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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 18, 2019 5:20 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 18, 2019 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/18/19.

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Already the questions we got answers phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Well, it is one of my favorite moments of the week. You've got questions. We got answers on our Friday broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 784 number to call if the question the comment is appropriate for Christian radio than this is the number to call anything in any area of expertise I have anywhere I can help you anywhere you want to challenge me question the 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I am not going to focus on this I'm just gonna mention it briefly, but but if if true, if true, this in one short sentence sums up the crazy extreme left this PC culture of the day ahead on and day out daily Mail says revealed Google VP told employees to stop using the word family after staff complained. The term is offensive, homophobic, and excluded unmarried people without children, animals and those with multiple trans feminine partners" in quotes and apprentices all documented boy in one moment you see how crazy the culture is 866-348-7884 just getting info from our four scholars and I'll be going to the phones momentarily. I met with a great family. We could go. While this we go tomorrow/Saturday activist mommy and her families.

Her husband, medical doctor, great couple.

Just getting to know them introduced by some other friends at the smallest minima radio show. I've forwarded some of her post to get 10 kids only nine were there but not not just that the kids were well behaved kids but they were full of life. They were animated. Knowledge is coal like brood laws. Should I mean they they were vibrant they were interested they had convictions.

It was was neat to see and I said to the husband and wife is a deal for brainwashed kids suffering into the mail. Patriarchy was always toxic by salinity, they're doing pretty well right 866-34-TRUTH we started Cedar Grove, North Carolina Todd, you are on the line of fire. Well it all began this letter for Mercurio cardiology question I have, I know that after the Israelites called the Jordan River. They were commanded to take 12 stones out of the river instead of a boreal infield gal you know for future generations to remember what happened.

If you had ever heard whether that particular boreal had ever been discovered, to my knowledge, absolutely not. I actually was wondering about that taught when I was reading through Joshua. Most recently, thinking isn't that interesting, but know there's there's absolutely no record of something found. That was that that that would been major that would be big. That would be something widely discussed.

There is an archaeological study Bible, and that our ecological study Bible.

They keep you updated on all these latest sponsors and apologetics study Bible. The same kind of thing as well.

But no, sir.

To my knowledge, and I'm 99.99% sure of this. Nothing has been found like that is a ton of stuff that has been found relief for Israel and what lesson two weeks so our tour group will be stunned to see how much has been found but but not that 866-34-TRUTH hey my son or Jimmy if you if you just joined in on our life Facebook feed hey man shout out to my favorite sons-in-law in the world. 866-34-TRUTH we go to Salsberry North Carolina Dallas welcome to the line of fire… I don't think the chemical and well. Thank you, 21 years old and your work with the on you know growing up. He and I got becoming a godly man preparing for marriage to open the film in mind, though I know that I want that but I don't want to idolize what I what you think you would you give me to move forward and grow become a godly man just pursued a career. It is all that you know the whole Stonefield you know. Yes, so I'm so glad you're asking these questions are first and foremost you need to be just that, a godly man. In other words, career success, popularity, income, all those things are quite secondary to what matters most to you want to put down deep spiritual roots. That means that that you want to really have quality time with God in your life that being is more important than doing it's always a lesson challenging to learn for me to this day is of such a doer, but being with the Lord in the quality way quality time with him in prayer quality time in the word and then really praying over your own character, praying that that you would be like Jesus.

I in my early days, the Lord first couple years there every day the end of the day. I would, I would pray through various passages. The first, with its 13 and other passages for qualities of love for or second Peter wanted talks about growing in certain ways it. I pray those things over my life and and really put emphasis on character. Again, achievement, secondary character. Solomon gets super introspective, because then you is to be very easy to become self condemning you know of, so I'm getting super introspective, but what I want to please you want to I want to be godly. I want to reflect your love and your compassion and in your goodness and or love holiness and and learn to receive grace learn to receive forgiveness. God is quick to forgive and merciful and then walking humility that I find someone that is able to receive correction. That's the kind of person I want to pour into because that's a characteristic of wisdom that that the wise man is corrected and learns more and thanks you. I member years ago there was a young man I really had a pretty strong word of correction to. He was an older student in the ministry school and it was a very strong word and I spoke it to him and he smiled and said rebuke a wise man in hell love you. Thank you. I thought that's the kinda guy can work with so you have your convictions, your firm on things with then you you want to you want to be one that's open to receive correction if I'm secure in the Lord then it it's I can be hard for me to receive input and correction from from others when I'm insecure. Then I can be more defensive and things and then the last thing when it comes to marriage you want to determine to be a blessing to the woman you marry. Yes you.

You are blessed by having a godly partner. Yes you. You are blessed by by being married to the person that you love but you want your emphasis to be how I can be a blessing to that woman and how I can nurture her out how I can serve her and if you do that. I just look at it like watering the plants, you can criticize that plant yell at that plant. You're not everything I want you to be and it's only to shrivel you can water the plant and the plant will grow. So if if you're a godly solid man, dependable to keep your word and in your sensitive to your wife's needs shall be secure and shall honor you, and shall support so those are some words of wisdom and counsel for you. What you say about him not not idolizing marriage.

You know him in the pursuit of it, you know, putting our time is appropriate. Quick torts that regards the whole picture, known to me yet.

What I meant dialysis.

It's impossible to give a specific time to because how many hours you work a job how involved you in church or ministry or other things. Other things like that but you want to pursue the Lord earnestly and then let things fall into place naturally for marriage and you don't want to be obsessed with God have a wife got a wife and I went to the Lord. I got married young, but I got saved at 16 1/2 and then my friend started marry pretty young and no, 18, 19, 20, so I was praying regularly for copiers will give me the one you have for me when you have hurt for me and then I can be patients until you do. And then God brought Nancy toward church miraculously after two and half years of saved and brought us together. Hey, may the Lord guide you and give you grace. Thanks for asking these great questions of gymnasts over on our Facebook thread. Have you covered the fact that many churches only allow prophecy for encouragement you have addressed it many a time of just put out a tweet yesterday say were they be forcing if you really get to bring prophetic words that are not to be positive and happy. It's based on the misapprehension that New Testament prophecy is always positive.

It fails to realize that rebuke is is from the heart of God love of God that love warns in the first with his 14th three doesn't just say positive positive positive positive does mention edification does mention, exhortation, and that can bring with it. Words of correction now. I would limit those types of things for senior leaders or those who are truly prophetic and not just the general operation of the gift of prophecy, but for sure, through the New Testament prophecy comes with warning prophecy comes with correction and always because is from the heart of God comes with life, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Anchorage, Alaska. David walking to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Michael Brown was great-looking.

Thanks, but have a general question Alaska native and decided group, Christian with my family but don't like your picture up critical legal and I decided there's no way that you can love rose from the dead, so but I did struggle with the but I have to take the trip those wondering, I don't think the gospel came to Alaska native longer time and I think when it did come to them in another note, the Christlike. But, forced upon them. So just wondering about those Alaska natives who never knew the name of Jesus because they believe in from creator, no critical world right now just wondering what your opinion on that one it David it's it's a weighty question and in many ways the most weighty question that you could ask a it's a question that that religious Jews you know this guy come up because they live in a certain environment with only Christianity they knew was far from from biblical and them you what about a sincere Muslim that all they're exposed to is the Carano or so this this is not a question to be answered lightly, but there is a serious and solid answer to this, we come back on the other side of the break. I want to address your question for monster jam, but I get to everyone that's on hold to get 866343 David on pleasure faith to secure the let's address this question on the inside of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown) for joining us in 15663 truth number to call so David in an Anchorage of let me let me respond to a few levels okay number one we know that many people are offered the gospel and refuse so through history. That's been the norm of God comes with his light and people reject the light because they love darkness so even even if most wonderful gospel message was preached to your ancestors Alaskan natives native Alaskans. Many would've rejected the message anyway so we we understand that sometimes we have this idealized thing. If only people heard they were of all believe that this that that's not the way it's ever been. That's the first thing the second thing is that God's ways are perfect got when we stand before God we can see he's perfectly just, and he's full of compassion and and that that means that means that whatever he does is good so I wonder David about Jewish ancestors of mine.

I wonder about rabbis that seem so devout and wanting to please God, you know, trembling over everything through to want to please him and do things the right way at your they lost are they in hell.

I simply leave it with God. I know that is what I do know I know that we all fall short, and that on our very best day were not good enough. You say we understand that that's what you need. The gospel okay agreed. What about those that didn't have an opportunity here it so I I don't know what happens to people I I I do know that were lost without God's mercy. I do know that our sins damn us that the very best human being who's ever lived on the planet talking about human beings, a set of Jesus have all sinned and fallen short, and can only be redeemed by the mercy of God. I don't know. I can't did God work in someone's heart in a mysterious way, did they respond to the light that they had a through the revelation of nature and through some type of gospel related message that God embedded in one of their traditions is that possible someone argue that but I don't know so my answer to is is a twofold one.

Number one I absolutely know that God is trustworthy. If he loved us enough to send his son for us that shows his intent is not to condemn the world, but save the world.

That's what I need to know about his art was he's more sensitive to this issue that I am on the other side I can I can account for one so I leave it to God exist that sticking your head and said no it's not because if I try to figure it out. It's probably gonna overwhelm me. Maybe discourage me maybe depressed because I don't have the whole picture. I don't see from God's perspective or I'm to be overly idealistic and just kind of ignore it so I know it's weighty and difficult, but I don't.

I don't have enough information to know what happens to every human being who dies. We assume people are lost without God, which is why we go bring the gospel why missionaries risk their lives to bring the gospel to people ever because we understand their lost. Does that mean that no one had the opportunity to turn that no one responded to God's revelation in nature that no one had God's laws written on their hearts.

That's for God to deal with, so I will go to everyone and to my Jewish people as if their lost and they need the Messiah, and as far as those who die, but every hearing without the exposed to the gospel, who exposed which will be false gospel. I simply leave it to God, knowing that when I stand is same with Simone father was reading the New Testament, the church listening three preach but died without ever making a profession of faith.

I have to leave that my heavenly father knowing that his he's more compassionate, more perfect than I'll ever be, and whatever he does when I see it Allstate you what you did was right what you did was right, that does that make sense to thank you think about it kind of my mind, though, I really appreciate you; question yeah and and against her son a copout answer. It's really honest answer and one that comes from learning to trust God because this much. I found out David that the God who is been so patient with me second say we some years ago put up with my folly and for gay buses on it since I've been say that I'm a serious believer. I know how compassionate he is and I know that whatever sentence he carries out this can be right and I'll say Lord what you've done is right and I ferment a thank you for the question immediately. You grow in your own relationship with the Lord, 866-34-TRUTH we go to New Brunswick Canada Reese. Welcome back to the line of fire to clear how are you good very well thank you I will connect you about. So there is a verse that the Lord sent the evil spirit of torment for King Saul and I was wondering kind of goes hand-in-hand with the question I have, several weeks ago with this is better understood in light of the theology that we have know that the Lord permitted Satan or an evil spirit to torment all rather than actually commanding.

I get done sending the spirit right so the first thing is we do understand that under Old Testament revelation.

This with the recognition of God being God of all, and Lord of all that. In fact, if an evil spirit was tormenting someone like Saul. There was understand that the God sent it, especially when it was some type of judgment, but I don't know, honestly, that we would change this from a New Testament perspective, meaning that this was not just harassment that the author first. Samuel wants us to know that God himself did this. It's a judgment on Saul so it's to me it's all the same. If, let's let's just look at it like this. You've got this this window when it's closed. Okay. And there these demonic spirits on the other side of this window chafing to get through to to attack this brother but they can't they can't because of God's protection and his grace and his shield and then this person walks out of God's protection and mercy. Or maybe there are persistent center at first with his five and they refuse to repent and there handed over to Satan. So now God opens that window without him opening that window those demonic spirits could not get through. So, yet the person did it.

It's not.

It's not the idea that God just sits Francis, who can I smack you all think I'll get a mess up grace today.

Let's send demons to harass him know that is so contrary to the nature of the father bought the idea that God is just sitting passively by saying, oh man. Reese loves me and serving me with the devil is really after him. I mostly like that either. So would be as I can be reached on someone else. This person is sitting, walking a disobedience out of God's mercy and whether God permits Satanic attack are actually socially presses a button for it to happen. He still got overall and and because it's judgment. I have no problem to sing it that's that's what happened. That's what's written. That's what happened. All right, thank you for the question. I appreciate it yet, but 866-34-TRUTH we go to Spokane, Washington, Rosalie walking to the line of fire. Thank you. In the book of Jill P.

Third Temple profit. Okay which verses in particular, you talk about the book of Joel found in captivity Pickerington the day of the Lord Scripture that we cannot always be credited coming. God know so that's it. That's actually not the case and I think we spoke fairly recently. You may have gotten got through fairly quickly but it was there temper related if current price anyway though they have the Lord spoke of many times when God would visit in judgment in the Bible and permit. There are prophecies in Joel that are ultimately future prophecies or prophecy still unfolding. I Joel 228 following with which Peter quotes next to 17 and following about this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel about the end time outpouring in which we continue to live, but no other daily Lord, for example, in Amos you'll see it. It's automatic timer God comes to visit and bring judgment on his people. There have been many days of the Lord through history, many days of the Lord in the Old Testament. Days of the Lord in the time in which we live. Now these are times where God comes in judgment were God comes to to straighten things out and then there is the final day of the Lord. Whether it's a 24-hour day were period of years. There is that final day of the Lord and where there is overlap, they are sometimes the prophet speaking is something imminent in his day, but this can be a parallel at the end but most of the Joel references to the temple would be to judgment coming on the temple in his day. This just debate about when to date Joel is he talking about the first Temple, or the second Temple, but in context that would be the subject matter as opposed to a future third Temple and was the whole prophecy is clearly futuristic, but go through the Amos and look at day of the Lord. They are you will you wait for the day of the Lord there thing all God's gonna come and deliver assisted God came and brought judgment. So there been many days of the Lord when God judged northern Israel. When God judge Babylon. These were days of the Lord. When colleges drew some these were days of the Lord. But there is the final day of the Lord. For example, spoken of in second Peter three that day of the Lord coming with intensity that day of the Lord which encompasses the return of Jesus and everything with the establishing of his kingdom that something that is still future, and as far as we can understand that will involve a future third Temple when he returns.

I thank you for the question, 86634 to just a short break, and as soon as we come back we going straight to your calls all if you can't get through today, Monday, doubling Mondays, Martin Luther King Day, it's a holiday for many risks allow that there was a nonentity opening the phones on Monday so if you keep try to get to today. You can hopefully Monday will take a bunch of phone calls error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much transferred money. The line of fire. He cited just a couple days ago we released consider this video number six back Republican pretty close to a million views on the first six videos combine now the latest asked the question, is it too late for America friends.

These are highly animated young people can watch these old people there really effective is the single most effective thing we've done so far as a ministry team in terms of a short message getting out.

We take you through why things are so dire in America. But then going through history with some amazing quotes, give reason for hope that it's not too late if the people of God will get desperate so if you haven't watched it yet, watch, share it with a friend and I'm sure you be blessed you can watch another website asked Dr. Brown the legacy right on the homepage or on our YouTube channel. I we go to the phones starting in Toronto, Sir Jill, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Michael Brown barhopping you yell or jump into a have to question the second one is a resource question is a particular button okay but you're the one I wanted to ask you about. There's a blog that I started looking into Kathy Gifford the log the road on the Rabbi I know you are on board the resort you know are not honest now I don't know anything about it.

I'm sorry to say make it. In fact, I just take take a take a look now II was significant. There were thing about transformation.being that Jesus would not carpenter, but that our nation from bilberry so they assume gotten all builders were carpenter, but in reality you're the Mason worker is a good book.

There's an encouraging book is really good so far but I sure thought the house like this translation be wrong and nobody is not a popular thing for you so so the idea that there have been some that try to argue that it didn't mean carpenter and referred to some other builder but I'm perfectly at home with the translation carpenter and I appreciate I'm just looking at at at the book which is getting a lot of attention. A messianic Jewish rabbi Jason Sobel who have known over the years contributed to the book and then there are there are definitely misconceptions that we we often have okay and there there are things that we get wrong. You know that we that that happens all the time I write about it, you know, a lot of things in terms of Jewish roots uncovered, but there funny things that that were told the wrong sort of just as an example here of where I've got a bunch of different translations up at the same time. Yet just just looking lips misspelled carpenter that was the problem. But no II I'm I'm perfectly at home with with the saying that, and if so, for example, if you look and Mark chapter 6 verse three Mark 63 of us can look at a bunch of different translations here so Mark 63 that's we have it. For example, the King James version, so King James, isn't this the carpenter NAS is that the carpenter ESP. Isn't this the carpenter.

NIV isn't this the carpenter TLV, which is a Jewish base translation.

Isn't this the carpenter and ET is this the court there.

When you look at the translation of translation of translate after translation and they all read it the same way, including translations that have a strong messianic Jewish background like the TLV, the tree of life version of that I contributed to as well.

You can rest assured that it means carpenter. No decent reason to question that the resin there were many good I just listen.

That's like okay move onto something else you would like II didn't I didn't pick anything negative about it.

Yeah just just on a set point. Yeah, my comfortableness carburetor young yeah okay because I can question mentions that urban topology or radio. Are you so interested in and what this guy does. But I like to lock you what would be good resources for you to study the different views on all the velocities you felt almost all close millennialist and I won't be good is so surreal.

Click you can get a book called four views on the millennium for abuse on the millennium and maybe something it's five now, but I believe four views on the millennium and just look up under that title. That'll give you good idea if you want some of that expresses my viewpoint, and in some depth there is Israel, the church in the last days I Dan Juster and usher in trader Celeste names Juster and in trader. INT ART ER is really church in the last days but still give you various views for views of the millennium and in the book that Prof. Craig Keener, I co-authored coming out March 19.

Not afraid of the antichrist. To this Brown and Keener not afraid of the antichrist on March 19. What we don't believe in a pretrip rapture.

A thank you for calling 866-34-TRUTH Sam and Florida.

You are online fire hi uncle happy to be here.

I really enjoyed your recent debate with the Unitarian Yaqui.

Yeah, I wanted to ask a question related to what black colleges at Lily. I would think you just and not long ago handout you are on the lack on the left being in of really apology and he was staying things that are really boring. The child, the return of Christ already happening. 78 and there were a whole bunch of things that like it just went and what I was traditionally taught like I thought Christ not just do it with little respect to Jeff and I said that he does but not number one. This would've been very foreign to the disciples very far into the early church leaders who were looking for the return of Jesus long after the temple was. That's one thing I would imagine Jefferson partial credit risk is described some future new heavens and earth. Michael Sullivan. He really proceeded me to debate so we debated in November.

I think and there's a problem with the professional video that we took were trying to use the live stream video that we have an and on her Facebook page but that that view is is completely out of left field that were ready in the new heavens and the new earth that were ready in the time when death is no money, just crazy as is the students it's me afterwards. Absolutely ridiculous view that's full printer is him that everything all prophecies ready for filled and that that you really only goes back around the 1970s to to be honest. So was his and some will say it's it's a completely heterodox and that it's is the resurrection is a ready passed. So if you're set on exactly what Jeff believes and and I respect him as a colleague salute. Let's put that aside and just asked some simple questions have the dead in Christ been physically resurrected. No have have we caught up to meet the Lord in the air and our physical bodies glorify no have have we yet entered into the realm where death ceases on the earth. No we go down a whole list of things and remember, Paul says that when he returns were going to be changed. Have we yet seen the full ingathering from the nations no have we had seen Israel Trinity Lord know so these are all things prophesied in Scripture still happen something momentous happen in your 70 yeah but but that was not the second coming did God coming judgment at the time is his coming judgment many times as I referenced earlier, the many days of the Lord in history. Sure, he came in judgment sure, but what is Paul say were looking for the glorious appearing. That's were longing for written longing for the destruction of Jerusalem. They were longing to see Jesus. John says when he appears will be like him is when you see him as he has Paul says in second Thessalonians 1. Come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God and obey the gospel and at that time will receive relief from persecution that has nothing when this is happened it so absolutely without question, we are still looking forward to the return of Jesus. Just as the disciples were those that lived after the destruction of the temple, just like the early church was speaking futuristic. We about the return of Jesus. We continue to look with great anticipation for his return and what we know how to do a living, obedient lies in sharing the gospel so as to hasten the day right thank you very much talk about.

You are very very welcome 86634 innocent. I know that sometimes we hear something. All our lives. We we grow up with it were use to it as your something new. We've got a kinda wrap our minds around.

But when you have to start start taking us is a full progress was an interesting shifter is not that you have to start taking whole passages in truth, the trend of side down and have the means something totally opposite with the meter is another reason I reject the so-called biblical Unitarian position because you have his whole passages. The sections need to be turned upside down and made to mean something other than with the office could be saying that to me.

Thanks reps the whole theology, 86634 let's go to Bruce in Belgrade, Montana. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown and I have a Hebrew question for you based on Leviticus 1820 2K and Isaiah 6617 two first one. The courses dealing with homosexuality that second one is dealing with food different Hebrew words to a bar if you pardon my Hebrew and shy cats and Isaiah both translated as abomination and all the English translations I've read so from a Hebrew perspective, how do you distinguish the Hebrew from the English translation is still the word that the difference between totally violent and shy cats. You were pretty close to the pronunciations number one, we understand the toy bar can refer to something that is morally offensive that is morally detestable, all, or it can refer to something that is ritually detestable.

So when you read Leviticus 1822 he realizes a death penalty associated for Leviticus 21 God judges the Canaanite nations.

This rescinds you understand this is something morally reprehensible.

Just like idolatry and other sins mentioned in the passage shy cats is testable, who normally would translated as abomination and I'm just going to look during the break translations but the words are words are little bit different and should be translated differently.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown I select friends going to say a room love to have you as part of verse 14 for ministry. This radio broadcaster, videos, articles will be put out, and offered you for free if it's worth you a dollar or day or more than become one of our torturers and over some that's a jump others. You could do that, three, four, five times a day wouldn't even feel it dry support to become a torch were going to ask Dr. Brown.Borges could your Click on donate and you see the monthly option first read where your money goes.

What were doing and then all the ways we pour back into you and then join our support.

You may need a whole bunch of you to do so in the days ahead of it will help us immensely and the best thing is to share the reward of all those that we reached soap was interesting and Isaiah 6617 and Hebrews shy cats is actually mentioned in the list of of unclean foods that are eaten as as if in itself was the name of a food so for example the NET translates it disgusting creatures like mice etc. all you have the NLT of feasting on pork and rats and other detestable meats. So there. There are quite a bunch of of a different ways of reading this. Some say detestable. Some say disgusting. Some say unclean. Some say abomination so it does reflect the fact that words are related and yet different right. Thank you for the end. But what's gonna happen with many words, English, Hebrew language that you have similar words with different nuances that he convey that in different contexts, 866-34-TRUTH we know when the end we don't let's go to José in no we know well Samantha wanted to open a let's go to Tony in Greensboro North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Are you going Dr. Brown where wicker all is well. Thank you sir. Daily yesterday.

I would make the call back in but I got called Dan and I barely remember what he was speaking on and I didn't agree with talking about our gift, or ice in the Bible or something. Yeah said that it was something in the Bible about darker skinned people and usually going all over the Bible.

Nothing in there. I was wondering if he was alluding to possibly numbers chapter 12 when Marianne and Aaron were picking up Moses his wife because she was a Cushite baby under exec that are yeah interpreting that it was a woman who called course, the reference was to numbers 12 that Moses marital Cushite woman now is it referring to the Sapporo who is Midianite and there might've been overlap with Cushite or was it a second wife.

Let's it was a second wife, a Cushite so we can be relatively sure that that is the portion of northern Africa, so, so south of of the of Egypt and that most people there would be traditionally black African however you want to describe them, so there's no argument about that that there's intermarried that there are dark skinned people.

Among the people of Israel people baby darker skin than you and that over history, lighter skin than me. But all marrying and being part of it but she said that the King James says that he married a woman darker meaning he him sorry our and I said no, no, not that hers never occurs, that's a and and see the word darker. Well, I just checked Avenue. The verse wasn't there and I knew that but when I checked darker that that word darker does that ever occur in the King James) every other gag risk their first course in November and I'm like you, Dr. Berman just forget, passes for funding your body will be surprise what looks like you have any pictures in the church. Are you the back.

In the Vatican draw a man were Harold Warman is like Byron Bryant in all of that, so they will all be surprised if Autocare would look like this better be good teachers used to think it has been a problem when he's been wrongly present.

In other words, when we try to make him like a European blonde haired like Caucasian, so people forget the Jewish roots of the faith or they could get the Middle Eastern roots of the faith or that could look like one your slave masters 300 here: the hurt, the miss perceptions are important, but here's what I think about if if I grew up in a white family and my black friends is made of more white community such more normal to me. If I think of Jesus white that's kind normal review up in the black community. Many black friends you think of Jesus black that's more normal was were all seeing it for particular lands and the thing is what we did when we were late and we don't relate to him as a color we don't rewrite them as our Savior and Redeemer.

The woman love and if and when we see him face-to-face. He looks more like you were more like someone else who doesn't matter. What matters is that where you really fall his feet and worshiped him.

Yeah, absolutely.

He got Washingtonian a mental night as asset Brown you're very welcome my guy Barbara 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Portland Oregon. Eric welcome to the line of fire. I Dr. Brown out and listen out for I was waiting for Jeremiah for the end of Jeremiah and I was reading a couple verses where it got to judge the nations surrounding Israel because they trim the corner of their hair, and I just was hoping that you could get that unit does that mean that we should be trick.

We shouldn't be trimming the corner of our air today because God was judging Israel nations other than Israel for that yet.

So actually I sent thank you for the questions number one in the biggest 19 the prohibition to Israel about cutting hair a certain way, it seems to be a disfiguring thing that they were not to disfigure themselves with their hair disfigure themselves in the morning so and so that's that's one thing but certainly there was never a judgment on the nations.

In other words, that that if a man cut his beard. The gob is going to judge that nation so these would have to do with presumably disfiguring idolatrous practices, not simply a hairstyle or all know I should. That should I not shave okay you got you have a mustache designing a holier have a mustache that's not the issue at all.

This great question with the types of things God would judge foreign nations for would be things that tied in with idolatry and then out of that were demonic, disfiguring, etc. I thank you for asking the question, 866342 I we try to reconnect with José in Southern California. Glad you're able to get right back on with us, go answer hello Dr. Brown, God bless you and God bless your ministry at a question regarding on the Trinity aquatic verification regarding the relationship of the questionable brought up and it always brought up when I speak to my friends that are on their one you have the one theology and then there's another group of people of my friends that there are there not Hebrew root movement and they have this one at Theology, then the question is that always rises up, and of this and but for me asking you this is me bringing it to you so you can discipline clarification. Yeah, I'd be okay. The father loves the son, we understand that the son also love the father and might, the question is whether we believe in the God that has three separate and distinct on awareness like I want to say mind because I know people get I will chance they got mine, but I question it is is does God our God on its diagnosed three persons. But are they each individually software without constant and is it okay to say that our God does have in the next time three mind because there are three different person and or how can we elect yet with all respect, I would say that those are those are fair questions for human beings to ask, but human beings treading where we don't necessarily get to tread meaning okay that the New Testament speaks of the mind of the spirit right in Romans eight that he who searches the hearts knows the mind of the spirit is the intricacies according to the will of God.

It would be as if the spirit has a mind and the father understands the mind of the spirit, but to me were still using human terminology to speak of God. In other words we speak of God having a mind does that mean I have the specific brain we have a brain.

Your house is mine operation, but we either as there is so so to me. I I'm simply going to lay out and and others may be more inclined to get into this type of talk is just just not me because I don't find the language so much.

In Scripture is clear to me this one goblin got only an external before all things and will exist after all things that that he alone is eternal God is one thing he alone and himself possesses immortality and then the second thing is, he's complex in his unity, and as he is made himself known to us is made himself known to us as father son spirits with only see three persons with one being, and that there is distinction between them so that the father can send the sun the sun can send the spirit, the spirit can testify about the sun. The sun can glorify the father and yet in eternity. In Revelation, the 22nd chapter it says the service will see him, and they will serve him will see his face and speaks of God and the Lamb. And yet only speaks of of one throne. John XVI chapter, Jesus says this, verse 13 when the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth. For he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak he will declare to the things that are to come. He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine is clear to all the father has his mind, their ferocity will take what is my that to me destroys a mode of this position or when this position or oneness Pentecostal position for Circleville. If you carry there with God's holy complex try you

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