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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answer Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 15, 2019 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answer Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 15, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/15/19.

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All right phone lines wide open. You got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown heart. We are ready to go live in studio eight 664-8784 any question you have for me on any level. Anything relates to want to fire any that's appropriate for Christian radio of a difference of opinion you want to share that with me briefly and get my feedback 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call all my friends in Jacksonville Florida. Please join me this week and for very very special conference with my dear friends from T Kroon, Ron Cantor and others will be there. So Friday night so tonight and then all day Saturday I'll be speaking Saturday night as we held at celebration church pastor Stovall Weems in Jacksonville and then I'll be speaking on Sunday morning there at celebration church. If you're in nearby Wyoming's come out and join us. 866-34-TRUTH a little straight to the phones and then I want to give you an update on something very unfortunate that you need to know about and then working to speak blessing publicly. All right, so let us go to the phones and will start with Wayne in Alabama.

Welcome to the line of fire. After Brown hello afternoon Dr. Brown yeah go ahead. You speak directly into your writing speaker you speak it on speakerphone Sir no no okay I dislike. We go forward please. Okay yeah I was out in Oklahoma City and heard you speak all Israel's divine healer and I thought you know it was it was a life-changing message for me and we were one of the three Alabama guys that had their picture made with you. By the way to a hotel that you stayed across the street… I remember as a mama bear and Bobby and and Michael and it was just a wonderful experience of also recent torchbearer impact another one. Operators become a torchbearer because of being out there never want a long awesome yesterday and and and I mean that sincerely for your your humility. The anointing of the spirit and seeing the camaraderie of the spirit, camaraderie, and seeing you because you in Salem.

These can't worship together was a remarkable experience and power of God was there, which is been wonderful and red Jezebel book entertainment blood during curricular book and Lisa got to go commentary. Which of the loving, by the way, is to say that is this really gracious of you and I'm so pleased to hear that wonderful, wonderful news Grail. Here's my question. I been in recovery for addictive quality while I work a lot in the area of with mental illness because I was hospitalized in the past with psychotic break, but the Lord is just doing a great work. Still have struggles but not minister a lot in that area on my brother and so, so much of what you talked about all I can relate back mail after especially about the Bible material on versions and the whole concept of shalom in terms of my prayer over people who are struggling specifically, mentally and emotionally on is somewhat too much what comes to mind is that the concept in the Jewish mind.

I know it's not salvation per se, but is it a component of that total healing and completeness of mind, soul, body, etc. this right.

Yes, shalom is not simply piece it is overall well being.

It is a sense of wholeness that comes with it is not primarily the absence of strife or war by the well-being and wholeness. So it it it is peace in a holistic way.

In modern Hebrew. When you greet someone use a Muslim, which is literally what is your piece, but it's colloquially how are you in Isaiah 53 social manual. All of the punishment that brought us shalom is upon him. Isaiah 26 three yet system moves to source shalom shalom, Kiva, to us that the mind stayed on you, your keeping shalom shalom because in you a trust. So yes, it includes that a larger sense of wholeness of well-being and it is not specifically a healing word and in other words, is not primarily word used for healing the sick, but it does speak of overall wholeness well-being. So for example if we had massive racial strife in America.

If we had riots in the streets. If we had all types of epidemics of addictions opioid addictions and alcohol addictions and our families falling apart, and yet there was Apsley no war in America in terms of physical war that would not be shalom in any sense of the words.

I think you understand hey Lane, thank you for the kind words and may the Lord can dummy. May the Lord continue to help you walk in the fullness of his shalom's that you can impart it to others. God bless you and thank you for the kind words, 86634 let's go to New Providence, Pennsylvania. Anita, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you doing very well thank you. My question about prom this week I went to minister to a family and while the father is white verse and a lot logic all discussion that went while in there and I really wasn't sure that I wanted to get into a debate semi-question current and can you give me some theological reference to is he correct in saying that once we die to Christ and we are risen in Christ, we are no longer needing to have free well he doesn't believe that were under free well or choice that God no longer needs to give us very well, or choice, but that we are actually deceived. Everything is under deception. Let's all eat okay if you're accurately presenting his very strange idea. All he did is create a complete world of deception. All he did is deny the truth of the entire Bible and especially the New Testament which continually calls us to choose the good and refuse the evil which continually calls us to do what's right and to refuse what's wrong which continually calls us to walk in darkness, walk in the light and renounce the darkness in which tells us to turn away from sin in our own lives that we can sin as believers, but that we need to repent and turn away from it. So the constant calls to repent.

The constant admonishments for the consequences of sin tell us that yes as believers we have free will. On a daily basis, we can say yes to the Lord or no to Lord. If we say no to him, he will correct us, and even discipline us if we say yes, he'll bless us and is empowered us to say yes and give us a heart to say yes, but just start reading anywhere in the New Testament serving any of the letters written to believers in there told you this, don't do this in here the consequences of not obeying here the blessings of obeying right till the end. So that's an utterly bizarre position. I've no idea that not at any idea where he could possibly even get the slightest notion to back that up.

To be honest I went from short, a barren and and because I don't studying Greek and Hebrew, and what he was trying to convince me of and my mind was not focused on that discussion. He was trying to distract me from the mission of what God had sent me.

Therefore I think more than to actually you know yet that he, with correct yet needed. Here's the short version that you need Hebrew. Great to know he's dead wrong. Again, if you if you accurately understood the sink is in such a bizarre position.

It sounds easy to misunderstand what his point may have been. There is not a syllable of the Greek or Hebrew that would support what he's arguing for while if you got that right. That's bizarre, 86634 let's go to Bob in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire. Dark brown, a question about the rewrite marriage law yeah and all odometers or look in the phone line. Their district donated the garden have to marry the woman to Turkish antelopes recommended face with it, but I was wondering if this planning our building, our brother does no children in the younger brother is married and that's all the brothers a God is at supposed to be a resource that can otherwise polygamous regulator work that will yes or very serious and good questions. Some would argue that it presupposes that the brother is single because God would never advocate polygamy in any way, shape, size, or form, so it would have to be that the brother is single and, therefore, when his brother dies.

If he single, then he's required to marry that the wife if there were no children that had been born to to the to the brother to carry on the brother's name. Some would claim that that the text doesn't explicitly say that it's really refusing to be publicly shamed so others would say no it, it presupposes that there could be polygamy we know, for example in Deuteronomy 17 that it was required of the king that he not have too many wives so polygamy was something that was common in Old Testament times. That was never God's ideal God did not create Adam and Eve and he that and Yvonne.

He didn't do that and we also know that Jesus reiterates in the New Testament, Matthew 19 436 that marriage in God's sight is union of one man and one woman for life and that Paul required that to be an elder first Timothy three that you could be the husband of but one wife. So we know what God's ideal and standard was but just like Jesus tells us in John in Matthew 19 that God gave the divorce laws in the Torah.

Deuteronomy 24 because of the hardness of heart was not God's desire will but it was because of the hardness of heart, the God cigarette. I have to accommodate and put in something about divorce could well be the same thing that in this particular law.

Yes, polygamy would be a necessary outcome of this in order to preserve a family line in Israel. It can be debated because the text is not explicit because it's not explicit in this essay that the man had to be single could well say yes that polygamy would've been the result of this. Another example of where God is dealing with people under the Sinai covenant in a way that is not fully expressing everything is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on is in our chat room on YouTube right now. Bishops want. That's really you. I'm glad you there sir right. I know that you feel very negatively towards me.

You feel that I've attacked you different with some of your tweets. You've labeled me a white supremacist guilty of slaveholder religion and things like that. Would you call in the show and share with my listeners why you feel this way about I bless you in our differences all right. If you know Jesus get used to me buddy. This you and be with me forever and ever and ever.

All right, so if you curse me hate young and reply with blessing, but please call the show 866-34-TRUTH you say no that's not good. You control the mic you set up the platform server we can both speak honestly and openly right.

We each have equal time with the moderator all right or where we talk behind scenes tell you what I have my office give you my cell phone number. All right today before the days out. I have someone call your office and give you my cell phone number three talk on the phone if you prefer, or if you'd like a show to come on my on my show. I am sure you have plenty to supply from you don't need me, you know, you must show all right, but because you have strong viewpoint that a strongly different with right here's my open invitation to you, Marshall, and I'll give you a whole segment so say like, 10, 12 minutes where you just say what you want to say about me white evangelicals whenever okay, just obviously, if these appropriate language for for radio Christian radio. But you just let you speak all segment and if you will stay on and interact with me will do it otherwise I'll respond after this there. I'm giving an open platform I'm giving you an open platform. All right, 86634 is the number to call and if so if you try to get through and the lines are jammed. They just posted there and will do our best to to get you a line to call in or you give us a number and will call you all right. I'm very, very serious about this. Back to the phones in a moment, but for those who don't know what's been going on. Someone sent me a tweet from Bishop Swan and he had made comments about when evangelicals be white supremacist. I took issue with graciously in an article I took issue and that then led to some pretty intense Twitter exchanges in the midst which I Say hey let's talk. Let's dial, let's talk. Let's dialogue you post your views publicly opposed to the public response. I'm happy to talk so as things continue to go on Kyla's describe the slides I posted this right. My prayer for those falsely and dangerously throwing around the white supremacist torts. This is my public prayer by the love of the father flood your heart but you come to know Jesus and we never have before May the spirit of truth prevail in your life when you curse me. I bless you. All right, so then Bishop Swan responded. My prayer for you bigots, denying the white supremacist charge to just notice the difference in tone. For whatever it's worth, this will my heart goes out to Bishop Swan and those in his camp because of something blinding them from. If you can see, this is about me. His other wineglasses on sauce them side-by-side to confront systemic injustice and oppression and racism in a country side-by-side in a heartbeat. Have will okay so this was his submittal of the father flood your heart for my firm and you come to know Jesus and what you never have before. May the spirit of truth real life. When you curse us, you curse yourself. So I saw that it was forwarded to me or some imprudent so this is how then I respond to the next one. But here's the difference between Bishop Swan and myself. I speak blessings to him. He speaks curse is to me rather than curse him.

I say we should talk and we should work together against injustice. In turn, he slanders the Lord give him grace right. Here's what comes next. Here's the difference between you and I I speak truth about injustice and promote the gospel with the liberation your white supremacist who preaches a gospel of oppression against those who don't ascribe your whiten eyes slaveholder brand of Christianity. It's it's such a pity to see someone who has as much influence as Bishop Swan and is a leader in a Pentecostal church on Pentecost myself will probably have a lot in common with it so terribly sad to see him have such horrifically wrong perceptions about a brother in Jesus who stands against injustice and end it ended and is often spoken about the unrighteousness of those in gays in the black, or transgender's new black and would dishonor that is to the African-American community and how ungodly it is to compare the history of African-Americans with with gay history in America and by the way, such as me just couple more tweets, more tweets, it is not just me. This is the broad brush with which Bishop Swan is now painting white evangelicalism is white supremacy and drag white evangelicalism is white supremacy and drag and I finally said okay with the last attacks I was blocking because on the heels of his stuff is a flawed of even uglier stuff for you might my Twitter inbox constantly all right or might my twitter feed so I bought them.

I told here's why and they said another white supremacist knockout. I responded your block for consistent, false accusations, lying, slander, and refusing the dialogue when you're open to talk.

I'm quite available. Feel free to congratulate yourself.

You only knock yourself out. So friends, the difference between the gospel of Jesus in the modern gospel of social justice is the gospel of Jesus unites races through forgiveness, reconciliation, truth and justice. The gospel of social justice is not really the gospel. It divides races. It divides them in many different ways.

It divides them through spreading hatred and bitterness and false accusation, and instead of say hey let's stand against injustice together. It creates deeper divisions.

It said, but Bishop Swan in the name of Jesus I bless you. If your brother Lord just speaking out of anger or hurt you misperceive me.

I forgive you when you say it again if your brother in the Lord of the forward to getting to know you either in this world or the world, but you better get used to me because I am good be around here and in the world to come. By the grace of God support the president and use unsupported resume at the present. I post them hotly during the primers been grieved over many of us, sis day. He does things that grief me but I vote for him versus a radical leftist liberal that supports baby killing that supports redefining marriage that the stand with Israel that oppresses and suppresses religious rights and liberties. Yeah, that a vote for Donald Trump versus one of them, but son, feeling the need to defend everything he does lots things he does grief me. I just wrote an article should be out suck up on different sites ready.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to defend the president for everything all right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's just see we go to Nathaniel and California.

Thanks for holding and welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown. So much for your taking my call.

I'm grateful for your ministry, especially that your good example confronting people like Dr. you might know the bishop here is a great role model for the other young Christian. Her question regarding anti-and it is and I'm writing a research paper in my community college and I was interested and I any recommendations that you have or sources of data on the show how much of a real problem with it yet. All right, so I'm writing a book now on confronting contemporary Christian anti-Semitism, which will then go hand-in-hand with my book. Her hands were stained with blood. So first there is there is a book that just came out called the list okay that that's what is called and it is literally a list of every hostile act of church leaders against the Jewish people over the last 1800 years or so okay so that's that's a real eye-opener.

All right of the book by Deborah lips so I don't have the authors names in front of me, but you'll find that Deborah lifts that she confronted Holocaust deniers for years. She's got an important new book anti-Semitism here and now, very, very important. Deborah lips that's that's L IPS T ADT well-known professor highly respected in Syria anti-Semitism here and now. You can also check out the book of holy hatred Christianity anti-Semitism in the Holocaust. That's called holy hatred and just looking for one more source I was metaphysical.

Let me just check out one of the books I was reading recently that was very very helpful and here you go David Patterson David Patterson anti-Semitism and its metaphysical origins, anti-Semitism, and its metaphysical origins. All right. Okay. David patted him now let me just say this really quickly. I run into two people today online. Both of you said posted on that where young younger generation we don't buy this anti-Semitism garbage all the more reason that we need to inform the because this is how tragedies happen in history.

It would get a minute before the break back to Nathaniel okay yeah it was your ear, your right right on mark in Africa. I think a lot of growing like the America first movement, a lot of generation and I had a curious on how to interact with you just shown to be a good example with confronting people. Hey, here's my personal information with verbal discussion, though. Yeah, and any other sent from yet another serious annual is is that the younger generation has a passion for social justice but often is is very microcosmic in its view.

In other words, Israel's evil because they built a wall will note Israel built a fence with the wall.

In some places to keep terrorists and murderers out is not a good thing Israel wants to live in peace with its neighbors switch. You want to do is get them off the micro and look at the macro and their perception Jews in America have all the power. Israel is the Goliath oppressing the poor neighbors they need to look at the larger picture. So that having a heart for justice. They will come back since the right. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for joining us on the line of questions we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we go back to the phones were we can start right here in Tampa Florida.

Stephen, welcome to the line of fire and Arterburn everywhere very well bless thank you. Am doing well all I have a question about theology and between the West going in holiness or sanctification versus the Pentecostal or I get you with the traditional Bennett hospitals that what Christ spinach on the cross and if you're truly faith that you will always live by that way, but all you know sanctification through life and maturity to that point on I do not Bible college, got up at a cost of school. I don't believe they believe in the picture more traditional lab believe if you hold a sanctification through life and I really struggle with that and I'll just want to know if you could bring down wisdom into that for me actually in origin.

The views were pretty much identical. The early Pentecostal movement not on the timeout through history, but in the 20th century. Beginning in 20 century came out of Wesley in holiness circles. They simply believe that you had to get to a point of complete sanctification before he could even be baptized in the spirit. But Wesley, one of the ways that he knew he was converted was because in the past. He was always overcome by sin. Now he was overcoming it so what we have in common and what I see is thoroughly scriptural. Is this that in Jesus we now have victory over sin in Jesus we have the possibility of obeying God, which we didn't have when we were in the flesh that we have been given a new nature that in him we died to sin and have to consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God and not only that, that we are we are empowered by the Spirit empowered by grace to live holy lives and that Jesus has destroyed the works of the double meaning Satan's power over us to enslave us and sent however as long as we are in this world is a process there is growth. So I got saved I got miraculously wonderfully delivered from the. The clearest outward sins that bound me, you know, shooting drugs and getting high and drinking and things like that from that date till this. I've been growing I've been seeking to become more like Jesus and more disciplined and and more gracious and more full of love and more full of truth.

So you you get tremendous breakthrough victory begin to experience that the realities of the new nature and now the rest of your life and the Lord say no to sending yes to God.

But Ravenhill also used to say that you have crisis and then gradual growth in crisis. No words. You know you need to breakthrough something is terribly wrong. The Holy Spirit's highlighting this new life. You cry out to God and you have a tremendous breakthrough you grow grow grow grow the many years later you have another wall you see flesh in your life you can seem to change you cry out yet that breakthrough you grow from there. I think that is very true to our experience. But overall it's wrong to think we should be lifelong slaves of sin. It's wrong to think that will never struggle with sin its right to think that in Jesus we have victory over sin and the ability by his grace to obey God and say no to sin, but we will never be perfect in this world that I have a follow-up to go ahead. Sure, because I I have been battling that the night will leave agree and the sanctification through life becoming more like Christ at the but turned up anything. I read a lot of old writing earthly enrollment about maturing in the faith and and and and putting off the old and putting on the new, but I think it's also a mindset like you know enrollment well that he talked about that at the battle of the mine. You know, spirit, soul part yeah and I I'm just convicted and can then that all that. Why do I do the things I don't do. But going to stay with me for putting you in at that point but did not seem as usual I differ Uganda you can't stop in Romans seven Paul is really talking about life under the law.

There are right you gonna keep reading to Romans eight, you gotta keep reading to Romans eight and so we must renew our minds look. Romans seven does not contradict Roman six notice and undermine Romans eight it's got to be read in the larger context of an appendix in my book on sin, the more the just focuses on the question of Romans seven can never use Romans seven to undo the rest of the testimony, Paul.

And remember, Paul used himself as an example to the Thessalonians. It's a look at how holy a life I live. That surely not a man that was slave to sin, so we renew our minds consider ourselves dead to sin and alive in God and through the spirits of Roman six through the spirit we put to death the deeds of the body. Romans six and Romans eight. Hey thank you sir for the calls of the questions would please only Romans seven undermine or deny Romans six Romans eight 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jeff and Ranger, Georgia walking to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Michael Brown letter to talk to you a couple years older than you came to cry and 18 in Westchester County, New York, and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Montreat, North Carolina, where I was going to school that freshman year I have been walking with the Lord a long time but just recently we really have been digging and plowing into the word of God deeper than I've ever done before.

Ran across Bart Irwin on the end on the Internet and all these debate with him and Dr. Wallace this people defending the Scriptures and then last night and reading about in errant they are watching Spruill now our faith. Spruill and John MacArthur on the inspiration of the word and and the and inerrancy of the word and course of John MacArthur was defending that there is no that the inspiration of the Scriptures is God breathed and that there's nothing else beyond that after revelation based on his using the Scripture chapter 2218 where talking about the curse that goes with adding right to, but as a Pentecostal charismatic. I've known that I have received inspiration from the Lord not new inspiration have not received any new doctrine but but I have the I have received just jumping only because I'm flooded with calls and want to befriend everyone. So if you could just be the question that would really be helpful so as to what is your headache the gift of the Holy Spirit verse being God breathed and so yes, very simply that the Bible is the Bible. Set apart. And the subject listen to my show from last week is the Bible enough. The Bible is the word of God gives us authoritative statements of who God is, authoritative statements and salvation. Authoritative statements on what God requires of us.

Then nothing else like it ever before and after, and the subject and the Holy Spirit continues to speak in many ways as he has through history.

He spoke many things in the New Testament. Many prophetic words but they're not recorded in the Bible because they weren't the Bible. So if you're praying about Lord you want me to take this job or that job and he shows you which job to take this not adding to the Bible. If you and your family are praying Lord, are you calling us to serve here in the inner city or to go overseas the mission field really need your guidance and some additional prophetic word. I see been praying about something very deep.

And the Lord says the answers right in your own backyard you say were supposed to be in the inner city is not adding to the Bible so God continues to speak. The Bible tells us God continues to speak asked to dreams and visions are for the last days prophecy is for the last days. Paul writes in the Bible that we should pursue eagerly desire prophecy alright so that's that's in the Bible so the bot Jesus says Dante my sheep here my voice of the Bible tells me, God continues to speak and lead right so I believe the Bible. If you don't have my book authentic fire. I really encourage you to get that okay I really encourage you to get the book authentic fire. I deal with this directly and my friend Sam storms has a great appendix in the book, the only explicit with the issue of prophecy.

So it's a misunderstanding of the nature of Scripture how to set apart unique from everything else. There many prophetic words, God gave the Old Testament that are recorded in the Bible so God speaks continues to speak but it's not the Bible, which is the word of God. God breathed in a unique way separate from everything else before and after. Thank you sir for the question again. The book authentic fire.

It will really be of help to 866-34-TRUTH I we go to Brandon in Everett, Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire. I am going going very well. I have a question I don't know how to really free friend of mine to be like a big worshiper called Damon and eventually try to kill himself and experience with God and he's changed his life. Ever since that place, he went into messianic Judaism and after a few months Mary's leg know this is all corrupt. You know it, but then turned on me and said that while you don't celebrate the feast days and not doing this right now doing that right only will the government God have kind of a place for each group of people how the Jews are treated different kind of different than how the Gentiles are created, treated as if free of this defendant that television only comes through accepting Jesus Christ. And then I read in Romans two to through like 16% know if your actions direction this, what are you doing with your life for you yes yeah I think I can answer if you use the short answer for you.

Your friend has had an extreme reaction is what he said and in here's what's happened the church in history swung so far away from its Jewish roots that it actually persecuted Jewish people that in it and actually spawned and fostered anti-Semitism that it actually intentionally separated say the celebration of Easter from the celebration of Passover.

This was under Constantine omitted a very explicit separation. These things happen.

And for a Jew to follow Jesus live the way Paul or Peter did they be excluded so swung this way then you have messianic Jewish variations in Hayward this following the example of our forefathers that you know it in the faith. Jewish believers in Jesus and we are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus during the Passover and where Christmas is not the Bible. So we we celebrate the birth of Jesus during tabernacles or if we do or Hanukkah like Jesus probably celebrated based on John 10, so it's one that but then there's the extreme. There messianic Jews go to the extreme when they condemn everything that the rest of the church does the happy medium is a sound one another in the Lord, let us affirm Jewish believers who live as Jews with us from Gentile believers who don't feel called to do that. The key is found, sir.

In first Corinthians chapter 7, 17 and 18 first Corinthians chapter 77.

Fortunately, Francis swung to explain that close to the middle. How soon Jesus ate, thank you for the cost of Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown boy feel bad for the attackers but you have joy in your own heart, Holy Spirit, flood your heart with fresh love and not bothered you go about your business and ministering the gospel we get in the flesh just always some not ready to follow Jesus you get the flesh or bitterness or anger some source churning and union not right.

So hey I just will assist others some sins against you, forgive them, they may have to make things right in and maybe they've done things that will require restoration, but in your heart, forgive free for you to free 86634 let's go to Nicole in Austin, Texas. Thanks for holding welcome to light a fire around me/your previous comment. Talking about Roman ate my client Sharon on I was wondering your answer on the flesh and spirit are our lead to different being because the flesh is against God, anger, sexual immorality, adult trees in the flash and again I struggle with understanding kicking in the flesh die. Ali considered two separate being. Yeah there are many different ways to understand this. Nicole and be simple and clear as I can but it's a great question. On the one hand is the flesh mean our physical body will obviously more than that because our physical body is not capable of hatred. For example, our physical body may have lusts and desires is not capable of making willful choices that comes from our mind and our heart so when we are in the flash. What is it me, this is something mean in this body. Note means more than that.

It means that we are walking in a fleshly sinful worldly way that you we are yielding ourselves to the flesh to it by the flesh. I mean a sinful nature but here's the deal when we get saved were still living in the same body correct notes start to discipline yourself to get up in the morning or to work out or to eat healthily whenever she saw the same flesh and you still have the same mind, which must be renewed. Our spirit has been born anew in the Holy Spirit indwells us. So we will. The fact is I am. You are a new creation in Jesus we are not what we were.

We are now children of God and in Jesus we have died to the flesh, the reality is, were still in this world right so we are seated in heavenly places and you will you identify as a child of God you don't eyes identifies a miserable, wretched, terrible center of God's man at all time know as a believer you identify as a child of God you identify as forgiven and free and loved by the father, but in this world.

We have not yet been fully redeemed. We have not yet been totally sanctified

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