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Living In a Post Roe America

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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July 5, 2022 5:30 am

Living In a Post Roe America

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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July 5, 2022 5:30 am

Chris Hughes breaks down the Supreme Court decision and what will be next in The Pro-Life battle.


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Simply go to or contact your local agent today. Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist first political and author is the founder and assuming America foundation, Dr. Chris will roll the way along the wall the way and what can you do to be ready. Welcome the Christian perspective on Chris you you going to talk about talking about Roe V Wade and living row America wants to grab a copy of the show is going to want to share the show with your plans.

Walking a Christian perspective. I want to thank our knowledge of the citizens for America foundation. You can learn more about America and how you can develop a biblical worldview alarmed about the issues in our culture today like abortion are so many other things by visiting citizens for America today were starting a new tour across the country called living in a cultural America, where I envision jerking across the country and talking about the issue that the tour is absolutely free.

If you are damaged via minister could generally be a Sunday morning and maybe a Sunday night or Wednesday night, speak to your church or Bible study group would love to come and there is no cost to you or your church and don't be worried a lot of political talk is a talk about what's going on in the culture, what the response of the children should be regulated over time and what the response of Christians to be you want to have a gun, you can email me at Chris use citizens for America that's Chris use citizens for America or you can sign up citizens for America to get our newsletter learn about what we do across the country so be praying for us as we have his knee toward starting this week. As you drive across the country to teach Christians what is next for us as we live in a puzzle America and I want to thank Mid-America Baptist theological seminary for being the home of the Christian perspective studios right here each and every day we bring to you this radio show. This is a home-based of our operation as citizens of America was very college to attend. In the following curricular work about the collagen Mid-America stick to what you look at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary where you can learn how to defend your faith or what you believe and why you believe that you can learn more in a BTS.ED you ought to jump into this issue. As you know, a little over a week ago, the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe V Wade that the term a lot of us of her dialogue.

Talk about what the Roe V Wade decision was with the current Dobbs decision is what's next for us and what we as Christians in the church she do as we prepare now to live in a post-row America what happened and what is Roe V Wade will tell you this is the largest stroke against arbitrary taking of human life in America is the abolition of slavery in 1865 an amicable statement about Mattel using abortion as well. Abortion is wrong and is the turn-taking of innocent human beings in this case is Augustine and Internet and it's a big deal by the end of slavery was in the United States.

A lot of people use the term rollover Roe V Wade that they can add something to be abortion, they don't really know what it is enough time for a few minutes about what wrong way. It all started really in 1970 and 1970, a young lady in Texas who already had two children got pregnant with their fellow children their child.

She wanted to have an abortion but abortion in Texas just like most of the country Baghdad in the early 1970s, abortion was illegal and so she could not find a way to have an abortion. I didn't really know what to do and so what happened was, there were a couple of lawyers that have been looking for an opportunity.

Take the case of abortion to the Supreme Court. Now they creative. Not that I would have one of the staff and I mean if they really care about a woman like liberal sides than they do today. They could help you find an abortion becoming one of the two attorneys was a female and she recently had an abortion but she did not tell this young woman that we were close to is Jane Roe is a false name comes from what the Jane Doe situation John Miller Jango. This woman was going to on the anonymous and based on the name and phone Jane Roe and they decided to sue the district attorney and Dallas, Texas.

His last name with a way so that timely return may be Wade case worked its way all the way up to the United States Supreme Court and that's where we got the decision of what we have today, which is called Roe V Wade United States Supreme Court issued a ruling in 1973, got pregnant 1970. She did end up having the child and by the town. All of that ruling.

The child was 2 1/2 years old. She gave that child up for abortion and the court held that Paul did a woman's right to abortion was implicit in the right to privacy, which is protected under the 14th amendment to the Constitution. So what the court said is that a woman could all on abortion. It really change the landscape across the country.

Because remember, Most of the country. Abortion was illegal. So what the Supreme Court was saying.

Not only is it legal that a woman has a constitutional right to have an abortion, can you this is bad law. Many Jewish for the past nearly 50 years now about law because if you bargain read the Constitution.

There's nowhere in the Constitution. Abortion was related to, or that abortion was listed as a writing United States Constitution act of true concentrations. The man in the Constitution, the constitutional right does not exist in one accord a divided pregnancy and to three semesters, which we call trimesters and they declared the choice to end a pregnancy in the first trimester was slowly up to a woman to basically asking about 23 weeks they were saying that there was no case will abortion be prevented the United States in the first trial luster of a pregnant on the second trimester government to regulate abortion although not banning in order to protect a woman's health national today we have all shrank screaming and crying across the country that this is unlike the woman has and is protecting will help in the third trimester, the government said that this date of the Supreme Court said the state could prohibit abortion to protect the fetus that can survive on its own out of the womb, except for a woman's health would endanger the Supreme Court of United States education ruling. We now call Roe V Wade in 1973 did take the decision about the legality of abortion away from state they said that states could no longer bank restrict abortion. In most cases, particularly in the first trimester, another week, another important Supreme Court decision in 1992.

Not nearly as big as this one was where litigation against Pennsylvania's abortion control log that recent Supreme Court in the case called Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania versus Casey, you might hear a reference to the term of the Casey case and in this case and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania versus Casey Supreme Court upheld the central ruling in Roe V Wade and allowed states to pass more abortion restrictions as long as I did not pose an undue burden. So how do we get the ruling that we have today will in December of last year and 2021, the Supreme Court heard all oral arguments in a case that we now call the Dobbs case.

That case is called job versus Jackson's women's health organ donation. So when you hear reference to what is called the Dobbs case and by the way, the ruling became a little over a week ago. That ruling is in reference to the Supreme Court hearing oral argument in the Dobbs versus Jackson women's health organization case, what it happened in the legislature and in Mississippi passed a law last year that basically said that they were going to restrict abortion after 15 weeks after 15 weeks of pregnancy on the Mississippi law band.

Most abortions after 15 weeks lower courts ruled the law was unconstitutional on the role of the lay member underwrote states had been prohibited from banning abortion prior to 23 weeks in Mississippi. The legislature said they were going to ban prior but being abortions prior to 15 weeks only, and and on that after 15 weeks of woman could not have an abortion anymore because they determine the legislature in the law Mississippi fetus were considered able to survive because it had a heartbeat, and other functions that came in his decision that we just released a little over a week ago.

Supreme Court ruled in a 63 decision-making six justices voted to overturn Roe V Wade in favor Mississippi Islamic overturn Roe V Wade, which is been the president from nearly 50 years the United States of America ruling was centered around Dobbs. The Jackson case the ruling is around Mississippi law down abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Now for the power of abortion rights in this global role in the federal level, all synagogue decision not only returns to work Supreme Court decision about getting about 30 pounds which is Roe V Wade is an absolute treatise on the restoration of federalism and on the judiciary overstepped and literally trampled constitutional jurisdiction while they federalism what I mean is, These issues have been decided on a state-by-state basis is really our founding fathers set up the government of the United States. They intended for decisions to be made on a local basis is much as possible, give us a result. Ruling did not make you weak abortion illegal, like degraded LGB, a runaway know abortion is not illegal.

Instead, it clears the decision to the state college then was that women do not have a Constitution, a federal constitutional right to an abortion decision will be made on a State Farm state basis is expected among many states across the country reminiscing on surprised there was a leak opinion of what I thought was a reset about six weeks prior to the issuing of this decision. Now people across the country going crazy were talking today about the recent opinion issued by the United States Supreme Court in the Dobbs case overturn Roe V Wade talk about this, please.

This show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about locking the fixed at 15 feet of Siebel come to life this December and chewing nationally for radio host and found citizens funding foundation To create life-changing it's one of the world of meaning, trampled from all over the world for thousands of reasons. Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic religious type like a wailing rock dome of the flock to Chris through the winding alleyways to Nancy so the hand to place that I think is very Jewish fortress, see firsthand that the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like new citizens funding and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating relationship range hearing is in line joint history was made on one American minute with bill from one's political enemies. They became close friends and died yesterday, July 4, in the year 1826 and swept America as these two men at a distance of 700 miles from each other, died on the same day exactly 50 years since they both signed the Declaration of Independence, their names, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Pres. John Quincy Adams stated a coincidence so wonderful gives confidence that the patriotic efforts of these men were heaven directed and furnished new hope that the prosperity of these states is under the special protection of a kind of Providence 1888 we are talking about abortion talking about the Supreme Court. The student was recently handed down by the Supreme Court when the Supreme Court said that women do not have a federal constitutional right to abortion. The issue of abortion would now be decided on a state-by-state basis is not butchering an annuity liminal screen across the country will no longer have healthcare that is a lie that healthcare has nothing to do with the murdering of an unborn baby. There are claiming that women can't get abortions anymore and I is just simply not true. What's happening in the country today so you might ask why, how many laws been taken by abortion since the ruling of Roe V Wade in 1973 well, we don't know that we believe that we 63 and 65 million babies have been murdered three abortion 1973. Now I live as most of you nebulous Michelle I live in the mountains of North Carolina we have a university are called Appalachian State University. All available multiunit real movement really good. They won two national championships and lower divisions in a few years ago and became a Division I team and they've been consistently ranked in the top 25 the nation football team and have a big stadium when you think about 63 million babies being born look at it this way so I go watch football at state wherever you football stadium is for your college or university in your area. Think about that football stadium being filled 2100 cell 2100 times flammable to many babies in the brutally murdered about abortion and use while that number matters nearly intentional effort in America today.

To deflect attention away from the intentional killing of human beings to other causes. He requited to you like abortion instead of talking about abortion, but what about the people think about war so many other areas look arguing that all killing is wrong. We argue that it is wrong to pro-life movement. We argue that it's wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being an innocent human being and function abortion. Abortion intentionally killed an innocent human beings and we argue that abortion is wrong is a pretty simple premise. We argue that is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. We argue that abortion is the killing intentionally of an innocent human being.

Therefore, abortion is wrong while taking also want to confuse what they call contingent evils with absolutely evils contingent able may be wrong on the context. For example, capital punishment may be wrong. If you wrongly convicted somebody and then we kill them from a crime they didn't commit could be wrong. If we don't have adjust Paul's world war, which is the case with some people argue the close of what's happening in your work in the Ukraine right now contingent evils are different absolutely evils contingent evils are evil contingent on such as at Chapman absolutely evils are wrong on the face of it, I will most always be opposed to absolute evil, and abortion is absolute evil. They meet millions of dollars each year by law and women and telling women they are incompetent and very capable. The society and the culture today trousers you can't have a baby and complete your education. Listen to live. Plenty of women that had babies and completed their education. They tell you can't have a baby be a professional woman that is strictly not true. They tell you can't have a baby is a kosher salt will be successful in meeting any of your goals and vision lies in this chapter, the Christian shoulders to stand up to the laws and let women a year long pastor. You need to preach sermons on the work of women stand up against the lies, the society today. This is not an issue. Abortion is not an issue. Abortion is the greatest moral tragedy of our Tom and 63 million babies that God, while most churches and most Christian remains silent on the abyss on the issue of abortion, gay gay marriage in this case was heard in early December supporting Gordon blessed to have members of our team of the citizens of America foundation there at the core when the oral oral argument were being presented. We were also blessed to have members of our team at the Supreme Court on on the day of March, and will likely be back in January and members of our team of the Dragon Supreme Court many times over the past few months is what is happening December guidance where we are today, but I want to tell you something that upset me. Yeah, I noticed this particularly of the March for life in them and other banking event held over the Raby way decision, recent lab is the Catholic Church is done a great job being present on this issue alive issue is an important issue for the Catholic Church. I'm so thankful to our Catholic brothers and sisters taken a stand on the issue of life really disappoints me to even discuss make that most Protestant denominations are not probably feature on this issue on the southern Baptist of the law to show you what it means to be a Southern Baptist thankful for the worry some about his convention was bloodless and missionaries not only in the United States. Missionaries around the world. We are the greatest sending organization missionaries around the world. We are the greatest trainer pastors with our six seminaries.

We try not only Southern Baptist pastor Dan third of all pastors around the world are trained in southern seminaries on thankful for the work but am very disappointed in him the whole Baptist convention is on the Baptist churches and Christians inclined to be selling baggage across the country and Gary had been very silent on the issue of alive. They've been very solid in their shiftwork at the David B.

Jackson case were oral arguments quickly ended in December. So is this the end of abortion in America and then we went to be told. This is not the end of the pro-life movement. In fact, I believe that our battle is really beginning this can be harder than ever for us. Now that the abortion issue needing to be heard on a state by state basis were right now.

Now with the overturn Roe V Wade Wheeler church body with the pro-life movement on and I thought our class components. Again, a liar they're already lying about what it means there will lying and saying women can get abortion is that true is negative in the women healthcare that is certainly a lot. A stranger vandalizing their already vandalizing down our pregnancy care centers across the country and government building give any names direct their blaspheming God they are demonizing Christians in their openly violating the law negative battle is not one the battle is not over, ensure we have a small victory, but the real battle is just beginning.

The only question that really church Afghan is always ready to fight and I said to many of our Protestant brothers and sisters not joined our Catholic brothers and sisters in their in this fight they can't do by themselves anymore. We have got the buckle of gunplay on the armor of God, and we have got degenerative spine. Are we ready we need to ask ourselves is jerking you Christians are we ready to protect and defend the most vulnerable members of our community even in the face of vicious opposition and I want to tell you that our opposition is going to be vicious is a new group of sprung up, you may have heard about the Mona Lisa called James revenge yeah the liberals in Congress to make a big show about January symptom. What did or did not happen over the monitors need to regard the government bears on what's happening through this James revenge group, as is the overturning of Roe V Wade they are threatened Supreme Court just as they protested nuclear effect federal law and vote in the yard. Supreme Court justices James revenge is a female terrorist group that he already attacked Liam vandalized and they've even brought Danny Bob pregnancy and they're now promising to have nights of rage across the country and they declared it as an open season on privacy centers and agon Christians who were taking a stand in the pro-life movement across the country. We need to be ready because this is all out war and I'm not saying that you don't need to be the case in buildings we don't need to be tearing them down. We need to show love and compassion on mother's mothers-to-be and on unborn babies across the country right now.

So what can happen in a postcolonial America and is listen into abortion in America. Did we win well and I said, I believe the abortion issues in a different way.

We never ever imagined possible individual stage and longing to be free to make their own decisions about the issue of abortion send abortion issues not going away know now is going to be at the state legislatures so near an election year and 20 2010 eight 2022 and in November of this year. Every statehouse member every statehouse member across the United States of America will be up for reelection this year and a lot of state senators will be up for reelection a lot of district judges you will reelection a lot of state Supreme Court judges and justices are up for reelection to a lot of Tommy Williams Christians have ignored these risers but we cannot erase from anymore to be extremely important is important we get engaged to be involved in the 2022 election cycle. Because these men and women that we elect in November or maybe abortion is not about what is right way happen.

America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God in the Bible is indicated and found America foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting dates in the crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how it evolved over the century, the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of the fate of the mounting Christian principles America secure your spot to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors, churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement. You will need every day would be like to live in a postcolonial American is the end of abortion in America. No.

Did we win not really the battle is just eating up your in a knife fight now and the election this November and 20, 22 are going to be more important than ever in the pro-life cause. Because now the issue of abortion can be decided on a lazy which you should be. It got it cracked me up when all the liberals are Claudio abortion is Indian American abortion and in America. What is happened is the Supreme Court said that women do not have a Federal Constitutional Right Jeanette St., Randy Wade with bad law. The law dictated by the bridge that is not the purpose of United States Supreme Court under our Constitution. This issue should be decided on a state-by-state basis.

Exactly what happened. Now the issue of abortion. We decided by state legislatures across the country so you need to decide the children engaged in this battle, and one way that you can engage right now is to get involved in state legislative races every statehouse handbook in the United States of America reelection this November and a large number and state Senate members. We need to elect godly men and women to the statehouse state Senate races that are going to take a stand on the issue of life saving. Abortion is not allowed in your state. Also important, which most Christians and most people in general never know who's going to judge the judge and district degradation state Supreme Court. We need to know who's renting those offices. We need to know their position on life because the individual stage would now be free to make their own decisions on the abortion issue we as Christians need to be space as a focus on the real issue and we need to not get distracted.

That's what's important for us and mail us Christian to become pro-life apologist where the apologist apologist is somebody who can do and their position in the case of the pro-life movement. Most of us cannot state if you stay on the show on their share with you how you can defend the pro-life argument in less than 60 seconds shows up was different so you can do that we want to become a pro-life apologist. What do I mean when I say grow up apologist you need to become someone who can make a case for what you believe in a minute or less young need to be a scientist and you don't need to be thrown around a bunch of Bible verses non-Christian is like I care about that.

You need to be able to make a state a statement in a macro lens of why you're pro-life. And what do you mean to be a prolonged person look.

People tended to change the subject abortion right now. So many times operative for years and particularly the last week that the Supreme Court overturned verbally letting work there trying to stay on the other side that Christians and churches don't care about women and children on Wednesday.

That is simply not true now and again were to provide care for women in the unborn and churches in the United States and around the world that want to distract you. Let's talk about what about world hunger. Margie worry about world hunger, large word about literacy Margie worry about child mortality around the world. Margie worry about forced prostitution. Once you learn about the mentally ill walking to the extent the illegal immigrant can write you worried about is what I know: refugees are legally coming across our blood, our borders, Margie worry about freedom for gays and lesbians, the loving worship is our a while want you to children as Christians except gender identity and sexual orientation. What would you do that if you truly pro-life listen. Don't let them distract you with these other issues are important issues are issues in the church is addressing the pro-life position when he did not get sidetracked with these other issues they say because you opposed the intentional killing of an innocent human being away that you're responsible for facing all the problems. And thanks that is distinctly watching.

We can't solve every problem in the world. That's what our enemies doing there trying to change in area and are trying to change the subject segment of postwar America. We're gonna have to be very serious about our messaging not just of this issue been a lot of different issues. We have dropped the ball when it comes to messaging we will all the liberals that the narrative in the messaging to send anything back saying that homosexuals gay.

There's nothing happy about being homosexual, we let them steal the rainbow with your simple will last time the rainbow when God gave the rainbow. We promise that he would not destroy the world anymore. The issue of homosexuality among other issues. I have a dear friend who I believe is the best pro-life apologist in America today, you need to listen as videos on YouTube on the Internet and you need to buy his book.

His name is Scott.

Scott closing doors says that there are three questions that we need to ask that will help us make our case the life issues are three issues that we need to ask in those three questions are number one what is the unborn. What is the unborn memo to what makes this invaluable is human being will make it as valuable as human beings. And third, what you are clear. D was a clue doing God says Scott closing or forget you need to get his book, you need a list of videos on YouTube and on the Internet.

Scott Pellegrini, clearly only three questions because abortion is not an original to the people and their elected representatives in the state.

State-by-state elected Christian to got to lead the way and appealing to the 14th amendment and recognizing the posting eight of and continued roasted. No person America is your project. Constitutional right merely the case here. She is not yet been born.

We need to encourage John the Baptist and whatever your denomination or support are active are our respective states to pass legislation recognizing the value and the sanctity of human life and affords every person the right enshrined in thecomplication. What happened after right after Roby when we get overkill and what happened is abortion now remained legal in the country and in the majority of state 22 states right now multicultural laws that would trigger poor life rights right away.

So what were the trigger laws. These laws passed by the state to have the foresight to see that this decision was coming. Those laws would trigger an action once United States Supreme Court overturned Roby way there 28 states that have very solid pro-abortion majority in the right now state state that we believe to be battleground of in the coming months want to go to my home state of North Carolina Maria Republican legislature. We have a Democratic governor and we do not have the call supermajority majority in the legislature to overturn a veto to the cost pro-life legislation in the government.

The government became legislation you say.

Our job is not done. We got a lot of work ahead of us, then we need to begin to fight on a whole new level. You're still be more than a million women in the coming year that is taking abortion circumstances around which we think abortion did not change unless we collectively change on a state-by-state basis.

The this issue eliminate illuminate how important local and state elections are going to be and you know I met try to push politics in your church and tell you, this issue is that to be decided by state legislatures in your state and you got to be engaged in the lead godly men and women of public offices.

November is going to take a stand on the issue of life.

Life after row placing demands on all of us from the church to the state to every pro-life American states pro-life groups and individuals of any inasmuch attack available. They're going to need a strong legal defense to protect the lifesaving work state legislatures or were we can begin to craft laws that protect mothers and babies good on a daily federal government on inviolate menstruation is and do all they can continue to closely and there the divorce and there were some of the very good about setting up tents took about abortion on federal land. Pres. Biden is now mandated abortions will be allowed on military installations and military bases across the country to try to continue to find money to filter the Planned Parenthood agenda. Other organizations try to identify all abortion is elective surgery that will be allowed under insurance programs across the country Junior is when you really going to work in the area of morning-after pill and chemical abortion. Megan morning-after pill is available as possible, and they're going to continue to push right now chemical abortion make up almost 60% of abortions run ends with the divine administration is that is there going to make it work. These abortion pills and at the pill that you day and be made available even in states that do not allow abortion to nothing to be a real battlefield cross are we gonna say that abortion is allowed if is mailed to somebody in the mail this divine administration controls the Postal Service on the phone to make a motion available there, even stratified federal funding transport woman women from one state to another. If abortion is illegal in their state to another state where abortion is legal QUALITY being used to provide a taxi service. The sharing women across state lines that abortion of the answers no, we gonna take a stand on so you need to find out what the laws are new individuals and that in my state of North Carolina right now because we have a Republican legislature regarding supermajority teacher abortion is unclear became inevitable off a governor is really pro-choice, pro-abortion that is going to overturn any longer as fast as a teacher we don't have enough people are legislature going change that this November supermajority to overcome him when he gives a veto. Pro-life bills and met majority state, Tennessee widening their law, they have very strong pro-life laws and 30 days after the returning of Roby way all abortion will be illegal and complete flow in your individual state explosion. You need to, you can Google and and find out right now what is going on. Individual states across the country. You can sign up and citizens for America to learn more.

You can go to family policy to find out what's happening after row there so many great websites that you can go to find out what's happening on the issue of abortion across the country also encourages loan what's going on in your state talking about living in name and organization or individual social media cards give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the social in a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a set of financial problems.

Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think for me biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about time creating 39 relationship on race hearing is in line enjoy talking about living or postal America Louisville we can go United States Supreme Court held a decision overturning Roby way the dog to Jack and Kate listings in the case that you think will cash disable where the legislature in the state of Mississippi said that they were not going to allow motion after 15 weeks indicated that he believed that the baby not only hard B-12. Then that would be viable after 15 weeks, in addition to the Supreme Court because the record in 1973 in a case called Raby way and determined that women had a federal prostitution right to abortion. He related that mission. The Constitution at all and that abortion graphically could not be limited. Prior to 23 week in the dads case in Mississippi legislature said not only 23 allowable Cymbalta 15 weeks you think will only decision just a little over a week ago they were charging decisions in the Dobbs case overturning Roby way saying the real estate federal government is all allow under their Constitution. A constitutional right for woman to have an abortion. Abortion is a states rights issue now that happened this may be imported by the battle on a state-by-state basis, were about 22 states on the walls going to try to limit abortion 28 states are very strongly allowing abortion cited data will take place as we elect new representatives in the statehouse. Every state has never across the country.

Remember what states original for reelection this November and many state Senate members and many state and district gauges and state Supreme Court judges and justices are up for reelection in November will be called upon us to elect godly men and women delete public offices so why should probably email as a church analyst questions for specific priorities. One is a policy priority, we need to enact laws to protect the lives of the unborn. We also have a priority in regards to care for women and babies of the church. Again a good job of this. What we gonna do a better job of weeding to make it easier for women when they give up the children.

In abortion we need to be up for adoption. We need to make it easier for Americans to adopt American babies out of the wild is difficult.

We need to make it easier. We also need to provide systems to take care of limiting what they have a baby and to keep their babies and that the job the church can do in every church, a data plan for that. I believe the care for women and babies not only in the church, but in their own communities. We need to financially support local crime pregnancy centers or centers regionally across the country and it was several thousand across the country right now. What women can go to get information on a pregnant, what do I do next.

Many of these centers offer sonograms regular making heater unborn baby is moving and kicking and moving around with her body and not just some blog they really are a living human being inside the body of the mother and we need to financially support local trade designers that provide alternatives to abortion. Fourth, we need increased restrictions on and regulation of chemical abortion. This is your real datagram alarmism for the break right now; the morning-after pill and their other skills that can be taken later on to cause the mother to abort. Even in states where abortion is illegal.

The federal government is trying to say that they have the right to stand abortion mills through the melt women in the other terrible danger for this year. No oversight by physician or a doctor. Women have died from these skills we need to stop in our country and for our priority should be to monitor and enforce current laws. If abortion is legal emitted. Need to make sure abortion clothes are popping up in performing illegal abortions wanting you specifically do you question well one you need to register vulnerable 40 million so-called Christian the country today that are not even registered to vote need to register to vote, then we need to get educated on the issues around their one way to do that is assigned citizens for America the list are reddish out podcast every day but are so many great resources out there.

We need to get educated so we need to elect godly men and women. The public offices Christians, we need to get engaged.

The electoral process and will delay godly men and women in public office is November 20 Deborah Flanagan at plan of action. How are you going to help these babies and their mothers and kids. We need to be praying on this issue, one where we get educated is to understand what it what is the unborn. The left file not nearly the entire debate comes down to this? I left assume that the unborn are not human and argue about it. They simply escape you even 48 hours of bond was in office, he says, is a quote from the reproductive health care is good for everyone and we should celebrate the pump test is simply not the case. They estimated the unborn are not human. We got a call about your our argument number one abortion is usually number one. It is wrong to intentionally kill it is wrong to intentionally kill any human being number two abortion intentionally kills innocent human beings number three. Therefore, abortion is wrong, which is that mentalism is on the same again. Here's our argument number one. It is wrong to intentionally kill human beings to abortion intentionally killed energy human beings 3. Therefore, abortion is wrong, simply assuming the unborn is not human, not plotting work for 50 years. The church is allowed to fly first thought that right now nobody explained that she should be able to kill a five-year-old because of privacy. Nobody find that you should be able to kill a teenager because I called economic hardships to listen as I'm not doable. My son Louisiana house and only creates an economic ownership of a drug to kill them that he was possibly money. They only use these arguments against the unborn, because they assume that the unborn are not one of us will answer this we can answer this with science and embryology is in the early stages of development you were in this thing living and only human being from one state oneself stay my friend. I mentioned Scott Scott, you paid your hand right now 200 little cells right where each one of them is your entire DNA coding did you just commit a mass homicide. No, these cells are part of the human being. They are not. This thing in the whole human being way that you were when you were an embryo you bought the idea that abortion is a preference issue on choosing chocolate over vanilla ice cream argument again is wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings abortion intentionally kills a human being. Therefore abortion is wrong. Another thing that we have to understand is value what makes us valuable human being. What makes is equal. Our culture is obsessed with the quality of Planned Parenthood is right they can destroy a human fetus is not going to use me physical development is what makes us valuable and you have more of it than me. Your greater you have a greater light life in me that you could give me a call have a human nature to determine what we are that human nature bears the image of its creator regarding Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Schwartz is insisting that he calls Ted SL ED said there's a difference. Level of development environment and the degree of defendant body shall I do want eternal value is your development.

Determine your value.

You don't reach an intellectual peak until you're in your mid-40s environment out is where you are determining what you will be traveling Stevenage available it can also transform you from not being a human being something that we could kill something we can kill you. Don't get there by changing your address. You depend on your mother and father for survival of the young holidays else management and financial plan to girls that are doing together.

They depend on each other. Both rely if you separate them from each other. There get a dog list in size, level of development environment degree of dependency, then a major good reason to kill human being. What role does the church play in the pro-life movement in America today.

What we've learned 50 years of legal abortion number one abortion decreases 90% among wearing one year yet 90% among married women marriage is important to abortion decreases 50%. If you affiliate with religion and following abortion decreases 75% if your church take the Bible.

The Bible literally where too many churches in America will cash incorporate all word of God will believe the literal word of God.

What about study Keller got called out that if you will need marriage. If you remove God's given me the Bible more abortion in America to stop abortion.

We needed improve the opinion of the arrogant country. We need to get people back to church and we need charges that preach the whole word of God ready for bed abortion gourmets changing the hearts and mom of the people having a longer majority opinion political compromises really needed. We just need the tree of the word of God to get what we do. We need to care for women and children in law and public policy to defend life we need to elect godly men and women to public office to take a stand on lead educators as on these issues and we need to take direct action was our duty as Christians, our duty is to love our unborn neighbor.

We need to defend our unborn neighbors. We need to communicate the truth of the Bible we needed my friends got close, nor says we need to connect couple initiate the other side. We need to give them something to think about.

We have a clinical duty and that duty is to limit evil and to promote the windage say the one that we can, we need to master the logic of the life you we need to pray for pro-life legislators need to be good citizen lobbyist and folks we need to get horrified about bright abortion.

We need to be brokenhearted about the member babies that have been killed in America today. Listen if your similar thing you had an abortion on what you know there's hope is that a greater stand in any understand the line cheating or stealing or killing the Bible tells us that all of us of sin and fall short of the glory of God. The Bible tells us of the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ of the Bible also told we confess our sin to God is faithful and just to communicate person in the claim's role in righteousness abortion. The day turned out to God.

God loves you he loves you even though you had an abortion confess that don't have any more questions turn away percent dedicate your life to making Jesus Christ for molding save your life. You believe the Bible says that Jesus all the calls he rose again for you every day later that you commit to follow him your picture wise get out the Christian perspective.

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