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What's Going On: Questions About the End Times, Pt. 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 16, 2022 1:59 pm

What's Going On: Questions About the End Times, Pt. 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 16, 2022 1:59 pm

Are we in the end times? On this week's Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss how many of today's current events point towards the biblical prophecy for the end times. 

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This week's when Jim Houston has joined us as she does most every week. Thank you again for your presence and be your inside. Megan is always an honor being here. Here is what I want to do today, part one in the next week apart to. I am being diluted with questions right now about Vladimir Putin about Israel about the Ukraine about the United States Pl. in biblical prophecy and other questions like that so I thought we would spend this week and next week looking at some of these questions and just by the way, are you first personally asking these questions and secondly are you hearing these kinds of questions being asked to you.

Yeah, I'm very curious about what is going on what is going on in light of biblical prophecy and what we know and I'm so glad that I have access to David Chadwick to help answer these questions. But yes there a lot of them will try my best.

I don't have all of the answers to all of the questions but I do think I have some insights because I been giving this a lot of thought and study so what would be a question you would start out with right now. Well, because I have heard you are in times teaching. I'm now equipped with these words like you know where Buffalo I bet really and in light of what's going on in Russia.

Specifically, would you how would you answer the question is. In the of Ezekiel 38 will Ezekiel 38 is a prime place of prophecy in the Bible and it predicts in the end times that there will be a group of nations that will come against Israel and to terms that are used in Ezekiel 38 or dog and Magog seems to be the title kind of a prince or leader if you will have a place in the world called Magog, and if you look at other terms used in Ezekiel 38 to describe other nations that are surrounding Magog. It includes things like to ball and Meshack and other countries as well, which seem to be nations like Turkey and Syria and other places.

So the question that you're asking is this prince who will be the overseer of what is present day Russia called in Ezekiel 38. Interestingly, Ross is he the leader Kootenai of this new coalition of Russian nations that are one-day going to come against Israel and the answer is we don't really know for sure II guess it's fascinating to watch how it will all play out, but it is interesting to note that Putin has threatened nuclear weaponry.

As you read in Ezekiel 38 and 39 about the final conflict were God intervenes on Israel's behalf and wins the war for them. There is some kind of huge last that involves fire and burning which seems to suggest some kind of nuclear power that is unleashed at that point we do have to at least ask the question since World War II. This is the only time a leader in the world has ever threatened to use nuclear arsenals upon his enemies again.

No one's done that previously.

Since Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Now we have an actual leader of the world who has made that threat. Wow. Even as a believer I find so much hope in God said this, this stuff is going to happen and we can rest assured that he's got it absolutely, and what we need to realize about Vladimir Putin is two things I think first of all, he's almost 70 years of age. He's no spring chicken and therefore anything he does is going to happen within probably the next 10 years, maybe 15 years at the most, because he's not going to be the prince, the leader of the Prime Minister or whatever off Russia forever.

Are there is some thought that Israel is 74 years of age since it was birthed on May 14, 1948 and Jesus said that this generation will see all of these things happen before Jesus returns. Will this generation is the generation that's living during these times that become more intense, more frequent as we look for the second coming of Jesus will if Israel has existed 74 years.

A generation generally in the Bible is somewhere around 70 to 80 maybe 90 years of age. That is what is talked about by Moses and David, themselves, so if that's the case, and let's just choose the number 80 years as a generation and Israel's been in existence for 74 years.

That's why some who are really into prophecy say this is got to happen within the next six or so years and if pollutant is 70 years of age.

He's going to want to make this happen as he ages because he knows that his own time is nice so that's fascinating to think through is the dog of Magog in Ezekiel 38 we don't know for sure, but he certainly fits a lot of the characteristics there in involved.

Well, I think what you're doing is highlighting a bunch of these different puzzle pieces and for me, at least in my mind and heart.

They're starting to come together and I'm understanding this picture but I'm glad you brought Israel because that's another question why does Israel care about the Ukraine invasion. Well first of all, interestingly, the president of the Ukraine. Zelinski is a Jew and interestingly, the Prime Minister of the Ukraine is a Jew and the Ukraine provides 25% of the world spread. It's called the breadbasket of the world. So therefore Israel and a lot of other nations like Egypt gets 80% of its bread from the Ukraine. A lot of nations in Africa are fed by the Ukraine. So Israel's sitting there with its own export industry flourishing, but knowing that it has some reliance upon the Ukraine itself, but also the nations that are surrounding it are dependent upon the Ukraine for their food sources.

So if they start getting really hungry and Putin overtakes the Ukraine with those nations often mentioned in Ezekiel 38 that come against Israel one day will they go to Putin in order to find their bread supplies and will they use pollutants, anger against Israel as a reason to then come against Israel, themselves, so that's what's causing a lot of people a question and Israel's kind of been in an interesting balancing act here on the one hand, Zelinski's Jewish the Prime Minister's Jewish they need their resources in order to supply bread, etc. to them, but also they tried to have a balancing act, keeping Russia as a friend. Now why is that the case will first of all, there are a lot of Russian Jews and they care for them in the nation of Russia. A good number of those Jews have already immigrated to Israel as have a good 11,000 immigrated from the Ukraine recently to Israel, and Israel has tried to have a good relationship with Vladimir Putin, but primarily through Benjamin Netanyahu who is a statesman who is a street fighter.

You know he lost his own brother at the invasion of intent be back Wednesday, 80 men had those Jews captured in the airport in Uganda and Netanyahu's own brother was lost in that freeing of the Israelites from that particular hostage taking, so he's a street fighter himself. He is a bit of a soldier himself, and was always a respect between him and Vladimir Putin that kept the balance pretty good between Israel and Russia. Now we have Naphtali Bennett and nobody really knows what he's like he's more of a statesman and does pollutant respect Naftali Bennett like he did. Netanyahu we really don't know.

And the other reason that Israel is still cozying up to Russia is because Russia has a series of tanks and other artillery on the Syrian border right across from Israel itself. So Israel has a vested interest in wanting Russia to be friendly toward Velma so you have again, Naftali Bennett, a statesman trying to balance a relationship with the Ukraine a Jewish president and with Russia pollutant who has tanks on their very border.

It's an interesting insight and what also gin. We need to realize today with Israel is you can't really have the conflict of Ezekiel 38 that we've already referred to unless first of all, there is a rebirth of the nation of Israel, which didn't exist. After 70 A.D. and Rome came in and completely destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. But then, on May 14, 1948. Again, it was rebirth as a nation, to the surprise of the world. A nation that had never existed, now exists. It's the only nation in the history of the world where that has been the case.

Secondly, the return of the Jews to the homeland prophesied in Ezekiel 36 and 37 you know before we get to Ezekiel 38 you need to look at Ezekiel 36 and 37 and those prophecies foretell of the Jews returning to the homeland after a long captivity away from Jerusalem and Israel itself that has happened millions of Jews from all over the world have returned to the homeland and are doing so in even greater numbers today as anti-Semitism seems to be increasing around the world.

You also have the prophecy in Ezekiel 3636 of the rebuilding of the ancient ruins which talks about that in the end times is real will become a strong nation today, which is exactly what has happened. Israel is a forceful military power in that area with atomic weaponry that holds other nations at bay because of their strong military force and finally there is also the re-blessing the restoration of the desert lands in Israel that became desert if you will. After the exiles of the Jews all over the world will in their return. Now since 1948 Israel is the third largest exporter of food and fruit, especially in the world-class others been the reestablishment of those desert lands as we see was prophesied in Ezekiel 38 so it's fascinating to watch Israel become what the Bible says it will become in the restoration of that land. Israel is balancing this act between the Ukraine and Putin right now and we just need to note that as an interesting sign of the time in biblical prophecy yeah now I think that's great and I love how you always encourage us to leave Jesus a second coming up in the air because only the father knows that. But to be aware of the signs of the times and since were on the topic of Israel. I have to ask is Israel, the epicenter of the second coming will absolutely gin. I mean if you read the Bible that Israel is absolutely the epicenter of everything that happens in biblical prophecy. Why will I think the first answer is God made it that way that God chose to take that people out of all the peoples of the world to be his people, and he decided to put them into that land the size of the state of New Jersey to be his people, and therefore to work through them for his initial purposes but also for his final purposes and God has the right to choose to do whatever he wants to do and he chose to use Israel in this very significant way and we have. Interestingly, Israel being bordered by the very nations that Ezekiel 38 talks about will be the ones who will ultimately come against Israel not only Roche or me shack which is another name for Moscow to ball which is a city river that exist in Russia even today. You also have mentioned Iran in those verses. Now it's not Ron it's Persia and, interestingly, historically Persia was always the name given to present day Iran Iran in 1956 was one of Israel's closest friends under of the former Shaw Israel and Iran had three flights between their nations every single week. But it's when the ayatollahs came in but that enmity started, and now Iran, along with Turkey and Syria nations again real close to Israel or who border Israel want the complete and utter destruction of Israel. They want Israel thrown into the heart of the sea, there's of bitter enmity that is there now. Here's one other insight that I find absolutely fascinating is just recently from the borders of Iraq. There were several missiles fired across Israel into the United Arab Emirates. Now that's fascinating. You have a rock probably influenced by Iran firing those missiles into the UAE. You also have enmity with Lebanon and some other parts of the mid East against the UAE as well, and you're going why the world those are Shiites firing rockets against Sunni Muslims. But here's what happened. Believe what you want to believe but God oversees every leader in the world and I believe that God ordained Donald Trump present 45 to be the president of the United States when he was the president of the United States. Daniel 220 and 21 that God raises up leaders databases leaders. I think number 45 was chosen by God. So what did Donald Trump do during his time. When the most astounding things is he brought about the Abraham peace accords. Who are those nations that are part of that world. The major ones that United Arab Emirates and Iran and Iraq are so angry with the fact that they have made a peace accord with Israel, and in fact have just recently announced the going to invest $10 billion in Israel for their relationship to increase it's only because the hostilities of Iran and Iraq and Syria to be exacerbated against the United Arab Emirates as well and what you're going to see I think. As Ezekiel 38 unfolds is D Don is one of the words used in the Bible to describe that part of the world and in in times prophecies in Ezekiel 30 8D Don looks at all that's going on against Israel and basically just says this shouldn't happen they don't come against Israel, the United Arab Emirates, in Ezekiel 38 does not come against Israel. So I just find it again as you try to read the signs of the time. Look at what's going on. You do see Ezekiel 38 being lived out the way that it's perfectly described in God's word, wow this is fascinating. So fascinating.

I know we don't have time to get into it today that I cannot wait for you to get into where is America in the end times. That'll be a question that will ask next week and I hope it will be a tease for people to come join us along with some other things I want to look at as people continually ask me are we living in the end times and these are the answers I'm giving during this whole pastime David Chadwick with Jim Houston gin. Again, thank you for being with the data and all of you hold on till next week

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