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Dr. Brown Interviews Abby Johnson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 1, 2019 6:40 pm

Dr. Brown Interviews Abby Johnson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The unplanned movie has surprised everyone at the box office and the story about Abby Johnson will be real today under have Abby on the show stage for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. No about this was a major event in the history of the pro-life movement. It may be a time when more Americans were more deeply impacted with the horrors of abortion with the evil Planned Parenthood with the hope of redemption in Jesus more impacted by these themes together in one weekend than any other time in our history.

I'm not exaggerating this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. Broadcast your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. I will be taking calls today. I have two special guests that will be joining us. Your friend a few minutes in the midst of all of them explain to himself what's going on but he's been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for 40+ years and then at the bottom of the hour, Abby Johnson, herself, the woman whose story is told in on planned so you have gone to see the movie this week and you may have gone to see it with the movie theaters were fairly packed and some places it was hard to get a ticket. But there was in anticipation that the movie would gross about $3 million at the box office. The first weekend while it did more than double that that this was not done for the money. But this means that the interest was tremendous. It open it over thousand theaters say the biggest ones open there may be 4000 theaters, but it's expanding to 1700 theaters next weekend. So even more people will be able to see it and you say what was the impact what what happened to the people who saw the movie there is a post on Facebook. II asked folks if they went to see the movie to tell me the impact that it had and I was reading some of the reports on on Facebook.

This is what this mom said Raquel wow what a movie. Want to see it with my 11-year-old daughter Ella tonight. I was hesitant at first to take her. I prayed about and got the green light from the Holy Spirit.

This, the recipients were. She covered her eyes.

She was glad she saw two at the end she hug me so tight started crying uncontrollably and said so much evil mommy. Those poor babies. Everyone needs to see this movie is from 11-year-old. She is also one of those babies who was saved by prayer. I was one of those women who had an appointment to murder my baby when I was 12 weeks whether cancel the appointment hours prior to doing the procedure at a clinic here and used while so Raquel's 11-year-old daughter wouldn't have been here to enjoy life to have the opportunity to live wouldn't have had the opportunity to see unplanned with the been weeping in her mother's eyes over the evil of abortion because she would've been a victim of the evil of abortion and friends.

There was all kinds of opposition to this movie getting out. I was just looking at a bunch of headlines that were sent to me on a daily new service that I get and looking at okay so first, the movie pulled in six: I see what 6.2 million.

But look at this TV networks rejected ads for them only the link to Hollywood reporter. If there were major cable networks that rejected ads for the move and twitter temporarily suspended the movies counsel unplanned movie at twitter that was suspended you you you if you were follower and you went to link there you will follow it anymore if you want to link the account was blocked. What in the world. You can try to follow if one of our staff members, Marcus Thomas, moments ago follow it. Get knocked off. Try again knocked off. Try get knocked off one guys a 20 times the and and then it had bought over 200,000 followers them and put her brother back. It had 20,000 30,000 crazy, wouldn't stop there throughout the week and people followed unplanned on Twitter found them on followed and and and on and on it goes. Unreal, unreal, and people were shocked at the results. By the way on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a website where viewers post the reviews that it it aggregates critics reviews so the critics reviewing the movie they give a score 53 viewer that was like 15 critics of four viewers during the movie.

When I checked earlier. It was 1996. They give a score of 94 higher than any other new movie Dumbo and Capt. Marvel got 70s from viewers right in here run to Ms. itself to 56.

The critical reviews will be better but now 2162 viewers giving it a 94% rating and then I'm just looking it at one article on Hollywood reporter is as they talk about this unplanned box office controversial antiabortion pic surprises with strong $6 million debut. The R-rated picture so Hollywood throws in R rating on top of it to make it more difficult for people to completely bogus right, the R-rated picture score. The second best start ever for faith-based distributor. Pure flicks tracking had suggested it would only earn around 3 million.

So did more than double the opening we can look at this grace with the coveted A+ cinema score, the controversial antiabortion, this is a secular website unplanned open to strong 6.1 million from 1059 theaters of US box office despite a relatively modest footprint of looking down. Generally, theaters New York City, Los Angeles populate the list of the films top 20 grossing theaters in this case there were none.

Wonder why. Instead, the top theater was the MC Northpark 15 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Bubba Cinemas in St. Louis, Detroit, Wichita, Kansas to make it in Southern California's Riverside County and on and off.

Isn't that fascinating. So people are flocking to see the movie they are being impacted something is going on so I want to speak with my friend and colleague Rev. Pat Mahoney, Pat and I have worked together over the years he's been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for decades been arrested many a time and for me earlier today that VP Mike pence sent out a tweet thing was wonderful to see all the people watching unplanned this weekend. Pat, what, what's your take on what's going on.

Have you seen anything quite like this in 40 years plus a pro-life work. No I haven't. Dr. Brown and thank you for addressing this issue. It really starts to levels that are operating here. The first is the powerful story of unplanned and I would encourage everyone to fill of Abby Johnson own story and the impact that making on people's lives in a beautiful story just a moment, but the secondary thing which no one back is the unbelievable bias of television networks like Hallmark Rob oh Food Network, refusing to run ads for the film AdVent what twitter has recently done which in staggering and if you're on following unplanned on Twitter here would probably happen.

You like they were well over $100,000 and I was talking to the producers and at one point might be dropped from hundred thousand to 151 yeah twitter that debate unplanned movie account on the evening of the fill. They supply opening. Twitter said here's the reason they gave up because the quality because the unplanned movie account with link to some other account that's not true unplanned who be has only one account, so anything that happened. If not, what twitter is putting forward and then let's look at this verse.

Second sent to Darrell and and 822 prominent political activists, well-built commentator have been had their twitter account and it 22 bike how many of them do you think will present from support 2221.

Okay that was good. I guess you're pretty prophetic that high that we look at cases like us that are not of the New York Times, who had twitter what he white people and candidates only okay I'm going to literally we pay her 21 instead of white people are going to put Jewish and went up immediately suspended. Yet we see Kathy Griffin who demanded that her followers make public the date of the company in high school student who were falsely accused out to Herat and intimidate them and stopping happen. But people like bench Shapiro and Coulter.

So like we really need to speak out against it. Twitter had violated their core value on the group with a fate I wanted their core value item quoting.

We believe in free expression and think that every voice has the power to impact the world. They don't believe in free expression no treatment of unplanned shows that they only care about left-leaning voices benefit. We are transparent about our political activity that is simply not true. I and every American who cherishes free and open speech should be speaking out against the manipulation of twitter and their list the public on how they operate at the Corporation like I know you're in our area actual peak current Eastern standard Time, they can go to my Facebook page.

I have a a public page. We are having a demonstration protesting vigil at the Washington DC corporate offered twitter 800 Connecticut Ave. NW. would be purpose of Congress regarding talk to some I've already shared with the White House and we really think it's time to address this other stuff we will apply and see is not under the same band date as a public entities regarding the First Amendment free-speech.

They still operate under XP regulation guideline and they are leading the public, they're not going to true just just jumping from and so this is going to be tomorrow tomorrow at 2 o'clock Eastern standard Time, Rev. Pat Mahoney will be in front of process slows exhaust assessment, like those of clothes from Google VP shut down the advertising on YouTube not believe what he said there here for and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown plants. If you saw unplanned over the weekend to hear from the woman herself Abby Johnson in just a few minutes of speaking with my friend Rev. Pat Mahoney has been on the frontline systemic righteousness on many fronts and the front lines of the pro-life movement for years the Pat you you have not taken public stand in support or opposition to Pres. Trump you work with lots of different groups and lots of different sides of the political divide which made a very interesting comment to me over the weekend about the irony of book of Donald Trump being who he is as you said here you have a billionaire playboy businessman from New York who's become the most pro-life president in American history. Pretty remarkable is staggering. Mike and it reaffirmed, I think the principal Daniel which Daniel reiterates God controlled the kind of season report kings in their place and he removed them away little joke. I want your listener to go. I would like person but the Secret Service had actually ran eight from the White House and White House ground. Not sure why, but I don't think anyone will accuse me of you know being. I pray for our present I support his policies, but it is fascinating. What we are. See that here we have a president who never would've would've taken such a strong moral stand for human life and an abortion. As Donald Trump and I think people need to understand that as believers, as Christians, we stand on principle and not personality.

We are not personality driven. We are principal driven and I think that that's critical in this fill what this film is doing. By the way just quick story. We showed it in an African-American church in Richmond last Wednesday. It was the greatest experience of the world. The church was treating it like a revival meeting to get the fill like they word a Pentecostal preacher at the end.

The gentleman comes up to me and says 40 years ago and then he starts sobbing for two minutes. He gathers himself. The committee I said Rev., 40 years ago I paid for a woman to get an abortion. I felt massive guilt I got into drugs eventually went to prison. After seeing this film.

I'm here tonight to get forgiveness and healing and back the power of the fill.

Everyone need to be praying for several think that people who are post-abortive bandit it's healing and redemption to that the fill is the success that would speak Hollywood that we don't have to play their game that that we can alternatively to what their normal modus operandi is and then finally that it would put a burden and vision in the heart of the pro-life community to engage like you're having her story is so compelling she's very honest in the film. I don't want to give it away for people who haven't seen it, but there is an element that she herself professed to be a very I guess she was still working at Planned Parenthood and how God if it were, interrupted her life circumstances that brought her to his side and changed the heart. We are praying that happened across the basin. But like right now were getting this kind of exposing outdated. That's what Pres. Trump present the has done it had brought Dragon out of the layer prematurely, prematurely, if you will now there's no present pretense of objectivity of fairness Expo.

If people want to go on Facebook make that big goal at twitter over unplanned protesting vigil at twitter over unplanned and that had all that big, and we encourage people to join us in prayer to gather with us and Mike. You and I talked at length about the film you shared it in the article that is deeply touching to me you've been out on the front like as much as anyone over 30 years. I'll pray out gazed out helping and the impact that this film had on your heart. I would encourage everyone to the analysis light bar to the film I'm encouraging. Even if people have seen it by water to pick it, give it to friend to send a message to Hollywood banking would it be if we had another $7 million weekend next weekend at the open got the 1700 theaters. We really need to send a powerful signal here until he was and when you talk about the bias. Social media and left-wing media and in the radical left in politics, etc. I'm looking at what a Google vice president said when Google employees complained about our video. Can you began Crystal's full of love for the truth and just lays out what Scripture says for them was a micro-aggression. The complaints got up to vice president Google Vishal Sharma and he said means a lot to me personally and those of us working this across the ads and YouTube teams. YouTube is an open platform and we support the free expression of creators with a wide range of views but we don't allow advertising that disparages people based on who they are, including their sexual orientation and we remove ads that violate this basic principle. In other words, Google is against God. Google is against God's word and you know it's so Orwellian. The whole thing.

We support open free expression were tolerant.

We believe in diversity Jordan Peterson, Prof. Jordan Peterson was disinvited from being part of a lecture series at Cambridge University.

Why, because they are inclusive setting up disinvited him in the name of being inclusive and twitter hides its real agenda in the name of being transparent and Google practices extreme bigotry in the name of being tolerant. We just need to expose this call on them. Look if if this is who you are and you can be like that, then announce it. We are an anti-Christian platform. We are hostile to conservative views.

We work prejudicial.

He against those with whom we differ. We play with the algorithms, then they lose everybody they lose all the conservatives they lose all the believers that they lose the people from different backgrounds who genuinely believe in diversity and free speech either come out like that. Or if you want to claim to be neutral and just a platform and not a publisher, then then be neutral. Pat, we just got maybe three minutes but you have been involved with the producers of unplanned you been in constant contact is the movie was being rated it to be to be ramped out everything I know you were praying and asking God for miraculous opening, but the fact that that it did as well as it did. It really is something significant. And like I was making sure to screenshot box office mojo which is the Bible of box office receipts and other predicted that the highest unplanned would do. Last weekend was 3 million. I made sure to get a picture of that.

The best article with four which said dumb focus of pulling unplanned surprises everyone is shocked by this.

Think about it there. There's extended from twitter, they lose over hundred thousand followers hallmark lifetime the network where where their basic market would be to go see the film did not allow advertising speakers will show this bill and look what it has done and so this is something extraordinary and it shows. I think that as we are looking forward to 2020 national election and of and the presidency that abortion will be front and center.

Once again God is not going to let this drop is not going to be a tangential issue and unplanned is a powerful vehicle again.

I want to encourage everyone. If you have not seen the fill to go out you will be deeply touched and like Katie, my wife was better pro-life ticket for 40 years. Some pro-lifers up and saying well I know about Planned Parenthood and I know about the Katie said she was surprised how deeply moved. She was by the fill and it operates on a number of different level. Don't think because you're pro-life you don't have to be the fill. It's actually poor reason to see the film. Yeah. And someone tweeted earlier if if there was misinformation distortion lies about Planned Parenthood, their lawyers would be all over this every short, the fact that there they're not that tells you enough. Also was just talking that the staff that had Kate went to the movie with some of their older kids and mentioned that even even seeing the reality of abortion, even if you're ready pro-life.

The idea of an unexpected pregnancy you just undo it just got no big deal. Just undo it. This drills on the reality it's it's not that simple that even for someone that wants to go ahead with the procedure. It's not that simple. And then the message of grace in the midst of it. The message of forgiveness and redemption. So for those who participated abortions in the past participated in abortions and your guilt ridden to this day.

We urge you turn to the Lord is merciful and forgiving God for this sin as well. He can restore regardless of what you've done and we can use what you've done in the past. Turn around make a vehicle to save lives today. A pet may the Lord be with you as you shine the light on the darkness and compromise. A twitter for Mike and for your next get your liquor need to know there's no way that God's great PennDOT REIT. Abby presided over 22,000 abortion clinic director and God is now using her in a powerful way. With the amazing story redemption amazing iPad got my smile about my friends, stay right here soon as we come back after a short break will be joined by Johnson herself. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown planned movie. Some of the testimonies brought me to tears, especially the mother who said she went with her 11-year-old daughter and the daughter crying uncontrollably.

After saying so much evil mom and those poor babies. Everybody needs to see this film and then hearing the mother say herself that she was going to abort that daughter 12 weeks then had a change of heart. I am thrilled to have with us today right after the release of unplanned Abby Johnson, herself, now a household name around America. Abby, thanks so much. In the midst of a crazy schedule for joining us today court time. Abby, could you have ever imagined the day you walk away from Planned Parenthood that with what's happening right now would be happening now, definitely not. You know, I wrote and hoped it would help other people find healing and and help give no abortion worker encouraged walk away from their job in the clinic. I never had any idea that it would take place right God always plan and sometimes were enough were easily not aware of what it though. Yeah, that's the truth. You know, Abby, I was unfamiliar with you working ministry until a couple years ago when when we had our own Abby Johnson call a woman call professing Christian was a Planned Parenthood director in Winston-Salem North Carolina but called and anonymously wondering if it was okay for her to work there. So I spoke to Ray finally told her she could never work there another day and then as we went on she began to talk openly and started to weep when she talked about the products of conception and and then that's when people neatly contacted us that hey you know that Abby Johnson what she's doing and in the people she's helped so we been thrilled to follow this in an of the woman involved is an anonymous no more doing great today, but Abby tell us a little bit about what you've seen since you walked away from Planned Parenthood. What you seem as far as others leaving the results and impact of this ministry so far, though we have how 500 abortion clinic worker leave their job and find new employment. Get hearing resources and then our ultimate goal is to get them into the relationship of Christ and and we've now think Heidi had a lot of that and we help Evan time abortion Dr. Banner implement Fenton and now fight for life fell on you know I believe that God really about the conversion story and we are part being that lady that can't remain in half and and hundreds of lives now and at really beautiful. The witness, and Abby had, how did you feel watching the movie.

I've had sometimes a TV interview like a little skit my past before I was saved and it's weird or hokey or whatever but just a few seconds. You know, but this is this is your life. This is your story. Visit your emotions.

How do you feel watching you.

I had a lot of contact with Ashley.

She was on the show and talk about taking your story, imbibing it so that she could see it and feel it.

She was acting feel for you to sit and watch your story how it went out very vulnerable and I am fighting for my myself that this film is really not about me not about you know, placing me in to start them my story and really about ending a method about that powerful forgiveness and mercy of God and that ending it doctrinally. It definitely feel very close. You know I tell people at night if you can think of your very work saying you have ever heard that.

And then imagine putting it out on on a movie screen that millions of people could get that would be that would be horrific casino promote people that you know I realize early on that whatever we don't. In fact Satan control and I get I did not want him you be in control of my path.

No coming forward with the difficult story is not for everybody. Yet not what God called you but it is what he called me to do and started trying to be obedient not in Abby, how did the Lord work in your life how long the process was it before you knew that you knew that he forgave you for participating in 22,000 abortions well I know it when it it would mean you understand and I grew up in a Christian home.

I grandpa and I grew up knowing the Lord and in Nottingham felt with evening for me. You wrap my head around the idea that God could forgive me that God had given me. It more difficult than expected. That forgiveness and you forgive yourself and you know how people on it sounds silly but it did practice, I every day I would wake up and I had to make. I could see that I can either live every day in my path in the place that I can't gain in the place that Satan wants to bring me back. You or I could wake up and live every day in the present in the gift that God has given me where he wants me to live for him and you know every day I II had to wake up and make that and someday I did make the right position someday.

You know I did allow myself to really part of wallow in grief and and then one day I woke up and I realize I didn't have to make the decision.

It did happen. I knew that living with God living with him right now in the present is where I want to be and never freedom and that once I finally landed that burden over him completely. God's grace kicks in that season you walk in you live in it. It's this amazing extraordinary and Abby, you said that you were raised in the Lord and in the movie you you're not denying God when you're leaving a Planned Parenthood clinic in your Durex trying to justify it to your future mother-in-law to mother-in-law things like that II was written about one late-term abortion doctor would do baptisms for the babies after he bore them in the another doctor and in our community of the ties from his abortion earnings friend of mine ministering at a church in Detroit. In this we just took up an offering to help one of our guys given abortion. It's so foreign for most of us were pro-life believers to think about that. You can imagine it, but try to explain the mentality that allowed you to say non-Christian were helping women in and the end of the workers are pretrade fairly do not portray this as demons Rubio Scott she's in her. She comes up pretty pretty hard that that's good. She was all of us to. We talked about that but the the.

The fact is, a lot of people think they're doing the right thing and they're even doing the Christian think it could you explain how someone could be so self deceived us to believe that yeah I know when I got Bob Planned Parenthood and I wouldn't say that I was the person who is not terribly pro-choice or pro-life pretty apathetic on the house.

I was very vulnerable to the messages that Planned Parenthood was eating out that women's empowerment in helping the needy and things like that women's right now all that I was very vulnerable. Their method in I grew up in a pro-life home, but we didn't really talk about work and we didn't talk about what was pro-life and pro-choice. I certainly didn't hear anything about abortion in my church growing up. Now it was really part of that Warren I get any got involved with them. Not really knowing one way or the other.

How I felt. But the longer I would and the more I darted you feel and for the women who are coming in now. It and misguided and by you know I got involved because I wanted to help when Nan and I had been now started due into believing that that's what we were doing at the clinic was was helping women, providing them a abortion option and I remember one I am talking to mine and something came up about being in the working of Planned Parenthood and I and while I remember saying I think the Christian thing we can do it then. The woman in Christ that through a back alley abortion clinic note you. You become so focused on the one aunt and her need and her faith in her right that you only have to disconnect yourself from the child in the flip I 30 going to hurt with nationally. The doctor and is very boy I was hearing you know from our Battalion pre-that life does not begin in the land that life began when the baby first breath taken out of the women. They reference when God breathed life into Adam Mazon and Kenneth know and ignore all the other things that God of course I yeah know know, I think, little by little and tell people it's not like I went from being a good girl running abortion clinic one day little compromise is little little why you tell yourself that get you in living a lifestyle – how is this… Everybody friends this time as the houses have thought I would have with Caleb in advertising unplanned more about the movie we get back. Speaking with Johnson.

It's the line of fire with your host activist authors international and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown song Abby Johnson. If you see it, by all means get out to see it this coming week and we can better still invite some friends if you saw it go see it with them. Let's send a message to Hollywood with send a message to the nation. Something's up people being impacted lives are being changed. Eyes are being opened. We must seize this divinely timed moment. Abby, as the movie was getting close to being released.

I saw you reported that K love the very popular Christian music stations across America, the biggest Christian network. In that respect on radio that they were not going to advertise some plan because they just want to put a positive nonpolitical message and they said they were to do because it was R-rated.

I merely wrote an article about it and then I saw later that same day that you said that they'd reversed themselves were getting behind it what what ultimately happened on a work order line of Ada yet about the film. When people call and ask about it. There will saying even though they hold one of our pretty third, that they would be promoting down starting last Monday and we haven't heard any and and and when collar calling asking about it when there with Colin. They're basically telling them know that they're not going to promote it though and were being called different things extraordinary. My mind-boggling really. All will keep pursuing that working within Planned Parenthood and in seeing the business plan. Seeing the model Syrian insider surgeon, just tell us flat out how much general healthcare is going on Planned Parenthood cancer screenings, things like that circle prenatal care and how much is it about making money from abortion now Planned Parenthood that provide very limited bed gynecological services, or when and and you provide Atlantic testing may provide well woman exam included at a Pap smear with that for a typical ballot on on the perfect but could be a preliminary marker for cervical answer, and they provide for all birth control and import 10 are there you priority, though I would say that based on what we know they can't but it at least Planned Parenthood about half of their ink coming from abortion and half from no other what they call family-planning services primarily contraceptive services, Planned Parenthood is not in the business.

They don't deliver babies don't do anything like that don't provide breast health services that don't provide mammogram buyout of diagnostic care for breath while no then no many why Rabbi Planned Parenthood executive now that I know people have been led to believe that Planned Parenthood does a lot more than they actually do and that's the thing with the lie know when you think the lie time people will begin to believe it through and in the case of Planned Parenthood art society be by and they don't even realize that there are better, far better and more conflict instead healthcare facilities out there for them without just president talk this dated millions of dollars to go towards these very clinics. Pro-life clinics, healthcare clinics, alternative clinics, seeking to redirect funds because of the political compromise is stopping Planned Parenthood from being defunded what what about in in the schools is Planned Parenthood trying to get a curriculum trying to educate children in a in a pro-abortion antilife way they working aggressively in that front as well.

Yeah, I definitely dare call it. You try to get smart and very early age that they can develop relationships with our children when our children start going through puberty and having questions about the banality they will go to Planned Parenthood and not their parent. In fact, Planned Parenthood educator act educator well. Typically day you children do not doubt your parents need start having questions they will not understand you need to come directly to me. The person that known you think you are five old know it's all part of their man and I didn't want to say one thing about that redirect funds early and third very tricky when we start talking about government on you and I pro-life resource Center and now the center of find are going to their required now work for or provide emotional contraceptive devices, including those that have been known to cause abortion and women. They are going to be required now you prefer or provide that and for minor come in and there there is a lot of hate when it comes to repeating government money. I think one of the reason that the pro-life movement, particularly pregnancy resource Center then wrong. Over the years.

Marie's network being amazing and fan in in the pregnancy center movement is because we don't have report back to the government on how were treating women, making further were offering act fine and often making it work on perfecting girls better mean half for it. Very tricky. Very I understand and I appreciate you you you throwing that in its it's important that we we always do your best to get all the facts on the table. Let's let's and the with with this. You said that seven abortion doctors. You cannot work with that from abortion doctors that have not left the business left the industry, but we got maybe 2 1/2 minutes. Can you tell us a story just one of them wanted to spend at work but I heart environment three is actually really sorry there was a five-month counselor and freaking out man consistently or about the same age and even recap him for about 10 years and they had developed a really friendly relationship and over that time man started asking the abortion Dr. if he wanted to attend church with him and he abortion doctor had had no yeah I would be bidden and going with you.

They hurt together for year before the doctor finally decided to leave and and the perseverance of that pro-lifer developed a relationship with this man that that he finally was able to get in contact with me. I spoke with Pam look I really want to leave it that we will help you wherever you need help with.

We made it happen and now he is any undue create beautiful new create right and it's amazing when you read, say, the writings of Nathanson and how he had a change of heart and the people that just did. This is a cold way to make money and that another champions. It really is a testimony of God's grace and power to transform was friends go to Abby Johnson, dog org ABB why Abby to find out more about her ministry what she's doing.

And of course all the links you need to hurt what she's written and to the movies well.

Abby and Abby. Obviously if you guys were lying about Planned Parenthood and the film was full of misinformation they be coming at you guys left and right as we saw the movie of the fact that you have in your audit drugs to tell the truth so but my last quick question. The guy that you hired as your attorney wasn't that hokey was it wasn't that that unlikely a guide when your case yeah really amazing really that confident and optimum. Just amazing. Hey, Abby. It's it's amazing they were and thank God for his grace in your life and we are leaving for extraordinary things in the days ahead. Thanks for joining us today. All right, Abby visit their again if you haven't seen the movie unplanned. Go see it. How utterly ridiculous that a girl could secretly have an abortion without parents even knowing about living in the home without parents even knowing about the to go see this movie is on the 17th. You have to get parental escort her at all.


But the truth is getting out the evil Planned Parenthood is getting out the evil of abortion is getting out. And with that the message of grace, forgiveness, redemption, and a holistic pro-life movement wants to help the mothers, fathers, the babies, the families through adoption through other means to give hope to say there is a better way than abortion friends get out. See the movie. Tell your friends to see if by them tickets to go to slug theaters at all

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