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Why the Church Should Care About Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 18, 2019 5:10 pm

Why the Church Should Care About Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 18, 2019 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/18/19.

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You know, Israel is a far far from perfect country. Why should Christians really care about Israel today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on early church there is the hero modifier. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Give a Jewish -related question 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in particular questions about Israel today Israel and the Palestinians in justice and equity love to talk with you got a very special guest in studio with me today. Jonathan Feldstein and will introduce him in a moment, but this will give you a quick word if you're used to watching us on YouTube and instead you're watching us on our Facebook page on a start about on Facebook wondering why we have been temporarily banned from live streaming on YouTube. Well to my absolute shock last night.

I was informed by YouTube that are video exposing the vile anti-Semitism and hate speech of Rick Wiles and true news that are video fairly and rightly exposing that and playing clips from that one. That is been getting attacked by anti-Semites left and right day and night that we were now penalized for exposing Haight Street. We are now guilty of hate speech is always that hateful anti-Semitic videos can stay on YouTube.

No problem.

But when we confront and expose them were somehow guilty of hate speech so the video was removed.

The first in over 1800 videos we posted. That was removed. We have one band that removed and both of them exposing anti-Semitism shocking enough so those one band now removed, but this is the first time we have a strike against us, which means we cannot live stream. For weeks we've appealed to that and beyond that we've appealed to God and say God turns around for good.

Let this be a book of Esther type situation where that which is meant for evil turns around for greater good. If you have a question 866-34-TRUTH all right. What a delight and joy to sit again with Jonathan.

He does such important work in Israel. Such important humanitarian work when I found it was good to be in Charlotte. We said absolutely.

We've got it get together. So Jonathan, welcome back to the modifier might might my joy to be here with you and just tell our guys. I did not hear Jonathan okay great were good, very good. Alright, so, so, Jonathan, for those who don't know you. You work first tell us who you are. Personally your background and what brings you after these years to be living in Israel well will prove the last Barbara brings it back to living in Israel is that since I was a teenager I wanted to be there.

My father was Israeli born. He was, if you will.

One of the original Palestinians is termed by the British and and that he gave me a name that he could never pronounce because he always had an accent so he call me John a ton and whether he was telling me to do my homework, rake the leaves or take out the garbage or whatever was there was always an Israeli inflection which connected me deeply to the land and the people and since I was a kid I wanted to live there annexing next month will be the 15th anniversary of our making aliyah which is been amazing all of my kids has that most of their life and we have a 14-year-old who was with Boehringer is the Lord is waiting on the US to catch up and put Jerusalem Israel in this passport because it still says Jerusalem and born here in America. Orthodox Jew father of six son-in-law with the sunlight a grandchild and were were really living the Jewish dream where were we moved back to Israel to be able to be on the front lines to attitudes and not be watching from the bleachers, but be active in the game, living out Jewish history, living out the promise that God gave us to be there in Israel, and through my life and career. What brings me back to Charlotte.

Charlotte area in the US so frequently now is is the ways in which we are working together to connect Christians with Israel and Jews and Christians together in ways that are really meaningful and unique and did you grow up speaking Hebrew at all, or you have alert later.

12. My kids were on the I'm still not fluent. My father Fort unfortunately I think his leaving Israel was a trauma and he really didn't speak to me and he was so much so that foundation, but definitely an and some words the probably are not for on-air although it's in Hebrew, but you know II definitely did not grow up speaking, artichokes of Jonathan what makes your heart beat toy clipping on the front lines living a Jewish history.

Here is an Orthodox too friendly with someone like me as a messianic you working closely with other Christians what what makes your heart beat. Who are you in terms of what God's call to do what you sent your purposes here in life will first and foremost, what makes my heart beat and what I live with my family with what a blessing. It's incident six kids in and see them always adults and young adults, and how they've grown and matured and how Israel is a part of them, and unlike myself. Growing up in New Jersey. When I would go on school trips or youth group trips and we would go to places that George Washington slept in. Thomas Edison invented stuff they're going to drink there going and studying that it explore the nooks and crannies of Jerusalem is the older libido is an America little little bit older and cut and honestly only lied not to diminish the lightbulb but but it's a little more significant and ends and that's the most important thing in my life, my family, but what drives me in in what I do and most of my waking hours is my work with Christians and so a year ago I did the most bold and exciting thing of ever done in my life. Left the job started in a new nonprofit here in the states called Genesis 123 foundation and if we are having this conversation. 10 hours from now I wouldn't sleep because of how excited I get about the ways to create new and meaningful ways of interaction. One of things I think we've spoken about it before I get really bothered by, and it's not just Jews but I'm an Orthodox Jew and it's my place to call out Jews and Israelis who will do what I call viewing Christians as a faith-based ATM I reject that. That's horrible. It's it is just a way how to get money out. It's not a relational kind of experience it's it's some objective find Christians and frankly taking advantage of Christians and their many many people who do that Jews and Christians and I know what I see it on while I watch Christian TV or listen to the radio I get emails all the time and I'm my purpose is to create new and meaningful interactive ways of engaging Jews and Christians together and and having so much building on what we have in common, because ultimately if I believe it's sanctifying.and in the work you did before this heavily humanitarian.

We working with with ambulances that were were rushing to the front lines of terrorism and and and other other life-and-death situation so just so folks know what you were doing before and where your heart because as it was the ultimate nonpolitical type of thing to do was caring for hurting human beings on the ground so I know that's not which are currently focused on.

But what were you doing before this will exactly that way it is that I represented organization that that was responsible for ambulances and blood blood in Israel and and that again provided tremendous opportunities to connect Jews in Israel. As you set nonpolitical in the been the most basic humanitarian way and an end. Regardless of one's religion or ethnicity in the land throughout the land. Your citizen you're not a citizen might speak of noncitizens I speak of Palestinian Arabs who benefited from from all of that and that that was a wonderful, wonderful thing and and very meaningful to do what I've graduated.

I'm in a much better more significant place art show.

So let's start with something really simple folks that are familiar with this broadcast of heard me talk about this. Many a time, why should Christians care about modern Israel to play the devils advocate and and say look it is largely a secular state, you know, maybe 70% of the people being nonreligious, and it's, you know, famous for gay pride in all that you Helen and it's Tel Aviv is more like any other city and then the very Orthodox. They don't believe in Jesus and reject our message sent yelling and and Israel's like an apartheid state today at you, you hear all these things day and night, so set the record straight. Why should Christians care about Israel and say hey we want to work together. We want to be friends want to deepen relationships. Why should that matter to your average Christian resting me as an Orthodox do tell Christian why he or she should sit to the exile. Okay well I think the basic answer in the comes really down to this is a lot more that we can dig down deeper is is is that there's very little if anything else this biblical that proves God's promise is real. He's restored.

It's it's unthinkable mathematically to to imagine the Jewish people after thousands of years in diaspora being restored to their land and it's only because God's God's given us that ability numerically is not possible over the over the centuries. It's it wouldn't be possible and ate an eyelid.

I live there and I see in everything that that's around me.

God's fingerprints on everything you think of the biblical and historical sites, but specifically within involved with what I'm doing right now to bring people to participate in a race the role of a run or walk in Jerusalem.

I talked about the that the potholes in the streets of Jerusalem being God's fingerprint is not just about the old city, but God promised that he would restore us to our land and that includes all of the modern uncomfortable wrinkles that we as human beings regardless of our Mirena have had and when. And you know this, the Jewish people weren't always so righteous in Egypt and before going to Egypt, and in leaving Egypt and and many of the Jewish people didn't make it because God because of God's decisions. Who who was worthy, then he's brought us back and we have all we have are. I think a one on one relationship with God that we each need to be working out but the modern state of Israel is that biblical fulfillment of God's promise and and anyone who's Christian who understands their Bible and and and the seriousness with which God makes promises should be a question yeah and and I've said to people.

Why do you have a problem with God being faithful whatever phone was God keeping his work. In fact, it should encourage Christians just because Christians are not so perfect either and. And if God could keep his promises to Israel. Despite Israel's failings he can keep his promises to Christians right despite Christians feelings and in your right when God brought our people into the into the land of Egypt.

We were perfect when he brought us back from Babylonian exile. We were perfect and he said I'm under this my namesake.

So, it's because of his faithfulness and his goodness we stand not because of ours.

We got a minute before first break your what's this race. What tell us about the run for Zion run for were the first people to organize a Christian experience around the Jerusalem marathon.

It can be for runners. It can be for walkers is a five and 10K is a full and half marathon were bringing hundreds of people and building around that Friday morning race through Jerusalem, a Christian pilgrimage and service experience. And I'll tell you more about it after the break. If you want art to give us the website again run for right and when is the next event March 18-22, 2020. All right. Amazing.

So all you runners out there that will find out how benefits Israel with the blessing is, but today this real quick folks were pushing me for years to do tours of Israel said I will go there with a good Israel want to give them a submissive Jewish friends and teacher, have dialogue with rabbis. Whatever I file you persuaded to do it and we done three so far. And every time I am shocked by how transformative the trip is and how people are-is not a political thing. It's the land it's the history it's the reality I'll be right back with Donna Feldstein run for

Check it out during the break number in the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown shooting 3000 years ago that same demonic power that operated through her back then that spirit of Jezebel is at work in America today.

One thing that happens with a radical extreme feminist spirit like the spirit of Jezebel. It wants to make man into women and women into men. It declares in that sense of war on gender and boy are we seeing that today little children. Schools being told that maybe their boys and girls bodies are girls and boys bodies were an attack just on sexual differences in attack on gender distinctions. It's an all out war on gender and it's trying to impose on people things that they are not. It's the spirit of Jezebel. That same demonic attack. It's not just natural it's spiritual this is Dr. Michael Brown to get your copy of my new book, Jezebel's war with America go to Jezebel's war with all right, friends, welcome back to the one for Brooke as you normally hear the Jewish music of their leaders Thursday, but wanted to share that news with you about the Jezebel book you will be on the few weeks of sitting with Jonathan Feldstein and I love when I see somebody doing to them to have a bird about their they're not professionals. It's not you. You turn that okay now we need you to do an ad for E sitting here in in between. During the breaks talk about. This keeps him up at night how excited that he is so II said right before the break that I've it is much as I knew that these tourist Israel would impact people horses next one is is May 2020 is much as I knew how impacting they would be each time we do it. I'm still shocked to see the impact this people walk the streets of Jerusalem or walk the streets of galliard get out of the boat, the Sea of Galilee, were this is the Holocaust Museum work go to Masada that it just I'm amazed by how Christians are impacted by being there and again it's it's not a political tour effect is almost nothing political, it said it's more about the land of the Bible and God is doing and and the fact that history is going to come to its climax right there. It's it's past its present its future.

But this that Jonathan is doing is absolutely different than anything I've ever heard. And like I said in my book real kosher Jesus. He read it and send back your what he differed with Marie had issue something will have candid conversations about our differences aside a matter of putting those aside, it's a matter saying what about common ground that is sacred to us of Jonathan would tell us more about run-throughs on what happens with what you're doing and then we started tell me during the break about something pretty mind blowing yet. So again got it's a long story but in the late 80s called me to be a bridge between Jews and Christians. Probably the first time that I was ever in a church in my life representing the state of Israel sitting in a church in Cleveland, Tennessee and watching Christian singing Israeli songs, dancing Israeli folk dances and wearing blue and white and I didn't understand what fast forward to whatever your were in now are a couple years ago and it's been use the word bird and I and and that's a negative word but is an is appropriate. It's been a burden on me. It's been a calling to to build bridges and make meaningful relationships, not about the ATM not about cash and getting money because everyone wants that and their many many good reasons to support Israel and bless Israel financially so couple years ago I had this great vision that we have this annual marathon that Takes Pl. in Jerusalem, but lasted about 40,000 people participated and what what's what's the route and is a low hills involved very hilly.

It's complicated if your runner loads which I'm not, by the way, full disclosure, I do not run but if your runner you do not go to Jerusalem for your best time it takes about him and Peckham having Shabbat but what you join us Shabbat tomorrow Saturday with the pastor who ran the full marathon is now bring the team from his church here in Charlie Pastor Ray Hardy. He just called me a minute ago. I said can't talk now, while 61. I think he ran the full marathon.

A little over five hours and been to Israel since he was 12 so basically he had been to Israel and he and and I'm at and I want to give away the like. The climactic moment yet about what the real.

The best part of it is, but for me and it's so crazy to say it, but for me as an Orthodox Jew to be building bridges. You know this. I spoke at the Billy Graham library couple years ago. Yeah I'm I'm going out all these conventions and speaking in churches and I love it.

I think it's so important and so fascinating for me to have that to have that opportunity.

Yet it's and it isn't no less a privilege and and for me now to be in a position where I can offer Christians an opportunity to come to Israel and connect meaningfully, not through the windows of a tour bus but on the ground in the land with the people doing service projects that were actually funding easy one of the it's very normal people hear the word marathon in the non-runner will get a little pushback by that I don't run will great come and walk with us or come and sit with me and Barry be in the cheering section where you have a couple spots outside the Jaffa gate at the end of the race where we can look with look for Pete for people wearing our blue shirts and cheering them on, and also being inspired by them in the thousands of other people who participate with what I'm creating what we created is a Christian experience. So for instance on Thursday night the night before the marathon. It's customary you know you eat a high carb pasta meals in order to have the physical energy, but we've transform that we do the pasta that's important, but were transforming that into a spiritual experience. What is it mean to you as a Christian tomorrow morning to be waking up really early and and walking to the start line of a full or half marathon in a little bit later. The five and 10K. What does it mean for you as a Christian to be walking or running through the city of Jerusalem. You see God's fingerprints all over the place and and Shabbat. We do a traditional Shabbat dinner in the hotel that I host as if it were in my home and Sunday we do worship together which is which is dangerous territory for me as an Orthodox Jew because I know that there are so many different traditions and denominations, and I feel like I'm in a in a a minefield that I'm gonna step on a Mina blow off a foot or something but it's all with really good good spirit and good intentions of bringing people and that alone and you know the word Diana good with that I can rest my head on that but that we also offer people the opportunity as any marathoner 10K race would to have their friends and family. Sponsor them, sponsor them to go toward project with our project or a basket of things that are programmatically and fiscally viable to have real strong integrity in what they do and that are or should be important to Christians.

I don't want to just give money to somebody who wants money that there there a handful of things that were doing that are relevant and were supporting those so the money that people bring in the collective from all of it and we have 400 people next year.

We have the potential to bring in $1 million.

That's really exciting because that's trance that that's transforming its blessing Israel in a very big way. But then the biggest piece of all of it and I look at this. My father was a chemist so I look even though he and and and that Israeli Jew that acts and he's always speaking in my head. I lay look at life and a lot of times is a formula and what's one of the best formulas in the Bible God says I will bless those who bless you, he doesn't say bless Israel I'm Lord your God. He says bless Israel and I will bless you we could go on for days talking about how he does or can bless us.

Then Jonathan the Orthodox Jew from Israel comes along and says great. I got one raise $3200 for your personal crowdfunding page and working to give you land package for free so you spin your dream to come to Israel ask ask 100 people to give you 32 bucks and you're there. We give you the land package raise $5500. I will give you land plus up to $1400 for airfare. So for most places in the world in the month of March. You can fly to Israel for under $1400 and therefore you have a free trip and you are not only going there and receiving that blessing, but you're actually participating physically in blessing Israel as Christians would say as a missions trip.

It really is because were were hands on with the programs that were funding. I understood that that was important from a matter of integrity but is it but it was so much more important from our participants because it added dimension to that really meaningful experience. They were already having whole lot their friends run for Zion.calm in the next March from a legal March our trip in May and we also it's so important to connect with people on the ground and get involved with humanitarian work on the ground of something important to us is as well know Jonathan are our last tour, I'm I'm at. Every night I do so. There was a true group have meals together and then I met different sites during the week doing special teaching and things like that because we have a tour guide you're going every and they know the archaeology and history better than I do. So I'll be teaching in select places so were all thick hotel and I said okay that Western Wasit and head back to the hotel and it was it was February. It was a little cold and rainy and I they said it's a bit of this is your take a taxi sit on a walk so I got my GPS and of course my GPS is trying to say all that he renames in English and I just followed it walking so it was but it was it took me 45 minutes at a healthy pace but it was uphill the entire way.

But I loved every second of it. I love the walking being there and just as I'm sure it living there. The mystique the wonder of it doesn't go away. So just just a minute before the break. What happens to participants how are they impacted well. I will, I would ask you to watch the video we have it on our homepage run for because they will see the testimonies of the people who have participated so far as many of the people were were in Israel for the first time in men and some of those were apologetic.

They said we had this opportunity can come to Israel anytime is just a matter of buying a plane ticket and one guy was in service in Turkey and never made it just from Turkey to Israel and being there with us this past March.

He felt guilty apologetic that he had never that no one had ever made this a bigger priority on his life. We had a woman come from Alabama, 46-year-old single woman came by herself furthest from home she'd ever been was Mexico and and this was transforming for her, and were not doing the first-timers trip.

It's a more of a vote of an upper-level 400 level class and it was amazing because people just got to experience multiple dimensions, rather than just the tourism but we asked, we are inviting people, encourage people and were bringing churches and other ministries in his partners to promote it with us to bring their own team.

My friends run for eight you have a question about Israel today usually quite a question like we always do Thursdays, 866-348-7884. You Jewish related questions welcome today.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is Orthodox to losing his religion judiciary, which is called the West bank. He knows things from the inside.

In that regard, and if you miss the first half of the broadcast good run for If you just tuning in, and you're wondering those of you that only watch on YouTube while we sent you over to Facebook.

We have been banned from doing any live streaming on YouTube for one week as a penalty for exposing the vile hate speech and anti-Semitism of true news. We exposed hate speech and got penalized for hate speech so we've appealed immediately and told him you got the wrong guys were the ones exposing the hate speech here were the ones speaking against those words that can lead to hatred of Jews and violence against Jews were good guys here but we have committed this to God in prayer wherever YouTube does. If they recognize their error and take away the strike against us and open up the doors freely. That will rejoice in that if they go through with their their disciplinary measure, then I'm to believe God can use that to get the message all the more loudly so sitting with Jonathan Feldstein, Jonathan, you know that over the years there has been a history and ugly history of professing Christians persecuting Jews. You also know that there is a very deep and wonderful love for Israel and the Jewish people among many Christians, especially evangelicals. I've run into it literally around the world for 47 years. So yes, I know that there is a very ugly quote Christian anti-Semitism. But what blesses me is to see the heart of God expressed.

Christians truly love Israel and the Jewish people there a lot of objections that are raised were often told that that Israel is an apartheid state or Israel's genocidal and it's not right for Christians to stand with Israel so you live in what's called the West Bank, taught talk about life on the ground talk about the reality of Jews in the Arab Palestinians living there. Israel's Hartford Justice where Israel fall short. Just just began to talk to us or someone that lives there and simply cares about people yet so so where we live. It's just across the valley from Bethlehem and I hear and see Bethlehem out the front of my house and it's important because I'm hearing the call to prayer the Islamic call to prayer, the wind blows in the right direction five times a day and conversely I'm hearing church bells twice a day and I every time hear the church bells always pray that I hear them the next day because life in life. For Christians among the Palestinian Authority, which currently controls Bethlehem and other cities throughout West Bank Judy and Samaria isn't so easy and natural important is important for us as Jews as well have yet so it's not the Israelis that are restricting and persecuting Christians living in Bethlehem and things like that know that Israel Israel is no responsibility for Bethlehem as part of area C is he is Mary a that we withdrew from. According to the Oslo accords more than 20 from almost 25 years ago Arius area a is under full Palestinian Authority control and that includes Bethlehem includes remodel includes have run most of have run it includes, but what most of the major Arab cities throughout Judea and Samaria West Bank hello everyone: and and there's been a mass exodus has been a transformation in terms of the demographics Bethlehem of all places in the world used to be 8090% Christian today if the opposite today it's 10 or 20% Christian and and I feel that I'm a friend is a pastor there I'm there I went there when I was a kid I've been back is there's a big red sign as you approach Arius area a that it's illegal for Israelis to go into these areas. So it's not worth it for me as much as I is I want to stand in solidarity with him and as much as I'm curious about my neighbors and and I don't have anything hateful and I think honestly, most of my neighbors who you can't see the. The air quotes on on radio, but people call us settlers and sellers comes along with a pejorative label as if where he forward to taking over Palestinian Arab land that were burning down their fields or or or whatever it may be I actually find quite the opposite.

I think most of my friends and neighbors who are right of center Orthodox Israeli Jews have a much higher level of respect for our Palestinian Arab neighbors. We work together we shop together come into a grocery store in English at Sion where I live during Ramadan in the late afternoon.

Using this fabulous mix of Arab and Israeli excuse me is Israeli Jews in Arab Palestinians working together shopping together coexisting, being polite, we share the roads. A lot of people in in in my town prefer to go to the hardware store. The just outside of town because you get better prices and better service from the Palestinian Arabs of all of this all of the businesses in that area of the Arab businesses market Hebrew because they know that their integrally related with us financially and they shouldn't be dependent upon us. We use that as a foundation. I think for civil getting along today. All of us know to some of them believe that we have no right to be there and that those who build our houses eventually think that they're going to come and take over houses. Maybe, but I'm friendly with the guy Omar who is the who was the contractor who supervised the building of our house 15 years ago and I believe that he's a father of five am a father of six were more or less the same age we have the same desire in life to to to get along to live peacefully to earn a living and put food on the table for family are there some settlers that are right wing extremists that give us settlers a bad name. Risk is a myth. Well, they wouldn't think that they give us a better day but I believe so, yes, of course, there are absolutely there are and there are people who are who are intolerant who believe as much is the Arab extremists believe that we have no place there that the Arabs have no place there we can do a whole to our show just on the derivation of the Palestinian Arabs. Those who call themselves Palestinians now and where they came from and how they got there and and and some are indigenous and some are immigrants now and descendents of immigrants I used to work for one was his family seven generations ago came from Egypt, but is a part. Now he happens to be an Israeli and and and a proud Israeli that there there there is any number of people don't get along and don't trust one another and don't like one another and would rather see the others that were there and short of God thing that neither you or I can project today on we know ultimately but what can happen today, tomorrow, next week were there to coexist and and will there ever be peace, as in a in a Western form.

I don't know I'm not.

I'm not holding my breath on that and that's especially powerful considering my oldest son is going into paratroopers next month. That's real life there by necessity get a Jewish or is related question specially so that Jonathan can answer 866-348-7884 is the recall Jonathan one state solution is it possible is feasible and you hear the problems with the two state solution, and clicks articulated that others have raised questions about it, then youth about one state solution. How does it work out demographically. Could you maintain a Jewish state. Would you expect the Arab Palestinians to sing hot Tikva Minnis complications everywhere and ultimately I don't believe that total lasting peace will risk to come anywhere in the world until the Messiah returns in your view, the Messiah comes. Obviously, but it was sure sought on one state versus two. State if you just giving a pragmatic opinion. Pragmatically, I put in God's hands. I have with that right. I i.e. don't see the one state solution, because, frankly, I don't want I don't think that Israel is not meant to have it what we were restored to the land to be a Jewish country.

I will wait we can talk about whether in modern days, Israel has an obligation to be a democratic Jewish country, but it is I don't think that we have a need or obligation to absorb another two or 3 million Palestinian Arabs as first-class citizens, second-class citizens in any capacity.

I think that that Palestinians can be given some form of independence and they should prosper and be well in adjacent communities. They're not leaving anytime soon nor we and our our lives are or what what were kind of tied at the hip. A lot of what the some of the Palestinians even go back to to being Jews and it's correct. I would love to do a DNA test and then and start walking through Palestinian Arab neighborhoods and tell them that there really Jews, that would be fun but I don't see an end and the failure of the two state which it it it's two state is only a pipedream unsealing a pipe dream because we don't have anyone to make peace with understand, and so to to continue to project this formula doesn't have that that has a missing ex that you just can't fill right you know you know what needs to be the outcome right, but but but the element is not there and it for the foreseeable future won't be there. Hate we've got Pastor Ray Hardy excellent.

He is on the line array.

I'm not sure if you and I have met in all the time been in Charlotte. But thanks for calling. Answer 61 years: on the promise yet 61 years old. Running a marathon in Jerusalem that's that's an accomplishment myth five hours.

That's a long time to be moving the trip impact to overall after so many years being outside of Israel to be back in the land that have impacted well, yeah, focus or you're going to live all right of Glenn on John Blair and Jonathan adjust major runner more heroic. So that's all good about their problem. So people would beautiful agony. Had running but a lot of your agonizing, especially because it help me to identify all people gone through the weight of the entire trip land was theme will then be able to identify what the Holocaust want to make Alea back on the plan to collect child along with will and now that I'm going home.

One thing that really powerful way. The moving and running in the fifth of the Jewish people and other Messiah pleasure for me to be able especially to those people that have made off on and make it possible by going on right like other people would help me make it possible to be a part of the awesome. Hey listen that it that this is amazing to hear and I'm on the local messianic Jew, so you can touch Israel just by being will have to get together one day.

Or I absolutely my parents were not part of the myth congregation near Allen okay awesome yeah I know the folks there. Well, all right. God bless. Great talking to. Thanks for calling. Answer goblet. I say friends we come back let's talk about the third Temple got a question there and is there Jewish expectation about that Ron place to go like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends, for when enough on the line far and through the church services through the Jewish host Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH 78847 was my thoroughly Jewish guest Jonathan Feldstein and listen we could talk about the million hours about the areas we differ on in and how we see Jesus, Yeshua, etc. so that they will have more opportunity that in the days ahead. But we are sitting together with our common love for Israel with our astonishment. Wonder what God has done is just it's it. What can I say it's a god experience.

I asked my friend Scott Falcons lead dozens of tourist Israel supports the quickest anybody was ever impacted on the trip. He said the guy got off the plane in Tel Aviv when he walked off the plane started weeping seller be the city's choice. That was pretty quick because it Neil Armstrong yeah 50 years ago we set foot on the moon. Neil Armstrong of course be one of our pioneer hero astronauts, but he's got a gruesome story has a gruesome story is really powerful and 25 years after he was on the moon. He came to Jerusalem for the first time that he was asked by a whole is host was archaeologist to bring him to a place where Jesus walked. Where was certain the Jesus walk so they went. You've been there.

The southern steps of the mountain, all Jewish.

Now there's a route that now we have uncovered the whole road that leads to that point, the pilgrims wrote through the city of David, but the southern steps you can imagine thousands of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Jewish pilgrims walking up those steps in sync going to the temple for for the festivals and an end to bring offerings with during the course of the year so Neil Armstrong sitting there and he's grilling this guy who's is always your sure Jesus that you walk here you sure he had a meat we don't know on that exact stone, but he was there and and and his hose that yes yes he definitely had and Neil Armstrong articulate and have the exact words in front of me, but I wrote about in town hall this week nuance of that was more meaningful for him to walk in the footsteps of Jesus than to have been the first man to walk on them yet. In fact we were there with our tour group earlier this year. Our tour guide sitting on those very steps told the very story and it's it's an amazing story. See you got it get there.

March run for or may S Dr. join us in his right. Let's let's grab another call.

Here I will go to Solomon in California.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello hello yeah I do have a quick smoked or yeah okay according to conservative Bible teachers throughout the 80 to 90. I told the worn ergonomic crack that will appear on Brian Keith Buell in the middle you can bring people mentally and on. You will actually over the third Temple being built and it will prepare the way or the antichrist. I understand that your Christian or women are prepared to building I noticed that all metric Avenue in Trump Tower. The temple of the sun god Apollo in the fixed fixed glory of all the stuff glorifying Apollo in the one God in the yet upside down pyramid bonded Trump tower but but with all of you like that there's something going on here tell you it is. I remember when I was talking to a woman Christian woman during the presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan and she pointed out to me. Ronald Wilson Reagan six letters in each name.

666 and then of course there is Mikhail Gorbachev and it looked like he was doing all this great good there and bring down the wall and bringing on communism the Iron Curtain, but he had the mark of the beast on his four head so someone we've heard a lot of this before. I don't want to be disrespectful to taking this seriously, but to what I'm in a put in my bet today. Jared Kushner is not the antichrist but my bet today is not the antichrist but Jonathan let me ask you this is your average Israeli your average religious is really very religious and secular trips all different ones what they think they focused on building third Temple. This is the business of more of an issue among some evangelical Christians with the prophecy books than people in Israel being a secular or religious when they think about 1/3 attempt.

While certainly it's it it's the thing on the radar religious Orthodox Israelis died I can't.

I don't believe it's on the radar at all of of secular Israelis except for the is, except to the extent that they sometimes hear rumors of someone wanting to build the temple and they got all annoyed by that because necessarily involves taking down a mosque with the golden dome. That's up there right now. What would my review averages secular Israeli be annoyed with that because the because they don't think that we should upset the status quo on the Temple Mount and yet is good.

Orthodox Israelis like myself will we pray regularly for the restoration for the reappearance of the of the temple button in your mind is that something that people go about doing or that this will be part of the will of the Messiah accomplishes yes is the answer. The answer is yes, but I will give you another another answer. I once sat on a plane going home with Rabbi Chaim Richman okay Temple Institute and we were talking together with about music and and then I had one of my most brilliant fundraising ideas ever.

I said let's start billion-dollar capital campaign and have the money in the bank to show God that were ready whenever he gives us an opportunity God and look there. There were many Orthodox Jews, ultra-Orthodox Jews that opposed the modern state of Israel and said this is for Messiah to do this is political.

This is secular and then you have a secular state, which is the worst thing is going to incite anti-Semitism and then after the Holocaust. Many more said okay we can see this as being part of the larger redemption so then either you don't know how the thing will unfold in and obviously we can have a thousand discussions about about antichrist and prophecy in different Jewish roots. Christian use. We won't do that right now but I'm just looking a question from Tracy in Texas because time is short for Braun.

What's the situation there when I was the only pro-Israel speaker the Christ at the checkpoint conference last year in Bay Cholla and in Bethlehem first day they took speakers through COBRA want to say look at how terrible this is. Look at what Israel is done to us and and and so on you another perspective on uncut Braun history there. I know there were violent attacks on Jews back in the 30s and have grown but can you give us just a two minute overview of the situation there yellow that's interesting. I wrote about this regarding the one of the congresswomen here recently in 1929 was a massacre that did nothing to do with occupation and nothing to do with with the state of Israel had nothing to do with Israel being a Zionist entity that didn't, that wasn't the case. 20 and 67 Jews from a mistake or massacre on one day either either neighbors, Arab neighbors, and have run today. I don't know the exact percent of the vast majority the city something like 80 or 90% of the city is under Palestinian Authority control were talking earlier but area a B and C that's under area a Israel controls a small portion which is where the minority of a maybe a thousand Jews live which covers the that the tomb of the patriarchs, which is holy to certainly us as Jews and Moslems as well. They've made a mosque out of out of a part of that you have you been there. Yes, yes, it's interesting to see the hello trying it very looks very Islamic and the and as they've adopted the pet the patriarchs as some sort of leaders and in Islam. It it it it certainly a place where there is where there is more tension on a daily basis and sometimes attention is exposed to violence.

People who will go out to defame Israel will pointed that as to that small portion of the city of Peron where Palestinian Arabs are not don't have freedom to pass because there are risks for security among the Jews, but they don't go to the 80% of the rest of the city with a 200,000 Houston inns who live in engage in life on a daily basis with no impediments at all yet and we deftly did see that part of when we were given our or tour. Bottom line of Jonathan is that human beings, human beings and yes you have dangerous radical Islamic leadership and yes you can have dangerous extremist view Jewish or Arab, especially younger people growing up. They would rather just get along. That's a big part of what you're trying to do is let's just be friends and neighbors.

Yet we we we we are human beings that are created in God's image and we need to: coexist, we need to be respectful on a human basis, but cannot leave 2 AM eight peaceful accommodation on a personal basis, where the vile things that come out of the Palestinian Authority and some Islamic leaders that the Jews horrific things and you know what they are about Jews certainly having a right to be there and then that we are descendents of apes and pigs and all these other silly things that they say I think that I think that these interactions probe for some people to go home and at least think twice about that. If not, speak quietly to their own children. Yeah, you know, I work with Jonathan and Ann and his family in the bin is home. The very lovely and respectful and and don't believe that nonsense that you hear. Hopefully that's getting that that is the message getting through yet and I think because prejudice can be on all sides but people just get to know other people yes realize what you have the same concern considering your kids for future well-being living in peace and security and those are common ideals and obviously we await the final piece that the King of Kings brings but we do our best to to live peacefully be a blessing and love our neighbors 1/2 to replicable her love your neighbor like your self so check out run for, especially if you are a runner is like an amazing experience, and Johnson. Hopefully our next trip.

Israel you can hook up with yes introducer term. She is well liked friends 30 minutes from now come back on Facebook*you run asking your rent on Facebook will live UNA event.

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