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What's Going On: Division in America

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 19, 2021 1:11 pm

What's Going On: Division in America

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 19, 2021 1:11 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss the divisions in our current culture and how we called to respond as Christians. 


David Chadwick welcome to this week's WITH my friends in Houston who is joining me as she does every week. Thank you Jen meeting today all this hope cast I want to continue in this series we been doing over the last several weeks regarding what's going on what's happening in America today and I can't help today but reflect upon the obvious divisions that continue to divide our great nation. There are several examples that come to mind that express this division.

I'd like to cover them right now. The first one is the 218 to 212 vote that happened in the House of Representatives just 10 or so days ago when our House of Representatives on the Democratic side decided to codify abortion as a federal law making this nation's approval of abortion alongside other nations. Most horrific possible decisions. We are now alongside North Korea, China and Cuba with the worst abortion laws in the world. If this does indeed pass the Senate. Now the good news is I don't think that's going to happen I think is going to be dead on arrival in the Senate, it will never pass the filibuster rule but on the other hand, to see that in our house. There was a 218 to 212 vote shows me there's great division Internation only one Democrat went from the Democratic side to join the Republicans in this vote.

It is a Democratic Party versus Republican Party issue and shows to me the division that exist in our land and it causes me great consternation because Jesus was the one who said a house divided against itself cannot stand the devil's name in the original languages means the divider you can see him working in this way our nation counterintuitively against one another on so many issues this being one of them and dear friends, let me tell you, please, to study the issue and the question you must ask on this issue is this one is that a life in the womb of the mother.

If so, that refutes the whole narrative of it's my life and my body and I can do with it as I wish I had a person recently asked me one with the coded debate.

We want to say it's my body.

Why can't we say the same thing in the abortion debate will it's not your body there's another body, another life inside of you and the mom is a host to that life and I think is responsible for bringing that life into this world. We have a huge population decrease going on in America today is not only because of the 63 million abortions that have happened since 1973.

It's also because people aren't marrying young men between the ages of 20 and 34, 70% are unmarried. Right now, and not only are people not getting married and are not having children were going to have to face reality soon of Social Security not being able be paid out to the continuing numbers of aging Americans who are depending upon that the social program that Franklin Delano Roosevelt initiated when he was president called Social Security was an understanding that we would never receive back all that we invested. It was a social program a big safety net for all Americans to have something to rely upon. But the fact is there going to run out of money because you have to have workers in the system. In order for Social Security to work and if we have 63 million who are not workers because of abortion. If we have millions more not being born because people don't want to marry and have children. We are going to run into a huge problem in the years to come. And this division is going to show America divided against itself, and what will happen ultimately is an earthquake of economic reform that we haven't begun to think through right now line now and over the last two elections. I remember watching the closing outline as they were taking and I have a photo somewhere in one of my old phones on during each election.

He was black and throughout the entire night, 50, 50 and I just sat there and on like our nation truly is and it really is engine your attitude toward abortion is one evidence it had let me give another one of the $3.5 trillion understanding of infrastructure spending that the Democratic Party has offered as a part of its budget in the next years. What hits me in what Joe Biden has called build back better is if you adopt this $3.5 trillion measure what's going to happen is we're going to saddle your children, Jen and my children and my grandchildren with an in headedness that we again will have to face at some point in the future, and what's happening is we who live today are just looking at the now. At the moment and were not thinking in terms of the decades to come and were passing on to future generations. It's thoughtless, it's selfish, and it could be destructive for our land was speaking of distracted. I know that in these bills that they try to pass there all sorts of secret last many things that are inserted in here and back to the abortion Dell. I think I've heard that includes a special interest group that is inserted a line that said, will this also includes the protection of children to be able to decide their gender privately with Dr. without parental consent as early as 11 years old. Is this true did you hear this. I have not heard that, but it would not surprise me. It's a part of a radical agenda that is the continued expression of the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s that wants to read order our society not only sexually, but in families and in our genders and that wouldn't surprise me at all. Jen because this whole bill is a radical attempt for government to take over. It's also continuing to give to middle-class citizens money not to work, and we know biblically. Paul said in first Thessalonians chapter 3. If you don't work you don't eat hungers a huge major motivator to get people to work if you don't work you are causing the destruction of a society and encouraging slothful lazy behavior again that has no good intent for the nation itself and whenever you start giving people free food free lunches, free expressions of government take over.

You are simply inviting people to depend upon government and I think that's one of the issues that's going on right now who is God is a government or do we depend upon God through our hard work to give us what we may need. Here's also another truth.

Historically, whenever the government gives money in any way, you never take it back. You never do.

In fact, I would suggest today to listeners that when we talk about liberal versus conservative or progressive versus conservative understand what those words mean. The word liberal comes from the French Liber Tay, but also the Latin Libra, which has an understanding of liberty, freedom, and the idea of liberals and progressives is to get away from social norms that have restricted us in the past conservatives though believed by the very nature of that name.

We want to conserve that which is always made our nation healthy and whole. Things like the family things like hard work. Things like personal responsibility and you see the nations divide over those issues as well. We have to stand forth in firmness and say no. We don't want the government making the citizenry dependent upon gifts to them because again once you get those gifts to people there hard to take back again people get accustomed to receiving free stuff and interestingly, Edward Gibbon, who wrote the rise and fall of the Roman Empire that monumental masterful work.

Years ago, one of the reasons Rome fell was the free circus when the government started giving free food to the people and they didn't take responsibility for their own lives were seeing that happen in our very midst right now and it's causing a lot of people consternation because they're not stupid. They do see what's going to happen down the road if we continue this path. Another example of this has to do with Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for the governor of Virginia who recently in a debate with I think is candid. He's running against is a drunken he said it's not the parents responsibility to educate their children. It's the government's responsibility to educate their children. Now, I think the left, the progressives, the liberals have always believed that they don't think parents should inculcate their children, especially with religious conservative Judeo-Christian values. They want the government to do so, so that they can create automatons and robots who basically repeat the party line. The only way you can do. That's to take that responsibility of parenting away from the parents let the government educate the children but no one's ever said it publicly before.

I think it's been on the left. The liberal let's take away that right for parents progressive. Let's take that right away from parents side. But now it has been stated publicly and it's largely because parents are concerned about what's being taught their children to the point again yet another example, parents are not going to school boards more and more, and objecting to critical race theory and other things being taught to their children of the drag queen story hour where children are being exposed to drag queens in the library reading to them different stories and on the left there saying that's okay on the right parents are going know that's not okay. I want to have input into what my children are being taught and interestingly, Pres. Biden has now apparently released the Department of Justice to go arrest, even those parents who are objecting loudly at school board meetings now. Never before has the Department of Justice been weapon eyes to keep parents from civil disobedience or civil objection to this kind of thought being placed upon their children. It's yet another evidence of the division that has happened in American life and counter constitutional with the freedom of speech. I'm shocked about vessel.

I think you're seeing it again with yet another example of cove it. The government says we know what's best for you. Everyone needs to get vaccinated and now you're seeing organizations and corporations adopting that same mindset and demanding that people be vaccinated or they lose their job. Some evidences of people even becoming homeless and having to live on the streets because for whatever reason they personally did not want to be vaccinated. Now what's happened is a lot of people just don't like the idea of feeling like they're being bullied, you know, when you're bullied as a kid you either keep taking the bullying. Or eventually you stand up and socked the bully when you do so it's made amazing the bully does not like to be stood up to and he'll back down.

There are lot Americans right now who feel for whatever reason they're being bullied into taking the vaccine. It may be that they should even with the feeling of being bullied is keeping them from doing so and that has never been a part of our American experience either. We've always allow people their personal freedoms.

To do what they feel is best for them.

There's no employment that I'm aware of the demands of vaccine for anything else in order to be employed why this vaccine is another evidence of the divide that's happening in our nation and people feeling like the government is trying to intrude into my life take control over every area of my life and folks are just objecting and again you're seeing that divide that has happened in our nation. This is actually happening right here in our city and I have a friend he's mom is in the hospital last week and she was just about to be released in the day she was supposed to be released. The hospital laid off all of the nurses except for one on the floor where she wise and she got lost in the system and it was like a lockdown mode and and pay another patient almost died that day because of lack of care how terrible is this now just not even compassionate towards the patients you are in.

This is done and you're just leaving them with no one to take care of. We've always had the idea in American life that we would come together and have civil discourse sides expressing their beliefs and then coming to the right conclusion.

After everyone has expressed their sides.

That's not happening right now no longer has that kind of classic liberalism being expressed in our society. What's happening now is what some people call it a liberalism where one side alone can speak one side alone is right one side alone has all the power and people just don't like that and folks of courage who remember our nation's heritage and remember patriots who stood at the bridge in Boston for example and said no more toward the British Army.

Those are the people who are continuing to object, and I think their voices are getting louder and louder as we saw at some football games and other gatherings this past weekend.

I can't say the expletive but it said blank you, Biden, and a big joke came out. I think like of less you Brandon or something like that entire gyri somebody said everybody knows what was really being said, there's anger. There's frustration which then leads to the question what we do and I think Jim we get involved. I think we don't sit on the sidelines. I think of were parents were concerned about what's being taught our children, we go to school boards and we object and sometimes we need to object loudly and if enough do so that vote can be changed. Believe me, school boards, look to the next election themselves and their only going to do what they feel like is going to get them reelected. So I think parents need to object if they need to we need to vote. We need to get involved in the process of our government. And I think mostly we need to sit back and pray with great fervor that God would continue to bless our nation and somehow bring this divide together. Some people have even asked the question, are we headed toward a national divorce. Some people that's the question will we have read state secession.

I don't know. I don't think that's what's best for our nation again a nation that's united is strong a nation is divided is weak, but I don't know how we cross this divide right now that does have a lot to do with people of faith who hold strongly to certain views have a biblical understanding of biblical worldview and they are at odds with those who are more agnostic and atheistic and simply don't appreciate in their secularism. What a religious person holds dearly in their hearts. I would also say one final thing Jen do you remember January of this year. You and I were sitting next to one another in the studio talking and all of the election results were now in we saw that the House of Representatives would be controlled by the Democrats by a very narrow margin, but nevertheless controlled by the Democrats. We also saw that the Senate would have a 50-50 vote and Coppola Harris, the vice president would break the tie. Thus giving a very slight narrow margin of victory to the Democrats. But nevertheless, the Senate being controlled by the Democrats as well and you and I were looking at that going. What does that mean for our nation and I don't know if you remember this or not. I said Jim, the two most powerful people in Washington are not Joe Biden or Coppola Harris or Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi. The two most powerful people in Washington are Joe mansion and Kristin cinema.

The Senators from West Virginia and Arizona. Both of them would have commonly been called the yellow dog Democrats x-ray are more conservative and they are the fly in the ointment for the $3.5 trillion bill right now.

If they don't get on board that Bill will never be passed and both of them have said it's too much spending.

It's passing on too much debt to future generations. It's just not right. So I told you hey let's plug the seat get some popcorn yeah and watch the political theater. Over the next two years, until the 2022 election. Here we are, to an 11 months down the road and isn't this fun Yes I do remember it is what's exactly what's happening. So I would just encourage everyone to pray especially for those two people I don't know where they stand in their faith.

It's interesting both of them has said, I don't care about being reelected Joe mansion when he was getting pressure from closing Schumer to adopt the $3.5 trillion bill.

He said look I don't care if I get reelected I'll just take my houseboat back to West Virginia and enjoy the rest of my life and that's the attitude politicians need to have is not the reelection this driving me it's what's right that's driving me so continue to pray for Sen.'s mansion and cinema from Arizona is cinema and we need to continue to pray for all of those who are in authority over us. First Timothy chapter 2 verse two and trust that God still loves this nation. Trust the God could still unite this nation and trust there may be a revival God spirit moving throughout our land that would bring us together and not be divided anymore. I love this statement, and one tiny little reminder and encouragement to this Stephen next right thing. If we are not elected officials and were not content, not just in the next right thing in our home and that's where it starts. Now I want revival to start in the home. Here you go and if not us who if not now, it's time must be involved, everyone. Thank you for listening to this time David Chadwick along with Jim Houston

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