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January 8, 2020 4:21 pm

Talking Tactics with Greg Koukl

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 8, 2020 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/08/20.

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From the conflict with Iran through great book on apologetics got you covered today is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as I'm president of the United States, Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

That is how Pres. Trump started his press conferences message to the world today. After that it was good morning.

Welcome, but it started with that message will talk about it in a moment welcome to want to fire this is Michael Brown really cover two major things that a first conflict with arrondissement away and was some thoughts on that and then second bottom half the hour to bring on eating apologist and also great cocoa to talk about the 10th anniversary edition of his book called tactics and important book to be an important attribute might be able to take your calls for great cocoa as well but the number as always, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 and she's me before I give you my perspective on things. I want to open up the phones for you calling ensure your perspective, how do you feel about how Pres. Trump has handled the recent conflict with Iran growing it excuse me, growing Iranian aggression and then the attack on our embassy in Iraq by Iranian dissidents, then the taking out of general samadhi, then Iran's response then the Pres.'s press conference. Overall, how you feel. This has been handled.

866-3487 84 Kate before going further out recently with a lot of sickness and stuff going around in my custom travel different time zones and whether zones and things like that and on planes. Those people are sick of every so often I'll just get my cold symptoms.

My immune system is 10 times stronger than it used to be my overall health messily better than it's ever been last five and half years by God's grace, but I just develop a slight cough, a doctor friend of mine said he drank some throat coat organic tea before and during the show and it will help a lot so I started doing that. Just a couple days ago. Lo and behold really worked well right before we started today.

I was just trying to drink some and I don't know maybe slow hot or whatever because I think that contributed dislike off but were good all is good. 866-348-7884 okay what do we make of the president's handling of the recent conflict with Iraq and Iran, in particular with in Iraq was this irresponsibility by the president. Was this the very thing we fear that the man is going to do something crazy is going to take somebody out is going to start a world war is to escalate hostilities is to destabilize the Middle East is a madman in the White House and you can trust him. Is that what happened. One scenario I may people hold with passionately either their worst fears started we realized Congress not properly consulted. This is just a reckless act by a rogue president is one side.

Another side we took out the world's leading terrorist we faced down the largest state sponsor of terrorism we face down the bully and the bully is backing down in the world is a better place thank God for Pres. Trump to very different perspectives when we make of it.

What's a right assessment. What can we learn from this. First, let's listen to Pres. Trump today from this message to the world.

From this press conference. He didn't take questions just deliver his message and left. Let's hear.

We had to say good morning. I'm pleased to inform you that the American people should be extremely grateful and happy. No Americans were harmed in last night's attack by the Iranian regime we suffered no casualties. All of our soldiers are safe and only minimal damage was sustained at our military bases are Great American forces are prepared for anything. RN appears to be standing down which is a good thing for all parties concerned at a very good thing for the world right now. There was great concern reports last night, although here it is. The war is on Iran is bombing our troops how many are going to die, which can happen in the Middle East. What about a rocky casualties and things like that and then as the dust begins to clear the report. No casualties that Iran use sophisticated ballistic missiles.

Why were there no casualties was at the providence of God was in a good defense system and we were adequately pre-warned or was it that Iran put on a show a display so that they can save face in the eyes of their people and nation, and then report whatever they want to their own people, whereas in reality intentionally, they missed it is being widely reported today. Major headlines major news networks, reporting that Iran intentionally missed for fear of escalating things with United States. Remember, they are under crippling sanctions right now. Remember, there is a growing surgery growing movement in Iran to overthrow the government and to bring down the radical Islamic clerical leadership of the nation.

Many, many are not happy and at the same time there is a groundswell underground of the gospel growing of many Iranian Muslims coming to faith in Jesus that too will ultimately have a destabilizing effect on the Islamic regime so could this be, in fact, a calculated major victory by the president. Let's let's hear more of what he had to say.

By removing Salomé. We have sent a powerful message to terrorists.

If you value your own life, you will not threaten the lives of our people as we continue to evaluate options in response to Iranian aggression. The United States will immediately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on the Arabian regime. These powerful sanctions will remain until Iran changes its behavior. Now there's no question that from the viewpoint of conservative Americans and those who love Israel that under the Obama administration we made a terrible deal with Iran the nuclear deal was basically going to give them a path to nuclear warheads in the future and in Israel was terrified of and mortified over and then in addition monies that we had held back what hundred $50 billion. How much was it wasn't given to Iran, which is largely helped to underwrite their exit care is that even said with the money were gone back to what we have been doing to talk about destabilizing Syria destabilizing in a rocket it in constantly threatening Israel Sosa look radical Islam is a bad thing. The leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini put the country in a in a bad way of the Shah of Iran was no saint himself. We understand that in a in a world leader Iran was no saintly country either and I understand where were dealing with countries. America ever. Every country is a mixed entity all right but Khomeini helped launch the worldwide radical Islamic revolution is one of the key major players in recent decades involved right was on. We resume so you Pres. Trump was right to say as much as it's a slap at the last administration. We as Americans as a nation Pres. Obama. This was one of the worst things he did. Sad to say many things. Pres. Trump is said and done I'm critical of this facility. Pres. Obama did a very critical Piers Morgan has an article in daily mail and it's quite an extraordinary article bashing liberals in their responses to Trump taking out this terrace listen to some of what he says he says so Imani was the world's most dangerous terrorist he said. As such, he was no different ideologically from other cheerleaders, like all Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, ISIS, commander of the buffer of Buck study and he says even though our forces took out all these, of course, by God, he killed himself. He said yet unlike bin Laden but Dottie Salomé's death has been met with House of protest from the world's liberals want is a truth. Trump trumps everything. For some of them.

He said Obama or the executioner bin Laden liberals cheer him around the world. The Trump derangement syndrome dictates. There must be a very different response when the current president kills a terror leader is a habit but Trump is not condemned for taking out all but Dottie probably ISIS being so despicable and so evil about Dottie taking his own life. The liberals couldn't attack them for that. But now, after the impeachment hearings. It's like the radical left is gotten even further to the left.

So now they want to attack Trump for war crimes and atrocities and terrorist acts. Checking out terrace light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Sanchez of thing interesting that you got piers Morgan on Rush Limbaugh on the right saying the same thing, namely that hatred for Trump on those of the left, especially the radical left is so blinded them that rather than appreciating that a mass terrorist was taken out in a terrorist regime was successfully faced down. Instead, they want to contaminate Trump for war crimes for atrocities want to add this to the impeachment articles. In fact, I saw a report on the new Republic.

Saying this leads us see if I can find it yet trumps next impeachable offense is nigh.

Congress may have no other choice but to redeploy the ultimate check against a rogue president bent on committing atrocities while because he took out an arch carousel. Here's the other thing from everything we know he did not simply make a cavalier decision, David French, an attorney and a strong, never Trump or David French has said that he had the legal right to do what he did without getting permission from Congress.

First, this is David French, a very strong never Trump. He pointed out the Trump acted within right bounce.

You're not only so that you have a Council of people standing together and it appears from reports it was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was strongest and say we have an opportunity to take this man out. We should take him out so much for the idea. The Trump Justice is unimpressed by the he may send out tweets that are deaf in his own tweets and and a lot of people wish he wouldn't me being one of them all right. One of many but in point of fact, it seems that this decision was a calculated decision and they must've thought through what Iran will and won't do. And while we need to remain prayerful and vigilant because Ron is is capable of carrying out all because whether terror attacks those things remain possible. It seems right now there's a posturing and stepping back and in the president's speech. He also offered an olive branch that was that to the people as a whole for the reigning people if they're able to watch this to say hey, let's have peace.

And let's have your nation prosper. Why should you be a pariah nation. Why should you be an isolated nation.

Why should you be the world's greatest state sponsor of terror. Why not come to the table of nations and have peace and prosperity. Was he saying that for those that want to overthrow the current regime was that a genuine offer to the regime there saying hey you do not have to be who you are, you can be Islamic and all of that but you don't have to be terrorists.

Let's make an agreement together. We shall see. But a few other things that piers Morgan pointed out so: Manik obviously is going to see things through the eyes of grace and Renick us is this this is after taking out of an arch terrorist there's nothing new about American terrorist attacks against black and brown people for the expansion of American imperialism. That's how he read this right. Remarkably, so Morgan responded Renick either doesn't know or choose chose to ignore that for many years Iran has been committing terror attacks on black and brown people for the expansion of its own appeared imperialist agenda in the Middle East by friends. I want to be totally candid with you and when I heard about the taking of this rain.

In general I felt very confident where embassy was attacked that the president was going to respond and he was going to do so in a decisive way when I heard that he took this man out.

I hoped that he consulted with Israel that he had that he had really thought this through that he knew what the repercussions could be and that it was a good calculated move and one that would send the message to Iran and the world now. I was hopeful but I obviously wasn't sure who could know and I did have concerns that this could trigger something very serious. I never thought for a moment personally that this was his way of distracting from the impeachment trials because he's been tweeting about them day and night and say let's have a trial on an open try want witnesses I want to get everything out so I can see them doing that nor did I think he was that cavalier to do something like that and what I can tell, being listen to some of his speeches about having to speak to to the widows and to the parents of as as coffins of their loved ones come back and how he hates very present with hate doing that, that he really does not want to escalate war and see our troops getting killed overseas. From what I could tell, but the most revealing thing to me is this place out is the responses of those on the radical left. The responses of those rather than standing with the president and saying we hope this is a good move but were glad this arch terrorist was taken out instead.

They paint a picture as if Trump is the arch terrorist that to me is most telling thing of all, 86634 to the number to call so I just posted this on Twitter literally one to cover our clips before us, and I thought okay I got time to post this right before we go live and I asked this question. I so let's just see here D. Guess he fooled you again about the impeachment dock.

Yeah DI guess I got fooled again.

I guess I'm so naïve and so dumb and so stupid that the president hoodwink me again.

Glad that he didn't hoodwink you. Yeah, a little sarcasm there but posted open comment could be subject to a friendly, sarcastic response, hate Paul, I posted asked this overall true proof of Trump's handling of the recent conflict with Iran. Since a broad question. The recent conflict in these recent days, right you proof of Trump's handling of the recent conflict with Iran. Please indicate if you're pro-Trump or anti-Trump in your answer, so thus far. Interestingly, those that say their pro-Trump that is 84.8% approve as as I'm looking at it right now just the first hundred 58 votes because I just posted this minutes ago right so the shifting over 80%. So at this point it is about 20 721. Those who are pro-Trump approve versus disapprove.

82% to 3% among those who are anti-Trump that's I put it was real.

Starkey, the pro-Trump Rancho. I know many don't put themselves in that place, but that's that's I put on the pole making the starkest possible reason for Janine among those who are anti-Trump so that's about 15% of the vote. So about 85% on Twitter followers identifying his pro-Trump 50% is anti-Trump. No surprise with that right.

Interestingly, among them it's a little bit in the majority that they approve. Interesting isn't so even among my anti-Trump Twitter followers and again this is just an unscientific poll to ask a question. It's interesting that the response is what it is now. What's really going to be telling is a month from now, six months from now, a year from now.

I want to throw out something else that strikes me as hypocritical. There is instant concern. We took out so the money. What's the payback going to be one of the repercussions canopy what's going to happen to our troops what's going to happen in the Middle East what's gonna happen to Americans abroad, which can happen to Americans at home to me all valid concerns. Absolutely valid. Absolutely valid concerns valid questions. Who knows what Iran will do very valid questions.

I will dispute them in the least, and their questions would have to keep looking at in the months ahead to see what unfolds. But here's what I find hypocritical we take out all about study, about to capture him or kill him.

He takes his own life right and you know that this could be some repercussion know immediately. We took at his next guy that happened immediately after so suddenly, you may not be so quick to succeed him. Well, okay, maybe somebody else for the job right. These are people with families.

These are individuals that are not all of them are ready to be mortar tomorrow okay but you know there will be repercussions so couple weeks ago Isis sympathizers in Nigeria beheaded 11 Christian hostages. Apparently, one Muslim hostage that killed him without beheading 11 Christian they behead Missy.

We did this in retaliation for the killing of all the authority did you hear a peep around the world. Did you hear people of Ocean taken them out hear anybody talk about that could be because as by Christians in Nigeria that me all the way over there and there, and thereafter Canon and their Christian could be that that was the issue and is hundreds even thousands of Nigerian Christians are slaughtered by radical Muslims is really not our concern. Is there something hypocritical about all that this one of the throw that out to so to me. We had the best case scenario if if if things stay as is. We have the best case scenario. So far from Erica saying you don't mess with us a be distilled to blow your terrorist activities and sent a message to the rest the role and see we are extending an olive branch to the people of Iran to the government of wrong with sit down together the table of nations put under terrorism. You can have prosperity in your country and look bottom line the time of everybody having a luxury vehicle living in a mansion return month people surviving talk about people and the decent quality of life. We talk about people not having to wonder how the sanctions are gonna affect your future so we shall see what happens in the greatest scenario of all would be such a massive revival. Iran that becomes known as a Christian nation with a few Mesa can we come back straight over to great cocoa to talk about his important book tactics thrilled to see the 10th anniversary edition.

That is just been released. If you have a question grade 866-3423 663-4780. It's time now for them every minute with Janet Mefford plant. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on the line of fire is the number called first half of the broadcast. We talked about Iran, the president's handling of the situation.

Reactions to it.

Now what to focus on apologetics, and I'm thrilled to have with me on the one for great cocoa is one of the nations leading apologists, and his book tactics was so popular and so widely used that he is now put out an expanded, revised, updated 10th anniversary edition that that the list Greg has been blessed to administer to a lot of people and help a lot of people. But when you've got Lee Strobel writing the forward to your book and then you've got people like a good friend apologist Frank Turek saying I wish I knew these tactics. 20 years ago and Gary have limits that are greatest scholar in the resurrection, sing tactics is not only required read, but simply a delightfully entertaining resource. Just try to put down. This tells your friends that if you haven't read tactics yet you want to get the book. So without further ado, Greg. Welcome back to the line for thanks for joining us today. Hey Michael, those are very kind words and it's really night out with you again.

Thank you.

Might my joy.

I listened you've done a lot of writing. You've done a lot of ministry. What is it about tactics uniquely. That seems to have hit home and help so many people and things that come to mind immediately and you and I felt opened a lot of apologetic conferences were really smart people give a lot of great information.

We've got a very deep bench. As you know, but the problem is that it's difficult for the rank-and-file to get that information into play into a conversation, even if they know it, even if they learned there is a missing bread from the compound to the conversation or sale from the scholarship to the relationship and what the tactical game plan provides for that person.

It provides for them that necessary bridge that William getting into conversation with the information you've learned. Without sounding weird and without no without causing trouble so your engagement look more like diplomacy than D-Day okay to let the first thing the second thing is that I really emphasized in the book, the concept of darkening versus harvesting marketing versus harvesting or stowing versus scraping is the way Jesus put it out. John chapter 4 in a lot of our evangelism is really geared for harvesting. We bring on a attractor booklet. We go through four steps that we press for a decision. We try to close the deal. Nowadays there's a lot more gardening that need to be done before the harvest is going to be ready and you know that because the way to culture is the challenges that people are facing and what the tactics book provide is a very practical, very easy and very safe way to guard to make a little difference here and a little different. They are to help somebody move closer toward the harvest and not worrying about the harvest in that particular conversation goes. Two things I think Michael Halbert really excited people, which is why this book is done so well the last 10 years and this new new version. The 10th anniversary edition.

That's just about completely revised and expanded 30% new material is it is doing so while not really being well received am very excited about.

I we mentioned a few times that number 1010 years have since shifted in the culture.

Even in these last 10 years. In our Christian witness. When you talk about these days. We have to share our faith for sure cultural convictions has been a shift in the last 10 years haven't been a big job because of and it actually started wall-to-wall nightly 30 years ago, but in my last 10 years. A couple of things happen one people have just gotten more hostile to Christianity and it doesn't mean that every person you run into is going to be nasty and mean to you but it does mean that the people who are the gatekeepers of society, of the date the media and that the film industry and the University especially the the intellectual hostility toward Christianity is so aggressive so much more than it ever was before.

And it's not justified because in the last 10 years we we've learned more thing that is as acknowledge not cost the document dollars that there's an avalanche is a tsunami of evidence in favor of Christianity. Even so, in the gatekeeper communities. There has been a lot more push back the weight and all those that followed them and so that I think it makes it a lot more tricky atmosphere for Christian it brightened a little bit and I understand that and so they're willing to get back off more more and more they become more bellicose and more more fighting, more and neither of those is the answer and for the answers to give, give an answer with gentleness and reverence and how do you do that that with the tactical book is all about. So let's let's think about a couple of wrong approaches and then I wanted I want to talk about some of your your Colombo tactics in terms of of taking the driver seat but there the two extremes. The one would be you just withdraw the one offender will be controversial, she can withdraw and then the other is is just rivet we get aggressive insolence of give an example of on your next-door neighbor.

We we meet we start talking. It's our first or second conversation. Give me a wrong example, but something that Christians commonly fall into well I had one yesterday. Actually on my own radio show, a Christian called in greater actually quite articulate engaging students, fellow student on the issue of homosexuality, which is no written extensively about very volatile issue right now and he said he asked me how we can engage his friends on the issue you know and make the case and what he been doing it is quoting the Bible what the Bible says no. I think the Bible is an authority, but that the general culture doesn't and so if all we do is state the Bible says that quote some birth. This is not going to be compelling, and so here's what I suggested was a tactic that I have in the book of the new tactic.I've added in it called my, what a friend we have in Jesus right that the name of the tactic. In other words, what you do is you bring Jesus on your side so people who don't respect the Bible broadly put to respect Jesus.

They think it's pretty cool guy and at the Passaic pretty bright spiritually love people. He was gracious almost things that people normally bring up and this is why they want to get kids on their side they want they will. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. For example, they think that that this is a meaningful rebuttal to the Christian view. So I encourage the eighth-grader to stay is estimate of what why would you why would you cite Jesus. What because Jesus is not a thing or two. We respect Jesus. When you see that somebody else respect Jesus, then I think it's good to go to someplace well. What Jesus said about marriage and go to Matthew 19 now you're going to a verse of course in the Bible but you're going to the statement of Jesus and Jesus is the person that the other person respect.

So Jesus said, I'll just sum up what he said in Matthew 19 that God's plan for marriage is one man with one woman becoming 1/41 lifetime. So how do you get same-sex marriage out of that no notice.

I just ended with a question. How do you get same-sex marriage out of that are how do you get Jesus approving of homosexuality out of that.

That's the question then I'm going to toss back to the non-Christian and now it's their turn to answer now.

Who are they fighting they can fight me because I didn't make a statement.

I let Jesus make the statement and when they disagree. Now they are disagreeing with Jesus, so this is no foolproof method. Of course, but I think my listeners can see the practical difference between siding Jesus, who they say they respect and asking the question and simply saying the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. That's an example of using a tactical approach on a tough question. You assume it's close to my money for saying this when I had Prof. Darrell Bock on the air with me one time he mentioned you years ago, we could say it's true because it's in the Bible.

Today we have to say to the world. It's in the Bible because it's true, and in the same way when you say the Bible says it can sound impersonal look. You and I believe in the power of the gospel.

The power of Scriptures quoting the Bible and all of that and we we hide behind the Scriptures, but it can be done in an impersonal way or you can get people is again simple tactic.

That's a whole beauty of of the book tactics you can get the same result effect. Even better is if I just quoted that you immediately go to be responding in song Festival at let's look at this.

What you think. Now were going a little journey together were learning together, and like you said they like Jesus. I remember as an unsaved Jewish hippie drug use. We thought Jesus was pretty cool this Christian religion was back itself.

If you've got that door if it's open right what is this and then asked the question, so it is one of the big tactics to get the person you're talking to actually stop and think. Of course let me that that is the most central thing.

If you pick a conversation that many Christians have had with non-nonbelievers. There's a series of slogans that are thrown out. They have the statement. The slogan statement for you to stay out. For example, are that just your opinion on all you know I can't trust the Bible all these are the them. The people toss out, but they have not really thought through the on the Bible's been changed really. When was it changed how much was. What parts were changed over anything as reliable. These are the questions that could be asked to clarify when you ask questions like that of the slogan to stick things. The people toss out it stopped. The other person in their tracks because they have never thought about those thing just repeating slogan and it entirely fair for us to engage in friendly conversation with appropriate questions that go directly to the issue that's been raised to get the other person thinking carefully about positions and yet we do it in every other area of life. We try to employ wise tactics, but somehow when it comes to sharing the gospel. The center for cultural convictions. We can begin the flesh or compromising boy needs to rethink by the way Greg and Brigitta, and our Facebook feed from Anita when I was a pagan. In the 1990s living in Southern California. I used to listen to great his logic was compelling.

He clearly planted the seed as I became a Christian. 15 years later, Greg. We've got 1/42 be before the break, but planting seeds you talk about gardening versus harvesting we have to do a lot of seed planting deli to repeat the last question again. A little background noise here, but I will not comment by the weightlifting.

Yes, I appreciate that you will with 30 seconds before the break. Just to say YouTube a garden harvesting but we gotta do a lot of seed planting first yeah absolutely correct, and more than ever before and at the concept I develop in the book, the concept the distinction between what I call gardening and harvesting and not sure how the tactical game plan is absolutely perfectly suited for my friends right back with great cultural, revised, expanded 10 tactics. It's a must read book if you want to make a difference visible. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Sean. Now tactics will revolutionize your conversations with Christians speaking with Greg Coco somehow you're not familiar with his ministry work. Of these many years. The last name is K OU KL the book tactics a best-selling book and because of its popularity and effectiveness because of ongoing changes in our society. Greg is made the serious investment of time and energy to update expenditures he said about 40% of it is brand-new and in Greg it's it's divided into two main sections the first section is the game plan and the second section is finding the force obviously all we can use touch the service here plant some seeds in our listeners and viewers and get them to to get the book if if they haven't if they have the original give that away and and get the new addition but I just want to focus on one more question, and that the game plan part and then go to finding the flaws when you say getting in the driver seat what you mean by that because for most of us. That's like taking control and running things was your whole approach is so different than that.

How do we get the driver seat.

While the approach of how we do it a different of my approach and how we do it we do want to be in the driver seat and that we are guiding the conversation. Give an example of perfect cross you and I both talked about right now you're interviewing me okay on notice that I'm doing most of the talking. I'm doing the heavy lifting right you got the easy part. You just ask the questions, but everybody knows that you are in control of this conversation because the conversation is moving in the direction that you wanted to go and you are directing it by the questions you are asking now you might get, you know, I might come up with something goofier taken another direction, you can carefully pull us back on track by adding another question that moves us in the direction you want to go, rather than in the direction I'm going.

So this is a perfect paradigm.

Example of what we do in conversations with other people, you not being unkind to me.

Michael, you're not controlling me. You're not manipulating but you are in the driver seat in a very gracious and a nice passionate characteristic of your style. Actually, even with the of dealing with people that that are different at different with you on important issues and and this is what I'm talking about about staying in the driver seat of the way that you stay in the driver seat is by doing just what you're doing is by asking questions and that is the key to the game plan. The key to the game plan that there are three part of the plan, but they are three different ways of using questions and very intentional way to draw the other person out, get them talking about their side, allowing you to get information get a lay of the land and then have us found out where you can go productively with the conversation always using questions yeah and and how much does Jesus do that in the Gospels does hundred quite renter time of the other question I'm united a list of all it's amazing how much you use?

Start with God in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Asking questions are asked are you handling questions and just it draws out what's in people's hearts, and it really does allow you to directing some friends. Greg is offering practical wisdom and by the way, if you want to engage in read.

I'm just looking at the chapter titles in part two suicide views that self-destruct another sibling rivalry and infanticide taking the roof off steamroller Road scholar, just the facts ma'am so it's it's written in a friendly compelling way. But let's let's just at least touch on this, so our folks know some of the tactics here in terms are finding the flaws when I often find is that folks have their talking points in the moment.

I challenge the talking point, they don't really have anything behind that, though I might do it in a confrontational way that just pushes back and now they don't want to say anything but how three.

Using questions can we find the flaws and then expose the bankruptcy of the world's position right in front of their own eyes yet. Will it that the different areas. If you see the flaw that what the different tactics that you just cited their names help you to do suicide, take the roof off but just the fact that will help you to see the flaw, but you always exploit the law with a question give you a quick example, suicide from talking to a young man and he didn't like my moral views on homosexuality as a friendly conversation he asked me what I thought I gave her my view and he said you know you Christians get so judgmental so you just made a statement against my character. I'm judgmental all right and and and I asked him a question because I wanted clarification. I knew this was going.

I was already set up in my mind, where I'm going, but here's the question I am what's wrong with that. Like that was wrong with that girl anything.

Well, it's wrong to judge.

Okay, now I got a statement of oral statement that is making but then I asked him another question out many of you listeners already caught on that when he says it's wrong to judge. He's making a judgment against doing the very same thing is telling you not to do that. The suicide aspect of it and so I asked the question I could instead. Well, I made a statement I could instead you're judging me, that's contradictory, but if you do that that I use the tactical approach and you to question. I said to Gil, Jill, if it's wrong to judge them. Why are you judging me right now.

Now that put the ball back in his court. I'm not making an accusation where it's now silent because we get back heads with each other.

I received what he said and tossed the ball back to him with April an appropriate question and now he's like you just pointed out kind of dumbfounded and and silent doesn't know what to say because he never heard anything like that before and I got a lot more detail. The book of how this works but there's a great example about how you could just use a question to take a tough situation to make it so much easier on you and really put the other person more in the hot seat where he belongs with a statement like that so we know that one on the side of truth, and therefore were happy to do investigation were happy to have open hearts and minds were trying to get others to do the same and it's you know the classic response to someone saying there is no absolute truth was a true yeah I want to get exactly the toilet but let me grab a very quick look in another comment from a TSEs and III just bought the book yesterday so that we need a German translation so I imagine is this is out in multiple languages are or will be, but a quick question from from Canada I think will be interesting jewels real quick dive right in what your comment or question for Greg but way back rabbinical Jewish rabbi and talking like to ask her somewhat question your volleyball the back asking another question to keep the other rabbi or the other learned, Dick would understand the question. So it seemed like the falling but you always answer a question with a question.

Is that very rabbinical with tactics, but my question to mid to Greg thanks jewels yet.

I think it is rabbinical and that however it's not just volleyball boom boom back-and-forth we are using a question to get them to consider a true something that is true. Using a compelling method to do that question which I call the Colombo tactic dapper in the right now we do have a definite issue with younger people with nuts millennialist, but generation see so-called people who are now not interested in God in high numbers not interested in religion and in higher numbers. This does exist we we can ignore the pump for whatever the reason, explain in particular if you're in the deal say with a 20-year-old today who's fed by social media and and has a certain outlook. Why is this especially important with this younger generation will partly because of what you said they are apathetic about religion and those kind of things, but a high number of these people who are interested in religion still consider themselves to be spiritual and they are in fact somebody that I'm spiritual but not religious like of course your spiritual got to meet you. That way so that you know that no him and what we do in a circumstance like this.

Instead of pressing our point of view.

Initially, we can use questions to begin examining their point of view and hopefully plant a seed of doubt in their own mind about the things that they are very confident of regarding their own worldview that they've adopted eight you do this with Christians all the time. They challenge Christianity their own. Our view so that now will doubt our view and be open to the atheist while it happened in reverse as well. Instead of promoting our view. First, with an apathetic person like millennial rather start asking questions that are penetrating questions about their own view and help them to begin to doubt their view to be open to what worked and just as I reflect on the planting of seeds issue.

It is so much more effective than we realize, and so necessary in the process of getting someone to making a radical wife change silt friends if you don't have the book tactics get hold of it. Greg Koegel now the 10th anniversary edition and just so someone else said, hey, I read the first edition. Six months ago and both the new one, thou sign through your ministry so obviously that got there. Interesting.

Greg you folks just want to connect with your ministry more broadly. What's the best place to go well simply to go to S organization called stand to reason and the acronym to it and your point race of friends. Lots of great resources there.

Connect with Greg take advantage of what's there online and then if you don't have it yet, get the book tactics look the harvest is massively right in America Greg so glad that you put in the extra work to get the new addition out to God, use it to touch many lives. Thank you Michael November. By the way out again. Yes I hope so. All right. God bless friends we are out of time, but tomorrow Thursday so you usually calls question, send them away Friday. The questions we got answers looking for my latest articles, videos, all hosted master to ground the Lord SK your brown Donald

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