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Salt and Light!

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September 7, 2022 6:30 pm

Salt and Light!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 7, 2022 6:30 pm

Salt and Light!

Steve talks to Jason and Lance from Faith and Freedom Coalition to talk about being salt and light to the world.

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plenty of grace and lots of truth, but no sacred cows. Call Steve now at 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH. Or check him out online at And now here's your host, Steve Noble.

Okay, check this out. I have a question for you. If I were to tell you like next Friday on the show, or just anytime in the near future on the show, I was going to have the following people. They're all going to call in, okay, just for little segments each at a time. But would you be interested if I told you this lineup?

Trey Gowdy, then Lauren Boebert, then Pete Hegseth, Pete Hegseth from Fox News, our awesome Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, James O'Keefe, of course, Project Veritas, Father Frank Pavone, who I've known for years, one of the most prolific pro-life people in the country, and then Ted Budd, who's a North Carolina congressman running for US Senate. Would you be like, wow, Steve, that's a pretty awesome lineup. I think I'm going to tune in that day. Of course you would.

Of course you would tune in. Want to know why? Well, because it is an awesome lineup and it's actually going to be in Charlotte, North Carolina next weekend. Okay, September, is that right?

Two weekends, September 23rd and 24th in Charlotte. That's the Salt and Light Conference from our friends at Faith and Freedom Coalition and the big man himself, Jason Williams, back in the house. Jason, how are you? Good to see you. Doing well. Thank you so much. Appreciate you letting this actually come in.

Normally I'm on the phone, so to get to see the studio, this is everything. Go ahead, say it. And more. Not quite the shrine.

What is that? Yes, it's a little off. So you think that if I really love Star Wars, there'd be more in here. Is that what you're saying? No, I'm pretty impressed with Star Wars.

I wish that's what you were saying, because that would give me an excuse to go buy more. I don't want to feed into that. I'm not an enabler. Steve, I'm not going to enable your idolatry.

I appreciate that. That's my brother in Christ, Jason Williams. Also with Jason Williams today, Lance Lamont is here, like the race car. Like the race car. Like the race. Lance Lamont, who's also with Faith and Freedom. We're going to talk about something that happens all over the world.

It happens in this country and it's human trafficking. So we're going to get to that. And Lance is also with the DC Police. Currently, how long have you been with the police?

Three years now. What were you doing before that? Faith and Freedom Coalition full time. I'm a reformed political operative. So why did you decide to become a police officer?

Human trafficking, mainly the work. I was doing it as part of Faith and Freedom Coalition and saw firsthand the damage that's done to a lot of our young people. And I said, it's time to go do something about it and actually put some of the bad guys away. That's awesome. Do you have a military background?

I do. Former US Army Special Operations. Thank you for your service twice over now.

Thank you. Do they have a maximum age for the DC Police? I'm pretty close to it.

He's already coming in strong. I'm about to turn 50, but no. That's incredible though. Isn't it? I mean, that's an incredible thing that you would turn around and see the need and go from a life of relative ease relative to that.

Yeah. And honestly, policing has been the most rewarding job I've ever had. It's just a great profession and hopefully more people get into it despite the current climate.

Yeah, that's so awesome. So we're going to talk a little bit later about what's going on with anti-trafficking. Lance is here in Raleigh attending a conference on that. But speaking of conferences, Jason, like what's the deal?

This is like starting to rival. We had the Faith and Freedom Coalition down in Nashville. That was the big national thing. Everybody's there, right? Donald Trump's there. But this is starting to look a lot like Nashville.

You know, it's taken off. I mean, if you look at the history of the Salt and Light Conference, started five years ago, this is the fifth Salt and Light Conference. The first year it was in Mount Airy, there were 150 people.

Justice Paul Newby was the keynote speaker and it was at Mount Airy Wesleyan Church. The second year, there were 300 people at the same church. 100% growth. 100% exponential growth is what they experienced. We could say 300% growth if you were a Baptist pastor. But we'll go with the actual numbers.

100% growth, which is awesome. Yeah, we didn't report our numbers to the sword of the Lord, but we made. So then the next year, the COVID year is what we were really concerned about.

So we didn't really know how that was going to go. We moved to a different church, to Temple Baptist Church in Mount Airy, and we didn't really know what to expect. And that year, we had over 640 people. So still doubled previous attendance, which was just amazing.

That is amazing. And last year, God has just had his hand on this work. Last year, we had in excess of 1,000 people at the conference there in Mount Airy. So we outgrew that facility. We ran out of room. I mean, for anybody that was there last year, it was hot. We overloaded the power system.

We lost power a couple of times. So we're so excited. We're moving it to Charlotte. It'll be a two-day event this year, and it's going to be at Freedom House Church in Charlotte. And we expect anywhere on Friday and Saturday from 12 to 1,500 people. So God has just truly blessed it.

I mean, I'm not an expert when it comes to these events. He's just had his hand on it, and we've got so many good reports that we're just going to keep growing it until we can. And the website is,, where you can get your tickets. And it's September 23rd and 24th. So lay out for us, and we're going to hit the break here in a minute, but lay out for us, how does this two days lay out, like the actual schedule? Yeah, so Friday night, we'll start at six o'clock.

It goes from six to nine. We have Christian artist Ryan Stevenson is going to kick us off right around six o'clock. He'll have a concert that'll be going on, and then we'll just go into the conference that night. We'll have speakers.

Congresswoman Boebert will be speaking that night, as well as some other folks. And then Saturday morning, we start bright and early at nine o'clock. We'll start it off.

We'll go all day until six. We have, as you pointed out, some of the lineup, and I mean, there's a lot of people in here you didn't even mention. You know, the Lieutenant Governor and I are big wrestling fans.

Right. So we made sure to add a couple of former wrestlers in our program. We've got Nikita Koloff, who has his own ministry now.

You're probably familiar with Nikita. Man Up Ministries, I think, and Glenn Jacobs, who's the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, former wrestler known as Kane. So he will be with us. That's cool. And so we're pumped. We're so excited.

It's such a great lineup. And what's the point of doing this? What's the point of having a Salt and Light Conference? Well, the point of those is so that Mark Robinson will come to the event. That's the reason we have the wrestlers. But as far as the conference overall.

Put the honey out in the bezel. The purpose of the conference is really just to inspire and motivate people to be involved and to follow the biblical mandate of being salt and light. And we kind of mix in a mixture of political leaders, elected officials, faith leaders. We have pastors. And we just want people to know we want you to be culturally engaged, involved in the process. But also know that the reason we are involved is because we have a mandate of being salt and light and have influence and to use that influence to promote the cause of Christ. And so we really try to do a good job of mixing that in so that it's not just a purely conservative political event. But you're really getting truths from God's word. Yeah. And that's the reality of our lives as Christians and a Christian worldview intermingles with every aspect of life.

It overlays everything. It's not just on Sunday. It's not just at BSF on Monday nights or your small group.

It's everything all the time. That's why we are called to be salt and light. And the Bible actually says, if you're not salty, if you're not light, what good are you? Literally, that's that's the Steve Noble. What good are you?

Which is a great question. We'll be right back after this. Name that tune. Anybody? Can anybody name the tune? Do you know the artist? You'll know it now.

Yes. And what man would that be when the man comes around? Who's he talking about? Good old Johnny Cash.

He's talking about the Lord himself. OK, he's a very interesting story, Johnny Cash. We're here with Jason Williams from Faith and Freedom Coalition, and we're talking about the Salt and Light Conference, which is coming up September 23rd and 24th, Friday and Saturday down in Charlotte. You can get all the information at

I just put the links up on Facebook Live, Fascinating story. And also that was Lance Lamonts, who's with Faith and Freedom, also with the D.C. Police. We're going to talk about anti-trafficking efforts later in the show. But Cash has a fascinating story, a fascinating faith story.

Kind of came back to his faith later, had a lot of problems, obviously. They're actually releasing a biopic of him. There's a movie about Johnny Cash coming out by John and Andy Irwin. They did the show about Steve McQueen. They did Woodlawn.

They did I Can Only Imagine about Mercy Me. They did the movie about Jeremy Camp. They've got a movie coming out early next year about Greg Laurie and the whole Jesus revolution of the 1970s. But they've made one about Johnny Cash and about his spiritual journey. So that's coming out soon.

By the way, I also put up a link for a book. I've talked about this before, and one of these days I'm going to get Pete Hegseth on the show. Pete Hegseth with Fox News is going to be at the Salt and Light Conference. When's he speaking, Jason? So roughly around three thirty, three forty five, somewhere around that time. On Saturday.

That'll be on Saturday. So it's called Battle for the American Mind, Uprooting a Century of Miseducation. Goes all the way back to the late 1800s and looks at the takeover of the American education system, replacing what was largely a Judeo-Christian worldview with a non-Judeo-Christian worldview, a progressive Marxist worldview.

And Steve, that sounds like a bunch of malarkey. It isn't. It's just history.

If you don't like it, then you're intellectually dishonest. It's part of American history. And that's why the schools are what they are today. This is why so many young people think the way they do, even though they are raised in our houses and go to our churches. There is a operating system that's being built into them underneath all of our Christian stuff through the public education system. And it doesn't really come to fruition until they leave the school, the house, which they go off to college. And Barna says 75 percent of kids go off to college that were raised in the church and they walk away from the faith.

And you wonder, how did that happen? Well, the school system's been planting a cancer in there since they were in first grade. And that's what Pete Hedges' book is about. A long-winded introduction for that. But I'll even say this. Sure.

Yeah, go ahead. So when I was a county commissioner in Gaston County, we had a local museum. It was a nature museum. And they, of course, they taught evolution. And you kind of got the whole thing when you went in there, and it was the dinosaurs and all that.

And all that's fine. And when I met with them, because the county funded the majority of this museum, and when I went in and met with them and just said, hey, would you consider proposing any other alternative to creation, intelligent design? Is there something else where you could, you can promote this as a theory, but maybe show that there's other theories that exist as to how we got here. And I sat down and met with them, and they refused to do that, as you can imagine. And so we threatened to pull their funding. We said, we're just talking to fund you.

If you're not even interested in showing another theory and just promote this as fact, then maybe we shouldn't give you the million dollars that we normally give every year. And so I got a call from somebody. I won't say on the air. I can tell you afterwards. But I got a call from a local pastor who said, well, the lady that runs this place is actually the wife of one of our deacons, very conservative church. So I met with her and talked to her. And her words to me, though, Steve, was she said, listen, we know what they get at church. We know what they're getting on Sunday.

But what we do here at the museum is this is the nature museum. And what she's saying is, like, we know what they hear on Sunday. But this is kind of what really happened. And you just cast that doubt. Like, you just keep putting doubt in these kids' mind to where, yeah, we know your preacher said this. We know you read this in scripture. But now you've got the truth. And so the problem is that that impacts everything the preacher says moving forward, because now you have that seed of doubt as to whether you can believe anything that he says.

So, yeah, I appreciate what Pete, what you guys are doing. Education is it's a mess, but it's anti-God. That's what it is.

Absolutely. They wouldn't say that out front. And sometimes that's a spiritually discerned truth. And they don't really know that they're anti-God. They think that you say, hey, you're you're like Jesus talking to the Sadducees and Pharisees. I know your daddy is. And they're like, yeah, my daddy's Abraham. And he's like, no, that's not your daddy. Your daddy's the devil himself.

I mean, can you imagine how offensive that would be? So if you tell somebody working in the government or running a nature museum, your daddy's the devil. They're gonna be like, oh, you're ridiculous.

Just typical Christian, right? But then they present the theory of evolution as fact. And if you're going to be intellectually honest, and this is going back to Salt and Light and why we're talking to Jason today, as well as Lance, about the Salt and Light conference is you actually have to know the truth. The truth will set you free. And then you have to take that truth into the public arena.

That's right. And then actually, we're not responsible for saving America. We're responsible for being faithful to try.

God deals with fruitfulness, which is a great deal. So I show up. I do my best. I follow my calling. I use my gifts to try to be a watchman on the wall that we're supposed to seek the peace of the city because that's good for us. The same thing for the nation and to witness to a moral truth that that's good for society, whether society believes it or not.

God's way works every time. So isn't that like the Salt and Light conference to inspire and educate and get people involved? And again, we can't compartmentalize our Christianity.

And I think that's what you have a lot of times, but it's being salt and light daily. And it's taking that into our culture and, you know, being a witness on your job and school, all those things. And so many times that we do have that compartmentalization of, you know, this is the hat I'm wearing right now. This is the hat I'm wearing then. And no, we're Christians.

If we are Christians, then we're Christians all the time. Right. That's right. I want to say one thing about Faith and Freedom Coalition is that even though we work in the public sphere and all public education, government, all these things, the church and the breakdown of the American family are still the underlying root causes of these problems. And we're not going to be able to fix the governmental problem.

We're not going to be able to fix our education system until we fix the family. Yeah, that's right. And as a police officer, I see it every day. There's one thing in common amongst most of these kids, juvenile delinquents and even adult offenders. They almost always come from broken homes. That's right. They almost always come from single mother homes. And there's never been anyone who cared about that child ever, even into their mid 20s and 30s to this day, they still don't care. And so what do we expect to come out of our public school system?

That's right. These kids go to school hungry many times. We expect them to learn. And then at the same time, we have, you know, the leftist agenda that you talked about that goes back to the early days of Marx. And they are actually infiltrating these brains with this information. Those two things combined are really what we're seeing in the decay of our moral society. And it's events like this that sort of bring those ideas to the forefront. That's right. Which is why it's important to have so many different speakers talking about so many different things, because then again, like I said earlier, it takes work and takes study and takes learning to be able to apply a biblical worldview in a comprehensive way.

Because if your biblical worldview isn't comprehensive, what good is it? Then it's only good on Sundays when Jason goes to church or at home and they pray before a meal or what? No, it's got to be all over the place all the time. And nationwide, the statistic is 42 percent. Forty two percent of kids in America are growing up without a father in the home.

It's amazing. That's heartbreak. You go to the prison system and it's 93 percent plus. And you go, OK, just do the math. So that's the problem is the breakdown of the family and the elimination of the church. And who would love to do both of those things? Oh, you're going to say the S word, Steve?

Yes, I'm going to say the S word. That would be safe. And so that and that's to go back to salt and light and faith and freedom. That's why it's important that we stay engaged. I tell people, if you're not engaged in politics, if you don't vote, then you obviously don't care about your neighbor. And isn't loving your neighbor a command, Jason? Absolutely. And that's spot on.

And for the conference, the worst thing this conference is, is too much work and it's too expensive for for somebody just to come and say that was fun. Right. That was a nice event. You guys had some great. I got a selfie. I got I got a selfie with Pete.

I got a selfie with with Trey. We don't have the ability and the resources to do that. The purpose of this is for there to be outcomes.

Yeah, that's right. Take this and go do something to change and go do something with it. We're going to come back and talk to Timothy Head, the executive director. We'll be right back. Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show, talking to our friends today from the Faith and Family.

What is faith and freedom? Why do I say that? It's my age.

It's 56. That's what happens. I don't know, man. Come on. You're the host here. I'm glad you brought him. You'll never be on again, but I'm glad you brought Jason Williams as well as OK, I'll say his name. Lance Lemons is here. Lance Lemons here.

48 years of mispronunciation. He spends a lot of time on CNN. So he's here as well. Faith and Freedom Coalition.

But let's up the ante a little bit. We're going to talk to Timothy Head, who's the executive director of Faith and Freedom Coalition on a national level. So we're excited to have Timothy on the show. Timothy, how are you, man? Thanks for calling in.

I'm great. And I'll go ahead and issue my condolences for your guests on the show today. For Jason or for Lance or for me? Who are you issuing condolences for? Well, I'm trying to offer some softening of the blow of Jason and Lance sitting there for an hour. I appreciate that. It's good to have a man of God here in the conversation and trying to bring some grace and mercy. Anyway, it's great to have you here on Friday.

We were trying to get connected on Friday, Timothy, because I'm pretty sure you had something you wanted to share, as I did. I did a whole show on the reaction to Emperor Biden's speech last week, which I'm not going to there's so much I could say about it. I'm sure Jason could.

I'm sure that Lance could jump in as well. But Timothy, what was your reaction to all that as somebody that as the executive director of an organization like Faith and Freedom Coalition, as a believer, as an American, how did you react to what you saw last week with Biden in Philadelphia? Well, you know, gosh, I mean, where to begin? You know, I mean, I think I'm sure by by now, all of your listeners have taken to, you know, Facebook or Instagram or something and opines, you know, some some some kind of joking or caustic response to it. But in all seriousness, it's it's really problematic when when an elected President of the United States doesn't just kind of take take objection or offense to to a political opponent that really starts to diatribe or demagogue against all supporters of an of the opposite political party and not just kind of differing on political opinions or policy positions, but actually calling those people in this case, 74, almost 75 million Americans a threat to democracy.

I mean, how can you how can you even almost take some of this stuff seriously if you didn't if you didn't see it happening before in front of our very eyes? Yeah, here's a direct quote. As I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault.

We do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise. There's no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country. Now, of course, the next day, Timothy, they tried to walk that back and say, oh, we were only talking about the MAGA Republicans that are in the House of Representatives.

We're only talking about them. Do you believe that or do you think they actually believe it's all 74 million people that voted for the man? Well, so there's there's a lot of layers to what's going on here, you know, right now, Steve. But one of the problems that that the political left, including Biden, are having is is a languishing kind of lackluster Democrat electorate that that are really not excited about any of the candidates that they that they have on the slate across the country. And so part of the reason why you're seeing the media and now, you know, the president himself joining in in this demagoguery is because they desperately want obviously to try to kind of retake or hold on to the Senate.

And and it's going to take antics like this. And one of the problems that we also see, despite literally holding the White House, the United States Senate and the United States House and by the way, media, big tech universities, you know, most health care systems, is that their policies actually don't work, which is the reason why they have to resort to ad hominem responses or attacks like we just saw here. Instead of him kind of like laying out a policy, you know, agenda and trying to persuade America, he basically just says, this is what I'm going to do. And if you don't like it, you're a fascist, or you're a racist, or you're, you know, some sort of hate monger or bigot.

And, and for us, we're just trying to say, how about you just put forth a reasonable policy, and we'll decide whether or not we can follow that instead of just attacking us if we don't just get in line with you. Well, they've got, you know, it's such a, it's such an obvious diversionary tactic that you don't want to, if you have a problem personally, and you go to a party, the last thing you want to talk about is your problem. So you bring up other subjects in order to keep people from talking about the subjects that are going to embarrass you. I don't want to talk about the southern border. I don't want to talk about the recession. I don't want to talk about what's going on in Ukraine. I don't want to talk about this. I don't want to talk about that. And so the raid on Mar- Mar- Lago and then this crazy speech, which by the way, Timothy, let me ask you, we're probably about the same age.

That was the most aggressive, disrespectful, crazy speech out of a president I've ever seen. And the fact that they didn't catch the optics, bathing the front of the building in red, there was blue, but it was off camera, and bathing it in red put a couple soldiers back there. I mean, either they're really stupid, or that was all on purpose. Because I think if anybody's a fascist in this conversation, it's those guys. Well, you know, listen, you know, you're sitting next to two of the better people in the business, as far as I'm concerned, in terms of kind of staging political kind of graphics, if you will.

And this is what, you know, me and Lance and Jason do, have done in our careers and still do. The reality is that this was absolutely, you know, Lenin-esque, Stalin-esque, Mussolini-esque. But it's also impossible for me to believe that this Biden White House doesn't have sophisticated enough political operators that this just sort of flipped their minds. It wasn't like a typo, you know, on a graphic somewhere. This is an entire, I mean, they took over a city block to create this, okay? Yeah, but they were able to cram 220 people on that audience, Timothy. So that was impressive. Yeah, that's right.

Instead of circles, you know, I was actually still half expecting them to kind of pan out and show people standing in circles, you know? Yeah, it was really an amazing thing. And of course, to quote Obama, I doubt that that was the JB team, right? So these are some of the best people in the world. That sent a message. They know it sent a message.

And instead of having us declare war on the terrible result of this administration, they just go back to Donald Trump, they go back to the same old well, just go back to the same old well, just anything except talking about Biden and the Biden administration. Let's zoom out a little bit, Timothy. And why are you a part of Faith and Freedom coalition? Like, why are you involved?

Yeah, that's a good question, you know. So one of the ways that we like to sometimes say it is, at Faith and Freedom is that we are working to support biblical worldviews or public policy that that is within a biblical worldview, and a constitutional framework, right. So we do believe that, that a biblical worldview is it really ultimately leads to the most human flourishing.

And if we can do those kinds of policies within the framework of the Constitution, that, that we actually can can kind of constrain the growth of government. And so, you know, we at the Faith and Freedom coalition, we really our job and our kind of goal is to function almost kind of like a trader trade union for Christians, okay, like pipe fitters, and teachers are organized really well. But we found, you know, that, that Christians, even though we have tons and tons of Christians across the country, we're not always kind of marching in the same direction. And so that's one of our roles at the Faith and Freedom coalition is to try to get all of us, you know, so to speak, singing from the same hymnal from a political perspective. And we're seeing more and more success, not only electorally, but also in actual legislation on the on the federal and the state levels. Yeah, it's such a great point and to engage not just at the national level, but at the state level and local level. We're talking to Timothy Head, the executive director at Faith and Freedom coalition, that's is the general website, and then you can drill down into states and find your spot.

But It's really pretty amazing what's going on here in North Carolina, Timothy, to see Jason's leadership and everything that's going on with the Faith and Freedom coalition in North Carolina. Were you pleasantly surprised about what a monster this Salt and Light conference is going to be?

I mean, this is an incredible lineup. And I'm like, wow, Jason did this. But how do you feel about that? Well, pleasant, pleasant, yes.

Surprised, no. Jason, like you just said, Jason is really one of the best, not just for Faith and Freedom coalition, but period, actually one of the best, I would argue, political organizers in the United States today. And so, you know, this is, I guess, the third year that he's kind of had his fingerprint on the Salt and Light conference there in North Carolina. And it's continued to get a little bit better and a little bit bigger every single year. And honestly, I think we're not only is the event itself really encouraging and galvanizing for all kinds of people of faith, but we truly are seeing momentum continue to build both, you know, and the governors.

I'm very optimistic on the future of the governor there in North Carolina, the state legislature, frankly, the future of the Supreme Court in North Carolina, I think is trending in the right direction. So we're seeing some fruitfulness, not just kind of good events, you know? Yeah, it's such a great point. And we can all get together and we have conferences that have been involved since 2004, and that's fun. But if it doesn't lead to change, then you're just wasting your time and patting each other on the back and having fun in church and while the culture goes to hell around you.

And that's why it's so important. Faith and Freedom Coalition, Timothy Head, executive director. Thank you for calling in, brother. We appreciate you. Thanks for all the good work you're doing.

Absolutely. Thanks so much, my friend. God bless. You're welcome.

You too. We'll talk to you again soon. That was Timothy Head. We're going to keep talking about Faith and Freedom Coalition. What's going on? Salt and Light Conference, Charlotte, coming up in two weeks, September 23rd and 24th, is the website. We'll be right back with Jason and the other guy.

Welcome back. It's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show, coming to you live from Raleigh, North Carolina. You can grab the podcast. You can join us in the studio, Facebook Live. Just go to The Steve Noble Show. You can get the podcast anywhere you would normally get podcasts. Google Play, Apple. You can go to iHeartRadio.

You can go to Spotify. We're in all those places. We're also on YouTube Live, usually. But last week, do you know who Steve Dase is?

I'm here with Jason Williams and Lance Lamond from Faith and Freedom Coalition. So Steve Dase is on last week. We've known each other for years. Right. So he was on last week and we ended up talking a little bit about COVID. We were talking about COVID vaccination.

Now I'm impersonating the president. We're talking about COVID vaccination. And Steve's proposition is that the Democrat Party is going to turn around, flip their whole position, and that all the problems that came as a result of the vaccine, school closures, all this stuff, it's all Trump's fault.

It's not their fault. So we just had this conversation. It's about five minutes.

And he was on for about half the show. Five minutes. So the next day, YouTube says, violation, misinformation. So we're banned for a week from YouTube. It happens all the time. Absolutely ridiculous.

Okay. But we actually just got hit. You did? They took down one of our videos just the other day of our conference. We were promoting some of the speakers from last year. And they took one down because of misinformation. Someone was talking about the election and it was actually Greg Locke. And they took it down. Because he had an opinion about the election. He had an opinion. And they were like, we're not allowing that. No.

You did not get that pre-approved by YouTube. Where do you think you live, Jason? What do you think? This is the United States of America? It's unbelievable. Like this has been the most nervous of the past week. And like Facebook Live and my Facebook page since NC Reopen and I was doing a bunch of stuff early COVID and they throttled it down. It's still throttled down.

And there's nothing you can do about it. But to the trafficking issue, we were talking about this on the break. You're like, you guys were talking on the break?

Yeah, but only if you're on Facebook Live. So go to the Steve Noble Show page and you can get in on those conversations. But talking to Lance Lamon, because we're going to talk about the anti-trafficking movement, which Timothy had something to do with that because that was a big issue. It should be a big issue for all of us. But Timothy had that executive director of Faith and Freedom Coalition. He's like, OK, we've got to get involved with this.

So tell me about your journey into where you completely transform your life, became a member of the DC police force, what, three years ago, to deal with human trafficking. Yeah. So, you know, as a pro-family, pro-life public policy organization, Faith and Freedom was obviously at the forefront of the pro-life movement. And we we realized years ago, Timothy and many of us, that pro-life is more than protecting the unborn. Throughout the Old Testament, throughout through the end of Revelation, one of the themes, one of the themes of biblical values is protect innocence. That's right.

It is one of the tenets of our faith, Judeo-Christian faith, going back to the beginning, like I said, to the end of the Bible itself. And so human trafficking and criminal justice reform are the two areas in which we thought, let's expand what the pro-life movement means. And, you know, we know we know that families who face incarceration and contact the criminal justice system have higher rates of abortion. Victims of human trafficking are often impregnated.

Oh, yeah. Guess what? They go to the hospital. They get abortions. They go to the clinic.

They get abortions. So all of these things tie in together to protecting the most innocence of human life. And on the trafficking side, it involves adults and children.

I work. I work human trafficking cases in both. Now, I'm not going to pretend as though working child trafficking cases is not more. Yeah, it's more egregious, more egregious.

But, you know, we we see the harm that it's done to adults. And so I'm very thankful that Faith and Freedom Coalition has led has led the entire movement from the from sort of the right side of the political aisle to face this issue. The left own this issue for you. Oh, absolutely. And of course, their solutions, of course, are always wrong.

Their number one solution is to legalize prostitution, which the data is very clear from Europe that any any place where legalized prostitution is instituted as policy that human trafficking. You're going to get more because you and you get more of what you incentivize. You get more. That's why we have sales.

Hey, we got a sale down at the store. And I can tell you, I've worked homicides. I've had guns pointed at me my whole life. But I testified against a Washington, D.C. City council bill to legalize prostitution in the district. And in the back of the room was a large contingent of transsexual individuals who were very upset. That's the most fearful I think I've ever been for my public safety.

And I came at it from love. I'm like, I'm not here to judge anyone. I'm telling you, this policy is wrong.

Yeah. This policy is evil. It will lead to more evil. And you're bringing that evil to the nation's capital.

People will come from around the world to visit our White House and they're going to see a brothel with probably underage children being molested in and out of this organization while visiting our nation's capital. And I'm sorry if this is offensive to anyone. But but sorry, this is unacceptable.

It should be offensive to your sensibilities as a Christian. Yes. Or as a human, as far as I as far as I'm. Yeah. This is the one that should that should easily transcend outside of any religious.

You know, I joke with my with my moral atheist friends. You know, I'm like, I don't really understand that. Yeah. Even in that case, they can even see the point of view here of how horrible policy idea that this is. So we're at the forefront of fighting that.

And I'm going to I'm going to beg the listeners now. Get your church involved and get your families involved in fighting trafficking, because it is happening in your name. Oh, that's right. It's it's here in the U.S. I mean, it's all over the world, all over the world.

But it's definitely here in the U.S. It's in rural America. It's in inner city America. It's black.

It's white. It's poor. It's rich. It knows no bounds. And I hate to say this, but the key to the whole market is the buyer.

Sure, of course. And guess where the buyer is. The buyer is in your pew.

The buyer is sitting next to your children at Sunday school and they exist. And you have to be diligent in this fight because pornography is a big driver in this game. Pornography is that lights the fire and then the fire leads to other things.

And then next thing you know. Yeah. So that, you know, unfortunately, the American public has spoken on pornography and it's pervasive in every corner of our culture. And but the data is very clear that we've studied that pornography addiction is the underlying driver of purchasing sex with underage children. It just is. And it starts that way. You add drug abuse to that. And those two addictions alone are really what's driving what's driving this. And and yet the pornography industry continues to be one step ahead of the government.

It continues to be one step ahead of the church. It's infiltrating the average age of a child who views pornography now is about age eight. Yeah, that's right. Nine is the national average.

First time exposure. Think about that for a second. And Jason has six has six children. Yeah. And, you know, we do our best.

But with the age of the Internet, it is really, really hard. And it's prolific. And it's an epidemic. Yeah. It's a real one. It's a real. It's not about avoiding it. They throw it at you. Oh, you're on Facebook.

You can't scroll. Oh, on social media. So I name it. Instagram. You name it. Oh, goodness. And we we over sexualize our children in mainstream culture.

Oh, sure. Television, newspaper, online, wherever we go. And it's really driving the market. And luckily, organizations like ours, we're bringing many people from the right and the left together to fight this. And we're bringing law enforcement to the table, non-government organizations to the table, safe home operator. Well, that was my question. How is faith and freedom engaging this?

Obviously, Lancer engaging it personally through the D.C. police. But how is faith and freedom engaging it as an issue and as an organization? So one faith based organizations who are providing direct services to victims of human trafficking and teach and teaching them the Bible and the love of Jesus Christ and why that's that's the way to salvation and how to get out of the life. Yeah. Faith and freedom is actively supporting public policies that with with financial resources going to those faith based organizations who are doing the on the ground services for victims of trafficking, including Jason, Jason and his wife, who are who are who are involved in this fight as well and are providing that biblical worldview and just showing the love of Christ to these victims and teaching them that Jesus is the way out of this.

So it's proclaiming what's going on. You've got to proclaim that truth. You've got to partner with whoever you can. And then from a from a public policy perspective, you've got to fight to get the right policies in place. There's a ton of work to do.

There's a lot to do. And I will I will commend this legislature in North North Carolina. We worked with them.

I worked with the speaker. Money doesn't fix everything. But in the last budget that was passed, they gave more money towards fighting human trafficking than in the history of the state. And so we worked with the speaker to develop that, to try to find organizations that that are really on the front lines fighting this best, because this is also one of those you're right about the policy. But this is one of those situations where government's not always the answer. They're going to be the answer on some of the things only they can do some of it. But on this, sometimes it's better to have other people. And and I appreciate our legislature speaker more and others for recognizing that.

Yeah. And you have to bring the subject up and you have to engage people and you have to pull back the curtain. That's like Emmett Till's mom, who had an open casket funeral because she wanted everybody to see what racism could actually look like. That's why it's OK to show pictures of aborted babies. It's the same thing that Emmett Till's mom does. But it's uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable.

Who wants to talk about the eight year old being trafficked? By the way, by the way, my wife always says I'm the life of the part. We're the life of the party, because every time we show up in a social situation and the first question is generally, what do you what do you do?

Well, I rescue human trafficking victims. Really? Well, tell us about that. And, you know, off we go. And everybody all of a sudden stops drinking. How important is this election in North Carolina, Jason? Holy cow.

It's about 60 days, a little less. Listen, in North Carolina alone, I mean, we don't have to get in how important the Supreme Court is. Nothing matters if we don't get a majority of conservatives on our North Carolina Supreme Court. For the first time in my life and probably all of our lives, abortion is actually on the ballot. It's on the table.

We've been talking about this forever. These are things that people fought for. They stood in line. They fasted.

They prayed. I mean, there's people listening to this right now who've done far more than I have in the decades. Oh, man, almost 50 years. Again, thinking about all they've done, we now have the opportunity, if we can elect a supermajority of pro-life legislators, we can really see abortion pushed back to minimal here in North Carolina. So for the first time ever since I've been a voter, I'm 39 years old, the first time ever, abortion is directly on the ballot because we can get rid of it. And so I'm thrilled about that. A lot of people talk about how that hurts our side. That should motivate people who have been dealing with this for 50 years.

That's right. And this is our opportunity. So there's other issues we could talk about.

For me, there's nothing bigger than the abortion issue right now. And then so we have to add three Republicans in the House. We have to add two in the Senate. We have to take over the North Carolina Supreme Court.

If you don't own the court in the system in America today, it doesn't matter what happens in the legislature, a twisted court will just turn it over. So you got to take all three, and we have an opportunity to do that. We're going to keep talking about that, Jason. We'll have you back on a bunch between now and November because we're going to keep ringing that bell. Salt and Light Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, September 23rd and 24th. You can get your tickets. Go to Thanks for being here, you guys. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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