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MON HR 1 090522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 6, 2022 12:47 am

MON HR 1 090522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. Changed our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media, telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left, with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left. I'm Radio Pastor Ernie Sanders on this, well it's the fifth day of September. Wow. Wow, summer's almost gone now.

I think today's officially, well it's the customary end of summer, that's what they usually say. But well, anyhow, it was a good one. At least for some, for some of us. And tonight we have out there on the board and our producer, Courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. And tonight being Monday night we have none other than Pastor Joe Larson. Well, Labor Day and here we are laboring for the Lord, as we should. I want to dedicate this program to all of those true American mega-patriots. They get up every day and go and work and earn their own way.

And they don't live off the labor of other people, like the Biden supporters, so many of them do. So, and I want to hope that everybody out there wish you all a happy Labor's Day. Out there all you true American patriots. Boy Joe, did I run into a bunch of them on Saturday. I went out and I spoke at a rally out in Painsville, Ohio. And then today at the Great Jug County Fair, I ran into a whole bunch of people stop by looking for that radio pastor, Ernie Sanders. And I met a lot of great people for the first time that have been listening to me and telling me how they've been listening to me for years, and if I didn't want to come out and meet.

And that was great. So, and I'm sorry for all those of you that I missed. And because I took time out where I just kind of wondered about the fair, talking to people, meeting people out there. And there were people that would come over to our booth, but I had other people in there. You got to get out and about, don't you, Joe? Yep, you got to get out and see things and do things. And be seen and be seen, I guess is what they say. Yep. Joe, the title of the message this week was Truth the Consequences by God. And it's all about telling the truth and what happens when you don't tell the truth when you're a constant liar. And so, but I think tonight being Labor Day, let's do this. Let's go to James Chapter 1 and read verses 1 through, well, 1 through 25.

What do you think? Okay, yeah, that's pretty good. I'd like to add one thing when you were dedicated to those who get up and work. The founding fathers, Madison, said, we, to be a free nation, I'm going to paraphrase, to be a free nation, a free people, we have to be citizens who are capable of governing ourselves, controlling ourselves, sustaining ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.

We would be a free and righteous people. And to those that go out and control themselves, govern themselves, sustain themselves, happy Labor Day, because you're doing it the right way. You know, and I want to also, on this Labor Day, think of people like my dad, the great generation of people that, you know, the World War II survivors, and all of those folks out there, but especially, I remember, my dad was probably the hardest working man I've ever met. He was, and he taught his children the work ethic, and he never had, not any of his children ever had a problem ever being unemployed. They were always, always employed. And I want to, you know, hear, too, think of my son, who, when he was in high school, he had two jobs after school, not just one, he had two jobs, but he went out and worked. He went out and he got them, and so, you know, that's the work ethic.

I loved it. I'm so glad, in America, we've had this, and today, Communism is trying to, the Antichrist system, they want to destroy the work ethic. Well, there's, they want to destroy everything that's good.

There's nothing that's good that they don't want to destroy. And I'd have to add, I had a father like that, the work ethic, even as a young kid, we were, we had our chores, we had yard work, gardening to do, other things, helped get firewood, and then we were, I was hiring all over the neighborhood to cut firewood and mow lawns and shovel snow for the neighbors. We were always working. It was like where I grew up, it was the normal thing, and it was a rarity when you had people that you saw sitting around doing nothing, was something everybody talked about.

It was the, it was abnormal, right? Absolutely. Times have changed. All right, James 1. James, a servant of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad. No, James chapter 1, starting with verse 19 through 25. Oh, I thought you said verse 1.

19, got it. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. Wherefore, lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save your souls. But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass. For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetth what matter, what manner of man he was. But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continue therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work. This man shall be blessed in his deed. If any man among you seem to be religious, and a bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

Okay, Joe, you can stop there. Now, going back to 19, Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, and slow to speak, and slow to wrath, for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. I kind of had to learn that again today, well not today, but in the last couple of days I've had to deal dealings with constantly with people that continue to, well, I don't want to say make the same mistakes, continue to do do wrong, just the very same things that that they should not be doing. Well, let's just call it sins, over and over, and you know how many times have you you've told them and then they repent it and they say we're sorry and I won't do it again and then then they then they they fall back and so if you know the habit of repenting and doing it repenting and doing it it's like the abusive spouse I'm sorry and then slap I'm sorry slap and during it again and again right right and so that comes to a point where it really does test your patience you know you know you know we've been here before you were doing the same thing again and so I had to you know think about this how to slow to wrath because for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God oh you get to you know you see so far you just about you run out of patience you run out of patience and I I had to deal with two of those situations one of them was just a situation where there's an individual that just can't stop talking just can't stop talking and you know no matter no matter what I do you know they you can't you can't be with them and they want to they want to continually be with you but they they just can't stop talking and it's like it's it's not it's it's a verbalization of the thoughts it's not like when you speak and then there's a pause and then you go on it's it's a steady stream of verbal age and and it's no break no waiting for you to respond reply or say no we don't need to do that or go there now or something yeah yeah and so so I had to deal with both of those right one on top of the other and and this here the verse you know I mean it really hits the nail on the head how you know the testing of your patience because it says I also see something in there where he's talking about the wrath of man I'd look at the Liberals and they are always angry that their faces are angry they're contorted when they ever they talk about us they have hateful looks in their face the the verbiage out of their mouth is angry and hateful and yet like Biden today or speech today called us hateful and angry the left is doing exactly you know what they've always done accuse us of doing what they are doing you listen to the purview the QQ view whatever the view and the women are always nasty they're always angry they're always mad and liberals seem like the unhappiest people in the world because they're always angry well they are the unhappiest people in the world because they always want will blow somebody else and they're lost they don't have the spirit of the Lord they know they're always defying God so they cannot be happy because everything they are for God's against it absolutely so being Antichrist there couldn't be no happiness and and and they know and see deep down inside even if they denied they can they could deny God all day long but down deep inside of them they're they're that little spark that God has put into that conscious thing they know that at some point they're gonna have to stand before him and they just hate the very thought of having to stand before a God who their money can't buy and you know they can't the ACLU can't get them out of it they're in trouble they know why their way out they can't buy their way out what do you see that next verse 21 they're talking but lay apart get rid of filthiness naughtiness you know get rid of these things they are not good for you they are not you know fulfilling they're not righteous and they are against the will of God right then it says receive with maintenance the engrafted word which is able to save your souls so he's talking about repenting receive the Word of God repent repent but if you be doers but be you doers of the word and that here is only deceiving your own selves that's exactly what they're doing they're deceiving themselves they say well you know yeah I heard it I don't believe it though I don't believe it but but it you know you and I know that that they know that eventually they're gonna have to face up to it it's gonna get them and you know and I tell these people because I often have conversations with pseudo intellectuals who try to convince you that that if things really don't exist in property unless you acknowledge them if people fail to acknowledge certain things and even certain people they don't they cease to exist they've been cancelled that's what the cancel cultural does that they if we refuse to acknowledge your existence you can't exist well that's a that's stupid of saying that because you exist whether they acknowledge you or not judge well that the whole idea is that they really have a hard time totally convincing themselves of that and when they can't convince us and so they try to convince themselves like somehow if I don't believe that there is a God that I'll stand before I will not stand before that cut well don't work that way does it Joe well you also wouldn't be able to convince me if you can't convince yourself you're not going to convince anyone else and then there's that second line for those that profess to be Christians the ones that just go sit listen but never do anything God tells us we are to be doers of the word we see it here doers of the work doers of the law and almost every verb in Scripture is an active verb we're to go forth and teach and preach and witness testify reprove rebuke run to the battle fights of all these action words and what he's saying is you can't just sit there and do nothing and be a Christian you're not a child of God if you're just listening you have to do something work at a labor right right you know then he goes on to say for if any man be a hearer of the word and not a doer he is likened to a man beholding his natural face in a glass now it's an interesting thing they used he used a man there that he didn't use a woman or child and the reason for that Joe is men and women and children they all react looking in that mirror differently and I remember how we had a double bathroom with a double sink an old house and my wife and I would be I would be on one side shaving and she'd be on the other side putting on a shoe as she used to say to put in putting on a face and and I know that you know I would be sitting back and she'd get real close and pucker up and you know put on her lipstick and then I remember Matt when he was a little bitty fellow he would he would sneak up on the mirror there we had this mirror on the on this bookcase and in the end when the back of the bed and Matt would be jumping when he was a little guy and he would he would sneak up and he would peek at that mirror didn't be done and he would try to see if he could be quicker than that fella in the mirror and and it was funny but then here you know when I know how many times my wife said you do know you've got shaving cream behind your ear I said yeah that's where I keep it you know it's where I park it huh yeah but you see men would be we'd go up we'd shave take a look well I mean we could look like seven miles a bad highway but at least we got shaved and we smile we walk around we don't we don't take a real close look well now we've got the work with shaving you get it then you go on right yeah I remember my sisters when they were teenagers well they would get up when they would get those pimples on their face and it's like they would sneak up on that mirror like slow like like maybe they'd get the drop on the pimple or something or it would be so bad I don't know but but so he uses the example of a man here because you know men go in there we shave we smile and walk away and and we forget that we have that shaving cream behind her ear and and here he goes on for he beholded himself and go with his way straightaway forget with what matter man he was that's that's us but who's to look into the perfect law of liberty continue it there and he'd be not a forgetful here but the doer of the work this man should be blessed in his deed huh exactly because everything the Lord wants you to do is doing something you know as you do to the least of these my brethren you do unto me Jesus said the whole point of our being here is to do something not just to exist well and on Labor Day here we are laboring for the Lord doing his will his work and I'm sure something that he finds pleasing and that there really isn't that much of that going on in the world it should be right well when you look at who the greatest and worker that there ever was that accomplished more than anybody else the one that planted the big redwood sequoias in California and the ones that piled up the mountains and filled up the oceans and filled up the heavens with planets and stars that was a lot of work Joe but that's a one did something that that was harder than all of that put together and that is when he went on and he became our advocate became one of us became a man who felt and suffered like men do and then took our place died for our sins paid the price for all the you think it wasn't just the physical pain the mental anguish of taking upon his sinless spotless soul all of the horrors the lies of the seats the mayhem the murders the cheating the stealing you know everything rape on his on that sinless spotless soul I know emotional pain is I've lived long enough to realize it's worse than any physical pain well Joe losing a spouse Joe when he said when he had done that when he had he had bought the salvation of all that would call upon his name when he bought that with his own blood when the job was done he then said it is finished finished yeah and they went just to sit at the right hand of the father home but he is still working because scripture tells us it's by him and through him all things in heaven and earth consist in other words continue on he is still in control of everything in this vast universe he is what holds the universe together but keeps life going what keeps everything in balance and that has to take some work because from what I've seen in the universe natural order is for things to descend into chaos and yet our planet spins keeps its axis keeps its right distance it's elliptical orbit we don't get to have the worth doesn't get too hot too cold to sure there changes but it stays in that range where we can exist and if he held together by him then he says this he says then when we look into the perfect law of liberty but when we look at them to the perfect law of liberty you continue there and now think about this here how could laws give you liberty that word liberties means the same as freedom how do we get how do we get freedom from laws well we do that right through the Word of God here and and in obedience to God's laws we have freedom I mean God tells us thou shall not but all of the things you know that he doesn't tell us where we have freedom as the Apostle Paul says all things are lawful for me but not all things are expedient and so we really have very very few don'ts and we have so many dues but you know what else Joe that we find a law of liberty and the founding fathers knew that when they gave us the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because that Constitution and that Bill of Rights guaranteed us liberty and freedom and we have those today from him that will perfect law of liberty if we follow his teaching his word we will live eternally because he tells us even though we sinned if we go to him we can still be forgiven we can you know all we even if one were saved we can still sin but when we sin we know to go to him right away and get forgiven and we live in that perfect law of liberty within that perfect balance that we have a personal relationship with God we don't just have a religion we have this personal relationship that we maintain through that law of liberty and follow his gospel and we have ever we become children of God and have everlasting life right and so again today well we're up against a break we'll be back right after this don't go away here's a song for all of you liberals who believe your ways are best who don't mind overcrowding this nation with a swarm of foreign immigrants who don't care about the population who don't care if it's foul on our nest when are you ever gonna read the writing upon the wall we got crime overtaken our cities we got gangs taken over our streets we keep handing out more and more welfare though it never seems to meet their needs what kind of culture are we cultivating one where you never have to pull any weeds if we don't stop immigration this great nation's gonna fall let's get a grip on immigration in the great United States every limit their numbers it's our time to be close at that gate now can't you see how we are rapidly becoming another third world fascist state let's get a grip on immigration in these great United States how can we ever come to any solution when all we ever do is debate we've got to get a tighter grip on our borders we've got to seriously legislate and quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist and trying to fabricate that I hate now you know it's not too late let's get a grip on immigration in these great United States it's high time every limit their numbers it's high time we start closing that gate and quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist and quit trying to fabricate that I hate and get a grip on immigration in these great United States let's get a grip on immigration now you know it's not too late it's high time every limit their numbers it's high time that we close a bad beat can't you see how we are rapidly becoming another third world fascist police state let's get a grip on immigration in these great United States and quit trying to fan the flame that I'm a racist and keep trying to fabricate that I hate all right Joe you had mentioned how Obama was out there again trying to cause a problem trying to cause a rift trying to cause a civil war and that's what Joe bomb is up to by attacking true American patriots out there and and here what that song says is exactly right to bringing in all of these illegal immigrants and that's exactly what Obama and the the entire Biden crime cartel and the deep state the very very very corrupt DOJ that is totally completely corrupted it's got nothing to do with justice it is look again I want to say it Merrick Garland would have would be very hard-pressed to find someone to someone that he would prosecute as corrupt as himself and here again we're seeing how the corruption has gone down through the FBI down and I praise the good Lord for all those whistleblowers more coming forward every day and and now garlin and ray are saying that anyone who blows the whistle they're gonna lose their jobs they're gonna get fired if they blow the whistle okay that's all right we know what's happening we we know that they're pushing they're pushing hard for this fascist police state is what they're doing and they know exactly ever for as long as you and I have been around we know that the left is always accusing us the communists always accuse us of doing what they're doing when Biden stands there and says all the Republic mega Republicans in Congress we're going backward we're full of anger we're full of violence we're full of hate we're full of division and it's just the total opposite the ones that are going backwards that are going against the Constitution of the Liberals they're the ones who are angry and violent and FIFA and BLM on the street there's where the violence and the hatred oh you just turn on any of the liberal networks and listen to the anger and the hate and the division as Christians we know we have to try and bring the nation together you know well Joe the people know look look look look kid when when did you see the last time did you see the poor boys or even the white so-called white supremacists if they're out there when did you see any of them burning down cities you saw a lot of the antifa and burn loot murder burning down cities you've seen them killing police officers I watched them as they were righted hit an old man in the back of the head with a brick and laughed as he died there Biden said we killed police officers during January the you know conservatives during January 6 but I still can't find any dead police officers from January 6 just well happen I know that Joe but you have to understand by by the profession of his own daughter's diary Joe Obama Biden is a pedophile according to his own daughter's diary he's a pedophile well we don't even need the diary words he's a liar well he's a liar for sure but you've seen what happens how many times just recently again he noticed a little girl in a crowd and he he couldn't contain himself and how you know it's and again the entire death of credit Communist Party is flush with pedophilia it is flush with pedophilia here I got a couple articles who wanted to hit real quick the People's Republic of China is preparing to go to war well they're saying they're not trying to hide the efforts well you know they're huffing and puffing we're seeing a lot of of Hollywood performance here Joe and what's happening with this thing Joe Obama sent to two Navy warships over in the area to drive around but do you know that Joe Obama is owned by the Communist Chinese Party he's owned by them though the whole Biden cartels then you know who said that the Chinese Communist Party has said that party yeah and so scripture tells us to what we are to judge by the fruits well he's decimated our military he's turned the whole military into a woke world he's let the 80 85 billion dollars worth of weapons go in Afghanistan he's taken most of our arsenal of rockets and missiles and weapons and given them to Joe Joe told rain without replacing them Joe Joe hold Joe hold it hold it hold it okay see something people ought to know okay you see because this this one thing that I really like to hold on to and it's called common sense Joe common sense now you say if you're out there and you're dealing with a drug dealer on this on the streets right and the drug dealer gives you the drugs what does that drug dealer expect in return he expects to be paid in full that's right Joe so if you think that Joe Obama simply gave that 85 billion dollars worth of military equipment to our enemies Joe Obama doesn't do that they expect something in return they expected mega bucks to be funneled back through through the Joe Bob in the crime cartel maybe in foreign offshore bake they don't give it away they sell everything you know Joe Bob and learned a lot from the Clintons and so but that's kind of the point by the fruit the fruit is always aiding and abetting the enemy when he depletes our national oil reserve we aren't able to stand at a time of a quick war or certain military right need he's done everything to harm the nation and aid in the bet the enemy that's why by your fruit will you be known and that is why Joe when the Chinese military were have said that they could possibly invade that that it would be a possible invasion of an America I come November around November when they said this a lot of people thought well that was that was just some Hollywood okay no they know that what's happening is Joe bomb huh in Austin and Millie there they've been working hard to weaken our military and if you think that all of those bullets all of those bullets all that have been set to Ukraine are being used in combat Joe like you got another thing coming my friend because that's hitting the black market most of those are going right on the black market and they're being sold and so again just like Hillary did Hillary has no problem at all a selling what belongs to America to our enemies she sold all of our uranium yeah 20% of our total supply of uranium that we need desperately to the Russians right right but not only that before that slick Willy what he did he he said the Chinese ahead the military had 25 years in technology he used the Lorell corporation to teach them how to launch weather satellites which was also how you launch multiple warheads he sold them a hundred gray supercomputers but didn't clean the hard drives and this he sold these computers the same year the Chinese graduated 110 scientists and Pete with PhDs in what artificial intelligence now I don't believe in that kind of coincidence that the very year 110 Chinese scientists get a PhD go back to China we sell them a hundred gray supercomputers from like Los Alamos lab and nobody bothered to clean the hard drives I don't believe in that kind of you know just happening do you know well it's just kind of a far stretch but you see remember the the communists have always been generous with other people's property and that's that's exactly what that's exactly what the Democrats are that's what he's doing look and Joe Obama wants votes he wants all these young liberals to vote for him so he's gonna buy them right right he's gonna say we'll pay for your college we'll just simply take the money from and we'll lay the bill on other people don't worry about it okay just go vote for us deathocrats again they're all they're always very very unbelievable generous with other people's property you know what if I lived out in California California now you see and they're putting an emergency electricity they're having rolling blackouts in California and then and so if I was living in California and they have these rolling blackouts and I didn't have electricity and well then what would I do well I'd go out and buy electric car because that's what that's right that's what you do in California and leave it in your garage because you couldn't charge it that's right but that's what you do if you live in California and I know I have a perfect oh a lot of good people and see the people that say well you know we can't live this way they move out of there they go to Texas or Florida or even here in Ohio but they say we we can't we can't continue this if they have any sanity if they have not lost it completely I mean we see yep it brings me it makes me a thought Biden also was accusing he said that the Republicans are the ones who we pushing democracy under assault and I'm thinking we're not a democracy this is one of those big lies has been told for so long everybody goes around calling us we are a constitutional republic we have within the Republic which is rule of law laws that do not change that's what a republic is we have a representative form of government so we have a partial democracy within the confines of the Republic but we are not a true democracy we are a republic with a democratic form of government and so he's saying we're trying to destroy democracy where our founding fathers I've got probably three pages of quotes they hated and feared democracy because it was mob rule and I know pastor you would remember the greatest democratic vote in the history of the world when Herod stood on a balcony and he asked the people what who do you choose this day give me Barabbas or give us you know that wasn't Herod that was Pontius Pilate a vote didn't they that was Pontius Pilate that did that I mean Pilate you're right yeah yeah but I was thinking that was the greatest democratic vote in the history of the world because that was the emotional rule of the people without thought without the ironic thing Joe was that at that time in the Roman Empire the Romans had a republic form of government that was a republic form of government they had now and supposedly in a republic an innocent man could not be condemned to death well that's the difference a republic guarantees the right of the individual the individual individual in a in a democracy it's virtually the mob rule it's 51% can force their will on the other 49% then friend democracy democracy was two wolves and a lamb debating on what was going to be had for lunch yeah and so so we have to and of course this is what Joe Obama and the death of credit Communist Party you know this is that they want to take away they want to totally eliminate the middle class they want it gone they want the elite those that are meant to be served and those that will serve them and they don't want any rebellious class in between that is what their goal is in little by little they're they're killing off so many so many people today you know I was watching last night and then a news clip where Joe up until the last two years where it come to these athletes these young athletes these soccer players the football players and basketball players they were averaging and this is on a world basis about seven or eight a year would drop dead of a heart attack during you know playing the key you're talking about seven or eight a year that is moved up Joe to about eight hundred a year now in the last couple of years they've been dropping off have with heart attacks these young athletes how much have you heard of that an NBC ABC CBS or CNN crickets crickets crickets you don't think it is the whole thing you don't think it's got to do with this program has been brought to you by Pfizer over and over and all of these commercials to the big drug companies they have all the advertisement they buy all that airtime so they own the TV stations I mean and so no matter what lied they tell them what no matter you keep this out you keep it out just like here big tech ramps up purge of the truth Google removed world net daily the first online conservative news site from its search engine look what happened when you click on a world news daily from Google search well big tip political establishment the United Nations in a world economic forum cohesively Joe in towering to implement the great reset agenda and usher in the new world order the agenda can only be achieved by making a conservative Christian pro-american paradigms obsolete and decimating public awareness of borrowing access to the truth and that's exactly remember when Bloomberg bought those stations we were on in New York just to get us off and just bought them and here the whole network the whole radio network was purchased and here readers who search for world net daily you know Joe's Pharaoh is a good man he's a godly man a good Christian man and and you know actually I was with him when he was first got started we had him on the radio program here but he goes readers who search for world net daily on Google are now directed to a page that issues advisory when they click on the new site for the text giants search engine warning visiting this website may harm your computer and caution so let me tell you it just unbelievable Google is corrupt it is created lies I've been going to world net daily for as many years I think as it's been up and I guarantee I think it there's nothing wrong with that website you know they tell the truth and the truth is hate to those that hate the truth amen and so anyhow well remember the liberals you're talking about this hate they keep bringing up equity equity well our country was based on the equality of man in his relationship to God we all have equal rights god-given rights but the Democrats want equity that's an equal outcome and today on Labor Day it's been achieved they have what's called the labor participation rate I'm sure you've seen that well it's the lowest it's been in 45 years over 40% of the Americans of working age one are not working so we're not laboring now two of the ones that are working of the bottom 60% of all the workers in America those who's there you know out there working every day they have equity now with those who are not working in other words by the time they work and pay taxes the sales tax income tax state tax they are make coming out with exactly the same income as those who do not work so the government is slowly achieving equity in America not the equality of God from God but equity of communism for those that labor the blue-collar those working-class people and those underneath they are making working hard and yet they're taking home the same amount of money as all of those who do not work who are on welfare this is what the Communists want they want equity they want all to be poor well if you if you apply for every program that's being offered you can make an average of a family of four of $60,000 $60,000 a year if you that's that bottom 60% you know of all the workers in America and around that area by not working at all thank you yeah you have to make a hundred thousand to make to take home that 60 by the time you pay your federal state income tax and all that you're ending up in the same place so why work really really hard get up and then you have to spend extra money for that quite often for tools or clothing or whatever gas transportation all this other stuff you have extra expenses in there that those who are not working don't have so in a lot of ways they may actually come out ahead with more spendable income well that's what a ox is your communist government right yeah that's what a ox today I says that remember AOC she says that if people people don't want to work they shouldn't have to work they should they should be supported by those that want to work we can that's Peter to pay we can rob the industrious Peter who's working to pay the layabout lout who doesn't want to work Paul and everything will be happy but pretty soon if they take enough money from Peter he's going to quit working and this is what happens in the you know capital as war as the communist world the producers finally catch on and quit working and then everything starts to collapse well Joe Joe see that's that's the wonderful thing about the land of opportunity see see you can be as stupid as you can be in other words you can say why why work if you don't want to let other people support me and and and by being that stupid in the land of opportunity you can be a congressman and well now a ox not a congressman but but you're not a Congresswoman you can't use that word woman now and so so and define it I can't use the word if I can't define it right it's a little humor it's a that's what my mother always said I can't she would not allow me to use words that I couldn't define okay in our house if you couldn't define the word you couldn't use it so apparently for that same rule holds today we can't use the word woman because the left doesn't know how to define one no that yeah they they don't know what one is okay but I do you know I I wrote a paper on that when I married one oh did you okay well that's good but you know women can be they can be mothers they can be grandmothers they can be sisters they can be ants and you know they can be all those things can't they and a wife yeah okay so usually the wife comes before mother her used to be that way it used to be that way now unfortunately I think 40% of the children born in America are in a single parent household so they have no father in the house well that's true love actually the country no actually here says you brought that up 25% of all children in America live in a one-parent house it says 25% Joe and I've got no the national that's the the international the international average is 7% according to the last poll that I just got here so that's the international average is 7% so we're four times higher than what the net the international averages what do you think because I do I have seen a couple reports where they claimed it was just about 40% or children were born to unmarried women so whichever figure is still not good for the country is it well no that that could be true because I you know a lot of times after they have a child they get married to have someone help them support and so that's true it may not be the father but they do quite often get married later yeah and so here again like I said this this poll just said the 25% of children live in a one-parent home now speaking of that reported sexual assaults across all our US military services branches up is up 13% since Millie in Austin said they went the transgender route since they brought in the trans Queens and and and they said LGBT is not just an equal they're they're superior they're a superior lifestyle not just an equal lifestyle but a superior since Millie and and Austin did that rapes the sexual assaults is going up by 13% in the military and so there you go it's a that well the military totally gone woke that's why the recruitment's down nobody wants to join anymore because they don't want to be a part of that and I mean a lot of these sodomites and trends the ones that are trying to transition are going into the military because the military is paying for their transition but they sure sure aren't ready for active duty wouldn't be on what you call combat ready status would they nope here you go breaking exclusive Republican establishment attorneys connected to Bush and Romney file a brief in support of the FBI raid at Merrill Hargo okay there you go and so here requesting the judge to deny President Trump's request to look at the FBI raid at Merrill Hargo and the three of them they named here is Greg bow Brower John Farmer and William weld these are all rhinos one-horned rhinos the good news was the judge said that there's going to appoint a special master to oversee that this situation calls that the Department of Justice should not be investigating itself looking at itself so they are going to give Trump a special master to go through things so do you think of very good news what do you think Merrick Garland's gonna send a bunch of antifa a burn-loot murder over to that judge's house I wouldn't be surprised I'm surprised the judge had that kind of courage to be honest with you okay well too many people are intimidated and will not stand well you know they're you know how they work I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a big mob in front of that judge's house sent out there by Merrick Garland the Supreme Court they were out in front of the Supreme Court just yeah hang tight we're up against a hard break we'll be back right after this don't go wait a lot to come oh I got some good stuff thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry head to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 Sperry Road Newberry Ohio 4 4 0 6 5 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word Cleveland calm the word Cleveland calm once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the Christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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