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July 21, 2022 6:06 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 21, 2022 6:06 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- How does addiction factor into divorce---2- What is a complacent Christian and how does that look compared to a godly Christian---3- Is it ok to celebrate Christmas and Halloween---4- Matt discusses eastern orthodoxy and the reasons why people say they are converting.--5- Have you heard of A Course in Miracles -ACIM-- How can I witness to a person who is into this group-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps.

What why branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick showed me Matt slick and hopefully will still near the Internet went down right before the show came on, I just came up about a minute ago around dogs. Let me know that the belt new modem knew this new that will she was going to happen and there you go through and give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 87720722760 call and is next Tuesday so teacher Tuesday and if you are interested in participating in watching people in a chat system the chat room. I think Laura will little bit minute or so have the information up on the Carmel website so you can go the condo/notice, the rug and you'll see the right hand side you will see picture me and regular stuff like that so it's all all you do. You can check that out there. All right, let's see. Got that going and got this going yet so the Internet was down. And also I just missed a couple of things I do really quickly, but I consented to participate by yeah lots in people. It's great fun people and people enjoy apparently apparently they like to watch me laugh when I when something's happened like yesterday was an odd show and they get a kick out of that. They slavishly become left when they see lose it all right hey there, we don't do what you may call 87720722760 give me a call. Why don't we dig up on your right. It was get to it from Ohio. I welcome your near high high.

I know the Bible say about no you know I don't. Well my someone who had like alcohol and you didn't know that.

Try to get them out and help, and a lot of it has caused a lot of strife between both families and nonfamily family and so would you question my question is right will be back you divorced after you go to church chance yet.

Have you consulted with the elders of the church about this yet that with the elders told you what was causing a lot of strife you know he would get the glory of God and a lot of strife. That is something to be aware about earlier so these kind of things are difficult because of the adultery and abandonment or grounds for divorce and if you still okay right so he if you still there yes disease still working and trying to provide for the family know where eight out of the home. Now okay and let me ask you some questions, you can so you don't want to answer because people may recognize your voice so not to answer. You know you and your children. Your children are just right. Your children were they in danger because of him. No okay and so was he committing adultery aware of and so you please not working right. He's just doing drugs is that basic what I like functional as you see what's still very still be married. I got is he a Christian now. Well, I mean believe it. They had had not the regular bait right okay so recommend ministry to you.

Okay and plus several things here. So one of the things is the way our the way.

Romans 12 to but it's the way with the letter R 12 and Chad is a friend of mine is a pastor near you here and he used to be addicted to drugs and guns stuff and so he has you complete victory over he worked with people who have problems until he's quite good he really is and he knows how to talk about it, even to AA and he knows how bad AA is and that's no Christian pastor should be involved with say that and on.

So he's? That's one option. Okay his name is Chad prick more and he's a great guy way way the way THEW a Y are 12 to and try contact and those who Matt slick. The radio said it was nearly okay so that's one thing. Another thing is that I recommend that you get a notebook answer keeping records of the events the best of your recollection of the times the dates of what's happened in your attempts to reconciliation your tents for working through the marriage making it right people you talk to at certain times like even today talk to me know on 719 talk to Matt slick of Matt slick life about this issue he recommended.

Contact Chad at this address also pluggable. A blog this real basic reason Kelly, but this is because if your marriage ends in a divorce try to do is protect you and by having a written record that you go through.

You can present it to other elders if and when you get divorce and if and when you want to marry again. Kind of a thing down the road and start looking right now, no dissent. I recommend this to people. Keep a record because you can then cite here's my my notebook. Here's this here is that you keep it online if you want whatever you want to do what you want to have access to it at them on this date here in the state that he's been doing this with the drugs is a problem and equality documenting it quicker trying to do is provide this can also be a legal document to sit divorce or come up, but also for the church to understand what your situation was weakened document, various things so years ago here in the area. I knew a couple where he was committing adultery and I recommended that she do some things and then he did not repent and he would not repent, and she came to me and said is divorce possibility now. Not that she wanted to she was trying to work on it. I said yes it is because he's committed adultery multiple times and he's continuing to do so. So she free to divorce, not obligated to have Janet divorcing him choose a godly woman who want to make it work and what they do recommend when people have.

The situation is a notebook you want to keep track of all the events it'll help you.

It'll help you later on and it will be useful it may stop sound like a lot of fun right now but that's one thing. Okay. Now, if he is not working.

He's if he's able to but refuses to if he sailed able to provide by working but refuses to if he takes money out of the kids mouths out of your mouths for his drugs and and the like, yet is what you call a functioning addict, then the issue of the abandonment and the breaking of the covenant of marriage becomes an issue at this point is obligation to you when you get married and I've done it many weddings. The obligation is to love, to protect, to provide for, etc. this is the covenantal aspect, covenant, and so she's breaking the covenant through his repeated unrepentant abandonment of that marriage covenant, then it might be. In this case that you have grounds for divorce. This is why you need to keep a record of what's going on so they could presented to the elders of the church should it become necessary.

So what you want to do at this point is is even try to have reconciliation with them and you write it down trying to contact you about this asked to go to the pastor for counseling.

He refused or said he would and did not show up or whatever it is tried three times, four times on this date on the statement of record of this kind of stuff so that when someone's going through the goat got you tried you tried over and over disguise unrepentant and it went on for months. Let's say whatever it is okay and then the elders at that point, having talk to you and knowing the situation better than I could over the radio can then make a recommendation at that point. Okay, tomorrow you know my financial way taken money. You know from the children but more or less anger like that.

The exact angry bear if you need counseling so you need to find out if he's willing to stay married and you need to see if you can work on the marriage of these out of the house because it was necessary to this point, then, that was necessary at this point and don't be so eager to break the marriage bond so you're dating a guy later. Not that I want your marriage to end, and he's a godly man and he says you're married. Okay, what was the reason for the divorce and you say well we just get along okay.

A good man would say it's are not were done okay all and so you want you want to protect yourself. Protect yourself. Okay, this is one of the ways, but at the same time to pray for reconciliation to and is not a preparation so that you can divorce him it so that you could do what's right and hope that he will repent that should be your goal for his repentance to pray for him to ask others to pray for him. You work towards that. You made a covenant through thick and thin and you work the best way you can for that and then the elders need to make recommendations right time. That's why you vague but not too vague at the same time. Okay. All right, folks, 3054587720722 Matt slick. Why call 77077).

Welcome to the show for open lines to give me a call 877-207-2276. All right, let's get to see them be Alberto from George Alberto, welcome, nor evening that make the question that what they're predicting a complaint in Christian and I got in Timothy chapter 3 verse 12 will let says. Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. A complacent Christian. This is what is apathetic doesn't do doesn't is involved. Not really concerned about the his life as a Christian, or the relationship of others with Christ, complacent Christmas, complacent, apathetic really care and it was good contrasted to a dedicated Christian, you said complaint WILL a godly Christian is someone who emulates Christ and so as he was Jesus sought to change people complacent Christian doesn't care about changing people. Jesus sought to sacrifice himself where complacent Christian would not.

Jesus was God in flesh and he taught me love that he humbled himself as were to be as godly people.

Jesus is the standard of godliness. He's a representation of God.

He was 13. He is the one who lives law perfectly. First Peter 222 he never sent and so we are to follow him were to emulate him were to be like him. As Jesus is to craftily follow after me after you think is 1026 is correct verses in my head thinking to pick up your cross and follow it below were to do that on daily basis.

Okay so you think we went up like a crazy work. They by great not about work late that what I have in it complaint thinking well is now were talking more precise issues a complacent Christian is he really a Christian. If such a person is a real Christian. You can certainly have the faith and be a real Christian and have grown apathetic about things people do that they could be Christians to go through the biggest go through life and they might go to church and do all the things are supposed to be doing but they don't really walk with and so you know the Bible says if you say you know you don't keep his commandments. Truth is not in you and your lyre so it what's point is a so to speak, complacent Christian not really a Christian. This is the difficulty someone who is. It could be complacent for a few months. You know you could have lots of reasons, could have literally a food allergy and effectively could have a deformity in your brain that can that can affect things you can have so much stress in your life that you become complacent as a means of self protection and just dealing with what about the person who you don't and just becomes complacent, apathetic, will such a person I would say well you probably not really Christian and not sing it apathetic for five minutes were taking talk about habitually is like that and there's no real evidence of concern because of Christians to be concerned about others because with the Lord God living in us and he says you love God and love your neighbor to be due that we are to do that and if a Christian wrestler professes Christ is doing that was and how could he be called Christian. Not that it's are works that make us Christian but it's the fruits of the regenerative work of God in us, that is made manifest this with James to talking about and so you see is not an easy one to just say yes or no to the really going to get into this more details in accent. I all I think are very lucky to get good God bless you all get up. I all right for the lies once you give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Mario from North Carolina, Mario.

Luckily on the air though yes, how are you I'm fine thank you for asking.

How are you I have a quick about the liberation and how do we okay and you is that is made in a separate Halloween and you so Christmas on December 25 reason is on that day is because it was the winter solstice in Europe and meant that it was the last day of winter.

So from then on, not select a winner admit from that that day on the days were getting longer so they were pretty hard in that time so they would celebrate that day the Roman Catholic Church came along dominated Europe and instead tried to get rid of pagan holidays and the pagans wouldn't they would convert the distal celebrate these things.

Long story short, they said let's move.

Let's just declare that the birthdate of Jesus and then make it a holiday whole holy day holiday holy thick. That was where it came from. That's how it worked all right. How can we celebrate that wealth. Yes, we can see we are freed from the bonds of the law, having died with Christ.

Romans 66 from 6 to 8 Roman 724. Now in first Corinthians 10. It talks about eating meat sacrificed to idols in the says if you are aware Ursula's house and they have me to sacrifice and I hope you don't even know that even asked you just don't robotics it was before you if there was a prohibition from anything like that in the strict sense, then no. We can talk about X, 15 the Jerusalem Council. It was talked about related to what Paul is saying what is getting at here in and prescriptions 10 is the idea of not participating in the ungodly. This that would stumble somebody else because he says if someone said let's meet sacrificed idols and don't eat the cotton sick, not your own, but for the other one because why should I as he says why should I be restricted by another's lack of freedom, but we don't want to stumble them so don't participate in it so that the idea what Paul is teaching is that we are free, but were not to be so free to stumble somebody else and so we can even in that case, eat meat sacrificed idols right now. That's the principle here is that, can we celebrate Christmas. Yeah, we can we not worshiping the tree were not doing anything. As Christians, other than think it's it were sold in the birth of Christ and what is use this day to do it and were commemorating the giving gifts assess the three wise men gave gifts and so we free to do that is we are and no where to do it if it's gonna stumble somebody else LeSabre family member and really, really bothered by you might want to entertain the idea of not doing more details. There is a break. Hold on. Okay, I will continue after the break before folk so forth. Lines 877-2076).

Mass Y.

Call 770-7276\writable and welcome to the show bottom of the hour. Hey, you know that we stay on the air by your supportive you like to show you want to stay on.

Would you please consider supporting us. All you have to do is go to car CRM O RG/donate and we ask five dollars a month. I hope it's not too much to ask but you know what, if enough people do that then we can really make the bills and support the ministry and get the radio going in support of missionaries and stuff like that so that's what were asking for there you go. All right for the lines. Call 877-207-2276 right all along. Okay so well with right now and that's a good opportunity for me to talk about something I've been working on little bits and it's on the Eastern Orthodox Church.

I spent some time last night discussing stuff with some Eastern Orthodox people.

The reason I bring this up is because to my surprise, Eastern orthodoxy is gaining strength and getting in numbers and people are converting to it were hearing or I'm hearing more and more of how people are becoming Roman Catholic conduct and I'm absolutely bewildered by this, but I was talk to some people last night and they were saying that I couldn't get enough for me this and fit their strength. Well, the reason they convert the converted and other tell me if it reads as a further converted to office put together is that they like the liturgy and it connects them to the ancient church and they like the look of the liturgy is is is the worship service where the priest wears big fancy robes where they sing ancient songs where they stand up, sit down with a do varying rituals in the service that go back hundreds of years and they they like that and then the convert know this is what we've been hearing some of the recent and it to me that's ludicrous.

It's just ridiculous.

Why what you converts over things like that.

It should be. If anything, Scripture, and so what's happened is more and more of in tackling the issue Eastern Orthodox stuff and I got a document been working on its 84 pages collecting information on these orthodoxy and it's very difficult to nail down what it is that they actually teach out with Roman Catholicism go right to their website to conduct VA you can download the catechism of the Catholic Church. You can do varying searches were there theologians have specifically gone in and made precise declarations about things. Not so with Eastern orthodoxy with that group you find that having a single pope, you have patriarchs over varying areas and they may or may not agree on a few things and the Eastern Orthodox member is obligated to follow the teachings of the leading of that patriarch in that geographical area. Now they teach the Eastern Orthodox Church teaches us that the Catholic Church that it is alone the true church. Now that's kind of a statement always concerns me because it's the wrong starting point. People asked me what the true church met with their doing to is starting with the assumption that there is a single ecclesiastical eat set up proper true church. That's what they're assuming and I asked them to seek this what you're assuming when you have to question 1/6 show me from Scripture were that's the case, and they can't because that's not what the Scriptures teach it doesn't teach others and exact one true church does teach is that the church developed in the book of acts, and that it spread out all over, and there was a Jerusalem Council and they did what they thought was right and the apostles were alive at that time and so information was disseminated.

What these groups do Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox city, Oriental orthodoxy, which is divisions of orthodoxy. What they do a lot with Mormonism. Jehovah's Witnesses do varying groups that use the Bible as they will say basically the same thing. Their church is the true church, and the best information for salvation is in their true church.

The last stuff that God has for you is found in their true church. The best revelation is found in their true church and lose lots of groups that claim to be the true church with a fail to understand is that the body of Christ is the church, the body of Christ is and dwelt by the Lord God, the true and living God, and we are regenerated and members of the true church in that sense, being the body of Christ, not in the ecclesiastical structure. It has a building headquarters someplace but in the living body of Jesus or he is the king and he is the Lord and members of that body can attend different earthly formed churches. They can be in Baptist churches or Presbyterian churches. They could be nondenominational churches and so people say will this the true church which one is your true church there just don't understand the reason is because they thought into the lie that there has to be a true church and organizational structure connected to the original apostles. All of them teach that all of them say that they are the restoration Mormons, jewels, witnesses, or the continuation Catholicism, orthodoxy of the original apostles and the right to interpret Scripture is found in their church the right to understand and receive revelation is in their church. True tradition is found in their church you see this is called ecclesiology. The Greek word for church's adequacy and it means assembling a gathering and idolatry right that is subject please the all luxury. It is not that they worship their church. They don't but they put the church in a place that Jesus is supposed to be. I think about this Jesus says I am with the way the truth and the life.

Nobody comes to God the father but by me. John 14 six. These churches will say the church is the way the truth and the life and nobody gets to God to let the church there are churches that teach that Roman Catholicism officially says is no salvation outside the church and naming their church. The same thing with these orthodoxy. Though they will admit that somehow God can save someone outside the true church is not normative because he can technically do that.

I believe they say that because of the pressures of evangelicalism, cross-examining them in looking at Scripture say what he's talking about. I've noticed that their doctrines have been altered slightly, Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormonism. For example, they both teach their church, their structural organization is the true church. They have the restored gospel that was lost, and they are the ones in authority and true salvation is found in that organization and that earthly church structure. Why because they're the authority there.

The restored church is called ecclesiology worship of the church now is making the church and idle and with idolatry is is giving to the created thing that which belongs to God.

Jesus is on the way, the truth, the life nobody come to the father but by me. Then the church takes that in claims of for themselves the created thing. This is a minimum nature doesn't know where the church graded by God, you're not a church graded by God.

True church will be consistent and bear witness of Christ and him for most listen to what I read scriptures. This is the Holy Spirit bears witness of Jesus. For example, John 14 626 1526.

The prophets bear witness of Jesus. Acts 1043 inch God the father said at the baptism in Matthew three says listen to Jesus. Okay. And so what happens is that the true spirit of God bears witness Christ to false spirit will bear witness of the church and say that through the churches authority. That's where you find the fullness of the gospel, the fullness of whatever it is they want to say this is what leads to damnation because they don't put Scripture were Christ was both recall the word of God.

They submit to the authority there church structure ecclesiology. They are giving to the church belongs to Christ evokes mats like why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg look back to the show all right for you recall, we have three open lines 877207227 success get to Paul from Raleigh, North Carolina Paul welcoming on here.

Not the movement miracle how we could talk trying to propagate a course in miracles yet a course in miracles is occult charcoal fixed it so you is hidden mysticism and the cult okay with you. The best way for me to demonstrate to this gentleman without being rude.

I don't want to push him away because evidently he needs help our I would not of been introduced to him, you tell the truth very politely say this book a course in miracles was obtained through by woman named Helen through our cultic means by in contact with spirits and through a dictation kind of a movement that claim to be from Jesus. It's leeway been studying this year's cake is really into his bad shape. All right, self. It's hard to communicate to you quickly.

The kinds of arguments that you can develop in order to undermine his position to get him hopefully to believe the truth you see a basics in apologetics is is this that everybody's going to have a foundation upon which they build their belief system. We have to find out what that foundation is in and see they need to see if they can demonstrate of the foundation is true. There's a question I often ask what must be the case in order for ABC to be true. What must be the case.

What must exist in order for whatever is to be true. So in this case I would do it. I'd ask this guy okay course in miracles, so how do what must be the case so that you know that is a true thing from God. How do you know it's a true revelation from God. And this is what you gotta do you ask the person will then say something like well you know it's helped me a lot to say that it's helped me so I know it's true. Well, okay then.

Drugs help people does it mean something is true because you feel better about yourself or something is after snow. I ask questions like will could it be that a demonic force could use varying people to make people feel good about their religion. Water going to hell.

This would Mormonism does and that they feel good. They feel a testimony.

They feel that the gods talking to them or witness. That's what demonic forces are working there deceived and they will just be happy smiling all the way to eternal damnation. This is the principle you to deal with the careful and polite because you say, like I said just now will offend a lot of people. But truth is truth and you don't on the radio.

Also a little bit different in that I wouldn't person that I know a lot of people listening want to hear but the thing is when you work with an individual you have to ask and you are able to say what is the foundation of what it is you believe and why. I know it's true because it helps me there's an illustration I can I give this a man is walking down a path to his left, 5 feet cliff to his right, 5 feet as a forest is walking along this path, and he notices a tiger right there and the Tiger jumps Adam and he ducks the Tiger goes off the cliff. The man is saved, and he concludes that what he has to do in order to be saved every Tiger jumps is to just dump Doc ignores her background like it's always do is just dock and so hundred feet later, a second Tiger jumps as good test as I did see if it works. If it helps them and he ducks a second time Tiger jumps over the cliff. Now he concludes that is been verified. All you have to do every Tiger jumps at you is just dock and you'll be fine. And of course it doesn't work because of a flat area of the Tiger jump missing Jeff and get him but it's a very basic illustration to show that just because something works doesn't mean it's true that's the point, just because it works doesn't mean it's true you can be hooked up to an IV for drugs and make you feel better doesn't mean it's good for you. You can be addicted to something. This means good for you, make you feel better about yourself. You can believe lies about yourself doesn't mean it's right okay this is what you gotta get through to him if he can base it on. It works. That's why notes true will that doesn't mean it's true because demonic forces can make it look like it's working for you. You feel good about yourself, your family or friends there brilliant. The demonic forces when the customer got this kind of stuff is it doesn't make sense yes that does.

I'm just the I guess more than a meeting with him tomorrow if you would remember me in your prayers. I know that when someone claims that they have a word from Jesus spoke 20 years and it sounds a map.

Listen listen to the book on tape the whole book. It just sounds like there's a whole lot of crews woven into our system. Of course cults can't be successful. They teach things like go out and murder people in Rob's Rob everybody and said houses on fire you be in trouble. No time though with the culture to do is say the kind you'd be nice you to learn how to get along with people. Have a loving the demonic forces want because it doesn't matter how good you feel as long as you believe in the false gospel and a false God at all they care about you go to hell. So that's why cults work because they have truth in them, they borrowed truth from Scripture and then they give it the twisted manipulator. This is what Satan did when in Genesis 3. You will not die took the word of God changed it okay if I did a Matthew with the uses the word and twists it. This is why cults exist Mormonism. Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity. For example, this is why Roman Catholicism misplaced orthodoxy exist is because people don't trust the actual word of God. They don't trust this is a spiritual thing.

The actual word of God is the word of God himself.

It's inspired in the Scriptures of the prophets and apostles Newell New Testament and what they're saying is I don't need God's word.

I need another word because we really came from God through our profit or prophetess, yet it contradicts what God has already revealed so little do is save what God's already revealed the Bible's been corrupted or they will so violently interpreted, misinterpreted, in order to subject it to the official theology and teaching of their restored. Whatever does this the case with course in miracles. Okay thank you very much. You. You confirmed I just have to find a basis for premise what we can start to write and undermine it because you cannot justify anything without the Christian Trinitarian God, I need to tease, teach a course on this and how to work this working to be. It's difficult because it's intellectual I need to take complicated things and bring them down to the average Joe's level so they can understand them and use them so I can do this.

My wife, for example, you have a car today.

We got back from something and other was the sky. The conversation came about something else and a relative who's in a group of of rational thinkers and I just got off because it's an unbelieving group and I can undermine what they say it's it's easy she was. How to do that and I gave her the principles. This is what you do.

There's a difference of the ultimate in universals. The ultimate is the thing of which nothing is greater universals are principles that are everywhere and get universals are abstractions like read this round. This good this.

These are abstract qualities will how do you justify the universality of universals, ubiquity of universals to justify the if you're an atheist you can't because you have the appeal to the impersonal universe as the foundation and the grounding of the personal universal moral absolutes that doesn't work, and only trinitarianism can. The problem was called the one of the many be solved is a complicated semi complicated issue in philosophy and we are allowed to think like this.

If you have, for example, a piece of paper with dots on it.

What unites the dots as dots. What is the ultimate is that the concept of.or is it the relationship that they have on the paper to each other. Your imposing values on the make can ask questions about this and you'll find that making sense of how they relate to each other is a simple exercise, but it becomes very problematic. If you have a foundation by which you can then print proposed the universal of darkness and how they relate to each other. This gets complicated paper like this is way too heavy, but I'm working on how to bring this data such a level that typical. I get they can use it premise right like a call for people to understand right and so here's an example how to do this. People say that, for example, murder is wrong. It's a moral truth, but you don't find moral truths under rocks are behind doors or you pick up from a tree you can't weigh such a moral truth you can't see you lately weigh 3.2 ounces colored blue, such statements relate to a moral truth are ridiculous. Morals are abstract entities that exist in the mind and the heart to an intention, but it's universal.

People agree everywhere that murder is wrong but agreeing doesn't make it so. Because if someone disagrees. It doesn't make it not true, it's still true to the truth value is existing independent of what they want, but it's a universal dislike of circles and circularity is universal but with morals we can relate what better okay so how then does the universal truth that murder is wrong obtain its truth value what's behind it, by which we then say it's true that would what must be the case. To say that murder is always wrong because moral is an abstract thing occurs in the mind but universally true duplications of universal mind, the being of God and so that's the basics of how it works.

Good luck good luck getting an atheist to accept or atheist. Don't but I use that argument against him all the time and you could hear that you listen quietly and carefully, you can go like okay okay it beats him up and are not able to thank you very much revenue welcome God bless my notable technical folks but hope you like negative feedback.

If you like the kind of stuff like tomorrow. Safe teach the moron that you work something up, as they folks there you go over the Lord bless you. The tech problems will talk you tomorrow. Plus another program powered by the Truth Network

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