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The Miraculous Story of Modern Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 18, 2018 4:20 pm

The Miraculous Story of Modern Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 18, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/18/18.

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I'm holding my hands an amazing book. Israel rising ancient prophecy modern lens, the land of Israel reawakens to sit and talk with the author of this book today stage for the line of fire, your host, activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown not I love e-books. I've got hundreds of thousands of e-books look to be able to read my cell phone or my E reader on my tablet or computer and do research like that. But there are some books that you got a hold in your hands and you got a look at to appreciate the majesty, the beauty that's the only way to do it and I'm holding one such book in my hands now it's absently gorgeous and any it is an amazing book with an amazing message: Israel rising ancient prophecy. Modern lens is celebrating 70 years of Israel, 1948, 2018.

The land of Israel reawakens and and what does it does pictorially, there's text with it, but an extraordinary way takes you on an amazing journey of prophetic fulfillment and that's what we are speaking about today. Tonight on the biblical calendar begins junkie poor for 24 hours Jews around the world, fasting, praying for forgiveness. The sacred time.

The biblical calendar for many Jews. The holiest day of the year and it's with that sense of sobriety that we look at the amazing acts of God in Israel this is Michael Brown you tuned into the line of fire. I'm not taking calls today so I can devote the entire hour to my guests Doug Hirschi and he is the author of the book Israel rising with photography from Elise Terrio will talk more about that in a moment Doug, welcome to the modifier. Thanks Romeo, it's good to be with right so Doug first your background or are you Jewish, how did you come to have an interest in Israel have you end up in Israel so much. I was raised in a Christian home never really connected anything with with Judaism or Christianity was never really taught that but always had, even from a believing teenager really had a desire in my heart drawing towards the kings of Israel, though the profits even things within the taurine and always can adjust myself I find somewhere along the line.

If I find some Jewish heritage in my your my DNA would make sense about why I feel the way that I do not my first trip to Israel is probably over 20 years ago and on a traditional bus to her and and was actually with messianic Jews as well as Christians in a in a joint joint trip and really came away from that. Just as many people do just really ignited. The Bible comes alive with something much deeper for me just really connected and and really felt like the Lord was saying this was something I was going to be really more of a part of my life apart my press my DNA if I can say that and and really just following his lead from there right so what what is it about Israel.

That's different than say getting a burden for India bent India 25 years straight or getting a burden for Mexico getting burned for Russia or for China.

Obviously, every nation is important in God's sight in Jesus die for the people of all nations in God's love is the same for all peoples and nations but there's something something different and unique when it comes to Israel what how would you capture that in terms of your own life experience. In a word covenant to me there's there are things that are happening within the land today that are really an anomaly in human history. And so while there's lots of nations that have come and go. There's lots of beautiful places. There is only one place that the God of the Bible says that he's chosen either talks about the land of the the eyes of the Lord are on it from the beginning of the year to the end of the year and it drinks the dew of heaven.

He talks about the Jerusalem is the center of the earth. He talks about making Jerusalem, his his habitation in the place where he's chosen to dwell in certain that fact alone the fact that God has chosen it and stated over and over with in the Bible that itself makes it unique from all other nations alright so we we are we are talking about divine history in a unique way and enter place, which in the past was visited by God. The place where he caused his temple to dwell respond with his presence was where he brought the children of Israel gave in that land where the Messiah came in walking rose from the dead with the apostles were chosen and sent out Doug it is. Is it also a place not just of biblical history, but where there is biblical future to unfold as well. No doubt about it, and that's really part of the book is that there are things that are happening within the last 70 years of of Israel becoming nation even more specifically within will really last 40 to 50 years very much in our lifetime. There are things are coming to pass today and very practical, tangible, verifiable factual ways that the prophets have talked about laid out 2600 years ago that have really been lying dormant up into the season and if if the if history of the nation of Israel shown us anything is that the fact that the prophets actually meant exactly what they said it's actually unfolding exactly as they said that the deserts are blooming the streams that in the desert are being discovered. The waste places are being rebuilt.

The Jewish people are returning the branches are putting forth fruit. The land is physically arriving. That's a lot of what Israel rising is about again friends the book in my hands. I wish I could take you through picture after picture after picture. What will explain exactly what the book is about in a moment Israel rise in the land of Israel awakens you can order it on our website. This is a great way to stand with us in Jewish ministry in than to get the book yourselves is good asked Dr. Brown ASCII DR and was just chatting with Scott both my dear friend and cohost on our holy find the holy land Israel tour we were extending this just a few more days in terms of people able to sign for the tour but we just both decided to do this if you sign up today over asked Dr. for tour to Israel. We want to give you a free copy of the Israel rising book just further incentive to get your deposit in today you have to do anything if it happens today will take note of it and get you the book. Alright, so Doug I was doing some shows on CBN a few months back couple months back. Featuring one of my recent books and afterwords they express appreciation dinner where is there for the whole day there different chosen things like that and then they say we just want to give you something special and gave me Israel Ross as the first, so the book I thought this is another thing yeah and then we were getting ready to go to Israel and my producer Matt was gonna be going over for the first time so I said hey take this book is your praying go through the pages look at it and then I just spoke for it for a colleague in Charlotte North Carolina. An Israeli friend and he gave me a copy books I've now been given to copies of this book by two major ministries that that's how much they appreciate this so let's talk about the concept behind the book Israel rising and how you came to work together with this photographer you Israel rising is we talk about being a photo book and people refer to it as a coffee-table book, but it to me.

It's really something so much more than the title Israel rising ancient prophecy modern lens of the ancient prophecy is actually referring to Ezekiel 36 and it's a unique prophecy in that Ezekiel is told by God prophesied to the mountains to the rivers to the hills to the valleys and which is unique.

We often think of prophecy being spoken to kings or nations or people and hear God speaking directly to the land and if if you're opening your Bible and reading through verses 8 to 12 and you're really on beyond that he's talking specifically to the land. You will put forth branches and produce fruit. You will be cultivated and soon I will be I will turn to you and treat you better than what I did previously.

Man and beast will be multiplied. Cities will be rebuilt. He's talking to the land itself. And so that was something that, as I've been in Israel really in the past 20 years. Most more specifically back-and-forth in a more regular basis. In the last six or seven years I've been watching with my own eyes.

The land beginning to change. There are certain areas of the desert that every time there. There's a new date orchard. There's a new venue. There's new fields.

There's new communities that are springing up and I was rereading this.

Some of the Scriptures, and I'm began to sort of wondering myself I is is this really happening. Is this what Ezekiel was talking about one if there is any other time in history that anything like this could've happened or happened and that really begin driving the I've a love for history and I love you how God works in people and nations and throughout history and began looking at the Lansing.

I wonder if if this is that yeah and if you go back in history when Ezekiel 36 was was first written.

It's in the context of the Babylonian exile and the Jewish people coming out of exile back to the to the land of Judah and Israel, which had largely been abandoned. There was very little going on and now it's going to be rebuilt and there's going to be of the prophet said, singing and dancing in the streets again and in weddings and children playing all of this, but Ezekiel 36 speaks of far more than that.

That's right mix of things that have not yet happened. Let's say prophesies one through 10 and only one through four came to pass will still in the Bible that means that means five through 10 must come to pass as well. Plus, things got much more desolate in the centuries following the land of Israel got much more undeveloped in the centuries following then compared to Ezekiel's day what was roughly a 50 to 70 year time of of exile so so Doug, the perspective now.

From then from before the Lamb was developed until now. It is even more striking is very much so and and part of the key of Ezekiel's prophecy, it isn't just simply with the land responding. He talks about when and when the land will respond. What is the timeframe it talks about when there the Jewish people return it says when you again become their possession, so it has to do with Israeli sovereignty and in the book, you find a chart where you like.

Did you looking at the research I want to know how much within that parameters that Ezekiel laid out how many years from the time that Ezekiel spoke it up to 1948. How many years was there. Israel is really sovereignty in the land and in that 2600 your time.

This time span. There's only about 80 years. During the what's called Hasmonean. During the time the Maccabees or soon after that, the whole Maccabean revolt where there was Israeli sovereignty and some of that's written about first Maccabees and actually talks about some of the prosperity of the land about the vineyards and the growth in the in the beauty and and then any time that the Jewish people lose sovereignty are thrown out of the land we begin seeing this pattern of just you. Everything begins to deteriorate. It's destroyed. It's flattened by wars or famines or whatever the case, and so you in the last 2600 years prior to 1948. There is only 80 years. That year the could have even possibly fit within the parameters and that's what I'm saying I am. I'm pretty sure that this is happening right now is so so when that setting dates were nothing. This means that Jesus is coming on a particular day, but what we are saying is that people are seeing things today that no generation as previously seen, we are saying that the table is set more now than it's ever been set before again. The author Doug Hirschi photography by Lisa Terrio.

Israel rising so we come back on the start going through some of the pages and is this.

It's a gorgeous large coffee-table book, but on one side of the page you have black-and-white pictures say from before the reestablishment of that the modern state of Israel, then you have pictures today of how neighborhoods have been built with the window neighborhoods have things been developed with there was no development. Tell literally. There's a booming, beautiful, fertile land where there was desolation for swamps.

In fact will be right back for cleansing. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and rising this reading from our website released to coincide with Israel 70th anniversary is rising is a beautiful full-color book that juxtaposes rare historical photographs will talk about how they came on those rare historical photographs of the holy and some over hundred years old, never before released to the general public with contemporary photos taken from the angle advantage point exclusively for this collection of over 200 images, plus there is a music CD with this 14 powerful songs with with a great power harpers room including music by pullover. You get the audio CD and the book at our website. Asked Dr. KSK DR You see the banner right on the homepage so city with author Doug Hirschi, Doug.

How did this concept come together, how did you get this idea of putting out the Israel rising book and search gorgeous graphical form what it was really kind of action I wish I could say I had sort of a divine revelation where I saw it all laid out.

It was like a lot of things in life you just following your journey.

Like I said I was. I was in the land and I was noticing the more I was back to in the Jordan Valley beer between the Sea of Galilee down to the Dead Sea that entire region is now becoming more and more green images from desert farming techniques from your new vineyards new new date palms new new fields and then when you first get Israel what year I was a 2021 years it was my very first time God and so even that time you seen managing dramatic change Seo so much. So when I when I take small groups there.

Sometimes you know I'm I'm talking to them about your just around the scoring to see everything you do start to turn brown well maybe it's not.

Maybe it's the next four minutes. Next quarter and I began realizing that the further south we went where what should be desert is now through desert farming techniques through your irrigation water technology that these fields are and and orchards are are really becoming established and and again at around that same time. I just happen to be reading Ezekiel and began really paying attention to the words and him talking about the land being cultivated and sown in the land physically responding to Jewish presence and object me again began putting those two things together and I wonder if what I'm seeing right now is what Ezekiel talked about so you're looking at the history and of course the the old black-and-white photos of Europe in Jerusalem.

There's a lot of these little shops in the old city. A heavy load. Your beautiful old black and white looks like a completely other world, but it's only like 8200 years ago that these photos were taken is not in the scope of history. It's not that long ago and so I began putting it together and going, even for friends that might never go to Israel. I wonder if there's a way to capture that. So me a long story short, ended up finding a way to obtain over 2200 old photos were taken to be taken between the 1880s and the 1940s and then went back with pro photographer Elise Terrio to to reshoot those angles as close as we possibly could to try to find that the X marks the spot. The exact spot near to line up the angles and and the results of me even to me.

I was his is a bit of adventure to to to do it, but an even the meat that the results were stunning and and how long did it take to do the photography that the current shots that contrasted with the old locations and old pictures.

We brought those 2200 old photos we we called them down to about 100. There's about 100 photo comparisons in the book from over 25 locations all over Israel.

And so it took about six weeks of just no day FM you know that was the job for for six weeks and and really I say it's a job, it is more like a treasure hunt is a joy to me and I you you woke up going. I wonder what I'm going to find today.

I wonder what what miracle I'm going to try to photograph today and and Elise was perfect for that. So so even though you had an idea of the change.

It's not like you had a perfect map of Israel today in your head. It's it's not as if you knew exactly what each site was gonna look like when you got there so it must've been kinda staggering to put them side-by-side yet. A lot of places I would.

We didn't want to say I did want to say like I'm gonna go to Jerusalem and should shoot some photos. I let the old photographs be the guide and so there's a lot of beautiful photos of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv or wherever, but I wouldn't shoot a photo unless I had a black-and-white to re-create so that the whole point was sort of the treasure hunt to find the location where the angle is in the put it together and then you argue my way on top of of of rooftops or in our or negotiate with somebody or even at times and it was really kind of divine led divine appointments and sometimes like in Jericho I walk in and having no idea where some of these potentially you angles were from and find an old Arab man and through translator saying this is a photo from in fact, one of the photos in the in the book. It's a little bit of a story about a there's an old stone archway from photos from 1890 and I'm thinking is its ruins in 1891, of the chances still going to be there. I go in and I show the show the photo on this old romance is all that's the sugar mill. Let me take you to and so it was just sort of the right person at the right time to find the right locations in the capture unit so it was just justice ongoing for treasure hunting.

I keep using that phrase that's really how it felt. Yeah II can imagine the excitement of waking up each day and then and that is that this should have find some of the places because they changed so dramatically.

There's one thing if you looking out over a value see certain topography and okay this is you, but another thing worth so much as been built up that that wasn't there before. So much is thriving and growing a lot of it was with desert and and there's been because of the pressure on Israel and the challenges Israel said to be more ingenious and obviously there's some some of God's grace and calling in the midst of it, but adding multiple harvest over the course of the year and remember a lot of people die of the Israeli pioneers draining swamps. That's right, we thought drain the swamp in DC when they were literally draining swamps and dying of malaria.

That's right. And and now you go there and it's it's so lush and thriving and end was also interesting in Ezekiel 36 Doug is that it says that God's not bringing us back because of our repentance, but because he is jealous was his namesake and once were in the land will sprinkle clean water on us so absolutely we're even seeing that little by little, the, the reviving and raising up of the messianic Jewish remnant of the Israel within Israel of Israelis coming to faith in the living, the Messiah.

This is happened back in the land, and you make a great point alike. I'm beginning to teach around the country and shows presentation a lot of different places and and sometimes people that are a little skeptical or borderline anti-Semitic within the church know me may come up in and say and I can support Israel if they your were morally right or if they were there through there without her. They didn't kill Palestinians or whatever their gather their line of thinking and my responses. Pointing to exactly what you talked about is that it's a very noble assumption is just actually opposite of what the prophet said would happen. He said he would bring them all back and then he would sprinkle clean water and then that that Christian verse that we take really kind about it some context about removing a stony heart and putting in a heart of flesh and removing my spirit room or removing your spirit or putting my spirit and all of that is in the context of the Jewish people coming back to the land and what God says he's bringing them all back with the intention of the cleansing so my point is that the fact that God is gathering back Jewish people back to the land he promised them and most of them probably are primarily secular who give no thought or no care to really anything. The Scriptures let alone to the heart of God. The fact that that's happening is actually falling exactly lines, exactly how is it just that it was going to yeah it it Inc. when I find remarkable as I as I look at comments social media comments responding to our or podcasts in our videos and things like that is, no matter how clearly God acts in history and acts in front of our eyes. You have people whether they're just anti-Semites or they have a problem with with God wherever it is they do reject what's happening in front of their eyes. There were so many people it's a God is finished with Israel, no, no more purposes for Israel, God's dumb with them there forever. Kirsten scatter and then you have the rebuilding of Israel, which, again, the most graphically have ever seen it illustrated my wife is right here in this book, Israel rising because it is the most graphic side-by-side presentation that's been done go just in front of people's eyes, people begin to say well I guess God is not finished with Israel and then enough time goes by this at all the people in the land are not really Jews. They're not the real Israel and again. It's that same old anti-Semitism, rising up when you confronted course gets denied that Doug it would be hard for something to happen visibly and tangibly in front of her eyes anymore visible and tangible than the restoration of modern Israel well and that's that's a point that I make when one I'm talking to two people is as you are as well.

And that term is that putting the Bible aside, Israel and the land people returning to a land it's an anomaly in human history. There's been no other people group that have been on a particular piece of land that have been forcibly removed to come back to the same piece of land for couple hundred years to then again be scattered throughout the earth for 2000 years to come back to the exact same piece of real estate as an identifiable recognizable people speaking the same language, same culture same Scriptures.

It's never happened before in human history. It just so happens that it's the people group that the God of the Bible says he's made an everlasting covenant with.

So when you have these unique rare anomalies in human history and you're still trying to take God out of it than you're creating more holes in the bucket than you are of of truth and that's you at some point you have to look at the Bible and say okay will. Maybe God got lucky maybe or maybe it may be just well or something on the same as it some point it comes back to the divine nature of God and the fact that there is no other people group. There's no other nation it's had its history, foretold its destruction, its revival back to world powers Israel and were beginning to see that in a somewhat that though the photos are capturing it even all the Scriptures about Jerusalem and Jerusalem. Zechariah 12 Zechariah 14, being a stumbling block for the entire world rolled the world coming up against Jerusalem.

Why Jerusalem why that city. Why was that one singled out so many years in advance. It is because we serve the God who sees and knows everything and and if if you read Isaiah 40 through 48. Even even through 55 is a great emphasis that he alone is God that he alone is God that the gods of the nations are not gods at all in one of his produces only show you what I'm gonna do is show you I'm a send like people and exile on the bring them out of XL. Those words thunder all the louder today and by the way those watching on YouTube just like in the comments section. Hey Curtis, I hate to say it while you do say some right things about Jesus you say a lot of wrong things about Israel. Jewish people, and yes, some of it is classic anti-Semitism. I gotta tell you the truth Buddy. Some of what you post is classic anti-Semitism in this not belong on our site that's just truth. Bottom line though is positivity really does add size and return by right back where we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

It's not because Israel is far from perfect, it will do many amazing things about Israel.

Many things with a really seek to act with tremendous ethics, but the reason that people have a hard time with Israel is because it's God acting in history here will you and I there when Jesus rose from the dead know if you follow Jesus you know that he's risen, you've experienced them in your own life, but we weren't there when he rose anybody there at the time of the exits know anybody there of us of us right when a logical of fire from heaven know and anybody there went the sick were healed and Jerusalem through Peter shadow. None of us were there, but we been here to see the resurrection upon Israel out of the ashes of the Holocaust and we have been here to see prophecies fulfilled. No, I'm not a date setter that infected Dr. Craig Keenan. I have a book coming out in March. Not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe in a pre-crib rapture anything but date setters, and yet it is undeniable is undeniable that God has kept his promises scattered lost sheep of the house of Israel throughout the entire world and not because of our righteousness, but his goodness and grace brought us back to the land and the literally brought blooming beautiful vegetation and flowers and vineyards, gardens and farms out of what was it desolate waste. I guess today Doug Hirschi a great love for Israel. A great understanding of God's purposes for Israel and teamed with photographer Elise Terrio to put out an amazing book which I am holding it. It takes two hands to hold in your hands. Israel rising ancient prophecy, modern lines, the land of Israel reawakens. So on one page on one page. You have a black-and-white picture of Israel say 70 or 90 years ago and then on the other page Israel today. It it is stunning, black-and-white and color gives you a sense of the glory and beauty of what God is done by the way, you mentioned this to you can get this together with a powerful audio CD with great music on this very same theme at our website package together go to ask Dr. Brown SK DR Doug, let's take an example, take me to a place you got some rare photographs, you're able to get 2200 you call them down to the top hundred old black and white photographs take me back in time to one of these locations and then what happened with your current photograph of one of the photos I've mentioned your images earlier about the. The photo of the Jordan Valley and in Jericho and seeing some these old archways there from your ruins from who knows how long that you know these photos from your hundred and 20 some years ago and and really just a completely empty Valley to find the exact spot where the that photographer shot those shutters angles and in releasing just the entire Valley being folders photos in the book of of the hula Valley which is about 30 minutes north of the Sea of Galilee. One of the places you mention about the well-being and a malaria infested swamp. That's exactly what was really up until the other evening the 50s in the 60s and there are reports not only of in the hula Valley but some other places out by the coast where exactly is your saying there. These Jewish pioneers climbing into the swamps digging out irrigation ditches by hand draining them really was soup cans there there dying of malaria.

Today, the hula Valley is is really one of the most fruitful in Israel and and so we have a photo in their finding the exact angle of a completely empty Valley you can see Mount hormone in the in the in the in the background. In the foreground or some hills that are empty. Today the exact same angle you can see that the entire Valley is fully consistent on Mount hormone and in the in the foreground is a is a little artisan village called Rosina up in the you as you're heading up into the hula Valley beautiful incredible wine hummus there. Now it's it's a beautiful amazing placement. But these photos really are only your gosh, even if it 5060 years apart and is just stunning up another location down in the very southern tip of Israel in the lot. The lots is a is on the Red Sea.

When you're standing on the beach and lot you can see Egypt to the right and Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the left and we have photos of of just in empty and empty foreground with mountains in the background and 50 years later immediately. This is most of this is in our in our lifetime for 50 years later, I mean the photo that I took to get that same angle I guide argue my way on top of the Caesar hotel to get the angle of the of the airport but there's palm trees and shopping shopping malls amidst it. It literally went from light. When we talk about the towns blooming in the desert. This is one of them and there was literally nothing there, and anyone who's been down to that part of the region. The part of Israel.

It is hot and it is in the middle of the desert. There is life, it's blooming smelled beautiful beautiful tropical port and a and a ministers there's multiple examples all through the book like that tell tell us about Elise the photographer what's with her background. Elise is a freelance photographer out of Chico California and she had actually been with me arching her parents.

Before I knew her very very talented photographer and up-and-coming. I had her on one of my current appearance on one of my is her adventurous trips is my travel company connect with the booking and I've seen lots of photos of Israel. I've seen lots of of angles and she just was capturing something I've never seen before began talking to her kicking some ideas around that time there were yoking a nickel and diming some ideas I didn't have the money to go out sins, to find a high-powered expensive photographer and truthfully I I thought that she was shooting as good if not better than some of the high-powered photographers anyhow and so we became friends in and really begin working on listening a dilemma. The research and was of course using her to to put everything together and and shoot the shoot the shots which imagine seeking a phenomenal and amazing.

Yeah, I'm amazingly done and here is what I find really really interesting friends, no matter how many times we say things that usually Jesus to be saved just like everyone else that there's no favoritism in God that both Jew and Gentile sin and fall short in the Redeemer, no matter how many times we say that the moment we talk about God's purposes for Israel was and is just even as I'm looking Doug at some of the YouTube interaction. It so extorted about by the way, by the way, one of the most interesting things is him watching people, in our YouTube feed saying yeah they they censor comments on this site has heavy metal are deposited. If you post blatantly anti-Semitic things. It will block you. But I did. I challenge those of you who say that that we censor comments and things like that to say what go to the S. Dr. Brown Facebook page and look at discussions there go to the.

The are you to pay just Dr. Brown and look through all just be conservative. The last hundred thousand comments. How's that and see how many tens of thousands are dissenting comments and let's use profanity attack individuals or or blatantly false accusations against groups.

You can dissent with you can dissent with me 24 seven. Doug, why is it that it seems people have a hard time people have received grace to stand by grace alone wise that they have such a hard time believing God can have mercy on Israel.

You know that's that's it really comes down to where our faith is that in and where and how how we believe God. The fact is, is that you we should be for as much is some of these dissenters will throw Israel under the bus and say what they didn't listen and they were hardheaded and then again God rejected them and noted we should be thankful that in a way that Israel has been like that because the way that we know about God's faithfulness and his love and his kindness and forgiveness. If if you a friend or a spouse that keeps the we think of as being kind and and and forgiving and merciful and gentle. We know those things because somebody's been pushing that button over and over and over and over and over again ends and so when God is telling Israel.

Specifically, I'm bring you back to the land not because you're righteous, not because you've done right things but because I've made a promise he saying you been pushing my butt over and over, and I'm responding in kindness and responding 11 and that is our demonstration of what God's character is like everything that we know about the character of God that were talking about love and grace and forgiveness and mercy. We've learned his character by how he's demonstrated his heart to work towards Israel. And so, yes, are they hardheaded are the stiffnecked are they are they this are they that I mean you, you can go through list of my problems here as well. I know I'm ALL of those as well. But the fact is, is that it has less to do with about the actual people and it has to do with the covenants it because it if God is sovereign and misses him one on teaching I was asked this question if is God sovereign yes or no.

And of course everyone says yes. What if God is sovereign and doesn't he have the right to choose whatever people group and put them on any piece of land for any particular time that he chooses without my thoughts or opinions because if he's not sovereign and and then then he's not really who he says he is.

He's not really God and if he is listening to me he's certainly not God.

But if he is God, then it becomes less about the people and the land and more about his character and his sovereign choice because of God's sovereign were were the ones that are devoted to him. Should we be following him. I mean is the same as when we read the Bible are we reading the Bible so we can try to make it apply to our lives. Are we allowing his spirit to change your lives to go. According to the Bible so this really becomes less about Israel the land and more about who is God like what is his character and just the fact that he is told Abraham.

I'm going to choose your family to demonstrate what my characters like to the rest of the world and if they reject you. They reject me. And so it all to me.

It all comes back to less about Israel and more about the heart and the character of God, yeah, absolutely. So again friends. The book 1 of one of the more beautiful coffee-table books that I've seen at midnight. I can actually kinda get lost during the show and keep looking through the pictures here of Israel rising you can get the book and audio CD to our website.* 08 and Luis mentioned this orchard Israel holy fire in the holy land is going to be the most special tour that we've ever done. You see, every year, well we we've only did two tours before even though I've been asked to do them for many many years. Just because when I got Israel want to minister there. I will just wanted you to.

I want to minister to people. So we talked it through 13 civil want to both tour by day ministry by night to get the advantage of it right there step-by-step going through the land and seeing these places and connecting with believers in the land and yeah will do baptisms at the River Jordan yell of teacher biological and the fire from heaven, and matrimony. Those kinds of things.

We have a tour guide for the whole tour and then at night will do me just yet will have Q&A times face-to-face after meals. Would you worship and preaching you come with me as I do my radio show. So we got some great great great things planned but were about to close out registration so if you want to come sign up today go to the website* and you see on the ballot Israel tour, but just to be a blessing to you and end to it give you further encouragement. If you sign up today we want to give you a free copy of the Israel rising book. If you sign up for the tour today and get your deposit is you can do that again at the S. Dr. website holy fire in the holy land right we come back.

I got some questions for for author Doug Hirschi. What about the Palestinians that God care about them and is the restoration of modern Israel any different than say the building up of Saudi Arabia and decimals difference here. Talk about that we come back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I'm holding up the Israel rising book and again you get on the website. Great so I'm looking at Tel Aviv and on the left side. This is distant golf Street looking north somewhere between 1934 1939 okay, I'm looking at that and now shot in 2016, the, the exact same location. Looking north you can see some of that the buildings on either side.

What was striking Doug is is that 34 to 39. There is there's these tiny tiny little trees. They've got the know, the guards rails around them so they grow up straight and they're protected etc. and now you've cut these beautiful big this one little snapshot tells everything yeah and it's one of the comments I make.

As I'm taking people through through Israel is we talk about the trees as we just as in the course of conversations were driving driving through your point a to point B, and especially Northerners rhyme. I make the comments my group somebody find me some.

I look out the window and find me a tree that has a large trunk system because it's difficult to do and prior to prior to the British one under the under the Ottoman rule from 1517 to 1917. The Ottomans have a taxation policy that's based on trees and they tax you. According to the amount of trees you have in your land. And so if you want to pay taxes. What you do you cut down the trees and over.

Most historians agree that in that 400 year period of the Ottoman rule that the land suffer some of its most of some the greatest desolation you take away the trees are changing the weather patterns of topsoil changes. Animal populations leave everything changes and in the last 100 years the Jewish national fund has recorded that they planted over 250 million trees in the last 100 years and those are all by hand and so there's a couple photos in the book where where one in particular from the from the Jezreel Valley where I went to to take a photo of this old black and white photo of the of the kibbutz calling Herodian and I went to thinking more about that. The growth of the kibbutz and what was most stunning was the black-and-white photo and you see very clearly in the book black and white photo has no trees in the mountains behind it and the new the new photo has has trees all the way through the mountains like some to climb those there's mountains to plant those trees and when you plant trees on mountains. Weather patterns change. Topsoil is naturally re-created him. He thinks just the whole ecosystem begins responding to the area begins getting more rain and more moisture and up against it to literally physically change that the whole topography of of the soil and and and how all that works, and tomato. Some of the most stunning aspects in an even more so. It's the first thing that Ezekiel 36 says will happen. He said God says to the land. You will put forth branches and produce fruit and then the land to be cultivated and soon the waste places will be rebuilt but the first thing Ezekiel 36 mentions is about the branches putting forth fruit and one of the most dramatic changes that happened in Israel.

As Israel is coming closer to 1948, becoming a nation was the planting of this massive amount of trees and so when you're in Israel driving through its it's the point being, it's, it's difficult to find a tree or a forest with huge root systems because your back 78 years ago.

They just weren't there so meters. There is some history and and and photos of of hillsides that are now considered forested Israel to hundred years ago just completely barren and desolate and just completely naked and yeah Mike a comment by Jeni boast for Jesus Christ and against the false god of Judaism said the God of Judaism is the father of the Lord Jesus, God of Judaism is the God of the Bible.

Bringing these passages in Scripture to pass the fact is that the Jewish people do not know that God fully, because they do not recognize his son, the Messiah, but the boasting about Jesus Christ also means boasting in God his father the glory that goes to Jesus goes to the father. He thinks the father who's bringing these things to pass because he made a covenant promise with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not based on their works. But based on his faithfulness.

So Doug it if someone said hey look a beautiful book, amazing book. But why is this different than say the building up of Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Some of these other places are due by that you know now these big cities and they they want much before. What would you say that yes sometimes people say you know any city looks better now than it did 100 years ago, what's, what's the big difference. The big difference is that no other people group. No other city. No other nation on earth had its history foretold 2600 years ago to watch it unfold exactly as it's happening today, not the Romans, not the Greeks, not the Chinese not the Persians. There is no other ancient people group dating back that long that has these things foretold and again.

Ezekiel 36 in your Bible describes when the Jewish people return when the land again becomes its possession.

God even says to talking to the land. I'll treat you better than what you ever been treated before, and quite quite literally that's happening right now, both in in exports both in farming both in you in it in the people multiplying the Jewish people returning that the most return the most repeated promise in the Bible and in the old covenant is that God will return his people back to the land. It is happening in our day, in a most profound way. That's never happened before in history not Qatar, Saudi Arabia, any European country. They cannot compare just simply because this is something any take any ancient, any ancient writing and compared to where those people are out that there is no comparison so that in and of itself it just to answer very, very plainly, the differences God God said 2600 years ago he said is going to do it. He's doing it right now and infected towards the end of Ezekiel 36 he tells us why he's doing it. He says I'm going to begin causing the land to respondent, paraphrasing, of course, but he saying so that the nations around will know that I am the Lord. So he saying I in fact, he specifically says I'm going to turn it into a garden of Eden, so that the nations around will know so another words he saying I'm going to use Israel in the midst of the region in the midst of the world to to physically respond in such a way that nations around and have no other choice but to say only God could have done this and I believe were the very beginning stages of of that happening. Never before have we seen anything in human history that has and again to check out the photos for yourself in the book but it's worth or providing photographic evidence that nothing like this is been done before.

And what about the Palestinians, the do you disable God's blessing Israel and we don't care about the Palestinians is that your heart not at all you know God's heart is for all people's he's good he's made a promise and he's made a covenant, but when were talking about a couple points of it when were talking about Palestinians it in general, just that the name Palestinian. I've got some friends name Rosenfeld that live by the illegality.

She's over 80 years old and your was alive at the that the creation of the of the of the state of Israel and 48. She was born, I think, and how to do the math like you.

In the early 40s, late 30s, and her comment to me is that there's this whole Palestinian thing is silly.

My birth certificate says that I'm Palestinian and she's Jewish to the core and so there is newspaper reports and newspaper clippings were Arabs and in the early 1940s are shunning the name Palestinian because they recognize that the name Palestinian refers to Jewish communities there if that are in the region of the British mandate of Palestine. So many people that are reading the Jerusalem Post today don't realize that the original the deed. The origin of the Jerusalem Post is a Jewish newspaper that was first called the Palestine Post that was writing about Jewish communities and so when 1948 comes then all of the Jewish Palestinian communities are now Israelis. This name Palestinian disappears really until the early 19 or mid-1960s after the Six-Day War and Yasser Arafat gets in an Palestinian liberation organization etc. etc. so so that's number one number two it when people talk about an indigenous Arab population clinical Palestinian population, dating back to the 1800s.

Show me. I have a over I'm over 100 black-and-white photos in that book that will show you empty landscapes we have quotes from not only most famously Mark Twain, but only Mark Twain but dating back centuries that describe the lands completely empty and desolate.

Mark Twain talks about going to 10 miles in any direction not seeing any form of your human habitation in their certain there were people living in the land. We understand that there is constant Jewish presence there is in our presence there are others, but a lot of the. The real influx began in the late 1800s.

As more Jews began to came come back and improve the economy.

Many arrows began to come back you had more Arabs than Jews with the fact is, the number started with the increase in the late 1800s in friends.

Amazing book Israel rises the land of Israel reawakens you can get it together with a powerful audio CD music by Paul will bring others ancient prophecy modern lens order website asked Dr. Brown dog org and folks keep asking all the coming the New Testament, said Jews without Jesus are lost. In first John two who is a liar but he didn't who denies that Jesus is the Messiah's Antichrist who denies the fatherless, and whoever denies the son does not have the father either. You acknowledges the son has the father also yeah amen amen. That's why, as a Jew I preach the gospel to my people day and night, so that they can be rightly connected to the God they pray to. I want to challenge everyone that has issues with Judaism and the Jewish people. I just saw conference Doug advertising if you hate Judaism come to this conference a mean federal ignorance and bigotry while so get it get us endure the Jewish prayer book and go through and pray going to go through and read the prayers in their and and and instead of the hatred you have a broken heart and said, these people are praying for redemption and pray for the coming Messiah. Pray for God's will is his purposes, and God himself is acting in history in front of her eyes and yet some of us have so many biases so much bigotry so much misunderstanding that we cannot even see what God is doing and from her eyes solicit. I will bring everyone's Israel with me in their other tours.

Check out Ezra adventures which Doug Hirschi himself leads and this is for small groups going over there something to really look into Ezra adventures, but we want everyone to come and see the land even if you go though this is a may of been over and over to Israel. This is still an amazing opening booking for everyone can't go get the book. It is not too early in September hit a few copies give out prizes for the holidays and ask NASA DR Brown settles the book Israel rising the land of Israel reawakens Hirschi with photographs by Elise Terrio.thanks for being with us today. A lot is been great thank you

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