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What Is the Spirit Saying to the Church of America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 26, 2018 4:30 pm

What Is the Spirit Saying to the Church of America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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For this world is going crazy around us today. My big question what's the spirit saying to the church stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown pay friends.

I got a lot of exciting news for you today. Some special resources that we produced for you that I think you're going to be really really blessed by anyone to do our best today to step back, crazy world. Crazy stuff happening new allegations against Britt Cavanaugh just crazy stuff and everything swirling an interest or other UNCLEAN jumping's progress is almost hard to stay with the pollution we are we are in step back from the pollution from the craziness of our world today with your liberal conservative believer or nonbeliever. It's a crazy world in which we live right now, especially here in America we take a deep breath.

When you step back to save what you say to people today. What's the spirit saying to the churches.

I believe the spirit is always speaking now. Some believe the spirit is always speaking but exclusively through the word. Others believe the spirit continues to speak according to the word in many different ways. One of those people. The spirit is still speaking, the Bible is the Bible the one and only Bible the authoritative God breathes word of God, but spirit speaking in many different ways to us in. My question is what is he saying to us in the midst of the chaos now we can talk about that and hopefully will be edified, encouraged and blessed.

This is the difference between the line of fire, and conservative talk radio that in the midst of the storm are going to bring you hope and really greedy scriptural clarity and not just talk, news at the same time, really take some causes the show goes on on a wide variety of subjects and yesterday we interviewed Pastor Randy Ream and we discussed his book, God the son, and we opened up the phone lines for those of you had questions about the deity of Jesus and God's tri-unity. We got some great calls. Great responses from past Randy but we did not have a chance to get to nearly all of you that were trying to call and so were going to talk some theology today as well.

If you have a question about the deity of Jesus. According to Scripture. If you have a question. It seems like a valid objection to his deity. If you have a question about all God's tri-unity and you're wondering about these things just general theology will open the phone lines as well. Slipping only when on Friday. They're open today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 okay first test for those of you who are watching not just listening but watching the broadcast. You might notice that right top of my four head.

This extra will read their that's correct, that's correct. Once a year, I'll ask the students in our ministry school have a dual fitness challenge and we just got in a small group of students being specially trained for ministry suit euros could be 3050 80 people are asking and we'll get 1015 20 that will be willing to take me up on our annual fitness challenge and will have a friend that's a trainer come in and put us through some routine and or sometimes etc. here's here's routine let's all go through something I've done with let's all go through so what are grads is a a is a fitness trainer so she came in after 9 o'clock class last night and we had we had 10 folks that were willing to give it a shot. They're all scared to them, workouts can be a member of 63 and systems decisions 18 summer in their 40s 30s 20s with the great majority or say between 18 and 25 colleges so the column 63 is how how bad can the challenge be so we we did it 9 o'clock 10 started a five finished out of the 51 didn't quite get through, but we give credit for Christian but give credit to all the tri-that made the effort absolutely. But those who finished were all between 18 and 23 once he finished and some of the workout regularly in really good shape and everybody gave it a great shot, including those that they couldn't finish that they give a shot and it was a respray rigorous. It was five different exercises one minute each repeated five times with short breaks and then at the end 200 crunches edited. That was my suggested the Cynthia and then we tallied up how many reps we did it and it's hard to tie. I ended up with the highest number of reps but I'm sure some people did better quality reps. The whole thing was to push hard and finish and end.

I do it we do for fun build camaraderie but also do. It's a chance to make mom 63 and NMB new and and get yourself in good shape and even eat healthily because you will be good steward of your body for the gospel right to be good stewards long-term but one of the exercises of it was a real hard floors, very thin carpet and so one of the motions touchdown on the grass home for.I got little blood is skin them one leg so I thought is the essence of skin, but we are doing these is the Superman's were you so you're on your you're on your face and you the list of that is to display and prostrate your face you lift up arms in front and legs in the back right, but this was will you don't hold him to stop that as many as you can do in a minute, and in doing them with my head with Tempe touching on on the ground and any any way or the what I was done I thought, oh, I think I skin the top of my head here little bit so if you happen to notice it. It's it's a badge of honor. All right, it's a badge of honor, 8663. Foray 7884 before I go to the phones.

What is the spirit saying to the church today. I believe one of the lessons and Anna and I get into this in the last chapter of Donald Trump is not my Savior that that we are God's people, and we must rise above the fray of the frenzy of society. I believe one of the things got centers whether it's just directly through his word or his spirit speaking this to us a fresh we are God's people, and as his children as citizens of his kingdom. We must rise above the fray of the insanity of the society and the frenzy of the society and the intensity of everything swirling it. We as God's people must be able to shut out these invoices another were out of the world are in the world. Talk about political and social cultural things all the time of the broadcast to write about them just about every day when the world we have to be… That back stab back and get God's perspective. I once heard the story of the captain of a of a small ship and maybe was a big yacht you could call it was one of those were you go up on the top deck and that's where you steer right and is this further literal. We'll listen steering it is your directing the boat and it was a thick heavy fog.

You couldn't see a foot in front of you. There were treacherous waters with all kinds of rocks and and and dangerous twists and turns, and as your treasure going the captors got things for him. He had full speed ahead, and others are. People start screaming is going to get us Kelly's M&M we can see a foot ahead of us to get us kill so they finally send one of their guys up there site That what are you doing, but as the guy climbs up all the steps gets to the captain's place. You can see Toby be on the fog and everything was totally clear. You had a perfect perspective of what was happening. He knew exactly what he was doing. We need in that sense to get above the fog above the fog and then looked down because perspective and it ever everything is intense but it's not that intense meaning stuff I can breathe, get a renewed perspective and then look at what's happening in this world so one thing I I am. I am really excited about. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. We just got in the hardcover. I can't believe this came in today so almost a month in advance of the release releases October 23. We just got the hardcovers in today of my new book Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports as president holding this up. Each of other gorgeous cover in a gorgeously produced book of this is it.

I cannot wait after review to bring home. Shall Nancy today. I cannot wait to show it to my friends. I will be posting some pictures on Facebook as a sign of these books just a few days as we get in the rest of the preorders and send them out, but one of the things that I try doing the book is to say, okay, let's engage. But let's engage in a different way.

Let's engage not as Republicans or Democrats or Independents or liberals or conservatives. Let's engage as the people of God, it may make you conservative or liberal or Democrat or Republican or independent, you may vote in certain ways and directions. That's not the issue. The issue is when not starting their registered Republican is the way we always vote on a registered Democrat and slowly we always am a child of God, daughter of God. I go to the Scriptures. From my perspective I evaluate based on other criteria. I'm not. I am not swayed by the frenzied media on the left and the frenzied media on the right. I'm not swayed and moved by the latest headlines I don't get agitated the way the world gets agitated. I get burdened. I get concerned I I have weights that I carry absolutely. But I do my best to pray talk to the Lord to meditate on Scripture and then with calmness and clarity to respond. All right, so that's our posture and that's what we help you do in the book and you know I I know I I know I wrote the book okay but anything good in the book is from the Lord. We agree on that anything of eternal value is that's really going to help people. That's from the Lord, and I really believe the Lord gave me some real insights and writing as you go on the journey with me. The heart of the book, beginning with my first letter to Donald Trump. My first open letter in August 2015 rights August 2018 where I have honest question for super evangelicals and and you remember back your prospectus change of the years is this what you remember back to yes. I felt in the primaries or this is the Shah was a total shock of present Trump elected many of you saw it coming proposed total shock and then had her response was president he does things that are great neck State were groaning in the next they were cheering and this book I think is really going to help and and really to clarify and really going to edify so I cannot wait to get it into your hands so you can go to my website ask Dr. to preorder the hardcover number and size. I was just looking to see who got push of the one who got with number two.

I can't wait the side of and send them out will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on the life I will come back and discuss what is the spirit saying to the church but let me just say this in short, this is obvious biblical wisdom be part of the solution. The part of the problem. If you see things that are wrong around you be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

I would love it if our president was an amazing role model as well as a decisive leader love that both are many things the president does that. I wish you wouldn't do others. I'm thrilled that he's doing.

But this much I can do I can be role you can be a role model. Rather, throw stones, but Sarah, here's where we differ with the president within.

Let's be role models ourselves retrofit and acting the same way I 866-34-TRUTH of Orion in Orlando. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown for or highly awful because you appeared on Jewish boy and John and asked you to look in the camera and speak to somebody you might be struggling with addiction. But it's what you know shirts are watching during that moment and from that I was an atheist, but I heard you you were talking to me.

The tears were streaming down my face so I have a very special connection with future. Thank you so survive. Yeah that's wonderful you're hot how all reasons. Remember over this no longer I would've been about a year and 1/2 years other than maybe it's better for nine years before that I held you NASA on 3232 so in your 20s, you're basically an atheist. Yet there I was already in the Catholic Church went into the Army and slowly lost my faith and finally II remember everything about where I was.

The exact time and place where I was when I actually said out loud.

I do not believe in God and I was walking the Tigris River impact at and I would say from then on out there was there was a very rough going on and I very much lost my way, and just happy to be back yeah you say it was it when you were deployed in Iraq. Is that what happened yester, so, so, was it part of what you saw on war and the pain of that in the sink to the absence of God that impacted you actually know her. I have to tell you what my job there was very cursory convert other people working in signal and intelligent and so I think more than anything, I would at that time.

All offers were coming out and I was very much influenced by them, and frankly just think that I wanted to live a life without judgment because it got so how is it that you ended up watching Jewish voice that day. I only thought about that.

To be honest with you because it is a wonderful program. I recommend everyone watching what is not the most popular program. So how did I end up hearing you specifically on that program on that day, I don't. My only explanation it is… Yeah how and I've been connected with you ever spent every line that that is wonderfully here and that's that's why so many of us involved in ministry through media and in speaking through radio and TV and it's is never in vain. When you do it in. You feel very sincerely feel the weight of it when you look in the car really just looking at counter you know there people watching and yeah Jumper is the show is not is not like that of the late show or Saturday Night Live but it's it's massively watched on Christian TV around the world. We have to know if there is a whole thing. You have to know it's there.

So God got her days. If you be watching and and God touches your life and that is wonderfully here under make sure that the Jonathan hears this first has as well. So thank you thank you for sharing that and in your quest or okay so my question about the Trinity I I come back. I've struggled with this issue and and really my question is, you know, if I'm somebody that I watched your debate with Anthony Parker washed out, but at this point I have matured, if I'm still unable to that point where I can expect that the deity even try.

You personality God.

I'm basically asking an MI in your eyes sort of doomed in terms of salvation and other work that we were in it because honestly it if we were done.

All of our theological things on a chart. I think we could put a checkmark by both of our all the way down six for the Trinity and I wanted to know in your heart does that mean that I don't have first is the biggest issue of course is what God says not my view or opinion is much as you esteem that but let me understand first what do you actually believe who was Jesus, God and Messiah okay and by son of God.

What is that mean to you to me that mean that you require a virginal birth and and got put him in and Mary and he is.

It was God's chosen king.

The most highly exalted human being ever, and there will never be another one and each of them I'd come to think of them as God's champion away and and God rebuked resurrected and all rights so dizzy exist before that time before he was born in this world know that I'm very talking about a preexistent idle article I so do not believe it because you don't find it clearly: Scripture just because you can't wrap your mind around it. It is because I relied on dollars like yourself and Dr. Dale Tuckey and Dr. Gensler that your quote start and and I do my best.

Go to Scripture myself and and look and I just have to say that just more kick that I guess by their arguments in the Trinitarian yeah III not known is just to tell you until I was asked to to debate him which was agreed to do in January. By the way, so I'll be looking at more of his material. Yeah, I mean I find it utterly impossible for thousand different reasons that Jesus was not preexistent and I find so much explicit loud and clear in Scripture. The fact that Thomas refers to as my Lord and my God. The fact he's worshiped in ways that God can only be worshiped. The fact that he speaks of the relationship that he had with the father before the world began. The fact that John 12 explicitly tells us that Isaiah saw him in Isaiah 6 is that that the king, the Lord of hosts, high and lifted up, holy, holy, holy and and on and on and on that numerous New Testament verse is referred to him as God, our God and Savior Jesus Christ that I see no the way around it, nor do I see any way the guy could save us outside of him being our Savior ourselves now.

God is the ultimate judge Ryan and I would just say this that if God is connected us in this way, and if God first truly treat himself through Jewish voice the very broadcasts where Dr. White and I debated at the president and Joe good. You might wonder if there is there's more to it and then you also have to wonder how is it that the early church was also that they all got it wrong because the. The first leaders in early church consistently reference the deity of Jesus. We have many, many references to that among his first followers, and of the disciples of the apostles sooner. How did they get it so wrong in your house is that Jesus is even expressly called mighty God in the Hebrew and in essay the nice chapter of the title used for Yahweh and in the 10th chapter of Isaiah… There are so many things. The fact is explicitly explicitly referred to as as divine in John 11. It's overwhelming clear to me but I can only say this, I would be very concerned about what you believe because if you are saying that a man could save us, then I think were all in big trouble. Okay because if it's a human being, a human being cannot save the human race. There's only one Savior and only one Redeemer.

According to Scripture and and that's God so he doesn't reach out his own hand to save us were were doomed and were there.

Forget what I believe. But if it's human being try to do it were doomed and were damned but let me do this.

Ryan all right rather than hang that over your head as if to try to scare you into believing a certain thing which is the less they'll want to do (I don't think right genes, you have the ability to to purchase a book, maybe 10, $15 book or okay gift of a did you hear yesterday's broadcast I didn't but I did hear you talk about it. I need to go with it.

Listen to that but then gets the book, God the son by Randy Marine it's RHE a you and me, but I referred to it numerous times on the broadcast get that book I think you really help you, and let's just believe Ryan that I'm still here to help you on your journey. All right now and am very very grateful to Monica. Right now their goblet current impeccable.

God bless Ryan and and made may the Lord bring you into the fullness of his truth into a full revelation of who Jesus the Messiah is Frodo struggling with genuine questions like, God is not push away strugglers God does not reject those who are sincerely wrestling with his word and trying to understand and trying to believe God resists the proud, if we humble ourselves to God or subtly different views and I'm honestly confused and I want to follow you and your Scripture, your word reverently needs he will lead us, he will guide us. He will be faithful so Lord, we humble ourselves before you on behalf of Ryan.

We pray that you began a good work in him would bring it to completion.

As far as this phase of his life in this part of his salvation, bring it to completion and continue to work in him all the days was like this are prayerful Ryan father Jesus name right back friends here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown best friends for joining us on Wednesday. In addition, the line of fire, 866 perspectives of same to the church in the midst of the chaotic times in which live some scriptural principle some things that are on my heart as well as take your calls. We had a great interview yesterday with Pastor Randy Ream talk about his new book, God the son talk about the deity of Jesus.

We get to nearly all the questions that you had so if you have a question from yesterday's broadcast will be taking some theology and Bible questions as well that and and other subjects as we normally open the phone lines on Friday so if you'd like to call and 866-34-TRUTH will get to other calls as well. In this half hour so big news, exciting news. We had three videos come out so far and are consider this series. The first one can you began Christian.

The second one was it mean to be conservative.

The third of the church. It separated from his Jewish roots.

People sin is the best videos you've ever put out. They been viewed hundreds of thousands of times while video number four is now out, consider this. Number four is not. We put a ton of time into these is called can we trust the Bible. It's got great animation. It's got a great narrative to it.

I mean, you are gonna love this. It's our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown on YouTube will have it up soon in our digital library and asked Dr. Brown. I mean it. It is, it's wonderful content and wonderful animation and asked the question, how reliable are modern versions mean you have translations of translations of copies of copies. Can we really trust the Scripture we have today. So watch it, share it with the jurists our gift to you.

All right you'll be blessed and share it with others. We are so excited to get this out next one. Number five this were just not even production on yet why don't more pastors speak out about social issues, who, that's an interesting one. Ready for the text together for that and get to producing it. Pretty soon gobbling number six were still thinking through a review on number six and we got a whole bunch more planned.

After that, so enjoy this.

Take advantage would share it with your friends. You find super useful and again it's our gift to you.

All right, so in the midst of the chaos over the supreme court hearings and the allegations swirling and is is this a matter of defaming good man this matter. Some of her to hide his past and it's it's it's a crazy time where my DC friends is Mike. It's a circus here. It's an absolute circus. We've actually gotten used to these things, but it is not the way it's supposed to be another way Washington supposed to operate and and forget due process and that's long gone the way things are going so what's got sent to us as God's people in my new book and you didn't cure. We've got the hardcover said so all those who preordered within a week will have them signed and sent out will begin them sent out to you. You still do it.

You can still get your number signed preordered copy and you'll get it well before the release to the general public by going to a website asked her to Brown dog organ, so the place you can get this particular edition, but the end of the book. I lay out seven principles for us.

Where do we go from here. Where do we go from here and one of the one of the points that I make is that God uses unlikely vessels, but character still matters God uses unlikely vessels, but character still matters what I mean by that that to me there's no question that Donald Trump is president by the sovereign will of God. These illicit same for every president.

What I mean is there's no way he would have been president could've been president and less goblins and at this my perspective, plenty of other cases you can just say what we recognize the hand of God.

You can see the both the trend where it was going all right for Ronald Reagan's landslide victory over Jimmy Carter. No one saying well. How in the world and Jimmy Carter was the greatest president we ever had in the strongest president we ever haven't one Ronald Reagan no saline Jimmy Carter sincere Massey could be was is not a good president and people really want to change and Ronald Reagan was the man so utterly unlikely that Donald Trump will be president so I'm on the one hand it seems clearly God raised him up on the other hand, character does matter. Still it still matters. And because of character flaws it it exacerbates the problems and increases the opposition to the president and makes it hard for others to follow. So what I believe is a lesson for us is let us be balanced and nuanced existed earlier. Don't just jump in one camp or the other or just react based on which which headlines you read it over go all the way liberal read Huffington Post goalie conservative read Breitbart and and you know you just get reinforced or angered pens while you go to bridge the different sites right to get some even more left more right and others in between, no, no, let's, let's be nuanced. Let's say well this is good and this is bad.

What this is right and this is wrong will this, we appreciate this we differ with because were God's people because were here. If you are in a referee a game all right if if you will be a baseball umpire or football referee or something like that just mutual. You would be instantly kicked out of baseband for life. It was felt that you were betting on the games that you could influence the outcome and you had a dog in the fight, they have to be neutral totaling neutral, most sports I watch I want one seems the other twin or individually.

Other wings on bias the way I wanted the house can be help our referee and hefted scalded neutrally and and not have those feelings either way. So we should be the same.

I believe this is something that God wants us to take hold of equal weights, equal measures, equal weights, equal measures, treat everyone the same, agree based on truth, Michelle Malkin, principal dumpling gender believe evidence that a Mancilla woman said it, and all persons that are the important believe believe evidence so let us be truth based people in the midst of the storm very simple. Let us be truth based people in the midst of the storm, not just by information not moved by trends, not by soundbites but by Ruth. All right, let's go to the phones in California Los Angeles and welcome to want to fire. Thank you. Question about Matthew 23 eight.

You are not to be called Rabbi, for you have one teacher and you are all brothers and that and print it probably offended. People who do not yet know cheaper. Why do messianic Rabbi to go by recommending agrarian to that of being called brother or even on 20 yeah that's a great question and one for some of asked over the years that the church which I came to faith.

We would often quote Jesus adult: immense father right as you have one father in heaven. So because most of the folks of the church. I get saved cannot of Catholicism. They were real strong on they would never refer to a Catholic priest. His father even even just referencing him they would never do it there, they felt it was it was it was wrong to to do that.

The question would be the why does Paul say prescriptions for the that he's a father there many teachers but not many fathers in the through the gospel. He's begotten them. He's become a father. What is he called Timothy. Timothy, my son in the faith, why do we call earthly fathers father. So, some would say yeah but not in the spiritual sense will wasn't Paul saying that he was a father, as you said, but he wasn't called father Paul. That's the different salt.

There are some, and who would totally agree with you hundred percent should do it. We should even call someone teacher in that sense. Don't: one pastor because that that's the Greek word Shepherd and we have one Shepherd.

That's the Messiah he's the good shepherd the great Shepherd, so don't use any titles for people just brother Paul. Brother Peter brother Michael sister and just first names and I'm fine with that I have. I have no objection to that whatsoever. If that's a conviction based on these words, the other the other response though and would would be that he's he saying in terms of recognizing people usually recognize God he's making a statement with some degree of hyperbole in it as he often does like you have cut out your couch out dryer, cut off your hand when he doesn't literally mean it needs conveying a point that the one that we look to his father.

When we look to his teacher is is the Lord, the Lord alone and and that to have earthly titles for earthly individuals is not a problem now and you might say that that's that's a lousy interpretation and agreement.

I fully understand that I have no issue with have no the player places I go where they don't use titles for these very reasons because they want everyone to be recognize were brothers and sisters for the same family. Even though there are leaders who should be respected and that's why Paul is because of the apostle Paul, the Paul and apostle right.

The other part of your question those within the messianic movement wise the title Rabbi initially it was used to say hello Crystal Jews, and if you call me pastor Rev. it's out distancing me from looked at as a Jewish leader and just looks like we changed religions and we want people recognize were still do so initially and set in many places it was cosmetic but and in many settings. That's just what you call your Congregational leader and I remember one of my friends messianic Rabbi was saying that there is an older Jewish woman had come to faith in Yeshua was coming to her messianic congregation will remain on on Shabbat and serve the that the festivals the holy days and things like that and she called them. Rabbi and and he said no you can just call me of our first dance with you my Rabbi you leave the congregation here. My Rabbi is very natural. You say yeah but we know that it offends the Jewish community because you say you're not legitimate rabbis. My practice is to refer to some of the messianic Rabbi and and that that's just my practice I was. I put a qualifier in front of it so that when I claim to be a traditional Rabbi or gone to a standard seminary receiver. We are saying that these are messianic rabbis. They been trained. Certain ways of the recognized as such but that's the description I still am not big on titles personally.

To be honest with you I'm much more at home with first names were just explanations of someone is a messianic Rabbi animal for that that's perfectly fine to describe them as such. But titles can get the wayside under lesson objection to to to what you're saying.

You might think so but it was got resident sorted out, and by the way, in my book 60 questions Christians estimate usually some practices we do raise that question and then we lets a messianic use answer. It was interesting.

By the way, by the way, is that in Israel.

Congregational leaders in our call called rabbis there called shepherds or pastors because they distinguish themselves from their traditional rabbinic community so they don't use that title.

Messianic Jews in Israel. Generally speaking, don't call the correlational leaders, rabbis, this interesting outside of Israel is commonly done and it's has value means a lot of people, but in Israel. It's not a thank you for the question. I hope I gave you a fair and honest answer 86634 to all grab you to question and then come back. It's more you call Sarah here. It's the light a fire with your host activist father international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire. Remember we have a broadcast that we air New York City WMC a on Wednesday nights from 9 to 10 and even call the real Messiah.

We dig into the Jewish Scriptures we get to lots really interesting discussion about the Messiah, who he is. Why Jews don't believe in Jesus have answered questions and objections. We look at the weekly Torah portion as well. You can watch it live on our Esther to Brown YouTube channel or Facebook page 9 to 10 Eastern standard in their archived of course our digital library on our YouTube channel which is a SK DR Brown. All right, so Tom asked on YouTube first width is 1528 says the sun will be subject to God the father.

The context is in eternity is their hierarchy in the Trinity yes yes as discussed with my guest yesterday there was equality and yet subordination there. The father sends the sun. The sun sends the Spirit the spirit glorifies the sun. The sun glorifies the father. My wife Nancy and I we are equals in every way.

In terms of an art or stance as children of God we are equals were equally loved by God equally saved by God equally sons and daughters of God and in our marriage. It's a totally quality absolutely were both fully human beings right you go down the list. There is equality and I I listen to her and respect her and in the vast majority of cases in terms of practical wisdom go with her wisdom but she knows on the head of the house. She doesn't want to be the head of the house. Just no interest in it and when there is major financial pressure or issues or things that are wrong. She wants me to be responsible and then take take care of these things.

And when their life-and-death decisions in terms of direction. She expects me to hear from God and leave the way so there's equality there, and yet she looks to me as the head of the house. So, some believe that there is there is eternal hierarchy or hierarchy in in the Trinity that God being one God of was, in essence, but father son and Spirit that there is a relationship there and that the sun was in love subordinated to the father and the spirit to the sun. Other states only for the purpose of redemption and that is debated but what is clear is that the eternal emphasis is that there's one God and one God only, and that Revelation 22 tells us that there's one throne for God and the Lamb and his servants will serve him, not them and see his face that their face with their faces and noticed one God. Even though there is God and the Lamb distinct and the father son and Spirit distinct, but the sun comes to make the father known and then having done that bring redemption to the world. Now he submits himself again to the father so that God is all and also it's a very beautiful picture that's laid out in Scripture.

All right, let's go to Indiana for Sean and I just got slight issue with my computer here so Howard if you could print for Sean on the air that would be great. Welcome Sir to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown hello yes as well. Like the thank you and say that I really appreciate your sound doctrine and your encouragement manager does so on fire for God and appreciate that and motivate me. Thank you sir. Going forward, talkers, and my question was in regards to revelation in Scripture. Specifically, the book of Revelation. In this idea of the millennial reign of Christ on the note you heard of this. I'm sure you have put this idea that Christ's reign is going on currently in the revelation is something that has is a revelation of what has happened. What is happening now, and in what is to be happy. And of course you know. Looking back on couple weeks ago you done what the Lord's prayer.

You know, we say we ask his kingdom, this will be done are and have been having and you know you you were saying. It's something that is now on but not yet yes so so let's let's take a look at that understanding for Sean. Again, thank you for the kind words. So Revelation the 20th chapter speaks of the thousand year reign of the Messiah is the only time it explicitly gives the a timeframe the Old Testament has many references to the Messiah's reign, and to the state of the earth at that time, but Revelation 20 zone when the goods that explicit timeframe of the thousand years and during that time. It says that Satan is bound and cast into it into a pit to the abyss and that at the end of that. He's he's loosed and that's when he goes and sees that the world and then is this finally destroyed and cast to a place of eternal torment, so the first for those not familiar, let me lay out a few issues. Or what is having read on. I want to know yet yet any inherent yet so silly. Let me unpack these there is the question of how we Revelation 3 read. It is something it's all past that was just written with symbolism. For the early church do we read.

It is something that in every generation is a spiritual lesson and has value, or do we read it as after messages to the early churches in Revelation 2 and three. Now a picture of the end times. That has not yet happened. And obviously there has to be some level of relevance for the early church. Otherwise the book with would seem to be misleading.

You know here this this is now. This is important but it's really nothing for you. So I do believe it brings comfort and strength to the body to the church in the midst of persecution and end difficulty and challenge and that there is much symbolism in the book that has passed reference.

I believe every generation reads the book of Revelation and finds meaning and value for today, but I believe ultimately that the bulk of the book of Revelation has not yet come to pass in a still future case that's part one of the question. The different end time beliefs or normally put in these categories there is the premillennial, the historic premillennial view, which is the end of this age, Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom and rules and range for thousand years.

This is Revelation 20 says he rules and rains out of Jerusalem over the earth and at the end of that time is the final rebellion, at which point we going to the eternal age. A second he would be dispensational premillennialism, which makes it is district a strict distinction between Israel and the church and says that Jesus will come before the final tribulation. Seven. Your prayer in the middle of it rapture out the church, will God deals with Israel on the earth and then at the end of the time will return and establish his kingdom intrusive, so that's pre-tribulation or her dispensational millennialism premillennialism then there is the millennial view which you just referenced in the millennial view the there is no literal earthly millennium, there is no literal earthly thousand year kingdom. That's what millennium is referring for thousand year kingdom. Rather, Jesus is ruling raining in a spiritual sense over the earth right now. That's the kingdom and Satan is bound and then at the end of that time. We just enter into eternity in the post-millennial view says that the return of Jesus comes after post millennium. So through the preaching of the gospel. The gospel goes to the entire world. The whole world basically get saved that brings in this glorious reign of a thousand years.

At the end of that Jesus returns that the positive side of post millennialism is it's filled with optimism and hope and expectation that the gospel will triumph. What I find it to be fundamentally flawed and is that the clear picture throughout the Bible and especially the New Testament is at the end of the age is marked by book, both great rebellion and great harvest.

So it's not going to be that the whole world gets saved before Jesus returns is clearly for many, many passages and again I'm oversimplifying that the good side of the millennial reign as it recognizes the Jesus the Lord is ruling raining over his kingdom, and that the kingdom is advancing that there is a spiritual kingdom, but it's week it's week because it fails to recognize that there are little promises that must be literally fulfilled on the earth right and that the say that Satan is bound now it's one thing to speak of interest defeated by Crespo to say he's bound now with first Peter part five tells us he goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour and recalled the resistor resistor resistively obviously is not been cast into the pit. Obviously, so that's why reject millennialism on that a pre-tribulation will the premillennialist because I don't see this distinction between Israel and the church.

The full way the way dispensational's make it and I see no evidence that Jesus is coming before tribulation Dr. Craig Keener. I have a book coming out in March.

Not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe in a pretrip rapture of having said that I'm a historical premillennialist and I thought I find the value of the dispensational view even though I differ with it as I find value in each view. The dispensational view. There's a lot of excitement about the return of Jesus and all focus on the return of Jesus, and a lot of expectation return of Jesus. But in ways that can be unbalanced and get away from the scriptural emphases so to me the historic premillennial view is the right one, that there is a spiritual kingdom which Jesus is ruling raining. The kingdom is being advanced on the earth every day through the preaching of the gospel, but at the end of this of this segment of time Jesus will return destroy the wicked set up his kingdom on the earth fulfill the promises to Israel and will be a thousand year rule and reign of God's kingdom on the earth, and the glory of the Lord allowed to the warlord filling the earth as the waters cover the seas and then a final demonstration of human wickedness were Satan is released and people still want to follow him even after all of that. Hey, thank you for the question hey Shanna, I'm so sorry about the time Shannon, Alberta, Canada but about the Hebrew roots movement there is a beautiful restoration of Jewish roots of the church messianic Jewish believers help recover that many churches the whole recovering their Jewish roots, recognizing the Jewishness of Jesus in the Jewishness of the early faith at the same time there is an extreme Hebrew roots movement that either tries to make everyone inflammation Israelite claims. If you don't observe the Torah of Moses cannot say that's to be rejected and resisted. Hey friends back with you tomorrow for three leaders Thursday broadcast

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