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July 26, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 26, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Why don't Catholics preach the gospel---2- Was Jesus afraid to die---3- Why are there so many translations of Psalm 138-2- What does that verse mean---4- What does it mean in Hosea that -my people will perish for lack of knowledge----5- Should I be at a church that seems to be leaning toward baptism as necessary for salvation---6- How do you use technology to find biblical truth---7- Matt reads hate-mail.--8- Does Revelation 3-16 mean you can lose your salvation- If not, then what does it mean-

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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. If you want to give me a call to the Truth Network Podcast, please or the Truth Network Podcast, please or And their church and go through sacraments to get it when I just administer it, you know, it's just basic question Oh, that's how things are set up.

No, it doesn't have to be set up that way. There's nothing the Bible that says that Anyway, one of the questions Okay One more thing. How come the Preachers have big houses and stuff the worldly people who are lost they're criticizing for that But yet the Catholic Church living in big fancy places in the world people that don't criticize them to say what they do the preachers Why is that? Even Christians don't criticize them for that. Yeah, Christian criticize a minister having a nice home big home with nice cars and airplanes But you know, they don't know criticize them, but if they don't criticize the Catholic Church though They do like that they do you know the many people have I do I remember seeing a picture of of Either in Eastern orthodoxy or was Roman Catholicism either one recently where the the pump The the money that's there all the grand Attire and that the the golden chairs and all this stuff that they sit in. Oh my goodness. Oh Oh, man, you know it just the thought it's just if I was a preacher at a church of Guest preacher and they said that we have a golden chair.

It's actually gold-plated. We want you to sit in it So I'm not sitting in that Said I'm gonna sit there. Yeah, you give me a stool or something down with the congregation But I'm not gonna be sitting up there with some golden thing. No, no, no I'm preaching the gospel and and And that's it. I just understand that kind of thing how people can just claim that for themselves. I just don't get it But but hey when you when your church Yannity is is more important than Christianity than that that I guess that makes sense to people.

Okay Where is buddy? People aren't saying why keep so many people so big look we literate that's a Bible and they still follow this false religion Oh because they're biblically illiterate. Why did you because they're biblically illiterate?

One of the things I've noticed is I when I teach people I teach them theology not that you have to have a degree and big thick glasses and and every sermon is about theology, but When I do teach theology and I inserted into Bible studies into preaching people Unanimously all over the place. They say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They don't hear this kind of stuff They want to hear this kind of stuff back last night at the Bible study They taught we talked about that very thing a little bit and and I said you don't hear this kind of stuff anywhere Do you they go?

Nope, and Not boasting. I'm better than anybody else because there's a lot of good pastors out there, but I'm just saying, you know It's just a famine there. The Christian Church is dumbed down. They don't teach advanced theology They don't teach Trinitarianism Hypostatic union communicatio idiomatum justification imputation propitiation how they relate they need to be taught need to be Repeatedly taught all over the place For the truth of God's Word, but here ain't no no, but they don't I can't let a Number now I can be but I can the Methodist Church and at one time I went to the social hall and I asked all these church members have been there 30 40 50 is probably way more than me. I'm just a visitor and they're 50 60 70 years old I asked him how to get to heaven. None of them cooking the answer the right answer.

None only one man. Give me the correct They're all say I hope so. Hope I get there.

I hope when I get there. I did not know, you know, I don't know They have no assurance of what? Well, it's a you was it a United Methodist. Was it United Methodist? Yeah. Yeah, that's why you know Methodist is basically a cult.

It's cultic. Let's just say It's just apostate United Methodist UMC. Yeah bad news Okay, buddy All right. Thank you Matt I'm trying all right. God bless.

Thanks. All right. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson from the hot Bakersfield City, so how you doing, buddy? Yes, let me guess how hot it is Let me guess is a hundred a hundred eleven right now. Is that I'm guessing I'm not sure but I'm inside You're inside. I'm gonna go check Let's see inside the house, but it will be hot like that for a while But yeah, my question is let me kind of elaborate a couple weeks ago a brother in Christ called me We're talking and he asked me what Jesus afraid did I? And I know you said in there Okay, would you afraid to die? Mm-hmm?

No. Yeah, was he was he afraid to die was it probably probably I Mean and correct me if I was wrong because I gave him scripture I Well, I was thinking waiting for my turn. I gave him a Hebrews 4 verse 15, but other first the temptation All right now you think of my mind. Okay, they say he did not sin because I said If Jesus was afraid or then that would have you mean He wouldn't trust in the father No, no, you can be afraid and still trust Someone, you know like say you're gonna go through a surgery and the doctors excellent The nurses are excellent that the hospitals excellent and you trust them And you're voluntarily walking in for a surgery and you're afraid At the same time.

They're certainly Compatible, you know, I've I've had to have things done and been afraid gone in and got it taken care of It just it's just the nature of being human. I don't see any reason why Jesus would not have been afraid Well, I could say I could make up a reason or something I could probably connect a few dots, but I think normally speaking. Yeah, he didn't want to go through the crucifixion It's painful.

It was horrible And there was a bit of fear and anticipation there Yeah, right there. I think it's verse 42 in chapter 22 of Luke where it says If any way this company passed from me Nevertheless not my will but your will be done. I believe that ever that burst alone We see his human and divine nature at one time Yeah Yeah, well, you know, that's how it is with the personhood of Christ and who he is. But yeah, but yeah So, you know in the garden he did not want to have to go through what it's gonna go through He didn't want to do it because it's painful. It's terrible, you know And that word real quick I think it's in verse 40 It says what verse is that The 22 chapter 22 of Luke verse 44 And being an agony. Yeah Yeah, he was praying fervently and the word is oh look at that Agnia so Yeah, he was in as a daddy I Didn't know that Agonia is the word for agony.

Let's see It's used to refer to trembling excitement and anxiety produced by fear or tension before a wrestling match or a fight In the New Testament it is used to noting not the fear which draws back and flees But the fear which trembles in the face of it the issue yet continues on in the end to the end Yeah Wow Okay Okay Okay, well that answers that question Thank you very much. All right, buddy All right, man. God bless All right, that was Nelson from Bakersfield. Let's get to Gabriel from Maryland. Hey Gabriel. Welcome.

You are on the air Hi, thanks for taking the call sure, um, no question is about psalm 138 verse 2 And it's the very end of it that has me stumped It's got several different Translations which kind of conflict with each other Okay Well, so the psalm 138 verse 2 I will bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to your name For your love and kindness and your truth for you haven't magnified your word according to all your name Okay and so the question is What's being what exactly is being magnified above the other thing So I'm pretty certain that and give thanks to your name is a reference to Jesus Jesus being the name of sham not necessarily, but I don't know. Okay. Yeah, you're gonna be careful this is insert things automatically gonna look at the context because It's possible but you see for example, I will give you thanks with all my heart I will sing praises to you before the gods. I will doubt know there's a there's a break hold on We'll be right back after the the break and we'll tackle this again. Okay, and we'll look into it. All right, buddy. All right Hey, oh man, I hung up on him and hey call back. Okay, my bad buddy my bad We'll be right back after these messages to open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six be right back Please stay tuned You It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's Matt slick Everybody welcome back to the show my apologies for the guy.

I was hoping he'd call back during the break I hung up on him instead of hitting hold I hit You know hang up so it happens every now and then I don't didn't do it on purpose But hopefully he'll call back we can get to him. All right, let's get on the phones then with Leon from Utah Lee and welcome you are on the air, buddy Hey, how are you doing? All right, man hanging in there. What do you got buddy? Okay, my question was what? Lord Okay, that's an interesting problem so I don't know what's going on so let's give it a another five ten seconds or so and Let's try this. Give them back on here. See if it's cleared up Okay, Leon you there Yep, all right. We had a little bit of a noise problem there. All right.

What do you got man? Oh, yeah, like paraphrasing My people shall perish will perish from lack of knowledge Okay, but I don't understand the question, okay What do you mean by By my people were like It's just like a it's a proverbial statement when you're ignorant You don't have proper knowledge of things. You can be destroyed Like if you don't know for example in a very base level, you don't know that a glass contains water and you drink it a poison and you drink it your lack of knowledge can destroy you there, but you know, that's just a simple simple way But as far as you know lack of knowledge in the true things of God, for example, and what God requires of us Can lead to destruction by not knowing what he wants and what he wants is for us to come to Christ and trust in Christ So it's stuff like that Literally like your story our soul or just things in general like if you were ignorant or something and And you know, you didn't take you do it.

Oh, well you got hurt It just depends It depends It's a wide variety of things. I wouldn't say that it's a it means only one little thing It certainly mean eternal damnation. It could mean Physical health it could mean financial ruin But in the context is talking about the priesthood. I believe Let's see You'll find fault that no one offer reproof for your people are a lot are like those who contend with a priest So you'll stumble by day and the Prophet will also stumble with you by night and I will destroy your mother My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you've rejected knowledge. I will also reject you from being my priest so It's an interesting statement It's a lack of knowledge of what God requires and apparently In the context, it looks like their their lack of knowledge was willful on purpose And people can remain On purpose they can deny the truth of God's Word. They say no, I don't want to read the word I don't want to read the Bible.

I'm gonna remain ignorant Okay You know and the problems gonna be big for you Oh Yeah Absolutely, it's important we study and read that word and Christians need to study and read it absolutely they do You too man god bless thanks All right. Let's get to let's see. I guess that's Ben from Cleveland, Ohio. Hey Ben. Welcome. You're on the air Hello, sir, thank you for taking my call. Oh, no problem, man.

What do you got? My question is in regard to the Church of Christ and Baptismal regeneration my family and I have recently Attended a church. I've started attending a church for five or six months now They seemed Legit a very small church But I later found out that they were Previously a Church of Christ and they changed their name so I had Confronted the pastor privately him and I and kind of had a discussion on it and and he seemed a little hesitant, but he He more of more or less landed on a saved by grace through faith Alone and Christ alone, you know, at least made me feel that way Until I attended the Bible study there was about 10 or 12 of us and we In midst of a discussion came to I believe was asked to 38 and there was a two guys particularly who were really heavy on baptismal regeneration as a necessity for salvation and I you know, thanks to your ministry and Some others through you that I've been able to listen to I've really camped out on I'm remembering right. It was Romans 5 1 and they Really come get around it. I guess my the main point of this is my wife I've been struggling to find a good biblical church, but with good fellowship that Doesn't want number of congregants um And that the pastor seems to kind of land both ways on this topic like yes, you are saved by grace and faith But he's also favoring the baptismal.

I mean he has them Give me this we're going to vote Here's a good deal. You ask him very pointed question. Is it the case that baptism or excuse me? Is just to do it this way is Baptism necessary for salvation Period to say is it or is it not necessary for salvation? He needs to be able to give a direct answer.

Yes or no Now, of course baptism is not necessary for salvation and the Church of Christ is basically a cult so He needs to be a very Clear on his response. You said you asked him that right? Yes, sir. I did. I asked him numerous times and the first couple of times he kind of gave a long I don't want to be rude about him. I care about him. I Okay. So what was his answer? Just tell us just get to it. What did he say?

What's the answer? What do you say? After I after I pressed him for quite a few times. He said it is not necessary Okay Well, then one of the things I want to ask him I think you should ask him is Is it okay for people in your Bible studies to teach that baptism is necessary for salvation?

All right, okay ask him because if the case is yes, it's okay Well, then he has a major problem If he says that's right, okay. Yeah And that's why he could see He considers them brothers I mean, I mean, I guess the way I'm looking at is if you were officially believing that type of doctrine You cannot be a brother my right or wrong If you that's correct, if you believe that you have to be baptized in water in order to be forgiven of your sins Okay, then normally speaking you're not a regenerate person you are adding a requirement to salvation Very very bad Have you ever is there does that involve the Campbellite someone printed off a paper on the Campbellite? Restoration or does that sound familiar? Yeah, the Campbellites restoration recent days.

Yeah, they're not that but they have a common bond of a common ancestry from them Okay, buddy. There's a break. We got to go. Okay, so you make sure All right. Okay.

God bless. Hey folks. Let's get to That no, well after the break, I'll be right back folks have these messages It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt slick Everybody welcome back to the show All right.

Let's see next longest waiting person is Janet from Raleigh, North Carolina We're just gonna Janet welcome you're on the air. Oh Hey, Matt, can you hear me? Yes, I can. Yes, I can Okay, I got you on speakerphone. It sounds better out here. But anyway, I have a comment and I have a question So my comment is Next I'm gonna change you over. Hold on just one second Okay Okay, you still there?

Yes. I have an echo or something. So I don't know where that's coming from But the comment that I was gonna make was in regards to your hate mail and your love mail I think I would like to hear some some love mail, but I say that with a Caution because I think a lot of times the love mail kind of sounds like people are worshiping you or something And I don't want to hear that But I would be interested in hearing how your program has changed people's lives. Like maybe somebody has Converted to Christianity because of it or marriage has been restored, you know, something specific. I think that would be great to hear well We'd have to have people Email me about that too for that. Well, okay, you know for you know for that puts a particular thing. I know that's fine Like, you know if they want that would be nice something like that where they're actually saying that the word actually Made a difference and changed them, you know, I like hate mail for the sense that it kind of keeps you human I do like that part of it, but I like to love mail because I like to see what what Christ is actually doing, too You know, yeah on how I'm with you It affects the program, huh? Yeah, I'm with you. Oh, sometimes people do not love mail, but it's just not as fun as to hate mail It's just I'm a woman. I like sweet stuff. It's kind of sweet Okay Anyway, I didn't want to say that, you know, hopefully sometime in the future you'll you'll find some really good love mail to put on It well, I could it sounds a little narcissistic when I do with those like oh here how great You know and all that kind of stuff right and so I'm always a little bit reticent for that But you know, I mean I could see why people might want to Actually hear that kind of good stuff, but I like to hate mail.

I just get a big kick out of the hate mail Thank you. Well, I think if people call in and they they talk about the scripture or something that you pulled out of the Scriptures that made a difference. Well, then they're praising the scripture. They're praising God. They're not praising that way Yeah, if you don't want to praise a guy you want to praise a guy named slick, I mean come on, you know Yeah, exactly and then the other the question that I had was just kind of a fun question really How do you use technology to find? Biblical truth, but I know you're always typing in stuff.

What why you're talking and doing I think something else So kind of stuff. No, I have I have a lot of resources at my beck and call I have a Fantastic Bible program called logos. I just have I have Like in browsers, for example, I have I don't know what to call it I think it's called the bookmarks bar and I have hundreds of bookmarks and I have them categorized in folders and Subfolders so I can go and I can while I'm talking like I can go to my karm thing I can I click on my karm bookmarks in my browser, which I use Firefox most more have Dropbox early Church Fathers evolution I have on homosexuality Infusionsoft Islam new episodic reformation Roman Catholicism a sacred text These are just I'm skipping a lot of stuff, but I have these things I could just click on them Sacred text on Mormons on school. I was you know science and Christianity biblical science Institute SDA stuff So I just have I'm very organized and my outlines are very organized and when I teach Bible study What I do is I provide literally outlines from verse I have all the verses in a chapter and then I put them into a Word document and then I use the outline feature To go after each verse and I indent and I go in and draw commentary.

I Put Greek in there. I will show point cross references and so that people my Bible study For example, they have the exact same notes. I do and I just go through and expand So I'd like to be very organized very, you know, it's a long way just to do this Okay, so what do you do like? What do you use when the caller calls in and you don't really have information and you want to look up something real quick? just depends So, um, I use Firefox mostly because Firefox has the ability in the search bar It has that little segment that you can activate so that when you type something in it stays there.

I hate H-a-t-e the stupid features of the web browsers a Function or like what is a Trinity in the search bar? It goes to that URL and you get and now that what you typed in is gone Now you got to type it in again every single time you want to do research and I loathe that And so I use Firefox The most so whatever I type in will stay there and I can click on various things and it works So I'm very particular about research I'm just curious because I'm like I hear you type in and doing stuff and I'm like, I think you know looking up something, but What I'm actually what I'm I typed a lot is I have an Excel spreadsheet and I keep records of the URL for Facebook YouTube and Twitter and then the Timestamps of what topics are spoken about and I keep records of that while I'm on the air with you guys so that I can put them up on the CARM website with links and Provide so people can look we're actually looking I want to start getting people who can extract audio from the radio show And let's give it back to me so that I could put it up as here's an answer to this. Here's an answer to that So, yeah, I'm always active. Yeah, I'm always active and Yeah, when I except for mowing the lawn because I don't know how to do that Yeah, when I except for mowing the lawn because it's so loud.

I can't listen to anything because it's just so loud But often I'll be listening to some lectures or debates or whatever while I'm shopping or whatever today I didn't when I was shopping, but you know, I just multitask a lot, you know Okay, that's pretty cool. Okay. Well, I appreciate your response to that question And um, yeah, yeah. Yeah, and I hope you have a really good weekend. It's Friday. Happy Friday.

So have a good weekend Well you two hope you have a good weekend also All right. Yeah, then I'll talk to you later. Yep. Okay. Okay.

Thanks Matt. Bye. Bye God bless.

Bye All right. Let's get over to Noel from Virginia. I guess we lost Noel and I asked her because she's in the chat tonight. I sometimes and I asked her I said so Hey, no, well, I got a question. Yeah, what letter is not in the alphabet during Christmas? And she goes what I said, come on Noel.

What is it? Eyes roll on that one. Hey, um, let's see. We have a couple minutes till the break.

We had nobody waiting. I think that means it's time for some hate mail and So because I love hate man, we do hate on Fridays for those of you don't know So, let's see. Let's see. Let's see hate mail and wacko mail actually Let's see, here's this is more of the wacko category The world is quickly discovering that the second coming of Christ is already here on earth But also that uh, oh, I already read that one last week. That's right. It's atomic body man. I just love that one I'm, sorry, but that was that was good.

I really really enjoyed that. You know, his body's going to change but here is Here is a very good email a very good hate mail and uh, it see I have to praise this one because It is succinct it's uh It's written in all caps, which means they're yelling and it is to the point and it says you are a colossal idiot now That's awesome you see you have to read through a whole bunch of stuff to get to the point because sometimes you go to the web and You read these articles, you know, like what is the trinity and five hours later? They finally tell you what it is Come on, just tell me what it is. This person obviously knows how to get the thoughts across. I praise that person You are a colossal idiot. See that's how you do it. That is how you do it All right. Here's a this is a wacko one. I am a wacko This is a wacko one. I am writing to you as i'm writing to all of religious denominations to inform you of my presence Oh, man, this is awesome on our earth I am here under the name of your god as the last judgment This is good I asked I was asked Oh man, listen to this I was asked by your god To save the child and its earth and to bring those responsible for this evil to their judgment day And of your historical Treasonable alliance with the evil that through the blood of god's children laid claim as their own god's earth Your betrayal of thou faith for privilege and title Corrupt souls of god's truth false prophets False prophets See, these are not good sentences.

How do you know what's being said? Oh, come on, maybe after the break. We'll get some better insults coming. Hey folks, eight seven seven two zero seven Two two seven six. We'll be right back, please. Stay tuned So It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's matt slick All right, everyone. Welcome to the show five open lines. If you want to give me a call on this nice friday eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six. All right since nobody's calling Um on friday, I think that because they want me to hate mail i'll do some hate mail. Let's see.

Uh, here's another one. Uh, wow You guys are really stupid You obviously haven't read the bible or you have no ears to hear Have you not read about the day all those believers fell? Well, also paul makes mention of people who left the faith It's trash like you. Oh Man if you could only see my face man, I am so smiling I am just loving this It's trash like you who the devil fooled lol Why would the bible mention about this sin to believers? What's he talking about?

Okay. I thought that christians read the bible. That's It's it's a statement but he puts a question mark see it should be I thought that christians read the bible It should but no, it's I thought christians read the bible Because it's a question mark. So you got to do it that way Why would god mention this in the bible when the world doesn't read the bible?

So You know What is he talking about I mean, it's just like come on, you know Anyway, he says also who does christ criticize the revelation the churches you idiots? That's awesome Man, I love this stuff man. It's awesome. Okay. Wow, how the devil got you fooled How sad I think he he gives his business information with a phone number. Oh, man oh If I was ever on trial for something they could bring up my show see how he laughs at this stuff You can't trust him. He's got problems.

I'd be going. Yeah, that's right Dude That's for sure I wouldn't make myself look pretty bad Okay. Okay. Give me another one. Okay, bro.

If you are not a roman catholic you are in a cult or at least you are a hero-tic According to rome. Well, that's nice succinct and to the point. Thank you Uh, let's see.

How about this one? um Uh, I have written a book that will put all religions, right it will end all social ills And put everything on the right path This is the true knowledge and path of jesus. It is not religion a sales stunt or am I seeking followers? this Is fact based and no one can or will argue with his conclusions No one can or will argue Though they can't but they also won't It's good. Wow, this guy's good. I have attached a pdf and uh, I opened it during the break and It's full of multi-colored Fonts and uh different sizes. It's like oh my goodness, you know, uh It's like he wrote it after after It looks like a couple of monkeys wrote it, you know, anyway, I have attached a pdf copy you can join You can join for a second below and one will be sent There is no book like this.

It is free with no strings and the world needs this knowledge Wow, that is awesome. Thank you for sharing that one. All right, uh How about this one?

Uh? Somebody wrote your intelligence toward mormonism is sadly lacking There is a way to know the truth, but you are obviously afraid of taking it Wow, well, here we go then I formally challenge The best who? Mormon apologist defender of mormonism to a public debate Let's do it.

I'll go to salt lake city You know, i'm only a few hours away i'll drive over there. We'll have a public debate, you know, let's do it Yeah, maybe bill mckeever would help out or eric johnson. Oh, man Okay, how about this, um, here's a here's a good one your name is slick How very appropriate Now that's good See not that I haven't had my name.

That's my real name for those who don't know slick is my real name, you know Matt slick and um Uh, you know some people, you know, they make fun of my name and they hit so they don't know that's your real name So anyways a lot of fun. Okay. Here's another one anybody that believes god would punish and torture his creations Like you do is whacked. Oh, by the way, you are judging not good wait a minute, so He said by the way, you're judging that's not good. But yet Anybody he says anyone who would believe that is whacked and he's judging So You know, it's like I could just sit there and talk to the guy and go do you realize you just did what you're accusing me?

of doing Oh now what do I do? So, uh, okay. Let's see. Let's see one more.

Oh, man. That's a long one. Uh, I guess yeah, it's a long one. I like the short ones though.

So not a long ones are good, but uh, Where he has a mormon, let's see these shorter ones. No, these are more lengthy I was doing some thinking but the laws of energy and thought where does electricity in our body go when we die? Is it possible it goes into another human animal tree or etcetera?

I know thermal goes and becomes heat and chemical energy stay Just like an animal. So i'm focusing on electric Man, he doesn't understand the conservation of energy Uh, it makes sense that i'm not sure it's scientifically possible. Yeah His meniscus isn't bending hey, let's uh, let's get to chuck from north carolina chuck Welcome you were on the air. Yes. Good. Thank you.

Matt. Sure In the lord in the lord's prayer Lead us not into temptation. That's the hard part And you do a little You know commentary on that yeah, you're just saying uh and do not lead us into Stick form it's a way of speaking don't lead us into that but deliver some evil That's all you say don't lead us there.

Now. God leads our our way. He directs our paths Now could he lead us indirectly into temptation? Well, yeah, he could in the sense that i'm gonna let this happen to you You're walking you're talking and god doesn't put a roadblock up to your path But when it says do not lead us into temptation, it means that he's performing the action that he's doing But when it says do not lead us into temptation, it means that he's performing the action of the leading And so, you know god's not going to lead us into any temptation isn't tempt anybody. It's just a phrase Uh poetic kind of a phrase, uh, that's all and lead us not into temptation.

It's just that's all it is. No big deal Okay, thank you matt you're welcome. Yep. All right job Okay, let's get to elijah from pennsylvania elijah.

Welcome. You're on the air Hey, how you doing, man? I'm doing okay, man.

Hanging in there. So what do you got big guy? Yeah, so my question is out of revelation 316 Uh, you know a lot of people especially my church, uh, they like to teach that this is a proof text that uh, You can uh lose your salvation where uh, jesus said so because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold I will speak you out of my mouth You out of my mouth. So, um, uh, what do you think is going on here? He's talking to the church of laodicea. I've been there incidentally. I love saying that that i've been to the uh locations and when and uh, I can remember walking in the ruins and among the buildings and and stuff. It's really interesting but uh To the angel of the church of laodicea.

Right? This is to the angel. Okay The amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of god says this I know your deeds. So he's talking to the church That your deed that you're neither hot or cold. I wish that you would uh be hot or cold and he's saying he's saying look Make a decision make a choice To the church as a whole in its position of what's supposed to be doing. That's what he's talking about Because laodicea Is is like a like any place like ethicists and uh pergamon Uh pergamon, it's a location and there's many people in that church.

There's a candlestick. There was the angel of that church and uh So the the warning is to the laodiceans look, you know, you're being lukewarm because there was a Well, it was hot and cold, you know streams and things like that and i've been to the area And i'll tell you there's some incredibly beautiful sites near there. Uh, there's some white Uh salt, I don't know what it what it is what the element is, but it's white and they have these bluish pools Of water and they're just fantastic Uh to look at we've been there and seen them and I remember we were talking about stuff and there's The issue of the lukewarm water that came out. It wasn't good for anything It did you know it needed hot water or cold water, but this lukewarm stuff just didn't serve any purpose And so it's reflecting a geographical phenomenon in the area be hot or cold He says if you don't spit you out of your mouth So that's what he's saying and your friends who say that means you can lose your salvation and I would say So spitting out of your mouth means you lose your salvation Is that what you're saying? Yeah, yeah because they believe that when he says I will I will spit you out of my mouth It means that he's just saying that he's going to spit you out of the body of christ He's going to spit you out of the body of christ So his mouth is the body of christ It's you know, well, well, they they interpret it as uh, you know, you know making up Uh a different part of the body and uh, right I got you I got you. Yeah spitting out means it's the body of christ spitting you out of my mouth And yet that means so now the mouth I ask him stuff like I do this people So you're saying that when he says put you out of my mouth that means you lose your salvation Yeah, can you show me where it means you lose your salvation? Where the phrase i'll spit you out of my mouth Does it mean if he doesn't spit you out of his mouth it means you're saved Is this what you're saying because it's very symbolic And you got to be careful when people go to revelation And uh use very symbolic language to make a hardcore doctrinal case And then then I like to do this like to say so let me ask you are you hot or cold?

Which is it? Are you hot or cold? Now, what are they going to say? Well, i'm hot. Well you hot means good and cold means bad or is it vice versa?

Which one is the right one? So you're supposed to be hot or cold so which one are you well, I don't know Well, I think I think I think I think uh, they would answer and say uh the hot means That you're saved because because uh, you know, you know a lot of people a lot of christians like to say Uh, they're on fire, you know for the lord, you know, you know Yeah Yeah I know but it's just that It's just when you start asking people questions about the text that they assert means something and you start saying Well, what does it mean this it mean that what you know? What does it mean and I and you know, I can just say are you hot or cold? Uh, well, it doesn't say which one's the right one to be It doesn't even say the one's the wrong one to be so which are you Well, I don't know. Well, then you're lukewarm You're either hot or cold, right? So so what are you?

You know, so tell me which are you hot? They say whatever they say i'm gonna say well, how do you know that's the right one to me? It's called exegetical fun because they don't know what they're doing. They're reading into the text something that's not there They mean they say this means you lose your salvation Where's it say that and then you're going to cross reference it with john 6 37 through 40 where jesus says the will the father Is that he lose none. Are you saying that jesus could lose people?

What are you talking about? What does this mean here? Does it mean salvation or is it referring to the laodicean church? As a position that's called by god and that the church as a whole needs to make a decision of what they're going to do And if he doesn't you know, we're gonna remove the candlestick from you. We're going to remove your authority your position in the church It doesn't mean it's individuals. It's to the church as a whole It's a covenantal aspect So, you know Okay Oh, there's a time man.

There's a break. All right, man. Hope that helps elijah god bless buddy. Okay?

All right Hey folks. Hope you enjoyed the show by his grace look back on your tomorrow. Oh tomorrow monday That is and we'll I hope you have a great weekend and uh, we'll see you. I'll talk to you I guess man i'm messing up aren't I have a great weekend everyone. We'll talk to you on monday. God bless. Bye God bless. Bye another program powered by the truth network
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