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Liberty, Not License

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 23, 2022 12:00 am

Liberty, Not License

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 23, 2022 12:00 am

Liberty has limitations since we're obligated to honor God by giving love and serving others.

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Welcome to the Internet child theme Thursday, June 23, becoming a Christian means a life of liberty claiming you're free to live anyway.

Learn more from the chapter of the relation if you turn the Galatians chapter 5 and beginning in chapter 5 he comes back again to remind us of our liberty in Christ. Paul is been moving in one direction saying the Judaizers would probably get the Gentile converts of the Galatian churches to Jewish law in order to be full fledged Christians which Paul was argued, is not needed people to a man does not have to be circumcised to be safe.

It is not to fulfill the law to be saved was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and that alone.

And so that was the whole controversy here. So beginning now in verse 13 he makes this a little bit more practical for the rest of the book is and what he said but brethren, you have been called on the liberty only use not your liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another for all the law is fulfilled in one word, even this thou should love our neighbor as thyself.

But if you bite and devour one another, take heed that you be not consumed one of another.

Right now, almost to see in these first few verses. Here is the proper and the M proper way of using our liberty when not to live up other people's expectations. God knows we came and we know in reality we can't we're not living on the some expectation of God that he's expecting us to do something we can't, God already knows what we can and cannot do, and he's not disappointed with us because you don't do not disappoint anybody when you already know what they're going to the he's been known before ever born. This is not disappointed. He says, but brethren you been called to liberty. You and I have been called listened. That means we have been called from trying to live under the lawn. Please God. We been called to live in his grace.

Frieden liberated to be everything that God wants us to be, but that calling that calling can bring confusion unless we understand what the calling means now here's what happens when I recognize my liberty in Christ Jesus, that I don't have to try to please everybody live up everybody's expectations. God doesn't have all these expectations of me knows I can't live up to you and I are living in the liberty of Christ. Frieden liberated. Now what does that mean that does not give me license to just go out and do any old lady that the flash which I have just like you have that does not license me to do anything my old fleshly five senses may generate and stir up in my life at the given moment.

That is, making my liberty license to do what my flash please is all of us have a fleshly nature. The five senses are active in all of us. And if you just naturally do anything the euro five senses prompt you to do. I guarantee you will not be walking in the spirit and you will be taking license to do what liberty never allowed to do because you see all liberty has a limitation on we say this is a free nation that God has created us and endowed us with certain rights, which are among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of Everyman is the right to pursue his own happiness but that liberty and freedom has a limitation in the limitations. I cannot steal from you in my pursuit of that because I cannot murder you. In my pursuit of happiness. Otherwise I'm going to be punished because there is a limitation on liberty for the me ask you this, will you take the liberty that God has given you in the grace of God that you are saved by his grace and have unbound many things not going to send you help with the question is this. Are you going to take your liberty and define it is put out and say here's my license I'm living in grace saved by grace, walking by grace endowed by grace surrounded by great upheld by grace overshadowed by grace and therefore I have unbound and I have the right to do what I please that I get what you've done is you've taken the gift of liberty and you have distorted and perverted it and you cross the line of God's limitation and what you have done you have blown your long for mankind to the wind is what pleases me and satisfies me because I'm walking the grace of God, not one thing that is and not spiritual Melanie civil now. What's the basis of that if I'm not to get an expectation not insight you ought not to do that because of what other people think and that will live on the expectation is what he says let's go back to what he said, brethren, you been called to liberty only use not your liberty for this in the word occasion here means for a pariah, a base of operations that is for your rationalization. Don't use your liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but he says listen. He says the right response that one has been liberated, he says, but by law serve one another and think about this liberty plus law equals my service to the people I'm going to several about when my liberty in Christ Jesus in my lap and his love in my life when they get combined. I'm going to love the people I miss if I really love you. I will not willfully, knowingly do something to cause you to stumble, I may not always please you. I may even disappoint you but I will not willfully do something that I know would cause you a heart ache and cause you to stumble, that is at least try not to because love seeks not. It's what it's all when I take my liberty and I spent beyond the bounds of law for Barbara. I turned my liberty into license granted by old fleshly five senses. Not all natural.

I've seen his brother and begun to love myself. I have spent beyond the boundary of love and it made my liberty my license to sin against my brother and therefore the sin against God. Liberty plus law equals service for my brother liberty minus love equals slavery, the man who feels like he has liberty but has no love and concern for his brother. You know is going to he's going to degenerate right in the same, and here's what I been saying all along this we don't watch this.

We don't obey God because we are scared to. We don't obey God because we are fearful we don't obey God because we are going to be punished. Nor do we live in the spirit because of what other people say we live in the spirit and we obey the Lord motivated by what love for my brother in my daily life and love and devotion to Jesus Christ. That's what motivates me not to do something. Not because I know what and so he turns this whole theological argument whole. Dartmouth is hold for and I have chapters now. He says the basis of your liberty and your relationship to each other on the below are now. If you move on if you will down to verse 15 he says in verse 14. And you know the truth of this season. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even as thou should love our neighbors lesson. Now here he is using the law.

The different term is not keeping the 10 commandment is not there, but he says the law of God, you can wrap it all up in one thing that's love looking you will in verse 15 he says, but if you bite and about these two words are your use of animals fighting one another, he says, but if you begin like animals to bite and devour one another, watch out caution watch and he says that you be not consumed one of another down the churches do not know people start biting and devouring well what happens.

You got the biggest most ungodly method must grieve the heart of God all over heaven biting and devouring one another because they disagree fighting among themselves. Strife in Indian jealousy. He says and you see this is what they were about.

They had like they were in the process of getting in the bad and the Galatian churches.

That's why Paul said in verse 16 he says, but this not save them walk in the spirit and your uncle for the lost, the flesh, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the flesh lusts against the spirit of the spirit against the flesh.

These are contrary the one to the other so that you cannot do what you will, but if you belittle the spirit you not under the law. He says the flash listed. That means it's like just lost his desire to control it is a D all-consuming desire that dominates and controls and rules the human heart. He says walk in the spirit in you not fulfill. That is, you will yield to you will comply with you will surrender to you won't fall under the 05 senses. All of us have this thing.

The sin principle of these five senses when tempted from about. We have the spirit of God, a new life living within us. So when we attempted and try when tempted from about and we all have to deal with it. Never be a time we will have to deal with, there may be areas of life and what you get lasting victory with the five senses are still there. He says about the flesh. These five senses.

We have to deal with these is the spirit of God, who is within us wants to respond through the life of Christ, so that we exercise godly behavior and character in every facet of life that's on the inside on the outside is the flank and the flesh wants to be gratified and satisfied and inside the spirit of God, knowing the need of your life wants to satisfy that need.

In eight godly men so the Spirit says I will satisfy that need. In the godly man. The flesh says I will satisfy this need. Now in my way right now. The story says.

He says verse 17, the flash gets out of control deeply desires, commands, demands, and against the spirit and the spirit against the British and these are contrary, they are at enmity. One of the other so that you cannot do things you want in your seat.

One thing you cannot do is you cannot walk in the flesh, and obey the flash and obey this for the same time there is no server traumatization, we can choose to not only can we, the Holy Spirit within me has empowered within us has empowered all of us to obey God when the spirit of God within you. Listen, that's not the Scripture say cautions that when Jesus Christ was crucified. He stripped Satan of his power strip sin of its power. The spirit of God's indwelling assortment every single time you and I have a decision to make. We have the privilege of obeying God. The flesh cannot take control and that she would not give the flesh control.

I listen he says so. But if you be lead others by the spirit of God, you are no longer under the law and just what he was saying in this whole big passage. The big thing that Paul is saying integration churches is listen. You don't have to live under the laudable, trying to live up to God's expectation. Failing constantly. Now you have been and welcome Holy Spirit, you've been freed to be the man or woman God wants you to me no longer entangled by the don't and the ritualism of the law, but you've been freed from all of it not to have a license to sin against God, and to deprive your brother, the beautiful example of Christ likeness in law we are to enjoy our freedom in Christ Jesus.

We can run some of the flesh, but he sent the Holy Spirit is the one who is to guarantee victory over the flesh as a believer I don't have a right in the eyes of God, because I'm freed and walking in grace and know that I'm heaven bound. I don't have the right to do anything that would cause you to stumble in your Christian life is about know when I know some folks when they stumble over a net blunts them.

What you have to ask is, are you really causing them stumble or is it they just don't agree with you about your relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ for you, causing them to stumble and see. I cannot tell somebody else what are what make calls than the stump I can simply say that you cannot live up everybody's expectations is no there's no one. So when I talk about living up to their expectations. We not talk about pleasing everybody who is a Christian. There's no way for us to do that but we have a liberty in Christ Jesus to live a life to become the told people he wants us to be an God Almighty through his spirit will guide us in the activities that we ought to become a part of the things we are the good relationships we ought to develop and in so doing, and so abiding in his will and following his leadership we not going to cause her brother to stumble. If your motivation is right, toward someone else who may not agree with your liberty.

I'll tell you what will win them your loving devotion and service that that person will convince and persuade them. There is something about your life they cannot explain that what you may feel freedom to do.

They may not feel free to do, but they will say, but there is something about her spirit that I just cannot deny and see love will tear down the walls that separate us from other people because of some idea or ideas they have. The Christians are to walk around in black suits never smile, and not enjoy the Christian experience.

On the other hand there are those who believe that their Christian experience in their graves allows them to indulge themselves to gratify the flesh to satisfy the flesh and to indulge in things that are unquestionably unquestionably in direct opposition to what the word of God said, I think whenever there's a question and you and I go to the word of God, then there's no question about that. Some things if I love Jesus Christ I will not be a part that some things that I would not be a part of that someone else may not understand the issue is that you and I are committed to walking in his spirit. At the same time being sure we are motivated by love to him and love toward each other and in that way. I have liberty but I will not use my liberty as a license to sin against God. Based on the relationship that cannot be broken and it cannot be broke. You and I all locked in a turn lane relationship with God the father through his son can never be broke, but that does not give me license to sin against God. Because of my heart is right. Listen in my heart is right. I'm going to serve him and obey him motivated by love and I'm going to help my brother because I love I will not deliver to do something against the word of God to cause my brother to stumble. Now the teaching of the Scripture is the final authority of what is right and what is wrong. The interpretation of the Scripture is what gets us all confused on each other's back.

You must abide by the spiritual leadership in your life.

But let me just say one thing I've said again again again, what you have to ask is Lord, if I indulge in this RFI performed this all about develop this relationship does that really indicate my love and devotion for you and is that really indicate my love and devotion for others who know me as a child of God and I believe if you really mean business for God. Your answer to your cell by the leadership of the Holy Spirit that you listen, not out of fear. You will willingly set the limitations of your life only limited by love for Jesus Christ, and love your thank you for listening to liberty, not license. As in touch ministries continue to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ like to encourage you to visit our 24 seven that radio station join at any for great biblical teaching and encouragement. The presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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