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From Ukraine to Durham

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 12, 2022 1:08 pm

From Ukraine to Durham

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 12, 2022 1:08 pm

From Ukraine to Durham

Steve talks to Slavik from Ukrainian Baptist Seminary about the situation there and also talks to Rob Tart from Durham Rescue Mission.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay I'm back. I'm actually back so don't. Hopefully for some of you that's maybe an answer prayer for some of you may be that the denial of your prayer that hey I was going to go with Steve but I'm back now back in the studio here in Raleigh and had a great week. Often a lot of family stuff going optically over the weekend where we were celebrating my mother's life. She passed away at the end of January so much. There's a lot of stuff to talk about their Lotta lessons learned for me personally, but when I shared some things online about it.

It seemed to touch a nerve and to help people can work through their own grief, especially when losing parents and things like that and how do you deal with the past and how we move forward out of that for the glory of the Lord, for your own a mental and emotional spiritual health is lot of things to talk about all do that on Friday, but today had an opportunity to get back together with our friends Slavic as the president of Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary there and live the Ukraine and we talked at slob a couple months ago and obviously a trip he told most of us here in America. I go yeah Ukraine where we were talking about it all the time front page every website, every newscast, every talk radio show wherever everybody had their Facebook profile pictures with the Ukrainian flag in the background. We all did that stop and as Americans we typically move three things quickly, and in so things have moved on. Here in America but that certainly isn't true.

In Ukraine, which is why were grateful for slob to be back with us.

How are you my brother.

Good to see you were okay for all mixed order to show it's great to have you back in appreciate the opportunity to come and get us reengaged on the subject and you know I don't know if that's unique to America, but it certainly is normal for America for us to just highlight something up like the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And of course things and in Ukraine are still bad and very frustrating and and a lot of destruction 11 displacement Belarus and same saber rattling looks like you're going to have some of that problem from the North so let's back up a little bit because you were not running a relief organization with this all started, you were running a seminary through all covered me for working to our own to switch wall friction into being, that will be center center. So I called that faith is reaction so you know we did what we see what we could possibly do. You were certain. Everyone will be could possibly serve the will built on like two months, one there.

Most months, so the traffic is slow going to your being moved to base that article so you start seeing the world around us and start thinking okay what is what you really can do and how can we help since first label all the stress thinking okay let's let's see. So mother started adding things like spiritual relief, emotional relief from eye care and thanks for the slow view store extended release not only to scan Unitarian things like school dance back to sleep but also including taking care people so and I think of this third phase status and problem loss that faith yet and that this one you will be putting together these pieces will have remaining from our contract tomorrow.

No single intent and really hope that things will come to Dan and I prayed single as soon as possible, but these are kind of three phases or find ourselves, and we are still in the second and I hope we will start Weikel rebuttal humans that when we had John a couple months back about just praying for miracle for the war to cease and that we have not seen that yet, but we need to keep praying for that and praying for that every day so don't get consumed by just what's going on here in America everybody we have brothers and sisters and people made in the image of God all over that region who are still suffering mightily and dying and that so what what was the traffic like do you still have a lot of refugees coming into Levee beer there in the western part of Ukraine right near the border: and about 200 miles south of Belarus. As you mentioned earlier but do you still have people showing up slob and then what's that traffic been like as I remember, when we talk to you. You had like a son of like 300 a day showing you serve more than a thousand people, all you know people coming to meet because most the traffic on the Ukraine lost 6 million people. Since that time, so most of the people are being created to close was sitting like a pool or even khaki or close to their complex and only few of them make what the crane or make outside the country.

So what we are is actually serving to what article I will place people and the way you serve them so you don't providing them close-thanks, and things like that.

Sexually, but you mention Steve will have a lot of people coming to be going outside the country. Most people get into the closest possible city unbending said their way, what they can return home so that that's where that as you were mentioning the changing of the different phases here with rebuild. Hopefully sooner than later coming up but in terms of just ministering to these people. I know ultimately when they refer showing up you got people that just I have left everything they have nothing and so just meeting their material needs was front and center, but I would imagine that the spiritual opportunities talk to us a little about just the spiritual nature what's going on and come the spiritual environment of Ukraine in general. In America, you probably know this, we got still have about 70% of Americans that will say yeah I'm a Christian. But when you scratch that surface in action start seeing what they believe how many people actually biblical Christians going to drop you down closer to like 10% people that actually know what it means to be born-again in regeneration and actually understand that. But what it's like generally and in Ukraine, spiritually speaking. I think that you know the higher density of Copley quotas for people to search and I think that you are thoughtful and cool actually drives for special questions like where it's gotten to that. Yeah I'll questions that will radio break hold that thought right. There's never talking to slob the president of Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary in the deep Ukraine will be right back back is good to be back live here in Raleigh in the studio are here today with her brother away over on the other side of the globe slob accused the president of the Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary that's in Levee. Most of you been hearing about Kievan Mary Paul and all the other places in Ukraine and but you're also hearing about Levee because 6 million people, which is about 60% of the population here in North Carolina have moved over and out for the most part of Ukraine Inlet and Levine is over there on the western edge my free going to Poland and so that that crushing tidal wave of humanity pushing West. In the end they need care and concern and and immediate things because they left everything. Imagine just leaving your house because Raleigh or Winston-Salem wherever you happen to live is being bombed literally and invaded somebody to take with you some close up in your kids and whatever you leave, you got nothing, literally nothing and so you've got the situation humanitarian crisis there that's been going on since February February 24, but that's an ongoing situation and then it changes adds that people are not as many people are leaving but now I have people that are displaced and you have all kinds of other big issues emotional issues spiritual issues mental issues and in yet. You have to have somebody there on the ground to meet with these people and to minister to them and that's exactly what slob in his team over there are doing at the Baptist theological seminary in Levee and archived. I guess this is a a whole different level of education for all your seminary students help students to have their slob before the war.

We had about 13 so we are changing course grade. Another couple on people hope students will be planning our operation this summer.

So, having a expected and got nothing was making my thanks yes amen in and so I would imagine in terms of just ministering to these literally setting mention about 10,000 people of come through.

That's just kind of an all hands on deck right that's the staff that's professors that you that's everybody you all people among and house that affected you guys at the seminary without looking like a little bit before I think of you start "with people sharing their share in their lives.

Excellent. Help us to think and say what you need some number or an agency can be created platform that can serve them. So we came up with the idea OB care centers that you are launching in five cities will be planning to launch your to enable our students and their churches to cooperate operate in one of the black community, serving the needs of the most people where they are located across to provide them with all sources that we see some of these resources. Call seven Baptist, especially sent him centrally during the break that you've got support coming from all over the world. About 40% of it from America and then locally and then over Europe and as far away as South Korea and Australia and other places which is awesome and I just put a link up if you the easiest way to do it is just go to the main page UPF missions.organs.

But the link up directly to the Ukrainian partnership foundation UPF There's all kinds of needs and and being a part of this is something I think most Christians I know have had a burden about it to a certain extent. Certainly hopefully praying about it and praying for the miracle that the war would just come to an end because that's what has to happen eventually. And but in terms of being involved in in funding and helping you aware of the different ways we can get engaged. I think the easiest way for us literally just to give money to state that no stromal crimes, solid facts, you know, sirens are wrong here. You know you not say anywhere around Ukraine is most often, at any moment. Any document can embolden you can be and so that's the school board. One of the things that no trying to do next year since I think so decided to actually multiply charged student tuition public year starting, I'm in those that can pay for they will be able to work of monolith you are raising money people to help us help Ukraine specifically in rebuilding leadership potential loss within the last few months. As I mentioned before, we have more than clonic churches of Gloucester emigrated or just got up parts of Ukraine but Ukraine had been devastated, only materially like everything else, but also leadership people is something that you lost quite a bit and some BS seminary. I think I see our main emphasis is how we build leadership loss in the last four months yet because God willing.

This war will end sooner than later and people start coming back and that's a huge influx of people, as you mentioned earlier slob for document slob is the president of the Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary and really want to encourage you and challenge all of you every single person listening or watching today go to UPF UPF Ukraine partnership foundation UPF and donate as much as you can because that this is something that's got going into the future because the country being devastated. You mention you travel to Kievan other parts of the country to see things that I'm sure he'd never seen before in your life and and that's what's waiting for you and for the church.

It's a it's a mission field are ready but at one of the most complex and difficult mission fields is out there on the horizon for you guys while John, I don't think you realize the goal that you have to remember that you still in the most war and I think you still brace for the war on one the war will be all right. Think beast from going to reveal itself, I think it's going back every single article will be our my hope that God will give us enough strength to handle school based on the way to class computer and be a light in the darkness and peaceful school because our mission is the same power: is the same.

I really hope that God will give us strength speakers that opportunity, loss, I don't think you can do without your help people in the states on a school club years praying for former Soviet Union crank Ukraine and I think sadly maybe not set yet another yeah you are something that God, that's right.

I wish I was sweet.

I wish that opportunity didn't exist obviously, but it dies and God will receive more glory for it in the kingdom will be billed for it and and that's just one of that the difficult realities of life here on a fallen planet and again remember everybody 400 pastors 400 churches are now about their pastors. Baptist churches there in Ukraine because the pastors of left because of the wars we have a lot of things to sell into and to help as we continue to talk slob is present Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary UPF slob will have you back on us as we can will do whatever we can will complain for you think your brother is the noble good to be back in the studio here in North Carolina, whirlwind last week and I watched two days with my father-in-law and her youngest daughter, Caroline, that was great.

Had some great things there are sure about that on Friday and then a big family reunion of sorts as we did a final memorial for my mother who went to be with the Lord at the end of January. She was 90, and that my dad passed away three years ago at 91, and so we had to just incredibly rich time. A lot of topknot things on a talk about about that, reflecting, and what you do with the past appearance in the good the bad the ugly spiritually, mentally, emotionally and just a lot of things about family in general and traditions of the talk about that on Friday but we started up the show today in Ukraine was slob who is the president Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary jumping back here locally to just one of the most incredible Christian organizations in North Carolina that I've known for years, the Durham rescue mission.

It's really been amazing to see God planted it and grow it and it continues to grow. It's really amazing. Over the years everything that's got done there in the Mills family and Rob tart is now the president of the Durham rescue mission, and this is a great event going on this week.

Another opportunity for us to put some feed to our faith and get involved with a great mission here locally at the Durham rescue mission.

Rob, how are you man, thanks for calling it.

I'm doing great.

Thanks for the opportunity are very welcome.

It's great to have you on and I've known Ernie for years and it's just been the first time I found out about the Durham rescue mission was probably 20 years ago when I first started getting involved in ministry stuff at all and to go over there and see the campus and to see from such humble beginnings of what God is done is that that's just been truly remarkable how did you get involved with the mission there. Rob years ago I was graduated from seminary and know what to do, pastor, group, and only renew your mileage assists us from the inside looking out. Do you do you still have a chance I can have a perspective that means it's an enormous campus. It's amazing what all is going on there now but to see it come out of the ground and start from literally just a little building to what it is now. It's gotta be pretty amazing for you personally, when I came in 95. It was about in the summertime acumen on the Bible won't go even been more people quote I would probably 35 people in the summer and winter were running regularly 5400 completely different. No, not at all. And it's amazing how many different things, and in a completely different place for women and children in the main campus.

But let's let's talk about specifically the back-to-school event that's going on this Thursday because that's a great outreach and a tremendous need and another opportunity for us. You know, I think a lot of us are pretty myopic with our Christian lives is my church and the things that we do in my church but but this is something in our backyard whether you live in the Triangle area or not this is a great opportunity for all of us but tell us about what happens at the back-to-school event this Thursday in the history of that will early milk started right after Columbine heard about the mode you will women to be thought well, what can we do to help prevent that we want to make sure every child can have the basic needs of life. Hopefully they will not be picked on only driven to the perceived illusion work and so we everything that we've been given with bookbags and clothing and groceries. Anything we can, but our objective is to make sure the child in the community as everything they need to walk around proudly school with a very nice bookbag and much closer to close on the and try to make for great products. They will have games, will be giving away things like a bicycle for the Q and a great time yeah how many kids generally are you able to minister to them. By the way that I just put the link up for Facebook and YouTube. If you want to just online yourself just to the Durham rescue you'll see the information right at the top Durham rescue, but how many kids will generally benefit from this. On the day of the weather that the 2500 Ricoh there we rode the gospel to them as well. We don't have an opportunity to come through literature tried again to start a fun time with one of the great volunteers come for the volunteer and volunteers, and majors participate, you can't really explain it to you to come and it's like going to a carnival.

Basically there's kids everywhere. This is tons of activity there's food is something going on.

It's really pretty remarkable to see because I went over once a couple years ago. It's probably five or six years ago because I did the shaft on the show there a couple of times and to see all that in the activity and all these kids to you know that Durham, like any city has lots of problems and lots of challenges and it's really amazing when the church kinda reaches into the community there, and God is giving you guys tremendous favor with the city of Durham to 11 has any the people in the community are wonderful people. They always donated it back together and volunteer show up are always wonderful in the church and pastor can and we know we do all we can to reach out to connect with the church a year we would love to go to the church of the present rescue mission required share with what we do here were more than just an example, we help you back correctly homeless shelter and I will return it to people to restore their lives, and we try to make it known to the church.

Yeah that's that's where it's obviously a community effort in terms of the factitious couple days away.

It's this Thursday, July 14 there at the Durham rescue mission Durham rescue how can people get involved. Obviously we want that we want to donate.

We want to be part of that so that we can help find a back sit in the backpacks you know with pans and colored pencils and markers and glue sticks all the things that kids need in a backpack got to school about what types of things can we do to help this week. One volunteer victory in the morning we were early in the morning is color number volunteer department or go online to our website. Click on the phone. We can always use a volunteer.

Secondly, if you know you know. We do not agree. One of the terrible things that happened we think people start screaming and come in all this. It is very demeaning and very not a fun profit through people that are struggling to make sure we don't believe that all we ask that you listen to a little bit about the gospel from you and everybody here in the gospel so the only creditor we have one being, if you want to invite people to come to the community that is probably the biggest thing we want to make sure that every child within any means we can get to have what they need to go to school that day that you would normally have it in August, heaven and Galapagos year-round school today right and we were missing by looking at the traditional calendar. The path school would pick a day when both calendars are out today we pick you know the computer you work.

We will yet just get over there, no matter where they live in the area that something you know that the testing today. One of the nice things anymore social media is it's a pretty easy way for all of us to share thoughts.

I up at the links up directly to the page in the Durham rescue page that you can go to and then share that and just let people know hey if you have some families that their kids need help with some school supplies that then this is a great opportunity for them, but that dummy. What are some of the other thing that is just the environment. There Rob if you can tell us about that and if you can stay to the break.

I'd love for you just gonna tell us more about the mission in general and all the different programs that are going on there because I really want to take this opportunity since we happy to educate people, but in terms of this Thursday, July 4 starting at 10 what all the different things kids will be able to do other. Where were going of inflatable slide would be a snow cone Republican will be serving a meal or you go about your weight clothing is another big thing that we will want to make sure the clothing is used clothing with the long-term. You can go to her thrift store old resource you going to bill you looking at a shirt for $90 and I'm looking for some nice clothing that people donate and work them at the moment, but the point being is that we do our best good clothing on this.

We don't want to go there go to school if he makes fun of for great fun, that's awesome, or talking about tart, who is the president of their Durham rescue mission work and I keep talking about the mission will go into what all the different activities. Everything that the Lord is doing there to help these people will be right back back at Steve know this email will show here back in the town could be back from some vacation and some family time. I'll talk about that more on Friday but I'll be being here today. Our meeting on Friday.

I think I want to do that next Monday Michelle Woodhouse is been on the show many many times.

Dear sister in the Lord great political activists, lives at Western North Carolina. She can be in town Friday and I'm just trying to train up if you guesthouse out there.

Matthew Winslow was on last week, a dear brother in the Lord, a great supporter of the show and in he came in and he gets tested for me last week and a great job and he was appreciate that he had his wife on and they were talking about counseling for Christian couples. A lot of us alike in that stuff, but it it be a huge blessing, and God gives many teachers out there to help us in different ways, so that was great is really appreciated. Matthew doing that and then Michelle will be in here on Friday to do the show and she's got a great heart for the Lord.

She's tough, really knows the political environment and what's our place in another we come out of a primary. How do you deal with Republicans if you're Republican. Most of you are that you don't like you like that I really Republican. Their writing.

All that kind of stuff so she'll be here in the studio on Friday guest hosting for me and so I'm just training applicable guesthouse to help in the future, which is great. I appreciate that. But today, talking on the second half. The show to rockhard is the president of the Durham rescue mission going all the way back to Durham rescue mission.

Founded in November 1974 by Dr. Mrs. Ernie Mills with one goal in mind to men shattered lives by restoring families and giving hope in Durham, Raleigh in Chapel Hill for the glory of God and always willing and bold in sharing the gospel meet people with their felt needs and their physical needs, but that all falls away when all of us gets the end of our life. We know that it's appointed for men to die once and then face the judgment. And so if you're not ministering to people's eternal needs only their temporal needs.

You're not really loving them well in the Durham rescue Mission does all of that which is just fabulous and has since 1974. Again Rob, thanks so much for your time today. We appreciate you. You're very welcome.

So tell us just can't give us a tour through all the different things obvious he had the back-to-school rally this Thursday starting at 10:10 AM and I deftly still need volunteers you can still donate to be a part of that in early morning volunteers. But that's when it's good to be the nicest on Thursday. The weather looks pretty good for you guys on Thursday doesn't look like rain, about 89 and cloudy so that'll help that's rates of volunteers and donations. Still, you go to the Durham rescue website but tell us about the different programs that are there for men and women and families were here were were homeless shelter.

I don't really care for that term homelessness problem so often a lack of homes.

It really is a social problem like lack of affiliation. People that are often in the throes of big picture, or mental issues, or some other thing become expert to destroy a relationship and if you don't have affiliation. If you have relationships. We all have financial problems will help health problem, but some people seem to some people think all through the crack map. The biggest issue is lack of filiation course. Everything begins with the relationship to Jesus Christ.

So what we are trying to teach men and women and children how to have relationships with. What that means for the relationship outside of my children and our approach to it, homelessness into addiction so many times when people are addressing addiction with the big bugaboo here with fear sure are often focusing on only on the actual body fighting the fight. Dr. people you come to fight? That's right just too strong. You know what we have to rest in Christ and not have a relationship with Christ in God fight your battle with different walk between the Christian approach in the non-Christian approach to weight. We offer some of the other programs as well.

We have some education opportunities with occasional training opportunity we have to have our own employment where we were regular people jobs through and that's a pretty amazing aspect because again I appreciate you saying you know anything homeless people are just almost sounds like hopeless and okay and and I really appreciate that that lack of affiliation. Most of us. I did this once in a Sunday school adult Sunday school class I taught years ago Rob and I said okay got God's will provide for all of our needs. I think a lot of us shake our heads because we confuse our needs with our wants and I just set up scenario I said okay let's say the noble family, our house burns down no fault of our own.

We cannot lose everything you start from scratch. We have insurance. Okay, great.

But we have nowhere to live.

And we need some food and we just get him back on her feet when anybody in your help us out and we have the big class of 80 people in Ollie's hands go up. I said okay don't don't game the system here. This is an of this is morality.

Christianity checked literally, would you literally help us in all these hands go is okay so I don't worry about that because to your point Rob. We had a ton of affiliation. We had all kinds of friends and brothers and sisters in Christ that would willing to sacrifice then I up the enemy a little bit and I said okay what if I train wreck my business had a small business@what I just mismanaged it. I did lousy job, I blew it up and now I'm I'm unemployed so it's my fault and we lose our house.

I don't pay the mortgage. Yada yada yada.

How many of you would help us out a lease for a little while and once again the rally's hand and the like are you sure you would mean I messed it up yeah will forgive you. You gotta get a job you make sure you're trying to recover but yeah we we got your back and that's affiliation. I can't even imagine a point my life Rob or I didn't have that but with these folks coming there that's that's a huge problem. I'm so glad you mentioned your work really literally no word anybody will become unique love is not the victory program because I know that's been a whole 12 month stylistic like you were talking about the kind of help with addiction help spiritually to rebuild the life what what are the different aspects of the 12 month program broken in the first grade classroom.

From where we where I could have a good job and first module: model for week of classes in the data request for the fourth module builder 456123 and every four weeks through the window window while and go to the Bible training in the word of God and how to live and how to build relationships and interact with people really given them life skills but as life skills. From the perspective we are sinful nature/life yeah and then and then also on the street level stuff, personal finance and work ethics and how to interview.

I mean, this is all life skills right yet we do that we actually have a request to speak and how to interact work we were trying to Google every holistic way you equip them with amazing when men will embrace what we offer. We just had a guy we just paragraph this is best made graduate from the University was that you guys see that potential in him when he came there was that cut out of left field. I know know know when he told bended to work when when when when I first met her many told me you can do whatever will make you roll your eyes but withdrew somebody over there give that's one thing I noticed the last time I was over there, Robin. I'm sure this is still the case is that a lot of people that are on staff at the rescue mission started off coming to the rescue mission. You want a Barbie. 3B.

One point well over 1/3 of our point growing slot you got your own employment agency, so you should be able to fill your slots as people come through and then that what a great environment. That is what what your favorite thing about being there at the mission for all these years. Rob Thanksgiving.

Because when people come in thinking we don't we bookbag who don't wait to what we don't give away anything when Miller, fellowship, and the people that go to the government commission on Thanksgiving. Lonely people in the world and most special day of the yeah that's I was mentioning to folks on Facebook and YouTube. During the break. That reminds me of James is basically Sanyo you want to verify the veracity of your faith. Are you ministering to people like you guys are ministering to a regular basis is a regular part of your life and for most of us, truth be told, it isn't. But having something like the Durham rescue mission. Our own backyard here in the triangles a great opportunity to turn that around Durham rescue this Thursday starting at 10 AM get the word out about that on social media at the links up there on the Facebook page and you can still voluntarily need volunteers. You can always give it you can do that throughout the year and then let's all think about getting there for Thanksgiving. That would be awesome as well. Rob chart, president of the Durham rescue mission.

Thank you my brother for your time today. We appreciate you. You're welcome.

Will do it again. That was that Rob chart Durham rescue mission Durham rescue while is an amazing favorite day of the year's Thanksgiving. We have the loneliest people showing up nothing. Most of us have way more than we need, and they have nothing we should all deeply consider where we can spend some time this Thanksgiving, myself included, this is Steve Noble and the female will show God willing TO get another program powered by the Truth Network

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