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His Presence is in His Name, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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August 1, 2022 9:00 am

His Presence is in His Name, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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August 1, 2022 9:00 am

What is the presence of God like? Does he give us a warm fuzzy feeling? Or an emotional worship encounter? For something we all want to experience, why can God’s presence seem so elusive?

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Today on Summit life with Judy Greer presence of God is when the spirit of God takes the name of God and the love of God and begins to make it real in your heart by declaring to you his glorious name that he has saved you and he renews his covenant with you in that moment that back for another life with pastor Jeannie Greer of the Summit church in Raleigh, North Carolina. As always, I'm your host :-) bit of edge, wondered presence of God like is it just a warm fuzzy feeling or an emotional worship encounter degree. It's something that we all want to experience seems so elusive today pastor Jeannie takes us back to Moses his encounter with God on Mount Zion. We'll see how the presence of God changed Moses his goals and desires forever. And guess what can change us to.

We know you don't want to miss any of pastor Katie's messages so if you ever need to catch up. You can hear previous broadcasts by visiting online Jeannie but for now, here's pastor Jane. I think this series to be a game changer during the series.

I think some of you may find true faith of the very first time brothers of you, like me, you might discover that pastorally knowing I'm loving God. In fact I would say that many if not most of our emotional problems are connected to our view of God. For example, if you think of God is capricious and untrustworthy. You will feel anxiety about your life if you think of God as a judge mental high risk, then it will turn you into a fearful, insecure person. If you think of God as aloof or distant, you will feel insignificant. If you think of God as an angry warlord. It will turn you into an intolerant bigot. If you think of God as a warm, tingly, sentimental, but powerless love horse who looks down on the rest of us because we are not as enlightened as she is, it will turn you into a UNC Chapel Hill professor right so what comes in your mind when you think about God is most important thing about you because it will define you and shape you like nothing else in your life Gore-Tex for the next few weeks is going to be what is arguably one of the most maybe the most important passage in the Old Testament. Exodus 34, six and seven were God declares his name Moses.

If God offered to you everything you ever dreamed of. You get the million dollar salary you get the help perfect health.

You get a legacy you get a family. A healthy family and your kids grow to be centers of government and doctors and and that you did everything you've ever wanted just not God's presence in your life would you take Moses not me, not today. Not ever think he says that really for two reasons. They are number one because Moses saw God as beautiful not just beautiful there.

Many of us who come to God. It was a God. I need this got me that my relationship to you is to be dependent on how well you provide those things that I want from you Moses ago to see God is beautiful in himself. He saw God, not as a means to an end he saw God as the end himself. He saw God as the ultimate reward. The ultimate prize is that how you see God this afternoon. You had to choose. You could have everything in the world without God. Or you can have nothing in the world and God which of those two things would you choose is the second thing Moses realized that goes with that, he saw that without God. Everything else was useless. Furthermore, Moses understood that not only did those things fade without God there things about fading you write your soul you know the story. Moses, even the Prince of Egypt. They lived in the policy was in command of the largest army in the world. Many was driven out from the palace and the water in the wilderness for 40 years with nothing but God is a something of observed. If you ever meet somebody who's had it all without God and then had nothing with God and asked them which they choose.

Every single time it will tell you I'll take nothing with God told you guys before, if you follow Jesus follow him 100% because the most miserable people on the planet have committed halfhearted Christians because you're just enough in the world to be miserable in God and are just nothing to God to fill guilty of the world to follow Jesus. The only joy in it is when you go all the way and I don't mean to be mean but I know that I'm looking that a number of people that you are in that have committed place until just before church is a terrible hobby. If that's kind of how you think of and for many of you that's what churches find a different hobby in this hobby you get up early on Sunday morning and you drive to a place where you go to the nightmare we call the parking lot and then you come in the place and there's a lot of room a lot of people in the room is not a lot of room and you not sit in the lobby at the time, and then were always under pressure you volunteered to serve with the kids and give money and misunderstands on the stage and yells at you for 45 minutes. This is a terrible hobby Risa go to Halloween every week.

We have to dress up like something you're not. Not the part that you only want to play. I will walk around the spiritual light. How are you doing I'm just going to get rid of her as the Lord and you know that you don't mean it. So you go back and you feel bad you to slide everybody find a different hobby, the joy in this kind of place is only for those who have developed such a craving and a taste for God's glory that the taste of his glory outweighs all the pain of coming to be a part of a community like this one. So if you going to go with Jesus go away or don't go at all because it was miserably poor people in the world are have committed Christians who are just enough of the world be miserable God.

Just nothing to God be miserable in the world Moses that I want all of you. I want all of you. By the way, Moses did understand how the contradiction resolved, which is why he only got see the backside of God's glory because of something was a missing piece that he did not understand. He has had a kind of shrugged her shoulders and say well I don't get it, but I guess that's the way it is. The gospel teaches that God is just and therefore there must be a penalty for sin. But the gospel also teaches that God is infinitely loving, and so God poured out on Jesus of the wrath that was reserved for you and me, so that God could love us eternally in God for forgive us.

A guy could satisfy his justice. Substitution is the mystery of the gospel that Moses did not understand. Moses could not understand it and that's why he only saw the backside of God's glory. You and I understand that Jesus Christ was the justice of God and the compassion of God.

He died in our place in the justice of God was upheld in the compassion of God was extended and you and I can be saved and God's justice can be upheld and that's why we say we see his glory face-to-face.

The name of Jesus is the name into which God has now loaded all of his power.

You want to know where the power presence of God are there in his name and that's probably what I would say is the one big idea that I want you to walk away from this message may want to write it down, it says this God's presence and his power reside in his name.

God passed in front of Moses say that he saw brightness. That's how if I told you thousand and you see God's will or you think out like some big vision and some it says that when God passerby Moses even see a brightness he heard a proclamation of proclamation of name the Martyn Lloyd Jones says there is a British pastor says there is no passage in the Bible that more clearly depicts for us what it's like to be in the presence of God.

The presence of God is not a warm, tingly feeling the presence of God is not air the doctor next in an office on the crescendo and acquire special is not when the pastoralism obliterated all roads is everything the start of the P site 19 words and you get goosebumps and use Alex. That's not the presence of God.

The presence of God is when the spirit of God takes the name of God and the love of God and begins to make it real in your heart by declaring to you his glorious name that he has saved you and he renews his covenant with you in that moment. That's the presence of God when I was some about erotica to Mary about seven years.

She her wedding ring made a small repair on it and so we will go take it to a jeweler and say she was going take it one afternoon and she stopped at a restaurant to meet a friend for lunch and she had the ring in the pocket of her coat and evidently at the restaurant fell out because that was the last we ever saw. And so you know I I remember because I mortgage my entire future to be able to purchase the ring and the first time is not the kind of thing that you just replace them not been in have insurance on it because I was young and stupid and so just you know nothing and so you can just go out and so I member we pay like $50 to get her something up around her fingers ago when that honor and in so I didn't tell her but I sort of little by little, put some money away like I got to get a given money by this rank and so I say for what felt like a long time and there's a jeweler in our church and I went to him and I said listen, this is what I got and I drew the ring out if you ever see me draw anything you know how humorous is it one-of-a-kind. I've never seen it had all these little things on it. Can you make this rank. Is that well so we are always different diagrams of it and this is I think I can do that and so he worked on it.

I said this is all the money I got became back on till he came back with what looked like the exact replica of that rate and so on one or anniversaries or take my wife and basically I try to reenact her engagement and I go through the whole rigmarole and I get on one knee, and I thought his ring that she hasn't yet to know that I've gotten made said I want to give you this the first time I gave you this. I did not know what I was doing because we had just dated for a year and I did know the real you.

Because we both lied to each other for a solid year and now now I've lived with you now for over a decade. Aliens.

I know the real you and I still want to spend the rest of my life with you and I hope God gives us 4050 more years in every single moment is to be spent with you and someone ask you again, will you marry me and spend the rest of your life of me now and that moment when she took the ring the second time she did not become more my wife and she was the moment before. Right. Legally we been married for over a decade, but in that moment there was a renewal of the covenant and the sense of my relationship with her was renewed when the spirit of God brings you to the presence of God. That is exactly what happens. The spirit of God.

Romans five verse three shed abroad in your heart, the love of Christ. Romans chapter 8 verse 15 the spirit in you cries up Abba father. My daddy, you begin to sense that you are a son and a daughter of God.

As God declares his name to you in the Scripture power and presence always tied to the name of Jesus returns were teaching in just a moment that I wanted to quickly tell you about our brand-new featured resource. This not the bundle meant to help me praying regularly little easier.

It's three books that are each called five things to pray they will cover how to pray for your city and community how to pray for your kids and how to pray for your parents. Our hope is that you'll start to get a bigger view of God in a bigger view of prayer that as a result, your prayer life will be transformed. Take a step towards growth in this important discipline right now by donating to the ministry of some it might give us a call and fixing 335-5224. Check out this new prayer

Now let's get back to the final few minutes of today's message. The first sermon ever preached.

Peter stands up and he says asked to verse 21 and everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Ever think about Whitewater. That way, what would you call him just call the logical name Lord, what would you call on the war it because the main is where God has put all of Jesus's power and everything belongs to Jesus and I make you better take that maybe yourself because everything all the blessings of salvation go with it. I have a friend to say is a man of considerable means and a few couple of years ago. He calls me in November and says hey man, I got this private jet and I'm contracted with the with the pilots of this jet to use a certain hours and I might be able to use it. By the end of the year.

Do you know anywhere that you might want to take your family somewhere. By the end of the years I like six weeks and I'm likely to write about it just and so he tells me where to go and the other sister. This private hanger and you know, so I show up not going to this private hanger and I'm telling you the moment I set foot in private hanger. It was obvious to me, and everybody in there. I did not belong Akamai for kids and my wife. We would like the Clampett family, and you're on vacation in and everybody, looks over, like who is this will recognize him in the leg around us is that the look of death on her face like you said not where you're supposed to be not you, walk up to the front of the thing about she's looking your suspicion. I set out on the guest of and I said this guys name and when when I said that guys name her entire demeanor just shifted you.

You must be Mr. Greer. I said noxious Dr. Greer if you want to be technical about it. She said she said all we got your plane ready. She goes how can we make you what would you like to drink and I get the badge for your kids, your kids will watch TV they want candy I got all kinds of stuff for them because a setback is to be a great experience all that happens not because my name is Mr. Greer Dr. Greer Jenny Greer anything.

It happened because of the name of this man that had been suddenly tied to my name and all the blessings of that room and that private jet got transferred to me because I was connected to him when you become a Christian.

It means that Jesus's name gets associated with you so that all the blessings of salvation begin to become yours.

I am saved, not because the name of JD Greer has any notoriety to it because it is any righteousness associated to it. I am saved, because Jesus Christ has given me his righteousness when his name got associated with my name all the promises of God were given to me like Paul says all the promises of God are yes in Christ Jesus, hiding on a single promise. I don't have to do a thing to maintain a promise.

God gave it to me as a gift is that you take the name you give them all you get everything call out of the name of Jesus and how God raised a son from the dead. Everyone what God the father said to Jesus after he been in the grave for three days.

It was time to resurrect the resurrection arrives or whatever minimal dental songs, but it wasn't. My son had been dead for three days. I think what I would say to him I would be like resurrect read all resurrect. I would say this is when Jesus God called Jesus's name.

The powers of death itself couldn't hold Jesus burst out of the grave. What that means is that when I call out the name of Jesus in faith over my change of my condemnation of those things loose change shattered just as surely as the balance of death shattered over Jesus like a hymn writer says longtime prison spirit late fast bounded sin in nature is not dying. I defused a quickening rate hi rose the dungeon, playing with light chains fell off my soul was free hi rose went for the ball of the Jesus is the name to which one day the knee of every creature in the universal will bow Philippians chapter 2 verse nine says it this way. Therefore God has bestowed on him the name. The name that is above every name, by the way, it never hurts my say that Jesus is not really God would how the world is God.

You Jesus, a name that is above every name, including his own name got time to get a higher name to somebody than he gives to himself. So of course Jesus is God and he got the name that is above every name, so that the name of Jesus every knee would bow every knee in heaven and on earth and under the eye; likewise under the Uruguay that have to be qualified, you know. Evidently there's things under the earth that we are good about to their all. It's all included Libyans, diversity, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord to the glory ball.

Think about Exodus 34 the glory of God the father. It's all bound up in that name. That means that one day one day I say it maybe godfather maybe Archangel Anna Mae, one of us is say the name Jesus. And at that moment, the entire universe.

Everything living.

Everything past, present and future everything every cynic, every scoffer, every doubter is going to be driven to their knees.

Some of them will drop and worship. Some will drop in fear, but all will drop in recognition that there is power in the name of Jesus. The name that is above every name, by the way, I think you get a picture of it in John chapter 18 if I this is what is everyone so on the New Testament. Some squeaks out of Jesus's life and you'll see it much. Come right back in but it just this one of John 18, Jesus in the garden Gethsemane and Judas in the temple guards are coming to take him to the crucifixion and so they come up and there in the dark, and Jesus walked out to me that many says who are you seeking they say Jesus of Nazareth and all. Jesus says John 18 six is I am.

Evidently he said it in Hebrew, Yahweh, the name of God. This is when he said it may suddenly just fell backwards on the ground on their faces. I think that is a glimpse of what can happen. Philippians 29 when one day somebody utters that name and every living creature is driven to their knees some and worship some in fear all in recognition that Jesus Christ is the Lord the apostles at 541 says that they were willing to suffer for the name. Why, because they'd seen that name drive out demons. They'd seen that name heal the sick, they'd seen that name give sight to the blind spacing that name given hearing to the death. Acts 412. Peter would say there is salvation in nobody else. Neither is there salvation in any other. There is no other name under heaven given among men, so we gotta be safe in the name of Jesus you ever wonder why Christians teach that salvation is only found in Christ. It's not because were mean, it's not because we feel like all were special and you know better than everybody else is exactly the opposite. If that we understand that our salvation was not an easy thing. It was not something that anybody could fix it. Wouldn't a better program to live by.

What if you suggestion our problem. What we need to be safe from his we were dead in our sin and we were under eternal crushing guilt.

Guilt that would have merited a hell for us and there is only one name that can bring like that from the dead and can remove that kind of guilt and that name is the name of Jesus. So what we have to start saying is not hate. Whatever. What you want to get the God is okay. Choose the name that you like what I say is mining in your name and go to work. Demons aiming to work in the other God thing that you were the only names the work of the God who went into the grade came back from the dead and died for your sin. That's the only name were you combined salvation. And when you understand that you stop begrudging the idea that Jesus is the only way you become Christ before it gets a tip. If you are physically sick and the doctor said you will die within the month but I have good news. There is a medicine one medicine that can heal your sickness. It's in this pill you take this one for you and you will be healed.

You'll hate the doctor for saying that you don't begrudge a doctor for saying that you're grateful to him for telling you that you take the pill, and if it works, you probably spend the rest of your life tone. Everybody's got the same signals you are there is power in that one drug attention to it and take Christians find the name of Jesus, precious why because we know there salvation the power to save that we needed was only found in him. Everything in the Christian life is in the name of Jesus. That's what we find it precious. The Jews would not even write Jesus's name.

It would not God's name they would not God's name. Nate had such fear and reverence for them.

The name of Jesus has a different effect on us. Yes, it is fear and reverence. But instead of making us cower backwards and fear that even Jesus makes a straw close and worship because the name of Jesus means literally Yahweh saves. I would say that of all, you know, listen is the name of God. If all you know is the name of God been what the Jews felt worried and they would even write the name is probably similar to how you feel about God. There's this sense of your there's a sense of fear and dread a sense of distance and alienation when you come to know Jesus that dread and alienation is removed and then put in its place is put this invitation that draws you close sometimes just the mention of Jesus's name will fill my heart with a sense of wonder and hope because I know that when I have messed things up and I know that when I feel like I'm at my lowest I know Jehovah safes and I know that God did not put his love on me because I'd earned it, got put his love on me because God is a Savior and that fills me with such hope and I killed him weeks to sink Jesus.

Jesus or something about that name master Savior, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there's something about that name. I would dare say that we could measure your relationship to God. Based on how much emotion you feel about the name of Jesus. And if you are one of those people who say God yeah get the big deal about God, but I don't so the big deal is about Jesus. I would say to me this to be me, but I was a vendor shows that you don't know God at all because all you know is a God who rules the God who creates a God who judges that's not a God, you can be close to you when you come to know the God who saves you find that sense of dread and anxiety removed and placed what an invitation that draws you close everything in the Christian life is in the name of Jesus. Spiritual growth occurs. As you press deeper into the name Ukraine kind of passion and desire doesn't come from learning more facts about the Bible. By doing more good works comes from basking in the glorious truth of the gospel. That's our goal every day here on Senate life. So thanks for joining us jaded teaching series you've just begun. It's about learning the character of God.

So why are we offering books on prayer that you know whenever you learn about who God is. That's what Bob's prayer the more you know about who God is and who you are the one natural prayer comes this series will show us that there is a God who is both more awe-inspiring and worship deserving and at the same time more intimate and more aware of our needs are more willing to help we ever imagine. If you look at anybody's Christian life who is fruitful and flourishing your to find a fibrin fiber prayer life which of our giving this bundle of three boxes are that this is a discipleship tool that will help you. You reach out to us jaded there's five things with your kids something to break your parents about and to pray for your city.

I use these books amount personal quiet time, which is why I'm excited to commend them to you.

Give some structure to a part of your Christian life. A lot of people struggled to thrive in. That's really helpful. Jamie, thank you. We'd like to get you these three books on prayer today our way of saying thanks and you donate today to support Senate life suggested level. $35 if ministry is made possible by friends like you finance with financial support across the country and around the world here this program on the radio doing mission.

When you donate today and remember to ask for your grave. I don't think sex T-20 and request online hi Molly minutes tomorrow will continue our new steady company. Learning how to set aside no guy that are subject to stay on my rear ministry

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