a vulnerability member Jim coming sending in what's inside sitting in the FBI on Gen. Flynn. Why because he saw the door openings within the department justice that, in other words, but in the White House.

They were organized yet I think it's the same thing right here. I'd I really do and now look like you said everybody's worrying about themselves, which is totally understandable in a situation like this. It's going to have repercussions for the former President to don't kid yourself so they have look this 60 days out from the midterm. Doesn't seem to be stopping anything right now. Jordan know I doesn't and I think that that it said I get its attempt to scare away independent voters.

I don't know that they really much existing BBQ voters who are somewhere in the middle who you believe conservative is trying to scare them away.

Since you know if you back. These truck kind of candidates.

This is the chaos of the chaos is coming from the part of the justice and FBI. The way they're conducting this two years out right up until election but thieving lies in its do you want to hear the stories all go over and over and over again because this is their fate.

This is what you're going to get without a front this is what you get without a truck skidded a little, well, that's with people, but on some drama about issues, not inflation, not about a thousand points that you talk about because it's important for people understand. Let's go ahead and take a phone call because been people calling on the skin at one 800 684 31 two to talk to us on in the 2064 3110 Susanna in Idaho online. What Jesus and call my question will probably pay brought back the really concern then and I'm cool every day all and that criminal activity to trial to everywhere across America. A lot of it being dynamic is a career politician are part and I don't understand how the competition is protecting at that point I I want you I'm get deeply concerned that how did we get how I think people allowed it easy. Weaponization of these agencies. By the way was just the former justice globally back to the litigation we were involved in against the IRS and in the course of discovery in our case, we determined that we do in an email exchange that was email from the head of the tax exempt division to the but to others saying hey let's get the IRS DOJ and FTC involve the let's see if we can bring a criminal case, weaponization of an agency may not saying that they had a criminal case.

Let's see if we could find one and that'll stop all these group from doing what they're doing that was examining. That's not something were just coming up with is a theory that CC was in the discovery that we got in the case right now is the IRS targeting conservative mainly Christian nonprofits and their tax exempt status and we were able to expose that and actually winning that case, but that is just one of you know what the cop was talking about just the corruption it's in our government were fighting daily against that with fully as an and across that the broad scheme of the administration that were fighting that kind of criminal action. New Mexico's 164, 31, two. That's what 100 684-3110 if you want to join us on the broadcast again just to reiterate, over 30 people associate with Pres. trump subpoenaed by various grand juries over different out of it. We deem enough yet resist on this list, you might know back in the days that you would know but overall circus of her state specific sub word more national Dr. subpoenas. Also, people had their their phone sees as well. When you think about the big picture here you think about the other present media team to rely on to deal with our logger to deal with his current legal situations and date they start to squeeze on this team you understand how this a get in the politics of it. To which is these are criminals. These are bad actors. This is how you treated like criminals a better actor so does it surprise you that they've gone and done this within the 60 the normally the 60 day window this at work about 60 days out from a election a national election. This would be the midterms. They usually don't take action. They go quiet quiet.

We used to call it that appears to not be the case anymore.

Yeah, I think the dead. That's all got out the window at the instructor agent center has changed everything in how Washington reacts. It served at their reburied the way they react. Donald Trump is so different, so that whatever policies were in place of procedures in place. It's like the waving of the executive privilege I Job ideas were at this is just ignore and these norms of got out the window. I think that that is the serious harm long-term to the presidency into the country is not even about your Donald Trump.

It's about the fact that if you have former presence waving current presence waving for presence privilege claim and ability to to raise privilege as issue whether that can happen to Joe Biden to within The next President to enable it. It comes very partisan issue.

Where is your we've allowed past Presidents to move on. And even if they want to go back in the political process should be going back into the political process and yet I think they're kind of relitigating everything without a trump over and over and over again and I don't mean I think that's correct and I think that they read of it could get the bombs out there to say it out. This is too much trouble to disagree other serious issues that we can describe. And I think following that, like you said, following certain rules and protocol that has been done for decades that just out the window when it comes a trump absolutely, I think, so anything would you said is right, and Infosys were trying to be the analysis here that that matters obviously will you know not handling these cases, we don't know what's with the of the ins and outs but did they produce the drama and then people start thinking G do I want to again inflation under control because the stock market done almost a thousand points right now is inflation number can activate its eight point something 8.1% Prof. Hutchison be joining us in letter later in the broadcast. So the real problems and then the question is, is it should become too much to deal with. And boy, when you search when it I mean, the headline is 30 subpoenas issued is a big headline where you take your calls in this 1-800-684-3110 Ventura by Chestnut Has Its Right of First Episode Is to find out where if you watch the broadcast of your delegates modified or Apple podcast as well go to secular OS in KU LOW directly at our second episode will do today. We haven't done that yet will do that after the broad is broadcast today said to be up later on this afternoon as well. Secular brothers.she can find out where to listen or watch and have a lot of fun with the show to you for this broadcast greater than very broadcast suits against security hundreds. 110 Shiite again you had over 30 people associate with Pres. trump a lot of attorneys, various issues state issues electors issues January 6 issues even sub just about fundraising issues at rally issues. All coming out the same time sort of coordinated effort subpoenas. There were couple of also phone sees, so there was some search warts as well. Edited by people who are leading a lot of the defense efforts for Pres. trump all at post the bar lower rate. So this I get it puts it hampers their been there up to do their job because they've now got this concerned to deal with side.

I always like this. Pres. trump you take a lot easier. He's got a serious matter resources he's been through it before and at the phases him a bit less that this is a different group of people you start hitting at the lawyers at the, the, the staff level folks you think this is very economically damaging for their bruschetta lawyer up and you don't know what's coming next.

You don't know who's knocking on your door get a raid near your house at six in the morning Miller coming back to this when they first express way to live. When they executed the search warrant on my blog I said this is what comes after a search warrant usually is down the road and arrest warrant. So here you got he had the right to take place on under the a simple search warrant that was execute by judgment of the authority execution of recused himself that motion but they never made a motion enough lawyers to make a motion on that's it's it's hard for me to judge their muses question whether the documents were classified or not Bob is not been a motion saying these documents were classic, declassified by the President that hasn't been brought up in court. They did get the ability to get a special master. Meanwhile, while the special master discussions going on in the negotiating that could be what happens shock of shocks 30 subpoenas are issued, which is a lot and to search warrants were executed and there executed on one is Boris Epstein who is one of the President's main, I think defense people here sub it tells it's a lot particular because they hundred 684-3110.

By the way Lindsay Graham has just dropped the bill protecting pain capable unborn children from late-term abortions. We just got the legislation I mean minutes ago. We will have an analysis of this on the broadcast tomorrow so we will get into that tomorrow. This is legislation to stop even states from executing a late-term abortion issue. So we'll get into that on tomorrow's broadcast may want. We a lot of calls coming in at 800-684-3110 Asbury Park. This is up the ante I mean there's no question. It is at the end here.

Absolutely let's go back to the floats and will start with Frederick in New York on like to have Frederick I like all of our Lord, you know, the questionnaire found out some things that the DOJ is doing our ill legal who was watching the watchmen and is there anything that can be daunting to stop lawyers presenting the President was not us have to take that action. So they follow special master motion. I miss what I would've done once the search work was issued. I would've gone into power, motion to quash that subpoena. That search warrant because the judge and made the ante from statements on the social media pages and had recused himself from a civil case involving the former President, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton that you been up to say that judge doesn't get to make the decision about a search warrant of the former President's residence.

They didn't motion was not filed. So there's not been a pure fourth amendment challenge to this. So when you ask who watches the watchmen. The defense lawyers that's what defense lawyers do you challenge the government's authority to execute Internet.

They have shown some of its III want to say that but you know as far as the these other subpoenas that are being issued to those individuals like torts and this is quite like death by a thousand cuts. Because what happens is you got now 30 people have been hit with subpoenas, most of which cannot afford the lawyers at the level of lawyer you would need to defend yourself in something like this, so this is serious import to is well deleted dessert younger folks. Also your substate from set all Washington DC folks in and and lots that staff level. People do not have the kind of resources to hire the mega firms or make attorneys that would deal with the FBI or DOJ at this level that that's the bye-bye truth and I think it continues to complicate what is already very complicated situation because it started off with pieces of paper documents and now it is leading into back to January 6 back to 11 terrorist financing electors fundraising so this is that all related to the Barlow.

I did what I think putting that out yet just multiple times is important. This is that 30 people that subpoena because of the rate of our log of the snow three or four other issues because his multiple grand juries investigating multiple issues and Cece said earlier, which is worth repeating is once they're in there in and they can get information and a lot of take that information to where it leads is not happening absolutely and and and that's nothing of that. They saw this information you know now, even if you have a special master they had that information and were seen again.

Their broadening their message that if you stand up against the DOJ. If you're going to support support to protect former Pres. trump, then the DOJ's going to target you now answer that really is sending a message that people think across the border to be scared and worried about standing or supporting Pres. trump any way let me look at me.

It is the top of the chilling effect having the chilling effect is for real. If you're hit with a subpoena or search warrant. And Boris Epstein according to reports, who's one of the presently guys right now. Got hit with a not just a subpoena but they said no search warrant for your phone.

We want to go, we want to marry her phone so it serious particular because they hundred 684-3110, 1-800-684-3110 in time to do that when you tense call from Oklahoma online.

What a Ted will appreciate the work you do. I want to ask a question similar to the previous color in a call before that you reference the Iraq case yes and talked about how you one that take. I have a question what happened so that the wrongdoers goes there violating the Constitution get prosecuted. Well, I mean those are similarly we can't bring a criminal case against somebody as his private lawyers that's the government, state or federal. It's not the job of private lawyers. We sued the IRS for injunctive relief, saying that their process upon which they were evaluating the application for exemption was not valid as a violation of First Amendment rights was unconstitutional and we want an injunction was put in place of the government been an order came in placing you can't do that anymore.

That's gotta stop a change of policy Lois Lerner lost her position. We got a monetary damage and companion case of multiple million dollars for our client and the IRS had to change their internal procedures. This is different. This is the Department of Justice it's going to be here.

It's the private lawyers representing the individuals either subpoenaed or who are targets or subjects of the lesson is three levels of investigation here.

You're either a witness which means you may think you've seen or have information about a potential criminal act. You are a subject meeting we seen some stuff that makes us concerned that you may been involved in criminal activities of the subject of the investigation or your target and a target is we think you're one of the main people. Usually the targets of the last want to get notified. So here's the question. Did this last round of subpoenas 30 subpoenas in a couple of search warrants. In addition, search warrant for the body been executed is that was that the moment that this was personalized particular calls in this 800-684-3110 we get back. Don't forget secular that's right, we will have a new episode up today is a brand-new will you do this the afternoon of the beam should be up around 4 PM Eastern time around, then secular so if you want to sign up for the podcasts either on podcast or spotted by we also put out the video of the podcast just like this episode is a place you find that secular will be right back. ACLJ is been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secularizing trip appears to be curious in the second half hour of the broadcast to issues of the weather's been leading the show. So far we have new gadgets of the economic issues yet which should be, you know, having where there is have a significant effect on the stock market but also a significant effect on the election. If this is where things go to because the way you read it is very careful think the July to July numbers with an 8.5% inflation now today .3.

So tell her that that's August August numbers, but is the highest ever for for consumer goods of the highest ever for food. Still highest ever gas agreed that this is this this idea that you have this point to its God.

Now that's nothing really to celebrate that set significant with the Fed's goal is to percent inflation and were 8A .359 so it it was from a five yet 852 of the exact number I think is a three at obligated to slip more in the broadcast as well is been dominated by yet it's input from 8583 which is, it means it's really high. Sort were looking at this is the subpoenas that have been issued 30 of them and exit by the way the latest rounds against trump allies as I went up there calling it.

And there's also more since been executed against the bar, slept in one other person.

Summary I think that was involved in some of the election issues so they have cast a very broad net they have upped the ante significantly and if you're a staff member for the former President that's dealing with this. You are greatly distracted right now because of this prostrate absolutely and it's a chilling effect on their effectiveness and it's actually chilling effect on anybody who would be related to the President and and truthfully you think about all the staff members or even attorneys that now have to hire attorneys general, sent them. I think even getting an attorney to represent you and Nancy is not going to be easy attorneys and nothing else in this whole procedure said they are definitely sending a broad message and it is definitely having a chilling effect on his and honey chilling effect trump and his allies and they been specific about what he could to follow policies if your lawyer and your ass to get involved in this representation right now you not to do it.

Most of the time. Why because as when we were doing it. We controlled the cases and control the litigation apparently right now it's being done but I have no ideas were not involved in it, but it looks like is being done by committee and the committee is now not got 30 subpoenas including some of the people that are running the committee of lawyers were running this event or the situation so I think what's happened is that the stakes are so high now and the aggressiveness of DOJ is so targeted that it effectively. I think makes defense here, very difficult, which is also a prosecutorial approach you circuit you don't go after the you know the old stories you will go after the king you after all the people around the king now form of former Presidents, not even the President and former President, certainly not a king. But what you do is you go around them and that's what's happening right now and I think that's where you're seeing this kind of fallout and then these people look these. Most of these people are the staff people do not have the financial resources to cover the kind of lawyers you need for this kind of situation which is this is really serious yet is very seriously this. It's a number of people that it also makes it that much tougher for the President to interact because once his people circulate yet you read of what I mean. You have to wonder and be distracted. You have to be a certain kind of person villages. Take this in kata move forward and that's one thing if you got to level Donald trumps another thing, if you're what is a younger folks at Attorney's SOA in a very different. I kind of feeling. So a liver taking your calls 100-684-3110 Sec. Aponte has been victorious in the next segment of the broadcast short of this, that share this out with your friends and family and again letting her to check out secular The podcast that just launched yesterday for the inaugural episode is it's it's got a lot more Huber. It's a little bit slow slower paced. I still hitting big issues.

I would See what happens in the afternoon as well and sometimes issues we going to have type this broadcast is it a totally different way it'd very different light. So we encourage you to check that out secular's part of the sale of podcast network that secular's appearance, modify Apple podcast also broadcasted out in the later on the likely file if you want broadcast them as letters how to stir the borders because it said they vice President heresy status at that interview on Meet the Press got asked the first like tough questions from Chuck Todd to get a lot of follow-up which you claim in that interview, I would choose estimate the southern border that the border is secure over her words of the border is secure.

I don't know where she's living. What do she's reporting it relates to everyday were hearing worst things about what kind of drugs are coming through the border cartels are utilizing the border how dangerous is that if if our vice President truly believes this is the message for the American people is everything is five southern border is secure and I don't think for a moment she believed the border. Really, I think he had gas lighting is trying to tell a what my mother would've called a whopper. 888 simplest explanation sheet lined with we all know the reality we all know the reality of millions of people coming across the border in record numbers and increasing numbers. She knows it too, and she just to use that moment with the world watching to tell the world a story that everyone could see with their own just have to imagine is about data analysis is about things we can see in the risk to the United States is very real.

The number of folks who are coming across on the terror watch list number folks are dragging Now and it's destroying community is enormously real and you got a vice President next day to his church is a not to go see it not to go visit, but rather tell the American people a fairytale about our southern border being secured.

Like I said yesterday as the broadcast that when she says are set to Chuck tottered southern border is secured.

I said get it secured. If your definition of securities open borders, no restrictions, hundreds of thousands of people coming through millions actually and then you have sex trafficking and drug cartels basically controlling access. So if that's that they mean by secured that secure but here's the problem though there's nobody there not offering a concrete solution for this sheeting. The vice President is supposed to be like in charge of the border issue you a very generous way to talk about. They might be dividing it that way about your tongue-in-cheek yesterday as reality is any common sense understanding of any notion of security security for American vehicle was repeated by the reality on the ground. She is in charge of it. We all remember it's been of number of months she went down to Central America strength of the quote root cause of this migration of the root cause of them being allowed to come to the border at that frankly the progressive part of the Democratic Party like they like open borders are happy with this nonenforcement of this most basic premise of American sovereignty. I think God vice President hers is in exactly that part of her party and she then stated she sees this as sufficiently security in the midst of accomplishing her mission that no intention of fixing what is really dangerous not just for Arizona in the California and Texas but people all across America, the White House, so we can see inflation numbers that outed because there down .2% from July to July to August August Everson last said to buy a prison by just tweeted. Actually, today's data shows progress in fighting inflation the numbers we pull the food at home. Inflation is up 13.5% that's larger since 1979, Ritz, up 6.7% the past few that's the largest since 1986 electricity up 15.8%.

The largest since 1981 health insurance up 24.3%. The largest ever so this idea we talk about gas lighting, but they didn't have an event at the White House celebrating their quote inflation reduction act today. And inflation is not being reduced, but not travel the country. American people can see that the American people are being pulled by the inflation reduction act or a Presidential tweet or some narrative, but somehow the fact that in place of Dr. of 1098 is a good thing that they could see the camper to fill the car up the cost to eat their own. This winter is going to be staggering. If there can the farmer the fertilizer prices are through the rough and that inflation is touching every American family. That's what we should remember this is not something you can tell the American people story about because they are living and suffering from the catastrophe that is been the environment by demonstrating economic policy to take the call on line to only have the sector here. This is he's been traveling around the country. We been talking to bring the country's wealth.

This be a really good really good point asked the IV in Texas on the show you're there all alone on all that it will will take that: okay so this is Mike this is a great question and that is with the Republicans get the house in the Senate back in the presidency starts vetoing everything that's not so easy to do this they did some of this can be continuing resolutions on funding, but I wanted to get your sense even out. We've been out what your sense of where we are right now politically I know even out with a lot of candidates." Top of the house first and then we'll talk about the Senate always work to do until we crossed the finish line in the first week of November so we should never take anything for granted, but I will type people are people are concerned they are anxious they understand that affect the gasoline cost so much the fact that there's not food on the shelves. This is blood recruitment problem. It's not Donald Trump's problem and think of all the people that Biden claimed that this is a direct result of the decisions that Sen. Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and and resident Biden foisted on the American people and I am very confident the House of Representatives will change control as long as we continue to work on the things that matter for the American people and prevent real present real solutions.

We have been we know them will get it right and I think letters will recognize that you serve in the House of Representatives so you understand another Senate much closer races. It takes a lot to get that ship work. What's your view on where we are there still competent. I think radical in a new great. I was down in Georgia. Guess it was Friday of last week. I'm headed back out A couple Senate candidates a couple weeks from now, still feels like the American people can see through someone like Fetterman or someone like Rafael Warnock, Sen. Warnock, Danny Georgia people get the these people are part of the problem. They are part of the Schumer Pelosi by the team. They vote with them hundred percent of the time are 98% of the time that the home and tell people there like them. But the truth of the matter is these are progressive people understand the progressives are destroying the things that matter whether it's religious freedom more where kids are taught in schools or the cost of things crime.

The list is long people can see what the progressives have brought to America and I'm confident when they start focusing here as we move into the fall and everyone settled in the really focusing on the election that will win enough to generate get the 5152 states and then will have the ability to at the very least, stop. Much of what Pres. Biden intends to do is good to be asked to take is always great to have you on the broadcast is a senior counsel for global affairs, like the Nazis because again you could be. These bobbles and see the news see the polls, but but what is good about tickertape IP address through this trip.

They are out almost every week where they are. People obviously had Veronica every day. They did get on the ground and get into battleground states, you know you don't always travel to what you seeing different regions. Those states as well and talking to the actual voters himself about what they're paying attention to it. You know what advice pay attention to it, its economy and weekend and morning talk about that in the next segment like assessment and take a call one 800 684 31 Sunset: 11 day joint color for Michigan hatred earlier in regards to the Trump attorney members based on the information to confirm our liability attorney client confidential one would be illegal to use against history client that can't be used against him, but Jordan made a very important point. I think Mimi's reiterated there is no indication that the that the subsequent subpoenas and decisive. In the last three days. The third of them had anything at all to do with classified documents at monologue. It does not appear that I had a setting or abound else just having it goes back to January 6 January 6 electors. So even pre-January 6. You've got the fundraising issues and fundraising agendas that play a lot of those related to the rally on January 6 adds the electors issues of the lawyers were putting forward. This alternative slave electors idea which in I came out and said early on, I did not find that to be, but with what the Constitution is set up that you do that and I'd I didn't think there was a legal basis for that weird to realize I vandalized that is a different story. So my thought was legally incorrect. I think the vice President's role was ceremonial and that is open the envelopes Count but then it turned a legal theory about the election law of 1876 into a criminal act that is a big jump but but there's grandeur is on all of this stuff are these people not having to deal with and that makes it very complicated for these folks Hard to get these type is come integrators and that we could be tied and that will go back with a border because we come back from this break and reach more of the economic issues of the inflation numbers out White House tried to celebrate.

This is what he gets your view for Washington daily 8.58.37 percent of that's the real indicate of how people feel that I White House celebration of their inflation reduction with Joe which was asked about it said it is actually inflation one 800 684 30 went to the torso show. Remember secular I really encourage you check it out. I think I even feel is this broadcast daily, you will find about different issues that perspective on the issues a lot lighter, different toad so secular nuclear where to get the podcast just like you say first episodes second episode will be up this afternoon. Secular as part of the sale of podcast July to July was 8.5%, just overall it consumer price index. Good news though today put three big drugs because they done the August site yet that when you start looking at the specific numbers, breathtaking yes.

Just how high I just booted home, up 13.5% the past year. That's the larger states that 1978 crisis of of Jimmy Carter rinse up 6.7% just in the last year electricity 15.8%, health insurance, which is something he always was, in effect, employers and employees.

24.3%. The largest increase ever so these are staggering numbers. Join us in the studio is ardent director of policy and also law and economics professor Prof. Haxton I Harry, these numbers are breathtaking. It's affecting the American people we order groceries the other day and Pam and I'm saying this is these numbers are our enemy and think like they think like Cool Whip. One of the you know was like nine dollars.

So this is impacting real really impacting people seriously. Absolutely. So what we are seeing if you will, is a transfer of wealth from the middle and the lower Classes to the government and to parties that are favored by the government. So over the last 10 to 15 years we've seen a truth print a transfer of wealth from the lower classes in the middle classes to the wealthy. And it's been the highest in human history. This now continues and we now have the potential storm of both inflation and a potential recession, which will be on the horizon perhaps 5 to 6 months on. Meanwhile, Pres. Biden is celebrating the passage of the inflation reduction act for having a gala today at 3 PM. He just sent out a tweet. So while Biden is celebrating the American people continue to suffer and if you look at the specifics let's focus initially on energy.

So what are we doing with respect to energy. First, we've given up energy independence. Secondly, we've encouraged if you will the Ukrainians to stand strong against Russia. What is that mean front from a US policy standpoint we have imposed sanctions on Russia and now Russia has decided to return the favor by cutting back natural gas production and they are also cutting off gas production will effectively be the heating costs for American citizens, absolutely because the Biden administration in an attempt to ameliorate the consequences of its policy.

It is sending natural gas to Europe, liquefied natural gas to Europe so we should expect a small explosion. Perhaps a large one in natural gas prices in the United States so that will drive up heating costs down the road, yells go to Francisco Patricia in Virginia online five hey Patricia all talking about you no shortage of food and everything that you heard anyone mention the shortage of medication prescription medication in my cane.

I have a epilepsy and I've been waiting almost 3 months for emergency leisure medication have been on back order on like another thing that is really no and it is life-threatening. Let's not get food. We have discussed, it was this is a real problem here. Starla prompts you. A lot of these medications come from. I hate to say this coming out of China love the manufacturing is done in China and a lot of antibiotics are coming out of China, and Harry the situation with China stands right now as well. It's another one where that that tension is causing people like Patricia to have problems getting basic medication for her family. I think your precisely correct and to complicate matters, of course, the Biden administration is asleep at the switch, they have failed to anticipate, for instance, the baby formula shortage problem they have failed to anticipate the explosion.

For instance, in gasoline prices and they have failed to lessen our dependency on China, which is an un-reliable supplier as Qubec. Suppose what 100 684 30 went to the 2006 843-1100 Strattera New York Life three hater call, and that only trumpet at the pain at all on it. I will think that there's more. It's more than just about trumpet making people afraid a caliphate can even share your video that I want to encourage people we need to get out and tell me think about that because they land on you know who are thinking to come out and come out. There is a need to to try to make you feel exactly like what you said to her people second guess shared a video second guess talk to their friends about an issue or put a sticker on your car or yard sign up at that present troubles on the ballot for these other candidates who might be associated with him because it looks like a if you're too close to present Trop and how far out they brought that net the further out they draw in the lower the more people get concert. What's interesting about that and when I hit the tip devoted voter suppression sits because what you do is you are trying to implicate it is, since all these people as criminals as a utility, the, the midterm election voter behavior offense portal yet. So here we talked about this before when I get when you have this kind of broad-based approaching that multiple grand jury's going on and 30 subpoenas executed a multiple search warrants 20 or 30 subpoenas a couple weeks back. There is a chilling effect on me. I think the call was spot on.

There is a chilling effect on political speech, which is corporate speech protected by the First Amendment as people are afraid to speak out absolutely because they are afraid that they will be the next target, and so increasing to leave the deepest deep state and its allies are becoming more and more authoritarian and are basically saying that you cannot have certain views certain opinions and if you do, you will be seen as an outlier and I think were seeing the results of some of that with respect to the DOJ and the FBI civil right which really was a lesson for writer to bride a Pennsylvania hayride. I wonder if a lot of the original insurance policy all had short utilities utility insurance policy when constructing pager saying you know when I can let this guy went look. I think they are definitely trying to put a taste in the mouth, so to speak, or a create an atmosphere where people say I appreciate the policies of the former President but did the fact of the matter is it just too much from this is a lot of drama and I think the American populace. The same when you look at is, you know, we like the policies but we want the drum is a way to get the policies without the drum I think there is a lot of that going around limiting politically more than I do on the eyes. I think listed the ultimate all this is all about. The day say bad actors, the FBI writing about the politics they were gone would just advocate struck and they had allies there and use. Seeing that. Talk to relief specifically taught by the whistleblowers of the Congress of the broadcast, purging out service if you so there's only one what political viewpoint case you don't have that Alex of taking politics out loud exactly where it should be out of law, no politics at all, but I get stay up-to-date ACLJ that are to come to kill brothers podcast later on

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