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I Love You to the Sun and Beyond

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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July 9, 2022 2:18 pm

I Love You to the Sun and Beyond

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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July 9, 2022 2:18 pm

Today Robby speaks with authors Michelle Medlock Adams & Cecil Stokes about their new book "I Love You to the Sun and Beyond" and so much more!

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Sure, but most of all fight you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love God turn their passion kingdom pursuits now live from your host Robbie Gilmore all I love love love love here every week facing people. God's given them such beautiful visions for such meat things and so like wow start off with. We have Cecil Stokes and you might remember Cecil Stokes.

You are one of the authors in October. Baby right writer, one of the co-creators and cowriter of October baby and for those of you who saw that spectacular film and and now he is connected with celebrated Christian author Michelle Medlock Adams and written this book. I love you to the sun and beyond drive and I think it's destined to become a bedtime classic. So you know I think that some we all told our kids limit when we were growing up and they were growing up.

You we love you the side of the honor. I love you more and all that kind of thing that you put that into a book. Michelle and I about 12 or 13 years ago and became the brother of Victor. We probably never wanted and have good I maybe relationship my bond and she's written a book in over 100 book doing her career in several other articles by McAbee. I've always written for television or film and we decided a couple years ago. Why don't we try to do a project gather though. We got together and started brainstorming to what what you think. Boy do we have or what would we want to share together and I adopted my son from foster care. He was a and I became a parent of an eight-year-old and Michelle had two daughters from birth and we just started talking about how you every day when I'm trying to reinforce the new relationship with my coming up with all the different ways that that love you like I love you more than talk with a peanut butter and cotton and ER, but I think though Michelle and I started talking about it. She had that same history with her girl and we have found a unique parent or grandparent that we talked to their fun game of one upmanship or you trot it though your child or the child in your life that you love them more. So we decided to write this book but locked the books out there on the lot great parent-child book, though one of the things that we wanted to do to make our book different, but also make it educational so in the back of the book, everything that mentioned in the book in the very back of the book there's a paragraph on every high dome that teaches you something you can teach your child the like. For example, the book starts out I love you I love you. I really love you. Oh yeah, I love you more than you think. I love you the most is the most of the ball to look at that I love you the most time for bed as it goes from there. We talk about Amazon and Python the Sahara. There's a funny one.

I love your dryer than the Harris band and that is I love you better than it you the floppy guy to go. So there's some fun things in their lives also great Barney thing but for example, I love you wealth your thinking.

Solomon and he was really wealthy. I love you.

Your than a cuckoo be. Oh, they are very healthy and you can turn the back of the book and you can teach them a little bit about Solomon. He walked in his well and we can also teach them about the cuckoo be which is the only insect that doesn't build a nest but you the other bees met oh wow, every paycheck, something that you can teach your child while you're doing a game of what it meant how much you love it so awesome and I'll just tell you, you can tell immediately that we got a whole lot of show come with you, just with this book. I love you to the sun and beyond. But also we have more. We have more. We have Kimberly Dreiser who was with the hospice of Davidson County and and they have arrived for angels like I love that the ride for angels is actually a motorcycle event coming up July 16 which is next Saturday with actual pitstops all the way through the week so there be people right now. Wait for you guys right. Kim Arrived at 1020 Actual Ride Where We Will Have Our Motorcycle Rider and Getting Married Her out and Counting and Then during the Week We Will Be Partnering with Local Businesses and Restaurant and a Part of the Crises That They Make during the Time That the Bear Will Go toward the Total Funds Raised for Angels.the Great Labor Act for Just Getting Back to the Community and Have Fellowship and for Those That Don't Ride Can Still Support That Event. I Even Smell You with the Hospice of Davidson County Get Connected Because There's Going to Come a Time out for Most of That That We Need to Know What These Resources Are and How They're Available, and in so Many Different Ways. I Love the Name of That the Ride for Angels and so Those Who Were Used To Listing My Show.

No, I Gotta Do My Jokes.

So Speaking of Angels Right Now. I Just Bear with Us You Guys Wanted This One Time, and I Mean One Must Know I Wanted to How to Angels Live a Candlelit Dinner about the Kim How to Angels like Him about Your Cecil Is Ever Thought about How Angels Light a Candle, Is It in Your Book. Well, I Just Tell You It's It's with a Match Made in Heaven. So Yeah along the Same Lines. You Might Wonder What You Know Why Angels Smell so Good. I Didn't Smell so Good As He Thought about It. Cecil Didn't Give It Your Best Shot. They Are Made in Heaven. They Smell Good, but There Also Are Sent from God's You Know This Little Play on Words Are Said Anyway and My Personal Favorite on My List Today of Only Three Witches Was a Good Name for an Angel. It Always Looks up His Instructions on Internet on the Internet. If You Figure Angel Is Known for Looking up Things on the Internet Got Me Ideas about Diagnoses, so You Should Have This Right Now. I Think You Know the Plan, Messenger, Angel. I like That Would Be Good. This One's Actually the Manual so You Know All This, Angel Funds That I Could Get so That You Know I Would Actually Ever Riddled You Could Call It in and Went to You and We Watched a Call Then This Is a Little Tough but You Could Do It. So Which Is Angel in the Bible Didn't Read the Menu Because He Wouldn't Pick a Side I'm Saying You Know, My Wife and Restaurant Side Processes) on the Menu Anyway This to the Angel by the Way the Story Is Everything Menu Has To Do with Where Angel Would Not Pick a Side, 866-348-7884 Give You a Hint It It's in the Early Part of the Bible and Switch Angel in the Early Part of the Bible I Think It's the Fifth Book. My Guess Would Be Would Not Pick a Side 866-34-TRUTH 87884 We Come Back, Will Tell You What You Can Win If You Can Get That to Be Back Tomorrow with Cecil Stokes with I Love You, the Son of Llanos of the Cool Things about the Applicant, Kimberly My Senior Last Name Right. Dreiser, Kimberly Dreiser with the Hospice of Davie County and I Know I'm Unexcused Davidson County and Write down Your Light so We Don't Rise over the You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Today to Have with Us Both. Cecil Stokes with His New Book. I Love You to the Sun and beyond. Cecil Writer for TV and Movies and Coolies Done This Book Together with Michelle Adams Called Unlovely to Some Younger Every Time at That As Well. Kimberly Geiser with the Hospice of Davidson County and Their Ride for Angels, Which Kinda Goes on All Week Is Going to Have All These Pitstops and People Can Go to and Then the Ride Itself Happens on Next Saturday, so If You Ride Motorcycles or Nobodies Somebody That Doesn't Would Enjoy That One of Need. Neat Thing to Do Some Kimberly I'm Just Naturally Curious This This Is Been Going on for A While. Do You Know Whose Idea Was for Dinner and like Starting a Career Cycle.

That Had after That Just Started to Be an Annual Event. Yeah That Makes Sense. Maybe They Lost Ride or Something and Somebody

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