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How Do We Pronounce God’s Name?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 20, 2019 5:20 pm

How Do We Pronounce God’s Name?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 20, 2019 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/20/19.

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So how do we pronounce God's name started for the line of fire with your host activist office international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH Georgia is Dr. Michael Brown friend Michael Brown last delighted to be with you.

As always, welcome to today's line of fire broadcast, I'm not taking calls. In fact, most of the shows this week. Not taking calls were doing special teaching or airing special interviews for you so I trust you find these edifying and a blessing and help if you have questions. Something comes up you have a question, by all means write to us just go to Esther to you'll see when this is contact you and sending your questions and some of them we answer on the air, and others. We have a tremendous team working with me your New Testament general Bible related questions go to a New Testament scholar with a PhD your Old Testament Hebrew Jewish related questions: Old Testament scholar with a PhD these are trusted team members believe the same things. I believe in the Nelson you copies of answers the things I can interact with them as well and you can always get involved in the discussion where this is posted on YouTube. In particular way and with your comments there. Okay, the name of God. The specific name of Jesus. What we make of this. Can we know God's name for sure. Should be debate over should we say Jehovah or Jehovah or your whole law or should we say Yahweh or is it something else your home or something else. What about the name of Jesus.

Is it Jesus. And if you use the Greek's degree come from Zeus. Some say that that should be use the original Hebrew, Aramaic, Yeshua is a threat president or Yehoshua was that even the right pronunciation originally has that been changed to even care about it, but let's take a look let's separate fact and fiction in and let's just say this the most important thing is not how we pronounce God's name, but that we know him personally that we understand that we love him and serve him that we reference him that we honor him that we understand his character's ways what he desires of us what he requires from us. That's the most important thing. So can we agree on that because you you'd be a male friends will be exposed. The errors of the idea that Hebrew letters in the Bible still maintain a pictographic meaning which which no Hebrew somatic scholar on the planet with would say yeah that's true, you may have some mystical person until because Mr. things but in terms of just the history of language development of the language of the pictograph means no longer apply. In the light no longer work and people try to find meanings for everyone that seems to have a relevant meaning there 50 or hundred that of the relevant need any in any case, what we just expose that you you'd be amazed at the people downing me to help expose that and saying I'm not a real follower of Jesus. I'm just a some intellectual idiot snob who thinks I know better than the Holy Spirit and crazy stuff like that you think how people get these pet theories and hear something and and and next thing you corrected. You like fighting against God when you bring the truth you like an enemy while is it pulses the Galatians wishes. Five. Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth, so don't get mad at me if I challenge one of your pet peeves rather say was this is accurate. Could he be saying something that's right. Maybe have been misinformed or or even if I differ with Emil. Cassie was coming from.

These are not the things that that we we we we die over okay is not the things that we divide a over yes, it bothers me when I see people refer the issue as Joshua because that name never existed that that bothers me. And then because they're mispronouncing it and and going out of their way to say but listen, if they love him and recognize him as the Savior of the world and the only Lord and they been saved by his blood, and I live to follow him. That's far more important to me than someone announcing his name correctly but rejecting right so can we do this within the family went out all kinds of fireworks are. Is that possible IRI men are you all right let us go to Exodus the third chapter and it even though in the Hebrew Bible, what will refer to as Yahweh right now I believe that's the best pronunciation but I'm not yes I Helena Dayan the names been used all right recently starts in Genesis 1 with Elohim which is not a name but rather the noun, God is actually a plural form but in keeping with somatic style. Sometimes a plural form can be used to convey power or majesty. So Elohim can mean God's with a small G ID can be referred angelic beings and others in Scripture, but otherwise Elohim primarily refers to the God piloting the God all right then the second chapter you have Yahweh and Elohim together and their English Bibles. We normally see this Lord God.

The name Yahweh is been used. We also see shall die. Emil comes at what shall die. Actually, what will come to that. All right.

But now in the third chapter when when God gets hold of of Moses right and any calls him and Moses Moses the angel of the Lord speaks here I am in and is is verse five.

Don't come near take your stands of your feet is the famous burning bush experience. So now verse six he said I'm the God of your father the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, so I'm the Elohim of of your your father's your ancestors in the Lord's that have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and heard their cry because the taskmasters I know their sufferings have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land to a good and broad land, a land flowing with milk and honey to the place, the Canaanites, the Hittites narrows the parasite, the Hittites, and Jebusites now behold the cry, the people of Israel is come to me.

I've also seen the oppression with which the Egyptians oppress them come, I will send your file that you may bring my people, the children of Israel, Egypt, Moses said to gobble whom I let's go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt, he said, but I'll be with you. This should be the sign few that I sent you when you brought the people out of Egypt served on this mountain. Then Moses said to God, if I come to the people of Israel and say to them regarding your father's assembly. The Moses is looking for an excuse right from get out of this and they asked me what is his name what so I say to them, God said to Moses, and he yeah share here was that mean will reuse the King James, I am that I am or ESPN others. I am who I am. Some have translated with I am who I will be there is debate about it. Let's just go with. I am who I am ramp that I am, so that the FDA on the first side is the same as the idea on the second son was go back to looking at the texture so he said say this to the people of Israel, and he yeah I am SF media was that his name the area know as a reliever that also said to Moses, say this to the people of Israel, the Lord, which is Yahweh in Hebrew God of your fathers, that of Abraham. He got of Isaac, the God of Jacob has sent me to you.

This is my name forever and assigned to be remembered throughout all generations.

Right now, those four Hebrew letters YHWH in Hebrew. You have okay are called the tetra grandma 10. There referred to as God's ineffable name now Judaism as it developed over the centuries decided that the name was too holy to pronounce and even when speak about God in any way. If you see a traditional view religious do will spell the spell G D or L R&D efforts of Torah scroll or prayerbook us about that though the words will be spelled out, but if they're just writing it then then they don't want to profane it by spelling it on full.

That's how far it goes for a traditional Jew when they refer to God they refer to him as hush-hush M, which is literally the name literally what what that means but how shall now becomes a name in itself. All right, so God certainly communicated this with meaning. The question is how you pronounce the name and what did the name mean now and in the book of Ezekiel when God says to his people you forgot my name. It doesn't mean they forgot how to pronounce it. I believe that was the issue at all, especially in the sixth century BC.

Notably, that was the issue at all, and there's no evidence that Jews were not using the name or not pronouncing it is that time centuries later by the time of Jesus. Yes, there is strong evidence that they would say Lord stated pronouncing his name and that Jesus would've kept that practice as well. In the New Testament writers That practice as well. But, but when when God says you forgot my name. It doesn't mean you're going to pronounce be forgot who I am.

Name also has to do with character has to do with being us to do with essence you forgot who I am when Jesus in the Gospels else's disciples out of come and pray sister to reveal your name father. I don't believe for a split second but that meant he was going to give them the secret pronunciation cots societies not gonna believe that all efforts with second rather understand he was going to reveal to his disciples who his father really was, who the God of Israel really was so how did we get the pronunciation Jehovah and you will see in different names like Joshua Yoho sure there's the whole element. There were different kings and leaders. Yet you hold so decadent and names like that you Joya pain names like that that you say will you seem to have that element.

There and then what happened is that as we understand it, the Jewish scribes and this is in keeping with the tradition we have in the Hebrew Bible. Many of the places that when they didn't want you to pronounce the word in the text, it would leave the that either leave the vowels out or else putting vowels for another word okay is the vowels are written the little dots different indications okay and that it then put the real reason they want you to follow in the margin of turmeric is simple as I can socially get a note in your Bible.

Don't don't don't read that read what it says in the note. Okay or you see my name Brown spelled VR why WSA at some funny there so that silly look in the news. Do not look in the margin as is no don't pronounce a brown brick pronounce and brine it whenever okay okay that's that's but now you know the custom so because the name of Yahweh considered to be too sacred to be pronounced occurs, but 6300 something times in the Hebrew Bible describes just had a notation that didn't have a special of the mortgages. Everybody knew a Jew reading it new. Okay when I see that I don't say Yahweh I say Adonai board so as it's been normally understood through the ages process to allow Adonai as confidence always say comes up with the whole law is by the describes did that and having to get the wrong pronunciation. I will save us that I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown friends today were looking at God how to pronounce names of God. The name of God revealed in the Old Testament. Jesus revealed in the New Testament pronounce these to this matter and again Mr. opening segment we don't divide over this. The issue is that we know the God of the Bible we know his character. We understand who he is and what he requires of us as his people. That's what matters most. We recognize the one true God is what matters most right and the debate discuss Raven today secondary so either way, don't get all worked up about.

If you agree with me if you differ with me II think that's what God would expect of his children as well. Gave us as he wants us to know what else okay I appreciate that zealous position, but maybe I'm right or wrong. In other words you very zealous about it. I appreciate the zeal okay I'm upset with you being zealous about that and Evan said that the market I said that similarly passionate about believe that but I do my homework here. I got my background this this isn't it. In my area of academic study is writer my PhD. So what I know I do the homework here to soak rather just explicit dismissing medias is an ignorant bigot as a dip with your position that that's where the maturity comes in right you have an academic difference with me you so I pray the Holy Spirit told me this, that will bless you with the Holy Spirit cyclist be false so we can examine whether was the Holy Spirit bite by testing that what you heard right.

Assuming I get on my knees, I pray, ask God for insight, wisdom, and everything I don't depend on my intellect that depend on God. I do my best to study and be accountable love with all my heart and my soul and strength similar. You did alright so the normal understanding is that we got the name Jehovah when Christian scholars in the Middle Ages began late Middle Ages began to read the Hebrew Bible instead of the Hebrew Scriptures in Heber, I'd be before than admin relied on the Latin, Greek translation and they saw thousands of times over 6000 times in Heber look like you Hawaii Hawaii whole. So now the renting wishes. Jehovah and in many of you've grown up singing hymns to Job and worshiping Joe doesn't upset with her even if that's wrong. Pronunciation cousin upset with because your singing that to him to the God of Israel to the God of the Bible to the only Savior to the only Lord the creator of the universe it will morally be of being called God so you are emphatically saying that and that's what matters most.

Right now polity that the man most associated today with saying that's actually wrong.

Narrative and that's the real pronunciation is in an Mende Nehemiah when the coming of board is a ^ I Jew you may see them on Christian TV but he's not. At least my knowledge at this point to follow the issue. He's a ^ I Jew so he is a Jewish man who rejects the authority of the rabbis rejects the Talmud basis is faith on the Hebrew Scriptures and leading the interpretive tradition found by the carrots and Anisa saw the guy in terms of knowing Hebrew is is not when these Internet flakes. It just gets up and speaks with authority, even though he does know anything though he knows Hebrew well is Dennis research on this and and he has provided arguments for same look you've got business elements and names that your whole names. It mentioned earlier you view the tradition is wrong. This is not the vowels of Adonai Lord, under the consonants for Yahweh.

Note this is the right pronunciation.

Others have said God supernaturally confirmed it. One man said his business began to prosper when he began to use the divine name of the source of the supernatural confirmation in a way I'm might argue that the site I got people stories on every side.

But I use that when I started using the initializer.

Miracles are still using this they must America select right have a battle over pronunciation based on reckless confirmation is a risk of their stories, and it could just be God saying hey when you called to me. I honor that when you generally calling out to me out of it.

Either way, the same importance as giving good solid academic arguments for why he believes the Jehovah is the right pronunciation things Becky doesn't believe that there was originally a war sound.

He believes it was originally of the which is contrary to the vast majority of Semitic scholarship within the others that would agree with. So I take his argument seriously afflicted them. I've looked at longer things he's written. Maybe one day we'll get to talk face-to-face about it either in debater dialogue or the interaction. Whatever. But but suffice it to say I believe their strong academic arguments against each of the points that he's me and to get onto them in the air would be fruitless to the one 10th of 1% of the folks that would follow the discussion that was is not worth turning off 99.9% of the rest of you okay and is not nothing to arrogantly trust me there million subject you to talk about. I'd be left out the coal. All right, we each have areas of specialization, but suffice it to say, there are solid arguments against all of the arguments he's raised there many scholars who believe that those those in your whole names that's that's not even original form. That's a form getting away from any pronunciation of God's name and and then if you move over, take a man like Elijah what's his name Ellie Yahoo my God is Yahoo with that come from, or a hallelujah the where the yacht come from in in in praise.

Ya is not short for Yahweh all right and and and is Yahoo. Isn't that a contraction of Yahweh because that there's a W in there and when you drop the final letter then bounces back to who sound can you make those arguments.

What would Yahweh actually mean what would come from a route home, which later is is high, yah, is that there is that a shift okay and it would basically mean even causes things to be who he who makes things happen you bring this into existence.

It is literally causes to be causes to be you could say but you don't have that form anywhere in Heber the that there is particular focal hippo closet. You don't have that with this root. Heber prayer argument of the CS but we have another Semitic languages, and this is an ancient form etc. the debate goes on. The debate goes on, but I believe you can make a good case for Yahweh being the way that God's name was pronounced, but from his perspective from his perspective. If you saying, Lord, I pray for. If you sing Yahweh. I pray for, if you soon Jehovah I praised. Based on your knowledge and your understanding and your talking to him. The God of the universe to the creator to our heavenly father who saved us through the blood of his son Jesus. That's what matters most rights we can have this discussion we can debate it, we can go back and forth on it. I'm aware of the pro and con arguments. I just read someone else's arguments, a scholar trying to defend Jehovah pronunciation or your home enunciation and he raised his points are arrayed major articles and and parts of books that they go on the exact opposite direction. We got a video that will be putting out or consider this series that addresses these very points by making a simple as as I possibly can for the sake of just a five-minute illustrated graphic video but to repeat, I don't believe there was ever such a name as you hold water or Jehovah which comes into English as Jehovah don't believe that name ever existed as a name of God.

I understand that Jews when they would see his name going back even to the time of Jesus and before would say instead Adonai in Heber Curry's Lord in Greek, they would say that rather than pronounce the divine name ultimately in Jewish tradition was considered blasphemous, depressed, and I differ with that is nothing the Bible says we can pronounce his name so I reject those Jewish traditions which is why freely speak of Yahweh or Jehovah. But again, my understanding, the, the original pronunciation would've been Yahweh as best as we understand, but cannot be dogmatic about it is a water statement, Jehovah will know you be a far less certain of that is far more evidence against that.

Okay just to be perfectly clear, but one more point and we move on right will more point. We see how the name is used in Scripture and the biggest thing is this is God's covenant name and whatever you wanted to do's from the name go back to Exodus 3 and see when God reveals himself there and that's what we need to know about who he is now Exodus chapter 6 for something very interesting. Exodus chapter 6 God speaks to Moses right in verse two he says I am Yahweh, I appeared Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty or L should not, but by my name, the Lord, I did may not make myself known right now whether you believe that's Jehovah or Yahweh you and by the way, Yahweh, and English would be Joffe, which is what God is to Jehovah but Johnny is even odder. That's why stay with Hebrew Yahweh. All right, but what does God mean here in Exodus 63 when he makes that statement that that he appeared to the patriarchs as L Shaddai which is normally translated this Almighty, but by his name Yahweh.

He wasn't known to them what what we when we make of that yet on my name on the nine Lord, Yahweh. I did not make myself known to them with the same. The best way to understand because they certainly used his name now and it's in the accounts.

The best way of understanding, that is, he says, I didn't make myself known to them by the name. It was everything that name implies, in terms of being the limits could deliver them from bondage. In terms of being the liberator in terms of the one who's going to exercise sovereign rule and reign over the creation I didn't reveal myself to them. I wasn't known to them by that name is best way to understand. Rather, they knew me as L Shaddai which we normally translated as God Almighty, the Shaddai mean Almighty is all or is it true that Shaddai is related to the word demon or Shaddai related to breast. Is this God's motherly love like like a mini breasted dog, or is it related to the word showed which is destruction showed me Shaddai of all will come like a destruction from Shaddai is shown from Shaddai.

It's with the prophets said in certain cases about coming judgment is this sale does not address that is a little talk about how to financing uses a lot of these older homes have savings of the wing and today on 15 gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown befriends Michael Brown who not take your calls today.

I think you really enjoyed today's broadcast is as we dig into the Hebrew as we look into the Bible, try to understand how God revealed himself to Moses revealed himself to us through the Scriptures we been getting into this for the last half-hour associate to catch up those just tuning in, now we best understand the pronunciation of God's name is revealed to Moses as Yahweh, not your home or Jehovah. Although were not dogmatic about that and we don't divide over there. The key things that we recognize who he is.

Interestingly, in Exodus the sixth chapter he says to Moses I'm Yahweh, but by my name is Susan. He says I am Yahweh, but I was not known to the patriarchs is valid but rather as L Shaddai delicately pronounce it is as Jehovah or Jehovah or Yahweh. That's not the debate right now the question is what does he mean when he says the patriots did know me jolly, but as L Shaddai because when you read and in the book of Genesis, then we always used all the time by the patriarchs, so, so, what is that mean it must mean, it must mean that he did not reveal himself in that capacity there is the full capacity of Yahweh and what it entailed. But when you get Exodus 3 and you see what is going to do is to deliver his people from Egypt is him and keep his promises. I will I will I will that's now when you see the revelation of that name is the deliverer the one that that rules over nature and destroys the false gods, etc. so that's certainly significant.

Shaddai was the naming boat when it's only translated God Almighty L. Shaddai, God Almighty AL is is a Semitic word you find it in Hebrew, you find it in Ugaritic you find it in Acadian you find Arabic you find it Aramaic. It is a widely used in different forms. The means God bites a widely used now and has to do with with power with my AL was actually the name of the head of the K Canaanite pantheon, the gods that were worshiped by the Canaanites.

Yet it hierarchy and an ale was at the top of it.

Ale also just means God right and and then you have other forms of it in Hebrew as well, but L Shaddai, God Almighty is out.

Shaddai means the sum civil look in the Hebrew Bible associates it with the word showed which is destruction the Marines destroy. She showed me Shaddai elbow God. God predicts through the prophets of coming destruction. They say it will come like a showed a destruction from Shaddai. This is the plan work.

Shaddai does not mean the destroyer.

He was not known to the patriarchs is the destroyer forget that some say well we got the Hebrew we got shod in Hebron, Shaddai am that's breasts. Okay and and Yahweh is being revealed is the mini breasted one that's with, the mini breasted one and that's the motherly aspect of God. Forget that many breasted. One is the fertility goddess okay that's not the way God is identified in the Hebrew Bible.

He is not likened to a fertility goddess so throw back out okay goodbye fertility goddess. The okay forget that one will shade the demon sows room with no obvious that related the demons we don't know for sure what Shaddai means, but we know that later translators say, for example, translated into Greek and Septuagint or translating into Latin.

The Vulgate, they understood to mean Almighty so you you've got say Jewish translators 200 years before the time of Jesus understand it to mean Almighty or ruler, and then the Vulgate following that a few hundred years later in in Latin understands that and some have pointed to a Babylonian Assyrian were Acadian shod you, which is Mountain and you're just like God is the the fortress it what if it relates to mountain. This mountain is the numbers powerful one and and now he is real is God all mighty the patriarchs and and and bringing them children when they couldn't have children and working miraculously on their behalf. But now Yahweh is the covenant name for the nation ready acts, and on and on a national, international, etc. you could make those arguments so L Shaddai could well be God Almighty is the tradition says although were not hundred percent sure with the origin Yahweh emphasizing God's covenant keeping activity. Use of the name ball so that set bail is an idol ball in itself. This means Lord the sense of master like Isaiah wanted an ox knows his ball, his master slave or servant annexes 21 has his ball.

His master and the word could also be used for husband now ancient Israel was used as husband because of his superior status in modern Hebrew is used for husband also.

But trust me with all the feminism in Israel is not like ball my master my husband is my master. This is the word for husband. What happened is this was also used as a name for the Lord.

Initially just calling him Lord, right the repair of time because it was primarily associated with bail with this Canaanite deity name ball right and you had a ball in the city in a ball in that city.

A ball in that city.

So because his name was associated with this.

The word ball with with idols with demonic worship God says only take that name out your gnomic mineral going. No loitering in the call me barley my master knowing I can say that about me anymore to this a shift at a certain point Hebrew Bible with that name is not used in a good way anymore so used in a badly right but it just basically means master more than that since and then there's unknown, which is master and in terms of more of a of of a ruler ball could be more of an owner unknown to be more of a ruler Lord as ruler.

So you have, God revealed is ale so that's in his power. Elohim is a related form and a plural form to begin his majestic power L Shaddai could well mean Almighty.

The powerful one unknown is is Lord by all more master and then Yahweh. The most common way that he's referenced in the Hebrew Bible covenant keeping God in brings things into existence who brings things into being now what about the name of Jesus.

It's interesting how dogmatic people get about this and and and listen. I just have to be candid.

Many say this again. There are endless areas in my life where I am extremely ignorant extremely embarrassingly ignorant.

There we we used to joke that before was eating healthily. Nancy would say have you stop with the story. Could you pick up certain things as some fruits and you have to describe them to me. I have to get online because I never I never ate the fruits and me know what certain fruits were to this day. We joke about. She's got this little tool because it all of her tools and things and sometimes to say, could you get this tool for me. She's working on some project adjusted describe it to because all of the tools right at end. There are thousands of areas. Academic years are completely ignorant. Or you could you could take any of 100 courses were thousand courses in University and I don't know anything about it the first day the first hour be learning something new to their plenty of areas of ignorance. I have editors rubbed on some studying and learning what what bothers me is not someone differing with me based on sound academics. Let's debate this, but people differing based on ignorance, which they get dogmatic about it must be the original proposition must be Joshua because Jan is short for Yahweh, and you start the name of that with one of the names were not started with that element so that his name was not Joshua.

We have no evidence pointing the direction all evidence pointing against it names shift pronunciations shift when there is something that is called the euphoric on the mastic seed and think you hear that on the line of fire today. Those RCF are our names with the divine element in them.

Okay that they have Yahweh or AL something in them could have part of God's name in them my name Michael Letts is the airport name is Mihai ale, who is like dog who was like ale, who is like God. By this is the airport name Sophia Ford name is is a name that has the divine element in it and on the mastic of that's just list of names so in my doctoral dissertation I did extensive study of the euphoric on the mastic.

I'm a whole chapter on that rhyme. Looking to see how rough God, the feeler or the deity looked at is the healer how that comes in different names like Rafael for example that's is the airport name saying that that AL God is dealer, or God heal so III got a got a probably 15 books just on ancient Semitic names euphoric on the mastic of so it's an area where I've done some research okay and the divine name often shifts the pronunciation shifts depending on where it is in the word, and so on and so forth an issue itself. The name of Jesus is a shortened form dislike Michael becomes my will AL the God part-time in there anymore right Michael maturing to Mike and that what happened to the number four is taking Amy thought the prophet Micah that's that's likely not the full name that's the shortening.

Why because it's it's literally who is lie lie. What like who is probably originally Mihai Ya, who is like Yahweh or Mihai ale like my name who is like God, they get short so the name Yeshua is a ready a shortened form and there's no evidence anywhere. No linguistic textual evidence anywhere that there's a yacht. The beginning they should be pastor should not trust me friends. Trust me, I will need to be a prophet, you will need to be profit the notice. Trust me, once this is on YouTube you will get people accuse me of being ignorant presented either ignorant or arrogant because of saying this is an area of expertise. I have for claiming that I don't know the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit teaches you, your, that's the thing that concerns me that people can be so dogmatically blind that you presented with evidence doesn't matter if presented with facts.

Doesn't matter at end, and here's the funny thing if I have no expertise.

Also, the Lord told me that for some that's going to be better right. But what if you said the Lord told you and it's different Lord told me that our flights going out a gate for today. Lord told me to navigate six sums is actually the ticket says gave five that's that's where we go that all right, so what I'm dreading Tuesday what's on the ticket of trying to be the facts and information but again we know that when the Gospels were given to us. They were given to us in Greek faith there may be an original Matthew. And in Hebrew, Aramaic, or parts of it. The Gospels, as we have in the Gospels there were given to us preserve our angry so right from the get go. We don't have the original Hebrew, Aramaic presentation issue we have Jesus have less God saying how to say the name is not the issue with his face to tie Jesus Spanish and understanding whom he has been following him. That's what this ultimately from the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us on the line of fire. This is Mike Brown.

We have been taking calls today as we look at the names of God. How is revealed. Scripture hope you found this enlightening, helpful and edifying to we know that the name Yeshua from a fuller form, your host you and some would debate that original pronunciation for various reasons, but that's a whole other subject we know the we know that this name can bring the other two elements the name of the Lord Yahweh and the route for salvation through this Josh salvation is issue so it brings these two together to say Yahweh is salvation and if you put Matthew's gospel in Hebrew. Then in Matthew one, you will call him Yeshua because he know she he will save his people from their sin, but this was originally spoken to to to Miriam, this is Matthew writing it explaining this in Matthew one. What his name will be. You are conveyed to Joseph in a dream's name will be called Yeshua that in Hebrew.

He will save your sheer call his name Yeshua or he or she or he will save his people from their sins. So from there.

The emphasis is clearly on the Lord as Savior. That's what's important to remember or the Greek word so tear Savior, including within that this is not just spiritual salvation but deliverance and healing as well.

All related concepts the Savior to deliver the healer that the healer, but the name Yeshua clearly brings together Lord and salvation so the Lord saves the Lord is salvation. That's was there but there is a myth now that the Greek Jesus is a corrupted form and that it's actually related to suits right here is reality and I I read this, someone else original not hundred percent sure who said it, so I assume that attributing it but Jesus is no more related to Zeus than Moses is related to mice. Okay, but in my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices, I do address these things. I show first, first, that this name Yeshua occurs when about 27 times in the Hebrew Bible and when we have the valves they come in later. But the valves that we have in Hebrew, Satan, Yeshua, and then the Syriac, which is the Aramaic translation of the Greek New Testament.

Okay the paysheet that the that the Syriac translation of the old and New Testament.

It also renders with Yeshua so it has that gate sound at the beginning, the same way right then he comes in Greek is Jesu's we feel good about this process and Yeshua find no evidence no evidence for Yeshua in the name suits in the Hebrew Bible, then it comes into the New Testament.

The theme is Yahweh is salvation right so where do people get the name Yeshua while they just argue that it has to have the divine element Ya sure for Yahweh's is based on ignorance of how names work in Heber again this is a shortened form on top so the unlucky disfellowshipped you for saying Yeshua if you say the Holy Spirit is moved in power and I suggest you all well at all the people tomove the power when they say Yeshua.

What about those that while God is only say the way I say name is Jesus, the powers and who he is that how you pronounce the name. Okay right so check this out. According to AB train in his holy name Bible, the name of the son Joshua has been substituted by Jesus. Jesus and E Zeus feeling Zeus right so first knows its name is Joshua. Second, there is no connection everyone sellout with me know connection if you driving the car with some a look at them and say no connection right. There is no connection of any kind between the Greek Jesus right and the Greek Zeus zero and X make this connection is as silly as arguing that the name of professional golfer Tiger Woods is really the name of a tiger infested jungle.

All right, did you get that yes and that's original with me so.

According to the Institute for Scripture research considered Jesus renders Jesus in English. For example, the authoritative Greek English lexicon of Adele and Scott under E also the Greek goddess of healing reveals the name that the name he also is Jesu in the Ionic dialect of the Greeks used to spin the contract agenda for David Kravitz, dictionary of Greek and Roman mythology, we find a similar forename.

The officers were four different Greek deities with the name Yost is one of them being the son of Ray Ray. But as I write in 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices.

The sounds impressive, but it is complete nonsense destroys any connection with the name Jesu's Jesus is concerned the entry in the authoritative lexicon of Adele and Scott is that has nothing to do with the name Jesus.

There was a site without Scott, but they don't cited accurately. They cited then they added into the rest of their garbled sense. It reminds my business illustration before that when my sister and I were little kids and there's a summer house music go to on Long Island before we moved out there. Everything walked down the street. So now maybe she's seven on four and there is a going to and she wanted to come at us two or three you want to come with us and my sister said well you can't list your mommy says yes. So she's his mom in the Moses gaseous. She said yes I did figure out a context a little bit, little girl right. Of course we made her but her mother say yes understanding okay is also different day than this thing. It is just walking to the neighborhood 75. Walking on street anyway. The entry in the authoritative lexicon without Scott said has nothing to do with name Jesus, the author of this, love by be sincere.

Not intentionally trying to sleep. But the argument is absolutely worthless Roman Anna Lamont entomological and linguistic derivation standpoint, here's an equally ridiculous statement basically to keep it simple. Jesus is a very poor Roman translation from Latin was also fully translated from the Greek, which in no way would that resembles his Hebrew name yahoo sure right so now they change the name to yahoo sure that another name for the work crew Carol that moreover, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica mystery is quote the name Jesus. Jesus is a combination of two mythical deities, you and Seuss.

Zeus agreed God, Gnostic and Greek mythologies there actually one of the same pagan deity appears name Jesus is undocumented pagan origins as a good and fair submission agreement. This agreement states that there is no definitive evidence to commit that Jesus Zeus.

However, I disagree with them.

Another nonsense article so these ideas as are right have as much to support them as the latest Elvis is alive side first.

We know where the name Jesus came from. It came from a Jewish Septuagint, the Greek translators when they translated the name issue as well as you know she will. Joshua translated with Jesus.

As we came from. It came from these translators over joint years before the time of peace. It was that it was not simply pagan corruption.

It was the natural Greek way of rendering the Hebrew Aramaic name issue at least two centuries before his birth is the form they found in all the more than 5000 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, then you Seuss is also found in Greek writings outside the New Testament and dating to that same general time. Secondly, the Greek forms related to the also empty with healing are completely unrelated to the name Jesus authority also has an alpha for the second letter reflecting its derivation from the verb yeah Mike to heal the Greek Jesus as an ETA for the second letter so it's completely unrelated to the word for healing agree 100% unruly two completely different words 100% unrelated third is noted on the website devoting devoted to refuting the strange claims of the sacred name movement of Adele Scott reference is also erroneous. So time to get into that, but that's also completely erroneous and then and then its claim that the Encyclopaedia Britannica says that the name Jesus to succumb combination of two mythical deities, you and Zeus. Zeus agreed God. It says no such thing. There's there's no record that any early edition said so either nowhere. It's a complete fabrication. The money even made it up or mistook a source and repeated in the gut became Internet legend, whatever, but it's complete math.

It's like if you go back to original Constitution and the earliest manuscript. Justin mentions Donald Trump on it now does. It is just a joke of Corsica. As one critic put it nicely. To repeat, Jesus is as much related Zeus is Moses is to mice. In any case, that them stop there.

In rabbinic literature in the Talmud, the name Jesus. Yeshua occurs. This issue no longer has the final iron.

It's no longer related to the word for salvation now to a rabbinic Jew, a traditional Jew when he sees the issue that's a bad name. That amount is really that's how they know it's the afterthought issues.

Actually, Yeshua.

It's a confused but but you gotta straighten that out and when the traditional Jew says the name is understand its meaning mock from overseas roaming his name in memory be blotted out. In other words, it is a hostile cursing of Jesus night now whether that's how it was originally taken or whether the final Ryan drop out just the linguistic process. These things happen and this is the short form and then later it was used in a derogatory cursing we all we know is that for centuries is been used in the in the derogatory cursing negative way by traditional Jews and that it could well be the Talmud if it's referring to the same Jesus, our Savior refers them in the ugliest, most derogatory ways imaginable. Right.

Unfortunately, this debate known all of the knowledge is more semi-different. Jesus but sadly the Talmud either misses it entirely or what speaks of them as ugly and deeply wrong. Another reason to pray for the repentance and salvation of the Jewish people. Good news is the day is coming. The day is coming when every knee will bow that name Jesus every tongue will confess that Jesus side of the other side of his wife with my friends

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