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Pull the kids out?

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June 2, 2022 9:28 pm

Pull the kids out?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 2, 2022 9:28 pm

Book of Revelation

Steve talks to Dr. Greg Stiekes from BJU seminary to talk about the book of Revelation and what is happening today theologically. 

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Noble telephone world years really want to sell out a conference to get a bunch of people on the lives name the new start. Talk about biblical prophecy right you start going down the road of biblical prophecy because we all want to know what's going to happen and when we are trying to pay attention to the times and could Jesus come back any day now, which depending on your eschatology, the answer that could be yes any day Steve, it could be today. In other people's eschatology, would Satan know it actually can't be today because Jesus isn't coming back before the tribulation and say good on all these roads and then there's the hundred and 44,000 and who's going to be sealed. The hundred 44,000 who are the two witnesses. What's up with that what's up, what's the deal with abuse.

With 10 horns and seven heads, and the mark of the beast and the number the piece in 666 not stop and so we tend to focus on a sequence of events as if God is given us a little crystal ball into the future which is true to a certain extent that really all he wanted to do with the book of Revelation was to give you little timeline to look forward to in the future, or there are some other things that we connect you pull into the present, especially with what we been going on.

Going through the last couple years be at the beginning of the covert crisis and then we had the George Floyd situation the summer of BLM and the unrest and rioting and and then the election in this has been an Ally Biden in the bite administration and the economy in Russia and Ukraine and all the things going on a lot of instability and a lot of concern and I think if were all honest that we struggle little bit when we look at the state of the nation of the state of the world was in it. This doesn't look so good, but hate in the end, and eventually it's all good workout and I read the end of the book and that the in the book, we win. And so we danced a little jig. We do a little victory dance in the end zone and then that's it. But maybe the book of Revelation has more for us today right here right now than perhaps what you are used to in the past. Dr. Greg Sykes is with us today on theology Thursday. One of the professors at BG you seminary and Greg great to have you back on the show and you are you are preaching on on Revelation back in March 2020. Just when everything was kind of hitting the fan and churches are getting shut down and you expected. One thing but got another it's great to have you on how you doing I'm doing really good how you doing I'm well, thank you so much and thanks for being quickly as we could do the video today but were live by five on the phone so were fine no problem might be better without having no I love visual cues in that conversation. Plus, will Ms. be able to talk to you on the brakes for Facebook and YouTube live but what what was kind of your intent. The timing is interesting. Of course you start to preach on Revelation back in March 2020. What were you up to and then what did God do well.

It really I will. Michael Lawson literally week before I finish the lap plan and COBIT hit and they were telling it not to meet publicly by preaching empty pew and I would like what restart. But I can repeat from years ago they would experience over the next few weeks I open I think.

I think it would be overly I had put together it. A lot of have to do on the seven churches in Revelation because I had just traveled to Turkey and we visited every fight all all that and so I went back and repeated that that series but a lot of people you know you were saying the Lord to come back right away. They talk about vaccine and I can market be right now. So I was thinking you take a lot for affluent Westerners that think the apocalyptic, so I thought you really think about reveille anyway. What was really interesting is that you're going you going to crises Scripture lien so much more in the application than what you were expecting, and in with the backdrop going on from the things you just mentioned, but not the whole George Floyd thing went down that summer think the world seem to be in on route to real time, and I I also read somewhere that you don't really understand the book of Revelation unless you read it as a person who actually may die a martyr and we started just reading through it with the intention that the Lord intended of giving hope and comfort to people and just came alive and in an amazing way and when I finish the seven churches I preach the theory on the description of the risen Christ and then promise for the over comers and people started thing are beginning to the whole book, and I had never intended to, but the Lord kept reading and and finally at that what we picked up a chapter for me to it preaching really fun to be taken a few breaks here and there.

Chapter 17. Why were kind of getting for the home stretch here and I the other day but you know what start reflecting on something we've learned in the big picture. Over the course of a couple of years of being immersed in in the fact that such a cremated art.

Since our conversation, by the way this the person we done this on theology Thursday with our friends at BG seminary Mexican to do a two-part series hearing to do the first part. Obviously today surprised by assurance, a journey through the book of Revelation part one, which really talking about vindication and I want to get into that word here in a second and the next week were to do part two, so make sure you come back around or catch the Facebook or YouTube live in the Steve Noble page, or you grab the podcast were on all the major podcasts platforms in the next week assured by divine control. But let's start with this notion of vindication, which I think we have to be careful I at least I should say we meet. I have to be careful with this one. Greg, because vindication to me.

I'm like okay, finally working a sticker in the eye of the world and Jesus comes back and everybody's going to know what's in them and they're all getting get knocked down and I'm finally going to get my day in the sun watching all those that oppose Christ so to me sometimes vindication actually kinda has a negative connotation.

Does that make sense that I remember when I first brought up it turned out Revelation Lane were not talking about vengeance with the Lord.

Were not talking about your if you're a believer in Christ you're humbled by the fact that God actually took you at trial, the idea that the vindication of truth. Not only are our God, believers vindicated, but there only vindicated because the Lord DICTATION on his resurrection with the patient and the only reason we are indicate another words shown to be in the right and the hopes that we have the right, it is because of what the Lord and Weirton.

Kim indicated some powerful Greg and John over talking to Dr. Greg Sykes from VG you seminary assured by divine vindication to be vindicated means you are shown to be right.

Won't that be a nice day will be right back to Steve Noble shall theology Thursday with her friends that be. Yes, the worthy is the Lamb and were talking about the prominent role of the limb. The book of Revelation. What that means for all of us not chronology if you're looking in the book of Revelation today as we talk about it today and next week. Part two surprised by assurance, a journey through the book of Revelation. I put the link up on Facebook live for all of you put on Facebook earlier today from today's blog post which our friends at BG seminary always kind and kind so kind to write a blog that actually goes with the subject matter that were to be addressing today again surprised by assurance, a journey through the book of Revelation part one today, which is all about vindication and organ of continued talk about that because there's there's a way that you go south on that in the way that's pleasing the Lord will talk about in the next week. Part two Morgan a look at assured by divine control, so divine vindication today divine control next week and all is a way to comfort us to give us joy and hope to reassure us, even as the world goes crazy and more so every day more shootings every day more stripe every day. The economy setting in all kinds of terrible directions and you know what kind out what's going be the next pandemic yada yada yada.

And even as that happens. If your house is built on the rock, then you should be able to withstand those things and not lose hope. And so that's why the book of Revelation is such a great source, not primarily to tell you what to look forward to what's can happen in the future, but it can help you with assurance today. That's why were so excited to have Dr. Greg Sykes back on. I would BG seminary again.

Greg, thanks for taking the time to be with us today and I just want to revisit just to make sure our compass is set on true North that would be pleasing to the Lord help us to understand what it means to be vindicated and then we'll talk about kinda how you discovered that in the book of Revelation that will get into the vindication of the Lamb indication idea that we make truth claim about what God has assured in the word and were living in a world that is pushing back against that all the time effect a bird that I think really the scribe our world that we live in right now that captured my attention recently is Isaiah 520 won't call good evil people, good call light, darkness and darkness, light work were not time right now where you're actually look at people because you don't affirm something that the Scripture says that evil everything they do.

And so you're living in the world if they know you don't have any hope you think about the time where people called out to believers to know your there's no hope for you and God and all of this is built up over the centuries, but finally the right is going to be righted. Truth is going to prevail if it's not that you know we did that again we were on the winning side is good. Overcoming evil with much more profound about trooper Bailey both in what God had claimed and in what people have trusted and so that gives us incredible hope for day even though the vindication is still coming in. And the Lord want your again the time without hope you listen to me today is June 2.

It's the second day of of what a growing number of people including the United States Marine Corps is now celebrating. They put up a picture on their twitter account. Greg of the course cortical pride month and they put a picture on their twitter account without a military helmet in the military helmet and the band around the helmet in the combat helmet were bullets that were all tipped in the different colors of the rainbow that states Marine Corps welders call good evil and evil good, it's all flipped upside down so the vindication again is not us having a party and dancing on the graves of the lost when Jesus comes back it's just the it's just just kind of folding into the reality that what we've claimed and what we've been taught from the word of God is actually true and right in and starting with the vindicate before were vindicated. We have to look at the vindication of the Lamb. Does Jesus need to be vindicated well get resurrection obviously vindicate what claims were underwritten back when he called the Bible that you will be my think about the courtroom witness Jesus was put on trial and he would put that false claim against him and he he resurrected showing that he was right with in the right all along and he called his witnesses to go forth into the world with the rush that he is alive and what you claim is true if we don't have vindication.

We don't have got and we don't have the gospel of salvation, and so Jesus Christ was vindicated in the resurrection, but now he is at the father's throne and even before the New Testament is over Peter's encouraging those believers that have never seen Christ themselves and yet they believe in the rejoice with hope and that is what we feel is well most of the people before then the professor had never seen Jesus just like me, haven't seen him one day he will appear.

And that's what John says the beginning of of of Revelation. Every eye even though your and it will finally be known, every knee shall bow, and that is great triumph, the day of God and interesting in Revelation, God, God sent out calls for people to repent.

Even Mary and he doesn't want to judge the world and and when we suffer, we are waiting were suffering because were waiting with God for the judgment to come with a lot of contact the like you vindication but it is our great hope and it does give us the assurance that we need for right now for whatever work they think coming from a personal perspective in our own assurance which is immensely important, especially as the days are getting more challenging and more confusing and likely reference with Isaiah will to those who call good evil and evil good and replace darkness for light and vice versa.

That's exactly were rats only getting worse from a gospel perspective. Shouldn't this be something that drives our desire to share.

I just, I mean I had a friend on Facebook live but just that hey I just want to say I tried to tell you is talking about unbelievers you wanted to mock me.

So now you see that I wanted to give you a chance and is in his heart grieves for that, so that the vindication is this all of a sudden the knowledge when Jesus comes back that all men the truth that I was presented with and that I even knew because I was around the church around the message is true and I missed it may not should help drive our gospel intention no exactly right. And it think working Revelation anything but title of the block, the pride of the things were in there but you're working through it you realize while there thinking here that you don't ever think about so many time God is raising up with the hundred and 44,000 that there can be people witnessing the gospel all throughout the earth. You got other witnesses beside that we delete to Chapter 11 you got Angel lying throughout the whole earth calling out, repent and turn to God, right before the final day of wrath, and there can be people were coming to Christ, and finally turning to him in the book of Revelation.

God never stopped that with at the same time you have the passages where terrible judgment is coming. People are in pain and you would think that they would say okay we believe now we understand but no they take their fit will not repent they will not turn and and fell again to hold vindication. It is, it is a aircraft for unbelievers and you cannot escape that. But there's also that great heart of compassion of God. The in the winter. Yes, I think that should inform our witness today. Yeah, absolutely. As things get darker and more confusing throughout the world have said this for several years or talking to Dr. Greg Sykes, Prof. BJ you seminaries that you know it and I know sometimes it looks like evil is winning but evil isn't winning. God is just waiting. Every minute God waits his mercy and that's all the way up all the way through the book of Revelation from the Old Testament to the new to the book of Revelation, God's mercy is front and center until the very last moment.

Talk to Dr. Greg Sykes will be right back.

Show theologies Thursday with our friends at BJ you seminaries they working our way through partner on the book of Revelation surprised by assurance of journey through the book Revelation part one today as were talking about vindication assured by vindication the lambs vindication.

Jesus is vindication which we were just talking about in the will switch gears and talk about vindication of those who follow the Lamb that would be those of us that are in Christ. In the next week to talk about assured by divine control that there specific events that God is actually guiding the whole process is the source of all power that is guiding the specific events that we find in Revelation so assurance from front to back.

As we go through this today and next week with Dr. Greg Sykes is one of the professors at BJ's seminary and I've got the blog post for part one up on Facebook on the Steve Noble show page on Facebook as well as my personal page of her personal friends on Facebook you can find it there. Also during the Facebook live today for the show. We've got it to post up there as well seek and read up yourself and contemplate it and anytime were talking about these blog posts.

There's one particular page that our friends at BJ you seminaries set up specific to the radio show. We've got all kinds of resources there that you can access it's an incredible wealth of wisdom and knowledge down there. Not not just at the seminary, but also at the University and you can get to that. That's an easy website to get to. It's just seminary.BJ any of these educational things I always have EDU at the end. Okay seminary.BJ\radio seminary.BJ\radio hundred Alanna pays all the theology Thursdays. We've done since almost a year ago all have a blog posts associated with them. So just rich wisdom and knowledge and assurance and help there and enjoy all kinds of great things that our friends at BJ's seminary in the University been sharing with us for a while so that's all there for you to check out but the day surprised by assurance with Dr. Greg step mistakes. And again, Greg. We really appreciate you being here today. Thanks so much, no problem. Love it right so I'm a diabetic and I want to talk about vindication of those who follow the Lamb but just give us a little update on how the school year went for you and I what's it like for a seminary professor during the summer. Well that you can clap. Oh, I'm online right now and meet for one week in a few weeks here so light will go to actually were doing a lot of rearranging of office sandlot new new faculty there coming on new staff people. So we back to been having really were renovating part of the building. Though a lot of things that you're actually right now I'm really happy about yeah that's that's awesome. I'm going to try to get down there. Maybe not in June but in July am to try to come do a theology Thursday with Ren Rathbone is there at the center for God worldview yeah I'm excited to see of the remodeling that's going there at the main seminary building and it's just cool to watch the Lord continue to move down there come up on 100 years. The hundred year anniversary of BJ's coming up in just couple years as that's right, I came in finding the 90 year celebration and I just dated a few years away yeah yeah just just just an amazing reality. But again, thank you again for your time and for helping us out with these two blog posts and were doing the two-parter. So, part one today and then part two will do next Thursday, so let's talk about the vindication of those who follow the Lamb wrapping the children of God through Jesus Christ. And again I think sometimes I mean I long for this myself, Greg and Micah. One day I I just look forward to the day that the reality of what we profess becomes the reality of everybody, whether they profess it right now or not.

And is it is it wrong for me to look forward to that vindication no doubt that in fact I don't know that we really can appreciate and what we've been lived in a country on earth right now like like a Muslim country like Yemen or Afghanistan where Christians really are in danger. I don't know that we can really appreciate what first century Christianity was really like and it the Lord. The evidence of his wanting to comfort his people is John Keith under persecution is exiled and the Lord appeared to him in the last book of the New Testament. If you want to tell everybody look I'm to be with you but hold on the end is coming and here's what it's going to be glorious and he wants to encourage them because of what they're going through. And as I mentioned a little bit ago here or what was who I was reading what commentator but I found you read the book of Revelation as you literally ask back likely you will die.

Mark then the truth of it and the significance of that really come off the page and you you catch all of these different things like like in chapter 61 when Jesus is reading out the steel which which show the end coming and everything to be fulfilled. There there is one of them that the kind of puzzle people, but it is not really a judgment of the fifth, one where John occurred. The voices of those crying out from under the altar of the altar of sacrifice in the heavenly temple, where were we are the these martyrs have actually been you don't have to sacrifice themselves for the cause of Jesus Christ and there crying out how long before you judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth and are told to rest for a while because there's others that you can enjoy them, who will die as martyrs as well. It's not the only kind you see this idea when the when the big judgment, dark coming that Angel has a mentor in his hand with the smoke going up from the prayers of the thing we realize that cries for the Lord to finally avenge the blood of his martyrs is really one of the things that drive the judgment of God upon the earth. It's not just his holiness, but also for his people as well and that truth really comes through very strongly Revelation not only here that another part as well. No, I don't think it's wrong to long for that and I obviously biblical idea and something that pleases the Lord because that's what he's doing for you and I think you know when you when you look at it that way. I wanted ask this question Greg were talking to Dr. Greg Sykes from BJ's seminary today about a revelation and surprised by assurance we can find there.

But I think in terms of the martyrs and the obvious examples. People that suffered unbelievable things since the start of the church and Jesus himself, but what about us that you know you mentioned this, we kinda can bash ourselves pretty easily us cushy Westerners and were starting to get an increased amount of an all putting their quotes a little but persecution but it's it's persecution in our context just kinda being maligned and being pushed to the side and and and there's got to be some real cost to be paid in educational facilities and workplaces and stuff like that that doesn't count.

Is that something that that that's going to get vindicated as well because I think oftentimes we can we can come to diminish this, the cortical of suffering we can go through here is Westerners in America. In particular, when we look at the martyrs. People that actually were tortured and abused and died for the faith versus us but the things that the types of things that we experience here in the Western context is that the second vindicated as well or not. I just being a baby now I think that I think that the really good question and the way I understand it from reading in the New Testament not only Revelation that another contact well that whatever challenges we need along the path of following God's will and being a witness for him in the earth.

This is God growing up in God showing his love to the world through. I don't I don't think we need to belittle you from the suffering we might go through. There is a reason that God is great not allowed our country to Burien from the same use and the other countries that had I don't think we need to beat ourselves up for that.

I think the world is better off because of the affluence that we've had in America where a lot of really good people are Christian people have filtered that was fun over the earth and the gospel has gone out because of really our ability to be able to fund it. And so there's a purpose and that not everybody in the New Testament, suffered the same John John as far as we know, died of old age on real and all of you went through some terrible things probably.

He didn't go to some of the same terrible things that others of the apostle and so just because it's not God's will, but if it is God's will for intense suffering is great is just as evident that circumstance, we are assured of, and so those those who know how to suffer like Jesus suffered feel themselves doubly blessed that they were worthy to be able to suffer like that. So no, I don't think we should belittle you at I think that God has a will suffering that different for every single person such a beautiful point that the fact the reality. I usually amaze Greg that God uses me at all for anything because I'm a pretty good start of my own sin, and in just like David said you know my sin is ever before me bone it comes to the suffering and indignity the indignities that we can experience here in America as the culture continues to to get a little more aggressive about Christianity. You mean the fact that you experience that at all for being a follower of Jesus Christ. We should all take a moment and go praise the Lord that I'm even worthy of that that because that means I'm a son or a daughter of the most high God. And that's an incredible privilege in and of itself working to get up there on the comeback theology Thursday with Dr. Greg Sykes from BJ's seminary talking about surprised by assurance journey through the book of Revelation talk about vindication today. Looking back at the noble show elegy Thursday with our friends and think about this for second were talking to Dr. Greg Sykes is a professor BJ's seminary. Today's blog post was redoing a two-parter's spirit. Surprised by assurance spitted out Steve a journey through the book of Revelation today talking about divine vindication and vindication just means that you're shown to be right and that your hope and faith were in the right place all along and I deftly my hands raised on that one. I'm looking forward to some divine vindication and that's it says we wait as they see the world becoming increasingly more anti-Christian. And as we wait, knowing that that vindication is coming should give you some assurance and give you some hope and some peace in the meantime, in the next week were going to talk about assured by divine control because all of the things that happen throughout the book of Revelation are all under the watchful hand in Providence of of the God of the Bible, so I will get saw lots of assurance about that next week. Today talk about vindication wanted to go to this part and again Greg I really appreciate you being with us today and thanks so much for preparing.

It's just been wonderful great thing I want to go this party. This was in part of the blog. In fact, when God judges the wicked government Titus together in the second known in the prophecy is Babylon a hideously moral influence that is quote drunk with the blood of saints, the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

That's in Revelation 17 he judges Babylon not only for their sins against him, him being God, but also in behalf of his own people.

His own people being us. So II look at this one and go you know it. I often think, does God really care about the little problems we go through as a result of being Christians, but he does so he judges Babylon, in and of itself, or what they're doing against him is clearly sinning against the Lord, but also about on behalf of his own people. That's that's really reassuring to me yet that will a really incredible will find one little part of Revelation 18 actually where there's this great cry over the instruction of Babylon. Babylon appears to be implement in this time. Before God's final judgment that has control over the world and yet be who we learned in other parts of Scripture is really the antichrist is the bigger government and the beast and the kings are with him actually destroy the city of Babylon. Whatever that code for whatever that influence is during this time. And they take her down but it says in chapter 17 it because God put it into their heart to do it and then when the world is lamenting over the downfall of the Babylon. It says that God given judgment for you against her and that is an incredible thing is not just the vindication of the vindication of his people and he done to show his his love for us and that he will do what he had on the do all along that it is been an incredible point and I can somehow Jesus, I guess I just cannot miss that before and then you just mention that from Revelation 1820 rejoice over her all heaven and you and you saints and apostles and prophets, for God has given judgment for you against her, which again just reminds me that God cares intimately about what happens to me, not just that.

Obviously, the greater sin against him. The sins that occur against his people and that's really reassuring to me. And in what we do it that in the in the current context do we use that reality of what God said.

There, in Revelation 18 to kind of help us today as we going through, crazy times. Well I people think you know we just put our hope at the very end and didn't really have any need for your supper and think the people you can call the very and think of Hebrews chapter 11 where it says make the really amazing observation that so many of the Old Testament people who who did what God is asking people in Revelation to do. Trust in the promises to the end. Even though you don't see the promise yet even though you might die before you see the final vindication that all these die, not even having to realize the promises in time saw them afar off. This is biblical doors of hope for God's people is supposed to give us trust and assurance that even though things might not go the way we thought they should go for, and maybe even we suffered more than we thought we were going to suffer in the end we are going to be with God and the Lamb forever on the new earth and fellowship with him and it's not about not about right now is not the Disney will follow your dream you about what God is doing in the big picture and we think spiritually and we think about what God is doing in the whole earth, and the fact that we are actually part of you that it really does give us this incredible assurance and open it, not just punting to the end. It's not that that right now I can have the confidence that my got it completely in control and eventually indicate everything that I believed and I hope in and that that really is a great assurance yeah it really is.

And so as we as we can. Again, consider Revelation or talk about this assurance in the present day. Think this thing we all have to remember that that the book of revelations there like you said at the beginning, not necessarily her, only to come to show you this roadmap so you can kind of check it's like the mile markers, as you're driving on vacation you want to roll by okay at this mile marker with accident this mile marker so you know it's common in this case it's just that eventual vindication, which I think there's a song that talks about when your faith becomes your eyes ill in the end everything is realizing it, and to go back so I said early on that that kind of well in the end we wind and we and that sounds trite, but ultimately, obviously, is true, but there should be great assurance and peace in all of that as we as we come to labor through today's world. Yet that's exactly right.

People think about Revelation, they immediately think about what will the application of the witness to what the market of the NM people can get really agitated about their view of Revelation. You want to think that I've discovered in and going through learning to preach to the congregation that you can even disagree with other brothers and sisters in Christ, about the exact meaning I think right. It but you can't method the company through for the Lord's people that incredible thing that we can still all come away with hope and assurance that the board wanted even though we might crap a little bit about what the exact meaning, and in that. I really I haven't tried the people are taking and what that might be.

But really that is a very minor campus.

But think it is what God is trying to do for us right now on the insurance you try to get to such an important point because you can get to some pretty some pretty severe fierce and serious back and forth some debates and arguments within the body of Christ.

Pre-Melamed mill post mill. I mean all of the eschatology that we offer some reason, like the fight over but ultimately this kinda rises above all of that to not look at the sequin events are what happens when but what happens eventually and in the vindication is such a big part of that, that the assurance and the peace that comes from it is sparser better than figuring out which particular view is actually the accurate one and you read, you read packages that are thoroughly in the book where you got the martyr.

Some of them have been beheaded for the gospel of Jesus Christ preaching the gospel and their standing with the land and there's no more pain. There's is no more hunger. There is no more third. It is an incredible day and and that what the Lord is trying to get the focus on as we go through what he's taking now. I'm always preaching in families where you think you are persecuted in the world so forth.

But you know they got their own issues that are going right now.

Now with their kids open financial pressures and that sort of thing. And in Revelation speaks to that well because again anything were doing. Along the way of serving God and try to collect any of the optical God put in our path because he did not try to get the primrose path you try to keep the center need that bent and that is what is at supper and keep our eye on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. He went before us and so Revelation you read read some other book you gotten a lot better like Hebrews and other books, live well. It is truly surprising, what with the Lord that's so awesome given so we got about a minute and 1/2 left, give us a little preview of over to be talking about next week apart two of surprised by assurances generated by dying control yet we always know God in complete control and billboard making all the claims of what can happen, but there are some really rising think he said reminded even though doing things, even of the prophet are doing. Think that the verbiage always comes back to God is allowing the things that happen is under everything is under ultimately what he wants to do and somehow you doing it. We don't know how he's doing.

Somehow he's doing it so that everything comes out to exactly what you promised for us that these are just two of many less than that we can learning the book of Revelation. Yeah, that's awesome. So will pick it up there next week on theology Thursday Dr. Greg Sykes will be back with us to go. Part two on this surprised by assurance of journey through the book of Revelation assured by vindication today and then assured by divine control next Thursday.

Greg, thank you so much my friend for being a part of the show today. We really appreciate your wisdom in helping us lead down my throat. Are you walkable talking and will soon have a great rest your week. Talk to you later bye-bye this is Steve Noble on the seasonable shell. And yes, God willing, I'll be with you again tomorrow. Theology Thursday always a great swim in the deep end of the pool and that's why we doing I always I always get blessed by it challenged by always learning the non-ending course this thing we call Christianity, walking with the Lord always, always more to learn. Always more growth to be had, so will look forward to doing that again next Thursday I'll be back again tomorrow a lot going on this month to take pride in the fact that I can call Jesus my Lord and Master. I don't know about you, God willing, I'll try to go it again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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