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Evangelicals, Trump, and the State of the Union

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 6, 2019 5:20 pm

Evangelicals, Trump, and the State of the Union

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 6, 2019 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/06/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

What it really was a historic moment last night in the president's state of the union address stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown to friends Michael Brown coming away again from Israel, this time from Jerusalem. No place on the planet like the city of Jerusalem.

I wish you all here with me now Monday night if you heard the Monday broadcast. We had our tour group.

Many of the tour group of folks with us. I was 10 to 11 at night and early early mornings on the tour. Very very full days and then we had a preaching meeting. After that that I didn't but we have a great crowd there enthusiastic cheering on last night I saw folks were really fading. We were doing an extended Q&A's of the full tour day and then Q&A for a long time at night and they were tired out from from the program and us and say what really is a prerecorded show so we did that last night. Now I am recording this show in my hotel room in Jerusalem. So this is the day after the state of the union. It is, it is Wednesday, February 6, but were having a problem with our Internet connection to do a live broadcast so you don't hear everyone cheering us on everything there but but I am coming away from Jerusalem and we we've never done this before tourist Israel two consecutive years but we really have it on our calendar for May 2020. So if you want to pray towards something tell you walking around bait shop on today.

These ancient grounds. A society that is been in existence or the city that was populated by one wave after another for thousands of years walking among the ancient ruins, there was a Colosseum in the midst of it so I said everybody want you sit on the seat summons's ancient stone sees us want to sit on the seat set out I'll go preach a little bit so we we got into the Scriptures and quoted Scripture and encourage one another and in the warden and just it's it's an amazing time, and after that drove down to come wrong. Yes it so the Dead Sea in and where the scrolls were discovered in just there so there's so much every day.

It's just amazing what there is to see in the miracle of of modern Israel with the Jewish people there who always at strengths and weaknesses and who have had many times in our history of turning away from the Lord, and many times, turning to the Lord. That's what that's what Israel isn't. It is a mixture every way you got the good and the bad of humanity. But I tell you, you recognize that this is a place unique. The hotel room before some sea of Galilee and only get to the state of the union. I've got some very important things to share about that as well, but we are in the sea of Galilee and this morning getting up a before the bus left at 830 in the morning and I just went outside because the wind was gusting and I just took 1/22 video and and posted it on over social media outlets but even he say it is just think Jesus must was on these waters.

Thank you for and in then I did water baptisms in a couple days ago in the river Jordan and they said was was Jesus baptized there so we don't know if you have the exact location in the Jordan, but for sure. Part of the same. Jordan is just it's it's remarkable something very sacred about a look, I'm not one of these people that that comes back with no selling the bottles of oil from the holy land.

I'm not saying it's a sin to do that but that that's not who I am not into like sacred places. But when you walk the land, you realize mouth these things literally happened here. Some of our folks just blown away in Capernaum and there is an ancient synagogue, and this would've been in a place like that that Yeshua taught at and sick people were healed and he had debates with the religious leaders and mind-boggling and from this place and and from the obscurity of the summer living in Galilee to to be the most influential Jew who ever lived Jesus the Messiah.

In this movement that's touched billions of people around the world coming from here and and then were on Mount Carmel and and and from there amount Carmel were logical down fire from heaven and you look down and there is Armageddon at and it's just it's it's unreal.

It's really extraordinary. So if if you're able to make it with our group with another group are really pray that that God makes a way for you it's it's a life-changing experience.

One of our grads. I knew he was just on a recent tour some months back and here is true again.

I sent how many times have you done these tourist Israel goes for is within a few years. I should really ask a lot of money and he said yes voices I learned by by doing things repetitively.

That's really get the detail and things say cancel boy just very very special very very moving very good at and then is as were in Jerusalem were among the very religious Jews and obviously they would be some of the most devout people on the planet in terms of prayer in terms of study in terms of seeking to live a moral life, and yet not connected to God through the Messiah the way they they must be and not knowing the depth of forgiveness of sins that we experience through you. She was blood so it's it's one of those things people so near and yet so far are the president's state of the union. I want to concentrate on one thing and one thing only, namely the president's comments about abortion now look you may be cynical. You may wonder what how much does he really mean this. How how I was seriously can we take him well even if he didn't mean a word he said from the heart even if he was saying it simply to rally his base. The fact is, he has consistently held to these positions through his presidency. This thing is he has acted on these words is not just spoke of them is acted on them.

So whether it reflects his heart conviction which I certainly hope or that he saying it for his political base.

The fact is, he's acting on these things and look let's boil it down what's the number one reason that I voted for Donald comp.

Yes, I had reservations because of his character.

I wasn't sure he would keep his word, but I voted for him. The first reason was abortion. It was a vote against Hillary Clinton.

Knowing how militantly pro-abortion. She has been knowing what a friend of Planned Parenthood, she has been in knowing that she would appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court, which would seal the fate of Roe V Wade for a generation or more, barring divine intervention.

The first and foremost reason I voted for Donald comp was abortion hoping he would keep his word, hoping he would appoint justices that he promised to appoint hoping that he would be a friend of the pro-life movement and that he has been now I have not had an opportunity here in Israel to go through all of the relevant state of the union addresses from Pres. Reagan presidents Bush and George H. W.

And George W to see what they had to say in the way of pro-life comments.

Obviously, neither President Clinton or Pres. Obama would've made any positive pro-life statements, but I did ask a colleague who has studied much in terms of the history of the United States and other literature and Constitution and he pointed out to me that in 2003, Pres. George W. Bush spoke out against partial-birth abortion so so this is this is what Pres. George W. Bush said in a state of the Union address in 2003 by caring for children who need mentors and predicted men and women who need treatment. We are building a more welcoming society, a culture that values every life in this work, you must not overlook the weakest among us. I ask you to protect infants at the very hour of their birth and end the practice of partial-birth abortion so important words, commendable words for state of the union address but to my knowledge, if these were the strongest statements that have been made up until president trumps remarks last night than what he said last night is the strongest ever in the state of the union address. Remember, abortion was not an issue in generations like this before Roe V Wade, so listen to what Pres. Trump said last night and if you seen the video where Chuck Schumer is sitting this little smirk on his face as president trumps talks about the New York lawn and makes a comment to the gentleman next to him and then once when prison finishes his comments and there's rousing applause, jumping to their feet. Obviously, mainly the Republicans and then there a bunch of Democrat women just sitting it's it's contrast is very intense and you know you know that I'm a registered independent, you know that I constantly say I do not put my trust in a political party you know that I I I wrote the book.

Donald Trump is not my Savior here.

That should tell you that I'm not just looking at this as some type of political battle.

I know and understand ultimately that we can only see the end of abortion on demand in America when hearts and minds or changed. I fully deeply understand that by politics has its place, the courts have their place. The law has its place in a very very major way or we would not be talking about the increase in boring abortion since roadway that the courts had no effect that we would be talking about this right. So here is what Pres. Trump said there could be no greater contrast to the beautiful image of a mother holding her infant child than the chilling displays. Our nation saw in recent days, lawmakers New York insured with delight upon the passage of legislation that will allow a baby to be ripped from the mother's room. Moments before birth.

These are living, feeling beautiful babies will never get the chance to share their love and dreams with world and then we had the case of the governor of Virginia where he basically stated he would execute a baby after birth. Listen, there's more there is one to stuff in their credit. I am so pleased that Pres. Trump said what he said last night at the state of the union. I am so pleased. He drew attention to the New York law which will come back to the misrepresented has been misrepresented by critics. I am so pleased that he called out the state of New York and called out the lawmakers for celebrating a barbarous law and that he called out the governor of Virginia for what he said inexcusable comments. Basically saying if a baby survives in abortion so would say this baby is is 8 1/2 months old in the womb and this baby survives an abortion will then you keep the baby safe while the parents decide they decide if they wanted or keep it alive, horrific, inexcusable comments, but that the obvious and natural. Now just let continue to go on it's naturally like this is what you thank you Pres. Trump out horrific things that have taken place in our country. Thanks error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown shalom shalom from Lucila yes Michael Brown so excited to be on this Israel tour just just driving some of the places here in the Judean desert in the and then the Galilee and the fertile land and in so much as just extraordinary extraordinary in the history again. We put on our calendar for next year.

May 2020. Leaving the day after Mother's Day. So perhaps you can be praying into joining us. God willing for our next Israel tour. We got a few more great days here before work done.

I'm not taking calls and we don't have our tour group cheering us on. Ed is shouting and clapping in the background because of a connection issues with Internet so I am coming away from Israel. It is February 6, the day after the state of the union address but this is recorded just a little bit before the show. Hopefully will have a live audience again tomorrow that that's always fun. We can do that from Israel.

Okay, the president's state of the union comments I want to dig into them a little bit more just focusing on abortion. All right, so here again with the president said there could be no greater contrast to the beautiful image of a mother holding her infant child. The chilling displays.

Our nation saw him recently. So first thing he's appealing to a mother's instincts and then is contrasting that with the lawmakers in New York who cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother's womb moments before birth, so, so he contrasts mother's instincts with the heartlessness of the lawmakers cheering this brutal abortion law and and then describes governor Northam's position.

Virginia, for exactly what was giving parents the right to quote execute a baby after birth. I mean that that is a fact that's that's what he did and then he says this this this is me to defend the dignity of every person I'm asking the Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother's womb is work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life.

Let us reaffirm a fundamental truth. All children born and unborn are made in the holy image of God. These are well a speechwriter wrote that forget you, but he had to be willing to say the words okay and again.

He has consistently held to a pro-life position from the campaign right through until today I I was critical of him during the campaign when he said yeah what he would want the exemptions and of the exceptions for for rape or the life of the mother. It's etc. and there was change the Republican platform and then he retreated from that and he is been justice strongly, politely, he's got Mike pence right next to him.

Mike pence wrote an article criticizing governor Northam of Virginia and and in his in his words, and we just scroll down to the to the quote vice president.

Pence said this of governor Northam's position, it is morally reprehensible and evil and and remember at at the March for life last month vice president.

Pence spoke to the gathered crowd in person and Pres. Trump address them lives so in remotely with the address of the these these things have not been done like this before. Right.

So yeah obviously someone writes a speech then you have to be willing to say that Barack Obama without since Bill Clinton would've said the secular equivalent of said this art. Bernie Sanders would say this, so the fact that he said it effectively rebukes New York.

The lawmakers in the fact that he rebukes the governor Virginia and then notice what what's was found in his words here EE speaks of the dignity of every person so that means the baby in the womb is a person civil who did know that will, in point of fact, this this is not the position of the pro-abortion. You don't want to speak of the personhood of the baby in the womb.

Its system massive tissue mass of cells. No no you say no. He speaks of the person of the baby in the womb. Then he speaks of the the bill the baby's ability to feel pain which underscores the cruelty of abortion, and then he spoke of the unborn is innocent life, surmises of of the injustice of of of abortion and he spoke of all children inside and outside the womb is estimating in God's holy image you say Mike, come on, he's just playing to his basis is trying to rally the troops for 2020.

Aries is sounding religious what is not religious at all what I I'm not one to pouch for the president spirituality. I hope he has a relationship with the Lord but I have no assurance of that in questionable whether there is evidence of that, he could've just been rallying the truth but look, if he's going to keep his word and these are going to be the things the axonal. That's what matters most to me. Yes, it would be best if these were his heartfelt convictions. But even if they're not as heartfelt convictions of East if he's committed to act on them. If he's committed to push forward pro-life. The pro-life agenda will then more power to them. And what about the bully power of of the pulpit. The presence bully pulpit. What about the power of that just the words that he that he speaks and look as far as his actions he's appointed pro-life justices to the court to sign pro-life bills is been consistent stance threats pregnancy to repeat whether he really means what he says and does a secondary. What matters is that he supposed saying it and doing it right now. Once he exaggerated when he spoke about the law in New York was he exaggerated. There was a piece by Lydia O'Connor in Huffington Post and the headline proclaimed Trump turns to absurd abortion imagery and state of the Union speech, the president claimed that a New York law would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother's womb moments before birth. Now I've got a question before read more of Lydia O'Connor's article here. Got a question what's absurd about that imagery. If you believe in abortion right up until the moment of birth and then you are against the born alive actress. It was the born alive at the born alive act is is a bill that would say if a baby survives in abortion, then you are obligated to provide medical care for music will, of course, I have no no, it doesn't happen. Babies are aborted the survivor abortion are just left to die. Yes, this happens and caregivers in certain situations are not allowed to try to care for them yet. I listen this is the murderous spirit of abortion. And if you're listening to me you have an abortion and you have regret in your broken up over go to the Lord Jesus died for the sin of abortion as well. If you participated in it if you worked as a security guard in abortion clinic.

If you work to the Planned Parenthood clinic is one of our callers did and then got out that there was a last day working there by God's grace and she's got a great testimony that we connected to God and and thriving. From what she said.

She said to me, maybe you're like her may be an abortion Dr. energy conviction out. Jesus died for the sin of abortion as well but go to him and ask him to forgive you don't make excuses asking to forgive you.

He will wash you clean a hip he'll give you a new start and and he'll use you as a voice for life was a prayer warrior for life was a summons a friend to help others give birth and and have babies, be an advocate for life but but look, if you are full-blown pro-abortion person than you believe, right up to the moment of birth if you can find legitimate reason to abort the baby you abort the baby was.

I can be viable outside the womb.

Well, you know that you're sure doctors have never been wrong on that you not at least give the baby a chance to look it. If you are 1/2 months pregnant nine months pregnant, about to deliver and an easy start of a mental health breakdown and and you're lucky to be capable of of having a child will deliver the child and someone will gladly adopt a child. There is there is the baby can survive outside the womb. There is no legitimate reason to abort it and he said what about the fiscal health of the mother. You can always deliver the baby C-section so that's that is not going to negatively affect the physical health of the mother.

This thing is it is a myth that there's legitimate reason to kill a baby at at eight months and and and three weeks for the health of the mother.

Not so doctor after doctor will tell you. Not so. So why Lydia O'Connor, Huffington Post. Why is this an absurd imagery and assert what's so crazy about that, of the New York law would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother's womb moments before birth. What's wrong with that. If your partner pro-abortionist. What's wrong with that Pres. Obama promised to veto the born alive act, President Clinton opposed it it if imposed, President Clinton opposed partial-birth abortion for a prohibition as if if I'm correct what want. Why were all well this is going to just be another step forward for the pro-life will all these bogus reasons are brought. The fact is, it is a murderous spirit can downplay them. So O'Connor dismisses Trump's claims, writing with the builders New York Bill is expand access to abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy to women carrying a fetus that cannot live outside the one previously the procedure was available only to women at that stage of pregnancy if their health was threat so cannot live outside the womb for day for week four months for year based on that we should just say, well of the babies born is a little weak. Why let it several week terminated now go live a month. Why let it just live a month and paying terminated now. I'm like this happens in Holland where where babies are euthanized in elderly are euthanized and Odyssey babies without their consent and babies often without parental knowledge that the doctor just decides this is the right thing to do.

God help the world not help him back. There is much more to say, helped me away from Jerusalem right here for your voice of all cultural gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown Lucila Michael Brown so glad to be with you. I am not taking calls today, but I am coming your way from Israel just don't have the tour group with me as I'm doing this broadcast talking about the significance in the history of the pro-life movement with Pres. Trump's comments last night at the state of the union address rebuking the lawmakers New York for their celebrating the passage of a brutal bill abortion bill there and look there were there were lots of articles saying that the abortion laws New York were outdated and so good to have these new laws is even more liberal laws were as New York was ready, the abortion capital of America.

New York was ready, aborting, one out of every three babies so every two born woman supported New York City was aborting more black babies that were born this going back throughout 2012. So now, hey by all the more abortion let it happen there celebrating that government, north of Virginia's inexcusable comments about infanticide just extraordinary that were even having this debate that these things.

Reason being talked about friends and then Pres. Trump calling for a bill to stop all late-term abortions abortions.

Once the baby could feel pain you say well just awful abortion say absolutely you absolutely want to eradicate abortion on demand in America. And as as a down syndrome young man said was the great interview with him.

He said I don't want to make abortion illegal. I want to make abortion unsinkable.

If that's the ultimate goal, absolutely. And yes, that means hearts and minds have to be changed. That means for sure that that laws have to be changed that that mindsets have to be change that our attitude towards babies, children has to be changed absolutely. But you often have to do things incrementally. That's often how change comes incrementally so here. Look, if you have an epidemic of young people getting in car accidents in your city. They're getting high.

They're getting drunk there there there breaking the speed limit their driving recklessly.

They're not wearing seatbelts, etc. etc. will you do it ill and let's say you're having 100 deaths a year because of the recklessness and everything else with you cut that hundred to 80 it's 82 Manny, but thank God for the 20 live say if you can cut that hundred to 50 it's 52 Manny thank God for the 50 lifesaving. That's how we have to look at this and despite the ongoing horror of abortion in our land. The numbers of babies aborted each year are decreasing or on a fairly steady level. There has been a decrease in public opinion continues to there's there's mixed public opinion from what I understand more people favoring more protection of life. Now they say even just a generation back in the early days of Roe V Wade when it seemed that the pro-life movement was was fractured and discouraged and done that's not the case friends.

That is not the case.

So let me go back to comments from Lydia O'Connor in Huffington Post responding to Pres. Trump's words and she says this what the bill does the New York Bill is expand access to abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy to women carrying a fetus that cannot live outside the womb. Previously the procedure was available only women at that stage of pregnancy if their health was threatened quite so what's she saying that is that with the president is talking about being new in the bill was always there that she's saying that you could abort a baby after 24 weeks of pregnancy. So, right up to the moment of delivery or as as the Democratic representative represented Tran or delegate Tran in Virginia said of the bill she was putting forth even as the woman is dilating okay if Lydia O'Connor is correct in Huffington Post, then there was a problem.

There is no problem. Up to now there there was no problem. Up to now with a woman, aborted baby, for health reasons and is noted in my article, archdiocese of New York. This is a colligative history pointed out, the Supreme Court in Doe versus Bolton define health as all factors physical, emotional, psychological, familial and the woman's age relative to the well-being of the patient.

So if if quote woman's health was threatened if if she just felt unable that I can handle the child's can affect my mental health or emotional health. Then then she could. According according to the Huffington Post, right up until the moment of birth decide to abort her baby under previous New York law that's which is claiming so. Here's a link in the article, which notes that under the new law. You can also get an abortion after 24 weeks if their health is threatened or the fetus is viable.

While this seems to be saying something different than Huffington Post to say in this very link they provide. The bottom line is that Trump's imagery was absolutely right, right up to the moment of birth the baby could be ripped out of the womb will appear to all those who are pro-abortion.

Why not own up to it. If you shout your abortion shall the whole thing if you shout your abortion, shout your abortion on the baby can survive outside the womb and not shout your abortion with the babies eight weeks old or 30 weeks old.

Shout your abortion. Either way, boy, what, what a terrible tragic moment we find ourselves in. And yet one with the darkness is so dark where the. The pro-abortion position so radical that it really really opens eyes and his energized the pro-life movement. So with increasing militancy of the pro-abortionist pro-life movement is freshly mobilized in the roles of Pres. Trump and VP Pentz have been highly significant as well so I mention VP Pentz it live address investments pro-life rally in person Donald Trump doing it remotely. VP Pentz are writing a stinging response to Gov. Northam's remarks which he characterizes morally reprehensible, evil, and then the president's state of the union address and and the tremendous importance of what he said last night and here let me underscore it for you. Contrast things with this. What if Hillary Clinton had been president who would have been elected now to the Supreme Court who would have been elected to the federal courts. Who would have been delivering the state of the union remarks. What would be said.

Would it be a moment like with Pres. Obama and God less Planned Parenthood relic friends.

I want to say this again.

I do not identify with the political party. Meaning I am not registered Republican or Democrat. Yes I voted heavily Republican for years now because of the Republican platform, but I still don't put my trust in the Republican Party, and I certainly don't put my trust in Pres. Trump that he's going to change the moral fabric of the country.

How could you possibly put your trust in the present United States.

This president to change the moral fabric of society know that is only going to come through the gospel that is only going to come through Christian witness that is only going to come through us by God's grace with his help changing hearts change you want.

There's no other way. It is going to happen.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

Having said that, we must recognize that the Democratic Party has become increasingly militantly pro-abortion, pro-death. Remember President Clinton's dictum that he wanted to see abortion safe, legal and rare, those who were safely going rare something very close to that. Not shout your abortion not celebrate your abortion, but sometimes it's necessary and sometimes it's the best thing for woman we don't want to see a lot of it but it should be safe.

It should be legal obviously loud stick my me that would be his mentality. And of course he was former militant in those words but look at how far things have come to is now debated that God will not talk to some blogger returns of 15-year-old kid on you to preserve the governor of Virginia. Did he in fact give it the possibility of infanticide. Those that that that have refused to comply with the born alive, acting Pres. Obama again I remind you promise to veto it in and voted against it as a senator.

The fact that we even debating these things speaks to extraordinary immorality, extraordinary hardness of heart extraordinary deception and just as ancient Israel sacrifice babies on the altar to mullah sacrifice babies on the altar to Baal. In keeping with ancient near Eastern practice just as ancient Israel did that is that same baby killing spirit friends. I will book, due out in September of this year. We got a lot coming out this year. I'm just finishing out all the updates and revisions for hands were stained with blood, which cannot originally 92 and schedule to be printed with a brace been continuously imprint since 92, but a brand-new edition, revised, updated, I think is going to make the book even more powerful than ever and some of the stuff in the new edition is is even more shocking than the stuff in the first edition but working on that. Getting that out in August, but I got a book due to come out in September about Jezebel's war with America that may be the most intense thing I've ever written on Mount Carmel talking about Elijah calling on fire from heaven, and Elijah's conch conflict with Jezebel earlier this week I I talked about that. I II gave gave a little synopsis of what's going to be a netbook in the context of Elijah and Jezebel in the battle for America friends. Suffice it to say when spiritual battle. Hillary Clinton is not my enemy. The Democratic Party is not my enemy and not looking to the Republicans to bring revival to America but I'm saying we are in an intense spiritual battle for the souls of the nation for the life of the unborn. It's a battle that has been going on for decades is a battle they could go on for decades to come, but it is our sacred holy obligation to do what is right to stand for life to be advocates for those who cannot speak up, God will hold us accountable so I for one, and thrilled that Pres. Trump did what he did.

Yes, I I regret things he says and does it.

I wish in certain ways to be a different man, but most fundamental reasons which I voted for Pres. pro-life that was last night, those that oppose like shame on God.

Open your eyes. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Your again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire. Shalom from Jerusalem. I friends no hype here. I wish I could push a button have have every one of you here with me in Jerusalem. Now the last few days of the tour based in Jerusalem and then travel to some other areas but so much to see and do in Jerusalem. So much to see and do throughout Israel.

Absolutely mind-boggling. And for those of you say what how much to focus on the Palestinians while here. To be honest we do dialogue with our tour group about the needs of the Palestinians and what is a just solution, etc., but this is not a political Israel tour. This is not a tour.

We talk about how amazing Israel is politically will talk about the good things Israel but also about the needs and lacks. This is this is to tie you back to what happened inscriptions to tie you back with what's going to happen here in the future. This this is to to make the Bible and in the truths of God in the history of this land come alive to you in ways that can only happen by being here. I'm even virtually yet virtual reality can be amazing. You know, but virtual reality still not reality. Alright, so we been talking about Pres. Trump. We've been talking about the pro-life movement.

The state of the Union address last night and I fully understand that we have been going around certain circles for years and years and years and in certain ways, making very little progress, but progress is being made. It's the first thing I want to say progress is being made and we need to rejoice in that but but how in the world are we going to see radical change come to the nation with abortion that the look, it's very possible is very possible that Roe V Wade gets overturned and then the decision goes back to the states and that's were having a lot of battles now but but this would empower the states to stand even more and you're going to have a tremendous separation in that regard, you're going to have quite a few states that will be abortion free and then who's going to live in those states what's gonna be the attitude toward towards life in general. In those states which can be attitude towards the Bible immorality in the states they have other states that are going to be abortion centers like New York is now II mean it's the inevitable you that I have pro-life legislation with pro-life governors and pro-life congresses in different states you have national things. I mean this is what's going to be happening. And in this battle. It may continue until Jesus returns with steps forward in progress being made.

The point I want to make is this, along with legislation. There must be massive revival outpouring there must be conversion of the loss. There must be changing of hearts and minds.

There must be awakening the scale of which the nation as is never experienced before. Now this is crucial to hear people say let's just rely on evangelists. Let's just rely on evangelism and if we evangelize people in the come to the Lord that's eager to change the laws I beg to differ, because if you have the same mentality.

Then as you have now and people aren't involved in.

People don't vote at end and they don't get involve the political system and how laws can change if 10,000 more people get saved in a city. The laws change automatically, or someone has to change them so someone has to run for office. Someone has to vote. Someone has to propose a bill someone has to get on the local school board. In other words, you still have to do something. So it is evangelism. It is prayer first. Yes, it is spiritual awakening first. But not only it is. It is both an that's how things will change.

Just like the freeing of the slaves.

It was not only changing hearts and minds, but changing hearts and minds until a critical mass was reached and when that critical mass was reached.

That's when things change on a national level. That's when it happened. That's when there's Emancipation Proclamation. Of course there's a bloodied war that followed, and in Pres. Lincoln remarked that that the blood that was being shed was was a payment for for all. All of our cruelty and sin against the slaves so friends I I am hoping that God will work in such a way miraculous in America and the and that that there will not be this type of uprising against a life and that there will not be this type of violent response to pro-life but you never know.

Look we saw in the cabin or hearings just how militant the pro-abortion spirit is I go back against the baby coming spirit in the ancient world. That's what we are witnessing today. It is something very very close to that literature quote with you.

I have this in the end of my revolution book will you little force battled tirelessly for several decades to bring about change in America.

He successfully abolished the British slave trade. Eventually slavery itself and Great Britain and and her colonies.

In 1804 he helped form the British and foreign Bible Society.

He supported missions. He fought to improve the condition of the poor and prisoners and he came to faith at the age of 25 and it was through the influence of John Wesley and he wanted to do among the higher classes what what Wesley had done among the lower classes in any form that the Clapham sect which quote sought to do for the upper classes what Wesley had done for the lower classes.

That was his heart and he labored for years and years got into parliament and one time after another defeat defeat defeat defeat defeat. I mean once there were sufficient votes to pass it but but the opposition was no, there were able to get everybody to go to some other event zeros skip parliament so you have sufficient votes and ditto just what it is that kind of disappointment well and finally they win.

Finally victory comes and and Charles Spurgeon said this so I want to share this with you. Charles Spurgeon said a healthy church kills error and tears in pieces evil that's a very long ago our nation tolerated slavery in our colonies. Philanthropist endeavored to destroy slavery, but one was utterly abolished, sleep, pause and comment and would Spurgeon say yeah there were people of goodwill and people of good conscience who sought to stop the growth of slavery who sought to stop the industry of slavery. The evil of slavery, but they weren't successful. This would Spurgeon says women's utterly abolished. It was when Wilberforce roused the Church of God and when the Church of God addressed yourself to the conflict. Then she toward the evil thing to pieces. He said I have been amused with what Wilberforce said the day after they pass the active emancipation. He merrily said to a friend when it was all done.

Is there not something else we can abolish that was said playfully, but it shows the spirit of the Church of God. She lives in conflict and victory. Her mission is to destroy everything that is bad in the land little not attack people not hurt people, not destroy people. Spurgeon was a preacher of the gospel, not not not a military leader. Spurgeon was a preacher of the gospel, not a member of Isis Spurgeon preach the cross and the love of God and transformation through Jesus, but he recognized that the gospel attacked the immorality of the age that the gospel attacked the injustice of the age. Here it called back again to the days of slavery. What do we say of the churches that were proslavery. What do we say of the churches that were silent during slavery. What do we say of the churches that supported segregation. We see them as hypocritical. We see them at the very very very least as having a severe and ugly blind spot.

Of course they should've spoken of course they should in fact look, we commend those who spoke up and acted in Nazi Germany and the surrounding countries, the so-called righteous Gentiles. The Corrie 10 boom's, the people risk their lives to save Jews. On the one hand, when when I think of the fear that the Nazis would still, it would've been so so so easy so incredibly easy for people to just say hey were Christian pipe where it will work with skanky carbon pray pray the goblin intervene, but were we going to rescue Jews or we risk our lives, our kids are going to die. Our grandparents going to die or suffer the concentration camp that it is is is that is that right should we endanger old films look like. I can understand how fear could do that to you.

I can understand the natural why so few would would act out of the terrible would happen to them. Thank you. See the evil then you see the Jewish families being carted off to the concentration camps. You see little Jewish children starving to death in the ghettos you see the evil and you think I have to do something I have to do something and and that's why we must act today.

Friends don't let the that the pro-life passion the pro-life momentum diminish in the least.

Right now this is a critical moment to stand. This is a critical moment act. This is a critical moment to pray. This is a critical moment to seize ground that's been taken, and to change hearts and minds. Let the debate began over infanticide to expose that the utter horror of the evil of abortion. Let the images be seen. The ones that are so disturbing the images of aborted babies that went friends post them on Facebook their Facebook page gets shut down. Let let us expose this letter show the ultrasounds of little ones in the womb and show their humanity. Let us hear from those who had abortion as they they agonize over the decision in the scum of the message of forgiveness and freedom and restoration for all, let's come with a message of mercy and hope for all, regardless of what sin was committed.

Jesus will forgive Jesus who plans humble yourself turn to him, have mercy in the center portion heal your life back with you tomorrow

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