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Was Jim Carrey Right about the Christian Right?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 26, 2018 4:50 pm

Was Jim Carrey Right about the Christian Right?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Will Jim Carrey had some harsh things to say about the Christian right in America is right stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire.

Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown will use his own words. According to Jim Carrey. America will soon quote find out once and for all the Christian right has never been about morality. It's been about holding onto power and using morality to do so was right welcome friends to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown. Thanks for starting our week together with us. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We did just had some wonderful time with family in town.

Great family fun together and always refreshing to it to have those moments and got some writing done.

Also got some prayer in as well, but great family time so I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I hope your week is starting well, but either way, here we are together and as always it's my goal to be your voice of moral clarity, moral sanity spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often compromise into to help you get your spiritual bearings were not here to just do news talk radio when not here is simply to preach here to be a voice for you and to sift through was happening in the world around us in the culture around us and get a biblical perspective. This will rewrite articles on a daily basis. That's what we do these radio shows on a daily basis. This way you can have your head clear as you work out your own life your own calling, where you are, how your function even 1,000,001 questions to work on. So let us tackle a lot of others for you and provide the ammunition for you provide the data for you provide the that the perspective for you so you want to do that again.

As we continue to talk through issues having to do with the gospel in politics look friends on. I'm really committed. I'm really committed to helping us have a clear head about this for my book. Donald Trump is not our Savior did to to my articles to the radio show and videos be put out.

I want to do my part to help you work out a clear way of living and thinking so you you got things in the right categories you got things in proper order. You got the gospel where it belongs. You got politics were influence you got prayer were belong to God. Voting where it belongs. You've got the mind of the spirit you get the word of God. You've gotten practical wisdom that we can live things out effectively. Here in this world as it should be pulled in a million different directions that this this that's not right for a child of God should be so influenced by the media.

One way or another.

We shouldn't be so easily polled by the latest reporter news or wind of doctrine, there should be a stability. We shouldn't be so reactionary, so I want to help you do my best to strengthen you in this regard. So, Jim Carrey, of course, has been attacking Pres. Trump day and night despises his policy studies. He's come out in favor of socialism. Things like that people of, scratch their heads think you know what socialism would mean to your paychecks are but putting those things aside he's referred to Pres. Trump is as sadist in chief. He's a gifted artist as well and will will paint these derogatory paintings of Pres. Trump and compared it to cancer and other things and there are evangelical Christians that absolutely or Paul that was Jim Carrey saying the way saying it but they have their problems with Pres. Trump but Jim Carrey went beyond that recently and and he said that the Christian right has never been about morality. It's been about holding onto power and using morality to do so now. I wrote an article about that that was postdated Saturday and Sunday on different sites and today on some other sites got a lot of attention, a lot of feedback and when I when I link the article I wrote the article I linked it to the tweet where he said this so just this morning I was looking for the tweeter late last night the tweets gone.

So when I click on where the tweet was it's gone. So I went to his twitter feed and ran through recent feeds and I don't see it so if if maybe he felt wrong about it or so but anyway it's pulled maybe there's an issue with Twitter and II don't know him and I hope you pulled out people but before you react harshly to what he said is what you look at it fairly and asked the question about the Christian right in America before you react to what he said I want to take you back to last year.

I remember when this happened. Some looking at a report on Christian today that was posted July 20 of 2017. Written by Joseph Hart Trump, the inevitable gesture. Jim carries made surprising and profound statements about suffering, grace, and how Jesus shows us the path to salvation between his comments were wholly Orthodox but Christian should listen and learn his words offered more weight and wisdom than many Sunday sermons so he was at this gathering.

There was a Jesuit priest there. There were people who were battling addictions, etc. so it is an organization called homeboy industries, based in LA it's a center for rehabilitating former gang members and prisoners led by Jesuit Rev. Gregory J.

Boyle so Jim Carrey was speaking there but let's listen to what he had said broken up into a few clips this play.

The first clip is still with God and were heroes and I am learning is yours as I was in transcending and darkness is right now. When Jim Carrey said those words.

I don't know that he was thinking consciously to be broadcast publicly. This is a small gathering, just there with the mic you can see it's not professional sound quality or anything like that and he he says things that are very gracious in his view in his mind. The room is filled with God because you got the six gang members and prisoners who were seeking to rehabilitate their lies with the help of this Jesuit priest that significant him very positive. Tim glad, glad to hear that. Let's listen to some of what he had to say I was I was in the last years myself and alternately suffering releases so suffering leads to salvation through his talk about problems he's had his own life issues. He said to deal with and and let's let's remember that often the the Hollywood actors in these elite celebrities deal with all kinds of issues. Substance abuse, depression.

Other issues for for whatever, either as a result of all the family have, or because their giftedness, parallels, and of the weakness in their life or whatever it might be all right. So for sure it significant that he says those things I'd I think that is positive and honest and again if in every way. It's not a silly Orthodox theology. There are great truths that sharing and then he speaks more specifically about Jesus. Listen to the Celeste clip, you may as long as grace on the cross, he suffered terribly and by Dallas and feeling of absolute abandonment is all that is is was on people causing suffering situations. Calling is that alright so I have no idea about Jim Carrey's personal relationship with God, but I was reminded of that clip after I wrote my articles. You can read on Esther to Brown, the Lord, asking if Jim Carrey was right in attacking the Christian right so I want to play this clips first so that you have a right heart towards him because I was I was looking at some comments that were made. For example, commonly see if I can find it on our Facebook page comment made in response to my article and I take strong issue with Jim Carrion and what he said and is one who would be classified as being on call to Christian right because I'm socially active and will make political views known as well. II know the inside of this decently well so I take very very strong issue with his with his comments here, but one of the first comments that was made under scrolling down to it, let's see here. All okay.

Yet, one Jim carries a lost soul needs our prayers. Amen to that again God knows is his own life, but there was one that was posted and yet it honestly Dr. Brown who cares with that psycho windbag. Thanks. Now I understand that people can take offense. This attacks on the Christian right and the level of his attacks against the president and they can and will not respect Jim Carrey as a person. So I understand the harsh reaction, but to me we need to have a redemptive reaction. We need to have one that doesn't just push you if if someone is a ready away.

If someone is ready, alienated, if someone is really hostile. Do we want to push them further away. Do 1 Push Them Further Way alienate them further or or see if there's a way through truth and love. We can draw them near. I don't mean compromise. I shouted from there were times times rooftops. I don't mean compromise. If you know me you know that I don't have a compromising bone in my body in terms of what I see right and wrong. Got to do what's right.

Well it's more expedient to draw doesn't matter it's more beneficial to doesn't matter. You'll get ahead more if it doesn't matter right is right. Some of them I compromise and I'm not attacking the person that posted.

Honestly, Dr. Brown, who cares with that psycho windbag thinks I understand should should we stop our lives to evaluate what Hollywood actor with some very different views has to say no. However, because these prominent because many people follow him. Yes is an actor. They don't necessarily look to him for moral guidance but he's a man of influence, like anyone else was millions and millions of millions of followers and many people have been entertained by him, so they make. Listen only has to say. I think we do need a response and I think we need a response that is accurate, that is moral that is true. This village grace as well so do that when we come back will respond to Jim Carrey: how do you vote when you vote. I got a question for you will come to that little bit. They write this is Mario Andretti you know me as a racecar driver bottom also Meals on Wheels volunteer a race against the sportsmen's personalities, but I've never met, more vibrant, amazing people than the Senior served by me is only you can make a difference by dropping off a hot meal saying a quick hello. So America. Let's do lunch volunteer your lunch break in America. Let's do hi this is Terrence Holland. My mother was the cornerstone of our family. She shamed me as an act or a musician as a human being.

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She died when she was only 56 so this is person.

Hopefully my heartbreak is your wake-up call.

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I don't have my mother anymore so please do everything that you can stay around for yourself and for your family. Screening saves lives a message from the US Department of Health and Human Services to find water school) 15.9. Any smart distracted friends home, school, when you can see learning and attention issues from their side.

You can be on their side. That's why there's, a free resource for the parents of the one error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for joining us on the line of fire friends, something assaulted you consistently years now is help us have a kingdom perspective on politics kingdom perspective on living in this world. Recognizing the importance of patriotism and loyalty but emphasizing that the great commission comes first, that our heavenly citizenship comes first, and as citizens of a heavenly kingdom. We serve this earthly kingdom. So when it comes to criticism of the Christian right mother rejected all out of hand.

I'm I'm not just to throw it out as if in a demeaning and in fact that in my book.

Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports as president. In that book. I specifically ask the question, quote, have we have we compromised their ethics to gain a seat at the table. Business is a very specific question that I've asked so I'm I'm not immune to asking the question on the tone deaf to the question given Jim Carrey's words Christian right has never been about morality's memo holding onto power and using morality to do so. So if if he's talking permit about conservative evangelicals. Maybe music is concerned primarily white evangelicals. I can respond to that by saying Sir, with all respect you concerned you very wrong. Very, very wrong. You can weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. So again, the question I ask in my book disease evangelicals support Trump, especially the leaders sell their souls for them. Did they compromise their convictions to gain a seat at the table, to the extent that I know some of them personally know some of them very well. I can say categorically not assuming voted for Donald Trump. I can say categorically how it has nothing to do with wanting seated table. It has nothing to do with wanting control or power 00. I would a trillion to one much rather have no power whatsoever in the government and have godly leaders began our country in a godly and good way then to have a seat at the table where the ungodly could even think of that. Who wants power or control article is to serve our calling. This is to change lives one at a time right. However, because morality culture, politics, intersect, we get involved. The reason were politically involved is because were morally involved. The reason were politically involved is because were socially involved. The reason were politically involved is because were spiritually involved.

That's why so I recently wrote an article about Billy Graham's warning from 1962 about what would happen if prayer was taken on schools and in this is this is what he said. He said American democracy rests on the belief in the reality of God and his respect for the individual. Ours is a freedom under law but is also a freedom that will evaporate if the religious foundations upon which is been built or taken away his goal. Billy Graham's goal was to preserve freedom. It was not to establish a theocracy. It was, not to assert some type of control. It was, not to exercise power. It was to preserve freedom. That's why spoke out and when he ministered to presidency just minister about their spiritual lives and and realize when he got more politically involved. It wasn't for the best. So he in that respect was going to be another Republican or Democrat remained mutually would vote. Of course, but his call had to do with morality and spirituality, not control, not governmental control. See people perceive a certain way when they see you in the White House gathering. When the when they see you in a political relevant they think okay you just want your Gyan so you can have control or have a relationship with the person is in control so you can control through them know what we want to be moral influence will be spiritual influence. We want to be nudging them in the right direction.

That's best for the country.

Francis Schaeffer just wrote an article about him back in October I asserted warnings that he gave in 1968 with with prophetic precision, with an emphasis on on sexual issues and maintaining gender distinctions and listen to what he said, it is imperative that Christians realize the conclusions which are being drawn as a result of the death of absolute so everything realize this, the society would collapse.

We we would have moral anarchy and chaos is really what we have been in many ways we still have certain amount of order and certain sense of right and wrong, but it morality, sexuality is in a very chaotic and anarchic state compared to what was just some years before when he was issuing these warnings is so much change was happening in the 60s with them that the begun already in the 50s and before. So the point is that the goal is not how can we get more power. The goal is how can we have more godly influence goes. What can we do to bring about positive change. So what about the moral majority that that was a call to get out and vote driven jury.

That was the purpose would get out and vote get politically involved get Reagan in and get this one in an and that'll make the difference. Still, what prompted it was a concern about morality. What prompted it.

Contrary to Jim Carrey's thoughts. What prompted it was a concern about spiritual and moral decline in America and about what was going through our airwaves and the negative effect this would have on our kids and our grandkids. Therefore, to the extent that politics intersects with this get out and vote them. Second half of the broadcast on talk about the difference between the power vote the power of the gospel right in and allay something out very simply for that I think will really help in your thinking, but to a certain extent the moral majority became somewhat of an appendage of the Republican Party. To that extent it failed that extent lost its power. That extent it lost its cutting gospel edge not that reverent fall will ever stop preaching the gospel in standing for gospel truth and speaking out against sin in the society, but to the extent that the moral majority was largely appended to the Republican Party. It was almost as if we have to get this one elected to see these goals fulfilled and so the greater emphasis is on the elections.

To that extent, fall short so II can understand why the claim can be made that the Christian right just wants power. But what motivates us the quest for power and and maybe will put me on the inside of the Christian right.

Maybe put others there that's fine but I'm a conservative, follower of Jesus, I'm an evangelical right. I vote for conservative moral values. So I think the world would put me in a category I think Jim Carrey if he knew me would put me in that category right so I'm a try. I was writing the article responded to him thinking okay how can I best reach out to him what what what can I say that would get him thinking and and I thought okay let me ask you a series of questions and I tweeted him a copy of the articles of many sought is got millions of followers who could check. It's very congested see it and know that it exists, but you never know.

I've written enough things with people I though connection with and someone got it to them.

So hey I just want you know what I got that article to them, need to read it. I was try to make connection with people but if I can't than that assure these things for the edification of the public at our learning, our gross and then then from there begets the person as well. Wonderful. But this is for people think like Jim Carrey and many of those will read these articles listen to me on the air. First, Mr. care when you express your outrage against Donald Trump. Is it because you find a morally offensive and a threat to a nation. So why do it one power visual political control is a Canadian right know your you're doing it you're doing it because you find a morally offensive and a threat to the nation that's that's what you think right okay. Second, if your answer is yes, then you vote for Democratic candidates because you believe the do a better job of fighting against the dangerous conservative right you look at us is dangerous, etc. so you vote for Democrats. We can vote America to vote for Democrats so that you think because you think they do a better job of fighting against the right okay our number three. Are you there for using her moral outrage in order to gain political power or you vote for candidates assure you, moral courage, obviously you vote for candidates assure you, moral courage, before assuming that you're not using her moral outrage as a tool versus Erie convictions.

Why is it so hard to understand that those of us on the right feel the same way. This from the opposite side of the spectrum to reduce it to one question Mr. care if you and your ilk can be sincerely motivated. Why can you recognize that those of us on the right are like licensor could be.

Despite those very gracious words spoken about Jesus and suffering in salvation and grace and forgiveness. Very powerful words at that that group with a Jesuit priest helping gang members prisoners find rehabilitation could be that you tend look at those people as Christian or seeking to be Christian, but those who identifies evangelical leaders.

You can't believe you've caricatured us may be misjudged us maybe think it's all about political power. I remember meeting with a local gay activist in Charlotte North Carolina some years ago and partly through our lunch young man know me for some years is Dr. Brown after college is on. I misunderstood.

I said I thought you want some kind of power control.

I see that's not the case and I sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks Elisabeth. I just want you to know the love of the father, I just want you and the love of the father. He subsequently concluded I was a loony because he couldn't figure out how I how I had the convictions I did if I wasn't try to get political power control so you can consider me a wingnut yeah but at least you just missed interested. The goal is not political power control so you Carrey. I hope you can meet some evangelical leaders and hear their hearts and find another love in the here for the hurting in our love for the unborn.

Maybe just change your perspective, hi I'm John Erickson totter and I need my sisters Kathy saved me from drowning when I broke my neck and I lived with my sister J for seven years during which time my older sister Linda often stayed overnight to get jailbreak.

Someone once said sisters of the people we practice on the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation, kindness and caring although quite often the hard way. While Mr. Trump says love one another with brotherly affection say sisterly affection that it says outdo one another in showing honor sure my sisters and I do not always get along. Now I feel so tender toward them and listing to come to your siblings. Love one another, which you outdo one another in showing honor just like the Bible sent.

I feel so keenly because time is short and we will not always have our siblings of Peter Rosenberg and this is today's caregiver minute one of the toughest challenges for caregivers is to detach from the poor conduct of our loved one chronic pain, dementia, pharmaceutical sphere, those things can cause all types of behavior issues maybe to just having a bad day regardless of what's going on with them.

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When you just add water you change. Learn more and world vision done and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown shout out to all of our friends watching on YouTube haven't done this for little while but not I give you a thumbs up and send back some symbols hearts thumbs up pour it out. I'll be working on my screen is the all right in front of me got a new screen right here yet so silly back some thumbs up, smiles and greetings to all those watching on Facebook listening on radio listening by podcast, watching the live broadcast on YouTube wherever you are everywhere welcome welcome to the broadcasting in the medical 866-34-TRUTH 7884 that I got a question for you when you vote to all those living in America when you vote what what are your primary categories. What is your biggest emphasis. What is it that that get you out to vote and that that causes you to vote so is it for example issue of immigration remark that your biggest concern is that national securities for international security issues as if the economy is it moral and social issues is something else to Sullivans and reduce the size of government. Whatever.

What what primarily causes you to vote. I asked this question on Twitter today when you vote, which is the single greatest factor in making your decision. Economic issues national security moral issues or other better first few hundred votes in an I'm assuming the great majority of people following me on twitter are fellow believers so I know there folks to follow me on Twitter that despise me and mock me and for whatever reason, they follow me. But, but there are certainly great great majority would be fellow believers, and probably largely fellow evangelical believers.

So, I'm pleased to see the results here Mike assured them with you yet but am pleased to see the results.

You can call in and let me know when you vote was the get your vote, we vote for candidate, which the number one reason for which are voting for that candidate. 86634 but what what I don't get.

Let's just say that this poll was indicating so far that the number one factors moral issues when I don't get is lots of polling data that I've read those leaving the election so post postelection poles that are done as people are leaving the precincts and someone interviews them in and okay what are your beliefs about this this testimony vote that it seems that even among professing evangelicals. The number one issue with the economy as I just I don't get that get economies important in the economy does affect people's lives. And there is more suffering when there's less money and and I understand that but in a prosperous country like America. It's not as life and death. In terms of the economy as it is in other countries because you may take a little dip. Let's say the end of the Bush administration, in good part of the Obama administration economy was now that most of us were still stored starving rightmost was still a roof over our heads.

Most of us kids can still put food on the table so the point is that to me would be an extraordinarily carnal thing for that to be the major factor in terms of how you vote, the economy that now that would be quite extraordinary. Now that is that if if that's how you vote anyone explained to me morally and tell me what makes good moral sense, that's fine. Perfectly fine to me.

That's on so the results is as I'm looking on on twitter and just refreshing the feed here. I'm pleased to see this, but I may have to write an article on it and ask location. If that's the case than what were these polls telling us now I've got a representative sampling and I would also imagine just like those of you who follow us on the line of fire and and listen to us and watch us as much as you can. I would assume that you are among the more committed believers now on for all of you who follow us regularly and differ. Thank you, thank you for giving us time. Thank you for allowing me to do my best influence you and persuade you and impacted all right. And if you just listen, watch, because your whole role is to get fodder for for your material that opposes us more of a budget you your listening and watching anyone but having said all that, having said all that, friends. I was expected great majority of you who are involved with this broadcast are fairly seriously committed believers. I don't think you you put up with me day and night. The expectations and encouragement and then the the tone and the focus on think you would do that unless you in some kind of agreement in some kind of fundamental a man what I'm saying. So maybe the cross-section that I'm getting from you than those on Twitter and social media is the more committed than the more serious the more Bible based believers that are out there, and therefore your voting respect reflects that.

But we just talked about the issue of voting versus preaching the gospel Civil War you make a comparison. Let me explain. I had this mental picture over the weekend. It was just crystal clear and there was a damn and hold here hold here hold here hold here hold here hold their okay all all these different holes and we were plugging as many as we could. There a lot of us plug as many as we could with our fingers into the proverbial finger in the hole in the dam right but what struck me was that's what voting does. That's what voting does voting doesn't change the nature of the dam voting doesn't stop the torrents of water from hitting that Dan voting doesn't do anything to protect the people down there if the dam comes out what it holds back the negative forces so let them explain what I mean. Many of us and on talking politics.

I'm talking gospel all right. Many of us believe that we were in a dangerous decline in terms of religious liberties in America that other guy, I had a a major media guy one of the top few media man in America. I mean major, major act on our in the last eight years we were concerned that if Hillary Clinton was elected. Things will get even worse very concerned about the aggressive backing of Planned Parenthood be ready concern very concerned about the aggressive backing of radical LGBT activism and on and on.

So in many ways, having Donald Trump as president and in many ways. Having this president has given us a respite not again you may like him or not. This is not the issue. We voted for him not, we really have a respite.

He is really pushback in many ways against this radical activist he's pushback. For example, against radical transgender activism in the military.

He's pushback against those trying to tackle religious freedoms of the justices that he's nominating and are being appointed are all are also pushing back against these things. This is all very positive, but look, we have a respite. If we don't use this time now and lives if we don't use this time.

Now to make a major difference friends. We are in big big trouble all the voting did was get us a respite respite is not revival or respite is not Reformation so voting can plug the holes in the dam, but only the gospel can rebuild the down the I want to unpack that for you all explain what I mean. You can also read my latest article on Esther to Brandenburger on stream, which is by that title. Voting helps to plug the leaks.

The gospel rebuilds the dam. Put another way, the government can change laws but only the gospel can change hearts because we need both good laws and hearts, we advocate for political values will we seek to change hearts and minds through our message and our lifestyle but let us not confuse the power of our vote with the power of the gospel friends on and keep hammering this every opportunity I have and is often some as is all my heart because we tend to pray like crazy around the election times every four years there every two years and every election is more important than the one before every election is is more that is most important election of our lifetime and then the next was even more important in helping Billy how many billions of dollars are given for financial campaigns and remember if I'm campaigning against you. The more I spend the more you have to spend the more you spend, the more I spent this is just this analyst by up up up up up up every two years back with a major campaign in North Carolina that was being fought for for senatorial seat man I'd I can go anywhere I mean if I ago I were on. I mean, not physically but said just going to chill for a few minutes.

Want some sports and right before the sports thing here is in an ad from Hamilton air from her while NM get on YouTube.

There's an ad for him the next thing is that from her. His back and forth, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth is quite unreal. Quite unreal.

So we get in this frenzy we are praying to urge and I recognize recognize the urgency of these things the implications. The ramifications of the elections. I recognize Allah.

However however, when all is said and done, when all said and done.

We then take our foot off the panel as opposed okay now.

Now press and all the more we gotta make a difference with the gospel friends again. The best the political leaders can do is is plug holes in the dam.

It's up to us with the gospel with the Lord's help in gracing the power of prayer and how God is moving to read about societal change. Don't take your foot off the pedal now time to accelerate that this is John MacArthur inviting you to join me for portraits of grace unregenerate people are totally depraved and in their trespasses and slave to sin cursed to eternal damnation, unable to help themselves and in desperate need of mercy and compassion when playing and that's where the good news of the gospel meets that God loves them and that condition and extends mercy to anyone willing to trust mercy tempers God's justice and that God permits us to live at all speaks volumes of his mercy limitation says it is because of the Lord's mercies that were not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

They are new every morning great is his faithfulness.

Water prompts Mrs. John MacArthur trust in your lives are portraits of grace.

This is a service announcement to take fishing to determine if fishing license and registration before heading out of the water. Let us begin. Are you up there. Do you have a beak.

Do you have plumage.

Please tell me you answered no.

Which means you need to get a fishing license and have your vote register because it helps local conservation efforts protect very natural resources you enjoy boating and fishing in generations to come.

Do your part to take me Some people have for international mother able to support a growing family just when you can provide a family with nutritious now the gift of an animal from heifer and help the family start a small business. This handout increases access to education, empowerment and dignity is now ordinary again for international. Learn it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown Sondheim looking at this: Twitter is when you vote with the single greatest factor in making your decision and I gave choices economic issues national security moral issues and other and other got 6% national security at 7%. Economic issues 9% moral issues, 78%. That would've been my number one choice as well. Moral issues, so I again I'm voting for political leaders to do what they can do it if if we have bad laws. If we had Bev justices if we have bad policies.

It affects all of us. It does affect all of us can ultimately affect our liberties to preach the gospel look we read on a regular basis and people get bounced off twitter and bounced off Facebook and bounced off of the Susa social media and penalized on YouTube simply for holding to conserve use one of my colleagues been banned from Facebook. They remove this page. As it and always Dennis told the truth about homosexuality is always done.

I've had other colleagues I just posted Bible verses about that and they got like they got banned it so you say will we only Facebook all cases that were on the Facebook within the YouTube ring on the twitter no need Internet. We now need email me on the cell phones went on the radio.

We don't know we don't need any of those things to serve God.

We don't need any of those things to make an impact.

But I say what be a lot harder today for me to get my message out to all of you and potentially reach millions of people through through writing in and radio and Internet. If we didn't have Internet and we didn't have radio and then be a lot harder to get the message out yet so I for one want to preserve our liberties and I for one want to hold people to ethical accountability. If you claim to be a neutral platform and we pour our sin to help you develop that platform than we expect integrity there, but I am I am ultimately not looking a change coming from the top down. So let's just say I want to go to calls in a moment, let's just say that you share my convictions, which I believe what your biblical about preserving the life of the unborn. So you want to see Roe V Wade overturned, you want to see conservative justices appointed you. You want to see laws passed to protect the unborn, but say all that happens in the next 10 years and less were also influencing hearts and less were also changing minds the list for were also winning sympathy for the pro-life position. It's only a period of time before another tide comes through in and just sweeps out, we have and we end up with something even worse. You. You are not going to enforce morality, but by imposing on everyone. Yet you can and you can enforce it, saying we have lost reasonable murder. That's a law right but ultimately if you're in a society full of anarchy and full of amorality and immorality than people to be committing all kinds of crimes and in their needs to be change in hearts and lives right so the same way when it comes to pushing back against radical LGBT activists caring for people loving our neighbors with pushing back against radical LGBT activism.

Let's say we succeed. Let's say things that are legal today are illegal tomorrow. Let's say that the media can broadcast certain things because people just say that a turnoff or losses after let's let's just say that there are some moral code enforced a Hollywood like there was for for decades from the 20s into the 60s, the Hays code or the moral code that was imposed on Hollywood. This just take me imposed. Again, it's only a certain amount of time if were not changing hearts, especially the younger generation growing up where a certain point there just cannot throw that thing off disk and burst and that you have a situation even worse. So yes, by all means let's have divorce by all means let's have the policies by all means let's have good justices are courts, by all means in our voting can help in those ways, but voting is putting our fingers in the holes in the dam was preaching the gospel is rebuilding the dam preaching the gospel living the gospel.

That's bring about change, one at a time life by life family by family, neighborhood by neighborhood.

That's where the changes going to come and then that will trickle up to change the society to change the government to change other things are you with me on 866-34-TRUTH all right lets us start with Isaiah in Greensboro.

Welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown you're very welcome sir, all the area of black American four year argument automatically wrote voted Democratic and their I have my walk with Christianity continued to grow.

I'll eventually during the Clinton administration reached a point where I could no longer vote for party that seemed to hold homosexuality and abortion as sacred cow so eventually, much to the consternation of many of my friends and relatives eventually abandoned them longer they continue to hold the hopes of the main bombing voting efforts are social/rate by a biblical worldview so so I said let me ask you question two finger groups tend to vote in blocks. For example, the great majority of American Jews vote Democrat, and most of them are very liberal in their thinking of white evangelicals overwhelmingly vote Republican and you is your mentioning many of your your your black friends by Christian friends vote Democrat. So should I question for you. Like I grew up in a home where my dad was very intrigued and very involved in the Democratic Party and that I grew up thinking like that and he was a great role model for me in many ways and then as a believer I ultimately came down to a few basic issues that were the most important for me so I was put them first ultimately ended up voting primarily Republican for the for those reasons, but you have your friends, relatives descends to the consternation among your friends and relatives there thinking people also, many of them are godly people also why you think that you've come to these conclusions and they haven't oh. Because they continue to believe that the Republican Party remember Democrat party" the lesser of the two evil" grade. The media M Democrats together have forged an alliance that allows them to continue to push the black community. The idea that there are racist groups that can control our lives and most of it.

If you really sat down at the fly quicker with any, I'm allowed to have a conversation about talk I'll ask I'll ask my friend or relative mind. Show me where he has instigated policy that is that his wife that will affect don't talk about it.

You know what you think you said it, and of the problem is there still people that believe the idea of it, that the Republicans are out to get black folks remember irony here.

You cannot name a single piece of legislation that's detrimental to the black community that ever been voted for by the Republican but you can't do the same thing for the Democrats but it's just there. The exact opposite of the time, but like you woke Dr. Melissa problem. Have you been able to convince any of your friends when they strike out trying to bring in arguments aside from a soundbite here and there went with okay they can't mention legislation and maybe perhaps some of the presidents policies are helping in the cities are helping before with prison reform, and a lot of that could positively impacted the black markings well yeah got clever at what I like to call guerrilla colic where you know I'll bring up all hours of the greater the right marital unemployment is the lowest in our community you ever start a conversation with well once I moved away from the Democrat party.

Of course I poured out found a lot of other things that the main tell me that there rather than being our friends in my opinion, the Democrat party has been benefiting from actions taken during the Johnson administration that for years have been used to bring us under the fall of the part that is so awesome that I can back it up. Yes so so the idea that Democrats formally want your bodies now they want your votes and this is a waste to the welfare system of exercising control, even if; tended that that would be your position. Absolutely. And on top of that, no other group vote 90% for anybody in the fact that we do that every four year. In my opinion has put us in position where we are taken for granted yet about don't know.

I'm sorry sir I got interrupted just as rent a time, but I wanted to give the maximum time for this conversation. This is important to first thank you for being a clear independent thinker and for putting Christian values first and were any of us have blind spots where we are, whatever background may we see those blind spots and then Republican Party truly care to get involved and let black Americanpublicans are here is not a Republican myself independent but I hope I hope they make African-American community. No you are important to us as people are friends back with you tomorrow

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