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The House Makes an Israel Statement

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 25, 2019 5:40 pm

The House Makes an Israel Statement

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 25, 2019 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/25/19.

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What House of Representatives sent a message a bipartisan message and it was pro-Israel stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Burrell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of the fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, the fabric of our country.

What was the Boston tea party to boycott. Where would we be now without the boycott led by civil rights activist in the 1950s and 60s like the Montgomery bus boycott in union, United Farm workers great boycott. I was the voice of Representative Rashida to be one of the so-called squad members speaking out in favor of the BDS movement. The house sent a strong message back will talk about that. Welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you here somebody call 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Any Jewish related question of any kind to all the critics who post ugly anti-Semitic comments day and night on our YouTube channel. Give me a call and defend one of your accusations against Israel over the Jewish people or the Talmud love to have civil discussion.

Flexibility on Mayan 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and looks like we are back live streaming on YouTube. After being banned from doing so for week will talk about that more in the moment but shout out to all of our friends watching on YouTube. Glad to have you back all right in the midst of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in America in a very real way, in a tangible way in a way that is even led to bloodshed, violence in the midst of that there has been great concern as some of the members of the House of Representatives elected governing officials have come out with blatantly anti-Semitic comments, none more offensive than those of Representative Don Omar and there was a push from some of the newer house members to to push forward with the BDS movement to support the BDS movement.

The boycott, divestment, sanctions movement against Israel, which is really a movement to delegitimize Israel and thankfully the house overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning the movement to boycott Israel to avoid the vote was 398 to 17. Of course, to the anti-Semites us will be further proof that you see the Jews on Congress to choose on the Senate house to those who are thinking rationally thank God for this resolution.

It doesn't say you're not allowed to participate in the BDS movement or believe in it, but it is condemning the movement and the language specifically in the bill's is this the resolution that the boycott is remove and promotes principles of collective guilt, mass punishment and group isolation which are destructive of prospects for progress towards peace New York Times article quotes a Ted Deutch, Democrat of Florida backer of the rental resolution. He said, but BDS doesn't seek social justice.

It seeks a world in which the state of Israel doesn't exist, that that is the bottom line. Let me read some of the text of this resolution, and then I want to play some shocking comments from Representative Rashida to sleep in favor of the BDS movement so how's resolution 246 opposing efforts to delegitimize the state of Israel in the global boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement targeting Israel. The resolution says this where's the Democratic Jewish state of Israel is a key ally and strategic partner of the United States were, since Israel's founding in 1948, Congress has repeatedly expressed her nation's unwavering commitment to the security of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state was American policy is long sought to bring peace to the Middle East and recognize that both the Israeli and Palestinian people should be able to live in safe and sovereign states free from fear and violence with mutual recognition were support for peace between Israelis and Palestinians has long-standing bipartisan support in Congress witnesses the long standing policy United States to the peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to come through direct negotiations between the government, Israel and the Palestinian Authority with the support of countries in the region around the world.

It goes on with further statements like that then it resolves and says this resolved that the House of Representatives opposes the global boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement BDS movement targeting Israel, including efforts to target United States companies that are engaged in commercial activities that are legal under United States law, and all efforts to delegitimize the state of Israel.

It affirms that the global boycott investment sanctions movement undermines the possibility for a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by the many concessions of one party alone and encouraging the Palestinians to regret reject negotiations in favor of international pressure. It urges Israelis and Palestinians to return to direct negotiations is the only way to achieve an end to these really posting a conflict goes on with a few more things like that.

Bottom line, bottom line is it's saying why the BDS movement is unjust. It is saying that the BDS movement seeks to delegitimize Israel as a nation and punish Israel as a nation and ultimately make it impossible for Israel to exist as a nation and puts pressure on one side alone. The house condemns the BDS movement so Rashida to leave speaking out in favor of the BDS movement and say why this should not be a resolution being passed, had this to say Americans boycotted Nazi Germany in response to dehumanization, imprisonment, and genocide of Jewish people in the 1980s, many of us in this very body boycotted South African good in the fight against apartheid, low. This is a bit of a shocker. I read the transcript of her quotes.

First, I thought not get something wrong here because it was one week ago that representative Johan Omar stood up and made a similar speech and and she introduced a resolution defending the BDS movement and she likened it to America boycotting Nazi Germany as the Nazis are slaughtering the Jews and and now here's a movement to delegitimize Israel and she sang it. We should participate in this assembly we participated in boycotting the Nazis.

So now the Israelis are the. The Nazis at one week later wishing to leave makes exact same statement. Hey, we boycotted the Nazis in in in in in the 40s that we should boycott Israel today. To call that tone deaf is an insult to people who tone deaf. This is mind-boggling. Really, tone deaf and a glaring Jewish blind spot mind-boggling. So an engineer to leave wants to explain why this resolution condemning the BDS movement is wrong.

Here's what she said are free our right to free speech is being threatened with this resolution. If that's a dangerous precedent because it attempts to delegitimize a certain people's political speech and to send a message that our government can and will take action against speech. It doesn't like.

Actually, no one stopping free speech. She got up and said what she wanted and every day of the week. People who speak against Israel and their supporting the BDS movement.

Same with their want to say no one is saying that you cannot speak out. According to this bill would say that the house condemns the BDS movement. It is a resolution stating that it is a resolution giving a position as a good position here sleeves is not your delegitimizing the people's ability to speak out. Where is this is delegitimizing a movement seeking a general delegitimize Israel. You've got to realize that in the anti-Israel rhetoric the BDS movement is not simply say, look, we want equality in the region and we want just treatment it is seeking to punish Israel any American company said that would be working with Israel.

You got it avast your an investment you made. You got it divested up a lot.

You can't be working with his company supporting them. You can have your companies working in Israel, the words we want the collapse of the state of Israel, that would be the ultimate outcome of the BDS movement and it makes no demands of the Palestinians admit it doesn't recognize the other issues going on. It doesn't recognize how eager Israel has been to live in peace with Palestinian neighbors. If the Palestinians that the leadership the radicals where you are, say, would put down their murderous desires to wipe out Israel.

So here typical rhetoric, I'm looking at an article here Auschwitz is here in Palestine says PA leader G Brook Road tube so this is reported by power Palestinian media watch. So according to this former Jordanian minister on official CATV Housing Authority TV Israel is a racist state rejecting the other in a Nazi hit Larry in manner it has outdone what Hitler did. Auschwitz is here in Palestine so yeah it's true that the Palestinians living in the so-called West Bank and Gaza expressed some hardship because of the situation. Yes, it's true that they do not have all the liberties and freedoms that the Arabs living in Israel have. That's because of the Palestinian government all right but the bottom line is, even if Israel has not behaved perfectly. Even if Israel could step up and do an even better job in its relations with the Palestinians. The fact is, they have grown and thrived by the millions. They have gone from 200,000 roughly that stayed all right and and in the land within Israel.

They've grown to about 1,000,000 1/2 and those in Gaza, those in the in the so-called West Bank.

They have thrived and grown by the millions, as opposed to the Germans, the Nazis, wiping out two thirds of all European Jews this, the Nazis, specifically being guilty of that you're gonna make a comparison you're going to say Auschwitz is here in Palestine where it will show me please the concentration camps where the Palestinians are being worked to death and and putting gas chambers. Show me please show me please where they're getting decimated, herded often in in trains to their death.

Please show me that children were Israel is wiping out two out of every three Palestinians all yes for sure there are difficulties for the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank. But I can assure you that if Hamas was not leading Gaza and if you had a peaceful, open-minded Palestinian leadership that wanted to work with the Israelis they would be thriving.

Economically, they would be thriving. Socially be thriving in so many other ways, and the same when it comes to the West Bank. Although Israel has been far from perfect but to compare Israel to the Nazis to compare with Israel is done of its relationship to the Palestinians, try to stop terrorism from wiping them out with Israel is done in response to compare that to the Nazis is audibly immoral and perhaps representatives to get up and miss that is an absolute shock thank God the house since a message in response.

Good news our friends phone lines are open.

Got a bunch more to say about a bunch of topics, but the lines are open 866-348-7884 related call his welcome with challenge anything I just said call me and we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown (230. I'm holding a book in my hands mucking to hold it up completely out. Just see the inside is on reading of the cover colors might not show properly with our backdrop your butt excited to Scott this is my hands. Jezebel's war with America plot to destroy the country. What we can do to turn the tide, all of you who preordered through our website will be getting the signed and sent out in the next few days. I cannot wait to do that everyone else, if you've not yet preordered. Take my word for this one. Go to Jezebel's war with Jezebel's war with go there today and preorder you can preorder on Amazon or Christian book reviewers are links to all those in the when you preorder you immediately get the first three chapters sent you a PDF form.

Then you'll get the e-book free to get the hardcover the e-book free the datable comes out. You also get the e-book of my book, playing with holy fire absolutely free. You get the many e-book seven secrets to the real Messiah. You get two more videos over $50 free materials when you preorder that's how strongly the publisher felt about this. I thought you you kidding me, you seriously want to do… I find you one my stuff. I'm happy with the let's get this out.

So it's been a number one bestseller in advance on Amazon. We are thrilled with the response of those who've gotten the copy in manuscript form in the reading it. So if you haven't preordered Jezebel's war with becomes out August 6. A limited time to take advantage of the preorder special or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Deborah in Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown thank you so much for taking my call on really almost embarrassing to live in, where Omar is supposedly representing us and I just wish we could get her and her cohorts output out of office so anything that it can fill evil. Yes, you click a quick question. Deborah minister question. All right, the critics of of Omar will often criticize Pres. Obama as well and say that there was a concerted effort to bring a lot of Somali immigrants into one part of the country so that they would then have a district in the naked and vote in a Muslim representative and have a Muslim representative in the house would be the only one, but that would that would be a reason for doing it and that it was it was a plan saying I'm glad we have refugees in the country and if we can be a blessing and helped him that's that's wonderful, but eczema living in Minnesota. It is that talked about there is that December some crazy conspiracy theory or do you hear that a lot from people in your state or, quite ironically, I happen to live in an apartment complex where I am a minority, where the majority of the people here are Somali immigrants and other immigrants so it kind of maybe even not fair for you to ask you a question it.

It's very challenging, extremely difficult to be surrounded by Muslims and to see them being given rights and them being given privileges and supports that even our own. Unlike military and people are not given the challenging what we want to have people welcoming our nation who are here to bless this nation and the help to this nation. I definitely have to experience a lot of the opposite yeah very hard year in the mission field you get a great opportunity to share the gospel right I am. And it's been fascinating yet, but I sure need prayer yet so it one more question that in the them that you okay so look, I fully support groups right to come and practice the religion.

For example, I support the right of Orthodox Jews. Alternatives used to live in their own communities and to say hey this is what we practice our faith and were kind of insulated here.

Let's that's that's fine just like you have the mission they they live their way there Delisa so if Muslims came together community and practicing their faith of that's perfectly fine. What would trouble me was if there was an anti-American attitude in the midst of it if if there was if this was kind of fomenting things that were anti-Semitic or blatantly anti-American.

That's what would concern me so it is that what you see, because again Muslims practicing their faith. That's fine, they're welcome to do that in America, but use anything that would trouble you. Beyond that, absolutely.

But again, I haven't been a little bit guarded about how I think I just because of in the midst of what I live, but no, there are definitely aspects going on there. Got it and I it is being talked about. And I also do have to hear the flip side, where people are just we should let everybody hear what the problem and I'm like well you're not the one living in the midst of it very.

I meant that the goal of immigrants coming to America is that they become assimilated into our culture and that they become contributing members for the good of the culture as opposed to come here to be a counter American force that would obviously be not over walking them as much as you want to help refugees in genuine need anyway so your thoughts on on the house resolution of the reason that you called out would love to see this edited. I'm actually looking at the copy of that right now on and I want to comment that there is a Sen. Steve Scully from Louisiana who really would love to see it different anti-BDS bill put to that have some better wording and some stronger wording that gives states and local governments. A much stronger right to uphold media. My concern of course thing. I'm sure you saw this coming.

Because of things I've said before, but the very final line of this it says reaffirmed strong support for a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resulting into data to stateside ionic got it. Yeah, I was looking down at that as I was reading and that something to discuss. And again that's been the historic policy. Up until now, many have argued that it's not viable. That was never viable. Caroline Glick and her one state solution book the beginning that often reference that consists well known as as as it is really spokes Americans really spokeswoman, but she articulates clearly why she feels it would it would fail, but pure is the flip side, though, from what I understand there the receipted sleeves and the Iran Omar's support.

One state solution, which, in their mind would change the, the, the very nature of the Israeli state so that I think may be a pushback against some of their languages. It's it's got to be explored more beliefs and I just would like to see this edited and I would really encourage people to contact their static senators and reps and really just asked for an edited version. We definitely want an anti-BDS bill but it is one probably is not a perfect life yet will so glad to see it because of the overwhelming support that it got and it's certainly provoked a response.

In other words, these freshman reps pushing for something radical and sing.

We want to support BDM and what were they sent what were they thinking they believe that they you can say anything or do anything because the heavens media favor in their there the squad and all this so they got hit with a dose of reality.

Obviously, because the response came back in a, tidal wave response but I can say this and end rather than get into a complicated discussion. I could just say this, that the resolution would not have been one drop less decisive if it left out that final line notices. It talks enough about wanting to have a negotiated peaceful resolution with Israelis and the Palestinians and they have to be the ones negotiating etc. so all for that. The issue to me would be that you don't need to add in that the two state line at the end you could know enough to make that statement.

All this is unrelated to the issues hey Deborah, thanks for calling and may the Lord's grace be with you to be a shining witness for Jesus, 86634 is the number to call. Got this a problem with my email program where it constantly comes up with a box wanting me to sign in again and I'm been trying to get out of it. The PalmSource try to get back to my screen and those watching fear looking to add trying to get the thing off the screen citing his deal with the calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Okay, so a quick update really have nothing new to share regarding our situation with YouTube quick quick recap a few weeks back. They banned our video exposing the anti-Semitism of ethics. Scully, Michael Jones, that we did not receive a strike for that but they banned for hate speech.

So for us, exposing hate speech. We got a video band so we knew it we now have a new category. We put them on our website and Esther to Brown that are cold to hot for YouTube. We have three videos so far, but who knows how many the number will be a we've had up 200-5300 the monetized but the E.

Michael Johnson was the first one band the moment later, so eight days ago to absolute shock. YouTube removed before it could even go live removed or ameat removed the video that we had had on for for some days it was getting a lot of responses, but getting a ton of responses from anti-Semites and Jew haters on some of the ugliest ugly ugly ugly stuff right that got removed for hate speech as as we exposed the hate speech of true news or the anti-Semitism of true news. Obviously a lot of people complain that the anti-Semites Jew haters complain.

As a result of which we we got a strike against us, which banned us from live streaming for week banned us from uploading new videos and we had a Monday videos ready anyway that it really uploaded, but and so this will be can put the radio show up every day, or broadcast on YouTube repealed immediately.

They acknowledged see the appeal but for the first time ever they've not responded to the appeal so you have a strike against us right now. Three strikes your fancy like he's literally God's testimony to for the goal right now to a digital library that asked Dr. Roth asked K. R. Brown dartboard for YouTube videos to hot for you to error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown man Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH often on Thursdays. Always on Fridays, but often on Thursdays or phone lines are jammed callers with Jewish related questions and sometimes it's hard to get through Fridays often very difficult to get through from beginning to end of the show so we get to as many causes as we possibly can, but we happen to have some open lines which often does not happen on a Thursday someone invites you as a great time to call with your Jewish related questions, 866-348-7884 Jewish related Israel related Hebrew related that all fits on a surly Jewish Thursday I just tweeted something out and Esther this our heart is a nonprofit ministry is to reach and impact people. So we raise money to do it if we were for-profit. If we were for-profit organization.

Our goal would be to reach and impact people to make money. It's the opposite with us. Our whole vision to expand to reach more people to put out more quality material.

A whole vision and reason for doing that is to touch lives for the glory of God to reach Jewish people with the good news of Yeshua. We have some amazing opportunities presented themselves before us in Israel to partner with some key workers into it to play a lead role. It all requires funding to do it. There is a great burden to get my material materials out more fully the relevant ones in Hebrew in Israel. We have very limited translated into Hebrew. So for this great vision and burden to do that takes funds to do it for me to go over Israel until over Israel to pour in their takes funds to do it to train and raise up others takes funds to be on the air with you or takes funds so as we appeal for funds. The whole goal is the opposite of a for-profit company or organization.

The whole goal is to raise more funds to touch more people in our whole team and staff work together sacrificially working in in ways that they give themselves to the to the cause. In order to help us reach people with the good news of the site. Here's a great way that you can partner with us right. This will send us one more thing and then we can open up the Hebrew Scriptures are you gonna like this. Trust me, you gets anomalous. A great way that you can participate with us for just pennies a day is to become a patriotic supporter we know if your member of a local congregation. You're probably giving there. You might be tithing there regularly.

There may be other ministries you support may be you.

You help with the compassion ministry and sponsor child oversees the help of the missionaries is wonderful. Don't don't think Adamo him from that. Please know, but with patriarch just pennies a day. If we get enough people it makes a massive difference alike $0.30 or something per day American cents right $0.30 a day roughly $10 more a month. You become a full-blown partner and you get to bonus videos every week. Right now recording a series on Hebrews that you will be getting is a patron partner and then once a week we do a YouTube kata Q&A chat and soon as it's done. We archive it privately. But you get to see it as a patron supporter so you helping us put up more cutting edge mature we love to do more radio time we left it to expand onto Internet in video form. There's so much we want to do, but we do with your partnership. So if you help they'll be amazing that you have no idea everybody does their part. Instead of having hundred 67 patron supporters. We have 1067 and there's so much more able to do that. Bless you reach Jewish people and beyond with the good news. So thank you. Here's where you go.

It is Dr. Brown patriarch Dr. Brown a SK Dearborn by the way, we have things set up that the moment you become a patron supporter we get in email notification so you do it.

Moby being getting the pings in the background I will hear but at other team members will will let you know that you just joined this will feel it just if you cannot drive a standard cell phone and do that art 866-34-TRUTH before go to the phones I want to open up to the Scriptures and we want to go into second Chronicles chapter 16 it's it's a fascinating passage that that I want to take a look at with you all right and if it's talking about King saw right King I saw was a a godly king. And when you read that the previous two chapters, here's here's what happens right and will leave the text up there. This is from this for real website with the Hebrew text followed by the English, so it in in the.

The 14th chapter, second Chronicles tells us how King saw was attacked by an overwhelming army. There's no way they could fight against them so he earnestly sought the Lord suing Hebert's garage to seek, he sought the Lord and God delivered him so thou tells us in the 50th chapter how he made it an edict throughout Israel, that whoever didn't seek the Lord would die. This we had a prayer certain number of hours they it meant the dreaded turn away from all other gods and idols and just worship the Lord and to seek the Lord. So now chapter 16 all right, this is later in his reign.

He said peace for many years in the 36 year of the reign of of us socking Bosch of Israel marched against Judah and built up from the Blanco movement to King us of Judah assault took all the silver and gold from the treasuries of the house of the Lord. The royal palace something to King banner.of a ROM who resided in Damascus with the message you help us so this is this is a real shocker right real shocker instead of relying on the Lord like you did before. Instead of trusting the Lord like he did all these years earlier instead of building on the godly heritage that he had instead he took things from the Lord's treasury writing, it would be like you been giving money to your congregation for years in the gonna build a new center to fit to help the homeless, and it did indigent in your city and now something comes up and they take that money and use it to hire some PR firm to fight against some bad presses like that that was designated money to play with the Lord's money.

So not only does he do that but he hires a pagan king to fight his battles instead of leaning on the Lord. So let's go back to the chapter we skip down a few verses and we see beginning in verse, it will tells us what happened and how the other King intervened, etc., then it says begin verse seven. At that time Connelly, the seer came to King us of Judah and said to him, because relied on the king of her Rama did not rely on the Lord your God. Therefore, the Army of the King or overpromise literary henchmen to deal with them. You're supposed to judge him the Cushites and Libyans were a mighty army with chariots and horsemen in very great numbers. It's chapter 14 it because you relied on the Lord.

He delivered them into your hands and then of verse elliptical. In Hebrew, Chi Adonai, for the Lord enough Michelle to tote the skull arts. His eyes go back and forth through the whole earth because sake in the valve on chalet mala to stand in strong support of those whose hearts are holy. His right then he says you've acted foolishly in this matter and henceforth you be beset by wars also was vexed by the seer and put them into the stocks, for he was furious with him because of that assault afflicted cruelties.

Some of the people at the time the eczema sought early later recorded in the annals of the king of Judah and Israel. The 39th year of his reign, a sauce suffered from an acute foot ailment right so it says in Hebrew VF loss sub each nonsolution invitation of the mouth who tell so he suffers from this in his feces in the third ninth year of his reign. He gets sick in his feet oddly monologue in the extreme way. All right, that's how bad is on the Moloch held will call you that his sickness was extreme. This is this the gobble call yo but even in his sickness, though there should not deny he didn't seek the Lord, T roof in but rather the physicians now. I focused on this in my doctoral dissertation. Decades ago, because it's a verse about healing and its verse that was used and has been used over the years, this it's wrong to go to doctors.

That's unbelief you just seek the Lord for healing and look what happened to also he.what if you put trust in an earthly doctor and reject faith in God. That's that's a problem, but doctors are here to help doctors refute or support God's program which is healing there on God's side. In that respect hospitals on God's side. In that respect fight against sickness and disease, etc. but what happens here.

The Hebrew is very precise and a few interesting things when you say Donna Raasch the direct object.

So to seek the Lord and he would do Raasch at other nights to seek the Lord, that is to to go after him and worship to look to him to trust in him. All right if you say Donna Raasch bit with an indirect object in a certain preposition bit. That means to consult in an oracular fashion. Do Raasch bit the foreign gods do Raasch there, the, the sorcerers right and it says here that Assad did not seek the Lord, but rather so he did not do Raasch Ed seek the Lord direct object, but rather do Raasch bit indirect object. The physicians which would indicate most likely pagan physicians, but certainly idolatrous physicians. Certainly physicians who are not true.

Yahweh worshipers in other words, the idiom is telling us that he rather than sought the Lord for healing. Instead he went to idolatrous physicians hee hee made that that is the idiom it's being used in the fact that the verb is used twice in the same verse once for the direct object and once with the indirect object is telling you it doesn't mean rather than seek help from the Lord. He said sought help from medical doctors a rather than seek help from the Lord, he saw oracular help from pagan physicians and and we know are ungodly physicians. We know that was very common among physicians in ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia. It was very common for them to also be priests of various gods and they would rely on these various potions which which would have then blessing of the deity and those kind. It'll all it is a mixture here is the order IN Awsat's name. It is a short form of a name that would've originally been something like açai or Awsat, L but Awsat itself means he'll yeah or healer us, he would be physician so rather than leaning on the Lord for his healing this man whose name probably originally was. God heals, Yahweh heals right. Maybe his mother was sick and unable to bear it. Conceive and she gave birth.

Or maybe she had a hard pregnancy, whatever. Or maybe somebody been healed and they want to commemorated his name was originally something like daughter, Yahweh heals and and what happens instead of leaning on the Lord. He failed to lean on the Lord when he was attacked by enemies.

Now he failed to lead on the Lord, even in extreme sickness. Instead, the regular consultation with physicians. What an irony with a man whose name is God, or Yahweh field while so some insights from the Hebrew Bible on surly Jewish it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and French horn important announcement to make to all of our friends in the New York City area and if you missed the news we now have disposable North America. We got our copies to sign and send out in advance comes on August 6. If you haven't preordered yet. It's a bestseller ready on Amazon never had the expectation like this for book coming out. There seems to be something going on, folks praying and fasting for its impact on the nation which is looking to the Lord to do something through this holy Jezebels war with preorder today and get over $50 of free e-books and materials when you do Jezebels war with fact, if you prefer e-books then order the book by pre-ordering it and give away the hardcover and just keep the e-book's youth e-book free when you preorder all right over the Geon was going to John California but do they want to stay in New York for a minute… Put up this headline. There is an article in Jewish press and Orthodox Jewish publication Shmuel Abbate off to debate Giuffre Usha on New Testament anti-Semitism is get a picture irrevocably altered picture of him actually suits a lot younger there a picture of me for my testimony on one for Israel. Glad to see that. And of course is nothing good about me enough to get about the basins positive on smoothie but were thrilled chosen people hosting this debate is thrilled the debate will be August 8 in New York City in Manhattan. Admission is free. Details on the website asked Dr. Brown asked if your brown villages. Click on itinerary there and you will see the details.

Love to see you lift agree to their New York City but you say what's that just discussing that's the way the traditional view would say the name of Jesus.

They will not actually pronounce his name to them.

It's like profanity say that's terrible.

Yes it's terrible. It's ugly. They have no clue who he is. Now those who do and are sitting with their eyes open her all the more accountable and there can have to answer to God for the but for many, they just think of Jesus as this this Jewish guy that went astray that led Israel into idolatry that you can take Tracy straight line for the New Testament to the Holocaust. That's a lot of them believe and that's one purpose of having this debate to dispel them.

The myths and correct them with facts that I've had people refer to him as JC. I've heard were people refer to him as just and and spit on the ground as part of what were up against when it comes to reaching the very religious Jews.

And yet, as sure as I'm sitting here I know the guys can open their hearts they cause you to give repentance and that many will turn to the Messiah in the days ahead.

How is God's business with the certainty of it.

I am sure. I'm sure and by God's grace were involved in the front lines, helping to see that happen.

So if you're anywhere near you. New York City 50 driver for hours as he could be worth your time. August 8 all right. Let's go over to Rich in Timor, Iowa.

Welcome to the line of fire. Yes, I have a question regarding I have a question regarding any times in the tribulation.

Then I'm going in the millennium of the evangelical people that I've read says that everybody entering the millennium will be Christians coming out of the tribulation. I'm wondering how that can be if after the rapture, everybody taken out of this earth and it seems like it would be only unsaved people that are left. How can everybody that goes into the millennium be believers yeah well I don't agree that the will be believers either not rich I don't hold to pretrip rapture so that would make it even more acute.

From my viewpoint I believe is the end of the tribulation. When Jesus returns in glory that will be caught up to meet him.

Then, and rather than him turning around and going back to heaven. We turn around and escort him back to earth and are glorified bodies which time he destroys the Army's attacking Jerusalem and in and destroys the wicket with the breath of his mouth coming in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God, give me some of the language of Isaiah Levin and and second Thessalonians 1. But what we have asked explicitly rich is in Zechariah chapter 14 that the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will enter the millennial kingdom doesn't say the Christians there. The survivors of the nations.

I believe all true believers will been caught up to meet the Lord at his return. So it is the survivors of the nation. So those that did not engage in the hostile acts against Jerusalem and it could well be that Matthew 25 versus 31 to 46 speak of this as well. That's possible. The judgment of the sheep and the goats by nation out there subsidy a message being taught in a parable. This could also be referring to it that those who treated the Jewish people kindly. During this time of persecution or treated all believers are followers of Jesus, kindly during this time of persecution, rather than being believers themselves that they will enter the millennial kingdom.

So sir, it's not the outright wicket rebellious hostile to God hostile to Israel hostile to God's people. The individuals who will enter the millennial kingdom but rather those who are not part of that. But not yet born again believers that also explains why the Lord will rule with a rod of iron during the millennial kingdom and why at the end of it. There will still be a mass rebellion.

Despite being here on a perfect earth hate thank you or a righteous earth, led by Jesus himself, thank you for the question of Fargo back to the phones we put out a video on Facebook is enough on you two guys that we have it now okay just went live on YouTube of Pastor Stephen Anderson notorious for his rejoicing in the death of homosexuals and a militant King James only preacher I'm a great appreciation for the King James with Mike and James only he's militant King James only he actually has a video mocking the name Yeshua mocking the Hebrew name actually mocking the Hebrew language Aramaic language mocking the way it sounds.

So we put out a video responding to that report out on Facebook originally because we couldn't upload it onto YouTube.

It's it's live on YouTube. Now it's gotten what, oh, tens of thousands of views over on on YouTube, but I just got a note this is not Facebook. I just got a note from someone on Facebook hi Pastor Michael I saw your post about pastor mocking the name of Yeshua. Sadly, the same spirit operates here in Latvia through some missionary from the USA and he sent me a link is not while is that while so check out that video.

The pastor mocks shoes Jewish roots. All you can see it on our YouTube channel on her Facebook page. That's Esther to run is K DR Brown.

All right, let's go to Shirley in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thanks. I'm interested in what Jerry are particularly at this time.

Surrounding Karen wanted their commentary or explanation about 1/3 angel that Abraham and pain of poor man in the furnace and other Anthony yet so this is surely date they would not normally see them as theophanies, divine appearances, they had a very developed angelology the tonics extensively not not all the Jewish groups, but some did a ton extensively about different angels and all types of of of hierarchical ranking among the Angels and believe that there was one angel who was the supreme Angel of all called Metatron and sometimes he could even be referred to as Yahweh with a lesser Yahweh because his name was, as his master. That's how closely he represented him. Others of them. The literature were Enoch becomes Metatron, Enoch is glorified into this angelic form. As for the angel of the Lord Moloch Adonai the angel of the Lord who appears for example in Genesis 16, Genesis 22 Exodus. The third chapter and other key times. There is recognition about the uniqueness of this angel, who in a unique way bears God's name and bears God's image and yet is not God. Now there are some who argue surely that the developed angelology of first century Judaism was such that he could now conceive of Jesus. Yeshua is a highly exalted being, although not God himself and others would say actually, there is even some angelic worship, but generally speaking, Judaism would categorically speak against worship of an angel. Although recognizing that the most highly exalted angels represented God.

They were literal representatives of Yahweh and bore his name.

Genesis 18 is read in later Jewish tradition has three angels who were visiting visiting Abraham, one of whom was Rafael the healing angel, because Abraham is been circumcised in the previous chapter, and the other there was another that was Gabriel because he's the one bringing announcements of good messages, good news, things like that so that's what's understood very interesting. A bridge through which we can now open up and say no no no, this is actually a theophany or Christophe and he is the Messiah appearing. This is a divine Angel and surely check out Genesis 48 verses 15 and 16. That's the clearest text on this Genesis 48 verses 15 and 16 were Jacob references the God who helped in the God who dinner the angel delivered up the God, the God of the angel and then says now bless my grandsons the appeals to God. God, the angel as one and says, bless his voice a clearly divine Angel hey were out of time. Thanks for joining us on Dr. Brown

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