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Holy Sexuality

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 10, 2019 6:20 pm

Holy Sexuality

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 10, 2019 6:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/10/19.

Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

From the elections in Israel to holy sexuality get covered today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown brick some referred to be the thing I was mellow, Israel king of Israel historic fifth term. He will now have led Israel longer than any prime minister in Israel's history and overcame a whole lot of odds and obstacles to get reelected, but I want you to understand how this works.

What happened what could be good.

What could be bad and then at the bottom of the hour to bring on Dr. Richard when he's one of the leading Christian thinkers in the world today PhD from Oxford, president of FS and evangelical seminary really be doing an event together this Saturday.

We want to tell you about, but will be joined by Dr. land. For now though, if you have a question about the elections.

If you're wondering what this means try to sort out prophetically 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. This is Michael Brown and you have tuned into the line of fire. Now, just so you understand this elections in Israel are not like elections in America. In fact, there probably not like elections anywhere in the whole world. I wrote an article about our website up on the stream five things that you need to know about the elections in Israel, just on sort some things out for you, but if you're in America right if you're in America you want Donald Trump to be president.

You want Barack Obama to be president where the candidate is you vote for that candidate right now may be the ones Republicans or Democrats. Maybe they become president but Congress ends up largely going the other way so you you can have say a Democrat president and a heavily Republican Congress and then you can have governors and mayors and be all over the place somehow works in Israel you vote for party, not for a person you vote for party.

So yes, Netanyahu is the head of Likud and he is the face of Likud. If you're voting for Likud his party. You were voting for him.

But understand this, you cannot elect him. You vote for his party. She will how many different parties are there is really ready this election, there were 40 I talked about this last few days as well, but want to go over it now 40 S and 40 40 different parties vying for Knesset seats there hundred 28 seats in the Israeli Knesset Parliament have a government you need to have 61 you say okay so Likud has to get 61 because I can get 61 know what is going to 61. In fact, it ended up basically with a dead heat between Likud and the centrist left, not radical left centrist left blue-and-white party right so you have these two parties. They each basically got 35 seats in the Knesset that's that's the boats they got civil and why is Netanyahu saying he one and why is everyone celebrating his victory in ones and will realize you want because you form a coalition. You reach out to other parties, not 40 different parties ran but only as as of now 11 got enough votes to Knesset seats. The minimum threshold is is three of his .325% of the vote. If you get that then you before seats get one seat before seats is the minimum threshold so they were expected to be 14 parties that one seats. As of now. Last I saw 11 have the two top ones basically each got the same amount. However, the right wing coalition amounts to 65 total seats and therefore can easily have enough to govern. So this is how it happened. Enough people voted for Likud and enough other votes for right wing parties that that then enabled Netanyahu to say I can form a government that has been officially formed but it looks natural that it will be for now. Big big big development big development. After the two top parties. The next ones religious Jewish sports and in the labor which is been the historic party to the left. That's often governed. That went way way that took a massive hit either to recover and come back or it's can be a thing of the past and will be another part of the basically takes the place and and that the scene Israel such that they can easily happen that here is the negative. Okay I am and honestly I didn't know who I want to see in Jan of like Netanyahu's relationship with Trump is been special. There been a lot of very positive things he's done he's been he's been strong for Israel security not perfect but strong. He has built built relationships with other nations working with Israel and have it work with them before. That's all very positive and I appreciate that.

Here's the negative it's impossible for him to be in power right now the former government without the two ultra Orthodox religious parties Schauss and United Torah Judaism.

They each got eight votes. This is their highest vote total reflects the fact that you have about a million ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel. Maybe 16 of the population. So what is happening now is in order to form the government.

Each parties is what I want this.

I want this. I want this.

One of these parties want they want special privileges for their community and their in our minds is the right thing to do, what should the religious Jewish community be doing everything they should be living their lives.

Fearing God, keep the commandments raising families forgot, keep the commandments and the man is much as possible should be studying Torah and rabbinic literature shows that intolerant tall atomic praying day and night. Now do they push hard yes. Do they study and push sacrificially yes in their mind. This is sustaining Israel in their mind. This is his sacred service in their mind. This is the highest calling and is for Israel's good, but who's going to underwrite it was insupportable Israeli taxpayers but we still fight the Army know they won't fight the arm. Very few will why. One reason is it's a very secular world, the environment and it's very polluting and would pull them away from Torah and commandments. The other is it takes them away from studying day and night, so there's a lot of resentment towards the ultra-Orthodox by the other Israelis because it's their tax dollars that help support problem one. Problem number two is there to say we want oversight over religion are met in Israel and we want oversight over immigration and things like that meaning that there to do their best to keep messianic Jews out because they don't look at us as legitimate Jews and see us as a threat to the system.

Also, meaning that if you get married in Israel as being Orthodox marriage.

Many Israelis go to Cyprus and nearby country get married there because they don't want to be married under Orthodox auspices because not religious dietary laws and making sure hotels and things observing them that some of the controlled exercise. They will continue to exercise it. But probably even more because now together.

They have 16 votes that the negative and then the question of what will actually happen with the Palestinian situation. Do I think there is a viable two state solution. I don't think so III question. It Caroline Glick in her book on once they solution lays out very very strong reasons why he could never work, and it's not going to work. So what's the solution I don't know but if premise Netanyahu does what he said just completely annexing Judea Samaria called Westbank. Basically this is under sovereigns really control in a more hands-on way now and we can expand our settlements. The Lord be the best case scenario, the best case scenario is one that many Palestinians are not willing to accept except one state of Israel and be active partners in that state except one state of Israel.

We are equal citizens like that the million and 1/2 Houston/Arab Israeli citizens now living in the rest of Israel, of equal citizens. In fact, maybe improve everything improve your lifestyle improve your benefits, but to be really quality. Let that be the situation that would be a great thing for Palestinians except many would say no, no, no wheat, we want our own place. We have a sense of history. Laura home even if yes, historically there's been no such thing as a Palestinian state so those are some of the issues Akai let's let's take a look at the way the Knesset breakdown is that the seats and and how these actually work out so looking at a graph here in front of me and as if that was as of this morning with 97% reporting. So both the blue-and-white party and Likud 35 seats then assisted Schauss by the way, Schauss is is an acronym for Talmadge he shall succeed to a hotel mood. The six orders of the tall motor of the Mishnah but Schauss Orthodox Jewish party that is Sephardic in the United Torah Judaism Orthodox for a party that that would be Ashkenazi so they then had things up with the graph you you then see the divisions after that are all small sums got six seats for seats, etc. so the coalition is then formed take to get halfway that the Likud party then works with these others, and forms a coalition, let me just throw one of the thing out for you right in terms of concerns about fairness to the Palestinians.

Their biggest issue has been corrupt leadership. Their biggest issue has been radical Islamic leadership. Their biggest issue is people using them as pawns in a battle against Israel.

The biggest issue is those telling the Morgan Dr., Israel into the sea and you have your land back.

Rather than saying okay there a lot of people here. Let's find a way to live together.

Let's remember in 1937, 1937 the peel commission made a proposal to to let there be a two state solution, so a homeland for those the Arabs that have been living there, some for centuries, some more recent years, as as Jews came into the land the late 1800s and began to develop the early 1900s as the land became more prosperous land value went up there more jobs, more Arabs as well. The great majority of those living in Israel today work that identifies Palestinians have not been there for 1500 years or something like that. They've come some in recent centuries at some of been there for longer periods of time. There is even speculation that many were originally Jews were then forced to convert under Islam and and that's how they became then Palestinian Muslims but 1937. The peel commission center-right. This will be Jewish territory and it was very small. It was very small and the rest will be our community and their use is no 1947 United Nations partition plan now more than useless. There is no that's my concern that that will happen.

To this day. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown ready tonight. I began holding talks with the leaders of the right-wing parties. Almost all of them but it still already declared publicly to a larger bill. Recommend me to put together the next government on behalf of our state, unable to govern the sodium with them in the club in. I intend to finish the job as fast as possible in order to build a strong national stable government. Yet words from Prime Minister Netanyahu to remember there were corruption charges hangovers head that allegedly he made deals with median different things to get good coverage and benefit in certain ways, etc., will there be an attempt to bring them down.

Now that he will easily form a coalition to govern and leave willy-nilly to shake it off, save more accusations.

Will this be like the Russia trial in the Russia collusion charges against Donald Trump makes me think this was interesting. A lot of interesting parallels. How many times is Donald Trump and Mark three.

How many times is premise. Netanyahu been married three if you know that all the scandals Donald Trump that this porn star that you know years back on the train. I was caught in adultery and made public confession over that and then let's corruption charges and things hanging over them, and they're both strong security leaders in putting that first with I suggest very interesting parallels but against all loss this much you can say about Netanyahu.

He is the preeminent politician I know that I don't mean that negatively or positively. He is the preeminent politician and he knows how to win really does and really fought hard and do I believe he cares much about his nation and the well-being of his people. Yes, but look like everything else it's it it is a world system, and therefore it's not going to be perfect so I will explain this against the understands secular Israelis or secular that your average Israeli is not religious. Okay Sabbath for your average Israeli is a day off. It's not a holy day.

Your Tel Aviv you see a city that parties use the city that's as well as any of the city you will see a city that has been rated far higher than others. As the number one gay friendly city in the world were my friends would see him 64 654 good shape. He works out in the local gym. There he said half joking here have services that I think I'm only straight guy in the gym because everybody else was so openly gay I just saw an article about the rise of corn in Israel and and and that the great bulk of it is gay porn if you're in the military. Your woman in the military.

Get free abortions while you're there to report is technically both the beam or if you were serving there longer Israel secular. Now it has in many cases extraordinary values and things are very important to if there is an issue of Israelis abusing Palestinians. There can be a national outcry over there was an instance of a young Israeli soldier is one of the Palestinian thing on the ground and did he think the Palestinians try to make a move or grab a gun or something. Will the shot he shot and killed in cold blood. Ultimately, it was a national outrage over it and and he was tried and convicted out overall light sentence because of the stress of military and all the other issues going on the very real terror threats that exist in the split-second which this thing happen but nonetheless, in many ways Israelis have extraordinary high values and and really do care about justice and and do not like religious oppression, but their very second know they'll be much more open to messianic Jews in stem with messianic Jews like why are you being mistreated good citizens registered can serve in the Army. Nice people. What should be mistreated and they have certain hostility towards the ultra-Orthodox. The ultra-Orthodox underhand their strength summing. They they are God fearing people and and they really believe that God made a covenant with Israel is very important for them to abide by the covenant and very important for them to observe the Sabbath observe the dietary laws and observe the laws of justice that God preserved in and and and and and to live laws they believe are pleasing to God so they think the way Israel is as a nation is appointed ugly and sinful in God's sight.

At the same time, the nature of traditional Judaism. You're going to have hypocrisy like you cannot with any religion within. To the extent that they want to say this is the way Israel must be present when Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the Sabbath, the Sabbath will like it or not, things are shut down.

You get all the parts of Israel is different right your Jerusalem. It's it Sabbath because of the high percentage of ultra-Orthodox Jews. There and as I said there will be hostile to messianic use. Knowledge understands in Israel your Jewish believer in Jesus. You can get on the street corner and preach.

You can preach issue and preach the gospel, you can quote Scripture if you messianic congregation you say were having a concert.

We want to invite you to come over you really think you really enjoy being our community now you cannot invite someone 16 or under right that's that's considered illegal religious proselytizing. So if you're talking to a 15-year-old. This is why am 15 and okay listen, ask your parents if you come for congregation. You cannot invite them directly how a kid could talk to a kid in the 213-year-olds could talk to each other but there are certain restrictions but I want you to step this love freedom.

Yes, there is persecution from some ultra-Orthodox yes, at times, it's been physical and at times is been ugly. Yesterday a guy brought false charges against men are sharing the gospel in Israel last man I got arrested, but as you know the story the that when I finally got to be interviewed by the police guy licked you to do anything since we want to Larisa during the organization and do anything and I said what your paperwork is now nothing fingerprints, nothing's go else in the problem. In fact, these are the problems missionaries like missionaries so you know you like to be a dirty word in Israel because the weights construed so there are downsides to the secular because the secular are secular and or worldly.

In some cases, you have people born to New Age sure isn't an alien spirituality of communion with aliens rightthen then then people turn to the Torah that's on the one hand, but then they would be much more accommodating to our religious freedoms they would want Israel as a whole, to be able to make poor choices they would want other branches of Judaism to be officially recognized because there was that's officially recognized this as orthodoxy and in terms of being able to perform marriages or determine which kosher not kosher. Other forms of Judaism or liberal forms don't have that the that authority standing so the secular Jews much more open to hear the gospel, but then with these very real ethical failings and immorality and sand and selfishness and greed.

This like you have in the rest of the human race. There you go, there is that there is a revelation for Jews are human beings like everybody else right points bad points and then among the religious you'll find some of the most sincere people you have met, you'll find some of the most devoted people you've ever met.

You'll find very kindhearted people, you'll find people raising large family sick sacrificially and and just loving to pray, loving to study and you'll find hypocrisy and religious domineering and control and that's the difficult dynamic. Now the head of the blue-and-white party Benny Gon's was a retired or is a retired believe Lieut. Gen. the idea is great respect for the IDF in Israel for the Israeli Defense force, but no one knew exactly how he would govern you is not an REO. Sharon not know this kind of a bulldog is not known that way but no one knew exactly how he would govern so you could say hey the centrist left party made some real good gains in maintenance, but that that's that's also part of it, but ultimately some of of a shift right the way things play out that we don't know is what the Trump piece finds you look like I was just asked about a person visiting students earlier and in my view would be Jared Kushner plan would be to idealistic what might my opinion. Okay, just my outside opinion would be to idealistic and not based on a realistic assessment of what would be best for Israel because of too much trust being put in others that that would be my concern. On the flipside, what I've seen consistently with Donald Trump is when he makes a serious misstep when he says something or someone on his team says something that's really contrary to the principles on which he was elected he quickly fixes it either.

He just backs away from it quietly or he publicly will will distance himself from it.

So my hope is there enough people have Israel's best interest in mind his ambassador David Friedman is clearheaded on these issues that if there was a proposed peace plan that was going in the wrong direction that we get intercepted first. When announced to be enough pushback against it now less than wired you so influential worldwide small percent of the world population so influential and and I'm going to be interviewing a scholar Catholic scholarly this week and hopefully will air the interview.

Soon after that. But he believes the Jews are responsible for much of the problems in the world today and in the Jewish revolutionary spirit is still the destructive in the world.

We could point to not just the Karl Marx's book, but many others that I am trying to point to all of the Jews who had incredibly positive life-giving influence because of which we are healthier, is the human race because with living longer and in many ways because of which we have a better ethic present John Adams in 1809 basis and you cannot overestimate the positive contribution to society. Did he resubmit the Jewish people with me.

My understanding is, God put a certain calling on the Jewish people would be world changes. We get it right. We have an incredible impact for good. We get wrong we have incredible impact for bad that's just my understanding like everybody else. Is this somehow all the better it will be right back land of Canaan subjects illness the sixth of error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and sexuality is God's design for mail female was the culture of right was the culture have wrong. What about six revolution and its aftermath. Today this important event in place in Charlotte this Saturday. Want to talk to about that and the men will be hosting the event Dr. Richard land, joining the momentarily present of Southern Evangelical seminary, PhD, Oxford University the leading Christian thinkers on the planet just one mention this one thing to you. I know many of you will stand with us. We are listener and viewer supported. If you watch on YouTube now you see right on the screen right but these were disaster to Brown you'll see a $. This is with YouTube. You can just click on that and make a donation of any kind.

It's that simple. And you're helping us do what were doing as we speak.

As you watch as you listen. So stay with us click on that dollar icon every gift of any size is greatly appreciated. If you have a question or comment posted to get to our attention as well. Without further ado, Dr. Richard land, echo, and always a joy to speak with you. How are things in your world these days, right but great.

You know, if I don't have the build workshop that I should be in good shape and what about recent a campus move. What's going on with Southern Evangelical seminary.

Well we we we are delighted we been able to move our campus to a more central location.

It's a much more 21st-century campus about I and Maureen Valentine here in the Charlotte area. One of my younger staff originally walked into the new building they said you know Dr. Merrill campus is beautiful but it was so 20th century, antiquated, and I feel old.I recommended that but I think determines been using Google plexi is very good complexity while without glass lobster chrome lots open space okay excellent loaded students are really excited by the MANY times. Can't wait to be at the new campus… The land has society completely lost its mind in terms of sexuality, gender today large segment of personal question about that. It is really look the ultimate rebellion against God will decide what my sex is going to be with the Bible tells us God made us male and female, but they start their site. No, I made myself, decide for myself, I'm going to be an autonomous person. I'm going to decide about sexuality and you know if this is part of part of the betas you know among the homosexuals and lesbians are assigned herbicide know you can't change your, may we have the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, running for president to serve due to upgraded my parents and said you if you don't like who I am sexually blame God not bring his job didn't know he didn't. And according to the transgender folks. You make yourself whatever you want to be on my daughter gave me a drunk the other day that I'm going to use and it it goes like this. I'm fat, but I want to be slim so I'm trim, slender and mildly small, close, because I'm identified as translator. In fact, Dr. Lynn Pierce Morgan said that he's can identify strengths slender and guts to get slammed for look.

Here's the thing we know there are people who really struck and who would wish to conduct and was assigned absolutely. I know I know you and I both know people who struggle with this and and you know I look. I have while in one of my interim pastors and a woman who became a Christian had a profound personal experience with the Lord.

She was a lesbian.

She was in a committed lesbian relationship and she wanted to study of the relationship but have it not be sexual and her partner would not agree to this and left and she said to base a document not given up the love of my life for Jesus wanted you exit will God has better to give something like that up yet and it was yeah she really felt that way that this was the love of her life, but she knew that this was not God's will. Homosexual behavior is not God's will and and ultimately when people struggle with gender identity, same-sex attractions, my heart goes out. Some of them had to struggle with those things us a demo best to sit and listen and try to take things in from their perspective to feel some of the weight and the pain of this or issue is when you're now going to come with an aggressive agenda and take someone struggle and make it normative and not turn the world upside down so that that that we need tampons in men's bathrooms because men menstruate and men can get pregnant and and biological males can play on female sports teams and things like that.

Even Martina Navratilova said this not right that's not fair, or issue is with the social agenda not with someone's personal struggles and I went out to police the way someone lives privately. Either that center issue it it's well what were talking about here is giving the patient a lobotomy yes because it is nothing is normal everything is normal everything at what year is it it is the ultimate reduction of what Daniel Moynihan called you know you reduced down deviance you make deviant normal and were reducing down deviance where everything is normal and nothing is deviant and that is a recipe for other catastrophe for society right when you take away the most basic differences look there even transgender activists who say that my biology is what I identify as it used to be know my gender is now. If a violation of the manager. People who claim they proclaim to be scientific, exact, indigent gender is a social construct of your biology is either male or female that happens at conception.

Yes and what they're saying now is not only can you change a birth certificate, but your your biology is whatever you identify it to beat six look there is a guy recently and there are hundreds of thousands of people who identify as part animal or human. They genuinely believe that an NCE identifies as a puppy dog eats for many years out of the dog food bowl he eats dog biscuits.

He barks it people said he never felt at home as a human dysphoria exactly right right there. There is there is there is species. The foot dysphoria that there are people that are called Therrien or other can. There was a documentary I watched about them. They claim that there are hundreds of thousands of them in the world today. They have gatherings to think that I look obviously something's wrong somewhere there. There is something missing but they said yeah we identify and we we were outcasts review with now.

We found ourselves never happy, etc. etc. your unit you have. You have people with body identity integrity disorder and they literally feel they should have a right arm or left leg and and the date they amputated. Now they feel happy. Okay something is wrong or hearts go out to them something is wrong, but we do not now say okay if you identifies a dog or dog identifies the parrot your parent, you, we recognize something's wrong, but we've gone Dr. land from used to be.

Relative morality, you know you think this is good.

I think this is good now about the relative truth right you have your truth live my truth and now we have relative reality. Don't and now we have no truth you got my crew.

Well, there's not my truth in your current. There's not a burden. Truth is, and as John Adams once said facts are stubborn things.

Yeah the old Moynihan called this event to them earlier you was entitled to their own opinion on facts access what's happening Saturday.

How can people get involved. Well, we're having a seminar at our campus.

All Lancaster Highway here in in the valentine area of Charlotte and it starts at at 111 30.

We are raising your research well and you're going to be streaking twice, once on the war on gender and once on homosexuality in the church. I'm really speaking on what I believe is the mega ethical issue of our age who and what is a human being not getting it. It certainly impinged on this issue and impinges on the whole issue of robotics and artificial intelligence who and what is human being will. God made us dog is to decide who and what is it we have a very inspiring testimony from Cameron Hodge, a young young child in their young adult years. You struggle with suicide, depression, and the effects of sexual violation and she can't know the Lord Jesus as your Savior and she had struggle with same-sex attraction. She's found freedom from that and she's going to provide some hope in some answers and then Adam Tucker is going to be streaking on are we erasing human sexuality and we can come and attend. You can find out how to register my going to and register online news that could take tickets Lincoln or you can pay in person and if you can't come.

It's going to be streamed shall be live streamed on the SES YouTube channel and find out about that by going to as well and not only so I'm to be teaching a class over the summer that deals with these exact issues of the other classes relating to it so folks can find out about that and I believe this at dinner Dr. land for prospective students who want to find out about this period.

In becoming a student. We have a dinner this would be at the end from 615 745 prospective student dinner and we would love to have a boat that's free for puncture going talk about studying it. SES and we are you are teaching the class were very grateful to you for doing that. I'm also teaching a class on the first full week in May on Christian ethics and will in the course. This is a huge part of this issue and people can take the class for credit or the gym for hundred and $50 liquid audit the class whole class which means they get all the lectures find real emotion that they are doing the homework well that's that's that's that's like five nights and hold them as that's it. That's a very full class that we can get a date. Wonderful friends, it's my honor to serve as an adjunct.

That's an evangelical seminary, you know, folks like Dr. Frank turkeys a grad from there fine school you want to find out about philosophy creation dealing with Islam ethics the whole where of fitting these things together with strong biblical theology. One of the premier apologetics schools on the planet.

SES.ED you in the event this Saturday and and we just got 20 seconds but what degrees you offer it. SES Wilbur Baxter Masters demanding. Stay in. We are cheap for up for a master class at $770 for a class.

Not an hour before class, while my friends check out the land. Thanks for joining us joy to have you and cannot wait to see you on Saturday. Let's looking forward to all right go there right that it's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown transport. If you have a question may take a call or two. If you are watching on YouTube.

We've often answered questions on Facebook, twitter, but I will respond to a few on YouTube RS one. Thanks for your contribution.

Remember, if you just click on the $. You're able to make a donation to help us through YouTube to get the message out to keep doing what we are doing. Jennifer asked what's what's my opinion on transgender okay so a broad question. Obviously, I don't believe that God designs someone to be tormented by the body that there it, in other words, his his goal and desires for that person to be at home in their body, their people were intersects, they are biologically or chromosome only, not fitting in. Normally to male or female distinct they may be biologically male but there's a chromosomal issue and they start to develop in a female way. There may be ambiguous for dual genitalia. So we look at that, just like someone that has a problem with eyesight or hearing or know it's a handicap it's a problem we want to help them with compassion and then help them try to work out ultimately are they male or the female because of the ambiguities. The vast majority of those who identify as transgender do not have a biological chromosomal issue.

The vast the vast majority are clearly biologically male or female by internally don't feel whole. In that it could start with the children.

It could happen because of social pressure later on.

There could be other things that influence it just could be spiritual influences with anything, there can be spiritual influences etc. so the goal is to help the person be at home in the body that God gave and there are plenty of people who are former transgender.

I know for many this is deep agonizing.

I've tried to picture how it feels. But I can't is of their dogs been totally honest of tried out wrestled a synagogue sensitivity but II can't say I can fully relate obviously because it never struggled with that with not being at home is as a male, but I know from those who were transgender with the law say that there was something else going on when God got to the root of it over. God help them through counseling or whatever else to place that they been able to resolve those tensions and now feel very much at home in the body that God gave so I have compassion for the people, but I stand wholeheartedly against the agenda. All right, there's a question. What I think of the prayer movement in Kansas City so IHOP and yeah just coincidentally we had a bunch of IHOP students select with the question from Bob visiting today so thumbs up. Is there thereby watching.

Okay, I am thrilled with 24 hours of prayer and worship that's Been Taking Pl. in Kansas City for many years that has as its goal exalting Jesus that has as its goal. Intimacy with Jesus and has its goal gradient tapestry of worship and interceding for America. The nations Israel and seeing the gospel go to the ends of the earth. I think it's wonderful and and like anything else. When you do that long.

You can get into a habit in the form so the key is to to be passionate. The key is to really meet with the Lord. The key is not just to put in time. Okay, we spent X number of hours in the in the prayer room and it just becomes kind of a road thing that's done, but they can have with any of us doing something on a regular basis, but am thrilled with the prayer emphasis seven spatter have ever heard of the sevens pattern. Don't know what is meant by the sevens pattern, but no, don't know about that. Not what one other one other issue. One other issue that comes up when were dealing with transgender things. It is hormonal issues and it could well be that because of diet because of various things that are now part of our lives that it's mass some with some people's hormones. It could be and they struggle even more because of that, but the look. There are scientists who believe they've discovered what's called the obesity gene and if you have this gene, you have a greater possibility. Greater propensity to be heavy right do we therefore have fat pride parades do we celebrate being overweight or do we recognize that being overweight is unhealthy. That obesity kills people worldwide. More than any other disease. In other words, it's good to contribute to heart disease can contribute to other things and be the root cause of many diseases we recognize that it's in and of itself bad and if we had obesity gene. Now we work all the. The harder to be healthy is supposed to celebrate being obese right in the same way.

Children of alcoholics have a a much much higher. A percentage of of being alcoholics themselves. How much of it is genetic. How much of his environmental either way, the goal is to work with them all the more to help them overcome this route into celebrate alcoholics, so the issue is not being born are certainly having certain tendency. The issue is ultimately with God say what's best. What is right why we have to translate the glory of God for the shifting when this reflects feminine gender shifting is feminine. Now that's true. Some would argue that it reflects the motherly aspects of God or the feminine aspects of God because remember, even though he's identified in Scripture as he. The word says that he sees me, created us male and female male and female and therefore male and female best reflect the fullness of God's image.

So why certain certain some of his aspects have a feminine quality like he identifies his mother. He identifies as a father really cares his mother he cares is a father.

Yes, certain sensitivities that would be more in tune with women. He is certain sensitivities more in turn with men monkey with Medicus. He is fullness of deity and we are created in his image.

Now that being said, we speak of the glory of God. The word for glory skull vote which is masking so God's glory is is neither masculine or feminine look in Hebrew ever hear mold EpiPen in Hebrew pain is masculine.

All right. Okay you know telephone masculine.the table sure can't mask it doesn't mean that that there is a masculine or feminine quality and everything it just means you have to put in that is either masculine or feminine. Let me say this though, friends the world around us. Please give your best year the world around us is upside down. The world around us. In many ways has gone crazy the world around us has lost its bearings world around us is deeply confused and we are God's answer we are the moral and cultural answer. The gospel is the answer. I'm not being trite when I say that Jesus is the answer meaning in him there is a solution to every human problem in him, but really only in him will there be ultimate lasting peace in the Middle East. I want to see Israel's well-being I want to see Israel protected you missed the first half of the broadcast week we we explain what's happening these real elections of the significance in the good in the back right but but here's the thing in Jesus is the solution for fear for addiction in Jesus as the solution, broken relationships and broken life in Jesus as the solution for marriage for family for economy for every issue we deal with Colossians 2 tells us that in him is is hidden all the wisdom and knowledge of God, so I'm not so much as believe in Jesus believe in Jesus is believe in Jesus. No, I'm saying that in him we have all the wisdom in him we have all the knowledge in him we have everything needed for life and godliness, and we have his word, which is the ultimate source and found wisdom and knowledge and understanding and how to live and what matters most and principles on which we base our lives.

Jesus himself is the light of the world does not say that Johnny 12 I am the light of the world because he not say to us in Matthew 516 you are the light of the world.

So any him. We are the light of the world.

That's why, in my role on the radio here in our live streams and video. I introduce myself US euro voice moral cultural and spiritual revolution and your voice of moral sanity spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the world all too often in compromise was the point point is world is turned upside down topsy-turvy. He thinks good is bad and bad is good. Not 100% of the time, but so much of the time. This is this is what happens. There is a celebrating of evil and a denigrating of what is right and good. So my role as a public voice is to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity that's just me in this public capacity. That's what we all are doing in the home in the workplace in education in media in the sports world River God has us we are lights we are helping the darkened and confused world see clearly that's were also hated because were shining like lying in the places darkness takes the life is almost 5000 darkness cannot

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